Superphone Face-Off: HTC Evo 4G vs. Samsung Epic 4G

If you haven’t thought about switching to Sprint, there are two very good reasons staring you right in the face: the HTC Evo 4G and Samsung Epic 4G. As you can tell by their names, both devices can connect to Sprint’s fast 4G network (more than 50 markets and counting). However, while both of these Android phones sport 1-GHz processors and can record HD video, they’re pretty different beasts. The Evo 4G ($199) is a pure slate design with a 4.3-inch display, while the more expensive Epic 4G ($249) has a smaller but more brilliant 4-inch screen with a slide-out keyboard. And those are just some of the differences.

Yes, both of these Android superphones are Editors’ Choice winners, but only one device can win this battle. Let’s get it on!


The Epic 4G is slightly thicker than the Evo 4G (4.9 x 2.5 x 0.6 inches versus 4.8 x 2.6 x 0.5 inches), but that’s to be expected given that the Samsung has a slide-out keyboard. The Epic 4G is taller but narrower. Meanwhile, the Evo 4G is heavier (6 ounces versus 5.5 ounces), and you can feel this difference in your hand and in your pocket.

Still, the Evo 4G feels more like a flagship phone. It’s one solidly constructed slate, with capacitive buttons that work well and are always visible. We especially like the built-in kickstand on the back of the Evo, great for listening to music or watching movies. The glossy black front on the Epic 4G is slick, but the buttons are nearly invisible when the backlight isn’t activated. Nevertheless, the Epic’s smoother contours make it fit especially comfortable when it’s being held.

Winner: Draw

The Evo 4G has a more premium feel, and we love the kickstand and HDMI output, but the Epic 4G’s lighter weight and more rounded design give it equal appeal.


If you went by the spec sheet alone, this would look like a pretty close matchup–the Evo 4G’s 4.3-inch screen is only marginally larger than the Epic 4G’s 4-inch screen and both phones have a resolution of 800 x 480-pixels. But when you turn these devices on, the Epic 4G’s Super AMOLED blows past the Evo 4G’s display. Colors were crisp and contrast levels were extremely sharp. The Evo 4G’s screen was also easily outclassed by the Epic 4G when it came to brightness–at maximum levels, images popped from the screen. The extra 0.3 inches on the Evo 4G certainly doesn’t hurt for applications like web browsing, but the difference in visual fidelity can’t be ignored.

Winner: Epic 4G.

The Super AMOLED display on this phone makes jaws drop.


The Epic 4G’s slide-out keyboard is what makes this phone stand out from the rest of the Galaxy S family, and it’s pretty great. The keys are nicely spaced apart and offer good tactile feedback. We just wish typing “@” didn’t require a function key combo. However, the Epic 4G’s touch keyboard disappoints. The combination of an overly large text entry area and odd key placement scrunches together all of the onscreen keys, making it tough to accurately type. Fortunately, the inclusion of Swype software makes it easy to type words with one hand just by tracing your finger from one letter to the next.

The Evo 4G’s keyboard makes the most of its large screen. The screen size makes it easy to type with minimal errors, and we like how you can press and hold various keys to enter special characters like numbers. Just be sure to turn off the haptic feedback; it slows down the typing experience.

Winner: Epic 4G

While the Evo 4G has one of the better touch keyboards around, the Epic 4G’s physical QWERTY is the best we’ve used on a slider and is one of the main reasons to get this device compared to other Galaxy S phones. You never have to wonder whether you just typed the right letter.

HTC Evo 4G vs. Samsung Epic 4G

Mark Spoonauer
Mark Spoonauer
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  1. Jay Says:

    Switching from the HTC EVO to the Samsung Epic, I must say that I am disappointed in a few areas. First, I am dropping signal now in places where I did not with the Evo. Second, the battery is atrocious, It dies in less than a day with marginal use. I do like the keyboard but do not find the screen to be so much better with amoled on the Epic. In fact the screen on the Epic 4G is smaller than the Evo. All in all, I would give the edge to the Evo unless the keyboard is a deal breaker for you. Seems to me that the keyboard is the only plus……

  2. Marcel Says:

    Great review. I’m a loyal Sprint customer (9 years). We’re finally getting our due in regards to phone choice. I’m up for an upgrade in October and have been drooling over both phones at my local Sprint store. I’ve gone from physical keyboard (BB Curve) to virtual keyboard (HTC Hero). I’ve been torn on which way to go. I’m thinking Epic is the way.

  3. Brian Barker Says:

    I am due for an upgrade on October 1st and I’ve fiddled with a couple of my friends evo’s and it is one of the most impressive phones I have ever had the pleasure of using. But I’m still torn between the EVO and the EPIC, I’ve not yet gotten the chance to tinker with the EPIC but I hear it’s an amazing phone, the keyboard isn’t really a selling point for me but I keep hearing great things about it’s SUPER AMOLED display although I need to see it in person first to judge it for myself, I LOVE. HTC’s Sense UI and from the looks of it, I’m not liking the touchwiz interface on the EPIC but I still have to see these two phones side by side in order to make a decision. If anyone wants to weigh in as to which one I should get feel free to leave a comment.

  4. Mac Says:

    My partner bought an Evo. Was more impressed with it than expected to be. I held out to compare side-by-side with the Epic. I was very strongly leaning to the Epic because of the keyboard, but here are the reasons I’ll be buying the Evo (if Sprint can every get them back in stock – you’d think they don’t want to sell the things: they’re more often out of stock than in). Anyway……

    1. Keyboard has beautiful layout, but I didn’t find the keys to be very tactile. There are several virtual keyboards that can be downloaded for free (e.g. Vlingo) that make the Evo easier to use.

    2. Screen size. I didn’t think this would be a big deal since they’re both way bigger than my existing phone, but….. when watching videos that Evo screen really stood out.

    3. Styling. The Evo isn’t the most stylish phone, but the wasted space around the Epic screen really annoys me (hint to Samsung: save the wasted space and give me more screen). I’m not in to the retro rounded look, either.

    4. Screen quality. Although the colors on the Epic were noticeably more true to life, I was absolutely stunned, given all I’d read about the super Amoled screen being so bright, to find that when the same web pages were downloaded on the Evo and the Epic side-by-side, the Epic’s screen (even on full brightness and full browser brightness) was noticeably darker and less easy to read than the Evo’s. VERY unexpected.

    5. Interface: I thought I’d have to decide between the Touchwiz and the Sense, but since I’ll probably download Launcher Pro, anyway, it doesn’t matter, I don’t think. I also don’t intend to download movies so that feature of the Epic is a moot point for me.

    Evo wins for me!

  5. gioprincipe Says:

    I have the evo and the epic after having the evo for 2 month I must say nothing come even a hair close to it after switching from my iPhone4 and left. At&t to sprint evo I say wow the evo is the best then I decided to buy the epic 4g have it now for a week and believe me when I say great but not even close to the evo that why I am back to my evo and I will stay with my evo even my wife don’t won’t the epic she won’t the evo and I ordered one evo for her.

  6. Mark Spoonauer Says:

    If having a keyboard isn’t that important to you and you like the Sense UI I would lean towards the Evo 4G. The display on the Epic is great, but you’ll be carrying around a thicker (albeit lighter) phone. Again, this face-off was very close.

  7. tom Says:

    You leave out the most important factor: Company.
    HTC consistantly releases solid products and supports their users/fixes their issues.
    Samsung releases buggy products and often drops support in favor of the next flavor phone down the line.
    I’ve been bitten twice by samsung in the past and won’t take that chance again.
    You can have all the features in the world, a nice camera, etc. Shoot, I would go HTC over Samsung even if the Epic were obviously a superior phone and it isn’t.
    Already we have keyboard and GPS issues.. will they leave their customers dry like they did with the moment?

    If both phones were HTC, i may choose the epic, but given it’s a samsung phone, I’m not prepared for the risk.

  8. randolph parker Says:

    i love my evo and HATE samsu I had a samsumg moment four months after I purchased it found out no suppot for andriod 2.2 I felt if samsung left me holding the bag…No one at samsung nor sprint really cared it was “sorry about your luck” for that i would not purchase another samsung phone for any reson so ever.

  9. justme Says:

    I have been trying to decide between the epic and the evo. My initial impression of the epic’s screen was that it was gorgeous. The colors really pop out. But there are a few things that bug me about the display. First, the colors are not accurate, they are significantly over saturated. Not so bad to be too objectionanle unless you compare to a familiar photo. Initially I thought the colors of the evo were washed out in comparison, but it turns out that the evo is far more color accurate than the epic. (Google color accuracy of evo and color accuracy of epic. One study showed that the evo was undersaturated by about 10% while the iPhone was. undersaturated by about 40% and the Droid incredible was oversaturated by about 40%. The super amoled display of the epic has colors very similar to the amoled display of the Incredible. Another study comparing the iPhone to a galaxy s phone showed that the reds and greens of the Samsung were so oversaturated that they were literally off the chart.)

    Another significant issue with the display is that small text looks grainy. This is apparently due to the pentile pixel pattern. I did a side ny side comparison at the sprint store and text on the evo was easier to read.

    Finally, whites have a bluish hue on the epic while they are much truer on the evo.

    So despite the fact that most people cite the screen as a major advantage of the epic, I find the quality of the screen to be disappointing. The screen does have a lot of positive attributes. Contrast is excellent and pictures are sharp and vivid, but I think I prefer the color accuracy and superior text rendering of the evo.

    There are other things I prefer about the epic though. It has a better processor and a much better gpu and, of course, the keyboard.

  10. Stewart Millard Says:

    I have two lines, one being work and the other personal. One line will always be a RIM product. I have a Tour (after owning a World Phone for 3 1/2 yrs), and am more than pleased – it does what I need, it’s built for years of use, and handles my email perfectly.

    The second line is more subjective and after much research, I have decided to go with the HTC EVO.

    It seems that the feature list is mostly a draw, so it comes down to customer experience and the feel of the device. Customer experience can be summed up in one word: Instinct. Other than keeping very basic Samsung flip phone as an extra in case I lose a phone, I will never buy a Samsung based on it’s real or hyped features – I am wondering why I even considered the Epic now that I think about it. Updates were slow and there was no, and I mean no customer support. Such a shame, because back in the day Samsung phones were great devices that held up and had a nice weighty feel. They took up where the Star Tac left off and then dropped the ball somewhere along the line – to never pick it back up again.

    The Evo has everything and much more than what I need, and, it just feels like a flagship device. ‘Nuff said.

  11. Juan Says:

    I’ve been in love with the Evo since I first held it in the Sprint store (I’m not due for an upgrade until November 1, so it’s still a love affair from afar). My husband just got the Epic last week (he HAD to have a physical keyboard). As for the screen, WOW! I was amazed at how crisp and bright the screens were. Pictures taken (both day and night) were beyond amazing.

    Like Mac, I notice on the Epic that the brightness and clarity seem to disappear on other apps and while browsing the web. Also, Samsung’s Touchwiz does not meet my needs like HTC Sense (currently have the Hero). While I haven’t really had the same opportunity to take the Evo through its paces like I have with the Epic, I still think I am leaning towards the Evo. The Epic slide out keyboard is nice, but I know I’d likely never use it. If I can crank out texts and emails using the Hero in portrait mode, surely the portrait mode on the Evo would be more than sufficient.

  12. Adeel Mohsin Says:

    In response to everyone he Epics screen is better in response to brightness as well. When in epics default browser there is separate/independent setting for brightness so if you turn it up you can tell its brighter and actually way more vivid. The evos screen looks washed out and weak in colors, whereas the Epic continues to keep its clarity at full brightness. So the blue hues go away if you turn up the brightness setting in browser.

  13. Bomix Says:

    Yeah Epic is a better phone, I had the EVO, and it’s a great phone too. but I use the Camera a lot. Took some video of my son on vacations, important moments in life, and the Audio went out of sync with the Video.. SOO freaking Mad. in the video comparison of the Evo VS Epic the the EVO looked so choppy.. That is how all my videos are. Horrible. For now on, i’m rocking the Epic

  14. A2 Says:

    2/3’s of the populated areas in the US do not have 4G. Even when they get 4G people will use it only rarely due to the massive battery consumption. The data speed numbers between the Epic and the Evo on 3G are shocking. The Epics 3G speeds are not just way slower, but slower than three year old WM smartphones and the very first non rev.A EVDO phones.

    This means for example in 2/3 of Sprints coverage area you cannot do the vaunted and advertised video chat using the front facing camera. Users attempting fring and Qik have already noted this. they work fine on Evo in 3G and will not work on Epic in 3G.

    The review and comparison also fails to note the widely reported and documented GPS problems with Epic — despite Samsung’s claims to reviewers thy had fixed it. The GPS easily slips into a state where nothing but a reset will get you a location.

    I am testing two Epics and an Evo for our multi-line account. The fact that Samsung is denying 3G speed and GPS problems makes one wonder if they will even attempt t a fix.

  15. Kurtis Says:

    I purchased the Epic about 2wks ago and I love it. A few cons. Im 6’2 so I have relatively large hands and sometimes when i hold the phone with out using the keyboard, my hands start to strain because of the thickness and the keyboard sliding out if I hold it the wrong way. One thing that the Epic doesnt offer is the autosync contacts facebook pictures for caller id etc. I had a Htc hero and that was a feature I really liked. Battery sucks but as I hear the Evo does also. To me the Evo is just a boring phone. Its very similar to my Hero and thats one of the reasons I didnt purchase it. The Epic to me mixes fun with business just as well as the iphone does. 2nd best phone on the market to the iphone 4g.

  16. terrelle Says:

    #1.) It’s iphone 4. NOT 4G.

    #2.) My girlfriend owns an iphone 4 and if anything it can only TIE the evo. The iphone ui is so restricted its hard to personalize anything (when compared to andriod phones). So you only get the mix that apple wants you to have.

    #3.) Check the evo out again. you can mix whatever you want. WHATEVER. Try it.

    #4.) Apple should stay out of these conversations. They barely compare.

    #5.) The Epic 4G is more of a yay-look-at-the-pretty-colors-mommy phone. Not to say its bad, but its for amusement. I was amased at the color as well when i held the phone next to my evo. But as stated above, is seemed a little to oversaturated. too unreal. That phone is for people who like to see the latest CGI movies in imax where even the person is computer generated. A Play Phone.

    #6.) Besides the brightness in the colors, my evo killed the epic a couple of days ago in the sprint store. In every area. And sense is way sexier in my oppinion. By the time you read this comment, you can already tell the types of things the guy in the sprint store and i went through and he tried to leave out a lot of good facts about the evo shuch as how the mobile hospot is stronger than the epics.

    Bottom line, if you want color, go for the epic. good phone. but if you want the best phone period, Evo is your choice.

  17. Yuji Says:

    I have the Epic and I do have to say this. TouchWiz can be replaced with LauncherPro or ADW.Launcher. I also recommend getting a darker background due to the Super AMOLED screen using more power with brighter colors. I hardly use the keyboard b/c Swype is just pure awesome.

  18. Bruce Says:

    I have an upgrade coming October 1st too. I went down to the Sprint store to play with both the Evo and Epic. I am still torn as to which one to choose! I have a Hero right now. The one thing that concerns me about the Evo (since it is an HTC product) is my Hero stated acting up after about 6 months of use. It was freezing and I still have delay problems. I have made many, many calls to tech support and still having issues. Is the Evo going to be the same way 6 months down the road?
    The keyboard issue isn’t a selling point to me. I have never had a phone with a keyboard. While the screen was very nice on the Epic, I found the virtual keyboard to be cumbersome, meaning it would be easy to fat finger text messages.
    The virtual keyboard on the Evo was smooth. Not an issue. What is an issue from what I am reading is the battery!!!
    Overall, I don’t see many changes between the EVO and Hero except the screen size.
    Any words of wisdom? I am buying one of them on October 1st.

  19. Will Says:

    I have both the evo and epic. To make things simple the epic is like watching an animated movie while the evo makes that movie real. Samsung has to many technical issues and the support is very poor. I already have gps issues. Epic is only good for a little while. Evo is a keeper.

  20. bob Says:

    My evo is a super phone. HTC has an eye to quality and performance. Those facts play out every day as it churns thru any task I need done. Work, play, you name it and my evo has it covered. To those concerned with the keyboard, there are several to download from the market, but I just calibrated mine to fit my finger ergonomics and no issue with the keyboard!!! Bet they didn’t do that before saying it was an issue. Of course how do you sell an inferior product? By raising false issues about the product that has you beat.

  21. Bruce Says:

    I bought my EVO yesterday and love it for the most part. Can someone explain how I can make a video call with another EVO owner???? I had lunch with a friend who also owns an EVO and neither of us could figure out how to make a video conference call???? Help please!

  22. money Says:

    I researched the evo for 6 months before getting it 2 and a half months ago. Best phone ever period. Screen looks like the lcd screen on my laptop. Not like a over done Cdi image. I am using it now and barely use the laptop anymore. Froyo is were its at and HTC is top shelf for phones. No one with this pocket CPU can feel like they are losing with all the other devices out. Facechat might be glitchy In 3 g with low bars but it works. Flash could be better but it works. The tech is here, the updates will come.

  23. Brandi Says:

    When I first got my Evo, I thought for sure that I was going to to exchange it for the Epic when it came out two weeks later. I thought that I really wanted that physical keyboard. Soon after the release of the Epic (and before my 30 days were up), I traipesed into Sprint and started playing around with the Epic (still sure that it was what I wanted, but just wanted to actually touch it and play with it first). Well, after about 15 minutes, I decided to keep my Evo!

    I think it is probablty a great phone, but for me personally, the keyboard was not what I thought it would be. The buttons seemed too flat and I didn’t do any better with them than with the SlideIt keyboard that I had downloaded on my Evo (same as Swype). Then I pulled up my business website on both of the phones to see how much better this Epic super amoled screen would look. Well, it didn’t look better! Maybe it does on some things, but on my Evo, my product pics look exactly like they do from my computer. On the Epic, the color was a bit off -like too dark or something. It didn’t look terrible by any means, but my Evo was just more true to the real thing. And even though it was just a little, the Evo showed more of the pictures because of the slightly larger screen.

    I also felt like the Epic was just not as solid or something -it just didn’t have the same sturdy feel as the Evo. I can’t really describe how, but I just didn’t feel like it was as good quality. It probably is just as good, but it was just my impression at the moment. I also really preferred the HTC sense to the touchwiz and I didn’t like the disappearing buttons on the bottom of the front.

    I decided that it wasn’t worth having the physical keyboard to trade some of the things that I loved about the Evo (that I didn’t realized that I did). Besides. It’s not like the onscreen keyboard is always there and you can’t see all of the web page you are looking at. When you are typing something -you are not reading at the same time anyway. Once you type in what you need to, the keypboard goes away and you have all the space of the screen. Even when texting, before you send a text a screen comes up so you can preview what you typed (without the keyboard in the way).

    I still do think it’s all a matter of preference and they are both great phones. I just wanted to share my experience to give that particular view point.

  24. Michael Says:

    As the majority of the other posts have mentioned, the EVO just feels, looks and performs like a true “Flagship” phone for a cellphone carrier. On paper the EPIC might be equal or might be even better but as we can see from the posts from actual users (which is really what counts), The EVO is the Sprint Flagship phone.

  25. LisaB Says:

    I was able to compare both devices while making up my mind which I wanted to keep, both the EVO running Froyo and the Epic. In the end my decision to keep the Epic was influenced mostly by the Epic’s light weight and smaller size over the heft and width of the EVO. I also felt the Epic switched screens a lot faster than the EVO, as the lag was noticeable on comparison. I also preferred the Epic’s camera controls, as I like having a physical camera key as well as the on screen key, and it seems the Epic’s photo quality is better. The keyboard pulls together this zippy little phone wonderfully, and the key layout is great, as well, no complaints here.

    Overall the EVO was just too large of a device for me to consider keeping, but I will say my husband loved it.

  26. ydoucare Says:

    Of course the update to Android 2.2 helped the Evo you morons. Ever heard of JIT? The CPU performance comparisons are pointless when you’re comparing Android 2.1 to 2.2

  27. remo Says:

    Just got the Epic, and realized the keyboard is basically useless. It makes the phone too thick and I will hardly ever use it. However, the swype feature is absolutely awesome and may be the only reason for me to keep the phone rather than switch to an Evo. Is there a chance of Swype (or something similar) coming to the Evo so each letter does not need to be typed out?

    Regardless, I’ll probably switch to the Evo cause the Epic is just too thick for me and I won’t be using the keyboard. Plus the Evo has FM radio and a kickstand which is cool. The marginally better AMOLED screen is a non-issue cause the Evo screen is also excellent. Though I’ll be giving up a 16gb sd card for an 8gb one that comes with the Evo. Decisions…decisions…

  28. Bruce Says:

    I have had my EVO a few days no and I can honestly say I made the right decision. I figured out how to use text to voice last evening and was blown away by that feature. The phone is AWESOME! Need I say more.

  29. Michael Says:

    > remo:
    If you have enough money for an EPIC or an EVO, the SD card that comes with either on should not be an issue. Have you looked at the prices for those SD cards lately online? Not enough space on SD, drop a few $$ and get a higher capacity one.

  30. Ron Says:

    I just got one question… which phone will play more file formats? It seems that the EPIC will. From what this test on this site said. Not to be rude, but which one will play more porn? Anyone?

  31. joker781 Says:

    Let me start off with a brief back story, had t-mobile maxtouch 3g slide and was so discussed with their service that I would have switched to two cups connected by string! Wound up in Sprint store and played with both the ego and epic and came away overwhelmingly in favor of the ego….so I go to get signed up and low and behold all out of em. So after a lightning round of questions about when I would be able to get one, I decided to try put the epic till Sprint cod get an evo in for me.

    Here we are two weeks later and I have my evo and see that it was well worth the wait. IMHO both phones are stupendous but the only thing the epic has on the evo is the slide keyboard which A: makes it a bit more bulky and B: after having this evo for a day really isn’t even that much of a difference. Both have horrible batteries, granted I’ve only had this a day so I can’t say which is better. The epic has a slight edge in graphics but the size of the screen even though less .05 seems like the grand canyon . And lastly but maybe the most important, I had the epic for two weeks and had issues with a buggy o/s and signal issues.4g on the epic was spotty at best, she the evo so far has been no trouble. If your in the market and your lucky or patient enough to wait get the evo…definitely well worth 2 weeks of calls and near misses with Sprint store.

  32. Guru69 Says:

    I have been using the Evo for 2 months now and LOVE IT. My buddies all went and got the Epic. After running a few speed tests (quadrant) I was getting scores of 1277 while the Epic only came in the high 900’s. One friend has been bricking his Epic on a regular basis. I believe this is due to the huge following behind the Evo from HTC / XDA Developers Forum. I am rooted and have used about 15 different Rom and kernel combinations until I found one with the perfect combination of speed and battery life. While Evo has tons of Roms out there under development, I could only find 2 for the Epic!! I have been burned by Samsuck in the past and have never been impressed by their quality or support. I need ultimate flexibility, speed, and reliability which mean EVO is the shizzle….

  33. Pimi Says:

    Guru69 – “.. I found one with the perfect combination of speed and battery life.” What combination did you use if you don’t mind me aksing?

  34. Guru69 Says:

    Pimi – am using Fresh Evo rom 3.2 with the latest Netarchy Kernel. The battery power is not as long as with the HTC latest kernel, but since I have 3500mah battery, I don’t mind a shorter battery life in order to use overclocking (SetCPU)

  35. RodD Says:

    Great posts people. I too am on the fence. I’m a keyboard guy but, I’m willing to try the evo.
    Guru, can you recommend a rom that would work good (sp with just a standard battery? Also, I am not super tech savvy, and have never rooted my phone, but can follow instructions (re-installing window, hard drives, video cards, etc.) Can you point me to a place/site/video where I can follow directions and be reasonably sure I won’t brick my the evo?

  36. Stewart Says:

    I just want to confirm that Swype DOES work on the Evo. It is currently in closed beta. Go to to sign up to be notified when it opens back up. I bought the Evo on launch day and have been using Swype on it for a few months now. The combination of Evo with Swype, LauncherPro and and the Sense Apps is perfect.

    Changing home screen apps only changes the launcher, you still run the custom htc or samsung apps, and with the exception of the music app all of the htc apps are top notch. Syncing of Contacts, Calendars and Photos on the Evo with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Picasa is a delight.

    I tested the Epic for about 30 minutes at the Sprint store. I was really interested in it and had high expectations. The screen was simply amazing, but the Evo has much more accurate color reproduction and crisper text. The keyboard on the Epic is atrocious at best, I also found the camera and camcoder on Evo to best the Epic, but the real show stoppers on the Epic is the broken GPS and Samsungs history (or lack there of) of support. I am glad I made the choice to get the Evo.

  37. Stewart Says:

    Also, they both support the same video and audio codecs. These are supplied by the Android core. Evo does have official Flash Player 10.1 with 2.2 Froyo out of the box, but it will be downloadable from the Market for Epic if and when it finally gets a Froyo update.

  38. Guru69 Says:

    RodD – For HTC development stuff like Evo and rooting other HTC phones, check out this site: You can learn much from youtube videos from Unlockr as well. This site has a windoze app that makes it truly simple:
    With the recovery mode on the Evo it is difficult to brick it.

    As far as battery life, you must realize that these devices really have a lot of power and radios, large screens, etc. With this being said it is important (with any droid phone) to use an app killer, turn off unneeded radios or use a profile app to turn things off for you in order to get the longest battery life. The rom/kernel has some effect on battery life, but so do many other factors. After getting a slingbox set up and using my Evo as a football screen I realized I need the extended life battery :-)

  39. RodD Says:

    Thank-you soooo much. Last question. No BS, now. On AVERAGE, how long does the evo (or epic) last between charges? Specifically, would you be able to get 8 to 10 to 16 hours of use before having to charge up. I know Guru has an extended battery, (btw-which one did you get), but for you regular folk whats your average. I also know alot depends on settings and what on or not, just “middle of the road idea what to expect. Finally, I get the feeling retailers/sale reps are real pushing the epic. Just the vibes at different stores I’ve been to. What up with that?

  40. Guru69 Says:

    RodD – The stock battery used to last me about 8-10 hours when I first got it (stock rom, not rooted). After rooting it was closer to 12 hours. I really hate being attached to a cord (ever), so I purchased 2 of the Seidio 3500mah batteries:
    and a wall/usb charger:
    and since the battery comes with new extended cover I got the extended case to match:

    Now I never plug in phone (except to sync, transfer data). Each charge lasts me about 3 days to reach 20%, then I swap. I use the phone heavily for about 14 hours a day. The larger battery does make the phone thicker, but I find it is actually easier to hold now.

    Just a note… one of my buddies has returned his Epic before 30 days was up. When I asked why, one said the keyboard was the reason for purchase but the buttons sucked. He said the Wifi tether (best reason to root) sucked as well, cause the speed was much slower than on his Evo. He also said that he doubts any of the bugs he has found will ever be addressed by samsung or other devs.
    Maybe the sales guys are on commission ;-) Epic is more expensive.

  41. Rosey Says:

    Well my bestie has the Evo and i have the Epic personally my screen looks way better than hers, we both work together and text all day, and by the time the work day is over her phone is completly dead while im still using mine on the way home. Even though i hardly use the keyboard its def a plus, and the video playback on the Epic is absolutly amazing. Her front facing cam is better than mines but who video chats anyway? lol

    Not because i have the Epic i claim it as best but because it made me leave t-mobile (5 year customer) just to get this amazing phone. trust me its worth the price.

    Epic winsss ]

  42. Richard Says:

    I had the Epic and returned it for the EVO. The EVO is a far better phone and shouldn’t even be compared to the Epic. Screen is the only aspect of the Epic that is superior so if you’re phone is just a mini video player go for the Epic. But if you want a truly flagship phone go with the HTC product every time.
    EVO, while specs say otherwise, is much faster in EVERY situation.
    If you absolutely need a slide out physical keyboard the Epic is an ok choice. Still the $250 price tag seems excessive for what is not in the same class as other Top Tier Smartphones such as the EVO, iphone4, and to a lessor degree the HTC incredible (still better than Epic in my opinion).

  43. Johnnie Says:

    No doubt the HTC phone will be supported well, HTC has always stood by their phones. But people are seriously shortchanging the Epic here…

    I mean it clearly shows it has better hardware, and down the line isn’t that more of a deciding factor?

    Few other points/clarifications

    1) Froyo comes out at the end of October.

    2) It has had 2 updates within the past month DI07 now DI18.

    3) XDA is actually quite active for the phone itself.

    4) I have INCREDIBLE battery life, even when I am fully using it.

    5) Cyan is running on it :D

    “Samsung released the source of their update BEFORE the update got pushed out – That’s nice sign for developer community support.”

    Lets not forget software is something you can make/upgrade/update … hardware…. not so much

  44. Ron Lee Says:

    I travel outside the US (China, Southeast Asia & Europe) which phone will function best (either a GSM phone)?

  45. RodD Says:

    You guys are AOK with me! I think I can just barely manage to wait another 3 weeks to follow up with the epic updates, but I think overall right now, the evo gives me more bang for the buck. So glad I happened upon this discussion, and will be checking back.

  46. LisaB Says:

    I would love to see this topic revisited once Epic is supersized with Froyo.

  47. Tommy gunns Says:

    Yea I bought the epic a week ago and the phone is just awesome

  48. Tommy gunns Says:

    Yea I bought the epic a week ago and the phone is just awesome,clearety great, speeds great,I think that just because the evo came out first as the first 4g phone. Everyone has wanted one so there just trying to critisize the epic not giving it a chance,not to mention sprint even never advertise for the epic. To me all you people need to quit following the jones and get up on a real phone “The Epic”

  49. Michael Says:

    > Tommy gunns:

    To me all you people need to quit following the jones and get up on a real phone “The Epic”

    Your statement above is nothing more than cliche. There’s a real difference on a phone’s spec sheet versus its “real world use.” As you can see with most of the posts (some even gave the epic a try and ended up returning it for an EVO), EVO has a proven real world usage which is ultimately what the consumers will gravitate to.

  50. Tom Secreto Says:

    I have been using the EVO since it came out on 6/4/2010 and updated to 2.2 the same day it came out and I have to say it is the best phone (In my opinion) out there. The keyboard is tempting but HTC makes really great phones and I am in I.T. for many years and test all sorts of technology. I am glad to see that most people agree it is the EVO. Not to knock the Samsung because I have had their phones in the past but my last 2 smart phones have been HTC and the User interface along is worth the choice and the speed (Smokes, really fast).

    Now let’s see all of those Sprint bashers when the EVO’s 3G is so good I rarely use the WiFi.

  51. harvardphp Says:

    Now let me inform you people who keep boasting about the evo. The epic is the much better phone. I know this because I have both. Now the evo has a slight lead at the moment as far as usability. But wait till epic comes out with touchwiz 3.0 and froyo… this will be incomparable due to the hardware of th epic. And as for a phones usabilty. You people have no clue what your talking about. If you have mastered the keyboard shortcuts their is no turning back. Try flying from app to app in a nano second with a slab phone.

  52. Bruce Says:

    Has anyone experienced the phone freezing when viewing Facebook? I can see Facebook, but sometime the glide up and down feature freezes. Anyone else having this issue?

  53. TOM Says:

    Tommy Gunns.. nice theory.. but maybe the same could be said for the epic, it’s the new phone so everyone is saying its better without any real head to head comparison over long term or really giving the evo a try.
    I think the truth is that some people like different things. I’ve worked with both, they are both good phones, i personally didn’t think the epic felt as responsive and overall prefered the Evo. The draw to the samsung is the physical keyboard, but I’m skeptical after having physical keyboards break on previous phones. I also don’t trust samsung to support their product as well at HTC. I’ve been bitten more than once with Samsung phone products… after a while, all thing even, you got with the company that you know will stand behind it’s products. samsung has a lot to prove to me and a 2 year contract is a long time for taking a chance.
    I will also say the EVO is very durable!

  54. jackspade Says:

    I just purchased an evo and I absolutely loooove it. I’m comin from a palmpixi, but I’ve had Android phones in the past. The epic is cool and my girlfriend will be gettin it, but I prefer the evo. The epic has a better camera, display, proccessor, bit for some reason I rather the evo. It just feels right.

  55. bjesse Says:

    I’m using the Epic now and I love it. The main draw for mw is the keypad. My daughter just got her Evo yesterday & I can’t get it away from her to compare them! I have a question though: What are the Froyo and touchwiz 3.0 upgrades an will I be able to upgrade from my phone or do I have to go down to the Sprint store? Also to Guru: I am not that very literate in the terminology. When you were talking about getting more battery life, you mentioned “rooted”. If you have the time, could you tell us in just plain everyday language how to get better battery life, and also recommend a site where I could catch up and learn more of the technical language? Thanks

  56. Deder Says:

    I just want to say this, I had a slider phone with the qwerty, and then switched to the EVO … got mine unrevoked .. and put swype on it .. once you get swype from the XDA forum you will never go back to a physical keyboard. I can text 3 to 5 times faster, its ridiculous. I will never go back to a physical keyboard after the invention of swype.
    Also I work at a remote site with no internet, and I use my EVO to broadcast WIFI and can watch netflix and hulu. EVO kills them all ..

  57. Elvis Says:

    Very shortly is the big day. I am currently with verizon. Just over 2 years. My first phone service was with Nextel which now is called sprint. I had only one complaint. Everytime i drove up this certian part on the freeway i would have a drop call. Come to find out today. That area is block off by high official agency. FbI maybe or highway patrol.. So knowing that i am deciding on going back to sprint. I have my eye set on 2 phones. Evo and the Epic. I have currently 8330 black berry. Which is a ok phone. I went to my local Verizon store to see how there upgraded would work. After your contract is up you would qualify. Gentlemen tells for the 4g fascinaie Galaxly would cost me up front $674 out of pocket. I said what?. i am a loyal customer and ready to get 3 phones now. Oh well he kindly said that is the policy. He made my mine up. I am going back to sprint. So everyone thats reading this. Epic or Evo.. My biggest is drqw back is battery life.. I guess you need to have charging in the car alot ect.. I think i am leaning toward the Evo.. Help Elvis

  58. Leo Says:

    Great posts. My sit is I have AT&T I have iPhone n wife has a samsung. I am considering moving to sprint for one of these two phones. I think I’m going to get the evo but does anyone have any comments on sprint network vs AT&T network in the so cal area? Thx

  59. Dave Says:

    After much weighing and hemming and hawing I chose Epic over Evo. Deciding factors:

    (1) Screen. Epic’s is simply better. Try this: in the store navigate each phone’s browser to identical web page, so that they have exact same thing on screen, and look at them side by side. I did this and the brightness and especially the sharpness of the epic was unambiguously superior. Might it oversaturate some colors as some commenters claim? Perhaps, but for many of us the vast vast majority of screen use involves text not images, and brightness and sharpness are the key attributes. And it’s perfectly visible outside on a bright sunny day.

    (2) Battery. There is reason to believe that Epic wins on battery staying power (although both are presumably unimpressive) because as I understand it the amoled screen lets blacks be non-power-sucking black. Key thing is to ignore complaints about battery life by people on these comment boards who have had the phone only a few days and haven’t figured out how to master the phone in relation to power consumption. Sure, my first day the battery was moribund by mid-afternoon. After figuring out how to diminish auto-syncs, install a black-dominated wallpaper, enable WiFi and GPS selectively, prefer shortcuts over power-consuming widgets, limit screen consumption with quick idle timeouts, and generally manage screen brightness more wisely, I found after just a few days that I have figured this thing out. Now I easily reach the cocktail hour with more than 50% power remaining, with no intermittant charging since very early am. Any of these sufficiently powered Android phones are going to require essentially daily charging, but there is no reason to think they can’t go a very long day successfully between charges — at least for those of us who do not spend the entire day staring at an active screen.

    Relatedly, battery drove my choice of Epic over Evo in large part because of a deal offered at the store: a special Samsung was running on a second battery and charger — said charger being usable both for battery outside phone and for phone itself — for $30. (Second battery alone for Evo was going to be more than double that.)

  60. Richard Headly Says:

    I don’t own either phone, but I had a chance to mess around with both phones at the local Sprint store. I don’t see what the big deal is with the Epic’s display. I thought it looked terrible, even with the brightness turned up all the way it was very dim and had a blue tint that looked like crap compared to any other phone in the store. I know the Epic has a faster CPU and GPU but the Evo was faster where it counts most, loading webpages and navigating the UI. I also liked the HTC Sense more than the Touch Wiz but that’s just me. I’m not due for an upgrade until 2012 so I won’t be getting any of these phones, but imho the Evo blows the Epic away. The dim blue display of the Epic ruins the phone for me.

  61. Lance Shack Says:

    im leaning towards the evo. the epic’s screen is more vivid but that wont matter when taking pictures or recording videos due to the mass megapixels difference. also the screen size, although you might not think it is because it’s such a slim difference, on the evo is way better. personally the keyboard doesn’t matter to me. I’ve had a phone with a keyboard for a few months and dont get me wrong I loved it, super easy to text, but if I had a touch screen I highly doubt I’d ever even use the QWERTY keyboard. Lastly the small things like a kickstand and the hdmi port made the evo the choice for me in terms of my next phone

  62. sheron Says:

    i am undecided and by reviews and my daughter was going with the epic however by the comics i am scared of a all touch but my sister and i will try the evo 1st

  63. Brian Says:

    “We especially like the built-in kickstand on the back of the Evo, great for listening to music or watching movies.”

    1. Who REALLY wants to watch movies on a 4″ screen?

    2. Does your music sound better if the phone is in an upright position, instead of simply laying flat, or sitting in your pocket?

    I want a phone with a proctology app. Insert for 30 seconds, then remove and it gives you a medical report.

  64. TPL Says:

    This reminds me of the entire debate I had when getting a new handheld phone/device for Christmas of 2009. I am always into taking photographs and camcorder recordings of various events, and I really felt the urge to go with Samsung’s Instinct HD at the time. However, I finally realized that the Sprint HTC Hero took good enough pictures, and it also had an OS that blew the Samsung out of the water. Now, the competition between the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G, and the Sprint HTC EVO is far closer in comparison due to both of them being Android OS devices. However, the basic argument is yet again the very same thing. The Samsung seems to have the better camera/camcorder (At least in certain conditions), whereas the HTC has the better GUI (Sense).

    I am currently being offered an EVO as a gift for Christmas by a family member who works at Sprint, because they would like to have my Hero (They want to swap it for their current Samsung Instinct). I am looking at all possible choices as far as Android devices go, and I love the Samsung Epic 4G’s camera capabilities, but again, I have to admit that I LOVE the Sense UI, and therefore the EVO seems to be the winner hands down. The Sprint HTC Hero really impresses me, and I love this device beyond belief. I have become a true HTC fan, and going for another manufacturer seems unthinkable at this current point-in-time (I’ve owned Samsung phones before, and I truly enjoyed them (So I’m not bashing them), but I’m extremely impressed with HTC’s foray into the Android market so far).

  65. phattychick Says:

    really, the only up i see is the keybored..thats about it evo wins hands down

  66. JP Says:

    Switched from epic to evo. I did enjoy the epic, but the screen’s whites seemed baby blue. Also, the epic felt “cheaper” than the evo. It was almost too light and, having the keyboard, felt like it had a poorer construction. I enjoy my evo more.

  67. Rose Says:

    I own the EVO and I use it for business. I get a lot of email and really wanted a separate keyboard, but hate Samsung. In the past, every Samsung phone I had, was a piece of crap. I am so happy and so in love with my EVO. I find typing to be as easy as a BB. The EVO is a badass phone. I personally know 3 people with Epics, who want the EVO. One friend traded his EVO with his sister for her Epic. He is constantly fighting with her, because he wants the EVO back.

  68. GaAngel Says:

    I am coming from T-mobile and the HTC HD2 so I appreciate all of the above responses to help in my decision over whether to buy the EVO or Epic. My former co-worker had purchased the EVO the day of its release and we noticed the similarities in our phones, but even I could admit that her EVO was superior to my HD2. The Epic looks pretty, but Samsung is notorious for having kind of crappy phones and support. I will be going to the Sprint store in an hour to test them both, but in my mind the EVO already has an edge. Thanks guys!

  69. elias Says:

    The epic is nothing compared to the evo because epic both cameras suck front .3 megapixels back 5 megapixels evo front 1.3 megapixels back 8 mega pixels but I got to give the epic the front display and the evo the back. The epic is still running Android 2.1 while the evo is running Android 2.2. You don’t see the epic having an amazing kicksand on the back of it. The only thing the epic got is a good keyboard. And I think that Samsung just tried to get a phone just to beat the evo. Overall the epic is nearly no competition with the evo. It’s just a newer version of Nextel phones

  70. Razr Says:

    I had the Evo I found that when I tried to type out words it wouldnt spell the word I wanted instead it would spell some other word and the kick stand kept flicking out wouldnt stay put I had to take it to sprint for repair , Im gonna go with the Epic Nice graphics and feel I have small fingers so that keyboard works great I also think its how you take care of the phone , Im very anal about not dropping it or banging my phones up, my Evo I sold on Ebay was in Mint condition when I sold it but anyway I think the Epic is a better choice but use TLC with Both They Fragile

  71. John Says:

    I loved the search function on my Palm 755 for looking up phone numbers. Give it the first and last initial and away it went. The Samsung search function sucks. You pretty much have to spell out the entire name to find anything. Does the Evo have a better search function than the Epic?

  72. Marie Says:

    I am really torn here, I have NEVER not had a keyboard, so I’m afraid! I currently have Blackberry but really want to make the switch to Android. The Epic seems the choice for me but I love the features the Evo has to offer more, wish I knew someone who had one to try texting on! The Sprint stores by me do not have them on, just dummies to hold. Thinking I will have to just get the EVO & if I find I cant live without the keyboard I always have the 30 days to make the switch. Since Ive never used a touch device, what happens when you are calling somewhere that you have to press 1 for this or 2 for that etc, how do you get your numbers back after making a call? Maybe a dumb question but having never used a touch phone I’m concerned about little things like that! Thanks!

  73. lovely Says:

    help? idk which one to choose but i hearing the epic is better? i hear the evo dies to fast and im an on the phone at all times person and i hear the epic screen is better. i am on an htc hero now but its time for my upgrade … the hero now freezes, gtalk mess up, and its slow at times…i dont want that anymore …help????/

  74. twitter @MrYourNotMe Says:

    I skipped on getting the evo and waited for the epic… I had the hero and was sick of the all touch no buttons thing.. when I got the the epic I fell in love like it was thick thighs slim hips but the more I used it I started to realize that it wasn’t backing up the hype and then they finally came with the 2.2 after all the drop date lies and it was straight bull shit so bad that Sprint said to do a hard reset to get it off the phone :P you serious…. after that after I was bragging about how good the phone was with all this people doggen it online.. I had no other choice but to give it up… and yes I purchased the EVO and not the SHIFT.. and all I could say about that is………….. the evo is the shit Fuck the epic this phone make the epic seem like a side kick… ( the smart phone for dumb asses ) Hahaha follow me @MrYournotme my website will be up soon

  75. Bill @Marcel Says:

    > Loyal to Sprint for 9 years

    Ahaha. You probably mean “vendor-locked-in”. Without SIM card slot to switch to another operator, you’re stuck to Sprint, not loyal to Sprint.

    Only in America!

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