Smartphones with the Longest Battery Life

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With their zippy quad-core processors and big screens, smartphones have never been more powerful — or more power hungry. Yes, specs and apps matter, but what good are they if you’re hunting for an outlet by lunchtime? If you want a smartphone that endures, check out the handsets that made our list.

These devices lasted at least 9 hours on the Laptop Mag Battery Test, which involves continuous Web surfing over 4G LTE. We set each phone’s display to 150 nits to normalize for brightness and make sure each handset is receiving at least 3 bars of service. See for yourself which smartphones keep going and going.

Mark Spoonauer
Mark Spoonauer
Responsible for the editorial vision for Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide, Mark Spoonauer has been Editor in Chief of LAPTOP since 2003 and has covered technology for nearly 15 years. Mark speaks at key tech industry events and makes regular media appearances on CNBC, Fox and CNN. Mark was previously reviews editor at Mobile Computing, and his work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science and Inc.
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  1. Bob Says:

    Motorola is clearly doing very well in the tests .. what a fabulous turnaround for this co. I liked the Defy!!

  2. Santosh Mishra Says:

    HTC Evo Shift 4G (Sprint) is one of the best smartphones, I’ve ever got to use.

  3. Indoor Says:

    Sony is the best of the best

  4. Al Says:

    I think my wifes HTC Radar has them all beat. She is getting 2 to 3 days per charge.

  5. john Says:

    well yeah if you don’t use it it will last for days Al

  6. Nathan Buth Says:

    @Al, this is talking about with heavy use. On a side note I doubt the xperia play has a higher battery life than the razr maxx… XD

  7. Nathan Buth Says:

    Should all either be 3G only or 4G phones (may be the reason the xperia is marked with higher battery life than the Razr Maxx) 4G antennaes at the moment fire run as a hybrid of 4g and 3g at the same time right now causing lower battery life.

  8. Carlos Bard Says:

    None of the above can beat the Samsung Galaxy note N7000 this bad boy comes std with a 2500 mAp I’ve been on the phone for like over 12hours talk time using a Bluetooth headset!

  9. Mikerush76 Says:

    Just a note on the Xperia play, you can get those results but you need to order an extended life battery with a custom rear cover(15$ on ebay but from hong kong) bring its from the default 1500 mAh to a whooping 3600mAh, you will not get great results otherwise.. I get at best 2 hours with default battery but I get 4-6 with the extended battery.

  10. bob Says:

    Nokia e71 lasted well over 7 days on standby, easily 3days under heavy load. And did so for over three years, norepairs, original battery. My 900 can’t even last the day…

  11. Nick Says:

    @carlos the droid razr maxx has a 3330mah battery and lasts about 2-3 days with normal usage on 3G.

  12. NIDHIN Says:

    All new “Huawei honour” with 1900 Mah Battery……………….
    Surely Designed For High Performance As well as High Battery Life………..

    Huawei Rockssssssssssssss………………..

  13. Steven G. Says:

    I have the xperia play myself, and the fact that it was included on this list makes me lose trust in this post. I’m looking to replace my Play because of its slow performance and short battery life. Sure it was good at first but it quickly got buggy and laggy.

  14. Arshad Says:

    I have iphone 4s and a htc evo 3d, battery life of htc is a disappointment but iphone is good because it has a long drainage time and quick charging, i am planning to replace htc with s3
    Please recomment me an android with good battery because am a net surfer.

  15. gorgeous Says:

    I don’t know how this test being done our just plain gimmick. I’ve Samsung galaxy 4g as shown as above which never lasted more than 4 hrs. Even after changed the handset with same model or replaced a new battery. 4 hrs max out.

  16. Arshad Says:

    Hi guys
    Ultimately i ve bought samsung galaxy s3 and got rid of htc evo 3d and the battery timings and recharging both are outstanding, there is a limitation of moving apps to sd card but its internal memory is good enough.

  17. epul Says:

    who use htc one x..?? hope can xplain about battery life coz my friend tell me htc one x bad smartphone for someone who want smartphone with long lasting battery..

  18. Roman Says:

    Where is iPhone..? Doesn’t it have a better battery life than OneX?

  19. Roman Says:

    Come on. seriously. For the second time it appears on my news feed. Where is the iPhone in the list? :-P

  20. Joe Says:

    iphone 5 at 7:13. How is this not on the list?

  21. PennyCantor Says:

    Does a bigger battery really mean more life? I wish the battery makers could make as big advances as do the makers of other parts, but I’m not an expert. All I know is that I want the new HTC Droid DNA and can’t get it on AT&T’s 4GLTE for working with my salon clients (taking pics of styles and filing them away). It’s all too complicated with closed doors everywhere. Navigating what’s possible is hard.

  22. niya Says:

    I have tried alot of different smartphones. Right now I can say without a doubt that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the most incredible smartphone I have ever seen. Until you have tried the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you CAN NOT say any other smartphone is better. My battery life is amazing. I surfed the internet stayed 1hour talking and after 13 hours straight, I still had at least 50% left. I can play videos and simultaneously streaming the internet including read emails while my video plays in the corner of my screen without lag. In my video library all of my videos play at the same time without slowing down my phone. My phone screen never times out as long as i am looking at it; that feature is incredible. While im using the S-pen to draw lines if my lines are not straight it will auto fix it. I can hubber over my picture library and the photos will pop up displaying a glimpse of the pictures. Before you say your smartphone is better can it do any of that?

  23. Doug Says:

    Not sure what you used to come up with these numbers, but they are ridiculously wrong when you consider real world results. Next time do a better job.

  24. Sean Says:

    I have owned the Samsung Galaxy note 2 for about 2 weeks now and I’ve never had a phone with a battery life like this, I honestly mess around on it all day long, I check e mails, send e mails, surf the Web, watch videos on YouTube, and I work at least 10 hours a day, when I get home I put it on wifi and use it for everything instead of my laptop. When I go to bed at night and put it on charge is always on about 40% battery life, it’s just an amazing phone

  25. richo 73 Says:

    Time to update this page guys. The padfone2 is now out and has a huge battery life (excluding tablet mode which would be just plain cheating). The quad core snapdragon and 2gig ram handle big tasks with little drain and the new version also packs a killer battery. So can you please test it and update. You may find that it takes 1st place. Maybe.

  26. richo 73 Says:

    To the person who said th iphone5 has a life of 7:13….. That is web surf time only. Play a movie or run a complex app and the battery dies like a bad joke on stage. On a balanced test it measures in at about 5hrs. Sorrry to burst your bubble.

  27. elie Says:

    Google this phone, Cloudfone Thrill 430x or Innos D9 it has 4160 mAh Battery. 1000hrs standby, 40hrs 3G talk time, 100hrs of music playback time.

  28. Richard Says:

    Galaxy Note 2 has longer battery life than Motorola RAZR HD MAXX?? Are you sure?? What kind of test are you doing?

  29. Mon Says:

    I agree with elie. Cloudfone Thrill 430x and Innos D9 beats all. It has 4160mAh compared to most phones which has lower than 2000mAh of battery and only few have more than 2000mAh. You can also extend the battery life by going to the settings and switching off running apps that you don’t use. My Samsung phone only run 3 apps the Axt9IME input method, the SnsService and Google Talk. I only turn on other apps such as wi-fi, facebook, emails, etc. when it’s necessary.

    When you don’t manage running apps, your phone might be running more than 10 apps especially if you’re downloading so much apps from the apps store some or even most of these apps continues running without your knowledge even if your not using them and so your phone might be running more than 20 apps simultaneously thus shortening your battery life.

  30. Christine Says:

    LG Optimus L9 has (according to the thing on the T-Mobile website) 1 day, 5 hours of usage life and 20 something days of standby..

  31. karthik Says:

    what about lenovo p770 ?

  32. durancharles Says:

    Lol where is Cloudfone 430x


    See this is one of the negative effects of great marketing, barely anyone knows about the reality of the world.

    Like in the USA for example, the marketing propaganda in that country is so good that people in there actually think the console gaming market is bigger than the pc gaming market, ITS THAT BAD.

  33. Troy H Says:

    Be warned. The HTC G1 T-mobile google 3G phone started killing the battery around December 2012. I’ve used this phone for 5 years, but the change was sudden and dramatic. I tried a brand new battery and then bought a used phone (exact same phone) in good condition (because I am letting my T-mobile contract run out before replacing to go no-contract). It used to last all day with plenty of usage, except for heavy web use. Now this thing barely lasts 4 hours literally on standby with all background data turned off! The good news is now I have 3 batteries (including the one from the used phone) and my old phone is now a $200 battery charger – yay. The SD card reader began failing on my old phone so I needed a replacement just to fix that anyway. I am convinced the battery problem is the result of a bad firmware or software update from google or T-mobile. Of course the t-mobile tech support was utterly USELESS in resolving any issue. I actually knew more about how to conserve battery life than the “tech”.

  34. Dustin Says:

    I don’t know how you can think that PC games have more of a market in the US than console games. There are a dozen new games released for consoles monthly compared to one for the PC. By games I’m not talking about time killers like farm ville or bejewelled I mean games that are actually worth the money you pay and have more than a couple hours play time. The PC is dying here very quickly I personally have used mine twice since I got a tablet a year and a half ago and that was only so I could upload CDs to Google.

    I don’t know how your judging battery life but the gs3 from Verizon doesn’t last 8 hours on its best day. Mine barely lasts sleeping overnight let alone actually using it all day and that’s with no extra stuff enabled including s voice. Its a great phone with great features you just can’t use any of them if you want to get more than three or four hours out of it.

  35. Drq Says:

    I used to use my Nokia E71/72 for days without charging it…I guess very few of us enjoyed that phone – now use HTC one X and its pretty decent, but definitely have to plug it in at night

  36. Luke Nel Says:

    Hey sorry guys.

    I have worked extensively on both HTC and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and my boss run the Galaxy S3. My Father owns the Iphone 5. There is no comparission to the Note 2 is surpasses both of them by at least 5 hours. my phone is on a continues download and i run 4 app that sit on the internet all day. the Galasy S3 does about 4 hours before needing a recharge and the iphone 5 about 5. Plus the thing you can do on a notes surpasses both iphone 5 and S3.

    Sorry but from all the phone I have Played with and seen. the best battery goes to the Galaxy Note2

  37. Toby Cyr Says:

    I love the note. I carry Iphone 4s and the Note2. Sprint coverage on the Note2 is not as good yet as At&t coverage where I live. With 12 billion from Softbank for wireless infrastructure improvements, it will be soon. If you dont have good reception, they give you a wifi mini tower that will give you 5,000 square feet of coverage if you already have high speed internet. Battery life is great. Before the Note2 I also had a Verizon Win 8x. Nice but no battery life and no commercial banking at my bank. Note2 on Sprint solves it all. I am transitioning to the note. Its more fun than the Iphones. I’ve had several versions of Iphone. At&t Iphone could not do commercial banking with Safari either.

  38. Eric Says:

    I can keep my one x up and running for a whole day buy i usually have the screen brightness to the lowest. whihc helps alot but when i am on the rode riding with gps running i have to carry and battery pack. On gps and strava cycling app i can barely keep it alive for my rides. A buddy of mine gave me a phonesuit flex and it has been amazing. extremlly small where i can pop in my sock while i ride and take it out when my phone is dying to get those extra miles in.

  39. sygys Says:

    The one X will get about 4 hours of usage before battery is depleted. my girlfriend gets 8 hours of overal standby and use. i get almost 2 days with the samsung note 2. the battery in the one X is indeed very poor. but that mostly because of the tegra 3 chip. wich uses allot of power! that why the one x+ gets a much better battery life. because that one uses a different CPU

  40. jander Says:

    cloudfone thrill 430x is the best for me ..

  41. jizzy wizzy Says:

    Get A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and buy a Gold 4,200 mAh battery from ebay and you’re good to go.

  42. Jim Says:

    I wonder what their tests included. My Galaxy S II Skyrocket battery life is terrible. I get about 9.5 hours but 8.75 hours of that is sitting in stand by doing nothing.

  43. showmo Says:

    I’ve galaxy note one n7000 and a mugen 5400 mah extended battery.
    Now beat me: ) I don’t need to check my battery percentage ever.

  44. voltron512 Says:

    Note 2 is the bomb. Best battery life ever. I use it so much I got an extra battery, twiced the battery and keeps it slim.

  45. Madagaskar Says:

    Not correct. Phone with longest battery life is Razr Maxx. What kind of test are you people using??

  46. NotS3 Says:

    The Galaxy S3 should definitely not be on this list. This phone is a serious disappointment for anyone looking for most day battery life. The battery seems to drain for no apparent reason, particularly on standby overnight, as I leave the phone fully charge before going to bed and wake up to find it only with a charge of 32% or less. This problem does not seem to be particular to the S3 since early adopters of the S4 are also already complaining about the same issue. Furthermore, if you need to have real-time access to your e-mails, phone calls, facebook updates and other live feeds BEWARE a fully charged S3 will only last you 3-4 hrs.

  47. Saurabh Shukla Says:

    Last month I got a new LENOVO S890. And this phone has a powerful battery. Or you can go for LENOVO P770.
    Both phones have 2250 mAh and 3500mAh battery.
    If I don’t charge my S890 then it lasts for 3 days. I use my phone for calling, Music, camera, Whatsapp, Games, FB, mails etc. This phone has a amazing long life battery.

  48. vieczur Says:

    I got P770 with 3500mAh. It charges veeery long, but you got smartphone to use it not to preserve battery.
    Highly recommended.
    Never will go lower than 2500 -pointless..

  49. Bhushan Says:

    Any idea on Sony xperia J and L ? Who’s battery is better ? Worth buying?

  50. asyrul Says:

    nokia 3310 beats all of you!

  51. akeem Says:

    hhmm..why no one mentioned any of the lumia(nokia) wondering why nokia made that fone..infact nothing is good from those windows fone ..esp the battery..they better go back and do thier old styles

  52. tinz Says:

    I use lumia 800 its a waste .. Don’t ever think of using this sucker

  53. tasir Says:

    Very sad actually I have Samsung galaxy S4 and it’s even can’t keep up to 5 hours of WiFi only usage
    With its 2600mah battery and all of its fancy features turned off and screen sets dimmed. :(

  54. archie Says:

    ha…. I have a china phone that can stay up to 3 days. I am not really into high end phone usage and I am only using the phone for normal use. its the Cloudfone Thrill 430x and its got 4160 mah battery. As I always say to my peers, no matter how high-end the phone is, if it will not stay up for at least a day, its worthless…

  55. Peter Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 has the worst battery life in the industry. In addition, it gets hot in the back of the phone near the camera area. I use the HERE Drive+ for 30 mins and the phone was freaking HOT and sucked about 1/2 of the battery life out of it. What also sad is that people sent their phones in to Nokia for repair, Nokia sent them back with the issue unresolved.

  56. Syam Says:

    Innos D9 is the best! i never had any problems with the battery. Bought it last 3 month and its the best thing i ever bought. Ever.

  57. are122 Says:

    I have been using a Samsung Galaxy older model. I like the phone a lot but the battery life really stinks…so much so I am thinking about dumping Samsung.

  58. akshay Says:

    KARBONN A30-TA FONE THE BEST. . .with full use it lasts for 2 days and with some use it lasts for 4-5 days

  59. Matt Says:

    No fucking way. I don’t believe this for a second. I have owned dozens of samsung phones in my life and they consistently have the worst battery life by far. This horrible Transfix I have now, gives me 4 hours or light usage if I am lucky. And by that I mean, I charge it, and then don’t use it at all, but 4 hours later it is dead anyway. You guys are clearly Samsung shills.

  60. BASSLONDON Says:

    Wanna real life long serving Smartphone? My N8 does 5 days…using email and web for a hour a day. Yes i know symbian is not a current smartphone os but it does 100% of what i need an smartphone to do. oh yeah it has usb on the go, 12 megapixel camera, fm rds radio,(even the s4 doesnt have one of those) HDMI port, i could go on… but i wont!

  61. S3all day Says:

    I have no idea what these s3 guys are talkin about but I take my fully charged phone off the chargrr and head to bed listen to an album with my hesdphones on while preparing to sleep and leave it on the bed all night to wake up to about 85-90 % battery life left. I also use my phone all day long and charge it once tops a day it’s great and I could never complain as I had a motorola atrix before this and had to charge it 3 times a day. The S3 has been life changin from a battery perspective so anyone that has a battery issue needs to get there phone fixed.

  62. dunamis Says:

    No much sentiments the note2 is the best via battery life..4g on playin music al through . Charging it once in a day

  63. Samir Rai Says:

    I want to buy sony xperia z. can anyone help me regarding the battery life of the phone or should i go with samsung note 2?

  64. Marlito Agbunag Says:

    Agree. In the premium line lg beats them all. Iphone is not included because its not smartphone, its a dumbphone only overhyped by uidiots who could not buy android because there is no android being sold on plan one dollar haha lol. Aniway, iphone cheats because it has no multi task feature and shuts down when not in use. So cheating 100 percent but if u use it to browse only, it wont last 30 minutes in normal use. Anybody wjo disagrees with me is a fanboy or paid troll. Apple sucks. Buy samsung americans so will taste entry premium ness not apple cheapo.

  65. Salue Says:

    I was Surprised that you didn’t mention BlackBerry Q10 I have the phone and the battery life is better than most android phones

  66. Irvin Says:

    I am a retailer of cellphones and cellphones accessories in southern africa. I have always admired HTC phones but the problem is their battery, it doesn’t last long it only last if you dont use it. I have always had this small phone for almost a year Samsung GTE-1050 which i carry and use always for my business calls its battery can last for a week without charging it. As much as i would want to take notes and do other staff on my smart phone, can it be that HTC try to manufacture one strong battery that will last even 5days i bet their year ending will yield good profits and they would do better especially here in Africa where we travelled so much doing business.

  67. Abhay Pandit Says:

    Fix to “Nokia Lumia Battery Draining”
    Watch Solution at Following Youtube Video:

  68. robert Says:

    I have a Razr Maxx. Yesterday with normal Use I was at 34 hours on WiFi. On 4g LTE it usually close to 20hrs. So I’m confused on how they got that low of battery time. Then again the HD does use more battery for screen. I don’t think the HD is necessary IMO.

  69. Max Says:

    Sh@t, that’s a f$cking lie. The Droid Razr Maxx and the new Droid Maxx.

    Both have 48 hours of battery life. The entire Droid lineup has 24 hrs. and higher…

  70. Doc Mike Says:

    Absolute rubbish article, which shows that the author didn’t research very well. Just write an article to get paid, huh? The Huawei Mate 6.1″ quadcore phone with 4000mah can play an HD movie for about 12 straight hours. The quadcore Lenovo P780 with 4000maH battery can last 39 days standby time. There are some others with MUCH MORE juice than the top ten written here. HTC ONE? What a joke… No wonder the latest comments are posted on the last page.

  71. JR Says:

    “G2’s 3,000 mAh battery lasted a record-setting 13 hours and 44 minutes on the LAPTOP Battery Test. The AT&T version lasted 10 hours and 42 minutes, while the Verizon model lasted 9:14″

    This statement confused me. So which LG G2 version lasted 13:44?

  72. Max Says:

    Lenovo P780 with a battery of 4000 mAh????

  73. Nharzhool Says:

    Could you put the BlackBerry Z30 up on there as well please? The reports for that phone’s battery life have been rather good. Thanks!

  74. niyon Says:

    LG G2 has the best battery backup because its battery is of 3000MaH so by default the battery life would the best……SO No sony,No samsung or HTC LG is the best…… :P

  75. Liam Says:

    *cough*ZTE Open*cough*

  76. erensuk Says:

    I am not happy with the battery life of samsung s3 (i9300).
    Summary: After work You have to change your clothes &charge your phone:((

  77. Rick G Says:

    Razr Maxx has the best battery life hands down end of story….phone has issues with the proximity sensor but other then that its a great phone no other can come close on the battery

  78. Brent MacNabb Says:

    What about the Nexus phones? And toss iPhone in the mix for comparison.

  79. miles Says:

    i think the best long lasting batery smartphone is nexus 5

  80. Mike M Says:

    Where does BlackBerry rate on your list?

  81. mert Says:

    Lenovo p770
    Lenovo p780
    Fly iq4403 energy 3

    are you sleeping?

  82. Brian Says:

    Lenovo P780 – nothing else comes near it if battery life is the most important thing – best for business men – lots of email, lots of phone calls, lots of texting…

  83. Michael Says:

    Blackberry Q5=19h no charge :) Boom!

  84. Gideon Gelbart Says:

    Battery life is important. Equaly important => how easy/hard to Replace the battery? And at what cost??

    On another question: which platform is best for PHONE CALLS ??

  85. Ron Says:

    I’m sorry. You should have tested the Z30. It would have won hands down. I am using my Z30 and getting about 2-2.5 days between charges. Why don’t you test one and compare? Or are you that against Blackberry that it clouds you judgement?

  86. Bobby Donati Says:

    I’m sorry but this is totally wrong. I own a droid maxx and the battery life while running every app on my phone is over 30 hours. Without turning off the screen. I don’t know why this review is so wrong but Motorola deserves more attention than what people believe.

  87. bob Says:

    BlackBerry Q10 goes all day long, and them some. And when the battery is about to die, just pop off the back and insert a charged battery … try doing that on most other phones

  88. trock Says:

    where are the cellphones? can’t see any

  89. Terry Says:

    I would like to see the list of contestants published. My personal experience is BB 10 devises have very good battery life. Was the Z30 even tested and if not , why not?
    thank you in advance.

  90. Joni Says:

    My S3 probably has the WORST battery life of all time. If my phones at 15% it will be dead within half an hour

  91. acejavelin Says:

    Honesty, you are missing an important phone… although it is not quite as high-end, the Moto G has amazing battery life, it easily bests my LG G2 in battery life.

  92. Frank Says:

    bq aquaris 5.7 … take a look 4000 mAh 11 h with screen on and 14% remains

  93. Jake Thomas Says:

    The droid max does not get 9 hours of battery life that is a lie. It get’s around 20 hours with heavy usage, and up to 48 with light usage, plus much longer in standby mode

  94. Imam Says:

    where Lenovo’s ? their have 4000mAh battery cells

  95. T Chalukumba Ao Says:

    Kindly name any mobile phones that has long battery life ,size doesnt matter eg like Moterolv 8800

  96. p780 Says:

    And you din’t include the Lenovo P780 with 4000 mah, Failed!!!!

  97. Mark Says:

    It would be interesting to know how the Nexus 5 stacked up. Impressive result from the LG G2.

  98. Komoliddin Says:

    DNS S4502M has 4500 mAh battery, other phones suck

  99. Gene Says:

    Funny how the iphone once heralded as the best battery life of any phone is now not even on the list.

  100. Bakit Says:

    Pentagram X5 Pro (~250$) has two batteries. If You like slim phone you got 3000mAh, but if you not mind to have little bigger one then battery is 6000mAh. It’s enough for 6-10 days.

  101. john Says:

    if I have received many photos and videos in a particular what’s up chat group, on a nexus 5 android mobile phone, is it possible to transfer all these photos and videos in a folder on my laptop (an hp pavilion dv6) to save them and then possibly load them on a memory stick to take some to a photographer’s for printing?

    thank you very much for your time

  102. jarda Says:

    Where is Lenovo P780 with 4000mAh? I own it and 2 and dalf day is not a problem for this phone. Please do update your article.

  103. Ian Walker Says:

    With a few unnecessary features turned off my note 3 has a epic battery life and that means loads to me even more than the best cutting edge specs

  104. Gara Says:

    Comparing different size of phones with non-compareable gross volume? What can i do with a super lasting phone if it cannot fit into my pocket or cannot use with one hand? Some of these devices has also phone function, but mainly used for browsing…but if size doesn’t matter why not to use some external battery packs, or why not to name it as a tablet/phablet, or laptop with phone function? There are some exception in the comparison for sure but main title sould be: Smartphone alike devices with phone function with the Longest Battery Life for non phone usage :)

  105. Gara Says:

    And what a surprise! Which one won the race??? The biggest one with the biggest volume (for the battery too). Don’t you see any correlation? :) A lasting density chart like minutes/cubic millimeters would be a way better to compare power consuming effectiveness.

  106. STEVEN Says:


    i need assists.

    Plan to upgrade from current smart phone which was quite OLD TECH samsung galaxy s plus which always cause a problem such as hang & re-boot itself and etc

    Plan to move to LENOVO S939 OR SONY XPERIA T2 OR Z ULTRA

    Please advise me

    Thank You


  107. Edge Says:

    Xperia Z2 not on the list?

    come on! I have owned Z2 and so far, has a very long battery life.

    It have around 3 days in average use, more than a day for heavy use, and more than 7 days for standby mode.

  108. dawatech Says:

    Cool list, these are top end smartphones, battery life is another thing entirely when considering smartphone, longer battery life really matters!

  109. Rudy Ramirez Says:

    The Blackberry Passport can last 30 hours.

  110. gigi Says:

    Lenovo p780.
    By far the best battery life. With light usage can last, up to 10 days!!! Anyway 2-5 time longer then the rest of the hand phones. The week point of Lenovo’s phones is software, sometime u can have problems.

  111. Inês Matos Says:

    And the LG G2 ? Z3 compact ?

  112. sasuke Says:

    nice thanks for the advice… very helpful

  113. pinball2k Says:

    I just want to say something bout the winner of this test, the Ascend Mate 2.There are very few comments that talk about the number 1 on the list.

    I LOVE my Mate 2 from Huawei. It is a great phone and at $299 unlocked it is a bargain too.

  114. Rey Says:

    Reason why I visited this page is that I would like to replace my Galaxy S5 as it would only last about 5 hours. bought a new battery in the hope that I only got a lemon battery, but alas, no improvement at all.

  115. Chris Ryhaenen Says:

    *Cough cough* THL 5000 *Cough Cough

  116. Matt Says:

    I’m suspicious of your testing methodologies… I have used all of the following phones for at least 2 months each: iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, Galaxy S5, Droid Turbo.

    In my day-to-day usage experience I found that iPhone 6+ was at the top, with 8-10 hours screen on time (and 24 hours standby). The iPhone 6 held its own with around 6 hours on average screen on time. The Galaxy S5 and the Droid Turbo are pitiful, I never could get more than 4-5 hours screen on time with them. This is especially damning for the Turbo given how much bigger its battery is than the S5! The saving grace of the S5 is that if you really need battery to go all weekend, you could get a ZeroLemon battery pack. I am currently using the 6+ as my daily driver and am continually impressed by amazing battery life that is far superior to the Galaxy S5 or the Turbo, despite your claims.

  117. johnny be good Says:

    Where are the BlackBerry Z30 and Passport on this list?

  118. syed hasahim Says:

    I that only one one one one one best smartphone in life is only and only is 1st blackberry very very brand compare to all. Best life best blackberry that all.

  119. Nathan Says:

    Reading this I laugh because I bought a Chinese military grade smartphone for 200$ (very cheap) and it has a 5800 mah battery in it and has 50 DAYS of standby

  120. Rimeskie Says:

    SO you didn’t include Lumia 1520? Even it only have 3500mAh, it can lasts up to 107 hours of battery endurance test

  121. christoph Says:

    Nokia Lumia 1320 is the best battery life of any smart phone i could find.

    surprised it isn’t up here. it has the best life due to its low processor, low OS demands and massive battery as well as low screen resolution.

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