MSI Wind Price Hike: 6-Cell Being Sold for $549 or More

Somehow we always knew it was too good to be true. Not only did we hear rumblings from our contacts at MSI two weeks ago that the WInd with the 6-cell battery might to be jacked up, but now it is being listed by e-tailers for more than its original $499 quoted price. Update: We finally heard from an MSI rep who tells us that “Since the cost of the battery and materials raise (sp), we had no choice but adjust the MSRP to $499.99 with 3-cell battery and $549.99 with 6-cell.” Despite the MSRP being $549, several retailers have taken it upon themselves to raise the price as high as $599. has the MSI Wind 6-cell and so does Microtel, but the price is listed at $599 . That is $100 more than original $499 price. A quick search of three major price comparison engines found not one single e-tailer selling the 6-cell Wind for as low as $549. The best price we found was Zip Zoom Fly promising the system for $559, though it was out of stock. Additionally, one of our readers who pre-ordered the Wind with a 6-cell battery from for the $499 price had his order canceled by the site. The e-mail informing him that the order had been canceled read: “We were recently informed that the item listed below from order #XXX is no longer available from that supplier. Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.” Updated: A representative has confirmed that the orginal $499 orders were canceled because of the price hike. “While selling the MSI WIND series notebooks for $499.99, received notice from the manufacturer that this product is being mapped at $549.99. To avoid being de-authorized by this manufacturer, we did cancel all orders on this day for the 6-cell WIND series notebook,” told us in an official statement. “Since this is such a hot product, we do sell out almost immediately. However, receives more inventory every other day,” they added. Does this change the game for 10-inch mini-notebooks? Especially since the Eee PC 1000H seems to be priced at $549 on Slightly. What the Wind had over the Eee PC 1000H was its lower price point (and a bit longer battery life and a better keyboard layout). Now the very evenly matched systems are a few dollars apart. Nevertheless, we had the Wind winning in more rounds and will probably still say that, even if you have to pay $50 more to find one in stock, you should shell out the extra dollars and buy a Wind with a 6-cell battery. But what do you think?

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  1. tommy Says:

    I have an order in with for a black wind with the 6-cell batt. I just checked on my order and it still says “sent to warehouse” and “on order”. I purchased it at the 499 price point.

    Just an update to help you out. I surely hope that my order will not be canceled.

  2. A-DI Says:

    I bought one at $549.99
    I check with MSI, it should be $549.99 not $599.99.
    Since demand is high, the online etailters raise price to $599.99 for more margins.
    MSI told me that they will “talk” to those customers whom raised price.
    It should not relate with MSI, but the on-line guys.

  3. Nova Says:

    “What the Wind had over the Eee PC 1000H was its lower price point (and a bit longer battery life and a more stable keyboard).”

    I’ve been reading user reviews avidly, and I don’t think you’re necessarily correct there. Maybe it was your review units, but it seems the 1000H has the longer battery life, with many users quoting over 5 hours regularly, as opposed to the Wind 6 cell’s 4 hours average.

    And apparently the 1000H keyboard is as good, and actually better in some ways, in terms of layout and key size.

    One really good user comparison thread with photos:

    So the real benefits of the Wind seem to be the slightly lighter weight & smaller size. Point for point, with both being priced the same now – I’m not sure the Wind is the winner anymore. And I was a big Wind fan.

  4. marc Says:

    Maybe MSI just wants to give Dell a running chance. As soon as Dell drops it’s mini then all theprices might change becuase of the competition. I’d love a MSI, but I’ll wait for the Dell to be available. Hopefully, by then, the MSI 6-cell will be out, then we can really compare features and price.

  5. Nova Says:

    Also want to add…

    I had a Wind 6 cell on order with, and they cancelled my order this weekend. They claim it’s “is no longer available from that supplier” – which makes no sense. I think it’s just a matter of them wanting to hike the prices way up.

    I’m betting they’ll relist the 6 cell Wind soon for $600. Heck, they even overcharge for the Asus 1000H – $576 (vs. most stores $550 price).

  6. TimothyT Says:

    Neither. Netbooks are only appealing if they are cheaper than laptops. at 499.99, the msi wind is a great product. at 599.99, I could just buy an entry level “real” laptop.

  7. tommy Says:



    Thank you for shopping at

    At we strive to provide the widest assortment of high-quality products at the lowest
    prices on earth. However, sometimes circumstances beyond our control affect our selection.

    We were recently informed that the item listed below from order #XXXXXXXXXX
    is no longer available from that supplier. Please accept our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

    Your order for this product has been automatically cancelled. If you paid by credit card, you will not be charged. If you paid by another method of payment, for example PayPal or GoogleCheckout, please allow 2 business days to process your refund.

    sku – 208290448 : description – Wind UMPC Black w/ 6-Cell Batt

  8. jayson Says:

    I finally gave up on the MSI Wind when I saw mwave & new egg had the eeepc 1000h for $549 – $559 price range. I should be getting my eeepc 1000h by this Friday.

    My Logic was at $499 the MSI Wind had only the 3cell and you cannot get one unless you are very lucky and constantly checking out all the online sites. I was able to get the eeepc 1000h with 6 cell at $549 with just a few simple search on google. If the Wind is available at $599 & the eeepc is available at $549, I would definitely save the $50 bucks and go with eeepc 1000h. Only if both unit are the same price would I pick the MSI Wind.

  9. BLACK EEE Says:

    Hey Tommy just wondering what was the date you put your order in? Reason why i’m asking i have preordered on July 22nd.

  10. Woody Says:

    Timothy T said: “Netbooks are only appealing if they are cheaper than laptops. at 499.99, the msi wind is a great product. at 599.99, I could just buy an entry level “real” laptop.”

    I disagree. If I wanted a full-size laptop, I could get one with more features at a comparable price. I want a netbook that I can travel with and I’m willing to pay a little extra for something very small and lightweight.

    From what I read, some manufacturers are getting cold feet because the netbook prices are too low to make much profit. If that’s the case, some of the ones that are about to come out may be priced higher than we first thought.

  11. arrowspace Says:

    I got the Wind from Mwave (after providing them with everything except my first born) for $569. But it is apparently with the 6 cell battery.

    So, yes, that is a significant markup, and I agree that is a ding on MSI. The price went up again to $599 the day after I ordered.

    I am upgrading the RAM and the hard drive, so this winds up being a pretty expensive little computer. Perhaps I would have been just as well off with the eepc1000h, but I was persuaded by the keyboard reviews on Laptop. I touch type and I am passable at it on a decent keyboard. The thing will be on the road for several days every week, my 3rd and smallest laptop yet. I hope it can take the punishment.

    I sort of doubt that folks with the EEpc will feel inferior.

  12. BarryA Says:

    Placed my order on July 7 for $499. Was never notified of the cancellation but picked it up on checking my order status. The wind was “Backordered” on July 7 when the order was placed, so the out of stock argument was disingenuous. Even worse, the same SKU item is now listed at $549 (for a preorder) so how can they possibly argue that the manufacturer has cancelled delivery.
    Why can’t these guys just tell the truth (if indeed the manufacturer’s increase and not plain old fashioned demand was the cause of the price increase) ?

  13. Thom Says:

    After learning that the six-cell version of the MSI Wind rose from $499.99 to $599.99 (in some retail outlets), I began to lose interest in the Wind and went and ordered the Eee PC 1000H from an authorized reseller for $549.99.

    I would warn anyone to avoid because it has a poor reputation for customer satisfation and unprofessional service. After receiving bad experience from last year, I swore never to buy from it again.

  14. Jim Says:

    My order from for the $499 6-cell has NOT been canceled yet even after I inquired about it. Got the usual back-order canned response that had nothing to do with my question of the price hike and cancellation. I figure they must have missed me but I’ll at least keep the order up and see if it slips through the cracks.

    With that said, I went ahead and ordered one from ZipZoomFly yesterday morning (which is still in stock) at $560. More than I wanted to pay but seeing how it’s $10 bucks more than a 1000H I went with the Wind.

  15. JLG Says:

    Where is the $399 Linux U100 that MSI’s web site states should be available in July?

    Are they going to reneg on that, too?

  16. fede Says:

    I am still waiting for the linux version too…
    Any news?

  17. Ricky Says:

    6-cell without Windows tax please

  18. JLG Says:

    Contacted MSI about the Linux U100 and got an answer of “August or September”.

    As far as 6-cell Linux, AFAIK that is not on the drawing board at all. You may have to fork over for the Windows version and wipe or dual-boot.

    Come on MSI, the other vendors are out with their Linux models! Get with the program!!! Don’t wait on Dell and the others to catch up! Lenovo netbook coming!

  19. Dennis Says:

    > Thom: I swore never to buy from it again.

    Could not agree more. service is the worst I have ever had to deal with.

    I order a 3-cell Wind several weeks ago.
    At that time the item was IN STOCK. Moreover, the webpage advised “order quickly, as item may run out of stock”. And ‘orders placed before 11am (or something) will usually ship the same day’. I order at 8 am.

    Then you get this great customer-service email thanking you for using They ramble on about ‘great shopping experience’ and ‘satisfaction’, and ‘not charging your card before we ship’, ‘and ‘outstanding service’

    ;1st email from
    Thank you for your order. We are proud to be your Internet Superstore.
    We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible shopping experience to you and all of our customers. That means that from the moment you enter to the moment your order is delivered to your door – we are dedicated to your satisfaction.
    We have included your complete order information below.

    Please remember the following as you await your order:
    – We will not charge your credit card until after an item ships.
    – Do not be concerned if items in your order arrive in separate packages. For quicker delivery, we ship from multiple warehouses throughout the country.
    – To check order status, check tracking, request a cancellation, or return an item, please visit .
    – Remember you cannot cancel your order if it is currently in the shipping process.

    Our customer service agents are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
    If you have any questions about your order, feel free to contact us by visiting
    Please be sure to include your order number when contacting us.


    Once again, thank you for placing your order with, the Internet Superstore. We value your business and will continue to offer top brands, superstore selection, low prices, and outstanding service.

    5 minutes later the order was ‘sent to warehouse’. Which is where it has been for weeks now…. Received nothing. did however succeed in charging me $520. It’s gone from my bankaccount.
    Because I wondered how not-shipping and still-charging related to their earlier promises, I tried to contact Buy.Com costumer-service. That was a mistake. There is no phone number, no e-mail, nothing. All contact has to go through a webform. Then comes their informative answer:

    ;2nd email from
    Thank you for your email regarding order #xxxxxx

    According to our website, item #208290445 (Wind UMPC Black w/ 3-Cell
    Batt) indicated that it would take 1 to 2 business days from the date
    you placed your order before it would ship out. Currently, the item is
    still within that fulfillment time frame. [EDIT: IT WAS NOT]

    We are expecting your order to be shipped out today. Shipping
    confirmation and tracking information will be sent via e-mail once this
    item is shipped.

    Thank you for your business.

    But it did not ship. So you go to that *^#$ webform again, only to get another pointless reply.
    I also asked to for a contact phone number in a separate request. That was just ignored. No reply at all!

    ;2nd email from
    Hello Dennis

    We apologize for the delay in the shipment of your order #xxxxxxxxx

    Item #208290445 has been delayed in the fulfillment process. We do not
    have an estimated shipping date at this time. You will receive a
    shipping confirmation email as soon as your order ships.

    Thank you for your patience.

    So they charge you $520, and now they cannot even tell when they are going to deliver…
    The days pass, and nothing happens, so you ‘contact’ again.

    ;3rd email from
    Hello Dennis,

    Thank you for your email regarding order #xxxxxxxx.

    We apologize that the delivery of your order is taking longer than
    expected. Due to a setback from the supplier, item #208290445 on your
    order is currently on backorder. We update our web site once every 24
    hours. Occasionally, items run out of stock before we can update this
    information. We are working on providing more frequent updates in the

    Currently, we do not have an estimated time of arrival for your item.
    You will receive an email from us once the product you ordered ships.

    “Occasionally items run out of stock before we can update”.
    – the Wind was in stock when ordered
    – urged me to ‘Buy quickly because item may run out of stock’
    – promises to not charge before shipping

    Because that does not help, you try and contact them again, asking to not just send a standard reply.
    I got this answer:

    ;4th email from
    Hello Dennis,

    Thank you for your email regarding order #xxxxxxxxx

    We apologize that the delivery of your order is taking longer than
    expected. Due to a setback from the supplier, item #208290445 on your
    order is currently on backorder. We update our web site once every 24
    hours. Occasionally, items run out of stock before we can update this
    information. We are working on providing more frequent updates in the

    Currently, we do not have an estimated time of arrival for your item.
    You will receive an email from us once the product you ordered ships.

    They just send you the same standard answer again…

    Also today the wind is out of stock but instead of being careful about their ‘great customer satisfaction’ and warning people that ‘items may run out of stock before we can update’, the webpage for the 3-cell Wind advises: “More inventory may be available. Place your order today and be one of the first to receive this product when it arrives!”

    As of today, still $520 down and no Wind…
    I know there was a battery shortage and sometimes you have to wait a little bit, but the way treats their costumers…

    I hope to actually receive the notebook I paid for and after I will be happy to never have anything to do with again.

  20. BRian Says:

    I bought from for $629. Yes an oxymoron, but I got mine two weeks ago. Now for the hands-on report. The screen is bright enough for daylight, it has a slightly blue tint (probably from the LED backlight), and off angle viewing is just average. The keyboard has a nice feel, though the keys are flat, making it a bit difficult to center your fingers. Video playback is very good (avi, swf, mp4) and didn’t skip a frame using Miro and Windows Media Player. 3 cell battery life was about 2.5 hours under moderate use. Not long, but average for the battery size. Battery charging is much better: a little more than an hour! The camera works, but the image quality is less than average and noisy. The hard drive speed is typical for a 5400 rpm drive, and surprisingly it produces a slight vibration. The VGA out works well, easily driving my 1400 x 1050 monitor playing full screen video. The one let-down is the poor built-in speaker sounding like something from the turn of the century. Overall the MSI Wind is a very pleasing surprise and exceeded my expectations.

  21. bob61 Says:

    Your assessment that Wind has better battery life and keyboard just doesn’t follow what I, and others, have been posting in various user forums. In my retail units (not some pre-production unit like you used) the 1000h consistently gets 30min or more on versus Wind with 6 cell battery. Keyboard on 1000h has better feel and tactical response (again based on retail units not pre-production that you would have used) and properly places the Fn/Ctrl keys which I found a big nuisance on the Wind.

    Some other pluses for 1000h is “N” wireless support, better sounding speakers, bigger touchpad with distinctive buttons, stereo microphones and camera “in use” indicator. After using both for an extended period of time I think much comes down to user preference more than being able to select one specifically over the other — but when 1000h keeps more clams in my pocket (with lower retail price) it’s the obvious winner with almost all other aspects being equal.

  22. Midnight Angel Says:

    BRian, go to then go to the wiki. There is a “fix” for the sound that should improve it. It won’t be spectactular, but it should help some.

  23. Midnight Angel Says:

    Purchased my black Wind w/6cell battery at for $569.99 on 7/26/08. The next day it was priced at $599.99 but mwave honored the $569.99 price and I received it on 7/30/08, so I must at least say that mwave did good by me as far as that goes. I am a bit disappointed by the price hike, but what the heck, at least I have it and I love it. I’ved purchased a hard drive and memory upgrade for it from and next weekend I’ll rip it open and upgrade it.

  24. Fritz Says:

    Dang. $400 was my top-end price point for a Linux netbook. It’s a seller’s market right now, though; maybe in another six months things’ll settle down.

  25. Adriana Gutierrez Says:

    I too recieved’s cancellation of my July 22 order for the 6-cell MSI Wind. While I do not love price increase imposed by MSI, there is not much the retailers can do.

    However to have the order “bumped” and not even have the courtesy to let customers know that there is a higher priced version available is flat out horrible customer service. Now we lose our spot in the queue and have to re-order to get back in line.

    Bye, bye, you lost my business!

  26. Michel Says:

    Mwave charges $629.99 for the MSI Wind, 6 cells.

  27. Genkuro Says:

    I got me an MSI Wind with the 3 cell battery. Well, I had no choice since a 6 cell unit is nowhere to be found. I figured that since I want this unit so much I might just as well wait it out for the 6 cell battery to come out and purchase that as soon as it becomes available.

    The 3 cell battery that came with my unit is fine for now. But it my opinion it is a real deal breaker for those who really want an extended battery life given off by other netbooks. But in spite of this major faux pas of MSI, the Wind is a very good machine. I’ve since updated the drivers from their site.

    Laptop batteries are known to be notoriously expensive. I just hope if they eventually come out for the MSI Wind, they won’t cost as much as half the retail price of the unit itself.

  28. Charlie Says:

    These guys have the 6cell black in stock today. If you’re like me, you’ve probably waited WEEKS to get this sucker. RIDICULOUS!

  29. AG Says:

    Just curious, which touchpad does your Wind have? The little touchpad bait and switch has made me really lose faith in MSI.

  30. AP Says:

    Hello all, I’m trying to download the Adobe CSS collection into the MSI wind and I’m being told the resolution needs to be at least 1024 x 768. The MSI wind goes up to only 1024 x 600 and prevents the installation. Is there an updated driver, or hack, to get around this problem? Thanks!

  31. vovaNux Says:

    Do you know any shop with internatinal delivery? I am interested in Wind U90 with 6-cell battery. Do you know whether they exist?

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