Tablet World Series Game 1: Apple iPad vs. ExoPC, Voting Ends 10/14 at 12:00 a.m.

We’re kicking off the first Tablet World Series with a match of epic proportions in the 10-inch league. Think New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays on crack. In this inaugural game, we’re pitting the master of the category, the Apple iPad, against a relative unknown Canadian entry in the ExoPC Slate. Let’s break down the competitors.

Update: ExoPC Slate takes this round with 77.34% of the vote.

Apple’s entry has literally redefined the tablet, and arguably computers overall. The 1.5-pound iPad has a large 9.7-inch (1024 x 768 pixel) multitouch display, a 1-GHz Apple A4 CPU, and runs the very elegant iOS, which turns on instantly. This Editors’ Choice-winning device sports an enormous app library, a good eBook store, and long battery life. Plus, an upcoming software update will add multitasking and the ability to stream content to AirPlay approved devices (including the Apple TV).

So what’s not to like? There’s no camera. Typing can be a challenge, especially if you like to go at a rapid pace. And you don’t get a standard video output connection, like HDMI. Some may also lament the lack of Flash support. If you spring for the 3G model, you have to put up with AT&T’s already crowded network.

Nevertheless, the iPad has some many strengths that it has already become one of the fastest selling gadgets of all time.

Sitting in the opposing duggout, the unproven ExoPC Slate is expected to throw some wicked curve balls, starting with its unique user interface. This Windows 7 tablet features a custom UI with a home screen loaded with tiny discs that serve as shortcuts to subscreens or folders or to apps themselves. The discs have a configurable wallpaper that fills in unused space.

Other specs, such as an 11.6-inch, 1366 x 768-pixel capacitive touch display, 2GB of RAM, and either a 32GB or 64GB SSD, round out the lineup. The ExoPC is powered by an Intel N450 CPU, and claims 5 hours of battery life (that’s only half as much as the iPad). It does include a front-facing webcam, and several ports, including an SD card reader and USB port.

Despite some positive scouting reports, this slate weighs a hefty 2.1 pounds, and suffers from a negative stigma attached to Windows when it comes to tablets. You won’t find GPS or a robust app store from this no-name brand. It also has yet to launch, with delivery of pre-orders having already been delayed until 10/15, leaving us questioning its long-term staying power.

So, which tablet is best?

Final Results:

Check back at 10 a.m. ET on 10/14/2010 for game 2, which pits the Samsung Galaxy Tab against the Cisco Cius. As always, you’ll find the games at

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Anna Attkisson
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  1. Andrew Says:

    I feel that the review given to readers was in favor of the iPad. First lets talk some limitation of the iPad. HDMI out – only for powerpoint. No USB port (i.e. you need an adaptor for everything and cannot charge while plugging something in). It is not a laptop replacement so this is a 3rd device. All of these problems are non-existent on the ExoPC, thus making it a better machine than advertised above and the iPad a worse machine than advertised above.

  2. krighton Says:

    you may as well have put the exopc against an ipod. makes about as much sense.

  3. JB82 Says:

    You can’t say it doesn’t have gps when you can actually add a proper receiver to the exopc if you desire.

    You can’t say typing is a weakness of the ipad because it is a weakness of all tablets without a keyboard. Also most tablet will face difficulties in sunlight.

    Exopc has a great widescreen for watching movies with more real estate – movies on the ipad look tiny in comparison

    Ipad has note/pdf applications with palm rejection built in – exopc has yet to implement that although promise q1 2011

    NB there is an exopc app store but obviously not on the scale of the Apple one because any windows 7 program will run on the exopc more or less.

  4. Issus Says:

    Ok seriously, what is this “robust app” store talk about for ExoPC? It runs WINDOWS so it literally has MILLIONS of ‘apps’ (i.e. programs, does no one use this word anymore?) going for it.

  5. dcarrey Says:

    it’s looks like a very relevant comparison between a well know device (iPad) and a description on paper (ExoPc) …..

  6. JB82 Says:

    I believe they mean touch specific apps currently being developed for the exopc. Of course it runs millions of other programs.

  7. David Pinchot Says:

    The point of the iPad is that it is NOT a PC. It it NOT meant to be a PC replacement, but a device that can be used to fulfill what most of us do most of the time on a laptop or desktop. It’s very fast, the apps are small in size and quick, it is an instant on device, it does email, word, excel, internet and movies very very well.

    Why in the world would I want a Windows 7 tablet? Slow performance on a device trying to run on limited hardware, slow boot times, OS and software that was not written for a touch screen. Just for Flash? Have any of you every tried to use flash on a netbook, or mobile phone? Unless the flash was re-compiled for optimization on a mobile device, it is slow, slow slow.

    Listen if you need a laptop, get one. I have a laptop, and an iPad. I use the iPad most of the time, and I have not looked back. I cannot see any Windows 7 tablet replacing a laptop at all, so you would still need two devices if a laptop is needed.

    I would guess that people who dismiss the iPad have never used one. It is a wonderful device that fits a nice place in my gadget world. Think outside your own Window (zz), it is a wonderful world outside.

  8. Benz360 Says:

    @ David Pinchot

    These are 2 different devices. I like how you must have tested the exopc to know that it’s “slow performance” oh wait, you haven’t.

    I have tested the iPad on the other hand and it’s a nice slick slate, however for my cash I need the ability to do more, and I hate taking my laptop with me all the time so the EXOPC will fit in nicely.

    Please enjoy your iPad, while I watch HD movies and output in 1080p to friends TV’s :)

  9. Leon Says:

    How bias is to name specifications in numbers for what may seem a weak point to the ExoPC (claims 5 hours of battery life) and to state the iPad (and long battery life) with this 2 sentences we can see the writer is an Apple fan, I guess he should really put specs before his own opinions and let the audiences decide instead.


  10. Robert Anderson Says:

    This is actually a none starter to say the least. Who in their right mind would start such a poll anyway on these two tablets ?

    First and foremost, it appears that the exopc fanboys went out of their way to come here to vote, and what does this vote do anyway ? Nothing at all. Its just fanboys clicking their favorit toy and looking like children in doing so.

    Goodness sakes, fanboys on either side. Grow up.

    By the way, if you read up on the EXopc forum, you will find that the 5 hour battery life is no more, but more like 4 hours or less. Not only that, they started off with a 4G then that went by by as well. The exopc came woth a so called real GPS on the tablet, and guess what ? It to is no longer offered at launch. The 64 SSD is not going to come out at launch either so what elese is it missing or held back.

    Wish these fanboys would just grow up and stop this nonesense and just purchase what works for you.

    Just learned one other thing of interest. The Fanboys over at EXopc are asking the members to vote here in record numbers – to prove what ? That they are too young in the head to get a life

  11. Tim Marcum Says:

    @Robert Anderson,

    I am glad you had the opportunity to visit the EXOPC forum. If you spend some time there, I think you will see that there are a wide variety of persons and opinions on the site. You will also see the incredible response from EXOPC that has caused so many to be so supportive.

    The other thing you would learn is that we support constructive criticism and try very hard to limit the kind of opinion bashing that is exhibited on other sites. I think the fact that the EXOPC forum is by-and-large civil is strong testament to the fact we are more mature than your post would give credit.

    If you come to this site unsure for which device you should vote, please visit the EXOPC forum and witness for yourself the open and honest approach the company has taken to this project. The device will meet many needs of its users, but more importantly, the customer service exhibited by EXOPC has been second to none.

  12. Ian Says:

    Gee, Robert, a little petulant? Does one have to be a fanboy to be enthusiastic about a product, or is that just the Apple fanboy in you talking? The poll is a bit silly, yes, as it compares full operating systems against half systems, and asks for people to vote on items that are not even available to them yet. But why not see it for what it is? For those that like the exopc it’s an opportunity to get the word out on a product to help ensure its success– and it will be successful. If you’ve been visiting the forums there you’d have read that the 4 hour battery life was a conservative estimate of the old, weaker battery that was in the prototype. Longer is expected in the final. Technically, the 64gb model will be available “at launch.” What you’ve been looking at is pre-order availability, which is only open to the the first 3000 members of the forum. The 32 gb is available for preorder as scheduled, and the 64 is to follow 2 weeks later. Before you start calling strangers “young”, you should probably remove that little pout from your face; I’m old enough to have sired you.

  13. Superman Says:

    Agreed – the poll is worthless. However it is here so…..
    @Robert Anderson
    Fanboys are those totally biased about a product so that they are unable to see any weaknesses and promote their product at all costs. Most of the people on the exopc forum have tried the ipad and are disappointed. Hence why they turned to the EXOpc. Hardly fanboy.

    Fortunately, people generally have minds of their own – they are not going to vote just because they are asked. That the exopc forum is aware of this and has made is known to its members is nothing but logical. What did you want them to do – here is a poll please do not vote?

    If you read up on the forum you will find that the battery life of 4 hours was based on an older, lower capacity battery. They are waiting on the final units to be tested – i believe engadget will have one this week or so. The great thing about the forum is that all this information is actually available pre-release – do you think Apple would give out this detailed information, testing and videos in advance of their product launch? Yes it has its downside like people jumping on mis-statements and facts.

    64gb is available at launch – it is just a staggered launch

    Who wants gps on an 11″ device? They gave a fast ssd instead which is much more worthwhile

    Okay i am ready for round 2.

  14. Superman Says:

    PS I have an ipad!

  15. darkkevind Says:

    The reason fans of the ExoPC are voting is simple, they know a good product when they see one. Don’t get me wrong, the iPad is a fairly good product too, it does what it does very well . . . . It just doesn’t do much!

    Yeah you can send email, yeah you can surf the web, yeah you can write on it, yeah you can play games on it, yeah you can listen to & download music on it, but without add-ons or third party ‘cheating’ software that’s about all you get.

    As soon as you want productivity from your mobile device you wont get it from the iPad; you can’t, its not running a proper OS! The ExoPC is everything an iPad is but then so much more. This means you get all the power and possibilities of a laptop but in a slate device 14mm thick! So what, you get 10 hours of battery life with an iPad, 10 hours of not doing very much, you’ll get 4-5h ours of proper prroductivity or gaming, or surfing, or HD movie watching with an ExoPC, personally I’d much prefer that!

    Ok, some people will want an iPad, for some people it’s enough for what they need. However, some people think they want an iPad, and are under the impression it will do everything they need, and end up disappointed. Some people dont know what they want and are brainwashed by hype, peer pressure & marketing and end up getting an iPad.

    It’s a shame – the ExoPC is a device that will not only fulfill the needs of people when they first buy the device, but will fulfill almost everybody’s needs later on when they want to do even more with their portable device further down the line. Something you will not get from the iPad without buying a completely new device.

    The ExoPC was never billed to come with 4G, nor was it going to come with 3G, at least never for pre-orders or first launch. Carriers have to be found an this takes time. The ExoPC is a new device and needs to get out there and prove itself, it will and it will silence all the nay-sayers, for good.

    Yes, GPS was billed to debut with pre-orders, but unfortunately manufacturers let them down at the 11th hour by not giving ExoPC the support they need. This was unacceptable to ExoPC, they would not release a device that they could not fully support. If users wish they can install their own 3G & GPS cards after they take delivery.

    I speak with authority on this matter as I have a 2nd gen prototype of the ExoPC in my possession, I’ve been working with it for the past couple of months or so and I can never imagine how I lived without it, I’ve been looking for a device like this for years and thank God it’s finally here!!!

  16. JGrass Says:

    Hold on a sec there Robert. You’re reading this… did you vote? What does that say about you?

    Why are you so upset that there are people voting for the Exo? I hate the term fanboy, but I think it’s perfectly acceptable for one to be excited about a product. I am a member of the ExoPC forums, does that somehow disqualify me from voting because I’m somehow not mature enough? How would I be any different if I had voted for the iPad?

    I agree with you that it’s just a poll and doesn’t ‘do’ anything. However, as a small start-up company I know ExoPC appreciates any press they can get which is why people are voting.

    I’m not going to try and convince you that the ExoPC is the best device for you… I’m just following your advice and purchasing one because I believe it will be the best device for me.

  17. monty Says:

    Ipad was a great gift for my wife as is a purse, shoes and other accessories are!!!! don’t get me wrong i will pickup the Ipad and surf the net once in a while but was disappointed by all that is missing and all the adapters u need come on now!!! ordered an EXO seems to be the real deal to me.

  18. oasis1489 Says:

    umm….apple and the ipad have enough publicity….i’m going with the exo, hands down.

  19. gonzal36 Says:

    Ipad < EXOPC

  20. Lorie Ghamy Says:

    But the best one is the Toshiba Folio 100 for 399 $ !

    Toshiba Folio 100

    Processeur : Nvidia Tegra 2. ( vidéo 1080p et Flash accélérés…..)
    Mémoire vive : 1Go
    Stockage : SSD 16Go
    Affichage : 10.1 » en 1024 x 600 a rétro éclairage LED tactile capacitif 4 points
    Réseaux: WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth ( 3G en option en 2011)
    Connectique : 1 ports USB 2.0, 1 port Mini USB, sortie casque et entrée micro, 1 port HDMI
    Lecteur de cartes mémoire SDHC
    Webcam: 1.3 megapixel
    Batterie 1020mAh, 3.7V, 22600mWh (jusqu’à 7 heures d’autonomie)
    Dimensions: 281 x 181 x 14 mm
    Poids: 760g
    Système d’exploitation : Android 2.2
    Prix : 399€
    Disponibilité : Novembre 2010

  21. Susie Says:

    I do not clam to be highly knowledgable and advanced regarding the recent innovations in the ever evolving technical world. However, I think the concept and design of the ExoPC is great. It offers consumers like myself a choice of a PC in the convient package of a small hand held device. I look forward to purchasing and using the product!!

  22. Superman Says:

    Android isn’t a good tablet platform .. it can’t even do something useful like pdf annotation as far as I am aware .. even the ipad can do that.

  23. darkkevind Says:

    @Lorie Ghamy

    Eugh!!! It’s so ugly and fat! How is 10.1″ screen better than 11.5″ ??

    How is 16GB SSD better than 32GB? (lowest model of EXOPC)

    How is 1GB of RAM better than 2GB? (standard in EXOPC)

    How is 1024 x 600 resolution better than 1336 x 768 as with the EXOPC?

    How is 1 x USB port better than 2 x USB ports as with the EXOPC?

    As you can see the EXOPC wins hands down.

  24. jc Says:

    HAHAHAHAH really so wait youre actually Win7 fanboys? Or just fandroiods who live to bash apple products? Or maybe you work for exopc?

  25. Dan Ta Mana Says:

    Let me see, which one can a person go and buy?


    this vote is stupid, one is vapor. Might as well compare iPad to a bucket of golf balls. What’s the point?

  26. xy Says:

    Silly indeed – how many ipad owners have tried an exopc? How can you say it is better?

    I am sure some exopc fans have used an ipad and are disappointed. At least that makes some sense even if they haven’t tried the exopc yet.

  27. xy Says:

    okay this is just stupid now – the apple fanboyz are here.

  28. Adam Says:

    This is an easy one.

    The iPad, with 8.5 million in sales and an app store with 200,000+ exclusively touch designed apps, vs. a non-existant product with no sales, running windows 7 with only a handful of touch designed apps… hmmmmm.. tough one…

    Who here has hands on experience with the ExoPC that can vouch for its build quality, and ability to meet its on paper expectations and real-world usability?

  29. Chz plz Says:

    that’s not a fair comparison either, you can actually buy the golf balls. Exo where?

  30. jbuth Says:

    OK, here is a straight-up specification comparison of the 32GB iPad and the 32GB ExoPC

    iPad ExoPC
    Price $600 $720
    Storage 32 GB Flash 32 GB SSD
    Processor 1 Ghz 1.66 Ghz
    Screen 9.7 in. 11.6 in.
    Battery 10 hours 5 hours
    Weight 1.5 lb 2.5 lb

    The iPad doesn’t currently have a camera, but the next model probably will (Yes i can use future models. The ExoPC isn’t out yet either). The iPad’s operating system was built for a mobile device, so it runs very well on a 1 Ghz processor. The ExoPC’s system was built for a full computer, so it could easily be slower, even on a 1.66 Ghz processor. ExoPC specific apps are currently limited to HTML and Flash – no native code.

    What I see here is that the iPad is cheaper, lighter, probably runs faster, and has twice the battery life, and the screen is only slightly smaller. I voted iPad.

  31. xy Says:

    200000 apps = 180,000 apps that you don’t need an app for on a win 7 device eg netflix, bank of america, you tube etc etc

  32. David Says:

    Your poll doesn’t see to work on an iPhone or iPad. Could influence the result somewhat methinks!

  33. xy Says:

    @jbuth man get your facts right

    32gb exopc comes to $680USD all in with stylus and stand. The ipad is $635 (with tax)+$20 for a stylus + $15 for a stand = $670 ie pretty much the same.

    Weight of the exopc is 2.1lbs not 2.5lbs.

    The ipad will not run faster

    EXOPC storage can be expanded by USB or SD card
    EXO doesn’t require a stupid connector to transfer photos. Plus it doesn’t need jailbreaking to access the file system
    EXOPC is much better at multi-tasking even compared to a jailbreak ipad or the new ios4.2
    Exopc can actually do flash without jailbreaking
    Exopc screen resolution is better

    When it comes down to it – the use of the ipad is movies, games, surfing. All of which the exopc is better at – eg movies are much better in widescreen on the bigger display. I would say it beats the ipad for ebook reading as i like the ipad format better for this and yes battery life.

    Sure the ipad is a great device – i have one. But im not voting ipad because i have come across so many limitations that I use it as a third device ie something that is just added for fun.

  34. xy Says:

    @ David – your point being what – that the ipad and iphone are so so poor they can’t even access the poll!!!!! Hahaha

  35. xy Says:

    plus the exopc can do 1080p videos easily which the ipad can’t

  36. superman Says:

    Ipad main uses – movies, surfing, games, ebooks, photo viewer

    WINNER – EXOPC has a bigger screen size, higher resolution and widescreen! Also can play 1080 videos. Doesn’t need itunes to transfer files – can easily use a usb stick or SD card.

    WINNER – EXOPC – Flash, choice of free browsers, tabs in all browsers, no need for separate and slower apps for youtube etc

    DRAW – Exopc not limited to phone type games but ipad probably has more games suited to touch only

    WINNER – IPAD – lighter, 4:3 portrait, 10 hours battery life

    Photo viewer
    WINNER – EXOPC – no need for an accessory to transfer photos. Completely unrestricted access to files in win 7.

  37. Manto4 Says:

    Please forgive me, but what does the # of units sold have to do with anything? What’s worse, I still don’t understand what the criteria is for “best”. I need something that I can use for work AND home and integrate with all my devices (caneras, iphone, HD Flip, etc.) without complications. For ME, that’s what’s “Best”.

    The iPad just may be a little faster (And I say MAY be – I’m comparing hands-on with an iPad with extensive library of youtube videos demoing the EXOPC), but I don’t use most of the features the iPad is famous for, so I really don’t see a reason to buy it, almost regardless of cost. And price comparisons with future versions of the iPad is cheating a little – Apple has always had a very shady pricing policy, so who knows what v2 (with or without a camera) will cost?

    I Absolutely LOVE the ther “Fandroids”, by the way. But is it true that you can’t vote here from an iPad? THAT’s pretty funny.

    re: Vaporware – there are a number of first and second-generation prototypes currently in the field (at least one of the posters above is currently in posession of one), and Engadget should have a final production unit before the end of this week for review. Mine is going to be delivered next Wednesday, but this poll ends Thursday. And yes, this poll is meaningless, so don’t get your iPanties in a twist.

    re: Touch-enabled apps – Tecnhically anything that can run on the EXOPC (almost ANY Windows app) would be touch enabled, no? ANY Windows ereader, browser, art program, etc.

    Let’s not forget the fact that I can use any Blutooth keyboard/mouse I want, and can use my existing cellphone headset for skype calls, etc.

    Oh, yeah. and I can skype.

    I was a HUGE fan of Apple years back, and I often marvel at their business, marketing and tech savvy. But remember when they were the little guys throwing the hammer through the big screen? Things are a little different now. I’m pulling for the underdog. EXOPC.

  38. westcoastpimp Says:

    pegatron who is owned by ASUS is the company who designed both the ipad and exo pc hence quality the same just saying. pretty sure ipad will sell more but exo pc owners will get what they pay for full function device without the need of freakin adapters!!

  39. darkkevind Says:

    OK, lets get a few things straight here.

    I have a 2nd generation prototype of the EXOPC, a final production unit is on it’s way to me as we speak, 100 pre-orders are currently being built by the nice production line workers at Pegatron in the same factory that builds the iPad and the EXOPC has been built with the same quality in mind.

    The specifications of the EXOPC are far better than the iPad all bar the battery life, but lets face it, wouldnt you rather do something productive (that you could do on your laptop or desktop) than something not so productive, like play angry birds or trawl through facebook that is about the limit of what you can do on an iPad?

    I know you can do other things with the iPad, but no way near as much as you can do with the EXOPC.

    Windows 7 touch experience is as good if not better than the iPad, the screen on the EXOPC has the capability to support up to 10 point multi-touch!

    The simple fact is, the EXOPC is the better device as it’s a proper pc, just less the keyboard. The iPad is just a time killer. There’s no way you could use it productively. I have an iPad, actually I have one that has been lent to me for comparison, I would never waste that much money on a device like that.

    Having used both, I can say with actual knowledge & experience and some authority as I’m an IT professional that whilst the iPad and its limited powered applications may look prettier than those available under Win 7, that having a device that is basically a laptop 14mm thick, with an 11.5″ capacitive touch screen is a much better situation to find yourself in.

  40. ElBrod Says:

    Well, well, well,

    Let’s vote, my fanboy friends! Let’s vote for the underdog with bigger byceps and brains! ExoPC!
    Just like the Ipod sucks if you want to add or withdraw stuff from it. Just like all those music files on itunes and ipod are held prisoner on your Apple device… you will be stuck with your format. What happens if you want to change device? And do you want to carry all the stupid adapters everywhere? My apple gadgets now sit at home gathering dust…

  41. McAkins Says:

    How accurate can this Vote be if any person can vote multiple times. The system doesn’t really catch vote fraud, for example, I didn’t see the “View Result” link on time, so I have to click on the “Vote” button each time I want to see the Result status. Thap happened about three times before I saw the link, which means I voted three times.

    The best would have been to collect voters email address, and send them a vote link in the mail, and of course “View Result” link too. That way you can only vote once with an email address by validating email address first.

  42. Steel Says:

    This isn’t really a good matchup is it? Can you really pit a real tablet w/ full OS capabilities and ports against a PMP w/ a phone OS?

    Seriously, shouldn’t the iPad be in some sort of phone contest? I mean, I guess I even give the Galaxy Tab a pass since Android allows for Sd-cards and the like. iOS is more of a web portal.

  43. Memora Vivere Says:

    @McAkins Try and vote again, pay attention to which one’s vote count after you vote. Do it again afterwards, and check to see if the number went up after you vote. I just did a few times to make sure and it was the same number. It may let you “cast” your vote again, but I dont think its counting it more than once…

  44. superman Says:

    @McAkins Well true about multi-voting but then everyone can multi-vote – it is hardly unfair for one side or the other. Email address is even worse – i have 5.

  45. Lorie Ghamy Says:

    @Darkkevin who said

    “Eugh!!! It’s so ugly and fat! How is 10.1″ screen better than 11.5″ ??

    *** BECAUSE TOSHIBA FOLIO 100 IS 399 $ WHEN ExopPC IS 620 TO 720 $

    How is 16GB SSD better than 32GB? (lowest model of EXOPC)

    *** BECAUSE TOSHIBA FOLIO 100 IS 399 $ WHEN ExopPC IS 620 TO 720 $

    How is 1GB of RAM better than 2GB? (standard in EXOPC)

    *** BECAUSE TOSHIBA FOLIO 100 powered by Tegra 2 is fluid with 1 Go RAM like ExoPC could be with 4 Gb of RAM

    How is 1024 x 600 resolution better than 1336 x 768 as with the EXOPC?

    *** BECAUSE TOSHIBA FOLIO 100 IS 399 $ WHEN ExopPC IS 620 TO 720 $

    How is 1 x USB port better than 2 x USB ports as with the EXOPC?

    *** 2 USB on TOSHIBA FOLIO 100 (Standard & mini)

    As you can see the EXOPC wins hands down.

    *** Not sure ! I can get two TOSHIBA FOLIO 100 for one ExopPC. And Androïd is better than Windows 7 so slugish on tablet and not multi-touch efficient…

    *** And last but not least : Toshiba Folio 100 is running 7 hours for use like ExoPC is 4 hours powered (so probably 3 H with no reality distortion)…

  46. superman Says:

    There is no point in most of this discussion – ipad fans don’t require functionality and exopc fans don’t want simplicity.

    What it all boils down to is phone os vs full os. Which is more appropriate for a slate?

    To me it can be either – but then it all depends on price. If the ipad was say $300-350 then it would make more sense. Android slates are coming at $200-$400 (except the overpriced samsung tab). I sincerely hope the ipad follows suit and lowers the price. It has had its monopoly over this new generation of slates and now it is time to get reasonable. I’d take a free one but i’d also consider a $300-350 one. At $535-1000 no way.

    The poll then makes more sense – do you want something more (exopc) or will you prefer a lower priced, less capable product (ipad)? As it stands the exopc blows the ipad away in terms of features, specification and functionality.

  47. Memora Vivere Says:

    @Lorie Ghamy

    You are hilarious. This is why I come back here.

    First off, we get it, Folio is cheaper. Big deal it is also still running a phone OS. Therefore it is PROPERLY priced, just like the ExoPC, running a FULL os. The Folio requires less hardware because it does less.

    But, regardless of the previous comment, my favorite statement from you here is “I can get two TOSHIBA FOLIO 100 for one ExopPC”

    LMAO. You are kidding me right? I bet I could scour the country and get 40 Apple II desktops for the price of a Folio. does that make it better? Not even close.

    ExoPC is a Tablet PC, the Folio, like the iPad, is a large phone w/o the phone capabilities. My Samsung Captivate can do 90%, if not all, of what the Folio will be able to do. Just like a iPhone 4 can do 90%, if not all, of what the iPad can do. No matter how hard you try to fight it, they will never be as useful and productive than a Windows 7 device.

    As far as multi-touch capable goes? I have a HP Tm2t and Windows 7, believe it or not, is easy to move around with my fingers or a stylus/finger combo. Its smooth, and have no complaints.

    And lastly, the 4 hours of use has already been addressed in a earlier post, as the battery tested was a early version, and was lower capacity than the one in the final product. Therefore, ExoPC released a statement saying that they will only guarantee 4 hours, but numerous prototype users have gotten 5+ hours. ExoPC has been conservative in all their statements to make sure that when the products get into the consumers hands, that they are happy with the outcome, not disappointed.

  48. bovril1a Says:

    We will have die hard iPad fans and die hard ExoPC fans, nature of the beast.

    The point is simple, the two machines are at best superficially similar as they are aimed to fit in two very different sections of the user continuum with SOME overlap.

    The iPad as with most Apple products is well designed, well thought out andhas been built to do certain specific tasks well with an intuitive interface.
    It was designed with a touch screen interface in mind and applications etc are (in general) consistent in touch and feel throughout.
    It is primarily a media consumption device with some other functions

    It also fits in Apples view of the world where the environment is locked down, you are not allowed to use your property the way you want and innovation outside of the Apple environment is actively discouraged.

    This is both a strength and a weakness and is the way Apple has always worked. If you don’t want to push the envelope then you will never see the bars nor miss them. It’s a nice piece of kit but the patronizing makes me gag.

    The ExoPC is built on a Wintel platform with all the fun and games we have come to “love” that that entails.

    You will need to apply patches and updates more often than you would like, you will be more aware of potential malware issues and the O/S can bloat real fast without due diligance.

    It is a PC which also does media consumption well.

    It also has an incredibly rich application ecosystem and if it can run on Windows it almost certainly will run on the ExoPC (usual caveats about to the limits of storage, RAM and processor).

    Win 7 is far BETTER at touchscreen that previous versions but was not built from the ground up for touchscreen so there will be compromises, which is where the ExoPC UI comes into play.

    The main difference from an iPad is that you can adapt the machine with ease and little pain. if it connects, it probably has a USB port in one model or another, want to really multitask….out of the box, want to develop in whatever language you want…go for it, dual boot Linux, no problems and so on.

    It also means that those apps that weren’t or aren’t touch screen friendly will need workarounds like the ExoPC UI

    iPad of ExoPC….both have some compromise, both have different strengths and weaknesses, you pick the one that will address your NEEDS. I have a range of specific needs outside of simple media consumption, some work, some pleasure so for me the ExoPC ticks more items than the iPad and I have one on order, would I refuse a free iPad…hell no.

  49. Sorwen Says:

    “superman Says:

    October 13th, 2010 at 11:33 am
    @McAkins Well true about multi-voting but then everyone can multi-vote – it is hardly unfair for one side or the other. Email address is even worse – i have 5.”

    I find your email skills lacking. Across 6 domains I have 15 active and another 8 occasional use email address. ;P Like you said it would hardly be fair to use email as I could vote 23 times without even setting up a new email address.

    I think pretty much all of the iPad vs ExoPC things have said. For me it comes down to I need the flexibility of a full OS and since I already develop programs for Windows I wanted a windows slate over the Linux ones that are looking good. The ExoPC, from demos, will do everything I want to do and do it well. The only downside is the battery life. With it doing so much more for what I need I can deal with less battery life. I would take an iPad if it was given to me, but I wouldn’t pay that much for such a limited device.

    I’ve been using my Dell Axim X50v as my main moblie device and wouldn’t give it up over the iPad. :p

  50. GouDZ Says:

    NO FLASH!!! — Sorry for my bad english — I bought an iPad for my girlfriend a year ago and she complain a lot about FLASH!!! She prefer his old huge laptop because she can browse web without condition and do her excel (iPad are not powerfull an-off…) So she just use the iPad for play one game… and for kid but it’s not really an activities, soo the iPad are used for Pad… No way I will buy iPad 2 at all with a new MAGNIFIC and INCREDIBLE camera in front and a MAGICAL SD slot….Sorry but I’m bored about their speechs….. I’m a mac power user and I don’t understand Apple to restrict their client just for keep control on their profit (apps) I already preorder a Exopc for 2 thing, I really need a ultra portable for JOB, and encourage a little company where I never seen a preoccupation like that to their clients before. I am extremely curious to see the reception of Exopc on the market. Bravo Exopc!!!!

  51. EvilRadish Says:

    When I get my ExoPC I will give my ipad to my Granny. She needs big screens to see things and the ipad is the largest of the ipod in the world! :)

    Go Exo :D

  52. darkkevind Says:

    @Lorie Ghamy

    I’d say properly priced for an oversized phone. Win 7 runs very well on the EXOPC, I should know, I have one!

    You are deluded if you think the Toshiba is a better device.

  53. superman Says:

    Come on laptopmag a big announcement please on the front page!

  54. David Pinchot Says:

    You guys just don’t get it. People do not buy the iPad to do the same type of thing that they do on a laptop or PC. They use it primarily as a media consumption tool, that can be used for other productive purposes. THAT is the reason it has been the single most successful tablet ever. Apple got it right. The Exopc will have a market, but it will a very small market. The Exopc (and other bloated Windows 7 tablets) misses the mark in the same way netbooks did. Remember them?
    As far as the touch screen capabilities of Windows 7, don’t bother. I have an Dell XT2 with the best touch screen on the market, and Windows 7 runs very poorly on it. The OS is just not ready for real world touch.

  55. swanlee Says:

    But David if media consumption is what you want the Exo is still the better choice.

    Play any 1080P video in any format

    View any website that uses flash for games or video

    Hook up any usb flash drive, SD card or external hard drive to watch any media you have on a pc.

    Map a drive from the ExoPC to any PC you have to view any media file type you want to.

    Play any audio file type you want to on any audio player you want to use.

    The EXO gives you a much wider choice for media consumption thatn the Ipad.

  56. Daniel Diane Says:

    Le produit EXO PC est de loin suppérieur au IPAD, nous avons bien hâte de le voir sur le marché.

  57. Khaled Says:

    This is so funny and now that The iPad is out of this competition compare the number of votes with other devices

  58. Khaled Says:

    I would LOVE to know what you are basing this “series” on! What a joke. There is only one tablet out from this list and it’s the iPad. What are you comparing it to? Things that don’t exist yet?!
    Very reliable. Lol

  59. XORave Says:

    Khaled, do some simple research like Googling “ExoPC” or searching YouTube and you’ll see that not only does it exist, it is shipping. FYI,

    Oh let me guess, you’re an iCant Fanboi who’s angry that it lost the vote.

  60. David Says:

    I played with an EXOPC at the Microsoft office in Detroit today. I own an iPad but that’s the only Apple thing I own and I’m definitely not an Apple evangilist. I own a computer services company. We’re a Microsoft shop.

    So, the EXOPC is too heavy, it’s too big to hold with one hand, and it’s really hot. Battery life would also be a deal killer for me. I wish the iPad had USB, HDMI, and a camera but I wouldn’t trade. The iPad is much better for what I use a tablet for and it doesn’t make me sweat holding it in my hand.

    I do think this might be a decent option for medical practices to use for their physicians. Since it’s Windows it will probably run most of the practice management and Electronic Medical Records software out there today.

  61. Jean-Steve Says:

    They compared the ExoPC with a regular version of the iPad. For my part, I have a jailbroken iPad. And believe me, it not the same device at all. I can browse web site with Flash using “frash” application from Cydia Store. I can transform my iPad as a secure wireless router using 3G and MyWi app. Also, I can use any kind of BT keyboard and mouse. With a specific adaptor and the iFile Application, I can read USB device. I have multitasking with BackGrounder Application…. And many more. Ok, it’s true, I don’t have any web cam integrated. But to be honest, If i’m at the office, Restaurent, in my car… Do I really need a web cam?

  62. tablette tactile Says:

    Ipad 2 is the best tablet at the moment, nobody can do best and the next year apple will unveil the new Ipad 3 better, lighter !! Other tablet builder have to make more to compet with apple !!

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