Netbook Madness Finals Resume: Asus EeePC 1000HE vs. Samsung NC10

brackets_rd15       Editor’s Note: Due to a nasty call of interefence at the hands of overzealous fans, we’re re-setting the clock on this match. We’re also starting the scoreboard over, so if you placed a vote for our championship match in the last 24 hours, you’ll need to place it again if you want it counted. Like all previous matches, the polls will be open for the next 24 hours. Also, we’d like to take a second to say thanks to everyone who’s taken interest in March Netbook Madness. Since we love covering technology in all its mobile forms, we’re certainly appreciative of your enthusiasm, especially for content we post for entertainment, like this post.  That said,  we’d also like to kick off this rematch with a li ttle reminder about the first rule of sportsmanship: No cheating! Now get back to your seats! The game’s starting…again. And here we are at the final game of the first annual Netbook Madness. As one of our readers predicted, it’s a matchup between two powerhouses, the Asus EeePC 1000 HE and the Samsung NC10. What can we say that hasn’t been said? Here once again are the vital specs of each, side by side. Overall, they’re pretty evenly matched; the 1000HE, by virtue of its being released later, has a faster processor, which gave it a 90-point advantage in PCMark 05 (1588 to 1498). However, in our day-to-day use, this difference was negligible. When it debuted, the NC10’s keyboard was the best we’d seen on a mini-notebook, and still remains one of our favorites. However, with the 1000HE, Asus has caught up, using an island-style keyboard layout, and putting the right Shift key in its proper place. Finally, we come down to weight, battery life, and price. The 1000HE is bigger and bulkier than the NC10 (weighing almost half a pound more), but its six-cell battery lasted half an hour longer than that of the NC10. Also, the 1000HE costs about $50 less than the NC10. Are those differences in price and endurance great enough to overcome the comparative lightness of the NC10? netbook-chart We leave it up to you: Which mini-notebook deserves to win the Netbook Madness tournament? netbook-madness-finalsUpdate: Well the votes are in and, there you have it folks,  the ASUS EeePC 1000HE is our winner! A bit of a shocker given the popularity of Samsung’s premier netbook. The NC10 held its own, but we guess when it comes down to it, cost and battery life are mighty driving factors in a netbook’s success. The 1000HE is cheaper and lasts more than a whooping hour longer on a charge. Congrats to ASUS on the win. They were the netbook orginators and, despite loads of competition,  it looks like they’re still on top.

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  1. Marie Says:

    NC10 is def. a dinner!

  2. Marie Says:

    NC10 is def. a winnder

  3. Anton Says:

    I’d say that in the general history of netbooks, the biggest compromise by far, has been the keyboard. For doing quick word processing, shooting off emails, or jotting on your blog, the inability to quickly touch-type the way you’re used to on your desktop or fullsized notebook keyboard is a huge dose of reality…

    That is, until the Samsung NC10 keyboard. It still has the largest keys of any netbook (93%) and the design and shape perfectly resembles any proper laptop keyboard.

    The ASUS 1000HE, despite its improvements, still has an oddly positioned right shift key to accommodate the direction keys. Furthermore, there have been allegations of “keyboard flex” in the new ASUS 1000HE, as mentioned here on Portable Monkey (he calls it “The Worst Keyboard Flex I’ve Ever Seen” and links to an Asus forum where others corroborate the story”):

    No one has ever complained about the Samsung NC10 keyboard.

    Granted the Asus 1000HE is the new kid on the block, so by virtue of that, he is more competitive in terms of pricing and battery life, but I still contend that the NC10 is by far the better all-around unit. Smaller, lighter, with an unmatched keyboard and build quality.

    The one point I concede is the price, but honestly, in every review of the NC10, the only drawback has been the price. What is $20-40 more when you can have a netbook that has zero other compromises? (I got my NC10 for $375 shortly after it came out this past fall)

  4. RML Says:

    Go Asus!

  5. eee Says:

    i like asus

  6. Jez - Samsung netbook Community Says:

    Good to see Sammy made the final! Will it all be lost on the home straight?!

  7. Steve Says:

    Where’s the asus 1002ha! I know its similar to 1000ha, but its a beauty. Check out my review.

  8. Karwat Says:

    GO ASUS GO! Def. a winner! Best price, best battery, best performance!

  9. ChrisC Says:

    think the nc10 is better!

  10. Eee User Says:

    I called it, Eee on top! you can’t beat longer battery life and price point. Its what a netbook is about portability, comfort, and value. Until next year

  11. K T Bradford Says:

    How could the ASUS win over Samsung! I am outraged ;)

  12. sumark Says:

    the best of eee pc

  13. BrandonC Says:

    The NC10 is the better laptop. Better screen, lighter weight, longer warranty (3 years in the US according to my warranty card). The 1000HE, however, is the better buy. With it going for $360 last week with a 2gb RAM upgrade, it’s hard to justify the extra cost of the NC10.

    That being said, the only netbook I’d replace my NC10 for is a special edition NC10 or the N110. The keyboard just seals it for me, it’s like I’m typing on my Thinkpad. The touchpad on the NC10, while small, is more responsive than the one on my MSI that’s 3x the size of the NC10’s.

    I’ve upgraded my NC10 to a 60gb OCZ Core SSD and an intel 5100N WiFi card. It’s practically perfect; if it could just boot off the internal SD, I’d be set.

  14. Quiet Says:

    NC-10 lost to Eee??!!
    No way, the Samsung is totally the better machine. I have to agree with BrandonC, the only thing I’d replace it with is a NC-10SE or the N110.

  15. Dtramm Says:

    With it going for $360 last week with a 2gb RAM upgrade, Where was it this price??

  16. Orb Says:

    Well yes the NC10 is a better built and overall in my opinion the choice.

    I think it has a Lot to do with actual marketing and retail sales which accounts for the numbers.
    I can find Asus in many stores and online stock. Not so with the samsung.

    Couldn’t find it except for a couple of stores here and only in Blue or White.

    Online if it wasn’t for Amazon and NewEgg I wouldn’t even of known about it and switched from my Initial Choice. Which was the Asus 1000HE

    Both are great but for me the sammy was the right choice for me.

  17. Daniel Says:

    NC10 is the winner.. and the NC120 will come out soon and it will have a full size 12 inch keyboard with a 10 inch screen and 10.5hrs battery life

  18. Pruduch Says:

    Samsung NC10 is the better netbook

  19. Larsbrp Says:

    NC120 has a glossy screen :-(

  20. JEan Says:

    It’s really frustrating in Raleigh NC. With the IT industry being one of our core industries, you’d think we’d have some computer geeky stores besides Best Buy. Wrong!. Best Buy has the area sewn up and offers a very limited selection of netbooks (among other things). I’d love to see an NC 10SE before buying, but BB only stocks HP and Asus. Asus is functional but clunky (sorry). HPs don’t have a VGA port, and I need to hook up to a Power Point projector. Supposedly there’s an adapter, but with PP projectors being as finicky as they are, I’m nervous about using an adapter. Here’s an idea for you electronic engineering geeks–make a PP projector that only works with a laptop, so us non techy types can count on the thing to work and not give stupid messages like can’t find source. But I digress. Anyway the Sammy sounds lovely it would sure be nice to see one before buying!

  21. Mike Says:

    what does it matter IF ASUS 1000HE is “better” than NC10 when both have the same features and battery life more than well enough??

    The ASUS is “dead” with it’s extra weight IMO, it’s not “portable” anymore!

    Also justy food for though, add that extra 150 grams to the Sammy in form of more batteries and Sammy will do way beyond 10 hours, it’s simple mathematics.

  22. Mike Says:

    what does it matter IF ASUS 1000HE is “better” than NC10 when both have the same features and battery life more than well enough??

    The ASUS is “dead” with it’s extra weight IMO, it’s not “portable” anymore!

    Also just food for though, add that extra 150 grams to the Sammy in form of more batteries and Sammy will do way beyond 10 hours, it’s simple mathematics.
    But even if the NC10 would come with 2 battery options, one with smaller battery and 1,3Kg and and one with 1,45 Kg (similar to ASUS) I would any day trade of the battery life for weight, 1,3 Kg is the break even point I wouldn’t go beyond.

    The NC10 also gives the real solid quality feel in this price division!

  23. Jay Says:

    I prefer the Lenovo S10e. The Samsung beats it on battery life, but in every other category the S10e ties or beats it. Looks better, performs better, it’s lighter, smaller, less expensive, and the keyboards are about even. Now, to be fair, I haven’t tried the Samsung – only read reviews. I have only used the Lenovo, Asus, Acer, and HP. Of these four, I would say the S10 really wins easily. My apologies to Asus, my 2nd favorite.

  24. Rene Stanneveld Says:

    Hmz some one replace the Atom n270 in the Sammy with the N280 in, the one in the Asus HE and boom clear the room.
    If not then compare it against a 1000H witch has a N270 to loss again…

  25. B Case Says:

    Be careful with buying a Asus 1000HE at BestBuy. It is dumbed down with the Atom N270. Check it out!

  26. Archie MASTER! Says:


  27. Thomas Says:

    Between these two one thing to consider is Samsung NC10 comes with two CD software for your recovery and it comes with a program “Recovery Soltion II” that you can select to back up your data or back up your whole partition (when your computer has problem, you can restore from here with everything back to work, not like some brand’s recovery disk only recover with OS).

    I like NC 10 even I have ordered many Asus for my coworkers (they want lower price one), I still love this one and the Bluetooth foundation too.

  28. George Says:

    i just bought the nc10 for £280 and u lot are complaining thats its over priced – if anything its underpriced and the samsung should definitely have won – wot a joke. Who cares about the asus having more battery life – which idiot is gonna spen 7 hours on a laptop. the result was obviously a fix

  29. John Says:

    im currently deciding which to buy. the nc10 for £280 on amazon or the asus eepc 1005 with the n280 chip. its £310 on amazon in white or £350 for black! i think the white is better value, but wht has the nc10 been withdrawn from many shops for the same spec but more costly n110??? i can only get the nc10 on amazon now, but am leaning towards the asus because of the faster chip and two fingered scroll facility

    any thoughts?

  30. Tagefo Says:

    Hi John! I’m just about to order a netbook, and I’ve landed on the 1000HE and NC10 aswell. I am however leaning towards the NC10, as it seems just more like much better build quality. From what I’ve found out, the 1000HE, while beeing a great netbook and all, has an extremely noisy fan. I had an Asus EEE PC 900, and i remember the fan really ticking me off, as it was making a sound that sounded like the fan was hitting a wire or something. I also remembered the computer feeling somewhat cheap built. That’s the main reason I now am going for the NC10.

    About the N110, it is as you say more expensive, and it has a glossy screen, which rules it out for me.

    Also, about the two fingered scroll facility on the Asus, that is supposed to work at the NC10 aswell with a little tweak. The trackpad on the NC10 is a multitouch trackpad, so what I’ve read people do, is they disable the sidescrolling feature on the pad, and add a software that lets you two finger scroll websites and such on the NC10.

    Hope that helped!

  31. John Says:

    cheers, yes i didnt know about all that. ive seen as well that the 1005ha is the newer version of the he model, with the n280 chip for £300. im still unsure as the shops here only have a few models and you cant try them out. thay dont have the nc10 or asus to look at which is poor.

  32. CAT Says:

    NC10 has a superb keyboard. It’s also got Bluetooth and that is a mega plus where portability and access to any external data is concerned. Difference between the 2 processors is undetectable in use. Screen is the best out there. For pure functionality NC10 pours it on with style

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