Xbox One vs. Sony PlayStation 4: Specs Compared


Microsoft delivered a sneak peek of the Xbox One, its impressive next-gen gaming console ahead of E3. We compiled a chart to show you how the new Xbox stacks up against its main competitor,  the Sony PlayStation 4.

Both consoles appear to be evenly matched — for now. Each console will feature 8-core CPUs with 8GB of RAM and Blu-Ray Drives. The PlayStation 4 will be utilizing an X86-64 AMD CPU and an AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine. Microsoft will also be leaning on AMD, equipping the console with a system-on-a-chip that combines the CPU and GPU.

The One will feature a 500GB hard drive with ports for HDMI-in, HDMI-out and USB 3.0. The PS4, by comparison will have HDMI-in, HMDI-out, USB 3.0, AUX and outputs for analog and digital. 

We’ll have to wait until E3 for more details, but if the specs are any indication, the next-gen war will be determined by each system’s games and features. 

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  1. Bullato Says:

    PS4 is way better Microsoft made a big mistake.

  2. mcarthurdw Says:

    “The platform holder subsequently confirmed that all Xbox One games will require mandatory installation on the system’s hard drive. To install the same disc on another Xbox Live user’s drive, a fee must be paid.” So if you buy a used game, you pay a fee, if you rent a game you pay rent and a fee, if someone loans you a used game, you pay a fee… no I will not be buying an XBox One, I will let my XBox Live Gold account drop to Silver, I will stick with my XBox 360 S until it dies, and I may consider a PS 4, if they don’t add these insane fees as well. I really feel that Microsoft has made a big mistake here, not just from the fees, but turning the gaming console into an entertainment center. Just my opinion.

  3. Bullato Says:

    Xbox one sucks!

  4. Josh Says:

    U suck

  5. Bob Says:

    Both systems will feature the same system of killing used games. its their way of taking the money being made by gamestop.

  6. kyle Says:

    @ mcarthudw

    whos to even say ps4 won’t have these fees also? especially if xbox is still cornering the market, why not charge the fees? damn, I may just have to bust out my ps2 and n64, Super Smash anyone?

  7. dominic Says:

    first of all PS4 is not killing used games. xbox on the other hand there fuckking shit all up….psn make a joke out of xbox live who agrees

  8. Star Carlton Says:

    We have to wait and see what the ps4 has to offer

  9. angymike Says:

    Looks like Sony PS4 has been handed an amazing opportunity to bury Microsoft and dominate… unless they become retarded greedy and create another cableTV-game-box recorder/fee charging machine like Microsoft.

    What does the XBox-One do better than my 1yr old PC.. not much.. and does a ton of things I DONT WANT..

    OMG.. it runs 3 OS at the same time, from a company that cant create a consistant decent OS from release to release..

    I got one thing to say to whoever is in charge of the game division…. ICEBERG AHEAD!

  10. Nicholas Barraco-Hill Says:

    Total flippin’ fail on Microsofts part.

  11. David Says:

    The “Zune” of the gaming world!

  12. Josh Says:

    All my money is on the Xbox One. I like that Microsoft has a clear vision, a vision that I share. If you don’t want to use the other features, don’t. Duh. With the addition of the cloud, the Xbox One will blow the PS4 away in terms of gaming. Plus it does everything else too. While the PSN is free (which is cool) it has NEVER been anywhere close to as good as Xbox Live, you get what you pay for. And I very much doubt that the PSN is increasing their network as fast as Xbox Live, I mean 15000 servers now to over 300000 servers? That’s 20 times better. 20! I can’t even imagine how good that will be. PS4 is lame. I will be getting an Xbox One as soon as they are available. You don’t hate the Xbox One, you’re just jealous.

  13. Chris McCoy Says:

    I can’t believe Microsoft let us die hard Xboxers down. I love my 360 S, I play it everyday. But I’ll be damned if I am going to give them any more “fee’s”. Total fail on Microsofts part. They need to think of us gamers who have kept their greedy behinds in business. I agree with an earlier statement above. I have something that I watch TV through. The whole reason for turning the Xbox on is to Game……( Gee imagine that ) They need to re-think this whole platform, I have never been a big PS fan but methinks the tide just may be turning in Sony’s favor. As far as the whole used game thing goes, That’s just how some of us roll. I do buy a new game sometimes if I’m sure I am going to enjoy it, so kill the used game industry and it will hurt where it counts I promise. Not sure if everyone feels the same, just my opinion. After buying my 360 S I bought all the extras to go with it (HDD, network adapter, chat pad, wireless controllers, etc., etc.) so yes I have been faithful. So if Microsoft cares anything at all about Xbox, they need to back up and take another look.

  14. Luke Says:

    “Epic” fail by Microsoft.

    They had the perfect recipe for a gaming console and a pretty huge (and loyal) fan base… Then they decided to focus on PEOPLE WHO DONT EVEN GAME????? Where is the logic in that???

    And if Im somewhere that doesnt have an internet connection I cant use your system to game? NOT EVEN SINGLE PLAYER???? Well there goes your military customer base and anyone who travels and uses your console.

    And whats the point of having live television on your xbox if you still need to have your cable box on and wired to it??? Are we really that lazy? Just turn off your xbox and change inputs on your tv.

    A little too late for the “All-In-1″ for those of us who own 3D Smart TV’s.

  15. V R M Says:


    It is good to see you really strongly for your console despite the bad media it has been getting. It is sad that t has been blown out of proportion, even though MS did deserve it for not having all the facts, we still don’t know Sony’s plan; it could be the same.

    But i want to make sure your facts are straight. Sony bought GaiKai a cloud company, and it could be that they have the same thing, a cloud ready to be set up. We don’t know specifics yet. Also MS is using “Virtual servers” for their 300k. It is still a lot, but a single server can host upwards of 20+ servers. We don’t know the capacity of these virtual servers, so they may be weaker or not improved from the 15k from before. Also we don’t know the infrastructure of GaiKai yet. I would wait to see how Sony has it planned.

    PSN is free, XBL is not. PSN has no stability issues compared to XBL. Yes it was hacked, but to be fair, thats just want the hacker wanted. If he wanted XBL, he could have hacked XBL. There is more money in PSN because of the JP market. Since the source was confirmed from Asia, that makes PSN a stronger target than XBL for local profit. Both have perks; you do get some what you pay for yes, but multiplayer or download I have noticed no difference in XB360 vs PS3

    So far MS is getting bashed because their vision is not clear. I hope you wait until E3 and the developer’s reaction to MS vs Sony before preordering any console. There is going to be a big tear between developers, and we have yet to see the 15 exclusives to MS.

    Yes I prefer Sony > MS but thats because I don’t play a lot of shooters/racers. I still own both and respect the companies when they are there, but MS is getting a tad greedy right now for services that wont even be supported by my cable company (Verizon does not want to support MS and their TV services because it messes with their box.)

  16. isaac Says:

    I myself prefer PLAYSTATION because ,when i first got my 360 it played good for 2 months a then there were the technical issues with getting the sequence of red lights and then having to buy a cooling fan to having to buy rechargeable batteries to rings forming on my disk from playing my game so much. thats why i bought the game to play it thats what i loved to do,i went through 3 xbox 360s before i wised up.and got the playstation3 which i should have with from the ps2 days.But all in all PLAYSTATION has better GAMEPLAY and AI than xbox.

  17. PSN-"shooter_3576" Says:

    Playstation 4’s storage is unknown because its probably too damn big to write the number!! *Laughs and thinks in head “Stupid Microsoft trying to compete with Sony!!!”*

  18. illLoGiQ Says:


  19. XBOX IS DEAD Says:

    Rise of the PS 4. Microsoft and its control and money greed. I guess some consumers will buy the Xbox ONE, but I’ve decided as a smart consumer to wait and buy the PS4. I don’t own a Ps3, but am an owner of XBOX 360. Microsoft thank you for helping me make my decision to buy a PS4. I was excited about the XBOX one, but when I heard about game sharing and how it would restrict a person from trading games, that was the game changer for me. PS4 I’m yours and your mine!!!! #$%!#$ MICROSOFT

    Microsoft BORN 1975 – DIED 2015, Things change!!!!

  20. XBOX IS DEAD Says:

    If you buy the XBOX one your not a smart consumer

  21. Dave Says:

    Too bad the specs are all wrong. Who wrote this, Sony?

    Funny how quickly people forgot Sony’s rootkit CDs on the PC, their leaking of the credit card numbers from the Playstation network, all of that. Just pile on, fools!

  22. PS4ever Says:

    The graphics on Xbox are 1.2 TFlops way lower than Sony’s 1.82TFlops at the xbox conference they said Xbox is simple instant and complete Xbox is not simple nor complete

  23. Daniel Says:

    WOW XBOX! FAIL!!!! PS4 you win my vote

  24. Jonny Says:

    I have a 360, and about 120 games, I live in the woods, and cannot get broadband internet.
    THIS is the deciding factor for me. having to “register” once a day VIA broadband AND having the Kinect listen and watch EVERYTHING.
    I don’t own a ps3, but I will be buying a ps4.
    I prefer the 360, but I’ll not be buying a new xbox one.

  25. Steve Says:

    It looks like M$ has lost my $$ this round. Stupid move Micro$oft. I never thought you’d be this stupid. Greedy yes, but not stupid. STUPID!

  26. Darthus Beus Says:

    There are some good points by both, first lets stop being fan boys and be grown ups. I am a ms fan, because for me the experience has been better, but that’s just me.

    Lets get the facts out, MS will leave the used game fees to the companies who make the game. Just looking at this like a grown up, it says that crappy games will be no fee and popular games there will be. I don’t mind paying for quality, or good products.

    As far as the Internet is concerned, I feel for the soldiers who may not be able to game with the Xbox one, but to address the Internet checkin feature, why in the hell would I be in a place without Internet ? Why in the hell would I want to take my game to a friends house, when he can come to my house and check it out, or a demo or something.

    I will admit I do not like the fact that Xbox one is all in one entertainment system, but that was a marketing gaf.

    All in all let this thing play out.

    Stop being fanatics, and just be gamers damn

  27. Frank Says:

    Well, I’m not sure yet what Sony’s position will be on used game, but I do that saw a statement by one of their executives not long back, who said explicitly that the PS3 will NOT require an internet connection to play a game, even a once per 24-hour one – so that right there is a big plus in my book. If you don’t need a connection to play, then that would imply that you probably won;t need to pay a fee on a used game, because that would mean having to be connected ofr verification. But who knows, maybe at the last moment they’ll hit us with a “you only have to be connected once, when you first install the game” restriction or something. We’ll have to wait to see for sure.

    And what’s with all this talk about the magical “cloud” the X-Box is offering? Do you people even know what the cloud is? It’s nothing but a frakin’ marketing term, it’s space on someone’s else’s server that they call “the cloud”. And guess what, once it’s on their server, they own all the controlling rights to it. Just an FYI.

  28. Spence Says:

    WOW XBOX FAIL! The only way Xbox One failed is by not having Final Fantasy on it.
    Go ahead and buy a PS4. When its all said and done. you guys are going to end up with the Xbox One anyways. But this time your PS4 wont have a use. well maybe you can leave it in the car for roadtrips and stuff. The Xbox is trying to bring in the masses, society as a whole. Half of you people on here are always connected to the internet anyway, why would letting your Xbox flash on and then off for a second ON ITS OWN matter to you? I wish I had saved forums and blogs from the Xbox 360 release and the Xbox 360 PS3 war. All the same being said, “Microsoft needs to change, they’re making a big mistake.” Microsoft will come out on top one more.

  29. Joshua Alan Roberts Says:

    The Xbox one is going to kill the ps4, and I’m sure the new ps will make the same things as far as paying for used games. And if u look at the preorder on amazon it says one year of ps plus included, so obviously PlayStation network is going to not be free anymore either. And Sony is yet to disclose what their policies are going to be, where as Microsoft is being open about it. I’d rather know in advance than buy it and have the same problem.

  30. Paul Says:

    Sony has already said there will be NO restrictions on sharing or borrowing, nor will there be ANY internet check-in required. Ever. PS+ has NEVERbeen free. PSN is, PS+ is not.

    Have you seen any of the releases, keynotes, E3??? Where are you getting your information? Xbox magazine?

  31. Merikku Says:

    The fact that you said “so obviously PlayStation network is going to not be free anymore either” tells me you’re just an XBOX fan boy who has never even touched a PS3 controller. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t start making stuff up about a console you don’t even know how to turn on.

  32. Matt Says:

    I might buy an Xbox 360 or a PS3, when my Xbox and/or my PS2 finally die. I still use them. A lot. Fuck the Xbox one and the PS4.

    Oh, PC gaming is better and cheaper anyway. Unless all you want is FPS shooters and other teenage military training crap.

  33. Sam Says:

    XBox is going down. Microsoft got greedy and now all of the companies with DRM fetishes are going to screw over the consumer.

    PS4, while you may require me to pay money to play online, I /will/ buy you console instead. I will not support Micro$oft’s pathetic attempt at cashing in on the success of gaming itself.

  34. me Says:

    Butthurt Xboners stop lying you lost E3, your only hope is if M$ changes their minds and removes DRM. That can happen. But I doubt it will and I don’t care how many M$ employees get on the internet to spread lies this time it won’t work.

  35. kentheman Says:

    It all comes down to 3 things (in my mind anyway)
    1: Which consoles will release which games
    2: Which consoles can “appear” to be more entertaining then the other
    3: Which console makes you feel giddy on the inside to want to buy it :D

    I currently own a 360 and Ps3 and honestly i only have no more than 5 games for each console, for shooting games work alot better and are far more challangeing and fun on systems like Pc and Wii U ( you gotta love the wii U’s hectic and fun motion controller)

    But the success of the Next gen consoles comes from our very pockets, so to say either console won at this very moment is naive

    Whats real funny is when i come home to and from school, I always see someone playing on their phone even though they are near a computer or other types of devices that aren’t in the least bit portable

    In the last 4 years, playing games digitally sure has changed… I just hope MS and Sony don’t try to make games that require constant internet connection like some android games do…

    “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

    -John F. Kennedy, May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963
    -35Th President of the United states

  36. D man Says:

    which ever one is cheaper im getting it it doesnt matter what it does or does not have it is whatever u make out it if it makes u happy then thats that i dont care which i get if i have a good time then thats all she wrote

  37. Vic Says:

    Oh ye of small vision, I can’t believe how change retarded some of you are. The center of my entertainment console is a huge TV that I spend about 30% of it’s on time gaming. The rest is split between, movies, sports, tv series and the like. As an all around compliment to my system (unless Sony comes up with something yet unannounced) the XBOX One will be the clear choice. If I can play some of the titles I’ve seen on a PS3, I might add one since they’re fairly inexpensive pre-owned, but I will not be buying two new consoles this Christmas. Frankly I could care less about the Blu Ray player either (now or before), I stream 80% of my content with the balance live (with a Samsung Blu Ray collecting dust on the shelf). The digital Media world does not revolve around just gamers, Microsoft figured that out already and is pushing further into territory Sony can never compete in, they don’t have the server infrastructure. BTW, I went to my local Gamestop to reserve my X-One and they’ve already exceeded their reserve allotment, so I’m not the only one on the wagon, guess I’ll have to try Amazon. In my opinion the only way MS can screw the pooch is if they don’t deliver the connectivity and interface promised.

  38. Mike Says:

    As with most things in life, the choice between consoles will come down to features benefiting your personal/family needs as well as your personal preference. Both systems are solid.

    My personal interest is with the PS4. I like the use of DDR5 memory over DDR3, the fact I can give my used games to a friend when I’m done (or receive when they are done), and Bluetooth compatible devices are more commonplace than wi-fi direct for the time.

    The following is based with global sales consideration and an understanding this is not applicable to the majority: I believe MS is cutting themselves out of a portion of the market and consumer base with mandatory internet connectivity. Some people live (permanently or temporarily) in areas with limited internet connectivity or no connectivity. Some people save to purchase these systems and do not want to pay for or cannot otherwise afford (on a continual basis) services like internet connectivity.

  39. Kurt Rumbaugh Says:

    dumb* lol… I would of not had any problems with only be able to sell my games to certain retailer because of the pros

  40. RC Says:

    Seriously, there is no contest here. The PS4 is the better system.

    1. Even though its not shown, the PS4 will carry a price tag of only $399, while the XboxOne will be at $499. Sony did this by smartly making the PS Eye an optional addition you can buy separately, if you want it. Most games won’t need it. They were then able to give it a much better and competitive price.

    2. The PS4 uses far superior GDDR5 memory, vs. the XboxOne, which while not shown here, has been confirmed to be DDR3. GDDR5 runs at much higher bandwidths, lower voltage, and is much better at truly working together and tightly with the CPU and GPU. The system will have an estimated bandwidth of a blazing 178 GB/s, and be able to run at an insane 1.84 Teraflops, compared to the 1.2 T-Flops of the XboxOne.

    3. The PS4 has more flexibility with its hardware structure, offering more output options for the needs of the players. XboxOne is much more limited. The Wi-Fi Direct capability on the XboxOne is nice, but the lack of traditional Ethernet is a major disappointment. When given the choice, most players prefer a wired connection, as they are more stable and many times have better speeds for online gaming, than wireless connections do.

    4. With the listed information, it appears the PS4 will have better load times. Why? Because it is using a CAV optical drive. CAV stands for Constant Angular Velocity. This means that the disk will spin at a single, constant rate, no matter where it is being read from (Basic Trigonometry). This results in the outer edge spinning faster than the inner edge. This will allow developers to organize the data in a specific way, making it more efficient in how data is read, allowing them to shorten load times.

    All in all, my money is on the PS4. Its price is better, its hardware is better, is overall specifications are better, and the components used to build it are better.

  41. Jane Shepard Says:

    I realize the future is here. Just play Mass Effect and you will get an idea. (Shepard we noticed you made zero dollars for the past two years, maybe you would be interested in taking classes, Shepard would you like to try ..fill in the blank… Shepard have you made your final arrangements? Shepard you need a vacation. Etc.) Tip of the icebrg examples.

    MSFT, I feel as if I’m living inside a game called Rise of the Machines and you are the Collectors. I want options since you have decided to complicate gaming. I do not want to be told to use this type of connectivity, when to sign on, have a cyclops on. Yes, I see the good in the new system. You send out patches for game glitches, hardware glitches/updates and contact me regarding new DLC or a discount/sale and of course you can monitor for pirated games or whatever. Is it really worth it? I love my xbox 360 even though I burn through my drives and looked forward to the new xbox at one time, but I want to have options with the new console. OPTIONS please.

    The next gen of gaming after this fiasco might be holograph, because after all, everyone will have been hacked thru one corp or another. What else do you really want?

  42. Mickey McGeeves Says:

    To all those comparing GDDR5 to DDR3… they are two *DIFFERENT TYPES OF RAM*…

    GDDR5 is used on the grahpics card the PS4 has, while DDR# is used inside the Xbox one because the X-One has no graphics card, but integrated graphics inside the CPU Chip.

    I am not a fan of either, i have played the XBOX 360 and owned a PSOne… the two drive me crazy because while i like RTS, FPS, and Racers, some games are available for XBox, some for Playstation, and i would need both to satisfy my tastes.

    But with a PC I can play anything that is supported by both.

    But i will probably be buying a PS 4 due to the incredible leap in Tech they have shown, not to have a dedicated graphics card in a NEXT-GEN Console is just plain stupid, Integrated HD Graphics is fairly decent but dedicated graphics is much slower/laggier on the whole. M$ is holding PC Gaming back yet again with an integrated graphics chip in NEXT-GEN console. Sad. And they want cash for rented used games… I don’t see Sony doing that, but even if they do i see alot of quality in Gran Tourismo, Final Fantasy, and compatibility in a lot of FPS titles, that which i proabably will never buy/play because aiming with an anal-log stick is a stupid way to play a FPS game. So PS4+ PC for what i want to do with a console Gaming System… Game.

  43. jbalch 325 Says:

    xbox one for the win: “After a one-time system set-up with a new Xbox One, you can play any disc based game without ever connecting online again,” Microsoft wrote. “There is no 24 hour connection requirement and you can take your Xbox One anywhere you want and play your games, just like on Xbox 360.”

    Like on Xbox 360, “playing disc based games will require that the disc be in the tray.”

    I would like to take the opportunity today to thank you for your assistance in helping us to reshape the future of Xbox One.

    Xbox One will also no longer restrict used games, and will instead allow discs to be exchanged in the same way they are on Xbox 360. There will be no additional restrictions for trade-ins or lending games to friends. The system is also no longer be region locked and all downloaded games will function the same way whether your console is connected or not.

    “Since unveiling our plans for Xbox One, my team and I have heard directly from many of you, read your comments and listened to your feedback,” Microsoft’s Don Mattrick wrote. “I would like to take the opportunity today to thank you for your assistance in helping us to reshape the future of Xbox One. You told us how much you loved the flexibility you have today with games delivered on disc. The ability to lend, share, and resell these games at your discretion is of incredible importance to you. Also important to you is the freedom to play offline, for any length of time, anywhere in the world.”

    In addition to being available in retail stores, Xbox One games will still be available for download on day one and will be playable on any Xbox One console.

    “These changes will impact some of the scenarios we previously announced for Xbox One,” Mattrick noted. “The sharing of games will work as it does today, you will simply share the disc. Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold.”

    “We appreciate your passion, support and willingness to challenge the assumptions of digital licensing and connectivity,” Mattrick concluded. “While we believe that the majority of people will play games online and access the cloud for both games and entertainment, we will give consumers the choice of both physical and digital content. We have listened and we have heard loud and clear from your feedback that you want the best of both worlds.”

    Microsoft’s decision follows mass confusion following the announcement of Xbox One in May. At E3 last week, Sony announced similar policies for PlayStation 4, which will not require an internet connection or periodic authentication and does not restrict used games.

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