New Palm Pre Owners Report Screen Discoloration, Random Shut Downs

screenkrlA friend of ours just bought the new Palm Pre  and is already reporting hardware issues.   After taking his new Pre home and turning it on, he noticed  his screen had a “yellow splotch” in the lower left hand corner. He told us it looked just like someone was pressing down on the screen with a finger.   Then his Pre automatically shut itself down, requiring a battery pull before it would turn back on again. After plugging it in, he said the device felt like it was overheating. Our buddy went online to the forums at (username thh204), and he noticed other users were reporting similar yellow discolorations on the display. Are you an early adopter of the new Pre? If so, how’s the device treating you so far? We’ll bring updates on the display discoloration and better images later today.

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  1. Spencer Says:

    This has happened to me as well. The spot is in the same spot too. When I close it it shuts off. Taking out the battery helped it happen less. I went to sprint and they said they will call me when they get more in.

  2. Reid G Says:

    To test the screen go to device info, more info, Preferences, interactive tests, screen, and it will show a solid color tap to change the color and spot any anomolies

  3. Jeremy Says:

    Should have waited for the new iPhone. Palm = dead.


  4. STARGATE Says:

    Well, so far I’m really happy with my Pre, no problems to report, and no screen “splotch” of any color or kind. Far better than what I thougth, I hope the problems are nothing major, and in very low percentage.

  5. Manish Pandit Says:

    Thanks Reid for the info – I ran the test and I can clearly see the discoloration at the bottom and 1 spot in the middle. I guess my Pre is going back to the Sprint Store this evening..

  6. tsetse Says:

    what a crap – china made at it´s best…better buy nokia e71 instead, great build-quality, made in finland! :D

  7. Pmac Says:

    Got mine Saturday and it’s shut down by itself at least 6 times. Either pull the battery or hold the power button down while toggling the ringer switch three times, then let go of the power button and press it again. Guess I’m going to Sprint today.

  8. D May Says:

    My wife and I purchased two units — I have the discoloration and have had one lockup — her unit has been running hot since we got it — the people at Best buy said that was normal but this thing is noticeably hot to the touch – even when it’s not charging.. I’m going to see if Sprint will get us a new battery (purchased from sprint store) -

  9. Tom Says:

    All who are having problems. Update your phone to 1.0.2 (under Updates in the Launcher). Fixed my heat issues and my screen discoloration is going away (barely noticeable now). Seems to have been some type of cooling issue.

  10. Bryshoe1 Says:

    If you stop and think back the iphone had early problems also. Thats just a thing you deal with with first generations of any product.

  11. Donnyg Says:

    By far this phone is a disapointment from palm. I dont understand how it got past the testing phase. I have been a long time Palm User and this phone is an utter dissapointment. I ran from 3 different sprint stores within a hundred mile radius, i guess all they hype got to me. Anyways, my phone shuts off constantly, everytime i need it for use it seems like i need to power it on, not to mention boot time for the phone is like 1 min, Operating system is a little sluggish. Felt hot in use, keyboard has sharp edges & feel itself seems cheap. Don’t get me wrong love the design idea, but the actual product is not worth buying and i hope they recall these phones. I for the time being are switching back to my palm treo 755p

  12. Zachsdad Says:

    I’ve had a BB Bold for a week now and I’ve had to pull the battery a few times b/c of software glitches. Not that I’m a Palm fan, but you can’t judge a phone based on a few software hangs, especially a new OS. Bold is great. Best smartphone out there.

  13. jay Says:

    just thought i’d chime in – i’ve had no problems with mine. loving this phone. guess you’re gonna hear from the few who have problems but from those who have no problems – in true internet fashion problems tend to get exaggerated…

  14. Tim Says:

    awesome… no problems.. have 2 friends with the same opinion..

  15. Chris Walker Says:

    One HUGE problem is that the Palm Pre doesn’t properly support MS Exchange push mail. They claimed to support it on their hype sites, but now that the rubber hits the road, the car drove right into a ditch.

    In order to properly support MS Exchange push mail with most companies and providers that want security, the Pre should support exchange EAS PIN-locking. Every Pre rival (WinMo, iPhone, Instinct, BlackBerry, etc) supports it, and even the old Palm phones (like the Centro) support it. The Pre is going to sink like the Lusitania because the developers didn’t get this basic security item straight.

    That’s a shame too. I’d bet there is a 30% return rate (or higher) if they don’t get this fixed fast. What were they thinking? Maybe they weren’t…

  16. Matt Says:

    I have the same yellow splotches.
    It doesn’t affect function, but hey, you pay for a nice phone you want it to look nice.

  17. dashford Says:

    Mine is shutting off when it is closed as well. What a drag.

  18. David Pina Says:

    Got my Pre on Sat. and noticed shut off problem on Sunday… and Monday…. I went in to the Sprint store and they did a “reset” put me on the waiting list for a replacement when they get the next shipment, I want so much to be happy with the Pre, it is an awesome device if it stays on. I guess I’ll find out shortly.

  19. rich Says:

    Got my palm pre on sat (previously had an htc touch diamond)
    Have had no issues. There are a few shortcomings I bet will be solved over time – like I use the diamon to stream music from a radio station website, the palm pre browser doesn’t seem to support that.
    The camera doesn’t yet support video (not that I care, but it should).
    All and all though the usability is SO MUCH higher than the diamond.

  20. Julie Says:

    I just got the Pre last night. I want to love this phone. I love the OS and the design, and the physical keyboard. The screen is beautiful. However, it WILL NOT STAY ON. I have it fully charged. If I am not using the phone, it shuts off, requiring the battery pull to turn back on. This is unacceptable and incredibly frustrating. I’ll be taking it back to the store tonight to see if I can get an exchange, but considering the phones are sold out everywhere, I don’t know how long this will take. I’m really upset about this. I’ve been waiting for this phone for months, and I like Sprint and don’t want to switch away from them, but this is an issue that I can’t deal with.

  21. LuvinIT Says:

    I received the PRE on Saturday. I love the phone. If the IPHONE were on Sprint I may have considered it but never in a million years on ATT.

    The phone has been flawless but I did download the most recent op system which was important. The usability of the phone is off the charts. The keyboard is great. I too need the EXchange support to be integrated asap.

    Otherwise, Hats off to Palm. If you love the Iphone, save your comments for someone who cares. If people wanted an Iphone, they would have bought it by now.

  22. Lisa Says:

    I had the shut off problem when closing the keyboard. Turns out some batteries were made to small and are losing connection. The Sprint store was very helpful. Though they didn’t have a battery available now, they placed a piece of a business card in the gap to keep it snug until a new battery comes in. Works perfect now! I love my Pre!

    There can always be problems with new technology. Work with Sprint. They will support you. The local stores will be your best solution!

  23. BigLegz Says:

    Got mine Saturday and yesterday (Wednesday) it started randomly shutting off when I shut the keyboard. Also having e-mail issues. Headed to Sprint tomorrow to get new one.

  24. joemomma Says:

    got mine on saturday, and i love it!this thing is amazing! and i am having no hardware issues, just some software issues, but all just minor annoyances

  25. Jana Says:

    I got my Pre on Tuesday…today is Thursday and it shut down. The screen is displaying a grey lightening bolt and a red bar underneath. Very disheartening as I am travelling.

  26. carlo Says:

    Constant shut off…I am so dissapointed..

  27. Shawn Says:

    I produce a national stage production and my palm pre practically ruined our show this weekend. I on average receive more than 80 calls on the day of a show and today, the palm pre had me miss most of them. Everytime I shut the phone keyboard or place the phone in my pocket it would turn off. By the time I would notice it, I had already missed many calls. The constant shut off killed me today. Then it takes forever to boot back on. I am taking it back to Sprint tomorrow. Thanks Lisa for the tip, I will try it out for the meantime.

  28. Steve Says:

    Just to add to the others have a good time with em… I LOVE mine… Works like a champ…. Now, developers get to work! Appstore needs filling!

  29. Flor Says:

    Bought the Pre on June 6th and had the same shut-off problem. Every time I slid the keyboard or just jolted it. I took it back to the Sprint store and they ordered a new phone for me. I just got the new phone today and it had the same problem!! I’m so frustrated & thinking about taking it back for a refund. Although, I did follow Lisa’s tip to put a little piece of paper next to the battery & it seems to have solved the problem. We’ll see for how long.

  30. Carolanne Says:

    I also purchased the Palm Pre the day it was released and just this week, for no apparent reason, the phone just shuts off. I was on the phone this morning utilizing speakerphone so nothing was touching it and it just shut off. Thinking I should have gone for an iPhone… :(

  31. celeste Says:

    MY PALM POO doing same thing, except every 15 min. I tired the paper in between battery and phone, no go. But what is going…. is this phone tomorrow morning. With battery and lack of spell check, uselss phone…… BYE PALM!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Malia Says:

    My Palm Pre randomly shuts off, too!

  33. Charlie Says:

    Bought it just yesterday, ‘upgrading’ from a Blackberry Pearl as a result of constant technical failures that required me to exchange it four times in the past year. I’ve had the Pre for two days….and tonight the blasted @#$%^# thing shut itself off! I removed the battery, reinstalled it and shazam! Same problem!

    The Pre is yet another example of technology with great promise but no delivery. I should drive 45 minutes to the Sprint store and replace it as the kindly Sprint tech rep instructed. But instead, I am going to hold a little ceremony. I live near the Charles River in Waltham, Massachusetts. In about ten minutes, I am getting dressed, going to the bar for a quick pick-me-up and then heading to the bridge at Moody Street, where I will this thing off into the briny deep with a hearty cheer. I would prefer to tie the thing to a tree, stick a cigar in its mouth, tie a bandanna around its screen, step back ten feet and fill it with bird shot from my 12 gauge Remington. But alas I do not think this would go over well with Waltham’s Finest.

  34. Mark Says:

    Palm Pre shuts off. When it powers back after 1:45, the ringer volume is sometimes reset to mute. So I miss calls when it shuts itself off. Then I miss calls when it powers on with no volume. I also missed my wake up alarm the other day because it shut itself off sometime over night. Texts go answered because I don’t know they’re there.

    In short, I have never felt so DISCONNECTED. Long time Sprint customer and I am VERY disappointed that these problems were not debugged before dumping them in our laps.

  35. Amy Says:

    I also bought the Pre the day it came out and had to exchange it the same day cause the ear piece was not working. Everyone I spoke to sounded muffled so they got me a new one and by day two… BAM it starts shutting itself down. Most times I notice the screen glows and locks, I have to hold down the power buttom to re-start it and of course it takes forever to boot up. But of course I didnt always notice that my phone was off and that really sucked! I place a thick piece of paper and that worked for two days. It started doing it again so I put an even thicker piece of paper between battery and case. Again two days later… BAM shut down. I am bring this stupid phone back tomorrow going back to instinct til I figure out if I should switch to AT&T for the new Iphone or wait for Pre 2nd generation. I love sprint for their $99 everything plan & AT&T plan is an extra $30 just for the iphone. I am so torn on what I should do! Any suggestions????

  36. Si Says:

    help! My Pre keeps shutting down too. It isalso very hot to touch.

  37. Vash Says:

    Okay…here’s the thing…I LOVE my new palm pre with one exception, the earpiece does not work. After doing a search, I guess I’m not the only one! I tried every suggestion, but nothing worked. I can not hear via the earpiece during a phone call, but I can use my bluetooth, speaker function, and headset and can hear, and be heard, perfectly. When I try to view anything with sound, via media of any kind, I get no sound. Looks like this is going back in & being replaced. The pain with that is that all my information will have to be re-entered, unless their back up works. Don’t know cuz I haven’t had to restore. Love this phone, but hate the bs and inconvenience!!!! Palm needs to get their act together, because I upgraded from a Palm Centro and loved it, so decided to upgrade to the Pre. Maybe it was a bad move or bad timing!!!

  38. ryan27 Says:

    Just got my pre on jul 9th and i love it….BUT the screen shuts off occasionally when i close the keyboard, it turns on right away afterwards but its really annoying im going today to switch it out with another one….the back seems to get kinda hot too…hopefully its only a handful of pres that do it.

  39. Wayne Miller Says:

    I had shut down issue with new Pre. I put three strips of business card at top of battery, and folded them over 1/2 inch. Shut down problem appears eliminated. My complaint is only that the phne is too slippery compared to my 755p with a rubber case… I’ve dropped it twice! Luckily on carpeted floors.. Where’s the spell check? Is thre an app?

  40. leeza Says:

    so i had the same problem with the palm randomly shutting off. followed lisa’s advice and stuck a piece of paper beside the battery to make it fit better and it works perfectly now.


  41. Wendy B Says:

    My new Palm Pre shut down from the minute the salesman started it up in the store. It would shut down 4-6x a day during different applications, even after phone calls. The store (BELL) would NOT take the device back and give me a new one after having it only 48 hours (because I used the phone for more than 1 minute …….even with all the shut down problems). BELL made me file an insurance claim to get a replacement device. The new device was to arrive in 48 hours, but, it took 13 days!!! I don’t have any confidence in PALM or in BELL, they certainly don’t stand by the product. I just got the replacement today and haven’t even taken it out of the box yet. But, I better hurry, because if I don’t have the dud-phone mailed back in 5 days, they’ll charge me $600!
    If your thinking of switching from iphone to PALM………don’t do it. At least apple stands behind their product and makes the customer happy.

  42. Katie C. Says:

    My phone started to shut down like every 15 minutes. I just went to the Sprint store to exchange it and they didn’t bat an eye when I told them it shuts down. They were like “oh, yea…when you close the keyboard, right?”. Hmmm? Wonder if they’ve encountered this problem? They gave me a new one without hesitation and I asked if this one spontaneously shuts down too can I come back in. The sales clerk said you only get 1 exchange!!!! I’ve got my fingers crossed that this one isn’t a dud.

    In terms of the phone I do like it, the only thing that bugs me is that you can not highlight things. The guy at the store said that they are coming out with new UPDATES to fix that and to fix the no spell check issue. So we won’t have to buy new phones.

  43. Katie C. Says:

    Well, round two of my palm pre – CRAP! The screen flickers on and off when I am talking on the phone making it impossiable to answer another call, type in my VM password, press 1 for english or even hang up!

  44. Kim Says:

    I have been experiencing the same issue with my Palm Pre turning itself off all of the time for the last 3 weeks. I called Sprint customer support today, and they told me that they are aware of the issue. They asked me to confirm that the battery was made in China, which it was. I was told to go to a local Sprint store, and they will give me a new battery, which is made in Korea and this new battery should fix my issue. I am going there tomorrow, and will report back…I am crossing my fingers and toes :)

  45. nicole Says:

    I have had my pre for just over a month now. I love the phone, but the last few days it just shuts off. ive narrowed it down to it shuts off everytime i push the button to shut the screen off. And it takes almost 2 min to get it to turn back on. I’ve never had a phone take that long to start up before. So im heading to sprint tonight to see what they can do.

  46. Erica Says:

    I am on my second Pre. I bought my first one on September 9th. I had it for a little over a week and then starting experiencing the shut downs. I even had a new battery so that wasn’t the problem. I went into Sprint and they ordered me one (refurbished which is complete crap). I buy a brand new phone and then get a refurbished one. Anyway, so I have had the refurbished one for about a week now. No shut down problems, not like last time. It has shut down a couple of times though. This one has keyboard issues. Occasionally the bottom row of my keyboard goes out and then comes back after a few minutes. I took it back into Sprint tonight and the girl saw it happen. Ironically when she took it back to the tech guy it was working normally. She was going to order me a new one. I asked her if it would also be refurbished and she said yes. I told her that was crap and she wants me to call her manager in the morning to see if I can get a new phone from them. I have had both phones for less than a month. I always believe the third time is the charm. We will see….

  47. Kim Says:

    UPDATE on my post on September 29 – I followed the instruction and came to a local sprint store to pick up a new battery. My new battery is also made in China, there is no such thing as a specific battery made in Korea like the customer rep claimed. I tried multiple battery at the store, and finally found a battery that felt really snug when I pushed it into the battery compartment in the back of my phone (this is the key). Since then, it has been 3 days that I am using the new battery, and the problem is fixed. My phone is no longer turned off on its own, the screen is not flickering anymore, and it has been really reliable. I can’t tell you how happy I am. For those of you who have been experiencing this problem, please see if you can get the store to give you a battery, and make sure it fits snuggly. The store gave me the new battery free of charge. Good luck!

  48. Amanda Says:

    I was having the same problem with it shutting off. The Sprint guy here said that it was because the battery is from Japan & that the batteries out of Japan had shorts in them. They replaced my phone completely & I haven’t had that problem any more. I will say that I can’t seem to get my alarm ringer very loud. The ringer is loud if a call is coming in and all volumes are up as loud as they can be. So I’m not sure whats going on with that but thats my only complaint other than you cant forward a text message.

  49. Cheryl Says:

    I’ve had my Pre for a couple weeks and mostly love it. However, in the last few days it has randomly shut itself off about twice per day. I’ve missed some pretty important calls and e-mails as a result, but it is a brand new phone and OS, so I’m willing to give the developers time to do their thing to fix the problem, especially since so many other people are having the same issue. I’m taking it to Sprint today to get a new battery, but definitely not ready to switch to a different phone. I had a Centro before this and also have an iPod Touch. Overall, my Pre is like a very cool combination of the two.

  50. Mike Says:

    Mine shuts off every other time I close it. The battery only lasts 1/2 day!!!!!

  51. Justin Says:

    My wife decided we needed to up grade our perfectly good working cell phones. She desided the Palm-Pre was what we needed. They seamed to just fine, did all sorts of high tech cool stuff—-For about 1 week. Mine locked up. Sprint store techs scratched their heads and replaced it with another one. OK cool Two days later my wife’s quit. Same response (replaced it). My new one, the advanced finger swipe feature does not work with &$&#. and sometimes not at all. ALL, let me say again ALL of the volume setting set to max are so low they couldn’t be noticed buy a dog. I used a laptop conection and a Mp3Gain program to boost the Dcb level.Now I can at least hear the antique phone “1970 bell ringer” most of the time. Hell even the viberate setting is a joke.
    My wife’s second phone has froze up twice requiring a tech support fix. on a scale of 1-10 I gice it a -50
    Oh yeah the closest the gps could get is 300 yards. 300 Yards!!!? give me a break.

  52. Larry Says:

    This morning my Pre had a grey lightning bolt and red bar on the screen. The power off/on switch did nothing to operate the device. I have the magnetic charging station that has worked fine, but for the first time I saw a symbol of a question mark and a power cord on the screen, implying that the charger wasn’t plugged in. Of course it was plugged in. So, while I make plans to get to the Sprint store and find out what the heck is the deal with this phone, suddenly it boots up and is now working fine. All of this occured over about a one hour period. I have no idea what’s up, but I will inquire with Sprint and post any info I find back at this site. Oh, BTW, my battery also runs HOT and the phone does the random shutdown. This is the most frustrating phone I have ever had! Sprint, are you listening??

  53. Someone Says:

    I’ve had my Palm Pre for a few months now, got it not long after it came out. Suddenly the random shut downs (with subsequent over heating after replacing the battery) started happening maybe 3 days ago. No yellow splotches, just the shut down.

  54. Hannah Says:

    Wow, I am glad I’m not the only one. This has happened to my Palm pre, I have had 3 replacement phones and every single one has done this. My second phone, Sprint gave me a referb and that one shut off the 3rd day I had it, it also had greyish splotches and a yellow pixel. When I would pick up the phone it would feel very hot, so I knew it was overheating. Then I took it in and they told me it was bc the battery I had in it was recalled when the pre first came out. They gave me a new battery, but of course it still shut off a few days later. I then asked for a brand new pre and they were happy to give me one, so less then a week after…it shut off, I had to remove the battery to turn it back on. I cant believe no one has sued Palm yet, this is ridiculous.

  55. Shane Says:

    4th time a charm????? My first one had speaker issues and they could not get a part for it, so they replaced it. About 2 weeks later my the screen started to develop a crack at the base, which the Sprint rep told me was a recurring problem with the Pre. Now my touch screen is locking up, you have to gently squeeze the sides to get the screen to activate. On top of that, it is starting to power down on its own. Save yourself a headache….do not waste your money on this piece of junk!

  56. Liz Says:

    GO TO!!!
    ******There is a quick fix for this shutdown problem!******
    The reason for the shut down is that the original palm pre battery (I do own a Refurbished one when I paid $200 for a brand new one which is total crap) is slightly too small for the phone, and gets loose. New batteries have a fix for this, a small foam pad to fill the gap. is an amazing site that will fix your insecurities about owning a pre, and made me a proud owner. Go to the site and look for “tips and tricks” and “simple fixes for palm pre” as the article name. Article name may be slightly different, but it is definitely worth checking out.

  57. De Says:

    Thanks for the site reference. It took me a while to find the information on the site so I decided to attach the link for anyone else interested:

  58. Elmine Says:

    Thanks so much for posting the link!!! I wish I read this weeks ago!

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