March Smart Phone Madness Game 11: BlackBerry Bold 9700 vs. Palm Pre Plus

Voting has concluded for this contest, but more Smart Phone Madness awaits!

Update: This Smart Phone Madness game has ended. Scroll down to see the winner. New games start between 11:30am and 12pm Eastern. Click here to see the latest.

Things are beginning to heat up as we close in on the final four! In our last round, we saw the HTC HD2 destroy the Motorola Cliq with a score of 1054 – 175 — a pretty lopsided match-up there. While we’re still in awe of some of the upsets we’ve seen, like the BlackBerry Tour stomping the iPhone, we’re still moving forward as the other devices get under way. Today, we’re looking at the BlackBerry Bold 9700, which easily defeated the Palm Pixi, taking on the Palm Pre Plus. The Pre Plus stunned us a bit with a win over the Nexus One, so we’ll see just how well it fares against the Bold 9700!

The Bold 9700 for T-Mobile is still a hard-charging device with its great call quality, push e-mail, and support for a host of applications. It’s small and sleek and its battery life is probably the best we’ve experienced so far on a smart phone. The 9700’s keyboard is spacious and intuitive and, like all other BlackBerrys, is going to be tough to beat for any smart phone. Overall, for both consumers and Enterprise users, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on T-Mobile is a solid choice.

On the other side of the court is the Palm Pre Plus. The hybrid touchscreen/QWERTY device runs Palm’s intuitive webOS, an operating system that few have called the best thing to happen to smart phones in 2009. The Pre Plus, which runs on Verizon’s reliable network, is a nice update to the Palm Pre available for Sprint. Some of the bigger changes we like is the additional memory and the improved keyboard. Perhaps the Pre’s only major downsides is its somewhat sluggish performance and the horrendous battery life.

Who will win today’s round? Will the Bold’s reliability, speed, and battery life topple the Pre’s vivid touchscreen, OS/UI, and its ability to work as a mobile hotspot? Cast your vote below!

Update: The Palm Pre Plus is victorious!

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  1. Finza Says:

    Blackberry Bold 9700 FTW!

  2. bill Says:

    The palm pre has an extended battery . In fact different ones to choose fron. I got the longest one and it lasts for 3 weeks if I just use the phone and ALL DAY if I use the web. I like everything about it. I have no problems that you don’t normally get with any computer. I feelm it’s like having a computer in your hand. Flash is coming soon too!!!! You don’t have to run out to buy a new phone . With OTA it’s like get a new one every month with there great updates like two weeks ago got video camera. They are making it better and better . LOVE WEBOS systemcan do things other phones can’t. Like Iphone more apps will come too..

  3. Carlos Says:

     Bold 9700

  4. Palm Pre is a JOKE Says:

    GO ROCKY! GO BOLD 9700!

    Screw the Palm Pre…Palm is so dying!

    Bold 9700 FTW!!!

  5. 07thKing Says:

    BB Bold gets my vote. Enough said.

    Posted from my – Blackberry Bold 9700

  6. Mimi Says:

    I have to say that this Bold 9700 Is the best. I’m never out of reach always connected.

  7. lee cogger Says:

    Blackberry Bold 9700 every time for me!

  8. saxyjaz Says:

    Pre Plus all the way!!! Blackberry is antiquated & boring! WebOS is intuitive, powerful, sleek, quick. I’ve got better performance than any of my Blackberry or iPhone owning friends.

  9. Alex Says:

    Bold 9700 ftw!

  10. Chris Says:

    I love my Palm Pre Plus. It’s gotten alot of bad press, but for no good reason IMO. I’ve had nothing but great experience with my Pre Plus. I really think too many people were turned off by crappy sales people in the stores. I’ve heard of more than one person going in to get a Pre Plus and were talked out of it by some 17 year old sales person in the store, just because they don’t understand the WebOS.

    Pre Plus will take this one.

  11. melvin Says:

    the palm pre plus is the better phone in a lot of ways. 3d gaming, frequent updates, active homebrew community, larger screen, better network, mobile hotspot, multitasking, social network integration… i could go on forever, but its foolish to think it would win against a phones as popular as the bold. if people vote based on the phone they have, Bold is gonna win by a long shot.

  12. ty Says:


  13. Mike N Says:

    The Bold 9700 is awesome

  14. farico Says:

    Hahahaha… Is this a hard one? nah

    Blackberry FTW =) I wanna see when two BB win…and then have to fight together…

  15. Bedpan Says:

    Sad that WebOS is being dropped for Android. There will be so many disappointed Palm fans.

  16. Charles in Charge Says:

    Why do you include negatives in your description of Palm devices, but nothing negative about whatever is competing against them? You did the same favor for the Nexus One in the last round.

    Why are you so biased against Palm, the little underdog?

  17. Cyndi Says:

    BOLD 9700

  18. dave Says:

    Better performance than a bb bold 9700? Not likely. Bb bold 9700 is imo the fastest smartphone out there and that’s running 10 apps at once quick swapping to e-mail , web and a phone call.

  19. David Says:

    Palm Pre Plus by a hundred miles. Going from using gestures and multitasking on webOS to using the clumsy and outdated Blackberry OS is like jumping from Windows 7 to Windows 95. Better OS, better apps, better games, better hardware, better phone.

  20. Matty Says:

    This is a pretty obviously win for the 9700 IMO. All the blackberry haters can say what they want about the palm Pre and the iphone being so intuitive, forward thinking blah blah blah. The bottom line is Blackberry is the best at doing what all phones should , being a PHONE. That means call quality and messaging. No phone on the market now, or in the near future, can handle messaging as conveniently and securely as a Berry, with exceptional call quality. Is their an app for that? I think not.

  21. Dominick Says:

    The Blackberry Bold 9700 is the best smartphone available on the market today!!!!!

  22. drew kora Says:

    Pre Plus please. I know the Bold is a decent device, but Web OS is such a clean, easy to use operating system. Fast, too, since the 1.4 updated. I’m amazed at how well WebOS syncs up all of my data from multiple devices, too. The hardware itself…could be better, but it’s hardly lacking. Still, the OS is the star.

  23. A.U. Says:

    9700 kicks Palm’s rear.

  24. juggalobeast Says:

    Blackberry bold 9700 is way better!!!

  25. cellinator Says:

    Not even a competition here! The Bold 9700 IS the BEST device!

  26. BB 9700 for life!! Says:

    BB 9700 will stomp any other smartphone. Nothing on the market atm can compare to this magical beast!!!

    Posted from my- Blackberry Bold 9700

  27. Guatiao Says:

    9700 all the way!!!

  28. oao Says:

    Palm Pre!
    The best smartphone ever!
    It’s all now in the op sys (meaning what you do) and not in the hw (what you have)!

  29. WebOS eh? Says:

    good luck staying alive Palm
    Do we hear M$ buying Palm yet? no, wait…nvm
    Pre is a bad mix of a toy and a work phone.
    BB 9700 FTW. Any Day!

  30. kilari Says:

    Palm Pre should win! Blackberrys are LAME in comparison. No BB is as awesome as any WebOS phone.

  31. Kedar Says:

    Palm Pre Plus does SO much more!
    3d games anyone?

  32. PapaTango Says:

    Pre = fun to use
    BB9700 = Boring…

  33. BlackBerryBlake Says:

    The pre can’t step to the 9700. Not even close.

  34. AK Says:

    Bold 9700, super phone..must have. Many try to copy its perfection

  35. reggie Says:

    I am a huge fan of T-mobile and of BlackBerry. The BOLD 9700 gives me the best mobile on my favorite network. It is the mobile handset that I have longed for for years.

  36. tand Says:

    Bold sucks compared to the Pre!

  37. Kiran Says:

    Also, WebOS is miles ahead in terms of usability.
    Multitasking is very easy on the Palm Pre, while it is not as easy/apparent with the Bold.

  38. Drew Says:

    What a biased article! You guys really hate on the Pre, what about the really boring UI of blackberry or that it’s on the 4th US carrier. It didn’t easily beat the palm pixi, the pixi probably ended up winning and you just skewed the votes in favor of the phones you sleep with. Bogus website

  39. Daniel Says:

    I own a Pre and watched some youtube videos of the BB. Seems to me like 100 percent business and 0 percent style.

  40. Kiran Says:

    Wow, please bash BB’s UI.
    The Pre outshines it heavily.

  41. Trueffelhamster Says:

    Palm Pre even without the plus (I got it) is the best! Homebrew and WebOS represents the free world. I don’t want to be jailed by a manufacturer!

  42. swingtokill Says:

    At first I thought I made a mistake getting the palm pree but it searched according to budget and found the palm pree to work great it is more than a phone ity almost replaces my laptop. The palm pree is a tool. Now its making me money. KI love it. Not perfect but its worth everypeny and more needs more apps, is the only down side.

  43. nkbme Says:

    BB has more users for sure, but not even a competition as far as productivity. BB seems like it is from the 90’s compared to WebOS! Palm Pre FTW!

  44. Bedpan Says:

    Simple because everyone is in awe over an OS thats a one hit wonder. I’ve had a Palm before and it was an epic failure. I’ll never buy one again. I’ve had BB and Android and I love them both. I would go with either over a Palm any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  45. JH Says:

    BB 9700

  46. bbfan Says:

    BB BOLD9700!!!!!!! ALL DAYYYYYY!!!!

  47. Vash SIn Says:

    i agrew with drew! ever since round one the article on laptop mag has always had something bad to say about the pre. Look! i know ur scared that with all the people voting on the palm pre plus will down ur servers, but give it a fair chance!

    “Perhaps the Pre’s only major downsides is its somewhat sluggish performance and the horrendous battery life.”

    umm.. any phone that does as much as the pre at the same time is bound to kill the battery fast. ask any one with an IPhone or an HD2.
    what a POS admin….

    in anycase GO PRE!

  48. Vash SIn Says:

    to add insult to injury, as i was about to click on “palm pre plus” and vote a damn BB9700 add pops up >:-/

  49. predefined Says:

    Although, both smartphones have comparable features, clearly the Palm Pre Plus blows away the Blackberry Bold 9700 with the following feaures: Palm Pre Plus is a portable Wireless Internet Router in the Palm of your hand (WiFi Hotspot Provider); includes video editing and direct uploading to YouTube or Facebook; true Multitasking Mobile Operating System; Includes Multi-Touch screen zooming; Includes talking turn-by-turn GPS navigation software; Supports Wireless Charging technology; Supports high-end 3D gaming. Blackberry Bold has a terrible user interface…boring, bad graphic design, still has no taste or style.

  50. Judson Says:

    Bold 9700 all the way. Efficiency is not about looks.

  51. mario Says:

    the Palm Pre is by far the better phone but since this is more of a popularity contest the Bold will win :( man Blackberry is so played out. Leave the smurfberries alone people because Palm is Pre’tastic!!!

  52. Rich K. Says:

    I’ve only used the Palm Pre Plus for two weeks now…but i gotta say… smartphone OS I’ve used yet. Anyone who says otherwise hasn’t even tried WebOS. 5 minutes with it and you’ll understand.

  53. Dan Says:

    The Bold 9700 FTW. I own one and it is the best. I cannot put this thing down. What is a Palm Pre anyway? Never heard of one!

  54. Davros Says:

    Palm Pre all the way. Blackberries are so far outdated now I just dont understand why anyone would buy one.

    The Pre does everything the Blackberry does, better, faster and also does a lot of things it does not.

    Oh and the guy that said WebOS is being dropped for Android is I assume just trying to wind people up. This was a rumour ages ago that Palm even came out and said was totally false. The Pre does have its issues, but these are mainly the hardware build quality. WebOS is the best thing Palm have, its without question the best OS on the market and I have tried them all.

  55. ryran Says:

    I wonder how many of the people in these competitions that are aggressively touting their phone of choice as the best have actually USED the other contender? I know I haven’t. This whole thing is a joke. Reminds me of popularity contests back in grade school.

  56. john Says:

    I feel like the person who wrote this article totally has it out for the pre. The apparently haven’t used a recent version on the Pre Plus with webOS 1.4. The battery life is much much better now and it truly is not the sluggish if you take care of you phone a defrag is every once in a while, but even still, if you don’t defrag often it never really get that sluggish. Maybe somebody should get the writer a Pre Plus with webOS 1.4 and he’ll totally be writing this match up completely differently.

  57. Kedar Says:

    Sorry I think the Pre is winning now.

    : )

  58. LStrike Says:

    @Bedpan: That was a completely BS rumor that was debunked by a loud laugh at Palm. Android is NOT coming to Palm. What would be the point? The sell for Palm IS webOS not the hardware. And BB may be popular but honestly the OSes are night and day. Until the next iterartion of BB OS you can keep those relics.

  59. Kedar Says:

    @ryran: I think many people have used a blackberry.
    Not enough people have used a Pre.

    Once you use the Pre, it’s hard to use any other OS. You’ll be doing gestures and swipes and all this other mess.

  60. joo Says:

    GO PALM GO!!
    Palm pre is not Smart Phone is a SUPER PHONE!!

  61. PRE! FTW Says:

    I have a BB and a palm pre on my desk right now. and they are a lot alike. the biggest thing… the productivity (the whole reason BBs are popular) points go to the pre. IDC how much you love your BB but they cant milti task efficiently. yes you get your emails like 10 seconds faster but you cant see 2 emails at the same time cn you? can you have more then one conversation open at the same time weather its aim, txt, MyspaceIM, facebookIM, or tweet?

    the pre wins hands down

  62. rhong Says:

    Palm Pre for me. It’s funny reading all the comments and seeing how the Bold 9700 proponents have no content supporting their vote. So many of the Pre supporters back their vote with reasoning. As a homebrew dev, I love how the Pre is a linux box in my pocket. I haven’t used the Bold, but I have used BB devices in the past, and they’re good, just nothing to write a comment (here) about.

  63. bb_guy Says:

    Funny that I can’t get the voting buttons on my BB Curve. But I had no problem voting from my Pre Plus…

    Can you vote from your Bold?

  64. who_picks_these Says:

    Who picks these matchups? and who picks the editors choices? they editors choices are getting crushed in these matchups…

    And Palm just keeps surprising people. If you use a Pre, you will buy a Pre.

    And why can’t I get the voting buttons to work on my Blackberry curve?

  65. Ed Says:

    I dont know whats the big deal with the 9700. I can do all the stuff blackberry can do on my phone plus more, and I dont have the pre plus, I have the original pre and webos has been great to me. I just installed a patch that will allow me to instant message my friends on facebook. Can your phone keep your text and instant messages sorted out by contact name no matter if it was mms or facebook, aim, yahoo, msn, and etc? Also with aps like Newsroom I can set up my phone to get alerts every time the rss feed has been updated for the drudgereport and the philadelphia eagles transactions. I can also take video and pictures and upload it to facebook, youtube, etc. Dont forget the universal search and of course synergy. You wont know how big is synergy until you loose your phone and after you sync up your replacement, boom all your contacts there. Oh I forgot did I mention this is still a PHONE!!!. BTW wait until flash comes out this year, that and 3d gaming and multitasking and all the other goodies I get with a OTA “Over the air” update makes these phones the best in their field. Oh wait with WEBOS DOCTOR it is nearly impossible for anyone to brick their phones. The only argument is battery life but if you know anything about cellular technology you will find out that T-Mobile is GSM and Pre and Pre-Plus are CDMA. CDMA uses drains the battery faster than GSM. If you want to compare the battery life compare phones that use the same technology, Ie T-mobile v att or sprint v verizon. For all of you blackberry lovers remember that in this country is not the best device that succeeds but the better advertised one. That why you have the edge over palm and why apple has the edge over black berry and why android is killing right now. The fact is that if someone sees a cell phone on tv, they automatically think it is a great device. just my two cents.

  66. qurgh Says:

    I just switched from the HTC Touch Pro to the Palm Pre and I’m very happy with the device. I’ve used Blackberrys before, but never liked them. Just getting one setup to use my work’s Exchange server took hours and required third-party-software, while the Pre just worked fine out of the box.

    I have no issues with Battery (mine easily lasts 24 hours without dieing).

  67. gobi Says:

    The Pre’s UI and multitasking wins this one for me. The BB is a nice phone, but that’s about it. Different mindsets, I suppose, but the BB seems incredibly archaic to me whereas the Pre is a vast improvement over the iPhone in terms of UI and multitasking. I have nothing bad to say about the Pre except that Palm should ship the Pre with a higher-capacity battery.

  68. Geiger Says:

    Rollerball vs Touch Screen
    Is it even really a competition????

    Palm Pre PLUS!

    Add to that, Palm has a FULL web browser and you can make apps on Mac’s, PC’s and Linux for FREE

    Coming Soon: Flash for Palm Pre

  69. spaznout Says:

    honestly, this should be no competition, the Palm Pre beats any bb by a long shot!!! the os is much more responsive, better to work with, NEVER BORING, smarter then any blackberry out there! i had a blackberry for a week, got bored out my a$$. Palm Pre: touchscreen, full keyboard,camera and video, 3d games,touchstone, wifi, multitasking, great OS. Blackberry=not so much

  70. nyquistJack Says:

    @ryan: obviously I could be in the minority, but I have a BB Bold for work and Pre for personal use so I am very familiar with. The BB was my only smartphone for years but I never used any of the smartphone features (except email of course) because moving around in the OS is such a major PITA. I haven’t used my BB for anything other than work email since getting my Pre. So Pre FTW :)

  71. Palm Junky Says:


    I. my friend use both! I have had two different BB’s with my company while using my own personal Palm Pre Plus.

    So while I can’t speak for everyone else, I can tell you for a fact that the Palm Pre Plus is “Pre-dominant” in terms of usability, UI, apps, multitasking, SMS, email, enternet browsing, unobtrusive notifications…

  72. who_picks_these Says:

    who picks these matchups? Editors Choices continue to get whipped. And the Palm Pre continues to surprise.

    Any BB user that tried a Palm Pre would switch. I did.

  73. eric Says:

    50/50% right now
    Come on guys : VOTE!
    Palm is DEAD.
    It was nice during many years and I still keep a LD and a Treo 680 for Fun but RIM is so ahead in many interface concept, stability and quality.
    9700 and RIM are the way to go

  74. bobbydig Says:

    nothing bold about the blackberry bold, a real snoozer of a phone.

  75. BB 4 LIFE Says:

    BlackBerry Bold 9700!!! No contest!

  76. infinus Says:

    Beat Palm
    Let them taste dust.
    BB9700 is hottest and most productive smart phone in market.

  77. vara411 Says:

    Umm… Laptop Mag? What is this crap? Your commentary heavily favors the Blackberry Bold 9700, and you take whatever opportunity you have to slip in criticisms of the Pre Plus. The Bold 9700 is a fine phone, but it lacks the browser, ease of multitasking, Mobile Hotspot, 3D gaming, beautiful screen, good camera, and multimedia capabilities that the Pre Plus possesses. Although there’s more BB users out there and that may lead to a 9700 victory today, the Palm Pre Plus is most definitely the superior phone.

  78. david le Says:

    Blackberry lacks, power, fun, and is boring! Palm Pre ftw!!

  79. bobbydig Says:

    hey blackberry folks,

    i voted from my palm pre. how’s that blackberry browser treating you? does it even load this page? blackberry is a one-trick pony, email. even those stupid peek devices can do that. no thanks.

  80. matt Says:

    Blackberry Bold. 9700 all the way! Best smartphone out there! Also posted from my bold 9700!

  81. TheH89 Says:

    Blackberry 9700!

  82. varvi Says:

    Palm Pre…!!! is the BEST, no doubt about it.

  83. Voted_From_My_Pre Says:

    Hey, I voted from my Pre Plus because it has a real browser. Couldn’t do it on my BlackBerry.

    Can you “Bold” users vote from your hamstrung excuse for a browser?

    I have a Curve (work) and a Pre Plus (personal). No contest which is better…. Pre Plus is a “try it, you’ll like it” product!

    If you are voting against the Pre Plus, you haven’t given it a try.

  84. S Says:

    Yes, its no wonder you were surprised the Pre won, after bashing it in the article and extolling the virtues of the Nexus One.

  85. John C. Says:

    Which features are better on each device?

    Pre = Real multitasking, WebOS, huge homebrew development community, easy and stable homebrew patches, 3D games, Linux-based, touchscreen, better resolution, mobile hotspot, Superior web browser, flash compatibility.

    Bold 9700 = Better keyboard, better camera, expandable memory up to 32gigs, … and ummm “Brick Breaker”?

  86. ctrad45 Says:

    I voted from my 9700… Just saw a few reports that said Palm was dying a slow and painful death. Phones are too small, flimsy and are usually made for the hands of a woman…not that that’s a bad thing… 9700 is plain and simple the best hand-held out there. Anyone who’s tried one would agree.

    I tried a Palm Pre… After some use decided “Pre” stood for “Pre Blackberry”.

  87. Trick440 Says:

    Blackberry? Are you f’n serious? That things a total piece of crap. Sure it was a decent device back in the day, but its 2010. I had a BB for 2 weeks and it was such a turd. How does it beat an IPhone?

    Have you BB guys been paid to come over here and vote?

    WebOS is the sweetest operating system out there. Palm Pre for sure. I can also say when Palm launches its next flagship device, JUMP ON IT! It awesome and I have had alot of phones.

  88. cRACKmONKEY421 Says:

    How the hell did Palm Pre Plus beat Nexus One? Wow. Palm offers nothing better than anyone else. They’re not bad, but come on. Those who have tried several different phones know. BlackBerry Bold 9700 has my vote.

  89. Colonel Kernel Says:

    This matchup is gonna clear 10,000 votes, easy.

  90. Darrius Says:

    plam ftw I mean come on now crapberry is old, has the ui ever changed? They had that same layout back when I had one on nextel back when they where hot! Seriouly crapberry dosn’t even stand toe to toe with the pre and that’s without the plus

  91. Jorge Says:

    Go BOLD or go home!

  92. geezor Says:

    Multitouch screen? Gesture area? 3D Gaming? Multitasking? Facebook/Google/Yahoo/AIM integration? Open-source Linux apps? Palm Pre wins in every category.

  93. Phenoum Says:

    @eric – dude – you dont know CRAP! Lookin at these two OS’s right now – RIM is the company that looks dead in the water! WebOS = the most attractive, productive mobile OS today – HANDS DOWN

  94. CKCJim Says:

    Pre Plus. Better OS with much more upside potential. No questioning the 9700’s utility, but basically you start and end with the same device. The Pre has much more room for growth.

  95. BB abuser Says:

    BlackBerry Bold all the way.

  96. Phen Says:

    btw – hey Laptopmag – how about actually writing an unbiased synopsis for BOTH phones?

    If RIM was a woman – you’d be cheating on your wife! You guys are ridiculous! Obviously NEVER used a WebOS device!

  97. Lucas Says:

    Palm Pre.

  98. kissdagame Says:

    9700 hands down

  99. kingdre Says:

    BB 9700 Baaaaaaaaaaaaaby!!!!!!!!!! I have 16gb memory card

  100. portorikan Says:

    Happily switched from a Blackberry to a palm pre last year and never looked back. Working on my sister to get her pre.

    The Blackberry was a nice OS for it’s time once they added the trackball, but it’s going the way of AOL. Dial up is dead. The Blackberry OS is dial up technology and the pre, and the rest has moved onto or is moving to broadband.

    The palm pre wins hands down, and I’ve actually used and owned both platforms, unlike most of the folks commenting here, I’m sure.

  101. Stephen Says:

    Alot of the above issues can be resolved just by buying a Palm Pre. I love my Pre and it pains me to hear people bashing it. Its not a miracle phone and Im sorry that it cant brew your morning coffee and do all the things a 1st generation phone “should” do out of the box. I clearly remember the iphone had hiccups on its initial launch too. How soon we forget about the “data” blackouts, dropped calls, apps freezing, network error messages when people got their hands on the 1st generation iPhone.

    We expect too much from our phones. I remember when a cell phone was only used for making phone calls (imagine that!). Now we expect them to be replacements for “all things electronic”. We expect them to be our radios…tv…video recorders…music players…work office…personal assistant and concierge…gaming console…pagers…ect. When it fails to do any of these things as we expect them to – it quickly becomes a POS!

    Have a little patience my young grasshoppers. All in due time. The Palm Pre may not have all the “craplications” the iPhone has, the shiny newness of the Android and the business reputation of the “ackberry”. But it does have a community of people who admire what it has accomplished and all its potential therein.

  102. mONKEY421 Says:

    Personally I think Palm will not be around for much longer. BlackBerry owns the business world for several great reasons (not just email.. google BES). They also do everything else you could want from a smartphone as far as apps, and now some good games (YES, most of the recent ones do OpenGL-that’s 3d games). Comparing phones is pretty much the same here as comparing operating systems. Palm and the WebOS look better at a glance with its much prettier big screen and a better GUI out of the box. But this Bold 9700 actually offers more pixels on it’s screen than the Pre Plus, and the BlackBerry OS GUI is extremely customizable with themes. I agree with the critics in that WebOS doesn’t offer anything to give it a lead over any other current phone OS.

  103. Dominick Says:

    For all losers that think the Palm is faster….JUST LOOK AT THE SPECS….The Bold 9700 has a faster processor then any smartphone….Plus my friend has The Palm and my Bold is alot faster….I WILL SAY IT AGAIN THE BOLD 9700 IS THE BEST SMARTPHONE AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET TODAY!!! Remember a phone shouldnt be used to play games that why they make PS3’s and X-Box’s

  104. Spartacus! Says:

    Palm Pre Plus all the way!!! Hi to Edmar, Riz, Rose, Al and the ever beautiful muse, Roy!

  105. Bograma Says:

    I’ve been a long time user of BlackBerry.I own a 9700 which is a great phone.I alo got a Pre, hope to make up my mind in 2-3 months. But for now I vote with the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

  106. Menace187 Says:

    This must be a joke the the bb is still in the lead, Palm pre is going to shit on that by end of day. Palm FTW

  107. ash Says:

     Bold 9700 FTW. Palm is dead to me.

  108. Javier Says:

    I believe we (Palm Pre users) are running out of voters… It would have been nice seeing palm winning this match (and I still hope it wins), but let‘s face it, Palm Pre is out there only 1 year ago, and BB is been there for years… more users, that‘s all. At least Palm Pre has been the hell of a challenge to those leading the market for all this time… this must mean only one thing: new smart phone generation has been born: webOS lead by Palm Pre. So, to all NO Palm Pre users, we will be glad to welcome you soon when you decide to move forward and you let yourself getting in the new way to be connected. We are on the new decade, are you?

  109. Dom Says:

    Palm Pre – I don’t know why this phone gets so bad press – to high expectations?

    But for all the bad press it gets I was pleasantly surprised today after being told I got the last one in Dusseldorf – apparently O2 completely sold them out there. Lucky me. :)

    And for all naysayers who are predicting Palm’s demise, cool off people. People predicted that years ago when they were in really bad position with no apparent way out of the situation (at least from the outside) – and they wowed the tech world with WebOS at the start of 2009 – now they didn’t kill iPhone, Blackberry and WinMo so they are an obvious fail?

  110. Sweat Studio Says:

    PALM PRE PLUS – I think BB users are clueless. This is not even a close comparison. Blackberry’s only shine on email and texting, but what about surfing the web, apps, multitasking, and removable battery?? End of game. You need to own a Pre for at least 2 weeks and you’ll notice that WebOS is far superior.

  111. bloodline Says:

    Bold all the way! Its all about phone quality, messaging, SMS and MMS, and emails!
    The native browser is fast and does the job!

    BOLD 9700..

  112. Alex Says:

    MotoDROID FTW! lol

  113. suths Says:

    The Palm Pre wins hands down, a true smartphone, rather than media phone or jumped up office mobile. Palm Pre is the best smartphone so naturally it should beat the Bold.

  114. Blackbery 4ever Says:

    The Palm Pre is a piece of crap. It even does not work outside of the US.

  115. Erik Says:

    The Pre is so amazing.

    The BB is antique. Its boring.

    The Pre Plus, and anything Palm has always been innovative, sleek, and amazing.

    Just because a phone has some bad press doesn’t make it a bad phone. Ask any Pre user how much they love their phones. They’ll tell you its the best out there.


  116. Meric Says:

    Multitouch screen? Gesture area? 3D Gaming? Multitasking? Facebook/Google/Yahoo/AIM integration? Open-source Linux apps? Palm Pre wins in every category.

    I second this.

  117. Lar Says:

    Everthing that IS Bold is OLD! Are you kidding me??? BB Bold vs. Palm Pre is like NIGHT VS. DAY…no comparison in terms of everything relavent…web browsing, multi-tasking, dev environment, TCO, ROI. Pre ROCKS!

  118. VASH Says:

    for you who say pre is slow…
    eat that…

    lets see the BB do as much in so little time.


    fuck it i challange any BOLD user who is bold enough to post all the this that crapberry can do that this cheap ass BB8330 dosent. then i want you to explain what the BOLD can do that the pre cant..

    ANY ONE! EVEN THE LAPTOP MAGS WACK AS EDITOR. probobly mad cuz he cant get his hands on a pre…. must live in DUsseldorf O.o LMAO!

  119. Lovenia Says:

    Palm Pre is for me! Keep your eye on the Palm.

  120. Ted Soffel Says:

    I have had Blackberrys back to the 7100 series with the trackwheel. I’m an objective kind of guy, not a fanboy by any means, but I have to admit that I kept buying the BBs because I was used to them. After a friend with Sprint showed me his Pre, I have to say that I was very impressed. My VZW contract was coming up – but hey, it was Sprint. I like my network, you know?

    When the Palm Pre Plus hit VZW, I decided to take it out for a test drive, figuring I had 30 days to convince myself to stick with the tried-and-true. I’ve never looked back.

    Multi-tasking is huge. My old Curve/Storm (I had both) couldn’t touch the web browsing experience and I love the fact that no matter how many places I sync contants from, I get one contact per person on the Palm Pre Plus.

    Would I like to see more apps in the catalog? Sure, but most of the ones I had are there – Slacker and Pandora, the VZNavigator, Yelp, Where, etc. etc. I use about 8 apps regularly and seven of them are on the Pre (the eighth was a game that I played when I got bored riding the train, but I’ve found others to replace it).

    I’m going to invite all of my BB friends to join me in trying the Palm. If you don’t like it, go back. But maybe – just maybe – you’ll be like me and find plenty of reasons to make the switch.


  121. mdvision Says:

    A good friend works for the local school district which issued him his BB. We have compared phones side by side and it was a completely one sided result in favor of the Pre. Actual users and unbiased editors familiar with multiple smartphones have commented on webos being in a league of its own. This comparision in the real world would be a slam dunk for the Pre. It meets or exceeds the BB in “EVERY” comparison category possible including form factor, hardware/software features and core phone functions. The BB can only win this popularity contest on owner numbers. The Pre is completely and totally a superior device compared to the antiquated BB. I’m disappointed the editors of this “contest” could not muster the integrity to balance the initial product introductions. Poor form and very telling about the dubious core content of the web site. Don’t publish if you lack first hand knowledge. Regurgitating second hand FUD lowers the site to “another one of those” status.

  122. Darrius Says:

    how is the blackberry keepin 52% of the votes with like a 400 and something gap no matter how many ppl vote for the pre?

  123. Kedar Says:

    Nicely said Ted.
    I was using a BB on Sprint until I wanted to move up to a feature-phone. I tried out the Pre.
    I found that it was more feature packed and easy to use in some ways, but harder in others. For example, sending messages and e-mails is FAST on the blackberry. For the Pre you’ll have to wait for the applications to open. There are workarounds, like leaving the application open… and with a Pre Plus you can do that.

    The Browser is one of the best native applications. It’s TOP knotch. With a bigger screen, it would be #1 in my opinion.

    There are other things but… that’s all I’ll say. You guys just have to try the Pre out.
    I get frustrated when I play with someone’s Ipod touch just because I can’t gesture or go back into card view and I can’t have more than one application open.

    Just try it.


  124. Bob Says:

    Got the Palm Pre Plus 2 weeks ago and never looked back.
    The BB backers keep saying Palm is dead because the operating is old. Don’t they realize their’s is the old system now? WebOS is the one that is new, well thought out, easy to use, adaptable and fun. It’s a great communication system (phone, email, messaging, WiFi, Hot Spot) and does a slew of use and FUN stuff, too. No contest.

  125. Imthebrain Says:

    Palm FTW….WEBos rocks….

  126. Chaucny Says:

    I actually use both a Sprint Palm Pre for my personal phone and a Bold 9700 for my work phone. The Pre is the better phone for me and what I use it for. I get work email on the Blackberry and that’s it.

  127. Javier Says:

    BB guys, you should learn a little from Ted Soffel, he is by far a smart guy. He really deserves a smart phone.

  128. Frank Says:

    After having my Pre now I will never go back to blackberry. BB had better battery life but that’s itand it’s not a big deal to charge the phone every night when I go to bed, Pre beats it in every other measure.

  129. Nate Says:

    As an Android fanboy, I can be pretty objective in saying that the Blackberry wins here.

  130. r_gemini Says:

    go PALM!!!! if yall crapberry users actually owned or had the honor or even playing with a pre, you most definiatly wouldn’t be voting for that lame phone.

    and just for the record: webOS > Any mobile OS on the market
    …and you can quote me!

  131. Your_BB_cannot_vote_here Says:

    Notice that the BB installed base is probably 10x as the Pre, and yet this is a tight race. That’s because anyone that has used a Pre will always prefer it.

    Has anyone using the BB Bold been able to use it to vote on this contest? It worked fine on my Pre!

    You owe it to yourself to actually TRY the Palm Pre before you hate on it.

    By the way, how is ANYTHING running on t-Mobile winning? The network should certainly be part of the dicision process!

  132. VASH Says:

    or is that 400+ vote dif just the same nigga clicking on the bold?

    this site is already gone to shit and extreamly bias. Im only here to watch the pre win after that im adding laptop mag to my blacklist.

    fucking hate ignorance!

  133. BB 4 me Says:

    Love my BB 9700. Used other smartphones and the 9700 is by far the one I love the most. BB’s are known for their unsurpassed security. This is why Fortune 500 companies, the military & the Government uses the BB. My vote is for the 9700.

  134. cj Says:

    Pre Rules all the way… Blackberry? r u serious, for people who don’t know how to use Smartphones…boring zzzzzzz

  135. Ed Says:

    @ Blackbery 4ever

    The fact that your black berry can work outside the US has very little to do with how the phone performs. Since you you’re not up to speed with “CELLULAR TECHNOLOGY” let me teach you something:

    ALL PHONES that are CDMA will face the harsh truth that very few countries use it as a standard. GSM (Phones with simcards, just in case you didnt know) on the other hand is the standards for almost all of Europe. You want a Palm Pre that works in the US and outside the US, get one from Europe or better yet wait until AT&T releases their PALM PRE PLUS in the coming up months. OH by the way ANY BLACK BERRY on VERIZON or SPRINT that is NOT QUAD BAND CAPABLE (That means being both cdma and GSM) will not work in a lot of countries outside the US.

    So by your standards not mines, Blackberries must be a piece of crap too.

  136. PRE-KING Says:


  137. Mike Says:

    @Ed. Look up Pre for O2

  138. Mike Says:

    for got to add, comming soon to AT&T with QUADBAND

  139. Dave Says:

    Pre definitely has my vote. Blackberry users are about as hip now-a-days as people still stuck in the 80’s sporting popped collars, parachute pants, and permed hair. Yes the OS gets the job done, but is boring beyond belief. WebOS is elegant, quick, intuitive, and wide open for home-brewers and devs to expand incredibly.

    Blackberry had is heyday…. now it’s time to put grandpa in the home and bring some life back into smartphones! Go Pre!

  140. brum Says:

    Pre is divine, Blackberry is good but just fails to excite.

  141. Ed Says:

    All I want to know is who still uses blackberry??? I think zac morris owns one and thinks it pretty rad

  142. rush Says:

    blacberry has nothing over my pre. Palm all the way.

  143. Mike S Says:

    WebOS vs Blackberry OS? Are you crackberry people on drugs? It’s not even a contest. Palm Pre Plus all the way!

  144. dj ozone Says:

    blackberry is so incredibly boring…I gotta go with pre I had both and pre smokes the berry hands down….and I used to love my berry but now its so old school…rim step up your game!

  145. bmc1217 Says:

    Seriously WTF. Using a script to rig the voting. How fucking shallow are you guys? Can’t beat the Blackberry Bold and Crackberry nation without cheating. Karma’s a bitch just wait. Fucking douches

  146. bmc1217 Says:

    Actually I just voted on my BB. So fuckin suck it Pre script writing lowlife

  147. djghettoredneck Says:

    Of course I vote for BlackBerry 9700. BUT I am on ATT and the TMobile on the end almost had me not vote.

  148. N5492 Says:

    The Pre (and maybe) the Plus have been upgraded to WebOS version 1.4 recently. It is NOT sluggish. It is zippy. The battery life is fine. If you want great battery life buy the super dupper battery. It is a great phone. Go Pre!!!

  149. Rufio31 Says:


  150. Liaison Says:

    Bold 9700!!!!!!!!!!!! FTW!!!!

  151. Gagy Says:

    Palm pre…. WebOS is the best!!!

  152. rafael Says:

    @ Ed

    Uhmmmm this challenge is between T-Mobile 9700 againts Palm pre plus from VZW so dont start talking about the palm pre plus in europe, or blackberries that are from VZW and sprint are CDMA, well that palm pre is not in europe, and that 9700 is not CDMA, so that means it is GSM, so do a little bit of research before ur next post…… so which is better ? 9700 all the way

  153. crash_pr Says:

    with the pre I don’t need that crappy, crashing thing called BIS. Palm pre ftw!

  154. pujo Says:

    Bold 9700 for sure……..

  155. J. Goodwin Says:

    palm fanboy NATION FTW

  156. the eck 12 Says:

    The Boring-Berry is a second class citizen in this race. The Pre Plus just did a spinning, 180, slam dunk in yo face!!

  157. Lauren M Says:

    I love my Palm Pixi. It’s the best phone I have ever had. I am sure that the Palm Pre is just as astounding and probably even more so because it has a more advanced processor as well as more memory. I have no complaints with my phone. The only complaint I have is that it’s very underrated. It’s the best phone but Apple and Research in Motion have the market on lock. Too bad since their phones lack the sophistication that Palm’s devices have to offer.

  158. Dominus A.K.A "Brgy. Captain" Says:

    Palm pre will rock your world…its extremely a one of a kind piece of smartphone of the new generation.. Get it now

  159. pitch2U Says:

    The Pre Plus does everything and more! The Pre Plus hands down!

  160. Gooberbean Says:

    My friends with their dull berries can’t keep up with all the cool things I can do with my Verizon Pre Plus. Pre Plus Rocks the berries.

  161. Matt Says:

    NO ONE who tries a pre plus will ever go back to BB… As someone who’s had a BB & an iphone, pre plus wins. hands down.

  162. drewdoGgg Says:

    Bold 9700

  163. Pre ftw Says:


  164. gustavo Says:

    the new is webos no more , bb only pin bla bla bla. the winer is PALMMMMMMMM

  165. Tito Says:

    Bold 9700 all the way.

  166. s10dlka Says:

    If this was Nexus One vs Blackberry there would be no competition..the Google phone would win by a landslide. I would consider neither one of the handsets in this match as proper smartphones. Neither of them are even in the same league as the likes of the N1, HD2 or iPhone.

    In fact, the only reason we are faced with this clash of the mediocre right now is because of all the irrational palm pre patrons out there that came together in the 1st round to vote pre because of their own good experiences but failed to demonstrate why that meant it’s actually better than Nexus One. Unfortunately, these people are now up against the equally (if not more) loyal blackberry users.

    I only hope logic and common sense will ultimately prevail to crown the HTC HD2, by far the best smartphone currently in the competition, as the winner!

  167. Randy Says:

    I have owned both the Palm Pre and the BlackBerry Tour. The BlackBerry Tour is very similar to the BlackBerry Bold 9700. They look almost identical, except that the Tour has a trackball and the Bold 9700 has a trackpad (the picture in the article is incorrect, that is a pic of the old Bold 9000, which has a trackBALL instead of the improved trackPAD). In fact, the BB Bold is even newer and has more features than the Tour. So, I can compare these two phones as a direct user.

    Palm Pre:
    *A very fun phone to use, due to the gestures feature. Love the way you can flick apps off the screen and move on to another one … very cool. Nice size phone … and nice sized screen. Feels good in the hand.
    *Pandora was excellent on this phone … I stopped using my iPod completely. The Palm Pre is convenient for music and a person always has their cell phone close by.
    *Very stylish overall look to the phone.
    *Absolutely love the charging stone. Much, much better than connecting an iPhone’s to its base. Palm should promote their charging stones more, because it is just one more thing that sets their phones apart from the crowd.
    *Can not sync to my ITunes, even though before buying, I was told I could. I can get the songs from iTunes to my Pre fairly easily, but it does not one-step sync.

    *Better call quality than the Palm. In fact, it’s not even close. Sound like talking on a land-line phone.
    *Speaker phone is quite a lot louder and more clear than the Palm. And this is important when I am using GPS voice directions.
    *Screen is smaller on the BB Tour/Bold, but it appears more high definition, visually pops out at the user. This is true of the BB Tour and the BB Bold 9700, but not on the less expensive BlackBerry models.
    *Email is light-years ahead on the BB compared to the Palm Pre. The emails visually look better and are easier to read on my BB. My family lives out of state and email is a key method of communication for us.
    *Key-pad is larger and a lot easier to type on the BB, fewer typo’s compared to the Pre.
    *Using the software for my laptop that came with my BlackBerry, my BlackBerry DOES sync with my iTunes in one simple step. That shocked me!

    In summary, the BlackBerry just performs better overall in several key areas that are important to me. And it seems more solidly built than the Pre. I’ve dropped my BlackBerry, and it doesn’t phase it. A potential drop of my Pre is scary, due to its more plastic appearance and moving parts (slider keypad).

    My vote went to BlackBerry Bold 9700, but I wish Palm well, as well as its fans.


  168. Black Beard Says:

    No one really wants a blackberry, you are just forced to use them because of narrow minded companies.
    Pre is innovative and stylish, not clunky. Pre is more productive.

  169. jo Says:

    Pre has a real OS, BlackBerry is a simple java engine.
    BB has the better keyboard but virtual is no good
    Pre has a real web browser (overclocked is faster than iPhone and Android at 1Ghz)
    Pre has real multitasking
    Pre has real 3D gaming
    Pre is more open platform

    What’s better about BB? It has fan bois. Pre is the underdog that truly is better.

    An iPhone owner trying to decide between next Pre and Android. Friends have both.

    Perhaps RIM should buy webOS – they need a modern OS desperately.

  170. BB? what's that Says:

    Two words. BlackBerry Storm. yeah… it is that horrible. PALM is the FUTURE.

  171. Clinton Says:

    Go, Pre, go! The phone is a delight to use and it sure gets the job done.

  172. Cameron Says:

    I’m a former Blackberry user and a current Pre user. For me it all comes down to the OS. The BB OS is outdated and boxy while Pre’s webOS is the most intuitive and smooth OS available. Comparing these two phones reminds me of the early days of Windows. There were millions of dos users who were perfectly happy with their boring blinking command prompt and were slow to adopt the radically improved Windows user-interface. BB OS was amazing … years ago. Now it’s just old and behind. Updating the appearance of it on new phones doesn’t make it relevant.

  173. steve Says:

    BOLD 9700 IS THE BEST!!!!!! OS is super fast. AND ITS JUST PLAIN SEXY BRO!!!!

  174. Stephen Says:

    Palm Pre

  175. BlackBerryTeens-MY on Blogspot Says:

    We at BlackBerry Teens Malaysia believe that there is nothing that can outdo a BlackBerry® smartphone. This is evident in the Tour™ vs. iPhone match, in which we saw the ever-resilient Tour™ win the day.

    The BBTM team all use BlackBerry® smartphones, and we all agree that when paired with the Palm PrePlus (which we had flown in from the States), the BoldII™ beat it in every aspect that we evaluated.

    We vote BoldII™.

    BlackBerry® for the world!

  176. Da Maestro Says:

    The Blackberry is just what it says, a blackberry phone; does little or nothing in comparison to the pre. I own both phones and find myself doing more things on the pre because simply… “YOU CAN DO MORE” things on the pre. I love this bashing, The Pre will win… you’ll see clearly later.

  177. PalmRevolution..... Says:

    As of right now the Palm Pre is the best phone device out ……I mean really WebOS is just the best thing to ever happen so far and it makes life so much easier…….In fact, I can’t even use another phone now unless it uses WebOS …..This is the future and Palm is back in business!!!!

  178. Dell Says:

    Bold 9700, due to email, keypad, and call quality.

  179. Sergio V Says:

    No matter what the outcome of this Smart Phone March Madness, there is only one vote that truly matters… G4-Attack of the Show’s

    Palm Pre Plus FTW – Acknowledged as the Best Phone and Best Anything Ever reviewed

  180. Vassi Mladenov Says:

    Bold 9700 is the best smartphone yet.

    The Pre Plus doesn’t stand a chance, unless cheating *cough* Pre fanboys *cough* occurs.

  181. Colonel Kernel Says:

    @bmc1217 What evidence do you have that anyone on either side is using a script? Is it because the Pre couldn’t possibly beat the Bold on its merits? In the new era of smartphones, the Pre Plus mops the floor with the Bold. The Bold is a good, solid, reliable phone with a great battery life, but that just doesn’t cut it anymore. BlackBerry’s are like that guy in accounting that you can always count on, while webOS is the Junior Executive rising through the ranks to super stardom.

  182. Frank Says:

    palm pre all the way baby. Fantastic little phone with superior versatility and thousand times better operating system. Step aside bold.

  183. Randy Says:

    Wow, I’m amazed at how many votes the Palm Pre has garnered. How could that be … there are not that many Pre users out there? I am the only one I know that owns one. By contrast, I know many people who use and love their BlackBerry. Hmmm … look at the Pre’s other surprising win earlier in this contest. And look how venomously the Pre voters are attacking BlackBerry, rather than simply touting their phone. I like Palm, but something smells fishy here.

  184. Mike jackson Says:

    BlackBerry? Please..! Man palmpre plus got my vote here. Clearly, there’s no competition. Palmpre(webOS) is a futuristic OS. Palmpre plus can do: Real-time in you face, card view Multitasking, 3D gaming, Real web browesing, not stalled as boring grand-father, out-dated BlackBerry. I mean come on, palmpre plus has it all. BlackBerry is only good for business email,that’s it. The Pre is like a mini computer in your pocket. Web browesing,just like on the computer, if you are bore, play some 3D gaming,& just entertain yourself. The Pre is so addictive that, once you start playing with it, it’s very hard to put down. You just can’t get bore with the Preplus. Flash gonna be here soon,& it’s over. Preplus is the winner here, BlackBerry can continue smoking that old out-dated, CrackBerry. PalmPre,Or Palmpre plus, the best & the winner. No competition, sorry Black-Crack-Berry, you need a facelift.

  185. BB?? PPL still use those things? Says:

    I can’t believe ANY BB made it in here at all… When did that OS come out? Like 1784 or something? Ne person that says they like a BB over a pre has either never used 1 or rode the short bus 2 school… And that’s a big LOL 4 whoever posted that about Palm using Android… That doesn’t even make sense considering that the hardware is actually the weaker part of the pre equation. I could nvr have nething else. My Pre multitasks like a PC as soon as we get our Flash support & our Doc’s to Go there won’t really be nething you can do on a pc that you can’t on webos except stream video & once we get Ustream (which we will) or at leat something like it) ull be able 2 do that over wi-fi & when 4G gets here… It’s over… And in case you didn’t know sprint is the leader in the 4G race right now w/ their WiMax… Look it up…. Oh… And wait till the new update 4 the iphone comes out. Ull see how dead webos is when you see how many things apple copied 2 get up 2 speed w/ webos because it’s still n it’s infancy and is more capable then the iphone ( you might have noticed I quit talking about BB… That’s cuz there is no competition there… Period)

  186. mONKEY421 Says:

    A lot of people on here seem to not know that this BlackBerry supports multi-tasking and openGL (as most do these days). A lot of people on here are using that as palm pre’s best point. I think iphone is the only smartphone left that doesn’t multi-task. Oh yea and the BB has a much faster processor and a more ridged design. BB FTW

  187. Alex Says:

    Pre Plus FTW!! and its winning now! this has been such a close race all day!

  188. iroc371 Says:

    I’ve used both and the pre is just the better device. I guess if all you do is call and email the blackberry may be good enough, but with my pre i can not only effortlessly multitask, play games, read my emails, texts, browse the web, check all my calenders @ once, and whatever the heck else i want to do all without closing anything. Its all right there at my fingertips, one tap away. IMO the people who prefer the blackberrys have never used a pre or only need a phone with email.

  189. mONKEY421 Says:

    Also forgot to mention that BB already does docs to go and will also have adobe flash (as will nearly all smartphones but iphone). Pre fanboys only pay attention to what their phone does. It doesn’t have to be called webOS to have a web browser. While you’re scrolling around because your pre doesn’t have as many pixels on the screen and the GUI wastes a lot of space, my uglier BlackBerry already clicked on the link. It’s the pretty and flimsy Pre Plus vs the uglier, but more efficient and solid BlackBerry Bold.

  190. prenup!! Says:

    Palm Pre all the way!! I’ve used both phones and the BB is OLD! Yes it’s solid, but that is all you get! I can get to work on a pogo stick, but there are better ways to travel. WEB OS is the Lexus of mobile phone OS’s!

  191. Peebo Says:

    I like the Palm Pre because of the webOS and it’s open source. The battery life is not the best but the apps and features are worth having one.

  192. 'enny the great Says:

    BlackBerry Bold 9700 best non touch screen smart phone on the market! Maybe best over all only thing bb is lacking is a good browser be we all know that is about to change in a few months!

  193. Iain Says:

    Viva la palm!!

  194. tk Says:

    A Blackberry is pretty much an electronic typewriter in an age of computers. It’s the feature phone for this decade. Outdated, clunky stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if five years down the road Palm would be where RIMM is this year. RIMM is the one I am worried about here. Palm just needs better hardware, like a bigger Pixi with the gesture area as part of a larger screen. Forget the Wall Street propaganda. Over 50% of Palm float was short, so the collapse of the stock was to be expected. Palm has 600 millions $ in the bank.
    Even then the Pre Plus effin’ rocks. Best smartphone on the market, bar none. FANTASTIC OS. The most mac-like experience on any mobile platform.
    Anybody who voted for the Bold is probably on the verge of using Viagra. Out with the old, in with the new!

  195. Brendan Says:

    The crackberry is a great business phone… but that’s about all. The Pre on the other hand is a great business phone as well as being a great phone for average users.

    Then there’s T-Mobile, of the four major networks, easily the worst. I love to bash AT&T, but I’d take them over T-Mobile any day of the year. Just being on T-Mobile ought to DQ a phone.

    Let’s all face it though, these polls are a complete joke. The reviews are clearly written in a biased manner and the voting is absurd. They matched up a Pixi instead of a Pixi Plus (which makes no sense at all) and the iPhone losing to the Tour? HA! As overrated as the iPhone is, it’s not THAT overrated.

  196. TKK Says:

    Why is BB even in the race? It’s not even a smartphone. It’s a simplistic java engine that does email. The web browsing is horrific compared to modern smartphones. They need a modern OS. Listing BB in this race is like listing the old PalmOS, which is in the same class.

    RIM should buy webOS as they direly need a moders OS. In the meantime, this race is over. Android/webOS are more comparable. iPhone will likely catch up but BB isn’t even on the same planet.

  197. scrapp Says:

    Palm pre is a childs toy, bold 9700!! Is the s**t!!!

  198. Rick Says:

    My brother had the pre and honestly I just didn’t care for the look. The bold is a classic design which appeals I believe more to use over the age of 12 :). So my vote is for the bold 9700!

  199. ashanti b Says:

    Blackberry 9700 !!!

  200. mikel Says:

    Bold 9700 all the way!

  201. Matt Says:

    Watch out BB, here comes Pre…

  202. patkat Says:

    Blackberry 9700 ftw

  203. Tim Stiffler-Dean Says:

    Man is t coming close on this score. I mean, 50-50? Crazy.
    As for my vote, I def went Pre Plus. I don’t even have the Plus, just the original on Sprint, but I would still vote for it. The BB is old and I’ve had nothing but problems when using it. In fact, I don’t understand why any BB would win in this race, but this sure as hell is really close.

  204. Anon Says:

    This is BS, the BB fans are obviously using major scripts. Theyve made up a 600 post deficit in 30 mins. The poll shouldve ended at 12. Pre was well ahead by ~300 at that point.

  205. Pre Makes It Rain! Says:

    Pre makes it rain like Jordan in the playoffs. Blackberry is Karl Malone. Good at times but just not good where it counts. Pre shakes double-teams (multitasks), has court vision (Better web browsing), and shoots a left-handed free throw in your face just for fun (3D games). Karl Malone can deliver the mail (e-mail) and thats about it.

  206. jamgraham Says:

    Palm Pre has a screen that blows BB away. With the homebrew community, you can customize the Pre to be exaclty what you need. Fits like a polished stone in my hand, not a giant brick like the BB. Hands down pre. Go mobile hotspot!

  207. JamGraham Says:

    Pre has a better screen hands down to the BB. It fits in my hand like a polished stone, not an oversized brick like the BB. The operating system is so much smoother and easier to use. With the homebrew community you can customize your Pre to be whatever you need. Pre gets my vote. Go mobile hotspot!

  208. Chuck Says:

    Blackberry = TIRED.

    webOS is excellent.

    For every one thing the Bb can do well, the Pre Plus can do three even better.

  209. KC Says:

    Interesting…I’ve been checking the vote totals throughout the day. The Palm Pre Plus not only was leading, but its margin was slowly increasing each time I checked. Suddenly, in the last hour or so, the BlackBerry Bold makes up a 500 vote deficit? That seems unlikely. Considering the “glitch” in the voting for the BlackBerry Bold/Palm Pixi match up – which shows the Bold with fewer votes yet declared the winner – as well as the obviously biased descriptions of the phones, this whole contest is suspect. Is BlackBerry sponsoring it?

  210. J. Goodwin Says:

    mONKEY421 no phone out there multitasks like the pre. Have you ever even seen one?

  211. YessWeCan Says:

    The Pre should easily be the winner here

  212. Fermin Says:


  213. Iain Says:

    Viva La Pre!~
    Hoot hoot fotha undadawg!

  214. Denis Says:

    Definitely the Bold 9700

  215. JJ Says:

    I have to say that the BB OS feels quite outdated. But I don’t look for flashy games or glittery apps, I want a phone, and the 9700 delivers in a big way. The call quality is amazing! Also, push email and superb messaging make this phone the clear winner!

  216. Colonel Kernel Says:

    @mONKEY421 No, we do know that BB OS multitasks. We are saying that webOS does it so much better that BB is no comparison. In webOS, you can move between any two applications with one swipe gesture and then go back with another. From what I understand, you may have instant, one-button access to email and maybe, but that’s it. Anyother apps requires multiple steps. Again, I’ve only played with BBs in stores a couple times (and only recently) but the OS is literally from another era. Maybe the Storm’s touchscreen makes it easier, but I haven’t heard good things about it.

    As for the Bold’s speed that others have commented about, well, of course it’s fast. If Palm were running the medieval PalmOS natively on the Pre’s hardware it’d be screaming, too. But Palm’s moved on and the new OS certainly runs well enough. BlackBerry’s working on a new OS, too, and how much you wanna bet that legacy support will have to be crowbarred in? BlackBerry’s now where Palm and Microsoft were before webOS and Windows Phone 7 Series.

  217. LugNutz650 Says:

    How did Blackberry even make it into the tournament? People still use them things? The only reason it owns the market is because of all the non techie email needing stiffs in the corporate world. Blackberry’s real attempt at getting into the smartphone market was the Storm; which was more like a drizzle. The Bold is hardly a smartphone by today’s standards (no touchscreen?? WTF?!)

    Palm Pre rocks! WebOS rocks! Do yourself a huge favor and give it a try, and I GUARANTEE in a few days you’ll look at your Blackberry as if it was made in the stoneage. No really you will.

    Palm dead? *sigh* And you believe everything the weatherman says I bet.

  218. grndslm Says:

    I have only one thing to say:
    I’d run webOS on my desktopOS, if you catch my drift.
    I dream about the cards and gestures when I sleep.
    It’s sick!! But in a good way. :)

    REAL Flash coming soon from Adobe to support 100% of the Intertubez. What CAN’T it do?

  219. Kevin Says:

    Palm Pre Rocks, Battery life doubles if you shut off wifi when not using it. Had it since day one and love it still, never freezes on me or anything.

  220. Joe Says:

    BB has a much faster CPU? Are you smoking something?

    The BB Bold 9700 uses an Xscale ARM11 CPU. The clockspeed might be higher (though I’ve seen conflicting reports, some say ~500MHz, others say 624MHz), but the ARMv7 Cortex A8 in the Pre is far superior to that in the Bold.

  221. luis martinez Says:

    Blackberry bold 9700 hands down

  222. naga Says:

    palm pre is the best

  223. Colonel Kernel Says:

    I hate typos.

  224. Palm Rocks Says:

    Palm for the win. It’s the Phone of the Year in 2010: It is especially impressive considering it’s very similar to the 2009 phone.

  225. monkeysFly Says:

    The Pre is amazing, and Palm is totally dedicated to its customers. The Pixi got an OS update that turned the regular camera into a movie camera, for free! What other company would do that?

  226. Colonel Kernel Says:

    “…email and maybe [messaging], but that’s it. Any [ ] other apps….”

  227. DB Says:

    BB is old news, sorry. Palm knows the smartphone business, and webOS is clean, simple and very capable. Best phone I’ve had in years, “smart” or not.

  228. Franklin Says:

    My cuzin has the bold, and i felt like, WATS THIS??? so ancient, i felt like i was using my old Palm Centro, in a way… I have the Pre for Sprint, and i just love it how people are like, OMG, UR PHONE IS SO FAST! is fast, pretty, productive, and very good OS. iphone has nothing on the Pre, quick app swapping/multitasking, oh, i have even gotten laid cuz i had a pre… lol

    Im sure the pre plus is much better than my regular pre. VOTE FOR THE PRE PLUS!

  229. rogers ftw Says:

    9700 is the best phone I have ever had. My 2nd blackberry, and I will definitely hold onto this one for a while!

  230. kris Says:

    love palm pre

  231. Kiv Says:

    palm web os is best ! Hardware vice device is not excellent, but as compared to BlackBerry Bold 9700 Palm pre is much better …Palm Pre FTW

  232. Pre Reigns Supreme Says:

    Screen size anyone? True multi-tasking? Not even a contest, the BB is a faster version of the same archaic OS with a good keyboard. Blah. I’ll take the Pre over anything else–PERIOD.

  233. Justin Says:

    Palm Pre Plus! Go team!!!

  234. Mark Balcher Palm Says:

    The Pre is the best thing to happen to cell phones in a long time. The Web OS is the most intuitive operating system to date. The touch screen is the most vibrant, and the extended battery lasts for days. Palm Pre all the WAY!

  235. Sweat Studio Says:

    Okay it’s 11:31pm, PST. I think you should call it. Palm Pre Plus wins!

  236. Suths Says:

    Its still the Palm Pre, nothings changed since my earlier post. BB needs to stick to office phones, because its getting it ass kicked from every angle by the Pre.

  237. K. T. Bradford Says:

    Voting ends at 9am eastern folks. And since this one is so close we’re going to keep a hawkeye on the poll to be sure it closes when it’s supposed to. Have fun, keep voting!

  238. Nam Says:

    Palm WebOS is true winner.OTA, Multitasking , multi touch ,game …i love my Pre

  239. Anthony Says:

    OK, in reading these comments – there’s a whole lotta ignorance going on. Most all of us (if you’re a business user) have probably had a PALM at one point or another. Most all of us have had a BlackBerry at one point or another as well.

    I am here to say…until you try WebOS, DO NOT, I REPEAT…DO NOT knock Palm’s Pre/Pixi product lines. These are not your Treo’s, or Centros. Is Palm a dying company? NO. They have merely sunk EVERYTHING they have into developing this OS, and the OS and Phone is AWESOME.

    I challenge BlackBerry owners to respond to this and tell us how customizable YOUR phones are? The Palm Pre is like having a little open sourced linux system with you at all times. The greatest advantage is that Palm has FREELY and WILLINGLY offered up SDK’s which has led to some awesome apps. Do we have 40K apps like iPhone, no. Do we have 20K apps like Android, no…but honestly there IS such a thing as APP-OVERKILL. You can only load so many before you start losing track of the ones you really like and the ones you really want. I have crap loads, all of them are pretty cool – but lets face it….we don’t sit around and install apps all day. Well, we could…but could BlackBerry users?

    Really – I’m not bagging on Blackberry. They’re great phones – but for those who have not tried a Palm Pre and are ignorant enough to make a sweeping comment to state that they suck or the company sucks is…well…ignorant. I guaranty that if you get a PRE for 30 days and you REALLY learn how to use it…it becomes a beautiful extension of thought, actions and productivity.

    Palm – you can mail my endorsement check to 1234 Palm Ln…. ok, jk.

    I’m not knocking Blackberries, don’t knock Pre’s until you’ve tried one. …and I mean REALLY tried one.

  240. markd990 Says:

    9700 all the way because part of being mobile means longer battery life. I wouldn’t want RIM to change anything on the OS because this is the only mobile phone that can last for 2 days without charging (google maps, fbook, email, browsing, youtube, pandora, SMS, twitting, while on hold on the phone) I just love it!

  241. Matt Says:

    Who care? Even if the Pre wins, LAPTOP is going to say that the Bold won, just like against the Pixi!

    And here’s a question: how is it that the Bold only got 350 votes against the Pixi, and now has over 11,000??? No other phone in the entire competition has gotten over 6,000, and now both of these phones are each over 11,000? I smell a rat…

  242. 512k Says:

    sorry kids.. but a true smartphone doesn’t need all the fancy glitters like the pre has. and you kids talk about multi tasking like its a “new craze” please….. Blackberry is been doing that forever. I’m gonna have to go with 9700 because I don’t like to charge my phone every 3 hours

  243. suruat Says:

    it’s all about the PalmPre
    the only reason blackberry can win is cuz more people have it.

  244. KC Jane Says:

    Do you really want that old bold thing? Vote PALM PRE!!! Love my Pre – Go Pre all the way!

  245. Kawme Says:

     Bold 9700

  246. Mr Duffus Says:

    Palm Pre ….WebOS is superior…Spoken from one that has used both

  247. Vicki Says:

    Palm Pixi rocks

  248. dr fnord Says:

    These polls are worth nothing as long as there are fanboys pushing their devices by vorting over and over and over and over over and over and over and over over and over and over and over over and over and over and over again

  249. J. S. Says:

    Go Palm!

  250. Joel Says:

    BB 9700, had this argument with myself when it came to buying!

  251. LordOfFreedom Says:

    A lot of comments here seem to be basing their opinion off of the flashiness of webOS. Don’t get me wrong, the Pre is a great phone, but there’s more to a smartphone than how fun it is to multi-task. Battery life is one thing: your phone could have all the features in the world, but that won’t count for anything if the battery runs out mid-day. The Bold excels at this. Pre users talk about getting an extended battery, but if we’re going to bring extra accessories into this, know that there’s also a touchstone equivalent for BB’s (charging mat, which just requires a different battery instead of a different battery door) that can be used for other devices as well.

    It’s true that webOS has fun multitasking, this is where it excels, though don’t act like the Bold can’t open multiple programs either – just press the BB key for a second and there are all your programs.

    There’s more to a smartphone than how fancy the OS is. The BB OS is not the fanciest, and it can use an update, but it gets the job done and it gets it done quickly. You can use Bold quickly with one hand, using your other hand for other things. How’s THAT for multitasking. There’s other things like how the phone behaves as an actual phone (Bold call quality > that of the Pre’s), but this post is getting long. As you can probably tell, my vote goes to the Bold. Not the flashiest, but it goes more for function over form.

  252. Osman TAN Says:

    BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700

  253. Dave Says:

    Palm Pre+ all the way. The BB Bold is nothing new or special. BB keeps pumping out all these phones and none of them do anything better. Their web browsers suck, they have terrible apps, terrible resolution on the screen, and a tiny screen.

    The Pre+ is fast, can multitask, has great apps and games, a great web browser, and can easily handle Exchange email. I don’t have any problem with my battery life – standard battery and it lasts all day with multiple phone calls and internet use.

    Blackberry needs to get creative and come out with something new that works (the Storm wasn’t so great).

    Rumor Control:
    Palm is not switching to Android and has new hardware coming out. It will be on the top 3 US carriers and continues to expand in other countries. They are not going out of business.

  254. Kevin Says:

    Who wants a no fun blackberry. Blackberrry are horrible. I have had 3 different ones thought they were great until I got my hands a on Palm Pre. Blackberrry is so in the past. They need to catch up. Palm Pre all the way. Lets go.

  255. JDiPerla Says:

    Good contest all. But…. GOOOOOO PALM!!!!!

  256. SuperMan Says:

    BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700 BOLD 9700

  257. CrackBerry Says:

    I have the curve and feel the blackberry is the best phone I have ever had. Nothing continues to bigger as far as software or intergration & better than reliability

  258. SCFlo Says:

    Bold 9700

  259. Jaimie Says:

    Blackberry is the best of course. Frankly, I’m offended that the blackberry even needs to prove itself against a phone like the Pre. If I were ever going to ditch my berry….it wouldn’t be for that phone!

  260. ty Says:

    we WON 12,659 votes

  261. Joe Says:

    Its 9:00 am and the Pre is ahead. How long will the poll be kept open to try to make the Black Berry win?

  262. Joe Says:

    Ah, I see. The web server lives in a time one that is 15 minutes slower than Eastern. Interesting. :)

  263. BB what? Says:

    palm wins say what!!!!!

  264. Dewey Says:

    It’s now past 9:00 and they haven’t stopped the voting yet. That said, the current total is:

    BlackBerry Bold 9700 (TMO) 50% (12,593 votes)
    Palm Pre Plus (VZW) 50% (12,687 votes)
    Total Votes: 25,280

  265. Tim Stiffler-Dean Says:

    Huzzah! The Palm Pre Wins! Here is a screenshot to prove it – taken at 9:00:02 AM EST

    Here’s another just a few minutes earlier when I got a bit nervous for my favorite phone. Notice the 25,000 votes total.

  266. Joe Says:

    Jaimie, spoken like someone who hasn’t tried a Pre. I’ve tried a 9700. It is painful to use compared to the Pre. :)

  267. Nate Says:

    It’s like 9:05 and Pre Plus is up by about 100 votes…and yet votes are still being added? hmmmm. Close the voting already

  268. palmFTW Says:

    The BB is so outdated, pre FTW

  269. Raul Rojas Says:

    BB Bold 9700 by far. Smoothest, fastest phone and sexiest.

  270. David Says:

    GO PALM!!!! I love my palm pre on sprint, best phone available. I have friends with iPhones and Blackberrys, no comparison.

  271. LStrike Says:

    Looks like as of 9am Palm has won…and yet the poll continues to register votes…

    This was a tight contest but good result WebOS dominates BB. The 9700 doesn’t even have a proper browser. Hurry up that new OS RIM. Maybe next year.

  272. John Says:

    Webmaster – Try configuring the NTP service. That will make your web server time less than 15 minutes off of the time used by everyone else.

  273. ty Says:

    This joint is 15 minutes slower than Eastern time…huh?

  274. K. T. Bradford Says:

    The poll is closed now. We closed it manually at 9:01am since Poll Daddy didn’t automatically close it as the service was supposed to. Nevertheless, the Palm Pre Plus kept its lead of a little less than 100 votes throughout the morning. Game 12 starts today between 11:30 and 12PM, so keep an eye out. Also, thanks for making this one of the most exciting (and successful) March Smart Phone Madness games yet! I expect the same kind of knock-down, drag out fight when the Droid goes up against the Hero.

  275. Geiger Says:

    I am not sure if Black Berry users come any more loyal! That’s a great quality to have. I want to know what it would take to get you to try a Pre for a week. I’ve asked this question a couple times and most often the answer is “My Blackberry would really have to let me down”.

  276. Squ33d Says:

    The better phone won

  277. K. T. Bradford Says:

    @John — I’ll definitely suggest that to our ISP. But we’re aware that the time on our web server is off. We thought that Poll Daddy wasn’t dependent on that at first, but this may not be the case. At any rate, because this contest was so close, we had our eye on it.

  278. Eric Says:

    I threw my BB out with my VCR.

  279. vara411 Says:

    Great contest, guys. Try not to make the product descriptions so lopsided next time? If you’re going to state the cons of one, state them for the other.

    Otherwise great work. This was a ton of fun to watch.

    Check out webOSroundup’s coverage of this story!!! …

  280. Davros Says:

    Well the best phone won. Very very close but in reality these phones are miles apart. The BB is old hat. RIM need to up their game and quick the touchscreen offerings from them so far have been nothing short of pathetic.

  281. Donnie Says:

    Come back and talk to me when the BB OS doesn’t crash every five seconds like my 8830 did…

  282. Your_BB_cannot_vote_here Says:

    maybe the BB would have won if their users could vote from their blackberry browser?

    Hopefully this site will stop creating such one-sided narrative for the next round. They wrote that to make the BB look like the obvious choice, and yet it failed.

    With an installed based that is a fraction the size of Blackberry, I think it’s safe to say that if you actually use a Pre for a few days in the real world, you will never go back.

    And when you see the 3rd party and community support it has developed since the SDK was released, it’s time that the reviewers started to take the Pre seriously.

    I think the number of votes, closeness of the race, and passion from both user camps says a lot about how good WebOS really is. It’s still new, and yet it is very rich in capabilities as well as potential.

    Now, to all the BB Bold fans, you really should come back and vote for the Pre in the next round. You want to see the phone that beat you do well, just like you do in sports. Right?

    Let’s have all those that voted for the two opponents that have lost to the Pre vote FOR the Pre in the next round. What-a-ya say? Peace? Thanks!

  283. ian Says:

    of course the pre is better phone, BB users, most of them have never used a WEB OS device. Its more he say she say. I hope they atleast try a Web Os device and see how great the OS is, compared to all others on the market. Palm has gotten a bad name which is odd since even considering the patents they have (more then Apple, and microsoft when it comes to handheld smartphones) and how much they have done for the phone industry, people write them off as opposed to atleast trying their products. In a day and age of bigger is better, and more is better (aka android) people loose sight of whats important the quailty of the device not the quanity. Everyone I know loves the Pre’s design, and as I stated before its more he say she say, the reason most avoid the phone. Not because they used it and made their own conclusions after using the device.

  284. ian Says:

    also if the pre looses to the htc hd2 it will be because of the form factor, not because of the OS and in my opinion the pre is still a better phone. Thats a honest opinion.

  285. Msedaros Says:

    Not Cool people. How did the 9700 lose!

  286. kucing garong Says:

    still bb is the best.

  287. ian Says:

    9700 and all BB are very good phones, i myself am a pre owner. I must say though with the multi tasking abilities, email synergy (imo better then BB) and the elegance of a iphone 3gs, with 3d games and what not its not a hard vote to me. Again I love BB’s in general, and hope they come to support Palm against the htc hd2, because we all know if the pre can beat the Nexus One which is better the htc hd2, we should have no problem beating a hd2 with a aging OS like win mo 6.5.

  288. emile Says:

    palm =better phone bb= more users if its a contest of phone functions palm all the way if its a popularity contest bb will win…by the way i have pre from sprint my wife has bb and when it comes to comparing what the phones can do its really no contest…btw you cant say palm is nothing because they arent having the sells right now, they still have one of if not the best os out there, sales dont always equal best

  289. Daniel Says:


    How did the 9700 win over the Pixi? Even the pixi got more votes. It’s the real revenge for this unfair disqualification.

  290. Javier Says:

    @ Mr. K. T. Bradford
    If I may, Mr. K. T. Bradford, I am glad the best phone won and I am sure everybody enjoyed this contest, but it would be a total disappointment to find out that there were really someone out there making this poll a total fraud by using a script to rig the voting (as some have assumed).
    It would really be a relief to all of us and we will be actually be confident on the results, if we’d received a statement from you assuring this was legitimate (maybe inside your next Game 12).

  291. L. E. Shantz Says:

    The Pallm Pre has serious issues that they are not fixing, but the Blackberry BLOWS!!! I use both. One for work and the Pre for me. (hey that rhymes) Palm is not responsive to problems it appears. They eliminated features in the Treo that need to be in the Pre, but it just isn’t happening. I’m probably going to dump pre and go back to a different smart phone. I need one that I can search my calendar for names and info. Can’t do it anymore with Pre. I need a way to search comments field in the address book. Can’t do it with the Pre, but could with Treo. Wake up PALM!!!!!

  292. iPhonegeek Says:

    Yeah Pre!

  293. Enabled Says:

    To all the people baffled at how the BB 9700 lost, why don’t you just honestly go try a Pre unbiasedly for some time. Play a bit with it and get a feel for it. It’s not all that bad!

  294. geezor Says:

    The 9700 lost because it has a dinosaur of an OS. Pre is constantly getting top-rated apps, with SDL, accelerometer, and touchscreen support. Also getting Flash soon. The Pre also has extremely easy-to-use gestures to deal with notifications and has REAL multitasking. The 9700 doesn’t let you view two applications at once. With its card-view, the Pre lets you read email and a related web article side-by-side, seeing more of one than the other by merely sliding your thumb. It’s great when emails refer to pdfs/web articles and you want to follow both.

  295. Anthony Says:

    yeah Pre! Again, don’t knock the Pre until you try one. As a Pre user, I will side with the BB enthusiasts on the battery life thing. The Battery life of the Pre is not stellar at all. HOWEVER, in its defense…it is a price we pay for letting Palm make this such an open source phone. A lot of battery issues are as a result of processor heavy apps. Many of which are coming from developers who are pretty new to the Palm SDK. Could the battery life be better? Yes. But I still commend Palm for requiring the standards that they do for developers, yet balancing those expectations with freedom to the developer. That said, the user can modify their battery life by making sure they use battery zapping apps less, or flat out uninstall them and send the developers some feedback about it vamping the battery.

    Much of the battery life argument is not one that needs to be addressed by Palm, but by the developer community. That said, it will get better, so my vote is still Pre.

  296. geezor Says:

    By the way, I have a Pre for personal use and have a company-issued BB 9700 for work. The BB is just awful to use! Most businesses are tied to BB because of their legacy systems.

  297. K. T. Bradford Says:

    @Javier — If you want assurances that scripts couldn’t be used to rig the poll you’ll have to look to Poll Daddy. We chose their poll software because they can handle the number of votes and they have measures in place to prevent fraud as well as it can be prevented. Commenters from both CrackBerry and PreCentral threatened to run scripts, and perhaps they tried. But Poll Daddy seemed to handle everything well.

  298. Community_Power Says:

    @ Mr. K. T. Bradford Although I think both phones are good, I wonder if this poll doesn’t say more about the power of the precentral and crackberry websites, and the grass-roots viral marketing of their communities..

    The sheer volume of votes compared to any other contest says a LOT about the power of user communities to drive traffic. Do you have any other explanation for the huge voter turnout from both sides?

    I would be interested to know if your general site traffic went up as we discovered your site, and looked around after voting? I hadn’t found you until I was pointed here by a community forum. I wonder if that was true for most voters, and if it made a huge spike in your overall traffic.

    I think this is a fantastic possibility, and it will be VERY interesting to see if it translates to your next contests, especially the games without a blackberry or Palm device. Don’t you think?

    I see that the iPhone contest had pretty good turnout, but less than half of this one. And the other Blackberry contests didn’t get the same traction. My theory is that when the enthusiasm of the Palm Pre supporters showed up, it got the attention of the blackberry community and fueled the high turnout.

    If that’s the case, the person that thought up the “March Madness” voting at is a genius. That, and I hope it will indicate to your editors just how powerful the Palm community is – even though it is a small community by comparison.

    I bet you were (pleasantly) surprised by the turnout. I’d love to hear how you interpret what just happened!

    Thanks again for doing this!

  299. ru Says:

    @K T
    pleasebe fair in the description of both phones. Pros vs pros, cons vs cons

  300. Javier Says:

    @ Mr. K. T. Bradford
    Thanks for the reply ! I do appreciate it.

  301. finster Says:

    Apparently Palm is not as dead as some would speculate… good!

  302. Anthony Says:

    Actually, most business are tied to BB because of their full adoption to Exchange and Remote Data Security management. In addition to a good product that sync’s with Exchange…etc.. For this….BB is by FAR the better device. If you are in healthcare or anywhere where data needs to be encrypted BB is still going to win out.

    This is something I wish Palm would jump on. They need to provide full support of remote encryption and exchange security. Only then will Palm become a true contender with BB for business purposes.

    That said, I still prefer Pre, I just have to use my companies webmail. Not the best way to do it, but works for now.

  303. David Says:

    The Palm community is strong and very active. Several sites (including mine: got involved to help the Pre get the recognition it deserves.

    It was a fun contest…looking forward to the next round.


  304. ian Says:

    @LE Shantz

    I have a pre for sprint and am a beta tester for most patches and kernals, as well as a OS technition PT. First I would like to say even after the 1.4 update there are no issues at all even the lag is very minimal. For those who need to run there phone at its potential with no worry or issues (we have tested) the 800 kernal patch over at is released to the public and makes the phone extremly fast. Poll test shows its browser speed is even faster then the iphone 3Gs, and the droid as well as some test faster then the nexus One. The heat index is between 30-50 which is non harmfull to the cpu chipset, which was the worry in the begining. I would recommend checking precentrals forums, using preware as well to fix your shortcomings, inbetween Palms offical updates. Remember the OS is still brand new praticly beta compared to seasoned OS’s like Android, Apple, and BB. If you think back when Apple and Google launched their OS’s were not up to par at all either, though Palm HAS addressed issues and have posted more updates in a 1yr span then any other company in history. Palm is far from dead and will be releasing a 4G phone for sprint this summer/fall with very high specs and a bigger screen (that is almost confermed from our internal sources at sprint and palm). As i stated before people should try the phone out for themselfs first with their honest opinion, not the medias.

  305. Ed Says:

    @Marc Flores The editor of this post

    I hope on the next match up you mention some other good things palm pre has to offer. Just read some of the replies to have any ideas what the palm pre can bring to the table. One can assume you still dont understand webos as an intelligent mobile OS.

    @ all the Blackberry lovers

    Multi-tasking is not the ability of running a wide variety of applications, is running them at the same time with out closing them or loosing them. When youre playing a game and some one calls does the game automatically pauses and if it do can you put the person on speaker/bluetooth and resume your game or open up a different ap or turn on wifi and check something out on wiki, or take a picture and send it to the person youre talking to and have the ability to switch between applications seamlessly all while youre still talking… Thats multi tasking, now if thats being productive is a different story but it is still doing multiple things at once.

  306. Phantom Pain Says:

    I think this was king of an unfair matchup. In reality these phones are completely different. However, they are both considered “Smart Phones”.

    I have been supporting the Blackberries and BES for almost 10 years. I first started supporting the 957 back in Spring\Summer 2001. So I am very familiar with their product portfolio. I think RIM\Blackberry really needs to get their OS locked down. Let me tell you what the biggest pain in supporting these devices is. The Blackberry OS, it is just flat out horrible. You have well over four dozen models, and all have different firmware. There should be only one firmware update not including regions. Now I do realize there is a OTA. I am talking about reloading the firmware. I could not tell you how many Java errors I have seen that brick the Blackberry. This is not including the DOA’s. Sure RIM\Blackberry sells a crap load of devices. What they do not tell you is how many are reorders. What I mean by that, this is mostly a corporate device. For some reason people that own these devices do not take care of them (bought by the employer). I support just over 1000 people in a corporate setting. We go through about 6 to 12 devices a month, lost, stolen, damaged, or failure. Most of the people that own a Blackberry would want to be buried with one, hence “Crackberry”. I’m sure if these devices were purchased by the employee, they would take much better care of it. For the early adopters, this is the only smart phone they know. They just do not know that there is a better product available. I really cannot stand dialing a phone number from a Blackberry, and the OS is just lethargic. Sure the OS on the 9700\Bold looks better, however they couldn’t even make different looking icons. Oh my Blackberry can multitask. Sure, Click on the Blackberry Button, drill down the menu, then click on “Switch Application”. Then to go back, repeat process.

    Yes, I do have a Blackberry, 8830 World Edition for work. It does what it does best, email (plain text). Soon to get a Bold, only because my current Blackberry is out of warranty. I also have a Palm Pre for personal use. Let me tell you, there is no comparison. I am with others, try a WebOS phone for a month, and you will understand. The notifications on the Pre is outstanding. Sure my battery on my Pre may last a day or maybe longer. However, I dare not try to surf the web, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Youtube, 1st Person Gaming, on a Blackberry. Oh, and all these apps can be opened at the same time. If I were to use my Pre for just email and to visit Google a couple times a day (only thing the Blackberry browser is good for), then my battery will last a couple of days. Palm has continued to provide great support to their WebOS platform. Since release there have been 10 updates, most have been very significant.

    This is just my two pennies.

  307. ALVINpalm Says:

    Palm Pre is best

  308. roseventyfour Says:

    Just left blackberry storm for the pre plus and omg it’s like going from a winter storm to a summer beach party. blackberries are soooooo overrated it’s riduculous. i got tired of having to reset my phone everyday so it would work properly. interface is extremely boring and lacking any type of eyecandy. the internet is comparable to dialup service. and the apps flat out suck, phone is strictly an email device because that is the ONLY thing it does better than more modern smartphones. and oh yeah Palm Pre Plus over every Lackberry ever made. Yeeeeaaaahhhhh!

  309. Don Rafael Says:

    Palm Pre Plus for championship!!!

  310. Blackbery 4ever Says:

    I don’t get how a crappy hardware like the Pre could win.
    Have you ever compared the rubber Palm is calling a keyboard with a Blackberry?

    The Pre is a pure toy.

  311. Cards '10 Says:

    Prrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Plus :-)

  312. brum Says:

    @ BB 4ever – Pre Plus is much better than the original. Sure it’s not class leading but its pretty damned good for a slight refresh of a 1st gen new model.

    The experience is what counts and webOS makes this fantastic.

  313. prewinner Says:

    Looks like the Palm Pre Plus won over the blackberry 9700. Sorry blackberry…you really didn’t have a chance against a modern OS like webOS anyway. Blackberry is gonna need to build a true multitasking OS to compete…and we’re not talking about just multitasking it’s own apps..but across all 3rd party apps!

  314. jellis14 Says:

    I just left the Blackberry Bold 9700…. not saying its not a good phone, but I cant deal with the old. old. old, OS… I just cant wait that long to surf the web, or have no real multitasking… But i just purchased the Palm Pre Plus last week…. and WOW … and I mean WOW… this is a new world. I have had Blackberrys for a long time, Curve, 1st Bold, Storm 1, Storm 2, Tour, Bold 2…. and I still will keep the Tour – for work that is… But I am starting to think I wont even need that with what the PRE can really do…. You have to try it for one week…. Any BB lover, just try and you will see what I mean. I cannot explain… Just try, and you will not go back to 2005….

    GO PRE…. you deserve this, and will go all the way!

  315. Daniel Says:

    Palm Pre plus definitely wins. It has a nice polished user interface that is miles ahead of the old Blackberry menu driven clutter. I personally have a Sprint Pre and love it. Just try playing Need for Speed with full hardware 3D acceleration on the Bold (if you can).

  316. James Hogan Says:

    Pre is the best smart phone out there…Runs nicely and the video is great and the ease to upload to Facebook are just examples of why the Pre wins

  317. David W. Says:

    BB Bold 9700 any Day

  318. Christina Says:

    Palm Pre all the way! I own a BB9700 and all it does well is be a phone and messages. For the price its a piece of junk.

  319. Evan Says:

    I would vote for the Pre Plus because it is much more innovative than the current Blackberry OS. It has its issues but its not even a year old and its done so much. Now its only $50 (w/ 2 yr contract) on Verizon and now FREE mobile hotspot. Yea Pre Plus alllllll the way. I have an original Pre and my friend has a Bold 9700. The BB works, but its borrriingg. Nothing interesting about it like there is the Pre.

    p.s. How the fuqq did BB tour beat the iphone 3gS. My brother has a Tour and it is SLOWWWW. Pure BS, those crackberry members really came out for their home team. All the macheads thought they were too good for a petty poll i guess.

  320. Alando Whyle Says:

    the palm pre plus is the best you can can do anything with it.

  321. Alando Whyle Says:

    The palm pre plus is also unlimited like the blackberry it’s so boring and it is too limited. so i vote for the palm pre plus.

  322. Harry Says:

    Totally weird, I have both of these phones. But my pre has to win amazing phone beautiful operating system great internet and i can barely fault it the only thing i would say is battery life is crap and maybe the build quality seems a little bit dodgy sometimes. The blackberry is a great reliable phone but for the amount it costs it doesn’t do nearly enough.

  323. Neither Phone Says:

    This blog/comment page is totally worthless thanks to the people posting on it. You are not comparing the phones as you should be, almost all of the comments are people “hyping” the phone they likely own. No more stupid comments like “Blackberry all the way baby” or “Palm Pre takes it by a mile”. Those are real helpful…or not.
    Try ACTUALLY comparing the phones. Why is one better than the other? Waste of my time…

  324. Joe Sacher Says:

    Why in the world is the Pre Plus in the bracket? Verizon is offering the Pre2 for FREE with contract and it blows everything in this poll away.

  325. Johnb517 Says:

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