Tablet World Series Finals: ExoPC Slate vs. BlackBerry PlayBook, Voting Ends 11/4 at 12:00 a.m.

Throughout this series we’ve seen some surprises (like the Apple iPad getting taken out in Game 1), some tight races (like the ExoPC vs. the Archos 101 in Game 5) and some pure slaughters (like the Archos 101 taking out the Viewsonic G-Tablet with 87% of the vote in Game 3). But your votes have narrowed the field of competitors to just two: the ExoPC Slate and the BlackBerry PlayBook. There can be only 1.

Update: The BlackBerry PlayBook has won the Tablet World Series, 58.27 to 41.73 percent. Congrats to BlackBerry and all its fans.

The ExoPC Slate started the competition off strong, knocking out the heavily favored Apple iPad with 77% of the vote. In round two it went on to barely squeak by the Archos 101 with a 1% margin of victory. But does this 11.6-inch Windows 7 tablet have the pitching arm to shut out RIM?

The interface on the ExoPC Slate looks interesting, as it is loaded with tons of tiny discs that serve as shortcuts to apps or other screens. The capacitive touchscreen display is monstrous, measuring 11.6-inches and sporting a resolution of 1366 x 768.  The interior guts include 2GB of RAM and an SSD.

It’s competitor is the BlackBerry PlayBook, which won Game 6 with an 11% margin and Game 4 with 65% of the vote. This dual-core, 7-inch tablet runs a new OS. It comes with dual cameras, HDMI output, and the ability to run Flash 10.1 (which means it can run Adobe Air apps). But RIM’s secret weapon will likely be its ability to sync with is army of smart phones. Sadly, we’re still waiting to review this puppy, but the momentum certainly seems to be there.

It’s time to name a champ, by casting your vote below. Then check back on 11/4 at 12:00 a.m. to see who won. And you can look back at the road to the championship at

Anna Attkisson
Anna Attkisson
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  1. Dave Says:

    Shame this poll is a paid advertisement for the exo pc

  2. Ricoae Says:

    Voted from my ExoPC.

  3. Daniel Says:

    Is it just me or did the Exo PC have too smooth a ride up to this point. Is this voting rigged. First the Exo takes out the iPad then the Archos 101 and now its ahead by 60% up against the PlayBook running what may be BlackBerry OS 7. Now I am not biased because I would have wanted the Archos 101 VS. the Galaxy Tab. Come on whats up?

  4. Jason Says:

    Too smooth a ride? Are you serious? It took out the APPLE IPAD! THEN THE ARCHOS! The fanboy faves!

  5. Memora Vivere Says:

    The ExoPC fans just showed up for the vote. Thats all that happened. They wanted the publicity, however much that may be, and therefore showed up to try and win this thing.

  6. PolishRenegade Says:

    @Daniel & Dave

    Mostly a good dedicated fan-base. No rigging, just proof that they care about this poll.

    Lets not forget that there were less than 1500 votes in most of the non-ExoPC votes. That means less than 1500 persons actually voted / visited this page. It’s very very low. However, the rounds with the ExoPC were very active with over 4000 votes.

    The ExoPC forum is very active with over 3500 members. If, for example, they were the only ones to vote, they would still win.

    So yah, good fan base and a dedicated company very close to their customers. Also, I do believe the ExoPC is a neat piece of technology.

  7. Bob Says:

    Yeah, I’m going to pretty much call BS on this “Tournament.” There are already so many negative things about Windows 7 and it’s barely had time to get tested. Sure, the hardware of the Exo PC is more robust – It has to be to run the OS with some semblance of fluidity. Also, the EXO PC is slated to be TWICE as expensive as the Archos 101. If you compare the Exo PC to the Ipad, the Ipad should have been the clear winner instead of a landslide in the opposite direction. I’m not an apple fanboy, it’s just a matter of simple fact when you weigh the pro’s and cons of each device. I won’t say that there is any manifest conspiracy by laptop mag to falsify votes, but I do believe that someone has manipulated this poll. With the way that this poll was designed, there were a number of ways a user could have voted multiple times(basically as many times as they have patience for, or, if they automated it, many times while they were afk). Lets not forget that most users who read these posts have some semblance of tech savvy. Figuring out how to clear your cache and spoof an ip address, or vote in multiple browsers is hardly beyond the ken of the average voter. In summation: The Exo PC is a nice piece of hardware, but it is not groundbreaking, it is expensive and it is NOT a superior tablet.

  8. @daniel Says:

    okay daniel, “smooth ride?” it just barely beat the archos 1. exopc was made to kick ipad’s ass, and it did, and now you are comparing a 7″ tablet to an 11″ tablet and of course it will win. the voting is not rigged. if it was we would know. the maker of this voting thing was trying to make the exopc sound like shit and worshiping the ipad. even he said that he was surprised that the exopc beat the ipad so obviously if he rigged it it the ipad would have won. be a little more open minded to new companies.

  9. XORave Says:

    Why is it so difficult to believe that the ExoPC can defeat the others in this vote? It’s the best tablet available to date that’s why.

  10. Zorro Says:

    How is this a paid advert for ExoPC? You’re either claiming that ExoPC paid off LaptopMag to fudge the results, or you’re saying that LaptopMag intentionally altered the voting mechanism in favor of ExoPC. So, which is it? If you’ve an accusation, you should support it with facts, else it’s slander.

  11. Zorro Says:

    The ExoPC forums has over 3000+ members that are either reading or actively contributing. When the contest was announced, we all came to vote. If you notice in the competition with the iPad, 2293 voted for the ExoPC, which is well below the number of members in the forums. You can throw around accusations of rigging all you’d like, it still comes down to the fact that the ExoPC has more support from it’s base, and frankly, you’re a fool to think someone with an iPad is gonna bother to read a site like this because most Mac users are fervently loyal to Mac. The only laptop reviews they read are the ones at the Apple store. The same goes for RIM users.

  12. P Says:

    It was very close run with the Archos so not exactly smooth going, maybe it’s the fact that ExoPC has an active forum who are just starting to receive their first shipped product so the enthusiams factor is pretty high.
    Apparently you couldn’t vote for the iPad from the iPad, which may something about Phone OS vs full OS

  13. Ian Says:

    Saying it’s a paid ad for exo pc is pretty silly. If you want to know why they’re mopping up, go over to their forum and see the enthusiasm they’ve created for their product. You won’t find the CEO of Blackberry or Apple communicating directly with forum members a dozen times a day, and you won’t find two dozen hands-on Playbook videos exploring every facet of the product either.

  14. W. Says:

    Nothing is up. The ExoPC has a huge fan-base, forum community, and amazing administrators who will answer almost every question

  15. PaulTissue Says:

    It seems pretty clear why the ExoPC is been chosen by many readers:

    1) Windows is the dominant consumer operating system throughout the entire world.
    2) The ExoPC is one of the first slate computers that run a full version of Windows 7.
    3) The ExoPC has already been delivered to paying customers.
    4) The ExoPC has the best overall technical specifications among all competing Windows slates.
    5) The ExoPC has a large 11.6 inch 16×9 aspect ratio capacitive touch screen that best fits the modern video standards.
    6) The ExoPC has a great user friendly touch UI layer and application store that complements, not replaces, the
    Windows 7 computing experience.

    Much like the netbook “revolution”, notebook sales and adoption rates really took off when Windows was the dominant operating system supplied with these systems. In fact, there were many notebooks that were returned simply because the customer was disappointed with the non-Windows user experience. This was true for notebooks that only differed by the OS installed—that is the same hardware but not running Windows. As a consequence, many notebook vendors discontinued the non-Windows version of their netbooks. I believe that history will repeat itself for the state “revolution”.

    One just has to look at the sheer number of consumers who have already chosen Windows as their preferred operation system to understand why ExoPC is a winner.

  16. Avram Piltch Says:


    The reason ExoPC keeps winning is because it has a very dedicated fan-base. What I take away from this is that, while the iPad might be a huge seller, its users aren’t motivated to come out and support it in this tournament. Kudos to ExoPC for building a product that inspires such excitement and dedication.

  17. cccy Says:

    EXOPC has a huge fan base, which are dedicated and often visit its forums to communicate with the company to provide feedback and support. Therefore when EXOPC asked for them to vote, most of the users helped in it. However, Apple and RIM does not provide such help on their forums, hence the little need for its supporters to come on its forums. With no one on the forums, how would its fans see the appeal for help in voting for their favorite tablets/slates?

    Just compare the difference to know why EXOPC wins:
    – Closed-sourced software
    – No support in self-modification
    – No flash support ( Meaning they can’t vote from their iPads! )
    – No external hardware support ( Must pay high price for Apple products )
    – Videos on how to take apart the EXOPC correctly to modify available from the company itself
    – Accept suggestions and try to implement them if possible
    – Runs Windows applications ( I am sure you also have a windows computer too right? )
    – Larger screen
    – External hardware and software support available ( Company sometimes even buys and tests out the hardware and software to let you know if it works, and that also includes hardware modifications )

    Of course, there are more pros and cons of both, but its obvious with the direct communication from the higher-levels of the EXOPC company ( including the CEO! ) directly with its people, its obvious EXOPC knows and changes to suit its users more, creating a product that suits users, not just for show ( even until now, when has Apple listened to include even a USB port? ) . Therefore, its isn’t surprising that the EXOPC wins in every match.

  18. cccy Says:

    Typing error!
    Quote: It’s competitor is the BlackBerry PlayBook, which won Game 6 with 11% of the vote and Game 4 with 65% of the vote.
    Won with 11% of the vote? Its 55.19% actually…
    Please update the error, thanks.

  19. wasabi Says:

    Are you kidding me – who are these guys? (ExoPC) never heard of them. Is it me, or does the UI look like a”connect4″ game? You can’t be serious in thinking that some no-name manufacturer can actually contend in this space? I’ve never heard of this company, and would be hesitant to put my money with some here today gone tomorrow company that’s just trying to exploit the flavour of the day. It doesn’t even have a real processor (multitasking?), and the camera is a joke! This might be a good toy for a 4-year old, but I’ll stick to a company that actually has R&D. You get what you pay for.

  20. Clark Says:

    Une très belle machine réalisée par nos cousins américains !
    Vivement que le modèle avec toutes les options soit dispo en France (3G/GPS, dock & cie…).
    La seule alternative intéressante venait de chez Archos (pour le rapport qualité/prix d’un modèle plus “frustre”).

  21. Memora Vivere Says:

    What if Steve Wozniak never took a chance on Steve Job’s Apple I idea? Apple probably wouldn’t be here today. Everyone has to start somewhere. The 3500+ forum members (myself included) believe with enough marketing and word-of-mouth advertising, ExoPC can become THE standard for Windows slates. With your mentality, nothing new will ever come along that is good enough to put any stock in.

  22. Bob Says:

    In respect to the amount of support the Exo PC has received in the comments section I’ll retract my statement that there must have been some form of vote fraud. That being said, let me respond to some of the comments being made:

    -Windows 7 is a great operating system for a desktop. Windows is the dominant desktop platform. No argument there.

    -Windows has failed to make a compelling mobile platform. In my eyes, a tablet is a mobile device. Why would I use a tablet at home if I have a laptop and desktop? Browsing on the couch? I think most people who would purchase a tablet have phones that can do that just fine.

    -The primary goals of a mobile device are to be portable, productive and efficient.

    I believe that the Exo PC fails at least the portable qualification, since it is so large and heavy.

    Obviously the Exo PC is incredibly productive since it’s hardware and established operating system allow for a multitude of uses. That being said, I don’t believe tablets are a replacement for a laptop. Using a tablet to type documents and create spreadsheets can be done, but obviously at a sacrificed rate of speed. The more you need to type, the more your productivity will suffer. Sure, you can hook up a keyboard and mouse. At that point, why not just get a laptop?

    While the hardware is robust, it eats away at battery. having a 5 hour (starting) battery life with a tablet is not what I would expect from a device considered best in class. With the rate of atrophe of a typical battery, who knows how long the battery will last after a year or two.


    -Windows is also closed source.
    -There are plenty of modifications for the Ipad if you look for them
    -I totally agree about Flash support. I blame Steve Jobs for being stubborn.
    -I agree that Apple doesn’t play nice with other hardware, but there is a trade off in that there ARE a lot of apple specific accessories.

    -I don’t know about those videos, but if that’s true, then it is a great tool to aid the DIY modder.
    -All companies accept suggestions and make modifications. It’s the primary reason that we have ‘updates’
    -Yes, it runs windows applications. This is a plus. But most windows applications were NOT designed with tablets in mind. This is important to note because many applications will put heavy load on the CPU and will drain the already anemic battery even further. Most apple and android programs (admittedly not all), are made with battery conservation in mind.
    -bigger is not always better. This is a mobile device. I won’t say the screen is too big, but I’d rather have a 10 inch screen that weighs 1 pound as opposed to a 11 inch screen that weighs over 2.


    You make some good points, but I think you need to take into account the difference between a netbook and a tablet. A netbook works exactly like a laptop, which works exactly like a desktop, meaning that the Windows platform translates very nicely. A tablet is a purely touchscreen optimized device. Windows has failed miserably to create a touchscreen OS which has thrived. This can be evidenced by Windows long history in the phone market and it’s inability to compete with Android, Iphone and RIM.
    See: ”

    This is just my opinion(obviously). Those who voted for the Exo PC may have other priorities. I just don’t think that it’s superior as a tablet. I’m not “hating” on the device. In fact, I think it’s very interesting. I just don’t think it should have beaten either the Ipad or Archos 101 in an objective poll for the best mobile tablet.

  23. Daniel Says:

    Reply to Wasabi who said “Are you kidding me – who are these guys? (ExoPC) never heard of them. Is it me, or does the UI look like a”connect4″ game? You can’t be serious in thinking that some no-name manufacturer can actually contend in this space? I’ve never heard of this company, and would be hesitant to put my money with some here today gone tomorrow company that’s just trying to exploit the flavour of the day. It doesn’t even have a real processor (multitasking?), and the camera is a joke! This might be a good toy for a 4-year old, but I’ll stick to a company that actually has R&D. You get what you pay for.”

    You are completely right Wasabi it does look like a connect4 game, the camera is a joke, and it does not have a real processor. Thanks for backing me up.

    I mean what I said about the smooth ride. The Exo may have beat the Archos only by 1% and thats what I mean about rigged voting.

    Visit my blog at

  24. oasis1489 Says:

    Voting from my ExoPC as we speak!!! THE DEFINITE WINNER!!

  25. Rocker Says:

    This poll is so small its practically insignificant. Bring this poll to this big leagues in another year and then I’d be interested to see the results. This is very minor league…ah well, it got my interest at least.

  26. alex Says:

    daniel is an idiot for thinking that 2 gb of ram, and a VERY good processor that is proven quite capable of multitasking is a joke. btw at least it has a webcam. (ipad). and people have been fans since july and if you think these guys are “here today, gone tomorrow” you are a complete idiot. they already have 1000+ pre orders in montreal waiting to be shipped out. so add it up. 1000 X 720$ (+-) = 720,000$ minus the cost of the exopc. and that is just on pre-orders. just wait till they are in stores and people get to try them out. i cannot believe a person can be so stupid.

  27. darkkevind Says:

    All you nay-sayers about EXOPC are fools!

    The long and the short of it is, the EXOPC is the most superior tablet in this competition.

    So you sacrifice 4 hours of battery life for having a full OS, who cares? I’d rather have 4-5 hours of productivity than 10 hours just to play angry frickin’ birds all day!

    The reason fans of the ExoPC are voting is simple, they know a good product when they see one. Don’t get me wrong, the iPad is a fairly good product too, it does what it does very well . . . . It just doesn’t do much!

    Yeah you can send email, yeah you can surf the web, yeah you can write on it, yeah you can play games on it, yeah you can listen to & download music on it, but without add-ons or third party ‘cheating’ software that’s about all you get.

    As soon as you want productivity from your mobile device you wont get it from the iPad; you can’t, its not running a proper OS the OS is for cell phones! The ExoPC is everything an iPad is but then so much more. This means you get all the power and possibilities of a laptop but in a slate device 14mm thick! So what, you get 10 hours of battery life with an iPad, 10 hours of not doing very much, you’ll get 4-5h ours of proper prroductivity or gaming, or surfing, or HD movie watching with an ExoPC, personally I’d much prefer that!

    Ok, some people will want an iPad, for some people it’s enough for what they need. However, some people think they want an iPad, and are under the impression it will do everything they need, and end up disappointed. Some people dont know what they want and are brainwashed by hype, peer pressure & marketing and end up getting an iPad.

    The same goes for the Playbook, its a mobile OS, again, it’s just a big phone, without the phone capability and without the connectivity and eughh…. it just lacks sooo much! At least with the EXOPC, as it’s windows there’s ways of expanding it’s capabilities, you can buy a 3G+GPS PCI-e card, install it and have 3G connectivity and even use it as a phone!! Ok it’s a bit big to use as a phone all the time, but all you need do is tether a blue-tooth headset to it and you don’t look stupid holding it to your ear! lol. I know, I’ve used the calling facility with that very set up many times, and not to mention that now I have data connectivity on the go instead of relying on Wifi hotspots.

    It’s a shame – the ExoPC is a device that will not only fulfill the needs of people when they first buy the device, but will fulfill almost everybody’s needs later on when they want to do even more with their portable device further down the line. Something you will not get from the iPad without buying a completely new device.

    The ExoPC is a new device and needs to get out there and prove itself, it will and it will silence all the nay-sayers, for good. Already 100 happy people that pre-ordered have their devices in their hands and are loving the experience, in two weeks time 300 more people with have their devices in their hands and word will get around about this amazing device.

    I’ve been using an EXOPC for the past few months or so and I can never imagine how I lived without it, I’ve been looking for a device like this for years and thank God it’s finally here!!!

  28. Jason Says:

    you guys should take a look at the specs for both the blackberry playbook and the exp pc slate before making your decisions. the slate, is running on windows 7, with a single processor running at 1.66GHz, and with a 1.3mp camera. the playbook is running on qnx, a dual core processor, and a 5mp rear camera with a 3mp front facing camera. in what way is the exo pc slate better than the blackberry playbook?

    even the samsung galaxy tab is better than the exo pc slate, with a android 2.2, full hd, full flash, 3mp rear camera, 1.3mp front facing camera.

  29. what???? Says:

    why is the blackberry catching up? it is garbage. it has android. it looks like a mc donalds toy and it is useless for anything other than dicking off.

  30. XORave Says:

    Hey Wasabi,

    You’re judging a book by it’s cover when you say that the UI looks like a “connect4″ game. So what? If it does the job then more power to it. Perhaps you’re an apple fanboy who puts so much into looks than function.

    As for some no-name manufacturer…So what? Microsoft started small; so did Apple. Who heard of them back in their startup years?

    I suppose that you think that netbooks can’t multitask because they don’t have a “real” processor either?

    The camera may be a joke to you, but, at least it has on unlike the iCant. Its works well enough to do video conferencing.

    Let me guess, you and Daniel a some sore loser apple fanboys who can believe their precious and their almighty prophet SJ got pwned by an startup. LOL.

  31. RLees Says:

    For general information, the Playbook doesn’t have Android, it will come with Qnix, the unix variant acquired by RIM from a company that they just bought – probably for this product. It’s a very mature OS developed for embedded systems and by all accounts is going to be a very robust and high-performance OS.

    I’m giddy with excitement for my pre-ordered ExoPC – but maybe just maybe I can also get a Playbook some day.

    Anyone else notice that both of these tablets are from Canadian companies? Go Canada!

  32. what???? Says:

    where is rim getting all these voters from? vs the galaxy tab 200+ people voted… now they get 800 voters? wtf?

  33. Hank Says:

    It’s comical that the ExoPC gathered more votes than the iPad. The BlackBerry Playbook will be far superior to either of them. Should be an easy win for RIM / QNX / BlackBerry.

  34. Bob Says:

    @ darkkevind

    I can appreciate that you own the Exo PC and that you like it. That being said, I have this to say about your response:

    1)You complain that the other tablets don’t have a viable OS because they are not ‘full OS’s.’ I think the opposite is true. Windows 7 was not intended to primarily be a tablet operating system. Android and IOS were intended to be mobile platforms. They may not be able to load windows executables, but you can edit powerpoints, word documents, excel documents, etc.

    2)You don’t have all the power and possibilities of a laptop. You have all the power and possiblities of a netbook. There is a difference.

    3)To get the aforementioned functionality, you would need to hook up a trackpad and keyboard.

    4)I didn’t really think about USB use for 3g and phone use. It’s a good and valid point in favor of the Exo PC.

    5)I don’t think it’s a valid argument to claim the Exo PC will have any greater longevity than the ipad or android 2.2 devices. We’re about to enter a time when there will be a $h@7-Ton of tablets flooding the market. I predict that in 2 years all current devices will be functionally outdated. This goes against the Exo PC because of it’s inflated cost. An android device costs about half as much.

    To those comments that people made about the Exo PC branding being a problem, I don’t agree with the Exo PC crowd. Just because they’re new doesn’t make them bad. The fact that they have a loyal following is evidence of decent customer support and interaction which means that they’re starting off well.

    My problem is that the Exo PC is a netbook without a keyboard. it may look more slick and might be slightly more portable, but I would say it’s a lot less functional. Keep in mind that while it is 14mm thick, it weighs over 2 pounds.

    Also, if you start watching HD video expect the 4 hours of battery life (according to the exopc website) to drop dramatically.

  35. CommonSenseForTechies Says:

    Really is this even a contest? Specs wise the playbook wins….no contest. Software wise again….the playbook wins. Real Time Unix Based Os vs Windows….cmon fanboys. Be straight. Playbook kills.

  36. coconutstrut Says:

    lol playbook FTW!!!

  37. PaulTissue Says:


    Ok then, let us compare hardware.

    Blackberry Playbook vs. ExoPC slate

    1) CPU: 1.0 GHz Dual Core Cortex A9 (*very narrow win) vs. 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450 (HT)
    2) RAM: 1 GB RAM vs. 2 GB RAM (win!)
    3) Display: 7″ (portability win) vs. 11.6″ (more screen real estate win)
    4) Resolution: 1024×600 vs. 1366×768 (win!) — the current web standard is minimal 1024×768!
    6) 16/32 GB SSD vs. 32/64 GB SSD (win!)
    5) Cameras: 2 (win!) vs. 1
    7) HDMI for both (tie)
    8) USB for both (tie)
    9) SDHC for both (tie)

    And a non-hardware comparison:

    1) Shipping: “early 2011″ vs. now (win!)
    2) Weight: 0.9 lbs. (win!) vs. 2.09 lbs.
    3) OS install base: ??? vs. billions! (win, win, win!)
    4) Price: Unknown ??? vs. $599USD/32GB SSD, $749USD/64BG SSD (win?)

    So if 2 cameras and a small form factor device is a must for you then go for the Blackberry Playbook.

    If you want a bigger screen with massive application choices go for the ExoPC.

    (*) CoreMarks for A9 vs. N450 are very close. See:

  38. jamey Says:

    I wish the best for the Exo but I will put my money in with the playbook no matter what this thing says. 5hr battery life thats just slightly better than a laptop running an extended battery. Before I get slammed I understand the playbook has not released their battery life so far but what I do know about blackberry is they do excel at this.

    What???? – The playbook is running Qnx which has been around for 30+ years. You will find them in everything from car navigation systems all the way up to nuclear power plants and military hardware. “it looks like a mc donalds toy and it is useless for anything other than dicking off.” to this response all I can say is huh? Have you even looked at the playbook? If you are throwing such an insult out I will say what others have said… I would rather it look like a “McDonalds toy” then a connect 4 screen that too me looks like crap.

    Reason why you are seeing such an influx of votes now is because our Forum leaders just posted this for us to see and we are responding now to see our baby win *grins*.

  39. Gadget Says:

    By looking at the specs, yes the Playbook does pretty good, but then look at what it actually runs.
    EXOPC= Windows 7
    RIM= Android 2.2
    EXOPC=yes and with future updates
    RIM= flash, with delayed updates if any
    P.S. HTML 5 will replace flash most likely.
    EXOPC= any browser, even made for the mobile devices.
    RIM= Android browser and/or Opera
    EXOPC= All Windows applications + easy to make EXOPC applications
    RIM= Applications? What’s that? (Comes with a few pre-made apps, there is no Android Market)

    So basically there are more functionality on EXOPC than on RIM. Youtube EXOPC if you don’t know what it’s capable off. Try youtubing RIM, oh wait it’s not even made yet, they are just sending the rumors what it can do, but where is the proof? The only downside is the battery life, but then just grab the dam charger, there will be a car charger for EXOPC, and the other ways to charge, so just charge it and go, not a big deal. If you live in the US, you will always have a car around.

    With Windows you can do anything, but with Android you have to create apps for whatever you want to do. Plus RIM is not like a phone, so it won’t have the same applications as the phones do.

    So, I forgot what I was going to say, but basically EXOPC is awesome and RIM is way too limited, with only good parts of camera, but what are you going to do with the camera? Are you going to chat with RIM 24/7 or are you going to use the tablet for browsing, gaming, and watching videos? Probably the browsing, and etc stuff.

    The RIM could also turn out as the HP slate, because it is not out yet, while EXOPC is already out and has been tested.

  40. Andrew Says:

    Reply to “Wasabi” and “Daniel”
    who said “Are you kidding me – who are these guys? (ExoPC) never heard of them. Is it me, or does the UI look like a”connect4″ game? You can’t be serious in thinking that some no-name manufacturer can actually contend in this space?”

    It is very sad to read that sort of comments.

    Poor Wasabi & Daniel !…
    The only people you will trust are from a well known companies, existing for many years,
    and, “top of the pops” : You have such a high opinion of yourself that you consider, because YOU did not heard about them, they do not exist !…
    So dear guys, continue to run your “IBM”, take your “Ford”, eat some “BigMac” and don’t ever come back in a place looking for the next future, you don’t have the mind for it.
    Last, forget the ExoPC, you don’t deserve it.

  41. Stormvince Says:

    100% ExoPC sans avoir pu l’essayer hélas.
    Attendu avec impatiente en France (pré commande).
    Dommage cependant que le prix français soit beaucoup plus cher qu’annoncé lors du lancement, on est largement dans les prix de l’Ipad alors que l’intérêt était de contrer Apple sur ce sujet….

  42. TheKasbah Says:

    Playbook winning by 6 votes :D

  43. Jason Says:

    I personally don’t like proprietary OS. Doesn’t matter it is being used in military hardware, power plant, etc. Those kind of OS meant to be used for specific simple function, not consumer friendly OS.
    It cannot talk to plethora of hardware being built for Windows. If you want to add more functionality such as TV tuner, you can’t. If you want to upgrade something, you are limited to the devices supported by those proprietary OS. If you want to upgrade or add devices, good luck finding driver support for those OS…

  44. rocky Says:


  45. Jason Says:


    It is not a netbook. Netbooks have resolution of 1024 x 600 like the Playbook. This little baby (the ExoPC) will handle CS, Sketchbook, ArtRage, Office 2010, etc.

    Plus I can use Citrix VPN, etc.

    So you can choose the limited set of phone apps for yet another phone OS tablet, or the full OS of a windows 7 slate with a custom GUI overlay. Up to you, I have already preordered my PC slate (again not a netbook).

    And say what you want about Windows 7 not being touch. You simply have. not. done. the. research.

  46. tablet user Says:

    I’d just like to point out that both the finalists are from CANADIAN companies…..;-)

    As for all the negativity in some people’s comments, wow, defensive or what? Fine if you like something, good for you, but if you can’t accept that others might prefer something different and just start insulting it/them maybe you need to open your mind a bit.

  47. Scott Says:

    The fact of the matter is, since few people have actually touched either, why vote? EXO is delaying shipping 64GB models yet again, and I wont vote for it until I can use it – Specs are one thing, Implementation is another.

  48. Tonyz3 Says:

    @ PolishRenegade- any reasonable consumer out there getting ready to make a purchase would do some research and see all the flaws in EXO. Bad viewing angles, bad battery life, delay after delay, sending unfinished units to be reviewed.( reviewers comments)

    After receiving bad reviews they mock the reviewers and now are turning on each other in their own forum. There are better options out there……. Sorry. Thats why i cancelled weeks ago and moved on. So will others.

  49. JutMan Says:

    Sucks that people will vote for a therodical product that does not even exist over a product you can actually buy. I can immediately imagine a executive vote for this because they see the word blackberry with knowing noting about it.

  50. JL Says:

    Look…I am part of the ExoPC forum because I find it is a nice product and I want to keep inform about it. To be honnest, ExoPC sent me several email to vote!!!
    ExoPC have very nice stuff on it…EXCEPT the battery life…I finally decided to buy the Archos 101 because that…You can have more stuff on the ExoPC vs IPAD vs Archos vs Ect…But a the end, if you can not use the tablet after 4hours!!!

  51. knottyrope Says:

    Well I am in high hopes of the Playbook winning, it will extend the capabilities of the BlackBerry smartphone. It will not be a second device that is independant. I dont want to setup yet another device with all of my setting etc. i just want it to work with what I have already.

    Last I looked the Playbook was ahead today.

  52. Patriot Says:

    I received 2 mail for vote BB
    I did’t know anything about all tablet before. I just use my BB… I dont need a huge Black…
    Anyway a lot of noise for pub from both side

  53. Zorro Says:

    Um, you do understand that a dual-core 1GHz processor is 2x500MHz processors, and not 2x1GHz processors, right? And, you do know that a dual-core 1GHz CPU is slower than a 1.66GHz single-core CPU, yes? The A9 would be faster than the N450 only if they were clocked at the same speed, but since it’s only a 1GHz processor on the RIM… well, it’s only a 1GHz processor vs. a 1.66GHz N450 on the ExoPC – so the ExoPC wins by a substantial margin… Did you fail math in high school, I mean… this is all pretty basic stuff. 1GHz < 1.66GHz. Remember, the alligator likes to eat the bigger number. No star for you.

  54. BlueMan Says:

    Absolutely yes, the Playbook does good by hardware spec.
    ExoPC Umm…… what’s a different?
    CPU 1.66 GHz Intel Atom N450?
    2 GB RAM?
    Display 11.6″
    Resolution 1024×768?
    32/64 GB SSD?
    $599USD/32GB SSD, $749USD/64BG SSD?
    Ell that all in hp mini Only $350USD with 4GB RAM

  55. i read the specs Says:

    I’m amazed at how many people who have posted a comment think the playbook is running android OS. News flash- RIM competes with android. The playbook is running their own OS developed by Qnx who they acquired a while back. Read the specs before you post uninformed garbage.

  56. Mjones21 Says:

    @Gadget and what???

    Your post shows your ignorance of these products. Since when did the Playbook run Android 2.2 or an Android or Opera browser? If you did any research you would know that is has the innovative QNX OS and webkit browser. And there is no way HTML 5 will replace Flash, especially since Adobe Air apps are starting to get big (fyi the Playbook does run Adobe Air)

  57. Bob Says:


    So your argument against this being similar to a netbook is that it has a higher resolution? I hardly find that compelling. For a 10-11 inch screen, the extra pixels won’t make much of a difference. Sure, some programs require higher resolutions to run, but those are windows programs. Programs that use the increased resolution generally eat up more file space and processing power (which also drains the battery).

    Also, while you have full access to Windows 7 software, that software was not made with touch screens in mind. It just isn’t.

    The ‘marketplace’ (to find apps that were created for intended touchscreen use) for the Exo PC is much smaller than the android or ipad marketplaces. Yes, you don’t get ‘stock’ access to the android marketplace with any tablet yet. But Android has an amazing following of users who quickly rectify that situation. Take the Viewsonic Viewpad that came out yesterday. Some users have already figured out how to install the marketplace. When I watch the youtube videos showing the Exo PC running some non-tablet windows programs, it makes me cringe. The lag is tragic. To some extent, it’s better to have access to the programs and have them run slowly than to not have access at all. I’ll concede to that. But I don’t believe that tablets are intended to run full desktop applications.

    You mention that you can use Citrix VPN. That’s great. it’s useful. For those people who need that kind of functionality, the Exo PC would obviously have a tremendous advantage. I don’t think the majority of people who would like to buy a tablet would use it though.

    Address my main argument: Why would you buy the slate over a netbook or laptop? it weighs the same (as a netbook) but lacks a keyboard or mouse. If you need a device to write your thesis, edit graphics, create large business spreadsheets, why would you opt for the slate which makes all these things way more difficult?

    I’m all about open debate, which is why I keep responding. You say I haven’t done the research, but tell me why you think so? I’d love to learn something new. As new positives have shown up about the Exo, I think I’ve been rational in accepting them.

  58. PJ Says:

    I voted for the Playbook. If I wantd a large screen device, I will stick with my laptop..

  59. sonicpix Says:

    I wasn’t really interested in a tablet until I saw the playbook. It seems serious and now I can see its usefulness for work as well as personal. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  60. bill357 Says:

    PLAYBOOK! Qnx has the capability that no other OS has plus with RIM you have the security that no one else can offer. I think that the Playbook will be the tablet that sets the bar in the business world both for its size and capabilities, plus it will sync with Blackberry smart phones which is a big plus in the business world. For all other things outside the business world the addition of Adobe AIR preloaded is attractive. For me I’m getting a Playbook as soon as it comes out.

  61. Mister Daniels Says:

    I voted for the playbook. I’ve owned a black berry device since 2008 and for me it just makes since to stick with them. The interface will be familiar so it will be much easier to learn how to use then switching to a different device. I am a huge fan of the size. If I wanted a bigger screen I would just stick with my HP Mini. I am used to the BB products, the good and the bad so I know exactly what to expect when buying another black berry product. Call it brand loyalty, but my vote is with the playbook.

  62. Squirrel Tamer Says:

    Brand loyalty is probably the biggest factor in this vote.
    Both tablets have their plusses and minuses. And both allow you to do a lot of the same tasks.
    It all comes down to whether you need a Blackberry or Windows friendly device, IMO.

    Personally, I don’t use any RIM products, but I do use many MS products. So, the EXOPC gets my vote.
    I am also intrigued by their app store idea. If they could grow that thing to be at least as big as the Android Marketplace, that would be quite an achievment. Windows needs their own app store to compete in this market. Maybe the EXOPC app store could be that missing link?

    As an aside, to the person who said HTML5 will not replace Flash:
    Microsoft themselves have said that they are focusing on HTML5 (instead of their own Silverlight product) for web applications. Silverlight is being left in the dust before it even got going. It’ll be used for mobile and business programs at this point.
    Apple is anti-Flash, and focusing on HTML5.
    Google is focusing on HTML5, and a top Google employee is one of the head people on the HTML5 board.
    It may not be next year, but I think HTML5 will replace Flash and Silverlight on a large portion of the internet (and it already has in some cases).

  63. jb82 Says:

    From 350 votes in the preliminary rounds to nearly 3000 … hmm i suspect some cheating or some archos fans helping out!

    The playbook is nothing special…. i’d rather have one of the android ones. There are likely to be even fewer apps made for the blackberry. Stick to what you are good at … corporate devices. They should have made one with an active digitizer, great video conferencing facilities etc. That is what business people want not a play thing.

  64. lordskos Says:

    Une tres belle machine, avec enfin une alternative l’os de mac et de google .. Et puis il faut le dire de belles performances au niveau du hardware !!
    Alors vive l’exopc !

  65. Sir James Says:

    I just voted for the ExoPC. (I also have an iPad)

    here’s why ExoPC will win:
    – it’s the first real Win7 tablet that looks cool and is usable
    – win7 is wayyyy more open to software developers, and uses all the stuff I want it to
    – ExoPC, while it’s first gen in the UI and all that, has delivered, with almost all of the ports and this and that, and though it’s still a bit heavy on battery if you operate it in high performance mode, it does exactly what we all expected it to
    – ExoPC as a company has done a great job with the early adopters, keeping them in the loop, having a forum for feedback, being very attentive to people, etc.

  66. Sir James Says:

    Also, as a software development product manager, I know that I can develop for Win7 touch devices on a device like this, that will also run in other environments (i.e. non-touch), the ExoPC is a fantastic device for application developers who are targeting that type of market (of which I’m sure there will be many).

  67. Jon Says:

    Your statement is incorrect.
    “Um, you do understand that a dual-core 1GHz processor is 2x500MHz processors, and not 2x1GHz processors, right?”

    It does run 2x1GHz

    So yes it is a win for the Playbook.

    No star for you.

  68. jb82 Says:

    Breaking news… i am going to release the JB-BOOK sometime. It will have a 10000GHZ QUAD core processor, run for 200 hours, run every operating system, scalable so it can be pocket sized one day or 20″ the next if you want, and costs $50.

    Blackberry owners …. if you are going to vote for something you don’t know anything about you might as well vote for the JB-BOOK!

  69. joseph Says:

    @ XORave
    Did you just say available ? This tablet isn’t even near to be available…

  70. AJE Says:

    @jb82 Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Stop your crying!!!

  71. BlueMan Says:

    Hey guys! Have you ever heard Chinese iphone 3G? All look like Apple iphone 3G but, it come’s with Windows Mobile OS , removable Battery , 2 camera , 2sim card slot , micro USB port , 8gb/16gb/32bg memory and TV tuner. Is it sound like some?

  72. Steeve Says:

    Blackberry c’est de la vraie merde…

  73. Patriot Says:

    I received an other mail from unknow guys
    On my facebook account…

  74. Josh Says:

    1. the ExoPC is available.
    2. they are both great devices that each have there place. everyones opinion is different and so they prefer different things.
    3. the ExoPC forum is mostly made up of IT people, like myself, which goes to show which is the prefered device by people who do more that get on the internet and listen to music.


  75. Playbook13b Says:

    The playbook has some amazing specs and the live demo videos are already out and it runs amazingly! I can’t wait to buy this device…I’m a huge apple fan but when I bought my pad (pun intended) I was very disappointed cause honestly it sucks nuts! Sure I can play with it but its really just a giant iphone…so I’m gonna get the worlds first professional grade tablet cause it looks amazing! So goodbye apple you make some amazing TOYS but that’s all your good at making. Hello RIM!

  76. CommonSenseForTechies Says:


    I find it hard to believe you’re in IT yet you prefer Winblows over Unix. ExoPC looks like crap, what a horrible idea with those disc things. And windows is crap. PlayBook for the win!!

  77. Bob Says:


    1) agree, to a point.
    2) agree
    3) Not a strong argument. Which forum would you say is bigger? Exo PC forum or xda and all the other forums dedicated to android. Those forums are all filled with tech savvy people creating amazing applications for the android mobile platform.

  78. alex Says:

    i just got a message on my facebook saying “vote for blackberry and you could win!”. im calling bs. exopc should be winning. crapberry only had 200+ people on the other competitions and suddenly it has 3000+?

    thanks rim this contest is no longer valid thanks to you.

  79. brandon Says:

    that wold be cool to have a playbook

  80. jonathon Says:

    crackberry for the win! blogged about the poll, that’s why the playbook came back and is going to win now. crackberry > exopc and laptopmag

  81. W. Says:

    Good game, RIM. Good game….

    I’ve personally voted for the ExoPC, and seeing all it’s features (and its flaws) I am certain I chose correctly. Time will tell, though. Time will tell.

  82. Ian Says:

    Poor crackberry addict… They don’t even realize that crackberry and their brand is popular only due to their quite innovative but annoyingly CLOSED PLATFORM BB messenger. Other than that, it’s just another smartphone.
    Now they trying to make slate devices using the similar concept, proprietary OS, very limited number of apps, limited number of accessories, limited number of add on device, etc etc.

    I hate Apple due to their draconian control (and have NO Apple devices), but I choose IPhone anytime over anything Blackberry. More third party accessories, more third party apps developer, etc etc.

    I believe that deep down inside, you guys realize all this fact. That’s why crackberry addict (or RIM themself???) trying desperately to win this absurd competition by even offering FREE Playbook, which is not even available yet and only God knows when it will be release or ever be released…

    Just a note, it’s better to be brand neutral than being brainwashed to any specific brand…

  83. david Says:

    WTF???? HOw is the blackberry winning! Its like the ipad but with a diff os, the more practical computer is the exopc!

  84. David Says:

    So the Exo PC forum shows up and votes for their device, and then the crackberry nation shows up to vote for theirs.
    I don’t see a problem here.
    And I thought that people that just went on the internet to listen to music would vote for the ipad.

  85. Zorro Says:

    When calculating the speed rating for dual-core processors, you take the rated performance and divide by two. For example, my Opteron 180 is rated at 4.8GHz, but the clock frequency is 2.4GHz. Find the documentation where it states that the Cortex-A9 is operating 1GHz clock freqency, and not 1GHz performance rating and we can settle this.

  86. Hank Says:

    The BlackBerry Playbook is beginning to pull ahead in this contest … I am not surprised. I can not wait to get one!

  87. alex Says:

    @ jonathon
    than the people voting for blackberry are not even reading about the exopc. the only reason rim is winning is because they have more people that know about it, NOT because it is a better product.

  88. allen john Says:

    Playbook all the way! Nothing but BB.

  89. BOBAFET Says:

    Hey I vote for Black and I don’t get the link for win a Playbook!!!!!
    Anyone know what’s the link for win the playbook???

  90. La boulette Says:

    J’ai recu un message facebook pour gagner le playbook dont je n’ai aucune idee de ce que c’est
    Cela dit “link reveale after your Playbook vote”
    OU CA le link!!!!!!!!!

  91. Ryan Says:

    Disappointing results. Oh well. Congrats RIM. Well played. We’ll see who wins on the real battlefield of the open market though!

    It’s Exo Time!

  92. Scott Says:

    RIM Playbook, definitely!

  93. Dave Says:

    thats just an assumption, now me personally iv had a look, and i cant hook my phone up to the exopc via bluetooth and then view my phones display on it, nor can i then use the main functions of my phone (messages, calendar etc) on the exopc, and lastly i can use my phone tethered through bluetooth to connect to the web when im not in a wifi zone without the need for any (potentially costly) additional software.

    then add flash, adobe AIR java and imho a better looking UI and im sold, i can have a tablet, and not need an extra data plan other than my current blackberry, so it saves me money too.

    maybe people arent looking at the specs/capabilities of the exopc, maybe they are, but maybe those voting for the exopc arent looking at the specs/capabilites of the playbook. they both look good to me, but playbook does it for me for the points iv put above

  94. Jon Says:


    Seems the processor is either a Sumsung or Nvidia. Here is some info about the samsung.
    “The 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core application processor has been designed using Samsung’s 45 nanometer low-power process technology and sees each of the 1GHz cores coming with a 32KB data cache and a 32KB instruction cache.”

    Notice the “each of the 1GHz cores”

    I bet the do not call your processor a 4.8 GHz Dual Core Processor.

    I am not going to argue about it. Just remember when you find our that it is 2 1GHz cores that you can’t be taken seriously.

  95. Zorro Says:

    This is from the forum:

    “By: ChuckH0308 | Date: Tue, 11/02/2010 – 21:24
    I have to admit that I had never heard of the Exopc until now either and it’s actually EXACTLY what I need except for one problem…it’s big. Honestly though, it’s hard for me to decide between the two because the PlayBook (so far) is missing a couple things that I need (and the Exopc has), but it’s the size I want. SO confused…what to do..”

    So, did ExoPC lose? Muh, ha ha haaa. ExoPC has become the Hydra of Roman lore… or, Obi-wan if you’re more the Star War type. Either, have a nice day, RIM… We’ll be back. Ooh, Terminator. Excellent.

  96. Josh Says:

    well at least people cant say that this was rigged for ExoPC now. Im really excited to be getting an ExoPC! exopc made it that far on this competition because they are a great product, in the end it came down to two great products and what people use them for. Because even though the rim has decent specs, i would never buy one because it would be worthless to my needs.
    Long live the ExoPC!!!!
    You rock JB!

  97. DaveMTL Says:

    This has got to be the dumbest poll I have ever seen. The EXO PC beats the iPad!!!! Exactly how many EXO PCs have actually been sold and shipped? Therefore how can an educated opinion be made? Ok let me check their website to see if they have actually made this something I can purchase… WOW! Nothing!!! Just an email alert. Based on the blog (what a store front, eh!) they appear to have shipped a few. Meanwhile Apple shipped, what, 10 maybe 12 MILLION iPads. So HOW CAN ANYONE SAY IT BEATS THE IPAD WHEN THEY CAN BARELY COMPARE? One is actually a tablet meant to be used like a tablet and the other is a laptop sans keyboard or mouse.

    As for the iPad, in my IT dept., I know of at least a dozen people who have one. About another dozen want one for Christmas (of 2010!). Many of us have followed the EXO PC since the start (we’re a Montreal based IT shop) only to be disappointed by the result. You can beat the pants off that machine with a decent laptop! Better screen, keyboard, ports, CPU, RAM, Storage space… and a helluva lot cheaper! This barely counts as a tablet! It uses a laptop/desktop OS in THE WRONG FORM FACTOR.

    Please guys… You have discredited your “competition” right off the bat. Oh wait… I get it… This is all a marketing thing for EXO PC, right!?! Now it makes sense.

  98. santos Says:

    Voted play book

  99. Steel Says:

    Wow, I doubt that the Playbook will even sell 3663! Has anyone seen the BB OS lately? Dated, kids.

  100. John Says:


    You shit, maybe it does look like a connect 4 game, apples looks like a toy cupboard; its intuitive. We all know how to play connect 4. Just because its a new company does that make it bad? They have a massive devout fanbase already. Hp was started by 2 guys in a shed, no it is the largest seller of computers in the world. It doesant have a processor!?!?! wHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON ABOUt the atom is the most widely used netbook processor in the world shitface. The camera is a joke!>?!?!?! The ipad doesnt even have a camera fag face. Go grow a penis you goat blowing, sheep shagging ugly son of a wank stain that not even a mother could love. Im not a fanboy, i dont even own one. I have an ipad. Your acusations are completely wrong you period stained cancer on the anus of humanity

    Just saying

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