Smartphone Madness 2013 Finals: Nokia Lumia 920 vs. BlackBerry Z10

We’ve  made it to the big show. It’s been a long, tough fight, but we’ve narrowed the options for your Smartphone Madness champion for 2013 to either the Nokia Lumia 920 or the BlackBerry Z10. One on side of the court we have Windows Phone 8 and on the other BlackBerry 10; the Nokia Army vs. CrackBerry Nation. Which side will come out dominant is all up to you. Let’s meet the competitors.

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The $99 Lumia 920 is poised and ready to finish strong and make last year’s winner — the Nokia Lumia 900 — proud. So far, it’s handily taken down the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900. And just a little while ago, the polls closed on the semi-final that propelled the Nokia Lumia 920 here. This Editors’ Choice-winning phone is slick and colorful. We’ve praised it for its superb PureView camera, eye-popping 4.5-inch HD screen and integrated wireless charging. We also love Nokia’s useful preloaded apps. I’m sure the Windows Phone 8 fans are exhausted, but they’ll have to rally to beat the BlackBerry’s base. 

To get here, the BlackBerry Z10 had to step over the Google Nexus 4, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, and the Sony Xperia Z. It’s easily brought home every win, and as long as the fans don’t get over-confident they might be able to do it again. That’s because we praised this handset, during our review, for its slick multitasking interface and superior touchscreen keyboard that learns as you type. Other special features such as BlackBerry Hub, Voice Command and BBM support might be of use during this battle. The Z10, available on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless for around $199, was first available on AT&T. 

Since this is the finals, you’ll have time to make your pick and promote your side. But not much. Polls will remain open until Monday, April 8th at 9 a.m. EST. Tip off and voting starts … now!

Anna Attkisson
Anna Attkisson
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  1. Rob By Says:

    Should be an easy victory for the Lumia.
    Windows phone OS makes it hard to beat already as most users will testify and the Lumia 920 also has great hardware features with wireless charging, ultrasensitive screen, rich audio recording, optically stabilized camera.

  2. Nokia is a Myth Says:

    Lumia? I’ve never seen one in real life. Whereas, I see the Z10 all the time now.

  3. Lumia is a Unicorn Says:

    Iphones, Androids, and BlackBerries you see on the daily basis. I find it hard to believe that the Lumia actually exists. Is it like the mythical unicorn which only appears in fairy tales?

  4. JL Says:

    BlackBerry Z10 is much better than Lumia. Especially the UI and gestures are awesome in Z10! Too bad Microsoft killed Nokia’s MeeGo, which had a similar UI.

  5. vietnamese Says:

    I like nokia lumia920.idon’t like blackberry z10

  6. bnlf Says:

    easy pick! lumia 920 is at least 1 year ahead of bb10.

  7. huyle Says:

    BB Z10 is suck.

  8. Tim Says:

    LUMIA is the BEST!!!

  9. Mykey Says:

    Wpcentral vs Crackberry ! As a 920 user I agree with above poster :)

  10. NokiaFTW Says:

    BlackBerry is not just laggy, & crashy, like Android.. sucks

  11. joey Says:

    Wonder if this poll is rigged? I mean I voted for the Nokia L920 because I have it and love it, but you would think the HTC One and the GS4 would be in the overall finals. They are the most anticipated phones.

  12. Jule Says:

    honestly, I rather have iphone due to the apps. but lumia920 definitely is better than the blackberry.

  13. Oliver Says:

    The Lumia also beat the HTC One on its way to the final

  14. Gerardo Says:

    Have a Nokia 920 and have played with Z10, Windows Phone OS is a thing of beauty and simplicity and when combined with Nokia’s hardware and services its just the best smartphone experience I’ve ever had ( having owned smartphones since wm 5). I kind of liked the gesture stuff on the Z10 but the ripped off tiles from WP and Android/IOS Icons just made it feel like a Frankenstein of a phone. Maybe I’m getting old but I prefer things simple and fluid that don’t compromise functionality and Z10 gestures can be a bit gimmicky at times but my biggest concern with committing to BB10 would be the lack of complete Ecosystem I get from Nokia/Windows phone ( Massive fan of xbox music and couldn’t see any equivalent for BB10 )

  15. moe Says:

    I can’t get it how Z10 made its way to the final!!! Beating Xperia Z and Note II ..It means android users are not that satisfied with their phones!! It’s going to be an easy win for Lumia. It’s the best smartphone this year. It passed the recently released S4..this shows what the buyers really want. Windows Phone is turning an awesome platform!!

  16. bigben Says:

    It’s lumina bitches. They win again. Nokia ftw. Lumina 920 forever.

  17. Pistol44 Says:

    I agree. While the z10 is a huge upgrade from an ancient piece of hardware Nokia has stepped up their game in terms of sheer hardware innovation alone. The z10 may have a decent OS running on it, but in comparison of hardware the 920 is far superior. The z10 design for one is very unoriginal. The camera is subpar.. There is nothing to make it stand out from the competition based on hardware alone. A virtual keyboard can’t be the main attraction of a phone.

  18. kem Says:

    I have lumia and i love it… Windows phone is so simple and nice and with the leader nokia… I love my lumia… :)

  19. scott Morahan Says:

    I don’t even know why the Nokia is even trying to contend with the Z10, the is new BlackBerry OS phone is the most awesome phone I have ever owned and i wouldn’t change it for any other phone on the market about now, so all you BlackBerry users get voting as we need all the votes so we can take the prize away from Nokia. Could on people BlackBerry all the way.

  20. Gnud Says:

    L920 black … manly :D

  21. Banker Says:

    Lumia? Windows Phone? Live tiles? This is all kids stuff. It’s basically a Fisher Price phone. I could see 5 year old children using it for sure, it does have pretty colors. Metro UI is ugly a *** though.

    Adults (and smart people) use Blackberry and the Z10 is one of the most impressive phones I have ever seen. The OS is unmatched in the market today. Once the Q10 comes out it will all over for windows phones. Microsoft is doomed.

  22. Spiny Says:

    Just upgraded from my 8X to Z10 this week. Loving it. Z10 is a great phone and the best communication tool. Blackberry Hub and real multi-tasking are awesome. The Z10 also has a usable notification centre although its “coming” to Win Phone (next year?).
    Got Instagram running on my Z10 and adding BBM friends daily. Sorry, Lumia/WP is a “burning platform”, or should I say “fizzling platform”.

  23. teaguy Says:

    Z10 piece of junk. Freeze all the time. Nokia 920 is the best..

  24. Robert Says:

    Why this 2 have a fight? While I vote for Z10 I wish lumina fans well too.

  25. V Nguyen Says:

    Lumia 920 is the best smart phone of all as of in the smart phones world!

  26. Never seen a Lumia in the wild Says:

    This has got to be rigged. I have yet to see a Lumia in real life….how long has it been out again?
    Z10 all the way

  27. Daniel Says:

    to be honest. the 920 is the best because it’s features it has over the Z10. e.g pureview camera sensitive screen, wireless charging etc. also the UI is consistent everywhere on Wp8 and 920. the functions are in order like on other apps. unlike BB10 which is over the place. I like the gestures. but as a consumer standpoint I think the 920 is the best overall that is why I think the 920 is the best

  28. Dan S Says:

    I used to own a Lumia. It was a nice phone but it was a a brick. Heavy and the os felt slow. I own the Z10 now and I love it. It’s a pretty unique os but not too different. Phone is fast and I love the gestures. Another thing is even some of the apps that aren’t available yet I have them on my Z10. I just sideload them like Instagram works great.

  29. bigbenbiggy Says:


  30. Cuthbert Says:

    “To get here, the BlackBerry Z10 had to step over the Google Nexus 4, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, and the Sony Xperia Z. It’s easily brought home every win”

    This poll is a joke, do these admins not realise they are damaging their credibility with this running joke ?

    “and as long as the fans don’t get over-confident they might be able to do it again.”

    ……………..what has confidence got to do with it ???????….facepalm

    All the Nokia and WP fan sites have this up already…………… their deluded minds they think this counts for something…………

    Is laptopg mag desperate for the ad-clicks ???

  31. Dominick Says:

    Not one single spec is better on the Nokia. How in the world could you even think its a better phone. Owned my Z10 for a month now easily the best smartphone available!!!!

  32. WP8 is the best Says:

    Lumia 920 is the best. The only OS that doesn’t freeze. Blackberry freezes every minute!!! You always have to restart your phone, very unstable !!!!

  33. vindo Says:

    Good to see this level of support for these minor players, it gives me hope that there will be meaningful competition for IOS & android. Apple nearly went out of business and it was only the zealous core fan base that kept them alive through the worst times

  34. Seba Says:

    Nokia 920

  35. Lewis Says:

    It’s not purely about specs. I used to be a spec guy but found that they aren’t everything. L920 is just a great phone and it’s got a unique design, a smooth OS and a great camera.

  36. RickyBobby Says:

    Tiles are for bathrooms!. Gimme Z10 ALL DAY!!!

  37. Tbuck Says:

    Love these comments about how the 920 is so superior to the Z10. For one thing, same chipset, same SoC (Snapdragon S4), and the Z10 still manages to be slimmer and lighter than the 920.

    Same screen size and rez.

    The Lumia definitely has some intriguing features, like the Qi-compatible wireless charging, but it’s also considerably bulkier and heavier than the Z10.

    Personally, I love BlackBerry’s new Peek/Flow interface, and I’ve seen no lag whatsoever. Awesome device.

  38. JavP Says:

    2 words for bb fans, HARDWARE Killer, go cry somewhere else, Not to mention os wise bb10 indeed a nice upgrade for bb users but still needs more content, in most of the features nokia beats bb!

  39. Siliconsub Says:

    I am a huge fan of Nokia, people used to call me the Nokia fanboi; this is not right, this is not true. Neither of these phones should be here. They are both great phones, but they don’t this kind of status, I am sorry to say.

    I want to see a poll which has not been advertised by any fan blogs, or any bias websites, and see what the results would be. Most likely it would be similar, but not the Nokia Lumia 920 and BlackBerry Z10, I cannot see the truth in this. However, this is what the people said, and if they truly liked their devices (97% are likely not to have a Lumia, and slightly more not to have a Z10), they should have voted for them. Now that they are in the final though, it is a easy decision to make.

    One thing to everyone that says they have never seen a Lumia in the flesh, outside a store, I have seen around 6 or 7, but nothing compared to the Galaxies and iPhones.

  40. Never seen a Lumia in the wild Says:

    @WP8 is the best: you’ve obviously never used a Z10. sounds like you’re making a blanket statement based on the Blackberrys from the past.

  41. Guest Says:

    You haven’t even tried the Z10, teaguy, stop being pathetic, i’m voting for the Lumia 920 but i don’t need to lie about the competitor.

  42. BÅ Misu Says:

    To you guys who says that the Z10 is laggy and freezes all the time. You couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve had mine for a month now and I can promise you that this phone super fast, and never has to be restarted. Simply the best phone I’ve had!

  43. Keith Says:

    I’m just glad the finals consist of a Windows Phone and a BlackBerry, with no Android or iPhone in sight. More competition is a good thing.

  44. Lonesome Cowboy Says:

    Love both! Vote none :)

  45. Joan E Says:

    My vote goes to Lumia 920. I have seen some Lumias around, not a lot, but some. But I have yet to see a Z10. I am in Barcelona. It does not help that the most important mobile operator, Movistar (Telefonica), still does not sell them. Nokia is obviously not what it was, but it is still Nokia, traditionally a poweful european brand.

  46. BothAreAwesome Says:

    Both Lumia 920 and Z10 are amazing phones, much better than Android and IOS phones.

  47. Drew Says:

    BlackBerry z10 Baby. It rocks.

  48. Just-Steve Says:

    I just feel amazed how blindness of the Nokia fanboys is.
    They think Lumia 920 is the best phone in the world but here is the reality:
    1. This phone frozen all the time just like any window on the laptop and PC
    2. Never saw anyone carry or use window phone
    3. It was not and will never be lint the top sell list in Amazon, ATT, Verison. On the other hand, Z10 is on the top sell list in all those websites.
    4. People trry to sell Lumia 920 $120 less than the Z10 but still onbody wants it.

  49. Seven Says:

    Called it from the first round. Not coz either are the best, but because both have the most hardcore fans.

  50. Johan Says:

    “Not one single spec is better on the Nokia. How in the world could you even think its a better phone. Owned my Z10 for a month now easily the best smartphone available!!!!”

    Except for bigger screen with better technology, GG2, Higher refreshrate on the screen and higher sensitivity, Dolby sound, double the builtin flashdrive (faster), better/wider network support, double the speed on internet Connection, DLNA, Hotspot, better camera, Dual LED-flash, OIS, All big social services integrated, wireless charging, noice cancellation, high amplitude mics, bigger battery, better batterylife, better screen in direct Sunlight… Yeah… But otherwise…

  51. dudululu Says:

    I love lumia 920, i need a lumia 920,It is no ona, perfect

  52. ha tony Says:

    Lumia 920 winner, zozo

  53. magicboa01 Says:

    Lumia 920…windowphone 8 winner

  54. PJ Wilson Says:

    Both phones are good, and it’s nice to see Blackberry and Windows make it to the final. It all comes down to personal choice, and having four choices (Windows, Blackberry, Apple and Android) is better than only having two. In the end we as users win because it means more competition between the various companies.

    It looks like Windows will take this poll, and as a Blackberry Z10 user, I’d like to congratulate the Windows users! Cheers.

  55. Capitalist Pig Says:

    Who are these people saying the Z10 freezes all the time. It has frozen up on me exactly once, and I think it was because of something I did wrong (gestured myself into a pickle). Took all of one minute to reboot. Poor camera? Well, it’s more like a real camera that you have to know how to use. It doesn’t automatically apply filters like the iPhone camera does. But all those filters are there for you. I’ve taken some amazing shots with this thing.

    People who bash it haven’t even picked it up. Once you try it, you’re hooked. No other mobile computing device compares.

    That said, I haven’t used the Windows phone. If it’s like other Windows products, I never will. Bigger screen? So what. I have a tablet and a TV, both of which I can play out to from my Z10. Wireless charging? I’m getting about 14 hours of heavy use out of the Z10 after the latest update (and setting it to only connect to wifi if I explicitly tell it to rather than searching). Love this thing!

  56. Z10 sucks Says:

    Z10 sucks, laggy OS with buggy Android 2.3 ports as Apps, no ecosystem and no future, the company will get sold soon.

    Nokia Lumia 920 rocks with smooth, stable WP8 OS and quality hardware from Nokia featuring an awesome camera, super-sensitive screen, clear black screen, Dolby audio, wireless charging and solid build quality.

  57. Bobert_123 Says:

    The Z10 is sooo much better than the lumia!

  58. Dzatr818 Says:

    Blackberry z10

  59. Dzatr818 Says:

    I’m using the Z10, it’s so great that I voted for the Z10, Blackberry wish to win.

  60. phuongmy Says:

    Vote cho Lumia

  61. Falconrap Says:

    I can see some of the crackberries are over here. The problem with the Z10 is that it is to cluttered, with too many gestures and contradictions. It tries to be everything in one OS, mixing in a little webOS here, Android there, a smattering of WP8, and a touch of iPhone. Combine that with meh hardware (the camera sucks compared to my 822 – a good camera, but not as good as the 920) and you get what you are seeing. The 920 has several hardware specs, of the type that matter, over the Z10, and it’s cheaper. The Z10’s steeper learning curve, poor camera, and high price pretty much mean it won’t impact BB share much, while WP8 is starting to see significant market share increase, which is about to explode as the 520 and 720 have just been released in several markets where they will absolutely thrive. Oh, BB10 has the hub (twirling my finger now). I have all my live tiles set so I can see all my notifications right on my start screen.

  62. Jt Says:

    Really the z 10 has onlybeen out for about 4 weeks in the us. Please.

  63. Florin Says:

    We have to give them both credit for ending up in the finals.The bashing & hating has to stop!Whatever platform you choose, it has to be the one that works for you, and Windows or Blackberry are pretty solid experiences, that can handle everything Android & iOS do.
    I am a WP8 user myself (HTC 8s) and planning to buy the Lumia 920 very soon, but seeing that the Lumia has 3x more votes doesn’t mean it’s 3x better.It’s just personal choise :)

  64. dtnoble Says:

    how do lumia 920 fans feel about having to charge their battery every 6 to 8 hours. I’ve dumped my 920 in favour of the Z10 for this reason. The 920 is a beautiful piece of hardware that is underpowered to the point of being useless.

  65. klubbkidd Says:

    Nokia? What a joke. Z10 is worthy, and it’s adversary in the final should be a Samsung. Nokia is crap, and these Windows Phone morons are just making laughable comments saying the Z10 hangs/ugly etc. Obviously they can’t afford to own one. *shrugs*

  66. caro Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 No1

  67. Jonno Says:

    all those windows phone users who keep saying the Z10 freezes constantly, I think you’ve all only had experience with the older BBOS phones (os 7.1 and prior) rather than BB10. BB10 is significantly more efficient at multitasking and remaining fluid in comparison to ANY other mobile platform, including Windows Phone (when you want to close all your running apps, spamming that back button can be a pain).

    I can greatly appreciate the photographic capabilities of the Lumia 920, as it has the legendary PureView camera technology built in, and the mapping technology is better I can also concede that, however that is about it in terms of better. If those are the end-all-be-all things to you, then of course the Lumia will be the better phone. However, for messaging, for multitasking, for sheer capability without having to have an ultra-powerful quad-core phone, the Z10 is the better handset. Besides, being able to increase the storage memory can certainly come in handy, along with changing the battery in a pinch.

    Z10 also has a better antenna than the 920. For proof of this, check out Telstra’s page. They assign a “blue tick” to any phone that has better cellular reception capabilities. The 920 does not receive this indication, while the Z10 does. Before any Windows Phone zealot comes at me to say it doesn’t matter, it actually does. It means that indoors, or in any place of “low coverage”, the Z10 will have better battery life over-all, along with better data speeds and clearer voice communication than the 920.

    Wireless charging, well that messed up two separate phone batteries for two separate phones I’ve had in the past… I’ll stick with wired for the most part thanks. And especially given the battery on the Lumia 920 is not removable, that’s extra incentive to stay away from wireless charging entirely for me.

    The Lumia’s a beautiful phone, and I can see it does have a following (though here in Canada I have yet to even see ONE outside of a carrier store), however for actual capability as a communications device (you know, what phones were meant to be), the BlackBerry Z10 is actually the better phone. Omission of a unified notifications centre on WP8 is just one highlighting of that.

  68. zachgeo Says:

    My vote is Z10 — MS and their Windows cannot be trusted…

  69. manhenter Says:

    Nokia lumia 920 :)

  70. your mom Says:

    I guess if you’re a huge fag you’d vote 920 but as far as actual OS goes with the z10 running on QNX as opposed to m$ft on m$ft action its first clear winner…but you’d only realize that if you weren’t a fag…continue on lol ;)

  71. JAMES GIAO Says:

    BLACKBERRY Z10 will be my only choice! why? it’s just perfect for both business and entertainment purpose (of course, there still a limit of app, but who care. I dont spend much time for playing). I dont have any security fear with BB protect and BBM, which bring conversation grow freely.

    Vote for BB Z10 of course !! Waiting for the coming BB Q10 :)

  72. Bill Says:

    So many Windows fans who have obviously never used a Z10 before. Grow up kids.

    Blackberry Z10. Best phone on the market now hands down.

  73. James Says:


  74. balti Says:

    Well hopefully the Z10 wins I haven’t come across a single 920 actually any Windows Phone for that matter I have a friend on Facebook that posts from a windowed phone idk if that counts but I would never buy a lumia 920 if I wanted a camera I would go buy a nikon but no I got rid of my iphone 5 for the BlackBerry Z10 and haven’t regretted it at all :) go BlackBerry go!

  75. phuc Says:

    I love Lumia.

  76. phuc Says:

    Lumia 920

  77. tomakali Says:

    S4 or S8 with 100core processor
    iPhone7 or 70 with longer screen…

    wait for the ERA of SUPERPHONES…
    Wait for the 41Mpx Lumia superphone to shit the hell out of all the handsets…

  78. Hypno Says:

    My wife got her Lumia 920 in January, and I got my Z10 on March 22. This means that I have BOTH in my home, and have used both extensively. Let me put it this way… my wife is angry at me that I didn’t make her wait and get the Z10. The Lumia 920 IS a great phone, but when she sees how, IN THE REAL WORLD SCENARIOS, I am multi-tasking and using the Hub, it’s all over. She now feels like she has a really powerful FUN phone, and I have the grown-up powerhouse phone.

  79. linh Says:

    Like 920

  80. giang Says:

    Like lumia 920

  81. Tommy Says:

    Bb shouldn’t even have won over the Sony. Z10 would Be a fine smartphone last year when android was still laggy, but with jelly bean people are used to smooth os (as with i5, wp7/8). Unless you are a bb fanboy, go for the three Kings i5, HTC One (Best android atm) or Nokia Lumia 920(Best wp unit).

  82. gro Says:

    For the people saying that the Lumia has better specs… I think you need to actually compare the specs of the two phones. They actually have almost identical specs :) S4 dual core with Adreno 225 GPUs. The Lumia has a better camera, but the Z10 has *double* the RAM of the Lumia with a full 2 Gigabytes compared to the lumia’s 1. Even the S3 has 2 GB of RAM.

    This lack of ram will shorten the useful lifespan of the Lumia as apps become more and more RAM hungry.

  83. Lamppu Laamanen Says:

    Of course Lumia 920 is the best. You know it when you USE it! That simple. These BB-people have never used or even seen the fantastic L920.

  84. Kari Hanninen Says:

    I love my yellow Nokia Lumia 920!!!

  85. nam vo Says:

    I reckon only non major platforms make the final verdict. I think Android, ios fans don’t have much enthusiasm left for their beloved phone platform.

  86. JoeBB Says:

    This poll is rigged! I couldn’t vote for the Z10 as there was an error everytime. I tried voting for Lubad 920 and it accepted my vote – bizarre
    Z10/Blackerry10 (QNX) rocks and will be the future of mobile computing

  87. Joe Says:

    LOL. This poll is a joke. The only reason these 2 phones are in the finals, is because 2 loser sites are sending their fan boys to rig the votes. We all know for damn sure that these aren’t deserving of being the best phones in the market.

  88. Oliver316 Says:

    Bill Gates: “Windows Phone Strategy is a Mistake”

    Microsoft share on mobility is shrinking, no one is buying the lumias. Where’s Z10 sales is starting to soar high. The lumia 920 may win this madness but not in the big world. The Z10 is the best in mobile computing with the only RTOS in the wild. Beat that!

  89. Jj john Says:

    I have to say I find it hard to understand how the L920 is winning.. It’s been out for a year now right? I still have NOT SEEN ONE PERSON with one… Where as the z10 I’m seeing on a daily basis now and my younger relatives in secondary have said everyone is talking about the z10 and want to get it. #TeamBlackberry :)

  90. Fern Says:

    Chuck Norris used Nokia… hence Lumia 920 supreme victory!!! BB is for older lol

  91. BB10 is Light Years ahead! Says:

    Wp8 users are much like iSheep. They are unable to accept that BB10/QNX Operating System is way ahead of all the others. The new WP8 interface is childish and ugly. I am qualified to say this as I am a Windows user since 1987 and have been through win286, win386, 95, 98, XP, all the way up to Win7. I tested Win8 recently and promptly removed it as the new interface is horrible! The Z10 runs on the only true mobile multasking platform. I have been using my Z10 for over 1 month without rebooting or crashing which has is allot more than I can say for my desktop running windows. The Z10 and BB10 is way better regardless of which phone wins in this poll….nuff said.

  92. Nokia? Lol Says:

    All you Lumia fan boys should’ve kept your mouths shut. You’ve pissed off the crackberry nation so now we’re going to drop the hammer on you fools.

  93. Lumia Forever Says:

    The Z10 is the ugly red headed step child of Android and Iphone.. Lumia all the way! The Z10 has nothing original in it.. even the BB users admit that it’s a copy of android, meego, webos, and ios! even having some windows phone features!! Lumia all the way! The only thing the Z10 can boast about is its browser.. which isn’t even all that great..

  94. Giancarlo Mirandola Says:

    BlackBerry Z10 is a superior product on all counts.

  95. Jay Says:

    Wow, I thought I was the only one that bought a Lumia 920. After using it for 3 months I decided to try out the Z10 and have to say I haven’t touched my Lumia in weeks. They both have pros and cons like every other device out there. It’s personal preference but people should give each system a fair chance before dismissing them. While BlackBerry may have a negative reputation they have come a long way and are truly competing.

  96. lang007 Says:

    Got to love the Z10

  97. Lang007 Says:

    Loving this Z10

  98. playbooker_t Says:

    Who cares who wins this poll, is it scientific or a popularity contest? Just know that you are using the best smartphone on the planet right now, the BB10!

  99. BenAtRKUK Says:

    It’s pretty sad that their is cheating going on for Blackberry Z10, one look at the Crackberry forums and people are voting more than one time and clearing cache to vote again, talk about desperate to win. No cheating with the Lumia side of things tho

  100. Franky Steven Says:

    BlackBerry Z10

  101. Florin Says:

    Why the hell do you compare a pc os with a mobile os?!? You tell us that you have used win XP and now you got the BB and is so much better.Ok…you belong in a mental institution my friend.So I don’t see anyone takibg for granted what you are saying.Bye

  102. hendi Says:

    Lumia 920 the best

  103. hendip Says:

    Lumia with windows phone OS is nice colaboration.!! And Camera is the best

  104. #teamblackberry Says:

    Half the Nokia people can’t even speak proper English, let alone pick a phone. Z10 all the way.

  105. Klingon Says:

    The Z10 is #1 for me everyday I learn something new about it.

  106. Zed10 Says:

    C’mon Lumia is like a toy compared to BB10. BB10 is way ahead of Lumia light years.

  107. tomato1988 Says:

    I prefer for Z10, it’s more different than win phone..

  108. notacheater Says:

    people are cheating by clearing their cookies and voting again ….. and the jig is up. Astrix on the competition …. sad day indeed.

  109. bảo bảo Says:

    lumia 920 best choice :p

  110. Lucas Says:

    BB fans are real cheaters. Check the comment section of Crackberry . The editor advises to clear cache to vote many times. As they are only a few who likes the OS (less than WP), they are doing everthing to try to win.

  111. Dedi Haryadi Says:

    I love Blackberry Z10, with QNX base OS…BB OS10 device and Android OS device is ONE…smooth, multi-task. secure and safe ….i see the Future.

    WindowsPhone on Lumia….cry in darkness (M), like Palm OS or Web OS or MeeGo

  112. duong Says:

    z10 here we go

  113. Arun Says:

    Nokia 920.poor camera performance in blackberry z10 and a small screen plus limited colurs.boring wireless charging. no exclusive apps like lumia. nokia maps beats bb maps without pressure.In all ways , lumia is the best.

  114. Michael Jackson Says:

    WPCentral vs Crapberry baby! Lumia 920 FTW! If I was still alive I would use it.

  115. Arun Says:

    Nokia launches next flagship at may 15, then , nokia rules. no one can touch the quality of nokia

  116. QNXBB10 Says:

    BlackBerry Z10 is the best phone fast and amazing

  117. Jim Says:

    I’ll give props to BB10 for its OS, but the Nokia 920 is waaay ahead in the hardware department in basically every front.

    RIM is playing catchup, too late. To top it off, even enterprise customers are moving towards WP8.

  118. QNXBB10 Says:

    BlackBerry Z10 is the best phone out fast and nothing you can’t do on it

  119. zzboy Says:

    Nokia 920 far for all those who say they never seen one well guess what i don’t see lots of bentleys or ferraris but that doesn’t make them rubbish! Bb is dead so get over it they are hanging on with there nails with a phone that does nothing android WP and iphone doesn’t already do or did three years ago even their Ceo struggled to excite anyone on its launch. You can keep your poor fruit phone relation it may be worth something in the future as a museum piece.

  120. BB10 OS mixed child Says:

    BB10 OS is the lost child between all other mobile OS. It took a little from Anroid, iOS, and WP and mixed them up together. The result is a confused mobile BB10 OS. BB is known for the physical keyboard and secure phone. Now it is just another smartphone like others.

    Here is why you shouldn’t pick up Z10 or any BB that runs BB10:

    – Confused and inconsitent gestures.
    – The touch and wipe to turn on the phone is nice, but has to turn off. Otherwise you may send email or call someone while it is in your pocket.
    – The camera is lacking options: no geotagging, no ISO adjustment, and the freaking loud shutter without option to turn off.
    – BB10 claims to have many apps at the start; however, 20% of them are Android apps.
    – The OS is not stable yet. It freezes, crashed and restarted so many times a day.

    I’m going back to my trusty 9900.

  121. Dave Says:

    Why can’t we say something without insulting the other side?
    I am a Lumia 920 user. Yes, the WP8 interface is simple, but that is the beauty of it. Having looked at demos of bb10, the os is actually not bad. They are two upcoming operating systems with WP8 having an edge since is it more mature. However, the matchup is betweem lumia 920 and Z10, not WP8 and BB10. Z!0’s hardware is not even close to the L920 hardware. On top f the more mature windows eco system (compared to the BB10), Nokia has put Lumia over the top with exclusive apps.

  122. Kari Hanninen Says:

    NOKIA LUMIA 920 jebujee, Best of the best!

  123. Beth Says:

    BBZ10 is by far the superior product.

  124. joe Says:

    Some stupid one love BB Z10 that cannot compare to Nokia Lumia 920 in anyway. BB Z10 in my opinion is just the outdated UI and rather useless OS.

  125. I am tron Says:

    Z10 all the way lumia is a pos the os killed it on arival Symbian was a better choice lol

  126. Rick Says:

    The Lumia 920 has one year old technology in it that is still better than any of the other phone manufacturers.

  127. James Says:

    Amazing that I am holding a unicorn phone in my hand. I have owned android, bb, and windows phone not saying that any are bad phones but for me I love my Lumia 920 best phone I have ever owned. I love when people say things like its childish obviously they have never used it. For the guy that has been using windows since its inception you sound really old maybe you are just to old. From a developers stand point the OS is great. Hopefully BB can pull out of its slump because I don’t think that there should be just two eco systems I like choice and the more choices the better.

  128. MichaelNguyen Says:

    BB fans are too childish because your favorite phone is losing. This is just a poll which gets votes from the people out there. If your phone is losing that means it is not as interesting as another kind of phone. I dont care that the Z10 has a better multi-tasking feature or whatever it does. Actually I have tried my friends z10 and it didnt not make me interested, not meaning that I have to talk *** about it. Everyone has a different point of view so dont make them to like your phone if it couldnt make them feel that way. I voted for Lumia 920 because it pleased me at many points. For those youd like to compare these 2 phones by their features then you should learn that lumia 920 had come out 4 months before the Z10. Im not saying that lumia lacks some features or something but the Z10 is way too behind. Way to go lumia 920!

  129. Who will buy Z10 Says:

    Never seen a single Z10 so far. But have witnessed a few different-coloured Lumia 920s, a white Lumia 820, a few Lumia 620s and a lumia 800 and so on, oh wait, also one of my friend is using HTC 8X…… Z10? What? There are people who are still using Blackberry?

  130. freestaterocker Says:

    TBuck the Lumia has a 4.5″ screen, the Z10 has 4.2″. I’m not a bigger-is-better guy, just pointing out they aren’t the same size. Almost 3/8″ difference, which on a phone is a BIG difference. Also, stop me if I’m wrong, but I’m fairly certain the Z10 screen resolution is 720×1280. (?) The Lumia’s is 768×1280. (more pixels horizontally). And the Lumia has a larger battery and larger camera mechanism adding girth and weight. A properly functioning 920 (QC issues are well-documented in the battery dept) can last over 30 hours of moderate usage. Based on the reviews I’ve read, including, the Z10 has trouble making it through the workday. I use a Samsung Ativ S, for the record, so I am biased towards WP, but if I was going to buy a Motorola I would pick the Razr Maxx over the Razr. I would rather have a phone that is fatter and lasts longer.

  131. REPLY TO: BB10 is Light Years ahead! Says:

    There is one thing I want to inform you of. Although the Wp8 and Microsoft’s desktop Windows 8 operating systems have similar looking UIs, they are not the same operating system. The way I understand, it the UI is basically the only similarity. I do not own a windows phone or a blackberry, however it is my impression that windows phone is a fast and stable operating system, and should not be dissed on because the desktop windows 8 isn’t that great.

  132. chris french Berry Says:

    The z 10 is the best ,When you see this browser is 485 points on 500. Points maximun the nokia is out

  133. Ajit Mondal Says:

    Nokia Lumia is the Best and its the best and common to we people in India.
    Nokia is the Better and the Best.

  134. adrian lalin Says:

    I’ve got Lumia and its amazing…what I just don’t like is that I can play my favorite games on my android..which is not really good..and I’m also a Fan of instagram which doesn’t exist on windows phone market,but overall windows phone technology is amazing and I would still go with the Lumia 920 than the Z10

  135. NikD1 Says:

    lol WP fans and BB fans look like idiots arguing with eachother (I myself am WP fan but not getting involved here) you are using the same arguments against eachother ‘your all sheep’ ‘no your all sheep’ ‘your phone always freezes’ ‘no your phone always freezes’ etc, none of you are researching your facts. I am quite embarrassed by both sides.

    also this cheating by voting mutiple times stinks. please stop, you do your reputation no favours.

  136. Steven Says:

    I gotta go with the Lumia 920. Even if BB wins I still go with the Lumia. Nokia makes the best phones period. Its not so much the apps but the phone itself and going through 2 Androids and 1 Iphone and now the Lumia 920 I can say the Lumia is by far the most stable, durable phone phone I ever had. BB is a solid phone as well (friend has it and does love it) I still love my Lumia better.

  137. itguy Says:

    Had the L920 for 5 months and the Z10 for 3 weeks now, hands down Z10 is better in every way except the camera.

  138. Roronoa Zoro Says:

    Its like Nokia vs BB+Samsung+iPhone+HTC fans. Nokia forever no matter what it makes.

  139. shivakaluse Says:

    I’ll go with Lumia920 as i voted.
    A unique reliable hardware and talented operating system,

  140. James Says:

    BlackBerry is a fruit that the Lumia 920 will squash..

  141. Clarke Says:

    This is so cute. Watching the Windows Phone and BB users fight is like watching two people fight over which is better: Betamax or LaserDisc.

  142. Grant Says:

    I own both phones. For me I use only the Z10 now. Although I really like the 920 (incredible build quality, great display, Nokia Maps), the Hub, typing experience and ease of multitasking on the Z10 make it the better phone for my needs (email and text communication primarily). Much better battery life compared to 920 too. Can’t go wrong either way though.

  143. Jonny Says:

    I am surprised how well the BB is doing here.
    The Z10 has barely been out for any time in the US, and it fell flat on its feet in the UK, most people don’t even realise they have a new phone. Where as there are lots of Lumia’s about now. I have never actually seen a Z10, all I have seen reviews showing them freezing all the time.

  144. Md Says:

    i think dees bb guys r gone made saying z10 better den lumia ..blah blah,in ur dreams baby .
    Nokia lumia 920 superb alot better den z10 wid great specs

  145. Charles Says:

    Lumia 920 all the way! Nokia makes one of the best phones in the market now. 920, 820, 720, 620 and 520 are all good 2nd generation Lumias. HERE Maps is quicker then BB Maps in loading and free streaming of music with Nokia Music. Local scout and Augmented reality apps and faster boot. Apps are not a priority. Even though Instagram is coming to Windows Phone, BB10 has Instagram already

  146. ukscooter Says:

    I’ve used the 920 and it is awesome, I’ve used the Z10 and found it no where near as nice. On this my vote is easy, 920 all the way.

  147. Kyle Says:

    As someone on here said, they have never even seen the Nokia phone, either have I, iPhones androids yes. I love my Z10

  148. george Says:

    Lumia 920 ftw had mine since Christmas and love it. Has great apps and brilliant services from Nokia. The os is also fantastic and simple to use. Were i live there are many people with windows phones mostly 820 and 920 lumia’s however i haven’t seen any blackberry Z10’s as most people still have blackberry os7 phones like the curve and bold.

  149. rawriclark Says:

    Bb z10 is just a retarded phone , lumia = better at everything. Apps, screen, hardware , camera

    Cry more bb,andriod ios fanboys while we enjoy reading your ignorance from our lumias 😃.

  150. Drew Says:

    First of all, anyone that says the Blackberry is an outdated or useless OS are ignorant! I understand that people are Microsolf fans, Blackberry fans, and a sh*tload of Apple fans. But this is between two of the best phones on the market. Yes people use Blackberrys and people use WP8. Not everyone is about apps only, we use smartphones for smartphones, not games and apps to share pictures with everyone. Now, the Lumia and the Z10 are great smartphones! I have used the new Blackberry Z10 and I have to say I am impressed with what RIM has done. The Blackberry Hub is awesome, its the social king! You never have to open an app or email to send or read a message. The email is far better than any smartphone, even on my computer. The Blackberry Balance and Remember are great! The Enterprise is secure and perfect for my work. My Iphone5 is on my desk while I am using the Z10! I have used the Lumia and I loved it! But I might have to go with the Blackberry on this battle. OS, hardware, Hub, Balance, makes me pick the Z10. Sorry my life is not about playing games and apps. Thanks for reading

  151. So Sad Says:

    This is like watching two hobos fight over a used cigarette butt. It is simultaneously entertaining and repulsive. May the most desperate hobo win.

  152. Hua Says:

    All you guys who claim Z10 is slow, you haven’t seen Z10 AT ALL. It’s great you love your phone of choice but making up claims that you have no knowledge of only makes you childish or liers.

    Z10 is buttery fluent, no lag no stutter, no need for reboot for months, the micro-kernel based BB10 blows everything currently in the market out of water, Quad Core or not, 1.7+GHz or not, that’s how efficient this OS is.

    And the HUB, Flow, and keyboard makes it a perfect communication machine that supports single-hand operation the best. It puts seconds back to your life instead of wasting those seconds or your other hand just to check a message.

    And, the browser, if you haven’t seen it before, do a youtube/google search, you will find out BB10 browser beats lumia 920 hands down.

    The camera in 920 is the best in the market, no question about that. but it is lacking in many other aspects. IMHO

  153. konstantinos raptis Says:

    blackberry is a piece of crap a clone design of the iphone 5…who is so stupid to buy this plastic toy?NOKIA LUMIA 920 is the best phone out by far!

  154. john tech Says:

    Wow *head shake* I could see this being a conversation if the z10 was being compared to the s4 or iphone5 …

    Microsoft OS on a phone … dont even want that on a computer, but on a computer its almost unavoidable. On a phone!!??

  155. Tom Says:

    Just got my lumia 920 this week – definitely the best smart phone bar none :-)

  156. Mitch Says:

    The Z10 is hands down the better of the two phones overall imho. Nothing beats the hub and timeshift. Nothing.

  157. john tech Says:

    WOW *head shake* i could see this being a serious conversation if it were the z10 vs the s4 of iphone5 … but windows phone!??

    I dont even want to use Microsoft OS on a computer, however for business purposes it’s still hard to avoid. But choosing to use Windows Os on a phone!!!???? and not just one person but thousands. Not trolling or anything but have you 920 users used the Z10?? And if so what are your main reasons for the choice?

  158. Lumia Forever Says:

    Lumia is the clear winner here. Superior in every way. Not to mention Nokia as a company is far superior to BB. Heck they had to even change their name from RIM in an attempt to get people to forget how terrible of a company they are.

  159. theo Says:

    Wow. The BB is pretty much dead in the water, sorry. ID prefer it to an android or ios phone, but c’mon, the L920 is by far the best phone out there (it would be nice with a physical keyboard though).
    Sad to see the BB people cheating like mad here….

  160. Bobert_123 Says:

    I love how every claim you WP guys have made about the Z10 is COMPLETELY FALSE

  161. rahul Says:

    lumia 920!!!!!!!!!

  162. Tbuck Says:

    Hilarious, all these claims about the “superior hardware” of the Lumia. It’s the SAME CHIPSET AND SoC. The Z10 is considerably lighter and thinner, too.

    BB10 is a beautifully-designed OS (created by the same group that did the UI on Meego) that’s fast, stable, and efficient. And the BB app catalog is growing every day.

    Z10 ftw!

  163. wemberg Says:

    I have had all types of smartphones after being a loyal BlackBerry Bold, curve, torch iser for years. As a business man I discovered that all other brands gave me something that BlackBerry did not have, lots of cools apps and stuff for fourteen year old girls. What strook me after a while was that I had lost balance in life. With my BlackBerry I could return from å business ess trip and had full control, no unread mails and I was super effective first day upon my return. On Android and WP8 I found myself streaming music when I was on airports and I really hated receiving emails and waited till I was back in the office before I replied. I had to ask myself what is most important. The answer is easy. I have been a happy Z10 user for a month now and have regained balance in life.

    What is best of course it depends on what is your needs? For me it is BlackBerry and I love my z10. Now I can even stream music and emails super effective at the same time.

  164. Silver Says:

    I can’t imagine anyone using that Lumia 920, and changing to the z10. This phone is incredible. Especially the display. Never seen anything smoother on a smartphone.
    a few things. . .
    1. Windows Phone 8’s keyboard does learn as you use it, and started doing so before BlackBerry.
    2. Lumia 920’s display is true 768p, while the likes of Galaxy S4 offer 1080i displays. Note the i and p. What this translates to is that Lumia 920’s display has a higher bandwidth, and is actually more High Definition than the rest. 720p (60fps) = 1080i (theoretically 30fps). iPhone 5 and z10 displays are years behind.
    3. I read in the comments somewhere about 1GB ram not being enough soon. Frigging Windows 8 runs fine on it! If the PC is anything to go by, it’ll take at least 5 more years for apps to need more than 1GB of ram.
    4. Camera wise, Lumia 920 is unrivaled in flagship smartphones. Only the iPhone 5 comes close. And that is only in clarity of shots taken with perfect lighting. In lowlight, not even HTC One comes close.
    5. Both models have faulty devices out in public. My Lumia 920 has had one freeze since I got it months ago. It has never shown lag. I haven’t used the z10 to judge it. I can only read reviews.

    I for one, and behind Windows Phone for at least the next 3 generations of smartphones,

  165. Nokia rules! Says:

    Blackberry will die soon! Nokia and WP8 FTW!

  166. 2smart4u Says:

    Z10 rocks, no laggy stable os great job balckberry!!!
    Z10 made by blackberry and blackberry os 10 made by blackberry too…

    lumia made by nokia but lumia os made by microsoft….so sad.

  167. Maher Says:

    Lumia 920 all the way. The Z10 is nice but it can’t compare to Nokia’s flagship. The camera, the OS, the audio, the wireless charging, the build quality and durability, the screen, etc. all make the Lumia 920 ah amazing phone. I can’t think of anything on the Z10 that would make me buy it over the 920, especially when you look at the prices.

  168. James Says:

    This poll is about the smartphone, not about the company. BB z10 is the best business smartphone, Lumia is good but with mediocre hardware.

    Z10: Lumia

    Camera 0:1
    Hardware: 1:0
    Email 1:0
    Browser 1:0
    Typing 1:0

    Z10 is hands down beats Lumia 920, sorry. Go see youtube videos for comparison: z10 vs lumia vs Samsung S3.

    As for the company, Nokia is having only losses till now without any profit and living with the help of Microsoft. BB on the hand had single non-profit quarter ever till now and returned to profit this quarter WITHOUT Microsoft. So, go figure out what company is doing good and which one sucks.

    First month z10 sales: 1 million. Lumia = still sucking at sales.

  169. Both are failurea Says:

    This is a joke. Neither of these phones are more than niche phones and forever will be. We just have people trying to justify their purchases. Android and iPhone users neither care or are interested. Market share leaves both in the dust for a reason. Both are unappealing to majority of consumers who know nothing of nor care of sites like this.

  170. johny storm Says:

    Both phone are excellent phones, it comes down to personal preference,
    So if you prefer Lumia 920, good for you, if you prefer Blackberry z10, well then by all mean enjoy the phone.

    This event is nothing but a very smart way to get traffics and attention to laptopmag dot com website.
    That is All

  171. lewis Says:

    @john tech – It’s not “windows” on a phone. The interface is roughly the same as Windows 8 but there’s no desktop or file manager. The core of the OS is similar but they are two different OSs. It’s personal preference. I owned a Focus and now own a 920. I’d buy it all over again. It all comes down to what works for you.

  172. Yup Says:

    It just shows you who uses what site, TechnoBuffalo did this same thing and the z10 lost to the z and the 920 lost to the dna. It ended up being a one vs dna final with the one the overall winner

  173. Monkey boy stevie Says:

    I like how BB , MS & Nokia marketing guys are fighting like second class citizens here. Who cares about them anyway!

  174. vindo Says:

    Over 10k votes and plenty of passionate support, the future looks good for both. When I read trash talk about my favorite phone I just imagine its a friend who’s equally passionate and I get over it pretty quick

  175. Richard Says:

    If the fanbois keep it up the Lumia 920 can prob win this “prestigious” award the next 3 years……………..

    They have been rigging every online poll the last 2 years

  176. lumia yellow 920 Says:

    920 winner, i neaed only lumia 920, i love lumia 920 because it is very very nice

  177. Bell's Says:

    BlackBerry Z10. No need for further comments.

  178. Z10 hubs are a joke Says:

    @Mitch, You do realize the Z10’s hubs are a poor rip off of the hubs that WP has been using for the last 3 years right?

  179. wtf is a lumia? Says:

    Lumia is irrelevant, so is Nokia and its fans.

  180. Iain Says:

    OK I am a Lumia 920 owner, I looked at the Z10 when it was released being a bb owner in my business. The first time I picked up the Z10 it felt cheap and poorly made, I started playing with the phone and within 2 minutes the screen had frozen up and was completely unusable. I have now switched all 50 of my business phones over to a mix of iphones and wp’s. I cant have a business run on a phone that just randomly stops working. I would have thought blackberry would have fixed this major problem with their phones, but the z10 has not fixed any of them. still random freezes and battery pulls to have a functioning phone. The WP and iphones have never had any of these issues. bb fanboys on here that are bypassing proper voting by casting several votes or more you should be ashamed and shows me that this z10 does not deserve to even be in this poll to begin with.

    I am Canadian and would of loved to continue using bb in my business and support a Canadian business at the same time but I cant run a business when the bb phones are not up to the task at hand.

    My vote went to the Nokia Lumia 920 because it is a good phone and has a rock solid user experience with no reboots, freezes or crashes.

  181. tara Says:

    BlackBerry all the way the Z10 is the best thing ever I can’t wait until I get one

  182. bakiak Says:

    Lumia 920 is the best

  183. tara Says:

    If you pick up the blackberry Z10 you won’t let it go blazing fast the key bored is the best

  184. Xboy Says:

    Lumia 920 ..

  185. BB10 OS mixed child Says:

    This poll is cheated for both sides. Even Kevin the admin from Crackberry told his BB fan how to cheat.

  186. nobody Says:

    you call bb z10 as a smartphone??? he even had to porting apps from android. and its laggy

  187. Z10 Rules Says:

    I have had the Z10 since the release. What a platform! Don’t knock it if you haven’t had one in your hands. Quite simply the best bit of technology out there.

  188. Ronstermadness Says:

    The z10 I have used for almost two months and it is amazing. I haven’t seen a Noria. 920 but the z10 is amazing fast and simple.

  189. Bob The BlackBerry Man Says:

    Please sirs, explain to me how a brand new OS with a brand new concept is outdated? Or why it matters that the hardware in the lumina is better when the Z10 runs on what it has perfectly? Please tell me why one of the richest companies in the world, paired up with one of the leading phone creators can’t even compete with a small (in comparison) Canadian based company. And better yet, explain why no matter how many people are for or against the lumina it magically stays 5000 (give or take 200) votes ahead…Also, to those clearly stupid people who keep saying wtf Microsoft OS on a phone?! Please stfu and gtfo cuz you obviously don’t know anything about windows phone 8…BTW Z10 All the way!!!!!!!!!!

  190. Z10 Rules Says:

    I have had the Z10 since the release. What a platform! Don’t knock it if you haven’t had one in your hands. Quite simply the best bit of technology out there.

  191. Rajdeep Malhi Says:

    BlackBerry Z10 making a come back!

  192. gorang Says:

    Hilarious how people say BB is constantly freezing and crashing without even trying BB10.
    I played with WP and while it is funky and good looking UI it just can’t compare to usefulness of BB10. Only superior things 920 has over BB10 is camera, nothing else! To those of you that value that get 920, those that need communication tool BB is the way to go once again.

  193. Bolarinwa Says:

    No story Z10 forever.

  194. albert in texas Says:

    Browser in lumia 920 slow as a snail

  195. western Says:

    lumia is like android phones sold cheap because hmmm not good

  196. Most of you are morons Says:

    I’m loving all the “Z10 is laggy and freezes” comments. If you have said this, you are quite literally a moron. You’ve never used the phone. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now, and it has yet to freeze, be restarted, or run into a single problem. The new keyboard is amazing, and I’ve never used a phone with a slicker and more fluid UI.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Lumia 920 is a good phone. I have nothing against it. WP8 and BB10 have more real-world functionality and fewer gimmicks than iOS and Android combined. In my experience, the Z10 is simply a better phone.

    Also, Johan- the list you made (minus dual-LED flash) is pretty much a specs list for the Z10. This isn’t the Storm 2, you dolt.

  197. Pure lies by Iain Says:


    That is the best made-up story I’ve ever read.

    BB10 has absolutely NO common code with the old BBOS, and is really just a QNX kernel. You’ve never heard of QNX, but our nuclear power plants use it to moderate temperatures and prevent meltdowns, our hydroelectric dams use it to control dozens of turbines and huge watergates, our cars use it for pretty much everything, our hospitals use it for life support. It’s the most stable OS out there by sheer virtue of its framework.

    QNX is used for its monumental stability and modularity. Few OS frameworks can hot-patch major functionality and fixes without needing a restart.

    I have yet to hear of a single BB10 phone needing a “battery pull”- you’re thinking of the Storm 2 and somehow your idiotic comments are seeping up into this decade from 2009.

    Any phone can freeze, but basing your future business plans off of a 2-minute demo is to your detriment. Even if a BB10 phone were to freeze, you don’t need to pull the battery to restart it and it restarts in about 30 seconds.

    It’s going to be awesome when your unsecure phones result in a net loss of profitability and potentially stolen information.

  198. Banker Says:


    It is basically smart, educated, professional, and successful Blackberry fans against immature children and the WHOLE country of India (brainwashed M$ fans) who support Nokia and Microsoft.

    You may win this one fight but the Mobile War is not over. I predict in two years Nokia will go Bankrupt! Microsoft is rich but they will give up on making phones and stick to PCs. They have to fix Windows 8, which is an ugly and terrible OS. Metro UI is just ugly ugly ugly and terrible. No serious professional would ever use this UI.

    Blackberry 10 > Android > iOS > Symbian > Web OS > Ubuntu > Crap > Windows Phone

  199. Mark Says:

    Z-10 is the BEST!

  200. RickyBobby Says:

    How can the Q10 lose to the HTC ONE??…it’s not even out yet!!!!!

  201. fridaybird Says:

    What i noticed, Nokia users have no clue what Z10 is all about. some posts clearly reflects lie being told and one can feel that a user is just blindly defending their device. You like your device you have right to do that, but you have no right to exaggerate or lie.
    Z10 and Nokia Lumia are different classes of phone. Limains mostly enjoy a good camera phone while Z10 is a great communication device that keep you moving, and people trust me thats true. I own both phones at the same time. both phones are good in their own grounds but ridiculing one just to defend and prove your point does not make sense.

  202. nguyen phu phuc Says:

    I love Nokia lumia 920, the best phone i used.

  203. miles Says:

    on nov.9 i got lumia 920. used it for 2 mnth. phone and camera are awsome. i love the phone. bb z10 came out and before even came out i heard lots of good things. i got my bb z10 didn’t like icons at all. phone is blazing fast on internet. downloading, watching youtube..etc really fast. battery will not last a half day, after5-6 days my phone asking me for security device password which i never used. after 10 times of trying i had to wipe the phone, install everything from beginning… fine.. phone is running fine. lack of everyday use apps like banking online, kijiji, autotrader,…games.
    so if you are internet surfer you will be satisfied. peek/look is so dumb dumb that i can’t even explain. ( why would i peak in my msg or mail? i will open it to see or i will not)
    used for 2-3 days and i am disconnecting my charger in the morning and look: enter device security password.
    again 2nd time? this was enough for me. post my bb on kijiji and got rid of it. i am back on my lumia 920 and i learned my lesson. just to mention: when you decide to buy bb z10 even unlocked, make sure you got right provider cause your phone can be used for talking but not for internet ( data) due to locked APN settings locked.

  204. Craig Says:

    I have had the BB Z10 for a month…. Best smart phone going. Never crashes and fast, reliable… By far the best phone available!

  205. japan Says:

    All your base are belong to Nok.

  206. ikhsanvr Says:

    LUMIA LUMIA LUMIA !!!!!!!!!

  207. Mark Says:

    Lumia is really cool phone and beats all the other in features :D

  208. mar Says:

    Z10 rocks better apps faster browsing reboots faster has a touch or same ability as BlackBerry tablet and android features also waiting for the skype app tango app can’t wait I love bbz10 100 *************************

  209. soSad Says:

    Windows Phone is a Joke! no universal message box.. if you don’t have a live tile for an app like Whatsapp you will NEVER know u have a notification!

    and besides the live tiles their menu is just a list of apps.. their email is a joke..

    whooooo pretty transitions… bahh hard to believe it made it this far in this contest

  210. Almrls Says:

    Holy crap, so many fanboys! I’ll admit, I own a Lumia 920, but I respect the BlackBerry brand, I even wanted to buy one at one point. And I won’t deny that I got a bit excited when I heard BB was making a comeback with BB10/Z10. I really don’t care which brand comes out on top, but I’ll be rooting for Windows Phone because I’m already invested in it and I see the potential of the ecosystem Microsoft is going for. Both OS have their strengths and shortcomings, but one thing in common: Google/Android is the enemy.


  211. Morlock Says:

    Nokia Army, even if you win you still lose.

    Windows 8 is garbage. Metro is ugly. Looks like it was designed by fisher price.

    These phones are essentially the same, but BB10 demolishes Windows 8. Just get Nokia to ditch Microsoft and license BB10 and you get the best of both worlds.

    Nuff said.

  212. Hari Says:

    I’ve Lumia 920 and I just love it. BlackBerry? Does it exist? Is anyone still buying them?

  213. Jr_Storm Says:

    Blackberry Z 10 must be the winner nokia is enough with a normal phone

  214. Veli Pekka Nousiainen Says:

    MS Windows compatibility – MS Office compatibility – massive support also in the future
    OIS – I want my video to be steady (shots also – and low light – lenses expansions)
    Gloves on touch screen – needed when it’s cold
    Can download the whole world maps (~8GB) using my local WiFi *before* I travel – no roaming charges…
    Brightness boost on direct sun light (over 600 nits) – I simply must have this
    Wireless charging is nice

    L U M I A 9 2 0

  215. yuliusprayudi Says:

    Blackberry z10 is the best

  216. bonie Says:

    Ha ha ha! Ppl talking blackberry is the best I won’t change it I like it even now I’m in my plans to buy Z10 blackberry when I got the money blackberry you rock my world

  217. BlackBerry Z10 Says:

    Z10 is better than 920

  218. oloke Says:

    Nokia is mass produced and affordable;BB is for a select group(elite)and not too affordable.I will go for BB.

  219. BBEN66 Says:

    Nokia Lumia is a bad device, full of bugs. Specially the sporadical shutdown makes it a no go. And the praised camera is also a more or less joke.

  220. Narender Says:

    LOL Cheating BlackBerry Fans.. Who cares? Even if Blackberry wins, we already know who’s the true winner… NOKIA LUMIA 920 :D

  221. sylarwzx Says:

    ich glaube,dass lumia 920 ist besser.

  222. debra Says:

    Z10 winner hands down! struggled to vote using CHROME. hmmmmmm bit of a shame for all us Z10 owning CHROME users! had to sign up a wordpress account. but worth it. I HAVE NEVER EVEN SEEN A NOKIA LUMIA 920, life ever!!!! come on guys

  223. Mikesta Says:

    People talking about Blackberry being laggy and freezing are speaking very blindly. Have you ever used the Z10? Because the Z10 has a fluid UI and has never once crashed since Ive had one and if you look around that is not a complaint you will find so please speak from a place of knowledge. The Z10 hands down is the best smartphone that you can get your hands on at the minute

  224. Mhd Serrieh Says:

    the Amazing NOKIA with it’s Beautiful Lumias will always be on TOP !!

  225. Xma1e Says:

    Really poor setup if Cranberry users have to cheat to win.

    The Z10 bombed in the UK, so it’s hard to see how this got to the top of the table!

    Anyhow, never seen a Z10 only the Lumia 920 on the street.

  226. philip h. Says:

    The Z10 is hands down the best SP out there.

  227. tibold Says:

    Nokia lumia 920 the best

  228. gnobi Says:

    No question!
    Then, of course, the BB Z10

  229. lol Says:

    my vote goes to z10, faster, more productive, and more secure!

  230. blackberry for caveman Says:

    lol what a pathetic excuse for a smartphone crackberry z10 with crappy camera,laggy and buggy 6600 is fsr better

  231. thenkencame Says:

    Love the Nokia Lumia 920, well since I’m rockin one.

  232. Joseph Says:

    Blackberry Z10 is the best.

  233. rimm is dead Says:

    Lol. Does anyone really still use Blackberry? This is beyond ridiculous. Lumia is a fine phone, but probably doesn’t deserve the spot. BB is dead and rimm will be bankrupt in couple of years.

  234. King of the World Says:

    Lumia eats shitberry for breakfast, hahahaa.

  235. Roger Says:

    BlackBerry Z10 is my winner.

  236. lewis Says:

    At this point the poll has lost credibility on both sides. Just refresh it over a period of five minutes and you’ll see quite a few hits on each side. It’s obvious that there are people on both sides working the system. BB however has more people doing it as theirs is increasing at a slightly higher rate. I can’t fathom that there are that many individuals storming in to vote on this. You need a way to restrict this by IP or filter the results somehow. I’ll say this though, BB and WP fans are the passionate few. I’m a 920 owner. :)

  237. johani-mari Says:

    Jingle bell jingel bel , jingel all the way .. Nokia skink , lumina thinks (too long) BLACKBERRY all the way , hey !!!

  238. Orlando Chauke Says:

    There’s no way Lumia can match blackberry Z10, those that voted lumia probably have no clue of what blackberry is…

  239. Dirk Says:

    Lumia 920….such a refreshing experience. Everything just works. I can start naming all it’s cool features, it’s beautiful design, the sturdy top quality hardware, how fluent and user friendly the OS is but you can read that in the commentaries above. If I’m not clear enough: my vote goes to the excellent Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone!

  240. Vidit Chaudhary Says:

    Seriously. Did I just see ASUS Padfone beating the iPhone 5. Internet can be a jerk at times!

  241. Jenn Says:

    To be objective, against fanboys and fangirls, Lumia isn’t a bad phone. Though honestly, the phones it beat are way better. I’m a gadget geek who picks up and tests everything as I want to spend my money on the best.

    Nokia Lumia is anything but the best. Used to be a fan of Nokia – in the 90s. They took over from Motorola with their designs. Now they’re just boring. And Windows Phone? Seriously? Worst ever.

    I’d rather settle for the iOS, Android or Blackberry 10 OS anyday.

    As for the hardware, obvious Windows Phone fanboys/girls are ranting about cheating and what not, when it’s obvious by numbers you know Lumia doesn’t have such a following.

    I’ve tried both – and perhaps the Lumia lamers can try the Z10 before commenting before putting dumb brand loyalty above it all. Blackberry fans can chill out. Nothing to get worked up on. Nokia and Windows Phones will die soon anyway. And Z10 is the best for now for sure.

  242. Jenn Says:

    Oh yeah. And drop the laggy, old, crappy UI comments. You’re only making yourself out to be a moron when virtually every tech site has given the Z10 thumbs up on that. Denying it is like saying Lumia is the best in the market. LOL In denial much?

  243. BMercer94 Says:

    I don’t get it. As much as i LOVE my BB Z10, i admit that it has some flaws. One: No wireless charging, counterpoint: Wireless charging is unnecessary and adds weight to the 920.
    Two: App Ecosystem: While BB may not currently have the same available ecosystem as WP8, Android, or iOS. Here’s a quote from an article that was written when the iPhone first came out:

    1. The iPhone Third-Party Apps Debacle

    Finally, the number one reason why the iPhone is no BlackBerry: Nearly a full year after Apple released the device in the United States, developers still cannot create and distribute third-party application that run natively on their devices. That means iPhone user have a very slim selection of applications they can download. And that’s downright ridiculous after a year. How “smart” is Apple’s smartphone if it can’t be used like any run-of-the-mill PC to add software? I mean seriously…

    Sure the iPhone SDK has been released, and there might be some great apps in the works, but in my opinion, that’s too little, too late, as they say.

    One of the best things about BlackBerrys is the ability to download third-party apps. And there are LOTS of them: business-apps and games; free downloads and programs you’ve got to pay an arm and a leg for; everything in between. Just search Google for “BlackBerry downloads” and there will be enough options to keep you entertained until your device is obsolete. Or check out all the great software available in the CrackBerry shop.

    There’s also the little of issue of how much control Apple will hold over which apps can run on the iPhone and whether or not they’ll be available through outlets other than the iTunes Store. So far, it appears that Apple will have the final say over which programs it will allow to run natively on the device. And the iTunes store will likely be the sole distribution channel—at least at first.

    Oh yeah, the iPhone supposedly won’t allow “multi-tasking” of native applications either, and that means as soon as you get a phone call or decided to surf the Web, you’re IM app will instantly close, severing your chat connections. And you know that cool branded Viigo RSS reader that updates itself? There won’t be any such thing on the iPhone, because it would have to run in the background while you employ you’re device. Thanks to Mr. Jobs, that probably won’t be possible.

    So from this, it’s obvious that it will grow.

    Three: Camera. Yes, the Lumia has a great camera, but the 808 Pureview has a better one. I won’t be so ignorant as to say that the Z10 has a better camera, but TimeShift functionality is excellent and a selling point to those with younger children in certain ways. This is a moot point to me as i have a P&S camera for any dedicated photography with my phone simply being an “oh wait, look at that!” *click* type thing.

  244. Kepler Says:

    Just got my Lumia 920 and boy its the best smartphone I´ve ever owned. Apple, samsung, Rimm,, you blew it.

  245. George S Says:

    Z10 hands down. I dobt know why windows even bothers making mobile os as they never can make any thing decent

  246. Simon Says:

    This sucks!, Lumia rules! :X

  247. Jack-of-all-rabbits Says:

    Z10 may be a nice phone but still it’s not at the same level as 920. And, it would be wise for even the most hard-core BB fans to acknowledge Z10 will be the last phone from them. Apple and Android are dominating the market and it’s already clear WP is the third horse in the race – or shall we call it a pony at this point… BB cannot compete in many markets with WP . Go outside the BB’s strong markets and you cannot find it anywhere whereas WP is constantly gaining support globally. Global market is what decides here – relying solely on sales in selected few countries just isn’t enough.

    Z10 was the last desperate attempt to keep the platform from dying but the momentum is so much against them it doesn’t even matter if the phone is good or not.

  248. Linus Torvald Says:

    Nokia on top? By cheating…as usual and always.

  249. Barack Obama Says:

    Z10 is the best. I used it daily and security is top class. 920 keeps resetting randomly. Not a good phone.

  250. kayth Says:

    Lumia 920 number 1

  251. chivalrous Says:

    I like blackberry z10

  252. RYu Says:

    Almost a month I used Z10 for my daily phone and never get crash, freeze or laggy, person who said Z10 like that definitely never try Z10 :)

  253. marco costa Says:

    Z10 @ the TOP

  254. Nokia Says:

    I liked Z10. UI is very innovative, sleek and fresh. The hub is excellent. Time shift camera is great and copied by Nokia.

  255. Pedro Garita Says:

    the nokia lumia, whichever flagship windows phone will be better than rambo android phones always

  256. omar Says:

    Z10 ftwwww

  257. Cormang Says:

    Lumia 920 should pick up the win easily. The hardware is great, the OS is spectacular, the apps are also beautiful. There’s no “lack” of apps – but there are some high profile apps missing.

    In my opinion, one of the problems I had with the Z10 is the cumbersome interface. I understand where BlackBerry was going, but unfortunately the end product is… not so fluid? I actually have both the L920 and the Z10. I carry them both. I have the z10 because I’m testing it for work. I tried switching solely to the z10 but I just couldn’t. In my opinion it’s just not a fluid interface and the double apps (BBM and BBM in hub) make it really confusing. It’s also confusing when your expecting a side menu when you swipe but instead end up at another screen. There’s no consistency and that bothers me.

    But the biggest problem with BlackBerry is the most obvious. The ecosystem. BlackBerry has very little to offer when it comes to services and a product ecosystem. In fact, it’s basically non-existent compared to Microsoft, Google, and Apple (Apple taking the crown of ecosystems, of course).

    Lumia 920 is a respectful device in nearly all categories and deserves the win.

  258. Kon Laor Says:

    lumia 920 is better than z10

  259. Vietnamese Says:

    I love Lumia 920 and hate BB Z10. Nothing interest in Z10!

  260. erg Says:

    well, i’m not gonna vote for an iphone designed-android OS clone.. go lumia 920, with your different style, pureview, integrated hubs and very very surprising stable microsoft OS…

  261. bobby amadi Says:

    Nokia lumia is the best and i don’t care about what anyone says. The name alone makes me smile, the design just makes me want to spend the whole money in my account. The camera quality is just so classic. Sorry to the blackberry z10.

  262. star Says:

    Blackberry Z10 is the best

  263. Wayne h Says:

    Iove the z10 great information and investment

  264. I'mdan Says:

    The Nokia 920 is perfection. No other smartphone in the world can compare, its almost sensual.

    Die BB, die !!

    Why does this website tell BB users to vote more than once? Isn’t that cheating?? 🚙 🚙

  265. g Says:

    I have both, while I like some of the z10s feature like gesture to wake, the kb is top notch if not the best and BBM my vote went to the Lumia. Overall build quality, camera, screen, Nokia apps and wp8 ecosystem. On both devices the battery is about the same, slightly worse on the Lumia.

  266. I'mdan Says:

    I thought about giving the BB to my employees but its so confusing, no one wanted it. The Nokia is soooo perfect.

    😇 😄 😁

  267. Bora Says:

    Of course Lumia 920 ! Great tech combines with fluid OS !

  268. sneha Says:

    Lumia 920 anytym……its the best an fab phone m totally in luv wid it 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  269. okazoz Says:

    NOKIA LUMIA 920 jebujee, Best of the best!

  270. Herbs Says:

    Lumia 920 any day! I love my white 920 simply the best smartphone of 2012, and still making waves in 2013. wp8 is very smooth & luxurious, no lags. and the Pureview Camera, the best in the business, esp. its low light shots, simply UNRIVALED.

  271. Varun Kumar Says:

    I don’t beleive this lumia 920 va z10 on finals surely shitty
    phones like sony z galaxy note2 or s4 htc one should have won fake polls and fake comments

  272. Spiny Says:

    The Lumia 900, last years “winner”, was declared obsolete by Microsoft mere months after US release. No WP8 for you!
    Sorry, I want a phone thats going to be upgraded for at least the term of my contract.
    BB10, “a platform for the next decade”. Z10 wins.

  273. Blue Screen Says:

    Definitely for Blackberry Z10!
    After all it still Windows. Can you imagine your phone get blue screen or virus

  274. Roberth Says:

    So much childish comments, both Z10 and L920 is great, but different advantages. I am myself owner of a L920 and I know it have some hardware design faults, like proximity sensor is very easy getting dusty and stops working, pretty easy to fix it but still annoying and that the OS sometimes brick (freeze) the OS when upgrades or restores the phone, besides that it is a fantastic phone with an OS that is easy to use and a great camera. Of course the phone lacks of Instagram and offcial apps from Facebook and Google, but still it works fine with their services and Instagram will work just fine now when Instagraph is getting released (approved already by Microsoft Store). And I can say that I have loved playing with Z10, it’s a great phone also, but it lacks in the OS integration with WP have and less good camera, but still the cameria is great in this phone.

  275. evdo1998 Says:

    I love BlackBerry Z10. It’s amazing!

  276. sh ab Says:

    LUMIA 920

  277. Alejandro Says:

    My vote is for the BlackBerry z10 gratis phone

  278. Windows Says:

    Can you imagine your phone getting Blue Screen or virus.
    After all it still Windows…

  279. Gregory Says:

    FACT: I have yet to see one Lumia 920 in real life. I swear on my mother’s grave! Five people at my work now have the Z10.

  280. Neeker Says:

    BBZ10 by far!

  281. SRa Says:

    Simple story. Wanted to buy a Smartphone and therefore was testing many phones. The finalists were Lumia920 and Z10. i tried the Z10 at a BB showroom on CMH Road Bangalore, the keyboard was awesome agreed, and thats where everything ended. I liked the fact that the UI is complete lift from MeeGo but it still lacks the finesse. There is something not rite with it. Its all too cluttered and those occasional freezes reminded me of those cheap Android phones. Not sure if it was the demo piece or if Z10 has this as a feature like Android. also whats the deal with lifting stuff from others? Looks = iphone, OS = MeeGo, icons = android??? i dunno it all felt like as if it was done in a hurry and like as if they wanted all the goodness from all the OSes.

    Next Stop Univercell on the same CMH road to try a Lumia 920. I was worried because there were so much nagative talk around this phone from the android community. One touch and i knew that this is my phone. The moment i held the phone i understood how cheaply made Z10 was, for that matter every other smartphone feels cheap except for Sony XperiaZ. The keyboard was surprisingly good, definitely not all that snazzy like bb10 but definitely super good. The camera is out of the world. You;ve gotta try it to understand it. The Build quality, the sound recording capabilities, the screen boy-oh-boy. And this android trash talk is complete nonsense. I tried a few apps on the Lumia and you would’nt believe how fluid and premium they look. Definitely the same apps on android look cheap trust me try the following apps (BookMyShow, FourSquare, tripadvisor etc). I can vouch for the Lumia 920 because i have one :)

    So this is my experience. I don’t know if this will help anyone, but i would definitely encourage people to go give these phones a try and then decide for yourself. diff people diff requirements. choose wisely.

  282. john Says:

    Z10. The best

  283. toni Says:

    nokia lumia 920 is better than another smart phone. nokia lumia 920 has amazing aplication. i like so much

  284. Vijay Says:

    BB 10 is just awesome

  285. Vijay Says:

    BB Z10 is realy a great phone

  286. JesTib Says:

    To all those saying the WP8 interface is ugly, you must have been dropped on your head as a baby. Most, if not all, major reviewers have praised WP7 and 8 for its unique and beautiful interface. Everything is fluid and quick. There no lag or hesitation. Things just happen the way they should. The OS is build around the user and gives us the information we want up front. No need for a unified inbox like on the Z10. If information is important to us, we pin it to the home screen. No need to go through apps or lists to find the information we want. And like someone else said, BB10 seems to be a collage of Android, WP, and Meego that was thrown together with no final image in mind. The whole thing is mostly a bad copy of Meego. It is an ugly and unintuitive interface. The learning curve for the device must be as steep as a shear cliff. The icons are ugly and follow no pattern, similar to that of Android. The camera is sub par, and produces worst images than the Nokia N8 from 3 years ago. The design leaves much to be desired, and seems like a terrible copy of an already lack-luster phone: the iPhone 5. The build quality can’t be that great either, considering there’s no Gorilla Glass to speak of. And to all those claiming that having twice the ram makes it a more powerful phone have obviously forgotten about software optimization. The 920 does not need that much ram, as the interface is simple, and does not require the amount of resources that the z10 requires. The only thing I will give to the z10 is multi tasking. That is one thing I seriously miss from my Symbian days. Here’s to hoping that WP will include his great feature one day soon.

  287. Azhar Says:

    Nokia l 920 the best phone
    comming to software it has windows 8 which is used in daily life… In every…etc…
    Comming to hardware as it is made by nokia the hardware will be awesome…
    It has a 8 mp pureview tecnology camera ….when compared to htc bf, samsuns s4 xpria z. Iphone 5 bb z10..lumia 920 camera is best xclent awesome.. Kirak…
    It has a new feature that dint had in any mobile..thai is wire less charging…
    nokia the best xclent handset maker in the world by its own design.hardware,software, not coping from other companies…….nokia is the best…
    Bbz10 is a waste mobile with high cost and fearute less ..

  288. Rashid Says:

    Lumia 920 forever

  289. Mike Says:

    BB10 / Z10 outperforms any other mobile platform in UX, UI. Additionally, is a secure platform. Independent of the poll’s result, Z10 is the best platform available.

  290. obembe olusola Says:

    I love blackberry

  291. Vasim Says:

    Nokia is the unique brand that can’t be compared with any others. Coming to lumia 920 , the best phone for feature recommended students and 4 youth. Every feature of L920 is incredible like pure view cam,windows os , wireless charging ………. I suggest the money spenders to put their valuable money in valuable brand NOKIA.

  292. Just-Steve Says:

    Just want WP8 fanfoys to answer one simple question:
    If the Lumia 920 was so good why more people are buying the Z10 at 199 instead of buying a Lumia 920 for only $99?
    Because Z10 is far better phone than Lumia 920!

  293. hAl Says:

    Lumia 928 for the win

  294. john Says:

    Sorry Nokia is way better. Wp8 is easy to use and is a solid os. BB is too late to the game. Only die hards are supporting it. BB continues its downward fall. And by the looks of the poll the public knows it.

  295. franknyarkoh Says:

    Lumia 920 is the best: call quality, design and the camera is awesome all being managed by windows which makes it a killer phone

  296. @JesTib From.BB10 is Light Years ahead! Says:

    YES I say it is UGLY! And this is my opinion. The truth is that all of the users with negative comments about the Z10 are clueless about the history of OS’s. There is lots of ignorance in the world we live in and as the saying goes
    “Ignorance is a Bliss”! At least Blackberry OWN their cutting edge OS and produce the beautiful Z10 all on their own steam. They are not reliant on other corporations to provide an OS for them, and have FULL control of the direction and destiny of the company which will be extremely profitable by the end of 2013. They also have 3 Billion in CASH in the bank ( while other countries have 17 TRILLION IN DEBT) which actually puts them in an extraordinary financial position,
    and by the way they also OWN their headquarters and are not selling out their patents to get cash to survive.

    “Most, if not all, major reviewers have praised WP7 and 8 for its unique and beautiful interface” YA because they are all paid to say this by those afraid of the BB comeback.
    Just like all the so called ANALYSTS that got everything wrong about the last quarterly results for Blackberry.
    They should all loose their jobs because their opinion means exactly ZERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HDMI…SD CARD….Replaceable battery….Best looking phone…Best predictive keyboard….Best reception….Most Convenient size (unlike those 5″ STARtac phones), FASTEST BROWSER (bb10=485 wp8 =420) , most secure phone (BES10) server platform backing for enterprise (Nokia has nothing), True Multitasking with Active Frames(WP8=NOT), Dual profiles securely controled by BES10, and ON and ON……BLACKBERRY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. Terence Enudi Says:

    Blackberry Z10 is Still the best because of its sleek and human friendly features. Da best

  298. bigben Says:

    Blackberry is crap, it will loose by 8 am est, 2 pm gmt time, bye bye blackberry. Nokia lumia 920 few bitches!!!!!!

  299. Adonj Says:

    BB Z10 is the best, as all BB devices are.

  300. 686 Says:

    Z10 – poor camera and bad apps.

  301. Who uses Blackberry Says:

    Who uses Blackberry nowadays? its an obsolete product which lags like hell, uses buggy android 2.3 ports as apps and has no ecosystem, the entire company will be bankrupt soon.

    On the other hand, Nokia Lumia 920 hs many innovative features like puremotion HD screen, the best camera pureview, clearblack tech, free offline navigation for entire countries, wireless charging and a smooth,stable,fluid and beautiful OS WP8

  302. 4Tiles Says:

    Blackberry and Windows Phone and Nokia fans we should unite!!! Windows Phone OS on Blackberry hardware running Nokia Here Maps, Nokia Music and Cinemagraph!

  303. Rick Says:

    Nokia is so much more innovative than bb.

  304. jonas Says:

    BlackBerry #1

  305. Joe Says:

    This competition is a joke…. They have the Blackberry Q10 in the first round and the phone doesn’t even exist in people’s hands yet. All of the pairings are bogus, designed to favour certain phones over others. It is just a way to gain traffic for ad revenue for this site folks. No better way to stir it up than have a cellphone competition.

  306. QNXBB10 Says:

    #1 blackberry Z10 phones until you try it don’t think you know it all its just so perfect nothing like the old BlackBerry

  307. BZ Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 is the best

  308. Danilo Says:

    Nokia lumia 920 lo mejor de lo mejor lo amo

  309. Ibrhim Ibrahim Says:

    Over a decade of phone experience … I have not had anything better than my Lumia 920.

  310. Lumia Says:

    Lumia is best.

  311. GetAlife Says:

    Holy crap. Get a life people. No one really cares which phone is best. You will all be dead soon enough. Will your phone and extend your life? Just ask Steve Jobs.

  312. Lumia Owner Says:

    Lumia 920 is so much better than some Blacberry phone. Nokia is so much more innovative because we have
    colorful phone selection with the most unique design, Pureview camera with amazing night shots, awesome
    wireless charging, Nokia HERE maps & Drive for free (Also other Nokia apps like Creative Studio or Cinemagraph),
    and the most important thing, Windows Phone 8 which is so fast and easy to use with it’s great live tiles and simplicity.

    I have to tell you, that in my opinion, Windows 7 sucks, but this all-new Windows 8 is really awesome, and what comes
    to Windows Phone 8, it works so well with Windows 8 PC’s. Compatibility between these devices is very good.

    Earlier, i had Lumia 800, until i bought L920. Best phones indeed

  313. crackberry for BlackBerry Says:

    BlackBerry number one

  314. BlackBerry Says:

    The world needs to try the new blackberry 10 then talk the talk

  315. tara Says:

    BlackBerry 10 for the win

  316. Giorgio Says:

    Nokia is nokia voto 920 lumia

  317. BusinessUser Says:

    I traded in my old Blackberry for a Lumia. I’ve very pleased and would encourage any serious business user who is considering a new phone to go with Lumia. It’s a solid phone.

  318. Suman Deb Says:

    BlackBerry Z10 Is Great, Awesome…………………..

  319. Fanie Says:

    Blackberry 10 All the way

  320. Nothing but the truth Says:

    Look at all the BB employees trying to save their jobs in this threat.

  321. chand Says:

    Z10 is by far the best pone I have used. One of my friend’s who had Nokia Lumia switched to Z10 and he seems to love it.

  322. News for ya Says:

    I’ve got news for you. This is the last year Nokia will have a phone in the race, because they’re losing money hand over fist.

    They’re in a massive financial crisis and had to sell their headquarters to get enough money to avoid shutdown last year. They’ll be bankrupt and out of business in another 12 months.

    Their credit rating is in “junk” territory and nobody will lend them cash.

    BlackBerry is strongly profitable and selling BlackBerry phones, like the Z10, hand over fist. Z10 all the way, baby!

    And let’s toast to the inevitable bankruptcy of Nokia!

  323. rashid Says:

    Nokia Forever nokia lumia 920 better bb .

  324. myself Says:

    Just Photobeamer alone are reason enough to stick with the beautiful 920 :)

  325. Rasjid Says:


  326. Nithin Says:

    Lumia 920 is a clear winner . Why is blackberry in the contest ?

  327. Matt Says:

    Feel sorry for people who got suckered into buying the Z10, BB’s on the way out and support for that frankinphone won’t last till the end of an average contract.

  328. David M. Says:

    BB Z10 is the one

  329. Myth Says:

    I flat out refuse to believe that the Lumia exists. Have NEVER seen one in real life. Whereas Z10 is starting to spread like wild fire. Looks like a truly boring device…seems to continue in true NO-kia fashion. Z10 all the way.

  330. kofoworade Says:

    Bb Z10. Is the best only one thing • PING •

  331. alexander Says:

    Nokia lumia 920

  332. Dan Says:

    I bought the Nokia 920 found it to laggy I was going to go back to IPhone when Z10 blackberry came I haven’t had to look back Nokia wp8 is absolute garbage reminds me of a windows operating system old and outdated even compared to the iphone.

  333. Dan Says:

    I thought Nokia was known bankruptcy protection not to long ago they are still in debt up to the ying yangs good by nokia

  334. Osiris Says:

    Go lumia GO!!!

  335. Shantanu Kabadi Says:

    will i get a lumia if it wins ?

  336. Oiche_Shamhna Says:

    I find it interesting how all the Nokia Windows users have never even touched a blackberry and they are giving opinions like they know how it works. I have three phones. Iphone 4S, Nokia Windows Phone, Blackberry Z10. I obviously love my iphone however I no longer use it as my main phone but because It has many apps that I can only get on it i keep it around and I have itunes match. The Windows phone is my least favorite finding even less apps for it than on my blackberry. I find the OS clunky and hate the list view to get at you apps. The front tiles are good but like my iphone it requires a reboot every now and then.. Now to my Surprise the phone I carry and use the most is the Z10 being an Apple guy the transition to his phone has been easier and man it works great. In fact so much so it’s how I know that all the people that are pro Nokia and bashing the Z10 here saying it’s slow and crashes those of us that have Z10’s know you are lying. I have had one since the release day in the US and not one Crash. Seriously not one.When it come to accessing email, Social, BBM and other content there is no faster phone. THe hub allows the information in less then a second. No opening 10 separate apps just slide the screen over to see the new information.I love this phone and maybe I am more passionate because I didn’t think I would. The hardest thing to deal with this phone is the same one as Nokia it has allot less apps than android or Apple. If you want a phone that is personal and business phone that is sleek, fast and fun to use try it. I would not recommend you follow the advice of people who have never used one and that would be most of the Nokia posters on here. It’s easy to make fun of the older Blackberries but the Z10 is a different breed. Go to youtube and you will see many comparisons that show that saying the blackberry is laggy is simply a lie. I am not saying the Nokia is crap just that it is good hardware saddled to a bad OS

  337. Chris Says:

    Let’s face it, both the BlackBerry Z10 and Nokia Lumia 920 are awesome phones in their own right. There are features from each phone that make them stand out. You can’t beat the 920’s PureView camera for great low light pics. You can’t beat the BlackBerry Z10’s anywhere hub for ease of communication. Both have awesome screens. Nokia can innovate, but they are still at the mercy of Microsoft, whereas BlackBerry might have an advantage providing both the hardware and software for their phones.

    I have a Z10 and my wife and brother have Lumia phones, both are excellent examples of technology.

  338. Jorge Says:

    Lumia 920!!!

  339. E. Hawkins Says:

    I’m surprised the iPhone 5 didn’t at least make it to the second round considering its loyal fan base, but compared to the rest of the competition, it has become quite mundane as of late so I understand. I haven’t seen much or heard much about the z-10, but it will be nice to see Blackberry make a comeback if it is really is a great as the comments claim. I haven’t seen many people with the Lumia 920 (other than myself), but it really is a superior device despite those that bash it just because they hate Microsoft. Windows Phone 8 is actually a pretty solid OS that has really come a long way since WP7. Nokia is doing way more for Windows Phone than Microsoft itself and I agree that Microsoft has done a terrible job marketing the entire platform from the get-go. The App marketplace has come a long way as well, despite the lack of a couple of the big mainstream Apps such as Instagram. Personally, I would have figured we would see the GS4 up against the 920 for the championship. I have owned several Blackberry and Android based devices over the years and the Lumia 920 is truly the only phone I have ever owned that I felt such satisfaction. I definitely wouldn’t have said this about any of the earlier devices I owned running Windows Mobile.

  340. Walter Ramirez Says:



  341. tuan mac Says:

    i love you lumia920

  342. sergio arias, guatemala Says:

    lumia 920 es mil veces mejor por camara,sistema operativo,bateria, procesador y muchisimas cosas mas. lumia 920 el mejor cel del mercado si señor!!

  343. thanh trung Says:

    920 very nice, i love 920

  344. Roy Says:

    What the hell is a Blackberry?

  345. bnlf Says:

    love how all bb fans came here just to try to evangelize ppl about BB10 platform and z10. “I see Z10s everywhere and i never see any lumia”. I don’t know if i laugh or feel pity of these guys. I just don’t know why android and apple fans didin’t come here to vote…maybe they just don’t care.

  346. Bee Says:

    Lumia 920 is the best phone I have even owned. Props to the Z-10. I haven’t seen one in person yet, but it sounds like it is worth checking out.

  347. shenbawew Says:

    LOL, angry fanboys everywhere


    BLackberry too late caching your browser to cheat. THE LUMIA WINS, BEATS CRAPPY BLACKBERRY. SORRY CRACKBERRYS.



    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FTW BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. Issac Says:

    The Z-10 is a Frankenstein device that ripped off something from each of the other platforms to try to get BB back in the game. I have yet to see a single person using one of these devices, much less, any Blackberry device. The 920 belongs where it is at the top. All you old Microsoft haters, just keep on doing what you do best from your recliner in the retirement home in which you live. The Microsoft bashing is getting old just like you. Windows Phone 8 is a solid platform, especially when it is sitting atop a superior piece of hardware like the Lumia 920.

  350. dadada Says:

    Well deserved victory for Lumia 920

  351. Châu Says:

    I Love Blackberry Z10

  352. Former Adult Says:

    Reading most of these comments has made me retarded. Thanks, bitches.

  353. I'mdan Says:

    “The People” have voted. Nokia, Nokia, Nokia !!

    Why is this not on the front page laptop? Big, big letters. Nokia is the best !!

  354. rago Says:

    CrapBerry is Dead

  355. raghavendran Says:

    My vote is for nokia Lumia 920. Nokia rocks with great features easy user interface.

  356. Farzad.Iran Says:

    only Lumia 920 , I love it.
    فقط نوکیا و لومیا 920

  357. S'phelele Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 deserves this one, The Z10 doesn’t stand a chance

  358. kerlyarias Says:

    Me parece que el 920 es el mejor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  359. Moises Says:

    Nokia Lumia by farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  360. Alberto Barrios CR Says:

    I prefere 100% Nokia Lumia 920. Its just the best phone, Nokia rocks with great features easy user interface.

  361. western Says:

    I need Z10 not lumia

  362. Rafael Peralta Says:

    NADA MEJOR QUE UN NOKIA LUMIA 920… (Nothing better than a NOKIA LUMIA 920)

  363. Mike D Says:

    The BlackBerry Z10 is already a winner. I don’t see or hear anything about Nokia phones! If the operating system is anything like it is on a laptop, the Windows 8 platform will fail miserably. I can’t imagine how this phone is even competing in the same class as the Z10. The BB10 plarform is outstanding, intuitive and safe!

  364. edward Says:

    nokia lumia is the best smart phone, while BB10 is a smart phone that bad, I really do not lumia 920 is the king of smart phones

  365. @BB10 is Light Years ahead! From. JesTib Says:

    Okay, lets do this one step at a time.

    You say that it is your opinion that it’s an ugly OS, and I respect that. You do however go on to say that professional analysts’ opinions mean “exactly ZERO.” So based on that, am I correct in saying that your opinion means exactly zero as well?

    Nokia may not own WP8, and you are correct in pointing this out, as well as the advantages that BlackBerry has in owning their own OS. Nokia is however more invested in WP8 than any other manufacturer. Also, as part of their agreement with Microsoft, Nokia has the freedom to change the OS to their liking. This is something that no other manufacturer can do.

    It’s nice to know that BlackBerry has $3 billion in cash, but since you’re talking about cash, I thought you should know that Nokia has $4.7 billion. And while we’re talking numbers, in the most recent available quarterly financial statements, BlackBerry made $98 million in profit, which, as you stated, is more than analysts predicted. This is good, but Nokia however posted $585 million in profits, which is just shy of six times the profit of BlackBerry. I am not sure why you are comparing the debt of the US to a company based in Finland, so I do not know what to say to that. Also not sure how the US debt helps BlackBerry.

    You are correct in saying that there is a lot of ignorance in the world we live in, and you prove that by saying that reviewers who praise the beautiful OS “are all paid to say this by those afraid of the BB comeback.” This is an ignorant thing to say, and it is not only the reviewers who have said this. I have had people tell me how gorgeous and fluid the OS is.

    HDMI out – I have never had the want or need for HDMI out, but I can see that some people would want it.
    Expandable memory – Again, this is an advantage for the Z10. However, the 920 has twice the built in memory. I haven’t even filled the 16gb of memory on my Lumia 900, so not having expandable memory is, in my opinion, irreverent.
    Replaceable battery – again, I don’t see this as being a disadvantage for the 920. Having a non-removable battery means the device can be made sleeker and stronger. I guess the Z10 would require a battery that is removable so that the phone can be restarted after one of the many, guaranteed freezes.
    Aesthetics – There is no way in the world that the Z10 looks better than the 920, or many other phones for that matter. In fact, it is about as boring as a phone can look. The only phone more boring is possibly the Galaxy series.
    Keyboard – I have not used the BB10 virtual keyboard, but giving that the 920 has more screen real estate, I would assume it is easier to type on. I would imagine that the predictive text on the BB is nice to have though.
    Reception – This is pretty hard to compare, but based on my Lumia 900 and BB7 devices, Nokia takes the win. Not sure about the newer devices however.
    Size – the 920 is definitely bigger, but it also offers a bigger screen as well as more hardware features, so I feel the added size and weight are worth it. And saying a device is better because it is smaller is like comparing apples and oranges. Some people prefer a larger device, and others prefer a smaller one.
    Browser speed – Having a higher number in the html5 test means that the browser is able to support more things, but does not make it faster. In the reviews that I’ve seen, the 920’s browser is easily faster.
    Security – BlackBerry has push security from day one. With WP8 however, Microsoft is taking the fight to BlackBerry in that area. Microsoft may still be behind, but it will no doubt get much better as time goes on.
    Multitasking – In case you didn’t read my first comment, I did say that I miss multi-tasking, and I hope it will be implemented in a future version of WP.
    Active frames – A poor interpretation of live tiles. Only able to see information on eight apps at a time vs. a basically limitless number of always updating live tiles.

    I guess you forgot to mention where the Z10 falls short of the 920. The 920 has a much better camera that easily takes better day shots, and completely destroys the Z10 at night shots thanks to the OIS and dual LED flash vs. the single LED flash on the Z10. And don’t forget about the smooth video capture ability also dueto the OIS on the 920. And how about the wireless charging? And all the different colors that the Lumia is available in. The 920 also has twice the screen refresh rate as the Z10. Not to mention the Nokia Clear-Black technology for optimum outdoor visibility.

    Based on all those things, the 920 is leaps and bounds ahead of the z10, and Nokia is obviously much more profitable and innovative than BlackBerry.

  366. @BB10 is Light Years ahead! From. JesTib Says:

    Not only that, Nokia won the popular vote, so I think the majority of people here agree with me.

  367. Steve Tilner Says:

    BB has the advantage, a very solid phone. my old Lumia was sold for half of what I paid for it one week after I locked into my Zed10.

  368. Shutter Says:

    And for the second year in a row, the Windows Phone wins due to incessant plugging by Microsoft acolytes. If the other manufacturers/OS makers gave half a damn about these contests, Microsoft would be completely buried.

  369. saad Says:


  370. clever hamadi Says:

    BlackBerry Z10

  371. Mase Says:

    There doesn’t seem to be any way to vote… Too bad. Z10 rocks.

  372. henry Says:

    Z10 its the best

  373. Helen Weis Says:

    Make Your Smartphone 007 Smart
    Hi, I would like to send you a Press review copy of our new book ‘Make Your Smartphone 007 Smart’ by Conrad Jaeger. Just let me know.
    Best wishes,

  374. kbs Says:

    Nokia is by far better in terms of consistency.

  375. eerie6 Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920

  376. Nicolas Rodriguez Says:

    Nokia Lumia 900 para todo el mundo, blackberry se le acabo su presencia

  377. raiko Says:

    I’ll always love the BB design,so my vote goes to Z10!!..

  378. الممممها Says:

    BlackBerry Z10

  379. pentagon Says:

    By my standards BBZ10 is the best

  380. Mohamed wanis Says:

    BlackBerry Z 10 is the best

  381. Mohamed Ragab Says:

    BlackBerry more that smartphone it is a computing phone viva BB Z10

  382. Beckberry Says:

    who don’t know BBM. Still the coolest messenging. And now with voice and video chat.clear display with 355 ppi,time shift and of cousu new UI and able to run some android games and applications.
    GO Z10

  383. FREDRICK Asaroma Says:

    BB is the best ever. if only the copy and past, edit and even egrsdit PDF files is ok by me (the best)

  384. Alazeen Virus Says:

    Give a Z10, I would explore!

  385. pipino Says:

     still †ђξ best Fø̲̣̣я̅ †ђξ fact øӻ backup Α̲̅Ω̴̩̩̩̥d̶̲̥̅̊ restore

  386. david Says:

    BB10!! Z10 Rock the house!

  387. Jose Vielma Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920 es el mejor equipo.

  388. Jose Vielma Says:

    nokia Lumia 920

  389. Esra Liebenberg Says:

    BlackBerry Z-10 is my baby go for it guy’s.

  390. Sophy Mutumbulwa Says:

    I Love the Blackberry Z10, But I’ll vote for Nokia Lumia 920, that phone is just way to smart!!

  391. Fis Says:

    I prefer Blackberry bold than Z10.

  392. Spy520 Says:

    I like the Z10 much more!

  393. Nithin Says:

    Blackberry has to accept the defeat . Lucky for them to lock horns with lumia only in finals or else they would have been out way before.

  394. duong Says:

    i like nokia 920

  395. Burzin Daruwalla Says:

    Z10 anyday babes anyday

  396. phone guru Says:

    Lumia has proven that smartphones are the next generation of laptops, you can literally use the lumia to do everything you can on your laptop with very little compromise, blackberry on the other hand changed there approach from business to commercial.. Bad idea blackberry, stick to what you good at. Even tho the z10 has tons of features that will keep you entertained even without BIS. Lol Lumia doesn’t need BIS at all and you’d have it in your hands 24/7, I have both phones, the Z10 and the Lumia, and I tend to pick up my Lumia instead of my BB.. Both great phones! But this time Nokia takes the cake!

  397. lucky Says:

    Nokia will get there one day. One step at a time. It had its time for being the best, now the tech head have arrived, young smatter and effective. This vote goes for Blackberry.

  398. patricia Says:

    I lav z10 ,viva blackberry

  399. kendra Says:

    Nokia fone Ȋ̊§ d best.

  400. jump Says:

    Nokia is always a classic

  401. Joe Says:

    I was big fan of symbian for a long years but now the BlackBerry Z10 eventually won the competition of the newest mobile op system’s war. Freezing Z10? Bull, since 3 weeks no restart, no switching off and the same speed provided. Lumia can do this?

  402. Omar Martinez Says:

    The most exciting of my Lumia 920 is it has 8.7 PureView camera with optics by Carl Zeiss Lens because you can take fantastic pictures without flash, I disagreed with the phone because gets overheat when its connected to the internet, The world need to know about Lumia Phone that has the best GPS System of the world, can use City Lens application to view by camera display the best shops, restaurants, and points of Interes as virtual signs overlaid on the buildings right in front of you.

  403. sammy Says:

    Lumia is awesome….

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