Top 10 Tablets To Buy (Or Avoid) Now

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  1. Nick Says:

    Where’s the EP121?

  2. Jesse B Andersen Says:


    My exact same thoughts. The EP121 should be in there.

  3. Tabletaholic Says:

    Not sure how the playbook gets a thumbs down, the fixes will be out in the next month (along with the ability to us android app) and this will make it one of the top tablets on the market, good peformance and good app selection when this happens

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think you summed it up quite well the reason why it shouldn’t be recommended: the fixes are not out yet, and from your logic it follows that today it

    1- is broken else it need not be fixed
    2- performance is not where it should be hence the need for a fix
    3- there is not much of a selection when to comes to software, because that could only possibly happen after the proposed fixes are out.

    Do you have access to the beta version which they are working on to even confirm that they will fix all that you’ve mentioned? If not it’s just a promise. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    For now, just get something that works today guys.

  5. jb82 Says:

    Can’t believe the samsung tab got a thumbs down!

  6. jb82 Says:

    They include the archos 7 but not one of the other better archos devices???

  7. Dovla Says:

    This is bull s***! Avoid BlackBerry Playbook because it is buggy OS? are you kidding me, this is new OS and yes it is still work in progress and there will be bugs for several version after current one, that doesn’t mean that users should avoid this. it has superb hardware inside, much better than Apple and Samsung (that you prefer), not one device has 802.11 A standard integrated in, only Playbook has. But hey apple got 10 hours of working/hm. watching porn over internet… my question is why don’t you think twice before you suggest freaking iCrap device? after upgrade of iOS5, the device works like crap. I hate when there are so called tech sites, that are actually advertising particular companies (just because they were payed to do so)… lame…

  8. Ronald Schleyer Says:

    Good idea if Laptop investigated Dovla’s complaint that iOS5 ruined the user experience of iPad2. If true, this is important!

  9. Mike Says:

    The Motorola XOOM is missing from your list of buys. Its the best tablet I’ve seen on the market so far.

  10. Cooooop Says:

    I got a Archos 7.0 for my daughter. It is Ok for her. Can not get Netflix. That sucks. For the $$$$. It is worth it for a kid.

  11. Jude Says:

    I own a Sony S tablet and it’s a great tablet. I looked at the other tablets at Best Buy but the different design makes the Sony so much more comfortable to hold and it’s 9.4″ inch screen is just the right size for me. It never lags and runs fast. It has a sd card slot which was a must for me to load ebooks on.

  12. rahrahrah Says:

    How does the Lenovo thinkpad win your shootout and then not get recommended?

  13. mayorbob Says:

    I don’t understand why the Toshiba tablet is left out. The 2 USB ports are really handy as is adding in more memory 2 diifferent ways at same time. This is awesome if you are a photographer. Also carrying spare batteries is very handy in the wild. This tablet is way ahead of the others in my mind but it does depend on how will use your tablet.

  14. Indoor Says:

    The Sony tablet S is the only different tables in the planet. Better than the Ipad IMHO.

  15. Bill C Says:

    Toshiba’s Thrive got my vote…Full sized USB, HDMI, SD card plus changeable batteries. Not having to carry a bunch of cables and adapters was the decision maker. The user changeable battery was also a major consideration.

  16. Gregory Says:

    I agree on what Dovla said about PlayBook’s buggy OS, Android has been most of its life in that stage and it is still filled with bugs and stutters and even Galaxy Nexus works like a broken phone, with lags, freezes and force closes. However, the point is not only the bugginess of the OS, it is also about support and a huge number of developers. You can find absolutely anything for Android or iOS but it is a different story with PlayBook. It looks like it is dying out so personally I wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, while i would recommend an iPad or an Android device, depending on the needs and personality.

    I disagree on Samsung, it is a piece of garbage, add quite a few widgets to your home screen and your device will perform somewhat close to being broken, if I knew nothing about Android I would probably assume the device is broken. User experience on Samsung’s 8.9 and 10 is awful, unless you clean your mem, run custom roms and all the rest of garbage that an average consumer wouldn’t even want to think about, let alone do it.

    In my opinion Sony Tablet S and Galaxy Tab Plus should be on the list.

  17. Gregory Says:

    P.S. Toshiba and XOOM are not bad for this list either.

  18. A Smart Guy Says:

    Why put Ipad 2 on the “To Buy” list if Ipad 3 is most likely going to come out in the following month??

  19. Robert Says:

    Acer??? One of the best tabs for sure !

  20. MaxTechRoom Says:

    Another Apple advocate . . . I bought my wife a Toshiba Thrive and it has more functionality than any of the “i” gadgets. She even has a “Mobile Hotspot” cell card that gives her connectivity anywhere a Verizon cell tower is. And she doesn’t need an external gadget to interface with USB devices. Android 3.2, it works well.

  21. dania Says:

    Well, to each our own. I went for a Windows slate with the purpose of using MSOneNote 2010 as a digital notebook, and light for me. Fujitsu slate which might not be for everyone. With the playbook firesale I went for one as well and with the OS2 update my old bluetooth phones work with it so it’s now replaced my music player and I use it to go across the internet and with various other multimedia things.

  22. Paul Says:

    Have been using the Acer Iconia A500 tab since November. Runs Android 3.2 with the ICS update scheduled for 4/27/2012. Plenty fast, full size USB port, heavy, but solidly built…I love it. I use it all the time in public and I love when someone asks me how I like my iPAD. While I do like the iPAD I tell them, I show them the Acer. After seeing it run for a bit, most people seem impressed will all the extra features it comes with. Only paid $299 on Black Friday, so quite the deal. I know the iPAD OS runs smoother, but using the two tablets for a while, the Acer does a fine job, too. I think the Acer should be added to the list of Android tablets to consider. Thanks.

  23. Mr Perry Says:

    If you don’t have a Kindle Fire then all you have is an over priced paper weight.

  24. Plasnum Says:

    Got the ipad 3 works good, good performance but u know nothing out of the ordinary but none the less a good device. I however believe the blackberry playbook is a better tablet.

  25. Gareth Says:

    When I saw the Ipad at the top I knew this article was crap. The title of the article is best tablets “TO BUY” – Which the Ipad is not cause it is overpriced and overhyped.

  26. Karan Says:

    acer ?? is it make any sense

  27. Marty Says:

    Why would you say avoid the 13″ Toshiba Excite, just because it is more expensive? It may have a limited audience, but why is that an “avoid”. Di you give iMacs the “Avoid” tag for desktops as well because they are overpriced too? What about the Toshiba 10″ and 7″ Excites? They are well rounded units that don’t even get mentioned in your article, and are much more popular than the 13″.

  28. Russell Says:

    The $199 7″ & the $299 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD have a high screen resolution that is capable of displaying HD content. Only the $499 ipad3 retina can make the same claim.

    Both Kindle Fire HDs have 2 speakers at the left and right side of the unit for great stereo sound. The ipad’s speakers are at the bottom of the unit which sounds awful and has no stereo imaging.

    Both Kindle Fire HDs have MIMO technology that uses 2 antennas for excellent wifi reception which results in faster downloads and streaming. No other tablet has it.

    No matter what type of media…movies, music, books, photos and web pages look better and sound better on the Kindle Fire HD than ANY iPad.

  29. JJ Says:

    I would include Blackberry Playbook in this list.
    Despite the fact that its app market has not caught up with android and apple app markets, playbook remains the best tablet in the market. I own, an ipad 2, motorola xoom, and playbook, the only advantage the other two might have is bigger screen, since playbooks come in 7″.
    anyway,.. please avoid making biased reviews, give credit to all the “top” tablets equally.

  30. KM Says:

    I am a parent trying to by a reasonably priced tablet for a 5 year old that can operate an Ipad. Any suggestions?

  31. Bianca Says:

    Thanks for pointing out some of the best and some of the worst. I didn’t know that it would be so difficult to pick the perfect tablet, but I keep hearing from many of my friends and coworkers at DISH that the new iPad is the way to go for what I’m looking for. I want to give my brother a tablet to work with the new DISH Remote Access app that he’s been using on his Smartphone, but he’s been complaining that the screen is too small. I just need something 7” or larger so that he can watch live TV or his DVR recordings and actually see what he’s watching. The app has given him something to do on his downtime at work, and since I keep hearing that the iPad’s Retina display is unmatched by any other tablet, I believe that I’ve found my answer. Thanks!

  32. Cory D Says:

    This article is so outdated. the Galaxy Note 10.1 is an excellent tablet and I intend to buy one in the new year. the Galaxy Tab 2 is also a very good tablet. Outside of the iPad’s screen, it does not compare to the Note 10.1 (Quad processor and 2 GB of RAM with the Jelly Bean update rolling out as we speak.

    You want a toy? Get an iPad. IMHO, it is over-priced. The Note has Work and play (plus a MicroSD slot for up to 32 GB of extra storage). iPad does not have any built-in expansion. You get what you get.

    Plus the fact the software that is included with the Note 10.1, it itself, makes it worth the coin to get it.

  33. Dave's iPad 3 Says:

    There is a reason why Apple rules the roost. Best build quality, so many more “built for iPad 3/4 retina” APP’s. Samsung, an old Korean Company I remember from the 90′s, gained popularity to compete with Sony. Want a new tablet every other month, buy a Samsung. Want to feed Amazon’s digital wallet, buy a Kindle. What good, tell me please, is a HDTV with no or very little HD content? My Motorola Droid Razr is a great 4.3″ mini tablet, dual core powerhouse. Want to be productive and have fun, save up yer cash and buy an iPad 3 or 4. Otherwise you will be beta testing Android and Windows RT forever. I know, I did.

  34. isaac Says:

    I can’t believe it that the ipad Beat, way better tablets like the xoom Acer iconia, Playbook, Samsung galaxy, Toshiba thrive etc. They are all so much better because most of them run on android and aren’t overpriced pieces of junk, the ipad is only expensive because of the name, android is many times better because of the larger app store,android isn’t against rooting your device, and you can download stuff off the internet that isn’t from the app store, believe me I own a apple and a android tablet and I just let the apple one sit in the corner while I have fun on my android

  35. mike smith Says:

    Why do do many people love and hate apple,plz explain, now i have my reasons but am a programmer,so my idsue is the languages. As for the tech its all the same just with 2 or 3 languages on them. I prefere Android as I program in android and am not keen on the other languages. Even most of the people who review them have no idea what there on about,people make me laugh,you wana find a good tablet? Go to a shop and.try them urself,there all similar as they all do same thing

  36. Nik Says:

    The iPad 5th generation may come out in march so the iPad 4 is a waste of money. It’s not even much better than the 3.

  37. Ken Says:

    Apples ipad is the best tablet hands down. I am a software developer. It’s much easier to developer software for android, but unfortunately it rarely sells as well or works as well as ipad software. I could be biased because the iPads have made me a fortune, but go to best buy and compare for yourself. The new kindle fire hd 8.7 is pretty cool too, if you can’t afford an ipad.

  38. Faazel Says:

    SONY Tablet S has poor design for it power supply connector. Just after the 1 year warranty period the pins now do not have good contact anymore thereby not charging. Sony answer is buy a new power supply for $70. Not a good response. I will definitely go for a IPAD more reliable. Have used my IPOD charger for three years now without a single glitch. Else I might be shelling out $70 every year.

  39. Kris mcgovern Says:

    I love my iPad its easy and the retina display is great. However I bought my son for Xmas an asus nexus 7google tablet. He loved it and it supports flash which the iPad does not and its more customizable. So I’m going to pick the 7inch quad ore asus nexus 7 google tablet 32 gig and the picture is son is a techie and he wouldn’t trade this for the world! It also fits in his back pocket he brings it with him everywhere I know it doesn’t have a rear camera but due to the front camera still able to Skype and this thing flies! It’s so fast do to its quad core I only paid 250$ for it so in my mind it was an excellent gift that packs a whole punch for the money. My son is in college and not a day goes by that he doesn’t thank me for it. He purchased a case and a stylus for it and it has Corning glass and a nice rubber like backing which makes it easy to hold. We both think that the iPad is great but way too expensive and after a while you get bored with it and it devalues very quickly my biggest pet peace with it is that it doesn’t support adobe flash! For the money they should get with the program and give us more! My son even gets great free apps from the google play store he’s used my iPad and he totally loves his asus nexus 7 google tablet much better and so do I ! I wish I could trade mine in its a 3rd gen iPad with retina display for what I bought him oh and it constantly updates which the iPad does not so I hope I have answered your question adequately enough ! People go get one and try it out its awesome!

  40. Kevin Says:

    Just one question. why would you compare a tablets to one PC? Surface pro 8 is a Full PC. you can run any app ever produced for a pc. you are not stuck with what is in a app store. I have several app that have been written for a PC that will never run on any of your tables. So if you want to be tied to a store have at your junk. but stop comparing it to the Surface PRO. Just not the same thing. And about your 4.5 hour battery life (what a crock). We use it for your sales reps to go out and take orders 10 to 11 hour days and they never have to recharge because of the battery saving the surface does. of course you cannot watch a lot of videos or play games on it without the battery taking a hit, But again this is not a toy like your tablets.
    So go play with your things while those of us with the Surface Pro get some work done

  41. MarcM Says:

    Another article written by a Apple fanboy….. probably never ever used a surface.

    Enjoy that apple stock, I suggest you sell soon….

    As the windows 8 interface is adopted nationwide and the tablets get better and cheaper, we’ll see where apple is in a few years.

    Remember their history… proprietary hardware has led to them basically going out of business twice.. its only a matter of time until competition catches and surpasses them and their business model collapses again.

  42. extraneus Says:

    Avoid Surface Pro? Really? No place to put the stylus? How about in your pocket or on the table? Where do you put a stylus for the iPad? Underwhelming camera? On a tablet? Who cares?!? ALL tablets have crap cameras, including your beloved iPad. And guess what? It doesn’t matter cause friggin noone uses them. Battery life is fairly low, but that’s obviously a sacrifice to a more powerful processor, so no surprise here. I smell shameless Apple fanboys / MS haters…

  43. NonAppleFan Says:

    I was wondering how did Apple pay you ………

  44. Karla McClain Says:

    I am disabled and spend a lot of time in bed, Please tell me what if any tablet would work best for me.

    I am looking for a tablet that I can do Hulu plus and Netflix on, as well as Facebook, email, iTunes, and the kindle app.

    I am wondering if any of these have USB ports or can interface with my lap top to download documents. I would just use my home wireless as I don’t have a data contract on my phone.

    Please, would any of these cover all of the things I would like to have or do I have to give something up?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  45. E Says:

    What is currently most powerful tablets in market right now for multimedia? Basic photoshop usage and watching movies. I think most tablets are pretty weak unless I am sorely mistaken?

  46. Patsy Cirzan Says:

    Let’s face it! Some cannot acknowledge success of any product! There is a dire desire to destroy that
    which works. Go figure…
    On the web, we have no fear of insulting people, places or products.
    Too bad…grumblers live by grumbling.

  47. Andy Tab Says:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is a perfect Christmas treat! I have it and I have to say that it’s awesome, totally 9/10. More affordable than the Note 10.1.

  48. dave Says:

    relax guys its only someones opinion on a website, you don’t have to agree with it. perhaps if you spent less time glued to your tablet and more time actually living life you might be less uptight

  49. joey Says:

    what about the La Pan tablet? is it any good?

  50. Jasmine Says:

    I actually agree with his placement of the surface and I honestly hate apple. My personal experience with windows 8 on my computer and on a tablet has left me wanting more. I prefer windows 7 on my laptop and I feel more productive with an Android device than a windows 8. Although I hate to admit it, apple does have more support in the app department especially in real estate, medical, and educational apps, but android isn’t too bad off. I can’t see windows 8 catching up any time soon…

  51. Jack Says:

    The Nexus 10 is one of the quickest tabs I have used, and I have used a bunch. With th 2 GB of memory , the 1.7 ghz, processor and besr screen ( ipad dam good ), make it, in my opinion, the best tab out.

  52. Matt Says:

    The only sensible product on the avoid list is the Surface Pro. We are obviously going to put the other products on the avoid list since their company names are irrelevant and lesser known.

  53. Joey Says:

    I have never in my life see so much people leaving negative review, what the &^$% is wrong with u people. I for one, I’m looking for a tablet to buy, I just can’t get a undivided answer from none of you. After my own research, i think the hisense sero 7 pro is the tablet for me. You people can go ahead a rant about expensive tablet. but from what i read they don’t hold up to Hisense Sero 7 Pro. None of ur tablets are ready for Hisense.

  54. tescolaptop Says:

    How come thumbs down for Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1? Is it because of the price? I was thinking of buying one for my wife birthday looks like I better to avoid it.

  55. Holly Fitzgerald Says:

    What is the difference between the I pad 1 and 4

  56. janet rizzo Says:

    I have a LePan and I love it. Easy to use. Affordable.

  57. mike hasenstab Says:

    I bought a Motorola Xoom tablet one year ago, and it died two weeks ago. It simply blacked out, will not take a charge and it died. Geez–$450 for one year? What a deal!!!!!!

  58. ar Says:


  59. Karl Says:

    The kurio 10′s is really poor

  60. Matt Says:

    Recently picked up the Asus MeMo Pad HD 7… For $150 this thing is a steal, I can’t believe the performance you get for such a cheap tablet, Asus pulls through again.

  61. I'm awesome!! Says:

    where are you getting this “avoid” or “buy”from?? I’m just curious!!

  62. joe grave Says:

    asus 7 tablet new 3 months ago dead screen already will not boot at all $150.00 hard earned money wasted thanks asus

  63. martha martin Says:

    The RCA 7 in tablet is the worst product I have every purchased and RCA will not back there product. I bought 4 of these at christmas and all four have stopped working and RCA will not fix them or replace them

  64. Greg Fester Says:

    Any tablet with a crappy wifi pickup is in essence as useful as shaving mirror to a blind man. Problem is that reviewers seem not to appreciate that fact and barely mention it in their drooling over the general performance of an individual tablet.

  65. Greg Fester Says:

    Any tablet with a crappy wifi pickup is in essence as useful as a shaving mirror to a blind man. Problem is that reviewers seem not to appreciate that fact and barely mention it in their drooling over the general performance of an individual tablet.

  66. rob Says:

    5 tablets I can’t afford 5 tablets I can afford..the best reviews are for the stuff that most people don’t want

  67. Steve Says:

    I recently won a Sony tablet at a charity auction. Having used it for a few days I’m left wondering, what use is an android tablet? What does it actually do? I can’t print from it. I don’t seem to be able to copy, cut or paste text. I can’t drag and drop photos on a website. Is it really just for reading the news and watching youtube videos? My old windows xp netbook does everything the andrid tablet does and a whole lot more. The tablet is going on ebay.

  68. javana Says:

    make frindship..

  69. Pam Stroud Says:

    I have a D2 tablet and it will not connect to the internet unless I am sitting right next to my modem. I have called the tech support and have received emails to help me but I have not used the table 1 hour since I got it. Is it the brand, the tablet or did I just get a bad one?

  70. Allan Smith Says:

    I must be missing something???, I’ve got a Nexus 7 and my wife has a Nexus 10. They beat their Apple opposites hands down. Don’t waste your money on anything else and on top of that, you get first dibs on system upgrades – whoo hoo!!!.
    Mind you you’re absolutely right about the cheap Chinese crap you listed. I’ve got one of those too!.

  71. monti Says:

    this article would be useful if, useful is instead of telling us that cheap tablets from unknown brands aren’t worth buying, it told us witch expensive tablets we shouldn’t buy and witch cheap tablets we should buy.

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