Tablet World Series Game 5: ExoPC Slate vs. Archos 101, Voting Ends 10/28 at 12:00 a.m.

Welcome to the final four of the first annual Tablet World Series. As we enter the second phase of the playoffs, we match the ExoPC Slate against the Archos 101. Which one will swing for the fences and which one will strike out? That will depend on your votes. Let’s cut to our scouting reports.

The ExoPC Slate really threw a wicked curve when it shut out Apple’s iPad in Game 1, taking home more than 77 percent of the vote. This 2.1-pound relative unknown features Windows 7 with a custom user interface loaded with tiny discs/shortcuts to menu screens or to apps themselves. The 11.6-inch screen offers 1366 x 768-pixels of capacitive touchscreen. The interior is loaded with 2GB of RAM and either a 32GB or 64GB SSD. The ExoPC people claim 5 hours of battery life. There’s no GPS and Windows 7 isn’t known to be great for tablets. So, can it send home the more established Archos with its new 101?

Update: The ExoPC Slate Has Won by a Hair

Archos 101 blew out Viewsonic’s G-Tablet in Game 3, relying on support of more than 87 percent of the fans. At $299, this 8GB Android 2.2 tablet looks good on the mound. Even the 16GB version, which will run you $349, ain’t half bad. Both versions sport a 1-GHz ARM Cortex A8 CPU and a 10.1-inch (1024 x 600 pixel) capacitive touchscreen. The built-in kickstand is also nice. And it’s tough to beat 10 hours of battery life and HDMI output. But, without the Android Market’s availability at release, apps are a tougher sell here.

So which is the better tablet? You decide by voting below. Then check back at 10 a.m. (EST) on 10/28/2010 for Game 6. As always, you’ll find the games at

Anna Attkisson
Anna Attkisson
A lover of lists and deadlines, Anna Attkisson covers apps, social networking, tablets, chromebooks and accessories. She loves each of her devices equally, including the phablet, three tablets, three laptops and desktop. She joined the Laptop Mag staff in 2007, after working at Time Inc. Content Solutions where she created custom publications for companies from American Express to National Parks Foundation.
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  1. Zark Says:

    Archos 101 has AppsLibs to provide apps. Not a perfect store, but growing and improving.
    Also, the “gApps4Archos” app unlocks Android Market on 101.

  2. Sorwen Says:

    Just to note that while it doesn’t have the battery life the ExoPC does have HDMI out with full 1080p.

  3. Sorwen Says:

    To be clear I should have said while it doesn’t have the 10 hour batter life it does have HDMI out with full 1080p.

  4. Dave Says:

    No Contest the Archos 101 is better from the ground up. I will admit that Android is not quite ready for tablets but its open source so Archos was able to make some tweeks to get it closer not to mention the unit is super light. windows 7 on the other hand is not ready at all for a tablet. if the argument is because of productivity you can remote desktop from android into your windows machine if you feel the need to do some work. The Archos has the battery life win over the exopc and it has Archos’s Reputation for delivering decent devices. I think all the tablets will be scared if a windows phone 7 driven interface device comes out.

  5. Me Says:

    Isn’t the Archos use of the marketplace ‘unofficial’ to put it politely.

  6. Nick Says:

    Telling that Android is open source is misinformation. The platform is easily be patched by providers to lock and sell many platform capabilities. Windows 7 flavors will make development easier for third party applications developers. Remoting a desktop from android though a 3G network is slow and everything but productive. Please pay attention before sending false information…

  7. PaulTissue Says:

    If you want an inexpensive alternative to the iPad then the Archos 101 is your choice.

    If you want more that just a media device and you need a full power computer in a slate form factor then the ExoPC is your choice.

    Pretty simple choice depending on your needs and wants.

  8. Boosti Says:

    The exo pc is too big and heavy, The Archos 101 is just slim and will offer à very smooth full Web experience with a realy great price! Today, just after two hours on the store it was out of stock!

  9. JB82 Says:

    Paultissue said it all +1 They are just two very different devices. This contest is just down to who needs what rather than one being superior to the other.

  10. alex Says:

    okay i have owned an archos 5 my brother owned an archos 4 and quite frankly archos has a HUGE lack of support, they never have good features and if the exopc costs 300 more than it is worth it. archos has been horrible its whole product line and i can’t imagine this one being any better.

  11. jacob Says:

    alternatively, there are ways you can download and install android on your windows 7 slate and get the best of both worlds without compromising.
    exopc wins as it is the only slate here that is able to replace my laptop.

  12. alex Says:

    btw for the extra weight on the exopc you are getting much better speed (cpu, graphics, etc), a better screen, better webcam, full 1080p output and WINDOWS 7. yes it is not just a phone os stuck on a pitiful excuse for a tablet but a full computer that is meant for work and not just dicking around.

  13. Savage Says:

    This is not serious; the public is voting!!

  14. Tez Says:

    Quote “…if the argument is because of productivity you can remote desktop from android into your windows machine if you feel the need to do some work.”

    Now that’s the point of having a portable tablet no? So that you can use it to link up to a desktop Windows…

    Even if the battery life is better on the Archos, the specs of the ExoPC are better and the Exo UI is a formidable weapon against Windows 7 on tablet detractors.
    Android is not ready for touchscreens and tablets, nor is W7 so you can’t really say one is best. Just the Exo UI makes the ExoPC get the edge on tjhis ground.

    For me, ExoPC wins and maybe some should look at the videos on Youtube for demos.

  15. cajl Says:

    Why it is possible to voting with the same IP ??

  16. Zorro Says:

    So, on one hand you state the Archos with Android is better than the Slate with Win7… but, then you argue that if one needs to be productive, you can remote into a Win7 system. That wouldn’t be necessary if you had the Slate, which you acknowledge has the more productive OS. That strikes at the heart of your argument that the Archos is a beter system “from the ground up.” Furthermore, the Archos has a slower CPU, far less drive capacity, weaker graphics capabilities, and has no option for 3G/GPS. So, not only is it a lesser system on a hardware level, by your own admission, it’s not as productive.

    And, I’m puzzled by your comment that Win7 isn’t ready for tablets. How so? Have you seen the videos of the Slate and what people are able to do with it? You need to support your arguments. For example, I’m going to point out that Archos reliability is abysmal. I will support that with this:

    In that search, you will find that many people complain about the reliability of Archos products, and that many users are forced to hack the OS to get features to work. You can even go into the Archos site forums and read about complaints:

    See how simple that is? I make a statement, then I support it with facts.

  17. robarino Says:


    I think the Archos is going to be a huge hit compared to the EXO PC. Do we even know the delivery date on that? What about that UI….I will have to check it out….

    Anyways here are my thoughts on the Archos…

  18. Charon Says:

    Wow what a race!
    Still putting my vote for the ExoPC, spec wise is what I’m looking at and productivity ability.

  19. Luigi B Says:

    Half price, half weight : Archos 10.1 IT must win !

  20. duval Says:

    The Archos 101 internet tablet is the best.

  21. Isild Says:

    Loooool ExoPC weight is 1kg!! Untransportable then!

    Some Slate’s supporters say that ExoPC is more powerfull, but you have to consider the ergonomy. When you buy something with that lack of ergonomy, you regret it reaaaaally fast, even if there is the GPS functionnality!!

    In this kind of device, ergonomy is as important as powerfullness (and that’s why IPad lost so hard), and concerning ergonomy, Archos 10.1 is the king…

    ExoPC is not a tactil Tablet, it’s a metal ingot with beautiful screen!! :p

  22. Corey Says:

    I think the Archos potentially has a good shot at being a winner (sales wise) but frankly, without official Marketplace support, it’s pretty much going to be a non-starter.

    IMHO the Exo is just another PC and shouldn’t even be in this contest. Windows 7 and OSX are well suited for the desktop but it weren’t designed to be a touch based OS’s. Sometimes, you just have to start over and for now, the only decent touch interfaces are Android and iOS.

    At the end of the day, people will vote with their wallets. I already have an iPad and I’d like to have an Android pad (to take advantage of some of the strengths of Android) but it must have > 8 hour batter life, a screen at least as good as the iPad AND access to the Marketplace.

  23. Luigi B Says:


    Your first post doesn’t concern the 10.1 IT… Not fair. The ExoPC is a new product from a new brand : no history…

    You second is an old one (2009). The Market application works perfectly well for a year. Too bad.

  24. wutpy Says:

    Everyone talks about the different values of the archos 101 with ExoPC Slate different as well, if compared to pc company archos I have a archos 9 pctablet Why is not taken against ExoPC Slate where people talk about the difference between the windows with android guys to think of who should win the vote, think archos positive android positive price how good vs ExoPC Slate positive Windows7 plus good price, how do not think windows with android how well the same as comparable porsche with hyundai how well and press vote. sincerely. People, everyone will have the result to be useful, Thank you.

  25. RTFM Says:

    Vote for the tablet, not for the table !

  26. Jason Says:

    I love my android phone, but I need a slate that will replace a PC laptop. That is why I preordered an ExoPC.

    On the other hand, if I wanted an android OS tablet it would have to have stock Google Android marketplace support before I even begin the conversation.

    But I don’t need another device to keep track of: Desktop, work laptop, home laptop, smartphone. Now it will be desktop, work laptop, ExoPC, smartphone. Efficiency. I can run Creative Suite, Visual Studio, Office 2010, etc.

  27. Zark Says:

    It’s true that Archos 101 and ExoPC doesn’t compete on the same field.

    Point is : Archos 101 is intended to be a mobile device targeted at media consumption and internet browsing. The Archos seems to reach that goal.

    Slate is more like a full computer in the shape of a tablet. But for computer-specific tasks, a real computer, netbook or laptop is more handy. So, to me the Slate doesn’t seem consistent with it’s capabilities/goals/utilities.

    This is why I’m supporting Archos in a “tablet” confrontation.

  28. Jason Says:

    I guess that until I hear of an android tablet actually getting the marketplace, then I have no need to go to the marketplace either. :)

  29. Isild Says:

    What’s that joke? ExoPC received more than 200 votes in a few minutes, who is cheating, and how???? Stop that!!

  30. Jason Says:

    So did Archos….

  31. PolishRenegade Says:

    @Isild; No cheating, people just got out from work (East time : 4pm) so it would seem reasonable to assume the voting has increased.

    Now stop crying, it’s just an internet poll.

  32. Hajile Says:

    Whoa! Archos 101 was pulling ahead by 30+ votes a while ago, now it’s suddenly behind 200?

  33. Isild Says:

    @ PolishRebegade
    Yeah you’re right, I didn’t consider East time.
    But still I’m not crying. If I feel that “implicated”, it’s because even if it’s just an internet poll, I think maybe it can have some effect on sells to come. I don’t have any advanced knowledge about that, it’s just a thought…

  34. Hajile Says:

    Archos was behind about a hundred votes earlier, but it gradually caught up after several hours (presumably as the timezones advanced), not all at once.

  35. Globule Says:

    Exo Pc has great features as they were listening to customers before they finished it all.

    What’s nice with Windows 7 on this tablet is that I’ll be able to run my apps from the PC to my tablet without any changes/conversion… Tell me how many apps are written for windows ’till now ? that seduce me alot.

    Reliability, no one knows about the Exo but only horror stories about the Arcos can be read on the net… so, it’s clear I won’t buy an Arcos ever :S

  36. oasis1489 Says:

    wellllll……my exopc is being shipped to me TOMORROW so i suppose i’d best be voting for that…
    don’t want any bad omens, now.

  37. Dave Says:

    OK OK! it is true microsoft offers way more than android or apple could even dream of but in reality if you are looking to replace your laptop with a tablet you might be in for a letdown. on the surface the things you will find you want to do on a tablet are a bit more simplistic and with Android its made for touch not to mention cheaper thats all I am saying. and as far as reliability do you have any claims that Archos support is so dismal what kind of support history can you provide in regards to Exopc? Also windows 7 has a proper load for portable devices and it is Windows Embedded Compact not home premium. I have faith that microsoft will soon suprise us with a tablet friendlier version of their OS but for now if you read reviews regarding windows 7 on a tablet they do not fair so well.

  38. Charbax Says:

    You can install the full Google Marketplace with Gmail, Google Maps, Google Tablet, Google Listen, everything, and 99% of the 100’000 apps in the Google Marketplace work just fine even though the Archos Android tablets have unusual screen resolution and sometimes don’t include all the augmented reality hardware features:

  39. Bernino Says:

    No feedback about ExoPC makes you confident ?

    The Archos 5 IT (gen7) has been successful, half a year before Apple’s iPad : trust Archos and this brand new Gen8 !

  40. GouDZ Says:

    I have an archos 605. And they promised update for the huge amount of bugs. They NEVER come with this update!!!
    And it’s my anwser to Archos: NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

    NO SUPPORT at all with this company!

  41. Jason Says:


    Actually it is home premium, but they have removed a lot of the bloat in the install to keep it lean. As for the rest of your Win7 worries? I will take my chances…

  42. Luigi B Says:

    See why ExoPC is a heavy challenger :

  43. Imbalayo Says:

    Esto es una chapuza, acabo de votar dos veces sin ningun problema, asi que esto no tiene ningun valor, de todas formas no son productos comparables, es como poner en el mismo ring un laptop y un desktop.

  44. cas i o Says:

    549 euros de EXO pc and 300 for the 101 !!!

  45. Fred Says:

    ARCHOS 101 mérite largement de gagner !!!! votez !!

  46. PolishRenegade Says:


    Pas d’accord. ExoPC, une compagnie du Québec qui offre un service à la clientelle plus que personalisé sur leur forum mérite bien de gagner aussi!

    En fait:
    – Jouer des vidéos 1080p, sortie mini-HDMI
    – Tres bon SSD de 32 a 64gb
    – Carte SD
    – 2 Ports USB
    – Bonne capacité de la batterie (test sur les forums… utilisation normale dans une journée de travail = 7h de bat.)
    – RAM & CPU suffisant pour la majorité des taches de travail + Web Complet

    On a tous nos raisons pour aimer chacun des deux produits, et en fait ils ne devraient pas être dans la même catégorie. Cependant je crois que l’exoPC mérite bien de gagner aussi!

  47. Boosti Says:

    L’Exo PC d’un plus du netbook que de la tablette Internet.. Les tablettes sont l’objet de ce sondage et à ce titre l’Archos 101 semble bien mieux refléter les besoins d’un surfer de canapé…

  48. GouDZ Says:

    Archos = pas de service, pas d’update.
    Je regrete amèrement mon achat chez Archos.
    Leur matériels deviennent rapidement désuet, voir le Archos 9

    L’approche de Exopc est nettement plus dynamique.

  49. Mathias Says:

    Just look before voting:

  50. G. Shore Says:

    It boils down to needs. I ordered an Archos 101 to use primarily as a mobile selling tool (photos and videos at events), couch web browser (so light, good screen, and battery life), ebook reader (ditto last), and HDMI out capability for simple presentations to Flat Screen TVs. I was going to order the EXOPC Slate for its ability to run some Windows Apps I needed in the field. Which brings the necessity to have/want both for different needs. However, given Engadget’s recent review of the EXOPC Slate and its low software availability and battery life [], I may wait for a better launch version or stick to my laptop for the field…

  51. mihai Says:

    In fact the ExoPC is only an interface now. Everyone here should talk about the name used to be sold in their country because different countries = different companies. We are comparing apples and oranges. ExoPC is giving only the software, something like Microsoft. They’re backed by Pegatron on the hardware and that’s from what I understand, a big company.
    So if you want to really compare the service, you’ll have to compare the carriers against Archos.

  52. Isild Says:

    The vote ends at 12 a.m but in which country exactly?

  53. Isild Says:

    The vote end at 12 a.m, but in which country?

  54. kevinm Says:

    Engadget’s 5/10 review for the Exo PC further turned me off to the device. It does not seem ready for market yet. The Archos device seems suited for what it was made for. My vote’s for Archos.

  55. Mixlis Says:

    Fvck ! ExoPc has hacked the poll

  56. Boosti Says:

    C’est pipo ce sondage, j’ai commandé L’archos 101, il reste le meilleur compromis entre fonctionnalités (Market, flash 10, webcam, USB, micro SD, tethering, Upnp, wifi N et j’en passe…), poids (480g seulement et plus fin que l’ipad! ), prix (cherchez pas, y’a pas mieux sous Froyo, même sans parler du code promo MOB15 qui offre 15% de réduction) , plaisir (la lourdeur de Windows vs la souplesse d’Android)
    Toutefois bonne chances aux 2 constructeurs et que le meilleur vende….

  57. Hajile Says:


  58. Tez Says:

    Read the review instead of looking just at the pros and cons and the 5/10. The 5 does not match what is said in the article.
    For more information, check out the different tests on Youtube.
    The UI upgrades will be freely available on the 15th november for the official launch. The engadget reviewer did not have a final unit but a last version beta. This I think was not mentionned in the article.
    If you all you to do is surfing and lsitening to music, then yes the Archos is better…

  59. darkkevind Says:

    of course it’s not ready for market yet, It was never given to Engadget as ‘fully complete’. It will be on 15th Nov though as that is the official launch date!

  60. Dave Says:

    I love the look of the archos.. so much so that I ordered one yesterday.. but, when will it be out?!?! By all the reports I read, it was suppose to be out middle of this month, but I haven’t seen any news about it getting pushed back?

  61. person Says:

    you CAN get the android market on the archos… vote for archos its better… the exopc has low battery life… plus… the archos also has HDMI out…

  62. GOLIAT Says:

    I will use Exopc for editing on the fly, monitoring for my Canon 7D, review footage…
    It’s a professionnal ultra portable tool!!

    Wath you cannot do with any Android / ipad

    A real usefull tablet!

  63. sam999 Says:

    Pretty silly voting on a bunch of devices that most people can’t get their hands on yet. How are we judging? By what we’ve read?

  64. mrsamo Says:

    Surprised that the Archos 101 fell behind in this poll as video reviews indicated that the overall usability of the Archos is well suited to the couch surfing it was designed for, more so than the Exopc.

    Since I’ve already got a tablet (Acer convertible with 1.3Ghz C2D), I would go for the Archos to meet my need for couch surfing and as a mobile media player. If I didn’t have my tablet then the decision would be a lot harder.

    The Exopc is heavier as a slate compared to the Archos, but light enough as a tablet. Archos is lighter and does the same job as the Exopc for internet surfing and media playback. Most people would go for lighter for pure couch surfing and a bit of video.

    Android is well suited to mobile devices, Windows 7 is not. Even with my convertible using Windows I’m using the keyboard and touchpad more often because its faster (ie. like typing a reply to this article). I don’t think I can be as productive on just using the touchscreen alone and carrying around a keyboard and mouse is a real hassle.

    Atom may sound like a more powerful processor than what the Archos is using, but by “PC” standards it is very very slow (think netbooks). At first it seems quite snappy for what it is but when you’re running a number of tabs on your browser, playing media in the background and or running a few services then it all slows down quite badly. The good thing about the Exopc is that you can open it up to expand the memory and storage capacity (might need to check the warranty though), but that’s only going to reduce the battery life even more (which according to engadget isn’t all that impressive).

    “I will use Exopc for editing on the fly, monitoring for my Canon 7D, review footage…
    It’s a professionnal ultra portable tool!!”

    This is ridiculous. Like I said, the Atom CPU is too slow to run the kind of applications you usually use on a desktop PC, especially when editing huge 20mb++ RAW files and 4GB 1080p video footage taken from a Canon 7D. Even I have trouble doing this kind of work on a 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo system with 4GB of RAM.

    “Pretty silly voting on a bunch of devices that most people can’t get their hands on yet. How are we judging? By what we’ve read?”

    Good point.

    The Exopc is using a more powerful processor and running Windows 7, so we have much higher expectations. It is a bit unfair to compare it to the Archos which is much closer to what the iPad is trying to achieve. And because the Exopc is basically the same design and configuration as all the other pegatron tablets, there’s not a lot of options to choose from in terms of upgrades.

    We’ll have to wait for the next version but by then we’ll have even higher expectations. I expect cheaper price and better battery life, which is why the Archos is sounding a bit better as a complete mobile tablet than the Exopc at the moment.

    Now if it is possible to install Android on the Exopc and make it purely an android tablet this could definitely improve the overall performance and extend the battery life by at least another hour.

  65. Johny Says:

    EXOPC UI on ubuntu. lets get it done!!

  66. danny Says:

    This poll has lost all credabilty and just plain stupid now, how the hell can the rubbish exopc beat the ipad and the archos !!! And why is the cisco against the samsung?! completely different markets etc !!!

  67. Jimi Says:

    Yeah…. This is pretty ridiculous….. Heck the Viewsonic G-Tablet which is a FREAKIN DUAL CORE POWERHOUSE and is only $429!!!!! (Not THE 529 that every news site keeps getting wrong…. if they would just check their original sources once and a while…. ie. Engadget) Should have beat this piece of non functional crap!

  68. Alain Says:

    How can 2000+ people vote for a device that is not even distributed now?! Is anyone actually tried the ExoPC? The answer is no.
    So how can it win over the iPad, which sales numbers are counted in several million units per quarters.
    I just wonder.

  69. Alain Says:

    Bottom line: this site is just full of happy Apple haters. Congrats! You just made fools out of yourself.

  70. krighton Says:

    many people have tried the EXOPC….they’ve sent out the first 100 32gb devices a couple weeks ago…..

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