Smartphone Madness 2012 Game 14: Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs. Nokia Lumia 710. Voting Ends 3/30 at 9 a.m. EST.

The race to the finals continues, as does the epic battle between Android and Windows Phone. In yesterday’s Penultimate 4 match up the Nokia Lumia 900 was victorious over the Samsung Galaxy S II, thanks to your votes. In today’s battle, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus goes toe-to-toe with the Nokia Lumia 710. Which will win is up to you.

The road to the semi-finals for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is littered with the hulls of the HTC Titan II and the Pantech Burst, left beaten in its tracks. Its massive 4.65-inch screen wears Ice Cream Sandwich’s colors, which  is still a rare trait for an Android smartphone. This smartphone is powered by a 1.2-GHz dual-core TI OMAP processor with 1GB of RAM. The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE data speeds works in its favor. Plus, the huge screen isn’t just good for visual real estate, it also packs a super sharp 1280 x 720-pixel high-resolution display. As a buzzer beater, the Galaxy Nexus also includes a 5-MP rear-facing camera that can capture 1080p video.

The Nokia Lumia 710 stuffed the LG Optimus 4X HD and the Samsung Galaxy Note in previous rounds. And will now put its $49.99 skills to work against another Samsung. It will pull out all the stops, including its snappy performance, intuitive interface and bright 3.7-inch display. We weren’t trilled with the stiff front buttons and the lack of a front-facing camera, or with the grainy photos we took in low light, but the Lumia 710 does offer free GPS navigation. Overall, though, the Nokia Lumia 710 is a great choice for consumers looking to make the leap from feature phones to smartphones, and is favored to win this competition.

The polls will stay open until Friday morning at 9 a.m. EST, so get out your pom-poms and cheer on your favorite, because tomorrow at 10 a.m. the finals will begin. The winner from today’s competition will face the Nokia Lumia 900 in a fight to the death.

Anna Attkisson
Anna Attkisson
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  1. Mr. Santos Says:

    As much as I love Nokia and want their Windows Phones to succeed immensely, I would like the Nexus to win this round so that the finals will truly be a Battle of the Titans. Of course I want Nokia to win this whole tournament but I want Windows Phones’ best to triumph against Android’s finest and the final showdown, and show the world who the boss is!

  2. Seiga Says:

    Seriously!?!?!? How is this Windows phone even competing with the Nexus. Let alone, how did this phone beat the Note? Clearly this is rigged.

    This alone should tell you the winner:,Samsung-GALAXY-Nexus-CDMA/phones/6502,6135

    If this crappy windows phone wins, the credibility of this website is definitely in question. This should have been a battle between the Note or Optimus vs. the Nexus.

  3. Muhammad Sazali Shamsudin Says:

    NOKIA LUMIA 710 for the win! Nokia wins again whooo! Nokia has won so many competitors :)

  4. Felis Says:

    “and is favored to win this competition.”

    I understand that your website is tilted towards Windows phones, but putting something like that in the description does taint the reader’s opinion. “well, they said x is favored, so I’ll vote for x, because I want to pick the winner.”

  5. Noob Saibot Says:

    118 to 1,362?
    mmmm hmm.

    Finish him.

  6. Slayer33 Says:

    The Lumia 710 is a good phone, but the Nexus is better spec wise. The Android OS is what is holding it back.

    The 710 shouldn’t win this battle, I would leave the heavy work for the Lumia 900 to take down the Nexus.

    But based on price ($229 CDN with no contract) at Rogers, the Lumia 710 is a steal and for dollar for dollar can’t be beat. The Nexus is $575 w/o contract.

    The Nexus isn’t 2.5x better than the 710 in my opinion which is what the cost difference is..

  7. Reality Says:

    A Palm Pre won this one time. This is more of a forum war and whichever forum is referring their users here is winning. The results are always rubbish and don’t translate to sales or anything meaningful except for the fanboys. It’s the small victories in life that get those guys through…

  8. Devi8 Says:

    Wait, Nokia still makes cell phones?

  9. Carlos Says:

    @Seiga, its a public vote game and the people have choosen. You must be an android fan dont be mad because android is not at the top theres a new bad boy in town and hes moving fast! go nokia! Windows Phone FTW!

  10. Irawan Says:

    Samsung galaxy nexus the CHAMPION

  11. Jimmy Jangle Says:

    Seiga, you mad bro?

  12. rainabba Says:

    @Seiga Wohh there man. First of all, realistically this isn’t a vote about which is “better”, but which people prefer. To that end, the result will either be iPhone, or entirely dependent on the crowd that does the voting (more Windows, Apple, or Android people will likely dictate the same outcome).

    Otherwise I agree that a Windows Phone isn’t even a competitor. They’re making strides to get back in the game, but MS is trying to do too many things at once and personally I think the desktop is the only place they’re doing decent (but then screwing it up with that stupid Metro UI menu).

    Apple appeals to the masses though so if it comes down to Apply vs X, Apple WILL win because it’s already proven that the apple zombies are here voting (and let me remind you that reality is irrelevant here, only opinion and perception matter).

  13. majorg Says:

    Something is very strange with this competition… Even though I prefer Nokia over any other phone, this can’t be all the way true. Rather this competition has only be mentioned by Nokia blogs or is sponsered by Microsoft ;)

    I mean guys, just compare the reality with the graphic you see above… it’s a joke!

  14. Stu Says:

    Wow, i dont even know what to say here.
    WP7 shouldn’t even make it out of the second round. its a nice OS, but the lack of apps kills it.
    iPhone and SGSII should have been in the semis up against the Nexus and the Note. From there i think it would be a fair fight…but now that the forums have wind of this contest, Windows Phone’s reign of terror is coming to an end quickly.

    yes i am a Gnex owner simply because it is the best phone for me….I love windows phone, but their lack of a serious app store kills the OS for me….plus i have been burned once before by a mobile windows product (Zune).

  15. superchunk Says:

    So, you think the WP will win because it has worse features and a free GPS Navigation that pales in comparison to Googles also free voice turn by turn navigation?

    I just don’t get it. Gnex is the best phone in this entire tourney.

  16. Jonas Says:

    Considering how much higher the satisfaction rate is for the Lumia 710, it should win this round with little trouble if Fandroids aren’t rigging the votes.

  17. Seiga Says:

    Not a question of being mad. It’s reality! Look at the features of the phones. Are you telling me that the Windows phone is better? Mind you that Microsoft issued a challenge to try to beat their windows phone, and guess what phone won? Galaxy Nexus.

    I’m all about a good Windows phone, and I believe that the Nokia Lumia 900 is that phone, but not this Bargain 710. It’s common sense if you do your research and not be a fanboy about it.

    But you know what windows fanboys… doesn’t look like you’ll win this round.

  18. Rohin Galhotra Says:

    This competition is complete bullcrap. The Note definitely should have beat out the Lumia 710, the One X should have beat out the Blackberry (really? a BLACKBERRY), the Galaxy S II should have been a tie or close to one at the very least and the Lumia 710 is A BUDGET PHONE. Just because you’re like HUR DUR ANDROID SUCKS CAUZ WINDOWS PHONE EXISTS doesn’t mean you always have to go for a crap phone over a superphone. Seiga is right, this competiton is definitely rigged, or maybe the fanboys are so engulfed in their opinions they can’t see the truth.

  19. andrea Says:

    yep.. nexus is better because… well.. of the different level of the two phones.. nexus is comparable to lumia 900, not 710…

  20. Gnex Says:

    “the Lumia 710 does offer free GPS navigation”

    All Android phones offer that…

    The Gnex is the best phone on this list. Second should to the SGS II.

  21. Brian Says:

    “My favorite phone didn’t win! My priorities are the only ones that matter, so this contest is clearly rigged! Sure, the Android phone is crash-prone, expensive, and only lasts four hours on a charge, but still, it’s a much better phone than one that lasts all day and can go months without a reboot!”

  22. Benjamin Says:


    I’ve got to say, this has to be swayed some how.. but maybe not. I just don’t know how a WP7 can win against even lower-end Android phones since WP7 aren’t very mainstream yet. Even iOS fan boys I’m sure would vote Android over WP7 if Apple isn’t a choice. But then again, who knows. All I know is the Nexus is destroying the Lumia 710!

  23. Slayer33 Says:

    I can’t stand it when ppl say “iphone and android have so many more apps”… sure there are a lot more, but the 250,000 duplicated farting/beer drinking/sexy pic apps shouldn’t even be counted. It’s quality > quantity.

    The Nexus that beat the windows phone in the store was modified to not have a slide to unlock, so once on it was just out of luck that the person had 2 weather widgets already on his home screen for that specific challenge. Even tho the store employee only lost by a split second, with the Nexus’ dual core, 1GB ram etc etc.. you’d think it wouldn’t even be close.. but it was.

    Still out of the hundreds who have taken part of the “Smoked by Windows phone” campaign only about 5-10% have been victorious. That’s a pretty good win % for WP if you ask me.

    I still agree that the Nexus definitely wins over the 710 HW spec wise, but once again, its not all about the specs..

    Take this for example:

    Nexus is like a Ferrari Enzo, but the Android OS is like putting Oprah Winfrey behind the wheel.. where the Lumia 710 is like an Subaru WRX STI, and the Windows Phone OS is like putting Danica Patrick behind the wheel.. now that’s the proper comparison :)

    Now if the Lumia 900 is like a Corvette Z06 with Danica… Oprah and her Enzo don’t have a chance!

  24. Shane Says:

    I will start by saying that the Nexus should hands down be the winner. I gotta say, WP7 is a supreme OS which just needs more developers. Or they can port the apps from iOS and Android to WP7 and that would give it a solid place in the market. It’s already ahead of RIM anyways. As an Android user, I find myself still enjoying Microsoft mobile products and honestly Nokia makes some attractive and solid phones with great hardware. While an Android guy to the end, I would recommend one of these to someone over an iPhone and even over quite a few Android phones.

  25. charlie Says:

    Galaxy Nexus is best phone ever made. It’s all about the stock Android 4.0. So fast. Best browser. Best maps and navigation. Best screen. Best support/upgrades. Best cloud integration. Makes iPhone look primative. Best web experience.

    Super sexy.

  26. Brian Says:

    Lol Android fans. You coming here in droves to ‘protect your honor’, and rationalize your purchase as being the best. Wouldn’t want a Windows Phone to win a poll!!

  27. Strang Says:

    @ Seiga : According to your link, users rate the Lumia 710 experience a 10, while the Galaxy Nexus gets a user rating of 8.3

    Sure, sites on both sides of the fanboy fence are promoting the polls, but as someone who uses multiple phones on multiple platforms for testing purposes, just because the 710 is budget priced doesn’t mean it’s budget featured. It’s a solid all around performer, and not everybody wants a Fatlet (sorry, phablet) to carry around all day.

    Also “Mind you that Microsoft issued a challenge to try to beat their windows phone, and guess what phone won? Galaxy Nexus.”

    Actually, in a lot of cases, the Windows Phone beat the Nexus on a number of tasks, and Microsoft never hid the fact that Windows Phone didn’t win in every case.

    But rave on, soldier.

  28. Strang Says:

    @ Slayer33: “The Nexus isn’t 2.5x better than the 710 in my opinion which is what the cost difference is..”

    Agreed. $230 for an off contract pentaband phone is an amazing deal. Anyone who doesn’t see that is rabid with fanboyism.

  29. ed Says:


  30. Jed Says:

    This is shaping up to be quite a final showdown.

    Anyone that objectively states Android is better than Windows Phone is an idiot.

    Oh and anyone that objectively states Windows Phone is better than Android is also an idiot.

    Don’t be an idiot.

  31. Picknds Says:

    Don’t you all understand what is going on here? The I-Sheep are all retreating into their little I-closets with their almost prehistoric I-Phones so they can all envy each other in I-peace & I-Harmony. The Android idiots are beginning to realize how bad of a user experience Android really is when compared to the amazingly elegant and contemparary Windows phone interface. The reality is that when you take the cream of the crop hardware from Nokia and blend it together with Windows you get the very best of all worlds. The Lumia 900 should win this thing by a mile.

  32. Alfredson Says:

    People compare phones by specs. It is not the whole truth. I admit that Galaxy Nexus is a better phone than a Lumia 710, but they are very incomparable. But since they are head to head here, i might say that Lumia 710 offers epic phone for half the price.

    One thing i’ve learned over the years. It’s not always the specs of hardware nor OS that makes a good phone. While Android is very good – for some – WP is too. I gave WP a chance. While i think it’s a tad too simple and raw atm for my taste, i still really really like it. I’ve noticed, that eventhough it lacks many features my previous smartphone had, i use my WindowsPhone _much_ more. My datarates have gone up 5x. It’s so logical and fast, so i use it. My previous phone had lots of features OS-wise, but i really never used them. When WP is a tad more matured, in Apollo i hope, then it’ll be THE OS.

  33. john Says:

    Look at the specwhores going wild. The Galaxy Nexus is just another cheap plastic Samsung phone with an ugly pentile screen. Oh and Android is a horribly designed OS. The apps crash constantly and the layout of the OS is terrible.

  34. Adam Says:

    I’ve got the Lumia 710 and Galaxy Nexus. Love the Lumia 710! Faster music tagging, better email, lighter, smaller, better battery life, more ergonomic in the hand, easier to use one handed, less expensive, more stable, apps actually work after you download them, Xbox integration, better OneNote/Office support, Facebook chat with voice recognition, etc. I like the fast camera on the Nexus though.

  35. Ethan Says:

    Since when is 70,000+ apps a “lack of apps”?

  36. Adrian Says:

    As much as I like WP I have to vote for the Nexus over the 710. Can’t wait for the L900 vs Nexus shootout.
    /They should postpone the finals till after the 8th when the L900 is in stores.

  37. Muhammad Agus Salim Says:

    i like nokia smartphone……

    Is very good…..

  38. nodstuff Says:

    This competition is stupid.
    Check out the stats in regards to operating systems.
    Bye bye RIM and windows phone.
    No market share, no win.
    This website is crap and thankfully I found out so I know never to come here again.
    A budget piece of crap beating a galaxy note?? The lumia 900 beating a galaxy s2, the s2 was phone of the year for gods sake.

  39. Ramesh77 Says:

    Lumia 900 is not even out in the market but it won???! LOL!

  40. Bronislava Gedulin Says:

    I like it very much.
    The phone is very beautiful

  41. Dat Says:

    Vote lumia 710

  42. Foxy Says:


    The apps in this case, lets face it, its Android against Win7, so its QUALITY + QUANTITY > quality alone.

    The Nexus that beats WP7 beat it fair and square, the unlock screen is disabled using a built in settings, its baked right into Android as an option. Heh, bet you WP fanboys haven’t thought of the possibility of doing this before. Just wait for the next update, maybe you’ll get it, or not. The Nexus would wipe your WP so hard you couldn’t catch up.

    WP beats the others in a rigged competition, the rules are extremely biased, and is designed to let WP wins. BUT SOMEHOW a Nexus managed to beat it against all odds. That’s pretty damn impressive.

    I agree, its not all about spec, but Nexus offers hardware + software win, and as of now its not all that much more expensive then the 710. It deserves to stomp 710 flat into the ground if we’re looking for the better phone.

    And finally, Lumia 900 is only a beefed up Lumia 800, in other words, WP fanboys is suckered into another “flagship”

  43. amit Says:

    Lumia is the best device…..
    Lumia 710
    lumia 800
    lumia 900

  44. Jacob Says:

    Nokia lumia 710 rocks, nokia ,the king wins here..

  45. Ayush Says:

    iPhone 4S got beaten by Huawei… LOL !! THIS IS FULLY WRONG..

  46. louis Says:

    I vote for the nokia lumina 700.. Its so tight and extremely wonderful

  47. vinod Says:

    Oh come on did nokia fund this game… Most of us really know the truth… I am no fan of any phone… I think Andriod and Windows phone are good but the phones you are comparing and how its compared makes no sense… How the hell samsung note got beat by any nokia phone… Windows OS is great I want to buy one too but this game is really stupid and most people commented here too… and you chose phones with higher price to just give them thumbs down and make nokia win… we really know who the winner is now you don’t have to tell here… damn really stupid stuff and nokia facebook page made me come here explains it all… they want to win some where and here it is…

  48. JWTeow Says:

    in 2011, my fren said Nokia is the Top 5 bankruptcy company in 2012…

    i mad at him and scolded him all over the internet…

    recently, he dare not to tell me this, but keep telling me Lumia impressed him…

    shit thing…

    im a crazy Nokia lover, from my first phone till now, Nokia…

    so, Nokia Lumia 710, i voted u~!!!

    and also, Nokia, i voted u~!!!

  49. Jamba Juice Says:

    If only the votes could be translated to actual sales!!!!!

  50. happiness Says:

    i love Nokia lumia 900 is d bomb

  51. leon Says:

    Wait! Devi8, you still alive???

  52. shreyas tare Says:

    nokia vs samsung……..r u joking?????…… dnt have any chance against nokia……lumia has excelent performance… will remain always on the top!!!!!!!!

  53. babasara Says:

    Nokia is thebest .. Others just follow…. Yuhu!

  54. WinPhan Says:

    Vote for the Nokia Lumia 710…

    Oh wait I close some background tasks…

    Sent from my 240 core infested laggy malware Crapdroid 4.0.4 Samsung Galaxy Virux…

  55. bobbi Says:

    Lumia is looging excell. I think UI is simple, nice i.e all is great.
    My son has 710 and I will buy 900…..I be waiting :)

  56. Nickstr Says:

    Lumia is the best with very smooth and modern OS , wp is just very good. The crappy, buggy android which is filled with malware and copied from ios stand nowhere

  57. micke Says:

    This is indeed interesting. This competition does apparently not reflect the current sales stats, otherwise the Androids and iPhones and Notes would be on top.
    Assuming that this poll has gone around all kinds of forums by now and a large group of device manufacturer and OS fans are voting, there seems to be an interest in Nokia WP devices. As availability of the Nokia devices has been limited so far and people are mostly on two year contracts, it will take a while until this interest transforms into sales. But I take this poll as an indication that 6-12 months from now you should well spot those Nokia WP devices in your surroundings like you spot the Galaxies and iPhones today.

  58. Nickstr Says:

    Crappy android has got dual core, more ram BUT it still gets smoked by windows phone . LOL

  59. thellama87 Says:

    I love WP7 and all but the nexus is better looking IMO. But if I were to buy one with my own money, 710 ,all the way.

  60. WinPhan Says:

    Vote for the… Oh wait, I have to kill thousands of background processes before it freezes..


    Sent from my 240 core infested of laggy malware Samsung Galaxy Virux with Skynet ( A.K.A. GOOGLE) Crapdroid 4.0.4

  61. Yolanda Says:

    Nokia Lumia 710 all the way!

  62. Mathew Says:

    Wtf is this …
    I am a hardcore Microsoft fan and a Lumia 800 user but seriously 710 is giving a tough fight for the Nexus

    Nexus should win this round ..
    And in the final get owned by Lumia 900 :P

  63. Geet Says:

    Everyone says that lack of apps defies Windows Phone, But tell me who’s gonna install 5M apps in their phone.
    You all think that 70,000+ apps aren’t enough for the Os which has just entered in the Market!!!
    Don’t forget that android & iOs lacks battery performance, while in the Other hand WP lasts much longer than both of Os.People only don’t see the specs they want a better phone with better UI & better Battery Life.
    Nokia’s Lumia series is better than the Samsung’s Galaxy series…
    WP only lacks apps in number but in few months It will be the biggest & Strongest contender for both of the Os(Android & iOs)…

  64. Bong Says:

    The fandroids are hurting, been using galaxy s2 myself but u need a lot of tinkering for it to even perform well. Flash a lot of custom ROM with it but no one is perfect. Android is for those who like to tinker & tinker & tinker. In my case I want to enjoy my phone with zero tinkering the better. A lot of android users even accidentally brick their phones while flashing custom ROM or just merely rooting it. Our HTC trophy WP7 which is the only WP7 available here at the moment just work perfectly. U will never get the pain of flashing, back up & ur files and apps, rooting, restore ur files and apps. It just works. Now Nokia Lumia series with it’s solid design and built will make it to the top next year or two. It’s just a matter of time specially with wp8 Apollo in the last quarter of this year. Cheers Nokia+WP7 later WP8!

  65. akash Says:

    Let me be part of this “Fanboi’s monitor fight” :)

    This comparison is between the Gnex and lumia 900

    Gnex beats Lumia900 (not to mention the lumia 710) to the ground in every aspect.
    Lumia900 has a better camera and thats all.

    Here is the link, you can easily see that who is the winner:

  66. rational commenter Says:

    @Akash, the Gnex may beat the 710 in terms of specs, but what do you think those specs are for? They are to power the power hungry Android operating system and give Samsung the ability to charge you more money.

    In terms of value, this vote should go 710 no doubt.

  67. Joris Says:

    Specwise the Nexus is better, yes. Quality wise and OS wise? no, Lumia hands down!

  68. Jonas Says:

    Akash: Spoken like an ignorant person. How about customer satisfaction? Atleast in Sweden, all Lumia-models beat the GNexus on all points. You don’t think that’s important to anyone? You think what numbers are on a paper is more important to most people?

  69. Frank Guillen Jr Says:

    I am a WIndows Phone fan and user but I had to vote for the Nexus because of I had to choose from the two I would choose the Nexus. But between the Lumia 900 and the Nexus I would definitely choose the 900!

  70. Naveed khan Says:

    Nokia lumia 710 really win this competition wowowowow

  71. Rokoi Says:

    “Here is the link, you can easily see that who is the winner:

    I sure can.

  72. BenThePcGuyClone Says:

    Galaxy Nexus Smoked by Lumia 710, thank you #Nokia / #WindowsPhone fans #BenThePCGuy #Microsoft #Microsoft_SG

  73. roqstr Says:

    android fanbois got pwned! win on the finish-line!

    <3 wp!

  74. qatarrox Says:

    I am not a fan of any kind having owned an android device before along with currently having the new iPad. I gave up my galaxy s for HTC’s awesome WP device and I don’t regret my decision. The UI is new and fresh .. The live tiles are a swing when compared to the static icons of android and iOS devices .WP is not fragmented like android. Sure it does not support flash nor does it support multiple cores. But I can outright beat most of the dual and quad core phones in terms of browser speed and boot up time. Also its got a really great pinch to zoom and autocorrect when compared to the iPhone which is a pain in the ass. Android never appealed to me and I bought it before because everyone was buying it. The windows marketplace does not have a hell lot of apps but its got all the necessary apps like Skype, Facebook, Shazam, Spotify and evernote. It also has XBOX live and MS office which is quite good. Overall its a very solid OS and can do really well. Nokia Lumia 710 is a value for money phone whereas Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan II are more poised to compete against Nexus. I just hope the relationship that Nokia enjoys with MS would not hurt MS’s relation with HTC, Samsung and LG.

  75. Rob Says:

    The Nexus lost this battle.

    Lack of stability and the high price have killed the king of hardware specs.
    Nokia Lumia 710 is just the best price/quality ratio of current phone market.

    In the end the Nokia Lumia 900 will win the contest though.
    Just because it is a sexy device and sexy still outperforms pric/quality

  76. Ahmad W.Ayase Says:

    Windows phones FOR THE WINNNNNNNNN!

  77. dan Says:

    Clearly the great reviews by real users have turned the tide against the android spyphones. No sense in crying android users. Man up and join the NEW COOL. Join us and lead, instead of following the android herd.

  78. J4rrod Says:

    Hahahahaha! Lumia! Love all the morons who think specs make a phone. That silly little plastic Nexus, despite its awesome specs, couldn’t touch any WP device in terms of stability, fluidity, security, and OS speed. Sorry Android, you suck again.

  79. José Goicoechea Says:

    I have a Lumia 710 in white, if I was offered to swap it for a Nexus I don’t think I would pull the trigger, that’s how much I love using the Lumia 710.

  80. Christian Says:

    Anyone, Android or Windows Phone fans, who seriously thinks this contest matters in any way or thinks that it’s an accurate representation of a device at all….well you should just be embarrassed.

  81. TryllZ Says:

    no matter if Lumia 900 wins against Lumia 710….

    Windows Phone wins afterall….loser suck the gutter..

  82. josh_ro Says:

    Funny to see how WP- & Android fanboys fight about which product is the better one. As an owner of the MeeGo Harmattan phone and being years ahead of those other platforms, I can just laugh about it lol.

    But in one point, the Android defenders are right: Something is freaking wrong with this voting!?!! A Lumia 900 which isn’t published yet (so basically no normal user had hands on it) wins against the maybe most desired phone in the world? Hmmm….. And that’s just one of many ridiculous results of this voting.

    WP catched up a lot and is for sure a very competitive system (even though very limited). But this vote is a joke, nothing more. For those who can’t see that…well I’m sorry.

  83. doktorg Says:

    Hahahahaha I can’t believe the 710 got there in the end. This clearly shows the rise of WP7 and the huge support its getting!

  84. bnlf Says:

    Lumia 710 Rocks! Beautiful, powerful and cheap!

  85. joe Says:

    looks like the winner of this entire competition will be……………

    drum roll……………..

    A phone you can’t actually buy !!!!

    PS Why was the Galaxy S3 not included ?

    I expect after this victory wp market share to increase to 1.4% ?

  86. Slayer33 Says:

    Hahahaha yes! PWND!

  87. jounasq Says:

    I prefer Lumia!

  88. dw Says:

    I was about to say I’m amazed Joe hasn’t popped on and said something utterly stupid, but there he is right at the end!

  89. dw Says:

    Hey there’s Joe! Popping up with his I’ll informed opinions! Yay! Life is complete

  90. andra Says:

    nokia is winner,i like nokia. bravo..

  91. ed Says:

    nokia is my choise

  92. Bionicman Says:

    android users dont need an obviously bias poll (“Lumia 710….is favored to win this competition” what?) to know our android phones are superior in every way. we know by using our phones everyday with a full web experience, nfc technologies (goggle wallet), phones with amazing batteries (razr maxx), and total customization (yea i could make my phone look like winmo). so enjoy your closed platform (like iOS? yup) and limited features/options and keep telling yourselves how great your platform is.

  93. Carroll LEe Says:

    Android fan, The reasons the Android Phones are not winning is not because the compitition is rigged. The reason the Windows Phones are winning is because the Ratio or People with Windows Phones who love there Windows Phones is higher then the Ratio of users who love there android phones. Its the same thing Apple users did, There where always fewer but they where always happier and more vocal. There is a reason why 30% of android users want to switch to iPhone. Microsoft only has to increse brand awareness and 30% can easily go there way also. Once you get them on Windows Phone users satifaction is about equile to IOS. Power users aside, Android frankly burning the average person.

  94. Manny Says:


    Just so you know, the Lumia 900 is already at most ATT stores as display. People can actually touch, feel and hold that device RIGHT NOW. I did and let me tell you, I did and it’s one hell of a sexy phone.

    And as far as accusations of “rigging” or ” “cheating”, not really. Cheating is when one person votes more than once. That’s cheating. What we are seeing here is the WP community band together in support of their platform. I don’t see that sense of pride and enthusiasm from the Android crowd. In fact, I see a devide in the Android crowd, those with high end handsets rocking ICS and those with decent hardware who are disgusted their device will never see a tangible upgrade.

  95. SRG Says:

    This is consumer preferences :) And who beats what doesnt matter cuz its all depend on votes. :) But Nokia vs Nokia in final is kinda boring to me. :( Lumia 900 FTW!

  96. josh_ro Says:

    @Manny: Being a developer working on multiple platforms I know WP very well. I’m also aware of that most AT&T stores already display it. But that’s still never as representative as if the phone would already be in use. Yes the L900 is “sexy” phone and Windows might quiet some progress with their platform. I hope a lot that it will success in the US, since that size and the OS seem to be very ideal. If WP and Lumia is enough for other parts in the world, I doubt it. Even though Microsoft spends incredible much on advertisement and developers, WP still lacks many important functions and is to limited / dependand on software to be successful – decreasing sell/advertisement ratio confirm that.

    I’m looking very forward to the next big update of WP and hope for some improvements.

    I don’t wanna say that people would cheat here – I think there is rather a very strong WP-community behind, while other platform supporters don’t really care. I’m just saying, if everyone would vote, results would be completely (yes completely!) different.

    But I’m sure if a Lumia phone wins, many people in here will be happy – and the others will win (or already won) many other competitions.

  97. Sid Says:

    More people are getting to be more aware of Windows Phones and it’s still not enough. More advertising is needed. But it wouldn’t ever be unoriginal, cluttered, and laggy with the best of hardware like AndRoiD.

  98. jjrudey Says:

    This was rigged. There’s no denying it. The Lumia shot up 6000 votes while the Nexus stayed the same? No way.

  99. jay Says:

    I voted both for the 900 and the 710, because I have the 800 since some time already and since I read (and propably will get- my poor bank account) the 900 is cooler than the 800 and the 710 is just a bit weaker but else the same I am pretty sure they are better than the Android crowd (whom I was once a big supporter of- but Google ruined the Nexus Series by throwing out Facebook- since I use it lots and like it *g* Google+ is just not the same)

  100. kazeem eazyguy Says:

    i go for nokia lumia 710

  101. unbelievable Says:

    So the end results are Lumia 900 vs Lumia 710? Sorry, is this a genuine contest or a “competition” rigged by Windows Phone astroturfers so that two Nokia phones win?

    Galaxy Nexus flat out crushes the Lumia 900 – sorry, even most Windows fans agree. What we’re seeing here is a marketing campaign rigged by Microsoft, similar to what “democracy” is in Russia.

  102. Superhero Says:

    Fandroids, sore losers. Get a life.

  103. Teo Says:

    Wow! Cant believe Lumia 710 actually won! By only 1%!

  104. JonaWP7 Says:

    i don’t think that the lumia 710 will win. But i want that!!!! i can still not understand how the huawei kicked out iPhone hahah

  105. loki Says:

    FBS NO WAY Lumia710 beat the Samsung Galaxy Nexus! This is Rigged. Last Night Nexus was up almost 1500 votes. This site rigged the votes. Shenanigans of this site, getting paid off to rig the votes for their adverts. GTH, I’ll never read this site again.

  106. Says:

    android can’t even be compared to apple ios or any other os..
    Just use android and know it..
    Feel the power of android.
    I bet u ‘ll never use any other os

  107. M.H Says:

    Haha, reading these comments here made me laugh =)

    You know, Lumia is at the finals only because PEOPLE HAVE VOTED FOR IT. It really doesnt matter, what the specs say. It doesnt matter a bit! This game is not about their specs! Only consumer’s emotions matters, which are linked to things like size, design, feeling, usability etc etc.. Specs are not important. I wish Lumia 900 wins, cos its better phone in any way!

  108. fuckdroid Says:

    android???is very bad platform…only one say for android…fuck’m all..

  109. Paroni Says:

    This poll gives me idea that Nokia has no worries at all, its winner at smartphone sales in every way. But why I’m still not convinced?

  110. Gusinjanin Says:

    The only visable advantage that any of these phones have over the iPhone is the screen size and customizability(android). Thats it folks.

    Iphone should be the clear winner :

    Best Screen
    Easiest, most intuitive touchscreen/operating system
    Best Camera
    Best looking (by far)
    Best keyboard on a touchscreen (only Bold 9900 has a better keyboard because its an actual keyboard)
    Best customer service (apple store-genius bar)
    Best Music playing software

    What the hell else do you want lol

  111. Nathan Says:

    I’m a huge WP7 fan but lets be honest here, the 710 should not be going against the Nexus. The only advantage it has is OS, the Nexus dominates in ever other way. Nokia 900 VS. Nexus now that seems like a fair fight.

  112. Giovanni Says:

    Lol, this ia a joke? windows phones are better than android one’s, do me a favor this is obviously manipulated.

  113. Robin Says:

    The Galaxy Nexus is a fantastic little tablet device with a phone in it that works very poorly, depending on what area of the country you live in. The radios are awful and nether Verizon, Samsung, or Google have no idea how to fix them. I have one, and i suffer poor signal strength on both 3G and 4G. And worse even when I’m in an area where I do get a good signal, I cannot use it reliabley as a phone. I’m one of the 25% of CDMA Galaxy Nexus users who suffer from the awful “one way communication” problem where the person you are talking to cannot hear your voice part way into the call.

    The Galaxy Nexas is beautiful. But as a phone, it is absolutely the worse cell phone I have ever owned.

  114. bill Says:

    like my Galaxy

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