Top 10 Smartphones

Your smartphone is the one thing that never leaves your side because it can do it all. But the best smartphones do everything well. A great handset takes amazing photos, offers a bright and crisp HD screen and has enough speed to help you multitask with ease. There’s also plenty of variety out there when it comes to software and the overall user experience. That’s where we come in.

Once you’ve decided on your platform of choice — Android, iOS or Windows Phone — then it’s time to pick a device. At Laptop Mag, we test every major smartphone on the market and rate each one based on design, features, performance and battery life to help you make the right call. Here are our top 10 smartphones, ranging from the most sleek and compact handsets to the biggest phablets.

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  1. Robert Says:

    It would be nice to see this in a table format comparing all the different phones and their features.
    3g, 4g, size, weight, flash media, battery life etc.

    It would also be great to see what the phones cost without a subscription. How much to own the phone and not be locked into a contract.

  2. Mary Says:

    Are you serious? How can you say the iPhone is better than the thunderbolt or the EVO! Is Apple paying you salary? Just saying… the techies all know Android rocks over Apple.

  3. Frustrated Says:

    Stopped viewing the data after two screen redraws. I will not use a site like this that forces me to watch an ad every time the screen redraws. If you want to coax users to your website – provide the content as if I were a subscriber. Forcing me to waste the time trying to watch it (and now to make this comment) means that I won’t be back – in this day and age you get one shot – do it right.

    I won’t be back.

  4. muberanyambo patrick Says:

    it would be better when there is Nokia 9300 displayed among smart phones

  5. Jesse Says:

    You gotta be kidding me. Force-Closes? Fragmented Operating Systems? This is basically top phones sold, not top performing phones as Windows Phones would clearly be the winner here or runner up to Apple. Hell I get 3 days of use out of my HD7 compared to almost a full day with my HTC EVO. And wait, I dont ever remembering having to force close an app or one crashing or better yet rebooting my phone. I file insurance claims for cellular carriers and I can tell you, Android has some problems. My tiles on my home screen change in real-time while your little icons do nothing but remind you Google has got yo a$$!

  6. WhatThe Says:

    what the hell is up with all those forced advertising pop-ups with no choice of canceling/deleting/closing !!? This is a horrible viewing/browsing experience….Now, 8 best smartphones with the iphone 4 listed twice?? really?? You could have replaced one of them with the SGSII or HTC Sensation IMHO…

  7. Dil Says:

    What is this list??????? Galaxy S and Galaxy S 2 isn’t on here??????

    Ya. American carriers sucks ass. Can’t get one of the best selling Android phones 4 MONTHS after it launched…

    I’ve been importing all my phone since i could remember…. fucking american carriers…..

  8. mookoie Says:

    Are you serious? Where is the photon? Best phone on sprint our probably any carrier today period.

  9. boygenius Says:

    its not the carriers fault for not getting the GS2, its stupid Apple and the patent troll lawyers suing everyone to prevent competition. boooo Apple you suck. itunes sucks also.

    I agree with frustrated. you are gonn make us watch this stupid ad every page turn and the add at the bottom of the page. really, I wont be back either.

  10. party Says:

    Ok whats up with the forced ad everytime i want to view a page. Where is the samsung S series of phones? Iphone??? Really??? Ok. note to self, done return to , ever.

  11. Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief Says:

    Galaxy S II has been added to our Top 10 list…we were waiting for U.S. version

  12. droidpedia Says:

    what a sexy design.. but i’m waiting for iPhone 5. it’s more futuristic.

  13. Jay Says:

    None of this is as slim and elegant as the Xperia Arc S! Best design out there.

  14. Manhattan 90266 Says:

    Absolutely a waste of time to read. Where is any phone with a Windows 7 OS? Everyone that I know who had an iPhone who switched over has said it is much better. Today these editors are old school and not up on technology changes.

  15. PK-JIN Says:

    You gotta be kidding me.

    First of all – they pulled out the classic – “iPhone 5 as #1, because Apple rocks, its transcendental touchscreen with the astounding camera…”

    And why is the Samsung Galaxy S down there? Where’s the HTC Evo? Where’s all the reality?
    Come on, it’s time to wake up. No more ephemeral fantasies about the “perfect, infallible” Apple fruitphone.

  16. krondogg Says:

    “Yeah Well, thatsl like, your opinion man”.-The Dude

    No one will ever agree on a cell phone. Everyone lives in different situations, monetarily what they can afford and also where they live because it affects connections and connection speeds. I live out in mountainous country and literally in a cell phone dead zone, we actually just got cell service at my house and the surrounding areas about 3 weeks ago! So for me I still have an old school samsung flip phone. It does what I need.

    After doing some research, if I was to buy a smart phone right now, I would go with the Samsung Galaxy X2 or the Nexus Prime when it comes out in the USA. But everyone differs on that. Thats why it seems so silly that people on here get so worked up over it. Really what they need to start fixing is the plans that they offer and the deals and accessories that come with the phones. That is how you could really knock them all out of the park and become the #1 cell phone company–give people a cheap fair plan that actually makes it worth it for them to use your product.

  17. damien h Says:

    Haha. I love the way all of the apple haters came here to give out to whoever made the article. Nice one guys, giving everyone else a bad name!

  18. Sun Down Says:

    You know what’s amazing? This site suddenly having reviews. How come the Samsung attack fanboys article never got one wonders me. Anyway, I’d put the Lumia 800 on number 1. Gotta love that sexiness.

  19. A Low Says:

    Mary, even if the techies like Andriod over iPhone, its the users who matter most as any business can tell you. And users prefer iPhones by a mile! And btw is Android paying you money?

  20. Mark Guidry Says:

    Again the mindless masses must bow down before the altar of apple and kiss apples butt.Android phones are a a thing of beauty to watch it develop each new issure. What has apple done,just stick it you.You have to use everything thats branded apple or esle.

  21. vijay Says:

    attention pls:
    comparing HTC and Iphone 4S.., which one is best..? pls suggest.. which one i should go for..?

  22. Jesus Says:

    Firts time on this site & the last. Review on phone sucks! Why is that phone better? CPU? Megapixels on cams? Resolution? You like the OS? Is this your opinion based on looks or sells? I could do a better review than that sorry man & having to close an add just to look at a bigger picture of a phone with no details?

  23. dre Says:

    really!!!??? A fu–cking pop up ad everytime i try to see the next phone on the list. Forget it!!!

  24. Kelley Says:

    Pop up sucks… iPhone is old hat man… get a real life…

  25. Rachelle mae Says:

    I like the HTC designs. They are sleek and sexy. The screen is just too sensitive though.

  26. leiner jamero Says:

    one of the best, the korean giant “SAMSUNG”…., SO SLEEK…(*_*)

  27. jonsnowden Says:

    Really, how the f does the iphone make the list of top 10? maybe top 20. Whats with the adds? Is this site owned by a hebrew? This site is crap. SKIP

  28. puginthefoothills Says:

    OUCH!!!! HATERS IN FULL FORCE!!!!! No, but seriuosly, I totally lLUV mau Samsung INFUSE, wouldn’t trade it for anything except newer version… why doesn’t it ever get reveiwed. and I agree this sight SUCKS cus it’s all about the ads… so I wonder how many of your paying ad customers are reading the comments? Prob find out when they stop sending the checks…. If you don’t crash and burn first, u may learn that the we the public WILL ALWAYS CHOOSE to skip the pop-up and spam sites…………….. BIG FAT “UNLIKE” HAHAHAHAHBLAHAHAHAHAHA

  29. Daniel Says:

    Apple iPhone 4S is definitely my dream phone!

  30. JayJay Says:

    Really? iPhone4s number 1? no sorry, that is old news. I dont know how a windows phone 7 is last? Any windows 7 phone is better than the iPhone

  31. MervThePerv Says:

    Why would anyone waste money on an iphone? I have owned them all and broke most of them. itunes is what makes the iphone SUCK. If it weren’t for that i’d like the iphone. Windows phones suck simply because microsoft SUCKS. Android seems to be the best bang for your buck. As well as the most geek friendly. I sent this from a samsung Infuse Which can do way more crap for FREE YES FREE that any iphone ever could. Theres what I think. Suck it.

  32. -pj Says:

    mervtheperv hit the nail on the head……….ouldn’t agree with him more. Bravo Merv !

  33. Carol Says:

    The RAZR turned off. I bought it brand new, and less than 30 days old, it just turned off. I did not drop or abuse it, all I did was pickl it up. It sounds crazy I know, but it just turned off. What a waster. The sad part is I really loved the phone, great features and clarity. Now I wish I had got the Iphone, at least it works.

  34. Dave Says:

    Funny how so many hate apple. If it weren’t for Jobs and the iphone, none of you would have a smart phone to compare. Apple invented the smartphone and everybody else copied them. Personally, I love everything apple, most trouble free products I’ve ever encountered, so much better than PC based stuff.

  35. eh. Says:

    only one Windows Phone? bs, Windows Phone is by far the best mobile OS I’ve ever used… and this is coming from someone who owned both a galaxy nexus and iphone 4…

  36. Glup Says:

    Apple invented the first smartphone? Are you serious? It can only be a joke!
    In 2007, when Apple introduced the first Iphone, many makers were producing smartphones for more than 10 years.
    For me the Android/Iphone choice is similar to the PC/Mac choice.
    Apple is probably a good choice for the non technical oriented people.
    Android is a good choice if you want more freedom, if you want to customize your phone, configure it the way you like, the way you are.
    Android gives you a larger choice of designs too, you can select the size you need. Some likes small handy phones, some bigger screens to read more easily and have better control in typing.
    Android will give a choice of different hardwares, allowing you to choose smartphones with higher performances than an Iphone4s (but sometimes more expensive than an Iphone4s), to lower end models, much cheaper, if your budget is limited.

  37. Lakhdar Says:

    Xperia ARC the best overall smartphone design ever, your ranking really is wrong.

  38. kfields Says:

    i notice, HTC , is listed no where on this list….lol, cuz they suck ass, ATT sent me an HTC as a replacement phone cuz my Sony Xperia was stoken, and they we.aot of stock on the Xpetia , so sent this ……itthe biggest piece of shit iv ever seen…the question is , what good anoit iy, cuz there too much to list , whats wrong with it…..HTC SUCKS ASS!!!

  39. Radical Says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note is the eventual winner. It has uniqueness that everything else has never imagined of…Note rocks!!!

  40. kronik636 Says:

    andI’m using an HTC one s right now and I couldn’t be more pleased with It’s super fast performance.(thanks to the dualcore processors) it has the best camera I’ve ever seen on s phone, with tons of features and settings as well. 1080p video recording, that you can also take a snap shot in the middle of recording. Uses beats audio enhancements, which sounds amazing in my really expensive headphones. Screenhas pretty impressive resolution to it. And last but not least I can make a phone call with it. I’ve had 3 smartphones, all of them HTC AND all of then were great. I know why the one is on there,… Because its tits!

  41. iPhoneslayer Says:

    LOL @ all the above commenters that aren’t smart enough to block pop-ups. These are the same people who think the iPhone rules. I guess it’s part of the dumbing-down of America. My Galaxy S2 runs circles around the iPhone and most of the phones on this list.

  42. Rj Says:

    Hey guys , y u ppl underestimate an iphone ,u should shut up if u dont know any thing about iphone …… And its secrets

  43. scott Says:

    Apple has never created new technology. Neither the ipad or the iphone were innovative in any way other than making a device user friendly to the average idiot. I was using smartphones many years before Jobs got involved.

  44. Arg Says:

    Why did u diced to make iphone number one? i dont think so iphone is the best :D specially with itunes it sucks .

  45. kp Says:

    stay away from the HTC One S!!!

  46. JM Says:

    i got my first iphone about a year and a half ago. it is the iphone4
    i loved it at first.
    then the problems started like not being able to change the battery
    or increasing the memory by replaceing the memory chip
    and i can’t hear anyone on the phone unless i use a bluetooth
    i took the phone back to apple about this problem many times and they said the phone was fine.
    i have excellent hearing and i still can’t hear anyone on the phone with out the bluetooh.

    i also had a huge problem finding a bluetooth that was compatable with with the iphone
    as a mater of fact i had to buy and return 9 bluetooths before i found one that was compatable with the iphone4
    and the ear peace is very uncomfortable .
    unless there are huge changes to the next iphone i will be going back to verizon and there line of phones.

  47. Aditya Says:

    Samsung galaxy note is the best ever smartphone.

  48. Confidence Says:

    If you don’t believe in Apple iPhone, then you are a pagan!

  49. jrunv Says:

    iphones suck enough said

  50. PG Says:

    Once again, I don’t see MY smartphone here which is a phenomenal piece of equipment! 4G..LTE…HD graphics which are stunning…8mp camera on baord that takes incredible pictures, and ease of use is only some of what makes me think my LG-P930 is at least as good as those you listed here. Seems like you should talk to consumers using the phones, instead of just going over sales figures.

  51. lunatic Says:

    brand fans will always be brand fans, those of us who are unique dont need to be told what to buy and sales figures dont sway us, HTC owner since 1998

  52. darrell Says:

    HTC Titan II rules. All bow down before it.

  53. GPA Says:

    Motorola is junk. I’ve owned them and got rid of them as soon as I poosibly could. It’s hard to take this “article” seriously. And JonSnowden – keep your idiotic racist comments to yourself.

  54. Rrd Says:

    Where is the Samsung Galaxy s2 ? You can’t just leave it of the liat. After all it was the top grossing smartphone of last year.

  55. EternalDarkmess Says:

    Wtf a windows phone that high??? No side load and android and iphone with sealed battery! My galaxy note run’s beautiful on ice cream sandwich I gave up on windows mobile after 6.1 how much did the carriers pay for the free advertising? What about the international phones that blow away the junk that we have here that the carriers try to force us to buy?

  56. josh Says:

    Dave… Ur an idot. Apple did not invent smartphone because HTC created smartphones before the term smartphone existed. Not favoring HTC
    Because I like any phone that is good and apple may be ok but it’s not good world wide eg: siri can only find businesses in America. Not good for anyother country. You can download assisstant on android market and it will do the same but find things everywhere. Also iPhone is a relay weak phone unlike phones like the Samsung xcover. And honestly I’ve never tried any windows phone …yet so that cpuld be something but i don’t know.

  57. shirley Munafo Says:

    I shake my head over and over at the childish comments. I have a hard time knowing that you are adults.
    Go To Your Room!

  58. GalaxySGeek Says:

    Galaxy s3 and lumia 920 is so better
    I’m considering buying either over iphone 4s
    or I might buy the lumia 920 with Qi wireless charging and windows phone 8

  59. Dan Says:




  60. mercyvelli Says:

    Did you guys thinks bb10 would not be relise again all of you that thinks bb is nothing would see fire on galaxylll or iphone keep watching for king bb to come?

  61. lance Says:

    what about the xperia ion??(much better than iphone 5)

  62. Terry Says:

    @Dave. Apple didn’t invent the smartphone. Ever heard of a Palm Treo? Original Blackberry? C’mon dude. That’s like saying Apple invented the mp3 player without ever seeing a 16MB Diamond Rio. The first smartphones were hybrids of PDA’s.

  63. fouad Says:

    I know sumsung GS3 is better then Iphone but i prefert to keep my Iphone,whay???? I don’t now (whether magic)

  64. techie33 Says:

    Android > iPhone. PERIOD. anyone else that says Apple is better obviously doesn’t know anything about technology and simply follows the ‘HYPE”.

    Android runs on Linux.

    Need i say more?

  65. Jennifer Says:

    @ Confidence I am not exactly sure how being Pagan is a bad thing. Or how it even relates to the iPhone. Being Pagan is great!
    The iPhone will always suck, come on a “smartphone” that had to dumb it down for the masses? What a joke. Then once they have you hooked they really got you by the balls cause then you have to buy their music from iTunes, their apps, only their accessories. They have no expandable memory, so you’re having to either buy the phone with the larger memory and spending more money. Or dumping things all the time. No iPhone for me ever thanks, I may be Pagan, but I am no idiot.

  66. Robin Says:

    I’m torn between these phones. I’m on AT&T and both are ripe for 4GLTE, but I’ve heard Samsung makes phones that are impervious to water. Does anyone know this is true or just a rumor? I have a hair salon in San Francisco and my phone is always around water.

  67. Deljen Says:

    I’m JUMPING into Smartphone Land and trying my luck on phone that…. hold on to your pants..IS NOT ON THIS “ALL KNOWING” LIST. There are so many smart phones to cater to so many different needs, it almost makes you crazy. I guess the only way to really know first hand is to just try one out.

  68. Martin722 Says:

    HTC is nowhere on the list? There are three up there… Everybody has opinions. I’ve had the original Motorola Droid, HTC Thunderbolt, Samsung Galaxy S3 and now the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The SG3 is an absolutely incredible phone. I paid full retail and don’t regret it for a second. Used my upgrade option six months later and got the SG Note 2. I didn’t think anything could top the SG3 but the Note 2 does. I have never had a more feature rich, smoother operating phone in my life. Just so all the Apple fans know, my job passes those phones out to us. My original Moto Droid makes that thing seem clunky. It seems years behind my SG3 and SG Note 2. It’s a nice change to see Laptop Mag not just saying Apple is best because it says Apple on it.

  69. Nathan Deane Says:

    Seriously, no WP8 phones up there? I’m out-performing my friends iPhones and (most) Androids with just the HTC 8X, and from what I hear the Lumia 920 has a little more power, though without the ultrathin design. 4g, the sleekest and speediest mobile OS, massive screen and gorilla glass 2.0, this thing is a beast. Why aren’t any Windows Phones listed?!

  70. bnnagang Says:

    need to say:
    Hater and lovers as well as reviewers shouldn’t rate phones trough design correctly as it’s
    qpretty much everyone matter of choice and so on….
    what matters is usability, hardware, customization….
    I don’t give a f about others just my experience:
    -simple, no chance to make bigger software changes even jailbroken, i tunes sucks,
    getting boring, I phone you phone everybody iphone.
    best apps are not free.just rather buy ipodz
    yes microsoft didn’t made it customization friendly as well as no chance to touch file system (unless you went trough diy-nuclear-bomb like process of flashing custom
    firmware), simple but sucks at all
    batery life sucks a bit (except droid maxx and few more),
    good for everyone but…1 thing…..ROOT IT…
    dual boot (2systems in 1device)
    many more….
    just think and you find winner…

  71. Prateek Says:

    Nothing much to say . GALAXY NOTE 2 (N7100) is da best.. Samsung rocks n Apple seriously suckss…….

  72. wdmsimple Says:

    Heyy! Where the $$$$ is the Sony Xperia Z ??

  73. DeeacH Says:

    Why IPhone rules..

    • Apple has a commanding lead over all other smart phone platforms with more
    than 700,000 apps on the App Store.

    • While there are lots of casual games for Android, there’s nowhere near the
    momentum of iPhone

    • On the iPlatform, kids’ apps are very high quality — and in the Android Market
    they’re almost totally nonexistent.

    • Music, photos and movies For people who own their own music and movies, it’s

    • the iPhone has the most cooking apps of all

    • the iPhone’s push notifications are particularly suited to flight updates

    • The iPhone has very deep integration with Twitter and Facebook, making it easy
    to post status updates to either

    • the “retina” display, which is a screen that is theoretically so pixel-dense that the
    human eye cannot detect individual pixels, it’s one of the sharpest displays on the

    • App Store was very popular, and achieved over one billion downloads in the first
    year, and 15 billion by 2011

    • Smartphone Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates
    Manufacturer Score
    Apple 2010 810, #1
    Apple 2011 838, #1

    • August 2011 there were no known malware or spyware apps in Apple’s App Store

    • Which smart phone has the best camera? The iPhone without a doubt. Even people
    with Android phones always say that the iPhone has a better camera.

    • We crown the iPhone 5 speed king after pitting it against every other
    iPhone we’ve tested, along with today’s top Android phones. “The iPhone 5 looks to
    be the fastest smartphone we’ve ever tested at”

    • iPhone 5 , the fastest handheld computer sold in the US.

    • mobile tech review Editor’s Choice 2012.

    It’s just a Phone idiots go call your mother

  74. Android Application Says:

    I have been exploring for a little for any high-quality articles or blog posts in this sort of area . Exploring in Yahoo I ultimately stumbled upon this site. Reading this info So i’m glad to show that I’ve an incredibly just right uncanny feeling I came upon just what I needed. I so much no doubt will make certain to don?t omit this web site and give it a look regularly.

  75. Тим Says:

    Сасунг и Эппл 2:0 невероятно

  76. King Says:

    Hey hey hey…You guys forgot about the Hd puremotion display and camera? Which owned the Nokia Lumia 920?With the newest os windows 8. Come on guys first check it out then you will knw whats the meaning of Nokia

  77. Iris M. Says:

    I think the people who are unhappy with this top ten list need to stop acting like teenagers fighting over a football team and instead write their own top ten lists on their own blogs.

  78. Lisa Scheuplein Says:

    I just got a Samsung Note II. I have not had this much interest in something I bought since I bought the new VW Beetle first year it was out. It works beautifully.

  79. john tech Says:

    Z10 all the way for me. Faster browser than iphone5 and galaxy sIII. I have actually never met someone with a Windows Phone to do a test with but I would be surprised if it beat my phone. Fastest browser in the world, including desktop browsers chrome, safari etc. Never lags, 2 gigs of ram let’s me run circles around iphone when it comes to actually accomplishing tasks. I know everyone here thinks BlackBerry is dead, but before you head off into the sunset give the z10 a look. It’s the best piece of tech I have ever bought.

    Now excuse me, have to go return my Mac mini I7 that has never worked properly. Apple is going down hill fast

  80. Mike Says:

    Very impressed with Z10: fantastic UX and UI. Very efficient experience and lag free. Highly recommeded.

  81. Zach Says:

    Just as a side note. For your #10 (Google Nexus 4) you have a picture of a MOTXT907W (Droid Razr M – White) may want to grab the correct photo.

  82. Charlotte Says:

    Where’s sony experia? Thats a great phone!!

  83. Tim Says:

    One of the key selling points of the iPhone is the fact the screen is the size it is, why would I want a phone that has the same size screen as a tablet and doesn’t fit in my pocket?

  84. siddharth Says:

    BlackBerry Z10 is definitely my dream phone!!!Because its price is dream for me to buy that phone….

  85. Iphone lover for life Says:

    Iphone 5 rocks !!! Just because you dont see see colorful screen that it is old.
    Talking about the Samsung, it is all about increasing the Size that’s all. Just make use of ur full memory samsung has to offer then u will see why samsung s*cks monkey balls.
    HTC is a burning b*tch beacuse they r only made for Polar bears and not for Homosapiens….
    And wait till u see the Samsung change their headphone designs(obviously copying the Apple).

  86. Marc Says:

    I would love to get a BB Z10. The only problem is after 4 years of using a Palm Pre’ that runs WEB-OS which could have thrashed anything out there if HP did not bail on it and continued to improve on it, I don’t want another Orphan Smart Phone.

    I have used IPhone’s and honestly I am not impressed. In my opinion it is a device that is made mostly for the Mundanes. If you like a locked phone that Big Brother has full control over and like the clunkiness of the OS, then by all means get an IPhone.

    In Apple’s defense, I do have to say the hardware build is beautiful and they do offer a good user experience but after using WEB-OS, IOS just does not flow as smoothly as I think it should. My 4 year old Palm is slow and the hardware is horrible but the operation is smooth.

    So now I am left to make a decision for a new device and even as much as I like the Z10, so far it looks like it will be left in the dust.

    My only other choice right now is the Samsung Galaxy S4. I will take a good look at it when it is released.

    Until then it is just me and my Pre’.

  87. Smart Phone Says:

    Al phones are awesome i am currently using galaxy SIII , smart touch phones with big screen displays are the ones a lot of people prefer using. Now Samsung S4 is coming i am waiting this too….

  88. JimBo Says:

    I’m wondering why the picture in the review of the HTC One is not of a HTC One? (Maybe it’s some prototype from last year??) Now that I have one in my hand I have to say it’s by far the best looking, feeling, sounding and operating smartphone I’ve ever seen.

  89. John Te Says:

    Apple is a smart phone that… somehow lacks features these days.
    People tgink that apple is better… guess what it isnt. Apple just got a
    Name… but one day apple will fall… samsung, sony , htc, lg. Etc. Are way better
    Smart phone… apple uses ios and its so simple…but it has few features unlike
    Thise other smart phone

  90. darren Says:

    I just don’t get it side by side my android phones always change minds of mindless iphone users out performing them at just about every step plus anybody that really uses there phone to watch videos or any leisurely things couldn’t really want those tiny things for entertainment LOL way to little and thick for me

  91. Dom Says:

    I have had 2 Androids and 2 iPhones. Here are my conclusions. The iPhone is the definite winner in my eyes because it is just so well designed. It doesn’t have the best screen resolution or the fastest CPU. What it does have is the ultimate combination of everything right down to a science. You cannot compare one phone model to a whole operating system, as is commonly done. The Android phones that I had were of inferior design to the iPhone, the screen was inferior, and the battery life was shameful; not to mention the cheap feel plastic everywhere. I was originally an Android fan because I just looked at the specs, but the specs don’t tell the whole story. For example, the battery capacity of an iPhone 4 is a little less than that of an Samsung Galaxy 4G. Owning both those phones I can tell you that the battery in the iPhone lasts literally twice as long. The other thing about the iPhone is that it is the best designed phone out there. Try to compare any of the competition to the sleek all glass and metal construction of the iPhone 5. No phone comes even close. The display might not have the most pixels, but it has the best color reproduction and is pixelated enough to the point where you cannot see the pixels even if you look really hard and close at it. The accessories available for the iPhone also far surpass those of any of the hundredths of Androids. The App Store also has more apps than the Android’s Google Play. I do like the fact that Android gives you way more freedom when it comes to customizing and personalizing your device on the software level. That being said I have to say that in my opinion the iPhone, regardless of specs, is king. It is the nicest and best designed single phone on the market. At about 34% market share of all phones sold this is very significant. Android wins in that category with a score of about 50%, but Android is scattered over hundreds of devices and no single one will have the quality of the iPhone. I am biased towards iPhones, but that is after owning 2 Androids before. Androids tend to be glitchy, as each phone manufacturer puts their own skin on the OS, and will drain your battery in half the time of a comparable iPhone, especially with minimal usage. One other thing to consider with Android is that it is an open source OS created by Google. Google pays lots of money to create this “free” OS but it tracks everything that you do, what you buy, where you go, etc through that OS since it is an advertising company that makes their money with personally tailored ads. Apple has no interest in collecting your personal data for marketing and advertising reasons; it just adds the cost of the development of the iOS to the phone price. This is a reason that a lot of the cheap phones have Android and Apple products demand a premium. (I have a computer and information systems degree as well as multiple certifications in the IT field).

  92. Dom Says:

    I also want to add that the screen size that Apple chose for the iPhone 5 is ingenious, because it allows you full access to the whole screen with one hand that is holding the phone. I can see why people want huge screens on their phones of like 5.5″ or so. The Apple solution to that is the iPad, or if that is too big there is always the iPad mini. I personally think that a phone should be only so big. Bigger isn’t always better. What if the iPad was the new iPhone, would that be cool with such a huge display? Would that even fit anywhere other than your backpack/back seat? I think that Apple has done a great job of not following the crowd and using common sense instead. Also when having Android I have had my phone freeze/crash daily. With the switch to iOS It never crashed or frozen on me, even on my old iPhone 4.

  93. Cori Says:

    I had a HTC EVO and I loved that phone it was near perfection. Had the opportunity to upgrade so I went with a HTC 4G LTE, this one is even better! When it comes time to upgrade again in 2 yrs or so, I’ll definately be looking at the newest and most recent of HTCs again.

  94. josh Says:

    Had an I phone five it sucks missing simple programs to enhance your experience in the web my Damn echo Had programs stock in it that Apple wouldn’t even let you download one of the stupidest phones ever owned has a billion apps that are crap ill stick with the s4 thank you iphones are for little kids that are not about there business so play around with your social networks all you want and itunes is a rip off

  95. Khurshed Alam Says:

    Where is the Sony Xperia Z? Is the Sony Xperia Z out of top 10?

  96. SKYTALKER Says:

    Here’s an idea: Since everyone seems to have their own idea of which phone is #1, let the public decide by collecting all of these comments along with their votes and then create and publish the list, along with the cooresponding comments showing which phone is considered the best and the reason why.

  97. tony Says:

    i have had an iphone since the very first day that it came out. Trust me the iphone is not even comparable to the note 2. i still cant believe how bad it smokes the iphone.

  98. Saket Bahuguna Says:

    i think since Lava launched iris 458Q with quad-core processor it should come in the series of top 10 phone.

  99. nizamkhan Says:

    nokia lumia is super phone no others

  100. aaron Says:

    Where is the nexus 4? The value packed into that phone and the spec’s should have put it on this list..

  101. odojoe Says:

    Do grade school girls do your pricing? You compare a Samsung Galaxy S4 Sprint subsidized price to a HTC unlocked price.

  102. Harry Says:

    Well, my phone is ‘sort of’ in this list, but with a better OS than the one listed. iPhones are poor but people are sheep, hence their popularity.

    You mention the Lumia 920, which I won’t dispute is a superb device, but I prefer my lesser known Windows Phone 8 device ;) Samsung Ativ S. The Samsung GS3 but with Windows OS. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Android, I used to like it, but this Windows OS is better than anything I’ve used before.

  103. Alex Says:

    Quit complaining about pop-ups. Download adblocker already. Whiners. It’s a solution to a problem that takes, literally, 20-30 seconds. What pop-ups?

  104. Peter Says:

    I have the iPhone 4s so what is THE best thing to do? 1= get an iPad mini and wait for the iPhone 6. 2=Buy one an gs4 or an Xperia Z. ????

  105. KURTIS KELLY Says:

    How is the IPhone 5 in here?! It is not even in the top 20 phones!!!! And much of this list is wrong. I know everything about every phone, if you want a real top 10 go to my youtube channel CommanderMan30. Also, the picture of the Nexus 4 is wrong… LOL

  106. Jerome Mintoff Says:

    What about my Droid DNA? Beautiful 1080p screen (and the 1st one on the market!), great looking, lightweight and slim, blazing fast speed. Can’t believe the S3 is there and the Droid is not. HTC haters.

  107. rosie Says:

    This absurd Galaxy S III Battery use to have a strong battery life that is until Verizon decided to release their version of new updates. It gets worse on every update. Stupid and ridiculous….

  108. STEPHEN RABER Says:


  109. stuck Says:

    guys I wanna buy a new phone for varsity ,btwn note 2 ,s3 and s4,but I want to avoid a clone or a fake one as I bumped into a fake note 2 but ddnt realise it until I ws told ,the problem is that I never used samsung ,am a huge fan of sony tho,gimmi advice at its max pliz

  110. jacklack Says:

    I develop apps for both iPhone and Android. From my experience I think iOS is more solid and iOS dev environment and SDK is better than Android’s. So you will see more and better apps on iOS (i.e. iPhone, iPad etc). If you use Windows before, then of course Nokia’s Lumia Windows phone will be a better choice for you. Windows OS is not fancy but it is solid, fast and get your job done better.

  111. jesse Says:

    Iphone 5 and nokia 920 are available on tmobile. and htc is not available on verizon (so “multiple carriers” is used inconsistently)

  112. jesse Says:

    id recommend against xperia z. it scratches easily. its impossible to keep clean, its by far the “smudgyest” (if thats a word) phone ive ever seen. im not kidding, it always looks dirty. and the screen is off center when holding sideways making texting difficult. and the speaker and camera are eh. for the price be better off getting the s4 or htc one

  113. Wilson Says:

    What the HELL is this list. You mean Sony Xperia Z can not be anywhere on this list. Are all these phones any better than the the impressive XPERIA Z. You are kidding me.

  114. h Says:

    samsung galaxy s4 is very good mobile

  115. mobin Says:

    از نظر من بهترین اسمارت فون galaxy s4 است

  116. Tim Henderson Says:

    You forgot to mention that the BalckBerry Z10 is available at Verizon as well!

  117. Khan Yamato Says:

    iPhone 5 has longer battery capabilities which even makes it last longer

  118. ved prakash Says:

    Android the best mobile platform

  119. Pranawan Says:

    Wow! Xperia z ultra the best Sony smartphone I’ve used.Amazing!

  120. fedes Says:

    Galaxy? no way, that smartphone isn’t that good, is good, but not the best one. Considering the price is ok, but it’s an iphone copy-cat.

  121. Feduke Says:

    All you Apple people really drank the KoolAid! Any task takes WAY more work to complete. You can’t carry a spare battery and if you need a repair you have to make an appointment at an Apple Store (God knows how far away) to get it fixed. I went from an Apple 3 to Android and NEVER looked back. Funny but Android has 77% of the worldwide market. There must be a good reason for the consumer to vote that way. Be smart. Follow the money.

  122. Billy Linville Says:

    Seriously. Androids are for kids. Had the S4 got sick of the battery pulls and resets. The android OS sucks at best. I mean so what you can customize your screen and add silly widgets live wallpapers BIG DEAL!! iPhones do not get viruses very rarely freezes and does what they’re meant to do and it does it far better than any android phone. iPhone is best no contest.

  123. bev bless Says:

    A love my I phones it rock it can do every I tell it to do

  124. Lillium Says:


  125. Aasad ur rehmman Says:

    Good websit

  126. sudip Says:

    do something good .these phones are like beggers choice

  127. Jamal Says:

    This isn’t a flame war. There are things people prefer, which is why there is diversity. Me being the tech person I am, will always prefer android because it allows for such control and customization (Which is why I have emojis and generally the combined features of most top Android phones). Yes it may at times be buggy, but that’s fine, I can deal with that and my phone is rooted anyway. iPhones are nice, but way too simple in my opinion (and not for nothing, but they have taken a lot of features from Android over the years so you Apple fans should hush up). Windows phone is nice, but under appreciated, under supported and playing a game of catch up that it won’t win. But everyone has their preference, just saying..

  128. urvi Says:

    blackberry Z10 & apple are the best cell phone.

  129. AL Says:

    BlackBerry Z10 is the best phone and OS out there right now. Just to bad so many people are brain washed to the iPhone crap and the BB10 phones are so under rated by the media. The BlackBerry users know what I mean.

  130. nazir Says:

    Own Lumia 925, the price for lumia 925 is much much much cheaper compare to HTC one, GS4,Note 3, Iphone5S/C in Malaysia. Even though it is cheaper, but the build quality of the phone is top class, it feels so premium. The camera setup is the best I ever encounter on the phone (except Lumia 1020, I tried before purchase lumia 925), with nokia pro cam, manual control you camera, you can be creative as you can imagine. The display that auto adjust at sunny day, makes taking photo outside sunny day easy. Call quality is superb. Not to mention free GPS, life saving for me, as there is no need for data connection for voice navigation. Email at work also sync beautifully with my outlook office mail. Lumia 925 affordable smartphone that give premium package

  131. daniel Says:

    the best smart phone is definetly a Samsung s4

  132. Pasta Says:

    the fact that xperia z an z1 are waterproof makes the untouchable….. an numbr 1

  133. Manay Says:

    I love apple as in its ipad it’s gestures are very superb

  134. Ashraf Says:

    Some think is better nothing iwdnt low prise smart phone

  135. Daniel Kratochvil Says:

    I love my Droid Ultra. 1.7 dual-core CPU and 400MHz Quad-core Graphics. Running basically stock android with a few Verizon customizations. 5in display.

  136. bryan Says:

    for me the best smart is the one that suits to your need…how functionally it can make you feel satisfied. well, style or fashion should vary on the way you want people to perceive about you while having it. The most important is be smart than your phone…buy something that is really useful to you. Otherwise, no matter how expensive the unit is how technologically inclined that is…if the person using it does not understand the total will be just an ordinary phone..well, for me LG units are really practical. It has the smart functions I need and at the time its simplicity style makes it look good.

  137. talha Says:

    how about sony

  138. iKroneaous Maximus Says:

    Although several of these are no brainers, some are delusional products from Apple, that don’t deserve to be considered in the top 10. It’s only the fact an American web site catering to iFanatics would get inundated with hate email and comments, like the poor court appointed attorney now being thrashed by Apple media because he’s telling us the truth instead of bowing down and kissing feet and other body parts of Apple on the eBook Scandal!!! ;-P

    My pick….. for #1 though is the Galaxy Note 3. Which is apparently Laptop’s pick too. As it’s the only one that got 4.5 Stars! ;-)

  139. Mary Says:

    I like the Motorola the best. True Samsung is a good smart phone but when I moved I can barely get service, I mean my bars are all gone I have a little dot for a connection.

  140. tom Says:

    Sansung mega us one if the biggest phones iut I own one

  141. Josh Meehan Says:

    I find it interesting that we still insist on calling these devices, “Phones”. Nowhere in any of the Top 10 reviews did I see analysis of call quality, talk time or, you know, phone thingies.
    Obviously, people don’t want a phone. We want a camera we can watch movies on, stream music through and occasionally send a text, order a pizza or check our voicemail.

  142. Hébert Says:

    And Blackberry Q10 and Z30?

  143. Hébert Says:

    And Sony?

  144. MAXWELL MEGA Says:



  145. n8 Says:

    what a terrible web site

  146. James Says:

    Thanks for this. Would be great if we could compare all the phone in a table with cost, weight, size, 3G or 4G, battery life, screen, processor, etc. Now there are 10 smart phones that seem great and I have no clue which one to buy :/

  147. Hal Rohm Says:

    where is the list of 10 best ? All I found was a huge commercial ad for the Galaxy Note 3

  148. Marcus Says:

    Well i say that iphone is a good phone the price kind sucks

  149. sangay rabten Says:

    i need a lg g2 but its not avaliable in our cpuntrys market

  150. Petar Says:

    Sony Xperia Z1 unlocked is super!!!

  151. Siddhant Says:

    Is it legal for a 8 year old to have an iPhone 4s?

  152. clackson Says:

    Apple iphone 5s it is the best guys

  153. Tre Says:

    No mention of the LG G2? That’s a shame. But, it’s a subjective list.

  154. seyedmousa pishvaei Says:

    what can we buy in IRAN?

  155. Sam Says:

    How about a few more ads for “Cheating Spouses?” This site just keeps getting more and more useless. What happened? A few years ago Laptop was actually worth a few minutes of my time daily. Now it’s a soulless POS platform for ads and unrelated content feeds.

  156. stanleyopolot Says:

    htc si wow

  157. José Says:

    I really want to buy the htc one m8

  158. Brian W. Says:

    I have a iPhone 4s and that was my first intro into smart phones. Thinking about Galaxy Note3 or should I wait for iPhone 6. I’ve read and heard with Android the apps are not as safe and reliable as those from iTunes. Just looking for my next good phone.. and yes, I try to use all features of my current 4S. Need input.


  159. Pablo Honorato Says:

    Where is OnePlus One? Xiaomi MI3? There is a world beyond “main” brands like Samsung or Apple.

  160. cupp Says:


  161. Tristan Smith Says:

    Who evn reads this?

  162. sohum Says:


  163. Ben's Mom Says:

    LG G2 is better than at least 5 phones on this list.

  164. hamidullah khan Says:


  165. jose Alvarez Says:

    me interesaria conocer precio del hyc uno m8

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