March Smart Phone Madness Game 9: iPhone 3Gs vs. BlackBerry Tour

Voting has concluded for this contest, but more Smart Phone Madness awaits!

Welcome back sportsfans! The day the round of sixteen starts for that other tournament also sees the Smart Phone Madness tourney enter its round of eight. To recap yesterday’s action, the Motorola Cliq beat the Samsung Moment by a scant eight votes, an even narrower margin of victory than the Motorola Tour over the Devour.

Our first matchup in the second round should be an intense competition: the iPhone 3Gs versus the BlackBerry Tour, two powerhouse smart phones. 

Way back in the first game of this tournament, the iPhone beat out the HTC Touch Pro 2 by a factor of nearly two to one. The Tour had more of a fight on its hands, defeating the Motorola Devour by just 14 votes. But now we have two Editor’s Choice-winning phones competing against one another.

As a refresher, we like the Apple iPhone 3GS ($199 and $299 for 16GB/32GB with two-year contract) for a number of reasons: it has a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen display,  a 3-megapixel autofocus camera with spot metering and video recording. It also has a built-in iPod for music, movies and podcasts and it comes in two memory capacity versions – 16GB or 32GB. Best of all, it’s got a deep bench–the iTunes App Store has more than 160,000 applications from the most frivolous games to college study guides.

The Tour, when it was released, was the best smart phone on Verizon’s network–and may still be the best BlackBerry out there. It has a comfortable keyboard that allowed us to type fast and comfortably, the most reliable push e-mail, and it’s solidly and stylishly built.

At $199, the Tour costs the same as the iPhone, but may be better suited for businesspeople who need a physical keyboard. Of course, like every app store not named iTunes, the BlackBerry store leaves something to be desired in terms of selection. The Tour also has one other thing going for it: In metropolitan areas such as New York and San Francisco, Verizon’s network is generally more reliable than AT&T’s.

So which phone do you think deserves to move to the next round, where it will face the winner of the Motorola Droid/HTC Hero game?

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  1. Alphonso Says:

    well we already know whos gunna win dis 1

  2. Paul Says:

    I know the iPhone is a superior phone in the realm of entertainment, but I hate Steve Jobs. BB gets my vote.

  3. Don Says:

    I have a Lackberry and an iPhone and the Lackberry is worse at everything including:

    — email (BB has no formatting),
    — voicemail (once you try Visual Voicemail you will never go back to tho old way where you have to listen to all of your messages to hear the third one)
    — Human interface (the trackball hurtsy hands and makes me want to smash the thing)
    — web browsing
    — research (a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is a thousand pictures)

    The only things iPhone is not good at are the things Steve Jobs has determined we don’t want yet like multitasking and appointment tones.

    -Posted from my iPhone.

  4. Dav Says:

    Ok – I have the tour and my wife has the iPhone, I say the iPhone is a much better. The Tour from VZW cannot load more than 40 apps without an error. Yes it will be solved by an OS 5 release on 3/31. But the apps for iPhone are are much cheaper and there are lots of them. In terms of voice and email all BB’s win. If VZW came out with an iPhone – I truly believe many would dump AT&T in a heartbeat. But I doubt VZW/Apple will do that.

  5. AK Says:

    The BB Tour gets my vote

  6. Deathcommand Says:

    This will be iphone on top
    until the 9700 come up to plate
    i hope

  7. Deathcommand Says:

    Do take not that the tour is unlocked by default

  8. emilio Says:

    BB tour. Definitely !!!

  9. andrew Says:

    Blackberry tour is superior! And with vzw behind it, clear winner!

  10. JT Says:

    Tour all the way! Blackberry all day every day… When the iPhone gets BBM and an LED light then we’ll talk about addicting…

  11. John Says:

    Tour FTW — who cares how many apps you can get with an iphone- you can only use 1 at a time – tour multitasks like a champ.

  12. cory2107 Says:

    Can someone explain to me how the Palm Pre Plus somehow wins against the Nexus One? I just don’t get it.

  13. cory2107 Says:

    Also, I don’t like the organization of this bracket. It could have been organized a lot better.

  14. brad Says:

    Blackberry Tour hands down, versatile & powerful and deff no “toy”. People who talk apps apps apps don’t even use most of them. The apps I use are powerful clean and productive which is all I need.

    -posted from my Blackberry Tour

  15. Johnny J Says:

    When I wanna play games I use the I phone. But for the serious user and business user, it is blackberry hands down. It is more efficient, superior battery life, BB messenger is great. The BB is a great all around communications device.

  16. K. T. Bradford Says:

    @cory2107 as you can see if you look at the poll on Game 6 there were over a thousand votes cast and even though the Nexus One had a slew of supporters the Palm nation rallied around their phone. It was as if they had been taking crap from Android users for so long that the rage just boiled up. It was truly awesome.

  17. BMc Says:

    Anyone who even has to think bout this game is missing something. Iphones are a childs toy. Men use bb’s.

    Tour gets my vote.

  18. 8520 Says:

    Guess it’s gonna be BlackBerry vs BlackBerry next round…

  19. steve Says:

    My vote is for the tour. Blackberry has the best push email and total reliability over apple. While the app store isn’t as big as apples, you don’t have to deal with itunes which is always a plus. Also other than lots of memory, the blackberry has better specs all around over the iphone.

  20. Colonel Kernel Says:

    Wow! The BB Tour is beating the iPhone?!? That shocks the hell out of me.

    I was also surprised to find myself voting for the iPhone (I hate Apple), but realized that, for me, if I were forced, under penalty of death, I would choose a No Keyboard/Touchscreen phone over a Keyboard/No Touchscreen phone.

  21. bullyboy Says:

    BB all the way. Iphone is that blonde bimbo you hate to love.

  22. m@nGco0l Says:

    BlackBerry phones are the best, period! BB Tour!

  23. Colonel Kernel Says:

    @cory2107 No one questioned that the Nexus One has better specs, but the abysmal sales resulting from online-only orders crippled it.

    Then you have to take into account that the Pre Plus IS a good phone with an awesome operating system. I try to use other phones now and I’m truly lost. Just like how I try to use Mouse Gestures in Internet Explorer after Opera got me hooked on them. Being forced to use the Back Arrow I find myself quoting Scotty in Star Trek IV, “How quaint.”

    And @K. T. Bradford, “…over a thousand votes cast….” !?! there were 7,714 votes cast for both phones, more than every other match up combined. The Pre/Bold match up is going to crash’s servers.

  24. kentusmc Says:

    BB tour by far

  25. K. T. Bradford Says:

    @Colonel Kernel what I meant to say was over twelve thousand votes cast but I was distracted by the sound of our server struggling.

  26. mtnbikerider Says:

    Tour all the way. Iphone is a playtoy on a network that has almost no coverage in the entire state I live in.

  27. lacandela Says:

    BB hands down

  28. Jesse Says:

    if you want to get things done….get a blackberry!

  29. Matt Says:

    So I have the Tour and we have some major issues:

    Physical build problems
    Apps are not only lacking in number, but quality as well
    Web Browsing is far behind iPhone
    Installing / Uninstalling apps almost always require reboot
    Reboot takes 7-10 minutes
    Push notifications for BB apps only

    Granted, we can multitask, but just drains battery even faster.

  30. bwahahahahaha Says:

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BB better than iPhone?! Oops, I just lol’d all over my keyboard. Some peeps in here be smokin’ crack!

  31. Toto Says:

    I would have voted for the Tour but since the crank handle broke on my tour I gotta vote for the iphone!

  32. Pants Says:

    I view the iPhone as much more of a media power house, which is very nice, but it can get very frustrating if you are trying to be productive and need to switch between different tasks multiple times.

    I am going for BB here. Productivity is much higher.

  33. Justin Case Says:

    Blackberry hands down, it’s the only real smartphone in this case. The iPhone is just a toy used to play games and listen to music on, which just happens to have a phone function. And come on Apple, no multi-tasking and only one button?! That’s just absurd and horribly inefficient; I’m an engineer, I want functionality. I guess the iPhone was meant for people who aren’t very tech savvy (kids) and that’s why it appeals to those more technologically ignorant.

    And I agree with cory, I have no idea how the Pre beat the Nexus One, it’s puzzling.

  34. rodrigo romero Says:

    First of all, I have never had an iphone of my own, but i have played with them A LOT, i have had 4 different BBs for the past 3 years: a 8700, a 8320, a 8110 (girfriend) and a 9000 and i have had some problems with them but nothing to blame the phone to behave different as i already knew it would before buying them. That said, i want also to mention i love Blackberries and i am a full supporter but i have to be objective and set things straight. Despite companies involved and the market share…overall, just taking into consideration OS/software/hardware/apps the iphone is a much much better smartphone, but there are some factors that make the BB better for professionals, companies and their ITs which in the end make more and more people own a BB:

    #1 BlackBerry Messenger: this is the top and most important thing inside a blackberry and the only one that you can not get on an iphone no matter what.
    #2 Security: Their encryptation and security embedded is way better than any other smartphone out there.
    #3 UI/platform: It is easier for someone that is afraid of computers to get used to a BB more than an Iphone. Take a pearl and you have a normal phone plus the BB experience, this is something anyone can use. If anyone saw the movie “Sex in the City”, sarah jessica parker makes an excellent example of this when she asks for a phone and someone gives her an iphone, she just looked at the thing and said: “i don’t know how to use that thing”, and took a regular cell phone.
    #4 Multitasking: This is something you’ll miss when you are using your phone a lot and have a lot of apps working at the same time.

    Then, what does an iPhone has that BBs dont have?:
    #1 Hardware: you have battery, touch screen and accelerometer inside a Tour, but Iphone is years ahead in technology in all this
    #2 OS: Using a small Mac OS X and just working on top of it, easy to work with and proven to be very stable and most of all, it is an OS with a lot of breakthroughs and innovation.
    #3 3rd Party Apps: easier to build and more access to the hardware and OS.
    #4 haptic touch screen

    You would probably mention BBs were more into the bussiness model than consumers, but nowdays, google apps makes BES not necessary and also making any smartphone a great tool for corporate use (now with IT tools for iphones too). So, all in all, it is more likely you get a more secure and multitasking OS inside an iphone (promessed for OS 4.0) than a getting all the innovation in OS, developer community and Hardware inside a BB. Im getting a Gemini in a couple of days…but i probably change to iphone when the next generation comes out because RIM has proven to be low in innovation and apple has proven to be just the best at it. The only thing i would miss is BBM.

    NOTE: I voted for the Tour

  35. BBSalsera - Tatiana Velarde Says:

    It’s as simple as comparing MySpace & FaceBook. The iPoop is like MySpace, great visuals & pleasing 2 the eye, but lacking in efficiency & productivity. The awesumness of the BlackBerry Tour is like Facebook. Mite not have all the 50lbs of makeup, but is wicked fast & makes every aspect of life easier. My BB Tour FTMFW!

  36. innov8 Says:

    Blackberry Tour! All the way.

  37. Vash SIn Says:

    looks like the Iphone is loosing… how disappointing. don’t get me wrong i personally would vote for the BB but i don’t have it so i don’t get to vote on this one but it would be nice to see the iphone get beat by the palm pre!

    one, palm beat the nexus because we understand that the hardware is important but, The software is what counts. and a phone that runs on Linux … well come on if you can customize every single aspect of your phone…. well you can do what ever you want…… even port those great android apps and Iphone apps over to palms WebOS. WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY?

  38. larryscrapp Says:

    Blackberry clearly the best!!!

  39. Eddieman201 Says:

    Posting this from my tour and I love it. Function and form combines to make an awesome phone. This thing is amazing. My vote goes to the Tour

  40. Evan Says:


  41. justin Says:

    BB Tour obviously, except not Verizon’s go with US Cellular for sure!

  42. Curly Says:

    Blackberry for me. It does all the things I want it to do better than the iphone. I’m not the kind of person who watches youtube on my phone.

  43. Geoff Says:

    The BlackBerry is definitely the better phone, no question.

  44. Kisha Says:

    Had a problem with the firs Tour I had. Got a replacement and haven’t had a problem since. So I am fo the Tour. Just waiting for RIM to come out with a touch screen model for Sprint.

  45. Ilya Says:

    Tour all the way!

  46. tim Says:

    Tour I have both phones and I use the tour every day. The iphone just collects dust

  47. Derek Says:


    I have used both equally and am making a non biased decision. I do love both for different reasons..

    BUT, if I had to choose my favorite, it would HANDS DOWN be the TOUR!

    I’ll listen to Pandora, shoot out emails, take pictures, browse the web, play games, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Effortlessly switching from one application to another.

  48. Kenneth Says:

    Gotta go with the BlackBerry

  49. USMC Says:

    This must be a joke. The iPhone is the “FAR” better device. It looks better, performs better, is capable of WAY more, and looks better, doesn’t have a goofy little ball that tears up, and etc etc etc etc.

  50. Max chagnon Says:

    Tour all the way !!! Had a storm and now a Tour and it is the best phone ever.

  51. USMC Says:

    iPhone is YEARS ahead of the Blackberry. (PERIOD)

  52. Joe Says:

    Blackberry Brotherhood, I pick the Tour because the IToy is a better media device but I kinda wanna use a phone to do phone stuff because I have other forms of entertainment rather than my phone. But sadly Tour you will meet your match against your replacement the Bold.

  53. John L. Says:

    Voted Tour without hesitation. My GF loves her (Sprint) Tour and when it came time to replaced my Storm, I almost went the way of the 9700 because of her Tour, but decided to stick with the big touchscreen so I’ve got a Storm 2, love it! The Tour is the way to go between these contenders.

  54. Chanel Says:

    Tour FTW…it’s a smartphone, not a smart toy

  55. Raven Says:

    Lots of iPhone haters, but by the sound of their complaints it seems to me that they never had a iPhone, and are passing judgment solely based on the commercials they see. It is definatly the best phone around hands down it amazes me everyday. Only thing that u can’t get is BBM but u don’t need it. I’m in sales and I have my iPhone synced to my google calandar, Microsoft exchange, I can sign documents with my phone and print them at the office and I can make phone calls and use my phone at the same time.

    iPhone FTMFW MF

    sent from my iPhone

  56. trellis Says:

    The Tour is only $99 after discount or rebate on both networks. So it’s half the price of the 3GS.

  57. vincent Says:

    Vote for tour, I really like what blackberry can do especially the power to handle million email.
    Its very amazing, besides that many application for blackberry very helpful.
    This gadget have good durAbility and all of part is avalaible even that juSt A smAll part like bezel, toP cover and we can personalize like we want.

    Sent from my TourBerry

  58. Junior Says:

    My vote goes to the BB Tour!

    *Posted from my BB Tour :)

  59. carlos Says:

    BB all the way.

  60. carlos Says:

    Tour by far.

  61. parkerbill Says:

    I vote for the Tour. It’s an amazing little piece of machinery, for sure. I admit that I’ve not personally owned the Iphone, but I have played with them a little. I don’t really care much for touch screens in the first place. I can do anything on my Tour easily using only one hand and that’s convenient at times. I like the multi-tasking ability of my Tour, too. I’m not much into games, but I imagine the Iphone is maybe better at that and perhaps with its bigger screen is better for videos, although I have no problems with videos, Kindle for BB books, etc. I believe Iphone has more apps available, but so far if I’ve needed an app I haven’t had any problem finding what I’ve needed for my Tour. Yes, I do wish it had Wi-Fi, but the new 9650 Tour II/Bold will have it. No one smartphone is perfect for everyone, but my Tour pretty much fills the bill for me.
    Posted from my BB tour.

  62. Chadd Says:

    I have a bb tour because I use my phone for communicating, not just dicking around!

  63. Randy Says:

    My vote is for the BlackBerry Tour, because it’s a true smart phone.
    How can you call an iPhone a true smart phone when it can’t even run more than one task at a time?
    I can run multiple apps simultaneously on my BB Tour while my best friend is running one app on his iPhone, and I still get better battery life than he does on his iPhone. He is constantly having to charge that thing, while I’m just shaking my head.
    And is anyone comparing call quality between these two phones? My BB Tour is like talking on a land-line phone it is so clear and rich sounding. By contrast, his call quality is average at best.
    And no cell phone does email as well as a BlackBerry. I don’t even check email on my laptop PC anymore, it’s just better to do it all on my BB Tour.
    My friend sure can surf the web well though on his iPhone. Nothing like watching UTube on a cell phone.

  64. Michael Says:


  65. Locke Says:

    @Raven: you obviously aren’t reading very much detail, or much at all, since you think people are “passing judgement” without owning an iPhone. People are citing tons of legitimate reasons as to why they think the Tour is better, including: ability to multitask, physical keyboard, better network, email reliability, and better battery life, just to name a few. These are all facts, that people care about, whether they own an iPhone or not.

    Selective (bias) reading much?

  66. TheDan862 Says:

    The Tour is “The Real Deal” I have had mine for about 6 months now and have used it here in the States and over the pond in the U.K.. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My opinion “the iphone is just a toy being sold in the phone section. RIM hit the nail on the head with this one.

  67. DavidB Says:

    Tour FTW!

  68. DJ ill Will Says:

    BLOWOUT and an UPSET

  69. Chad Sanders Says:

    Blackberry Tour is an email powerhouse. IPhone is a status symbol, nothing more. Why else would so many people use the device regardless of the inferior network. Multitasking, memory, battery, coverage, and especialy, email security and support. Tour is a complete device. IPhone is a toy.

  70. CenoMeno Says:

    Iwho? …. Tour all the way … at the time of this post, over 6000 votes. Results are clear as day.
    Real users don’t get fooled by shiny toys and cute commercials.

    In real world testing, Icrap is ….well CRAP!

  71. pj Says:

    TOUR FTW. Of course..

  72. vic Says:

    This is to funny. As a long time blackberry user i am happy that the toue ja kicking the iphones butt. But how the hell.does the prs beat the nexus one that is an upset. this is great and i can not wait to read tipb in the morning to hear all of the iphons fans crying about how this is unfair.

  73. rodrigo romero Says:

    @BBSalsera – Tatiana Velarde, what do you mean by lacking efficiency & productivity?, of all the apps that came with my blackberry i need none with the exception of BBM, i changed completely to Google Apps, that is docs, presentation and worksheets, calendar, mail, maps, tasks…also, everything is sync’ed with my corporate google apps domain and to tell you the truth…it is the same on an iPhone and and ANDROID. If we are going down to efficiency in the corporate world, the developers and 3rd party apps out there just made BES obsolete, so its not RIMs call anymore. Don’t take me wrong, i like my BBs and i have enjoyed every moment, but the touch screen is not good enough, the apps catalog is missing most of the good ones, browser experience is very low, can you mention one innovation in productivity and efficiency coming from RIM? As i mentioned, BBs are 5years behind. Back in 2005, Tours would be a breakthrough…but right now…they are trying to follow the rest…my point is not that they are bad phones but that they should LEAD this not follow it. Why do you think iphone and MS smartphones have skype from the beginning? (that’s 3 years ago)…all the politics aside, there were no BB with enough processor to handle it at that time. Just saying…RIM spends almost the same amount in R&D as APPLE in its iPhone and Google in Android, but both Google and Apple are coming out with a lot more of innovation than RIM, look at their numbers…not a very pleasant fiscal year. The OS all in all….is not better than iphone’s and Android, the tools are a waste because what you really need is free for all plattforms so not needed, hardware is way behind the rest. There are some stuff i mentioned, but the other are getting into that for their next releases and that is not a rumor but a fact…stated by their own CEOs, so the only thing to miss here is BBM. It is easier for Google and Apple to meet and excel the Balckberry experience than for RIM to do the same, they have to start focusing in the trends and start innovating.

  74. B Says:

    Wow! Really? Multitasking, physical keyboard, and battery life are pretty crappy reasons IMHO. I’ve played with friends BBs and honestly the usability is pretty much crap. It’s confusing at pretty much every turn, and so non-intuitive to the point of non-functional without some serious training or hand-holding by more experience users.

    The real test is the “old lady” test. If a 80 year old person can work the unit (calling, texting, emailing, scheduling, etc…) with little or no training, then that’s a true “smart phone.” I’ve actually seen this in action. I just don’t see this with RIM products.

    Sorry fellas, I gotta vote iPhone on this one.

  75. DJ ill Will Says:

    probably The worst blowout so far… daannngg sonn! i wonder how all dem iphone fans are feelin now??

  76. joe Says:

    For all of you that say the iPhone is so ahead of the Tour, take a look at how much its evolved in three years. I don’t count a video camera as “re-inventing the wheel”

  77. drewman Says:

    Tour gets my vote :)

  78. Sourabh Says:

    its a shame that u r comparing a god like iPhone with a mere mortal Black berry !!!!
    any1 who has used iPhone will tell u hands down.. iPhone rules :)

  79. Ethan Says:

    I’ve used all these phones, and currently have an iPhone. In my book, it’s the new HTC HD2 va. The iPhone. Trackballs are so gone that it kills the tour dead.

    I’m beginning to think people here are biased and haven’t actually used all of these phones. I have. Extensively. And I’ve sold all of them, minus the Nexus One and HTC HD2. (But I’ve used both.)

    if the iPhone doesn’t pound until the final roud, it pushes validity out the door. How about we base this on customer feedback, usage amount, and sales trends. Oh, sorry, then the default winner would be an iPhone.

  80. danoh Says:


  81. rh Says:

    BB Tour all the way! I’ve loved the BB since 2005 and it just keeps getting better and better at more entertainment capabilities while carrying forward that great messaging communication that is its signature asset. I actually prefer typing on it to typing on my laptop.

  82. TheH89 Says:

    Blackberry all the way

  83. RezaBerry Says:

    only BlackBerry!
    rest of the phones are toys!

  84. Iphone is for Kids Says:

    iPhone – 14 year-old kid who think they’re cool.

    Blackberry – Important people.

    BOLD 9700 – the king of Smart phones.

  85. Miette Says:

    We are going on “Tour!”
    Vote: Blackberry Tour

  86. steve Says:

    Bb tour all the way. I can make it two days on a battery charge lol. That alone is something the iphone still can’t touch.

  87. Jasen Says:

    BB tour 100% and bold 9700 both phones are awesome have amazing battery life and anything your iphon can do my bb can do better!

  88. Dwayne Says:

    BB Tour!! I might not feel as artsy, but I sure can get a lot more done!

  89. Bryant Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the Blackberry Tour! Hands down the best phone I have ever had. I have the iPod touch and that’s a nice entertainment device. But when it comes to a calls, texts, IM and emails, Blackberry kicks the iPhones ***!!

  90. Andrea Says:

    BlackBerry Tour, hands down.

  91. Don Says:

    The iphone is for kids. Common 30,000 apps and 29,900 are useless. I have a Tour and a 8900 and if someone gave me a iphone I would sell it and buy another BlackBerry. As a matter of fact I put in a 32 gig mirco Sd card and got rid of my ipod too. The Tour and overall Blackberry gets my vote.

  92. Kwiggle Says:

    Even the President found his nicotine habit was easier to kick than his cell phone addiction. President Obama was unwilling to relinquish his BlackBerry after being elected, immediately commissioning a top-secret model to be designed just for him. enough said! You are not going to run this country on a IPHONE!

  93. Dee Says:

    Just blackberry what ever it is….
    No need more apple to upload my music to phone, to synchronized……

  94. David Says: told all of its people to come vote so the results are flawed. That’s the only way RIM has a chance of winning these days. How sad!

  95. Makk Says:

    @David also asked its users to vote for iPhone. It even posted it on twitter. No one cared lol

  96. Rob Says:

    The tour is only going to win because a lot of people don’t like apple not cause the tour is a better phone

  97. Snap Says:

    @ David

    So it’s sad that the only way BlackBerry wins is by having a more devoted fan base who like their phones better? I think that’s what this competition is about…

  98. cory2107 Says:

    BlackBerry Tour!!!!! Do you people have no lives!?!?!?! Don’t you want to do anything entertaining at all with your phone!?!?! It’s not apps apps apps, it’s being entertained every once in a while. Geez, you people are all work and no play. Don’t you ever have fun every once in a while????????????

  99. vmcc Says:

    I’ve had several of the phones in this competition. As a business tool nothing beats the BB. The iPhone’s UI is cool, but the phone itself is mediocre at best. If it weren’t for the app store, it probably wouldn’t even be mentioned here. I currently own a Palm Pre and without a doubt, WebOS is the superior OS, hands down. Unfortunately, I feel the hardware of the pre is not the equal to either of the other phones I mention here. It’s form factor is cool but, for me needs to be about 20% larger. A physical keyboard is a must for me due to the emailing I do on the road. For this the BB is king.
    BB is a better mobile than the 3GS, but the iPhone is much more fun, due to the app store.
    I’ll stick with my Pre until the HTC Evo is released.

  100. vmcc Says:

    Snap: I’m quite sure that’s exactly what this poll is about. Duh?

  101. Terrell Says:

    the iphone is a toy! it took them 2 version to get a camera, 2 versions to get MMS? WOW apple u took 3yrs to enable Multimedia messaging? Seriously! Yeah Iphone are jokes! Notice no iphone use actually says anything about the phone just the apps…. Message!

  102. Marky P Says:

    Both great phones. It comes down to personal preference really. I don’t care for touch phones. With the 5.0 OS coming soon to the Tour and the Tour 2 coming as well. Blackberry Tour gets my vote. I have always had a Blackberry. I recently changed for a couple of months to a Droid Eris and was excited at first. But the phone has a mind of its own. Would randomly call anyone out of the blue. For a 5.0 megapixel camera I wasn’t impressed. Great photos during the day. Horrible photos at night. I went to Verizon and purchased the Blacjberry Tour and I will never go back to any other brand again. I had the Sprint Tour and the Verizon Tour is soo much better. BLACKBERRY TOUR ROCKS!!! Can’t wait till the Tour 2 comes out. Best phone ever made, period (Blackberry Tour 2). Second best phone ever made original Tour.

  103. Talyn Says:

    Tour is the best by far, it comes to this damsel in distress rescue everyday!

  104. Frank Castle Says:

    First I have both a 3GS (and had other previous iPhones) and a Tour and day to day I use the Tour 90% of the time. iPhone is what it is. If you have time to waste and a need for a nice web experience – go with iPhone. A poster said email was better on iPhone? They must enjoy the painful actions it takes to manage multiple email accounts. I had feed 10 accounts into the BB and process hundreds in half the time I’m tapping, swiping, tapping, swiping. The lack of keyboard (with keyboard shortcuts) becomes glaring when you want to be productive.

    @Don – you do realize VZW as well At&t BB’s now have Visual Voice Mail? Also BB supports actually more video codecs then iPhone not to mention graphic file support. The beauty is I can snap in a 16gb MicroSD as needed (one with audio, another for video) and it all just works. iTunes is a POS that I’d pay to never use again.

    I love how the Apple faithful have to change rules on how a vote counts. Maybe the hacks at Mac Daily News should have the 30 people that post there come vote. 9,000+ votes speaks to a larger number then the fanboys on either side. The better device is winning.

    Last I looked I still couldn’t sync Outlook task and notes with iPhone and contact management is pathetic.

    Really if you want the best mobile experience – get a Tour / Bold / Bold 2 and a iTouch.

  105. jezreel Says:

    I am convinced that the tour is superior! The reason is that at my work many people have the iphone but do not nearly use it as I use my blackberry tour. They pass me by near my desk and I am constantly either reading my emails while listening to slacker radio and constantly doing bbm and at the same time have viigo going> oh wait! they pass by and shake their heads and ask me , are you still into that phone from 3 hours ago? and they do not understand my addiction and how strong and resourceful my bb is! Yet, they do not seem to involve with their iphone as I am with my tour! The only time I see them with the iphone is when they are listening to music! Seriously! In the meantime I a m sending emails, texting, browsing with the native browser and opera mini or bolt at the same time! wow! i call my wife and Text her at the same time! and they wonder why am so into the phone? Even one of the managers gave me his email and he has an iphone and I sent him an email the other day and I asked him if he read it and he said no because he had to go into the app and open it in order to check if it posted and some times it takes time to post for him to see it! wow! The others always keep their iphone turned off due to battery conservation!! They use regular cheap cell phones to call or text other people. I see this every day at work! now! any one has anything to say?

  106. what, what? Says:

    Damn, the iphone is getting its a$$ handed to it! BB is a super productive messaging device. OS issues aside you can’t take that away from it. It also has one of the best keyboards around.

  107. Dennis Says:

    i think they have they respective strengths .. don’t compare it because they has different operating system .. if u use blackberry u can just satisfied by email,BBM, and another application (not include for gaming) .. for iPhone especially 3GS u can get it too plus nice gaming performance!! .. and now the best gaming device in the world is iPhone .. so if u can have them .. why not ??

  108. Dennis Says:

    ouu yap sorry i forgot write it .. apple will develop iPhone OS 4.0 with multitasking features, and one of developer iPhone apps released application like Blackberry messenger with nice interface,the developer probably will make it for cross platform, .. and i think it will be very” good for it .. throw away your comfort zone dude! think for it fellas!

  109. Jdub Says:

    The only thing this tournament proves is the sheer amount of iPhone hatred(envy!) that exists among CrapBerry users. I’m sure many of you are aware of a recent study that stated that nearly 50% of Blackberry users surveyed would trade their phone for an iPhone if it became available on their network…..dream on iPhone haters!!!!

  110. Frank Castle Says:

    Yeah a great study on 1100 users of which 95 were Blackberry owners. No detail on is those users were corporate liable locked to a BB or personal liable. The questions were always worded differently 3 times with Blackberry not being a selection. Face it – any real survey will show Blackberry is across all carriers, has multiple models and are in fact popular. Do you really think people are thinking ” I’ll just drop X $ over 2 years as heck I don’t have any other smartphone option “??? Last I looked Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile all sell HTC, Drioid, Palm and Blackberry is still in the top 10 models sold. Studies like this are FUD to cloud the decline in iPhone sales – period.

    iPhone is likely getting dumped in favor on iPad by Apple. Less carrier control and they get to charge more. It’s what they excel at.

  111. Jdub Says:

    Decline in iPhone sales???? iPhone sales are up 98% from the same quarter a year ago, a quarter that saw them sell 8.7 MILLION UNITS!!!! Get your facts straight! And btw, how many BB tours were sold last quarter?????

  112. ..X.. Says:

    If you think the Tour is a better phone you know nothing about phones.

  113. Nikk Says:

    YAY tour!

  114. bmbchll Says:

    I know it’s not March…I just wanted to say that my girlfriend owned a BB (I don’t recall the mode) but after it was damaged from someone driving over it her husband “upgraded” her to the iphone. She missed her BB. She said she preferred to use the BB, but she liked having the iphone as a status symbol.

    At work it’s a common scene: USB cords plugged into all available computers to charge iphones! I didn’t understand why people needed to bring their chargers to work. You should see them. They are lined up to take turns charging their iphones so their phones will function en route to home. I have a BB and I don’t have that problem.


    My roommate has the iphone. He’s a talent agent who receives international business calls nonstop. But is iphone drops the calls regularly. He’s ALWAYS on the computer to check his emails to. He spends hours catching up with email correspondence…I didn’t know why he wouldn’t jist use his phone to take care of his emails. But after reading this forum…I realize he CAN’T…not with an iphone. (BTW: his mother is real estate and she conducts business flawlessly via her BB)

    I was tempted to convert to the iphone, but I’m hard-pressed to give up my mobile network reliability, multitasking, and push email.

    Iphone users are very entertained by their phones, but they are not so happy when they need to call me back several times because of a dropped call.

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