March Smart Phone Madness Game 13: Palm Pre Plus vs. HTC HD2

Voting has concluded for this contest, but more Smart Phone Madness awaits!

We’re down to the final four here and surprisingly, three out of four of the remaining smart phones are from Verizon. We have the BlackBerry Tour, the Palm Pre Plus, the HTC HD2, and yesterday’s winner, the Motorola Droid. Today, the HTC HD2 is going up against the Palm Pre Plus. Will the massive touchscreen phone beat out Palm’s webOS handset? Or will QWERTY keyboard fans push the Pre Plus right over the HD2? Let’s find out!

The Palm Pre Plus beat the BlackBerry Bold 9700 by a small margin and hasn’t really had time to recover before taking on the HD2. However, it has proven itself to be a very capable handset with an intuitive operating system. WebOS is one of the most polished and smart operating systems out there and is a killer multitasking machine. One of the reasons the Palm Pre Plus beat the Bold 9700 is, according to our readers, its OS and user interface just can’t be beat.

In terms of hardware, the Pre Plus is pretty solid. The sliding mechanism is great, the design is slick and attractive, and the keyboard is pretty manageable. Perhaps a few of its downsides might be dealbreakers for some, such as the sometimes laggy performance and the short battery life. Overall, the Palm Pre Plus and its users have shown that it is certainly a serious contender in today’s smart phone ecosystem.

Oh, but then there is the HTC HD2‘s massive touchscreen. At 4.3″, the HD2 has a display like we’ve never seen: watching movies and browsing the web is a pleasure and the on-screen keyboard is easy to use thanks to the ample space. The HD2 also features a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, and in our tests and hands-on time with the device, having that extra firepower shows when navigating the phone and opening applications.

On the downside, the HTC HD2 is running Windows Mobile 6.5, which looks like it’s aging much quicker thanks to the announcement and anticipation for Windows Phone 7. While HTC’s Sense UI makes WinMo 6.5 more attractive and easy to use, our concern is that support for future applications will dwindle as developers focus on the newer Windows Phone 7. Another thing to consider is the HD2’s size – while having all that screen real estate is a bonus, it obviously comes with all the size for the rest of the phone. Is that something you’ll really want to put into your pocket or hold all day?

The Palm Pre Plus and HTC HD2 are two very solid smart phones and are in the final four for a reason. But who will ultimately take the win and earn a spot in the finals? Cast your votes below and don’t forget that the polls close at 9 a.m. EST tomorrow, April 1!

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  1. josh Says:

    It’s a Windows phone…WebOS wins by default.

  2. ED BITONDO Says:

    vote palm!

  3. iroc371 Says:

    I’d like to thank the editor for a much more fair unbiased review. And the palm pre all the way webos is unbeatable

  4. Chi Says:

    Yes, the HD2 has the Snapdragon but the huge turnoff is Windows Mobile 6.5. The great turnoff is the fact that it’s bee verified that the HD2 will NOT receive a Windows Mobile 7 upgrade. So basically, it died just as it was released. This kind of practice should be outlawed in the smartphone industry. Most contracts are 2 years. Can you imagine 6.5 being supported through 2012? I don’t.

  5. Nate Says:

    My vote goes for the palm pre. I have owned numerous Windows Mobile devices, and only one Palm device, and I have absolutely no interest in going back.

    A couple things to think about with a smartphone – business class experience, and after hours fun.
    Business: Both obviously support email as does pretty much every rock on the planet nowadays. However, setup for corporate exchange email is far easier on the WebOS vs. Windows Mobile. Installing a certificate on WM requires exporting it from your server and loading it onto the phone, installing it, rebooting and then setting up your Exchange account. With the Pre, take your internet browser to your corporate mail website, the certificate will install, and then your done and ready to set up Exchange. Also, WM only supports 1 exchange acct, whereas WebOS offers multiple Exchange acct support – a huge bonus. Again, huge.

    For fun, WebOS seems to support more Audio formats and works better watching videos and listening to music. The respective players look and feel so much nicer than the Mobile Windows Media Player. Navigating through WebOS is really nice. The Sense UI on top of WM6.5 is great sure, but it’s running on top of 6.5, which means it’s pulling from your resources, maybe that’s not a big deal anymore tho with the faster hardware specs they have now, but I still don’t like it – and this is my comment, so I can say what I like – haha.

    For the people who say the Palm shouldn’t win because their stock is so low etc etc – show me 1 reason that effects how the phones in peoples hands and in this contest are affected by that even minutely. It just doesn’t matter and is a pointless debate.

    Screen real estate is huge these days, but if your a guy and have to put it in your pocket, and also be able to pull it out of your pocket while sitting down driving in a car, smaller is nicer – it’s not like the screen on the Pre is THAT tiny, and the resolution makes very good use of the size it does have.

    Both have multi tasking, so that’s somewhat of a wash, but the Pre allows you to manage them all much easier. And, you wont have to run Task Manager all day long to keep shutting down tasks that you think are closing when you hit that little X in the top right corner.

    So, all these reasons and more are why I vote for the HD2. haha… no. the Pre is my obvious choice, and you should listen to me, because I know.

  6. ian Says:

    let me be the first to comment and say if the palm pre plus can beat the nexus one (which it should have) and the nexus one is better then the htc hd2, there should be no logical reason why is shouldnt beat the htc hd 2. Dont get me wrong the htc is nice but win mo 6.5 is older then socrates sandles back in 1500 bc riding a camel with a burgendy shaw. So lets vote logically people pre plus.

  7. Greg Says:

    bigger screen doesn’t mean good phone at all, fuck lets just make out tv’s phones too. hahahaha.

    If i want a huge screen i’ll use my computer thanks.

    Also I work in the construction trade, theres no way i could fit this in my pocket, it’s almost the same size as my Archos 605 wifi, haha, i use that for my mp3 player in my car.

    Pre Plus all the way for sure.

  8. Greg Says:

    Palm Pre has an amazing OS, the best in the world hands down. some Flaws yes but windows has been around for 20 years now and damn windows 7 still crashes, so no OS is perfect.

    I think i would like the HD2, if it wasn’t a phone and just an MP3 player for my car, i think it could fight the ipod, archos and all of them with that screen.

    have fun voting, this should be interesting

  9. MJ Says:

    WebOS vs. Windows Mobile… this could be a land slide, it is 2010 WebOS all the way!

  10. Mark Says:

    hahaha pre is absolutely crushing the HD2, the hardware is nice on the HD2 but if you actually want to use your phone regularly and as a smart phone nothing even compares to webOS, even the pixi would beat the HD2

  11. Sam Betancourt Says:

    Heres the deal, HD2 has been out for a week now as of the 31st, not only are they all sold out and have been since they have came out, so is it really fair to put it up against a phone that was not sold out and has been out longer??? of course more people will vote for the Palm Pre plus, more people have had a chance to mees with it.

  12. ty Says:

    Early whooping on that HD2…..9xx to 1xx : )

  13. Sam Betancourt Says:

    I will also say I am not a windows mobile fan to begin with, I used to be a iphone user, now a Nexus One Believer, but the new UI on the HD with Windows is amazing, its definitely not older WM UI or OS……. Im a mac guy and I hate windows, but with the HD2 its a whole other ball game, windows has finally caught up with the competition.

  14. Franz Says:

    webOS vs WM…tough choice ;)

  15. Sam Says:

    HD2 all the way!

  16. Geiger Says:

    A windows 6.5 phone? Eeesh.

    Pre Plus!

  17. Nick Says:

    The HD2 is unlike any other Windows Phone. I have had many, the last one being a touch pro that I was not happy with. Everything I hated about the touch pro is non-existant on the HD2. My brother has the Pre and the HD2 is the clear winner in my book. They complain about size, but the only people who would say it’s too big for your pocket is people who have never put it in their pocket. On the size in general, it looks huge, but that’s because of the good use of screen real estate, the phone as a whoel isn’t that much bigger than an iphone.

    I honestly can’t believe the Pre is winning right now, it’s a cool phone, but not on the HD2’s level.

  18. Gareth Says:

    Easy decision. WinMo sucks big time. My Pre is fantastic.

  19. Ed Says:

    @ Marc Flores Editor of this Post
    Kudos, the summary of the palm pre is much better this time. Seriously thanks

    @ all you microsoft fans
    eventhough the hardware specs of your phone is better in some aspects when compared to the palm pre plus, the operating system fails to deliver and benefit from it. Perhaps if it had windows phone 7 or android os it would be a different story.

    With that said pre ftw

  20. xavier McRae Says:

    I only had the palm for a while now…n what I’ve been reading about the HD2 its not somthin I woukd vote for so I vote for palm pre all the way

  21. Mike (ggfb20) Says:

    It’s funny to see the HD2 losing to a sub par device. First off palm os sucks, second the last I checked the whole damn company is about to crumble. Third I have had extensive experience working with the pre and the os was very shaky with many freezes. If I were a betting man I would put my money on the pre plus based purely on the votes of disgruntled Android fanboys who are pissed that their beloved nexus one couldn’t crack the final four. Cheer up guys, you still have your droid alive in this tourney. TRUTH be told, the T-Mobile HTC HD2 will rock any phone out there (already released), and don’t knock MSFT for attempting to give consumers what they asked for (OS improvements), yes they are releasing Windows Phone 7 but will not give up on WM 6.5, unlike like Palm did when web os was released. all prior palm devices are dead. The HD2 will live on for some time so get used to it.

  22. ian Says:

    @sam dog listen to me listen please listen whoooooo cares if the htc hD2 sold 18.5 million copies in a week fact of the matter is it ummmmmmmm…… how do i say this ummmmmmmmm… blows chunks of poodle poop. What ever gave you the idea because a phone sold well that its better. It’s selling because its on tmobile, and its the only phone that resembles the sprint evo, annnnnndddd its there only really good phone besides the nexus one. Most people get caught up in this bigger is better nonsense but like someone said above if I want a screen that big Ill use a laptop or computer. Cellphones should be compact and some what small not 93″

  23. Nate Says:

    Also, I could be wrong, but above I mentioned the HD2 having Sense, and the article itself does as well – it looks to me that it’s TF3D not Sense. Could be wrong though.

  24. Sweat Studio Says:

    It’s really funny how so many people are loyal to their phone without implementing true logic. Especially iPhone users, I’ve had my PRE for 10 months now and recently a friend thought I didn’t have a calendar. Palm’s calendar is very good but most of all it syncs over the air with synergy.

    Bottomline is WebOS is still not getting the credit it deserves. Currently simply the best. These polls are evidence that Palm users love their phones and for a small company with 100 to 200 times smaller marketing capital of their competition and a lot less users than iPhones, Rimm and Android, to win in any of these polls is a huge success.

  25. Izzyforreal Says:

    Duh…The owners are going to vote for their device. The Pre has been out for almost a year. The Pre is fine, but it can’t hold a candle to the HD2. Come on, it’s not even in the ballpark! The HD2 with the 1Ghz Snapdragon can run circles around the Pre. Winmo 6.5 will be supported beyond WP7. Palm might be out of business in a year. Personally, I want nothing to do with WP7. I’m a power user, WP7 is a consumer OS, like the iphone.

  26. oao Says:

    palm pre is the best smartphone mainly due to the best mobile os – Palm WebOS

  27. Todd Says:

    As long as Palm continues to produce phones like this, I will never buy another brand! Vote Palm

  28. BEN_NYC Says:

    The HTC HD2 is the bomb. The phone is amazing with HTC sexy Sense UI over windows you dont have to deal with windows mess.

    Palm Pre is on thier way of going out of business

  29. Mark Says:

    I dunno what alternate reality the rest of you are living in, but everyone I know with a HD2 loves it (being based in Europe, this is saying something as the HD2 has been available since November) and I don’t know anyone who has been impressed enough by any of Palm’s recent devices to buy one. WebOS looks interesting, but the hardware does not do it justice – even the ancient HTC Touch Dual would provide it with good competition. There’s no doubt that Windows Mobile is one of the most powerful mobile operating systems out there and while concerns about the ancient UI are reasonable, you have to remember that HTC has completely replaced all but the best bits of the UI with HTC Sense (widely recognised as one of the best UIs – it has been ported to most Windows Mobile and Android devices – and it features lots of useful integration with services such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube). So is there any competition? The Palm Pre Plus looks a bit weedy compared to 1GHz of CPU, 576MB of RAM, 4.3-inches of capacitive touchscreen featuring 800×480 pixels, 5MP of camera with dual-LED flash, all being used by one of the most powerful mobile operating systems which historically has been the best for apps, with one of the best mobile user interfaces, packaged in a sleek, attractive body.

  30. KC Jane Says:

    Palm Pre Plus obviously! It is a hands-down winner – cute design, intuitive UI, excellent touchscreen, and it’s the only true multitasking operating system that no other can really compare to. Oh, did I mention all the 3D games that you can only play on Palm Pre? Go Palm! Go Pre Plus!

  31. Nate Says:

    @Izzyforreal, you have a somewhat valid point.

    The specs for the hardware for the HD2 are definitely better than the specs of the Pre’s hardware. No question (I wont say “hands down” because someone above already asked everyone to put their hands down, lol). And as you say, maybe it COULD run circles around the Pre… but can you give me an example of this in the real world? My Pre can have multiple (over 20 apps) running at once, including intensive 3D game, all while delivering email from Exchange (all of my exchange accts at that), gmail, and a few other work accts (I also consider myself a power user and check about 5 different business email accts from my phone all day long). I’m not saying that the HD2 isn’t capable of doing all of this as well (except for the multiple Exchange accts). The issue at this point inst WHAT you can do, its how elegantly you can do it.

    At some point, hardware doesn’t matter so much anymore, can you tell the difference between the same TV running 1080p vs. 1080i? Maybe, maybe not, is it noticeable enough to care? No. Can you tell the difference between an 8mp digital cam vs a 10mp cam? Doubtful, unless it’s your specific field of expertise.

    I don’t think that the HD2 offers software – or even will ever – that truly allows the HD2 to run circles around the Pre.

    Sometimes the Pre will lag, and that would be greatly assisted with a Snapdragon processor, but I guarantee that the HD2 will at some point lag as well.

  32. Craiger_B Says:

    HTC HD2 is a device capable of much more than the Pre could even dream of being. Use my HD2 as a WiFi router? Check. Sync natively with all the brand new features of Microsoft Exchange 2010? Check. Sync music library up to 16 GB with included microSD card? Check. Install 100K+ quality apps from Handango, WinMo Marketplace, or others? Check. Does it fit in your pocket? Check (admittedly difficult with the included gel skin). 5 Megapixel camera with Facebook and Twitter integration? Check. Multitasking? Check with a processor that can actually handle it.

    The only reason Pre wins this competition is because of the sheer volume of VZW subscribers vs. T-Mobile subscribers that don’t know what owning a truly impressive device like this is like.

  33. ian Says:

    izzyforreal thats what im saying when i read his post (lammmmmmmmmmmmmmme). Homie lets really be serious even test show that winmo poopy opera mobile is still slower then Web os’s browser as well as the lag for the htc hd2 is still aparant (my peoples has one and he likes it, but the lag drives him crazy) I dont think its from the processor but the OS. What people dont understand is even if the phone has a 9 ghz processor if the OS is a slave to the CPU its going to run choppy and slow. example the iphones OS at only 600mhz its still faster then the nexus ones browser which is a 1ghz phone. Also very well stated above, because these polls show how many satisfied palm pre customers there are out there ( I am one) people should stock listening to dumb anayalist, and he say she say BS. Web os is the future and more and more people are seeing that.

  34. Julian Says:

    NO matter what you say. I can’t believe that some people think the pre is still running on palm os now. It’s webOS damn it. WebOS rulez! Never had such a nice small device. C’mon people if you like the HD2 you can as well buy an iPad as a phone. Palm PRE is the way to go!! Best smartphone on earth!

  35. Palm Rocks Says:

    @Mike (ggfb20)

    Palm’s WebOS will be around a lot longer than WinMo 6.5 will. Perhaps you are thinking of the previous PalmOS and not WebOS, because WebOS almost never freezes and you are probably the first person in history to say that it sucks. Every analyst says it’s amazing and all other operating systems should strive to be as good.

    Microsoft should give up on OS6.5 devices if it’s going to release OS7 that many say will not have compatible applications. What customer wants to deal with the headache of “It’s Windows or Palm app, so I can use it… Oh fail, I have an older version of the OS and it’s not compatible.” What developers would want to develop for OS6.5 when you know it’s going to be obsolete. You might as well say that Internet Explorer should be upgraded to support plugins and features in IE8.

    Let the old technology die and we’ll innovate and move forward instead of looking backwards.

  36. Mark Says:

    @Palm Rocks

    You do realise that Windows Mobile developers are porting Android and Windows Phone 7 Series to the HD2 as we type? Android has been ported to all of HTC’s popular Windows Mobile devices, and it’s highly likely that there’s a build of WP7S specifically for the HD2 around somewhere – Microsoft has to test WP7S on something and the HD2 is by far the best Windows Phone…

  37. Julian Says:


    LOLOLOL ?? You don’t even know what you are talking about. Palm Pre Plus has an integreated wifi router that can handle up to 5 devices including thethering. Microsoft Exchange is even working better then on the iPhone. Playing 3D games like on the iPhone *check*. Uploading videos and photos to facebook *check*. Soild Linux under the hood instead of ms *check*. Multitasking like it should be *check* (had 17 apps open and one 3D game. What else do you want???). Fitting even in the pocket of my gf tight jeans *check*. I can handle this phone with only one hand*check*. Has the best Homebrew Community *check*. After 10 months already over 1800 Apps in the Appstore. Compatible to Nokias QT Framework *check*. Multitouch that is really integreated *check*. Touchstone (wireless charging) *checl*. Okay I have no timeleft. Could write 2 Pages what WinMO CAN’T!!!

  38. ian Says:

    @craiger where do they find these people, have you ever used a pre or are you just speculating. everything you stated the pre can do, and multiasking the htc can not do we mean true multi tasking. I mean 50 open cards all running at the same time, and i had the pro2 which is the same thing as this phone. also does htc have synergy nooooooooooooooo, does the hd2 have 3D games of the caliber that the pre has noooooooooooooo, doe the hd2 utilze gestures, with a elegant interface (even series 7) noooooooooooooooo, does the hd2 have anything beside a oversized screen nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  39. sonnie Says:

    hd2 anyday over the pre

  40. Pre_Changes_Everything Says:

    Thank you for a review of the Pre+ that is much more balanced.

    I hope that everyone votes for it because WebOS is truly amazing. The 3rd party developers have delivered amazing stuff, and made it easy for the casual user to add all kinds of amazing tweaks to adjust for personal needs. You can add a theme that makes it look exactly like an iPhone. You can add battery saving options. And, you can count on the most intuitive user experience you’ve ever seen. Take 5 minutes to learn a few basic gestures, and you will never put it down. Great as a phone, great on the internet. Great as a PDA (remember those?) and a great hotspot to share your connection with 5 other computers (including your iPad!)

    Even if you like the HD2 (it’s as big as my Garmin GPS, for pete’s sake!), the Windows 6x OS can’t be upgraded to 7, and it’s running on TMO. Who likes T-Mobile?

    Go Palm Go. People are starting to realize that you are way ahead of the other smart phones, and you have only delivered the first few punches.

    Everyone can see how enthusiastic Pre owners are by the fact that there were more than twice as many votes cast in defeating the BB Bold as there were for the contest where the iPhone was crushed by the BB Tour.

    All of you iPhone users should come along side Pre users and spank the BB crowd. Vote for the Pre now so it can earn it’s well-deserved place in the finals! When you consider how much larger the BB installed base is, you can see what an upset it was for the Pre+ to beat the BB Bold. Let’s reward such innovation and help the Pre+ in this round!

  41. Alan Strangis Says:

    I used to have a Pre, but got rid of it back in the fall (and I REALLY wanted to love the Pre being a long time Palm fan – was THE site back in the day). WebOS made a horrible mess of my contact info when it tried to make it all ‘integrated’. I had more control over that on day one of my HD2.

    I suspect the Pre is going to win because of the sheer number of owners of the original Pre (not Pre Plus) in comparison to the week old HD2 on T-Mobile, but having used quite a number of smartphones on the major platforms, the only thing that has the potential to be better than the HD2 is possibly the HTC EVO running Android. The Nexus One comes close, but no Sense UI, no sale. Best mobile UI out there, bar none.

    As for those knocking the death of WM 6.5 – that’s true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Palm dies, or is bought by a competitor well before the last WM 6.x device ships.

  42. Palm Rocks Says:


    Why not just release with Android then? It’s hard to compare what’s coming to phone. By the time that OS7 gets moved over for general consumers, WebOS will have new tricks and features.

    Also is the average person going to take their phone and just install a completely different OS on it? If so, I’d say the same user could use the overclocking software for the Palm Pre that’s come out (and it appears to be very, very safe – no one reports rises in temperature of their device).

    I’m just saying that let’s see OS7 come out and see what it’s app store looks like before we rate it ahead of what we already have in hands with the WebOS.

  43. Mark Says:


    You’re listing things that aren’t issues with the HD2 either. The HD2 can not only do native 3D games such as Electopia, but it has a rather cool Playstation emulator which lets you play original Playstation games. The Microsoft Windows Mobile Facebook application was the first mobile Facebook app with video-uploading capability. People are working on getting Linux working on the HD2 now (check out Ubuntu on the HTC Touch Pro2). Multitasking is nice on webOS, but there are plenty of task managers for Windows Mobile that let you manage open applications easily (17 apps open is no problem for the HD2 – it has 576MB of RAM). The HD2 fits in tight jeans better – it’s very thin. It can be used with one hand (admittedly, if you have a small hand, you’ll find yourself shifting your grip, but don’t forget that you only have to do so because of the world’s most awesome phone screen). The best homebrew community? LOL. You’ll really struggle to beat Xda-developers – they’ve been doing serious fiddling with HTC’s devices for many years. Windows Mobile has around 20k apps. True, multitouch isn’t exploited by WM in any way, but HTC Sense makes enough use of it, and developers have worked out how to use it in their apps.

    So the only really valid points there are the HD2’s lack of compatibility with Nokia’s QT Framework (AFAIK) and no wireless charging. They hardly make up for the general poorness of the hardware in the Pre Plus…


    Have you ever used a HD2? Your points sound like no more than ignorant speculation.

  44. ian Says:

    @alan first the pre has the best contact, email synergy out so maybe it was something you did im not sure. Though when it was first launched on sprint ( i have that one) it was still in beta as we all know. The evo and android is (as you should really know) a glorified spb shell mobile for win mo go ahead download that to everyones here htc hd2 and tell me it dosent scream android. Android is moving units for one reason the more you see something the more you have to like it. They have dozens and dozens of phones out there that fit everyones style type, though the reason people buy android really drum roll please its because of the hardware not really the OS. People defend the OS because they love how the phone looks, the cosmetics. On the flip side which is very funny in our society today people love the pre not really because of the form factor though i do but because of the OS. Palm if for some reason has to sell it will be to a major company that will still utilize the Web OS and keep palm on as internals for this project. 6.5 as well as series 7 is a let down and will fall in the same catagory as android just a nice device and a ok OS.

  45. Ben Says:

    This seems like a pretty one-sided fight…

  46. ian Says:

    I am the biggest Pre fanboy an earth!!!!!! I love the othe phone is superior to its greatness. Even 10 years from now, it will be the best out there!!!!!!!

  47. The One Says:

    This is a battle between better hardware (HD2) versus better OS(Palm Pre Plus). Based on those categories, I’d give them a tie, but winmo is the absolute worst operating system available, so I deduct points from the HD2, with Palm Pre Plus being the clear winner in my opinion.

  48. Mark Says:

    @Palm Rocks

    Because some people prefer Windows Mobile. I prefer Windows Mobile because I want my phone to be a PC – consequently I’m not keen on Windows Phone 7 Series. The HTC EVO 4G is very similar to the HD2 (with its extended battery, which has a kickstand) but runs Android, so HTC has effectively made an Android version of the HD2 too. Windows Phone 7 Series is still under development, so it will gain new tricks too – and it could come to the HD2 unofficially before it is officially released (this often happens with new versions of Windows Mobile/Phone).

    Putting WP7S on the HD2 should be no more difficult than updating the phone (though I can’t be sure at this stage – the developers haven’t given away much information), and to run Android all you need to to is copy some files onto the phone and run an application. The average user could easily do both of those things.

    The Windows Phone 7 Series app store will undoubtedly have a lot of catching up to do – that’s perhaps the biggest problem with WP7S, because WM5 and WM6.x have been really good for apps.

  49. bored2nite Says:

    wow, i respect people’s opinion, but its so obvious that 90 percent of the people saying the pre is better have no even physically seen an hd2.

    1) windows 6.5 will be supported as much as 6.1 is still supported because of all the great sites. Even back when there wasn’t 6.5, did MS do much anyways??? NO… people will continue doing stuff for 6.5 till 7 is stable and amazing.. plus to top it off the same devs making windows AMAZING will put 7 on the hd2. Voting based on what MS will do is stupid, and you know it.

    2) Doesn’t fit in a pocket? Have you held one? and tried? no. HTC made an amazing phone by using the real estate for screen and not for bezel (if you don’t speak phone, they put glass and not the a lot of plastic around the screen like the iphone). The phone is thinner than the iPhone 3gs (.47mm to .43mm). The phone disappears in my pockets BETTER than my blackberry 9700 does (I carry both, and I forget which phone is in which pocket). Its so thin, that you don’t even notice (unless u wear skinny jeans than all that fits in your pants is a nano)

    3) My favorite comment (seriously) has been the phone hit ONE WEEK today, and stores sold out day 1. RPS, retail, online, over the phone. And shipment is barely getting in today, and only 15 to 30 at each location… some not even 1. People say it windows and spit on it because they haven’t touched it. You wanna know the truth.. HTC USER INTERFACE > WebOS… Sense 2.5 takes over the whole phone that u forget windows is there….

    that is until you get turning your phone into a Wifi/Mifi spot, TCPMP to run any video alive (flash, avi, mkh, etc.) FM RADIO, Office Mobile galore, Fantastic web browsing experience from Opera 9.7 with multi touch support or a 2 minute upgrade process to Opera 10 with Flash support (whatever tickles your fancy)

    Finally you wanna talk about dying as Alan Strangis said… Palm just got belittled to a stock of $0… might as well not be existent as a company, and if they go… what do you think will happen to your WebOS and Palm Pre… ummm… i think u get the point.

  50. Wello Says:

    Voted for the Pre so the Droid can win :)

  51. Joe Patierno Says:

    Go HD2!!!! Movies, E-Books, MP3s, photos, web, email & Games!!!! All better on that huge screen!!!

  52. Adam Says:

    The HD2 is an amazing device, I’m pretty sure XDA-Developers will have the HD2 upgraded to WM7 before the end of the year. HTC makes a great device. I’ve used Windows Mobile for years, and I really don’t like Android.

  53. ian Says:

    @mark yeah homie i have and most of what you said in your post is the same ole nonesene defense people make for this phone and android devices. It fits in tight jeans huh…hmmmmmm i’ll try really hard to ignore that one haha. playstation emulator we can run PS2 games on the pre, we have a facebook app like that with notifications through Web os. 17 apps open we can have over 40 on the pre and over 60 on the pluse all running real time, REAL MULTITASKING so 576 mg rams says what again? homebrew community is like the XDA developers homie theres not really much of a difference there so im not sure your argument is with that one, except maybe we dont need to port over android’s OS to sell our products. So whats are your points again ???????????????

  54. Brom Says:

    If the HD2 is only a WM 6.5 phone with better hardware, how does it compare to the Pre? What NEW things does it bring to the table? A large screen and 1ghz processor. What else? My Pre runs everything I throw at it, including 3D games(Gameloft is in the process of porting most of their games to webos). The large screen is a double edged sword imo, if it’s larger than an iphone, that’s just getting to big for a phone, even if it has a huge screen. No physical keyboard is a deal breaker for me, but may not be for many.

    So, if the HD2 is a much better phone, what would make me switch from my Pre?

  55. erick Says:

    nothing but fanboys

  56. Olidie Says:

    I’ve had my palm pre since launch day. Prior to that, I came from windows mobile. Lets just say, I’m not going back to any other platform.

    For me, the palm webOS is the best mobile operating system. The UI is elegant, yet easy to use. With 3d gaming on tab, why seperate work and play. I never knew what loving a piece of electronic was like, until I met my pre, running palm’s awesome webOS.

  57. NS Says:

    Given that the HD2 has been out for exactly 7 days in the US whereas the Palm Pre Plus has been out for months, IMHO – the HD2 has already won even though it has about 1,300 votes vs. Palm’s 3,700.

  58. bnlf Says:

    its not just a windows phone. Its the BEST windows phone available and if all windows phone were like this one im pretty sure ppls vision about winmo 6.5 would be a lot different

  59. predefined Says:

    HTC HD2 is actually a good phone. However, it is overpriced at over $700! At that price, you won’t have too many HTC HD2 owners in this economy voting in it’s favor. HTC HD2’s faster processor may justify it’s price but more consumers are likely to buy two Palm Pre Plus handset units instead. Windows Mobile on the HTC HD2 isn’t very popular with consumers; the interface has improved but webOS is still better. From what I recall, Windows Mobile app store is not impressive either. Palm Pre Plus will get this one.

  60. Trendos Says:

    HD2 with Sense is simply superior to any other thing on the market. If you have not used it you will probably be on the nag team with all the “oh winmo is just so last quartenion” bs. You fail.

  61. Albator V Says:

    HD2 of course…

  62. Tool Says:

    Crap I cannot vote!! I am using a Blackberry, and there are no voting buttons in my browser. This must be one of the reasons Blacberry lost. Well my vote is for the Palm Pre then. Even though my vote cannot be entered. WinMo 6.5 blahhh. Nice hardware.

  63. John C. Says:

    A lot of people keep bringing up the fact that Palm as a company is struggling, and therefore, the Pre should not be bought or given a vote. While that is true, it is not indicative of the phone’s capabilities or technology and is therefore not a logical reason to vote or not vote on the Pre Plus. The Pre Plus is a great phone and WebOS is the most innovative mobile software to come about in a long time. Let that be the weight in your vote.

    Also, statements like that completely undermine what Palm has accomplished as a company in just a few months. Is Palm struggling? Well, of course it is! It was almost dead less than a year ago and it has produced these phones and WebOS as a means of staying alive. But, for just a moment take a step back and look at what a “dying” company has just accomplished. 1.) Two series of great smart phones – the pre and pixi. Both top of the line hardware-wise and both innovative. 2.) WebOS – a completely original and completely OPEN SOURCE software that has revolutionized multitasking, gestures and user input. 3.) PDK – Palm’s plugin developer kit that could provide an unheard of level of production for the WebOS. 4.) An online app catalog of over 1800 apps in less than a year.

    Palm may be “dying”. It might be that the company gets bought out or even wiped out, but you have to admit that what it has accomplished in such a short time with such hard pressure is unreal. Give it a little respect, would ya?

    In other news: (1987) Japanese co. Square releases a video game titled “Final Fantasy” in a last ditch effort to combat bankruptcy. Outlook doesn’t look good?……..

  64. isius Says:

    HTC HD 2
    What else ?

  65. ian Says:

    @wello wow homie thats a bold statment, and I’m sure the droid will win because of the mad android fanboys out there. Funny though after seeind a couple of youtube videos where the palm pre showed a faster browser better experiance, and another one where the droid user actully admitted to the pre being better we all know which interface is better. Android is win mo with spb shell on top of it, and it still needs sense and all types of other stuff to make it compete. Bottome line I’ll be happy even if the palm looses this fight because it shows we have alot of people who have tried, and really love the Web Os experiance. They understand and believe this is the future OS and coming from a small company that is a real underdog it says alot.

  66. Izzyforreal Says:

    BTW, (and I am not looking to stir something up here) does the Pre Plus have a good RDP client? The reason I love the HD2 is running RDP to do network management on that huge screen. RDP on my little Touch Pro was pretty painful, as I suppose it would be on the smallish Pre screen.

  67. Bennie Wentzel Says:

    HD2 FTW!!!

  68. Mark Says:

    bored2nite and Adam are completely right. It’s a shame that knowing about phones, or at least having used both of these phones is not a requirement for the right to vote. I’m sure if you restricted this to voters in Europe, where the HD2 has been out for a few months, the Pre Plus would be absolutely crushed. O2’s desperately trying to get rid of them in the UK – they made the mistake of getting an exclusivity deal, but nobody wants the Pre. Meanwhile, the HD2 seems to have suffered from shortages everywhere it has been released – Vodafone UK had a waiting list about a month long at one point (they had to stop selling it).

  69. angad Says:

    this a reply to me from HTC-India
    now what would u call it…. y
    this discrimination??? y are indians included ???? y do android phones
    in india doesnt even have the god DAMN AnDROID MARKET PlaCE it feels
    like racism I ASK AGAIN WHY???
    this is whats the apple policy “make consumer like what they make rather than make what c…onsumer likes”
    … See MoreHTC handsets are country specific. HTC provides the International warranty but HTC Indi…a did not cover that.Note:- You will be able to get serve your phone only in the countryfrom where you bought the phone. India does not cover Global warranty

  70. Mark Says:

    @John C.

    The fact that Palm is dying is a valid point if you argue that WM6.5 is dying.

    Both top of the line hardware-wise? As I’ve said before, phones with similar hardware were released as far back as 2007. Revolutionized multitasking, gestures and user input? I would argue that it implements those things nicely, but it’s not a revolution in the same way that touchphones were.

  71. Sucktackular Says:

    Android > WebOS

  72. ian Says:

    @izzy yeah the pre has remote desktop protocal it works just fine, of course you can view it better on the hd2. My question is I though cell phones were supposed to be compact, mind you the hd2 and even the evo is in imo too big (4.3). to me the droid 3.7 which uses all of the realestate and maybe even the iphones 3.5 is as big a cell phone screen should be. Otherwise i might as well get a tablet you know. I cant work out with a htc hd2 i cant jog with it, id be afraid to if i drop it id smash it .

  73. mydde Says:

    hd2 is the best

  74. pre sux Says:

    I tried it for a couple weeks..tje sliding on it is terrible, the phone feels cheap, and like it would break, and it was very awkward to use.. the so great webos was laggy, froze constanty, and would be fine if it was for a free phone. .as bad as it sounds, I went back to the storm one, which isn’t so great itself.

  75. k0000 Says:

    I personally voted for the pre plus and all previously tell why. But I can’t wait till next year when the HTC evo will be out

  76. Alan Strangis Says:

    @ ian: Want to compare Opera 10 to the Pre’s webkit browser? It might make you weep a little.

    As for your comment about Android being nothing but WinMo with SPB Shell, you CLEARLY haven’t used a lot of smart phones. I’ve evaluated a number of phones from all the major OS makers, and there’s no way one can say that WinMo and Android are the same thing.

    They are completely different, though they both have roots in being pared down versions of larger operating systems (Windows CE and Linux respectively). They DO have similarities, in that they are VERY customizable, both in core functionality and user experience. This kind of flexibility is something that some people appreciate, and some vertical and enterprise markets demand.

    Palm is only a small company because they failed to remain a major one for 3+ years. Investing in Palm at this point is a less stable bet than investing in WM 6.5, which may in fact outlive Palm Inc, unless they can reverse their sales trend.

    John C. : “Palm may be “dying”. It might be that the company gets bought out or even wiped out, but you have to admit that what it has accomplished in such a short time with such hard pressure is unreal. Give it a little respect, would ya?”

    Palm created it’s own pressure by taking years to come out with WebOS. As a former Palm fanboy, who was only mildly impressed with the Pre, I would never recommend it to anyone who wants the manufacturer to be around for another year.

    The only company that deserves LESS respect than Palm for having good ideas, and dropping the ball into oblivion is Commodore. That’s the tech company you should be looking at for trying to find an analogy.

  77. Pre_Changes_Everything Says:

    How can anyone talk about Palm fighting to stay alive when compared to something as dead as WinMo 6x?

    People, If Palm disappeared tomorrow, our Pre+ phones would still work. Do you realize that? And with almost 4,000 apps already available (and everything I needed is already out… cuz I only need one or two fart apps…) WebOS is a developer’s heaven. Easier to develop for, and a tremendous platform for delivery. Nothing like an open platform to spark creativity.

    This is supposed to be a contest between two phones, and in this case different carriers. How could anyone pick a T-Mobile anything when up against Verizon? And how could anyone pick a phone that isn’t upgradeable, isn’t seeing any new development, and is as big as my Garmin GPS?

    Seriously, this should be a landslide. The HD had a couple of easy matches up until now. Not sure how they got such an easy schedule. But in this comparison, there is NO comparison.

    If you are hating on the Palm, do yourself a favor and run over to a Verizon or Sprint store. Spend 5 minutes learning 5 basic gestures, and you will be hooked. This is innovation more revolutionary than the iPhone (which is a closed platform) with the usability of OSX. REmember how Apple dazzles everyone with tight integration and extreme usability?

    If you have an open mind, WebOS will impress you in the same way. It’s a full-power platform, but so easy that a caveman can use it…

    @Izzyforreal: there is an RDP app, and many more to come. Obviously the screen is smaller, but it will also fit in your pants pocket…

    The PreWare community has created hundreds of mods that make this the most customizable and useful phone going. Considering how young the platform and SDK are, this thing has massive potential if people will just give it an honest look.

  78. s10dlka Says:

    face it guys…if the HD2 was upgradeable to WP7 it would crush the Pre and all the others. The reason the HD2 is losing out to a lesser phone is because of the pedantic idiots at Microsoft.

  79. saxyjaz Says:

    Why would I want a phone that has to have another UI installed over the original UI? I’ve used both Sense & WebOS & can tell ya that WebOS is hands down way freakin sexier than Sense. Calling a WinMo a ‘smart’ phone aint right… We’ve moved on, it’s like they’re stuck in Junior high (WinMo) but wear a HS letterman’s jacket (Sense UI) just so it can feel like true Smart phone. WebOS on the other hand has graduated & moved on to college (way past the other ‘smart phones’). Every thing else is clumsy & dumb after you’ve spent some real time w/ WebOS.

    Palm Pre+ all the way!!

  80. Reese Says:

    I HATE Verizon, but love the Palm Pre on Sprint so I guess I’ll still have to vote for Palm.

  81. Mark Says:


    Again, your point is flawed. “I though cell phones were supposed to be compact” and yet you argue that the iPhone’s screen is as big as a phone’s screen should be, implying that the iPhone is as big as a phone should be. However, there’s a lot of wasted space on the iPhone – the HD2 isn’t much bigger, but the screen is bigger because it takes up almost the whole of the front of the phone. The original Touch HD managed to fit a larger screen and more features than the iPhone (for example, a secondary camera for video calls) into a smaller phone…

  82. jul Says:

    yeaaaah hd2

  83. PreUser Says:

    Ok non biased here. I had all windows phones before the Pre for sprint. I had the 6800, then the htc mogul. I will say this. HTC makes the best build quality phones ever period. Even better hardware than the iphone and pre combined. That being said.. windows mobile is the worst operating system to ever use or experience. Even with sense UI its still windows underneath.. a nightmare of doctoring your rom, going to xda developers and learning way too much stuff you should learn just to use tom tom and enable your GPS. The worst part was it had an updates button.. i would hit it every once in a while.. what a joke..

    Windows = update yourself, update your cooked rom, try to find apps
    Palm = we push updates OTA like its candy. seamless and elegant.

    Palm wins hands down. You guys are all assuming WM7 will actually be good.

  84. Nobama2 Says:

    winblows mobile 6.5? r u effin serious? What a joke. If they had a windows series 7 phone maybe we could talk.

    Palm FTW. Might as well end the poll now.

  85. asdf1230 Says:

    WOT IS THIS. WebOS is legit, but the versatility of WinMo (for all its issues) is totally FTW. Dual-boot capability, good business application…what gives!?

  86. Mark Says:


    People, If Palm disappeared tomorrow, our Pre+ phones would still work. Do you realize that? And with almost 4,000 apps already available (and everything I needed is already out… cuz I only need one or two fart apps…) WebOS is a developer’s heaven. Easier to develop for, and a tremendous platform for delivery. Nothing like an open platform to spark creativity.”
    If Microsoft disappeared tomorrow, the HD2 would have 20,000 apps already available. Windows Mobile is a developer’s heaven – everything is customisable and there are many similarities to the desktop version of Windows.

    “And how could anyone pick a phone that isn’t upgradeable, isn’t seeing any new development, and is as big as my Garmin GPS?”
    The same could be said about webOS. And, unlike the Pre Plus, there are projects to get WP7S and Android running on the HD2.

  87. alamfour Says:

    its the HD2 all the way. pre sucks

  88. Mark Says:

    “Why would I want a phone that has to have another UI installed over the original UI?”
    Does that matter if it doesn’t detract from the user experience? No.

    “Calling a WinMo a ’smart’ phone aint right”
    Are you another one of these people who hasn’t seen Windows Mobile for years, or at all? Go and play with a HD2, come back, and vote again.

  89. ken Says:

    pre plus vs a phone that was d.o.a hmmmm………. smh of course pre ftw!!!!! ( I would like to thank the editor for a fair review for the pre plus )

  90. Yann_H Says:

    I’ve voted for the HTC HD2, it’s the best phone, I ever have…

    As every product there are good and bad points but for me it’s nearly 100% good!

    The screen is wonderful,
    The reactivity is always on top,
    The HTC Sense UI is very pleasant to use, finger friendly and nice looking!
    As a developper, the ability to install what I want and develop easily for this device a really important point to me!
    The quality of the GPS is very good

    What else? It’s really a wonderful smartphone! HTC has doine a really good job.

    If there is one thing to blame on this phone, it’s WM 6.5 which (without Sense) is not really user friendly!

  91. clement Says:

    Of course, wm sucks.But sense is really amazing, you can find easily and quickly what you need everyday, like your mails or photos.

    The HD2 fits very well in my jeans pocket, most of the time I almost don’t feel it, because it is very thin, and the screen is wonderful to watch videos or for internet, and you surf very fast.

    If you need an app, be sure you’ll find a freeware in stead of something from windows market place. ok, it is not always perfect, but it is free.

    I have never used a palm pre plus, but I’m fond of my HT2. Everyone asks me “is it an iphone?”, and I answer no, it’s much better!

  92. art Says:

    hd2 ftw though it possibly wont get an official 7 upgrade it will be the first rocking it with help from the devs at xda. HD2 vote

  93. Rosie Says:

    I love my Palm, ditched my Iphone for the sexy little black dress number, and the wonderful thing is it isn’t a slut!, ie, not everyone has it!

  94. how Says:

    have u watched the news?
    hd2 is sold out everywhere, and palm is over stock everywhere
    therefore, hd2 is sure winner in my opinion

  95. ian Says:

    I shaking my head at so many dumb people that breath this air. Palm stock has nothing to do with how well the OS is plain and simple. So lets talk about relevant things, first winmo is android android is winmo down to the interface, through out. Same Boring type OS. Series 7 is a step in the right direction but its nothing new, nothing revolutionary about it. Microsoft is in alot of trouble in the phone market as well as palm, but more due to know one likes there OS and its beens years like that. Palm is suffering from not having as much money to release their phones on carriers as fast as everyone else, as well as they decided to just do their own thing, as apposed to carring microsoft (lol). Yes win mo is open its open enough to put any and every OS in it besides win mo, which dosent help microsoft a whole lot really htc and android. Also the port of series 7 looks awful and even if it didnt people swear up and down because something is new its better and series 7 is not better then Web OS period.

  96. Shadow-XIX Says:

    HTC HD 2 POWWA !!!! It’s a winner phone os

  97. Shadow-XIX Says:

    oups i vote the htc hd2 naturly

  98. Leo Says:

    Which device “SOLD OUT” in less than four hours? the Hd2 gets my vote.

  99. ian Says:

    @ mark yes take a big offence your an idoit plain and simple. Of course their still realestate on the iphone the reason why the new one will be the same size as the current but stretch it to 3.7 hence the droid compliment as well (which is 3.7). The iphone is 5.5 mm in height difference and 5mm in width thats a big deal for ones pocket, or purse. So face this if you put a Web Os device in a htc hd2 shell and put it side by side there would be no votes for this weak winmo phone now thats facts for your a@@. People as i stated are under assumption that bigger is better thats all, they preach about hardware that people say thats in, its the world we live in homie. If apple launched a portrait slider as their iphone and was as successful as the iphone is now, the pre would be king and these other phones would be demmed to big. its chess not checkers boy wake up.

  100. Javier Says:

    To all HTC HD2 blind-lovers, if you do not have enough arguments to demonstrate in this poll that your phone deserves to win and even you end talking about stocks and company’s health, you should better go and create a blog, even a poll, regarding “which company to invest in”, either at or wherever you guys want.

    We all here do not care if one company is stronger than other, that should be other discussion, something I definitely would never discuss with you, guys.. but keep talking and wearing out all your arguments…

    Bye bye HTC HD2…

    Palm Pre ftw

  101. Pre_Changes_Everything Says:

    @ Mark, development for webOS is far from dead, it is groing stronger. Just today the PDK was released. Tonight comes another OS update. The app catalog grows daily, and the Preware catalog grows even faster. Last week a kernel was released that increased CPU speed by 60%.

    And for those of you basing your vote on the potential of Win7… this is a contest with a Win6 phone. You don’t vote for a candidate because of who might run in the next election. Everyone need to focus their attentio…. hey, a squirrel!!!

    @Rosie, I like your style! I laughed at the “everybody has it” comment.

    Pre rox0rz!

  102. elburna Says:

    One more vote for hd2. Come on people do you have your eyes shut? the pre? tsss

    BTW there are people out there who DONT give a s**t about WP7 i love my 6.5.3 as it is and would not want to change anything at all.

  103. david reyna Says:

    hd 2 best phone ever. vote hd2.

  104. Pre_Changes_Everything Says:

    @s10dlka Yes, there are idiots at Microsoft, but HTC made the decision to release a 6.x phone. And HTC made the decision to release it on T-Mobile. Who likes T-Mobile?

    This vote is between two phones and the carriers that offer them. Verizon may cost more, but their network really is the best. And their customer services has always treated me right.

    I was sure I would get the MotoDroid when it came out, but I kept looking at it and kept playing with it, and reading about it… and then I spent 5 minutes with the Pre+ and it was all over.

    I had a WinMo6 phone once. Gave it to one of my kids after a few weeks. I understand that Sense UI helps, but stacking a UI on top of Windows has proven to be a bad idea in the past. Anyone remember Microsoft Bob??? Sense UI is trying to be Microsoft Bob for an OS that isn’t being developed.

    Sorry, this round goes to the Pre+ and Verizon…

  105. Mark Says:


    “Palm is suffering from not having as much money to release their phones on carriers as fast as everyone else…”
    HTC isn’t exactly the biggest company either – none of the networks were happy with them launching their own brand in 2006 and none of them were happy with them stopping networks rebranding their devices (it looks like HTC finally put its foot down in mid-2009).

    If webOS is as glorious as you make it out to be, why are we not seeing anyone stealing ideas from it? As you say, Android is not hugely dissimilar to WM, and it looks like Microsoft and Apple’s mobile operating systems are growing more and more similar to each other.

  106. Daniel Says:

    I broke my Pre this week :-( but i’ll buy it again, because no other phone could do, what the Pre did, while he was in my pocket.

    If WebOS gets a HD device, this would be insane

  107. Palm Rocks Says:


    Poor supplies is not a reason to vote for a phone.

    In other news, it’s worth noting that Wal-Mart has that Palm Pre Plus for free. That’s should be a significant factor as well. (Note, I don’t know if the HTC is free, the phone is new to me).

  108. ian Says:

    @how, leo and anybody else who is voting because the hd sold out how dumb are you. This polls about which phone is better, not who sold out this weekend. As i said before and I will say it again its on tmo besides nexus one what other phone would you honestly get. Two people are stuck on the hype of this phone like all android products. Three people like the phone not the OS. Every comment up here says the phone is so nice to look at, so clean looking, slim, the screens big, though they never mention the OS is great at all in any instance huh. No wounder technology is poop right now, people buy hardware that is SAID is nice to look at, or is SAID to be wanted. Thats why we get so many horriably huge phones, with poor OS’s like android and win mo. What happened to innovation, elegance, ease of use, compact, etc. Thats what palm makes and thats why such a small company has so many happy customers. its the tortus and the heir Palm being the tortus but in this story the rabbit is fast but looses because the tortus has endurance.

  109. steve jobs Says:

    ThIs is so fake voting results show palm winninng against HD2? LOL… also HTC HD2 beat junk iphone, the android and droid and now palm is beaating HTC.HD2 hahahhaha…. great about HTC HD2 is that it is a wondows phone and Many many consumers just purchased many T MOBILE HTC HD2 this shows why Windows phones are the best.

  110. bobbydig Says:

    hd2 is a joke. beautiful and powerful hardware paired with the crappiest OS available, sad business.

  111. spaznout Says:

    i thought this was the final four?This is a easy fight for the PRE. Move out htc and tour, bring on the DROID

  112. Mark Says:


    I’m the idiot when you can barely type well enough for me to make out what you’re saying? Please explain yourself better. You seem to be talking about the pocketability of devices and also seem to be forgetting that thickness, not width or height (as long as they’re within reasonable limits), defines the pocketability of a device. I am not under the assumption that bigger is better – I had a HTC Touch Diamond, which was very small and compact, and yet I was (and still am) of the opinion that it’s better than an iPhone. HTC itself is of the opinion that the Touch Diamond2 is the optimum size for Europe, which is why they didn’t expect the huge demand for the HD2.

    I still don’t know what half of your comment is saying though. As I’ve already said, please explain yourself better – you may have some valid points which I do not know of, and you may have some invalid points that I can explain to you.

  113. Mark Says:


    If the future of Palm is not an issue, then why should the future of Windows Mobile be an issue? Either both are issues, or both are not issues. You decide.

  114. Robert Porter Says:

    HD2 gets my vote. Because i like windows mobile. you can do every think you want on system.

  115. steve jobs Says:

    Thiis shows you why windows phone are the best and why android drod and junk. iphones are all junk phone is what i see in thiese lack features phones. so all you idiots here saying android, droid, iphone are just bunch of fanbots… hahahaha

  116. Mark Says:

    That’s my point. Development for Windows Mobile is far from dead too. An OS nearing a decade in age does not disappear overnight. You should visit Xda-developers.

    And to argue that this is not about WP7S is not very fair – true, people should primarily consider the HD2 as it is, but potential (unofficial, unfortunately) upgrades for the HD2 should be considered as much as the OS upgrades you’re getting.

  117. dj ozone Says:

    cool!…its gonna be pre plus vs. droid!

    a classic david and goliath matchup lets get ready to rumboooo!!

    face it haters palm pre is a legendary phone

  118. Mark Says:

    BTW, I’m going to bed now, so don’t expect any further replies from me. As I’ve said before, if you were to hold a vote like this in Europe, the Palm Pre Plus will not stand a chance. (Despite the fact that HTC reckons Europeans prefer smaller phones). Nobody here wants a Pre…

  119. Alex Says:

    Go Palm! Thanks for not biassing the review this time!! The writer obviously has never spent a week with webos yet, but he will one day! A webOS device in everyone’s Palm!

  120. ok... Says:

    why do peope have the need to defend cellphones to the death. Oh yeah, Ian, fyi, webos is based off linux, just like android.

  121. ian Says:

    @ mark well then take you a@@ to sleep then, if nobody wants a pre cousin then where did all those 4k votes come from so far. Even in europe the pre would win so calm down and join the revolution Web OS. I’ll send you a tshirt of the pre defacating over the hd2 win or loose ok marky. I’ve had win mo for 5 years and cooked roms, added interfaces, etc and though win mo is not bad it pales in comparison to WEB OS. Anybody who thinks the OS of winmo is better has either neither used WEB OS, or is really saying I like how the hd2 looks then the pre. People are idiots as I said, and this pole proves Web Os is more then a fad, and is not going anywhere.

  122. PopeCatalyst Says:

    HD2 should sail smooth to victory except it doesn’t have the penetration numbers or hype that the webOS has currently.

    WM 6.5 is an awesome OS. Most people who have *actually* used it do like it, even those who use it with all of the carrier bloatware on it. I’ve converted more people over to WM by showing them the power of it than I can count on two hands and my Tilt2 w/ Sense 2.5 is winning over even more people.

    webOS is not a bad OS, it’s just young and untapped (seems like the hackers are getting there with the recent overclocking). It doesn’t seem to enjoy the level of customization that WM does.

    Anyone who speaks ill of WM must not have used it since WM5 or WM2003. I’ve used WM exclusively since 2005 and I’ve never had any thoughts of switching over. Anything you can do on webOS, I can do on WM6.5 with more options, and faster with the HD2’s Snapdragon.

  123. Mike Says:

    I would vote, but sadly I do not have a Palm Pre Plus since they are not available on Sprint yet. Therefore cannot speak from experience.

  124. Charles Says:

    I have a pre and it’s ooook nothing to brag about. All it does diffrent then any other os out now is multitasking, android does that but web os does it better. Now I’m a grown man so I do like my phones a little bigger the pres design seems like it’s for females such a small keyboard. And I use my phone for multimedia so I would have loved a bigger screen. If I had to choose a winner now it would be the motorola droid.

  125. Pre_Changes_Everything Says:

    @Mark, the difference is that WinMo is a proprietary platform. The HD 2 adds a proprietary UI later.

    webOS is an open platform. Linux is something that will outlast all of us, and outperform everything else. That’s why it is the core of OSX and iPhoneOS.

    But, WebOS is open, and that was a brilliant move by Palm

    I hope you get plenty of sleep, and I will give Palm a call to let them know that no one in Europe wants their phones. I’m sure they will appreciate the heads-up and cancel the European app catalog tonight, and the phone launches they are planning. Thanks for speaking on behalf of Europe. You saved everyone a bunch of time, money, and market research!

  126. Pre_Changes_Everything Says:

    @djozone: If the crackberry f-anboys show up like they did in the Bold vs. Pre battle, they could have a shot at crushing the MotoDroid. The Tour is the best that BB has, so that may be the tougher battle.

    Still, we need to see the Pre+ win this one first. Obviously there are more people voting than the few thousand that actually own the HTC phone. Hard to imagine voting for anything running on T-Mobile…

    We all know HTC makes good hardware, and we all wish that Palm would have them build a webOS phone. But at the end of the day, webOS is a brilliant platform.

    People just need to try it before they hate on it.

  127. GbrilliantQ Says:

    The HD2 has already been shown to be running a WP7 rom, xda has the dev and is working on it right now, before its even launched the HD2 will have it. WP7 btw sucks!

    HD2 all the way. I love mine. 6.5 is great btw, anyone saying other wise has never used the HD2 and HTC sense.

  128. Tim Says:

    Recent convert from WinMo to webOS here. In terms of build quality and the power of what’s under the hood: Yes, the HD2 wins.

    However, the thing I don’t think opponents of Palm’s devices don’t get is that it’s entirely about software. The hardware handles webOS easily enough, though it isn’t as snappy as it could be on better hardware. And at the end of the day, the software makes interacting with the phone so effortless that it puts one at ease. What’s really a shame is that so many people can’t get over the Pre’s few superficial flaws long enough to see the advantages that come with webOS. It’s really hard to explain the fluid experience of webOS to anyone who hasn’t made an honest attempt to give it some use.

    The hardware it’s on is capable to perform any task I want, and usually very admirably. So in my book, the webOS experience (even for it’s youth) easily overcomes any hardware advantages the HD2 has. Thanks, Palm!

  129. Mark Aguilar Says:

    i am a proud hd2 owner an have yet to complain about this phone. this phones software is outstanding and performs above and beyond other windows mobile phone. the things that you are capable to do on this phone is amazing and outperforms all other phones out now. such as the palm pre which has nothing new to offer to the mobile phone market. sure the hd2 has a massive screen, yet fits comfortably in your pocket. this phone satisfies all my mobile needs.

  130. Scott Says:

    @mark I have to say that’s where you wrong. In the UK it was o2’s biggest smart phone launch. Germans and dutch love it. HTC is struggling to get a foothold over here in the UK. Please research facts before you say stuff like that!

  131. the eck 12 Says:


  132. Charleston Says:

    First off, to generalize and say that all WM phones suck or all Palm phones suck because of a single bad experience with an older device is stupid. The HD2 is actually a great smart phone. I’ve owned two android phones and a blackberry in the past year and this phone does all of what those phones do plus more.

    Second, you can’t say that the hardware features of any device don’t matter when it comes to comparison. If that’s the case then i’m going to make a phone with 32gb of space and video playback capabilities with a 1 inch screen and call it an “iphone killer”.

    and just an FYI, between the G1, the MyTouch 3G, the blackberry 8900, and the HD2….the HD2 fits the most comfortably in my pocket…..

  133. Charleston Says:

    Also, 3 of the final four phones are on the verizon network. Verizon has the largest network so maybe it’s by default that their phones are getting the most votes.

  134. Andrew Says:


    “if you were to hold a vote like this in Europe”…

    Does europe not have the internet? I thought this was an internet poll…


  135. Adrian Says:


    I think you’ll find that HD2 was one of the biggest smartphone launches for O2 UK rather than the Palm (except of course for the iPhone). So much so, O2 UK at first decided against placing it for order on their website due to having a huge waiting list from phone orders. As well as this Vodafone also had a huge waiting list at one point and was well documented within the British Press.

    The Palm Pre seemed like a good concept, but it was a first comeback phone which no longer stands up to the features available in the top end smartphone market today.

    Oh, and HTC have a large UK following. I know. I am a college student, and it is difficult to go through the day without having the logo imprinted on your eyes.

  136. blacksheepshepherd Says:

    Sold my palm pre & iphone 3GS for a change to HD2. what more to say? i’m surfing & replying emails & right now using HD2. this phone is the all rounded winner by business or leisure wise. Winmo 7? think better wait for winmo 8 or wimmo hX..

  137. Johnx Says:

    hd2 because I love HTC, and I own a nexus one

  138. panpan Says:

    htc hd2 is awesome. using it for one week and love it.

  139. ian Says:

    if one more person say the pre sucks, i am going to have a nervous break down!!! why doesnt anyone else realize all other phones are inferior to its greatness, and the best thing to happen to the cellphone industry since the StarTac…i am going to defend this phone to the grave since its all that matters to me. i dont care about any other apect to life besides my phone. i will marry it if i was able to!!!!!!

  140. PEPITOIL Says:


  141. jawash22 Says:

    I vote Palm simply based on the fact that you can’t even buy an HD2. Might as well be on a European carrier.

  142. D Says:

    The fact that most Verizon Wireless Pre customers have never used the HD2 is naturally going to skew results. Verizon has more customers too.

    As an user of both, I give the edge to HTC.

    Bigger screen, faster processor, simultaneous voice and data and better form factor.

  143. T Says:

    The HD2 is SOOOOOO MUCH better than the Palm Pre… the Pre has a little screen, its slow, laggy, and its keyboard is hard to use because it is so cramped together, they call it the Pre plus for a reason, because its just a palm Pre PLUS Verizon’s sucky, over priced, out-dated CDMA network!

  144. Sweat Studio Says:

    Please read the CNET reviews on the HTC HD2. There are complaints. Mainly the battery is poor and you cannot talk on the phone while simultaneously SMS or browse. So for it’s getting a 3.65 star rating. The Palm Pre Plus has a consistent 4 star rating.

    Although the HTC HD2 is a great phone, it’s not comparable to Palm’s WebOS. Too bulky and a poor network.

    Palm Pre FTW!

  145. Randy Says:

    No cheap, plastic moving parts, please (the Pre’s flimsy, cramped slider keyboard).
    This vote goes to the HTC. If you’re going to be a touch-screen phone, Palm, do it 100%.

  146. Jshin Says:

    Have a friend at the office with a pre, I just got my HD2 yesterday, After modding it and flashing Energy Rom, I showed this to him, He said “Damn that must be the Porsche of phones! Both phones are good but the HD2 With Sense is by far much much better. BTW I can run as many apps as I want and no lag for me

  147. smithlee Says: users are cheating. they are voting several times.
    booooo the pre is a joke so are the users…booo for cheating

    page 7

  148. cRACKmONKEY421 Says:

    This match-up is BS. You can’t have people vote on which is better when most of the people voting have never used the HD2. Well you can, but the best phone will not win. So many Palm Pre fan-boys, and still it’s losing 40% of the votes to something most people have never used. Why? Because Palm Pre sucks. The non-fan-boys just have hopes that HD2 will not suck as much as Palm Pre does. Hardware wise, there is no competition at all. HD2 blows Palm Pre out of the water. Software wise, the only thing any better about webOS is the look. For me, WebOS’s UI looks nice, but it wastes a lot of pixel space, which the Pre’s screen already does not have to spare. That’s it. They all multi-task just fine you pretards. OOO, so you can look at two windows (cards) at once. Wow, you can barely see two things at the same time! Yay; you’re so novel. Everyone loves you! Windows mobile has a better app selection, and I’m sure those apps are going to run better on the much faster HD2 compared to the old Palm Pre Plus. You can already view flash websites with skyfire on Windows mobile. I’m not even a Microsoft fan by any means, but Palm just blows. Someone needs to tell Palm to step up the hardware if they want to win over anyone that doesn’t chose a phone based on an appealing UI alone. That said, there will probably also be Android and WinMo7 for the HD2. I’m sure the Pre fan-boys don’t care about that, but the UI gap is a small one, and that is all WebOS has left.

  149. irocdaspot Says:

    palm is coming with a better piece of hardware, hence while it’s called a PRE….wait til you see what’s coming!!!!!

  150. Jeff Nichols Says:

    HD2 is awesome! I bought it a week ago and is far superior to my previous TouchPro2, Wing, and MDA. I do not care if it cannot be upgraded to Windows Phone 7 as others worry about. This phone is (by far) superior to any Windows smart phone and the fastest phone yet that I have owned!

  151. Chuck Says:

    Sorry…the Pre wins, if only because its OS was developed in the past 5 years. LOL!

  152. carlos Says:

    it all about the htc hd2 it look cool, it bigger and it faster, it gust the best VOTE HTC HD2

  153. david Says:

    I have used window mobile since the dell axim days. but window mobile is just sad to me. having to change cooked roms over and over is not good. I currently have touch pro 2, nexus one, and a palm pre. WebOS is just amazing. And it just works. I have to go with the Palm.

  154. NoBama Says:

    This is pretty straightforward people… You have WebOS which gets rave reviews from experts consistently and often. Then you have windows mobile 6.5 that is going to be put out to pasture and shot (shoulda been done years ago)… I dont care what hardware or what skin HTC tried to put on top of it..its still winmo 6.5 and only a fool would buy a new phone with an os that is being killed off without even having an upgrade path. Shocked the HTC phone was even released but more shocked people would buy it. Awful.

    Palm Pre FTW!

  155. grndslm Says:

    Somebody was complaining about the Pre’s plastic touchscreen… but I’d rather have a plastic one that GLASS!!

    I’ve dropped this phone dozens of times, and I’ve finally gained the confidence that this thing isn’t gonna break.

    And did you guys see the Pre’s touchscreen compared to other phones, like the Nexus One and Motorola Droid?? The Pre’s screen was the most accurate (just *right* behind the iPhone’s screen… but who wants a screen that’s guaranteed to crack on its first fall??).

    So whenever the Pre has to go against the Droid. Don’t forget the MotoLabs report that says the Pre’s touchscreen is more accurate at typical levels of pressure expected from a human!

    And oh yea… the Tour doesn’t even have a touchscreen. HAHAHAHAHA!!

    Really… the Pre is a rather fine piece of engineering achievement, focused on the best tradeoffs that most people take for granted.

    – The transflective (transreflective?) screen can be viewed with no problem while in direct sunlight.
    – It’s plastic, so you can drop it on concrete a large number of times before you’ll be able to damage it.
    – It’s got a hardware keyboard for times when you need to SSH or even type out a novel.
    – The hardware keyboard slides, so you don’t need to do anything fancy to unlock. Just slide! :)
    – The gesture area puts other mobile OSes to shame.
    – The Pre has a typical, Palm Standard… hardware ringer switch!
    – 3G-only radios, because 4G is just a waste as of right now.
    – Call quality can’t be beat with CDMA carriers Verizon/Sprint, allowing customers to roam off each others’ networks.
    – Best SoC — CPU/GPU (same used by iPhone 3Gs, Droid, etc.). Can EASILY be overclocked to 720 or 800 MHz without any side effects on a clean install.
    – 512mb of RAM. PLENTY for running a few dozen apps seamlessly at one time.
    – How about the great 3 MP camera?? One of the best camera phones in existence, producing ACTUAL photographs that I’d want to save. I’d rather have 3 MP, quality pics than some 8 MP pics that are just too pixelated, don’t focus properly, don’t capture colors properly, etc.
    – The speaker sounds great for speakerphone and playing MP3s when around friends without headphones.
    – The Pre has the Touchstone back for magnetic charging without having to deal with cables.

    That’s just the hardware!!

    Then we’ve got the software…

    – Frequent OTA updates [1.4.1 was just released today, and the Hero and Moment are STILL waiting for 2.whatever :)].
    – Automatic backups of all your critical data (excluding text messages and personal media).
    – Automatic install of apps from App Catalog after a hard reset or transfer to a new webOS device.
    – Secure, remote erase (BB users think we don’t have this for some reason).
    – Some people need that Exchange support, which the Pre provides.
    – webOS has an App Catalog. WinMob 6.5 does not.
    – webOS has Synergy that blends all your contacts together.
    – webOS has the PreCentral community, which provides patches left and right that tweak the phone harder than any other community has done [MUCH LESS IN ONLY TEN MONTHS!!].
    – webOS has a proper firmware recovery features that prevent it from being bricked. I have only heard of one bricked Pre since I bought mine, and it was due to a malfunctioning touchscreen… not the flawless Doctor recovery tool, which can be customized with the Meta-Doctor found at PreCentral (google it!). What a great tool to easily customize webOS ROMs.
    – webOS has Universal Search, where I just swipe up and then start typing to search for an app, contact info, website, or general search terms for generic websites.
    – webOS’ webkit-based browser. ‘Nuff said.

    I mean…

    Can somebody point me in the direction of somebody who provides MORE than Palm? Because it’s certainly not Apple. It’s certainly not Blackberry. It’s certainly not anything with Android. And it’s MOST DEFINITELY nothing with WinMob 6.5.

    Seriously, this match should be closed by default. There is NO comparison here.

  156. yuguotianqin Says:


    I am a fan of Pre too. Please check the yahoo stock message board for “Palm”. You can say a lot there.

    Pre is the best.

  157. theofficialwebosfanboy! Says:

    i chose the HD2, ive owned the pre && i love web os but it has nothing on this phone. the hd2 is not big at all like most people think, its no bigger than the iphone. the hd2 is really thin and it fits in an out of pockets easily, also i dont have the biggest of man hands but it fits great in my hands. plus the pre seems so cheap with its plastic build..the hd2 a beast of a phone and winmo is the first os to feature a 1ghz snapdragon(lg expo) and the 1st to feature a 4in screen (hd2 which has both) wimo is def pushing the limits

  158. grndslm Says:


    You’re obviously trolling, if you believe that we’re all fanboys because of the pretty UI [which it is].

    But if you’ll notice my couple dozen benefits when it comes to the tradeoffs that Palm made with the Pre Plus… “pretty UI” isn’t one of the things that I believe really set it apart from the rest of the pack. Read that list and then get back to me.

  159. nestoa Says:

    I say HD2 should win! its more open software. Plus its screen is nice. The palm is amazing sanz the crappy keyboard.

  160. kable Says:

    HD2 FTW!

  161. NoBama Says:

    grndslm… well done.

  162. J. S. Says:

    I haven’t used winmo in a couple years, but I doubt it’s changed ‘that’ much. It was nice, but back then when I was mostly just using PDAs, palm was my favorite hands down. Now that I have a kick ass palm smartphone like the pre, I’ll never turn back. I have people at work that have iPhone and Droid, they ‘like’ their phones, I ‘love’ mine. I love when they show me something and go see what my phone can do?… a few seconds of looking, and bam, I have the same thing.. then I show them something I was able to patch in (ty preware!) and say can you do that?

    Palm Pre is WAY under-marketed for what it should be, the creepy alien chick adds hurt this phone, I just hope it’s not irreparable. Things like it ‘surprising’ people on a contest like this are just what it needs to put the spotlight where it needs to be.

  163. Scott Heiser Says:

    I am an HTC Fanboy, so I obviously voted appropriately.I am a big fan of winmo 6.5, and that’s coming from an Iphone.. I love this HTC Tilt 2 that I have MUCH more than I ever enjoyed my Iphone.

  164. Colonel Kernel Says:

    This matchup boils down to the HD2’s spec sheet vs. the Pre Plus’s operating system. No one is doubting the HD2’s hardware. The guts of the HD2 are as impressive as that screen. What people are doubting is the software.

    HTC’s Sense UI can only do so much. If someone never uses a single 3rd party application then none of WM 6.5’s ills would apply to the HD2. For spartphone neophytes that may well be the case, but the bulk of HD2 users will be WM veterans with a full stable of core apps. They either have to hope the screen is big enough to tap all the targets (which it may be) or they will have to buy HTC’s separate capacitive stylus and then remember to drag that around everywhere they go.

    Palm’s webOS is not only the best mobile OS now, it also has the brightest future of any of them. Microsoft’s WP7S is already a downer and Apple would have to have some rabbit under its hat to dethrone webOS. Almost any other operating system and I’d give it to you, but webOS is just too strong.

  165. Kedar Says:

    Just put WebOS on HD2 software with gesture bar.
    That’s all we want Palm. :/

  166. Premazing Says:

    There really isn’t much of a competition here. While WinMo fans will try and convince you that the HD2 has a shot, and Touch Flo is a pretty cool UI, but to put a phone with an underlying OS which is like 50 years old in the final game? Ridiculous.

    Windows Mobile has seen better days. The OS was never written for consumer adoption, that is why Microsoft is even dumping the name in their new release. And this is coming from a guy who owns a Zune HD and pre-ordered Windows 7 the first day it was available. I tried really hard to get a Windows Mobile phone to complete my Microsoft market, but it just doesn’t exist. If I did get a Windows Phone, I would get an Omnia II or a TG02 when it comes out, not even an HD2. Touch Flo is a great start for a platform, but honestly it just is not a full fledged experience like Web OS. In other words, the whole thing screams that it is only a skin. At least touch whiz is a deeper, more smartphone-like experience. And stop treating the hardware boost as the greatest thing in the world: the iPhone has more 3D power than Snapdragon, and the TG01 had Snapdragon like a year ago. The TG01 doesn’t even make the first round, and the only real difference between it and the HD2 is Touch Flo, which is not good enough to push it to the championship

  167. Chuck Says:

    Put webOS on the HD2 instead of WinMo and you’d have a world-beater.

  168. techineck Says:

    The OS on the Palm Pre is nothing compared to the HTC Sense on top of window 6.5 for the HD2. Who cares about window 6.5, all you need is HTC Sense to have a great experience with a 4.3in screen! HTC HD2 is unbeatable… well mayb the HTC Evo 4g can beat it :]

  169. ben Says:


  170. clarkmc Says:

    Many of you here are commenting on Palm’s demise and as a shareholder I thought I might teach you a bit about the company.
    Talk of Palm going under is out of pure ignorance. What people need to understand is that Palm invented the PDA, which evolved into the smartphone, years ago. They lost their way a while back and Apple and others took advantage, and rightly so.
    The value in Palm lies in it’s patents and WebOS. Nearly every phone in existence uses many of Palm’s patents and ideas. Flip phone? Qwerty keyboard? Touch sensitive screen? All Palm. (Plus hundreds more)
    From an investors point of view, I look at Palm and am reminded of another stock everyone said was doomed and going under a few years ago. It’s symbol: AAPL

  171. richard angellus Says:

    i vote for the hd2 who’s a great and amazing phone with a wide screen, when you use it nothing can let you buy an other phone.

  172. lebron 1189 Says:

    HD2 has my vote by far!!

  173. Colonel Kernel Says:

    I had wanted to get a little playtime with the HD2 before this matchup, but, oh well.

    To get some idea of how much bigger the HD2 is I used to give me a comparison and the answer is… a lot.

    Sized Up: HTC HD2 vs Palm Pre Plus:

    Curiously, the Pre Plus does take up more volume: 101,655.75 mm² vs. the HD2’s 88,808.5. Unless either camp plans on submerging their cherished device in a beaker this factoid doesn’t mean much, but I just thought it was interesting.

    For those not understanding, form factor is not part of this competition. At all. Not even a little. Every form factor has at least one compromise, meaning that the form factor one chooses is based solely on which compromises are acceptable. For me, that form factor is the Pre: a portrait, QWERTY slider. It has two compromises: the keyboard is both small and slides. The HD2 has two compromises: no physical keyboard and the large size required to fit that screen. Which trade off is acceptable to you is entirely your preference.

    There is no such thing as the perfect smartphone form factor. You can not have a spacious, comfortable, always-available keyboard on a large and wide, HD screen and put it on a small device that you can use one-handed. If you’re the kind of person who like thought experiments, try and incorporate all those features. It’s good for a little amusement and, as a bonus, if you figure it out you’ll soon have a million-dollar check to cash.

  174. clarkmc Says:

    One more thing… I also sense that many of you here equate a large company with being successful; that Palm hasn’t a chance because of it’s size. Thinking that way is not only old school; it’s dead wrong.
    Did being large help GM? Does being a household name, in business for decades like Lehman, help?
    Okay, maybe one more thing… Instrumental to Apple’s success was the development of the iPod, a project headed by Jon Rubinstein, now CEO of Palm. I like Palm’s odds.

  175. Ricardoq Says:

    To know WebOS is to love WebOS.

    Seriously, people don’t really understand the magic and music within WebOS. It’s a joy to use. It’s SO simple. Elegant. To the point.

    I’ve had WinMo and it feels like a stale piece of bread compared to the Wedding cake feel of WebOS.

    Best of luck to Palm through these rough times. WebOS deserves to grow to “3.X, 4.X, 5.X” status, because there will certainly be no comparison.

  176. mdmhd2 Says:

    Palm Pre(historic) plus


  177. Anonymous, Nah -- HD2 FAN Says:

    The Palm Pre Plus should win. It would be an awesome April Fool’s joke, haha!

  178. l.jones Says:

    I don’t kno about how an hd makes you fill when you use it
    ,cuz I’ve never used it b4 but when I use my pre, it’s unexplainable, you would have to use this phone to love this phone it’s wayyy different rhen any othere phone you have ever used in ur life as you can see I love my pre the os is jus bananas you nerver find anything that comes close

  179. Herinel Says:

    There is no reason why this match up should exist. Yes the Pre was an awesome phone when it came out LAST YEAR! but it is no match for the HD2, the pre has an old 600 mhz processor used in the iPhone 3gs and iphone 3g, subpar hardware, feels cheap and plastic, small screen and is very much laggy when it comes to opening apps and such. The HD2 does not suffer from these problems even though it has winmo 6.5 and sense, it works just as well if not better than WebOS. I know because I work with phones all day and sell both of these phones. HD2 is the future in high-end phones. look at the EVO 4g.

  180. sayoud Says:

    Hd2 meilleur telephone du moment +++

  181. Hawk19 Says:

    VOTE FOR HD2 ONLY !!! ^^

  182. volkan Says:

    thats so simple.. hd2 1st
    berry 2
    palm 3
    mot 4


    post from hd2 ie

  183. I.jones Says:

    & another thing someone who say they have used a pre & are now on a another os & that os is better are out of there mind webos is jus beautiful you will never find an os anywhere close to this

  184. bored2nite Says:

    I’m sorry but whoever said you can’t be on a call and browse or sms at the same time AGAIN hasn’t used the phone.

    Guess what to make the situation even better… I called my other phone, when into my data connection settings… changed it.. to something completely null… had the phone tell me couldn’t connect, went back in fixed it back to… finished the set up… ALL WHILE ON THE PHONE.. and then browsed, and responded to two texts.. and never hung up.

    If someone is basing that off a edge experience they can go to hell because Tmobile 3g AND the hd2 can handle multi network use… not just At&T…

  185. Cesar Says:

    I love my HD2

  186. Mark Says:


    Linux will outperform everything else? Oh yeah, that’s why everyone uses it on their computers…
    WM is more open than you think. AFAIK It’s the only version of Windows that’s distributed in source-code format, so manufacturers can fiddle with it. Also, WM and TouchFLO 3D/Sense have been reverse-engineered a lot (see Xda-developers) and are consequently more open than most other proprietary platforms and UIs.
    I could’ve saved O2 a lot of money – they’re really struggling to shift their Pres. How they did not see disappointing sales coming their way is a mystery to me…

  187. itsmi Says:

    merci d’avoir transformé mon message d’expression française en eptit nègre
    car il était trop derangeant pour HTC

  188. alain0357 Says:

    Purée qu’ece qu’il est moche ce Palm !
    Vive le HD2 bien plus pratique et beaux !

  189. chicago081 Says:

    I’ve had the HD2 for one week today and it is truly an amazing device and I have no problem with it in my pocket even in the leather case holder and it is comfortable in my pocket. The interface for Windows 7 is truly ugly.

  190. luis mendez Says:

    the hd2 is the best phone so much better than any windows or in fact any phone out there…I feel bad for everyone who paid for the over-priced Touchpro 2. for 200bucks you can’t get a better deal anywhere you look.

  191. AS147 Says:

    Let me start by saying I have used a Pre, HD2 and an iPhone. I have posted and am a regular reader of and follow the Palm pre because I think it is a truly revolutionary and brave attempt to do things differently.

    However, this thread shows that some of the posters are letting their bias get in the way of well informed debate.

    Obviously the following is based on my personal prefernces and I believe these sorts of debates are pointless because different people have different needs but here goes (based on my needs)……

    Palms Future
    All this garbage about Palm having financial difficulty is a load of biased trash talk. No one knows what is going to happen to Palm and in the meantime they will miss out on using an excellent phone. If Palm dies in two/three years tell me you would have hung onto the phone that long before upgrading anyway.

    Biased Palm supporter view
    Mark writes….
    “HTC is’nt exactly the biggest company either”
    HTC’s sales have it as the 4th largest smartphone manufacturer in the world behind Nokie, RIM and Apple

    Craiger_B writes…

    “Palm Pre Plus ….Microsoft Exchange integration is **even working better then on the iPhone.**

    The Palm pre PIM with Exchange is weak and was one of the reasons I stopped using it.

    To say that the Palm is better than the iPhone on Microsoft Exchange just highlights that posters lack of knowledge regarding the iphone AND the Pre. The besting of the iPhone Exchange integration is not a big target to beat as it is also weak at this. This is also the reason I stopped using the iPhone.

    My short lived Love of the Pre
    Once I decided to try the iPhone I wanted it to work so I wouldn’t have to invest the effort again on another platform. But then the Pre came along and I fell in love with it but for my needs (PIM, Email, contacts, messaging, tasks) neither Palm or Apple could perform as well as Windows.

    What has always astounded me is that activesync sends all the same information to all these devices but both Palm and Apple chose to only use parts of it. This results in a less than optimal experience and and a stunted feature set. Why do these manufacturers do this? What do they hope to achieve???

    I really don’t understand why non Windows vendors ignore some data but the fact is they do.
    For users who need these features there is no alternative.

    My Vote
    If you haven’t worked it out yet, my vote is the HD2. It is “hands down” the best Windows mobile phone I have ever used and for me beats the Pre and the iPhone in the areas I need them the most. Is it the perfect phone, no, could it be better, yes. But is there a better phone out there for me – NO!!!

    Issues listed by Palm supporters
    Slow downs
    Windows mobile 6.5
    Device Size

    I find that these points are raised by people who haven’t used the phone so they don’t hold as much weight.

    Multitasking & Slowdowns
    My HD2 is lightning fast.
    Windows is a great multitasking O/S as is the Pre. Both will eventually reach their limit of concurrent active apps. I rarely use the task manager and the only reason I do is that unlike the Pre when you close an app it doesn’t go away, you are just minimising it.

    Windows mobile
    Running an O/S is only an issue if support is not available, there are no apps, it is buggy, slow, ugly/difficult to use. In the HD2’s case none of these apply.

    WM support
    Support for Winmo 6.5 and 6.5.3 is slated for at least the next few years. Considering most people change phones every couple of years can you truly say this is an issue?

    There are thousands of apps and and thousands more than the Pre and all available from multiple sites. I love the sideloading the Pre has and the app store is lovely but market place is just as usable and unlike Apple I can load an app from anywhere, not just the apps they say I can run on my device. Palm have a way to go to get to that many apps but I feel sure with their progressive approach to the dev community they will get there
    I also don’t have any issues of integration with other MS apps. The Windows platform is the only thing that can give me this (obviously) but don’t underplay its value. Recently our company deployed Office Communicator and I just loaded the native mobile client and I was accessing the same desktop service OCS provides from my PDA. The iPhone tries this but fails miserably.

    Windows Mobile GUI
    The HTC Sense UI is beautiful and I barely ever get to see Windows horrible UI.People usually ask, “is that Android”? when I tell them its WM they are just amazed. To those who state why put a GUI over a GUI. Well if it looks crap and doesn’t handle finger friendly demands that its users need then until a new O/S is available Sens UI is an excellent solution. Skins have been available for many PDA platforms for years and years. Its called the freedom to customise and make the device more personal and allows you to better achieve your specific requirements.

    Device Size
    The device is barely larger than the iPhone (about 2mm all round) but is actually thinner than the iPhone. I am used to smaller devices but one of the biggest surprises for me was moving from a small device (Samsung Blackjack) to this monster was a surprisingly insignificant event.I have no issue with it in my pocket as it is so thin.

    Dev Community
    The pre users who have commented about the lack of a dev community really have shot themselves in the foot as the Xda developers beats the iPhone and all other dev communities without a shadow of a doubt.

    Music and video
    The HD2 with its bigger screen wins. 800×480 resolution is simply outstanding when you play video. I play movies of several GB’s in size and people on the train on my journey to work are amazed when they see the quality of image. It is easily the most visually compelling experience of the HD2. Peopl at the office knowing it has full MS Exchange integration buy the HD2 based on the quality of the screen.

    I have always HATED the idea of onscreen keyboards and love a physical keyboard. It is one of the things that attracted me to the Pre. But the HD2 jkeyboard is so useable and large enough to warrant it as a worthy adversary to the physical keyboard. I don’t have an issue with the size of the Pre’s keyboard but as has been seen in the Palm community, the demand for an onscreen keyboard has resulted in having one on the Pre also.

    Storage and memory
    HD2. I have a 32GB micro sd card and am not limited to having to wait to buy an upgraded Pre or iPhone to get more storage

    Its amazing on the HD2, it beats my recently acquired dedicated TomTom device when locating a signal and route recalculating by a factor of 10 times

    It merges all communication with contacts and provides links in their records to Linked in and Facebook. It isn’t as complete as the Pre with Synergy but the clincher is that it has better integration with Exchange i.e. calendar entries/meeting attendees etc

    Finger freindliness
    HTC do a good job but this is made almost perfect with add-ons such as Resco Explorer and BsBtweaks etc

    Phone quality
    Yes! Its a phone lets not forget. I am slightly deaf and let me say this knocks the iPhone out of the park. But as with Exchange integration that is not difficult to beat. But it beats many other Nokia top notch phones and that is no mean task. I get a signal at home which almost no other device can achieve. Also it is lightning fast at getting data to me.

    In terms of the Pre, it is a beautifully designed device but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when you hold the HD2 and the Pre you will get people sitting in both camps

    US Carriers
    Some people say running on T Mobile is an issue, well I am using my phone unlocked in Australia so I can’t comment on the supply or service issues of different US telco companies.

    Please read some of these to get more information which may help you avoid being called out for posting incorrect information

  192. rlbroks Says:

    LindY, You made the comment HD2 4 Life, indicating your commitment to a phone for life? What?! Yet, I chose a Pre over an HD2 and I’m the moron? What does it mean if a moron calls someone a moron? Does that make me smart? Like some odd double negative?

  193. ian Says:

    how is it this close at all alot of blind win mo fanboys, lets get serious Web os is the future microsoft been fell off its pedal.

  194. Rupesh Says:

    HTD HD2 – Larger Than Life

  195. ian Says:

    hey yall see verizon dropped the price for the pre to 49.99 on a two yr contract and FREE MOBILE HOTSPOT no longer an extra $50 a month

  196. Dante Says:

    Vote Palm Pre.

  197. Mikey Says:

    Oh…Forgot to mention that the TMO version also comes bundled with a 16GB microsd card.

  198. Mikey Says:

    Most who criticize the HD2’s operating system (WinMo) I’m sure has not used WinMo 6.5 with the Sense 2.5 interface. Sense 2.5 actually DOES make all the difference to the user experience. I guarantee you that if you have actually spent time with the HD2, you would definitely fall in love with the phone on both hardware and software. Keep in mind that this is a battle between the 2 phones, which means that you have to be aware of the WHOLE package (In this case, WinMo 6.5 WITH Sense 2.5 interface, not just the WinMo that many of you who dislike for one reason or another). I’m not going to speak poorly of Palm Pre Plus as it is a very capable phone, but I know if anyone who have yet to see it for themselves will Love the phone once they get a chance to try it in person.

    Sense 2.5 gives you this wonderful interface that puts everything you would use at your finger tips: You have homepage, Favorite People, Messages, Mail, Web, Photos and Videos, Music, Calendar, Stocks, Weather, Footprints, Documents, Twitter, and Facebook all within this interface. The interface is so easy to use, and each “page” is very well thought out in both function and appearance. Reading and accessing your email is soooo smooth that it will not be bested with almost anything out there. View and sorting through both your photos and music is as good as anything out there. Facebook photos are accessible as if they are in your phone. While picking music is made easy in the album flow mode and you can even make a playlist on the fly (try to do that iPhone….). Stocks page keeps itself updated with your latest stock, with graph view and with 1yr, 3mth, 1mth view. Weather allows you to keep track of weather at locations you care about, plus it automatically grabs the 5 day forecast of your current location. Footprints allows you to geotag a photo with its gps location so if you ever want to visit the place where you took the wonderful picture, just tap on it and it will show you its location! Documents tab sorts all of your office documents + acrobat file on this page, giving you a thumbnail that you can easily flip through to pick the document you want to view and edit (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint!). This make it extremely handy for both work and school. Those who worry about not having a physical keyboard, the large screen make it ridiculously easy to use the on screen keypad. You will be able to type with accuracy and speed. It has also just been outfitted with the Swype keyboard, this keyboard will make you wish your phone also comes with it.

    I will agree that the Webkit based browser that the Palm Pre Plus has been outfitted is Better that the Opera 9.7 used in the HD2, but that is in no way saying that Opera 9.7 is a slouch. Try it with the HD2 and you will see that Opera 9.7 is speedy and accurate, you WILL have a great web browsing experience with HD2.

    I have seen the video where Palm Pre Plus is able to open 40~50 programs at once. However keep in mind that the HD2 is also very capable of multitasking. The HD2 WILL handle multiple real programs at once. You will find that HD2 will play Pandora and web chats (skype/G-Chat/MSN/Yahoo Messenger) just fine while you are viewing and editing a document that you have just received through an email that just got “Pushed” into your mail box. It makes no difference that the phone can’t do 50 programs at once, it matters that the phone will handle anything that the user throws at it, and the HTC HD2 WILL.

    Those who have not looked at WinMo’s Apps will be pleasant greeted with lots of USEFUL apps. I emphasize useful because if you look at the iPhone apps you will know what I mean. Out of the hundred thousand of apps, you will notice that only around 10 to 20 percent are actually useful. While the other 80 to 90 percent are apps that does absolutely nothing productive, ridiculous! You will find apps that will make your phone a FULL fledged GPS such as Garmin, TomTom, as will as my favorite, iGO8. These software makes the phone take on all of what a stand alone GPS can do, which is of major convenience for me. You have Coreplayer, which allows you to play movies of ANY format. Imaging all of the digital movies you have in your collection, you will be able to watch them directly on your phone with any conversion! You have SlingPlayer (this one is up to individual user since not everyone uses a Slingbox, but it is ridiculously awesome to watch CableTV on your phone where ever you are). Of course there is Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, FM radio and so on so forth. There ARE PLENTY of great apps for WinMo.

    Those who think WinMo 6.5 is a dying operating system needs to be more informed. Microsoft has said they WILL continue to develop the 6.5 line concurrently with the WP7 series. So the WinMo 6.5 line will continue to improve and get better, as evident in their inclusion of threaded email in their latest 6.5.x OS.

    Last but not least, hardware. Those who think the phone will be a chore to carry, please go see the phone in person and test it out! I also had the initial view that the carrying the phone will be very uncomfortable due to its large size. Once I saw the phone in person, I was pleasantly surprised that the phone is in no way uncomfortable to carry. It almost feels like having an iPod touch in my pocket, so easy to carry!

    The bottom line is that the HD2 is a beast of a phone! The very very powerful hardware allows the phone to fly even in the face of what is a lessor OS in WinMo. It gives the user to most wonderful user experience. Web browsing, email reading, video watching, and game playing is absolutely UNMATCHED on its fantastic HIGH resolution screen. For those who are missing out on what the HD2 can truly do, check out a youtube clip on the HD2 and it will probably change your mind.

  199. ivo35 Says:

    HD2 is the best WM ever!!and the perfect PDA!!,and for me I think that is not important to upgrade to w7,he is working wonderful with 6.5,one of the bigest plus app is that you can use HD2 like a wireless router for all your wifi devices,so when I travel with the family,we connect all ours devices to him and surf,palm pre need to be hacked for to do this!!!

  200. Mark Says:

    Sorry, that second bit of my previous comment was meant to be @Andrew.

  201. Mark Says:

    @ian, @Scott

    There are many articles like this:
    “After striking a 2-year exclusive deal with Palm to sell the Palm Pre in England, O2 is scrambling to increase sales after an extremely lackluster and disappointing launch.”
    Adrian is right – HTC is one of the most popular manufacturers amongst people I know in the UK, whereas I know nobody with a Palm device. Vodafone UK, T-Mobile UK and O2 UK all suffered from stock problems when they launched the HD2 because it was so popular. Do you research – this stuff is even on Wikipedia…


    The general public in Europe has never heard of networks like Verizon but this vote is meant to take into account the US networks these devices are available on…

  202. Tomaz Deguson Says:

    Multivoting for the Palm Pre is not a crime ;)
    Keep it Pre user, we gonna win !!

    lt;3 PALM PRE !!!

  203. Black Says:

    Erm, My HD2 can play all my PS1, GBA and SNES backups, My DvDs, it can Remote Desktop, it will soon be running Andriod and Windows Phone 7. Need I say more?

    Whats a Palm Pre?

  204. LindY Says:

    I would just ask a simple question.
    If someone ofers you a phone for free and you get to chose between palm pre or a hd2, you will really chose for pre you are a MORON.
    HD2 4 LIFE

  205. kah Says:

    I have have only used an old Palm, my previous phone was a Blackberry. HTC Sense on top of WinMo 6.5.5 is a great combo for the HD2. Who cares if it does do WM7, it is still vapourware – no phone does yet!

    With Office Mobile 2010, large screen and HTC Sense it is a 5 star product. I can use FTP Mobile on it and HTML editor to update my blog easily on the Internet.

    Vote 1 – HTC HD2 and show Microsoft they need to make WM7 right for the right phone!!

  206. Colonel Kernel Says:

    A method of cheating may have been discovered..

    Can votes cast this way be filtered?

  207. C. Quemada Says:

    alone the comparisson is a joke

  208. Michelle Says:

    Love HD2, so fast! You need a phone that gets you!

  209. itsmi Says:

    htc hd2 has a lot of problems with his virtual keyboards, with
    the lock screan with short messages with a lot af others things
    see all forum htc said that is the fault of wm 6.5 then it is a verry big
    problem because htc hd2 is not able to receive wm7
    the declarations of htc are verry stranges because the other branded goods
    that work with windows mobile 6.5 have not all those problem!!!
    verry strange!!!!!

  210. I.jones Says:

    webos users love their phone versus the minmo users who only like theres

  211. Sweat Studio Says:

    Grab your mobile. Are you ready? Turn on PANDORA and listen to music, now take a PICTURE of yourself, EMAIL it to your best friend, while you simultaneously chat with another friend on YAHOO messenger, also respond to a SMS message from your client that wants to reschedule their appointment so opening your CALENDAR and reschedule your appointment, keep every app open and update your FACEBOOK STATUS while checking new TWEETS ON TWITTER. Your phone is RINGING better answer it.

    Round 2: Use your WEB BROWSER and open while playing “Need for Speed Undercover” simultaneously checking the WEATHER with the Accuweather App. Record some video and uploaded it directly to FACEBOOK OR YOUTUBE.


  212. Alex Says:

    I’ve had an old winmo device (vogue) and now I have the pre. I have played with windows mobile 6.5, so I know what it’s all about and I’ve also used sense UI, (although on an android device mind you).

    Sense UI is kinda cool, it’s definitely the kind of improvement the winmo6.5 needs, but its still winmo6.5…
    Whenever I wanted an app for winmo, it was always an adventure figuring out how each one worked, and how to install it. If I got it from the PC rather than the marketplace, it was usually an hour with each app, just to figure out how to install and unpack it.
    I loved being able to cook roms on windows mobile, it was fun! But the customization options usually made the UI look kinda low quality, and when you looked at it, it really felt “Home-brew”

    I left winmo for a reason, it needs to be restarted a lot, it likes to freeze, and the OS NEVER gets any improvements (from my experience on winmo at least)

    The Pre running WebOS has an amazing UI. Far more beautiful, natural, elegant, and not to mention… Fun! Everything on the phone is fun, just cause you get to play with the fun cards. It’s easy, and every app works the same, and flows with the webOS the same way.
    I don’t need anything other than Preware on WebOS (which is SO easy to install!). It gathers any and all apps from all corners of the internet. App catalogue, beta catalogue, homebrew catalogues from multiple locations. And with a neat list, descriptions, pictures, all included, I just hit install and voila! Any app, anytime, all in one place! “All in one place” isn’t something I’d say to describe any Winmo features.
    Patches via Preware are custom UI enhancements/fixes/options available to customize and improve the WebOS experience and interface. Kind of like being able to cook your rom, but you can do it all from the phone, over the air, and u don’t have to reinstall everything for it! I can install/uninstall a theme or a flashlight toggle in my device menu (drop down menu from the top right, accessible at any time.)

    And if we’re gonna take the gloves off and talk hardware, and modding, lets get dirty then. HD2 — 1ghz, OS that cant use it. Pre — 500/600mhz… but thanks to the homebrew community, a little patch that brings it up to 800mhz overclocked, with very little loss in battery life.

    Overclocked Pre. Runs twice as many apps as it did before. Lag, what lag?
    Also, there are a number of people who are working on getting Android, Ubuntu, and Symbian running on the OMAP 3430 and working on a port to the Palm Pre. Thanks for playing HD2!

  213. kurtis 77 Says:

    hd2 is the best phone

  214. wm 6.5 Says:

    i just wanna say a couple of things, some people think hd2 is dead, hd2 runs wm 6.5 and its a bad characteristic just because its wm 6.5. yes, i admit windows hasn’t done a single thing with wm’s user interface. but it does A LOT of things a phone should do… GAMES? yes it has games, it might not have enough as iphone, webos or android, but it does have games. let me ask you guys a question, when was the last time you guys played those games on ur phone? a phone is a phone, a smartphone is a smartphone, its not a portable gaming device… if i wanted games, i would’ve carried my psp or ds with me. NOW that’s gaming… i just find it ridiculous that people say oh this phone is a better smartphone coz it plays 3d games… haha, does it edit .doc files? does it edit .ppt files? does it read .pdf files out of the box? how well does it browse the web? how well does the phone call sound? how well is it to browse tru messages/e-mails/missed calls? now this is a smartphone… all the talks about games… shheeet guys, buy a psp/ds for god’s sake.

  215. apod57 Says:

    HD 2 is the best one.

  216. rlbrooks Says:

    Someone who is a fan of HD2 is really handjamming the votes toward the end. Averaging about 20 votes every 2 minutes. With 6 minutes left, I think you are going to run out of time unless you pick up the pace.

  217. bernie Says:

    vote htc hd2

  218. Marquis Brantley Says:

    WebOS all the way… at first I hated it but after having several Windows Mobile Devices and seein’ a major difference how easy the Pre wuz to handle amp; get use to its a no brainer that that it should win… Real Talk amp; I supported Windows Mobile for years… It simply jus does not compare… The Pre’s operating system does Rock… Jus wish more phones would run it so more people could see…!!!

  219. Jun Says:

    Comparing web os and windows mobile, I like web os more. Windows mobile really not working well in handsets. Besides microsoft charges handsets manifactures over fiften bucks on that shit, which will increase windows handsets more expensive than other os system. Real smartphone is all about connecting handsets with all of your other sources including your suberspace, computer, and friends. Web os is easy to do so , which we call smart . Windows does the regular job, which we can not call it smart system, at most it is computering handset.

  220. vaudoo7 Says:

    have you ever seen a full divx video (800Mo) on the HD2 ? Full definition good sound and fluency. It’s perfect. Same for TV reception.
    have you seen your photos on it ? Bright lens, flash and definition in 800 pixels. it amazed my friends at first glance.
    1 mhz processor fully used, windows market growing, i don’t understand why the PRE is challenging…

  221. itsmi Says:

    rectification de la traduction du message precedent.
    le hd2 a beaucoup de problème avec ses claviers virtuels , avec le déverrouillage de l’écran, avec l’envoi des sms qui restent bloqués dans la boite d’envoi je n’ai pas le temps de citer les innombrables défauts (voir les différents forums)
    htc pretend que c’est la faute de windows mobile 6.5!
    c’est très em barrassant car le htc hd2 n’est pas capable de supporter windows mobile 7!!
    les déclarations de htc sont bizarre, car alors, les autres marques de smartphones auraient aussi des problèmes?
    à mon avis htc se contente de fabriquer le plus possible de nouveau smartphones pour attirer les clients potentiels ceci leur permettant d’avoir, malgrés tous les clients déçus et mécontants, un chiffre d’affair qui leur permet de rester sur le marcher! mais jusqu’à quand?
    qu’à cela ne tienne! ils continueront sous un autre nom!!
    come certains party politiques!!

  222. Enabled Says:

    Looks like the Pre wins again. :)

  223. iian Says:

    its 9:03 am est thats a wrap people pre plus wins by 263 votes again it shouldnt even been that close but we ‘ll take the win.

  224. cu2cool Says:


  225. Dave Says:

    0907 am EST and the Pre has won again!

  226. Heather Says:

    HD 2 all the way

  227. Nobama2 Says:

    Palm Pre FTW… adios windoze

  228. michel dutour Says:


  229. GibStorm Says:

    That just proves that the majority isn’t always right.

  230. dson Says:

    palm pre plus!

    i was a winmo user for years.. i personally have no problems against it. but hd2’s incompatibility to windows 7 just blows it for hd2. there’s no future there.. deadend for hd2.. sad but true..

  231. Colonel Kernel Says:

    @itsmi I don’t read French. What did you say?

  232. 05typesdc5 Says:

    Which mobile operating system has the best multitasking ability…?

    oh that’s right webOS duh..

  233. iian Says:

    microsoft needs to show some respect now, even with series 7 it would have been no contest, bring on the droid hopefully they can beat the BB tour.

  234. Tomaz Deguson Says:

    Again me !

    I gave perhaps 1000 votes to the Palm Pre by renewing my IP and deleting my cookies !

    YES, we (or I?) won !! :D

    Good job, Palm Pre is in final !

    Palm Pre 4ever ;)


  235. WebOSluvr Says:

    To wm 6.5 guy:

    Dude have you actually seen or played with Palm Pre? It does all those things you questioned like editing .doc or viewing .pdf files right out of the box. Any more questions? People who are saying PrePlus games, yes its ADDITIONAL advantage on top of being smart phone, why carry two gadgets when one gadget (Palm PrePlus) can do the job of those two gadgets.

  236. vmc Says:

    Gotta good April Fool’s joke for ya….

    HTC HD2! Get it?

  237. Alan Strangis Says:

    And the sobs from 500,000 unsold Pre’s echo through the warehouses of the world.

  238. shawn1224 Says:

    Web OS is going the way of the dinosaurs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Palm get bought out by Goggle.

  239. WebOS_Rox0rz Says:

    Well, it looks like the crackberry fanboyz stayed up all night trying to get revenge one the Pre, or possible trying to makes sure the weaker phone meets the Tour in the finals.

    I sure hope the voting site closes the “duplicate voting” holes so that they don’t do that against MotoDroid…

    The crackberry boyz have a lot of spunk, and they will need it to knock off the moto-droid. Good luck, and try to depend less on duplicate votes in your fight against MotoDroid. It makes you look cheap.

  240. marcus Says:

    i am using a HD2 – and i can tell you it is totally amazing. with all the tweaks from xda, its even more amazing

  241. ian Says:

    Whooooo hoooooooo my pre is in the finals!!!! Omg this is the most exciting thing to happen to me since I had a sex change operation!!!! I seriously hope the tour pulls out a trick up its sleeve against the droid, cause the droid scares me a bit, even though the pre is the greatest thing since the birth of christ..and how doesn’t anyone not realize that???? Time to get the champagne ready for the pre taking home the gold!!! Thank godddddd I got fired from my job so I can be free for this contest!!!

  242. Jack Says:

    Le HD2 une belle machine avec une multitude d’applications.
    voté HD2

  243. Joseph Says:

    HD2 ok

  244. Blaiz Says:

    Are you all insane?
    Just cause you hate Bill Gates and MS, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an honest opinion. The comments on why this Pre Plus should win are ridiculous and without fact. The HTC Sense interface makes up for pretty much all of 6.5s downfalls. Besides MS platform is just fine it just needed a better interface for a capacitive screen thus we have Sense. So much is expected of MS, this is and MS haters is why the HD2’s OS takes such a beating. I guess it’s just all too easy dismiss it and jump on the MS hate bandwagon. I never get into these comments normally it’s just there is just such much nonsense here in these comments and in this contest for that matter the Pre Plus should have been gone along time ago. The HD2 is ten times the phone. In absolutely every category it blows the competition away, only the Nexus comes close and that because of the similar specs and the Android OS(which for the time being is still inferior at this point to MS 6.5/Sense but that will soon change I’m sure) the Google connection is what gives the Nexus a partial shot. Many comment on Apps, but I have to say nearly every app I have ever (needed) wanted I can find for free on the many forums like XDA. Anyway lets me just quick through this out there

    -Speed HD2 blows it away

    -Beauty HD2 blows it away

    -Cost while it aint cheap it’s not tied to a carrier so tough to compare and the HD2 will hold its value way longer than the Pre, there is just more ways to make the HD2 better faster and customizable.

    -Interface HTC Sense is a very close and there are so many customizations to this on the internet HD2 takes this category too

    -Exchange Support i Don’t understand what people are talking about I have no issues seamless syncing with my corporate exchange through VPN 2 minutes after i turned it on

    -MultiMedia there are dozens of Apps out there that play just about everything Eg Coreplayer and watching or listening on this thing is untouched in teh market.

    -The Screen HD2 is amazing I could watch TV and or Video all day

    -Hardware the Pre Plus isn’t even close

    -OS while the Pre Plus has a great interface it can I have noticed be laggy. The HD2 is as smooth as silk and as fast as lightning and WP7 will work without a doubt on this phone hell it may even auto update the OS, if not just head over to a forum near you and flash the new WP7 ROM OS they will be there any day if not already. Me I will stick with 6.5/Sense haven’t seen anything that comes close when you toss on a few hacked addons.

    -Size (ARE YOU FRICKIN NUTS!) the only reason its larger oops sorry its not! its volume is actually smaller! but its ALL SCREEN people! so lets get this right people are saying its to big? why because its a half an inch taller same width and HALF the bloody thickness PEOPLE that’s a volume of 4.9 cubic inches and the Pre Plus? 6.72 cubic inches!!! The Pre Plus is almost 30% larger!!!!! So I’ts half an ounce heavier ITS GOT TWICE THE HARDWARE.

    I just dont get Pre Plus being ahead in this contest it’s utterly ridiculous. There has to be some bias from this sites visitors, have you been sent from Palm dot com? I mean someone give me a decent argument please.

    Man, you people are sick

    Oh yah I don’t know if you travel but I can go anywhere in the world with my HD2 and at least I have owned both,
    yes that is past tense…….

  245. Javier70 Says:

    I said before and I say it again:

    Bye bye HTC HD2.

    HTC blind-lovers, watch the finals from the bleachers, if you find a free space there.

    Pre Plus in the finals !

  246. Pillon37 Says:

    HD2 HD2 et encore et toujour HD2

  247. abee974 Says:


  248. Jerry Says:

    Everyone says 6.5 sucks…and 7 is the way to go…i disagree. Im gonna stick with my HD2 thats been out for a week and looks like were gonna have to let pre take this one for the fact more people own this device…not to fair if you ask me. Pre is amazing ill agree..but not a total fair competition. Windows mobile 7 will not multi task when it first comes out..and for that reason alone ill stick with 6.5. Great competition….i say it should be done again in a few months when HD2 as a fair chance.

  249. congz Says:

    haha palm pre beating HD2 and bold 9700? my bet is all the iphone fans, android fans blah blah rallied behind palm’s device just to make sure windows and blackberry don’t win the competition. bloody nonsense voting in my opinion. if palm pre was that good palm won’t be in trouble now.

  250. ksone93 Says:

    htc HD2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  251. Vash86 Says:

    Vote HD2

  252. nick Says:

    HD2 is the “i-phone killer” ive owned mine for 2 weeks now and i love it. the screen is bigger, the processor is faster, i have my music from i-tunes downloaded on it with twist, the quality of the device is excellent, palm……. is a cheap toy in compariason. HD2 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. Nobama2 Says:

    I love all the crying about a windows mobile 6.5 device that is doa.. youd have to be a moron to spend money on the HD2 when you know you can’t upgrade to a “real” mobile OS legitimately. Although I guess if you are stuck on TMobile you are probably not that bright to begin with though so its prob about par.

  254. shen Says:

    HTC HD2

  255. Steve Says:

    What a joke! It’s clear Verizon customers are skewing the votes. VZW phones BB Tour beats the iPhone? I’m not an iphone fan but we all know these votes are not the “true” reality. I’m calling it now…the Droid will win. Yawn…

  256. Scott Says:


    Fair enough. I never realised that over here in the UK, HTC have such a footing. I do know that the palm is selling well here however and as well as europe. O2 are a strange one though because if it isn’t the iphone, they don’t push it

  257. claude Says:

    You know what ?
    I’m H……*

    *Of course H….. mean HTC HD2 !!

  258. claudeJ Says:

    I have a dream that our children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.
    So they could say “stop ephone egemony” and use and be happy with your great HTC HD2

  259. martymankins Says:

    Palm Pre Plus for the win.

  260. Rylan Says:

    vote HD2 !!!!!!!!!

  261. Christophe Says:

    Vote Htc Touch HD2 <3

  262. jellis14 Says:

    Its funny that people actually thought the HTC2 had a chance? the software was already outdate before it came out? And don’t get me started on T-Mobile. If you had a Decent Credit score, you would be with Verizon. The only people that I know on T-mobile are people with no credit, and we denied everywhere else!!!

    You know thats true…. but as I sit here on Vacation, in the Keys, on my Laptop – with my new FREE hotspot from the pre plus… yes, its free now, and just as fast as my DSL line in my condo here on the water… I can sit on the Boat now, and enjoy a ass whipping from the pre, on anyone that steps in the ring…..

    GO PRE…. This is the best phone i have ever had!

  263. Riksque Says:

    Personellement je suis content de mon HTC HD2, donc je vote pour.

  264. Ricky Says:

    Je vote HD2

  265. Dédé Says:

    HTC HD2

  266. davros Says:

    @blaiz the majority of what you are saying is true. As a piece of hardware the hd2 is amazing. But when you throw windows mobile into it’s a joke, especially now it’s not going to get 7. The hd2 has been out 6 months or so in the UK, I got it on launch and now I’m sat here writting this on a Palm Pre. Without question the hd2 has better harrware but as an experience the pre thrashes it. Sense is ok but you can’t polish a turd……try webOS, you will never go back

  267. Dxmax Says:

    Très content de mon HD premiere version, je ne crois pas en les autres os mobiles qu’ils soient mac ou autres, trop limitants (Comme utilisation de Itunes obligatoire par exemple)..Donc je reste cohérent avec mon utilisation PC et je VOTE HTC HD2 !

  268. SusanneBurns Says:

    Palm Pre!! Palm anything! Palm Rocks!

  269. stark Says:

    htc hd2

  270. Patrick Says:

    HTC HD2 The betest one !

  271. amine Says:

    hd2 est bien mais mal exploité … WM 6.5

  272. Ali Says:

    HTC HD2 The betest one

  273. supertoune Says:


  274. Gina Says:


  275. bg045 Says:

    je vote pour le htc hd2
    le hd 1 est deja super alors le 2……….

  276. bg045 Says:

    je vote pour le htc hd2

  277. grifob Says:

    le htc h2 bien sur

  278. blake oviatt Says:

    I’m posting this from my hd2, most definately the HTC HD2!!

  279. bigmac Says:

    Seriously love the comments about how superior the HD2 is in every way. Complete JOKE! Smart phone choice has become highly personal and the good news is there is now lots of choice. Some do things that the others don’t and some do things differently/better. I have tried both these devices and they are both great. For me the HD2 is just too big. We need to keep cheering on new open OS’s so we never have to live in a world dominated by Apple, Google and MS…Great job Palm!!

  280. Nick Says:

    April fools!!! No one would want a Palm Pre more than an HD2!

  281. AKASHIK Says:

    HD2 and nothing else for me.

  282. Ozz Says:

    HD2 all day!! I love my phone! weather animation word excell on my phone 5mp camer with dual led flash and the flash light is actualy a flash light on this phone!! No comp at all

  283. Trevor Says:

    How many times have you techies seen some idiot throw 8 Gigs of RAM and a Quad core processor in their XP x32 Operating System? And your wanting to give HD2 the win for it’s beastly hardware when the OS doesn’t do it half an ounce of justice?

    HD2 is far superior hardware, but does anyone want to tell me why they would want a dying/dead OS?

    WebOS isn’t even close to fully bloomed and it blows almost anything out of the water that is out there right now. I would give HD2 my vote for it’s hardware, but it is beyond an epic fail to me for it’s WinMo OS… I voted Pre, yesterday.

  284. HD2 FAN Says:


  285. GbrilliantQ Says:

    April FOOLS!

  286. twies Says:

    HD2 the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  287. Blaiz Says:


    ” davros Says: April 1st, 2010 at 1:20 pm
    @blaiz the majority of what you are saying is true. As a piece of hardware the hd2 is amazing. But when you throw windows mobile into it’s a joke, especially now it’s not going to get 7. The hd2 has been out 6 months or so in the UK, I got it on launch and now I’m sat here writting this on a Palm Pre. Without question the hd2 has better harrware but as an experience the pre thrashes it. Sense is ok but you can’t polish a turd……try webOS, you will never go back ”

    Much of the issues with the HD2 are carrier issues, terrible service, horrible shells on the OS, but tweeks from the service provider. I will concede I am referring to an unlocked device, however anyone with half a brain can unlock this device and put almost ANY OS ON THE PLANET on this monster of a machine INCLUDING if they want WP7. However no matter how bad they may have got the HD2 through a carrier in the UK very little time on the device will give you almost unlimited options to customize your phone perfectly too you. I personally like many that actually know the HD2 will undoubtably stay with 6.5 as I see nothing on the planet I want to do on a mobile phone that I can’t on HD2 + 6.5. On 6.5 I am free to hack modify rearrange via OS shells like Sense which are forever updating and changing through great developers all over the net. You people don’t get it, no OS on the planet comes close to WM 6.5 in both power and features, this is only an interface issue, which in itself daily continues to be improved upon through various shells like Sense(customized) and with the updates and fixes we have seen on WM 6.5.

    PEOPLE don’t use a phone that is controlled by its operator nor by its OS through unctrolled updates say no to Iphone say no to Android say no to Palm say no to WP7 but say an unequivocal yes to WM 6.5 one of the truly last free range unspoilt completely hacked and customized OS’s there are on the planet. I know it sounds crazy but I have owned pretty much every phone in this contest(yes I’m disturbed and I got some dosh) and I’m telling you free yourself from the tyranny and get an HD2 before 6.5 is lost forever.


  288. mx5-57 Says:

    HD2 for me is the best

  289. Riopato Says:

    It’s obvious that those rooting for webos don’t have a clue how to use windows mobile. It’s too complicated for these people. The only thing wrong with windows mobile now is that it is generally being abandoned by developers considering they can now make money by nickling and dimeing everyone for things that windows mobile already had built in when they can now charge you fools for.
    I don’t get it. Pretty graphic trumps functionality. Because of this trend, we will never see what could have been the os equivalent of windows 7 on a mobile phone. Now what we will get is a Microsoft version of an iphone. Because you sheeple don’t have the brain power to use a real smartphone.
    At least this poll wasn’t a landslide vote. Considering that HD2 lost by 2% is really telling that windows mobile can compete with the younger os. Let’s not forget windows mobile started the whole smartphone market along with palm os (remember when palm phones had pocket pc on them?). It’s ironic that Palm won this race though, if wasn’t for pocket pc, Palm would’ve disappear completely.

  290. Batman Says:

    The HD 2 has good Hardware but Software is damn shit…have it now for 3 Month….always probs…freezing…no connection…etc etc etc…i was really amazed about the big screen and the surfing experience, which is unbeatable at the present, with cookies home tab the phone is at its best…theoretically…but you can see this on every smartphone with such specs…too much high tech, which is not perfected….dont tell me the iphone didnt go through this with fixes and updates….i am still waiting for the perfect phone…meanwhile use my old sony ericsson T 610…its working trusty lol…

  291. superduer Says:

    HD2 wins hands down

    WebOS is nice and amazing to use, but its the most boring OS I have ever seen. You all blame the HD2 for windows mobile, but windows mobile is the only OS that lets me change UI’s to things like TouchXperience, MaxSense, SPB Mobile Shell, and it has more themes than any other mobile OS out there. I can change it easily when I get bored of something.

    Sense UI is one of the most effective and the most visually appealing UI out there. Combine this with the amazing work that comes from the folks at like Co0kie’s Home Tab, and you have a killer phone.

    Name one reason why Windows Mobile Sucks?
    1. its not finger friendly
    —-actually, it is finger friendly. If you get a wm 6.5.x rom on it, you get bigger and better looking checkboxes and different screens. And if you use stock 6.5, there really is no excuse. With a screen of that size, everything is finger friendly.
    2. its slow and ugly
    —-you could always change your theme(there’s really nice ones now, and anyways, the beauty that is Sense UI masks it. The 1ghz snapdragon also helps because Winmo isn’t slow with a processor like that.

  292. superduer Says:

    and people who say the HD2 sucks because of Windows Mobile. I will guarantee you, the average iPhone user will not even see windows mobile when using Sense 2.5. Everything can be handled in Sense UI itself.

    For tweakers like me and many others, WebOS just doesn’t do it. When the Pre is put next to the HD2, it looks like a locked down device like the iPhone.

  293. Body Says:

    no comparison today with the HD2 …. maybe in a few days.

  294. Daniel Says:

    this is just crazy people who vote here obviously dont use there phone much cause if they did htc hd2 would win in a landslide and dont tell me the android system is better i had the g1 and i couldnt wait to get the htc hd2 and palm pre plus i had a guy at work who has that phone and when i showed him the htc hd2 he was like i wish i had that instead! i can look at full flash with skyfire that palm pre doesnt have i can watch full live tv and my dvr with slingplayer that palm pre doesnt have so name one thing that the palm pre can do that htc hd2 cant smaller screen? check palm pre gay looking, design check palm pre and gloat about your wifi hotspot i can hack my phone to do that if i really wanted 2! ALSO your web browser isnt faster than tmobile 3g so i dont know where that lie came from, but excuse cause im gonna go play psx on htc hd2 another thing palm cant do THIS IS A APRILS FOOL JOKE THAT PIECE OF CRAP WON!

  295. henry972 Says:

    HD2 is really the best

  296. meme Says:

    htc HD2 is a vary nice phone, I will agree with all that winxxxx 6.5 is dead but I have ran the palm and the Nexus One I will take the HD2 any day with the big screen and Winxxx 7. By the way I am running windows mobile 7 on it now.. and when it is released I will update it to…

  297. maximus Says:

    the HD2 the best

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