Top 10 Notebooks Now

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  1. C. King Says:

    Good stuff.

  2. Richard Tihany Says:

    I have owned four Lenovo laptops and was always satisfied until I bought my latest one, an x100e in late 2010.

    I have only used it for an hour or so in the last 11 months because it is beset by problems–problems that I have been unable to solve by numerous requests to Lenovo US, Lenovo Finland and Lenovo Argentina.

    A few months ago while I was working in my Helsinki office I had numerous discussions with Lenovo about the ultraportable. Finally, they agreed to pick it up via DHL and ship it to their service facility in Germany.

    The first schedule pickup never happened and they didn’t have the courtesy to phone me.

    When they finally picked it up, they shipped it to Germany and returned it to me in Helsinki with the same barely operative trackpad that had made the machine unusable.

    Last week I called a friend in New York from my Buenos Aires location and he reported that he had the same, exact problem with his identical Lenovo ultraportable.

    A Finnish friend who is an IBM executive then told me that she and her colleague at IBM were’t able to get competent service any longer at Lenovo and she had just bought a Mac PowerBook.

    Is this the end of an era of Lenovo excellence?

    It is sad.

    Richard Tihany

  3. Torgrim Says:

    I am reading this from my Seoul, Korea apartment, trying to decide which laptop to buy my mother, who lives in Texas, for Christmas. Of course, I’ll have to fly to Hong Kong to finish up work before my trip to New York where we’ll have Christmas as my sister just moved there from DC. I travel a lot, don’t know if you noticed.

    Another thing you might not have noticed is that the HP Pavilion G4 does not cost $379.99 as this site claims. Actually, it cost $490 from Best Buy and $457 from Amazon. This is a price increase of 29% at Best Buy / 20% at Amazon. LapTop, why you deceive me!?

  4. Dave Says:

    I just purchased a ThinkPad x220, and the experience has been great. I called customer service just once before I actually received the laptop because I was interested in installing a mSata. Overall, it has been great switching from a Mac to ThinkPad for me.

  5. Mike Says:

    I was using a 17″ laptop while working aboard the international spacestation and I noticed that the lack of gravity made it feel incredibly light. I want to get my sister one on my way to Swahili (she lives in Osaka, but I’m a heart surgeon/astronaut) to perform an operation. I don’t have a lot of friends, I don’t know if you can tell.

    Another thing you might not be able to tell is that the price of a laptop looks a lot more expensive in Yen than it does with the Euro. Did I mention I’m shopping at Tarjey in France for my mother who lives in Enid, OK? Anyhoo, my father-in-law, a Texas billionaire, thinks this laptop is junk but that it should be absulutely fine for anyone in the 99% club.

  6. sourabh Says:

    I just purchased a ThinkPad x220, and the experience has been great.

  7. fadi Says:

    @Dave, just curious as what made you switch from mac -> pc?

  8. Max Says:

    Very Good. It is an excellent computer for my son because it has a processor ideal for college work HP is a good quality product, the offers are tempting impossible to miss … shipping and delivery are excellent

  9. rakeb Says:

    sony and hp goooooooooooooooooooooood

  10. Neha Says:

    I lv sony Bcz of its disply quality

  11. @fadi Says:

    I made the switch because I was having tons of issues with my last few MBPs, and with the amount of money I have spent on Apple products, it just wasn’t worth it anymore. During the past 20 years, I believe my computer ownership 90% Macs vs. 10% PCs. After using my x220 for the past six months, I can say that it has bested my last few Macs in overall experience for less than $900 (though for some reason it is hard to find an i5 x220 at that price right now). Even Windows has improved to the extent where I find OS X superior in some ways but inferior in others. I won’t go into my issues with MBPs in detail, but some of issues with MBPs generally can be researched and discovered through Mac forums (search battery bulge, overheating, noise, Lion installation, etc.). I think reviewers tend to overlook many of these issues with Macs vis-a-vis PCs. My x220 has not exhibited any of those issues thus far. Knock on wood. It also helps that it has a much better screen (I forgot how much an IPS matte bests glossy).

    My brother has an MacBook Air, which I think is slick, and frankly, is the only Mac that is worth the price in my opinion. It is kind of weird to think to I used to be so gungho Apple before. I wouldn’t be opposed to purchasing another Apple product (I am in fact looking for a laptop for my wife and am thinking about a MacBook Air (but leaning towards a ThinkPad or Vaio)). At the same time, it is hard to justify paying the Apple tax when I personally find Windows 7 to be overall superior (albeit very slightly) and hardware that usually bests Apple hardware from a cost benefit perspective.

  12. @fadi Says:

    @fadi It’s been 3 not 6 months so who knows if my initial favorable experience will change by this time next year.

  13. Dave Says:


    I’m going to post only one more time because I just hit an epiphany while laying on my couch primarily web surfing and editing photos on my x220. Right now, with just a pillow underneath, I am using my x220 at about 70% brightness, playing music on Foobar, with Corel Paintshop Pro, Picasa and seven tabs in Chrome open. Prior to this, I was watching a YouTube video, watched parts of a game using NBA League Pass, had a large Excel spreadsheet open, and played a bit of Fallout 2. The battery is still at a healthy 50% (on a 9-cell), and I still have about 5 hours of juice left. Not once did the x220 get uncomfortably hot during this time. I haven’t heard the fans blaring for any significant amount of time. In fact, they are silent now (no hard drive noise either since I installed a mSata), and all I hear is the nice sound of travel from a ThinkPad keyboard. I cannot get this experience from a Mac, period. It would be too hot, too noisy, too slow and suck up juice way to quickly. My wife is sitting on the couch next to me watching the tv, and she is also amazed that she doesn’t hear the noise or feel the heat that my previous laptops have exhibited. I know not all PCs are like this, but damn, I really didn’t know what I was missing!

  14. Made Sudarsana Says:

    My budget is US$ 600. Could you help me which laptop would you recommend to me? Thank you please send to my email.
    Thank you

  15. FOOL BUSTER Says:

    you people are pathetic. Google it and make your own decision. Are you still being bottle fed at home????????????/

  16. Me Says:

    Apple is junk mbp is over priced for the equipment in it. But they have a great marketing department so people that dont know much about computers buy them. Btw these were the top 10 laptops? Based on what? Too random of a selection

  17. Gusomarley Says:

    Any Apple users here??? want to get a pc in bout a mnth. Im thnking Apple macbook pro 15, mac air 13 or dell xps 15. whats the best choice?

  18. J9 Says:

    I am in the middle of the most heinous customer service nightmare with Dell over a laptop. DO NOT GO DELL!!! It broke within the first week, HD fail. When I sent it back, they LOST it, sold it to someone else from their outlet, wouldn’t talk to me at first because my product key# didn’t match their name and address, privacy issues ya know. ??!! Later told me they didn’t have contact information for the name they had.
    Then 2 1/2 months later (Bought it from Costco Nov. 3rd 2011) when I finally get the refurbished one with ‘upgrades’ they sent to make up for all my extreme hassle, it’s defective too. The promised upgrades are not there, and while typing, the cursor randomly goes up into other text I’ve typed and inserts itsself! Every few words I have to backspace, fix it, bring it back to where I was. It’s been horrible. Every new barely understandable tech person tells you they will fix it. They never do. It’s like I’m caught in Groundhog Day for laptops. If their tech support ever says they’re going to “escalate your case”? Know that you are screwed. It will only pass by more supervisors, you’ll be called by yet another person that promises to call back, after approval from yet another supervisor, and it just goes on until you get your next defective peice of garbage. DO NOT BUY FROM DELL. You’ve been warned.

  19. KnowIt All Says:

    @Fool Buster, shut it…the whole point of reviews are so the rest of us don’t have to waste as much time as you do by researching our entire lives away on what notebook is the best. I’m glad there’s people out there like you that the rest of us can trust to ALWAYS do the tedious/dirty work for us, that way we don’t have to it ourselves…thank you so much for cleaning my house and washing my car FOOL

  20. Michael A. Prospero, LAPTOP Reviews Editor Says:

    @Made – Check out the HP Pavilion dm4. A well-built machine that starts at $549.

  21. Madhu Says:



  22. Stumple Says:

    Gusomarley, Unfortunately, my response to your question is the dreaded “it depends”. I’ve been a long time pc/DOS/Windows user going back to the 8086 and AT. However, I currently have a Macbook Pro (Intel), iMAC (Intel), a Desktop with Windows 7, Windows 7 laptop and the iMAC has boot camp and Parallels (XP). It has been my experience that the MAC’s are more stable and last longer then the PC’s. Lion had some hiccups when it first came out but has been stable for me ever since and Snow Leopard was rock solid. Window’s (even XP and 7) tend to have more issues for me (but a lot less severe then early xp, 98 etc.). It took me sometime to get use to OSX and there are some things I prefer how to accomplish in Windows. But for casual/home use, I tend to grab the Mac’s 9 out of 10 times. I don’t really game so can’t help there but I’d expect the PC is better for that purpose. There are things that each do better then the other. I will say I like the Mac screens but my laptop is a HP DV7 (Dec ’12) $400 laptop with poor color and viewing angles vs a $1,000+ for MBP. I expect the high end pc’s would have good graphics cards and top notch screens for similar money as the Mac. I wish you the best on your decision!

  23. Brandon Says:

    I have owned an HP Pavillion G61-332NR for about two and a half years now. I have no problems with it and it still runs fine. You just may have gotten a “lemon”. For all I am concerned, HP has given me exceptional customer service over the years where as Dell gave me almost nothing service wise when trying to update or solve problems. They had good computers but it was updated rarely and it just wasn’t me in the end. It’s a personal preference. I like software updates. Others may not though for they may say it takes too much HDD space, and I respect that. It also may have been because the updates weren’t compatible with my specific computer, oh well.
    All that you stated in your last comment may have been your experience but I can easily find a review just like your’s that goes against Dell. So please next time you want to rant about a company, look at the one you are supporting. I am sure that there are many who are going to disagree. No company is perfect. Don’t punish an entire establishment because of a mishap. Every company has them.
    I bet if that Dell goes bad, you will switch to a different company and talk bad about Dell. That never ending cycle is unhealthy. Just enjoy your laptop and stop thinking/posting so much about others.

    Thank you,
    Brandon Le

  24. Wayne Hancock Says:

    HP Pavilion g series, had a battery fail after 3mths and tested over phone and had a new one within 5 days over Christmas excellent services and a great everyday laptop!

  25. anil kumar Says:

    sony is the Best……………

  26. Felix Says:

    Alienware is one of good brand, but lack of driver update… @.@

  27. aniket Says:

    I am planning to buy a Dell laptop with features 2/3gb RAM,320 gb hd,14/15″ screen,I3 2nd gen for the use of computer engineering.
    my budget is between 25000 to 35000.
    please suggest me laptops falling under the range and send me the quotations of the laptops.
    can u also help me out with the stores in pune where I can get the best deal and offers or discounts on account of gudhipadwa…

  28. Anthony Says:

    The best note book experience bar none is the Samsung 7 series chronos 15.6….A BEAST!…makes the others including the the mac book pro look silly….trust me.

  29. Singaravelan Says:

    For Dell, Aniket expected spec… go with Dell Vostro 3350 series.. good one.

  30. Patrick Leo Says:

    I can’t say enough about my Alienware m11x. Fast, quiet, runs everything well. I am an audio producer by trade and I have a Mac Pro tower and a Dell laptop, and while they are good systems, this little beast is fantastic. Everytime I do a batch process on production files, it is quick. I occasionally start to watch something on Netflix or youtube while waiting for files to finish processing but more often than not processing is done before I’m five minutes into a video. Alienware’s build quality is excellent, and I know it’s anecdotal evidence, but I’ve never had any issues with Dell’s customer service, though I haven’t utilized it with the m11X yet.

  31. austin Says:

    I had a Dell and it was absolutely awful. never get a dell. I have a macbook pro now and it is amazing. so happy with it

  32. Widdy Says:

    DELL computers are horrible and even the customer service. I’ll NEVER buy Dell again. I need to buy a NEW laptop and this is why i am here. I am thinking about Apple, HP or Toshiba.

  33. Knight Says:

    My family buys dells for the last 15 yrs and I hate all of them and tell them to never buy them. Not one of them last more then 2 yrs, there customer service is in Indian. You’ll be on the phone for about 1hr before you start fixing the problem and the read off a list of steps, so none of them are real techs. The only one is the supervisor. If this sounds fun to you, then buy all means buy one.

  34. Jitendra gupta Says:

    I want to buy new laptop in range between 25000 to 33000 , now a day’s which brand running better in india & service also,which model & brand preferred in this range.

  35. Bill C Says:

    dont buy Lenovo. After years of satisfaction buying Lenovo or Thinkpad products, we would always specify them as reliable when reselling solutions. until we bought a T520 for a customer that needed a load of pre-configured software on it. Well it took about a week to install and configure everythnig for trhe client, upon packing it up, we noticed the track pad and some keys started to show wear as if it were a year old already, after just a week. Well the customer took one look at it, said it looked like refurbished which I didnt disagree. It came brand new sealed I know because we opened it. so I took photos of the unit a week old with a keyboard that looked a yrear old and took it back giving the credit to the customer buying another branded laptop. This laptop ended up being our company spare so I took it as my own and its been nothing but problems after auto updates from microsoft it will not boot, I have to uninstall updates running in safe mode. it doesnt run common software and shows signs of high usage when its not that old. I have a 4 year old Thinkpad that looks newer than the T520. I think they are using cheaper plastics. Dont buy Lenovo, trust me. Im now calling Lenovo because certain keys are not functioning or insert into words because the keypad is shot already. The letter R I have to psell check20 times in each email because it keeps inserrting itself due to light vibration even blowing on the keyboard. Crappy computer,

  36. Umesh Says:

    I vana buy a laptop and my range is below 30,000rs.plz suggest me which brand is d best with most satisfactory customer service.thanks.

  37. A Says:

    I am trying to buy a laptop please can you recommend to me the best i had before dell inspiron 1525 core 2interl

  38. SHARON Says:

    I have had Dells, Toshibas, Macs. If you are not used to a MAC and dont want it for s specific reason i would get a Toshiba. My daughter who is a media person wanted the Mac Book for the film making/ editing software.I have had two different satelites the first is a 15 inch and still works just fine and my husband is using it because his much more expensive and Newer Dell – well the LCD screen went out and its slow as heck. The 2nd Toshiba is three years old and 1 13.3 and i work remotely with another program that is like having a computer installed on your computer and it works fine but takes a lot of HD so slowed it down a bit but only in the program itself getting in, once I am in a little faster. So now i am getting what cnet rated as the best new Protege and extremely affordable. for the money you want to spend, as far as laptops, i have read and heard the Alienware is best. Anyway point being i recommend Toshiba. never any problems and I am getting ready to buy Protege which is not even their top of line but heck of a lot of computer for half the price my daughter paid for her Mac and almost same exact Specs . Never ever buy a Dell. Unless its a desktop. and i dont know that much about what they have now but their laptops are as bad as their customer service everything anyone here has said is absolutely true. and they lie.

  39. Felipe Says:

    Well obviously a couple of paid comments in here…

    A bit too much of “just purchased a ThinkPad x220, and the experience has been great”.

    You guys should learn how to copy and paste from different sections of your promotional document!

  40. hitesh Says:

    i would like to how the lenovo ultra portable u410 is reviewed…m waiting for its review from this site before i buy it

  41. Phlewyd Says:

    I’ve owned a variety of different laptops, from Dells, to HP’s, to Toshibas, Samsungs, and Fujitsus. The best laptops I’ve ever owned have had either the Sony, Samsung, or Fujitsu logos on them. Although very proprietary, my Sony VGN-FZ4000-series laptop is still working wonderfully (I’m typing on it at the moment), after more than 4 years of constant use (on 24/7). I’ve had to send it in once to have the hard drive replaced (completely failed… not sure how/why it happened), but Sony quickly repaired it and sent it back my way; I had it back in my house within a week, which isn’t a bad turn-around time, in my opinion. I also ordered an extended warranty, which I suggest to anyone buying a higher-end/more expensive laptop. It’s far too easy to damage one, even by complete accident, and it’s most certainly provided me with the peace-of-mind, knowing that my hardware is insured against Murphy’s Law.

    At the top, right alongside the Sony, would be my Fujitsu laptop, which was extremely portable, feature-packed, and quick enough to run any of my apps at the time (was approximately 4 years ago, right before my Sony laptop was purchased). Unfortunately, it must have caught the attention of another admirer and found a new home; someone else found it necessary to steal mine, when I wasn’t paying close attention to it (don’t get too comfortable in your university’s library, and leave your laptop unattended, even for a moment. Since it was so small, my Fujitsu laptop would have been easy to conceal under a jacket/coat, and I regret not watching out for it, more carefully. As a side note, I did not purchase the insurance/exended warranty for the Fujitsu, which I regret, as the insurance plan I was debating on getting would have covered theft/complete destruction of the laptop.

    Last, but certainly not least, in terms of being an excellent general-purpose laptop, would be my wife’s Samsung laptop. It’s fast, feature-packed, and for being a 15″ laptop, surprisingly portable and light (even with an optical drive and high-capacity battery). It runs practically anything currently available, save for a few high-end, graphically-intensive games, but we expected this, as we didn’t want to spend a wad of cash on it. It has been intended for use as a recreational/around the house spare-laptop for everyone to use, but somehow, it ended up being adopted (laptop-knapped?) by my wife.

    I hope my mindless blabbering has been somewhat helpful to someone out there in internet-land… again, I’ve had excellent luck with Sony, Fujitsu, and Samsung-branded laptops; they’ve all been well-built, more capable than advertised, and provided hundreds of hours of problem-free (or minimally inconvenient) enjoyment and productivity.

  42. Jo Ann Zavala Says:

    I almost bought a Lenovo, boy am i glad i didn’t. We bought a Toshiba and was so happy with it. we bought another Toshiba, it is even better than the 1st one. I will probably buy another Toshiba if i ever need to replace either one of these. I once had a Dell. I will NEVER EVER buy another Dell. it is one of the worst.

  43. pat smith Says:

    Notebooks are some of the most useful consumer electronic products that everybody needs to have. In addition to helping you create word, spreadsheet and database files amongst others, notebooks can be used for communication and entertainment (i.e. gaming). The advent of the World Wide Web has made it extremely easy for consumers to purchase notebooks. At the click of a button, you can browse through hundreds of laptop brands from thousands of suppliers worldwide. However, this wide variety is what makes buying a laptop online quite hectic, especially for first-time buyers. However, before looking at how to buy a laptop online, let’s first of all look at the benefits of buying notebooks from an online store.


    Perhaps the greatest benefit that you stand to gain by buying notebooks online is the wide range of brands accessible to you. This is a huge contrast compared to when you choose to make your purchase from a local computer retail store where you will be limited to only what’s in stock. One of the reasons why local retail stores stock limited brands in their stores is because they are not certain whether there will be a high demand for all the brands. However, online stores are more receptive to consumer demands by offering a wide variety of notebooks to choose from.

    Consumer reviews

    The only way through which you can be certain that you are making an informed decision when buying a particular product, is by reading various consumer feedbacks. Consumers who buy products online tend to leave feedbacks on their experiences with the notebook and the store management as well. Hence, if a certain notebook brand keeps getting negative comments and feedbacks, then you will automatically know that it is a bad investment. This is something that local retail stores cannot offer you.


    Affordability is the chief reason why you ought to buy notebooks online. Since online stores do not have high overhead costs as is the case with local retail stores, you will benefit from reduced prices. In addition to reduced notebook prices, you will also benefit from free shipping. What this means is that, once you make your purchase, you will not have to worry about the delivery as it will be delivered straight to your doorstep.


    Convenience is another reason why you need to consider buying notebooks online. So long as you have access to the internet, you can place your order. Hence, you can rest assured that you will be buying the latest notebooks in the market that will provide you with the kind of convenience you are looking for.

  44. Says Says:

    I’m leaning towards a HP Pavilion becasue it seems to best suit my needs.

  45. fajeeva Says:

    I have used HP and Dell in the past, but recently I bought a Lenovo, this one is way better than all the others I have ever used, the machine is a tank, before buying Lenovo I tried HP and Dell, both had issues, HP G6 had bad display, Dell Inspiron had keyboard issues, and fan was going on noisily, I ended up buying this refurbished Lenovo, it is sturdy and fast. no issues in the last six months.

  46. Says:

    I still think Mac is the best! I have used Lenovo and that was good too. However after using MacBook, I simply can’t go back to Windows Laptops:)

  47. Steve Says:

    I had a late 2008 MBP and switched to a lenovo T420. I love it. It is fast, light-weight (compared to the MBP), and the battery life is amazing. You pay a little more for them but they are worth it. I have never liked the cheap consumer line of laptops though, even lenovo’s ideapad. The business lines are always better.

    I will stick with lenovo until I have reason to do otherwise.

    As with any computer brand, you will have lemons and bad customer support experiences.

  48. Dave Fooshee Says:

    For you, now I toss broken sticks and Muglets with choice hairs and bird poo in air to seek the one truth that you need! Hmmmm??! I eat most of sticks and poo now! I have learned great cosmic answer! It is do not eat poo for unworthy people that believe only in loudest PR firm! Don’t eat poo anyway!

  49. a k thomas Says:

    have had the lenova x201 have had nothing but trouble;keeps crahing unnecessary layering of the their software -on top of windows-wonder if this is a safe computer for buisness-especially with the chinese stealing and piracy;could they have some secret software????

  50. aabb Says:

    @Jo Ann Zavala what dell model that you are referring with?

  51. YoYOyO Says:

    I don’t know about Lenovo/IBM, design is good but quality is awful.

    Sure they are designed well for active road travelers. I’ve owned two and I will never buy another Thinkpad again, regardless of who makes them.

    In 2004 I bought an R51 for $1300. The hard drive failed after 6 months followed by the DVD drive at 9 months. I probably watched 3 or 4 DVDs with the computer otherwise used it to install programs, not much else.

    Then back in 2010 I bought a Think pad L400. That was a horribly designed computer with many of the ports sticking out of the right side including the power cable, how dumb is that??? After dealing with the sleep/wake problems and getting horrible battery life I sold it off. Good riddance, never again.

    The only computers that have never given me problems have been Apple, Dell, and Samsung. In fact I’m still using my Dell X1 12″ ultra portable from 2005, everyday in fact. After finding out it was based on a Samsung product I bought a Samsung Q330 after ditching the Lenovo L400 and it’s been working great for 2 years now, designed and manufactured very well.

    After my X1 dies I’ll probably go for either the Mac Air 13″ or the Samsung Series 9 13″.

  52. RRA Says:

    I’ve wondered about MACS but own a DELL and HP. probably will just update as time passes and stay away from MACS.

  53. Ezekiel Carsella Says:

    I would wait for Windows 8 to get a new computer.

  54. g.sagar Says:

    i recently have a hp laptop . i just saw its configuration and along with 3 years warranty too. many of them advised to take dell, but i couldn’t afford a lot of money if any part of the system gets damage. so i took hp. if any thing goes wrong on this one we had a service of 3years.

  55. SmartPants Says:

    I work in one of the Laptop retail stores, With my experience with the laptops i will say that Apple, Hewlett Packard Lenovo and Asus are the only company with comes up with something innovative and something new which helps people to use the technology in their own way. Toshiba dell acer samsung are waste… their quality is horrible and not really durable. Hewlet Packard recent line ups are pretty neat. go for pavilion Dv6 or higher series than g6

  56. Scotsman´s view. Says:


    I´ve been lining up a laptop for a while and have had 4 laptops in the past…packard bell, Toshiba, Acer and Dell.

    The Dell and the Acer lasted the longest…both still work…the packard bell and Toshiba gave up the ghost after 2 and 3 years respectively.

    The Dell is now aged 9 and the Acer is 7 with both in regular day to day use !

    I´ve looked at all the options for a Laptop and I think i will go for a Dell Inspiron 17 R SE 3D over the older XPS 17 or an acer.

    Why?? You ask…well because the Dell is High end spec. for less money and will hopefully still work in 9 years time !
    HP, Samsung, Lenovo, MSi and the rest for me are untried and untested and i do not know if they can deliver what Dell and Acer can or maybe they deliver like the Toshiba and Packard Bell.

    Feck knows I´m happy with Dell !
    thanks for reading…

  57. genreystore Says:

    i have 3 laptop 2 of them is toshiba ( qosmio and portege series ), and the other’s is asus.
    i really love gaming, so all of my notebook specification are gaming purpose.
    really enjoy with dedicated VGA, when notebook has need more harded configuration on dislay.

    now i have no problem with anythink i’m done causes i had cool stuff on mine.

  58. idol kuh Says:

    i think mac is the best

  59. BornSupercharged Says:

    I think the ASUS G75VW / G55 series should be a serious contender, possibly for the MSI GT60′s spot due to its integrated graphics that make everyone mad. It’s a terrible implementation and there’s no way to just disable the integrated graphics, so your system ends up having to “dynamically decide” when it should use the dedicated graphics card. WHY have a dedicated graphics card if you aren’t planning on actually using it? Don’t say power savings, we’re talking about gaming laptops here that HAVE to be plugged in to achieve full power anyway. You couldn’t game on battery with these graphics cards for any length of time anyway. Integrated in this case is just a bad move, one that ASUS thankfully avoided. Not only that but the G55 and G75 have a much better cooling system. I think you guys should review those and see if one of them can’t make it into the top 10.

  60. Mohamad Fahmi Says:

    i think i love asus zenbook :D

  61. klikmcs Says:

    i prefered choice mac and toshiba ,, because them powwrfull laptop.. thanks

  62. MR. JIMMI Says:

    I would like a laptop to do low budget music videos, and No budget films on…
    my budget is around 800.00
    Help a brother out…….

  63. Lonesome Traveler Man Says:

    Every time I try a different brand, I am severely disappointed. I am very comfortable with Acer. HP? Never again!! Samsung? Never again!! Asus? Never again!!

    After 4 years of traveling the world with my 17 inch Acer 7735G in my rucksack, constantly in and out of airports security and lugged around all over, it became time to buy a new traveling buddy. I decided to try Asus.
    I now HATE the word Asus. After just one month I have traded it in for a new Acer Aspire V3-571G.
    I have regained the love and comfort I lost when I strayed away from my soul mates Acer Aspires.

    Acer is the only one for me. So disappointed with the others. They caught my eye with their BS hype and sales and they tempted me. I was so disappointed. Acer laptops/notebooks rule over all other Companies as a soaring Eagle rules over it’s bunny rabbit prey..

  64. Monoj Roy Says:

    I want to purchase a branded laptop with camera alnog with stronger battery back up. My budget of Rs.23000/-(within).


  65. Pex Says:

    I hate when people assume all Apple users don’t know much about computers. I’ve used computers since the mid 1980′s as a kid then into the 1990′s and finally went to an iMac in 2010 and I’ve been very happy since. Yes, they are more but to compare them spec for spec isn’t fair. First, the build quality of an iMac is superior to anything in its class. The display is far superior. The OS only runs on a Mac. Apple has a genius marketing department and they have always been leading edge innovators. Sadly, the recent issue with the maps on iOS 6 may be exposing them as a little lost without their visionary founder Steve Jobs although Johnny Ive has been the design king there for years. We shall see. But in the computer market, cost aside, I can’t see how people can compare Apple OS X to Windows. I really can’t. Windows, to me, is like a toy vs a polished machine. To each his own I suppose

  66. Sheik Rabala Says:

    I am reading this from my villa in manila, I haven’t been there in a while
    I am wearing my sheep skin hat I bought in Paris, my wife is doing shopping
    In new York you know Gucci and all that. I love laptops

  67. Sasikala S. Says:

    I am planning buy a lap..With the range of 30-35,000.So far….the reviews i have came across..most of them suggest HP is good. Please guide which variety in HP will be best . Thanks in advance guys…

  68. hafiz tri handoko Says:

    I more like apple laptop and dell laptop, but I am using asus laptop for work, I think apple, dell, and asus laptop is the best brand. style dell laptop design very nice, apple is luxury style, and asus modern style :)

  69. Rose4u Says:

    I am an old girl looking to replace one of my two laptops, which is 2003 and very worked well, but now groaning and slow even though I have updated ram.
    I am using a Toshiba Satellite 2007 model so do not know whether to stick with Toshiba, I do like the numeric keyboard as I play use Lumosity.

    I was thinking of the Apple Macbook pro but it does not have the numeric keypad. But I do like the Mc photo saving programme.

    At 71 it’s almost too much to cope with. Money not the problem-well not too much. I like word and paint and excel.
    Any suggestions. I have spent so much time researching and more confused than ever

  70. monu Says:

    i want to purchase a branded laptop with light weight and many feature my budget of 30000/-

  71. Rob Says:

    What are your thoughts on ThinkPad X1 Carbon. It’s quite a beast, isn’t it?

  72. Azaad Says:

    The best rated laptops which run Windows are ASUS and ACER. Go for it..

  73. Doug Says:

    First off, 99% of the people commenting in here are idiots, as are the reviewers. The macs can be taken off the list because of their price. they can be replace with the xps13 and zen pad or whatever it is. the bargain laptop can also be replaced by what i have currently, a gateway nv57h20u. it has vastly surperior hardware, i.e a 17 inch, 1366×720 resolution, intel hd graphics 500, 6 gb of ddr3 ram, and an i3 clocked at 2.10ghz. the alienware can be knocked off by more or less anything on the market with an i7 and a disk drive, and the xps can be knocked out of multimedia by the toshiba sattelites with beats audio integrated

  74. Craig Says:

    Does anyone else find how absolutey hillarious Mike’s rely is at the top of this list back on Dec 29th 2011.. especially after you read Torgrim’s reply on Dec 18th 2011.. my kind of humor..:))

  75. Sreejith Nair Says:

    Please don’t buy a Vaio, as a matter of fact I use to be a hardcore fan of sony. I still have my old triniton TV which is running perfectly well. Well I had bought a Vaio ( VPCSA35gg), in less than a years time it had gone to the servicing centre 3 times, rest internal repairs a lot. I got totally fed up of Vaio, I got a Macbook Pro- happy to do computing.

    Well, SONY has lost totally on its quality and image, I was a totally SONY guy, all my TV (LED 55′) etc were bought because I was a SONY fan, I don’t have any faith in them any more.

    Now they are more keen on advertisement, in India, they have got a film actress model and trying to sell Vaio, probably the Japanese / Indian MD/ official doesn’t know that the fact that SONY as a brand is well know in India, prior to the berth of this model. Guys in India doesn’t need a film actress to select whether VAIO is the perfect brand or not.

    May god bless sony for all the foolishness they do and killing a good quality product.

  76. ameiko Says:

    i im a working mum and i hv bought asus A series i5 laptop a few months ago on may’2012. Recently i brought back to asus retail outlet for fixing the wireless connection coz it was still under warranty period..they said need sent back to asus service centre and it may take at least ONE MONTH to fix this small problem..! unbelivable coz i need to use with my work…!! My son is a gaming user and i bought Toshiba Satellite L800 series with intel core i5.. hopefully this is the good choice!!

  77. Lars Says:

    I would never buy a HP product my entire life, after their digital camera failed working within 6 months. I bought an HP laptop about the same time and gone through many troubles, like screen blackout, could use certain letters on keyboard. Useless brand; i gave it away after 3 years of struggling. My company start purchasing HP and i managed to break 3 in one year. My company has gone to IBM, glad we stop buying this useless brand. They lost opportunity for more than 1,000 computers. Apple is okay, not great to use office on. Dell has the most solid computers. We are using a Dell laptop now for 7 years for personal use and still running fine. We are thinking to purchase a xps 14 next.

  78. JR Says:

    For gamers reading this review – I have to speak out against the alienware hype. Since early May 2012 I’ve had an Asus G75. I paid $1199 at the time for it, with 17 inch screen, Intel 3rd gen i7 3610Q CPU (2.3 to 3.2 GHz boost) 16 gigs of 1600 MHz ram of which I added 8, and most critically a geforce gtx 660m with 2 gigs of Ramon it, dedicated. The thing rocks and has not dropped in price yet that I’ve seen. I even have a dell quad core with 1 gig ram geforce and it runs quite well. Don’t be fooled into alienware (now owned by dell) hype.

  79. rai Says:

    what about gigabyte’s P2542g?
    i’m looking for gaming laptop with reasonable price, any idea?

  80. Stephen Says:

    Wow, it didnt surprise me. Of the top 10 computers, Lenovo had 4 of them. I own a Lenovo Ideapad Y530 and a Dell Latitiude E6500. the Lenovo blows it away. I strongly recommend this computer. I am an IT guy and love the Lenovo laptops. Easy to work on and cheap to upgrade.

  81. Sanj Prince Khemmani Says:

    Get whatever pc and make easy money by looking up for stupid lonely women on facebook.

  82. Jarenda Hiu Says:

    I am looking for the newest laptop on the market place do anyone can recommend for me?

    Thank you,

  83. Dennis Says:


    I’m actually typing this with my thinkpad r51 from 2004-2005. After all these years, it works flawlessly, other than the OS being outdated and starting to get a bit more unstable. You must have gotten a bad one.

    Honestly, it can be a bit of gambling for any of these brands, because not every product will come out 100% perfect. Business class for most of these brands tend to have a higher chance of being a hit though. Other than that, you would have to personally try out these laptops for yourself to find the one that you feel is right for you.

  84. Lautner Says:

    can someone please tell whats better – Acer Aspire S7 or Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13?

  85. shailesh Says:

    Can anybody tell me which laptop amongst these are better performance and longitivity please as I am going to purchase immediately around Rs. 35000-38000
    1.Dell 5520
    2.hp model
    3.any good company at present with best performance.

  86. shailesh Says:

    Sir I want to purchase any good laptop who is doing well with good configuration between price range 35000-38000.
    Will anybody suggests good laptop with model no please.

  87. akki Says:

    i’m looking for laptop who is with good configration in between price range 25000-30000.
    can someone please suggests me a good laptop with model no. plz

  88. Loridarlin Says:

    THANK YOU!!! These reviews have been extremely helpful in my decision making process!!!

  89. Bang Says:

    Dell is the best and apple is the worst

  90. UK computer user Says:

    Useful reviews, thanks, for someone who is about to buy a new laptop, although I think it shows that you need a large random sample to be sure if Brand X is better than Brand Y.

    For the record my limited experience with five laptops in about 15 years is:

    HP – moderately good then awful, the hard disc of the first one failed after 3.5 years but the HD on the second failed within six months of new and customer service was zero.

    Toshiba – one Satellite was excellent, with a rugged keyboard, but the spec. became too slow for the world’s ever more bloated software. The other at a similar price was awful, as the keyboard just fell to pieces.

    The current Lenovo Thinkpad – after 3.5 years it is a bit slow but more critically it is worn out. The keyboard is falling apart, two buttons have ceased to work at all and I gather from reviews that this is considered to be the company’s superior model. What a joke.

  91. Chris Says:

    Has anyone ever heard of the Maingear Nomad 17 ultimate gaming laptop , it beats the gaming laptops of Razer , MSI , Alienware and Acer

  92. Lloyd Says:

    Whats about the Toshiba Qosmio X875-Q7390 … why didnt it make the list?!! I find it has some real top end specs!!

  93. Tom Says:

    as far as the best gaming laptop i feel that the choice you made is wrong yes the m17 is a power house but the asus g75vw beats it out with the following specs for a low price

    Core i7 3720qm clocked at 2.6 ghz turbo to 3.6
    raid 0/1 support with option of 750 gb 7200 rpmSSH or 256 gb ssd
    up to 32 gb of ddr3 ram
    BD/dvd combo
    GTX 660/670m with 2gb/3gb gddr5

    for around $1600

  94. D. Pohlman Says:

    I ordered an Dell Inspiron 9300 (17″) mid 2005. I built it to MY specs., something, I found out, you can’t do today. This laptop traveled with me every 2 weeks (I’m an airline pilot, retired) for 5 of the 7 years of it’s existence. In use everyday, back and forth on airplanes, through security, etc. The only problem I have encountered, was a frayed power cable. That is, until recently, when the screen started getting 1 pixel wide vertical lines. They have grown in numbers from the first one to about 15 or so in the past few months. After searching for repair options I came across the customer forum on the Dell web site (it’s amazing it is so open), and found that between 2007, and 2009, Dell had replaced, for free, many laptop’s screens. This unpublished recall could have probably saved me the problems I see now, who knows. I feel that 2005 to 2013 is probably beyond what they would feel as being a defective unit. All in all, I think that I had been given good service by this, admittedly pricey (around 2 grand in ’05), unit. I can’t comment on the customer service–good or bad, since I had no reason to use it, till now, but sure would have liked to have known of the problem. However it is a given, that those with problems will voice them, loudly.

    It appears, sadly, that most of the quality has gone out of several of the major manufacturers, which makes the selection of a GOOD new laptop very iffy, at best.

  95. M. Moore Says:

    Read the top ten notebooks butn what is the best one for a person starting college?

  96. Paul L Says:

    I have 3 Sony Vaio laptops and have had ZERO problems with any of them. They are all over 4 years old.
    The little 11″ VGN-TXN19P is at least 6 years old. I carried it around almost constantly since I got it. One time when I dropped it the screen got lines in it but all except a little have disappeared.
    I have an extended battery that acts as a handy handle. I have gone for days – really longer – without shutting it off of charging it. I just close it and it goes into hibernate mode and is ready without waiting for it to boot.

    As IT Director for a government agency I purchase various laptops for individuals that had their own idea of what they wanted but the Sony’s had been the most reliable. Sony’s resolution and screen clarity are legendary.

  97. suraj aryal Says:

    the worst laptop among many brand is acer 5742 aspire seris,which long last only for 1year,several proalem arise in led display,hard disk. So don’t buy acer laptop

  98. suraj aryal Says:

    dont buy acer laptop

  99. Spain Noticias Says:

    Read the top ten notebooks butn what is the best one for a person starting college?

  100. Connor Says:

    I had my Dell Inspiron 1520 for 5 and 1/2 years now and I never had any problems with it and I still use it today. Yes it is very heavy (15.4 inches at 7 pounds with 9 cells) and right now the battery life is around 3 hours where it used to be 6 hours when I first got it. No screen or keyboard problems, no problems at all! The quality on this laptop is a lot better compared to modern laptops. High resolution at 1680×1050 beating all other middle class laptop at pitiful 1366×768. Yes, this was when the laptop was a quality product and it was fairly expensive ($1800).

    Again, I don’t know what the quality laptops they are selling today… I am afraid of the quality of them. I tried one of my friend’s computer and it was horrible and the fan was wobbly and the laptop was only 7 months old (HP).

  101. Joe Says:

    DO NOT BUY ANY HP PRODUCT. They are junk. I am on my 6th one in less than a year. Their Customer Service is the worst I have dealt with. I work in IT and am involved in the purchasing of laptops/desktops networking equipment, servers etc. HP no longer has any quality control. @ of the laptops I received as replacements were DOA. A third worked for a week and then got BSOD’s every time I turned it on. A 4th, the mother board failed in less than a month and it took a month to get it back from the repair facility. WHen I took it out of the box, there was a large dent on the trim along the side of the monitor. Hp replaced the PC. When I turned it on, it had a “Fatal Error” Fan modules not operational.” I have been trying to get my money back for a month. The Corporate Office will not talk to you. They just keep referring you to a “Case Manager” who doesn’t have the authority to do anything and is very rude and acts like the money is coming out of his pocket. I had also bought there extended warranty that was supposed to be “Front of the queue, North America Based Technical Support.” After three days of calling all over HP, They said there is no such service. HP Fraudulently advertises their warranties, there products are garbage and their customer service is horrible. They have lost me as a customer and for everyone I know, everyone who asks for a recommendation and the 65k + agency I work for. We have Thinkpads W500′s at work now and they have had very few problems.

    I am looking for a replacement 17.3 inch High Performance laptop. I do a lot of photo editing. I don’t know what to buy anymore as it seems all the manufacturers don’t care about quality control or their customers anymore. They only care about the almighty buck. That is why a lot of Americans are out of work and all the Tech Support Help Desks have been sent overseas. You can’t even communicate with them let alone discuss highly technical issues.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED IF YOU CHOOSE TO BUY HP PRODUCTS. One other thing I forgot to mention is that the last replacement I received from HP was supposed to be an “Envy.” They have just renamed the lower quality Pavillion to Envy now. The pictures you see on some web sites of the Envy show what the Envy used to look like. They are just renamed Pavillions now.

  102. Vicky Says:

    I wanna buy a good laptop..price range is between 35,000 to 38,000…. After many discussion i had decided to buy sony vaio… But after that i m confused with dell… Plzzz help me to decide to buy a better laptop …which one is best……….
    Dell or Sony vaio ?
    Plz tell me… It’s so urgent to know…

  103. pablo escobar Says:

    Seems Lenovo bribed somebody here! I’ve had Thinkpads before IBM’s PC division was sold to the Chinese and they were great! I’ve had a bunch of them and never had a problem whatsoever. The T61 was the last one I bought and it’s been great. I tried out an Ideapad when they first came out and sold it in a month. The plug wouldnt’ even stay in it. I bought a T510 I think it was and it overheated badly, and I sent it back for a refund. I have HP G7 now, and all the letters on the keyboard wore off! Piece of crap. I just biought a MacBook Pro and it’s pretty sweet but now I have to buy all the software for it.

  104. J Blazsek Says:

    I love my Acers. I’ve bought 3 since 2006. I like big screen laptops with the best components. I purchased the AS9810 with a 20.1 screen (i let a friend use), the AS 8950G which is my power machine with Windows 7. I bought a cheaper back Friday one with 15.6″ and Windows to learn Windows 8. I love the Acers but they gone away from the big screen power machines. They have 17.3″ less powerful lower resolution screens. I may replace my power laptop when the new Intel processor comes out this year. I may go to Asus or MSI if Acer doesn’t come out with a another big screen 1080p laptop. Right now their premium Ultrabook is their only 1080P laptop.

  105. drno Says:

    Do the macbooks still get hot? I have a 3,1 (for fiction writing) that just collects dust because it gets too hot to be portable without running a usb cooler. I’m told 50c is average for them, but man that is way to hot to be going like that with just WORD open.

    Hard drives and memory fail with that kind of heart so I will sell it.

    Was looking at the ASUS UX32A ultrabook, the keyboard look identical to the macbooks which have the best feel when typing plus they are backlit.

  106. lintu Says:

    i want a touch laptop with great performance to run autocad 3d .i7 quadcore processor n8 or 16 gb memory ,2gb videomemory,blueray writer etc .sony ,dell ,hp,apple only .plz suggest me one

  107. jaideep Says:

    Please avoid buying a SONY. Like few others here I too had been a SONY gut-feel buyer until last year – be it TV, Camera, laptop etc.,

    This changed. I bought a SONY in Dec 2012 and within 3 months the screen developed a fault.

    All that was done was open/close twice/thrice a week and one morning we suddenly saw horizontal/vertical lines appearing on the screen. Called up SONY service who picked it up for service since it was under warranty but within 2 days got back and said LCD had an internal crack which is not covered by warranty and I had to pay £400. This was an absolute shocker since the laptop was not even carried around and was left on the desk. They just wouldn’t buy my side of the story that there could be a manufacturing defect that the cover could be made out of flimsy material. In fact I have an old SONY VAIO bought in 2008 which is still working fine.
    Then realised I was not the only one but many others too had faced the same issue with the recent VAIOs. I wrote to their Customer Service who said they only go by what their service centre tell them and LCD is just not covered under warranty. They believe may be even pressing the cover hard to close the lid may have led to the crack internally. They do not in their operating manual state that this laptop has to be handled with ‘extra care’ and held in a particular manner!

    As of today I have the laptop with me which is not working and customer service has been extremely poor in trying to understand my side of the facts. In fact at one point they had even refused to return the laptop without repairing saying I need to cover their courier charges. Better sense prevailed after weeks of arguments and they sent it back without those charges. As of now, I have packed it away the new laptop awaiting response from SONY Corporation in Japan. The next step is to take the case to the court next month. This will be a long ordeal but as this is such an unfair service I intend to take this further.

    I would definitely recommend to others to avoid a SONY. Go for Lenovo or HP or DELL or Apple. No wonder other companies like Samsung, LG are going way ahead in electronics these days…

  108. naeem Says:

    I have had and used all brands of laptops, sony, Toshiba, acer, but by far the best has been the Lenovo thinkpad series, I had a Lenovo r400 for 4 years, it was and is rock solid, if they ever make a new version with i7 and usb3 etc I would buy one on the spot! currently using a Lenovo w530, it is the ultimate laptop, forget your pretty boy macs, dell xps, alienware, for rock solid reliability this is the one, currently has i7 2.8ghzprocessor, 32gig of ram, yes you read that right, 32 gig!!, a 256 micro sat drive and a 500gig hybrid drive, Blu-ray rw, or you can add a 3rd hard drive in the dvd drive section, just remove and slot in via a caddy, usb 3 ports, display port with audio support for up to 4 monitors, backlit keyboard, memory card and secure card, webcam etc, I wouldn’t change it for the world! plus on the the thinkpad Lenovo range, it has the unique Lenovo update system, say your laptop crashes or you update to a version of windows on a new hard drive, install this little program, and bang, all relevant drivers and programs are auto found for your model of thinkpad direct fron Lenovo’s servers, came in very handy when I decided to downgrade from windows 8 to 7 ultimate 64bit! I could go on and on, but you get the idea, Lenovo t430s is also a very capable laptop, plus you get 3 years on-site support if you upgrade on lenovo’s website, some models come with this included, mine came with one year, but I added another 3 years for peace of mind, to give you an idea how fast this laptop is I rendered a 1080p blueray file, it was 3.5gb onto a dual ray disc, complete time for conversion and burning 13mins!! it took my dual processor hp z400 workstation with 2 x 2.4ghz xeon and 24gig of ram 50mins to do the same job!! buy one, enough said.

  109. Hannah Says:


    I have owned a HP Pavilion for around two years. To be fair, the laptop had done me pretty well and when I bought it the price was good, however it has now magically stopped working. After getting it looked at it seems to be that there is a fault within the motherboard and it is now pretty much useless.
    I am now looking to buy a new one, it will be a home laptop, used for music download, watching movies, writing documents – the usual type of stuff. There seems to be so many conflicting arguments against each. I was looking at a Sony Vaio E Series.. after reading on here.. maybe not.

    Does anyone have a good recommendation that isn’t going to break the bank?

  110. naeem Says:

    hi Hannah, if you can live with an all black business type laptop, buy any of the Lenovo thinkpad range, they will not let you down, do not buy the Lenovo home commercial range ie, the G and Z series, etc, that are available from argos,tesco, currys etc, they may look pretty, but they are nowhere as good as the thinkpad Lenovo range, especially when it comes to recovery and backups etc, only the thinkpad range allows direct access to download drivers and apps directly of their servers should you ever have a system crash that is unrecoverable by conventional means or installing a new hard drive etc go to or laptops direct, buy one with preferabaly windows 7 in either home premium or professional 64bit, avoid windows 8 like the plague! you will regret it if you do on a laptop, it works great on tablets and hybrids, but not on laptops!!, look for min 500gb hard drive, between 4-8gig ram, you can allways add more ram later cheaply via amazon etc, also avoid amd processors, stick to intel, anything above 2.2ghz is fine, on the hard drive size, upgrade to a ssd hard drive later on if you buy one without one fitted, its like going from 20mph to 150!!, plus your battery will last longer as there is no moving parts, the Lenovo E530 is available direct from at £335! for this you get a thinkpad with an i3 processor, 500gb hard drive, Bluetooth, usb 3 ports, hdmi, 4 gig ram, webcam, with face tracking technology, it has the new island style Chiclet keyboard which is what I am using on my Lenovo w530, it does come with windows 8 however, the way around this for another £20 I think if you type in google Lenovo recovery discs, it should take you to lenovos portal that allows you to buy recovery discs of windows 7 ultimate pre-activated with all drivers, includes shipping, so total price for a pretty good laptop at just under £360, add another 4 gig ram later and an ssd drive and you will never look back, plus lenovos onsite nextday repair service is brilliant, I had a system crash one day and Lenovo accessed my laptop via the internet and had it up and running within 15mins!, next day an engineer came and checked unit over just to be on the safe side, it cost me nothing, just a phone call, try that with acer, hp , sony, Toshiba, etc, they will say you have to post it to us and wait…….let me know how you get on, if you do decide to buy a Lenovo thinkpad, remember to register it also, there is a serial number on the underside of laptop, go to Lenovo website and register there, plus it gives you warranty upgrade options, eg, accidental damage, theft etc, for very cheap! good luck, avoid buying on ebay, a lot of the thinkpads on ebay are from usa and so come with a usa keyboard, the @ symbol is above no 2, plus a few minor changes, good luck in your decision, regards naeem

  111. journaux francais Says:

    Dell is the best and apple is the worst

  112. McChickenNugget Says:

    I switched from Alienware to a MacBook Pro Retina Display. I absolutely love it. Awesome laptop with no problems. Definately recommend it. :)

  113. Bobw111 Says:

    I started buying Dells 13 years ago when I sold my company. Prior to that I was an IBM Value Added Reseller for IBM PCs and laptops.

    However, I just went through hell with Dell Customer Service support.

    I had downloaded and ran their software on my laptop, then ordered the part that they recommended. The part they sent would not fit the connectors in my machine.

    It took 2 emails and a phone call during which I got bounced around no less than 5 different people to resolve a simple “You sent me the wrong part and I need to return it for full credit” issue. During which representatives twice refused to let me talk to their supervisors.

    So, it doesn’t matter how good a computer company’s product or support has been for 4 or even 15 years. I suspect only the last 6 months or perhaps less counts on either product or service.

  114. sourabh Says:

    top 3 brand after survey in laptops are –
    1 – apple
    2 – sony
    3 – dell

  115. Arch Says:

    wow what stupid irrelevant comments…
    from my office on the moon lol

  116. kimber Says:

    I want to confirm my experience with DELL customer service. IT SUCKS! The one guy who said if they tell you they will escalate your service matter, you are screwed, was SO RIGHT ON!

    All I needed was to understand why I kept getting a certain error message when downloading a driver from their site. THAT WAS 6 MONTHS AGO, and the laptop is still unusable because they never got back to me or helped me. I contacted them 7 times on the same matter and never got any help.

    Then, weeks after my last attempt to contact their “customer support” they email and ask me to provide feedback on my customer service experience. I tell them it was horrible and I am greatly unsatisfied and the matter still isn’t resolved and asked them to please contact me. Never heard from them again. Why ask about your customer service if you have intention of trying to improve it or help dissatisfied customers? They are a joke, really.

    DELL CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ONLY SLIGHTLY BETTER THAN TOTALLY USELESS! Thankfully, I didn’t buy the Dell Laptop I am referring to here, but was given to me by a friend. And I learned a lot. NEVER BUY A DELL COMPUTER!!!

  117. David Says:

    I can also confirm DELL and their horrible service and laptops. My mother bought one for work mostly, it lasted 2months before the computer crashed. Another 2 and a half months of waiting we finally got it back and the keyboard doesn’t work. They finally sent a tech out and fixed it but the whole ordeal we were arguing DELL every step. I have a friend who also bought the same laptop except the 15in version, his lasted 5months before everything crashed but he unfortunately didn’t have a warranty.
    Due to all the nightmares I’ve seen with PC laptops, I went with a MBP and I’ll never get another brand. It is by far the best user experience I’ve ever had with a laptop. If you’ve only played around or really used a mac it takes awhile probably around 2 weeks to get totally adjusted but once you do everything just flows perfectly. The trackpad is perfection, the keyboard is great perfectly laid out with great spring to the keys, the body is beautiful and very rugged, great display, QUIET I’ve never heard a quieter computer mostly because I can’t hear my MBP. If you take into consideration the lifespan you can expect from a mac I’d say 5-7 years based on personal experience from several people I know. Average that to around 6 years, now personally most PC laptops last around 3years. If you spent $500 on the PC laptop lets say $60 a year on antivirus thats $680. If you can expect 6years from the mac then you’d have to buy 2 PC laptops for the same lifespan and that comes out to $1360 which is around the same price as a mac out the door. Considering the big boost in quality and more efficient use of specs it’s really something someone should consider.

  118. Portatili Says:

    All my laptops until today has been branded Asus that I think is one of the best laptop producer. I’ve never faced problems with the hardware. I also used to not keep the windows OS and just install Linux that allows you to see the real power of your laptop. With this hardware+software combination you are going to have a super performance laptop.

  119. Ahmed Says:

    Hi, I want to by a laptop with high booting speed and high processing speed for multi-function, I want 15 inch screen and light weight with DVD drive , can you advice me to suitable brand and model?

  120. asus no Says:

    my boyfriend bought me an asus almost 2 yrs ago. i’m not a computer geek so i really don’t know what type of asus it is. it says 4 power gear on the sticker and 17″ led backlit quad core etc. and “hd” on the screen sticker. anyway, within 6 months, the hard drive completely froze up and stopped working. couldn’t turn laptop on at all. my boss’s son was majoring in computer repair, and he replaced my hard drive at cost for me. of course i lost a lot of data! all was well for about 4 months, then suddenly it started shutting off randomly and when i tried to restart it it would say there was a display driver error. same guy looked at it and tried to fix it by downloading drivers off asus website, but nothing worked. he couldn’t figure it out. contacted asus support, which is basically non-existant. they had no reply. no advice at all. so now i’m stuck with a laptop that randomly shuts off and i lose whatever i’m working on. very annoying. so far it’s always turned back on, but having to re-boot constantly is a huge time-waster and frustration. i’m done with asus!

  121. asus no Says:

    oh, one more problem with asus! the HDMI connection stopped working randomly. i only used it ONCE to connect my laptop to my flat screen to play a computer game designed to be used with your tv. worked fine ONE time, next time we went to play it, couldn’t get the laptop to connect to tv at all. tried new HDMI cables, tried connecting to other things, and over the years tried over and over, but the hdmi connection port totally has stopped working altogether after just ONE use. this asus laptop is crap!

  122. ericsmith Says:

    this laptop is nice and big and I like it the name of my laptop is called Lenovo I like that name it stick’s

  123. Brian Says:

    asus says no, I was reading up on reviews and cam across this site and thought about was was going on with your laptop, while asus is a solid name, if your ex b-friends puter has more than one hard drive and one is a solid state drive it may need to be changed, while they help make a puter lighting fast, they only last about 4-5 years from the info I’ve been looking at. the shutdown issue may be heat related as well.

  124. SCE Says:

    I don’t know how the air could be the best ultraportable with that crappy screen and a processor clocked much lower than the one from the 2012 model. $1000+ for a screen that is bested by $200 android tablets??

  125. zaki Says:

    hey how about sony vaio? do they not so impress enough?

  126. fedes Says:

    Samsung really, because is a piece of shit, cheap but is the worst laptop ever, i have tu used in my work and is a piece of shit, even the previous ugly lenovo whatever-pad was way better in perfromance.

  127. Ann Says:

    I had Toshiba C600 laptop with 2 years service warranty + 1 year comprehensive warranty. After 1.5 years its broke. Service center asked $30 to check my laptop. Then what happen to 2 years service warranty? I give up on my laptop. I don’t want to go for Toshiba Again. Worst Laptop ever. Need a best brand to buy another lap. I have an idea about DELL…..

  128. Samer M Says:

    i prefer thinkpad lenovo its the best

  129. harshil shah Says:

    think on it..!!!

  130. Mike Says:

    “the best Ultrabooks should boost fast and be easy to carry”

    I think you meant “boot fast”?

  131. Lee Says:

    my brother owns an ASUS N550JV and i must say it is like a home theater. not literally but whenever we are watching movies the graphics and images are so vivid. definitely agree with it being the best multimedia laptop.

  132. sazzad mia Says:

    small price I do buy this leptop

  133. arnthal Says:

    I have been using Mac laptops since my 1st computer in 1992, OS 7.0, I think it was. The smoothness of the OS-hardware interaction is convincing. My latest is a MBP 15″ early 2008. The best part of the experience is when things go wrong with the hardware, especially if one has invested in Apple Care. This Mac could have been a disaster for me except for Apple’s support system. In the 1st 3 years, the LED in the power cord & a fan failed, the screen went. and the motherboard blew. Each time the nearest Apple Store quickly made the change (twice in Boston & twice in Rome, Italy). The longest I ever had to wait was 2 days, the shortest 4 hours. This kind of backup by the manufacturer, as far as I am concerned, is phenomenal.

  134. Duck Says:

    It amazes me how Razer’s 14″ Blade is nowhere to be found. I recently went from a Dell XPS to a Blade and the differences are insane! I am active duty military and I deploy or go TDY a lot and this is the first laptop with a discrete GPU that actually has a lot of power but can also achieve a real world use of over 7+ hours. I have seen other manufactures brag about having higher usage times but only if you have the screen dimmed so low its almost off and have no real performance what so ever.

    Not to mention almost all of the systems listed are massive bricks compared to the featherweight/ultra slim 14″ Razer Blade.

  135. maansg Says:

    how about new razor blade?

  136. shashank Says:

    what could be the major distinguishing factor between an ultrabook, mainstream and multimedia laptop?

  137. mmmm Says:

    i think i would recommend lenovo or asus laptop because it work very well i have lenovo b490 it work well but it has hard disk issue within 4 month but after i replaced it, not a bit problem come out so far and for asus it work well too my friend had an asus, and he it bought it 4 year ago and performance good, played sleeping dogs yesterday and no lag at both laptop, both laptop are great at performance and gaming (reply if you want XD)

  138. Jon Says:

    I think you mean’t to say ‘Accept no substitutes.’

  139. Adesanmi Adedotun Says:

    I’m an HP fan for a very long time now, the durability and ruggedibility makes it stand out in my world. I once fell for Lenovo product but it was quite unfortunate that I ended up buying Hp product at last.

  140. Doggy Dog Says:

    Either you’ve never tried the Yoga 2 Pro or you are an avid Crack cocaine smoker.

  141. Peter Smythe Says:

    Just a bit of a note on the Alienware, I think you probably mean “ACCEPT no substitutes.” What you wrote was “EXCEPT no substitutes.”

  142. JP MAGUIRE Jr Says:

    bst inexpensive laptop with
    windows 7
    also mini lap tops with win7

  143. mark Says:

    ok this is supposed to be the top ten laptops, I see one wheres the rest? i hate dumb shit

  144. victorh232 Says:

    In my way 1st Apple,Dell,Toshiba,Vaio and lenovo.Gaming Alienware.2nd Acer and Azus and hp.Ohters sucks exept special ones like Lg and Samsung unknow.

  145. Bijoy Says:

    Want to Buy HP laptop 14” screen, but waiting for salary lol. HP rocks

  146. Joan Says:

    I am a 57 year old woman who worked hard and had a blast for 30 years. Now I am slowly being chained to my bed and already draw disability. Please help me. I don’t have enough money left after paying medical bills each month and my PC is getting harder and harder to get to and sit at. My only link to the outside world is my computer. PLEASE help me find the best I can buy on a very small budget. Thank You, Joni

  147. John001 Says:

    I have had an Acer Aspire 1830 series since 2010. (Core i3 380UM @ 1.33GHz and 4gb DDR3 memory, 11.6′) It is an INCREDIBLY tough machine; stepped on it a few times and carried it to school nearly every day for most of that time. I once dropped it from a shelf onto concrete about 1.5m down. Didn’t blink an eyelid, a year later still works perfectly.When I got it , i had about 5hrs browsing over wifi, and about 3hrs over 3G, but about 9 if i stayed on word. Pretty damn good for a 4 year old laptop.

    Also, why are you arguing about Windows Vs. Mac? You all know that linux is many, many times better, particularly in Ubuntu guise. vs Win7 my boot times are QUARTERED. Plus no $120 for windows, $150 for office and $90 for anti-virus. $0 and you get all of this for free using Ubuntu.

  148. tsegay Says:

    really toshiba is the best

  149. Jonah Says:

    I am apple-liever. Call me biased or mainstream, but I think that everything apple is superior, and I think that the Macbook Air should have gotten a feature on this page. I have a 13″ air and it is inconceivably light while having great performance while word processing and streaming videos.

  150. Greg Says:

    The ASUS N550JK-DS71T 15.6-Inch is the best laptop for voice recognition at the moment. With SonicMaster, and MaxxAudio speech mode plus a i7 processor w/cache 6mg the voice accuracy rate should be at the top of the chart.

  151. Ken Renninger Says:

    which is best budget,17.3 inch laptap for viewing music video dvds and viewing dvds and/or blue ray

  152. Subrata ghosh Says:

    It is really great.

  153. Peter Says:


    Actually you should do a quick google search on “Laptop fault rates”.

    You will find a number of articles / statistics from the past several years which will tell you that HP have had, by far, the worst failure rates on the market for years running.

    From memory the statistics showed that 25% of all HP laptops have failed within he first 3 years. That means one in every 4 laptops sold will be faulty at some point in the first three years.

    The leaders for lowest fault rates have consistently been Asus and Toshiba, with Apple and Sony not too far behind.

    Dell and Lenovo have been right around the middle ground, with HP and Acer down the bottom.

  154. Sue Says:

    Do not buy Toshiba. I have had my Toshiba Satellite for 1 year and 3 months. Of course it went out of warranty at 1 year. And, it has complete hardware failure. I took it to be diagnosed at the computer repair shop and the technician told me Toshiba is notorious for hardware failure. I ordered the repair disc to try and restore it but the system will not even let me select USB for the boot drive. Of course Toshiba will not back their product since it is out of warranty and they will not even let me return the repair disc. Very rude customer service, one tech hung up on me when I said I would not pay $220 to have the laptop repaired, only to have it fail again in another year. I will take that $220 and put it toward a better device. Searching now for the best buy for the buck.

  155. siavash Says:

    that’s all bull sh… .you must say best lap top for who!i’ve thought this rank is for best performance of lap tops but they’re just ordinary lap tops for ordinary people , not the best lap tops for gamers!!

  156. Edward Wilcock Says:

    Know what your Chromebook cannot
    do and you will not go far wrong.
    I have found the Samsung 3 ideally
    suitable for me. I am not concerned
    about the look of it or that the
    sockets are at the rear or the lid is
    rather stiff etc. I have found if you
    run it on the mains, there is more
    light on the screen. Now the No.2 ??

  157. arden Says:

    rather useless site. I m looking for the BEST laptop NOT apple.

  158. Amanda Says:

    Is there any of you using a chromebook? Which is better, notebook or chromebook? Thanks in advance.

  159. Anna Attkisson, LAPTOP Managing Editor Says:

    I own a Chromebook and love it. But it’s not for everyone. Within the next week we will have a story on which is better. Stay tuned!

  160. pjcamp Says:

    You keep putting the HP Spectre 13 on these lists. It hasn’t been available for over 6 months.

  161. padmaja Says:

    i need indian market rate

  162. Tharun Says:

    jointing keybord and scrin laptop

  163. Mikey Mike Says:

    I do not like Macs. I do not like HP. I do not like Dell. I do not like most brand name computers which is why I build my own. GO GAMERS!!

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