8 Worst Windows 8 Annoyances and How to Fix Them

Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch
The official Geeks Geek, as his weekly column is titled, Avram Piltch has guided the editorial and production of Laptopmag.com since 2007. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP's real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. He holds a master’s degree in English from NYU.
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  1. WP7 Says:

    I wish tech journalist would learn to use something properly before writing articles…

    1. You don’t need to drag or click anything to get past the lock screen – just press Enter.

    2. To use Bing without being launched into another app, simply snap Bing to the left (or right) and then it will open any results in the main window without losing the Bing app.

  2. Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director Says:


    1. Hitting Enter is equivalent to clicking, an extra and unnecessary action.
    2. I said that you could dock Bing next to IE.

  3. WP7 Says:

    Another way to view which of your desktop apps are running is to dock the desktop (snap left or right). Then you get thumbnails of any desktop apps which are running.

  4. Thomas Says:

    Actually, you don’t need to press Enter either. Any key, even shift works. Since my password starts with a capital letter, I just start typing. No extra keystrokes. But if you’re really worried about one keystroke, you could just make your password 1 character shorter and use enter… Still the same number of actions as before! =)

  5. scott Says:

    U dont need the start 8 program, I used it and removed it. All you need to do is right click on lower left corner, you will see all that you miss. Even had cmd admin rights. Pretty cool.

  6. john Says:

    You can hit any keyboard button to push up the lock screen.

    The Bing app seems pointless. The search charm automatically searches Bing in IE.

  7. scott Says:

    Here is a very good article: http://www.techradar.com/us/news/software/operating-systems/50-windows-8-tips-tricks-and-secrets-1028220

  8. Tom Says:

    There is a much easier way to shut down your computer…. hit the power button. Duh.

  9. Thomas Says:

    @John Forget the search charm, just type your search in the Metro IE address bar and hit enter.

  10. Ryan K Says:

    I don’t see how disabling the lock splash screen is any worse than before. In previous versions of Windows you had to hold ctrl-alt-del to show the login prompt, and then it didn’t show any information other than a dialog box.

    I can understand why you may want to disable it, but if anything it’s Windows 8 implementation is an improvement over previous versions.

    Perhaps users (or the writer) is more annoyed that by default the computer displays the lock screen, while often previous versions of Windows don’t automatically require authentication after the computer comes out of sleep/idle?

  11. Ryan K Says:

    I do think people will find the options to restart/shutdown the computer a bit difficult to find. It took me a while to find the option when I first started using the DP, and I am an IT professional…

  12. Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director Says:

    @Ryan K,

    When I boot into Windows 7, the first screen I get (after all the welcome screens disappear) is my login prompt. When I boot into Windows 8, I’m hit with the lock screen which I must remove (either by clicking, swiping, whatever) before I can get to the same login screen. That’s an extra, unnecessary action.

  13. Jason S Says:

    Number 6 (application shortcuts and installation) is entirely the fault and responsibility of the application installer and has *nothing* to do with Windows.

  14. Lee Mathews Says:

    Never understood the complaint about shutting down. Why not just automate it with your power plan…or tap the button on your case? Simple.

  15. BladeFireLight Says:

    I never get all the whining people do.. it’s like George Jetson and his button pushing finger being sore from the two times he has to push the power button for the sprocket factory. One extra click or swipe will add up to a total of perhaps 1min of lost time a year, if that.

    None of the issues listed are show stoppers. (as mentioned above the installer issue is due to the software not windows I have the same issue on XP, Vista and 7).

  16. NotAChance Says:

    This is why they are only charging under $50 for this garbage. I am in no way an Apple fan but they got it right, keep the operating systems separate. I have better things to do with my time than find hidden controls, that’s just obnoxious.

  17. B Pratt Says:

    It would seem that the best way to deal with 8 would be not to install it, preferably while running away, screaming: “Ugly! Ugly! Ugly!” If M$ would stop pushing the ‘we don’t know what to call it’ interface down our throats, it might be OK.

  18. dstrauss Says:

    BladeFireLight is absolutely right – the level of whining among tech “journalists” about the evils and frustrations of Windows 8 is only exceeded by the RIDICULOUS work arounds – most of which we have ALL been using since Vista (Oh my god, how dare I speak its name): ALT-TAB, pinning favorite apps to the Taskbar, etc.

  19. Dan Says:

    I can’t imagine using this non-start-menu interface at my embedded sw development environment. I use so many applications, shortcuts that are from the start menu, I am not sure how they will all fit into those tiles..

    why not allow the user to add the start menu back in? whats the harm of that?

    i am still hurting from the changes to not allow multiple toolbars in windows 7. Rocket-dock is NOT the same..

  20. EricKuma Says:

    Windows 8 is a like a book without an index. Annoying and lost.
    A monotone experience for simple minds.

  21. 8lover Says:

    why most IT journalist cannot get used to win8 interface? my father who is not tech savvies who used PC for internet,facebook, some casual gaming love win8 for it simplicity and performance ( perform really good for an old pc )..

    i myself loves win8 for its simplicity, the “metro?” start screen is not necessary if u are an advanced user, all ur work will be on desktop app (pinned taskbar, etc ). im using RP and loving it so much for the performance gained, the new start menu does not hinder ur work if u get used to it.. searching is also much faster than win7 start menu.

  22. Mark P Says:

    Uh really? With the absence of Quicklaunch in Win 7, I was p****d. I don’t leave junk all over my desktop and hated to double click to launch, quicklaunch only required one click and no searching. My resolution was to hit the windows key and type the name of app I wanted to launch. This carried over to Win 8. I am glad they got rid of the start button. Window key (on keyboard) and type the name (or even just the first two letters) is much faster than a start menu button hands down. Pinning to taskbar sucks because once you launch an app, you can not launch another instance from that pinned icon. Win 8 is lighter and much much faster than Win 7, and installs much easier than Win 7. Every computer that I have thrown Win 8 at takes to it like a fish to water. It has more drivers for more hardwrae, which means less yellow question marks to get rid of in the device manager. Also, the ‘ribbon’ used in Office is now native in the My Computer (win key + e). My only complaint is file associations are all linked to the metro apps which don’t see anyting on the local drive and/or poorly run. Windows Media player does not play many formats (unlike VLC which plays ANYTHING) So I downloaded VLC and fixed the file associations to use desktop apps. Other than that, I love it love it love it.

  23. Scott J. Tepper Says:

    The worst Windows annoyance is that Bill Gates is the world’s richest man for putting out a piss poor product from day one.

  24. Frank A. Staff Says:

    Windows 8 is the WORST OS possible! I agree with B Pratt who called is “Ugly”. I can not understand why microsoft engineers and the company would jam it down the throats of the users who already know just how bad the system is. A total waste of time and money to develop a horrible & unworkable system. RedHat will gain lots of users over this mess.

  25. Jeff Says:

    While I think “Windows 7″ is the best operating system Microsoft has produced, I am still waiting for Microsoft to fix a restart bug. Sometimes, usually not, I lose the keyboard and sometimes the mouse.

    If they get that fixed by the time “Windows 9″ appears, perhaps I will move to that product.

    Unless I owned a tablet, I see zero reason to move to “Windows 8″. Even the folks that like “Windows 8″ seem to be saying they like it for non-PC reasons. I do not think I will waste my time.

  26. EdW Says:

    It’s amazing just how much FUD some journalists put out. And what’s even better about this one is how wrong it was, and over time how much worse it got.

    1. Start Menu, Start Page. There’s a lot of semantics here. Hit the Start Page button and you get basically the same information as on the Start Menu. It’s a different paradigm and definitely better than a Start Button where so many things were in the list that on smaller screens you had to scroll within the list!
    2. In this aspect, the desktop is an application. Once you are on the desktop, the standard ctrl-tab switches between desktop apps. If the Switcher Groups included individual desktop applications, then what would the display look like for something like Lync?
    3. Hit ANY freaking Key!!! Isn’t that a lot easier and two keystrokes less than Ctrl-Alt-Del?
    4. When was the last time that you powered down your iPad? iPhone? Android? It’s a new paradigm, shutting down is no longer something that you should do on a regular basis. Putting your computer to sleep by pressing the power button is the better option
    5. Mail supports POP now.
    6 Secondary Users – If a secondary user was allowed to install software, then what would be the difference to a admin user? NOT allowing the installation of software is a great thing. Give the machine to your kid and they can’t install to your desktop. The Store Apps are isolated from each other, so what I download doesn’t impact what you download and install.
    7. File Management – sure, a Store App would be nice, but why is the desktop so bad? It supports finger gestures
    8. Try Bing App now that it has been updated.

  27. Shane Says:

    I know Microsoft is afraid of Linux, Android, iPad, etc. because people have finally figured out that they don’t need M$ for a lot of there normal app needs. They just need an OS that gets out of the way and runs apps. This is definitely true in the tablet realm. However in the desktop realm who in the world wants to hold their hands up to a touch screen all day long. Who wants to relearn everything he’s already learned. That’s why I switched to LibreOffice instead of Office 2012. If I have to relearn anyway, it might as well be for something free.

    I say the same of Windows 8! May it die a worse death than Vista! Who needs it! Why do we keep supporting this M$ crap with apps and money?? It like a sorry drug that everyone is addicted to. There are much better things in life (in the computer world), yet everyone stays addicted to this M$ drug. Since they want to take us “where we DON’T want to go today, why do we take some initiative to go somewhere else and show them. Start migrating off of them anywhere possible. Key one is get your users off of apps that require Windows and onto apps that will run on any platform. Then when they are used to them you can switch the OS and the learning curve will be minimal–at least compared to learning this Win 8 stuff.

  28. john Says:

    If you want to turn off Windows 8, try pushing the off button on your device, Da!

  29. john Says:

    edW, says the best. Try it first then comment! No more blue screens of death. Compatible with windows XP. The future is here. Anywhere in the world you can pull up any of our devices. fortunately Or fortunately, This is the beginning of total wireless systems. To a tier wireless future.

  30. john Says:

    Try this with Apple I pod and it’s OS. or a I Pad, Or Mac laptop. Or a I Phone, or maybe the new Mini Pad. Wait you still have to pay for your Mac PC and laptop. With a Windows 8 pad through away your mouse and keyboard, because it will sync with all your devices. You will have a virtual keyboard, mouse and touch pad. And another display. With office 360 all your devices will have office 360. This will all be like cable without the wires. Windows 9 will all be networked Microsoft is break en you in to the network world. Thanks big brother!

  31. JohnH Says:

    Shane Says
    “I know Microsoft is afraid of Linux,”
    I love to believe that but truth is no one is afraid of Linux OS (not the kernel) it is pretty much dead on consumer side, right know it is battle between Android, Windows and iOS.

  32. kghk Says:

    I dont have any of this:

    Computer Configuration > Administrative Tools > Control Panel > Personalization in the Local Group Policy editor.

    -where is Computer Configuration?
    -Do I need Win 8 pro?
    -How can I disable otherwise?

  33. franz weber Says:

    So if you dont like Windows, CHANGE IT or stop whining. Oh you say you can not change it, Then stop Whining.
    Windows is GREAT! It runs my computer better then what I could do!
    The one thing I hate is people who say they have short cuts or smarter ways of doing things and all they realy have is a lousy attitude.
    Love Windows or Leave it.

  34. Daniel Says:

    I am not a computer expert, but I made the switch to Windows 8 and I’d say it took approximately 5 minutes to get over all of this stuff, so you so called “experts” should be just fine. In Windows 7 you have to click start, then power, then shut down to turn it off. Hit windows key + “I” or click settings in the charm menu to bring up the settings menu, hit power, hit shut down in Windows 8. It is literally the same thing. Virtually anything that works for Windows 7 will work for Windows 8 so that can’t be an argument. As for the login screen, I got in the habit of hitting enter immediately and I think it would probably waste maybe a hundredth of a second. Then I realized I didn’t need a password at all and so that problem was gone. It is certainly not imperative that anyone switch because the vast majority of the differences between 7 and 8 are superficial, like the start screen (which, once I got comfortable with, is actually fun for locating games like pinball that I downloaded from the Windows Store or the Netflix app which I am pretty fond of). I do not think Windows 8 is THAT amazing, I just think most of the complaints are silly considering that without the new start screen, the change is no more than a large update that we would get on a Tuesday. This is the start of something new, and it’ll take a few tries before they get it perfect, but I do think most of the complaints are unwarranted

  35. Health Forums Says:

    After using the OS for two weeks now, I really find that it is a pain to use. Besides the start menu issues, I really find the mix of full screen and traditional apps a nuisance because I am constantly using multiple applications concurrently. As I analyze medical information or graphs and write software, I want to easily switch context and Windows 8 is an impediment to this. It should simply be a configuration option to enable a windowed mode for viewing different applications that are running so that users with the large LCD screens can effectively make use of them.

  36. Ace Says:

    I will keep win 7 until they stop providing updates. My next PC or Laptop purchase will be Apple. Problem solved…

  37. chris Says:

    no global warming worries in M$ land. let 1000’s of pc’s run 24 hours a day, waste all that electricity for no reason at all. gee, it must be great to live in such ignorance; no worries at all about the future. thanks for this article, i’m sticking with XP until the very bitter end.

  38. krzystoff Says:

    windows 7 was a brilliant leap forward on all previous versions for performance, stability and ease of use on the desktop; windows 8 is supposedly a complete rewrite, but it shares a lot of what really worked well in 7, coupled with a UI that works terrifically well on underpowered, small tablets right up to any other touch screen device.

    I found the lock screen an annoyance at first, but actually it’s a huge improvement on the ugly and useless lock screen of old — if you work in an office environment there’s a high probability you know it well. if you’re on a single user computer, you would not see the lock screen, but there are many excellent security benefits for working in a limited user profile.

    right now, I still find the Metro apps have many shortcomings and it’s annoying that the system file associations default to the Metro apps, often even when better, desktop alternatives are installed. I also think the lock screen and Metro should share the same wallpaper/theme/etc as the desktop to simplify customisation, but they’re minor quibbles.

    most people will adapt to new interfaces within a few hours or a few days, but if you’re a grey fox or just a slow learner, it might take you a couple of months. just like grumpy old folk making the switch from windows XP to 7, there is a lot of adjustment to grumble about and a lot to love once you get used to it. if you like windows 7, I guarantee you will love windows 8 once you have used it for a month or so of daily use.

  39. blanche Says:

    I hate windows 8. If I wanted a tablet interface, I’d have bought a tablet. I have a smartphone for that. When I couldn’t find a new laptop with the power and memory I wanted, I caved and bought one with Windows 8. Ack.
    I love new technology but it appears that MS is just trying to be something it’s not. Face it MS, they (Apple and Google) got the jump on you like they did with MP3 players and smart phones (Windows mobile still sucks). I am seriously considering wiping this new albatross clean and returning it. I’d probably throw it out the window if I tried to install windows 7, can you imagine what a nightmare that would be?
    Btw, It’s been over a month and I still hate it.

  40. Geek Hillbilly Says:

    Best fix for Windows 8 – Delete Windows 8 and clean install either Windows 7 or your choice of Linux.Unless you have a touchscreen,Windows 8 is so buggy that it should be recalled.It is worse than useless on a desktop of regular laptop

  41. lakawak Says:

    krzystoff…I don’t think you understand…most people aren’t GOING to adjust. Because they will swtich back to the old interface. No one with a functioning brain things that people with desktops and laptops (the area that Microsoft dominates) will use the touch based interface. It would be stupid to try. That is why it was stupid of Microsoft to do this.

    Tablets will NEVER replace desktops for real extensive users. You will never see large corporations with a bunch of tablets at people’s desks, with their employees tapping away on their touchscreen keyboard and gumming up their screens with their fingers.

  42. RuggedArm Says:

    Well isn’t this something. IT “professionals” advocating old, outdated OSs complete with all of the “bugs”, security holes and other problems they came with. Instead of whining maybe you could offer constructive suggestions and I don’t mean changing to another OS. MS, Apple and others work to improve their product. I can’t remember ever seeing any OS that was put on the market perfectly and not in need of any improvements. This includes every OS for all of you Apple fanboys. Why do you think there are so many versions? MS is listening and working to correct identified problems. If you are the IT professional you claim to be, you would know that this takes a bit of time and the biggest issues get the most attention. I use multiple applications for developing software and have no problems using Win 8. Now that I’ve said this, no doubt some deeply knowledgeable person with a keyboard and access to the internet is going to tell me I have no idea what I’m talking about and how they know it all. Let the horses run.

  43. Dave Crowder Says:

    Gotta love all the Win 8/MSFT haters. I bet most of you have not touched Win 8 or used it worth a darn. As Daniel said back on Nov 13: 5 mins is about all it takes. (Actually, for me, at 67 y/o it took about 10 or 12 mins). BFD. I you donj’t likeit, don’t use it. Go off to that closed, expensive Apple or the even buggier Chrome and its security issues and Google data mining. Just grow up and like what you like. And as for the writer of almost every negative article about Win 8 and MSFT-Get over yourselves and try to be more objective and not fanboys

  44. Dave Crowder Says:

    @Blanche: you must really have some personal issues. Nothing but hate and disgust for MSFT. And obviously you DO NOT like new tech unless it probably says “I” before the rest of the name or is that “An” or “Go”?

  45. timbi Says:

    i had windows 8 for two weeks. i couldn’t take it anymore. i then made a clean install of windows 7 and everything works.

    whoever made windows 8 should be shot.

  46. Atablarasa Says:

    I’ve been using Windows since 3.1 and DOS before that. From the standpoint of trying to do real work the metro screen or whatever it’s called is an impediment and every time that you mouse too close to a desktop window hey presto you’ve gone somewhere you never planned to go. I would retreat to Win 7 if I could afford it and I’ve never said that before. Not with the changes to Office, not with the crappy blue screens, not with the 26-floppy installs. And I’ve owned every operating system that M$ put out except BOB. Hell, I even liked some of Vista’s stuff. I’ve managed every change with relative ease and I can say absolutely that for a laptop without a touch display this is AWFUL.

    krzystoff, you’re wrong about the learning curve. I’ve had this thing since before Thanksgiving, so it’s not that I haven’t played with it, either. I have a smart phone and will be getting a tablet as soon as I can afford it. I am not a technophobe and I like to try out new technology. But this purely sucks in my particular environment.

    As someone earlier said, Win 7 is going to be the new XP because no corporation will be able to go to 8. And as lakawak says, they aren’t going to want people having to use a touchscreen. Taking your hands off the keyboard wastes time. For entry work, a keyboard with shortcuts is best, a mouse next and only then reaching for a touchpad.

  47. David Mikeska Says:

    Just load Ubuntu Linux, thats how to fix windows. Replace it.

  48. John Koutroulelis Says:

    Windows 8 is just “Window Dressing”. Once you get past the “Big Windows Phone Screen”… you have Windows 7. That’s why the upgrade price is so little… they just want you to adopt Windows 8 so their marketing statistics will show another person adopted Windows 8. I agree with David Mikeska… Ubuntu Linux 12… now that’s an upgrade.

  49. Gordon Lafleur Says:

    I finally caved in and bought a new very powerful laptop. I’m a professional photographer and am delighted with my new machine. I ABSOLUTELY HATE Windows 8. It has taken me three days to even get to the point where I can do anything at all. I’m exhausted. I’ve resisted Apples all these years because I didn’t want to learn a new operating system, and now here I am fucking around trying to learn a new operating system. I still cant open attachments, Chrome won’t work, and I keep having to figure out where everything is hidden. (I finally figured out where “my computer” went, it’s in “libraries”) WTF

    I will give it another week, then will either install Window 7, or give up and just go get a mac.

  50. Kabal Says:

    Windows 8 was not meant for a traditional desktop/laptop so to say it’s “Windows 7 only better” is a farce. I have toyed with Windows 8 since it was in public beta and hated it instantly. The dual-mode nature of the OS is idiotic; why even have the childish-looking Start Screen if most apps are going to send you to Desktop mode? However, I waited for the final release and wanted to literally get my hands on Windows 8 with a tablet or touch-enabled desk/laptop.

    I went to Best Buy and looked at display models once Windows 8 was released. This is where Windows 8 shines. It’s very intuitive to tap and swipe to move around the OS and within apps on a tablet. It was comfortable and even fun using Windows 8! I still wanted to use a touch-enabled desktop or laptop as my work on computers is task-oriented not casual use, media-consumption-based like on a tablet.

    Best Buy had a few “All-in-one” models that offered touch and Windows 8 on roomy monitors. The models also had the tried-and-true keyboard and mouse attached which interested me. Why the hardware when touch is allegedly all the rage and imminent future?

    I immediately tapped and swiped cleanly and easily to areas in Windows 8 and launched IE. That is when, without even thinking, started typing on the keyboard and using the mouse to initiate a web search. Once my results came up, again, without thinking I found myself tapping links and then reading my searched-for info. Once I was done, I’d tap the address bar and then use the keyboard again to use IE.

    Having the option of using touch or hardware input was seamless and almost instinctive depending what I was doing. Windows 8 offers an on-screen keyboard, but I can’t stand it on my smartphone much less a computer, so having the physical hardware was perfect. I never even missed the beloved Start Menu.

    I liked having the option of touch or hardware input and I think that is what is lacking for most people. Older, non-touch devices should not even have Windows 8. MS should have kept offered a touch version of Windows 8 geared only for touchy-feely devices and another “traditional” flavor of Windows 8 that offers all the greatness of Windows 7 (ie Start Menu, classic desktop), but with the under-the-hood improvements and enhancements of Windows 8.

    In a world where people are clinging to Windows XP despite Windows 7, and PC sales are falling, you would think MS would have gotten the message by now. I understand the mentality of a unified UI across all their platforms (desktop, tablet, phones, Xbox) which is admirable, but given people are not buying new devices other than tablets/phones, a more gradual approach to unification, including coaxing people off any flavor of Windows other than Windows 7, and then as touch-enabled desktops/laptop gained traction, implement radical changes would probably have been a better approach.

  51. Paul E Nueman Says:

    Metro interface is a mobile phone interface (for juniors).

    Get something like Stardock (usual disclaimer) and bingo. You have Windows back but this time faster and leaner. It loads applications (note, NOT apps) like lightning and itself loads in seconds.

    Half a days work and you get a worthy replacement for W7. At last a decent operating system; and I haven’t seen that horrible phone screen or those infantile icons for weeks.

    I bet soon there will be a Windows update/SP that gives a choice to start up in an adults operating system by default.

  52. CJ Lehman Says:

    The best solution is to scrap Win 8 and reinstall XP, 7, even Vista is better Win 8. No need for 3rd party software or fancy tricks to get it to do what it should do in the first place.

  53. Bob Says:

    No matter HOW it is viewed and no matter WHO likes it, Win 8 is worse even than Win ME.
    Far too MAC-like for the comfort of those of us who can still read and type.
    Micro$oft can keep Win 8. I almost went 100% Linux when Win7 reared its ugly head. When support for W7 finally ends, so will Windows, at least on my machines.

  54. jack Says:

    windows 8 sucks, they restrict the user, hostile to the user, they split things which logically belongs to same group into different hidden menus, but put all garbage tiles on the main windows.

    Such an horrible annoying design, do know what happened to MS, may be alien invaded the MS.

  55. Cragg Says:

    krzystoff Says:
    December 15th, 2012 at 12:22 am

    “right now, I still find the Metro apps have many shortcomings ” – SHORTCOMINGS? How about something as simple as saving multiple attachments in the mail app. I thought I would give this app a try, and discovered that the 10 reports I receive weekly need to be saved one at a time. I Googled the issue and checked out a number of forums with no answer ho t do this.

    Another annoyance is that with the new (to me – it’s only been a week-) Dell Inspiron trackpad, I am continually bringing out the side bar or enlarging or shrinking the screen with an errant touch. I assume that there is an operational adjustment that I will learn in time.

    Lastly, another problem with the apps is that I often want to take numbers from a PDF and copy-paste or type into Excel. With two windows open it’s a breeze. The WIN 8 reader is a pain. It took about 10 minutes and I was back to Adobe on the desktop with Excel.

    I can see WIN 8 on a pad, but I think laptop users are being used as an experiment for this new OS, or maybe it’s just me.

  56. jabo Says:

    I have a windows 7 computer and I installed Win 8 on it. Can someone tell me how to uninstall Win 8, and reclaim my Win 7?

  57. Forrest Says:

    The problem is not that it is difficult to get used too – that is an annoyance. The problem is not that the interface is bloated or ill-conceived; obviously non-tech savvy users are having a more rich and fulfilling PC experience.

    The problem is that with each iteration of simplifying the interface, windows is taking more and more control away from power-users, and/or hobbyists that want to play with the (metaphorical) nuts and bolts of their machines and tweak them to work certain way.

    Provide the option to have the simplified (technical and complex) interface as an account option, or as an admin account where only the bare minimum services required are loaded and users can directly manipulate (and at their own risk damage) their settings without hunting down hidden system controls, or worse yet have NO access to them.

    I for one do not own any Apple products because I detest a dumbed-down interface. My wife would love it, and so do many users who do not want to have some sort of technical certificate to simply operate their PC.

    I may end up going fully over to Linux and WINEing my way into Windows software simply because I have actual root-level control over my own system that way. My wife and all the non-technical users can enjoy Apple Light.

  58. Martin Says:

    Windows 8 I just had to have! Not bad, but I think it is more useful with touch screen, If you want to get on with you day use a i386

  59. Jerry Says:

    Easy way to shut of crappy windows8 is pull with plug out of the wall. Done

  60. Richard Says:

    One site helped me restore the Desktop page, but have tried several “solutions” I’ve found on the web for getting rid of the popping up Charms Bar and Time Box. None of them have worked. Help!!

  61. Dave Bosley Says:

    I upgraded one Netbook to Windows 8 to see if my wife would be able to adjust to it. I’ve decided to teach her Ubuntu as it is less of a change for her. I think MS could recover from this fiasco by simply admitting that they made a mistake and putting back the start button with the ability for users to chose which they wanted. This is the straw for me. (Sent from my Ubuntu Laptop whoch has no MS products installed and still does all I need it to do.)

  62. Kenny Jones Says:

    Just in… a memo from Apple to Microsoft:

    “Bill, we here at Apple Inc. thought that only once in or lives would we see such a gift as Vista. Our market cap after Vista led us to be the most valuable company on the planet. But, once again we are dumbfounded by this enormous and generous gift of Windows 8 and even better Windows 8 Pro! It would seem your designers are double agents for Apple, but I assure you they are not, which makes this gift even more surprising. I would advise you to have all of you designers fill out “Form ID-TEN-T” in triplicate ASAP so nothing like this happens again. Thank you so much for this early Christmas Gift and buy more Apple stock……”

    Steve’s Doppleganger…… ;-)

  63. Barry McCartney Says:

    Kabal, you say; ‘In a world where people are clinging to Windows XP despite Windows 7, and PC sales are falling, you would think MS would have gotten the message by now.’ The GODs at M/S decide what YOU will like! W-8 is a useless piece of crap! It has NOTHING that people need, (except a HUGE learning curve) All you have is a group of dreamers in Redmond Washington who DECIDE what people WILL use! (Kind of reminds me of a guy in Germany, circa 1930’s!) There is ONLY 1 reason that W-8 was introduced! That was to $ELL a new version of O/S! Win-7 was great, and most users using it were happy! Why change for the sake of a LOT of ‘sizzle’, and NO steak!

    PS-People are clinging to ‘7’ ’cause THEY are happy with it!, it does what they want, when they want! The KEY WORD being ‘THEY’! The ‘customer is king’!, except when it comes to Microsoft!

  64. ArghONaught Says:

    It is always wonderful reading articles and replies dominated by smug, self indulgent technical people who think all the users are the problem, not the misguided developers.

    Win8 is a misguided attempt to compete with IOS and Android, all at once. It is mostly the worst of each. Been in IT for 40 years so might be self indulgent, but not smug.

  65. David M Says:

    I only bought Win 8 because the price was right and that was it! I tried the RC’s and never really appreciated the change in the interface, even swore I’d never buy the product at release. I guess I lied to myself because I did.

    Not all of us were born with an IOS or Android O/S phone in our hands. Neither did we have to deal with swiping a screen or such just to find what we want to do.

    The only good thing they did with Win 8 was speed it up. I hate to say this but being an I/T person, it makes much more sense to me to have a desktop to work from than a Start Screen. It took me a number of hours just to figure out where the shut down option was. Getting to it was purely accidental and it took me another half our of fiddling with icons on the screen to find out how to get back to it again! System settings were even more of a mystery until I finally went to the web for help.

    Slowly, ever so slowly, I’m getting the hang of it but as I told my son, if I wanted a device to swipe my fingers across, or type on, I’d buy a smart phone. My desktop PC is just that, a Personal Computer that should do the tasks that I want it to do. So, now I have a smart phone and I’ve gone back to windows 7. I am very disappointed that Microsoft decided that Win 8 was going to be their saving grace. It’s too blocky and unfriendly for my taste and I’m done trying to figure out where everything is. Heck, I couldn’t even find Windows Backup, even after reading up on it on the net. Too bad, they could have done a better job as far as I’m concerned.

  66. cmoreNC Says:

    Those of you who seem to find Windows 8’s interface an easier-to-use improvement over Windows 7, go right ahead. However, the rest of us who find it a disasterously poorly designed pain in the ass won’t be joining you.

    To each their own. But Microsoft won’t be getting ANY of my $$$, at least until I see if they do much better for my tastes with Windows 9. OTOH maybe MS can do just fine on revenue from those of you who think Win 8 is a wonderful improvement over previous versions of their OS, and prove they can afford to ignore those of us who hate it. But we’ll be going elsewhere.

  67. Janihammer Says:

    Just about every other OS from Microsoft is crap.

    Win ME was junk, XP was formidable, Vista was junk, Win 7 saved them, Win 8 is junk, Win 9 or whatever it will called will hopefully save Redmond, WA.

    I believe they create these crap versions just for the cash flow.

  68. R A Brown Says:

    I avoided the entire issue by buying an iMac, MacBook Pro and iPad and will never upgrade my Vista computer. Microsoft lost a customer forever.

  69. chris Says:

    Windows 8 is simply a poor excuse for an OS. I don’t see it ever being adopted by the business world. It might be fine for the casual user who only wants to check Facebook or watch a video on YouTube or Netflix, but it’s not much use for people who rely heavily on email and data entry. most businesses will not find it cost effective to upgrade. Microsoft took a huge gamble with Windows 8 and I’m afraid they lost.

  70. Tad Says:

    Easy. Install ‘Classic Shell’ and all is right. I was ready to toss the whole machine until I got that third party add on. Now Windows 8 is, I would say, 90% back to 7. Although some things are a pain it made the difference between love and hate. Best of both worlds.

  71. Nick Kemp Says:

    If you get WIN – Remote by bananamalon, any file you save on your tablet can be saved to a file on your PC or vice-versa.

  72. TS Says:

    You can fix all of these Windows annoyances and then some ALL AT ONCE. It’s a really cool “app” called Ubuntu. If you have an old laptop let your kids try this, they’ll figure it out pretty quick. It’s fast as he!!, it’s practically virus proof and it doesn’t require daily automatic updates, lol. Oh, LibreOffice is included too. :)

  73. kris Says:


    Stupid to say that Better to stay with Win7 instead of Wasted time on fix Windows 8 crap.

  74. BenDover Says:

    Smearing my fingers over the screen I am looking through makes as much sense as smearing my dinner plate over my ass and then eation off of it.
    I’ll never do either.

  75. DaveCS Says:

    I have a serious love/hate relationship with Win 8,
    I do tech work that involves setup software of various sorts to deal with lots of different hardware equipment, often times, my client is NOT willing to replace a $100,000 system because the people who developed that system don’t spend all their time rewriting their software EVERY TIME A NEW OS APPEARS, as far as compatibility with older software, i truly do thank you MS, this sucker runs just about anything going back to some old windows 95 stuff with almost no issue, even when dealing with some rather badly written software.

    I rove networks doing minor IT work for alot of my clients, particularly when setting up specialized network equipment. this often involves changing my own computer’s IP address, sometimes 4 or 5 times a session. every time I get a new OS, I have to hunt and scrape for where they hid the IP settings this time. usually, once I find em, I pin it to the desktop or start menu.. *** 8 refused to let me do so. now, I have to navigate through about 7 pages of bull**** and spend 5 minutes doing what used to take me 20 seconds.

    the new UI is maddening, with lots of symbols and the like which hold no real visual meaning to me, with what used to take a couple of clicks to bring up, finding I now have to install more and more crap to do simple things, like play a DVD, view some pictures or just about anything else along those lines. This is so maddening that after 5 minutes of dealing with Win 8, my blood pressure has gone up about 50 points and I am extremely tempted to just take the otherwise nice new computer I just bought and either bash it or throw it in the river.

    most of the work I do invloves frequent switching between multiple open applications (NOT APPS!!) across multiple displays(3, 2 of them 48″ monitors), with alot of concentration involved. having my entire display blank out to this ?start? screen is disconcerting to say the least. this might be fine on a small display tablet with a touchscreen interface, but it is far beyond useless, all the way to completely detrimental on a workstation

    I’ve been dealing with computers since the CP/M days, and, quite frankly, I find CP/M UI more intuitive than this piece of crap

  76. Alice Says:

    I use my PC in the lounge, lounging on the sofa. Keyboard is not used that much, I navigate around with the mouse on the sofa cushion beside me. Easiest way to shut down is to map Alt-F4 to a mouse button with the mouse setup. Easy to close programs quickly and if you’re on the desktop it brings up the shutdown menu.

    Classic Shell is also great. Not hard to tweak slightly to get Win 8 how you want it. Only thing left to make it perfect would be Aero glass. Not necessary but just nicer.

  77. pft Says:

    in this site, we can identify the lazy people.

  78. rwdfreelance Says:

    For the first time you use windows 8 is hard to use but when you use for more than a week it so easy to use.

  79. John Sutanto Says:

    Jbs comments:
    I like Windows 8 for its performance, faster than Windows 7 (e.g. copying files, etc) and better for searching apps from the Store tile in the Start (Metro) screen. Literally hundreds or thousands apps listed for your choice!! You need only to learn few combination of the keys to get you somewhere, i.e. Windows KEY plus other key. If you get lost, press the Windows Key. We’ve been spoiled with the previous Windows XP & 7 forgetting that the useful “old” DOS commands are still there. Don’t forget also that this Windows 8 will operate on tablets vs Android OS closer to more universal apps.

  80. shed Says:

    If you are old school, and you need the start button, all programs, simply download classic 8 and install. All your troubles will be over. I think win 8 was made for touch screens, not pointing devices and keyboards. I am one of the lucky Guys who used DOS, win 95, 98, 2000, Xp, vista, 7 and now windows 8. I like win 7 and 8 since it has most of the hardware drivers you will need. Trouble is you may need another set of new applications. e.g. I need Alcohol 120% which is compatible with windows 8.

  81. SquidTheKidRS Says:

    Hey i have a windows 8 laptop but when i try to play games such as tf2 or minecraft when i hold down the moving buttons such as wasd i cant look around. Help? :(

  82. Mile High Joe Says:

    This Windows 8 interface is suitable for a smartphone, I suppose, but it’s a pain in the ass on a laptop without a touch screen. When I’m moving the mouse, suddenly the Start screen pops up . . . or the the so-called “Charm Bar” pops up from the right side and blocks half my window.

    Sometimes it seems like I can’t find anything. I had to do internet research just to find out how to stop the damned screensaver from starting after only one minute.

    I can maneuver my way around Windows 8 but for a laptop or desktop without a touch screen, Windows 8 sucks. It just gets in the way of what I’m trying to get done.

  83. NotAMicrosoftEmployee Says:

    What I can’t understand is why Microsoft has to repeatedly re-invent the wheel. They live in their own little bubble world. Don’t they realize the time wasted by employees having to learn everything all over again, not to mention the costs involved to large corporations having to re-train people to find their way around again.

    Once they have an interface that people like and have become used to, why in the name of common sense can’t they leave that interface intact and implement the changes that merit an upgrade to the operating system. Surely they have the talent to accomplish that.

    I get the feeling they are trying their level best to remove as much user control as possible. Look at the history of their updates and you will see that each new version has the controls hidden deeper and deeper. Thank god for the people who come up with the hacks and fixes to Microsoft’s nonsense!

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    I hope to contribute & assist different customers like its
    aided me. Good job.

  85. Jen Roan Says:

    My windows 8 laptop won’t let me pin to start menu, I follow the instructions and right click from the all apps page and it says unpin from start instead of pin to start, Windows 8 drives me crazy.

  86. Aqib Says:

    Ok, windows 8 is awesome for me. The Start screen is better than the old and basic start menu. The metro apps can’t run in windows 7, but they can run in windows 8. The start menu is awesome!

  87. RWH Says:

    Windows 8 is a piece of shit there is no fixing it!

  88. r Says:

    Windows * is SOOOOOO stupid. Just click on a picture and then try to figure out how to close it! Everything is more difficult and time consuming. Clearly Microsoft has given up. They cant possibly be getting a human to test out a computer with this operating system on it before launching it to millions of people. Windows 7 was fine. Leave it alone and quit trying to re-invent the wheel. You failed!

  89. DarrenMB Says:

    Windows 8 is moderately “ok” for a tablet. Even on the Win 8 Pro tablet I have, I use the normal desktop and desktop apps most of the time, mainly because I find the RT app’s are missing simple features or are just not intuitive. for example, I don’t want to have my apps all maximized, I use my apps in windows intentionally.

    On all the Windows 8 machines I have seen so far used by anyone with more then a simple understanding of computers gets irritated and we re-install windows 7 with “Classic Shell” application to replace the start menu.

  90. Steve Newman Says:

    I see Win 8 as a half-baked next gen interface. I am not in the field but I think I know what this should have been. I won’t say here. It’s prob’ly would be a duh thing after all. If I could ‘draw it’ does that mean it could receive a trademark or patent. MS either lacked the ability or vision to make it! My Venue Pro 8 is my first Win 8.1 experience. My worst mistake was login setting up a MS ID- mispelling my own email for the id which set up verifying and login problems that ONLY could be corrected by resetting the whole thing or late r I found their web page on my ol desktop for the website of same and removing any Win ID then putting in new one to match the one on the tablet. Later,after installing all updates available, a wifi issue occurred and instead or trying to roll back a driver[s] I used the only system restore point which was almost the out of the box condition but left my home router SSID and the Office still set up functional. I set everything up quickly this time including more apps, links to Library of mp3 and pics on the micro SD. No MS cloud for me [GMail has enough of that]; I still want POP email; my best choice seemed to be Opera mail so I put that in.

  91. Unknown by society Says:

    Well i read all the comments here and its hilarious half of you seem to think its a bad move by Microsoft, Half think it’s the users… if i was microsoft this is laughing candy your not really saying WHY you feel what you feel just pointless opinions if you don’t know windows 7 then you don’t know windows 8 and visa versa that simple there are a few things you need to be aware of as users of Windows you need to read it practically tells you how new things work with the new really useful corners scheme i love that ALOT… but when is it a problem i couldn’t tell you IT people remember Users computers react differently to changes EVEN if its the same hardware its a golden rule you should know instead of being babies and blaming users face it microsoft made an apple style move which is quite different.

    I guess I’m going all out here to explain things microsoft should have included in the simulation now i only dealt with Laptop and Desktop environments for windows 8 I can imagine tablets/touch based systems just makes Frucking sense. Explaining how to interactively use windows 8 to the fullest and simpler and faster using keyboard and mouse has a few confusing things in it… now on to it!

    1. The corners scheme FAQ
    What is it? My answer create a new user and watch the simulation it shows you actually. You can get to users fast by going to the bottom left corner(you should see the windows 8 logo) right click that and goto control panel> if you have category view click user accounts and family saftey>users… create a new one use what ever that user is not going to stay long log into it by pressing windows key on your keyboard click your user name in the top right area (not the corner) and click the new “user” (what ever the name you typed in and dont set it up as a microsoft account) of the new user then it should show you what corners are and if you used the steps i provided you also know how to create users now as a result…<Bonus! go through the same steps upto creating users and you should always read the side panel to the left when in control panel some easy quick links are there as well ahh the beauty of windows 7 version of control panel! Oh the symbols are mag glass for search…circle of a huge circle symbolizing share<kinda useless in my opinion EVEN IF YOU HAVE WINDOWSPHONE without USB cable… windows 8 symbol directs you to start screen… what looks like a TV O.o for devices<useless unless you have portable device… and a gear perfect symbol for settings! ok ok thats the basic description of them…

  92. jaime Says:

    People! It’s called change! Adapt to it! It may be uncomfortable and different at first but you will grow and learn skills that you didn’t have! Try it!

  93. Ann Dambruoso Says:

    Windows 8 is just a nightmare. If someone is not real computer smart don’t get windows 8. Get will leave you in tears.

  94. venkatesh Says:

    I never got annoyed while using windows 8 rather i loved it.. only thing u should know how to use it.. u can simply use alt+F4 for shutdown or restart or to kill an running windows 8 app

  95. venkatesh Says:

    in windows 8 you should make use of lot many shortcuts to avoid wastage of time. since many people dont know much about them, they may feel difficulty but windows 8.1 is awesome

  96. Bill Says:

    when I hit enter I keep getting a url address no mater how many times I clean it out.

  97. Ray Says:

    You need a way to print the 7 tips by clicking on a single button.

  98. Ray Says:

    Learning curves…..hmmm. I’ve used DOS, Windows 3.1 an onwards, OS2 version 1 and on, Mac, and Apple, butt the learning curve for Windows8 sucks ass most of all. What were they thinking???

  99. Kathleen Says:

    While using the computer the screen will blows up everything gets huge or it will shrink down so small you cant see it how do you fix it so that does not keep happen? thank you.

  100. hfdcfhmjbg Says:

    you complain about unnecesary clicks, yet i have to click 8 times to read this whole article. ridiculous.

  101. Brad Says:

    A month ago I bought a laptop with Windows 8 on it. After a week I decided Win 8 achieves levels of stupidity no OS has achieved thus far. I fixed it by installing Ubuntu Linux over top of it. Linux… the OS Microsoft would have created if it had ever found the talent required to design and code it.

  102. Mike Says:

    I have been using PC’s for nearly 30 years. My first “nouse” was actually a kind of foot mouse pad connected by serial cable. Now, would someone please tell me how to swipe on my PC without having a touch screen or trackpad? One of Microsoft’s worst screw-ups in history (along side of selling a product they didn’t own, forcing IE onto everyone, etc.) was making Windows 8 have a touch screen interface for desktop PCs and vertical screens. It didn’t take long before people were having shoulder problems from constantly having to reach out and up to touch the screen. Microsoft should have offered the user a choice between an traditional interface and their touch screen interface so that those who didn’t have touch screens weren’t frustrated with trying to blindly figure out how to do things with this new interface. I have found it so frustrating that nearly everything i knew about working with Windows and its more technical aspects was suddenly changed. At the very least they could have left the “old” way of doing things and let new users learn the new way without making the old users suddenly find years of learning suddenly tossed out the Window. i for one could not afford to pay for another round of MCSE courses to catch up to Windows 8. That cost over $10K the first time. I inow it is great news for all the training programs out there, but for those of us who used to be professionals with the stuff if really sucks to have so much time, effort, and money tossed down the drain needlessly.

  103. Jer Says:

    “Forrest Says:
    March 19th, 2013 at 1:41 pm
    The problem is not that it is difficult to get used too – that is an annoyance. The problem is not that the interface is bloated or ill-conceived; obviously non-tech savvy users are having a more rich and fulfilling PC experience.
    The problem is that with each iteration of simplifying the interface, windows is taking more and more control away from power-users, and/or hobbyists that want to play with the (metaphorical) nuts and bolts of their machines and tweak them to work certain way.
    Provide the option to have the simplified (technical and complex) interface as an account option, or as an admin account where only the bare minimum services required are loaded and users can directly manipulate (and at their own risk damage) their settings without hunting down hidden system controls, or worse yet have NO access to them.
    I for one do not own any Apple products because I detest a dumbed-down interface. My wife would love it, and so do many users who do not want to have some sort of technical certificate to simply operate their PC.
    I may end up going fully over to Linux and WINEing my way into Windows software simply because I have actual root-level control over my own system that way. My wife and all the non-technical users can enjoy Apple Light.”
    I think, Forrest, it may be time to ‘see the trees';? A) extremely talented programmers and wise, educated folk are using OSx as their primary and ONLY OS. As OSx allows (through Bootcamp) the installation of ANY OS you’d like, I’m not sure I’m following. ‘Your wife?’ Is she participating in this conversation? While I’ll agree OSx is a ‘simple’ GUI on the face, it’s HARDLY an OS of ‘simplicity’. Simple UIs are incredibly HARD to design, code and execute. With your abundance if experience, you should know this, right? If you’re unfamiliar Google Terminal. Tricks, tips and incredible control (from the ol’ prompt) over your system. With a VM program ala Parallels, Fusion, and may freeware software…you can run instances of different OS’es simultaneously. Drag n drop between WinXP, 7, Vista, 8.1, Ubuntu…doesn’t matter! You set up the partition. YOU dedicate the RAM. It’s ALL up to YOU, the user to determine how your system is set up. By no means is it a ‘closed’ OS. In fact, I’d argue OSx is the MOST powerful system architecture on the market right now. This isn’t a reciprocal relationship. MS is MS. While I’ll continue my Window’s usage for the short term, we’ve completely moved our family business in Alaska to OSx and iOS over the past decade. We run an airline company and audio/video production company. The new rMBP line is hands down the first laptop I can ever remember actually ‘loving’ to use. The display. PCIe SSD. Phenomenal OS, 10.9.3 is built and refined from 10.7(aka Lion, 10.8 MntnLion, now Mavericks). An incredibly intuitive design and execution of gesture control. I own a pair of Windows laptops. Current gen (Haswell and SSD speed) as well as an Ivy Bridge, last gen mode. Scaling in Windows is an absolute joke for HiDPI displays. Manipulation and management between multiple monitors is a joke. OSx reigns supreme right now with HiDPI displays, it’s ‘pixel doubling’ system for sharp, natural and true 1920×1200 display on a 15″ monitor is exemplary. Even using the iGPUs from Intel, the new IrisPro, I’m achieving incredible fluency with a dozen tabs open, flight plan, Jep charts for destination or contingency planning as well as weather checks, email up and live… & it’s aggregation, integration with iOS devices. iPad mini (new one) is my kneeboard..replacing my 50lb flight bag with current, up to date plates, charts, Wx conditions…even ADS-B! Terrain and other A/C, three dimensional terrain views and mapping under crappy conditions, and when I’m back on the ground, my laptop is current with my hours, fuel remaining, current Pax anticipation, weight, CG…as well as a default, BTB flight turnaround option (back2base). I’m in the minority it seems, but on a Window’s based article, that’s to be expected. Though with Atablarasa and Kabal, I’ll completely agree (with one caveat)… In enterprise, Win 8 will NOT win. It’s not designed for EP, nor is it functional in a corporate setting. The caveat…while I’m with them on ‘touch’ being a joke @ the desk, I believe …again, OSx has nailed it. The magic track pad is literally ‘magic’. While the Magic Mouse has a way to go ergonomically, it, too is functional and intuitive with settings you create, define and attribute to your personal actions and skillset necessary for your tasking. Whether it’s ‘pinch’ to desktop, four finger swipe up for mission control, four down to bring that last program up, two fingers swipe left/right to go back/forward in any app/program… Single click open, (yes, it’s got a right click just like Windows), right click to see the drop down menu…natural (or as we’re used to, unnatural scrolling), THIS is how ‘gesture’ control MUST work in a desk/laptop configuration. You can NOT treat the desk or laptops as a tablet. Ergonomically this is a horrible JOKE. & as others have mentioned, if you don’t have the ‘latest gen’ lap or desktop, there isn’t an option ‘to touch’ control the display. Nor is there a reliable, working and consistent trackpad on a Win OEM machine…why? I’m almost 50. Carry both Android and iOS phones (Note 3/5s). Use Windows (7 for my proprietary software that is Window’s only…now only two programs that aren’t cross platform that necessitate me holding a partition for 7— though that’s down tremendously since making the ‘switch’ almost a decade ago!). I own a pair of Win8 laptops. HP 2in1 and Yoga convertible. Nice having a 13″ i5 tablet with 128GB SSD, but that’s about the extent of our usage with the new rigs. Our Window’s productivity takes place on…believe it or not, a 2010 MacPro with it’s own ‘partition’, which is actually one of four HDDs in the rig itself. It’s a 3TB HDD because we dump a LOT of high resolution images for mapping, CAD, as well as topography specifics (terrain details like spec heights, unmapped lakes, rivers and streams as well as weather forecast number ‘crunching’ for accuracy down the line on flight weather conditions).
    I’ll stop there. As I’ve said enough. Tl/dr…OSx is an incredible OS regardless of your ‘hate’, discontent or…just plain ‘envy’ of Cupertino. It even comes with training wheels, Bootcamp is ready to pop your OS of choice. Couple extra bucks, parallels allows you to run OSx in tandem and ‘within’ itself your OS of choice. 99% of the time, it’s Windows with fill driver support AND the efficiency, HiDPI displays…incredibly quick PCIe storage, fantastic energy and battery life (though running Windows WILL automatically turn your discreet GPU on, negating the iGPU’s energy saving options in OSx when you don’t necessarily need discreet power). Dual GPUs for computation and display…not to mention the on board, stock software you’ll receive. Not bloat…actual, real, honest to goodness software MOST folks will be perfectly content with…whether it be iLife with iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand (easily the most powerful and incredible piece of stock, default, free software offered on ANY OEM rig, period!)… Again, making most users proficient at editing and organizing their media (pics n flicks). iTunes is extraordinarily powerful and significantly more fluent on OSx vs it’s MS counterpart (which has DEFINITELY improved in the past two, three years). If you own an iPhone, iPad or other iOS device…there’s no need to use or sync via USB or FW any longer. It’s all wireless. Then there’s iWork. This is where MS really dogged itself under the watchful, blind eye(s) of Ballmer. Good. Riddance. That fella blew it BiGtImE! MicroSOFT. Software. They’re a software company. Not hardware (Apple). Not mobile (iOS, Android). Software period. That’s where they completely ‘missed’ the boat. Ballmer laughed his way to losing billions at the release in ’07 of the iPhone. Kept laughing in ’08 when Google dropped Android in our laps. They SHOULD have been on top of Office for iOS and Android immediately! Halo and other MS gaming wisdom. Their ability to run Quickbooks. The list is long and distinguished from the 90’s to the early double otts of software that ONLY ran on the Window’s kernel/core. IMHO, that’s where they should have concentrated efforts initially. Their software and services FOR the evolving iOS and Android handsets and tablets. Instead, they’ve given both a half decade lead…allowing Apple to drop the iWork pkg into the iOS ecosystem and now to ALL browsers via iCloud, devastating the ‘need’ for Office for all but a VERY few select spreadsheet Jockeys, accountants and weird 30,000 line excel formulas and layouts. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote (which BLOWS PP out out of the ocean, even on an iPad!) are incredibly intuitive, cross platform, easily compatible with MS and ‘saveable’ as a .doc(x), xls(x), or Power Point’s extension…I’m drawing a blank, lol. PDF, txt, or as a Pages, Numbers or KN file. Sharing, collaboration and…it bears another mention the cross platform access is unbelievable. On my crappy Win box on my receptionist’s desk to my iPad mini en route (in the air) to my iPhone to my Note3— you betcha, you can easily store, save n open your iWork docs in Google’s Drive.
    Windows 8(.1) is an awesome idea. For mobile applications. It’s NOT a compatible replacement for the enterprise sector, nor the avid prosumer @ home…or even the ‘wife’ mentioned earlier that isn’t tech savvy (my wife works for the FAA, was one of the first female strike fighters allowed to fly in the AF, & with 5,300 hours in the F15, 2,100 in an F16— my wife IS tech savvy), Windows 8.1 isn’t good for either ‘wife’. Whether you’re Facebooking or scientifically crunching weather forecast history and futures, figuring out DNA structuring and disease/virus mutations….it’s an absolute JOKE to use the touch’centric’ platform for any amount of time. Move that ‘touch’ to an ergonomic device like the touchpad, you’re going the right direction. Separate the metro for the X86 platform we’ve ALL grown up on WITH the evident ‘start’ button shown, not hidden…that’s where I would be happy to see Windows go with 9. Touch and tablets go well together. Just as mice and monitors are like PB&J or MacnCheese. Simplicity in an OS is a bitch to code. To be such intelligent ‘IT’ pros in this discussion and NOT give props to OSx, it’s simplicity (for the masses) yet easily and efficiently located ‘tools’ for us geeks to use, utilize and operate free of charge (terminal, Xcode, the iOS emulation or simulation program…you’re literally an eyelash from low level programming and definitely in COMPLETE CONTROL of your OS, it’s ‘look’, its ‘feel’ and it’s ability to ‘do what your want and when you want with WHAT OS you’d like’ is absolutely second to none. It’s ability to properly display pixel by pixel it’s true ‘size’ while simultaneously quadrupling the icons, UI and user elements for usability is simply Magic! You’re able to cut, edit and manipulate frames in true 1080p on Premier, After Effects or FCPx (extraordinarily powerful and a MASSIVE Leap from it’s introduction) with EVERY pixel in your 1080p footage properly displayed, yet the clickable elements and UI are laid out perfectly, legibly and ‘legible’ within the SAME Application! WTF is wrong with Window’s scaling? Thunderbolt is another true improvement. Where are the Windows rigs with thunderbolt? Where are the Win rigs with Intel’s new iGPUs? The 5000 and 5100? It’s sad right now BUT I think without Ballmer in the throne…sh@#t is a changing. The 1.0 iOS drop from MS’s office suite IS Sweet! At $10/month for five tabs and computers…Win, OSx, Android or iOS, it’s incredibly affordable. Now it’s time to drop the ridiculous over pricing for updates, get back to their roots. Drop the hardware. Focus on the software. And concentrate ALL efforts in software optimization. From their primary OS to cross platform mobile and IE…that’s where & when MS turned into M$. Gates needs to come back state side and continue his foundation but take a good, hard look at management. From there, the richest dude in the world that built the empire (by stealing Jobs’ UI ;)) of MS should be able to refocus their efforts, drop the BS that isn’t working and join the fray. The Massive populace movement from the traditional lap or desktop to mobile. Other than Apple and OSx, the Windows and PC sales are down and down significantly. Choice is good. As is competition. BUT if you’ve created an ‘easy’ to use OS for the layman that half these self proclaimed Tech Pros in this discussion can’t figure out, it’s a HUGE fail! That said, it didn’t take me an hour to figure it out (without reading Google;)). It’s fairly straight forward. Just don’t forget AltF4, your RtClick, and look around for different ideas, third party software and other options to set and forget your whoas …you’ll find Win8 to be faster, more stable and definitely a step forward in OS design. It’s just raw. It’s a baby. Just like babies, diapers need to be changed, they learn how to crawl before they walk and talk…yada, yada, yada. We’re seeing the same with iOS 7. The .1 update was unparalleled. Just as the .1 release of Win8. These are brand new re-writes. With > 20,000,000 lines of code to make it to the desktop…isn’t it OK to applaud Redmond for this release booting in <15 seconds? Faults aside, there's typically an 'app for that' and it's Usually a buck or two;). If you're not satisfied…try a Mac. Install your Win7 key on Bootcamp and give it a whirl. Apple's Win7 drivers are fully mature. Win8 as well though without 'touch screen' ability (as with ANY older MS box) or related 'gesture' control like OSx, it's relatively silly to use Win8 on a non touch computer today. Win7 on an rMBP is, IMHO, the very pinnacle of computing today! Best Window's rig I own are my Macs. And I've got $2250 invested in a pair of new touch based, Window's 8 stock installed laptops. They're a joke in comparison…and today, a decent Ultrabook from ANY OEM with comparable specs to the Apple rigs are identical in price! The Apple tax is gone. You can get a MBA for $900. PCIe storage. An iGPU with real power (5000, not the 4000). Almost 13 hours of battery life…two pounds and the ability to run ANY OS you'd like. No bloat, just incredibly productive software. Free OS updates. Amazing displays across their range… Unparalleled customer service. Durability, longevity…and when it's time to upgrade, you can actually SELL an OSx rig. Ever tired selling a three year old PC? So have I. It's easier to donate a decent working computer than sell. Take the write off. Macs retain value. I sold my 2011 MBA for $1250 just two months ago. It was an update model with the 256GB SSD, core i7 proc and RAM but I was able to recoup almost 75% of the original price and replace it with a similar, updated and less expensive new 13" rMBP for a couple hundred extra. Just. Too. Many. Positives to discount OSx as so many have done. And again, for the non believing folk, please…drop by your Apple store. Grab a 'genius'. Play for an hour and if you're as intrigued as I was almost a decade ago (bought my wife a a MacBook when she left the service for the FAA) …I couldn't put it down! Pre iPhone, pre iPad. But compelling none the less….you'll be able to buy it, play with it for 29 days. Don't like it, bring or ship it back for 100% refund no questions asked. Problem with your computer in the first year? Bring it to the shop or ship it to Apple. They pay the shipping. Send a box to u, within a week, it's back in your lap with the new display, logic board or whatever you broke. Of there's a store nearby, Apple will often just grab a new computer. Retrieve the data via thunderbolt target on the new rig (hauls ass compared to USB 3/FW800) and you're out the door. New computer in hand. Look @ Amazon or B&H for discounted Applecare as they're certified resellers and you'll save a hundred bucks. Bumper to bumper three year protection. I'm not sure I hit every attribute of OSx mocked by several in this discussion (to remain nameless yet clueless) but for ANYONE that considers a Mac a toy, my point is …‘ignorance'. Not dumb, stupid, or non tech savvy. Just. Ignorance. As soon as you turn the Mac on, you'll find it's intuitivity to be a dead giveaway. Need to uninstall an app? Put in trash can, flush, repeat. No control panel. No add/remove programs…waiting for it to populate. Just throw it away. Yes you can right click and indeed you can get extremely deep into the OS. But screwing it up isn't as easy as F'ING around in your registry. While malware, spyware and viruses have been PROVEN to be OSx vulnerable, I can assure you it's NOT a concern at all. I've got two dozen Macs of all shapes, sizes, builds and age. Not a single one has EVER had security or protective measures taken, no anti virus, malware or Trojan gatekeeper software tying up resources. No system scans, chkdsk or other crazy crap. Good. Riddance. As well, by default only Mac App Store programs and applications are 'installable'. But, there are system preferences for a reason and indeed from the preference pain you can elect to 'install from anywhere'. It's definitely NOT closed, walled or for that matter inflexible. As I mentioned, install ANY OS you prefer and you're off and running without ever having to turn OSx on. That said, Windows MUST work out their scaling challenges as HiDPI displays are becoming commonplace and ARE THE future. 3D was dead at CES'13 thank The Lord. This year we saw HiDPI displays, cameras …even smartphones now capable of shooting 4k! That's the way forward. Not metro/Win7 packaged together on your workstation. Separate them and make a mark. Keep me together and go down with the ship. Way too many options on the market today that replace MS's often needed in the past suites, OS and functionality. For free! From Google Docs and Evernote to iOS and OSx'es iWork suites to Docs2Go and many others….today there is more software available at our fingertips for a buck or two than ANY POINT in history! MS isn't the end all, be all today as it was yesterday. If they don't get their poop in a group, they'll end up in the same rut as Sony, without the media labels to keep them in operation (Sony has music and movie libraries. MS doesn't )

  104. hello everyone Says:

    This website is annoying. All the annoying advertisements. And you have to click on the arrow to get to the next step.(of course that is intentional so that you’re exposed to more adds)

  105. Kany Says:

    Bollocks you fat cunt

  106. Joyce Says:

    My computer won’t get off the “Trending” sight. I clicked it by mistake.

  107. janet northam Says:

    i wish you would write information for people who dont”know it all”as in no abbreiviations,call the buttons what they are and use verbs that people can to connect to as in no more “snap”what does that meanwhy would we need you if you’re so above it all

  108. Des Buckley Says:

    MICROSOFT!! i am the fucking administrator of this fucking laptop! I have windows 8 and I cannot install ANYTHING!!!!!!!! The damn computer doesn’t work properly and it’s YOUR fault!! Microsoft, you’re losing customers EVERY day! Why? Because you have too many useless, space cadet engineers!!

  109. what Says:

    So you say there is a list of annoyances yet I only see a single paragraph and no actual list unless we click the arrows and wait for each page to load individually and slowly. Now that is annoying. ha ha This site is a fail!

  110. lawrence Says:

    how do you stop the mouse from being so touchy

  111. nixter Says:

    nice article. how about the “back” buttons that pop up in windows explorer on touchscreen devices that completely interfere with using common sites, like google spreadsheets? (You go to click on a row and end up going “back” instead) Argh! I waste at least 10% of my time working on google spreadsheets getting back to where I was!

  112. Nick Gunning Says:

    Worst annoyance- when opening after sleep the sound fails. Using HPG70 with Win 8-1. Hundreds of others suffer same complaint but none of the various solutions seem to work more than 1-2 sessions.

  113. CeeBee Says:

    Does anyone know how to lock the side panel on the notebook laptop that has settings, search, share, start and device setting? It is so annoying and pops up every time I move my mouse sideways.

  114. Zoe Says:

    when u zoom in on google chrome it doesn’t get bigger it just shows bold black lines at the side of the screen. im on the E for the internet
    and its happening. it didn’t do that before. before this happened I restarted my computer.

    how do I get it back to what it was before? please tell me I will be very happy if u found out the answer for me

  115. Mike Says:

    here is How i fixed all the problems I was having with 8.

    I loaded up 7 and tossed 8. I never used vista, I didn’t use 2000 for more than a Bit and I wont use 8. there is enough people that do not like something like this that they can make something else. i don’t really like 7 either but it’s at least 50 times better than 8. if i wanted some crap that operated some way I hate I would buy a mac.

  116. dr m barlow Says:

    my new windows8 .keeps changing size of format all the time . it is driving me crazy and very close to being smashed against the wall

  117. Jolafunk Says:

    I need to state my severe appolling and devestated meaning of devolopment so called OS wich s no more than a re ocurring money suck (dis is not free GUYS AND DOLLS) way of windows sucking you into more troubles ANYTHING TO GET XP BACK ON THE BOARD if else i declare you so much deader than meat than meat that DOES not live

  118. pissed off user inyaface Says:

    Fkin crap, operating system, >cant play this file on windows crappy phone<
    fk microwaves fktard programming, should be thrown out a moving car.

  119. R1CK Says:

    How to fix all the bugs and changes and annoyances in a single step!

    Get any other Operative System, run from W8!

    That will be the best fix ever!

  120. Kelly Says:

    How the heck do you read this article? I can see the #1 annoyance, then there is a link that further explains how to fix that one. I don’t see anymore and don’t see tabs or anything to click to get to more of the article. I hate it when people post articles on slide shows, but this doesn’t even make it clear how to get to the rest of it!

  121. Prnmp Says:

    I have an Acer with Window 8.1
    The screen tilded to vertival position but the computer is place horizontaly
    How can I get it back to its normal position.
    Other than this you do not give any vauable info. Everything you type is readily available elsewhere.

  122. Karen Says:

    I am fed up with this touch screen crap! Everytime i go to click on something i get all kinds of window pop ups, also when I drag my cursor to point at something i get that blue highlight over everything, and i cannot click on save an image without it changing t the next picture not he one i want, what is gong on and how do i understand this and fix it help please!i am tired of one place pushing me off to another.

  123. Mary Adcock Says:

    Does anyone know how to disable the zoom function on Chrome? I am using a HP Laptop, Windows 8.1 and a wireless mouse. My zoom keeps coming on accidentally! It is so aggravating! Please email me with any tips on this problems.
    Thanks in advance!

  124. Dick Capon Says:

    How do I get rid of ONE NOTE? Its a pain in the ass, won’t let me print envelopes from Microsoft word. It locks me out of a lotta stuff!
    Any Help is appreciated

  125. richard hilbert Says:

    I tried to install an upgrade from the windows store now the whyole screen is bright orange yellow and it flashes back and forth with a blue screen and i cant get into any program

  126. Waldo Emerson Says:

    Oh brother. Just because you think you know better. What a bunch of whiners here!!!!

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