Readers’ Choice: You Pick the Best Smart Phone of 2010

We’ve reviewed more than 39 smart phones this year, and recently posted our Best Smart Phones of 2010. Now that we’ve made our choices, we want to know what yours would have been. We want you to crown one of these 8 honorable phones as the Readers’ Choice for 2010.

UPDATE: The people have spoken and the BlackBerry Torch has been named the winner! Tune in Monday, 12/20 to vote for the Readers’ Choice Tablet of 2010.

In the list you’ll find something for everyone, including three 4G capable phones such as the HTC Evo 4G, the Samsung Epic 4G, and the T-Mobile myTouch 4G. Of course, Apple’s ubiquitous device is here, as well as the previous big winner in this category, the Palm Pre Plus. But there is also an upstart Windows Phone 7 device here in the Samsung Focus. Voting ends at 12:00 p.m. Eastern on Friday December 17, so get your vote on!

Anna Attkisson
Anna Attkisson
A lover of lists and deadlines, Anna Attkisson covers apps, social networking, tablets, chromebooks and accessories. She loves each of her devices equally, including the phablet, three tablets, three laptops and desktop. She joined the Laptop Mag staff in 2007, after working at Time Inc. Content Solutions where she created custom publications for companies from American Express to National Parks Foundation.
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  1. Ashutosh Mishra Says:

    My vote will go to the Nexus S, which isn’t here, but will be released in 2010 anyway. No. 2 will be the iPhone 4, followed by Nexus One, Droid 2, and the Desire HD (which is basically EVO for Indians).

  2. Patrick Says:

    I put myTouch 4G…even though I think the G2 is a better smartphone…oh well though. (sidenote….is it just me or does the first comment sound………slight inappropriate?…not saying it IS…just the way it comes off)

  3. JayBEE Says:

    Nokia N900, which isn’t listed here.

  4. Mark Says:

    I love when people talk badly about a phone they have never even picked up. I have used extensively our owned the N1, Myt4g, myt3g, G1, G2, Vibrant, Epic, Captivate, Droid X, Evo4g, icrap3gs, icrap4, myt slide, palm pre, galaxy tab, and I can say without question that the myt4g is the best of this list. I have seen all these lists being released for best smartphone of 2010 and very few of them even list the phone in the top 5. You morons should actually test a phone and give an objective opinion. Until some dual core bad*ss comes out, I’m staying with my top phone of 2010, the Mytouch 4g.

  5. neal Says:

    Nexus One, then Nexus S

  6. michael ho Says:

    IPhone 4, G2, Evo 4g, MyTouch 4G

  7. David Says:

    The Nexus One is the best, and should be on this list, When we see the Nexus S come out, it will be at the top! next would be a jailbroken iPhone 4 and the others dont even come close to being on the list

  8. drivethruboy168 Says:

    Stick to phones that are on the list dumb asses!

  9. drivethruboy168 Says:

    MYTOUCH 4G alllllll the way!!!

  10. Drakon Says:

    G2 should really be on the list but I guess hardware wise the my touch 4g is the same.

  11. Jul Tabana Says:


  12. Jordan Says:

    Its really funny that everyone is telling everyone what they voted for in the comments …… uh, hey guys, we already know from the poll results. Kids these days!

    ………………………..Mytouch 4G

  13. Armo Says:

    myTouch 4G FTW! I love my phone! :)

  14. Danny Says:

    Love my MT4G in Black….

    Fast thin yet has a solid feel to it. T-Mobiles 4G is really fast here in Los Angeles. Cant wait for next years 42 Mbps HSPA + rollout!

  15. steve jobs Says:

    the MyTouch4g looks like a great phone, but how can anything running on T-Mobile be taken seriously?\

    for me, it’s the Palm Pre+ until vzw has reasonably broad LTE coverage.

  16. Whitney Says:

    i have the my touch 4g and its actually pretty cool but im still missing my iphone4 sorry i think it comes down to preference…i just prefer the interface of iphone and the touch screen worked more smoothly…idk to each their own tho…(btw the reason i switched is because i moved and att not available in this small town booo! i hope verizon gets it and ill go back)

  17. Jay Says:

    Very misleading title. “YOU pick the best smartphone of 2010″ and then limit it to YOUR choices. Lame!
    BTW, MY pick for best smartphone of 2010 is the HTC HD2.

  18. Lee Says:

    I love my Palm Pre Plus. Hanging at second place still, impressive.

  19. i told u so .com Says:

    funny I see a over a year old device called the pre plus still getting madd votes over all the big bricks. Still not convinced Webos is the best platform, maybe people should look at all the battles the plus won on here (umm all of them), and all the support and love for a older device. Android is oversaturating the market, and soon will implode as stated by Nokia, and anyone else who knows better. Android is non innovated, non elegant, boring, and inferior to a real linux OS (android is not linux complete, so it will be limited in its overall potental). The manufacturers like htc, samsung, and moto will soon understand the competiton is within themselves, and sooner or later the same devices that are made (droid x, evo, droid incrediable, nexus s, galaxy s etc ) I can name madd phones that are the same in specs, and size. Hp is going to be releasing 2 new phones every 2 months in 2011 with a tablet that will put blackberrys bite playbook to shame (thats before the patent lawsuit watch for that soon), then watch webos perform on a superior product.

    HP/Palm webos for the record, the future in innovated products.

  20. shane davis Says:

    ummm really ?? your going to hide behind someone else’s name and serve a low blow ?! really ? lol . You have just told us all about who you are and we dont even want to know who you really are. its a shame you have to hide lol !!

  21. Jeff Says:

    webOS vs Android

    The software makes the hardware usable. Palm Pre (minus, plus, and 2) wins because the software is amazing. iOS comes in as a close second and Android ranks right above Blackberry (but just barely). As far as hardware goes, nothing beats 960×680 screen. The iPhone 4 is an amazing phone. It’s beautiful, functional, and fast. How amazing would webOS be on the iPhone 4? :)

    Fake names make you look stupid and your comment pointless.

  22. vince Says:

    Oh great, the Pretard idiots are here to shit up another poll. don’t you people have anything better to do than to pretend your phone is relevant?

  23. VerizonGuy Says:

    I am ashamed to say this but I work for verizon and I went and bought the mytouch 4g and NOTHING beats this phone it is amazing.

    And u guys voting for this other phones…
    This is the best cell phone contest not the worst

  24. ryan Says:

    No Nexus One, no vote. This poll sucks.

  25. Robert Barrett Says:

    What the HECK!?!?!?!?!? No Samsung S phones? DUMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. sean Says:

    the Epic 4G IS a Samsung Galaxy S phone….DUMBO

  27. Christine Says:

    Are real people voting for the Palm Pre Plus? I’m not sure Verizon sold more than 300 of them total. (Ok, exaggerating a little bit, but you get the idea.) How could that phone even be considered in the running?

  28. Andrew Says:

    You know people need to realize that T-Mobile has really good coverage in a lot of areas. Just because it’s not available in your area and you’re mad you can’t have a sweet MyTouch 4G doesn’t mean you gotta hate on Tmo. I love my phone (even more now that I rooted and overclocked to 1.7 GHz!) Seriously though MT4G is the best hands down.

  29. neall Says:

    I have tried them all. They only one that does everything without a hitch……can we say EVO

  30. Dunstan Says:

    HTC EVO…period.

  31. George Says:

    My choice is the HTC Incredible, which lives up to its name daily.

  32. Luis Says:

    HTC HD2. no doubts about it…

  33. shane Says:

    you guys are very funny , because next month a new phone will come out and you will all jump over to that phone and start this all over again lol . You guys are all followers lol not leaders heh heh !

  34. Ron Says:

    G2 is my pick! ………please put on the list

    I know MT4G is the BEST one on the list and hardware wise better than G2, but stock Android and physical keyboard makes all the difference to me.

    G2 is the ONLY phone compare to the rest on the list with stock Android and physical keyboard….basically a better version of Nexus one.

  35. el_ferrari79 Says:

    Nexus one, the best…

  36. woods Says:

    HTC Desire !

  37. Baba Says:

    Bah! Another US-centric poll. Irrelevant to the rest of the world.

  38. Fredrik Says:

    Why only these stupidly large Android devices??! No HTC Desire/Incredible, no Nexus One and no Samsung Galaxy S (without hardware keyboard)…………….. I’d vote for any of those but now I think I’ll just skip voting :/ And I think many agrees with this. Which will make this an easy victory for the over-rated iPhone :s

  39. Khalil Says:

    I have an HTC EVO, and it is a very great phone, i see why it has such a high amount of votes.

  40. scotty 2 hotty Says:

    This poll is crap!! The best phone of 2010 by far is not on the list; the HTC Desire!!

  41. Mergani Says:

    Not listed but HTC G2 the best plan and simple and it has same speed and mytouch 4g don’t need to be called 4g to be a 4g phone, anyways team andriod all the way that’s what matters at the end

  42. Lutz Says:

    Sure the Nexus one is great, but Sense just makes Sense. which is why i prefer the HTC Desire, which is basically a Nexus One with Sense

  43. niks Says:

    HTC legend…….
    4 sure

  44. CaptHalJordan Says:

    Even tho it’s not there, my vote would go to the HTC HD2, mainly because even tho it has WM6.5, it’s the only phone you can dual boot WM and Android (2.2) on this list (until they find a way to port Android and WMP7) that has the same high end hardware specs. I have used WM devices and phones since WM2000 came out and love it, I have NEVER had any problems with any of them (then I have gotten perfect “mutant” devices lol) but to me having WM6.5 and Android on a dual boot setup is the best of both worlds.

  45. yauhui Says:

    I think it must be pretty embarrassing for Steve Jobs to find the iPhone ranked lower than even the Pre.

  46. manick Says:

    HTC Desire.

    U guys ignored the whole world outside the recession struck US.

  47. Dom Says:

    This list sucks big time!Wheres the HTC Legend? The name, look and the device wins because of its price!

  48. NTC Says:

    why Desire is not in the list !
    Desire the best

  49. Tanya Says:

    I have a HTC EVo…The best thing since slice bread…lol…Seriously, I love my phone and talked my sister into getting one..She too loves her phone…I just need to know more about the phone…

  50. mahy Says:

    am having htc hd2 and i hate htc company and hate windows mobile it is the worth at all…………. really the worth mobile ever worth service worth applications,,am very disappointed with this mobile

  51. Ryan Says:

    I have a rooted EVO infected with a virus and it is the best phone I’ve had an oppertunity to use. I don’t think there is anything any of these other phones can do that my EVO cannot. I see there are over 2000 people who agree with me…next closest 560…do we really need to keep this discussion open any longer. htc. EVO FTW!!

  52. crypticbanana Says:

    Evo 4g killing this poll

  53. kleban Says:

    I have HTC HD2 and I think this is my best phone I’ve got (Nokia E50 LG PRADA, E51, E75 itp) !!
    So I vote HTC Evo:) HTC rules, but I don’t like Android – WM is the best (but this is my private opinion:) )

  54. James Says:

    why is Desire not put here?

  55. Cindy Says:

    EVO Fones OR INDIANS?? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN??? i LOVE my HTC EVO 4G….IPhones for posers….

  56. Ferg Says:

    The HTC Droid Incredible shoulda been on that list, it beat out all those other phones by a mile!

  57. Bruce Says:

    HTC EVO is the best, got everything plus a kick stand. Very fast. I got 3500ma extended battery, cause I like using my phone all day.

  58. htc -er Says:


  59. Renee Says:

    I am a big fan of HTC phones. Mine have just worked. I’ve never had the EVO in hand, but am willing to trust HTC. I use the HTC Surround Windows Phone and am amazed a how well thought out it is. My husband is loving his iPhone 4.

  60. 1asterisk Says:

    This is FAR from the list of best for 2010. As mentioned above there are a few who don’t deserve to be on the list and the omissions are obvious, HTC Droid Incredible, HTC Desire/HD, Legend and as for Blackberry, those who like/use their Berries the Bold was/is an awesome phone. Maybe, you should try a best of for different locales or types. You also didn’t mention the Nokia N8 which is a killer device just needs some software tweeks, (like Android). Lackluster try imho.

  61. Miles Says:

    Where is the G2? By far the best in my opinion. Seems to be suggested as such in other comments as well.

  62. Jim Says:

    I can’t believe the Incredible isn’t on here.

  63. Ann Says:

    Even though I own (and absolutely adore) a MT4G, I actually voted for the Evo. In this day & age, you have to admit that any phone that’s relevant so many months after its release is pretty darn special! I wish I could’ve voted twice to give the MT4G a most honorable mention, though!

  64. Isha V Says:

    HTC EVO 4G!!!!Once rooted, this phone is just a whole new world.

  65. Rich Osborne Says:

    Well I would vote, but no Nexus One so it’s a bit of a farce really :-)

  66. maraj Says:

    EVO all the way…..T-Mobile is spewing lies, They are NOT a 4G network……both them and AT&T supercharged their 3g recently,… least AT&T is honest enough to call it what it is……. right now the only real 4G out is Sprint and Verizon…..dont believe everything you hear, especially from a chick that looks like a mix between Catherine Zeta-Jones and Baraka from Mortal Kombat on a pink crotch rocket…..

  67. Steve Wozniak Says:

    I can’t believe that the Motorola Micro TAC isn’t on the list. That phone is the very definition of groundbreaking.

  68. Boy Wilson Says:

    The best for is Iphon 4

  69. Marco B Says:

    I vote that the Samsung and the Galaxy S get an honorable mention for the biggest consumer fraud of the year. Selling a beautiful phone with so many technical problems. Broken GPS and SD card reader problems.
    Samsung you could have been a contender, now you are just scum!!!

    Problem is this phone could have been the perfect phone. Lots of expandability, great screen, not locked down.
    Beats the iPhone hands down.

  70. WebOs Fanboy Says:

    The Pre Plus is decent hardware – not killer but fairly good. WebOS is without parallel. It’s better than the UI of IOS and better at being free and multitasking than Android. As a package – even after a year and a lot of badmouthing – it’s the best out there.
    CES 2011 will interesting.

  71. adel Says:

    i have 9700bold and need to chang to torch if it arrive to egypt

  72. sheneice sanders Says:

    I vote the blackberry curve 8350

  73. Bhekie R Ndhlovu Says:

    I love the blackberry even if there are problems with speed and freezing. Blackberry is my my wife my partner. I have used Nokia and HTC but I fell in love with BB. 9700 is my phone.

  74. karlita Says:

    Definitivamente el blackberry es lo mejor en smart phone que hay… Es un mega equipo si no tienes un blackberry no tienes nada… Es otro mundo …

  75. Richboynlson Says:

    Nokia N8 is the best.

  76. mitchel Says:

    Blackberry bold en torch :D

  77. daniel López Says:

    Yo voto por mi blackberry stórm 2. Es una maravilla y claro la aplicación de BBmessenger. Es una pasada

  78. Yonathgan Says:

    Blackberry es sin duda el mejor telefono inteligente que ay, le llega si acaso iphone, es increible la cantidad de aplicaciones existentes para estos equipos, desde las mas sencillas hasta las mas sofisticadas. Cada dia se le descubren algo nuevo a estos equipos sin importar si es el mas economico o el mas sofisticado.

  79. denisse Says:

    Blackberry torch

  80. DAN Says:

    I like my blackberry storm!!!!

  81. Bud Says:

    Samsung Epic 4G is awsome… I was recently at the country awards in Vegas and used my phone for camera and video, the quality is excellent. The person next to me with the iPhone even commented how much better my picture was than.

  82. Anthony Says:

    Anyone who would choose the iPhone 4 is just sad. Technology wise, it is so far behind.

  83. goldweight Says:

    Blackberry its the best

  84. santos Says:

    BB 9700 is the best ever

  85. john williams Says:

    I have to vote for my 9650 Bold

  86. Karri Says:

    Sprint 4G EVO!!!!!

  87. Jose Says:

    Evo 4G best phone ever!!! EVO 4G specs: 3G/4G, dual camera, 8mp rear camera, HDMI Port, Mobile Hotspot capable, Over 100,000 android market apps, kick stand, upgradable battery, upgradable memory… need more reassons? El Evo 4G es el mejor telefono del año! EVO 4G Specs: 3G/4G, doble camara, frontal y trasera con 8mp, puerto HDMI, puede usarse como hotspot router, mas de 100,000 aplicaciones del mercado androide, kcik stand, bateria intercambiable y capacidad de crecimiento de memoria… Necesitas más razones???

  88. wilfredo ramos Says:

    Sin duda el storm II 9520

  89. Tameka Says:

    HTC EVO!!!!!

  90. AcADIeN Says:

    Blackberry FTW!

  91. Rexy Says:

    The HTC Legend and Blackberry Bold 9700 should be included here.

  92. Eli Guajardo Says:

    I agree with Rex, my Blackberry 9700 is the best!!! WUuuuooOOooo!!

  93. M. Collins Says:

    “U guys ignored the whole world outside the recession struck US.”

    “Bah! Another US-centric poll. Irrelevant to the rest of the world.”

    American company reporting on American poll for their best phone, is it that complicated. We know you like your HTC Desire’s over there, get over it.

  94. J D Says:

    BB Torch 9800. The Best BlackBerry so far by a long way. Great screen, excellent OS, and superb functionality. This smartphone meets all my business & personal requirements with ease and style.

  95. Luca's mom Says:

    Blackberry Torch is the best!!!!

  96. Joe Says:


  97. rawr Says:

    i’m really likin the bb torch…it’s called a crackberry for a reason

  98. vanesa Says:

    El mejor telefono sin dudas, tenia un iphone y dudaba en cambiarlo por un blackberry, menos mal q me decidi hacerlo tengo mas aplicaciones y me encanta todas las versiones q tiene yo tengo el Curve estoy feliz no lo cambio por nada

  99. rcb3 Says:

    Blackberry Bold 9700. It has the apps and ease of use that make a smart phone smart! :)

  100. Sugeng Says:

    Motorola droid is the best n smart…..

  101. Eric V Moreno Says:


  102. shely Says:

    blackberry 9700 black is the best…

  103. CJ Daniel Says:

    Blackberry is still in business?

  104. Zakalwe Says:

    I just got a BB Torch, it’s the best phone i’ve ever owned.

  105. Melody Says:

    BlackBerry rocks! It goes without saying that BlackBerry would come out on top.

  106. Melody Says:

    Torch of course! and the Bold before that.

  107. susana Says:

    BlackBerry is the best i vote for my BBtorch and my curve8310 is the best never lets me down

  108. RIM SUCKS Says:

    RIM has it’s employees voting for them. LAME! Let the public vote … not your employees. We all know the iPhone4 is the dominant phone. C’mon.

  109. Grey Seal Says:

    RIM doesn’t need employees to vote. Blackberry still has a lot more users than iphone, so it’s not actually surprising. Aside from people who obviously have an axe to grind with RIM perhaps because they are shorting RIM’s stock or holding Apple’s stock, the majority of the market of real customers buy from RIM and other companies other than Apple.

  110. Harvi Says:

    Blackberry torch no doubt abt it

  111. MikeTran Says:

    Of course 100% is voted for Blackberry Torch. I love that better than iphone 4

  112. Peter Says:

    Hahahaha iPhone 4 sucks. No wonder it barely got any votes! Besides, the iPhone is not even a “phone.” It can’t even make reliable phone calls. BlackBerry Torch is definitely the best smartphone!

  113. rick rock Says:

    Palm Pre is garbage

  114. BBlovers79 Says:

    Blackberry Torch the best smartphone ever…..

  115. Sam Withoff Says:

    Blackberry Bold 9700 superve & Torch2 just the best.

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