Zer01 Mobile CEO Addresses Scam, Vaporware Allegations

zerojonThere has been a lot of buzz around the net lately about Zer01, a new carrier that claims that it will offer unlimited data and VoIP calls at discounted rates. And the buzz hasn’t been good. We thought highly enough of the potential of this service back in April to give Zer01 a Best of CTIA award, but NetworkWorld just published an article claiming that the company’s promises might be too good to be true. Editor’s Note – 8/4/09: LAPTOP has rescinded the Best of CTIA Award given to Zer01. One of the primary issues is the company’s ties with Buzzirk, which many claim is nothing more than an shady pyramid scheme for peddling Zer01’s products. We reached out to Zer01 CEO Ben Piilani to get some answers about this relationship, Zer01’s ties to existing carriers, and when its phones will see the light of day. What do you say to those who claim that Zer01 isn’t legit? One of the companies that we signed on with, just as a distributor on a contractual basis was Mobile Verge. We didn’t meet them until after CTIA in May when they came to us. We weren’t even considering multi-level marketing until they came to us. They pitched us on the idea that—even though I’m not familiar with multi-level marketing verticals, and I’ve never been a fan myself—they pitched me on the idea that it’s a lucrative market that shouldn’t be overlooked. And they mentioned that they’ve worked with successful companies such as Amway where they’ve had successful models. We created that vertical specifically to work with Buzzirk in May. Again, it was only contractual as far as them becoming a distributor under that vertical. I guess in the past 10 or 11 days we discovered there was some murky past with Mark Petschel the CEO and he was convicted of securities fraud. So I contacted him and he explained to me the situation and he basically –long story short–he did get convicted of securities fraud. So we asked Mobile Verge to remove him as the CEO and so currently he just resigned as the CEO. Who is Buzzirk? Buzzirk was an MVNO of Amp’d. When Amp’d went under, Buzzirk left this big infrastructure. The founder of Buzzirk then founded this multi-level marketing company called Mobile Verge. We signed an agreement with Buzzirk that allowed them to sublicense to Mobile Verge. Basically, Buzzirk is just a brand and they are going to sell that brand to multi-level marketing. Again, it’s just a distribution agreement; we don’t own any part of them and they don’t own any part of us. They came and signed on as a distributor under one of our verticals and they aren’t the only one we’re working with. We were going to push the product through them as “Powered by Zer01.” They were originally going to launch in their agent network before on the public side. Then all of other stuff happened so we demanded they get it cleaned up before we start moving the product. Why partner with a company like Global Verge marketing? We listened to the marketing pitch, and to an everyday Joe Consumer, that sounds like a Pyramid Scheme through and through, with promises like “$29,000 a month,” “a WiMax phone,” phones from “science fiction movies.” That sounds like a scam to us. None of that came through our compliance. What happened was [[Buzzirk’s]] base grew too fast I guess and they didn’t have their compliance in place and so their agents… it’s one of those things you tell one person and by the time it gets down the chain it’s a totally different story. And they just started marketing that stuff. So according to our agreement they weren’t allowed to put out any public materials without passing it through us first. They didn’t have control over their associates at that time. They just signed in a new compliance officer. I can’t make a whole lot of comments about that company because they are completely separate from us. I’m just making comments on what I do know. Do you worry that Global Verge and Buzzirk are going to ruin your name before your product even hits the market? Absolutely. At the time we didn’t realize there was going to be a compliance issue and that it was going to get out of hand. In 2 weeks it went completely out of hand on their side. We’re pretty much completely helpless from our standpoint. The only thing there is to do now is tell them to clean up and get their compliance together. When we first started with them it wasn’t that we were intending on doing anything like this. For now we’ll deal with the aftermath and try to clean it up. Obviously, this was a new thing for us too, multilevel marketing. It was unconventional. It made sense at the time. Can you cut your ties with Global Verge? We could completely sever our relationship with them but I don’t see how that would do any good. It would cause even more bad to come out. The best thing we can do with them is get their compliance in place and get it all cleaned up. And then get phones in their hands and have them out on the market. Do you have any rules in place requiring them to get rid of these bogus claims? Yes we do. They have an ultimatum to shut down these sites and only post approved,  messages. If not they’ll be removed as an associate. At this point I don’t know how quickly they are going to be able to clean it up. Obviously, there are individual sites out there. A compliance e-mail has to go out to all of their associates. Does Zer01 have a patent for its technology? We are patent pending right now issued through the Patent Trademark Office. [[Note: Zer01 spokesperson Ron Dresner says the pending patent number is US 61/149,871 under the Unified Technologies Group name.]] Do you have a response to those who argue that AT&T and T-Mobile have said they don’t have a partnership with you? How could a nationwide footprint be possible without a partnership with one of them? T-Mobile didn’t deny it, they said they can’t make a comment. If you were to contact the carriers I’m sure they would give you the “we can’t make a comment,” [[answer]]. I’m not saying we don’t have a partnership. I’m just saying we aren’t going to comment on who our partners are and what relationships they have. We’re limited by the network, yes. If there isn’t a 3G connection we’re going to be on EDGE or GPRS. But there’s still an unlimited Internet connection; it’s just at slower speeds. We’re providing unlimited Internet access. There are rumors that you bought some of the 2100-MHz band, but there’s no proof. Can you address this? We never made any comments. We are piggybacking on GSM networks. We never made comments that we bought any, or acquired any, specific frequencies. The funny thing is, everyone is making a big deal about frequencies when you and I know just as well it doesn’t matter what frequency you’re on. It’s just a radio frequency inside a spectrum. We never made the comment that we ever bought spectrum. We are partnered and interconnected with GSM networks. What can we expect from Zer01 in the near future? We just said we’re partnering with NetMovies, and they are owned 34 percent by Blockbuster. The CEO of that company is the founder and CEO of Napster. They came to us because they are a content company. They do IP television, gaming, movies, and music. They came to us because we have unlimited Internet access. Originally that’s why they came to us but then they came to us in a different way. They said, well John Fanning has existing relationships through his past Napster deal and he wants to work with us in the big box. They offer the more conventional distribution through big box retailers like you would normally see. We are also working with independent retailers. We have one with 20,000 locations and another with 6,000 locations with real store fronts. So we’re going that way as well. How long until we can check out a phone? We’re sending phones out to a few journalists next week sometime. If we put working phones in journalist’s hands they can make comments about it. Everybody says we can’t do this. It’s not that hard of a concept to think about it. I was using it last week at the Mobile Beat 2009 conference and I demonstrated it there.

  1. Rich Says:

    Please hold him to the promise of getting phones to journalist next week! It may not be a hard concept to think about, but the real question is can you do it in reality, not in concept. And if it so “easy” why did you miss the July 1st launch date? Why did you NOT let interviewers make calls on your Zero1 line @ CTIA? Why havent we seen a youtube video of you using it??

  2. Rich Says:

    oh almost forgot…REAL journalists not paid PR firms. How about uhhhhh Latop Mag?

  3. Marc Says:

    No patents issued or pending. This guy is a complete liar, and the only way he´s a billionaire is if he is from Zimbabwe.

  4. Julie Says:

    Thank you for running this article. I’m an e-associate with Global Verge and it’s refreshing to see an article that isn’t biased toward the negative side. You’ve asked Mr. Piilani some tough questions and his answers have come across very sincere.

    I understand the threat that Buzzirk Mobile powered by Zer01 poses to many network marketing companies and even to some of the carriers, so I’ve been able to sift through a lot of the “garbage” that is out there. Please do keep us posted as the previous poster suggested. Too bad he had to add his second post about journalists being paid to write articles. I’m on the other side of the fence and honestly believe there is some big money paying people to take non-issues and put a negative spin on them.

    I guess time will tell!

    Have a great day!

  5. Please Says:

    This is one of the worst pieces I have seen yet.. Did you research ANYTHING before you started asking questions???? Piilani said they had the tech done in 2007 ready to ship in 1st quarter 2008. This the SECOND Zer01.. the first was Mobilevon..

    Nice Softballs..

  6. Mike Says:

    Why all the expressed anger? I for one as an avid cellphone user hope it is true. If companies such as Sony and Microsoft can miss deadlines, why is everyone so upset that this guy missed his July date? If he is lying then he and all his cohorts will have to move to Zimbabwe.

  7. Todd Haselton Says:

    We’re supposed to have a phone in our hands next week. If it doesn’t show up, or is bogus, we’ll let you know. This was just an interview to get started on some questions we’ve seen floating around.

  8. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Pretty poor interview, you had the opportunity to confront him with so many facts yet you skirted aroudn the whole issue, well I guess it wouldn’t do your endorsement any good finding out the truth.

  9. Alan Leach Says:

    Come on!! Why would you kill him for not launching July 1st. He explained very clearly that Buzzirk’s issues made them not launch July 1st. Also, most patents that are pending are not searchable. Did you call the patent office and try to verity the # or just look online. Oh I forgot in this country you are guilty or a liar, or guilty by association, until proven innocent instead of innocent until proven guilty. Why not talk to someone at the Mobile event in San Fran who tried the phone out. No, you would not do that because the answer may not fit your agenda.

  10. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    Wake up and smell the coffee!

  11. Former Buzzirk Says:

    Unfortunately this company is in a complete free fall. I’ve had well over 200 plus emails and at least 75 calls from my former Facebook group in the last 48 hours. Most if not all are telling their e-associate networks to cancel their auto-ship. Per their new compliance officer, doing this still maintains priority positions, but no commissions. Since commissions still haven’t been paid to almost 90% of the company and the fact that the actual technology is a farce, this company is surely doomed.

    Constant feedback and I add the numbers and well over 2000 folks have canceled their auto-ships.

    This company is going to have to pull a major turn-around and get validation by the industry to get this going again.

    Short term/recommendation – cancel auto-ship asap. If they fail to deliver, then class action lawsuit. If they do deliver, then offer up double commissions to bring the masses back.

    The content delivery model to get reps up to speed is archaic at best. It’s based off of 5 year old technology and service delivery systems. Bring the company up to Web 2.0 speed. Allow folks to take approved content & logo’s and generate their own “approved” socially enabled domains. Another reason why 90% of MLM’s fail, that along with criminal type management.

  12. Kevin Says:

    Great Article. Not to rah rah and not to negative. Just straight questions and straight answers. Anyone who sees anything negative or a “smoking gun” … that is just their biased opinion. Anyone who comes on here kicking and screaming and calling people frauds and liars MUST HAVE an agenda. Do not say that you do not because otherwise you would NOT Care.

    Yes to some degree companies are responsible for their agents but if you hear something erroneous from an individual it is irresponsible of YOU to call the Owner a liar or a scammer. I met Ben in Vegas and he is both Brilliant and Humble. I have to laugh at all the armchair Quarterbacks who all of sudden think they can run a telecom company better than anyone else. Equally amazing is all the Jr. Detectives that feel like they have cracked the case when they find some garbage on Google … to dumb to realize it was left/put there just for you to find. Congratulations Mr./Mrs. SHEEP, in an effort to not be fooled by Buzzirk or Zer01 you have been FOOLED by their competitors. The 40,000 agents that have joined Buzzirk came from somewhere. So naturally someone is about to Lose a Lot of customers, agents and money so please use your common sense and equally question the origin of negative stuff you hear.

    The truth will reveal itself in the end. Everything in between is just rhetoric. It is companies like Zer01 that drive competition and force lower prices that all the crybabies will run to the Big 4 and happily eat up. You are Welcome.

  13. Current Network Marketer Says:

    Wow…I am sure that every big company that has been successful has NEVER had any delays. For those that are skeptical…well…just sit on the side lines and Just Watch the parade go by.

    There are multiple levels to invest in at a Very minimal amount. No risk = No success.
    If anything…Zero1 should be commended for making sure that Global Verge is straightening any issues out prior to launching to the public.
    There are phones out that are working as Alan Leach said and they were at the Mobile event in San Fran who tried the phone out.

    I know it’s an old saying, but don’t let a few bad apples ruin the batch/apple pie.
    See you at the TOP. :)

  14. Hootch Says:

    There is no US patent 61/149,871… FACT!!!

    [Patent Document 4] Japanese Patent Application Publication No. 61-149871

    which is related to,

    Semiconductor device provided with function for screening test regarding operating speed


    What this has to do with telephony is anyone’s guess.

  15. Hootch Says:

    Also, when you receive the phone, what is actually being tested, the phone or the claimed service? If it is the service, how will the alleged patent pending technology be verified?

  16. Todd Haselton Says:

    I have no agenda and am not endorsing Zer01 by any means. There isn’t even a physical product. I’m just trying to get some questions answered. Feel free to drop more questions in the comments and I’ll do a second interview and ask them all.

  17. paul Says:

    I happen to know for sure that zer01 are currently terminating test calls on the voip network of PERVASIP pvsp! they have an agreement from oct last year and are in beta test , the cio has confirmed this to me personally, he was very honest and open, i for one believe the zer01 product will launch very soon, hopefully with their designated pharos 137 phone!!

  18. Rich Says:

    People People, THINK PLEASE. Its not that he MISSED a deadline, if you remember we were all told @ the beginning of the month “the service has launched” if you forgot, listen to the recorded calls. Later in the month is when the story changed. So the original story was a LIE!!!Plus havent you asked yourself, ok GV messed up but why havent we seen anything from Zero1, a totally independent company. Why have they not delivered, to somebody? If they have a product why not make a youtube video? If youre really were a billionaire with a B, why wouldnt you sever ties with a company that may ruin your products rep? His answer to that question MADE NO SENSE. If you ACTUALLY had a revolutionary technology that was going to change the world…and you had no problem getting millions of customers through many other avenues… WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU STAY ASSOCIATED with a company that is hurting you??? T H I N K, this shows the CONNECTION…the makings of the scam!!! He supposedly is a billionaire with a B…. why would he NEED gv to sell his world changing product? Why did he not let interviewers make a phone call @ CTIA in April???? At first I believed just like many of you, but @ some point you have to wake up.



  19. Peter Says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how much hatred can be produced from such an innocent article. The guys says they will have plenty of demonstrations in a week. That is 7 days not months or years. Anyone that says horribly negative stuff until the verdict is out has an agenda. Unfortunately we have been conditioned to believe more a negative comment than a positive. It is critical that any one reading the negative stuff understand that there are many major companies trembling in their offices about Zero1 and Global Verge, not just the cell phone carriers but every single network marketing companies. Don’t believe the hype until it can be absolutely affirmed or negated. Haters are haters and always have a agenda, don’t believe they hype, Peter @http://celnicker.com

  20. Keith Says:

    I am very interested in this cell phone service. So, I have searched the internet for news. I have googled Buzzirk, Gloval Verge, Zer01, Mark Petschel, Ben Piilani and more. The number one thing that amazes me is how strongly those that are prone to be negative come across. It is like they are paid to look for any conceivable question, valid or not, and throw it up on the wall to see if it sticks. I truly believe that many who are on the blogs and on the internet prowl view themselves as full time “Truth” sleuths. I really wonder if they have nothing better to do in their lives but to spend almost every waking moment trying to validate their existence by blogging away with venomous comments towards others who would just like to find out what is truly going on. On one site I visited, the scam discussion that goes on forever really has about 6 or less attack dogs that go after anyone that has a positive thing to say. It is a reflection of our times, I guess.

    Anyway, I read the article that Miss Guering (spelling?) wrote. It was very interesting and appears to have exposed some soft underbelly. Keep in mind, she gets paid (I would think) to find rocks to uncover scandalous items to report on. However, this article here on LapTop actually goes to the horse’s mouth. Questions and answers with the CEO of Zer01 himself. After reading it, I feel better about Zer01. I have read about those that have signed up with GV or Buzzirk. As I understand it from what I have read, no one has actually lost either any money at all or very little yet. Where is the crime? Which company or inventors had everything go perfect the first time out of the door? Give them a fair break. As a poster said earlier, if it is an authentic service, it will play out. If it is a bust, it will go away. Goodness people it is just a cell phone plan. Why so much sarcasm and venom spewing – unless you have something to gain financially or personally by putting one or all of these entities and people down. If that is the case, then just say that. At least your bias will be known.

    I will tell you that it appears that most people anymore are more eager to believe the bad things that are said about someone than those that will hold out for the truth. I will wait for a month or so and we will seee how it goes. I will look forward to seeing if the writer of this article gets a cell phone and if the cell phone, as well as the service works.

    Mr. Haselton, here are a few questions that might be good. 1. It is reported that you had dealings with Mark Petschel for several years. Is that true? 2. What are the problems with launching the new service? Ask him for specifics. Is it the sim cards, or the Pharos phones, or Buzzirk Mobile or is it just a new company with growing pains? If it is growing pains, elaborate on what that means and when the public can truly expect to see the viable product? 3. Why did your websites change? What is your “patent pending” for? Why are people not able to find it when because they don’t believe you they try to find it? Why have either you or someone else not made a video showing the phone working and posted it on your website or Buzzirk or on youtube?

    Well, I hope you can interview him again. I will look forward to that and Mr. Piilani’s answers.

  21. Amanda Says:

    Todd: Thank you for the article. I have heard a lot of buzz about this new company offering mobile services. Could you please dig for more information. Where are the Mobile Verge offices? Lot of different stories out there on the internet that offices don’t exist in any of the places they say. Mr. Piilani’s picture of an office building on the corporate website……..where is that? Is this U.S. mobile services only? Exactly how fast is their internet service? Does it compare to the new iPhone 3Gs? When is the anticipated launch into retail stores and who are those stores? Sounds like an awesome mobile plan, from the little I have read, and I know the Pharos is a great phone too. Will the prices be the same in retail as with the Mobile Verge company? Will retail or Mobile Verge have these phones/services first? Any advantages buying from one or the other (retailer vs Mobile Verge)? Exactly what service are they offering? Unlimited what…….voice, text ???? I would love more information where this will be available first to the public. Thank you.

  22. Brian Says:

    What a great discussion. I’d like to join and direct my comment mainly to Rich, who appears to be really ‘decided’ against this company to the point of vehement judgmentalism departing from rationality.

    From Rich, “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU STAY ASSOCIATED with a company that is hurting you??? T H I N K, this shows the CONNECTION…the makings of the scam!!! He supposedly is a billionaire with a B…. why would he NEED gv to sell his world changing product?”

    The passionate team at GlobalVerge (including me) fully accepts the risk of our $70 not ‘panning out’. We also understand what it available to us if and when it DOES pan out. The reason Ben is sticking with us is because we are sticking with him. We showed him that by bringing in 40,000 excited distributors in less than two months -without having phones in our hands. Ben understands what will happen when he puts those phones in our hands, brother. We’re trusting him despite the missteps and he’s doing the same. Why are so many bothered by that? hmmmmmm.

    The company is not ‘hurting him’. His errors AND our errors are affecting us all. He could have done more due diligence, and we could have had compliance in hand before it exploded to this point. That’s all. You’re really going off the deep-end. He doesn’t need us. However, we can all benefit each other – his phenomenal product and our extremely vocal, passionate group spreading the word.

    It would cost billions (yes, yes with a ‘b’) to build brick-and-mortars, and pay overhead, elec, employees etc., to go the traditional route. Everybody wins with the MLM model. We can all make a small piece of the pie and everybody can win.

    Finally, how does him being willing to stay with us and clean up the mess indicate “the makings of a scam!!!!!”? Are you aware of what you’re say and does it really make sense to you.

    Do you perhaps have something to lose if this actually rolls out as promised? hmmmmmmmmmm#2

    To all who are involved: Keep the faith. Keep rocking. Be 100% transparent with the people you introduce this to. If we all do that, there is no possibility of a scam, no matter what others might want (or have reason to want) to think.

    We’re all conscious adults who knowingly brought our $70 and hearts to this party.

  23. Rich Says:

    Hey Peter Celnicker, you have or by now “had” a huge downline. You will certainly believe the stall after next week also, youll believe the one after that and the one after that. You have a finacial stake in this and therefore it is not convinent for you to see thru ths BS. Many people are in the same position as you. Get outside yourself and your financial stake, look at this from the outside looking in and you probably wont be so leniant. Is putting your intelligence on the line worth a few months of comissions until this crumbles? How many roaches do you need to find in the spaghetti bowl???

  24. Rich Says:

    Alan Leach, what does buzzirks issues have to do with Zero1 failed launch?????

    “Again, it’s just a distribution agreement; we don’t own any part of them and they don’t own any part of us. They came and signed on as a distributor under one of our verticals and they aren’t the only one we’re working with.”

  25. Brian Says:

    Everybody keep the sharp objects away from Rich…

    Rich, if you are ‘out’ and are convinced the deal is a scam, why don’t you go find something fun and productive to do with your efforts. Do you have a financial stake ‘against’ the company? If not, why are you spending your time badmouthing something?

    You have made your point and now you are just picking fights and ridiculing the positions of others….

    I wish your Cellular reseller business luck…..

  26. Rich Says:

    Brian, luckily I did not loose my 70 bucks nor did the 30+ people we brought in. Thanks to the merchant accounts being frozen. So now I have nothing to lose. What I did lose was much greater than the 70 bucks, many of us started to dream…we got emotional about this thing…we got excited. So you see it goes much deeper than 70 dollars. Its like the little kid that get his balloons popped. So yes, I am biased and want this apparent house of cards to come down ASAP or if its legit to be vindicated ASAP. If I am wrong I will be the first to apologize and admit I jumped the gun, but GV and Zero1’s actions havent helped! From the apparent mass exodus I am not the only one to feel this way.

  27. Ruby Says:

    Please explain why the mobile product is no longer on the Global Verge website. I don’t mean the “mygvbiz” websites, I mean global verge’s website.

  28. Rich Says:

    Brian, Lmao keep knives away from me. Youre funny dude. Im just venting, and again for my benefit and YOURS, you want this Zero1 proven or disproven ASAP, cut thru the bullsh*t and get to the truth. You must have a big downline. Lol, its easier to mess with people’s money than thier emotions. Im like a woman scorned….. that got her baloons popped. LOL

  29. Jimmy Crackhorns Says:

    Full Steam Backpeddling Machine!!!

    This was another soft interview. Piilani comes across as an unseasoned naive wanna-be executive. BuzzIrk is the only company he is publicly active with. No other distributors are making any announcements or stepping up sales or marketing efforts. If this is just a Google Android redeaux that’s one thing but to say it is patent pending proprietary, and make those claims associated with a public company such as PervasIP.ob – he is now stepping into SEC realm and better be telling the truth or it is jail time…..securities fraud, RICO, wire fraud, all those little things catch up to you. I wish he were telling the truth because the service sounds great in theory and I woud make good money, but, every stone I turn over has a stinging scorpion underneath it.

    None of the people at the show even used the phone?…this is how easy it is to buy an award. Now the full steam backpeddling machine is in gear…..

  30. Jimmy Crackhorns Says:

    Steamed Up Backpeddling Maachine!

    Where are the thousands of other distributors Piilani stated he had in October of last year? Where is one single working phone? What happened to the SIMS cards supposedly shipped week 1 July? Where are the press releases with all the other distribution channels and product manufacturers??????? Why do you place the entire burdeon on a new upstart MLM company run by parolees?

    Why does PVSP say they are handling traffic across their VOIP network when nobody has a working phone yet?

    Piilani seems hell bent to take a trip on a short trail to a long jail sentence.

  31. Brian Says:

    Well said, Rich.
    I’m glad you were able to take my pokes in the rib so well. Honestly, that was beautiful to ‘watch’.

    I don’t have a big downline. I have a very passionate mid-size downline. I’m with you on wanting to get to the bottom of this FAST. I’m not with the accusation-slinging that is going on all over the place. So uncool.

    If it’s crap, I move on. But let me suggest this: I’m with you on the ‘started to dream’. I’m totally there with you. Last night, when I felt that my Buzzirk House might be falling down, I went a bit deeper than the ‘flip-flop’ mind and asked what I really felt about it – and the opportunity.

    Fortunately, I’ve got the most intuitive wife in the world -and I mean, she’s NEVER wrong when she comes from intuition. We both accept that the Buzzirk thing may not materialize. We both remain aware of what we’ve got our hands on if it DOES materialize.
    Most important, though, insinuations and allegations aside, both of us feel intuitively to stay with this.

    Not hopeful, blind denial. No ‘somebody said it’s bad so it must be bad’. Pure, intuitive knowing that there is something strong here beyond the product. I think Global Verge is a ‘good thing’ that is going to happen for all of us.

    Think about it….. no ‘feel’ for it.

  32. Brian Says:

    Jimmy, is it possible that he only “comes across as an unseasoned naive wanna-be executive” to you and a few other, and that other people might have other possible interpretations.

    It’s this kind of, “my way is the way it is” crap that’s poisoning the web.

    Let’s try to state our positions as being ‘our position’ rather than ‘the way it is’.

  33. Cindy Says:

    WOW!!! Sounds to me like some of you are running scared. Why would that be??? Hmmmmm #3.
    Why sooo many questions on ‘how’ it works? Anyone question the IPhone?? I think not, with 30 Million sold!! Did anyone question the fax machine??? Who would have thought you could put a piece of paper in a ‘device’ and have that same information transmitted across the world?? Does anyone know exactly how a watch works?? I personally don’t care. All I know is, it tells time. Guess some are so closed-minded and have literally been in a como for the past 10 years!! Technology hasn’t changed a bit has it??? If families want to Hope and Dream again, for a measly $75, then why can’t you leave it alone?? Heck, I’ve lost more than that in a day. Not like the company hasn’t given EVERYONE the option of cancelling for a FULL refund. I’m sure they’re less than pleased that they missed the dates, but they’re doing the right thing by everyone, no matter what they choose. I’ve persoanlly opened and started 2 salons and missed my ‘Opening Day” both times. Patience is really a virtue, isn’t it? Sign of a TRUE leader. This is a much taller order than nails and hair and I think, with all the crosses they bear, they are doing a phenomenol job!! Funny thing about free enterprise, we all have choices. For those of you that want to question each and every detail, have at it. Please do it from a distance, stay right where you are currently and go away quietly. You have that choice to continue down your current path. Leave the rest of us alone to do as we please. You’ll see me proudly in this ‘parade’. Thank You Kindly

  34. Rich Says:

    Hey Brian, I am well grounded and do this with PURPOSE. Ill say it again, Im not too proud to get on my knees and apologize if Im wrong, but in the meantime this needs “pressure” to be proven or disproven. Zero1 step up and prove that these opinions/comments/accusation are wrong….or right.

  35. Brian Says:

    Damn!!!! Somebody hug that lady!!! Go Cindy!

  36. John Says:

    The suspicious part of the interview is last sentence paragraph 4. How many CEO’s just resign because one of many business relationships tells you to? It suggests the ties with between both companies are a lot closer than a distributor / supplier / vertical market model.

  37. Wayne Tidderington Says:

    Todd, unfortunately Ben Piilani is not telling you the truth about a lot of things. (1) How long he has known and been associated with Mark Petschel and Associates. Mark has run this ‘cell phone of the future to be released soon Scam” several times before getting thousand of people to sign up as distributors then going out of business because of something out of their control happening. 2006 it was BizBuzz Buzzirk Mobile, in 2007 it was E-Verge and in late 2008 The Global Verge Scam started. Piilani knows all this and shame on you as a Reporter having the IDG News Service Article of 7/20 and hopefully thir followup article of yesterday 7/22 in hand and asking the “hard questions”….Unified Technologies Group and Zer01 are ‘make believe companies’…..NO Offices, everywhere there are supposedly facilities with offices, employees and operations there is nothing but mail box drops. There are no phones, even the 20 phone said to have been released July 1 do NOT EXIST and I can prove it. Piilani is taking on Investors just like Petschel and there will be FRAUD CHARGES. Piilani did a call with Mark Petschel last Thursday and they both claimed to be at a Wireless Show in San Francisco….they said they were with ‘Steve Jobs right hand man’ and Yahoo Executives. Email me Todd and I will send you a digital recording via email. Tue 7/21 the new CEO for Global Verge Steve Lewis said Zer01 phone will be out within a week or two and ‘it will run circles around the I-Phone” and you can get rid of your ISP and run your computer off the bandwith provided by the Zer01 phone. Email me Todd and I will email you a digital recording of that call also. Then you can do a follow up Interview with Ben Piilani….but indeed do read IDG’s follow up article first. You will win back everyone’s respect with a fully investigated follow up interview. Wayne

  38. Hootch Says:

    Cindy, one slight problem using the IPhone or fax machine as examples, patents which could be located.

    Have you heard of the FCC? Please tell me what the WTB licenses and where one might find ZER01’s license.

    Your assistance in the matter would be greatly appreciated as I too enjoy parades.

  39. Matt Warner Says:

    As an e-associate you should be VERY VERY concerned. Whether the product, opportunity or company is hype is basically a moot point for those who are looking for a network marketing opportunity.

    Since when does a network marketing opportunity compete well when there is an identical retail model to compete against.

    In this article they are on record of their plans to offer the same product and service offered through a retail model… In fact a rather significant retail model.

    “We are also working with independent retailers. We have one with 20,000 locations and another with 6,000 locations with real store fronts. So we’re going that way as well.”

    Wake up e-associates you will find that this opportunity has been sold out from beneath you. So what do you think all of your e-associates are going to due when Best Buy or similar company is selling the same service? You were ALL just sold out!

  40. Cindy Says:

    So, I suppose, Wayne, (or is it JD Sullivan, or maybe it’s Bob Sterling, or whatever name you’re using today), 50 Leaders met in Las Vegas at a Truck Stop, right?? Phones were there and auctioned off. Do you have a digital recording of that?? How on earth would you have ‘proof’ that not one person has a phone out there? That’s the craziest claim I’ve heard in ALL this BS above!!! Are you actually following these 20 people all over the country ‘filming that too”? You have a reason to be scared.

    Let’s talk about being “REAL”. Aren’t you the individual that has been using many aliases pretending to be interested in our opportunity?? When in fact, you are ‘REALLY’ the CO-FOUNDER AND PARTNER of ACN????? No hidden agenda there, right? YOUR credibility has just been squashed. Go back to where you came from!!

  41. Jeff Says:

    I have been an internet marketer for 15 years. I have been involved in several launches and none have ever gone smoothly.

    I personally told every associate i brought that their might be bumps in the road and if that bothered you wait a few months. Be Honest with people!

    I saw this mess coming when i signed on several weeks ago. I am on the internet 10 hours a day and all i kept seeing were amateur marketers that hijacked the buzzirk mobile and zero1 names and put them in their domain names. It does not take an SEO to get first page rankings on an obscure and new keyword phrase especially if those keywords are in your url.

    Most of the short cutters are being shut down and now they are pissed. Now they have to actually do real marketing. You cheated, you got shut down, and above all, you brought heat down on everyone else.

    I am also putting blame on the feet of buzzirk mobile for not setting the compliancy issues in stone and then enforcing them. Many people bought non compliant domain names because everyone else was and they figured it was cool.

    I am still waiting for all the dust to settle before i decide if i should pull the plug, but if i were zero1 i would have delayed the launch also.

    If you are one of the cheaters that signed numerous affiliates through google it is time to start creating REAL Marketing funnels and clean up your non compliant sites. The hammer has come down and there is nothing you can do about it.

    It seems your only recourse is to spread misery among other e associates because you got your wings cut. In 15 years of internet marketing i hae never seen a bigger bunch short cutting opportunity seekers looking for a quick buck off the backs of honest people. Now that you got burned you are calling them up and telling them to cancel??? Did you also tell them that you were a non compliant cheating weasel??

    I am receiving calls everyday from e associates that signed up on these websites and now can’t even find their sponsor! Did you even have a marketing system for them or were you just professional recruiters.

    I hope all of you professional recruiters go away right now while times are a little tough so people that really give a darn about team members and play by the rules can continue after Buzzirk cleans up this mess you created!!!

    Whew!!! I feel much better!!!!

  42. Robert Morgan Says:

    I agree with you Matt. The reality is that this is over before it starts. They have sold out the network marketer. First by engaging a company like global verge who flubbed this up so bad! How can a company who claims that they had network marketing experience make so many mistakes.

    Now they have already told you the end game. IF this phone and service has ANY legitimacy they are going to do an end run around ALL of the network marketers. Now if you are looking for a phone and service, would you engage through an unknown network marketer where you are required to wait for the phone to be delivered OR a retail store where you can get it NOW and have a trusted sources for returns or problems.

    So quit the debate about whether this is a scam and realize that even if it isn’t you will not reap the rewards that you think.

  43. Cindy Says:

    So what you’re saying Matt is, the people that you know would rather buy from a retail outlet than from you??

    Hmmmmm #4

  44. Cindy Says:

    So, I suppose, Wayne, (or is it JD Sullivan, or maybe it’s Bob Sterling, or whatever name you’re using today), 50 Leaders met in Las Vegas at a Truck Stop, right?? Phones were there and auctioned off. Do you have a digital recording of that?? How on earth would you have ‘proof’ that not one person has a phone out there? That’s the craziest claim I’ve heard in ALL this BS above!!! Are you actually following these 20 people all over the country ‘filming that too”? You have a reason to be scared.

    Let’s talk about being “REAL”. Aren’t you the individual that has been using many aliases pretending to be interested in our opportunity?? When in fact, you are ‘REALLY’ the CO-FOUNDER AND PARTNER of ACN????? No hidden agenda there, right? YOUR credibility has just been squashed. Go back to where you came from!!

  45. Jeff Says:

    Matt how is that other network marketing company you are in. I bet you wish everyone wanted your product like they want cell phones.

  46. Brian Ridgway Says:


    Once again- a bunch of ASSertions and ASSumptions- mostly ASSinine.

    1. They never said we had an exclusive.
    2. We have exclusive MLM rights.
    3. “Since when does a network marketing opportunity compete well when there is an identical retail model to compete against.”

    My guess is that perhaps Excel Telecommunications might be the answer: They made dozens of multimillionaires selling residential long distance against the big 3.

    So, what’s your pitch, as you obviously wouldn’t make such a sweeping, ASSinine statement without something to gain….

  47. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Wayne Titterington, could very well be JD Sullivan who just happens to be one of ACN’s Co-Founders. He goes by many aliases that we are aware of. It would make sense that he is bashing Zero1 and Buzzirk Mobile, perhaps that is why he is so eager to send the digital recording. Globalverge is well aware of this gentleman so I believe he has an agenda. I guess he forgot to mention that to everyone. There’s plenty of room for competition so there is no reason to resort to these tactics.

  48. Cindy Says:

    Hi Hootch,

    I don’t have that information or know how to obtain it. If I find out, I will surely let you know.

  49. Robert Morgan Says:

    LOL! Global Verge announce a few minutes ago that there are a total of 10 working phones in their ENTIRE system. TEN let’s see they have thirty thousand associates that they promised would receive sim cards this month… But wait there is hope…

    On Monday of this week they received two more updated SIM chips. WOW getting there!!!! Guess what …

    ” In the next few days we will have SIMs that will boot up showing the Buzzirk Mobile logo, and a several of these will be given out.”

    Wow… what is twelve SIM cards minus the thirty thousand promised…. LOL

  50. Francelino Says:

    So, I suppose, Wayne, (or is it JD Sullivan, or maybe it’s Bob Sterling, or whatever name you’re using today), 50 Leaders met in Las Vegas at a Truck Stop, right?? Phones were there and auctioned off. Do you have a digital recording of that?? How on earth would you have ‘proof’ that not one person has a phone out there? That’s the craziest claim I’ve heard in ALL this BS above!!! Are you actually following these 20 people all over the country ‘filming that too”? You have a reason to be scared.

    Let’s talk about being “REAL”. Aren’t you the individual that has been using many aliases pretending to be interested in our opportunity?? When in fact, you are ‘REALLY’ the CO-FOUNDER AND PARTNER of ACN????? No hidden agenda there, right? YOUR credibility has just been squashed.

  51. Cindy Says:


    You are the Man!!!!

    This is crazy. You’re absolutely right, if they really knew what they were talking about, then they would know, it’s about ‘branding’. I’m sure the names are going to be different ‘elsewhere’.

    Can’t wait til these ‘crazies’ hound and slander ‘them’. They’ll ALL be in a cell together, probably sharing one of OUR phones to call home!! LOL

  52. Robert Morgan Says:

    Cindy if you were a true network marketer you would understand that if your business plan is selling to your friends and family,,, pack it up and go home.

    A true network marketer reaches across the street, the country and the world. Yes, those who I do not know would feel better buying from an established retail outlet than a perfect stranger on the Internet. But since there is only 12 SIM cards in the entire global verge system, it is ALL a moot point.

  53. Brian Ridgway Says:

    Not quite sure why you find that so LOL funny…….. IF they don’t get SOME working, they’ll never get them all working. Right now, for those of us who want this to work, having 10 good phones in the world will prove the product is real.

    So how about go LOL by yourself in a closet somewhere and leave this for the people who are moving forward.

  54. Rich Says:

    People people, please I leave for a few hours and look what happens. The whole retail thing is part of the scam! Zero1 has to appear as legit as possible for as long as possible so they can collect your fees! 30,000 x 70 = 2.1 mil!!!! Sure 12 sim cards out there but not ONE youtube video of it….S U R E. Theres been more BELIEVABLE bigfoot sightings than zero1 sims.

  55. Robert Morgan Says:

    Brian… where is Excel now? hmmm, the difference there was that they did have a unique product. As soon as there was competition for exactly what Excel was selling Excel went away.

    And calling someone names is a REAL effective agruement. Makes your case so much more compelling. Just shows you are sweating way too much. If an agruement can’t be won on logic the best approach is swearing and yelling so you seem more impressive.


  56. Rich Says:

    Im sure ACN people were worried a few weeks ago when everyone was still under the ether. Now…the writings on the wall. They might have a less viable product than cell phones, high startup and a crappy commission structure, but they HAVE A WORKING PRODUCT not a concept.

  57. Matt Warner Says:


    Robert is right. I do now sell just to my friends and family. If they were my only target market I would have a very small business. I network market through the internet and most of those who buy from me or sign up for an opportunity do not know me at all.

    Do I think that they may be more comforable buying from a local retail store… yes! Many advanages for them.

    Brian, very disapointed in you… does swearing make you feel better or make you feel your arguments are stronger. I do not have a horse in this race and maybe that is why I can see the whole matter clearer than you. You obviously have a stake that you are trying to protect. Enough of a stake that you will call people names. You are not representing your position or opportunity well. If you cannot make a valid arguement swearing will NOTmake it better.

  58. Brian Ridgway Says:

    Just heard that the Zer01 crew just got arrested by the Feds for scamming investors. Somebody substantiate or wipe it out.

  59. MIke Says:

    There are two ways to have the tallest building in town:
    You can build the tallest building or you can burn down everyone else’s.

  60. Matt Warner Says:

    Brian do you have a basis for such a statement? You have asked others to substantiate an allegation that you made. Such statements should not be made unless you have a solid source.

  61. Brian Ridgway Says:

    No offense! I was having fun and being very playful. No names called!

    For Robert: Dude, do you have any idea on how many years Excel ran successfully, or how it compares to the average company?

    You are in error. They joined the field as 1 of 600 companies selling the exact same thing! 7 years later, they were #4 and they created many, many millionaires! Many people made 6-figures a year for many years. Your argument makes no sense.

    As for making a relevant argument… uh ….. uhm…… I’m IN the company AND I’m watching the mess from both sides of the fence while still building it until I KNOW it’s not right.

    A friend just texted me about the news report in Atlanta regarding the arrest of ‘the execs of Zer01 Mobile.

    I’m as open to the truth as it gets……

  62. Brian Ridgway Says:

    Don’t misunderstand! I’m not making an allegation! I’m stating that I just got word from a friend who just heard it on the radio in Atlanta. If it’s true, we all want to know… right? If it’s not, we all want to know, right?

  63. Rich Says:

    Yeah Brian dont make ubsunstantiated claims! Leave that to Zero1 and Virgil Merge!

  64. Rich Says:

    Dam!!! Maybe it has something to do with this!


  65. Ike DenversI Says:

    Well, I personally know an associate who is trying to make sense of this mess. He is with Buzzirk/Global Verge. I warned him of the cracks in the credibility from the get go. He said that most of the GV people are taking a wait and see attitude. There do appear to be big time strains between Globel Verge and Zer01.
    Apparently, early on the PR campaign, GV/Buzzirk with all their outrageous and quite frankly technically impossible claims create huge tensions between the two companies. In the interview, you can tell that Piilani is clearly lambasting Buzzirk. On the part of GV, there are some who feel that Piilani is the con artist.
    A huge question was, “Does Zer01 have or does not have a network agreement with Att and /or Tmobile?”
    the two largest gsm carriers in the US and an essential element in getting Zer01 off the ground.
    In the Laptop Magazine article after Piilani’s interview, ATT flat out denied having any relations with Zer01 yet the service coverage maps of the two companies are identical. Tmobile would not give a straight answer with a simple no comment on relations with current clients. Tmobile’s footprint looks nothing like what Zer01’s does. This greatly increases the chances that Zer01 and Buzzirk have nothing.
    Without the gsm footprint, there is simply no way to get it working nationwide, no infrastructure to work off of even if it is real. Period.

  66. Robert Michael Says:

    Forbes does not even mention Ben Piilani as a BILIONAIRE, so who is this guy?

    My research tells me that United Technologies is a two bit company and a small rented room in a two bit town… We need answers here and soon!

  67. Matt Warner Says:

    “As for making a relevant argument… uh ….. uhm…… I’m IN the company AND I’m watching the mess from both sides of the fence while still building it until I KNOW it’s not right.”

    Brian – how do you justify putting people into an opportunity when you do not KNOW it is right. I would think that before you could reccomend an opportunity you would need to KNOW that it was legitimate. The mere fact that you can say you are continuing to build something that you yourself are uncertain of is troubling.

  68. Rich Says:

    Brian Ridgeway!!!Give us an update… arrests fact or fiction???

  69. Matt Warner Says:

    What does this mean?

    “Our attorney Mr. Gerald Nehra has permitted us to post the following message from him:

    “I have been retained by Global Verge and have begun my review. Permission to post this message granted. Phone calls to my office about Global Verge should only be from corporate officers, not distributors or prospective distributors.

    Gerald Nehra
    Nehra & Waak, Attorneys at Law”

    We ask that you please honor his request.

    Craig Perry, Esq.
    Chief Operating Officer
    Global Verge”

  70. Ruby Says:


  71. Brian Ridgway Says:

    Matt said:July 23rd, 2009 at 11:49 pm

    “As for making a relevant argument… uh ….. uhm…… I’m IN the company AND I’m watching the mess from both sides of the fence while still building it until I KNOW it’s not right.”

    Brian – how do you justify putting people into an opportunity when you do not KNOW it is right. I would think that before you could reccomend an opportunity you would need to KNOW that it was legitimate. The mere fact that you can say you are continuing to build something that you yourself are uncertain of is troubling.

    Here’s the answer: Have you ever bought a lotto ticket? Did you know you might not win? Everybody in my organization sees it the same: I’m putting my $70 in. I’m being upfront with everybody. If this is legit, we’re all looking GREAT. If not, we made a bunch of new friends. We’re all adults who understand risk/reward ratios. Is that really so hard to understand. When you offer someone a ride, can you guarantee them you’ll arrive alive? I don’t think so, bro.

  72. Susie Says:

    In every town, in every street,
    In nearly every house you meet
    A little imp, who wriggles in,
    With half a sneer and half a grin,
    And climbs upon your rocking chair
    Or creeps upon you anywhere;
    And when he gets you very near,
    Just whispers something in your ear,
    Some rumor or another’s shame,
    And little ‘Hearsay’ is his name.
    He never really claims to know;
    He’s only heard that it is so;
    And then he whispers it to you,
    So you will go and whisper too.
    For if enough is passed along,
    The rumor even though it’s wrong,
    If John tells Henry; Henry, Flo;
    And Flo tells Mildred, and Mildred, Ruth;
    It very soon will pass for truth.
    You understand this little elf;
    He doesn’t say he knows himself;
    He only whispers it to you
    Because he knows you’ll go and tell
    Some other whisperers as well;
    And so before the setting sun
    He gets the devil’s mischief done,
    And there is less of joy and good,
    Around your little neighborhood.
    Look out for ‘Hearsay’ when he sneaks
    Inside the house when Slander speaks,
    Just ask the proof in every case;
    Just ask the name, the date, the place;
    And if he says he only heard,
    Declare you don’t believe a word
    And tell him that you’ll not repeat
    The silly chatter of the street,
    However gossips smile and smirk,
    Refuse to do the devil’s work!


  73. Matt Warner Says:

    “With a July 1 press release, Zer01 changed the content of its Web site and began calling itself a mobile virtual network enabler. Zer01’s Web site now positions the company as one that “enables” MVNOs to offer unlimited voice and data services.

    “Originally, we were going to go direct to market,” Piilani said. “Since the [CTIA] show, we’ve gotten a lot of interest from distribution players as well as content companies because a lot are interested in unlimited access. So we changed the distribution model after CTIA. Now we’re going in a different direction with partners and their brands.”” Computerworld – Nancy Gohring

    To me this gets to look more like a shell game.

  74. Luke Ryan Says:

    Hey,i just want to buy the unlimited plan. cheers Luke

  75. Mike Says:

    Wow… You guys are some piece of work… LOL

    Have you really done the math on this so called SCAM!!!! $70 x 40,000 is less than 3 Million Dollars. Have you not studied economics? If these guys wanted to rip us off, considering the service they are promising – they should have at least been asking 3k-5k for the opportunity, which i am sure at least 25% of us would have galdy got involved. Therefore 10,000 x 5,000 would have at least got them 50 Million Dollars. So lets see, Mark, Stephen, Ben and Craig are all shacked up together hoping to split a loot of less than 3 Million Dollars. Ummmm… guys I think you better check your drinking water because you look like a bunch of idiots.

    If this is a scam… I have had a great ride and have made some new friends…. Mark, Stephen, Ben and Craig please contact me (190842) because I would like to pay you an additional $100 for the entertainment value you have provided. In fact I am still waiting for you to “scam me” of my initial payment. Go on get on with it!

    Just type in Ponzire scam and look at whatt the scammers are netting… Wait I’ll do it…
    In the article above… they guys made out with 80 Million pounds. Now that more like it.

    THINK….THINK….THINK…. How dumb you really sound when you talk about 3 million dollars. You are obviously think that that is a large sum of money. This reveals 2 things about your character. 1. You are either a mountain dew drinking slob living in your mother basement who has nothing better to do in life…. or 2. You have a hidden agenda.

    NOW PAY CLOSE ATTENTION…. If you are irritated by my post please ralize I have not called you out by name. But there is an old Chinese proverb that says cast a stone into a pack of dogs… the one that yelps got hit.

  76. Natacha INFIESTA Says:


  77. Matt Warner Says:


    Your lottery ticket scenario does not work. If you though the lottery was a scam would you still buy a ticket or worse yet invite others to buy a ticket. If so there are some people in who solicite me with emails almost daily telling me that I inherited a few million from a person I never meet. I can forward those to you and you can invest there as well.

  78. Matt Warner Says:

    Hey Mike maybe not to you…but 3 million dollars is quite a bit of money to most of us…and frankly they aren’t calling it off yet, are they?

    Mike if $1OO is nothing to you but entertainment value, there are a number of opportunities that I would recommend to you.

    By the way, I am drinking mountain dew right now[pretty good], and ohh have been making 6 figures each year in network marketing for over a decade.

    I also have a quote too…

    “A fool and his money are soon parted.” -Thomas Tusser

  79. Rich Says:

    Hey Tod, in your opinion what has to happen now in order to resolve these “phantom” ish companies? GV claims they have 10-12 operating handsets. Can you as a jounalist ask and apply PRESSURE to exam just one or two of these? This issue needs MORE PRESSURE so it blows up or is vindicated. What else can we do to bring RESOLUTION to this ASAP? BTW GV now says we might be able to have service for customers by the begining of the new year…till then very controlled….WTF??? At this point I am sure this has to be on the governments radar. Oh and to address Mike’s comment, Im sure they didnt plan to do it for ONE month, thier plan is to drag this out for a many months while collecting fees, a few mil for a few mo…why dont you THINK…thats why they are prepping the distributors with “the first of the new year” BS. Should we call any Attorney Generals or, FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, NSA, NAACP…anybody? LOL.

  80. Brian Ridgway Says:


    Point taken, yet I disagree.
    If I thought the lotto was a scam, I wouldn’t have bought the ticket!!! Nor would I invite others. I do not think this is a scam. I think it’s legit. I’m gambling – not on winning whether it’s a scam or not, but on it not being a scam.

    Does that clear things up? Also, I’m being to totally up front with my people. They know the negative talk before they sign up. When this thing launches – in the face of these naysayers, the truth will be told.

    Ben Piilani is stepping in front of massive, mega-giant corps with a lot to lose. Already, also, many top MLMers are leaving their sinking ships for this thing. A LOT of people have a LOT to be scared about….

    All this could BS doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  81. Excited Says:

    “Put this in your pipe and smoke it”!!!


    Guess that says it all!!! YIPPEEE!!!!!!!!!!

  82. JoeFear Says:

    rich says “BTW GV now says we might be able to have service for customers by the beginning of the new year…till then very controlled….WTF???

    The sim chips they have and being produced now are for the HTC and Pharos phones (the ones GV is selling). The ones coming out by the end of the year are supposed to be sim chips for anyone’s GSM phones (Possibly non GSM as well?).
    The release to the public has been pushed back again from mid Aug-1st Sept, to around Oct. Gives me more time to build my sales force and prepare my marketing (Approved marketing).
    But with any new venture there is a risk of a company not surviving. For that matter, in this economy there is a high risk that any company will not survive (unless it is a giant co, then the Gov…never mind).

  83. Matt Warner Says:


    it is all talk and more hype till they ACTUALLY demostrate the phones to a 3rd party and till they ACTUALLY prove they can provide the service to the 5O, OOO they claim have signed up as distributors. We do not need another article touting their alleged service. The time for that has come and gone. What we need now is PROOF! Time to put up or shut up!

  84. Excited Says:

    Hey Mr. ACN Man,

    Guess you missed this one. Isn’t this your quote below?? What proof were YOU talking about? Suppose all the other 48 Speakers weren’t there either, eh? LOLOLOLOLOL You’re a joke!

    “Piilani did a call with Mark Petschel last Thursday and they both claimed to be at a Wireless Show in San Francisco….they said they were with ‘Steve Jobs right hand man’ and Yahoo Executives. Email me Todd and I will send you a’ BLAH BLAH BLAH


    “Now let’s go build this thing. <:)

  85. SJC Says:

    Heard this works on the moon? But then again who cares… did we really go to the moon? As they lost the “Original footage” who knows? The way I look at it, we all have made a mistake or two in life and I may even make a few more before I bow out, Mark brought me to this dance and I was told we weren’t Ben’s only date.

    Cindy said she lost more than $75 in a day, looking back I lost more than 100k in a day, but it is not the money that makes me bet on this horse, for me it is the spirit of the players, but for sure not some that post out here. Well that was my 2 cents, back to sharing what I know to people I care about.

  86. Matt Warner Says:


    NEVER EVER have been with ACN. I have no horse in this race other that the truth. Hmm now did that statement come from “Steve Jobs right hand man” or the Yahoo execs? Oh yeah, neither.

    BTW, that is not my quote.

    EVERY SIGNIFICANT OR MATERIAL PROMISE that Global Verge and Buzzirk have made about this service,availability or SIM cards or even payment of commission have not come forth as promised. When they only have an alleged 12 SIM cards out there when they promised them to the masses… they have a DUTY to prove themselves beyond mere words.

    How do I know about their broken promises? A friend who has joined has shared them all with me while he is trying to decide if he needs to contact his states AG to let them sort out what is truth and what is fiction.

  87. Biker Buc Says:

    United States Patent and Trademark Office Search:

    Results of Search in db for:
    “Unified Technologies Group”: 0 applications.

    No application publications have matched your query

    Results of Search in db for:
    “Veritable Mobile Convergence”: 0 applications.

    No application publications have matched your query

    No Class “Clasification” for US 61/xxx,xxx

  88. Mike Says:

    Like I said… Cast a stone and the one that got hit will keep on Yelping. Amazing. Watch this everyone… I will not mention names again and these Nitwits will keep posting dumb things.

    I have done some good research and know that testing has been done. I refuse to mention companies, because the Nitwits out there will just keep coughing up more excuses.

    A leader does not need to say they are a leader. Those of us in Global Verge recognize the integrity of the company and the seriousness of compliance. If it were anything else… and they wanted to Draaaaggggg this out for several more months, why not leave the compliance issue out of the picture and allow the marketers to HYPE HYPE HYPE this up all we want so that a few extra Million are pulled in.

    Guys… please recognize the importance of a High School Education for your children. These dropouts obviously did not have parents that cared for them and they need a good kick in their… well… I do realize there are some ladies around and therefore I will respectfully not finish that sentence.

    Fish what you started and dig deep for the truth. BTW it will not be found on site like scam dot com or any other looser site.

  89. Biker Buc Says:

    I may be seeing things wrong, but, US 61/ patent class was abolished in 1978.

    61 ALL Abolished 1978-Sep-29

  90. SJC Says:

    Wayne is actually JD Sullivan who is a cofounder of ACN but who are you Matt? As the world turns ; )~

  91. Larissa Says:

    A better quote for U….

    Psalm 1
    Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

  92. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Excited there is a wonderful thing called FACT it sort of separates things from FICTION

    No phones, no patents, no service no hope!

  93. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Mike can you share your research regarding the patent? how about Ben claiming to be on a couple of boards? How about a facility of sorts for the research and development you got an address for that? never mind why don’t you just show us a phone with a zero 1 sim card?? Who cares about compliance someone started the shit to begin with sure as hell wasn’t joe sign up, shit rolls down hill mate, anyway it could just as easily be part of the free fall, hey guys we’re sorry but it’s all gone to pot cos you just got too good and you just kept talking about it now well just like in 2004 , 2006 and 2008 no phones, no service, no hope!

    BizzBuzz, E-Verge, Buzzirk , Global Verge keep em coming cos there’s plenty of nitwits eh??

  94. Matt Warner Says:

    SJC to find out who I am just click on my name. Again, I an just a seeker of the truth.

    Mike you protest too much!

  95. SJC Says:

    Oh Matt, I see now you are just another guy trying to cross recruit out here… I think I passed on that green peace stuff months ago, but good luck with it. Butt tell me why are you out talking out yours without any factual knowledge?

  96. SJC Says:

    Well lets see “Moderator” thought this was about free speech and as my last two posts didn’t make it, it is starting to look like you may have an agenda here.

    For one we are all sorry that Nearly didn’t get Sucked, better luck next time and Matt your “cross recruiting” for your green peace as distrib #14667 or whatever does not work as your bad mouthing other companies is not going to draw people to yours now is it?

  97. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    SJC you never actually answer anything do you? why don’t you share some of your ” factual knowledge” you see most of the facts presented have been verified yours however never are you just go on a little rant about competitors, cross recruiting and so on.

    SJC here is your chance give us the facts!

  98. Julie Says:

    Here’s a quote that pretty much sums up all the negative hoopla that is being posted about our awesome opportunity with GlobalVerge. :)

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  99. Matt Warner Says:

    LOL, SJC the truth hurts so bad that you have to give everyone an agenda… I have a several friends who joined buzzirk who send every corporate announcement to me as they are in a state of panic.

    You cannot handle a person with no agenda speaking out. The ONLY people trying to hide their identity seems to be those avocating that Buzzirk associates should continue drinking the koolaid.

    I could post under a false idenity like you or excite or others, but that does not seem ethical. Bad mouthing other companies… is telling the truth bad mouthing.

  100. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Our company, NextDay Network, Inc., is a hardware, software and electronic products reseller since 1999. We operate through 2 web sites, NextDayPC.com, which is a customizable storefront so technology consultants and any other interested parties can join our independent sales force and benefit from their sales under our agency model. We also operate ResellersOnly.com which is our back office portal for our sales force.

    As long as our Terms of Use for these 2 sites are followed, any individual or company can sign-up as a NextDayPC reseller at ResellersOnly.com and immediately receive a co-branded web site which they can customize with their own logo and contact information. All transactions are conducted strictly between NextDay and our end-customers and the only exchange of money between our company and our independent sales agents are through bi-monthly commission checks that are sent out on the agent’s sales for the previous month.

    On October of 2008 Global Verge became one of our 12,000 affiliated sales companies. As of today, Global Verge and their partners have generate a total of $3,000 in sales, all of which has been processed and shipped. Furthermore, we have placed Global Verge on a cancellation notice and intend to contact their team members and explain our decision shortly.

    As you can imagine, with the recent series of controversial articles on Global Verge and Zer01, it is extremely important for us to make sure that our companies good name will not be inaccurately associated with these 2 companies and your readers will not gain the wrong impression that NextDay Network has been involved in any wrongdoing.


  101. Matt Warner Says:

    One additional point SJC you do not seem to care about rules…do you?

    “Well SJC, why do you have your initials linked to a website that does not have the compliance code required by Buzzirk. Ar you operating in violation of Global Verges guidlines?” Robert Morgan


    “Robert Morgan, what are you now promoted from “Need a life” to GV Police?” – SJC


    Now SJC we both know that your site is NOT in compliance with Global Verge as their rules state
    “If approved, you will receive a temporary compliance number from the company that needs to be posted on the bottom of each page of the website. It should read, “GV Compliance No. [number].”

    Your site has not compliance number at the bottom. Why are you allowed to have a site not in compliance where everyone else had theirs pullled?

    Is that enough factual knowlege for you?

  102. mike Says:

    Hey in case anyone wants to join matt… He is doing another Amway Wannabe with cleaning products… SAVE you money… Here is a post by someone who checked them out.

    MATT will make his 6 figure income selling you stuff you can do at home. SAVE YOUR MONEY…RUN RUN RUN…

    It looks kind of interesting, but a bit hyped. I just glanced over their list of products, but I don’t see any that I can’t make, naturally, by myself by using lemons, lemon oil, vinegar, water, grapefruit seed extract, baking soda, rubbing alcohol, and simple laundry detergents (washing soda, borax, and a bar of laundry soap).

    These are my preferred all natural cleaners.
    And my preferred home made laundry detergent.

    As far as being able to recycle or reuse their containers, the same goes for pretty much all of the above cleaners.

  103. JoeFear Says:

    Not much new info out today, GV restarted payment processing, I will be satisfied when I receive my phone and everything works. The video conferencing will be a cool feature that I will use with my family when I am away, as well as recruiting ( its cool to show people the functions of the phone by calling someone in your up line or down line who has the same capabilities).

  104. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Hey Joe there was plenty info out today Next Day PC is canceling their agreement with GV you just lost your online store

  105. Matt Warner Says:

    Wow Mike, good tactic try and divert attention from the many problems that Global Verge has by attacking my company that has a pristine reputation. I NEVER raised what company I was with or tried to cross promote. It was You and SJC who brought it up soley to diverte attention to the REAL issue. When the heat is too hot try and change the issue. Good try, but the reality is that I do make 6 figures on network marketing and while green cleaning products are not as SEXY or COOL as amazing cell phones with unimited service, our products are real and we do send them out as promised and we do pay commissions as promised.

    Now that you tried to attack and minimize me [always the tactic when you can’t win an agruement on its merits], let’s get back to the facts that this article is about. Or you can continue to attack everyone personally who tries to discuss the actual claims that Buzzirk and Global Verge have made. That will continue to show you have nothing at all….

    Global Verge and Buzzirk has not fulfilled a single promise to their distributors that is the point of this article. Do you have anything to refute that… no hence the personal attacks.

  106. mike Says:

    HEY Nitwits…. (not tryying to be rude… but the name fits)

    You guys seem to be good at what you are doing… I would like to enlist your help. Below is an article about Dell Computers and that a court finds Dell Guilty of fraud.


    Please help save the world from Michael Dell and have them return their computers to an address I will provide you.

    People I fear that Dell is a huge SCAM. RUN RUN RUN

    See how you can place a spin on things.

  107. mike Says:


    Judy Wallman, a professional genealogy researcher in southern California , was doing some personal work on her own family tree. She discovered that Congressman Harry Reid’s great-great uncle, Remus Reid, was hanged for horse stealing and train robbery in Montana in 1889. Both Judy and Harry Reid share this common ancestor..

    The only known photograph of Remus shows him standing on the gallows in Montana territory:

    On the back of the picture Judy obtained during her research is this inscription: ‘Remus Reid, horse thief, sent to Montana Territorial Prison 1885, escaped 1887, robbed the Montana Flyer six times. Caught by Pinkerton detectives, convicted and hanged in 1889.’

    So Judy recently e-mailed Congressman Harry Reid for information about their great-great uncle.
    Harry Reid:

    Believe it or not, Harry Reid’s staff sent back the following biographical sketch for her genealogy research:

    “Remus Reid was a famous cowboy in the Montana Territory . His business empire grew to include acquisition of valuable equestrian assets and intimate dealings with the Montana railroad. Beginning in 1883, he devoted several years of his life to government service, finally taking leave to resume his dealings with the railroad. In 1887, he was a key player in a vital investigation run by the renowned Pinkerton Detective Agency. In 1889, Remus passed away during an important civic function held in his honor when the platform upon which he was standing collapsed.”

    Everyone in here… both Negative and Positive will obviously put their spin on things… including me!

    Time will tell… Go build your business and in 30 days reevaluate.

  108. JoeFear Says:

    I’ve never heard of next day pc. GV has some other stuff like a travel deal, online shopping store, and …stuff that doesn’t interest me. GV Is not selling the phones from next day pc, so i’m not sure how this affects me.

  109. Buzzirk Scam Says:

    Here are three very convincing videos detailing how this Zer01 and Buzzirk through Global Verge are a SCAM! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMTfspvzOSw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID419ncELr4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMSsiL3lru8

  110. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Says:

    I hope you people that put money into zer01 have the sense to cancel the charge on your credit cards, ASAP. Suckers. By the way, this “multi-billion-dollar corporation” is based in a residence in Las Vegas. Now why would a huge company be based in a house, rather than in their own office building in New York or Hong Kong? Why is there no record of their new COO attending any colleges or universities? Why does a huge company miss the launch date of their bread & butter project? Why is there no record of a patent for this “revolutionary technology”? Why have some of their major players been involved in several other pyramid schemes? Why are all of you pro-zer01 retards spouting the same crap that is posted on zer01’s website (in addition to the crap that’s all over their “parent” companies’ websites)? For those who believe you can get 180Mbps on their PHONE… Beware of those scratch & sniff stickers at the bottom of swimming pools. Even the best high-speed wireless internet is about 20Mbps. Seriously… are you all related to Sarah Palin or something? Do you think that Africa is a country?

  111. biker buc Says:

    Is Patent claim bogus? Can anyone find the application searching the Patent Office. I can’t. It also appears that US 61/ is not a valid Patent Office class.

    Todd Haselton interview with Ben P.

    “Does Zer01 have a patent for its technology?”
    “We are patent pending right now issued through the Patent Trademark Office.”
    [[Note: Zer01 spokesperson Ron Dresner says the pending patent number is US 61/149,871 under the Unified Technologies Group name.]]

  112. Matt Warner Says:

    Notice that ALL Mike does is call people names or post totally irrelevant information. Again when you can’t deal with facts you must divert attention to anything and everything.

    Mike.. DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING relevant to address the relevant issues? ANYTHING?

    Global Verge and Buzzirk has not fulfilled a single material or significant promise to their distributors that is the point of this article. Do you have anything to refute that? No? Hence the continued personal attacks and articles about TOTALLY irrelevant information.

    We are just trying to get answers to SIGNIFICANT questions, rather that the attacks why not help address the questions.

  113. Excited Says:

    I would venture to guess, that all of you nay-sayers, we will see your names in our downline very soon!!

    Does anyone know what Excel went through in the beginning of their SOFT LAUNCH?? How many Millionaires and Billionaires were produced there??

    Wow, you guys are vicious.

  114. mike Says:

    No Matt… you are not trying to get answers… you are trying to divert people to your business. I am interested in TRUTH.

    It really bugs me when people twist things or have a hidden agenda. What’s yours Matt.

  115. mike Says:

    No Matt… Just a hotline from you name to your company.

    Let Me quote from your own MLM company MATT….

    “To build an International Team based on integrity and the Golden Rule.”
    “To be a place where people are lifted up and not torn down.”

    Is that what you are doing here Matt or did some of our distributors leave you 3 figure business income to joining Global Verge.

    What’s the truth Matt?

    I own several Businesses… but see no point in Hot linking my name hoping that someone will join me. Theses posts are about truth.

  116. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    You don’t have any phones to sell period, all you have is the Expedia travel site(which you can get for free and keep all the commissions yourself) and the discount store oh but none of that matters becasue unless the company is selling to customers they can’t pay commissions that’s how it works.


    there are no patents pending or applicable for Zer01 or UTGI none of it exists, the technology has been critiqued by some pretty big industry people and it’s just not possible


    your just a tit, end of.

  117. Matt Warner Says:

    Mike how about fully identifying yourself. Let us see what your agenda may be.

    Be honest Mike if I did not have a backlink to who I am you and others would have accused me of being a direct competitor. I doubt if anyone would have never clicked on the link had you and SJC not asked about it.

    If these appeared to be a legitimate opportunity I would encourage people to join. I am a firm believer in network marketing. I think having many streams of income is a good idea since many companies blow themselves up. But no, nobody I am aware of in my current downline left to go to buzzirk.

    I am sorry if you think asking for answers to the very basic aspect of your business model is tearing you down. You claim to have answers and insights yet you refuse present them other than the continual teasers that you allude to. If you do not have answers, rather than trying to attack people the correct response is that you are operating on faith and will find out when the rest of us find out.

    Your continued attacks against people and unsubstantiated claims has done more harm than good. It has kept this rather negative thread about your company going and going and going. It can’t be good.

    If I were in your shoes and had the alleged contacts that you and SJC claim to have I would be focusing my efforts on getting those with the power to release proof that could put an end to this once and for all.

    Start by giving us a good patent number or application [public info], have them disclosed why they are using the AT&T map and whose towers they are using. Give the working phones [there are 12 supposedly] to the media reps who have written the negative arguements. Nothing like converting a disbeliever for proof. Those statement would silence me and shut me up. You are right excited if your people could accomplish those items MANY MANY MANY people would join your downlines.

    However, the continued delay in offering proof will result in a such a black eye that the business may not bounce back.

    So rather than attacking me and others who tell the Emperor that he has no clothes, go tell the Emperor to put on clothes. Tell those in charge that circling the wagons is not going to work, the time has come to silence the critics to prove the technology beyond any doubt and to answer why the standing order of thousands of SIM cards and phones have only translated to dozen alleged phones.

  118. PatentPending Says:

    Someone should probably point out that the article specifically states that “the pending patent number is US 61/149,871″….pending patents don’t show up in patent search results on the US patent office online search.

  119. PatentPending Says:

    It appears that the number “61/149,871″ the 61/ part isn’t a patent class, but rather part of the numbering system for pending patents. I googled for similar numbers, and I found this link (which is completely unrelated to the article or this Zer01 business, but it shows a similar patent pending number that starts with 61/)


    And its a Reuters article from less than a year ago.

  120. J of SJC Says:

    Truth / Fact seem to be misunderstood by most out here..

    “A fact is a pragmatic truth, a statement that can, at least in theory, be checked and either confirmed or denied. Facts are often contrasted with opinions and beliefs, statements which are held to be true, but are not amenable to pragmatic confirmation or denial.” and as for “Truth” there is only one…

    and I will at this point bow out of this childish game I involved myself in here. I try to respond and not react but I caught myself doing the latter.

    To all my friends and adversaries, please all have a terrific evening and know that if you wait a week, a month and in God’s good time the Truth will be evident.

  121. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Ah the old God card, smart move J of SJC

  122. Robert Morgan Says:

    J of SJC

    Before you leave let’s seperate one fact from fiction. You are an obvious devote of Buzzirk Mobile based on your comments.

    FACT the site that you have linked to through your name is is complete violation of Global Verge Rules. Why do you get such a competitve advantgage over ALL the others who are also a devote of Buzzirk Mobile.

    If it had been an approved site you would of had a global verge compliance number on the botton of the pages.

    “If approved, you will receive a temporary compliance number from the company that needs to be posted on the bottom of each page of the website. It should read, “GV Compliance No. [number].” – Global Verge Announcement

  123. mike Says:

    Matt post your email… you want to dig deep let’s do it together…. but I will have you sign a non-disclosure agreement. You ok with that? Last thing I want is thousands of knuckle heads flooding good companies with dumb question. If you are game… we work on it… you come back here and apologize for your ignorance and we all move on.

  124. Just Wondering? Says:

    I have been following this story for a couple of days now and I have no stake in it at all either way. I’m just a college student with some down time who happened to run across this story.

    I have one serious question for the people who are e-associates or whatever with Global Verge:

    You invested into a company founded by a convicted criminal who has been found guilty of scamming people on multiple occasions and the setup for this company is obviously a MLM pyramid, which has been known to be a method of scamming people in the past. And this company’s main selling point is an intangible product that no one has ever seen or tested before.

    Even if this thing turns out be legit..How did you think this was a good idea?

  125. J of SJC Says:

    Again Morgan you beat a dead horse.. and Sucked, I play no No “God card” and you might want to keep theology out of this as you as I said have no idea what “Truth” nor what “Fact” is.

    For all you lost souls.. hold your tongue say until Wednesday or Thursday until the powers that be enlighten you. But I doubt you can so keep shoving your feet deeper.

    “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” – Plato

    Wait a few days boys or open your mouths yet a agian…

  126. Rich Says:

    J of sjc, is that a month from July 1, or July 27, or is that Aug 1, does the month reset every month until infiniti??? Harder to a hit a moving target.

  127. Rich Says:

    Thanks Patent, I guess this confirms what we knew, Zero1 has no patents, or pending patents!

  128. B. Richdale Says:

    This company is a piece of crap. If you look at their emails to e-associates, they are full of typos and missed words, etc. Their call center is like playing a Fisher Price Toy at recess time.

    If this technology was real, he would have NEVER taken it MLM, he would have (as a billionaire) – Yeah right! He would have marketed directly and kept ALL THE PROFITS himself.

    Unless, he’s such a nice guy and wanted to share the riches! lol Oh.. no wait…if he wanted to share the riches, he would have just marketed this directly as a corporate entity and kept the billions himself and donated monies to UNICEF, as a humanitarian.

    This has all been one moronic house of cards, that just fell down….

    Everyone has cancelled their auto ship….and for good reason.

    I have 17 emails from the company telling me that they are getting to be charging credit cards.

    This company can’t even bet it’s merchant tasks to completion within 60 days and anyone thinks they are going to coordinate this type of technology and the all the roadbumbs that will come along with it?

    My gosh……this company is DEAD….

  129. BD Says:

    Hey B.Richdale,

    I can’t help it sorry, You talk about typos hehe. I have the same concerns as you with the billing, I feel a company should be real good at collecting money, right?

  130. Matt Warner Says:


    Send the NDA to matt@thegreennetworkers.com. Prove it to me and I will be the first to apologize and advocate. I would LOVE to have to aplogize!

  131. Hootch Says:

    Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.
    —————————————————– —————————

    Apache/2.2.10 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.10 OpenSSL/0.9.8i DAV/2 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ Server at http://www.zer01mobile.com Port 80


  132. Rich Says:

    Well…..Its “next week sometime” now. Do any journalists have a “phone”???????Maybe Ben Piilani could just show us his phone……on Tmobile? Or maybe since GV said triple dumbasses would have a phone by today, why dont they show us one, or maybe GV can show us 1 of 12???It will be funny to see what excuse the triple dumbasses and e ASSociates fall for this week, since you buy ALL the BS GV shovels towards you!

  133. Buzzirk Mobile Says:

    Webmaster – Brian Ridgeway posted that a friend texted him that Zero1 persons were arrested and that his ‘friend’ heard it on a radio station. I would appreciate being able to contact him by email as I represent those persons at Zero1 and would like to stop the rumour mill that is being propagating on this site. I know this to not be true as I spoke with them today. I can be reached at (416) 567-3326. Ask for Dean, and please do not post this in the open forum.

  134. Matt Warner Says:


    Send the NDA to matt@thegreennetworkers.com. Prove it to me and I will be the first to apologize and advocate. I would LOVE to have to aplogize

  135. Matt Warner Says:


    Tried posting this twice before…. Send the NDA to matt@thegreennetworkers dot com. Prove it to me and I will be the first to apologize and advocate. I would LOVE to have to aplogize

  136. Peter Says:

    Once again…ladies and gentlemen, there are a couple of guys desperately seeking negative attention. Either way if this works or not, these guys are donkeys. They brey and brey and try to bring their negative view point on to others. They do have an agenda, they are not stupid, they have a plan and use psychology to further their own agenda. The risk has been documented $70, let’s all just relax, give these guys a couple of weeks to get us phones. If it doesn’t work then I lose $70 and I am truly disappointed, if it does then what happens to these negative guys. Do they even have a life. They disappear into the net with no face, website or phone number. If they were real men they would give you the truth. My guess is that the name is false and that they work for or own another networking company. Why do they sit around and just slam people over and over…to save us 70 oh boys thanks mr. donkey. They remind me of those class clowns in high school that so desperately want friends and no matter what they do no one likes them so they do anything they can to get attention. Another guess is that they have had no success in this or in anything that is network related because of their negative attitude toward everything in life. Your can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends and those who you choose to listen to. Trust me on this one, a donkey is only good for one thing! Being an ass…,


  137. Matt Warner Says:

    I have tried to respond to Mike three times and it will not be approved… send an email to matt at the domain you are redirected to when you click on my name. I would love to be proven wrong and give an apology.

  138. Zer0-none Says:

    Patents ?!?!?!?

    The USPTO.gov site is one of the best sites operated by a U.S. government agency, in my opinion. It is simple to use and quickly returns details about both “patent applications” and “issued patents.” I am not a lawyer, but I have used this site to search for trademarks and patents and have always found it to be reliable. For example, I can search for every tech company that I have ever worked for (by name) and find their patents with full descriptive text. This site is an excellent tool for competitive research because it is public information.

    QUESTION A: OK. Here’s the troubling news … I don’t see any reference to patent applications there.

    Try it yourself … http://patft.uspto.gov/

    The section for awarded patents is on the left (and wouldn’t apply in the Zer01 case since it takes 3-4 years+ on average to have a patent approved and issued ). On the right side is the search tool for patent applications. Try a “quick search” and put the company’s name in quotes … “Unified Technologies Group” … and you’ll come up with nothing. Now try UTGI. Now try any of the Management team’s names from the UTG site …. http://english.utg-inc.net/Our_Company.html

    Their last names would certainly work if they were named on a patent application.

    Try this for example: search for “ozzie” and you will see that Microsoft’s CTO (Raymond E. Ozzie) is named on many patent-pending technologies —- just as you would expect.

    QUESTION B: Searching for the surnames of the UTG management team got me to thinking … None of them have a technology-related title. Just who is the engineering genius who developed their intellectual property? And where was this done? It would require a test lab with RF simulation gear at a minimum. Maybe they are licensing someone else’s IP — but they absolutely claimed it was theirs, didn’t they?

    QUESTION C: Their PR guy (Ron Dresner) is the one who claimed the patent filing. He is also listed as a member of the UTG management team … http://english.utg-inc.net/Our_Company.html … yet he appears to be a hired gun with his own PR firm in Connecticut … http://www.dennispr.com/aboutus.html … (and he doesn’t even list UTG or Zer01 as a client). He certainly got them some good initial press — and awards, but the marketing for this company is a trainwreck. With all that’s going on, you would think he would be in the same building as the other execs. Which is where? Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada? WTF? For such a small company, it doesn’t make sense to have so many addresses. You can’t revolutionize the communications industry from your bedroom on nights and weekends!

    I know that many companies operate virtually today, but engineering shops do not. Whoever is behind the Zer01 technology would certainly need a few engineers and a lab. Maybe they have an office suite in Neverland. At least I could believe that.

  139. Matt Warner Says:


    It isn’t about seventy dollars… it is about integrity of the industry and yourself. We are not asking for much, simply asking them to address the patent issue, the att denial and use of their map, and why they are having trouble making SIM cards available.

    I am very successful network marketer and frankly this issue is tainting the industry. You can say that if this turns out to be a scam, so what it is only seventy dollars. However it becomes another taint on the industry that has too many problems.

    It is amazing how those that cannot supply answers try and call those demading proof names. Peter you are better than calling people names. DEMAND they give you these answers TODDAY. We do not need the weeks that you ask for to see if the phones arrive. The owners of your company could silence us today. Have them post the evidence that we have requested.

    Unlike you I have disclosed who I am and allow anyone to judge what my motives are from my words and actions. You are simply “peter” who has an unknown agenda.

    So continue if you must to call those demanding answers names. The fact is that your company is causing ALL network marketing companies harm. Have Piilani address the questions and all of this would go away. Many of us would be thrilled if the network marketing industry had such a dynamic product to offer. But the damaged that will be done to the industry should the fifty thousand people lose seventy dollars is more than the small ding to your wallet.

  140. Biker Buc Says:

    I sent this eMail to info@dennispr.com (Ron Dresner).

    I have not received a reply.

    Laptop Magazine, in an interview with Zer01 CEO Ben Piilani, claims that “Zer01 spokesperson Ron Dresner says the pending patent number is US 61/149,871 under the Unified Technologies Group name.”

    This is in reguard to Zer01s claim of a pending patent for its new cell phone technology “Veritable Mobile Convergence.”

    US Patent Office database searches return no matches for “Unified Technologies Group” nor “Veritable Mobile Convergence.” In addition “US 61/” does not appear to be a valid US Patent Office Class designation.

    Could you please provide a Patent Office publication number or an explaination as to why this application can not be found?

    Results of Search in db for:
    “Unified Technologies Group”: 0 applications.

    No application publications have matched your query

    Results of Search in db for:
    “Veritable Mobile Convergence”: 0 applications.

    No application publications have matched your query

  141. Biker Buc Says:

    Interesting that in naming the new technology “Veritable Mobile Convergence,” UTG uses the word “Veritable.”

    To me, it is an implication that the technology is verifiable or has been verified.

    Shouldn’t all patented technologies be verified. Why should that be part of your technologie’s name?

    Webster’s Defenition of Veritable:

    Main Entry: ver·i·ta·ble
    Pronunciation: \ˈver-ə-tə-bəl\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French, from verité
    Date: 15th century
    : being in fact the thing named and not false, unreal, or imaginary —often used to stress the aptness of a metaphor

  142. Biker Buc Says:

    Zer01 Engineer Speaks Out

    (Dead Air)

    End of Message

    Just kidding, but, wouldn’t this new technology need an Engineering Department to go along with its Marketing Department? Wouldn’t the Engineering Department be making statements on its new technology? Considering the Billions Invested?

  143. Matt Warner Says:

    For the Record….

    I never received a Non Disclosure Agreement or communication from Mike.

  144. mcnair Says:

    In my opinion, all this jargon is a great pat time read. I don’t know, but I can imagine Mr. Graham Bell had some missed launch dates, a prototype that didn’t work, people who called him a fraud, he probably wanted to give up a time or two. I’m a net worker and what we do as net workers can be risky. We like the risks. The pay offs can be tremendous. All these comments have given me motivation to really push Buzzirk! As far as Excel is concerned, I know personally that that company did produce several 7 figure earners, it stayed in business more than 5 years and fell because it was not prepared for all the activity it produced. Businesses make mistakes. GM, Bell South, Circuit City, just to name a few have failed. What about all those people who lost their life savings, retirements and jobs because of the greed of the executives. No one called them scammers and that’s exactly what they turned out to be. As with almost everything, time will tell.

    See you at the bank!

  145. joshua Says:

    Why would T-mobile (DT) or AT&T (T) agree to this and cut into their market share?

  146. Susie Says:

    joshua Says:
    Why would T-mobile (DT) or AT&T (T) agree to this and cut into their market share?

    Because they realize it is better to be “in business” rather than “out-of-business”.

  147. Rich Says:

    Mcnair, Susie……Please wake up, the technology doesnt exist. The journalists will not recieve a phone this week nor the next. People its JULY 29TH!!!!It launched the first…NO ONE has a phone! Not even Ben Piilani! Wake up!

  148. sal Says:

    this is all a lie i am a e-associate and i dont think this is true myself

  149. Keith Says:

    Hello everyone… My name is Keith and I’m with Buzzirk, I will agree it’s a frustrating time with all the delays. “As the saying goes in Network Marketing 1% doubt and your out!” Look everyone as a Top Producing Global Verge e-Associate with the #1 Team even with all the setbacks we still are the fastest growing company in the MLM industry right now! I’ve spent more money on a good dinner for two then I have in my total involvement with Global Verge and at the end the day the truth will shine it always does.

    “The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

    “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) if This is you click on my site and lets chat because if the service does come out to be a what us who are optimistic foresee the service to be this is going to be a HUGE money maker and timing and positioning in business are important. http://www.BzirkMobile.com

    -Keith G.

  150. Excited Says:

    MCNAIR – Somebody kiss that individual. Kudos!! REAL Leaders understand REAL business!!

    Susie – Short and sweet and to the point!!

    Me, personally, I would rather wait a little longer to get something that is perfect, than to just ‘have it now’ for the sake of having it and gripe later because there’s something wrong.

    That being the case, we would be in a much larger world of hurt, don’t ya think?

    “Anything good and right is worth waiting for”!!

  151. Matt Warner Says:


    ATT denies that they have an agreement with Zer01 and Zer01 has offered no proof that they have an agreement. Everything else is supposition.


  152. Matt Warner Says:

    Todd Haselton

    It is the middle of the week.

    “How long until we can check out a phone?
    We’re sending phones out to a few journalists next week sometime. If we put working phones in journalist’s hands they can make comments about it.”

    Could you do a follow up and let us know if you [or journalist] have received a phone for testing?

  153. Hopeful Henry Says:

    Well, in the next few weeks we should know if this is a scam or not. I have no vested interest on either side. As a potential consumer I hope it works because it would be a great offering. Unfortunately the companies aren’t going to get any “benefit of the doubt” until they can get some working phones in the marketplace. I like the idea of youtube videos. It sure seems like an easy hurdle to dispel all the negative publicity. C’mon Ben P.! I’m pulling for you.

  154. Ryan Says:

    Any news regarding this whole Z1/GV/Buzz issue? Things have gotten quiet as far as “real” information goes, although it seems the GV recruiting continues to roll on full steam with no actual product to promote. Where are the 10 amazing handsets supposedly in the field and when will the press actually see one?? How about the two SIM cards GV supposedly received last week?? How can people still be buying into this BS? How long can the ‘vaporware’ dream be pushed onto people?

  155. mike Says:

    Hi Matt…. I haves sent you an email… and for the record…. Most of us have a life (some of you seem to only have an agenda) and have stopped blogging here.

  156. Rich Says:

    Its now wed. Any journalist have a phone yet???

    “How long until we can check out a phone?
    We’re sending phones out to a few journalists next week sometime. If we put working phones in journalist’s hands they can make comments about it. Everybody says we can’t do this. It’s not that hard of a concept to think about it. I was using it last week at the Mobile Beat 2009 conference and I demonstrated it there”

  157. JoeFear Says:

    Tonight is a Triple Diamond call. Hopefully we will get some solid answerers to our questions. I am waiting for my super expensive phone, and inexpensive plan. I have my marketing plan ready, just waiting on the knowledge when and if I can offer the service. I stopped all recruiting efforts 2 weeks ago. Hopefully tonight will shed some real answers, as I have about 10 people who want to work this as a business, but I changed the link I gave them to my signup page until I am more sure about what is going on.

  158. Todd Haselton Says:

    Nothing yet. Now we’re told that one will be “hand delivered next week.” We’re posting about this tomorrow. Thanks

  159. Matt Warner Says:

    First Mike — NEVER RECEIVED an EMAIL from you…must be like the phones and service VAPORWARE!

    Todd- Thanks for letting us know that they FAILED on another promise! At least they are consistent!

    Keith, I really wish people would quit using the excuse that if it is a rip off it is only a small amount. It isn’t about seventy dollars… it is about integrity of the industry and yourself. This becomes a taint on an industry that has too many problems.

    Again, the owners of your company could silence us today. Have them post the evidence that we have requested. Instead they break another promise. The BROKEN PROMISES HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MLM ASPECT. They involve the underlying product and service.

    Keith a realist sees things for what they are not what they want them to be. This “debate” should have been over days ago, they could show the patent apps, explain why they use an ATT map and ATT denies the relationship and explain why they cannot deliver phones to the media.

    Simple, unless it is a house of cards.

    Unlike you I have disclosed who I am and allow anyone to judge what my motives are from my words and actions. You are simply “peter” who has an unknown agenda

  160. Hootch Says:

    Todd, the “Best Overall Product” award legitimated ZER01’s offering and on the back of this, a new service is being offered by another subsidiary of Unified Technologies Group, Inc.


    Would you please explain the criteria used in arriving at the conclusion that it was the “Best Overall Product” at CTIA 2009?

  161. JoeFear Says:

    Phones should be shipped mid. Aug. to Triple Dia. (they say ship the week of the 10th).

  162. mcnair Says:

    Has anyone that keeps harping on the fact that they have not seen the phones yet ever directly or indirectly experienced a pregnancy? There’s this thing called Braxton Hicks contractions, false labor and most times there is a significant wait period before the baby is delivered. The doctors and the mom would agree on a date for delivery, the date comes and goes, no baby. Would you say opps, there must not be a real baby. I know, you think this is a silly comparison, but think about it. I also would much rather wait and have the right thing then rush the process and get a mess. Companies don’t have to tell you all. The pharmaceutical companies don’t tell us anything when they are developing a new drug, yet when your doc prescribes it to you, you don’t ask how many times did they miss the release date, or if this is a placebo. It’s ok though. If we look we can find someone who has something negative to say about any subject on earth. Keep it up. It makes for entertaining reading.

  163. mcnair Says:

    Faith without works is dead.

  164. Rich Says:

    Keith, we dont need cleche’s, just a phone…Excited, wait till Dec 25 when Santa climbs down your chimney to bring you your phantom phone….Hopeful Henry, this rolled out July 1st so youve had more than a few weeks but go ahead and get strung along for a few more, since thats your wish….Joe Fear, any “SOLID” answers on tonites call?…..Todd, “hand delivered” lmao, Cmon man, how long with this BS?? Never mind, ill answer my own question Todd, this will last as long as these triple dumbasses and e ASS ociates continue to be able sucker people into this.

  165. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Hey JoeFear

    How’s that water machine and power saver business you got there, great call tonight don’t you think?

  166. Matt Warner Says:

    Ok, inquiring minds want to know. We were all told that Gobal Verge would get answers to the patent app questions and provide answers to their triple diamonds. Well?

    What PROOF can you share with us that will quiet us and require our apology? Just Asking!

    JoeFear – triple diamonds were promised that on July 1 they would get phones.

    Mcnair – if it were ONLY a slow roll out very few would be complaining. It is the combination of misrepresentations or statements that cannot be verified. Piilani could silence the critics immediately by doing the following, yet he won’t

    1. Show us the patent apps.
    2. Answer why the ATT map was used
    3. get a working phone out to Todd so he can tell us all it is time to shut up as they work.

    Instead we have another series of promises that do NOTHING to show that this is not a SCAM.

    I would LOVE to issue a formal apology and state how brilliant each and every one of you are for believing that this is the real deal… Give me a reason to do that!

  167. Rich Says:

    McNair your analogy SUCKS and has no relevance to the consistent lies that people have been fed!!!WAKE UP! Remember this quote from prince piilani himself

    “We’re sending phones out to a few journalists next week sometime. If we put working phones in journalist’s hands they can make comments about it. Everybody says we can’t do this. It’s not that hard of a concept to think about it. I was using it last week at the Mobile Beat 2009 conference and I demonstrated it there”

    @ this stage in the game we can no longer continue to be upset @ GV liarship or piilani. They are PROVEN liars!!! and thats what liars do, they lie, simple. However people like you MCNAIR, JOE FEAR etc. make me sick! Because YOU are now responsible! YOU see the evidence clear as day and actively choose to ignore it! YOU PEOPLE that @ this POINT continue to defend this BS are WORSE than petschel, piilani, lewis, mayne, all put together! You are worse, because you have NO CHARACTER, you are WEAK! You are the type of people that will see an injustice happening and just walk by. Carry on with your ignorance WEAKLINGS!

  168. Matt Warner Says:


    You are absolutely right! “Todd, the “Best Overall Product” award legitimated ZER01’s offering…”

    Since the company that awarded this was Laptop Magazine…

    “Zer01 Mobile Awarded Laptop Magazine’s “Best Overall Product” Award At CTIA Wireless 2009 Convention” – “http://www.bignews.biz/?id=798636&keys=unified-benpiilani-smartphone-utgi”

    This award is the one aspect that many seem to rely upon as proof that Zer01 Mobile was state of the art (actually life changing) service.

    Todd -maybe your company should DEMAND answers to the questions that have been asked or retract that award until proof is offered. I trust that Laptop Magazine had legitimate reasons for giving that award, but if circumstances have changed maybe your company needs to reevaluate your position.

    Laptop Magazine has some responsibility to resolve this QUICKLY since so many relied upon your integrity as proof that if you gave the award it must be legitimate and must work.


  169. Hootch Says:


    What a delightful analogy. Zer01 running hither and thither screaming “I’m in labor, my baby is due!!! Quick, buy me formula, get me diapers, send me Doc Browns”

    Only one slight problem.

    The independent verification of pregnancy that happens in between the, “I’ve got a Bio-Med kit and I’m giving birth.”

    Show me independent confirmation of the “baby” then we’ll talk about “false labor”

  170. Rich Says:

    Matt, you are absolutely on point. I know I based my decision partly on the “Award” from Laptop Magazine. Clark Howard’s CNN piece also made me believe this was real along with all the bs hype. There is RESPONSIBILITY on the part of laptop mag in all of this. It does @ this point make laptop mag look bad, since the award seems was given on Zero1,s word and concept, and not based on actual working network. I second the motion to retract the award immedietly until Zero 1 is re evaluated. Todd, please advise.

  171. Matt Warner Says:

    “Todd Haselton Says:

    July 29th, 2009 at 5:08 pm
    Nothing yet. Now we’re told that one will be “hand delivered next week.” We’re posting about this tomorrow. Thanks”

    No post from Todd, maybe he tried to send it over the Zer01 network!

  172. JoeFear Sam Cleaver Says:

    @nearly got, The only product or service I care about is the phone service, all the other stuff is just that, stuff. About the call, My questions were not answered, which is when will the service be offered to the public. Of course service needs to be offered period. The reps did raise many of the issues brought up on this and other posts, who knows when or if they will be corrected. The head guy (I don’t know his name) did get engaged with a guy about making a video of the phone, and one revelation came out. It seems one (alleged?) challenge with the sim cards it that they do not cause the phones to say “Zer0 1 or Buzzirk”, so supposedly that is what has been in development, and part of the hold up. Come on that should be the first line of the program. I still am holding out till the end of Aug. Why? Why not? I mean if it gets pushed back further than ‘His’ promise then I have no use for this company. But If they do come out, then Its time to go to work.
    @Rich, Watch your self, piss ant! I have been un biased and tried to be helpful relaying info you little turd. I haven’t ignored anything, I removed my recruiting links two weeks ago and will keep that way until I am certain this is going in the correct direction. I haven’t ignored anything, that’s why I am posting on this site, not defending the company. Sorry for the name calling, but as I said I have pretty neutral leaning towards neutral/enthusiasm, and out of left field you list me in your attack.
    “However people like you MCNAIR, JOE FEAR etc. make me sick! Because YOU are now responsible! YOU see the evidence clear as day and actively choose to ignore it! ”
    So relax and let this play out. I will agree that proof needs to come out soon.
    Not that I’m defending Piilani, but he never said any journalist would get a phone this week, he said they would be sent out by this week, and he did not specify Todd’s company at the time of this article. So if the phones are shipped out Fri the 31st then next week they should be in journalists hands. here is the question and his reply, quote
    “How long until we can check out a phone?
    We’re sending phones out to a few journalists next week sometime”. “next week” meaning this week that we are in now. Todd, Keep us informed. I will keep reading the postings, but I doubt I will respond to any of them. If anyone wants to contact me directly my e-mail is joefear at aol

  173. Excited Says:

    There was never any mention of anything being ‘hand delivered’. See how things get twisted??

    Another newsflash: The company was going into PRE Launch on July 1st. They also said that ” If everything goes right, phones will be shipped the first week of July”.

    Update: Here’s the reasons ‘why’ the service is delayed:
    1) Computer and Internet Activation on the phone was not right. They want us to be able to do EVERYTHING from a push of a button.
    2) When you turned the phone on, it DID NOT say, “Powered By Buzzirk”. That had to be corrected.
    3) CAB FILES – Had to redo them phone by phone, this needed to be automated.
    4) Of course then, Beta Testing.

    There’s no shortage of phones, just so everyone understands that.

    I’m a Triple Diamond, have over 400 on my TEAM, still plugging strong!! When I get my phone, (middle of August), I’ll come back and let you know. Just in case any of you nay-sayers are wondering, I won’t be supplying my link, because I would never want these types of individuals on my TEAM.

    Little cheese with that whine??

  174. MAD VERY MAD Says:

    I am really mad. Last week Global Verge blocked my access to their back office. I contacted their “support” by email and through their “support ticket” system and they will not give me an response as to why. The ONLY site I have up is their replicated site so it can’t be for unautorized advertising.

    Now that made me mad, but what made me VERY mad was that indiiduals that I personally recruited have contacted me letting me know that Global Verge has locked them out as well but still is billing their credit card. They can’t get access to their account to pull it or to remove the autoship.

    You would think that several CRITCAL support tickets would get a response from a company. Of course when you call you get a machine that reports “mailbox is full”

  175. Matt Warner Says:

    Well the week as ended as well as the month. All the MAJOR questions remain unanswered.

    The one that has suprised me is that Laptop Magazine has not gone on record about
    “Zer01 Mobile Awarded Laptop Magazine’s “Best Overall Product” Award At CTIA Wireless 2009″

    As a trusted information source in the Industry we are looking to you for answers. You have placed the stamp of acceptability on this concept and company. Please use that “clout” to deliver us answers. Many relied upon you when deciding to join. We need you to take the lead and DEMAND that you be supplied the proof requested in this article.

  176. Matt Warner Says:

    Excited… no one twisted the facts, you missed Todd’s statement…you have to keep up.

    Todd Haselton Says:

    July 29th, 2009 at 5:08 pm
    Nothing yet. Now we’re told that one will be “hand delivered next week.” We’re posting about this tomorrow. Thanks

    NEWSFLASH.. The company did say that phones would be in the hands of ALL distributors in July in a phased in manner with triple diamonds first, double diamonds and so on… THAT NEVER HAPPENED!

    Wow so they announced the service and still don’t have an operational phone.

    NEWSFLASH … There IS a shortage of phones that work off of the Zer01 Network so saying there is no shortage of phones is no correct either.

    Actually there was NO danger that I would sign up with you so no need to worry about your email. You obviously need to have people drink the koolaid since you have a strong economic interest in not losing the four hundred that you have beneath you. I can understand why you protest too much!

    Ohh want some A1 with that Bull?

  177. mike Says:

    Matt, are you aware that your site http://www.thegreennetworkers.com/ has been reported as an attack site?

  178. Matt Warner Says:


    Thank you for pointing that out Mike, not sure why it is but contacting the webmaster to ensure it is taken care of.

    Mike, you were going to send the NDA over so you can share the info. I never receive it.

  179. Excited Says:

    Okay, Matt, I stand corrected. They DID say phones would b out to the field in July, however, we knew all along that it was a controlled rollout and ALL phones wouldn’t be out by July.

    I said, “No shortage of PHONES”. If you read my post, you’ll understand ‘what’ was going on with the SIMS cards. So, Matt, guess you need to keep up.

    As far as an economic interest – I’ve also personally offered my ENTIRE group to wait if that’s what they wanted to do. Heck, it would cost them nothing, right? Wrong, it’s NOT about the money. It’s wanting to keep the Faith and believe in your Dreams again when life has pelted you with stronger hurdles than anyone can imagine. It’s giving people Hope again and you can’t put a price on that. It’s being supportive in the midst of adversity and I guess, Matt, they’ve ALL made THEIR decision.

    I hardly call my posts protesting. I’d like to think I can see the bright light through any dark cloud. I’m not being a smarta–, Matt, I just happen to be Eternally Optimistic in EVERY aspect of my life, not just Global Verge.

    We will Keep the Faith always.

  180. Rich Says:

    Excited, why are you so dishonest? For a few bucks you sell your integrity? July 1st prelaunch? Great liarship.

  181. Excited Says:


    It really has nothing to do will a VESTED interest. It’s about being able to help people start dreaming
    again and give families HOPE in this declining economy. We’ve all been beat up and no matter how hard one
    tries, life still manages to pelt us with hurdles that certainly test strength and Belief. I ahve offered each and everyone of my Associates the opportunity to put their Autoship on hold and wait it out, nothing to lose right? Wrong! 100% of them do not want to lose their Belief, you can’t put a price on that.

    I’m not trying to be a pain in the neck, Matt. I’m just staying completely plugged in, not sugar coating anything, and continuing to be the Supportive Leader I know how to be. I’ve always had the ability to see the light in ANY dark cloud. When it all passes – THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL!!

    Make it a Blessed Day Everyone

  182. Iggy Says:

    Has anyone recieved a phone yet?

  183. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    What a gullible fool you are, I listened to that call and it is so shady even an idiot could spot they have no idea what they are talking about.

    The service was in pre launch in April the beta testing had been done and Ben was showing off the phones in April and has been apparently at other shows. The phone will never say powered by Buzzirk so there’s another wrong statement and did you personally tell Todd about the delivered phone or was his post all lies too. If you even had half an idea of how this technology worked you might see the wood in the big expanse of trees that those slime balls keep throwing up.

    Hey why don’t we get a video, I’ll fly there and shoot it myself oh well why don’t I stop your commissions so you can have a 60 second video is that what you want? PATHETIC and you know it.

    If you are a triple diamond with 400 of a team then you are just as much a criminal as these losers, the evidence is clear as crystal and you keep believing the spin. Twat!

  184. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    You want to show good leadership? Then tell your team if it goes pear shaped you will reimburse them for the money that they cannot get back from the Offshore Merchant Processors, let’s test your faith.

    As to the sim cards what the blind can’t see they can’t question eh? The Sim card has nothing to do with what graphic logos you see on a phone they tell you what network you are on, so because Zero 1 don’t own a network it’s impossible for them to say Zero 1, but like all the other crap you buy it because you are just a big fat pig feeding at the trough of your 400 other gullible fools.

    How can you promise someone a dream when all you have are nightmares?

  185. Matt Warner Says:


    I am a FULL TIME PROFESSIONAL NETWORK MARKETER [highly succdessful] so I understand dreams and keeping them alive. I actually have several noncompeting opportunities that I work. I draw the line at recommending or allowing downline to pay a fee when the underlying service is not available or proven. I would accept the idea of the first mover advantage IF they when the opportunity is questioned they offered proof to the associates.

    When a company is unwilling or unable to offer proof I could not continue to sign additional people up or have ANYONE pay for the alleged opportunity. Why am I concerned is that ALL network marketing opportunities are harmed when one is alleged to be vaporware and the company does NOTHING to show that they have a legitimate product.

    Your company has made MAJOR claims and as such should be prepared to offer substantial proof.

    I have literally begged your company and the associates to silence me by showing proof. Believe me I would REALLY [reallly] love to be proven wrong. It would be an apology that I would love to make. But NOBODY has offered any evidence that the product and service is real.

  186. Rich Says:

    Hey Nearly, “let me inform my staff that you are coming out so we can spend the next 3 days on a video…you want a video or you want comissions?”LMAO what a pathetic OLD used car salesman, that Steve Lewis. I bet his packs of cigarettes are always nearby. “We have an AGENDA….and that is to f**k you triple dumbasses…I hope I beat it up enough” “If they wont believe me..STEVE LEWIS…they wont belive your video..so NO I put my foot down” lol.. all this, after T Curtis said YES we have a bunch of videos coming in 3 days. So triple dumbasses and E ass ociates the reason why your used car salesman that you call CEO wont let you have a video, and wont let anybody see the supposed 12 phones out there, might be because it would finally document the truth….that this is all BULLSH**

  187. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Everything you need to know


  188. GLS Says:

    You’re a liar! No, You’re a liar! Huh-uh, you’re a liar! Nah-uh, you’re a liar! Liar-liar-pants-on-fire!
    Get a Friggin’ Life, people. Why don’t you folks go promote your little old FDI or ACN or whatever company you’re involved in and create your own excitement? Oh yeah, because you can be semi-anonymous here and don’t have to be responsible…

  189. SetFree Says:


    I Did CANCEL my Autoship – deleted it last month ~ AND I deleted my Credit Card info

    Global Verge has charged me card ANYWAY for an autoship and have not responded
    to my request for refund ………….. No Support Ticket Reply

    Clearly they have KEPT our Credit Card infomation in a seperate location
    Be WARNED this could continue??

    I will call my company in the Morning to begin ChargeBack!

    I never felt good about this opportunity

    So sorry so many have been hurt.

  190. Excited Says:

    ‘Nearly got sucked in” –

    WOW I see how you handle anger, my friend.
    Name calling is what most do in 5th grade. I will PRAY for you!

  191. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Set Free

    Contact this detective

    Detective Chad Albin Lee’s Summit Police Dept

    816-969-1743 –Office

  192. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    Please don’t bring your imaginary friend into the equation, you are conning innocent people you can hardly call yourself a christian but then again I understand where you get the ability to con people when you are so easily convinced.

  193. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Hey Kathleen(GLS) why don’t you ask them to explain at the next Triple Diamond call how the Sim Card boots up the Buzzirk logo

  194. Excited Says:

    I’m not conning anyone. Everyone has a right to make their own choices, as do you. I do have individuals that have cancelled, I have individuals that did not want to lose their positions and just cancelled thier autoship and I have others that CHOOSE not to listen to all the garbage. It’s their choice, I gave everyone the options and made THIER choice!! Not because I’m conning them and forcing anyone to stay somewhere they don’t want to.

    No wonder you have the anger and lashing of names character, you don’t believe in anyone, do you??

    Who said the Sim Card boots up the Buzzirk Logo. That’s NOT what I said. Read it again, carefully, and stop putting your own twist on it. This is like the telephone game. LOLOLOL

  195. Rich Says:

    Hey Excited, how much you want to bet you and no other triple dumbass will get a phone shipped by the 10th? What excuse for no service will you fall for next? You really dont care if service comes out do you??? As long as they pay you comissions while they stall…right.

  196. NGSI Says:

    If you were a triple diamond you would know that the reason there are no phones in the field to you is because the sim card needed to be re programmed to boot up with the logo EPIC FAIL

    And no I never “believe” I demand truth and evidence it’s how the real world works cretin.

  197. Matt Warner Says:

    This is to Todd Haselton

    Last week you indicated that you were going to have an update. Status?

    Did you receive a phone to try? Have you been contacted about an impending delivery?

    Did you find out anymore about the patent apps?

    Do you have any answers for why the ATT coverage map is being used and yet ATT denies a relationship?

    It has been reported that the phone manufacutures have denied any orders for the quanity of phones that Zer01 has indicated they ordered. Do you have any follow up on this?

    Now if the Associates of Buzzirk care to answer this that is GREAT! The one caveat is please do not just offer opinion or statements that the management said all is there and fine. You will be doing yourself and your opportunity a GREAT service if you provide evidence. Evidence is something that can be substantiated by a third party, not someones opinion or restatement of what they were told.


    Now there are a number of additional questions still pending but

  198. Excited Says:

    Have a little more patience. Ya know, the reality is, they could have not Pre-Launched at all and just waited until everything was perfect to satisfy all of you who apparently have no optimism in your life.

    They didn’t do that. See there are pioneers (US), then there’s settlers (YOU ALL).

    Man I would hate to see how you react when any hurdle comes at you in basic life 101.

    Spoken like a trouper – NGSI. You have no beliefs, no Faith, that pretty much says it all.

  199. Hootch Says:

    LAPTOP Rescinds Best of CTIA Award for Zer01 Mobile


  200. Matt Warner Says:

    I guess that answers my questions Todd. Very sad for all.

  201. Rich Says:

    Excited, How excited are you now??? LMAO! Everyone lets grt Clark Howard to also re do his piece and finally end this scam!!!


  202. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    How’s that faith working out for you now?

  203. admin Says:

    I just want to clarify that our award was given to highlight the potential of the service (if it had been delivered as promised) for consumers. As we heard the feedback from our readers and the service was NOT delivered to consumers as promised, we withdrew the award.

    However, it’s important to note that we never endorsed or evaluated Zer01 as a business opportunity as we just don’t do that. We are LAPTOP Magazine, not marketing magazine or business opportunity magazine.

    Even when we give our highest awards to, for example, a notebook computer, we are recommending that readers buy the product, not work for the company that makes it.

  204. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    I would like to think that you actually ” tried ” the notebook the next time you gave it an award. It’s all very well you telling us you only recommend we buy it but that clearly has to be based on the product existing to begin with.

    Just saying like.

  205. ajstallings Says:

    Come on laptop!!! How can you take an award from a company based on a distributor of theirs that had questionable management? Do you think that maybe it is Globalverge, the distributor, who is not able to follow through on getting this to market? Also, I am sure that Zer01 has certain privacy issues in the carrier contracts that do not allow public disclosure of any kind from the carriers or Zer01. I saw the phone work at the CTIA show and this article is ad in nature. It just goes to show that the little cannot get a fair shake and everyone buckles to pressure form outside sources.

  206. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:


    What part of Zero 1 did not deliver a working phone do you think is fault of the distributor? But then you claimed to of seen a phone working when it was made clear that no one had. Boy you’re clutching at straws now.

  207. Matt Warner Says:


    Zer01 could have avoided this by simply:

    Giving Laptop Magazine an actual working phone to try.

    Produce the actual patent applications that they say their technology is based.

    Explain why the ATT coverage map is being used and yet ATT denies a relationship.

    Explain the allegation that phone manufacutures have denied any orders for the quanity of phones that Zer01 has indicated they ordered.

    Those are the core issues, people just wanted verifcation that the award was well placed. According to Laptop they sent an email warning about the impending retraction and did not receive a reply. What were they to do?

    Now if the Associates of Buzzirk care to answer this that is GREAT! The one caveat

  208. Paul Says:

    It is a shame that a lot of good people are getting hurt here. It is best to cut the losses before too much more money is wasted.

  209. Paul Says:

    When the merchant accounts got frozen and Global Verge wanted people to do ach from checking accounts, that should have been the biggest red flag. ICC is the best program out there for only $12.99 a month to market products and plans from all the major carriers with NO Credit Check and NO Contract. http://cheapfonebiz.com is a no brainer.

  210. Rich Says:

    Petchel and crew have been @ this phone SCAM for a few years now! Just research bizzbuzz and e-verge and buzzirk with amped mobile. This HAD to evolve, hence Zero1. Look @ the fact these 2 companies had a connection before the April 2009, dating back to 2008, but they told everyone that they met AFTER ctia. Look @ UTGI/companies websites…THEY ARE SO CHEAP!!!No address, customer service, building, try to call Zero1…they dont even have 1 engineer. This is why they also have NO SERVICE. Zero 1 is a PHANTOM company with a PHANTOM product that was needed by global verge, for the 30-40,000 people to sign up. It was going to crumble sooner or later. Your next sign this is done is when Aug 10, comes and goes and all you get from GV is more stories.

  211. Gary F Says:

    I agree, too many people have been mislead for too long on this total issue. Obviously, this whole mess is falling apart before our eyes. I used to be an e-associate, but saw the writing on the wall. Get out and save yourself any more headaches – I wished it were true too, but my gut told me, as well as my intuition and research, that this house of cards was about to fall. Save your pain, anguish and money….get out.

  212. Excited Says:

    Actually, I’m more excited now than I ever was!!! I love a challenge and can’t wait to prove you all wrong.

    That’s right around the corner.

    Faith is stronger than it ever was!!!!

  213. Rich Says:

    Excited, @ least you are enthusiastic in your stupidity! LMAO. I want a useless, difficult challenge while I build my mlm business….I want it to be like, ice skating uphill. LMAO, Excited you are the epitome of a triple DUMBASS!

  214. NGSI Says:

    Yeah excited a real challenge producing a working phone now you cretin

  215. Not too Excited Says:

    Excited says: “Faith is stronger than it ever was!!!!”

    Faith was my wife and when she passed gas, the odor was stronger than it ever was!!!!

    So I divorced her!

    Get the message? I had to put it into a language only you could understand under these circumstances. By promoting this business opportunity as you are makes you just as much a crook as the people who are operating this fraud. Who knows, you are probably one of them.

  216. 57Vette Says:

    I’m in it for the ride, so they missed on some dates, the plan makes peoples eye open up when I tell them about it, its what we want freedom form the contract and our phone service charging us for every little thing we do. OK so the phone is not out yet and you want to hang the guy, are you going to shut down Chevrolet next for putting the Z/28 on the shelf?

  217. Rich Says:

    wow. just got done listening to your Monday triple dumbass call and the Old ass used car salesman you have as your spokesperson and his ass istant. It is so comical to listen to these calls.

  218. Excited Says:

    Wisdom and Patience comes with age. I’m curious to know how old any of you are?? My guess is, most of you haven’t reached the 40-45 year bracket yet. Am I close??? I probably have shoes in my closet older than most of you!! It’s pretty easy to see the age of an individual through how they react to lifes challenges. The simple ‘know it all’ attitude and name-calling is a sure sign that most of you haven’t been around long enough to really ‘get’ what life is all about.

    Rich – This “Triple Dumbass” will be the last one LMAO, while all of you are eating crow and finding the next blog to post on!!

  219. Hootch Says:


    The Traveler 137 has been available for over 5 weeks now – do a google and see how quickly you can get one. You might also like to compare the prices too.

    A SIM problem then? They can be set up, manufactured and shipped within a week.

    Doesn’t leave much else to hang a valid reason on, does it?

  220. NGSI Says:


    Why don’t you try Boost Mobile it’s cheaper

  221. Faith_Hope Says:

    Excited. You are funny. There is a difference between FAITH and HOPE. What you have is HOPE.
    Faith is the belief in something that is not seen. LOOK AT THE FACTS! they are all very visible. You are just HOPING that all the facts are wrong, you are HOPING that the service will actually come out, you are HOPING to be a hero and the ONLY one that stuck it out when everyone else quieted. You are just being foolish my friend. Swallow your pride you’re calling “faith” and realize it’s just foolish Hope…

  222. Faith_Hope Says:

    Sorry I meant to say “quit”. The past tense of “to quit” is quit.
    I hate English.

  223. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Hey Excited

    There’s no bigger a fool than an old fool. However I would be surprised if you are actually ever right on anything I mean you just have to look at your track record of sticking with Buzzirk in face of empirical evidence, wow I wonder what other empirical evidence you also refute, evolution, prayer working, the existence of bigfoot, a big sky fairy that can read your thoughts????

  224. Dustin Says:

    Buzzirk Mobile’s INTERN CEO just resigned. This coming just a couple of weeks before the original CEO resigned.

    It seems the hype is over!!!


    E-Commerce Director / Cell Phone Industry

  225. Karen Says:

    I signed up with this company at the end of May, believing it to be legitimate, based on the positive articles about this company and the award given to it by Laptop. I had to take care of other business and was away from home much of the time until now and I now can finally work this plan and sign up people under me in this company. I went through my mail today to look for the Sim card that I missed that should have come in the mail by July 1, and although my husband said it never came, I was sure he missed it! I tried to call my recruiter and he was on a conference call and said I could listen to the conference call tonight. I then decided to update myself on this company and I am shocked at all these allegation! I am now caught between canceling this company or waiting to find out if it is really legitimate. Will they deliver the phones in a few more days? Will they produce the documents and contractual agreements and patent verification in the next few days and deliver the phones to their sales representatives or will they fail and fall. Are they scammers or are they just delayed and are they trying to deliver and are acting in good faith in our behalf. I’m glad I didn’t sign anyone else up with this company and I won’t until I am satisfied that they have vindicated themselves. No one wants to be scammed and I wonder if our country has laws to protect the consumers and sales representatives who in good faith sign up with companies that they think are legitimate. The company promised to deliver phone plan that would be cheaper to me than what I was paying for cable tv, broadband and cell phone service. I thought it was a good deal and I knew that other people would want this because it promised a unique service and had a great compensation plan as well. I am so dissapointed. I don’t know if I’ll get any of my money back. Don’t we have laws against sleezy business practices? Is this company being investigated and have they broken any laws? I am very concerned that they have all my credit card information. I don’t feel comfortable about this company any more and unless they come clean quickly, I will cancel my involvement with them and seek legal action against them. I hope I haven’t been taken. It looks bad but they had to have some kind of working phone at the trade show that people have seen and they wouldn’t have received a reward for new technology if Laptop hadn’t seen anything. Right?

  226. NGSI Says:

    Management get’s fired/resigned just gets better every day but hey it’s still the best thing since sliced bread(only for entertainment value lol)

  227. Matt Warner Says:

    Listen to that Triple Diamond call that is online!!!

    These are the people who were brought in to fix it.
    >They claim 15 people were fired, there are no corporate books, At one point they said they were operating out of a shoe box.
    >They had no financials that is why they could not get a good credit card processor
    >Warren Hanchey [who was scheduled to be the CEO] tried to meet with the engineer to verify the technology. He was origianally approved to look at it and then it was pulled by BEN Piilani.
    Steve Lewis current CEO could not verify the technology!
    >They said that there was no way to get definitive information about ANY relevant area at Buzzirk and Global Verge – THESE ARE THE PEOPLE BROUGHT IN TO MANAGE AND FIX GLOBAL VERGE!
    > The technology was only for the United States [NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD INCLUDING CANADA] and that there was no contract with global verge and Buzzirk
    >They said it is HIGHLY unlikely that they can pay commissions next week as promised and IF THEY DO pay commissions it will not be right as the genealogy is messed up.
    >They cancelled their distributorship with Global Verge who now has 5 employees!

    Now even the die hards on this blog who LOVE a challenge have to be realistic about this….

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, an expert tells you it is a duck… it is a duck!

    The INSIDE EXPERTS have told you THIS IS NOT WHAT THEY PROFESS IT TO BE! They could not verify the technology, they could not substaniate the finances they could not recommed that you continue with the company.

    Is there anything more to say?

  228. Rich Says:

    Sad to see the old use car salesman go…he was comical. Ben Piilani is a CON ARTIST!!!

  229. Alex Says:

    Epic Fail

  230. Ted Says:

    is it possible to get my 70$ back for becoming e-Associate with all of this fraud? What should I do? Should I call my CC company?

    any ideas?

  231. Rich Says:

    HMM???Heard last nights call. Isnt it interesting that a company would allow “fired” employees to address the company top salesforce????Usually when someone is fired they are escorted out of the building and they cant even say goodbye to anybody. So why would the ownership allow this to happen?? HMM? Maybe because they know they can no longer continue the facade, especially after laptop mags move and all the other clusterfu**s. hmm??So lets sink the ship, get the top leaders to quit….this will cause most triple dumbasses to do the same and we get to net ALL the comissions. Steve, Wayne, Teresa, make sure you sink the ship! We will take care of you, and you can try to preserve your reputation as much as possible even thoough youve been lying to them all along. THIS HAS BEEN PLANNED ALL ALONG! luckily for most thier cc account froze. Everything from Piilani/Utgi, all the hype, the sims, the delays, now the sinking of the ship, EVERYTHING has been ORCHASTRATED! It is truly evil genius!

  232. Excited Says:

    THINK, THINK, THINK, RICH!!! You said it yourself. Do you really think the company allowed it? where’s your head? If you’re sooo against this company, why then are you on the calls? Are you the spy? You must be from ACN or is it 5Linx or some other company that you stand to lose money from. Hidden agenda. Use common sense.
    Do you think it’s possible they got fired because they got caught using Global Verge information to start their own company??? Do you really think they were going to have anything good to say?? They had to save face because they got caught!!!!! THat was Steves’ personal line and he put it out there to all the Triples making us think it was a call from the owners. They didn’t even know it was happening until it was over. You think Steve sounded a little bitter???? Extremely.
    By the way, while you’re at it, why don’t you tell everyone about the call that the COO did on his way back from meeting face to face with Ben Piilani who demonstrated the phones, the sim cards, the features, making calls (out of the U.S.), seemlessly. He was pretty excited and rightfully so, but no one hears about that do they?? Guess you missed that secret little call. So, you were right when you said, “THIS HAS BEEN PLANNED ALL ALONG”! The TECHNOLOGY, that is. It’s coming/it’s here and sucks for you. Why don’t YOU accept it??

  233. Still a believer Says:

    Karen, you want to file legal action against them, for what? They probably haven’t even charged your credit card yet. Why would anyone listen to a person who was just fired? Usually those persons have nothing good to say. Zero1 has technology which is real, as for the phones they don’t come from Zero1, they are simply the provider. Will phones come out? Sure they will, shortly in fact. I guess everyone is going to jump ship and go with the other company that is offering a similiar service, and I use that term lightly? Instead of an alleged $39/month scam, the other guy wants $398 to be enrolled and guess what? The upline gets most of that money within a week. What the other guys are offering is a repackaged mlm, they added a phone and a host of other useless membership products, so you can flog their wares for 10x the price! Give GV a chance, time will tell!

  234. Rich Says:

    Lmao. Excited youre funny in your enthusiastic stupidity. I actually did think when I read your post. I thought wow maybe Im wrong? Then I said CMON!!!! Dude just show the world a you tube video and shut me eveyone else up! This is a SCAM! and it will continue. and yes Im a spy…007

  235. Rich Says:

    Its funny how you can hear what you want to hear. Why didnt perry video tape it Excited? Why hasnt Zero 1 broadcasted a video of it, especially when laptop mag warned them that they would take away the award? HMMM, what cuz Piilanni was offended @ some of Todds questions?? Cmon! Even if Todd had asked bad questions, which he didnt, you dont shoot yourself in the foot by not keeping your word and sending out phones and not responding to an important email! and if Piilani is that STUPID would you want to be in business with him anyway? Again a beautifully orchastrated SCAM!

  236. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Wow the stupidity never ends, someone tells you the phone works and you believe it , of course this individual has no loyalty to GV as he is a 3rd party independent reviewer with the technological know how to verify what is going on. Or is he just an ambulance chaser lawyer that represents the companies interests hmmmm go figure.

    Of course it’s all you pesky competitors that are just being negative LOL

  237. Biker Buc Says:

    Global Verge CEO History:

    – Mark Petchel – Fired – Crook

    – Steve Lewis – Fired – Whistle Blower

    – TBD – Savior of Global Verge – Holds new “Secret Patent” that uses Cell Phone 6G and Water Purification techologies that turn Water into Gold.

    Quote: “Our engineers are now downloading 4 Troy Ounces per minute.”

    Sorry about Zer01. The “Man” took us out. But, “GoldWater02″ is Guaranteed. Good as Gold!!

    Keep the Faith and Keep Recruiting!!!

  238. Biker Buc Says:

    My brother, a Diamond Something, just forwarded this e-mail to me show me how misinformed I was about Global Verge. I guess I must stand corrected. Zer01 must be true. Unfortunatly, I can’t find anything on the web about Mark, finally, demonstrating the phone last Monday. Can someone who attend this event Post a review on how GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Mark’s demonstration went.


    This is from our upline Triple Diamond, Melissa Gunlock…
    Please notify any of your team members or prospects that live anywhere close to Kansas City, Mo. MARK PETSCHEL will be doing the meeting tonight at the American Royal Building at 7PM. If you go to AmericanRoyal.com, you can get directions from different highways and freeways. Mark will have the phone with him and some of the other products as well.
    During the wait and some of the delays we have been going through, you can really determine the LEADERS!! I do know one thing, it is going to be well worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Global Verge Opportunity Meeting
    Special Guest – Monday August 10, 2009

    Co-Founder Mark Petschel
    Will Have Phones, Air to water Machines, Power Savers, etc.

    American Royal
    1701 American Royal Ct.
    Kansas City, MO 64102

    All E-associates $5.00, all Guests Free

  239. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    - Due To Breach Of Contract, MVNE Zer01 Mobile Cuts All Ties With Buzzirk Mobile For Distribution Services –

    For immediate release: 8/13/09
    For more information: Ron Dresner

    Read more: http://www.fiercewireless.com/press-releases/zer01-mobile-dissolves-business-partnership-buzzirk-mobile#ixzz0O5c5ObHP

  240. Rich Says:

    guess the saga is finally over!


  241. Simon Says:

    Go back to work everyone… your overnight get rich dream is now over……
    Concentrate on a real job… and stop promoting a product that no one has seen.

    What a joke…

  242. Excited Says:


    What a difference a day makes. You spoke too soon, my friend.

    Keep the Faith in all yu do.

    Make it a Blessed Day!

  243. Nearly Got Sucked In Says:

    Kathleen, SMJ, Excited where did you all go I do so miss our educated discussions

  244. mcnair Says:

    Actually…my immediate upline informed me today thar t.Mobile has picked up where Zero1 dropped off. In my opinion, the story continues. Do I have permission to use somef yous guys blogs in my book?

  245. Courtney Says:

    Where did you get that information from??? I’m still looking into the business and was diappointed when i read about Buzzir.

  246. Excited Says:

    Don’t worry, I’ll be back with lots of surprises!!!

    “As the world turns” HEADS, THAT IS!!

    Make it a Blessed Day.

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