Voodoo Envy 133 Mini-Review: Air Killer?

Whoa. We were wondering what would happen when the performance freaks at Voodoo teamed up with HP, and the first notebook to come out of this acquisition is a surprise. No, it’s not a gaming rig. It’s one of the sleekest and most innovative ultraporables we’ve seen. The Envy 133 (starting at $2,099) rocks an instant-on mode that lets you surf the Web and make Skype calls without booting into Windows (called Voodoo IOS) and a slick power brick that doubles as a wireless access point. Intrigued yet? Voodoo was kind enough to let us steal a pre-production sample for a little hands-on time, and although the Envy 133 was not benchmarkable, we wanted to walk you through everything that makes this dream machine stand out. Stay tuned for a full review. Updated: Don’t miss our unboxing of the Voodoo Envy 133 here and hands-on with the Voodoo IOS, Instant-On OS here. Design It all starts with a druable carbon fiber case that weighs 3.4 pounds and measures a mere 0.7 inches thin, complete with retro-chic squared-off edges. This is the kind of minimalist laptop that Christian Bale would carry if they remade American Psycho for the 21st century–in a good way. Customization options range from your choice of 14 Voodoo Allure paint finishes to a selection of laser engravings. Underneath the lid you’ll find a brilliant 13.3-inch, LED-backlit display whose high-quality fused composite glass runs from edge to edge for a unified aesthetic. Last but not least is a funky backlit keyboard with a space-age font and a multiple-gesture touchpad (for scroll and pinch options) that’s nicely textured.

No Port Envy Here More important than the Envy 133’s stunning looks are the innovations packed in (and on) this 3.4-pound machine. You can also connect anywhere via optional integrated mobile broadband, a feature the Air lacks. Two USB ports (one of which doubles as an eSATA port for external storage), an HDMI port, and a low-light VGA webcam are just a few more reasons why we would happily tote the Envy 133 anywhere.

The New Instant On The Envy 133 launches users into an environment where they can surf the Web and make Skype calls within a mere 10 seconds. Called Voodoo IOS, this environment is powered by Splashtop (see our Splashtop FAQ) and gives you the full Internet without having to run Vista in the background. Not only does this feature save time, it should also save battery life. You can also instant message your buddies (via Pidgin) in AOL, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, and more, and access photos and music–but not movies on the optical drive. Juice Meets Connectivity The 133’s power brick isn’t really a brick at all. It’s more like a flat slab. Voodoo calls it Aura PowerConnect because it allows users to plug in an Ethernet cable for a point-to-point Wi-Fi connection. Essentially , you can create up to a 50-foot wireless network instantly, which is perfect for working in remote offices or hotel rooms with either spotty wireless connections or no Wi-Fi at all.

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Mark Spoonauer
Mark Spoonauer
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  1. Otto Says:

    How can it be a macbook air killer when:
    – it doens’t have OSX
    – it doesn’t have a lot of nice macbook air design features (slick design, macsafe,…)
    – it has such a big powersuply. (an airport expres+ macbook air power adaptor ain’t that big together.

    That fast starting OS is just stupid. Therefore we have an iPhone!
    It is probably made because of Windows its very long startup time. Well, Microsoft: do something about it!

  2. Ken Sata Says:

    Hot hot hot hot hot hot hot hot! Kills the MBA and X300 in looks, but too inexpensive.

  3. joey Says:

    Why is the CTRL key labled CRTL?

  4. James Says:

    Sorry- looks like an amazing machine for a descent price.. I’m sold.

  5. moof Says:

    As below, not sure how this could be an Air killer? If it can’t run OS X, then it’s another pc (Fill Window’s computer here) killer…
    Eew, it’s full of plastic… and finally, if a computer manufacturer spells CRTL instead of CTRL for control, I’m not sure what else they got wrong inside???

    Oh, I know, the clever Ethernet brick thing… But wait, if you have to lug that brick around everywhere with you anyway, what’s the point!

    Sorry to be so cynical, if the marketers or the reporters made apples to apples (haha, no pun intended) comparisons, then the computer would be worth looking at for it’s own merits. I still can’t figure out how non OS X users seem to feel threatened by a different type of computer that has such a small market share.

  6. James Says:

    I’m telling you right now.. the picture doesn’t do it justice


    Check this out

  7. moof needs to sit down Says:

    calm down moof/otto. god the last thing the world needs is more apple fanboys. let me debunk your comments one by one here.

    1 – it doesn’t have OSX. but it could. OSX86 has come a long way. you no long need a mac to run osx, legal or not. and i believe that apple has brought their hardware down to a competitve price point because of this. simple, buy osx, patch it, and have fun.

    2 – slick design is a matter of preference; honestly i think the air is the least aethetically pleasing of all apple hardware. apple has mastered the eye candy computer hardware, but i really feel like they dropped the ball with the air. thin isn’t always beautiful. i will go ahead and say however, that you make a valid point about magsafe.

    3 – big power supply? hardly. barely any larger than my girlfriends powerbook g4’s.

    4 – i’ll agree with you about the fast starting OS being useless, considering vista boots as fast as (if not quicker than) osx. yeah, try it sometime.

    5 – full of plastic. oh no! aren’t all the standard macbooks? i know several people with mbp’s or airs. plastic might survive a small drop with no problems. aluminum WILL DENT or scuff. most aluminum apple products have a tendency to show wear on the surface within a short time as well.

    6 – macs lately are very similar to all pcs, as they have similar boards and intel chips. for example, you can pop a windows (or linux) install dvd/cd into any mac, and install windows or linux. it’s not quite as cut and dry to put osx on a standard pc, but the fact is that the the hardware is similar enough to get any of that done.

    the world doesn’t need more apple fanboys, nobody feels threatened; i use win/linux and osx, so just please spare the world of your bullshit.

  8. ssam Says:

    Who needs MacOS X when you can run Linux?

    (Note: i have a Mac. I run linux on it)

  9. bob e Says:

    I’ll be buying one in black :>

    Looks great

  10. nosillyfanboi Says:

    I don’t think anyone is threatened by Apple products, we just like forcing the fanbois to realize that their Cupertino crap ain’t all that and a bag’o bbq chips, and OSX is hardly a key selling point, more like the reason for the small market share…

    Congrats on the upcoming V2 iPhone though, I’m sure you will enjoy forking over your donation to the church of Jobsentology.

  11. Kyo Says:

    its carbon fiber not plastic….. with removable battery NOT LIKE THE AIR
    Oh you still pay the premiums of a Voodoo product, JUST LIKE APPLE
    so yeah apple fanboys need to rethink their arguments

  12. Kev Says:

    Simple design yet amazing looks!

    Just ignore those Apple fanboys, remember, they live in a different world, an Apple-ownz-everything world. No point in arguing with them, because in the end of the day, Apple still rulez! And you know why? cause MBA can cut cakes! Can your laptop do that? No huh!

  13. BobCFC Says:

    Stick Ubuntu on it

  14. SubliminalEntity Says:

    Seriously everyone here is being ridiculous because we all know that both designs are just a stolen altered design of apple….multi-touch, processors, macbook looks, mac pro looks, all they did was throw some shine and sharp corners on a macbook!

    So no you havent eclipsed apples you pc idiots, not to mention you are barely comparing your products to apples, that shows defeat right there.

    apple fanboys are here because we live a fun, virus free, innovative, hippy, liberal lifestyle… we dont want to deal with shitty programs and operating systems.

    Most of us are happy that we have less programs than you…cause there better. And trust me, this next iPhone is gonna get them about 50% of the whole mobile phone industry!

    Enjoy your beautiful copycats with your not so beautiful windows or lacking linux…or like he said above, you could be an apple poser!

  15. SubliminalEntity Says:

    Oh and dont give me that its intels design…cause whatever it is the omens like the apple too so give me a reason they both look “kinda like” apple products!

  16. Helmore Says:

    Maybe you should first do you homework before you start yelling APPLE! at the top of your lungs.
    As Voodoo has said over here: http://gizmodo.com/395419/voodoos-envy-133-is-thinnest-notebook-alive-based-on-intel-metro-concept-laptop
    This laptop is based on an Intel reference design, which can be seen here:
    Voodoo has also said they would have been able to release this laptop almost a year ago if it weren’t for the tight quality control that HP imposed on them.

  17. Andri Says:

    The only reason I haven’t bought a Macbook Air yet is MacOS-X. I have a black Macbook but I don’t appreciate being blackmailed into buying an operating system upgrade, every time Apple wants a paycheck.

    So I run Ubuntu on it and actually I prefer it. Matlab, Maple look/work better, I can program for Linux without running a build machine virtually, it doesn’t have the crippled Finder and it runs pretty much everything I used to run on the MacOS.

    So I’m really looking forward to buying the Voodoo Envy. Even if, so unlikely it happens to be crap; it still sounds cool to have a laptop from carbon fibre. It’s just missing the racing stripes!

  18. mark Says:

    it’s a nice laptop… why do people have to post such Apple RuleZ trash? If someone wants an Apple, buy an Apple… reminds me of the idiots who were complaining that the MacBook Air is too expensive. Probably the same idiots that spent their life savings on the iPhone and then complain when it gets the first price cut.

    Getting back to the actual product… this looks like a great laptop. Might even buy one.

    I will do everyone a favour and solve the entire Mac vs PC vs Linux debate right now. For those who never understood, here’s the summary… there is no one better product. Some may be better for certain needs, that’s all. I run Vista… I guess I could run XP, but I have no other choices other than that because I need my applications (and I’m not gonna run them in a VM). So obviously for my day to day business needs, Vista (or XP) rules! Cause Linux and Mac OSX are useless for what I need my computer to do. However, I’m running Linux on my other laptop… why? Cause I don’t need it for business. I just watch movies on the thing and use the browser. So Linux is pretty damn good (for that limited use). If I was running a Server, Linux would probably be great also (unless I was writing .NET apps). I am considering Macs for my secretaries… why? Because they should give me the least headaches seeing as Apple controls both the hardware and the software. Doesn’t take a genius to make a stable OS if he makes the hardware as well. And office is available for Macs too. Not as good as the PC version, but for secretarial work it should be sufficient.

    I just don’t get why people like to proclaim “this product is the best”. When really they mean “this product is the best for MY needs”.

  19. subliminal Says:

    apply fanboys “live a fun, virus free, innovative, hippy, liberal lifestyle”?

    seems a bit ridiculous of a statement. real hippies can’t afford macs. rich people who live off their parents’ wealth and connections aren’t hippies.

  20. Amranu Says:

    Oh hey, us people running linux live a ‘fun, virus free, innovative, hippy, liberal lifestyle’ and we pay nothing for it. Isn’t it great. I don’t see how Linux is lacking, it has everything most people need, in fact the only people I wouldn’t recommend it to would be gamers (same can be said for mac though) and artists (although photoshop CS2 runs under wine…)

    Every apple fanboy I’ve ever known is like ‘zomg that was ripped off from a mac’ welcome to the real world, apple ripped off most of what they use from other companies :)

  21. lonewaffle Says:

    not a mac, and therefore, not buying it… call me what you want if it’ll make you feel better.

  22. Corey Says:

    The only thing missing is a a higher resolution screen like the X300 (1440 X 900).

  23. PhilT Says:

    I think it looks superb and for the extra few hundred $ you get to choose from a wide range of optional extras plus custom colour and logo. Shame they only do the 64GB SSD. 80GB would have been perfect.

    In response to others comments:
    Don’t get the comment about it being a copy of a Mac Book. Just because it’s stylish, light, and thin. In fact, thinner than the Air!
    The original windowing system came from Xerox. If you like, both MS and Apple “stole” it and I guess Linux, BSD and every other window based OS. But how would we progress if we always started by re-inventing the wheel.
    “not a mac, and therefore, not buying it” – Interesting criteria for choosing a laptop. But I guess I’m the same because that is the very reason why I WOULD get one. Tried OSX for a month (at work). Didn’t like it. The whole ‘just works’ thing doesn’t hold when I have an XP system at home that also ‘just works’ and I play games. For my laptop though I don’t need Windows as I don’t play games but I’m gonna go for Linux.

    Soon I will have a Windows desktop, an Apple iPhone, and a Linux Laptop (this one probably). I choose things based on intended use, functionality and form not some stupid, “it’s Apple” or “it’s Microsoft” fanboy nonsense. I guess there are worse things than being an Apple fanboy but please don’t be one of those Jahovas Witness door sales people and try to sell your faith.

  24. James Says:

    I must say, I do get rather tired of the harsh criticism over OS’s. It just depends on what the person needs. I currently use windows, mainly because I use it for gaming. However, I plan to by a Macintosh for the road, as I find it (IMP) that it handles multimedia better, photo editing in particular is what I need it for. You need to remember that Computers are simply tools, devices that are made to improve or enhance your productivity (or enjoyment). Anyway..

    This thing looks very sexy, I must admit. I’ve never really liked the styling of a MacBook Air because of its taper, but thats just me, the MBA is still a pretty spiffy laptop. I like the continuous/sleek chassis look of the Envy. I was expecting a bit more though, seeing that Voodoo is performance-orientated I was hoping it wouldn’t use low to somewhat low voltage processors. You have to admit, it really does have the same specs as the MacBook Air along with some nice bonuses (Which make up for the 300$ increase, of course). If they had managed to put a dedicated graphics on there (Even if they did make it a little thinker) Id be sold. But it is after all an “ultra-portable” made by a Exotic PC Manufacturer, thus those that are loyal to the brand will probably dig it without hesitation. Understandably, because it is technically a MacBook Air under the skin, besides a few extra ports, you could install OSX86 with out a hitch, only the wireless card I think you’d have problems with, meh. Just my .02$

  25. Vince Says:

    Getting lost in all this noise is the fact that the PC world has finally caught up and debuted a delicious looking laptop. It’s hard to believe it’s taken them this long to realize design is important.

    I am a Mac user who uses Vista all day, and I can tell I would do anything to run OS X on this puppy. Vista simply cannot match OS X for fit and finish and refinement. It’s night and day. And if the Vista UI doesn’t bother you with all of it’s annoyances, then more power to you.

    I will say that I want one of these. This is definitely sexier than anything Apple has. Finally some serious competition.

  26. stufu Says:

    this envy is not a a MBA killer because its looks like it copied MBA which i don’t think. both have revlotionary designs only for a regular day laptop. unless voodoo makes a gamer this slick w SLI and mac brings in a pro version with a core 2 quad and 512 dedicated. for me MBA is sexy and gayish for women because its a hassle free OS, but if your a guy voodoo looks cool on you.OKAY!!!!

    talking about OS…mac gets 20% in the US and 10% the whole universe. so if i were a anti virus maker, theres no money in macs. wait when mac gets 30% to 40% share, im sure there thousands of virus programs waiting for it… and thats when windows will say, hows the speed with all those third party and viruses hanging with you. so for now enjoy what you have. if you want no hassle and stick with what stevee jobs will give you then a mac is yours, but if your a person who wants to tweak , overclock, and loves to upgrade and most of all play games then go for pc. if you have lots of money then buy both and then throw them across the street and make sure its a pavement and see which one lives….okay?

  27. NFP Says:

    Good God, people. All this trashtalking about operating systems. Here are some innovative thoughts for those testosterone-laden fanboys out there:
    Get out the the house every once in a while
    Go workout
    Kiss a real live girl

    Maybe if you got a little sun and stopped smelling like Fritos all the time, you wouldn’t be so damn cranky.

  28. kccboy Says:

    I agree. I have used Windows and OSX extensively (both). I don’t like OSX. I found it quite unintuitive. I found the machine it was running on particularly slow (Mac Mini G4 with 1GB RAM). I have lots of hang-ups (lots).

    I like Windows better. I particularly like the speed of operation. I have had NO crashes. I like the logical layout of functions.

    Having said all of that, a lot depends on the machine that you are running it on (but of course Apple dictates that, so they have to take the blame for my mini’s failure).

    Each unto his/her own. However, I find those who “slate” any of this software, particularly shallow.

  29. Chriss Says:

    Well, I guess this never goes out of fashion.

    One thing that pc users can that mac users can’t:


  30. ??? Says:

    The CTRL button is spelled CRTL on the keyboard?

  31. dognip Says:

    This thing is gorgeous, and the power brick is absolutely clever!!!

    But the CTRL is not the only mistake:

    Look at the CAPS LOCK—–> CAPS LOCH


    P.S. I’m sure they wont ship like tath ;)

  32. Fatt Says:

    Rahul Sood has absolutely no charisma. They should at least get someone who knows how to please a crowd to do presentations.

  33. C Says:

    Well the power box works as both the adapter and ad hoc wireless wasn it?

  34. vraptor Says:

    while cute I don’t think it is competition for the mac air (which is why it was designed), let’s face it product design is apples strong point and if you are looking for cool gear this would not be a first choice. It is nice to see small portable devices like this one increase in popularity since it pushes the envelope with respect to engineering. If you want performance neither the voodoo envy or mac air should be your choice, if you want performance from your OS use linux, if you want cool choose the mac, and if you want compatibility with corporate mainstream choose windows. I use them all to each their own purpose.

  35. nycitygeek Says:

    I think some people like Otto and Moof are being extremely biased and are too oblivious to the positive features to the Envy just because it’s a PC and not a mac.

    I have a mac and love it, but the look and specs of this laptop seem very enticing and worth a try.

    PC-haters like Otto and Moof are just stubborn and subjective to performance and practicality.

  36. Jon Gl Says:

    @ Mark, who said “it’s a nice laptop… why do people have to post such Apple RuleZ trash?”.

    Why do people have to write posts, titled “Air Killer?” The “fanbois” did not start this one–the original poster did, with his provacative title. He was provoking them to post, and also provoking people like you to post back. It’s all the game–and a lame one at that. :-)

    Now @Andri, as to the “crippled Finder”… crippled? I use OS X, Ubuntu, Puppy Linux, and KDE under OS X. I’ve searched for a decent replacement to the Finder across Linux. Are you saying that Nautilus is better? Or Dolphin? Or Konqueror, the Explorer wannabe? Which of these is better than the Finder–esp. the Leopard Finder? I know one decent Linux file manager that is excellent–xfe–but it ain’t no Finder–only GWorkspace has decent columns (KDE4’s Dolphin doesn’t count, it’s slooooow), and it’s the root of the MacOS Finder.

    But let’s get back to my original thought—why an “Air killer”? Why does everybody have to look for an Air killer? Whether or not you realize it, but going that route, you are tacitly placing the Air in top place, and acknowledging it for what it is–a trend-setter, and worthy of the place. Same is true for all -killers. Whether it’s the eeePC-killer, iPhone-killer, or what. Worse, by trying to be a -killer, one is put into the position of being a copy-cat, non-innovative, and certainly not unique, trend-setting, or whatever people like to pretend to be. It’s worse than buying an iPhone because it’s “cool.” (which is the stupidest reason to buy _anything_). If it meets your needs, and is the price you want, get it, whether it’s an MBA, voodoo envy, Treo, eeePC, or what. Be men (in the inclusive sense) not lemmings.


  37. rich Says:

    there is a lot of mac haters here this clearly beats the air and who the hell has to bash microsoft is indeed a mac ass i mean you want vista or change IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. phate Says:

    Is this what it’s really come to? I find it funny that these lines in the sand are being drawn not upon personal opinion that is only influenced by actually specs and performance but by the marketing campaigns of the induvidual companies. Mac users “live a fun, virus free, innovative, hippy, liberal lifestyle” only because that’s what Apple says they do. The fact that people are so easily manipulated into this sort of fanatacizim speaks volumes upon the population. This is clearly seen in the Apple commercials. PC is always labelled as, and apparently limited to, a buissiness computer. Apple neglects to say anything about PC’s as pretty much they only choice for an avid gamer. Come now, lets start thinking for ourselves.

    As far as the three main OS’s go, there are no winners. A craftsman is only as good as his tool, but in some cases the same applies in the opposite direction. The machine and the software do not define the induvidual, despite attempts to the contrary by corporations. Indeed, many who know the most about what they’re doing tend to avoid both OS X and Windows simply due to the lack of security and the fact that both systems are closed source, opting rather for something a bit more forgiving. Between Windows and OS X it’s a tie for last place, feel proud ladies.

    To say one is better than the other is nothing more than your personal opinion. Even this review, whose title has been horribly misunderstood by many, is, in so many words, identifying the Mac Air as the top podium holder for lightweight laptops. The fact that PC now has a contender does nothing more than make things interesting. What will Apple’s response be?

    And while all of this is interesting, we’re forgetting one very important thing. Both the Mac Air and the Voodoo Envy are both subpar machines in terms of performance. They’re both being sold to fill a market niche that is all about one thing: aethetics. It’s all about looking good. Yes, they’re versitile, lightweight, blah blah blah. I have a laptop that’s faster and has way more options and it only weighs nine pounds. Are we actually comparing who’s laptop looks the best now? Come on people, we’re better than this.


  39. gtfoN00bs Says:

    The worst thing Apple ever brought forward upon this world: ignorant idiotic fanboys.

    Seriously, first:
    The carbon-fibre shell is way better than the MacBook’s polycarbonate shell. It’s stronger, more durable, albeit more expensive. Do your research! And, IMO, looks way cooler!

    So what if it doesn’t have OSX? I’m not saying OSX is bad, but it’s not the best. GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple. I’ve used OSX in uni, mostly for writing java (and, I hate programming – just because I suck at it), and since I don’t mind interface differences, I’d still stick with Windows – just coz I can play games. And run pretty much most programs out there.

    I’m not saying Windows is perfect, with so many security flaws and everything. And I have some features I really like in OSX as well, but I’m just pointing it out to those ignorant people out there who worship OSX like crazy.

    Thirdly, just a minor correction, these books (the Air and the Envy) are filling a niche between ‘netbooks’ (the EEE PC, MSI Wind, etc) and notebooks. Basically they’re for business type applications where mobility is penultimate but decent performance is required.

    Oh, and personally, I see VAIOs and Alienware/Voodoo/Falcon Northwest higher in terms of symbol of status than Apple. Regardless of what software it’s running.

  40. Viva Open Source Says:

    Only Microsoft would replace a fast workhorse OS with a Slow, Difficult, Crappy Copy of Mac OS X. And although the Mac has its issues to, at least its built on a solid foundation, BSD. I am a web developer and I use Linux as a server, but when I need to create graphics, develop, and test, I use a Mac because lets face it the windows OS is not built for creative flow. XP and Vista always got in the way. Its built for those Vanilla loving, yes sir bill gates saying, ant-virus consuming, concrete thinking, conformity upholding, rat race living PC people. And as much as I like gimp and inkscape and scribus, if Adobe got off its ass made CS linux apps, I would not use a Mac, I would not use a XP or Vista PC, I would be on Ubuntu. Whenever you have a company that makes a product for the sole purpose of profit, then that product tends to be mostly crap, but when a product is produced for the love of it and a community, then you have quality.

  41. James Says:

    To those saying this is full of plastic is just damn wrong. It’s full of carbon fiber.

  42. thechiefoftheroses Says:

    You will all be amazed once VAIO Z Series will be launched (soon, very soon…). Sorry to say, but years ahead Mac Air and HP Envy.

  43. phate Says:

    Ah, but Sony tracks the movements of everyone that buys one of their computers. And while I can’t say for sure that no one else partakes in this practise, Sony is the only one that’s admitted to it. As nice as the VAIO Z is, I’d rather not be watched, I’m paranoid enough as it is.

  44. Me Says:

    Mac Security < Vista < Linux


  45. soda Says:

    really…only if this comes before the Mac Air
    I’ll be sold
    too bad I have the Air already….


  46. - Says:

    Better than the Air by far.

  47. Anonymous Says:

    just curious can this play back core AVC 720p off of the HD


    usually a 2.4GHZ w/ 256 VRAM

    +2GB ram is req’d to make that work but maybe this processor is good enough….I just don’t know

    please if somebody has it let me know

  48. bex Says:

    if I had money to burn I think HP would be getting my money not apple ooks the bomb.

    I don’t think I would ever buy a laptop where you could not replace the battery easly

    PS I am a flipflop (have a macbook and a vista desktop both OS work more than fine (leopard seems to be fairly stable now after 9 months))

  49. hmm Says:

    eh, not sure where all this better than/worse than [air] sh*t is coming from.
    looks about the same to me.
    take your OS fight somewhere else.

  50. Deep Beige Says:

    its no where near an Air killer, its too bulky with the powerslab/ wifi point.

    it doesnt have OS X, its carbon fiber not polycarbonate like MacBook’s.

    beyond that, its 2100 new.. I can get another MacBook Pro for that.

  51. dan Says:

    That etho charge wireless brick is a brilliant idea, so simple.

  52. dan Says:

    ps. all laptops look basically the same, to say it looks like a mac or whatever is bit stupid imo.

  53. MacLad Says:

    I’m an Apple Fanboy, but i would buy this in a New York minute. if i could put Leopard on it, i would be in heaven and have the perfect computer. Not sure how that will work with IOS Also don’t know if you can dual boot on a mac hacked PC. I also fear that someone can introduce a back door with the hacked Mac OS that you would load on there.

    Apple spent a lot of money and energy on asking us to think different, well i think they need to take their own advise (they are giving me reason to). I mean they should have figured out the carbon fiber thing a long time ago, instead of saying its impossible. They have now been shown the way to incorporate a user replaceable battery in their Air and Ipod Touch/iPhone. Voodoo pulled the pants around their legs on this one. Also a USB port that can double as eSATA is genius. Apple has yet to embrace eSATA. The AP power brick not a bad idea but not so great either. They could do better with the design and form factor. They even include the portable optical drive (according to what i read from Voodoo).

    But the best part for me is the customization with the paint and graphics. Talk about bringing customization to the masses! A way to allow you to own a computer that reflects your own personal style affordably. This is something that Apple has never embraced. For this alone they should be Time magazines invention of the year.

    Better this than the half baked iphone that continues to be more expensive and still half baked. Don’t get me started. i love Apple but while the concept of the iPhone and iPod Touch is fantastic the implementation is stupid and their control is even worse. The iPhone/iPod Touch is a joke. The overall concept is not (it’s fantastic) but what they are doing with (or should we say not doing with) such great tech is a crime.

    For me, 2008 has been the worst year in Apple products thus far. The Air stinks! We were all expecting an ultra-portable something with a screen of 10″ or less and we get this sorry excuse of a computer the MacBook Air. Yeesh! The iPhone/Ipod Touch a joke, AppleTV, a bigger joke. Nothing new with their Imac, Mac Mini or laptops. Their commercials dated, boring and repetitive. They need some new concepts. So when Steve said the best is yet to come, I wonder what he means. Still waiting Steve! Been waiting for well over a year. In the meantime all other computer makers are putting out some really interesting tech. I hope Apple can make a come back but right now its got this 30 year Apple fan disgusted enough to for the first time in 30 years even consider a computer that runs a Microsoft Os such as Winblows oops Windows. That should really resonate and they need to pay attention to that.

  54. LK Says:

    Did you see how big the powerbrick is? It”s a monster! I emailed the HP guys and they told me the powerbrick isn’t THAT big…slightly less than a pound…..HUH? Here we have a cool looking 3.4 lb laptop but we have to tote around a 1 lb powerbrick….I guess that’s why they call them “bricks” eh?

  55. Michael H Says:

    A nativly dual booting machine, the end of COAs is near!!!!

  56. Treefingers Says:

    Apparently the fanboys haven’t noticed that they have to plug their computers in occasionally. Mac Airs aren’t solar powered, though I wouldn’t be surprised if they feed of the average Apple user’s sense of smug self-satisfaction. Both the Envy and Air need bricks.

    The fanboys have also not noticed that the ethernet on the brick is NOT wifi. The wifi is in the laptop. The WIRED ethernet is in the brick (and apprently sends the signal up the power cord or something). Reason? A standard Cat-10 cable is too big to fit into the side of the Envy, but they still wanted non-wifi to be available. (See “backwards compatibility” as a common advantage to PCs).

    So advantage: Envy. Both Envy and Air have built in wifi, only the Envy can give you wired without some god-awful-massive USB somethingorother.

    In the words of Mr. Dynamite, GOSH!

  57. Jack Says:

    Joey, it is probably because this is a pre-production unit with small errors here or there.

  58. AppleKiller Says:

    Hahahaha…can’t help but laugh at the apple fanboys….Theres a reason why the business world is PC oriented, because its that much better than apple.

    Plus this beats the macbook air. More feature, more hardware, better looking, and better OS

  59. Alex Says:

    Can’t we just compare apples to apples?

  60. austin Says:

    wow LOL… personally I use the macbook pro and run windows, linux and OSX. I love apple my mac, but without a doubt this is a macbook air killer. These apple fanboys need to chill, they make all the apple users look bad. the processor of envy and air is similar, memory is similar,but Macbook air has 5400rpm ipod hard drive and with the SSD option you’ll be paying $2600, so logically, envy beats air. Also carbon fiber envy looks better than aluminum air. aluminum on macbook pro looks nice, but air looks just weird. If I buy a portable laptop, I would definitely buy this. good job HP and voodoo.

  61. joos Says:

    Air killer? To honest i dont even see the league comparison. The Air was made just for the heck of it. But the envy 133 on the other hand…. It is leagues beyond any other laptop. Just the design alone signals way more simple sofistication and retro aesthetics than everything else designed. I am buying it. Thats a sure thing. never wanted a laptop more than this one. (though vista gotta go).

  62. youssef Says:

    hi everybody
    can i install windows xp on the Voodoo Envy 133 ??

  63. Renegade Ninja Says:

    hey, I think the voodoo is bad ass, it only has a few flaws, the brick is nice with all the features but macbook is smaller. Also visit instantly makes it not something I would buy, the fact is I would install xp as soon has I got it. It is really sleek and looks better and is slightly cheaper than the air, but the air is a very close second becuase of the lack of ports. So voodoo envy 133 is a great addition to the windows side but Vista takes to much power even on my 2.6 ghz pc and this only get at 3 grand 2.2 ghz.

  64. Marcus Aurelius Says:

    I have one and it’s amazing! I like taking it on campus which is like a sea of macintosh computers. This thing really stands out and gets a lot of positive attention. That alone was worth the money!

  65. CS Says:

    The voodoo is a great machine. Although the machine is excellent, neither customer service nor tech support seem to know the differences between the 4 different models. After spending over 8 hours on the phone, 3 days of my vacation, and $4,400 I wound up with 2 machines w/o SSD. The people in customer service apologized profusely, but could not do anything to help. The people who could help, did not care to. (I was offered a $100 credit to keep 2 computers I did not want.) I went as far as to call the corporate office, twice. Although the machine is amazing, they do not back it up with great support. The Voodoo is a great product as long as nothing goes wrong with it.
    Once I got all my money back, I used it to buy my MacBook Air. Great machine, great service.

  66. RDR Says:

    I have also got a VooDoo Envy 133. Support was fine for me and there is a ton of information on the website that HP provides. Especially if you just want to figure out the spec differences. There is now a $400 instant rebate that really makes a compelling story. I have found that running Win7 RC1 on this machine, which has no problems to report. I can have the machine booted in about the same time into windows as the IOS. Those that are fans of cool pcs… you really need to think about this one. Not the fastest machine, but the comments that I am getting already when I bring it into a meeting are great. Kinda like owning an exotic car… not all about the speed, some of it is the ability to own something unique.

  67. BRANDON Says:


  68. aircrack Says:

    War is everywhere, this is the fighting ground between 3 powerfull factions. The sophisticated apple fanboys, the elitist ubuntu fanboys and the snoob arroggant windows power user. Yeah u guys have the money to buy the beautiful or powerful machine, but look out there do you see have the people in whole world suffer from international economy crysis. Like the slipknot band says “….f**k u all…..f**k yourselves…..this is a war…..!” So why don’t u kill and hunt others in multiplatform multiplayer net game, say Urban Terror, and see who is the most powerful badass. I use O2 XDA Atom Life with Gnome theme, Macbook Air and an AMD 5000+ desktop both running PCLinuxOS Gnome 2009.1. If only i could buy some batterry anywhere near my, beside go to central city to buy one from so called apple franchise store. Yep Macbook Air beat up Voodoo Envy, but I choose Alienware Area 15 against the Macbook Air. Voodoo sucks, Alienware and Dell is cool. And NFP I don’t have to get out to find a girl, I have one in my house. She’s hotter than sunshine, more sexy than every Playboy playmates, she is …. my one and only wifes.

  69. Merritt Tilley Says:

    Will OS X or OS X “Snow Leopard” run on the VooDoo ENVY (13 or 15″ models)? That would be interesting to know. I would think a laptop with an Intel i7 processor would really be something. Too bad Steve Jobs couldn’t think of that. Guess he has other things on this mind (like staying alive) to worry about what his loyal customers want or need.

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