Smartphone Madness 2012 Finals: Nokia Lumia 900 vs. Nokia Lumia 710. Voting Ends Monday, 4/2 at 9:00 a.m. EST

Welcome smartphone fans to the finals of this year’s Smartphone Madness. It’s been a roller coaster ride full of surprises. One thing is for sure, Windows Phone lovers showed up to support their chosen OS. In fact, its those fan’s support that has landed both the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Nokia Lumia 710 in the finals. 

The Nokia Lumia 900 may not yet be available for purchase, but support for this Windows Phone device has reached a fever pitch. And thus much is expected of Nokia’s new flagship smartphone with its large 4.3-inch screen, and around back of this solid unibody design (available in cyan and black) is an 8-MP camera with Carl Zeiss optics. We’re excited about the possibilities of the bundled Nokia GPS to help this smartphone find its way down the lane. But its AT&T’s 4G LTE speed that could make a difference here. We liked this phone so much we named it Best Smartphone of CES 2012.

The Nokia Lumia 710 stuffed the LG Optimus 4X HD and the Samsung Galaxy Note in previous rounds, and yesterday it bested the Samsung Galaxy Nexus by fewer than 200 votes. Today however, it will have to face down its younger brother. We expect the Lumia 710 will pull out all the stops, including its $49.99 price tag, snappy performance, intuitive interface and bright 3.7-inch display. But will those skills be enough to best its sibling? You decide.

The polls for the finals will remain open until Monday, April 2 at 9:00 a.m. EST. So get out there and cheer on your favorite Windows Phone Nokia Lumia handset!

Anna Attkisson
Anna Attkisson
A lover of lists and deadlines, Anna Attkisson covers apps, social networking, tablets, chromebooks and accessories. She loves each of her devices equally, including the phablet, three tablets, three laptops and desktop. She joined the Laptop Mag staff in 2007, after working at Time Inc. Content Solutions where she created custom publications for companies from American Express to National Parks Foundation.
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  1. John Says:

    I love windows phones but seriously… how did the Lumia 710 beat out the the Galaxy Nexus? I wanted an epic battle between the Nokia Lumia 900 and the Galaxy Nexus instead. But honestly my actual lineup is as follows:

    1) Nokia Lumia 900
    2) Samsung Galaxy SII
    3) Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    4) iPhone 4S

    I have the SII surpass the Nexus because the hardware is vastly superior on that device. iPhone 4S is 4th because of the OS, screen size, and price.

  2. Matt Says:

    Well deserved win for WP7 for its genius Metro design, live tiles, and its flawless OS.
    And well deserved win for Nokia for its incredible, first class hardware and beauty of their handsets.

  3. Slayer33 Says:

    wow, what a turn out! I never thought it would be down to 2 windows phones! I thought for sure since there are SOOOO MANY Fandroids out there they would’ve easily out numbered the Lumia 710 yesterday.

    But I guess most Android users are not interested or very happy overall with their phones?

    Either way, I’m calling Rogers today to see if I can get a HW upgrade to get the Lumia 900 from my Focus.


  4. ds Says:

    I agree with john.

  5. Fleon Says:


    I would guess the Galaxy Nexus didn’t win because of the randomly dropping signal strength issues, the multitouch problems, and the initial ICS release crashing on boot all the time?

    I had a Galaxy Nexus and a Galaxy SII, and I have to say the SII was the better, more reliable phone.

  6. Gabriel Says:

    Would have been great to have seen the Nokia N9 in the competition.

  7. David Says:

    This is honestly as it should be. The only reason Android really took off is because of the exclusivity contract between AT&T and Apple. If that had not existed, iPhone would still be the #1 dominant OS and Android would never have gained as much in popularity.

    Just because an Android can do something an iPhone or WP7 can not, it doesn’t mean the vast majority of users want any of that functionality. It’s like adding a nitro turbo booster to a family sedan. Having the booster doesn’t mean that the family who owns the sedan is ever going to use it.

    My wife is a non-techie and her impression of Android is that it is just the poor-man’s iPhone. She loves her HD7 and is passionate about its superiority to Android and iPhone (she has used all 3 OS’s in the past 3-4 years). I think this is because WP7 feels much more modern and is very easy to use. It also has the functionality I need as a power user. It’s just a great OS.

    WP7 deserves to be recognized as the amazing mobile OS it is… so the final battle here is right on target with how WP7 should be treated… the next great thing.

  8. SuperSport Says:

    The 710 truly is a fantastic little phone, but it will not hold up against the mighty 900. I’ve had hands on with the 900, and it is unarguably the best SmartPhone to date. The Windows OS combined with the Nokia Design and Build is fantastic.

    Congratulations Nokia! Well Done!

  9. John Says:

    Actually the finals should have been between HTC Titan II and the Lumina 900.

    How did Galaxy Nexus beat the HTC Titan II?

  10. rjmlive Says:

    This at first looks kinda bad, however, as a Windows Phone fan, it’s not the specs that win this battle, it’s user experience and total package which is more about the OS. I mean it’s more of an OS battle than a phone battle in this case, but the Titan II lost out to the Nexus which is really what I think was reflective of actual initial appeal. Regardless, this shows some serious support from the community. I don’t even have one yet but I can’t wait.

    Lumia 900 would have likely won in either case, and to be fair, the Lumia 710 and the 900 will have the exact same user experience. (minus the front facing camera and of course design preference) so technically, they are equivalent phones. Specs mean nothing at this stage of the Windows Phone platform, it’s the OS that is the real winner. (The style and design of the Nokia phones is however a new level as well.)

  11. Sam Says:

    How did the tablet winner fare last year? As I recall, the iPad lost in the first round but I think it did pretty good on stats like dollar sales, margin, market share, apps, developer comp, units, and everything else other than votes on

    Prediction: iPhone 4s outsells the other fifteen phones in this bracket COMBINED in 2012.

    What a pointless exercise. Huawei Ascend D Quad… please tell me you made that up?!?!?

  12. binlid Says:

    Doesn’t matter how many cores you put in a Galaxy device…Android will still lag more than Nokia Lumia 710 on single core.
    WP7 is just a more optimized, fluid and sleek OS than Android.
    That said, Nexus is certainly a more impressive device hardware wise so perhaps should have won…as this is not a software/hardware only contest.
    But then again…if you were to choose a winner based on value for money…you’d have to call it for Lumia 710…Nokia’s built in apps are amazing – and the free Voice guided GPS navigation & Music service are nearly worth the price alone…let alone all the other WP7 goodness you get.

    However, the final is now boring. 900 will kill 710 as it is by definition a better version of the same thing.

    Would have liked to see 900 against Nexus…where I expect 900 would prevail as it is top notch hardware, faster OS, better design, and better value for money.

    Nokia are back baby!! :)

  13. Yamishi Says:

    Agreed with Matt. I didn’t expect to see an all-Windows-Phone final round, but it’s well-deserved. Best phones on the market.

  14. Daniel Bryan Says:


  15. mike Says:

    By the time Android releases their chocolate crunchberry with sprinkles OS on a 12 core chip, things should get closer. Personally I’m waiting for the Fudge Brownie update to my Ice Cream Sandwich. hold on……need to manage some processes. Ughhhhh

  16. SRG Says:


  17. Just Visiting Says:

    Lumia 710 says: “I think I can”, “I think I can”…

    You go little fella :)

  18. Carroll LEe Says:

    Lumia 900 has a front camera, the 900 did not.

  19. Carroll LEe Says:

    er the 800 did not

  20. Kai Masters Says:

    Having owned an iPhone since Gen 1 up to 4S and just recently a Lumia 800, I must say that I am a convert to Windows Phone.

    It’s buttery smooth, has some lovely looking apps (and plenty for my needs, what is it now 75,000 or so?) and the Nokia exclusive ones are really fantastic. The offline mapping on Nokia Drive that came along via an update through Zune was about all I sorely needed that wasn’t available until recently.

    The hardware is amazing. It just has an upmarket premium feel, buttons are in the right place, screen is super clear and bright (if not left in Automatic mode which is a little dull) and it feels great in the hand.

    My only gripe now is the awful clunk between tracks when using the music apps and listening through an aux cable. It sounds like a gun going off!

    NEVERTHELESS, I ain’t going back to iPhone for the foreseeable future. Windows Phone is a young, exciting platform and when Win Pho 8 and Win 8 get launched then I think things will be looking very bright for the young upstart!

    Thanks Microsoft for thinking about your phone software to the degree you have! And thanks Nokia for doing it SO right! Oh and congratulations on the fact that I am obviously (see poll results) not alone in my thinking!

  21. Caustic Says:

    You know, you don’t really need a phony contest. You could just see which phones sell the best.

    Those tend to be iPhones, by the way, not Windows Phones.

  22. Chase Says:

    Huawei Ascend D Quad? Seriously? From the way I see it, you picked a phone that’s not even out yet—and could be lousy—to beat out the iPhone 4S based on specs alone. How lame. The iPhone 4S may not be the best phone on this bracket, but let’s at least be fair.

  23. Randy M Says:

    Maybe the reason that Windows Phone is doing so well in this little poll is that Android and iPhone owners are too busy playing Angry Birds Space and didn’t notice that a contest was going on.

    Let me know when third party developers are allowed to write full width love tiles and I’ll get back to that Windows Phone app I started

    Okay, thx, bai

  24. Randy M Says:

    Sorry should be live not love :-)

  25. Paul Gomez Says:

    How did the BlackBerry bold 900 best the HTC One X? the rest I’m fine with, all though I wanted the Titan II vs Lumia 900, but I guess more people have played with the lumia 710

  26. Thelastholdout Says:

    And this, kiddies, is why polls suck. They’re so easily skewed one way or another by fanboys and plugs on Twitter. Microsoft consistently plugged this contest on all their accounts, while for the most part the Android manufacturers didn’t.

    This whole contest was bullshit through and through. You WP fanboys enjoy your hollow victory. I’ll sit this round of voting out. Neither phone deserves to win.

  27. Sam Says:

    From the start, the powers as be wanted the 900 vs 710 to face off. Typically M$ & Nolia crap misleading the customers on their products.

    Where was the other WP7, they could not be in this M$/Nokia battle?

  28. His Shadow Says:

    Guess which of the phones in that collection sold over 30 million units? And probably sold more than all the others put together?

  29. Adrian Says:

    I wanted to see the Nexus vs the L900 and I own a Focus and will be getting a L900 next week. This makes the poll look rigged.

  30. Randy M Says:

    Sam don’t get mad at Microsoft Phone fans. As I indicated, they don’t have apps so they didn’t this stuff to pass the time ;-)

  31. BigPuss Says:

    LAWL! I can’t believe this is the outcome of the poll! It seems the Microsoft/Nokia partnership is paying off. And I think this is forecasting what is going to happen in the following months or years. People is closely paying attention to Windows Phone, and they are loving it. The Lumia 900 is surely going to be a huge success.

  32. Hitesh Says:

    I love the windows phone.

    Had Androids , then been using the 1st generation Samsung Omnia 7 for a year now, and i’ve never been happier. Its still as smooth and fast as the day i’ve got it.

    The synchronization with hotmail and facebook is as smooth as butter, and the games are awesome.

    Time to upgrade to the Lumia 900 or something better down the line.

  33. inte Says:

    So if windows phone was such a great OS why aren’t people buying it at all?
    I think this poll stinks.
    WP7 is a somehow unfinished feature phone OS and the results looks fake.
    Even though the GUI looks different, it’s rather slow to use on daily practice.
    Plus, the icons look so huge especially on the 900, and one has to scroll all the time to gather the same amount of information one could catch on other OS with one view.
    Forget WP7. Thinks might change with WP8, but we need new hardware for the next Windows release first!

  34. Droidbricker Says:

    You really expect to think that any Windows phone is superior to even last years Android phones? I suppose if you enjoy less features? This website has no credibility. Winblows …lulz!

  35. Jonathan Says:

    Not to spoil the rage party of all the people saying that this contest is rigged, but this is not the only place on the web that shows evidence of strong reviews and user satisfaction with Windows Phone. Consider the strong showing WP made in PC-Mag’s user choice awards this year:,2817,2402201,00.asp
    Or look at some of the top rated phones on Amazon by customer reviews:

  36. Strang Says:

    @ inte : it’s obvious you’ve never used Windows Phone, because you wouldn’t be saying it’s “slow to use” if you had.

  37. TheCat Says:

    …surprising results, considering that “Laptop” and it’s readers are in general more favourable to Apple and Android products…..

  38. Jed Says:

    lolz @ the sore losers.

  39. thellama87 Says:

    This is for all the haters.,2817,2402202,00.asp

  40. David Says:

    Well I didn’t expect Nokia Lumia 710 doing this well even tough I know it is a very good phone and happy to see it made it all the way to top.

    Perhaps many of these Android phone losts because of the user exprience and many lags and malware customers are dealing with with Android phones.

    As for iPhone maybe it sell a lot but to be honest it has nothing new to offer it is same old boring OS and design and not even true 4G or LTE phone so not surprising to not see 4S there. It may could come up a little more in chart but for sure not in top 4.

    And I am sure we can all tell that Lumia 900 is the clear winner here. :)

  41. Devi Says:

    I love it how total votes for this contest so far is 2500 votes, and yesterdays was over 14k, (7k 710, 7k nexus) how does that make any sense, where did all the windows phone fans go, shouldn’t there be another 5k or more worth of votes?

  42. Slayer33 Says:

    So many poor losers.

    @inte – windows phone is slow to use on daily practice? HA. that’s all I have to say to that. You obviously haven’t used one long enough for anyone to value your opinion.

    WP OS is by far more superior that Android and iOS. They were just late to the game, but things will eventually turn around for them.

  43. DaFoo Says:

    @Sam and @inte

    U Mad?

  44. Bob Says:

    They are buying, but people only buy every two years on average, so it takes two years to possibly have any effect on markets hare, not saying it will, but it will only show after two years. I think Nokia would be happy and quite surprised how well it has gone so far, but time will tell if they are going to be successful.

  45. narenrh Says:

    This contest was not between only operating systems or only hardware or only being sold phones. Its between all these combined – OS, hardware, sold phones, new phones, etc. I agree Windows Phones sale hasn’t been great. But we are not just talking about Windows Phones here. We are taking about Nokia Lumia 710 & Nokia Lumia 900.

    710 is already being sold at T-Mobile and has proved itself as a very good handset even against android phones. 900 is not yet being sold. So, this contest is not just about how they performed but rather also about how they are going to perform in future.

    That’s how I perceive. Of course, this is just an indication. What will happen in the future will have to be seen. I personal wish all the best to Nokia Lumia 900

  46. Muhammad Sazali Shamsudin Says:

    Finally, Nokia has slammed down the other competitors. Now, it is the time where we must look closely which Nokia devices suit us. We need not look at other brands. We must concentrate on one thing, that is NOKIA!

  47. Glock Says:

    Market share says it all. I love Windows phone but the Galaxy Nexus in my hand should be I’m the final. I’ve had iPhones, windows phones (nodo and mango), android phones. The gnex is the best phone I’ve ever owned.

  48. Groover1971 Says:

    Thank you “inte”. You made me laugh! My wife was tired of her Evo and wanted my phone (a 1st Gen. HTC Arrive). She now has one and loves it. Like a lot of people in these forums, I am usually considered a “computer geek” by most people that know me. Now that I have my Windows Phone I rarely need or want to get on my PC at home. I’ll admit that my previous Windows Mobile phones did frustrate me from time to time. But I’m over that now, and apparently, so is Windows Phone.

  49. Maverick Lambert Says:

    It would have been interesting to see a comparison between the Lumia 800 VS the 900. I have the 800 and although not as fast as the 900 I think it is better looking and has a better feel in the hand.

  50. doktorg Says:

    Hahaha it doesn’t matter which one wins although it will most likely be the 900. This just shows how awesome WP is and the huge support its getting. especially yesterday with the 710 getting over the nexus in the last 10 minutes of the vote. All the fandroid fans are crying.

  51. aemroth Says:

    The lesson to be learned here is that the bulk of the support drumming has been done by fans. And since windows phone users are dwarved in number by android users, that speaks volumes about the degree of satisfaction and support said users have for their platform of choice. That is the real victory here, and by no means a hollow one.

  52. Jackson Says:

    This is simply retarded. They’ve declared a yet un-released phone as the victor, and placed the single best selling phone (iPhone) as last. What moron wrote this? Yes, Windows Phone is cool, but seriously? The author must be a Microsoft shill, just writing articles for dollars.

    Look at the finals: It was two Samsung Galaxy’s vs two Nokia Windows Phones (Nokia? Really?)

    Give it up.

  53. unbelievable Says:

    What is this crap? Two half-baked Windows Phones from the same company under the same brand “competing” with each other?

    Enjoy your victory, guys. Kim Jong Il also got a 100% approval rating in North Korea.

  54. unbelievable Says:

    Slayer33 – Your Windows Phone overlords were busy astroturfing these polls by posting them on Twitter to their followers. It means nothing when you look at the 2% market share Microsoft has.

  55. ZipZapRap Says:

    I have been using a Lumia 900 (white) for about a month now, testing it as my daily driver (don’t ask how I got it). This thing slaps the face of any phone of any phone I’ve ever played with (and I have played with some stuff that will be out in months time).

    Nokia’s Clear Black is an evolution of the SAMOLED Samsung is using.

    Well done Nokia, the 900 will be a deserved winner.

  56. Clint C Says:


    Results look fake? its slow to use on a daily practice? I hope you are talking about Windows Mobile and not Windows Phone because i can easily whip any ios or android users ANY DAY at ANY TASK on my phone! Android is slow, crashes consistantly and overall looks like something i used in the 80s. Information is not accessible as fast as WP7, WP7 speeds beat anything android and looks much better then ios!

  57. jroc Says:


    The fact that the iPhone 4S had only 130 votes….its safe to say this contest is only about the ppl that know about it. As many iPhones that are sold every

    We should never take this contest seriously. I dont even come to this site for much info or news. I dont have or like anything Apple, but I’ve visited Apple related sites alot more than this one. Just to read the wild comments, thoughts of the Apple fans.

    All that matters is what we each like and want. I will say I’m shocked a phone with no FFC beat some with a FFC. The Nokia 710 should have never made it this far.

  58. jroc Says:

    If this poll wooulda had alot more representatives from the majority of actual phones users….Android and the iPhone would be in the final.

  59. jroc Says:

    And folks gloating over this WP7 poll victory….

    The Pre 3 was in the Final and won last year…lol. So again….lets not get carried away with these poll results. Thats all they are. Poll results. Doesnt help MS with the marketing of WP7, doesnt help with the sales.

  60. inreply Says:

    @inte – because people are sheep – mehh

  61. andrea Says:

    I agree with john…
    come on nexus is way better than the 710…

    that’s a fair race between nexus and lumia 900…

    but.. I don’t know if i prefer nexus or s2

  62. dw Says:

    Where’s Joe the android fanboy to talk rubbish?

  63. siah Says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about inte, using wp7 on a daily basis is fast and fluid. It’s the fastest (usability-wise) smartphone OS out there.

  64. Dan Says:

    This is such BS. No way the 710 wins IRL. I just lost major respect for laptopmag.

  65. unbelievable Says:

    @dw – Nowhere, because the poll already smells like it :)

  66. Steve M Says:

    It’s no wonder why these two phones, that are both underpowered pigs, are in the finals: The comments read like a WinPho frother fest. Seriously, the Lumia 710 is junk, and has probably had as many returns as sales, and the Lumia 900 isn’t even out yet (And still has a standard-def screen, a crap 2010 processor, and 512 MB of RAM). Seriously, most of you should just don your official Microsoft “plushie” suits, bust out those recycled Android Windows Phones, and go to town. I would ask why laptopmag has such a devout MSFT audience, when the best laptops on the planet, according to just about every publication on the planet, doesn’t even run Windows, but I guess maybe that is the point. Carry on, fanatics.

  67. jroc Says:

    I have used a WP7 for a few minutes, hours and will say its the most fluid, smoothest between iOS, WP7 and Android. I would probably even put Android last or tied with the iOS for smoothness. Its gotten closer to iOS smoothness tho.

    That alone isnt enough to make me want to use it tho. I have been using Android since 2010. I dont see me switching to something else any time soon.

    Overall Android is the best fir for me.

  68. Kraken Says:

    Only an idiot would think that this competition is a competition on what’s the best smartphone.
    This is simply a poll where people are voting for the most preferred smartphone.
    Just shut the f*ck up stupid fanboys…it’s clear that most people wants a Nokia with WP7.
    Those brainless fanboys can’t just admit that WP7 is the most-user friendly smartphone OS to date.

    As a former android and iOS user, I can definitely say that WP7 phones are the “cream of the crop” because they offer ease of use while maintaining the simplicity of the user interface.

    If your favorite smartphone loses in this competition, don’t blame the voters…blame the operating system that runs with your favorite smartphone because it could might be the problem.

    End of story and I hope these words will stuff the mouths of those idiot fanboys.

  69. linda Says:

    android third class OS.. which has not any standard.. ohh i saw android OS in local chines mobiles .. and theyare very cheap .. android is f**king os

  70. hahah Says:

    “Windows Phone lovers showed up to support their chosen OS”…………….so it was just a click baiting poll to get the fanbois……………….


    Guys, this poll is like your website………………irrelevant.

  71. What !!!!!!!!!!! Says:

    OMG Lumia Wins smartphone competition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is it April the 1st already ?????????????

    Oh Wait, very good, you almost got me there laptopgmag :D

  72. JamesSB Says:

    This poll seems to match what consumers are saying about Windows Phone. Currently, Windows Phone holds 6 out of the top 10 spots for top rated phones at Amazon with the HTC Trophy at #1, HTC Titan at #1, and the Samsung Focus S at #3.

  73. Memento Says:

    @Steve M – how does it make you feel that a phone with a “standard-def screen, a crap 2010 processor, and 512 MB of RAM” can run so well compared to the other OS’ and its a better looking OS too lol =D

    I have had my WP7 for about a year and I have had no problems at all and it is even faster then when I bought it (due to Mango). I used to own an android and it was terrible! I’m a geek so I loved the customisation of the thing but i realised I wanted a phone that would just work, not one that requires restarts, crashes all the time and was slow even with dual core processors. I will never go back to an android after using a WP7. It just works!!!!

    I have to say though I don’t think the 710 should be in the final. Based on looks and usability it should be between the 900 and iPhone 4S, androids have too many problems and are too laggy to be classed as a workable phone.

  74. Droidz Says:

    This is funny you windows phone fanboys think that because you won this competition that your OS of choice is doing well? Look at the numbers android is blowing past everything. Good luck playing with you tiles and static wallpapers. I’ll be watching windows phone burn down on my Galaxy Nexus you know the phone that’s rated best in the world right now.

  75. ronit Says:

    android is not OS its a hacking tool …. lots of apps in android market they can harm ur device and hack ur all information from ur device .. i used to android but its fucking bad os.. now im using iphone 4.. but im sure windows phone 7 much better then android

  76. Helmuth Says:

    LOL! What a farce… ROTFL!

    And some are really thinking this marketing debacal could be a true voting?

  77. Geese Says:

    LMAO, this some ol Bullllllll!@#$%

  78. Whatever Says:

    And if a Droid or iPhone had won, all of the Droid and iPhone users would STILL be on here commenting about what a farce the poll is.

    Droidz Says:
    Quote: “android is blowing”

    Well said Droidz, well said.

  79. noyfb Says:

    It’s nice to see laptop mag get paid off adverts. This was such a farce it would be sad if it wasn’t so pathetic. There is no wa. y the songs topple a nexus with a better screen better processor and better ram. The shows how low these blogs will sell out to corporations to just basically advertise garbage products. I hope you made a lot of money of the advertising because I will never come back here to read your crap again.

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