Top 10 Tablets Available Right Now

Tablets put everything you need right at your fingertips, from the Web and Facebook to games and email. And while these devices started as mere PC companions, they’re becoming powerful enough for all your computing needs. The trick is getting the right slate for you. 

While iPads provide the best app selection, there are plenty of compelling Android alternatives, including affordable 7-inch tablets. Windows 8 slates and hybrids target more productivity minded shoppers. Kids can also find compelling mixes of fun and education. At Laptop Mag, we test and rate all the major tablets based on design, features, performance, battery life and value. The very best devices make our top 10 list. 

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  1. donny sosa Says:

    #11 viewpad7 viewsonic

  2. Chris Simmons Says:

    I have nothing against Apple but I had the new ipad and coming from Ginderbread on my phone, thhis was a disaster!

    Yoou need an app to copy text? I never heard of such a thing. Then once I emailed all my documents to myself, of course I needed a $15 pay app to actually use them.

    NO THANKS Apple, I’m not able to give up the amount of free apps (or apps free to try) and be limited by what Apple says I should do with a tablet.

    Once you go Android, you never go any place else. In my opinion of course.

  3. Meredith Says:

    I’m with Chris on this…… I use my apple air all the time and love it …but the ipad is not a business tablet. For kids who want to play games and watch tv ..ok but grown ups with business needs will find that this tablet is far from a top performers! I’m not even interested in what the Ipad 3 has to offer …I know it will not serve my business needs!

  4. IrvingLiquidator Says:

    Chris you are a woefully inexperience user… their are over 500,000 apps for the iOS (that’s what runs the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) many of them are free versions or lite versions. You absolutely don’t need to pay $15 to copy and paste text. It’s inherent in just about every app. You could also download one of about 5 free apps (Including registering for iCloud) that would allow you to access files from a variety of places. i.e. Drop Box which is free.

    Meredith – what kind of business are you in?? Probably low level… I’ll grant that you are not going to be able to do accounting work using the spreadsheet apps available but you are able to review documents that are very sophisticated. There engineers using the iPad to preview and comment on industrial design work. Once back in their offices they can use their primary computer to make their changes. Part of understanding the iPad is knowing what it does extremely well (better than all other tablets) and when it’s time to use computer.

  5. Darcey Says:

    I have to say I’m a little surprised the Blackberry Playbook didn’t make the list. Yes it lacks apps right now. But the second version of the OS will have Android support. It has hi def graphics, Flash support, true multi-tasking, even great sounding built in speakers. Blackberry has it’s problems but they make a heck of a tablet.

  6. Kieth Martin Says:

    Ummmm what about the Toshiba Thrive????????????? Full HDMI slot AND a full size usb input. Yes $400 is alot but it runs as good if not better than any of these on the top 10 list. So how did the BN nook tab make it on the list? A company who has been shutting down its paperback stores in bulk and may go down forever. No future support makes this one a hard one to swallow.

  7. Smithow Says:

    Toshiba THRIVE ?? It was voted “BEST BUY” by Smart PC magazine. The ONLY tablet with a replaceable battery + USB, Micro USB and SSD input ports. WHY no report on THRIVE

  8. Meggeler Says:

    @Meredith, for grown ups who have grown up with computers ( AKA old folks) it is wonderful. I really tend to ignore my iMac the inbox is is unread because I read them on my iPad. RSS feeds are wonderful on the iPad so no need again. I even have a app! DirecTV allows me to even watch TV on it!

    I don’t think anyone suggested they were read to “serve my business needs”. If you don’t care for tablets, ignore them.

  9. stever Says:

    iphone and ipad are old school and irrevelant by the month. galaxy is the new product to beat. so smooth and customizable.

  10. Walka Says:

    Yet Apple’s iPad is #1…

  11. Brian Keith Says:

    Where’s the Cisco Cius? It’s the only android tablet that is a true HD video endpoint as well as a centrally managed enterprise business tool.

  12. Whattttt? Says:

    Whattttt? Need to buy an app to copy, sounds like someone who never learned how or a shill for android products.

    I have both, Ipad is infinately easier to use.

  13. Jeff Says:

    You don’t need an app to copy text, that’s just an absurd thing to say. You also don’t need 15 dollar paid apps to open and edit. That’s the truth……

  14. Jeff Says:


    I am glad you speak for all business users, you must not be a very senior person with your closed mind and shallow responses. I guess doctors, librarians, musicians, editors, photographers, electronic maintainers, soldiers, sales associates are all just kids watching tv and playing games.

  15. Sterling Johnson Says:

    You don’t need to buy an app to copy on an iPad. You either don’t know what you are writing about or are deliberately lying. I do serious work for business every day on my ipad2. It has completely replaced my lugging around a laptop.

  16. Nathan Says:

    I can’t help but think that Steve Jobs would be rolling on the floor laughing if he saw the Lenova Thinkpad with a stylus tied to it by a string!! If Steve thought the iPad needed a stylus, there is no way it would leave the design room like that. The stylus would be Bluetooth, and if it was out of range (lost), it would alert you.

  17. Syslink Says:

    What happened here? Was an INTERN told “hey we need to publish something about tablets” so he/she picked the first 10 they came across and published it. Had they did a little homework the THRIVE would have made top review. Sad, Sad, Sad…..

  18. Exiled Says:

    Yes, I concur with Darcey above, the RIM PlayBook is a great piece of equipment and should have been in this list. And more apps are coming by the day. I am a business user and this tablet is perfect for me, of course has to be paired with a BB smartphone to maximise its potential. I am anxious to see the version 2 of the OS.

  19. Diyon Says:

    RIM’s PLAYBOOK should be included in the list. If not for the size of screen and lack of rich app market, it would definitely become #1 tablet in the market.
    ability to multifunction, best front and back cameras, HD video recording, kick ass processor……… best one ever, and at the moment cant beat the price!

  20. PC Says:

    Playbook, has the best Internet browsing, support more movie formats, beautiful screen display, smaller size for carrying, 32g memory and $250 price, it should be the best value tablet on the market. I would buy it just to storage music videos download from Youtubes.

  21. Robert Says:

    1# ipad2 2′ is acer 3 , is Samsung !!!!

  22. Wakeup Says:

    Not sure why everyone is touting the tablet they particularly own as the best, but the two that are worth looking at are the iPad 2 and Transformer Prime. That’s it. The others work just fine, and fulfill the needs of many, I’m sure, but in the search for the BEST, Apple’s offering beats most in terms of the OS, usability, and App support, especially in the medical field (for which there is little to no competition on Android. At all. If you’re a doctor, close this article and go buy an iPad.) Purely circumstance though. iOS was out well ahead of Android, and as such has had a monumental headstart in App development. That being said, in terms of something to replace my laptop for work (documents, email, attachments, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.) I would only choose the ASUS Transformer Prime. The other Android Tablets, in comparison to the iPad, are mediocre (With the exception of the Galaxy Tab 10.1). The Toshiba Thrive falls into this category, because of it’s bulky size and yawn-worthy specs. I get it. You own one, it works great and does everything your heart desires. But it simply isn’t jaw dropping game-changing stuff. Same goes for the Playbook, although an OS update could certainly help.

    Moral of the story? Cut the writer some slack. IPad users will never acknowledge the existence of a comparable device, and most of them are unaware that the superiority comes solely from the ease of use and App selection. Android does have one champ right now, and that’s the Transformer Prime with Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich.

  23. Knock Knock Says:

    For Business Users: Enterprise ready platforms, HDD Encryption, VPN Support, Multi-email Protocol Support, compatible Apps, Cost, security, flash support, compact size …..etc ANDROID wins overall.

    For Home Users: it’s a personal Choice, however Apple offer easy to use interface, unique performance & features for housewives , kids, teens,….etc
    Apple wins overall ( Apple next iPad will charge your credit card if you breath a non “Apple” O2)

    Unfortunately, sometimes people are driven by their emotions when publishing reviews and / or need to find an excuse for their purchase.

    Excuse my sarcasm, sometimes I can’t hold my self.
    Hope this will help.

  24. Dean Smith Says:

    W500 should be on the list, full windows 7 support and it works well.

  25. pheak Says:

    Perfect all of them top 10 tablets. I’m love it all

  26. alyy2012 Says:

    my mom used to have an iPad and it was crap. She sold it and got a toshiba tablet and it’s much better, I have the Acer A500 and I loveee it! I also have an ipod touch and it too is junky. the only reason i still use it is because of the music that’s on it

  27. Bob Says:

    BB Playbook OS destroys both IOS and Android. You know the people who wrote this are TECHNO-Tarded (technically challenged) when they include readers and skip over the best platform available. They probably took some kids word for it at Best Buy.

  28. joe Says:

    i believe the sony s tyablet should be top on the list with its unique design feeels like a book and can use as an ebook reader yet have the capability to control just about and media device you can think of of any brand,you can control cable boxes,dvr ,dvd-vhs,blueray,tv,stereos,projectors cant do that on apple also i have been able to install windows xp on my tablet and also run ics on it so has multi uses unlike the ipad there are other markets like google that offers free apps not found on the market and u can get virtually any app for free off the internet without having to fork over a dime. has sd slot which ipad does not it is an offical playstation device so has playstation games and can download more also wii and ps3 remotes work great when playing super nintendo emulators or any game for that matter,last about 10 hrs of battery life .and not restricted by apple is the best .no plan needed i have rooted my android so i can teather virtually anywhere i want to use my tablet without a monthly fee for it .Ipad sux Sony is stepping up there game

  29. Georgie Says:

    A lot of hype behind this tablet and I am not a fan. I need a tablet I can use for everything; school, work and entertainment and the ipad is far from achieving that. The ipad is a toy, worthless for any practical use. It operates on Apps, which will cost money if you need real use out of it. There’s no SD card slot, USB or HDMI ports. Without any of these option, I find ipad to be extremely user unfriendly.

  30. tony Says:

    Asus prime is the best hands down……. Hears my reason why: for one you have to buy songs from i store for two for the 32 g cost almalmost 800 dollors and last but not least to watch and down movies once again you have to pay….. I feel it is best for rich people
    not the common person….. Now if you want to spend all your hard earn money to make somebody else rich hay go aheead, not me….i work to hard for my money to give it away to apple……But asus prime is the best everything is free…..

  31. jack Says:

    @IrvingLiquidator :
    Can you try making a word, excel or ppt doc or download a music file attach it to your mail to sent it to some one. Atleast transfer a contact from some other device. Concept of a tablet was try and replace your laptop with a more portable device. Ipad is incomplete without a computer (itunes) unlike android. Android may not be as polished as IOS but it does everything every ones wants to do with their tablets or phones without the support of a second device or a PC suite. Try android and see what u can do, then compare with apple ( at expense of just $200). Android handles almost every format of everything, even torrents. Play divx, mkv, flash , audio files etc just by drag and drop or direct download (all this for free).

  32. Wole Says:

    The truth is, Android is better. Period

  33. Draeger Says:

    I vote for any Android device mostly because I am an old school Linux user and Android is practically a first cousin to Linux. Android is easy to edit, code and build apps and custom Roms to make the OS into whatever you like. I have a variety of Tablets to play with. They are all rooted and I enjoy them all. (Dell Streak, Samsung Media Player 5.0, ViewSonic Gtab, Acer A500, Samsung 7″ and 10″, and half a dozen smaller brands straight from China, France, etc…)

    I avoid Apple and Microsoft as much as possible because I don’t like being restricted in anyway by a tyrannical company like Apple, Microsoft or if we want to get political… the Obama Death Machine and its band of Obamites trying to run us into the ground.

    Enjoy what you have, while you have it…

  34. droidedout Says:

    @draeger, funny stuff dude. Truth is try before you buy. Im an android guy. Apple seems really slow to me. My wife and i use droid phones and could not be happier. Her work phone is a new iphone and when she gets home she puts it down for the rest of the night and stays on her droid till she goes to bed. She is a law assistant and uses her iphone for phone calls only. Everything else she does on her DROID. Ive played with it some and im not impressed. With that said, it’s all about personal prefrece and needs. I have many friends who love their apple products and i love to show them what i can do they cant. Or what i can do faster. I want to give a shoutout to Microsoft,, yo Microsoft, you suck.

  35. Rose Says:

    I love Apple’s ipad and thinking to gift it to my brother. He just loves Apple’s gadgets.

  36. Mk Says:

    U can say apple has 500,000 apps or so but many are sub standard giving u just the minimum as compared to android. I was an apple hardline user until lately i switch to android partly bcos of flash and the limitations of apple’s close source apps compared to android open source system. I can hardly find a free non-web based Call Recorder from apple app store buy now i am using android free Call Recorder app with full features! Bluntly put, u can get what u cannot get from apple in android!

  37. Kamal Says:

    Looking to buy a new tablet and getting very confused with all the options available. My main requirements are basic cheap tablet that i can connect to my TV (HDMI port or may be an additional adapter). Seems like Google Nexus is cheap and a nice choice but not sure if it can be connected to TV. Any other options you would recommend? Would prefer the price range to be less than $300.
    Thanks for your help.

  38. tabletless Says:

    I really was looking for a great low priced tablet … i just dont want an ipad. To me it seems like everyone says its butt. Well the way i see it this article really didnt help. And if anybody has any suggestions of a tablet that is great for entertainment, id like to see it. Thnx! : )

  39. Sharn Says:

    I am trying to choose between a asus transformer and a Samsung galaxy tab 2
    I am a photographer so do a lot with my photos, I use the Internet a lot and uploading things and a lot of these things my ipad2 does not do like my emails cant upload things , I can’t view word documents or change them and this annoys me , now I want the best for its money and storage as wel which dol you think is better ??

  40. NC48 Says:

    I recommend the transformer. I have used both. I ultimately chose the infinity and am very pleased. Much better than display than the galaxy. Much smoother and quicker browser. I use mine mostly for internet browsing and watching videos, and sending emails w/ attachments, lol. You can get a micro sd card to expand memory. Also, you can buy a keyboard dock that has a usb port suitable for your flash drive etc. And asus confirms it will receive an upgrade to android jellybean. The infinity is $500 for 32gb internal memory; $600 for 64gb internal memory. Both have micro sd slots for cards that can add up to an additional 32gb.

    I was in exactly your same position before I chose the transformer. I did a lot of research. Here is the review that helped me most:

    Good luck on your tablet choice!

  41. RAIFON Says:

    Many tablets are out there and many are good generally but some excel in specialty areas. Apple has marketig and a slew of options that work to varying degrees both good and bad but who cares, it is an Apple right. The Android models are just as good and are generally better priced than Apple but perception is the marker here. What everyone is missing is that when you compare price, quality security and speed the Blackberry is the winner hands down. What they don’t conform to is trying to be everything for everyone and focus in on what they do well. The speed and security of BB is untouched by any of the others but struggles with the App index even though 60% of the Apps offerred by Apple and Android machines never get used. Simple inventory, security, quality and unbelievable pricing make BB the hands down winner never mind the marketing BS.

  42. John U. Says:

    Hmmm. Why is Sony Xperia Tablet, Toshiba Tablet, Blackberry Playbook, Motorola Xoom tablet not included in this list?

  43. Rick Says:

    I agree with some of the frustrations of other post about the IPad for business users. I purchased the Samsung series 7 slate PC Tablet. Finally sonmething that the business user can use for work. My iPad is great for checking email fast and searching the web. My PC tablet running Windows 7 and office 2010 is great. I like everything I can do with exel, PowerPoint,publisher.word and even Note with the stylis pen is fantastic. My PC tablet also has iPad like desktop with apps too. I don’t think the are are all that yet, but I’m going to partition 20 gigs and run the new windows 8 operating system. I will probably purchase a second PC tablet from Microsoft for my wife when they come out because the IPad her company bought her for showing presentations like exel, PowerPoint don’t work well on the iPad. My wife and I are willing to pay a premium if a tablet will do all the things a business user needs. Looking forward to Microsoft launch of the Suface PC later this month.

  44. Laura Says:

    I’m wondering if someone can help me. I am looking to buy my husband a tablet for his birthday. He is a musician and the tablet will be mainly used for light recording. Is there a tablet that stands out for this purpose? Also, is he able to plug his guitar in to one of them and record that way? Any help would be awesome. Thank you

  45. Robert W. Says:

    If you are looking for a tablet that will let you plug in a to record your music iPad is for you. FYI being a long haul truck driver I use my iPad every day. Yes there are some problems with it however as for me I have used 8 tablets and I will stay with my iPad. You name it iPad has it or it is on the way. What I have is the 32GB with 3G, that is all I need. As a truck driver there are a lot of FREE apps I use. For you RVers my apps will work for you to.

  46. Bertrand Says:

    As a professional User, Ipad is for home use and for child. Android is better when coming to the professionnel way as it’s more easier to to link to professionnal soft (talking about real professional software not on word , excel…)
    Perhaps win8 on tablets will win in the pro market as some are with PC processors, big ssd and rugetized tablet.

  47. Azzie Lofts Says:

    I just don’t understand why legitimate sites like Fox News, Glenn Beck, and the ohters listed in there “as seen” section allow this company to advertise their products. As soon as I saw the add, I knew it was a scam, too good to be true, but was amazaed to see it avertised on a legitimate news site (even if you don’t agree with its political views, it is still legitimate). By accepting these ads, and allowing htem to use their logo and “as seen on” as part of their site, they add more legitimacy to this product.

  48. navaneeswar Says:

    what about sony, blackberry and hcl tablets which are available at low costs

  49. Shelly Says:

    With the release of the iPad Mini iv found myself in a rut as whether to get the iPad Mini or spend that extra hundred to get the new iPad. It really does just boil down to that considering the iPad Mini phases out, in terms of specs, the iPad 2 completely. Is a iPad vs iPad Mini review out??

  50. Richard Barnich Says:

    After shelling out $550 for the Transformer Prime and docking station(keyboard) I’m not thrilled that it has been returned 3 times with no resolution to my USB & SDHC problems. I either get “No Problem Found” or NO documentation at all on what was found or not found. It
    In addition, wifi operation is so bad that it doesn’t work at most web access points(McDonalds).I get 1 bar, 20 ft from my wireless router. My other laptops get 4 or 5 bars at the same distance.
    If you would check out the Transformer Prime forums, you would find that all is not happy is ASUS land.

  51. Gabo Says:

    and where is the nexus 7? are you paid for not including the nexus devices or what? the worst thing is that this is not the only tech site that do this.

  52. Ben Says:

    I don’t understand why the iPad mini gets an editor’s choice despite it’s inferior screen and jacked up prices. I feel like the price of the product is taken into account for all other products except for Apple. I really like this website, but hate feeling like there is an Apple bias. I realize the iPhones are good phones for so many, but the iPad mini, in my opinion, definitely falls short.

  53. Jeffharvey Says:

    I have got the Blackbery Playbook along with several of my family and my main gripe is the lack of decision making at RIM, for several months there has been talk of offering Android to the tablet but nothing but the real issue and where i’m sure has cost Blackberry brownie points big time is the dragging of feet at RIM of allowing Skype a dedicated platform on the Playbook, come on RIM we live in a world where people need choice and not be the Apple of the past where you try and control what people want, if the Playbook had the Skype facility i’m sure it would have entered the list high up as the graphics and speakers are excellent along with the build quality…..

  54. Deane Felter Says:

    There is another whole world of tablets that live below the radar- some include Kocaso & AGPtek with great customer reviews. Why aren’t these mentioned by the tech reviewers from Cnet, PC World or Laptop ?

  55. Scott Says:

    As much as I love my Ipad, Im ready for something new. Especially since I converted to Droid for my cell phone.

  56. Scott G Says:

    Woah JeffHarvey. Not to disrespect you here but do you really own a Playbook? They have had Android compatability for over a year now. You can even side load Android apps if you’re into that sort of thing. And from what I understand about app programming, it’s Skype who provides the app for RIM, not the other way around. RIM has nothing to do with it.

    I’ve owned the Playbook since it’s release. It is a true multi-tasking tablet with HD graphics, front and rear cameras, HDMI output, fully funtional internet surfing and business ready machine. It handles the kiddie stuff and office needs with ease. With its solid QNX platform, it almost never crashes and if it does, it’s usually third party software related. The only and I mean only complaint I have with it is its 7″ screen and if RIM releases a 10″ version, Apple best look out, I’m not kidding. The Playbook is also getting lots of kudos as a gaming platform. Swipe gestures and no buttons makes usage a breeze. With all of the “best tablets of 2012″ reviews floating around out there, with a price point of around $250 for the 32 GB version right now, the omission of the Playbook from many is really laughable.

  57. priya Says:

    I have Barnes and Noble Nook, it is very good for kids as well as adults.
    You can extend memory. You can store your personal data in the external memory too.
    so many features which are endless.

  58. PaulaG Says:

    I’m in the market for a tablet for my dad, but it’s been very hard to decide between Apple and Android. My supervisor at DISH is an Apple Fanboy and one of my coworkers is all about Android. I spent all day listening to them argue about which is better, and it’s honestly very tiring. I appreciate that this list contains ten various suggestions because it’s making things a lot easier for me. My dad was always complaining that he misses his football games while he’s away from home so I got him a Sling Adapter for his birthday so that he could download the DISH Remote Access app to his Smartphone. Now he never misses a game when he’s out of town because he can watch them live or as recordings from his DVR. I figured a larger screen wouldn’t hurt, but who knew it would be so hard to decide which is best!

  59. michael Says:

    How was the Samsung galaxy tablet not on there it was proven
    Better than the kindle fire

  60. drhappy Says:

    apple ipad??? seriously dude?

  61. Shaun Says:

    Why is the google nexus 10 so far down the list? Come on, I think it should be second. Only because the ipad feels better with the aluminum casing and better battary life.

  62. G.R Says:

    Nexus is Number 1 in my book.

  63. Zachary Bell Says:

    I got my mom one of these (the Apple iPad Mini) for Christmas and she loves it! I also got myself Lenovo’s IdeaTab A2107 (I needed offline GPS, which only Samsung’s 3G/4G Galaxy Tabs and Lenovo’s IdeaTab offered at the time of purchase, and the Lenovo’s lower price was compelling enough for me to pick one up).

    The performance and simplicity of the iPad are amazing… but I clearly told her to keep it locked down since she is taking it with her to many different places and the iPad is so hot, that lots of people, including a few thieves, want one.

    As for my 7″ Lenovo tablet, it’s been a great tablet as well, though it was thicker (and half the price) of the iPad. I especially like the Lenovo’s offline GPS and it’s virtual keyboard, which works great in landscape orientation. I was more comfortable typing on the Lenovo than I was typing on the Apple, so between price, keyboard and GPS, that sealed the deal for me.

    I recommend BOTH the Apple and the Lenovo. I also like Samsung’s Galaxy tablets (Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Note series).

  64. clark tadych sr. Says:

    Just got the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 ….Still trying to use it to its fullest, but it will take some time as it does so much. Got a good deal at Best Buy, $450.00 now its back up to $499.99 . Hated to spend so much money but it was worth it. Hope apps. will keep coming out for years to come.To many features to list but the upgradeable memory and the pen etc are great.

  65. Wind Says:

    iPad mini is better than Transformer Pad Infinity? You gotta be kidding.
    Also, where’s Nexus 10?

  66. helena Says:

    now I’m confused to buy ipad or samsung galaxy tab … so help me to decide which is better…
    p / s: I am a student and love to surf the Internet…

  67. joshua Says:

    I’ve owned a few tablets… I currently own a nexus 7 and note 10.1…. I had a company iPad and hated it. IOS just plain sux at multitasking the gnote 10.1 is the best tablet I’ve used for work… Real multitasking and able to actually take notes…

  68. beccalyn Says:

    I’m confused and don’t know what I’m looking at. I’m looking to buy a tablet for my hubby’s birthday and it needs to have wifi so he can use utube and I also want to put my own movies and tv shows onto it without any trouble. Please help.

  69. Jocuri Says:

    Hello Miriam.
    I have an Ipad 2 and an Ipad Mini. All I can say is that the Mini is amazing .. I simply love that is it smaller and it fits everywhere.
    Thank you for taking your time writing this review for us.

  70. Alsong Says:

    IMHO the IPad Mini is inferior to the Samsung Galaxy 7.7, a product launched more than 6 months before the former. Better screen, great battery life and faster processor. I fail to understand why there are fewer articles comparing these two products. Would the editor care to comment?

  71. PcSuiteDownload Says:

    I dont get it why the 2 ipads are in top 3 positions. Nexus 7 must be in 1st position because of its price and what it is offering.

  72. blank Says:

    top three are
    1( ipad(all models)-suggestion would be to lower cost)
    2(nexus7-great price but not as good as ipad)
    3(kindle fire hd-pretty good but not as good as the first two)

    oh and by the way, tablets are used for ENTERTAINMENT
    do you know anybody who studies for hours on his tablet.

    all these tablets like the bb-playbook, toshiba, etc.

    i havent heard or seen any one of those tablets.
    that means they dont fit into the top three.
    everybody i know has one of the top three

  73. tossbanky Says:

    I love galaxy note 10.1 with the features and functions kudos to Samsung

  74. Rich Says:

    These reviews bring out the Apple cult in droves. Most of these Ipad lovers have probably never even tried an Android device. Once they drink the apple flavored kool-aid the blinders come on and subjectivity goes out the window. I’ve worked with both. Apple products are good, but so are many, many others. I worked in a newsroom that converted from PC to Mac and regretted it from the start. Hardware problems were incredible. But that doesn’t mean I dislike all Apple products. My Atrix2 has been a joy. My IPod served me well. Hell, I thought for the year and bang for the buck my Commodore Amiga was the best thing going. Apple lovers relax. It’s OK for some of us to prefer something else.

  75. miss Jones Says:

    Fortunately I had the chance to experience apple in the 80′s and 90′s. Love it but only for battery life and updates that it offers. After praying my galaxy phone which I do everything on i’m in love even more with Android. Yeah there are some glitches but hopefully they’ll get worked out sooner than later. Android is for productivity. I say in church and created a doc that I needed to print before the end if service on my phone. I’ve tried various tablets and I say galaxy note, especially if you constantly need to write or go between items. But to each their own. And because of the fact tablets are more popular I like being able to customize mine and Android doors that.

  76. Irene Sharkey Says:

    I purchased an ipad 4in December 2012. I was attracted to apple due to it having fewer virus attacks. However, I find the ipad limiting because I like to experiment with material from different sites and really the ipad is for window showing and scanning articles etc. The free apps are limited in what they can do. I also fel that I waste valuable time accomplishing nothing while I try to find out how to do x or y with my ipad. I should just turn it off and go use my computer. Hopefully I will get more into this habit and stop wasting time on my ipad.

  77. Rich Haller Says:

    I add my voice to the observation that there are users of lots of different tablets which meet their needs and which they love to distraction ;-). I wonder, however, how many of them have had real experience with another tablet besides the one they love. However, it is true that several people have stated that they have had experience with the iPad, were disappointed and have switched to other devices, mostly Android based tablets, it appears, but not vice-versa.

    I think this is a case of “different strokes for different folks”, or if you prefer, “à chacun son goût”. And also, that the various tablets are aimed at different segments of the market. For example, early on, Apple managed to take over the primary school market as well as other market segments by providing well designed software that meets the needs of that segment rather than trying to be everything to all things. The best publicity is word of mouth and positive experience with a particular tablet can be contagious, specially when the person praising is respected.

    In any case, a review should include an evaluation of a wide variety of instances of the thing being reviewed. This is what is attempted here. To limit it to 10, is artificial and a result of the plethora of “top 10″ lists, but some limit is appropriate. And it is reasonable if you have a limit, to include only those which are in wide use at the time the article is written, with the possible exception of new tablets on the market that show special promise, for example, perhaps the RIM tablet?

  78. tsbletlober Says:

    I own an iPad 2, I pod mini, Google nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy tab, and a windows phone. From my experience the windows platform is excellent. Yet I have been in grad school for sometime and thrive on Microsoft apps. I also love the freedom to load any website I choose. As android is cool but a lot of the apps have cookie type 3rd party adds, plus other junk. Apple is cool if u like the speed and simplicity but I find apple is limited with web surfing. Microsoft is great for web surfing, downloading and downloading stuff. Microsoft is like a mini computer. The only limitation are the variety of apps u find on android and apple. So I would say think about what you want to use a table for andbuy according to that. I am not an app lover but I love to search , research , write-type

  79. tabletlover Says:

    I own an iPad 2, I pad mini, Google nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy tab, and a windows phone. From my experience the windows platform is excellent. Yet I have been in grad school for sometime and thrive on Microsoft apps. I also love the freedom to load any website I choose. Android is cool but a lot of the apps have cookie type 3rd party adds, plus other junk. Apple is cool if u like the speed and simplicity but I find apple is limited with website loading access’ some sites are not compatible with apple platform. Microsoft is great for web surfing, downloading and documentation that can sync to a windows base computer. Microsoft is like a mini computer. The only limitation is the variety of apps u find on android and apple. So I would say think about what you want to use a tablet for and buy according to that. I am not an app lover but I love to search , research , write-type stuff and then finish what i started on my tablet on my home computer. Plus windows 8 is really neat!

  80. Belushi Schweeft Says:

    I work in education and we’re about to dip our toes into the Tablet market. Personally I have owned and used a number of tablets, from the original iPad, Asus Transformer, Acer Iconia W500, Galaxy Tab, Surface RT and having spent several hours trying them out in a number of electrical retailers, i plumped for the Surface Pro. As a Windows Phone owner for over 2 years (currently using a Lumia 920) I liked the style of the O.S but my Surface Pro is now loaded up with much of the software I used on my powerful Desktop PC. That said, when the device is in my hand and not on a table with the stand and keyboard out, it’s a fast, friendly and impressive tablet. The iPad and iPhone are tired, with small (and expensive) incremental annual updates that are simply not worth your money. Android is too fragmented (sorry, the app experience across 3 different Android tablets has been flaky at best). The Windows 8 route is the most expensive, no doubt, but it’s the most flexible. People talking nonsense about Microsoft locking down the system, think again; Windows 8 is a FULL O.S, not a stripped-down mobile O.S. iOS is slick, tried and tested…but old.

  81. Rick Says:

    What is offered by the editors pertaining to the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 was the same editorial stuff offered about the original ThinkPad Tablet. Businessperson’s choice. NOT! TPT-1 is junk hidden behind wonderful Gorilla Glass (the best part of the tablet). Lenovo has major problems with the TPT and has stuck its head in the ground. Thousands of users left to fend for themselves because of an engineering design flaw and Lenovo wants nothing to do with it. (No, I’m not guessing. I’m an engineer and the guy who designed the power switch knew nothing of physics.) I doubt very much that Lenovo has changed their tune for the TPT-2. For thousands of TPT-1 owners, a tablet that will not turn on or off is pretty useless. Lenovo could have gained great customer loyalty if they had stood behind this major design error. But, alas, after decades of IBM ThinkPad products, I will purchase no more Lenovo stuff. Editors, check some durability facts before choosing a favorite.

  82. Michael Says:

    I like both Samsung and Apple Tablets.

    Both have their cons and pros.

    Just take which one is in your budget and suits you.

  83. roach Says:

    apple sucks. The ONLY trait I give apple is the retina display. EVERYTHING else is fan based hype. No expandable memory or FULL customization! What? That’s what icloud is for? Get atta here with that registry crap, I preffer to back up and physically acess my files,music TRANSFERABLE programs,apps. Regardless of android superiority, there are so many options out there. Pass on anything apple. Save the chinese childrens hands from producing overly priced crap. Don’t worry, they have PLENTY of money out of America.

  84. Zainab Says:

    nobody is talking about Dell Latitude 10 tablet.

  85. Alireza Says:

    Asus TAICHI Has two Full Hd IPS screens and a core i7 processor that wipes the ground with iPad 4

  86. Dennis Roberto Says:

    My requirements for a tablet have more to do with hardware rather than APPS since I need a tablet to replace my Netbook while travelling if that is possible.
    1. Size of screen should be around 10 inches, (Have tried 7 inch Samsung Galaxy TAB) and it was almost like torture to read and write E-mails.
    2. Must have a full size USB port that can connect to an Ethernet since some Hotels do not have WIFI in all locations and it is necessary to connect through an Ethernet adapter to the USB port for an Internet connection.
    3. It should have a battery replaceable by the user in the event a change of battery is needed on the road.
    4. I would have preferred to have a Windows machine since it allows the user to perform the task at hand and does not try to do things for you and slow you down.
    So far the only unit that I found fulfilled these requirements has been the Toshiba Thrive up until the MS Surface came on the market. Now I am researching some WIN 8 units such as: Lenovo Idea Pad Lynx, Acer W510, Microsoft Surface, and Dell XPS 10 32GB. So far I have not been able to verify if any of them meet my requirements.



  88. d Says:

    WTF u idiot, android sucks, crap graphics, design and feel

  89. felicity Says:

    im a student in the tourism and hospitality industry. Id like to be advised on which tab to go for between sony xperia, thrive and samsung galaxy 10. Plz help

  90. Mohamed Says:

    i am totally confused with all your suggestion, now i need to decide to buy. which one is best and super.

    Ipad mini or Samsung galaxy 8.0

  91. Anna Attkisson, LAPTOP Managing Editor Says:

    Both have their merits, which is why they both make our list of top choices. Have you used Android or iOS before? What is your budget?

  92. Anna Attkisson, LAPTOP Managing Editor Says:

    The Thrive didn’t do very well on our tests. We did like the Samsung Galaxy 10.1, but not as much as we liked the Xperia Z. Given the choice, I would recommend the Sony.

  93. Bruca nox Says:

    itunes to start a tablet….anyways android tablet = pro, ipad = for people who don’t care how the tech inside works.

  94. Brandon Says:

    I dont understand why microsoft surface is on here, it sucks! its just a tablet, with microsoft documents, word etc. you cant download anything unless its off the store and the content of the store is very limited! regretting purchasing it

  95. Firekai Says:

    To IrvingLiquidator who says Chris is inexperienced and Meredith must be in a low level job – what a condescending person you are. They are absolutely correct in stating that iPads are not for business. Before you get on your high horse I work in IT, and in the area of securing our network and equipment to ensure data remains safe.
    If we had gone with a business grade tablet we would not have had to spend close to $400K hardening these useless devices to hold enterprise data.
    The part of understanding an iPad is to accept it is not designed for business, stop wasting company money putting the crap on the network and spend corporate dollars on equipment that is designed to work for business.
    Instead we have a bunch of wannabee IT people who think they know better.

  96. LOLZ Says:


  97. Christeen Saile Says:

    I’m pretty horrible when it comes to researching keywords. This is why I bought a copy of Market Samurai. Now I just need to take the time to learn how to use it

  98. Steven Says:

    To me the only thing apple seems to have is extremely loyal customers. As far as innovation and new ideas, they have run short in the last couple years. I have owned an iphone since the 2nd generation and to see how little they have upgraded in customization is kind of a let down. I think iphones and ipad are great tools in business as equally as any other tablet for the most part because they are simple and a symbol of social status (if they weren’t made by apple it would be silly to buy one to be completely honest). As far as buying a tablet for leisure and just having fun, andriod is the way to go. When you buy a tablet you want to customize it to be recognizable to call it your own and andriod allows you to do that. People can say what they want at this point but mostly people who enjoy and pay attention to the advancement in technology rather than the name brand will choose android (at this point and time). Honestly young people like myself see apple products used by either old people or people who like buying stylish items. (Im pretty sure grandparents know how to use apple products, that tells you how lame apple is lol)

  99. di johnson Says:

    my parents want to play games on a tablet or something but they don’t have internet

  100. tHE jaCOB Says:


  101. UsedtobeAppleFan Says:

    What ever you do, don’t get an Ipad Mini. I have been a faithful Apple customer for years, but I am now going on my third mini in four monhts. They all have the same design failure and quit turning on after a few weeks of use. Not an isolated incident either. Google it. Has happened to MANY users and I keep getting a replacement with the same issue. Extremely dissapointed in Apple. Will not be buying their products again.

  102. clubdub Says:

    Check out Samsungs smart pc.. its a tablet but with a hole lot more

  103. Marc Evensen Says:

    No Nexus 10? The 2012 version is still a very strong performer.

  104. T.Bullappa Says:

    buy a bull and get apple 16 gb retina display tab free!

  105. Oscar Says:

    It all comes down to the fact that unless you own a tablet with a replaceble battery. Your tablet will be as good, and last as long as your battery. right?

  106. Robin Says:

    Are you serious? Your child? Work & play?
    “Your child can toggle seamlessly between work and play, thanks to the included Polaris Office app and optional $89 keyboard.”
    What a load twaddle.

  107. Gscott Says:

    from the point of view of a assistant technology coordinator for a school district, we will never put iPads in classrooms, due to the unreasonable costs.

    this is most obvious when looking at mac desktops

    when we built a CAD (computer assisted drafting) Lab, it cost ~700 to build each machine, whereas in the digital media lab, the mac workstations are 2 years newer, cost ~1500, are slimmer, but are definitely slower than the custom jobs in the lab, or many other things of similar cost

    i have come to the conclusion that about 25% of the cost of your mac product is for the little apple on it

  108. Zoe Says:

    well tbh i think having a tablet is 50/50 with having an apple product such as an ipod touch or ipad, however i do think that apple is a good brand but has restricitions and that a tablet is better

  109. Lizzie Saito Says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome list, Laptop Editors. May I suggest you create a list of the top business tablet/monitors in the market, like SensyTouch (, and Ideum (www.ideum,com). Thanks!

  110. sarwar Says:

    Good job. keep it up.

  111. Johnner Says:

    Lol, Fuhu Nabi looks like a toy which breaks fast. Come on, there are much better tablets for kids, just the Kindle Firte HDX and MeMOPad HD7,which is even cheaper than that! Fuhu Nabi XD is a joke any way with the XD!

  112. grace Says:

    i must say Darcy, that the blackberry playbook is a poor excuse for a tablet.My sister had one before getting an ipad mini. They are rip offs! No good apps, hers broke after two months!

  113. Courtney Says:

    I’m looking to buy a new laptop, but the one I have is very bulky. I was looking into tablets with detachable keyboards, because we travel a lot. I’m not a big fan of Apple, I think it has a lot of hype. We just need something that will do powerpoint for homeschooling and is dependable. I lean more on the end of durability rather than movies or games. What would be your suggestion?

  114. NVS Says:

    Please suggest a good tablet. I am confused. No budget limitations. Not able to decide which brand / model to buy

  115. Rustyk Says:

    If u want a tablet, I recommend iPad for any work.

  116. nayab bhatti Says:

    I likes tablet plz plz I got a tablet of samsung.

  117. Ryan Says:

    Why is everyone so mean to each other just for giving their opinions? Just because you don’t agree with someone’s statement doesn’t make it wrong.

  118. Ryan Says:

    For Brandon:

    That is the surface RT you are describing. They are referring to the surface pro.

  119. Ryan Says:

    For Rich:

    Amen. Could not have said it better!!

  120. Morgan Says:

    What about the LENOVO YOGA 10+ HD?? HELLO?!?!
    It’s got an 18 HOUR battery life, a built-in stand (like the surface pro) which can rotate and move for various holding/viewing positions, and Dolby speakers for amazing sound.
    2GB RAM and 16GB for memory?
    A bit disappointed that my tab didn’t make the list; more so that a Nook was placed above it.

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