March Smart Phone Madness Winner: Palm Pre Plus!

For the month of March, we’d been running a competition, March Smart Phone Madness, stacking up the best smart phones out on the market right now. We had the iPhone 3GS, BlackBerry Bold 9700, Motorola Droid, and of course, the Palm Pre Plus – our winner. There were other great devices like the BlackBerry Tour, Google Nexus One, HTC HD2 and more. Some of the upsets we saw were quite shocking, others were pretty much expected.

The Palm Pre community and webOS fans certainly turned up in great numbers as the Pre Plus handily beat the devices it was pitted against. It didn’t have an easy journey to first place, battling the Google Nexus One, the BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC HD2, and finally the Motorola Droid in the finals!

Let us know what you think in the comments, and if your phone of choice didn’t win or get as far as you think it should have, feel free to sound off!

Smackdown image courtesy of PreCentral

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  1. davros Says:

    the right phone won the contest! Wooooo

  2. wrepairs Says:

    Hope that adoboe takes a good look at WEBOS and gives us pre users flash like promised

  3. Kedar Says:

    This really shows the community that backs up the Palm Pre.
    People who have tried this phone should know that the OS is beyond excellent.
    Palm’s such a small company, and it is letting out updates off the back…. almost every month.

    Try this phone out.

    All I think Palm needs to do is REALLY get hardware right this time around. Fast processor, 4g capability, slightly bigger screen, 1800mAH battery min, etc.

    Congrats Palm Pre Plus from a launch day Pre owner!

  4. hmjd Says:

    A great series of battles. I hope this draws attention to the Palm Pre in ways that Palm itself has failed to do. There are many fantastic phones out there, but doubters please take heed: Palm truly has the best all-around experience out there. Give it a shot before shooting it down.

  5. NorthPier Says:

    Amazing! Well not so amazing seeing as the Pre Plus is a fantastic phone. Now if we could get everyone who voted for the Pre Plus to go tell their friends to buy one, we could really see what Palm could do. Can you imagine a financially strong Palm and the invovations they would come out with next? Remember, WebOS grows. No matter what phone you have, you always have the latest OS. Who else does that? Droid DON’T.

  6. Kedar Says:

    Sorry for 2nd post.

    I just wanted to say…
    … what a weak article. =/

    Btw, BIG UPS to the HOMEBREW COMMUNITY from Precentral to WebOS Internals.
    My Pre can do SO much than its supposed to because of them.
    Customization to the MAX and I’ve never abused a phone this much.

  7. Jim Says:

    Nothing more than a popularity contest. And popularity doesn’t always mean best. Nevertheless, the Palm Pre isn’t a bad phone, it does have an impressive OS and it has received a lot of flak. That being said nobody that’s being completely objective could say that it’s better than the Nexus One…in my opinion…and I’ve used both.

  8. Random Says:

    This is an awesome win for palm.

    It shows you how much support is behind this phone and Webos.

    Congrats Pre Plus.

  9. ethic3 Says:

    One smartphone to rule them all! Who would have thought? Palm Wins!!!!

  10. Kilari Says:

    Cool. Ma phone wins!

  11. Javier Says:

    Palm Pre Plus deserved to win.

    I know a lot are upset because their phone did not shined as expected. Even for the ones posting this contest was difficult to understand how Pre won some matches. But I really hope that someone takes this as an example of what Palm Pre Plus and webOS is capable to achieve (a lot of followers, cetainly).

    Today we showed that we Pre-owners are very satisfied and love our Palm Pre.

  12. PRE-sent and Counted Says:

    I’d like to hear what LapTop Magazine learned from all the posts. Did they learn about everyday tasks that they should add to how they review phones? DId they learn anything new about the strength and knowledge of the WebOS community? WOuld the Pre+ now earn an “Editors Choice” award?

    I have to believe that the magazine was as surprised at this as much as everyone else. Not only were webOS fans organized and enthusiastic, but they were articulate in WHY the Pre makes everyday life better for practical tasks. Not searching for stars in the sky like the latest Droid commercial, but practical stuff like integrating address books and multitasking email/txt/web/facebook in one fluid motion.

    THe fact that so many users can articulate sets them apart from iPhone users that seem to be more about the “cool factor” than the practicality. Did anyone else see that trend in all the posts?

    I learned more about my phone from others, and I learned things that confirmed my decision to get the Pre+ and not the Droid when I went upgrade shopping. In spite of what the Verizon rep told me I should do, I made a great choice.

    LapTop Magazine, what say you? I think this deserves a front-page article from you!

  13. Kilari Says:

    I don’t feel my comment conveyed my feelings. I’m very happy that the Pre won. I can’t think of a more deserving phone or company these days. I have had a G1 as my work phone for one year now so I have good experience with Android, and I’ve had plenty of times to use the BB OS, WinMo and iphone. IMO WebOS is the best overall experience. I sttill have faith that Palm can turn this around and not fade into obscurity.

  14. PreLover Says:

    PALM PRE WINS!!! I try to tell everyone how legit it really is, most people think the iPhone and droid are so much better, they just get more publicity…the palm pre has much better features and a ridiculous amount of customizability to it…the palm pre community should get a lot bigger and i think winning this should help and open more eyes

  15. Jon Says:

    And in other news, sales data tells us that the iPhone blows all of these away.

  16. Art Says:

    And in other news, people are sheep.

  17. Dante Says:

    I’m thinking THIS image was probably more appropriate?

  18. techiewannabe Says:

    I’m glad Palm Pre Plus won, I’ve had mine for a month now and love it. Plenty of apps, at least all I need. Not sure why mass market has not caught on to how great webOS is… hopefully publicity like this helps get the word out.

  19. brendan Says:

    To Jim above: like it or not, the Nexus One’s lack of a physical keyboard is a HUGE loss for it for many smartphone users. Personally, I didn’t like the Nexus much more than the Hero and prefer the Droid to both. the Nexus One was a letdown, instead of seeming like a flagship device, it just kind of blends into the Android background.

  20. Herinel Says:

    The pre community was just very organized in the end, there is no way it hsould have beaten the HD 2, Droid, or Nexus for that matter, this is a huge upset to the smartphone community, like buster douglas vs mike tyson. The pre will shine for a bit like it did on release date and then go back to its slumber. I still can fathom how that subpar phone won. Could it be the cheating the Pre community was doing with the Opera mini browser? i think so.

  21. @Oldsage_fl Says:

    All I have is this to say: “Life moves fast. Don’t miss a thing!!!!”

  22. Alan Says:

    I not too sure how accurate this poll is, or its validity!

    PreCentral advertised the poll, and included it on their site, none of the other variations of the Smartphone Experts site did this. Plus the PreCentral users admitted to voting more than once via multiple computers.

    This is shown clearly in sales figures for Palm’s Pre or Pixi there is no way that many owners of these devices lol And how the hell did a Blackberry device beat an iPhone lol yeah this poll means a lot.

    It’s not like it will help palm’s failing sales.

    btw, i own a Palm Pre, and a HTC Desire so i am not bias. From personal experience the pre is sub par

  23. Jose T Says:

    The battle was as ugly as it was long,
    But the battle was won nearly 2 to 1.

  24. stephenjxn Says:

    Less we forget that Apple had only 2% of the computer market and Microsoft had 98%. Their stock was in the tank. Apple re-invented themselves and the computing world changed with Apple’s G3 Mac. This gave themn a boost to their bottom line and their sales and ingenuity skyrocketed. Then came the IPOD. This made every other MP3 player extinct. The Iphone has changed the landscape of what a cell phone is capable of. You didnt know you needed one until you saw what it could do.

    WEBOS is Palm’s G3 Mac. Its the begining of greater things to come. Mark my word. You dont know you need it until you actually use it.

    Sometime I feel much like Gollum as I look at my pre and slowly say “my Pre-cious”

  25. TotalRecall Says:

    @Herinel FYI that loophole was closed before the contest began.

    … in other news, people still don’t realize that Palm Pre+ is very ninja. Film at 11.

  26. george Says:

    Methinks the BB users really helped out the Pre vote. Sounds like if they had to choose between Android and webOS, most would go for the latter.

    Enterprise/corporations would probably not go for Android since they anonymously scan your data.

    RIM should buy Palm.

  27. Dustin Says:

    This is a huge win for the community. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my Pre.

    It is the best OS out there, and the homebrew community that Palm allows to exist is absolutely amazing.

    Not to mention the product is SO GOOD that people that own them are DEVOTED to the company. This is something I’ve only seen with Apple, Helio (to an extent) and Palm.

  28. Samus Says:

    Awesome! But to those doubters… do you think Palm enthusiasts and a website won this for Palm? Think again! Android has a web presence (like PreCentral) also.. but it lost. The marketing for Android has been unbelievable, unmatched by any marketing for mobile phones to date and that is why people are buying Droid, and the only reason why it has sold so much… marketing, marketing, marketing! The Palm Pre Plus VZW is the most underrated phone to everyone, except those of us who own one. We know the capabilities of this phone, we know we have the speed, memory and processor to keep us connected to everything important… and we never miss a thing!

  29. george Says:

    # Jon Says:
    “And in other news, sales data tells us that the iPhone blows all of these away.”

    And so does McDonald’s over gourmet burger places.

    iPhone is the fisher price toy of smartphones.

  30. gonk24 Says:

    Opera Mini doesn’t run on the Pre. The cheating you speak of came from someone on the crackberry forums. Know what you’re talking about before you make an accusation.

  31. JonGl Says:

    I voted for the Pre Plus, but I don’t own one (I own an iPhone 3GS), and sadly, will probably never own one, but I am convinced that it deserved to win, which is why I voted for it. It is unique in many ways, and does just about everything better than the iPhone, with the exception of lacking developer support, and having a struggling Palm behind it. :-( So I voted for it. ;-)


  32. Sweat Studio Says:

    This competition just proves that SOFTWARE is first before HARDWARE. I must say that I believe the Google Nexus One has strongest hardware but just because some may say the Palm Pre feels a little flimsy, mine has held up of more than a dozen drops (one drop from 6 feet onto hardwood) , opening the slider over 500 times (est). Squashed in my back pack.

    WebOS is just fun and convenient! Not only are we one-hand bandits, you can practically operate most functions with your eyes closed! Gesters, swipe to card, swipe to close.

    Yay! I’m stoked! Palm Pre! Palm, I can only anticipate what a Pre 3rd generation would be?! Hopefully!


  33. ceeaser Says:

    my 2 cents being a Palm follower since the palm pilot, as well as win mobile, and iphone. Not too much android, though I didnt mind the experiance i had with googles android. Web Os to me is the future, and since it had alot of bumps along the way just listening to the CEO and the Palm community on how ethusiasitc it is still while stock anaylist preach death alone makes me want to be apart of Palm and Web Os still. I understand media hypes up only what is currently selling by the millions, so its easy for people to just say go get a Google phone their the best, or stay with Apple. Don’t get me wrong I believe everyone has a right to pick something that fits their lifesyle, but picked a phone that really does that by trying out every phone with your own honest opinion not based on finacial reports from stock sharks, or bad sales reps pushing what they know will sell because of the media hype to make sure their pay incentives every month is met. I wont preach that the Web Os is the best because I think so or the community because we all can give arguments on why their favorite is, just try Web Os out, or Google out and if you like it then buy it be your own person. I’m a proud pre owner on sprint and am happy that Palm gets this kind of reconginition and hope it helps their sells out so that they can keep developing this wounderfull OS, thats my opinion and thats why I made that choice to buy the pre not because the media said so.

  34. jason Says:

    @herinel: that’s funny seeing as how opera mini is not yet available for the pre

  35. george Says:

    Herinel: “Could it be the cheating the Pre community was doing with the Opera mini browser? i think so.”

    Actually, the Android sites were encouraging cheats and giving specific instructions on how to.

    It was probably BlackBerry users that supported the Pre over Droid.

    Pre not great on hardware but the OS is far far far superior than all other smartphone OSs out.

  36. ceeaser Says:

    @ herinal we dont need that kind of comment really, and I know if the droid won somebody would say the same thing you did. Lets just congradulate the winner, and if the pre is not your prefered phone no one is going to point and say you got the looser phone real talk.

  37. Joe Says:

    Where the Droid and Nexus One lose compared to the Pre Plus is the ease of multitasking. It is very easy to completely kill your battery on the Droid, unless you get third party app managers. Android is better with 2.0 and 2.1, but it is still klunky. Better hardware from Palm will blow everything completely out of the water.

  38. IntellX Says:

    I think it’s funny that when someone loses..they always find a way to justify it by either making lame excuses or accusing the winning team of cheating. Some people just refuse to accept defeat w/o having to say something negative. This isn’t an upset to the smartphone’s just an upset to you. The Pre+ is just as deserving as any of these other candidates and in some areas, even more deserving. You say the pre community was very organized, but I see it more like some of the other candidates’ fans just didn’t agree with you enough to voice their opinions on their candidate of choice. I don’t particularly see much from the HD 2 or the so-called ‘flagship’ Nexus One to be enticed enough to choose them over the Droid. Just so happens more people voted for the Pre+ than the Droid. Both are great phones. I personally wouldn’t of been let down if either of those two would have won.

  39. Scotland Says:

    Wish they had given a summary of why the Pre prevailed (sorry, bad pun). Some good arguments pro (and con) were seen here when it took on the Droid (which is a solid device as are some of the others in this contest – iPhone, for example, which got knocked out surprisingly early versus Blackberry).

    Congrats to Palm and the Pre on the win. The Pre Plus has solid hardware, WebOS is arguably second-to-none as a mobile OS, and the value that it delivers at the prices Verizon currently offers for the phone and for mi-fi (free!) make it an absolute steal at the moment.

  40. Andrew Says:

    Herinel, the Pre fans have stated why they like the phone. They’ve mentioned the superlative UI, extensive customizations, great hardware, physical keyboard, active community, etc. Why do you think it’s subpar? Just about the only real critcism is the battery life. No one thinks it’s perfect, but to call it subpar requires quite a leap away from reality.

  41. Paraverkerk Says:

    If the Pre Community was cheating with Opera it’s only because they had service, Go Big RED, Go Palm. The Droid’s physical keyboard is a joke. For everything the Pre+ does you cannot beat the price, and now that mobile hotspot is free on Big RED, this phone is a great value and very useful.

  42. ariker01 Says:

    One phone can’t solve everyone’s needs. All the devices in this challenge have had something that one person just can’t live without. This usually is the deciding factor when purchasing a smart phone.

    I have used multiple devices for work, social communication and just plain out fun. Finding WebOS was truly a hidden treasure in a world of constant OS redundancy.

    I could bullet point facts about how WebOS has made my life more efficient in an ever crazy changing world. What would be the point? Research and compare options on your own. What you feel is right for “your” everyday life not someone else’s.

    A large reason for Palm’s constant bashing can be blamed on some bad marketing and advertising choices. There have been growing frustrations within the Palm community. Particular carrier’s have choosing not to inform their customers of the benefits of WebOS. FACT – most Verizon (franchised) locations don’t even carry the Pre+. FACT, the sale of Droid vs. a Palm Pre+ brings in more revenue per unit than a Pre at their dealer (manager statement). Conclusion…

    Palm has challenges ahead of them. Having contracted carriers to sell their devices should be an advantage not a disadvantage for Palm. Negative articles continue to surface with tech sites and bloggers. The original review of the Pre in this particular competition had incorrect information – Trackball?

    Palm has a hard and challenging road ahead of them. Hopefully Palm can leverage more control over how the devices are advertised and sold at carries individual stores. If not, it will be very hard for the company to survive in this competitive market. Even that being said, my choice of device has not changed.

    Proud Palm Pre owner – Purchased June 6th, 2009. (original device)

  43. Andrew Says:

    Herinel — The fans of the Pre have been nice enough to explain what they like. They’ve mentioned the superlative UI, the extensive customization options, the physical keyboard, the diligence Palm has shown in upgrading and addressing problems, the hardware, etc. There’s lots to love about it. The only real knock, which is being steadily addressed, is the battery life. Personally, I’ve never had a problem with it, but my experience may be in the minority. So, by what reasonable standard can the Pre be considered “subpar”?

  44. midmofan Says:

    Although the contest in and of itself does not mean a whole heck of a lot it does show something, perhaps unintentionally, that is important — the community behind any particular phone.

    Taking a look at the various boards and forums that are out there, there is nothing that really compares with the Palm/Pre community. Even the I-phone does not have anyting quite like it. The people there are amazing. They have come up with patches, tweeks and apps that take the stock pre far beyond what anybody could have imagined. It is the same commitment to the webos platform that won this contest that makes the Pre community the most vibrant and interesting of any out there. Sure I-phone and Android have more apps (lots of them useless) and more phones sold but that is only part of the picture for many. Having people there that can tell you how to do something with your phone and figure out ways to do it if not that way out of box is a wonderful thing.

    Congrats Pre!

  45. Alex Says:

    way to go palm pre! Best phone in the market!
    -Written from my Palm Pre

  46. Colonel Kernel Says:

    On the Opera Mini loophole and other methods of voting multiple times:
    There is ample evidence that members from every camp used them. The Opera Mini method was first discussed on, which several PreCentral members openly admitted to using. And the editors of Android Central actually encouraged voting multiple times. I also strongly suspect that is how the HD2 was able to overcome it’s deficit during the overnight hours, but confess I have no language anywhere to support that.

    In the end, it’s unfortunate. While the Palm Pre Plus is the legitimate winner of this contest, the very contest it has won is robbed of any legitimacy by’s inability to close, at a minimum, the Opera Mini loophole.

    BTW, the Pre Plus’s upset over the Nexus One WAS legit. The expoit appeared on after that matchup and knowledge only spread after. Ignoring form factor preferences, the Nexus One IS the better device, but Google’s online-only direct sales model was its achilies heel. As disappointing as Palm’s sales have been, the N1’s have been pathetic. HTC had to rerelease the phone under a different name to make a profit of any kind.

    No one was ever under the impression that this was ever more than a popularity contest among diehard supporters. I do hope Palm can make something with the extra exposure, for whatver it’s worth.

  47. Jon Says:

    YAY PRE!!! Goes to show the camaraderie & loyalty behind the palm community.

  48. Dustsin Says:

    Even if this IS a popularity contest that doesn’t explain why the Palm Pre Plus one, it has the smallest fan base out of almost everyone!

  49. Master Chief Says:


    GO PALM PRE PLUS!!!!!!!

    I do have to say though i like the droid soley because you can customize it more…

  50. Simon Says:

    “Launch day +2″ owner – I love my Pre; so proud to see it win here.

  51. Mark Says:

    Is Jon’s last name Lemming? Does he live near the sea?

  52. Crxssi Says:

    I am glad to see the Palm Pre/WebOS won- it really deserves the recognition because it is a fantastic platform. Sure, this is not a scientific poll by any stretch of the imagination, but it does show just how happy Palm Pre users are with their devices.

    I will say that I am very disappointed by the article…. hello? Can’t Mr. Flores say anything more interesting??? Why it won? What it means? What’s to come? Seems like a huge letdown after all the hype of the contest…

  53. fr4nk1yn Says:

    I’m glad I have this years winner it’s a great phone, Although I just have the Pre.
    I’ll have next years winner too. We all know what that will be (:

  54. gonk24 Says:

    Opera Mini doesn’t run on the Pre so why would any Pre owner be using to cheat? The comments I saw about using Opera Mini to vote multiple times was found on the crackberry forums. Nothing to do with the Pre community.

  55. zeiroe Says:

    What a joke poll … I don’t mean to take away from the Palm Pre … I do think it is a great phone with a lot of potential … but this poll was a joke. It was nothing more than a repetitive vote against the phone that beat your phone poll …

    nuff said …

  56. vara411 Says:

    IMO, the better phone won in the end. I hope the tech media and carrier partners take note of Palm’s loyal user base. This was no fluke.

  57. pre boy Says:

    I love my pre and it would be hard to give up for another phone. With that said I really think palm should stop making phones and start selling webs os to other phone makers like htc. Just like windows moble does. The only reason I love the pre so much is web os. Webos is gold!

  58. ksom Says:

    Great win for Palm. I still have the original Pre and think Pre Plus deserves the win. I am glad there are many users like me or see the greatness of a new OS.

    Now, if we have a good tower defense game, I would not have to touch my wife’s iPhone anymore.

  59. 1230asdf Says:

    This WAS a good competition to keep tabs on. In a sense, I’m glad Palm won based on WebOS; on the other hand, Palm should really up the ante when it comes to hardware quality and offerings – especially with results like this!

    My votes were consistently for the HD2 predominantly for its screen and dual-booting potential, but I can respect the Pre Plus for its outstanding run and community support.

    Honestly though, Palm should really invest in a true, 4″ touchscreen model, sans the physical QWERTY, and run it on Snapdragon. Add send/end keys, optical trackpad, and you’ve got a true winner to the table.

    Hats off to Palm! Bring up the hardware game, and you’ll school Apple big time.

  60. preboy Says:

    It would be hard for me to ever give up me pre for another phone. With that said I think palm should stop making phones. WebOs is gold and they should sale WebOs to other phone makers like htc, Samsung, etc. Palm hardware is not that great. I think the consumer would like to have have a choice on the brand of phone the buy. Palm has to try to get Webos known and I think that would be the best bet for palm.

  61. Mike Says:

    This was all fine and well. Congrats to Palm, but the bottom line is carriers need profits and just because they both start with a P doesn’t mean they are on the same path. Palm’s struggles will continue when the carriers continue to say thanks but we want what the people think they need. When the carrier give’s you the phone,and you still cant get the customer, you have a problem. Palm better get down and dirty in the case of how to market them selves. Every day in the world of the Cell phone business, it seems Palm has just come out a little to late.

    Good Luck Palm your going to need it.

  62. VKitty Says:

    Palm would probably have done ALOT batter if their AD agency did not suck..

    Palm finally fired this inadequate and inferior agency

  63. Randy Says:

    Congratulation to the Pre fans. That quite a feat to vote your beloved Palm Pre into the winning position, even though its overall quality is inferior to at least half of the other phones in the contest.

    The iPhone is far superior for fun, and the BlackBerry is far superior for business.

    A former Pre owner

  64. delrey Says:

    I believe that these votes for the Pre were not just from WebOS/Palm fans. They’re also from BB, iPhone, and WinMo fans as well. While the Droid could have had a few votes from them as well, the Pre benefited from it more.

    I’m not going to come on here and say that one phone is better than the other. We are not in first grade here.

    As to the comment on the iPhone being the Fischer Price of phones, you are freaking nuts and you have never used an iPhone if I have to guess. I really dislike Apple products and that statement is not true. I really hate the iPhone but I do respect it as it is, a really a good smart phone and I truly believe it helped shape where we are now with them.

    Android is fragmented but it is still young. It’s a matter of time before it is really competitive, even more than it is now. Plus Google already stated that it’s standardizing versions by 3.0. The other reason I like Android, you are not stuck with just one phone manufacture. There are many to choose from which benefits the consumer since Android phones can compete against each other. It would be pretty cool to see how HTC and amongst others to develop a WebOS phone, wouldn’t it?

    And why do tech editors and reviewers have to take note of this? Everything, especially an electronic, has some type of following whether it’s successful or not. Some are stronger than others. And I would assume any high end smart phone user would be active in their respective community so they could learn and pass along info on their quite expensive device.

    Oh, and I rather find it funny that Verizon has to sell the phone for $50 to get any out of the door. This is mostly due to Verizon not pushing the Pre (as both the Verizon store and Best Buy pushed the Droid more.) Also, my Verizon store had an issue with their Pre that made it unusable and I was a little weary on trying it, as that store had 3 Droids that work very well. Which sealed the deal for me.

    As a last note, I ask my fellow Droid/Android users to respect the Pre/WebOS users, as I expect the same from them…

  65. dj ozone Says:

    yess pre won!….dev mode ftw!!!

  66. vertebra Says:

    The Droid had a lot of potential but Google has botched Android by having too many devices with too many specs and too many versions of the os on the market. No competition. Pre Wins!

  67. Quis Says:

    The Pre is great & WebOS is the best operating system I’ve saw thus far… It jus needs to be on more phones…!!!

  68. rlbrooks Says:

    This was a lot of fun! Of course I’m a Pre owner and Precentral member, so I’m happy with the results. I learned a lot about the other phones and OS’s available. Everyone did a great job in the debating. More informational than some of the crap advertising out there now.

    A couple things, in defense of Precentral, the site administrators discouraged multiple voting when it was mentioned in the forums. The site adminitsrators created a thread, but would not pin the article regarding the vote to the top of the newsfeed. They did include it in the sidebar though. So the Precentral site admins kept it as fair as possible. Second, for those who don’t think we have the user base to support this voting, understand this: When you combine the Pre – Pre Plus – Pixi – Pixi Plus and two National Carriers, the numbers are substantial.

    Thanks Laptopmag! I have also added your site to my RSS feed. Great tech info here.

  69. rlbrooks Says:

    Ooops…I almost forgot our brothers and sister on Canadian Bell and O2 in Europe who own the Pre’s and Pixi’s. Sorry.

  70. leemar Says:

    i want the pre or pre plus!!! but they are not available here in the philippines…huhuhuhu

  71. James Says:

    I’m a Palm fan (been a user since the IIIxe) and love my Pre but the Droid’s good too. I’d be pretty pleased to have WebOS on Droid hardware. Okay, I’d like the keyboard to be tweaked a bit, maybe some beveling to help feel the keys but if you could map the d-pad for 3D gaming, awesome. The first gen Pre’s were…spotty. The overall quality seems to have gone up since the release of the Pre Plus, which makes sense since it is a revised Pre.

    If WebOS hadn’t been released I would probably have switched to Android whenever my centro died. I had replaced by Treo650 with a Centro because the early Android phones were pretty underpowered and/or lacked a keyboard and/or were not on a carrier I wanted to use. The Droid was the first Android OS phone I saw that I actually would have bought.

    (why no iPhone? I hate AT&T with a burning passion and generally the Apple walled-garden approach manages to irritate me a couple times a year. The blackberry is like a truck, reliable and does a lot of work but I want a bit more fun & shiny bits from my phone.)

    I prefer WebOS over android for several reasons. The common stuff like the UI metaphor, notification system, Synergy, is all a factor but Android can evolve to include those over time.

    What really is appealing about WebOS over Android (and thus the Droid) is that Palm *needs* all WebOS phones to be kept as close together as possible to avoid fragmentation. Tell me, VZ Droid users, how long did you wait for the 2.1 update that you knew had been released by Motorola and accepted by other carriers? Palm pushes to keep the WebOS platform as homogenous as possible so we aren’t left in the cold.

    Palm also needs to encourage the user base. Palm has some fans but not like Apple. So they made the phone emminently hackable. Want to “root” the phone? Type in the konami code or the Pre’s release date. Then click “yes, enable developer mode”. Nothing brings out the geeks like having root access of their devices handed to you by the manufacturer.

    Palm, like Apple, will acquire some fragmentation as older/lower-end hardware is simply incapable of supporting some functions, but to maximize their market space they will keep it to a minimum.

    In contrast Motorola has reason to make their Android phones different from other Android phones (hence Blur) and to differentiate their different grades of products. So they have no incentive to push Verizon to release software updates or to keep all their Android products on the same level.

    Google wants as much Android out there as possible so they can be sure of a mobile search market. Plus there is the certainty of hooking you deeper into the other Google services. The OS is really a loss-leader. Google making the Android code available is kind of a wash if they people who built your phone lock it down.

    I appreciate that Android *can* be fragmented. That is a kind of strength as it allows for more efficient development cycles and more price points for hardware. Lots of people miss that.

    But as a user it is less than optimal until there is a sufficient level of market presence to create an inertia around a set of “typical” features. Or in other words, until Google starts intentionally providing backwards compatibility the leading edge will be cutting down Android users. I give it 2 more years before that starts happening.

  72. TFR Says:

    From what many have experienced of all the smarthphone OSs out there (Android, BB, iPh, webOS, WM) it seems clear that webOS has far more to appreciate. The potential for this OS can be seen even by a layman user or smartphone newbie like myself (Palm Prē is my 1st smartphone).
    Here’s hoping that all the others try to outperform Palm and we the consumers “Win” more often.

    P.S.- “^ ^ v v B A start” is the pathway to Nirvana.

  73. TMfromMT Says:

    It’s crazy to me that the Pre won. I would have never guessed it! I have to admit I have not personally used it. So I have no comparison. However, I absolutely love my Droid. Although, it could potentially lead to a break-up between me and the lady friend, I guess I spend way too much time on it!? I’m constantly changing ROMs, trying out apps, configuring it to my liking and frankly finding more uses for it than I can even find for my computer. Who would have thought that I’d be carrying a mini computer in my pocket that does everything I need it to do and so much more! I’ve never felt so connected in my life! I love my Droid, I love Google and I will never consider purchasing a Palm device. But that is just an honest opinion coming from a tech enthusiast in the IT industry. Not everyone is a fiddler. For those who are not, I guess Palm Pre is your answer. Droid is just too much of a beast for those users to handle.

  74. jsh1120 Says:

    From a Droid owner and voter, Congratulations. There was considerable suspicion on the Droid side of the fence about the validity of the vote, but everyone had an equal chance to cheat. In any event, it’s nice to see the loyalty of the Palm crowd. Even if it’s a shrinking fraternity. Personally, I applaud Palm’s efforts to stay in the game. Consumers can only benefit from multiple competing platforms.

  75. rlbrooks Says:

    TMfromMT: Have you read any of the comments on here? The Palm Pre is highly customizable and hackable. It is encouraged by Palm. Look at Precentral where all the forums exist regarding homebrew patches and apps. I have never owned a Droid, so I wouldn’t be careless enough to accuse that phone of not being hackable and fun. You have no clue what you can do with the Pre. It is apparent you never even tried to find out before you accused it of being a “dumb” lover’s phone. For someone in the IT industry, I would assume one would know what one is talking about before one posts something.

  76. WebOSluvr Says:

    To TMfromMT: What you are saying “tech enthusiast” can do it, what about people who are not so IT enthusiast? You can customize Pre so easily, just visit Pre Central and every Tom Dick and Harry can do it, lol.

  77. Roland Says:

    yeah well I know for a full year that this would be the phone that I want…. but I CANNOT BUY it in the Netherlands. Come on Palm! It’s been over a year!
    But it’s too late form me now; next week the HTC Desire will be available here.I thinks that will be the on I buy. But I know; when Palm finally releases the Pre here, I will ponder “i wish i had that one” but then it is too late.

  78. Alexey Says:

    Same situation in Russia. I have an 5 year old Treo 650 (bought via internet in Moscow) and I like it so much. Unfortunately, it is dying little by little… I must be the one and only to have a Palm smartphone in my 650 000 inhabitants town. Nobody knows about Palm. Only Apple’s iPhone. I’m waiting for an unlocked GSM Pre and I hope not to have to change my phone before Pre gets to Russia.

  79. JCO Says:

    wooohoo… success for Pre. I’m an avid fan and had been using the Pre Plus here in the Philippines minus the phone capability. still using my Treo 680 for phone calls. Hopefully Palm will have a GSM version for Asia.

  80. Mr52Davis Says:

    most people have never see the Lg Expo but it take the throne, there were a lot of great phones on the list: the iphone, the cliq, the HD2 and even the palm pre are good but there’s no phone on earth like the lg expo, if you really want the best thing out the

  81. Mr52Davis Says:

    most people have never see the Lg Expo but it take the throne, there were a lot of great phones on the list: the iphone, the cliq, the HD2 and even the palm pre are good but there’s no phone on earth like the lg expo, if you really want the best thing out the lG EXPO IS THE BEST

  82. keith randy Says:

    The palm pre winning is the biggest load of crap that I’ve ever seen. How is the pre gonna win when palm can barely stay in business. This phone has such poor build quality its embrassing. I know, I work at best buy. I can’t keep the droid in stock but I can’t get rid of the palm pre. Even with phone being $30 and having free mifi on it nobody still wants it. How the hell did it win thois contest?

  83. who knows Says:

    Sorry, can’t let the last post be negative…too bad keith-randy hasn’t ever actually ‘used’ the pre…guess its easier for a sales wannabe to just sell the same item over and over instead of actually educating themselves on the technology and helping customers…lack of sales knowledge is why i bought my laptop online…a web browser is just as smart the Best Buy Sales Staff….

  84. Daniel Says:

    yes palm pre plus is better than the droid but the droid incredible which was just annunced yesterday is much better than the palm pre plus. I will switch from the pre plus to droid incredible

  85. Dave Says:

    There are a number of things out there that make some people confused about why the Palm Pre Plus(which is a better version than the original Palm Pre). A big problem that Palm has had is not just in the lack of advertising, but with the choice of carriers.

    Sprint….some people love the company, others see the third largest cell phone company in the USA that has many holes in the service areas. As a result, even if people were originally curious or interested in the Palm Pre when it first came out, they would never use it. The phone, no matter how good it may be would not be a good enough reason to switch to Sprint, especially if you live in an area where Sprint has a lot of holes.

    So, Verizon started to sell it, with virtually no advertising for it, and with Verizon store sales people not even familiar with the Palm Pre Plus to suggest it to people who would really have a use for the strengths. New devices SHOULD be looked at by sales people, not just as an oddity, but to learn what strengths, if any, that device has. Verizon failed to do this in their stores, and also did not focus on what makes the Pre Plus different from other devices.

    AT&T doesn’t have it yet, though it will be released “soon”. As a result, the potential sales to AT&T customers are there, and there are many who are actively waiting for it to be available.

    So, sales are not doing well, just because Sprint doesn’t understand the Pre well enough to advertise it properly and suggest it to customers, and Verizon just treated it like any other device from a small company, without understanding how popular the Pre Plus could be on their network.

    There are many positives to the device, a physical keyboard, a great OS, true multi-tasking(something missing from even the next generation iPhone OS), and a solid system for combining many different things together in an elegant way. Even things like the Google Calendar sync will let the office update your calendar for you while you are on the road, freeing you from manually doing the updates for those who work on the road yet have an office staff to handle this sort of thing.

    Remember, any company can use a bullet list for features to show why their device is “better”, but very few companies really point out how well those features work. Blackberry has ALWAYS been about corporate e-mail, but for everything else, how GOOD are the features they provide?

    For the iPhone, lots of apps, some good, some not very good. As an electronic toy it is good as well, since it is an iPod Touch combined with a cell phone. Still, how good is it for the business features like contact list and calendar(without spending money on a special application)? How about the phone portion, has ANYONE really compared how good the reception and call quality of the iPhone is, or have the thousands of apps blinded people to potential weaknesses in the device itself?

    Android has a lot of potential as an operating system, and I can’t say anything positive or negative about it. I have not had a chance to play with it yet so can’t say what is good or bad about it.

    There is far too much hype driving the perception of phones compared to real strengths and weaknesses these days, and that is something that needs to change. As a result, more objective reviews are needed that show not just the strengths of devices, but the negatives. Go down the checklist and see how well each advertised feature actually works(not just what YOU personally use).

    The iPhone is a very consumer market device, but for business uses, there are other devices out there. For others, a touch screen is not a good thing, so being able to FEEL the keyboard is a positive, and that means that not every device is right for every user. For things like texting, or multi-media, Apple does not own the market as well. So, don’t be blinded by hype.

  86. Greta Says:

    Yes my phone sure is awesome and i knew that when my internet went down. I was able to over come that cause its sooooo Awesome!!!!! Better be getting flash before i start getting mad… lol!!

  87. Ken Williams Says:

    I am glad the Pre Plus won. I didn’t have a pre plus then, but if this were happening now, after using one, I would vote for it. I’m glad to see AT&T got theirs too.
    I also can’t figure how the pre is sub par! I have used all sorts of phones and I have owned everything from enVs to Blackberries. I currently own a BB tour and I can’t believe how archaic it is compared to the pre. I borrowed a friend’s droid and it was aweful.
    I only hope HP will keep the line going.

  88. Justin Says:

    I like the Palm Pre Plus but WHATTTTT? The iPhone lost to a Tour? In my opinion the Palm Pre is great but the iPhone is still better, not to mention way better than a Tour.

    It’s iPhone then Palm Pre, and Android all the others can suck it.

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