OS Bowl Final: webOS vs. Windows Phone 7. Voting ends Tuesday, 2/8 at 9 a.m.

In a year where none of the top-ranked teams made it to the Super Bowl, it’s only fitting that the two contenders in the OS Bowl had to scratch and claw their way to the final game.

Click through to vote for what you think is the best mobile OS!

HP’s webOS trounced Nokia’s Meego in the first round, then fought off a more determined Android in the semis to make it to the final. On the other side of the bracket, Windows Phone 7 got past BlackBerry 6 before thoroughly trouncing Apple’s iOS in the last round with more than 80 percent of the vote. So after taking on two giants in this field, the last OSes standing are ready to go gridiron.

So put down the hot wings and nachos and take a break during half time to tell us which of these competitors should be named champion? Vote now! This poll will remain open until February 8 at 9:00 a.m.

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  1. ReverendDC Says:

    Love the intuitive nature of WP7. What should be a close battle between great OSes, I believe WP7 comes out on top by a nose, but I ain’t mad at cha for voting for WebOS 2.

  2. Abraham Arango Says:

    They should have ended this poll on Feb 9 at 9 PM. WebOS would win without question. Now we just have to step up and fight for our beloved WebOS.

    Win7 can’t even multitask and that is so easy to do on WebOS!!!

  3. SteveyAyo Says:

    Voted with my HD7

  4. Timothy Stiffler-Dean Says:

    Features that are Must-Have:

    – Copy/Paste
    – Homebrew Community (easy to ‘hack’ and customize)
    – Multitasking like a pro
    – Easy port process for applications from other platforms

    webOS 2.0 it is for me.

  5. Danii Says:

    WebOS the best…Voted with my Palm Pre xD.

  6. Danii Says:

    WebOS the best! voted with my palm pre xD.

  7. Xacto01 Says:

    I think it’s only fitting that the 2 most unique OS’s came out on top.

  8. Gollyzila Says:

    Why don’t you close the poll until tomorrow, start tomorrow and shift the end till February 9th? It is webOS’s big day.

  9. bob Says:

    So you really couldn’t wait until Feb. 9th? Laptop Mag fails again…

  10. WebOS Rules!! Says:

    Voted on my classic Palm Pre!! :)

  11. m.sallin Says:

    Voted for WP7 with my htc 7 trophy :-)

  12. Louis Says:

    I have to admit, I’m only voting for WebOS because I use a Pre and am excited to see an HP WebOS ecosystem start to develop come Feb 9th. I can’t come to an objective conclusion otherwise!

  13. Ed Says:

    WebOS 2.0 very slow and laggy OS, just look any YouTube video.
    Windows Phone 7 – very fast and have best multitasking engine!

  14. Davi Somos Says:

    Go webOS and HP… No contest as a 40yr OS user. webOS is best all around operating system for all types of users and Hacks.

  15. teknoinfo Says:

    Voted with my Samsung Focus

  16. AAA Says:

    WP7!!! BEST!!!

  17. Scotland Says:

    Powerful, intuitive, beautiful, scalable – webOS is the winner here. It multitasks like a dream (cards and now stacks in webOS v2.0), synergy (merging contacts), and notifications are well thought out and soon we’ll see it on tablets in addition to phones. Windows Phone 7 is a fresh new look at a mobile OS but it doesn’t have the ease of homebrew (webOS is Linux at its core and can leverage many open-source projects, custom kernels, etc), true multitasking (yet), and appears restricted to phones at least for the time being. Both OSes have solid development tools – WP7 probably has at least a slight advantage here due to the excellent MS tool chain. Both platforms currently have a similar amount of 3rd party applications (around 6000).

    The winner is webOS due to it currently being more mature (WP7 probably has about a year to go yet before its featureset is full – for example, it is expected that WP7 will add multitasking capability at some point). WP7 also is somewhat hamstrung but uncertainty about Microsoft’s commitment to it based on recent announcements about Windows 8 on ARM – whereas HP’s commitment to webOS is clear (and their strategy should be more clear next week when HP makes a major webOS announcement on Feb 9).

  18. Dave Says:

    Voted for my HTC HD7, but i think both OSes are great and that there should be a tie…

  19. beshoy Says:

    Voted on my Samsung focus ^_^

  20. Reflexx Says:

    These are the two best. I’m surprised they made it this far though. While they’re both great, they’re also both relatively small market-share wise.

    I voted WP7 because of the great UI and extremely fast growing app catalog. The cloud integration is also done very well.

    WebOS multitasks better than his about anything out there. And it does it in a clean and simple fashion.

  21. GaTex7 Says:

    still waiting on the HTC 7 Pro but after reading about the germany unboxing not so sure now, though I do love my wife’s Pre and WebOs, should be a close one…even though I’ll prob get an EVO b4 WP7

  22. dicktowel Says:

    I have to agree with Xacto01: webOS and WP7 are undisputably the best most unique and most innovate Operating Systems currently on the market, so it’s only fair those two made it to the top. I voted webOS because it has just the most awesome in it.

  23. Nefarious Says:

    I honestly had no idea what webOS was until about 10 minutes ago. I’ve always known that WP7 would be my favorite OS ever since I owned a Zune HD, and since November, it’s never disappointed me once. I obviously voted for WP7 in this, but I noticed webOS was winning, and wanted to see why, so I went on YouTube and found a few vids..

    Honestly, after what I’ve seen, webOS seems so SLOW and BORING compared to WP7! Just watching the vids for WebOS made me completely proud of what I own even more. No, im not saying this because I support WP7. Im saying this because, after owning an HD7 for 3 months, everything else just looks horrible compared to it. I like the idea of cards on webOS, but that’s it.

    Even the thought of having to tap the screen to take a pic annoys me, haha.

  24. joe Says:

    Both are clearly the best mobile OS. If we evaluate UX, responsiveness, OS features and potential.
    Task switching and not full multitasking is missing in WP7. But I think so far the whole user experience is top notch.
    My vote for WP7 from my fantastic Samsung Focus.

  25. Jesse Says:

    Voted on my HD7! WP7!

  26. Robot Says:

    Voted for my HTC Mozart :D

  27. Pradyuman Vig Says:

    @Scotland You are forgetting apps, Windows Phone 7 had the most beautiful and advanced apps… and Windows Phone 7 also has a MUCH MUCH better and aesthetically pleasing user interface. Even if Windows Phone 7 does not multitask YET, it does tombstone apps so you can click the back button and start from where you were previously… Overall, Windows Phone 7 is the clear winner: Its fast, Microsoft are actually WORKING WITH the homebrew developers for a solution, the apps are absolutely amazing, and the integration between services (Xbox LIVE, Zune, Office, etc.) is amazing…

  28. CSJ Says:

    Voted on my Samsung Focus.

  29. WoodyBoy Says:

    Love both but WP7 get’s the vote for Live potential. I want a WEBOS Tablet but I want a WP7 phone.

  30. Sean Says:

    Why would they want to run the poll and a newsday bias to one of the candidates? That’s not a fail, that’s a fairness win.

  31. maria Says:

    Voted for WP7 with my Dell Venue Pro but I have to say if webos wins I’m not mad at you the two best OS’s came out on top!!!!!!

  32. Tibonacci Says:

    5 adverts for windows phone on this page =) . Windows phone os is fresh and innovative. It combines social media, xbox, and zune flawlessly to create a great entertainment device. It is fast a smooth and has never given me an ounce of trouble. So it gets my vote. Btw I own a samsung focus, IMO the best wp there is :p

  33. bnlf Says:

    wp7 + focus = win win

  34. mrascii Says:

    I’m voting for WP7 because of the MetroUI, live tiles, and hubs. If you haven’t used WP7 for more than an hour in a store, you’ll just have to take my word for it but it really is a revolution in terms of smartphone design. However that said, WebOS is a great one, too, and if not for WP7 I’d definitely be using WebOS. It is far superior to iOS or Android (though Android is close).

  35. Argon Says:

    Voted from my Samsung Focus :P

  36. KK Says:

    Voted from my HTC 7 Mozart

  37. John D Says:

    I think there isnt enough support for the PIXI PLUS, I mean they gave it out (VZN) and palm (as long as there are Pixi’s out there) Should continue to make the OS avail to them as well.

  38. WebOS Forum Says:

    WebOS for the win!!!!

    Voted with my Palm Pre.

  39. bullyboyb Says:

    I have used both webos and wp7 (might I add that I sold my pre plus last week), they are both good but the way wp7 is implemented is second to non. Am sure the implementation of multi-tasking will be great, I love the consistency throughout applications and the intergration of services like fb. I know some features are missing but those that are included are implemented superbly. People are complaining about what’s missing no one is complaining about something not being implemented properly.

    p.s Can’t stop playing rise of glory.:)

    photo anyone? 3 Seconds tops.

  40. Ben Moore Says:

    So I’ve read all of your comments, and well, waaaaaayyyyy too many of you are drinking the cool aid :P
    After using webOS 1.4.5 on my pre plus, I have yet to find an OS that is more intuitive, hackable (without voiding the warranty) and smooth flowing, all in one package that is.

    All of this was typed from my Pre Plus :) While multitasking with other cards open, such as my messaging tab, a few facebook pages and my e-mail :D

  41. Panic Says:

    Haha, someone called webOS slow?!

    I loled in rl.

  42. ern Says:

    how did webos beat android??? LOL… i thought android was the most popular platform.. and how is it leading WP7 now :D

  43. Indopunk Says:

    Voted via my launch day Pre running webOS 1.45 and the Harrier kernel.

  44. Jeffrey3605 Says:

    Ok this is obviously my opinion but here goes:
    1) People who use iphones use them because they’re the “cool” thing. Other than that most iphone users have no idea how to really get the use out of an OS.(hacking,customization,over-clocking,utilizing productivity apps). So thats exactly why they lost. Their users aren’t the brightest stars in the sky.
    2) Now this same opinion of mine can be voiced on a lot of Android users. (not nearly as much as the iphone). Being that they have most of the market share, simple math could be used to figure they would have won this whole thing hands down. Although, a lot people use Android because it’s “cool” (that little green guy is so cute). Android is way better than iOS though so that figures as to why they put up a good fight with WebOS.
    3)Windows7 is a whole different story. It’s very different from any other OS. Smooth as they come, and the alive widgets is pretty cool and handy. Although windows is lacking something extremely important. MULTI-TASKING. I don’t know about anyone else but I think it is probably one of the most important parts of an OS. Nobody wants to drop what they’re doing to do something else. People want to get everything done quickly and easily “@ the same time”. Windows 7 is doing well because its “new” and “unique” in its own form of course.
    4) WebOs seems to take the cake in my eyes because it incorporates all of the wonderful things we look for in an OS. Multi-tasking in its best form, no widgets but with live “cards” who really cares, and you can customize WebOs to the point where it fits you personally no matter what kind of user you are. All WebOS needs to stay on top is awesome hardware. (Feb 9th hopefully takes care of that) Pre2 on Verizon Feb 17th!.

  45. Jeffrey3605 Says:

    I didn’t mention BB or MeeGo because they’re GARBAGE… Again this is my opinion.

  46. Fix Much Says:

    This poll is fixed someone is constantly voting over and over again for WebOS, its biased for this reason. Whoever you are you should be ashamed for manipulating a poll ;)

    You should be able to vote once and once only not over and over again :(

  47. Lisa Says:

    windows 7 can’t compete against WebOS. It’s a borderline feature phone with it’s lack of capabilities. Imagine a PC that can only run one app at a time!!!

  48. Chris Says:

    WeBos may be an impressive OS, but I have to give Windows Phone the win simply because it’s a true departure from everything we’ve seen, and it’s presenting the idea of just how little you need to truly get things done. Less chrome, distraction, more focus, and getting things done.

  49. Jason Says:

    Here’s hoping for WP7, but honestly I’d rather lose to webOS than any of the other competition.

    Sent on my HTC Surround.

  50. Kyle Says:

    The true sign of a great OS is the fact that the original device is still more functional and intuitive than the newest models out running another OS. Palm may not have the best hardware now, but the OS is far away and ahead of the competition with multitasking and functionality. Just wait until HP/Palm puts out better hardware for consumers, it’ll be a serious contender in the iEverything world we live in.

  51. Nikole Says:

    voted on my palm pre plus!

  52. prometo f Says:

    Windows phone 7 Sleeping giant
    just let him grow
    couple more months!!!!

  53. Caleb Says:

    Android it is the most ”Popular” OS… But this poll isn’t based on that, take in consideration TRUE multitasking to begin with. I have an HTC Evo and my Palm Pre.. I like the EVO because of the screen, camera, and app market, but the OS itself I dislike.. Doesn’t Really Costumize totaly,and it doesn’t really multitask.. WebOs did Multitasking like i’ve never seen anybody do. The Evo(android) phone I hated that I would have to REOPEN the application, unlike the Pre(webos) phone I can just go back to the App (card) I was on. :) .. So in a way ur right.. Android it is one of the most popular OS, But I belieave that HP will Market the WebOs In a rigt way and Give people more phones to choose from.. Then, my friend webos will be known for it’s capabilities and ease of use. :)

  54. Abe Says:

    This week I had to realized that I no longer had the Free Music Ringtones app by James Harris for my Pre because it was taken out of the catalog. I was easily able to find the IPK file on Precentral.net and I installed it on my Pre with WebOSQuickInstall. I can now enjoy that app like I normally did :)

    I am thinking that only Android can do such things and only if you root it. I don’t need to root my phone, just need to put it in developer mode, plug it in to my computer and send the app with WebOSQuickInstall. I don’t think we can call sideloading apps to WebOS hacking because there is no hacking needed. iOS would never be able to do that.

    I love WebOS and how open it is to the homebrew community!!

  55. Mike Prospero Says:

    @Gollyzilla and @bob: This poll is tied to the Super Bowl, not HP’s webOS event, so it wouldn’t make sense to keep it open until Feb. 9.

  56. Alan Strangs Says:

    Voted on my newly minted HD2(7)! Go XDA!

  57. HBLoK Says:

    Vote for WebOS :D

  58. PreBabyPre Says:

    three words.

    copy. and. paste. Holy epic omission batman.

    webOS ftw. And anyone that thinks wp7 is cleaner or simpler, has not actually used webOS. If Palm had a marketing department, they could use the WPx ads with no changes, and live up to advertised promises better than wp7 does.

  59. TriAxis Says:

    WP7 is awesome right out of the gate on Version 1.0 by the time they reach Version 2.0 they are going to be killing it. Sent from my Samsung Focus. 4″ Super AMOLED screen, 1ghz CPU, 22GB of storage with expanded memory.

  60. Goyena Says:

    Thanks to iOS for opening the market for touch smartphones, but goodbye as well.

    Present Android is just a muddled mess, not better than iOS.

    Yay for WebOS and WP7 for bring a fresh new user paradigm to touch.

    +1 for WebOS for true multitasking
    +1 for WebOS for embracing community and with it…
    +1 for WebOS for customization possibilities (Palm actually integrating homebrew ideas into OS updates
    +1 for WebOS for copy and paste right of the bat
    +1 for not demonizing the user
    +1 for reviewed and non-reviewed ways to let devs into app catalog
    +1 for tablet readiness before tables became big
    +1 for elegant gestures

    If you like QNX and Honeycomb-flavored Android, you might as well vote WebOS for now. Let’s all do a rematch when each OS has been had their go on the consumer market.

    GO WebOS!!!

  61. Ztitch Dev Says:

    Voted for Windows Phone, on my Windows Phone.

  62. Kevin Says:

    Wow, this is pretty close so far. Two enthusiastic user bases going head to head, I love it. It’s close, as it should be, but I think WebOS will eek out this win, and rightfully so. WP7 should get a big round of applause tho.

  63. Runningman Says:

    It is interesting to see how popular WP7 is already with its users without the so called must-have features of the other platforms. The last few Iphone/droid users that were giving me a bad time about not having copy and paste on WP7 finally admitted that they have never even used it on their phone!

    Everything I currently ask of my WP7 Samsung Focus, it does flawlessly. No dropped calls, incredible for gaming, great screen, fantastic keyboard etc, – it just works. I have no problem with any of the other platforms, they all have some great strengths. A little competition ensures we all end up with a better product.

  64. peter Says:

    If Palm HP, whoever, could have released a product worldwide, this might actually be a valid comparison.

  65. John Says:

    I find it funny how so many folks talk about the hardware or the apps you can get for a device, but this isn’t about either of those things, IT’s ABOUT THE OS!!! As a launch day Palm Pre owner…still using the first one I bought…i love the Os. When I can open 12 apps, flick between the cards without shutting any of them down and 4 of them are loading web pages, it’s the best. I haven’t even overclocked it. I don’t need a poll to tell me which is the best Os but it is good to be validated. Can hardly wait for all the newness on the 9th

  66. 3138-nv Says:

    Voted using my launch day Pre, running webOS 1.45 and the Harrier II kernel.

  67. VDK Says:

    I saw the video of PalmOS on Youtube and it looks just like any smartphone OS. So why is it different? Windows Phone 7 is smoother, cleaner and shows only the important info that I need on the screen. Leave multi-tasking to your PC/MAC, it’s a damn phone.

  68. webon Says:

    it is clear that operating system is the best though missing third-party applications, which brings should be improved and completely refurbished hardware (especially the batteries)

  69. Sirkuttin Says:

    This is the perfect match. I am a palm fanboy and I guess I have to be a little hp fanboy now. When announced, Windows Phone 7 seemed to be the only other thing that seemed worthy of my attention. When Webos finally was released, they said we were too late to the party. Then come Windows Phone 7 much later. Problem is it has some of the caveats that webOS had when it was released. It is another very unique interface, just like webOS was, but even later to the party. As it stands at this point in time, webOS is the winner. Windows Phone 7 will become just as feature rich and be good. Windows phone 7 has had the money to back it up since it started development so it had a better release and better 3rd party support. I think Palm HP will have just as much money and power to make webos great. I am excited to see what will come out of the feb 9. I am iffy on the webos tablet. I think the gui needs to changed for tablets. they better have made the right changes exactly how i want them haha.

  70. Ztitch Dev Says:

    Pretty sure someone is using a bot. Oh well. This just means that WP7 and WebOS users are better at programming :D

  71. Barak Obama Says:

    Let’s see, will it hurt an OS if I throw my support behind it? Or will that help? I’m not going to risk it by telling you which one I prefer.

    Fortunately both of them work when being held in the left hand…

  72. ern Says:

    to those of you voting for webOS from palm, which half of the phone are u voting from? kinda cool u can have two pieces for a price of 1 :D

  73. theWP7way Says:

    I usually don’t post comments, but I just have to this time. Where on earth did people get the idea WP7 doesn’t multitask? It absolutely does multitasking. It however, does not allow 3rd party apps to multitask. The OS is fully capable of multitasking. MS has also said they are willing to work with 3rd parties to allow their apps to multitask/run in the background. MS wants to make sure rogue apps don’t ruin the performance and user experience of their new OS. It is obvious they have spent a lot of time refining this OS. Most people, especially casual users, don’t recognize what is causing poor performance. They blame the OS. MS cannot afford this if they want to compete with the likes of iOS, Android and WebOS. I do have a Samsung Focus. Had it since launch day, but I have respect for all OS and technology in general. I have been an IT manager for 20 years and have supported Unix, Linux, Windows, and a multitude of mobile OS devices. I can see how WP7 wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but no one can deny the fresh approach of the UI and smooth performance of the OS.

  74. Caleb Says:

    @VDK http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZOKjYcGUCQ&feature=youtube_gdata_player I don’t know if you googled up the old ”PalmOS” or ”WEBOS” 2 different things… This is a link to youtube comparing the OS of Apple and HP/Palm Webos :) that’s the ”MULTITASKING ” we webos fans Talk about :)

  75. Big Mace Says:

    LEGOOO!!!! web OS

  76. Zeeman Says:

    voted for windows phone 7 thru my windows 7 laptop becuase too lazy to take my hd7 out of pocket. heheheheheheh

  77. Andre Says:

    webOS without question! I’ve had a Pre Plus for the last 3 months and I honestly don’t know what I did without webOS. Can’t wait for 2/9; HP and their webOS is gonna kill the game!

  78. Abe says WebOS rules!! Says:

    @VDK did you look up the PalmOS or WebOS? They are totally different operating systems.

  79. Lisa Says:

    WP7 is almost more like a feature phone right now. I was excited at first – as a former windows phone user – but then “no mutlitasking”. REALLY?? Imagine using a computer that could only open 1 app/window at a time. To open another program, you have to close what you have open. JUST 1. OMG. I could not live without my pre multitasking. Seriously…it’s that important folks. My Pre is my “pocket pc” in a way that Android, IOS, WP7 and Blackberry can’t even come CLOSE (the new blackberry tablet is however infringing the hell out of WebOS – which will make it more usable – patent infrigement aside).

    I could not, would not, own a “smart phone” that is so dumb. WebOS is still king in usability, best OS, best dev community. Let’s get the hardware to match! (and a few major apps ie logmein)

  80. gowp7 Says:

    Voted WP7. I’ve been using WP7 for 3 months and it certainly deserves the best OS.

  81. Sirkuttin Says:

    @Ztitch Exactly. I don’t think webos has lost any of these, yet. Too funny.

  82. Jason Anderson Says:

    Well this happened a little differently than I predicted but i’m still clear on who I think the winner will be. I called it and it is WebOS


  83. Th3H0ff Says:

    Voted twice on my overclocked Pixi while my buddies WP7 loaded the page!

  84. aceoforder Says:

    voted for my HD7!

    i <3 wp 7

  85. iOS vs Android anyone? Says:

    both sucks. that’s why they never make it big like iOS and Android.

  86. oaobe Says:

    WebOS is the No.1 mobile OS!

  87. wooncherk Says:

    Voted from my Samsung Omnia 7!!! Hehe… Windows Phone 7 is the best!!! Hehe… :P

  88. webon Says:

    Sorry but no color: webos. right now writing this in Spanish in the translator while I have opened several web pages that are downloaded without stopping and news application could still receive a call, answer, take a picture and send it to the sender or upload it to facebook … all without interrupting or a task to 30 or more!. palm phones that have not been so successful that they have put a battery very poor, not having so many applications … that’s another thing … but as the operating system is the best … and wait to 9 February.

  89. Raikon Says:

    At this moment the difference between the 2 Os is 0.05%. How awesome is that. Two unique OS for sure.

  90. Nic Says:

    Wow, getting close here.

    Come on WP7!

  91. Didier Says:

    Funny to see all the comments on WebOS of people just having seen a video …

    Slow ??? Guys, you need to upgrade the laptop your are using to see the real speed ;-)

    Need to tap the screen to take pictures … Yes … but you can also do without … sorry to offer to many options!!!

    Mutlitask … Some people talk about it, some do … and WebOS is clearly in that camp!!!

    Flexibile, Intuitive, …

    Ok, let’s stop the fight … fight, would mean there is a battle, … so let’s stop the game then ;-)

  92. AAA Says:

    Cmon! WP7 HAS TO WIN!!!

  93. Scott Says:

    @Abraham Arango – hahaha. You should be on stage with comedy like that!

    @Timothy Stiffler-Dean – yeah…. features that YOU must Have. Funny how MS have managed to sell however many handsets without your “Must-Have” features though isn’t it? The votes are quite high for WP7 without these “Must-Have” features too. hmmm.. strange…

  94. WP7 4ever Says:

    Copy and paste released for wp7 imminent, all ready for developers dev kids :D
    What for the next update in 2 months? app switcher because multitasking it can do for 3rd party apps :P

    My vote goes for the responsiveness and game changer in UI, vote for Metro.

  95. i told u so .com Says:

    I love the fact that both webos, and WP7 is in the finals they should be. Both revolutionary OS’s, and though I feel and am a current user of Webos, I feel WP7 has its own unique OS, and is right there with Webos. Funny the 2 companys that used to work together, battlening it out hopefully in a few years they will be the 1 and 2 OS leaders in the world.

    vote webos

  96. Mike Hunt Says:

    Nothing beats the ease of use of webOS.

    Most of the comments for Win7 include “…is comming soon”. WebOS is NOW and this poll is NOW. Copy/paste? WebOS as it NOW. Multitasking? WebOS has it NOW. Vote about NOW.


  97. Brianna Says:

    @Mike Hunt
    Copy and paste is already on developer devices eg. Samsung Taylor, LG Panther, Asus E600.

    I also disagree with the “Nothing beats the ease of use of webOS” part. It’s entirely subjective.

  98. Jessie Says:

    WP7 – the sleekest, most beautiful OS on the planet. The best cloud services eco-system, the easiest to get at the things you want… the strongest update cycle, the backing of one of the worlds wealthiest companies that is investing billions a year in more services!

    The strong enterprise focus of any device bar none (no the features are not there but they are coming…)
    The best cloud and on-premise software offering… Go for platform with the brightest future! Windows Phone 7!

  99. Focus Says:

    @Mike Hunt

    I think we are voting for NOW. And NOW it is so close because the Windows Phone doesn’t have C/P but its integration and smooth features are top of the pack. If WP had C/P (comming in Feb update), then Windows Phone would have pulled away by now.

    Voted with Samsung Focus + 32GB SD.

  100. ern Says:

    we have taken the lead!!! :D like in COD haha

  101. Earl Says:

    WebOS deserves it. People keep mentioning hardware… But what they don’t realize is that even on shitty hardware, WebOS runs like a champ. Best operating system ever created, none surpass it.

  102. Garen Yöndem Says:

    GO WP7 GO!! Vote for Victory!

  103. Justin Kill You Says:

    WP7 need to win. Let Go!!

  104. Mandingo Says:

    WP7 is the clear winner. Voted with my butt kicking Dell Venue Pro!

  105. V Wonderly Says:

    You know I prefer webOS. And you would be a fool to disagree with me. webOS FTW.

  106. Earl Says:

    WebOS is catching up. Come on precious.

  107. WebOS Says:

    I never heard of the first person WebOS was up against, but although Android might be ‘more popular’ because of the phones available for it, it doesn’t make Android in anyway better then the WebOS. They’re comparing OS’ not phones. The way i see it is, Windows had to come out with Several different versions to even come close to WebOS. Starting on PC and moving to portable mobile devices. HP is going the other way. Starting with mobile, realizing that it’s good enough to be on tablet PCs and spreading out that way. If a simple OS made for simple devices is made good enough to be put on a more powerful device without making tons of versions. I say freaking sweet… WebOS comes with many things right from the start. Not saying WP7 doesn’t it’s a sweet OS. but comparing OS to OS.. I’m going to have to side with HP on this on and vote WebOS. As said in a PodCast done by the fellows at Precentral ‘hardware doesn’t matter’ it the way the OS works with the certain pieces on the hardware that allows faster processing and all that good stuff. Both are awesome OS’ just.. WebOS.. little more advanced to me.

  108. ReaganElephant Says:

    Eligant & simple Multi-tasking for the WIN! WebOS is the best. I do think that Win Phone 7 has style for sure but it doesn’t have all of the must have features yet. I’ll be keeping an eye on it though. My launch day Pre is still the most usable phone on the market from where I sit (even if I would LOVE it to have a hardware upgrade). I’m looking forward to running 2.0 soon.

  109. Chuck Norris Says:

    webOS is the best. I use a webOS phone. Nothing else to say. And don’t argue with Chuck Norris.

  110. Eric C. Says:

    Windows Phone 7 fo sho!!!!! Voted with my Samsung Focus.

  111. Chuck Norris Says:

    My decision is final, webOS ftw. And since webOS 2.0 is already available on the Pre2, it includes stacks, and all sorts of good stuff that refines the webOS experience.

    Do not ever argue with Chuck Norris. That is all.

  112. Crux666 Says:

    WebOS all day for true multi-tasking needs. I use IOS on my Ipod Touch 4gen and the user interface is sluggish and not robust enough to access various app’s at the same time seamlessly. Without jailbreaking it, ive never would have made the decision on buying it. WebOS on the other hand can launch and switch between any app fluently without taking any core steps. So WebOS hands down

  113. Chuck Says:

    WP7 is a great OS. It has some serious competition to overcome, but I think MS has the developer community lined up to add apps that will make WP7 more and more appealing. I’m sold on my Samsung Focus!

  114. Quikboy Says:

    Man, I love them both. Both of them rank as my most liked smartphone OS. However, I’d have to side with WP7. I like the overall design paradigm and see it going in far more places given that it can work on a variety of OEMs.

    If only they could merge the awesome special features of WebOS with the awesome design of WP7.

  115. SteveO Jobs Says:

    webOS ftw. It is what the iPhone should have been.

  116. Mike Says:

    honestly, im glad that the finals have come down to these two. the two most unique OS out there. But my vote is for WP7 by a 51/49 margin. Im ok with either one winning

    Cant we just be glad we took down iOS and Android at least??

  117. john Says:

    vote for WP7..

    try it, and i am sure that you will vote for WP7!

  118. Bob Says:

    I can’t wait until the Feb. 9th announcement makes laptop mag look stupid for not waiting.

  119. dhaoracle Says:

    WP7 for the win. As much as they say that WEBOS has it means nothing on a slow slow platform with tiny screens. I mean it is all the same on the Android (which I have a Samsung Fascinate and still love WP7) that has all these so called.ground breaking features but it runs like a Windmill sometimes fast sometimes slow never like a rocket like WP7.

    I have played with a WEBOS phone multiple times and even thought bout getting it because of the gimmicky cards which is the only fast change on the phone. I went so far as to go and play around for one hour on my friends PRE and it was a horrible slow experience and like I said the fastest thing ever was the cards. Features mean nothing on a slow treading phone like WEBOS.

    On the other hand the WP7 is everything I thought it would be fast, sleek, intuitive, productive, full figured package without any third party apps. My girlfriend has one and it is a dream to play with every time I get my hands on it(which is like all the time). Yes I can say that’s its missing some feautures which is any OS but atleast I know when mines ate coming and that when they come they are going to blow everyone out the water. I plan to quickly ditch my Fascinate for the Omniscient 7 when it comes to Verizon in shot second.. WP7 FTW FTW FTW FTW….!!!!!!!!

  120. Ralph Says:

    WP7 is winning.

    It hasn’t fluxuated more than 1.0% WebOS users have my respect for their loyalty. Glad people realized it’s better than android.

  121. David Vogt Says:

    Voted from my Samsung Omnia 7 for the far superior OS: webOS.

  122. thomas_92 Says:

    Even if w7 is a great OS, i still prefer webOS (and i own both). WebOS is more full featured, more mature, and as fast as w7 on a palm pre 2. Multitasking, search and notifications are extremely well implemented… The cloud integration is on par on both devices, synergy on webOS 2 is more flexible than w7, but xbox integration is very nice too.

    Gaming is better on w7 (not that bad on webOS) but i don’t like playing 3d games on a phone anyway.

    As for the look, the two OS are great, not in the same style though, so it’s down to personal preferences.

    Palm (hp) is much more open minded community wise than microsoft, even if MS is pretty cool too with homebrew. The palm community is astonishing : even if they are almost no device sold as of now, they re is still a lot of activity.

    navigation is also more easy and more coherent than in w7 imho.

    And webOS is much much much much more hackable!

    webOS gets my vote without hesitation!

  123. CompletelyUnbiased Says:

    I can hear it now… The thunderous roar of the stadium crowd as it works itself into a frenzy. Screaming, crying, defiance, and laughter, as people of all ages unify around the worlds best mobile operating system…


    And as the game ends, and webOS is crowned champion, people will walk arm and arm out of the stadium, a new found era of peace will ensue. And into history this OS bowl will fade, but it’s impact will never be forgotten…

    webOS, a legend in it’s own time.

  124. steve ballmer Says:

    webOS FTW

  125. Funny Says:

    I wonder how many PALM votes are coming from HP IP’s

    PALM OS is dead, I had a PRE when it first game out, crappiest phone (went through 10 replacements) and the OS looks good but it just plain sucks! No way there are even more than 100 fans of that OS…not counting HP employes of course.

  126. Goyena Says:

    by that logic the only determining nature of the poll should be the number of HP employees vs. the number of Microsoft. That’s no fun…

  127. Mark Hurd Says:

    So sad to see WebOS users on precentral forums having to get people to multivote to try and rig the results… Is it really in that desperate a situation it can’t just win on it’s own merits?

    Desperate times for a largely irrelevant OS…

  128. Funny Is An Idiot Says:

    Funny, you are an idiot. Thousands of people still support WebOS, as evidenced by the strong homebrew community. Admittedly, the hardware was lacking, but the OS is without a doubt the best in the business. I’ve stuck with my Pre (Sprint) regardless of the hardware issues (and there have been plenty, on my 5th or 6 phone) for the sole purpose of keeping the OS. Here’s to hoping HPalm can back the OS with some slick new hardware. As for this vote, its all about the OS, and for anyone whose come in contact with WebOS, it is undoubtedly the best.

  129. jplayer01 Says:

    Bought myself an HTC 7 pro, absolutely loving it. I had no clue why people kept complaining about multitasking, it’s fine as it is and multitasking will be added soon enough. But I had the chance to play around with a Palm Pre 2 for a day last week and … god damn, where’s my multitasking in WP7? :/

  130. Andrew Says:

    From user ‘MartyLK’ at the WebOS Forums (seems like I’m not allowed to post link here)

    “Guys, I found a reliable way to multivote! Remove the blog.laptopmag.com cookie before each vote. I intend to single-handedly remove the WP7 lead

    Make sure to remove the cookie while on the “View results” page. Then delete the cookie and go nack to poll. It will work that way. If you go back to poll and then delete the cookie, it won’t work.”

  131. i told u so .com Says:

    @funny your funny with dump made up facts like your whole post. You sound stupid trying to bash a OS, and its Webos not Palm OS smart guy. If you even look at the numbers Webos still has most of its users still intact (go google it first before making up stuff) every anaylist, and reviewer who ever reviewed Webos will tell you its state of the art. With HP they will be able to scale it to levels microsoft could only imagine. Feb 9th is just the begining of the future of a full true linux based, true multitasking, OS on the market. The people who are voting for WP7 now have either no clue about webos, never used it and just based facts off of what some said, or they currently took the plunge in buying a WP7 device. Either way you look at it Webos been out of commission for almost 2 yrs with no new hardware yet even polls like these it seems to always win hmmmm think about it. Even if they loose this (who cares anyways) it shows that Webos is very much alive, and thought about and is more then capable to be the best OS on the market. SO eat your words and do some research first before making dumb statements boy.

  132. Andrew Says:

    Ok, here’s the link to the WebOS user ‘MartyLK’ being caught cheating red-handed. Replace the “DOT” with “.”

    forums DOT precentral.net/general-webos-chat/274314-laptop-magazine-finals-7 DOT html

    What can we deduce from this competition? Nothing, except that some WebOS users have no life perhaps.

  133. Colonel Kernel Says:

    The comparison stops at Copy and Paste. Without it, WP7 isn’t yet a smartphone operating system. How can an OS be called “smart” when you can’t move data around as you need to? Apps and clever ways of parsing data can only funnel you to the most likely tasks. Can WP7 insert a phone number into a text message or a street address into a tweet?. I haven’t used WP7 enough to say for certain, but I already know webOS can do this with silky-smooth ease.

    Also, this is about what the OS, and only the OS, can do today. If you say that Copy and Paste is imminent — and it is — then we also have to talk about the hardware HP is announcing February 9th, just one day after this poll closes. But since we don’t know what HP will announce, nor when end users will receive the OS update, then we can’t include either.

    Today, webOS wins. Tomorrow, webOS may still win.

  134. D Says:

    WP7 because it has the snappiest, most innovative UI, and because of the Windows Live / Facebook / Gmail / LinkedIn integration, and the games, and the evolving development environment (which is heavily supported/promoted).

    It just feels like the phone of the future!! BTW, HD7 rocks!

  135. Caleb Says:

    @ funny wel you see the votes.. And the omments easily ‘;ore than 100 fans” :) Webos it is a elegant OS And it’s not ”PalmOS” it’s WebOs and it’s alive, Feb. 9th will tell, and surely you will end up getting an Hp Webos phone Sooner or later :D

  136. i told u so .com Says:

    as I stated most votes are from users that have a WP7 device, and have never used Webos period.

  137. RDC Says:

    webOS all the way. Voted from my computer connected to my Palm Pre Plus Mobile Hotspot.

  138. Brianna Says:

    @Colonel Kernel
    WebOS lack a visual keyboard. What a joke! From your reasoning: WebOS shouldn’t even be consider a ” smart” phone: it should be consider a “dumb” phone. You apps are just as much a data mine as every other platform’s.

    That you haven’t use Windows Phone 7 enough said it all.

    Maybe you should know what you are complaining about.

  139. Chris Says:

    WebOS all the way, it’s such a great device.. The sad thing about it is that 90% of Smartphone users want apps, yet the App Store for WebOS has almost nothing. Having my Palm Pre for over a year now, I’ve only found 10 GOOD apps. Along with most Palm Pre users, I’d have to give the app store a 1.5/5.. it’s just awful.. it basically ruins the phone and is what made me buy an iPhone 4. To improve this device, I really think HP needs to install two WebOS phones: one phone should basically have a huge screen, no physical keyboard, and 4 physical buttons on the bottom. The next one which is already in the works is the Palm Pre 2, for those that just love the Palm Pre. Out of the many devices out there today, without a doubt WebOS has the most potential to become something great.

  140. Abe Says:

    you gotta have some respect for WebOS. Even if we haven’t had the required hardware for mainstream consumers WebOS is taking on every other Mobile OS and giving them a tough fight. I can only imagine what this poll would be like after Feb 9th or even after March 14th. I know WebOS has a sure and bright future with the help of HP’s big money bag.

    So even if we don’t win this which I think we can, you gotta respect the support WebOS has.

  141. nanem Says:

    @i told u so .com
    “as I stated most votes are from users that have a WebOS device, and have never used WP7 period.”

  142. Mike Says:

    WP7 should not even be in this poll let alone leading. It has the makings of being a very good mobile OS but until it adds basic functionality it is nothing more than a beta release. webOS is widely regarded as being one of the best around with most flaws being hardware or platform (i.e. apps) related and therefore irrelevant to this poll.

  143. Nathan Says:

    Repeatedly voting from my tethered webOS phone. Can a W7 do that?

  144. Web-what? Says:

    It’s funny, before i came here i never even heard of WebOS. Neither had 6 of my mates. Yet there’s thousands of votes and people saying “it’s taking on every other platform”. It can’t be that good if 99% of the world don’t know it.

    After researching it, it just looks like a pile of crap. It reminds me of the dreadful Nokia Symbian OS’s that caused people to go into depression. What a waste of a phone, sticking that rubbish on it.

  145. MartyLK Says:

    Guys, WP7 is not a real mobileOS right now. Currently it is nothing more than an idiotic joke. It has no features and is buggy as hell. The only reason it is leading against that genuine smartphone OS, WebOS, is because MS employees are cheating and WP7 worshipers are cheating. WP7 doesn’t have enough real-world users to have that many votes. Even those who do have WP7 and don’t hate it and are aware of this poll are a very small number.

    The biggest dumbass excuse the WP7 community gives for the lack of features in WP7 is that the iPhone nor Android had them at launch. I kid you not! They have worn that line out. LMAO!! MS was too lazy to implement proper features and figures everyone are sheep. When you have to reboot your WP7 device to make it play music, you know you have a crap OS.

    WP7 is the worst mobile OS that has ever been created. It is worse than WinMo, for god sake. I highly recommend to everyone not voting for WP7. I highly recommend to everyone to vote for WebOS, and do what the WP7’ers are doing; cheating.

  146. From Russia with love for WebOs! Says:

    Russia votes WebOs!!!

  147. dhaoracle Says:

    WP7 has taken a strong lead since yesterday and don’t seem like they are giving it IP.. Go WP7 Go WP7 Go… LOL

  148. From Russia with love for WebOs! Says:

    @ Web-what?
    It’s funny, but here in Russia, we have everything you have in USA: iPhone, lots of Androids, WP7. Everything is selling officially. The only thing you cannot buy in Russia in a shop – Palm phones with WebOs. Palm was too small and had no power enough to spread its “gem” to the whole world. You can find Treos and Centro. The last model I saw in a shop two years ago was Treo 500 on WinMo with no touchscreen… But even in Russia, WebOs is well-known for its elegance, functionality and real multitasking. People buy Palm phones on eBay or bring them from Europe (my Palm Pre 2 is from England). We do anything to get phones with WebOs because this OS is better than any other existing mobile OS. And you, Webwhat?, may be sure – more than 99% of the world knows how WebOs is great.
    I’m sure that WP7 will progress (with all the money MS is investing in). One day it will multitask, copy/paste and do everything WebOs is doing already. But right here and right now WebOs is more functional, more elegant and uses better gestures than any other OS. We love WebOs! …Even if it loses this poll.

    P.S.: WebOs for me is as functional as Windows on my home PC. I can open as many windows (cards) as I need for my work and easily switch between them. I don’t need to close one app for opening of another one… as you do ;-)

  149. mas Says:

    “Repeatedly voting from my tethered webOS phone. Can a W7 do that?”

  150. WP7lover Says:

    Its not everyday that you get an awesome OS like Windows Phone 7.

  151. John Bowers Says:

    WEBOS rules!!
    No OS can beat it !

  152. ej Says:

    I never used webos, but all I can say is WP7 IS THE FASTEST, MOST FLUID,SIMPLE,UNIQUE OS, wp7is 3months old. I know web os old and hackable,returnable hardware/os. There’s a difference between being loyal and in DENIAL!!!!
    I was reading the Facebook page of webos and most of the users are COMPLAINING.
    I JUST hope the upcoming hp/pre will be another competition.HD7

  153. wp7gamertag ResidentJmizzle Says:

    I cant be more than happy that IOS or Android isnt in the finals, Im not opposed to webOS (though I ve never tried it) but I hear nothing but positive comments.Cant knock it if I havent tried it, actually using it and seeing a review on youtube are 2 completely different things for those of you who are simple-minded and really think your phones reign superior. I love wp7 though, and I too am voting for wp7, from my windows 7, because my hd7 is asleep right beside me… I dont wanna wake him up hahah.

  154. Lance Says:

    @ Marty L K

    So we’re cheating yet I have a screenshot of you on the pre forums telling everyone to cheat with directions. It’s funny because I dont see anything like that on the WP7 forums. It’s winning because unlike any other phone OS out there it is truly innovative. As for your resetting your phone to play music, I’ve never had to. I’m not shocked that you can’t operate a simple cellphone though

    Voted from my PC and my PC only because I believe WP7 can do it legitimately unlike Marty L K who is encouraging palm users to cheat.

  155. Funny Is An Idiot Says:

    W7ers, cheating isn’t going to make your OS any better. WebOS is, and probably always will be significantly better than W7. Cheating to rig the vote is childish and proves you have no life. I actually pity you imbeciles.

  156. Chuck Norris Says:

    Less than 100 votes. There is no excuse for webOS not winning big. Vote for webOS now. Resistance is futile, and will just irritate me.

  157. wp7gamertag ResidentJmizzle Says:

    Way to call as you see it Lance.

  158. Funny Is An Idiot Says:

    Both sides are cheating! And I think it is pathetic. Unfortunately the integrity of this poll is about on par with Ben Roethlisberger’s character level.

  159. Lance Says:

    @ Funny Is An Idiot

    You are aware that precentral was inhabited by Marty L K who gave all your users step by step instructions on how to cheat. This post has sincebeen moved but yeah, if anyones cheating it’s WebOS.

  160. Funny Is An Idiot Says:

    Lance, I’m aware that both sides are cheating. I just went back and forth between both forumns, and they both condone cheating. I think everyone invloved (cheaters on both sides) is pathetic. Yes, that includes Marty K, but it also includes all of you who are stooping down to his level. I would like to see WebOS win because I truly believe it is the better OS, but I won’t resort to cheating. It doesn’t mean THAT much to me. But I guess to you children it means life or death.

  161. Funny Is An Idiot Says:

    And for the record I think W7 is a great OS, I just like WebOS even better (multitasking with ease, highly customizeable, etc). The hardware is what has been holding WebOS back.

  162. lewislink Says:

    Here is a copy & paste of the post ebosian posted in the XDA WP7 forum about this poll. If you go to the forum thread entitled “Mobile OS Bowl Bracket Showdown: WP7 vs WebOS” in the WP7 General section you will be able to see all of the cheating tactics.

    “Ok, who volunteers to take one for the team and head to your local library and ensure those IP addresses are used as a vote for WP7?

    As I head out, I’ll see if I can find free access points to vote some more”

  163. Reflexx Says:

    It’s pretty amazing how close the poll is.

    Even with cheaters, it appears to be pretty even. It’s as if they’re canceling each other out.

  164. lewislink Says:

    @ Funny Is An Idiot i Not to worry, Palm has plans for larger hardware…probably about the size of an iPhone or maybe even the HTC HD2. And yes, WebOS has the best multitasking ever created. The whole system is very intelligently designed and works near flawlessly. To bad the XDA devs don’t do a custom WebOS ROM for the HTC HD2.

  165. Tyler Perry's House of Phones Says:

    Ya’ll quit complaining. Cheating? Not cheating? People bragging about stuff that isn’t really possible just to aggravate the opponent. Do you think all those things that the linebackers said about Rothlesberger’s Momma were true? Or just intended to mess with his concentration so he’d throw an interception.. and it seems to have worked…

    So I’m telling you once and for all. Media uses webOS, is a Steelers fan, and carries a marijuana prescription to deal with the headaches that your whining cause. Stop fussing and vote. Or don’t vote, but stop fussing.

    And remember that at 10am PST on Wednesday, HP is gonna rock the world with webOS announcements. So be sure you watch for that. Once that event is over, those saying bad things about webOS will feel even dumber (dummer) than they already do for voting for WinPhone7…

  166. dude Says:

    @Tyler Perry’s House of Phones: Exactly! That’s why it’s ridiculous that Laptop Mag is ending the poll tomorrow, instead of Wednesday night.

  167. DontCareIfWebOsWins Says:

    @lewislink you have to fair this came come from precentral.com:

    “Guys, I found a reliable way to multivote! Remove the blog.laptopmag.com cookie before each vote. I intend to single-handedly remove the WP7 lead.

    I truly like webos and voted for wp7 but honestly either one deserves to win and if you look at the numbers I dont think anyone’s cheating true or not is making a difference.

  168. Ale Says:

    I have to admit, I simply love both so voting is hard :) !!!

  169. MARTYLK Says:

    Everyone multivote the pre like me to win over windoze 7. Remove your cookies and revote.

    PRE PRE PRE PRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Reflexx Says:

    Looks like Marty has been busy. WebOS is pulling away.


  171. Kevin Says:

    Ultimately, they are both pretty terrific. Myself, I give the nod to webOS as it’s a bit more mature. Waiting to see some really slick and fast webOS tabs from HP, but also hope to see some serious progress in WP7 land.

    I think the big loser is iOS, which is still stuck in ObjC land and a UI that’s running out of places to embed new functionality. Apple’s going to have to rip off a feature or two eventually, and that’s just not gonna make them look very good. Customizable home screen? There’s basically 3 answers they can give:
    snotty: You don’t need it (not beyond them, not by a long shot)
    rip off an old enemy: WP7’s customizable tiles
    rip off a new enemy: Android’s widgets

  172. PhantomMenace Says:

    You know, I want a Windows Phone 7 device, but I voted for WebOS. I just want to see them succeed and I honestly think that WebOS is one of if not the best operating systems.

  173. rawdeadfish Says:

    +1 if laptopmag will stop running these stupid polls!! please stop laptopmag, please?

  174. david Says:

    “Repeatedly voting from my tethered webOS phone. Can a W7 do that?”

    tethering on my samsung focus, yes. repeatedly voting, why?

  175. ben Says:

    my WP7 multitasks better than my WebOS phone did…

  176. WebOS Rules!! Says:

    @ben how many drinks did you have to be able to say that Win7 multitasks better than WebOS? I am surprised you didn’t get hit by a lighting bolt when you clicked submit comment.

  177. DontCareIfWebOsWins Says:


    have you lost your mind?

  178. Lance Says:

    Well, this has become a cheaters race. It’s depressing really. If you want to know the reason MartyLK is so angry it’s because he picked up the phone without reading into it at all and is fixated on its few shortcomings rather than what it does flawlessly. He essentially wanted android with a prettier UI and is crying because that’s not what he got. I pin him around 11 and insecure, it takes a lot to harbor that much anger without reason.

  179. Billy G Ates Says:

    @ben, I think you have confused the terms ‘multitasking’ and ‘task switching’ with the phrase ‘my wp7 phone can accomplish multiple tasks that I need to accomplish during an average day’.

    Do you see the difference with them written nxt to each other so you can say them out loud and compare them? I’m sure you can accomplish multiple tasks and that’s really good to hear. But when you want to have 30 or 40 apps open and switch among them seamlesy with them fully operaring in the background…. Just stop over to the webos forums and we’ll show you what webOS can do!

  180. DontKnowWhatToNameMyself Says:

    I love the fact that some feel the need to cheat to win. Is that really winning though?

    The fact that both OS’s were neck to neck not that long ago and now webOS keeps on gaining a bigger lead at a pretty quick rate, makes it obvious that some people are cheating the poll.

    Just because you cheat, does not make your OS better.

  181. Palm rep Says:

    love my pre2. nothing like webos 2.0. I hope HP takes webos and brings all others to their knees. all hail the all mighty WEBOS!

  182. Relfexx Says:

    So, I checked out precentral and saw that Marty is pretty much the main cheater there. Other people there might lightly cheat, like I’m sure some WP7 supporters do. But nobody is really that obsessed to the point of showing possible mental issues. Well, other than Marty. But he’s not even a real webOS guy. He’s just such a WP7 hater that I really am astonished at how wacky he is.

  183. ernesto Says:

    lol @ multivote

  184. Mike Says:


    It depends entirely on your definition of cheating. The vast majority of non-webOS comments indicate a clear ignorance towards the OS and the many advantages it holds over rival systems. Others show an ignorance towards the intention of this poll by discussing irrelevant aspects like hardware and the app store. Which is worse, an educated person voting twice or an ignorant one voting once? How many people do you think voted against iOS and Android, purely out of spite, in order to set up this final in the first place? A poll of this nature is always flawed which makes any complaints an irrelevance. Embrace the free-for-all for what it is.

  185. Pre-lude To Victory Says:

    all this talk of “cheating” is really childish. Everyone has the same opportunity to vote, or to attempt to vote more than once. There are many more WinPhone7 and WinMo6 users in the world than webOS users. Which ever side pulls ahead is met with whining from the other.

    The only reason I’m concerned about people on either OS voting more than once is that every time they do, a kitten dies. It’s pretty heartless of people on either side to be causing all the senseless kitten deaths. Stop doing that.

    When the dust settles and the whining from the waaaaaa-mbulance siren finally stops, webOS will win. It always does. Whether it’s the best… it proves the most passionate users are those that have webOS phones. So don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  186. Lance Says:

    @ Billy G Ates, that would make sense if the WebOS market had more than 10 useful apps. WebOS regardles of its form is really just dull and unattractive, the interface reminds me of something I might have seen on my razor in 2002 and there is absolutely nothing fun on it. It’s nowhere near as fluid and not innovative either. It looks like motoblur just vomited out it’s own OS. I for one will always pick the phone that’s more innovative and user friendly. Enjoy winning due entirely to cheating.

  187. tucrazie Says:

    Webos is a great os. And if you look at the app catalog or use the homebrew apps you can see there a lot more useful apps than you think. Plus there are lots of patches and plugins that customize your phone to your liking. And trust me the Razor is no comparison to the Pre or Pixi. I for one think both os are good and it is deservingly so that the two best are on top. I tried the others. My wife has the evo and I do not like the os, iphone it’s ok but not really going anywhere different than previous phones.

  188. Peter Wong Says:

    Unfortunately, Palm loses its ground for 2 years, hopefully they can catch up as they are the mother of all PDA. With the new WebOS, I was shocked with what iPhone cannot do – multi-tasking. Having said this, each of these smartphones have their own strength and weakness.
    a. Pre 2 – because of the flexibility of allowing us to change the battery, the cover may not be that elegant, hopefully this is fixed in the coming version. Apart from this, WebOS is still evolving and hoping the best for it.
    b. iOS- had another look at it after using Pre 2, it seems that it is really not as intuitive as WebOS. The advantage is speed of the UI and large apps market as it has been around for at least 4 years.
    c. Win 7 – very fluid UI, but large app’s size.
    d. Android – free OS and heaps of supplier selling tablets, phones all over the world. Disadvantage is UI is not as fluid as iOS. Still got some improvement to do to beat iOS.
    e. Bada – boot up the fastest of all OS mentioned here. UI too simple and looks similar to Android. Advantage is Samsung is pouring millions in to boost apps development.
    f. Symbian ^3 – tried it and didn’t like the OS, looks like Nokia got heaps to do. Hopefully Meego can do better this time.

    My 2 cents…

  189. Peter Wong Says:

    g. Blackberry – sufficient for business user who envies the fun that the rest of the smartphone users are enjoying.

  190. nice cheating... Says:

    WebOS supporters… we made it! we achieved it… we can be very proud of ourselves by cheating our little asses to the top. yes WindowsPhone supporters had the most votes without cheating, but who cares.
    We are going to win we cheating little pieces of shit. Yes we are. Now I’m going over to my friend marty… we are planning to take over the world with our tiny pixi WebOS devices. feb 9, be prepared…but dont ask me what will be on feb 9, because i don’t know it. but it will change the world, i’m sure. although nobody knows what feb 9 is about anyways. i am so stupid. HAHAHA Let’s shove or palms up our asses and call each other…mmhh nice vibrating!!!

  191. Alexandre Says:

    HP WeB OS

  192. Abe Says:

    WebOS has won!! It don’t matter if WebOS fans cheated because Win7 fans cheated also!! Tomorrow we will get our prize!! Yay!!!

  193. MarkJ Says:

    (Writing this post from my Pre Plus.) “Cheating?” maybe, but I doubt it. I voted early on and upon first voting got a “thanks for voting” message. Upon further views I’ve hit the webOS button again numerous times to get the latest results and was met by a “your vote has already been counted” message EVERY SUBSEQUENT TIME. I’m guessing that has been the case for most voting.

    webOS is a multitasking, notifications wonder! There is no other OS capable of juggling so much info so well! WP7 is beautiful and innovative but it is not as capable an OS as webOS.

  194. Mark Hurd Says:

    Love all the WebOS whiners coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden becoming apologists for the cheating that has got WebOS the votes is has in this poll. Let’s face it, it’s already got more votes that handsets sold world wide by a factor of at least 2.

    WebOS has been the least successfull and capable phone OS ever, it bankrupted plam and god knows how much it’ll lose even HP for the forseeable future before they abandon it as a poor attempt to compete with the iPad.

    The fanboys here can convince themselves that rigging a vote under the cover of “a few passionate users” gives them legitimacy but then the fact is they’ve wasted money on an irrelevant OS with no market, few apps and almost no place in the modern Phone OS market.

    Let’s face it – shouting “but WebOS can multitask” is a hollow advantage when there’s no apps for the dead platform to actually switch between.

  195. FairThingToDo Says:

    Being that random acts of cheating is obviously happening I’m calling on the forces of Laptopmag to declare a tie and victory for both WP7 and WebOs and send all the trolls back to their respective caves weeping besides they ran neck and neck the entire competition until magically today. What say you Laptopmag?

  196. KHROMA Says:

    People, it’s not the poll that’s important! What’s important is that we all recognize that Marty is clearly mentally disturbed, and we all need to rally around and help him to get the treatment he needs!

  197. Jeffrey3605 Says:


  198. John Says:

    Nothing compares to webOS , its simply the best !

  199. Abe Says:

    Oh man, now the Win7 fans are gonna whine and complaining with their statements that WebOS fans cheated which I don’t doubt they did. But Win7 fans cheated also and there is no question about that. I guess at the end it was more of a which fan was more passionate for its OS to keep finding ways to vote it to the top. I guess us WebOS fans love our OS more than the Win7 kids.

    And yes, @KRHOMA, we need to get help for Marty. I say we make a poll to choose what kind of treatment we will get for him!!

  200. Louis Says:

    Penalty, 2%, HP WebOS
    Penalty, 1%, WP7

    Winner, WebOS

  201. DontCareIfWebOsWins Says:

    Although I believe WP7 is the best OS congratulations on the victory WebOS!

  202. Craig Says:

    Um, it should not be possible to cheat by removing the blog.laptopmag.com cookie. The poll is hosted at polldaddy.com for crying out loud. All of you guys are freaking out over nothing. Marty is just a WP7 plant.

  203. i told u so .com Says:

    funny they talk about whinners and cheaters bottom line Webos won so deal with it. Anything that anyone was thought to be doing, could have been done by the WP7 folks. for the record I believe even now Webos sold more devices then WP7 to date, and with the annoucnment tomarrow with HP the biggest and most successfull PC maker in the world behind them, these WP7 people will be Webos users very very soon. See you on the wagon lol

    HP/Palm Webos the future in innovation

  204. Todd Allcock Says:

    I didn’t get to vote for Windows Mobile 6! ;) Now THAT’s a customizable multi-tasking OS!

  205. Brian Says:

    How is it that the two worst selling OSes (with the exception of Meego which isn’t even officially available) make it to the finals? People who are voting with their wallets are voting for Android, iOS, and Blackberry.

  206. Colonel Kernel Says:

    WebOS has won yet again! You put up a good fight, WP7 fans, thank you.

    On the cheating: First, PollDaddy.com polls go by the IP address, so those who thought they could just wipe their cookies and vote endlessly were wasting their time. Not one extra vote of theirs counted.

    I confess, I voted as often as I could, but at least I did the legwork. I went to my local mall and loaded this page up on as many computer screens as I could. But, it works by the IP address, so at Best Buy, with their dozens and dozens of computers I was only able to vote one additional time. Every laptop is logged into the same Wi-Fi network and shares the same IP address.

    I did have better luck with the mobile phone stores. With each of their demo smartphones activated with their own IP address, I think I voted about 20 extra times. I can’t be sure how much my extra votes helped, but while I was engaged in my “cheating” webOS’ lead increased by almost a tenth of one percent. NOTE: other votes were absolutley still being cast by other people during this time.

  207. CHad Says:

    windows windows 3d 3d windows wp7…. hahaha

  208. David Says:

    Voted for webOS… from my iPhone

  209. SteveyAyo Says:

    I voted for WP7 with an HD7, My Laptop, My GalaxyTab, Evo, iPhone 4 and a blackberry… to no avail lol

  210. SteveyAyo Says:

    @ Brian

    How do you consider WP7 the worst selling OS? It hasnt been out for an entire quarter yet and youre already making that claim? And webOS was the BEST OS in my opinion pre WP7 but the Hardware wasnt good enough for me and i didnt have sprint so i never got it and by the time it jumped carriers i moved on to the HD2…
    This wasnt a sales competition, it was a BEST OS competition and the correct 2 ended up in the finals

  211. jason high Says:

    Voted for webOS from my Evo. I loved webOS but hardware is lacking. Software is probably best out there, we will have to see what happens tomorrow!

  212. MartyLK Says:

    You won’t see me making any apologies. I am satisfied that WebOS won. It so much deserves the win. It is a real smartphone OS WP7 is not a smartphone OS and sucks ass and is a suck-ass mobile OS with a community controlled by assholes who are losers and now own a loser system. Cheers!

  213. Homer Simpson Says:

    Just curious… what user forum do the WP7 guys usually hang out at? is it WPcentral, or something else?

  214. Andre Says:

    LOL at Colonel Kernel. That’s a great explanation because I had no idea how the voting from multiple PC’s/devices thing worked. Thanks for helping “the good guy” win, LOL!

  215. Mobile Junkie Says:

    Well I have to say, the WebOS win is well deserved. Yes, they haven’t sold much in the past, but that is NOT due to the OS, it’s been the hardware. It’s seriously a SOLID mobile OS. The battery life on the hardware has been my main complaint. But really, do you think a company the size of HP (and with a proven takeover track record) would purchase a company to see it fail?? We’re talking about the largest IT company in the world here. They are going to put their purchasing muscle, their strength in hardware, their dollars and their worldwide brand recognition behind this OS, I guarantee it (they’d be dumb not to!). It may take a while to get there, because they’ll have to build awareness around WebOS again (frankly the Palm folks didn’t know how to market their product), beef up their app store etc, but you can be sure that if ANYBODY has a chance of competing against Apple, it will be HP and WebOS.

  216. mario munno Says:

    Voto per Windows phone 7 *_* anche se mi piace molto la nuova idea lanciata da google…

  217. Tony B Says:

    forgot to vote but glad the outcome was in webOS’ favor :)

  218. VelJharig Says:

    @ Homer Simpson

    A lot of the WP7 users hang out at XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=608). Cheers.

  219. Prometo f Says:

    HP confirmed today 02-09-2011

    webOS 2.0 is not for smart phones, is only tablets… for now.

    which mean Windows Phone 7 is the clear winner!!!!

  220. pcworld Says:

    @Prometo f:
    no, webOS 3.0 is for tablets (for the beginning)
    webOS 2.x is for smartphones at this time

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