Smartphone Madness 2012 Game 13: Nokia Lumia 900 vs. Samsung Galaxy S II. Voting Ends 3/29/12 at 9 a.m. EST

Smartphone Madness 2012 Game 13As we enter the Penultimate 4 round of Smartphone Madness 2012 we want to congratulate all four of the semi-finalists. The final four is exclusively made up of Nokia and Samsung, Windows Phone and Android matchups. The Nokia Lumia 710 breezed past the competition to grab its spot, while the Samsung Galaxy Nexus had a much harder road with big efforts on both sides. Those two giants will face off in Game 14 tomorrow. But today, we watch as the horns lock between the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Samsung Galaxy S II. Which camp are you in? Vote your conscience below.

Nokia Lumia 900The Nokia Lumia 900 may not yet be available for purchase, but it already has a rabid Windows Phone following. And thus much is expected of Nokia’s new flagship smartphone with its large 4.3-inch screen, and around back of this solid unibody design (available in cyan and black) is an 8-MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. We’re excited about the possibilities of the bundled Nokia GPS to help this smartphone find its way down the lane. But its AT&T’s 4G LTE speed that could make a difference here. We liked this phone so much we named it Best Smartphone of CES 2012.

Samsung Galaxy S IIOn the other end of the court, the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S II is itching for a fight, after sweeping past the BlackBerry Bold 9900 in Game 11. The Galaxy S II sports a fine pedigree with support from three of big-name carriers: AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. And for each carrier it was awarded an Editors’ Choice award. The smartphone also features a fast 1.5-GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 CPU, a brilliant 4.52-inch Super AMOLED Plus display–plus a powerful 8-megapixel camera.

So, which camp are you in: Android or Windows Phone? Vote your preference below between now and 9 a.m. EST tomorrow (3/29).

Anna Attkisson
Anna Attkisson
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  1. Matthew Says:

    Looks like MS is trying to stack the deck….

    @WindowsPhone – “Windows Phone ‏the @Nokia Lumia 900 is up against the Galaxy S II in @LAPTOPMag ‘s Smartphone Madness. You know what to do.

  2. Krash Kharma Says:

    it’s so obvious that the galaxy s 2 needs to win. aside from being the best, it’s also not a windows phone. i don’t see how a windows phone is even being taken seriously right now.O O O YOU MEAN I CAN HAS INTERNET EXPLORE ON MY PHONE?!?! THAT’S GREAT CUZ I WICKED TOTALLY USER IT ON MY PC LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL L

  3. mike Says:

    Mercy, that Samsung looks old.

  4. Robbie Says:

    Seriously, this is no contest.
    The Nokia Lumia 900 is a far superior product against the ageing galaxy II

  5. fLaMePr0oF Says:

    There is NO WAY the current results reflect real world opinion – how could a Nokia Windows Phone handset, which has not even been been released yet, be beating the most popular Android phone in the world by such a margin..? Rigged voting.

  6. Alex Says:

    If Android has the support people claim… Why worry about one MS tweet? U scared bro?

  7. Kenjicell Says:

    Microsoft and Nokia are certainly trying to stack the deck…by building a FAR better phone :-P

  8. RWoody Says:

    LMAO@the Fandroids bitching and moaning!! LOL! Cool line about Internet explorer on your bro. Also you don’t think Windows Phone should be taken serious? At least it’s not an iOS Beta knockoff.

  9. Sano Demon Says:

    I can’t vote for Lumia :o playing fair?

  10. thellama87 Says:

    Beautifully crafted polycarbonate Nokia 900. original, smooth as butter OS on a battery sipping single core processor with blazing fast LTE to boot. VS a truly flimsy designed Samsung thing, running a dual core processor buggy as hell OS.

  11. Njoi Says:

    The Lumia 900 is obviously the better phone in pretty much every aspect. Better built, more beautiful and a much better OS make it the best phone so far (when its released on the 8 anyway)

  12. Sam Says:

    To all you haters and whiners, this is why,2817,2402202,00.asp

  13. Rick Says:

    Krash Kharma, please stop contemptuously insulting a wonderful OS just because you’re an android fanboy. thanks.

  14. Kevin Says:

    Lumia 900 is so much better than the ancient S2.

  15. dohko Says:

    Nokia is an old glory living from the past…windows the same, loosers…lumia 900 best phone??? Is a joke? Ohhh, wait, the money of bill gates is who is voting in this stupid rank.

  16. Krash Kharma Says:

    I love that 900… Android Own My Infoz….

  17. Aaron Says:

    The Lumia 900 is clearly the winner here.

  18. Slayer33 Says:

    There’s a reason why the Nokia Lumia 900 won Best Smartphone at CES 2012 this year.

    There’s always going to be haters, and there will always be consumers that are only concerned about “specs”. I’m guilty of countlessly comparing specs for products I am interested in, but with smartphones, specs aren’t the #1 driving factor.. the OS is. And if anyone has spent some time with Windows Phone perhaps they wouldn’t be so critical of it. I’ve tried Blackberry, Symbian, iOS, Palm and Android, I’d choose (though I hate to admit it) iOS over Android, but after using Windows Mobile for just over a year now, I’d never go back to my iPhone.

    The biggest problem with Fanboys of whatever product, is that they are so critical and rude about other products outside their preference that they cause ppl who are un-opinionated to not like whatever product the Fanboys love because of their immature response to other products.

  19. roqstr Says:

    lulz, nice argumentation of some trolls here.
    wp is great, you can forget all you know about windows. It’s just forgotten.
    I use my htc mozart now for more than 1 year. without any kind of crash. ever expected this by a microsoft product?

    as soon as win8 is available, you’ll see that the crowd LOVES metro!

    that’s it, lumia for president!

  20. Me Says:

    Ugh, look at that ugly uninspired and basic UI of Windows Phone, sure that’s the point but I prefer to have customization and real backgrounds instead of a bunch of ugly boxes, this is another smartphone for dummies with no knowledge on how to do things on their own, Nokia made the wrong choice and going with an OS that wont survive in the smartphone market, Microsoft knew that, thats why they tried to “freshen” things up with Windows phone 7. By the way I love how Microsoft tried to rig a Windows phone being faster than a Galaxy Nexus, when the Nexus won, then they finally gave in, great way to get customers Microsoft!

  21. Kenjicell Says:

    I guess most of the Android owners are not happy enough with their phone to vote for it. Having used all 3 eco systems extensively, I can easily say that the windows OS is just a dream in every way and I would certainly never go back to the Android again. For all those Android fanboys bitching, you need to live with a windows phone for a week to under stand why the votes are going the way they are. Nokia making the Lumia 900 hardware and putting windows phone 7.5 on it is a dream phone.

  22. Joe Says:

    Let Nokia prove they came to bat with quality hardware first. It’s impossible to compare a phone that has yet to hit shelves with one that has been on the market for several months. The SII has already established itself to be a great phone with its staggering sales numbers while the Nokia is still just a wet dream. The fact that these phones are even up for comparison with their gigantic age difference only flaunts how far behind the curve MS has been so far in the game.

  23. mansf Says:

    My Samsung Galaxy S 2 keeps crashing ever since i did the update an the battery life is a joke not lasting more then 4 hours.. i think i would give the nokia a try

  24. Manny Says:

    The Lumia 900 is just a sexy beast. No contest. And this is coming from an Android lover who just played with a Lumia 900 at my local ATT store. Anybody that claims WP7 is boring HAVE NOT seen a personalized device. Picture hub constantly gives you a slide show of your favorite photos, and all those Live tiles flipping and switching. Truly gorgeous and a sight to behold.

  25. ChaosKiller Says:

    The Galaxy S II sports a fine pedigree with support from three of big-name carriers: AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. And for each carrier it was awarded an Editors’ Choice award. The smartphone also features a fast 1.5-GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 CPU, a brilliant 4.52-inch Super AMOLED Plus display–plus a powerful 8-megapixel camera.

    The Galaxy S II has a 1.2 GHz dual-cre Exynos processor with a 4.3 inch screen

  26. thellama87 Says:

    That’s why it won best smart phone at CES by multiple journalists, including this award from guess? Laptop mag. Haters gonna hate! try a WP for a month just TRY it next upgrade. Tell me its not a more stable, smooth, and secure OS than android. App argument quality>quantity why do I need to go through 100s of crapps to find what I need. When you only need 1 or 2 really solid and downright gorgeous ones? Why do I need to customize my background and lock screen when it compromises reliability of the OS? Why should I have 3diffrent browsers on my phone? that in the end lets all that information stealing maleware in, when i can have 1 browser that is SAME secure IE browser that my desktop has? why should i have to restart my phone every week just so it stays bearable to use? Haven’t restarted my phone in 6 months and 9 months before that. Its still as fast as when i bought it. Why should i always have a message say force close or wait? That to me is androids biggest flaw. Do you ever ask yourself WHY CAN’T MY PHONE JUST WORK? if you ever have then your looking at the phone for you ;)

  27. MTM Says:

    seriously who’s voting for the Nokiaa ?? i smell something dirty

  28. Marius Says:


    why are you talking about ? Nokia are still easily the biggest mobile phone company in the world.
    And you think the Lumia 900 is a joke ? this very website , already awarded the Lumia 900
    best phone at CES 2012, they would not do that if it was not a great phone.

    Man up and stop talking out your behind, just cause you cant face facts. People vote for something
    cause they like it.

  29. Muhammad Sazali Shamsudin Says:

    Lumia 900 is for the win! The reasons why Samsung Galaxy S II less popular than Nokia Lumia 900 is because Samsung Corporation had copy infridgement issue with the apple company. Secondly, did you notice that both display are different? Nokia uses Gorilla Glass Clearblack display whilst Samsung Galaxy S II uses Super AMOLED screen display. Thus, Nokia makes another flagship!

  30. MehranRon Says:

    Count your days eyePhones and others. Actually I like samthing like a galaxy something, they have a nice colorful demo on BestBuy that made me like it, But I thought to myself this is just the demo and under it is the old Eyephonish/Androidish interface. Not for me. Just wait until Verizon gets Nokia. Then you’ll see who is the winner and by how much!

  31. Selwyn Madya Says:

    The competition is so hard, but i go for Nokia Lumia 900. I have been a fan of Nokia for like when i was born!!. I got to admit i hate not having a SD Card slot, weird changing port and SIM Card too, and least but not all unchangeable battery. But hey these guys (Nokia) got to a long way putting such a “goodies smartphone”. Having a Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) platform; having been stuck with Symbian for a long time. That’s great! But hey to cut the crap out. Thumbs up for Nokia Lumia 900!!. Gat my vote for it. Sad im still in school won’t be in a position to afford it when it’s out for purchase.:-)

  32. Omar Says:

    I cannot wait to get a Lumia 900

  33. Sabino II Says:

    It is Google’s fault! They released new updates every time with new UI design but with different manufacturers designing its own it looks like you don’t know Android anymore. Time-passes by, people got bored with Android and try to find something new with their eyesight, then they found WP7, a simple but yet powerful ecosystem, that’s why WP7 is now taking its own racing car.

  34. ANol Says:

    I don’t own any of the two phones. However, my daughter owns a galaxy and is so familiar with Android. His elder brother often borrows her phone just to tinker with it. Both have tried using the N8. I sometimes borrow her galaxy unit too but, at that time, I wanted to own an I-phone 4s.

    One day, the brother and I were invited to a blogger preview of the Nokia 800 here in Cebu, Philippines.

    Wow! The we all agreed that Nokia Lumia 800 was generations ahead of galaxy and the i-phone. And the Nokia guys who showed us the Lumia 800 said the Lumia 900 is much better.

    I already sent my Lumia 900 order way ahead of the planned release here in the Philippines.

  35. Boris Shkoller Says:


  36. Stan Says:

    I’m consistently impressed that people with such poor language skills can manage to use an OS like Android.

    The Lumia deserves to win this because it’s an amazing piece of design work, and the OS is smooth as butter. There’s a reason WP7 customer satisfaction rates are much higher than Android as well.

  37. Manohar Says:

    No contest. At-least compare with a phone running WP7. Android looks outdated and old in front of WP7.

  38. Joy Says:

    Lumia 900 we all love to have it

  39. jitendra Says:

    Lumia 900 is very smart & latest against Samsung galaxy S II mobile (samsung purana ho gya yaar)

  40. ashok pai Says:

    this is odd, there’s vote stuffing happening with nokia fans driving it from sites like
    I am a nokia fan, but this is just plain wrong, you cant direct people around sites and rig it. people are not seeing the truth. its like the symbian camera winning the best “phone” . pureview is pretty good technology, but it does not make up for an entire phone, and yet it won the best “phone”. amazing. symbian/ nokia fans are deluding themselves.

  41. ashok pai Says:

    even the voting is nuts, iphone 4s loses against “what” ?
    BB 9900 wins ? where’s BB today ?
    I’d be impressed if lumia 900 sold as many as SGS II

  42. Anand Singh Says:

    Nokia Lumia900 better then SII…

  43. bluenight Says:

    I prefer to the Lumia 900….I like it user experience

  44. Hyzebrattic Says:

    My vote goes out for Nokia Lumia900. Samsung devices are beginning to fade. Lumia900 is fresh & makes everyday amazing.

  45. S.Ravi Says:

    I love lumia

  46. Deepak Says:

    The Lumia 900 is clearly the winner here.
    I go for Lumia

  47. lulu Says:

    NOkia.. Nokia… Nokia… Lumia.. Lumia.. Lumia

  48. John Robert Says:

    Limua Awesome GO GO Nokia!!!

  49. Raf Says:

    Lumia is real smart phone.. fastest so far i saw, iPhone is big hard-disk with a lcd on it ;-).
    my son loves nokia lumia the most ..

  50. Csaba Says:

    sammy has not got a chance this time I am afraid! so Lumia 900!

  51. Basilwonderdog Says:

    A better contest would be GS3 (if it’s ever announced) vs the N900.

    This is like klitschko vs foreman! How is this question relevant? It’s tantamount to bullying a geriatric!

  52. shiv charan singh Says:

    Lumia 900 is soooo much better than galaxy s

  53. Stoop Says:

    Why are you all picking the 900? We all know the 900 is just the 800 (which I currently own) with a bigger screen and a front facing camera (higher battery capacity is negligible due to the bigger screen). It has the same 1,4 GHz processor, where the S II has a dual core 1.2 GHz. And you also know that the current version of Android is far superior to the limited windows phone 7.5

  54. Madhu Singh Says:

    Nokia is N0: 1 & remain No.1………….. Iam using Nokia for 10yrs…… no other brand has better battery backup & nothing is user freindly like Nokia. Long live Nokia……. There is no better phone then u……

  55. Dinesh Says:

    I have been using a Lumia 800 for quite some time now and completely in love with it. The Galaxy S 2 is no comparison for even the 800. Considering this, I guess the Lumia 900 should be far far ahead of Galaxy S2 in terms of its performance.

  56. saimon Says:

    I like Nokia Lumia 900, its awesome ……

  57. sachin Says:

    I Love Nokia Lumia 900 it much batter to S2

  58. Ankul Chauhan Says:

    i think nokia lumia is better then Samsung s2 . lumia have a good platform of use .The Nokia Lumia 900 is a far superior product against the ageing galaxy II

    its better to other banrd

    Ankul chauhan


  59. Dwaipayan Banerjee Says:


  60. arun dhiman Says:

    My vote for nokia lumia 900 because it provide great platform.
    nokia lumia 900 win the compitition

  61. MD.Imran Says:

    In Smart Phones Lumia 900 is Best Mobile

  62. Yolanda Says:

    Nokia Lumina is clearly the winner!

  63. sahil Says:

    No comparison at ny cost…
    Nokia was best…Nokia is best….Nokia will be the best…:):)
    vote for n900…..

  64. JEZniALIC Says:

    LUMIA 900 is a superior phone.. Go Nokia!!

  65. pankaj Says:

    no doubt nokia lumina 900 is far better than sII i love to have nokia…………………….

  66. inte Says:

    Why are you not taking the N9 into account? It’s far the best smartphone on the market at the moment and comes with the same great housing as the lumias but with a far better user experience due to the superior OS! It would beat the Lumia by factor thousand, and, best of all, it’s a true Nokia product!

  67. kawaljeet singh Says:

    I vote for lumia 900

  68. kawaljeet singh Says:

    I will vote for lumia 900

  69. Ashish Rai Says:

    I would rather vote for Lumia 900

  70. lucky Says:

    I love lumia phone 900

  71. Oluwatosin Says:

    Samsung did the omnia,HTC did the titans.The great Nokia did the Lumia in less than just a year and overshadow other names.Why? This is because nokia produce better hardwares and softwares more than other do.Nokia can be trusted in every area.There’s no doubt Nokia is producing the evolutionary Windows phone and thats is why Microsoft paid such a huge amount of money to partner with nokia.The nokia lumia900 has one of the best softwares preinstalled on it by nokia such as the nokia map & nokia drive which are the best map and navigation currently in the world.There’re still more nokia will offer,is it in d area of photography?…. Very soon U will trade ur android for nokia

  72. Shafiq Says:

    Nokia Lumia 900 is the best phone. I really love it………………..

  73. deepak Says:

    I love lumia 900.
    So so beatuful and so so amazing….
    Look is so so beatyfull…samsung so so old…like look…etc

  74. Amit Goswami Says:

    I love Lumia 900

  75. anil mehta Says:

    luimia 900 is emaging phone with new look and new operating system. everyone waiting for this phone.

  76. Reckless Says:

    The Lumia 900 hasn’t even come out yet and is being judged based off the spec sheet, which still isn’t greater than the Galaxy S2.

    The Galaxy S2 is made by samsung, an industrial company who has many satisfied customers in their television and monitor region.

    Amoled vs Super Amoled – GS2 Wins

    The Android OS is far superior in this race. If you invest in android, you’ll be granted with what you spend. Don’t expect a 200 dollars out of contract android to work as smooth as a 600 dollar iPhone or 400 Dollar WP7 device. Google play is also almost at par with Apple in terms of the popular and most used apps

    Android vs WP7 – GS2 Wins

    I can’t elaborate on how the build quality can copare, but I doubt an Samsung phone can take upon a Nokia phone through experience.

    Samsung vs Nokia – Lumia Wins

    If the camera is anything like the Lumia 800, it will not fall back at all.

    GS2 VS Lumia – Lumia Wins

    Availability is obviously shorthanded here. The 900 is yet to be released, but will early april. However, it’ll only be available for AT&T. The global version falls short in only supporting the 1700mhz needed for T-Mobile, until T-Mobile deploys the 1900mhz band, their users will not be able to use the phone. The Galaxy S2 has versions that’ll work for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint. As well as worldwide availability.

    Availability – GS2 Wins

    Now make your decision. Vote accurately and truthfully.

  77. DILEESH Says:

    Nokia Lumia 900 is very good & fast .

  78. Qizar Bin Salam Says:

    Nokia Lumia 900 is the best

  79. Abdul Mannan Says:

    Current Handset is Lumia 800 cant wait to get 900

  80. Afsana Says:

    I trust on Nokia Product. I am sure Nokia Lumia 900 is one of the best product in the Market. I will soon place a pre-order……………!!

  81. sandeep Says:

    nokia lumia 900 is best

  82. inte Says:

    I guess there are many people from developing countries posting here hoping to get a job or at least a free phone from Nokia. Well this won’t happen for sure! Folks, get real: The Lumia series, starting with a price tag of 250 Euro for the 610 is not and will not be targeting emerging markets, these phones are far to expensive. Plus, WP7 very much relies on a stable and fast internet connection since WP7 is rather a frontend to the Microsoft services than a fully featured smartphone OS.
    Always remember, there is a market beyond Europe and the US which Microsoft is also trying to rather but won’t reach with their overpriced Lumia featurephones…

  83. thellama87 Says:

    @reckless is clear black amoled btw it has a couple layers of polarized glass so it has better in sun light viewing. Unlike gs2 but I but in no sun lightthe gs2 looks better.

  84. Manish Says:

    Nokia lumia 900 is best & fast. Lumia 900 is amazing phone with new look and new operating system.

  85. Jose V Says:

    People sure are b!tchy here. Maybe all of you that think these phones don’t deserve it really haven’t used them at least for a while. WP users really like their phones, same as android usera (well not all of them, many come for the ideals and leave for the reality).
    Maybe WP users just got here first so suck it up

  86. Manish Says:

    Nokia lumia 900 is stunning design.

  87. Claudia Quintana Herrera Says:

    Nokia Lumia 900!!!!

  88. Jose V Says:


    The Nokia Lumia 900 is already in hands of many people, you can see them first hand with the employees of the AT&T stores

    Samsung is a good company for sure, but Nokia is also a great company that has always been regarded as the top Phone manufacturer. You can say whatevere you want about the ill fated Symbian but the quality of their phones is superior in every single way.

    Screen quality is very similar, same size, resolution maybe Super Amoled is a bit better than Nokia’s Clear back Amoled (but clear back is better in the sunlight).

    Android lets you do more things than anybody else granted, but is it way superior? Hell no! WP some times annoys me with it’s few limitations but Android annoys me all the time with it’s constant lag and bugs! I use a WP but my tablet is the Galaxy 10.1 and i’ve been tempted to through against a wall.
    Apps? Don’t even dare to say it’s close to Apple store, numbers aren’t everything Apple has more and better MUCH better apps. WP marketplace will get there. It has enough apps for almost everything you’d want to do and is only missing maybe 10 to 15 “important” apps. I have abour 100 apps installed and I only use about 10 of them. Same as with my tablet and from what i’ve read it’s the same with many many users.

    They camera on the 900 is already reported to be way better than the 800’s. As a matter of fact many of the corrections will be passed to the 800 also. The GS2 has a great camera, 900 is on par.

    They are both great phones.There is no perfect phone, just the perfect phone for each user.
    The problem with samsung is that you buy a great phone and then the stab you in the back, don’t update fast enough and just want you to buy the next best phone. Why buy a GS2 if the 3 is right around the corner! It’s going to cure cancer!

    Samsung I’m still waiting for the Android 4 update for my tablet… and you’re already releasing 3 new tablets in less than a year….

  89. Keith Says:


    To each their own but I think Windows Phone is fresh, smooth, effecient, fun and far superior to Android and does not have the same malware and privacy busting issues either. Lumia 900 all the way. I would even chose the 800 over any Android.

  90. Elia Rodriguez Says:

    Nokia Lumia 900 IS THE BEST

  91. Ravi Shankar Sharma Says:

    I have Used All Most All Mobiles And All Brands…But Nokia N900 Will Be One Of The Best Ever…

  92. Peter Says:

    The Lumina is one of the best products to hit the market, hands down. Nokia is definitely on it’s way back. I think this is the start of winning back the lost reputation, which by the way has never been bad just lazy. Surprisingly, everyone i talk to still says that Nokia has a great product. They started with a top notch product but just got lazy and lost their creative lustre. I am glad to see it regaining that lustre.

  93. J4rrod Says:

    Loved all the fandroids here. Your comments make you sound pathetic. “OMG WP tweeted to vote wahhhh!!1! how dare they??? Even though I posted this one 50 forum threads it’s not fair wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!111!!!!”

  94. s2556 Says:

    LOL the aging GS2 you guys are refering to has way better specs all around than the NEW lumia 900! and its almost a year old!!! hahahaha poke fun at the GS2 all you want but im buying a GS3 anyways which no windows phone coming out in the next year will be able to touch lol. Dont get me wrong though, windows platform is a great low-mid end platform. i dont even know if that processor will even be able to keep up with the LTE haha

  95. Tina Fisher Says:

    Lumia 900 by far the best!!!

  96. Vijayakumar.A Says:

    Nokia Lumia 900 is very best

  97. N.Ameenudeen Says:

    My Favorate Mobile

  98. TBW Says:

    Of my course my vote was on the Lumia. Does it matter who likes what? You go in vote and then come out. Simple as that. Vote and leave. Don’t argue over such petty reasons.

  99. Amit Dewan Says:

    I trust on Nokia Product since i use mobile phone.

    I am sure Nokia Lumia 900 is one of the best product in the Market……

  100. vinoth kumar balaji Says:

    Nokia always dominates so my vote is for Nokia Lumia 900

  101. Jwow Says:

    Just because someones typing or grammer is not perfect English, doesn’t mean that they are from a developing country. Even if people are from developing countries, they sometimes get technology sooner than in the USA because of the difficult process of qualification and compliance that exist in the US. There is a reason that the first of many Nokia window mobile devices are available in the rest of the world first. People in countries like Russia, China, Phillipines, India, etc… Will pay $500USD for a good mobile device that they will happy with for year after year. That is why Nokia has always done well there. These markets are not about getting people to sign up for 2 year contracts and family plans with disposable phones. They are about having the best mobiles, with real features, stable software, and reliable networks-connections. Most of the time their networks are better than ours because they are newer. Not running on 50 year old copper lines, etc…

  102. Fatima Bano Says:

    There is no doubt that Nokia Lumia 900 is best of all smartphones ….I really love it …..

  103. Sarat Says:


  104. S.S.BANGA Says:


  105. harpreet singh Says:

    I am wait lumia900.

  106. SANDEEP Says:


  107. SATHISH .B Says:

    very good phone with smartlook and vey handy comes with the NOKIA trust.

  108. varun Says:

    i m waiting lumia 900 because i beat galaxy s2 and galaxy note

  109. cinderella Says:

    had a chance to try this phone through a local at&t & one of the store worker let me tried his, it was absolutely stunning and one of a kind. I’ve been waiting for Nokia to come back and Nokia is truly an phone company that cars about humanity and people. Good luck

  110. Sabir khan Says:

    lumia 900 will improve nokia smarth phone sale i am juat waiting this phone i realy thanx to nokia to give us good smarth phone………..thanx nokia

  111. rahul anand Says:

    nokia Lumia 900 is amazing device. nokia Lumia 900

  112. Chris Says:

    Its seems that most of the Lumia votes and comments are from one camel jockey with a multiple personality disorder.

    Galaxy s2 totally. The new nokias’ have too much of a HTC knock-off look. Not to mention it is a windows phone. 98% of all windows phones eventually get modded to run android, because of the lack of content that the windows market offers. Even if the Nokia wins the smartphone madness, it will still be second to Samsung and Blackberry not to mention Blackberry still holds the top with business users. Nokias’ stock has dropped so much that most of their market is stuck in the early 90’s. Samsung is slowly rising to the top as it takes out Apple. The polls arent accurate. When you look at actual sales and reviews, Samsung is currently on top.

  113. Angela Santana Says:

    Nokia Lumia 900 is very best

  114. Naresh Says:

    Lumia900 is a great device

  115. Sherrif Rahman Says:

    How fast & Sexy my Lumia 900 is.

  116. Dilip Agarwal Says:

    900 WINNER

  117. Ninjaboy Says:

    For the past half an hour, i’ve read the comments posted here. Some are truly great (e.g. Sale statistics of the galaxy sII and nokia N9 being the best phone) and some were downright pathetic. I’ve used both the platforms extensively; android for the past year and windows mango for the last two months. Both have their own USPs, strengths and weaknesses. Let’s start with android.
    Android changed smartphones; denying facts is simply dumb. It is the best thing ever if you consider the sheer flexibility,customizability and variety of apps. However, android isn’t as great as it is projected to be, especially android in samsung phones. It’s lacklustre, bleak, plain, boring. And yeah, you don’t need 5 trillion thingys in your phone. You need 20 that you really require, not some hocus pocus like fish pond or ant smasher.

    Mango: Simply put, it’s not what it’s predecessor was. Windows mobile of the past were boring, complicated and brick substitutes. Not anymore. This one is clean, efficient, beautiful, stable… And safe. No crashes, battery problems or boring looks that start right from galaxy y and continue right upto galaxy note. It’s a fledgeling operating system, barely an year old. Give it a chance to grow. And people crying about no expansion card slots, use your skydrive, for heaven’s sake.
    Android fanboys, if you don’t know about windows mobile, stop running your mouths and comparing configurations. Windows doesn’t require huge resources, a single core windows running phone can kick a dual core android’s ass anyday. (not inventing the facts, just check the benchmark scores if you don’t believe me)

    P.S. I haven’t talked about T-MOBILE, sprint, AT&T etc because I’m from a “developing country”. Anyone finding fault with my grammar can contact me, i’d love to have english lessons :-P

  118. Rituraj Mishra Says:

    I am waiting for Lumia900 its owesome device……

  119. Chaitanya Says:

    The Below mentioned mail is sent to all nokia care centres asking all the staffs to vote for Lumia 900, An avarage of 15 staffs in a nokia care and all over india nearly 900 care centres ( 900 x 15 = 13500 ) No doubt why lumia wins ( Nokia guys you are now cheating public in all the ways you can.. )

    From :
    BCC Marked to All NCC

    Dear All,

    LAPTOP Magazine is running a consumer poll on their favorite smartphones. And this year, Nokia has two entries in the tournament –the Nokia Lumia 900 andthe Nokia Lumia 710. In the previous rounds, Nokia Lumia 900has breezed past Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx and Huawei Ascend D-Quad.

    Now, in thePenultimate 4 round of Smartphone Madness 2012 we watch NokiaLumia 900 lock horns with Samsung Galaxy S II. We have to make sure that Nokia Lumia 900 wins this face off – we are already way ahead of Samsung Galaxy S II. Please click on the following link and vote for NokiaLumia 900 as your favorite Smartphone.

    Please forward this to your friends and relatives and VOTE for Nokia Lumia 900!

    Let’s make it happen!Every Vote counts!


    Warm Regards


  120. Fnuree Says:

    Lumia lacks apps, but has better performance than any android. Lumia performs exactly like iPhone. Hope win app market wil get bigger, so I dont have to cry for apps. But I love lumia.

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