The New Yahoo Mail: 5 Things You Need to Know

Do you Yahoo? For a large number of email users, the answer’s still a solid “Yes.” Good old Yahoo Mail started to feel bloated, cluttered and, well, old now that streamlined services like are the norm, though – which makes today’s introduction of a new-look Yahoo Mail an especially welcome change. Here are the five things you need to know about the new Yahoo Mail.

The Emperor’s new clothes – Yahoo overhauled its email clients to cut the clutter and give them a fresh, clean look. The service places your messages front and center, with folders segregated to a small left-side pane (which is hidden on mobile devices). Sure, it looks like every other webmail service, but that’s a good thing.

Seamless design – Yahoo updated its Android and iOS apps as well as its Web client to bring that new look to every possible Yahoo Mail entry point, creating a unified experience that stays (basically) the same, no matter what platform you’re on.

Better, faster, stronger – In the blog post announcing the update, Marissa Mayer says that the email app was redesigned “with speed in mind.” Our brief fiddling with the Web client certainly feels faster than before. The company told The Verge that the Android app was rewritten from the ground up to increase speed while simultaneously using 20 to 40 percent less battery.

There’s a Windows 8 app! – Microsoft’s new platform may not have many apps yet, but now you can count Yahoo Mail amongst the crowd. The Windows 8 Yahoo Mail app blends the service’s new look with Microsoft’s familiar Modern interface.

You might not have it yet – The updated Web client is being rolled out gradually, though Mayer says that “Over the next few days, most mail users will begin to experience the new Web version of Yahoo! Mail.”

Mayer also says that this update is “just the beginning.” Hopefully she means it; over the past few years, Yahoo Mail has seemed content to stay safe while such services as and Gmail constantly push out new features and updates. This overhaul is a refreshing step in the right direction for Yahoo.

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  1. BK Says:

    The new Yahoo mail sucks.
    It will not allow multiple attachments at once (must now attach one at a time)
    AND will not show which files have been attached before you send or allow you to drop one if mis attached.

    Previous version was perfect….
    This new one is terrible for anyone who sends multiple attachments.
    I guess they are saving bandwidth.
    anyway I’m getting out of Yahoo mail…

  2. Nates Says:

    The back button works now. Hallelujah!

  3. Tonieng Says:

    Yeah i agree!! the new YMail is terrible..
    I cant see the download button of the attachments >.<

  4. PLB Says:

    TERRIBLE. I want the old mail back. Too touchy…attachement ability terrible.

  5. PLB Says:

    HATE new YMAIL. IT is terrible. Hard to navigate – it won’t keep the
    ‘click’. Attachment feature sucks. I want the old version back.
    WORSE on my android tablet. I had to take it off and go with another mail service.

  6. bl Says:

    I agree with BK.
    The older version was perfect. It’s very difficult now to attach multiple files.

  7. JBinIndy Says:

    I, too, “hate” this new version. The scroll bar from the folders section is gone, making navigating to folders while looking at the emails list, or reading an email, much more difficult. There really needs to be separate scroll bars for the folders and email list/email.

    The only way to get the scroll bars is to use their “preview pane”, which is a pain!

  8. michelle Says:

    Dear Yahoo,

    Sorry to be leaving you after so many loyal years, but your email service is pathetic compared to gmail and even worse, now you are implementing some kind of “user tracking” program to keep track of people’s IP address and prevent them from logging in when their usage pattern has changed and asking for phone numbers etc. Im sorry, but people go on holidays, login to their email from other pc’s, change pc’s, remove cookies when browser shutdowns, have privacy software etc etc and don’t want to give you their phone number either!

    These common things are now stopping me (and others I know) from logging into our yahoo accounts, prompting us with ridiculous secret questions that we haven’t seen for years. I don’t fukn know what my secret answers are, that’s why I have NEVER forgotten my yahoo password in the first place. I go on holiday and when I come back i get the below message preventing me from getting into my email. This has not happening for the past 10 years but suddently you are tracking peoples IP, asking for phone numbers, secret questions and finally blocking our email accounts. Enough is enough!

    I hope Yahoo is not trying to beat their own business into the ground by doing this, because as far as I see it, your “other services” rely on traffic from yahoo email users! What a bad business decision from a pathetic group of internet elders.

    Bye bye yahoo, hello Gmail!

    Here is the crap you are showing on every 2nd login attempt, even after successfull logins the day before….what a crazy confused “security system” you have Yahoo.

    “Confirm Your Identity: Answer Security Question
    You are logging in from a device we don’t recognise. Learn why For your account safety, please answer your security question below.”

  9. Ed Says:

    Yahoo — haha. Yahoo was my primary for 5+ years; then biz accts + gmail were secondary. But I gave up on yahoo for reasons michelle cited above, and more: sloooowness w/mobile devices, periodic bizarre rejection of verified-correct passwords resulting in lockout, BUT spam and security/hackability issues.

    I also knew TOO many ppl whose yahoo accts got hacked despite vigilance, regular password changes, etc. Psswd rejected and all of their contacts got hacker-spammed. Recovery was useless.

    Got to point where only my yahoo acct got spam … and 1/4-1/3 of it came from hacked yahoo accounts.

    So I split yahoo.

  10. Bye Bye Yahoo Says:

    My intention to move on, but gmail – copyright issues
    Paid is probably the answer
    Latest news from yahoo, tyring to stop their workers, working from home
    I guess in the same vein as this ‘new’ yahoo mail
    I guess it’s free -so – shouldn’t complain

    They have a killer super-large list and are in the process of destroying it, sad, sad

  11. Harry Seahra Says:

    New version of Yahoo email is POS. Cannot do multiple attachment, back to single attachment. Want the previous version back..

  12. Mike Coleman Says:

    I’ve been to Yahoo help pages and they suggest trying a different browser so I switched to Chrome and it works!

  13. John Says:

    Fire the Dead Weight Moron who signed off on this pathetic so called upgrade to hell! Seems one needs a ton of CPU and/or Ram to make this crapmail work.. On my P4 with 256 Ram card, it barely sometimes works, unlike the old mail… Gmail still kicks ass though!

    Freakin disconnected corporate slugs trying to force hardware upgrades.. But, most likely, a bunch of dead weight in the R&d dept trying justify their worthless positions by changing a good thing for the sake of looking like they are doing something..

  14. Gordon C Says:

    Gmail had become too much for me: I don’t like the GUI–just never got used to it. So less than a month ago I went back to Yahoo! after a hiatus of nearly a decade.

    I am now leaving it. It is the most outrageous system I have ever encountered. Disgusting. Shortsighted. User unfriendly. Dumb. Clueless. Arrogant. Demeaning. Soviet. It is positively North Korean in its attitude to erstwhile users/customers.

    Several times a day I am required to enter alpha-numeric codes to prove I am not a spam bot even though I am logged in and accessing from the same computer, day after day, sending to addresses that have been in my address book for years. This morning after an especially efficient 90 minutes of dealing with correspondence [about 10 emails] Yahoo! suspended my ability to send for suspicious activity.

    They have the GALL to tell me that I have to wait for 48 hours before I can call to have it reset. I have already forgotten the name of their new CEO, but as far as I am concerned she should be baptized her with the contents of a diaper for running a business with such an attitude.

    Yahoo! I am gone! Good riddance!!!!

  15. Will Says:

    I have to say the latest version is chronic.
    If you want to use classic then there is a quick way back.
    Set your screen resolution to 800 x 600 then login to yahoo mail. You will get a message telling you there is a problem with your screen res. Just say ok and your mail will open in classic format. Now you can set your screen back to your normal res. Your yahoo mail will now always open in classic format. To switch back to the new version just click at the top right to get latest version.

  16. Mark Says:

    It drops users off of Reply All. I’ve hated Yahoo mail for a couple of years now, but with every “improvement” it gets noticibly worse.

  17. Scott Johnson Says:

    I rely on yahoo mail for sometime now. They ruined it. I’m sooo close to switching to my gmail account as primary. Just basic things like

    1. I can’t delete emails.
    2. I can’t select multiple emails,
    3. I can’t click on Reply.
    4. The task clock spins and spins and spins, … where’s the speed?????
    5. OMG it’s so frustrating. I want to go back to classic and I can’t now. So soon it’s goodbye yahoo.

    I once thought I’d never switch from Eudora Pro, but Yahoo is trying my patience, better get those coders working!

  18. materene Says:

    I thought we were going to have a choice of classic or the new, all of a sudden my bookmarks are dead for my mail. Going with the crowd and will start using my Gmail as a primary now, I hate change especially when it is not on par with what it is supposed to be changing, much like today’s automobiles.

  19. tracy Says:

    I have had the same issues Scott referred to. Also, I can no longer access my mail from my phone; it tells me to log in from the desktop and try again. Of course, the failed login message suggests I log in using my Facebook account. No, thanks, Yahoo. Everyone I know who linked those accounts has had their FB account hacked. I am changing email providers.

  20. defman Says:

    I fully agree., First I wasn’t able to attach anything to my mail. I cleared pop-ups, temp files, everything people suggested. Then all of a sudden an new screen pops up and lo and behold, I can attach. The problem is, now they’ve crammed my e-mail into a small section of the screen to the right. Of course not far enough to block out their friggin advertisement, but enough to leave a blank section on my screen. Trying to “talk” to yahoo is next to impossible. round and round to the “help” screen.
    I’ve wasted serious time, had to circumnavigate to a “junk” email to send attachments and then monitor that e-mail for responses.
    I’m reading posts that say, “maybe your computer is not able to handle Yahoo”. I just bought the thing 2 years ago! What, am I supposed to upgrade every friggin year to keep up with technology!?! If so, they’ve go a bigger grasp on us than I thought.
    Now I have to 1. Get a new e-mail, 2. Let everyone know I’ve changed, 3. Monitor this stupid Yahoo, because I’ve used if for people that may need to contact me, government agencies, clients, etc. 4.Get people used to he new e-mail.
    It’s like losing your wallet. Thanks Yahoo. Thanks a lot for not giving a shit about what you do. forcing your crap that still isn’t ready and letting the public figure your shit out. THANKS and FU

  21. henry Says:

    Close your doors and go home yahoo, I will not be the word “yahoo” anymore.

  22. Stephen Stollmack Says:

    I agree with what I read above. It is clear that Yahoo regards itself like a Browser, in itself, and gives email-flexibility the finger. You can’t click on contacts (for use in the BCC box — only for primary addresses); the ‘search’ function is totally wasted. Yahoo (old) had great search function. You could specify searching In or out going mail from/to anyone on your contact list; specify date range; enter part of a subject line. With the new Yahoo, you can’t even speicify whether you are looking for a mail you sent or one you received or if it had an attachment like ?? and then they even took away the capability to click off different ‘hits’ to different folders (In Box, or Sub mailboxes that you use to sort things you want to save. Whomever is responsible for all these omissions should be canned. I can’t change back to gmail or outlook fast enough. Yahoo calendar doesn’t seem to talk to my ATT HTC Android either. Yuck, yuck, Yuck Yuck, yuck, Yuck,Yuck, yuck, Yuck. Let me out of here!

  23. Stephen Stollmack Says:

    Moderation? Right!
    Yuck, yuck, Yuck

  24. Unsure Says:

    I hope they still allow pop access on my iPhone 3 or I simply won’t update. I was using yahoo for online purchases – my spam box. Their past upgrades have all been rubbish, and this last one may sink ‘em for me, sounds like…
    Pretty pathetic.

  25. Unsure Says:

    I have never paid for their service and never would. It’s just too risky. They were the first to try to make you pay for what should be free and filled their pages with ads. Be vigilant, folks, google does this, too.

  26. Finster Says:

    I can’t find my Pop3 in the new email. I have my business email forwarded to my yahoo and now I can’t find it to download it. Help?

  27. phorbin Says:

    A dysfunctional offering, badly arranged, slow and parts don’t display quickly or properly if they show up at all..

    Had to kill Javascript and force a reversion to Classic to get some functionality and speed back. — Classic’s feel and function is better and doesn’t have the biz-crud attitude and ineptitude.

    I stuck with Yahoo precisely because it wasn’t Google or Microslop. — I’d rather not go elsewhere but will, if pushed.

    Put the final changeover on hold. Find a way to do it right.

  28. Robert Vidas Says:

    Why, oh why, would Yahoo! takes something that is better than any other free email account and wreck it? Especially something that I’ve recommended to others!

    These are my gripes:

    • The very, very worst feature is that you cannot open each email in its own tab without automatically going to that tab. As I have literally thousands of emails (I get hundreds everyday as I belong to various groups), it’s important to open multiple emails in a short time and then cascade through them. Now it will mean each email has to be individual opened (and I cannot cascade through the tabs anymore, either); a hopeless waste of time and energy.
    • Similarly, you cannot open each folder in its own tab to see multiple folder entries at once; an important feature when you have so many emails to view.
    • On the subject of folders, you no longer have information as to how many files are in each folder as the column-width is too narrow, so information as to how many email one has is now hidden. (And resting the mouse for the caption to appear just slows things down even more).
    • On the subject of speed, the sales pitch that the new system is completely false; it now takes much longer to load each email, especially when containing PDFs or images.
    • You cannot sort your message by the size of the email (a feature of Yahoo!Mail Classic).
    • It takes far longer to sort emails as only one drop down menu is now used, after each column had its own sort feature.
    • The “Back” button takes you out of Yahoo!Mail altogether.

    I now have to find another email provider and God-knows-how transfer all my files over, or just the most important emails—and that alone will take hours—and delete the account. Then I have to contact all other sites and organisations I’ve subscribed to and change the login and email details! NOTHING about this makes sense or is practical!!


  29. Heisenberg Says:

    I agree with the complaints voiced here.

    The old yahoo was damn near perfect but the new version is damn perfectly awful. My #1 complaint is how horrible it works on my old 1gb ram PC; this new version seems weighted down with tons of scripting (or something).

    Yahoo email is now “new Coke”. Unbelievable. It deserves to die the same death.

  30. Dude Says:

    The writer of this “article” clearly either works for, or was ribed, by Yahoo’s CEO. Outlook is NOT the norm – it never was, except perhaps in some office environments. People need to understand that what offices use do not work for most people most of the time – even employees moan about how outdated their offices are (often specifically referencing Outlook). My hotmail account has only recently been forcibly changed to the old and often-derided Outlook format. I’ve had to use Outlook at Bolton University (a place that should really not be called a university or even a college) and it was terrible. A previous university that I studied at used some entirely different web-based e-mail system (not the web version of Outlook) and it was SO much better. Virtually never any problems, and unlike Bolton University’s web version of Outlook, there was plenty of storage space [Bolton’s Outlook rubbish filled up after less than a year’s worth of e-mails (despite many being deleted) – useless for a university].

    I’ve found a way to switch back to Yahoo Classic Mail and it’s SUCH a relief. I can use clear flags oinstead of little stars for important messages, I can clearly see my folders (aong with folder icons) at the side and my specific personal folders that I created, and I can easily navigate it. Pushing out “new features and updates” is not a good thing just because they’re new.

    For anyone who wants to switch back: Open your browser. Turn javascript off (in Firefox it’s Tools, then Options, then Content – the option to switch off javascript is there). Go to yahoo mail. Login. A message will appear. Don’t turn Javascript on yet – close the message by refusing to turn Javascript back on in the message that appears, and you should be in Classic. THEN turn Javascript back on.

    BEWARE though – Yahoo have deleted email accounts for no reason before. So you’re better off switching to a different company anyway probably.

  31. Janine Polk Says:

    Have to agree with everyone else — Yahoo Mail Classic was perfect, and there was NO reason to change it. I have several Yahoo mail accounts that I totally depend on, and can’t switch to something else at this point. Who was in charge of this POS change anyway, and may they rot in hell. It’s always the case, isn’t it, when you have something good, someone comes along and wrecks it.

  32. Randy Amos Says:

    Yep, the new changes are horrible! I have been paying for my account for years because it removed the ads and looked and operated much like Outlook, this was my main email account for at least the last 10 years. But this is ridiculous. It is now completely screwed up! I have to reload the page constantly as I try to read through my mail and when I delete a series of emails, they just come right back into the inbox! I’ve had it!! This happens on all of my computers and all of my computers are newer and pretty fast (I’m a software consultant, so have to have good stuff). My desktop, 2 laptops, work laptop….doesn’t matter! I’ve tried Chrome, Firefox (my fave) and Internet Explorer and all have the same issues. It’s not the computers, It’s Yahoo!
    I have placed several online complaints to Yahoo with no answers back so they have left me no choice! Time to find a new client.

  33. alex Says:

    3 words on your ‘ new & improved ‘ e-mail, Yahoo : It Sucketh. G’bye.

  34. Donna Says:

    keeping – Yahoo Mail Classic – as long as it shall exist.
    Otherwise, Yahoo shall lose me forever…

  35. Rachel Says:

    Was switched to the “New Yahoo!” without so much as a by your leave. (Democracy?) I Googled how to get back to classic and FINALLY was able to get rid of the new mail. That was in March of this year (2013) and now in June, I go to my contact list to find IT has been hijacked to the new format. For the sake of F***. Please give the children at Yahoo something else to do and stop them from fixing something that was never broken. Perhaps they could take some foreign telemarketers’ jobs or better yet have them actually perform customer service, like answering these dissatisfied people in this forum and explain how the new version is better.
    OR and here is a difficult concept, practice real freedom of choice and allow people to choose their mail options. I hesitate to say this, but Yahoo is just one more fascist organization in a long line. Information highway traffic jam not caused by the drivers but the continual construction on it.

  36. Madisson Says:

    If you all are unsatisfied with gmail or yahoo, you should try out this new mail application called Inky! It’s awesome, you can view all your email accounts in one mail client. It’s much easier than having to open multiple browsers or log out of my gmail account to switch to my other gmail account!

  37. Darlean Says:

    What I hate the most about Yahoo new mail right now is that it refused to give me pages anymore; instead I am automatically re-formatted to most recent emails first and one super-long page. No matter how many time I reassert my preferences, the Yahoo mail turns reverts to this format.

    I miss Classic mail and think the new mail sucks ass.

  38. Peter Says:

    I agree with Darlean. No page numbers. If I want to delete 15 of 25 e-mails on any one page, I have to mark each one individually. If not and I use the “delete” button at the top of the page and scroll down (because that’s the only way you CAN get to the earlier pages now) you end up deleting all of your old e-mails unless you un-check each and every one. This is not an upgrade. An upgrade would increase NAVIGATION, not decrease it. What’s up YAHOO?

  39. Peter Says:

    I got the answer from Mooned Y!A. Here it is and I’ve tested it and it works. (I’m still puzzled as to why Yahoo can’t just answer a simple question.) “Hitting the delete button atop the page deletes only the 25 e-mails on that page. It does not delete all the e-mails. Put more than 25 e-mails into your trash folder by deleting them from your inbox and find out there.”

  40. Ed Says:

    The new Yahoo Mail is crap. The classic was always the best, ever since a few years ago when they started this beta they never got it right. They are pushing users to pay $$$ and use outlook. I won’t go into details of how bad the new crap is, but will tell you a “trick” to semi-downgrade back to classic with the new look since Yahoo actually blocks users that are logged in from viewing the page on Google! I had to actually logout of Yahoo to view it, bunch of idiots!

    1. First you want to upgrade to the new crap since the old one you will have problems (i.e. address book not working etc.)

    2. Log out of the Yahoo.

    3. In your browser disable “java script” (do a search for instructions on your browser).

    4. Login in Yahoo mail w/ JS disabled, you will get a warning, just click on continue w/o upgrading JS.

    Now you should be in Mail Classic w/ the new look and should be OK unless they change this. You can re-enable JS now and don’t click on upgrade to new yahoo crap.

  41. Joan Says:

    I agree the new Yahoo email sucks! I spend more time now searching for past emails when I used to just arrow over to next page. Also more time consuming to find the ones you want to delete. Please go back to old email format or I guess I will have to use gmail or whatever. Yahoo now too frustrating!!!!

  42. Vicky Says:

    After having used yahoomail for over 15 yrs, that’s practically half my life, it is now time to say goodbye. It takes forever to open emails, compose new emails (things just happen to freeze or get stuck all the time). I have been resistant to gmail, but now I am loving it! ciao yahoo!

  43. Paul Says:

    Everyone should send Donna’s message to Yahoo Mail (over and over):

    “Keeping – Yahoo Mail Classic – as long as it shall exist.
    Otherwise, Yahoo shall lose me forever…”

    Just use “Send Feedback” on the “gear” button – upper right.

  44. morlock Says:

    Did any of the developers check their work? Right off I noticed that emails never become read. No matter how many times they are opened, the purple dot stays purple until you exit and reenter.

    Now looking for an new and alternate email service for my Gmail.


  45. Eric Says:

    Agree with everyone above. They are closing out one of the best email sites ever with Yahoo Classic. The new Yahoo mail has gone to the dark side. No wonder the company is struggling… If they do not listen to their customers, they will not last long indeed.

  46. Pete Says:

    Born some 15 years ago.
    Nice child
    Now … may it R.I.P.
    it died … suicide by … no need adding to all the previous entries.
    You are all right .. crap it has become.

    switching to Gmail and my own domain webmail

  47. Greg Says:

    The author of this article must be a paid yahoo tool because new yahoo mail stinks. Either that or he’s hoping to get some from their hottie ceo, but if so he’s even stupider that his article suggests.

    – The bland, painful look stinks.
    – The diminished functionaility stinks.
    – The reliance on mousing (and not keyboarding) stinks.
    – The stupid flyover pulldowns stink.
    – The inability to open things in new windows sticks.
    – The scripting stinks.
    – The forced partitioning of display screen space stinks.

    I effin hate you yahoo

  48. Sue Says:

    When I’m typing a new message it no longer saves my incomplete message in Drafts if I leave the Compose email to view another message–Unless I click “Save Draft” I lose everything I’ve typed. It’s unbelievable that this old feature wasn’t tested before roll-out of this “new” version! The new version is also so slow I have to stop and wait for my text verbiage to catch up with my typing to read the message before hitting send.

  49. Art B Says:

    For the longest time I had the address for old mail. Now it sends me to new mail with all its issues. Hello Chrome. I’ve been with yahoo for more than 15 years. This is going to be tough, but I can’t take all the bugs in the new app.

  50. brandon Says:

    NEW YAHOO MAIL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Harry Says:

    Why would you want to “fix” something that wasn’t broke to begin with?

    Hey, admit it NOBODY likes your damn stinkin’ “new improved”.

    PLEASE let us go back to good and let us have what works good and isn’t bad.

    Hello? This reminds me of the “new improved coca-cola”.


    Yourselves and stop the mass exit before it’s too late!

  52. Joe Says:

    What a bunch of idiots, I can’t open mail, delete spam or anything else, who is the clown running the show over there?

  53. Jim Says:

    Just one more (Now!) dissatisfied yahoo customer…. please bring back the old yahoo email. The new email has offers no new features I need, and has removed multiple features I use daily. The seach capability has gone from good to worthless. Can’t search by date, can’t search by subsets of folders, etc. Looks like I’ll be yet another one leaving yahoo.

  54. steve Says:

    It’s HORRIBLE. I’m forwarding all of my email to gmail until they can make it work or bring back the old. It freezes constantly!

  55. Yahoo sucks Says:

    Yahoo sucks more every day! You are losing your customer base. The advertisers are going to drop you fools!

  56. Tony Says:

    I’ve had my yahoo mail for 20 yrs but I won’t be able to say I had it 21 yrs. Not sure what email service I’ll be using but I know what service I’m sorry to say I won’t be using Yahoo. Goodbye Yahoo Mail classic, RIP

  57. Neil Says:

    I do not understand why everyone is complaining about a FREE service that in the past was quite nice to use .

    O wait a minute I did say in the past , well the future brings us new programmer’s with new lazy skills ,

    To the CEO if you would hire some programmer’s to develop yahoo mail using C/C++
    instead of the lazy arsed wizard language’s so commonly infecting the net,

    Most complaints may disappear .

    Try to think in terms of Functionality NOT Visibility .

    From an old user that hates updating just to keep up with the brown’s :)


  58. L.D G. Says:

    This Yahoo is the WORST! The people are ALL right, as i hope this F*** Yahoo and it is advertisers go bankrupt! Why destroy and make possibly the WORST free email[and paid!] service on the planet! It will make me now go the Chinese QQ or even Hotmail…and worst yet…Gmail by Google! I hope Either Yahoo gets smart…gets it right… and just maybe…maybe they can save what little dignity and revenues they can..and go back to functionality and relible service! IF this is not addressed, i will quit[and others in droves too!] I hope that…the developers and Mayer b+ CEO’s that made the decisions to “Improve” Yahoomail…may they ALL burn and rot in outer Hell!

  59. Jimmee Says:

    Another vote for how bad I think the new Yahoo Mail is
    A way too much advertising for this camper…

  60. THORBARON Says:

    When I compose an email–it double spaces. How the hell do you go back to single spacing?

  61. Elly Says:

    Oh my… is the writer a stand-up comedian? He ought to be.

    I miss the old version a lot. The messages were displayed in full, and everything looked and felt so much simpler. The Send and Compose buttons were prominent, and the link format was easier and faster to deal with, unlike the new Javascript base. Clicks are now ignored over half the time.

    I wonder what the reason was for making these changes. I suspect that someone decided that their mail provider didn’t look svelte and sophisticated enough. If that’s the case, they’ve failed on that as well.

    At least now that the change has been made permanent, replies to gripes won’t be cluttered with outdated methods of switching back to Classic. And with that… off I go to switch my accounts to another provider.

  62. Bill Says:

    Now that I changed and hated it,Here is something that I can’t access anymore is my attachments.When I click on them it does nothing!!!!!!!Where did they go??????I guess if they can’t fix it I am going to another provider also.73…………and good luck.

  63. michael Says:

    Yahoo Sucks, been trying for days to find out why I can no longer attach anything to email,
    Forget their “help” just sends you round and round



  65. S Says:

    It is nearly impossible to navigate between folders. Once in “Inbox” I cannot scroll to another folder….sent, trash, spam, ANY folder. I have to sign out and sign in again to access any folder I want, then get locked, sign out, sign in….on and on. I really miss my Yahoo Classic and it’s gone forever.

  66. Tamin Says:

    Just keeps getting worse and worse. Yahoo seems totally incapable of improving. Worse, features which may have worked, (however limited), seem to disappear. Where is the link to filters now?!?!
    And why, why, why, can’t they stop sending spam to my inbox/spam folder? I consistently get the same phising/spam link emails for the same crap again and again and again and again. Other email providers seem to be able to block that crap… how is it Yahoo can’t.

  67. Kim Miehl Says:

    I am Furious with this change !!! I have done my best to put up with it !!! Now all my contacts address are also gone !!! WTF !!! I am leaving yahoo !!! I cannot put up with another day of this !!! Ridicilous & Horrible !!! The old email version was Perfect !!! After 6 years, Good Bye you F00LS !!!! Horrible & Ridicilous !!!!!!

  68. Charr Cook Says:

    I hate this New mail, I will be going to Gmail, I tried to forward an went to hit mutli contacts to send it to, but it starts a new message..I use to click my contact an then insert..WTH..This totally is a waste..Good luck made a BIG mistake an what is the List thing, you have Obama..why would he be here I don’t even like him..are you just collecting info on us..I am out of here.’

  69. Erik Says:

    Yahoo mail SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are people actually getting paid to make this service worse? The old email worked fine. This new crap is unintuitive, poorly thought out, cluttered, and bogs down all the time. This has added so much unnecessary stress to what used to be simple tasks.
    It looks like the hole in the sinking ship just got a whole lot bigger. I can”t wait to see it at the bottom of the ocean.
    Go F yourself yahoo!

  70. Erik Says:

    I can’t even open emails now… just gets better and better. The yahoo cafeteria needs to stop serving paint chips!

  71. lzeitlin Says:

    I still have the old Yahoo mail but now I see if I want to delete a bunch of emails with a check mark all once it won’t do it. This really is shit! Excuse me I am going to fin a new email account to use.

  72. Kenny Says:

    I agree with all the above, as a dinosaur I was quite happy with a facility even I could navigate especially “contacts” now can’t edit or delete , do not get the check boxes for recipient,CC or BCC, changing and back to school for me ,total crap!

  73. Kenny Says:

    what moderation?

  74. Frank Says:

    Ugly and Poor looking skin besides problem email Service! Blocking all detail email content by putting their making profit advertisement on the top. Many of my friends already switched to other email providers already. It is the best way for them to kick everyone out from their free email system. I guess this new change would not help the security get any better but more hackers coming in. Thry are focusing on making money as their first piority. It spool it’s long years’ reputition!!!

  75. Susan Says:

    After all these years it might be time to look for an alternative to Yahoo. The new email is slow and often times the email won’t open at all. Do you want to send a picture…forget about it. This new email needs an overhaul. At the very least, give us the option of going back to the previous version.

  76. Mike Delaney Says:

    I want the old E- mail back. The new one sucks,will not let you send to more then one person.

  77. Will Says:

    The new email can’t handle multiple attachments well and you can open an email in a new window. Let me repeat that. YOU CAN’T OPEN AN EMAIL IN A NEW WINDOW!! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!! It’s useless for working through you emails on a two-screen system. It has retro-functionality. They are actually removing functionality from the product.

    Yahoo is on the way down and this may be noted as the “jump the shark” moment.

  78. barb Says:

    Faster? In who’s world. Not in mine. Hate it.

  79. darlene bohannon Says:

    the new yahoo sucks,takes me forever to delete emails i dont want. please go back to the old format !!!!!

  80. granular Says:

    The new yahoo mail it’s a shit, and you know.
    The people really want to come back the older version. Please give us a link to come back to the older version.

  81. Francesca Carey Says:

    Yahoo mail sucks!!
    But I need to know, where is everyone going? G-Mail is not better – and I have found NOTHING out there that looks and feels like Classic. You are right – bring it back – Coca Cola did!!

    What is the matter with Yahoo?? Don’t they “get” that WE ARE the users??
    Looks like I will also be opting out of my paid accounts, and selling my stock…. too bad, Yahoo. It was fun while it lasted.

  82. Greg Dyson Says:

    I do not want the new Yahoo Mail…..I am perfectly happy with the current version…..Now I cannot access

    my E-Mail. I keep getting a screen about the new mail….I want my current E-mail back immediately..

    I receive critical business and church messages. Don’t force things on people….Haven’t you folks at Yahoo

    learned anything about the Federal Government fiasco……Greg Dyson

  83. Vincent Francis Says:

    You are the provider of a service. Your customers have not complained or otherwise indicated that they are unhappy with your service, as a matter of fact it is highly likely you have received many commendations. By the way do you know how Yahoo Mail has so large You ought to, but just to remind you: it because one satisfied client tell another person about your beautiful service. Why have you chosen to turn your back on such a powerful and fruitful instrument of free advertisement? As a business organization, who do you wish to satisfy ? your clients or yourself or both?
    Your new system really sucks. There must have been a little nicer way of dismissing your current and up unto now loyal clientele.

  84. Carol Benavides-Hynes Says:

    I HATE the new Yahoo and refuse to go on it. I open my mail on my Ipod so I don’t have to go to this SHITTY new mail!!! I am thinking of switching all my stuff to Hotmail! YAHOO SUCKS!

  85. Molly Corcoran Says:

    The new version is horrible. I’ve only had it for one day but I’ve already discovered a major problem: when I print out an e-mail that I had sent with an attachment, the copy printed out gives NO indication that anything was attached, not the name of the attachment, not the paper clip icon, nothing. As an attorney, I need documentary proof that when I sent an e-mail saying “I have attached hereto . . .” I did in fact attach the document. What if opposing counsel denies having received the attachment? The court will look at the email and believe him. I called AT&T, who called Yahoo. I was told there is no way that I can go back to classic: it’s just not available anymore. They did suggest what they considered a solution: right click on the message and print. However, if I do this, the printed email shows lots of other information such as the names of my various email folders (client names–not a good idea to reveal them) and, unless I first close all of the tabs, part of the subject lines of other emails I have just viewed. Other than that, I was told to use Outlook (which I loathe) or something similar. It’s unbelievable that they would force this on customers.

  86. grampsc Says:

    the nerds have to keep proving to the other nerds that they are worth the money they are paid, the other nerds of course nerd their head and agree nerdiness is so sophisticated and up to date, who cares what the subscribers think, they don’t have the nerd to go elsewhere

  87. Dan Porter Says:

    Well, I see lots of positive reinforcement for you new EMAIL. Smart business decision. I think you should listen to what your customers want instead of what you want.

  88. fradaar Says:

    Yahoo would seem to be willing to kick all kinds of faithful users to the dogs.
    But then if there are only 70 odd malcontents, then I guess they are dealing with ‘kick me’ crowd

  89. fradaar Says:

    Yahoo would seem to be willing to kick all kinds of faithful users to the dogs.
    But then if there are only 70 odd malcontents, then I guess they are dealing with ‘kick me’ crowd.
    Well they wont run this–they say I have already said this.
    That is is a way to keep the numbers down

  90. Martin Mercado Says:

    I also Loved Classic mail. Had it for 15+ years. I only switched because had to 7/9/13. I didn’t realize how good it was till trying the new mail. There is so many things I can no longer do. I started a list of things missing and gave up when hit #20. As email is a big part of personal and work life, this new mail system has made my life a living hell since the change with my only option being to change email providers.

    Classic Mail was a great product. Why discontinue it ? Who is in charge at Yahoo taht such a mistake could be made ? Does the Board of Directors realize what a terrible product this is? This has such an impact on my life I looked up contact info for Yahoo’s board and filled out their Contact Form.

    Take your time to do it too. Maybe Classic Mail will rise from the dead like Classic Coke did.

  91. F Bain Says:

    There is no deadline for you to ‘upgrade’ your mail service. Therefore, there is absolutely no excuse for forcing the release of such horribly awful products as your ‘new and improved’ and ‘best ever’ online email service. It’s impossible that you’ve listened to your developers who must have been screaming that it wasn’t ready. And if they weren’t, fire the entire department. If they were, and you secretly have to admit you ignored them (secretly because executives would never admit it publicly) just go ahead and fire yourselves. Don’t worry, your golden parachutes will give a nice vacation while you fail up yet again.

  92. Cel Mitchell Says:

    Cannot stand the “new and improved”????? Yahoo email that has been FORCED on us!! Why?? It’s visually ugly, awkward to use, and basic features of the Classic Yahoo are gone. After 12 years, I’m going elsewhere tonight! Fire whoever the hell decided to force this travesty on its loyal users. I’m writing to Yahoo’s board of directors as well. Shame on Yahoo.

  93. Robert Says:

    Just had new yahoo mail shoved down my throat. I agree with all the above who have found the new email to be lacking, IT SUCKS because: it is slow, it is clumsy, I deleted files I wanted while trying to delete unwanted files, and, if you move the cursor to the slide bar, anything you checked to move or delete is now unchecked, it is a bandwidth hog according to my companies’ router usage, the message display sucks it looks like a stupid smart phone message display but because my screen is not high def (HD) it is plain and crappy. Even in the basic mode it is still slow and loads like crap. Then there is the whole yahoo privacy policy and ads push , which I know of no one who has been able to opt out of the ads push software end. The portions of the privacy policy that I read so far lead me to believe there is no privacy, and yahoo, like google , is going to look at everything and determine what you are doing. Not much privacy there . I have found no ways to change it, no ways to reset it, no ways to modify how it displays information, and no way to keep it from shoving ad crap at me. I could go on since each time I use it I find something else it won’t do right. On a scale of one to ten with one as the worst, this scores a -50.

  94. RoyH Says:

    The Yahoo CEO should be kicked out! As should every other manager who allowed the abomination that is the new mail to ever see the light of day! Nobody wants it and nobody likes it, but Yahoo totally ignores the wishes of their users. As those who advertise with Yahoo see the Yahoo user-base diminishing, then the advertisers will leave and Yahoo will be history – all because Yahoo won’t listen to what their service users want!!

  95. Bob Neil Says:

    Yeah I am another dissatisfied yahoo plus customer who has never like outlook and now Yahoo is trying to copy it, I hope they lose bigtime.

  96. Grant Says:

    This new yahoo is terrible, you are forced to use it, and not given the option to use the old classic. If you forward emails it strips all the original formatting from the message, you can’t quick type to select email addresses, you have to use the address book.

    What happened to them listening to what people want, instead of foisting this crap system on everyone.

  97. Jorge Redman Says:

    I too HATE the new yahoo. “if it’s not broken….” Shamless way to put ads in my face.
    I hate hate hate this new absurd “fix” and bald faced grab for money…shame!
    Shame shame shame. Another “classic coke” disaster. Fire the ahole who came up with
    this and go back to Classic Yahoo asap. Jerks!

  98. peter davidson Says:

    This new mail system is a fiasco! I want my old system back! This new one is so slow, delayed responses, doesn’t respond to simple commands such as opening mail, too too many to mention. Why don’t you get on it and try it yourselves? VERY DISAPPOINTED. As a stockholder, I’m disgusted!

  99. Shirley Says:

    Count me in. I have been with yahoo practically since inception. I am leaving forthright. Done with the bulls(H)i(t) as well. ALSO: have been trying to confirm about five email accounts with their so called “verify by adding another email address feature” to no avail for about two years. YOU THINK they would get the bugs out of something in that time?! It’s absolutely amusing to think that this many people just want the old format back and they continue to oppose the public and persevere like a sled dog through the wild. Shall we talk about customer support now??……………………………..

  100. Melo Ubay Says:

    My mail keeps on sending multiple times and therefore Yahoo is preventing me from sending my mails. I think I will have to move out from this service. As I’m using my account for business.

  101. ZZ Says:

    After almost 20 years I cannot believe how horrifying this new interface is.

    Simple basic mail features such as auto filling email addresses, formatting email content and forwarding email content exactly are gone. This is so shocking!

    It is like using having an interface designed and developed by a novice.

    Not sure what the goal was but it can’t be this sad application

  102. Dave Ruf Says:

    re: VERY DISAPPOINTED. As a stockholder, I’m disgusted!

    Yes… as yahoo doesn’t seem to be responding… (at least I haven’t seen that they’ve made any response, anyone else?)

    Who are the largest stockholders? Also boardmembers? ..with contact info if possible(emails/web pages/phone #’s) to address our complaints to and call for immediate action & communication/response. If that doesn’t work the next step could be is public pressure on top addvertisers… !!!

    the new mail system is bad enough, but let’s not aslo address/reject what the forced change ‘terms’ is probably really about: the orwellian scanning…

  103. smtips Says:


    “Will Says:
    March 20th, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    I have to say the latest version is chronic.
    If you want to use classic then there is a quick way back.
    Set your screen resolution to 800 x 600 then login to yahoo mail. You will get a message telling you there is a problem with your screen res. Just say ok and your mail will open in classic format. Now you can set your screen back to your normal res. Your yahoo mail will now always open in classic format. To switch back to the new version just click at the top right to get latest version.”

    The above method does NOT work any more. It may have worked a couple years ago, but definitely does not work at all now. It may open in “classic” format but you can just select Basic in the Options to get the same thing. Back in the day this trick worked. I personally can’t stand the purple ugliness of the basic in this “new” version. Don’t bother running through all the above, you will STILL HAVE THE NEW UGLY VERSION WHETHER IT IS THE “BASIC” OR “ADVANCED”. It is all horrible, and I’ve been using Yahoo mail for over fifteen years now and it’s TIME TO QUIT because they can’t give us basic email that just works without all this nonsense. They have purposely disabled choosing another theme color in the Basic version or I could probably live with it. Well, I own some domain names, time to update everything to a paid account somewhere and leave Yahoo’s idiocy in the dust.


  104. Girisha Says:

    For a few months I managed to use my old style mailbox with the help of a link I had bookmarked before. By June 2013 that bookmark started to forward to the new mail. As of July 14, that old link became blank.
    I believe 6 months is long enough time to wait for a change for the better and today I’m announcing my move to gmail. My main reasons are:
    – The classic UI was very user friendly and didn’t deserve this kind of super radical change. I was reluctant to learn to use gmail from scratch but now that I have to learn to use yahoo mail from scratch I thought I can just move really.
    – I use tabs, and tabs on my browser which are accessible through my own shortcuts. New yahoo doesn’t allow that and creates tabs within the mailbox. Outrageous. I just want to see all my mail, open all new mail in new tabs and go offline. This is impossible now.
    – I use a 9″ netbook and the area reserved on new yahoo mail for viewing my mail just shows utter disrespect to the user. I find this offensive.
    – And even if I decided to agree with that huge ads bar and unfriendly interface, I can’t understand at all why I have to do an extra step to close it in order to get to my next mail arrow. It’s just foolish.
    So I quit just like many has already done. So long yahoo. (and I’m saying this for the second time after the downfall of yahoogroups)

  105. Ann Turner Says:

    I thought it was just me – irritated by everything on this new system! I can’t delete emails without scrolling up to the top again: the wrong emails get deleted; the check box needs several clicks before it is checked; and it is all so painfully slow.
    The solution is obviously to switch to something else, but being a complete ignoramus at all things to do with computers, and having no available or local helpers, – and being an oap – I don’t know HOW to change! Is there anyway somebody could explain to me in words of one syllable how to change to some other, more user-friendly, mail, similar to the classic yahoo?

  106. william braund Says:

    Yahoo mail asks for so many checks before allowing sign in it is not worth using anymore. At first attempt the capcha code has to be broken and after a few attempts at that it says your password is incorrect the it asks you to remember which of your emails is your alternative for that account then it does not recognise any you but in of the 10 or fifteen you have with the email it gives a minute clue to who it might be but not even a letter of the name it is in. then it asks for a date of birth and post code and name. Then it tell you to wait three days to start again. When you do eventually get in you know damn well you will have to go through the same process the next time you attempt a login. And it has the nerve to send you warnings if you use a different computer or location. Are they stupid or what?

  107. big ron Says:

    nothing works , i don’t have time to waste relearning bullshit, time to move on

  108. Sami Says:

    I agree with everyone. The previous yahoo mail was the best after they ruined gmail, now it’s even worse than that. It is absolutely terrible, slow, unusable. I was using yahoo for 10 years and this is the only version that prompted me to leave it for good. Where the f do i go now..?

  109. Kenny Says:

    ..fed up having to “Google” my problems with this croc, most answers refer to “classic” trying to bcc on a forward ???

  110. iQuit Says:

    I am quitting Yahoo after seven years of being a customer. Actually, I’m going to be quitting Verizon, which offers Yahoo as a “user experience” option — and both of which are butt buddies with the N$A. I won’t be going with Scumcast either. I’m switching to a smaller third-party ISP like Earthlink or NetZero.

    This “new and improved” (aka it wasn’t broke and shouldn’t have been fixed) interface is just part of a larger trend to optimize the web for mobile screens the size of a Triskit cracker, as mobile web becomes a greater share of the marketplace and laptops and normal computers go the way of the Univac. Well, I don’t want a mobile phone and will never get one. This interface is also for the young morons who use social media. I hate social media and will never use that either. Why can’t we just have email that’s email? A phone that’s a phone? If I absolutely must have a cell phone I’ll get a Jitterbug. And if I absolutely must have an Internet provider, I’ll go with a simpler one that’s just for email.

    Screw Yahoo and Verizon and all these dumb companies that force things down users’ throats and leave no option for the customer besides quitting. Well, I guess that’s just what I’ll have to do then. I’m putting in my two weeks’ notice. A pox on Yahoo, Verizon, Google, Microsoft and the whole lot of them, and a pox on our POS government too!

  111. dave Says:

    Take your new e mail and shove it. It stinks and I will not use it If you refuse to turn back on the classic I am going to g mail. Don’t be a bunch of dumb asses and say it cant be done. Its a fricking computer program and can be turned back on. Take the idiot CEO bitch that thought she knew better then the customers and fire her. As she could not make it with the last out fit and now screwed up a great program. What idiots

  112. chris swan Says:

    Can’t use email to forward as the format is changed and pictures eliminated. I’m looking for another internet provider

  113. daisy Says:

    terrible. pain in the #@%$@

  114. kay grinde Says:

    I haven’t been able to go in to my email for2 months so really I don’t have a email. I have tried on several occasions to get help to no avail

  115. Alexie Says:

    Something is very, very wrong
    at Yahoo, for them to have taken a PERFECT mail system and spend millions of dollars to destroy it, all the while trumpeting it as an improvement. I’ve tried multiple times to contact them, and neither their mail feedback link nor phone number is working, no doubt due to disgruntled customer overload. What a farce. I am ENRAGED and leaving Yahoo Mail, where I’ve been for 15 years.

  116. sudipta kumar sen Says:

    I find it difficult to compose new mails and to delete mails in the new system. It was so much easier in the old system, where everything was so clearly mentioned.

  117. ron heferen Says:

    will it send all emails ,I have sending emails to people for over 12 months now and some always come back in to my inbox and the address is right, what has gone wrong, thank you for your time I would like to know how to fix this probilm. ron

  118. Frank Bryan Says:

    Yahoo recently forced me to use a New and Unimproved E-mail format.Nobody explained how to use it so it is a pain at the keyboard what are my options????

  119. Bill Says:

    Ditto on the new sluggo slow email. I thought I got a VIRUS! Whats up with disconnecting attachments so they cannot be directly opened, and then hiding the “app” that manages them. And on the Ipad Mini, using the new app, I cant find the config icon or the search icon. I have gmail, but have preferred yahoo for years. That could change. Roll it back, it is getting to be unusable…SERIOUSLY! The new yahoo is AWFUL!!

  120. jill portamento Says:

    yahoo mail deleted my account after locking me out of it in a sign in loop. they persecute the users for hacking problems. they treated me, the owner of the account, like a hacker, not letting me have access, then DELETED all the content during their changeover. I have five email accounts at yahoo. Could they not mail an alternate account if they planned to delete everything, after using it for 15 years? They do not appreciate my money making activities. I use only google now, only go into yahoo to forward my contacts there. Have to add the new service is slow, and yahoo has NO customer service, phone reps are rude. Yahoo is the past, and should stay there. It has a user base, it’s not the google people. They are substandard, should just accept this, and not torture the people who’ve had accounts at yahoo for years.

  121. Bruce Wrigleys Gumz Says:

    The new Yahoo mail is bulls**t! 12 years ago I joined Yahoo. It USED to be really good.. last few years I have almost always gotten my email using my smartphone. Its a high end device but this new mail crap doesn’t display properly. They made ALL of the panels/windows FIXED to one spot.. it used to be you could scroll the entire screen. Now, you cant. The mail section is limited to that one section at the center. When you open a message, it stays in that one spot. Can’t fullscreen or zoom it. Its difficult to navigate messages this way. Sometimes the messages wont even open…..and again…….. you CANT zoom! If you try to zoom on a smartphone browser, it zooms to the bottom right corner and all of the oanels collide and overlap each other making it IMPOSSIBLE to see anything. BS! also, what the hel happened to the photos/attachments folder where you could see all attachments from all received messages…its NONEXISTANT now! Yes… I hate this new mail crap. The mobile app is crappy, that’s why I always used the full website. But lately, ive been using my gmail.. Yahoo is just too full of problems anymore. SMH

  122. Myles Michael Says:

    No doubt about it, This is the worst Email program ever! I have a PAID AT&T account. I loved the original Bellsouth/AT&T Email program. But since their merger with Yahoo, AT&T is slowly turning into Yahoo and everything I hated about Yahoo has become mine. The new Email program is slow and it freezes constantly, requiring me to log out then back in just to open a folder. It is full of spam. The new Email “upgrade” is a huge step backward. Although I hate to give up the Email address I have been doing business with for many years, I will be dropping AT&T BECAUSE OF YAHOO and their slowwww and primitive Email.

  123. Susan Murphy Says:

    Why must I always “go to outbox to verify you’re a real person”?
    Why can’t I see the attachment tab to attach a file?

    Bad bad bad.

  124. dave Says:

    what’s up with BS ad in the email queue? bullshit yahoo. fuck off

  125. wendy allen Says:

    I use my cell phone for emails. Now there is yellow spam with no way to delete the bloody thing and no forward button to use to forward emails, nothing in the tool bar slides to show the forward button. What the crap is this ? Some more brilliant ideas from a high paid corporate con artist?
    Get real or loose another customer. And that “help” email you sent doesn’t make any sense to me I don’t have internet to use my computer for screen shots.
    what is your point of screwing up the email thing?
    Perhaps snail mail should come back, far less time involved and less chance of being read by others..

  126. Lenore Says:

    This has made my job so frustrating. I hate the Yahoo. Why can’t they fix it? Are they just going to ignore all the people that have complaints? I work in my email all day, every day. I have no way to control the email line spacing when I print it out. Every email is printing double spaced and using twice as much paper….FIX THIS PROBLEM YAHOO!

  127. nanaquinn Says:

    Yahoo email quite often sends emails to the trash even though I haven’t clicked on them. Is there any way to stop it. If I don’t check the trash, I loose some important massages.

  128. Mallika Says:

    I find the new version very confusing. When you open the in box you see so many recipients names and communication history, you get confused if all of them are reading your mail sent to one particular person. Today when I had to reply someone’s email, it took me at least an hour which would have taken about ten minutes in the earlier version. I see your latest version as going 10 steps backward. If things don’t get better I will have to look at other options. Please tell me what I should do to understand your latest version.

  129. Patrick McDowell Says:

    Does anyone know how to forward multiple contact list names?

  130. KWest Says:

    It is hard to believe Yahoo tested the new email with customers. Almost everyone used the multiple tab function to keep separate emails open simultaneously.

    The only reason I can think of to eliminate this function is that it saves space on Yahoo servers.

    Either way, the new email interface appears to be self-serving and not customer-centric.

  131. Cheryl Says:

    Is someone able to tell me where the bloody print button is????

  132. Charlotte Younger Says:

    I hate it! I lost 3 drafts this a.m. I’m not an expert, but I’m not totally incompetent with computers. Also, I find it difficult find a particular received email. Finally the color schemes are unnecessary and hard on the eyes (mine, anyway — I read a lot on and off line.) I think I’m headed to GMail unless Yahoo makes some significant changes — like going back to old format. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  133. BC Says:

    FOLDERS: 1. you CANNOT see the emails that your contacts SENT YOU in your folders, you can only see what YOU sent THEM. 2. If you receive an email that you need to file in a folder, you check mark it, then click on “MOVE TO” and a drop down opens – you select the folder – IT WILL NOT FILE THAT EMAIL. You MUST attempt it 4 or 5 times. It will drop the email in ANOTHER FOLDER that you DID NOT select—OR—it won’t file it at all !!!

  134. BC Says:

    Don’t be surprised if you see this as a news story soon: Marissa Mayer resigns from Yahoo now that the entire nation is in an uproar and heads back to where she came from. It seems as if she was a Trojan Horse sent to derail and destroy the competition that YAHOO was giving.

  135. Frustrated Yahoo User Says:

    I’m spending my precious working hours researching about things like how to download attachments, which seem non-existent in this BS new interface, and to no avail! My YM suddenly took on the new look, despite me not agreeing to it. I wasn’t even given a trial period for it. MY YM changed to the new one while I slept! I hate it! Totally, hate it! I wonder what yahoo was thinking when they made this new interface?

  136. Jennifer Says:

    I can’t stand this new email! It’s horrible! I can’t get my address book addresses to load automatically…I can’t stand the multiple formats of emails…And why, oh why, would I need something to say “Me” on every, single email I have seen or sent?
    Yahoo, you suck. I will have to find somewhere else to go.

  137. Leaving soon Says:

    This is garbage. I have a whole life that does not include learning your new failed “look”

  138. Ericus Says:

    I have a feeling that the GMAIL format/design was also Marissa Mayer’s idea, exactly the same $h!t as the new Yahoo Mail format/design.

  139. Fuzzycow6 Says:

    I agree>tabs are Good< Half my corespondents replies go to spam. And part of my emails end up with the word(ME) attached. Go back to your good Programs.

  140. china Says:

    The one thing I really liked about the old yahoo mail was the TABS. Now they are gone.

  141. Peter D. Says:

    This new system must have been designed by a techie from Hotmail in order to sabotage Yahoo. Worst redesign ever. Hate it, hate it, hate it!

  142. Rosemarie Says:

    Yahoo has had a number of mistakes in the past but this is the worst ever. Have they all gone brain dead?

  143. prabha Says:


  144. Chriso Says:

    I find that when I try to send an e-mail to multiple recipients, when I click on the drop down box to click on my saved list with the particular names I want to send it to , it just reverts back to the e-mail

  145. renee wagner Says:

    This new format is terrible. The spam folder does not work. Everything goes into inbox. I switched to gmail and that sucks too. Why can’t you upgrade without changing things that work. The new girl won’t have a job for too much longer. Do they read the comments from us??

  146. woodcock Says:

    it is the most pathetic site I will be changing the new formt is sh@t

  147. GreginNC Says:

    One of the most unforgivable things with the new version is if you choose the basic interface to get a less functional BUT usable interface, it has been apparently intentionally crippled. As an example when you delete an email you have read it takes you back to the inbox, making what was already a slower than classic even more torturous and even slower.

  148. larry Says:

    the changes have set yahoo back to third grade level email account. Attention all advertisers in yahoo. if yahoo chases email accounts away, these people wont be using the browser either… I plan on leaving when I get time to set up another account somewhere else

  149. Sue Pritchett Says:

    I have this big purple dot with an email at the beginning of my email list and don’t know where it came from – would like to get rid of it.

  150. Maurice Says:

    Your review sucks as much as the new Yahoo Mail.

  151. J-Jo Says:

    #1 thing you need to know : the new Yahoo Mail sucks!

  152. Sophia Says:

    Yahoo is great! BUT, better, in my opinion, if Yahoo Mail had been left
    Changes to me are and have not been better. I prefer other way.

  153. rafik Says:

    Yahoomail are terribly disturbing. Inbox showing attach file but after open I does not find it. wtf yahoo are doing?

  154. Robledo Says:

    As of November 2013 Yahoo is still screwed up beyond belief! They should have left Classic alone, but worse yet, they left users no option between the useless Basic version and the worse off new Yahoo Mail. Yahoo, heed this. If I have to reinvest time and energy switching to another provider, I will resent your company and promptly join IHATEYAHOO. You’re feeling a bit cocky.

  155. russell Says:

    how do I toggle thru my messages on my laptop. no buttons to be found…

  156. Kitty Says:

    I am so confused and lost thanks to Yahoo breaking-up what wasn’t broken to begin with. Where do I go now, I can’t stand this upgrade crap from hell.

  157. Kquen Says:


    Does anyone have the experience and expertise to form a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT? That’s our only hope for gaining back what we’ve all lost.

  158. Me Says:

    I can not stand the way yahoo mail pops to the front when a message comes in. It always happens when I am typing in another window.

  159. Dave Says:

    The new Yahoo mail does not make things better, just more complicated. The changes came with no instructions. How is that an improvement.

  160. Anna Attkisson, LAPTOP Managing Editor Says:

    If you’re ready to make the switch to Gmail, here’s how.

  161. Sandra Brown Says:

    I don’t know what is wrong with yahoo!!!!
    I changed from hotmail after 8 years because of their changes and I LOVE YAHOO what more can I say.
    I don’t miss a thing because my emails go straight to my phone, a facility I couldn’t get on hotmail. 10 out of 10 yahoo

  162. kelley brindley Says:

    Horrid!!! I have been a yahoo user for years and will be deleting my account as soon as I can clean out all of my important emails.

  163. Sam Says:

    I hate the new Yahoo mail. All my emails are in a chain. I can’t figure out what email I am responding to. Why change to such a messy and complicated version? What was wrong with the old version and what improvement does the new one bring us???

  164. Teresa Baker Says:

    I am completely freaked out! There is no spell check or any way to highlight! My whole life is connected to this account…how do I change to something else now…WHY???

  165. Anna Attkisson, LAPTOP Managing Editor Says:

    Teresa –
    Check out this story on how to migrate from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. Hopefully this helps.

  166. Elle Says:

    Have to change to another email – trying gmail.
    there attachments are impossible
    and also yahoo is easy for hackers

  167. CJ Says:

    When I sign into my yahoo account everything pops up except the delete, move, spam, etc., navigation buttons. I can’t open email either. Anyone have any suggestions? I’m in agreement with many of you. I do not like this new Yahoo nearly as much as the old one!!

  168. Donald ray Anderson Says:

    I can’t access my Yahoo mail. What is one way i can always get my mail in one try?

  169. John Inman Says:

    I’m furious. The new email is terrible. It’s confusing, it’s hard to read, it’s a pain in the ass. I want my old email back.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Anna Says:

    Why can’t I select multiple emails to delete anymore??? I have to select one by one?? seriously how much time to you think I have??? My phone has a gmail account and it’s looking better and better!!! This is crazy!!!

  171. seamus duffy Says:

    Hello, can you please tell me why email that I have sent are appearing in my inbox. This is new and I don’t want it. Kind regards.

  172. Pete Says:

    If it aint broke why TRY and fix it? Yahoo now have the unenviable reputation for failing miserably every time they try to upgrade their Mail. Leave us alone and save yourself some money on R&D. I’ve never had a gmail account but it seems that will be the way forward sadly.

  173. Donnie Henson Says:

    With the latest version of Yahoo mail, each time I sent out an email,it will have 2 copies of the same email attach to it. I have to forward and copy clip and still the same. Then you have to click on the history or something like that even to view the email. This needs a fix big time.

  174. Mary Says:

    This is the FINAL episode for Marissa’s incompetent techies – – BRING IT ON – G-MAIL is the way to go – – Marissa buys companies and let’s Yahoo Mail go to HELL

  175. Leo Says:

    The new yahoo was designed for yahoo not for the user. It is garbage. All the “me” inserts creates a mess. An email is not a conversation. I don’t want a conversations. Stop this crap no one likes it.

  176. Ann Says:

    I hate the new yahoo email, going to try something new. Quit changing $— leave it alone. You only make things worse when you change things.

  177. Frances Meder Says:

    I hate the new email set up. I don’t like the replys being visible in the subject area. It is not user friendly.

    Also where is the draft folder?????

  178. \Martha Wachtel Says:

    The new email is awful. very hard to use. hate it! cannot opt out of your damned ads, cant delete them, can’t opt out. Uverse can’t tell me what to do either. Can’t even send them to spam. What are you thinking? I’ll be changing my email as soon as I can figure out how. Everybody hates it.

  179. Greg Thomas Says:

    The older version of yahoo mail allowed you to send (send/shift) a draft and keep it. This was very helpful in my business.

    Will this feature be returning to yahoo mail anytime soon?


  180. GGZ Says:

    My email account began with about 2 decades ago. When Yahoo acquired the accounts, I hoped they would improve functionality.
    Instead, this new version doesn’t allow sorting by Sender (if someone knows how, please share) loses a draft if you open another email, and many, many other lost features as described by other postings on this blog.
    Yahoo, begging you to sell off the group to another provider so we can escape the ‘new Yahoo’ purgatory.

  181. Alma Siemens Says:

    Dear Yahoo,
    I don’t mind new and improved service, if I can read it well. My visual limitation makes this new and improved Yahoo Mail Screen FRUSTRATING at times. I may not be the only one since visual issues are happening more frequently with the aging population. You might consider consulting organizations that deal with vision irregularities and loss, not to mention the people who experience it. Thank you for your attention.
    Alma Siemens

  182. Malkie Darabaner Says:

    Don’t try to tell me otherwise; Yahoo
    is dying! First I am no longer able to
    print out e-mails by pressing “control” and “P” as I always used to do. Next,
    I can only see the titles of two current
    e-mails in a tiny box instead of a full
    page. Then “Yahoo is having worldwide
    problems”. Sure sounds like dying.

  183. markmccoin Says:

    where is the attach files button, I do not see any customizing buttons. I am trying to reply to an email with some files but no option to do so is showing

  184. Kathy Says:


  185. Reinhard Says:

    How much did you get paid to publish this rubbish. Yahoo mail now is the worst ever!!!!!!!!!!

  186. george Says:

    you are obviously being paid by yahoo. find 5 people how like the new yahoo mail!!!!!

  187. BRB Says:

    What the Hell is UP with this email format, can’t multiple attach, no font button,(size or type) spellcheck or any other settings. Who is the Moron that decided this is Better. G-mail here I come, Yahoo, you are losing a lot of customers and I will be contacting you to get my money back to have Mail Plus.!

  188. James Says:

    I have only ever used Yahoo But am having problems why?????


    ineed to sign up where do I go

  190. cbw Says:

    I hate this new version. I think it’s hard to navigate and when I try to print out my e-mails, they are all so far to the right that I can’t read them.
    There may be something I can do about this myself but if so, I don’t know how.
    A lot of times when I click on an e-mail to open it, it jumps to the one below.

  191. Julia Says:

    How do I stop ail from yahoo in windows mail

  192. smitti Says:

    I HATE the new YaBoo Mail.

    Everything usable was removed. My whole mail page is screwed up when the advertisement shows. The top portion is removed. I click to close ad and the top of the page returns. Ad pops back and the top goes away again.

    **&&^^%%$E@@#$%0((**&&^^%%$$###$%^*%$##*)()!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PURE HATE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No close mail button any more. What a waste to have to scroll up to do next or previous. The arrow in the mail left/right worked great

    How could YaBoo possibly remove the most convenient feature … sort alphabetically ??? This was he most efficient way to purge my mail.

  193. MP Says:

    yahoo email is the worst ever!!!

    Why don’t they listen to their users.

  194. Ilse Martin Says:

    Why does my friend in Germany get my inbox when she clicks on attached photos? She can’t open the photos. It happened twice, even after I changed my password.

  195. Linda Says:

    OK, came on to find out why my email has changed. I can’t delete or select emails, I can’t find a way to attach anything to my emails, uggg! I hate computer changes because I have no clue what to do!

  196. john Says:

    Yahoo email sucks. Cannot read or open email.

  197. Disgruntled Former Yahoo User Says:

    Yahoo users beware. Yahoo at its sole discretion can delete your account and all your information without giving you any other reason than saying you violated its Terms of Use. Once that happens, all your information is gone. They lack any customer service. I strongly suggest everyone leave them and find a better company.

  198. ron heferen Says:

    will I get a better service with the new yahoo mail, thank you for your time , ron

  199. Yahoo mail user since 1996 Says:

    Somewhat happy everyone things the same as I. Did you mention already about the fact that you can not anymore sort your mails by sender or title or whatever, but just by “last arrived on top”? Or if you can, it must be on a totally counter-intuitive way, because I haven’t figured out how yet.

  200. Peter Says:

    If Yahoo Mail does not reinstall cc: and bcc: I will switch to another email that still does use it. Quickly.

  201. J.R. McDONALD JR Says:

    Why does YAHOO! consistently navigate to the wrong page, or says the page is not available? It is very frustrating trying to check e-mail because I have to go thru so many wrong pages to get there. AND I AM ON DIAL-UP!

  202. yosan Says:

    yahoo is the best

  203. Wilbur Sewell Says:

    Yahoo mail sucks is right. It will not let me use my groups in contact. I have 90 people in 2 different groups and it won’t let me use the groups.

  204. NowYouKnow Says:

    Multiple recipients? Forget about it! It wants you to scroll down all 300 entries in your contacts list and select the recipients — NUTS! And mine does NOT have the settings gear in the upper right hand corner. So NOTHING can be changed! WOW! The new convent size as the marketing worms like to say.

  205. Bella Says:

    I no longer have that arrow button that would allow me to go forward or backwards through my emails. I really hate this new change Yahoo.

  206. Mike Says:

    Once again Yahoo demonstrates it’s grade school dropout mentality – if its not broke, lets break it ! Just because you can screw it up doesn’t mean you have to. I guess you drop features, find out how many people liked them, and then try to figure out how to charge them for the “extra” basic features.
    Oops – sorry I did not use simple one syllable words you tried to learn in preschool.
    Oh well, so much for venting to a deaf, blind, and brain dead entity.

  207. Larry Says:

    Yahoo Mail no longer allows drag and drop for attachments when using Internet Explorer, but it does work if using Firefox, but why? I have a paid business email account, but am considering changing to get away from the new Yahoo Mail.

  208. Pete West Says:

    Totally, totally useless.

    Designed by nutters.

    Have just typed my first emai and spent an hour trying to send it. I am an experienced user, and I have failed. What a waste of time..

  209. joseph Says:

    not able to compose

  210. deedeeMao Says:

    There’s only one thing you need to know about “new” Yahoo mail.

    It sucks beyond imagining. Just this week it started arranging all my emails by day and date.

    Uh… OK I guess. But then it did something really Cute! It started saving 29 copies of each draft instead of just one!

    Then when I spent a half hour deleting all the extra copies, it deleted ALL of my drafts back to December 2014.

    New Yahoo is just filled with surprises.

  211. Real Change Says:

    Yahoo buttons don’t work in IExplorer. Yahoo is finished. It is a pile of BS. Total POS.
    I was the last of my friends to migrate to google mail because i didn’t know how to forward my sent mails from Yahoo to Google.
    Well, it’s easy, I created a folder and imported it. Bye Yahoo pieces of d#*k sh#t. Yahoo should die or be sent to the gallows

  212. K.K.W. WILSON Says:

    I looked at a large number of replies on this site and I can’t agree with them more. This is the worst piece of programming idiocy I have ever seen. What did Yahoo! do? Hire a bunch of MS rejects!!! Everyone knows you can’t get much lower on the programming ladder than MS but Yahoo! now holds that honor without question.

  213. Terry Says:

    Have to agree, new mail version “SUCKS”

    Actually considering dropping Yahoo if this mess does not get cleaned up!!!!

  214. Chidi Says:

    My laptop was stolen and since then I have not been able to have access to my yahoo mail because I have to provide a secrete verification password that has been sent to onebox which I don’t know anything about. Yahoo is yahoo which in my language means stupid or dumb. It is the most irritating mail service on earth.

  215. BernardineTracy Says:

    Why can’t I Get my email from yahoo? Do you want me to cancel and get a more dependable server? This problem is so frequent, it seems you do not want old customers. Am I right?

  216. M Pullan Says:

    for many months BT has been promising the fools like me who signed up to Yahoo an improved mail service – but we are still stuck with Yahoo. Can’t load pages today – what a ridiculous system it is – thnak goodness for Gmail.

  217. Beverly Capps Says:

    So, I have always loved my yahoo mail and went to it for convenience. I will be leaving it, I guess, now, due to inconvenience.Hello, Google! Most of us use email to communicate with people, and in my field, I send messages to departments, i. e. groups, which is a term that the new Yahoo seems to be unfamiliar with. I just want to be able to create distribution lists in my Yahoo mail that is on my computer operating with Windows8. H.E.L.P.

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