March Smart Phone Madness Finals: Motorola Droid vs. Palm Pre Plus

Can you believe we’re already in the final round of our March Smart Phone Madness series?! There were a lot of exciting phones on the way here, and some heavyweights like the iPhone 3GS and BlackBerry 9700 were upset. But that’s just the name of the game. In our final round, we have two Verizon phones – the Motorola Droid and the Palm Pre Plus. The Droid beat the Curve 8530 and the HTC Hero on its way to this round, and the Pre Plus had two tough rounds against the Nexus One and Bold 9700! Let’s get things started and be sure to cast your votes for the final round of March Smart Phone Madness!

The Motorola Droid has undoubtedly been a rock solid phone for both average consumers and serious smart phone users. With Android 2.0 (and 2.1 on the way for some users), Droid users have been enjoying a lot of the latest and greatest that Android has to offer. The Droid beat out the BlackBerry Curve 8530 because of its 3.7-inch, 854 x 480 resolution screen. Again, it was that large, gorgeous screen that allowed the Droid to topple the HTC Hero. Of course, having a physical QWERTY keyboard helped, too.

The Palm Pre Plus knocked out some serious contenders! At first, it seemed like the Nexus One would knock it out of the first round, but webOS fans came forward and schooled the premier Android handset. It might have been the Palm Pre Plus’s QWERTY keyboard or the fact that it handles multitasking like a monster, but the Nexus One apparently didn’t stand a chance. In its early hours, the Pre Plus was eating the HTC HD2’s lunch, dinner, dessert and midnight snack. But late in the match, the HD2 made a powerful surge, albeit an unsuccessful one.

Now here we are in the finals. Droid vs. Palm Pre Plus. The battle of the touchscreen/QWERTY hybrids. Android vs. webOS. Ecks vs. Sever. Okay, maybe not that last part.

Be sure to tell all your friends and fellow smart phone fanatics and cast your votes! The poll closes on April 5 at 9 a.m. EST.

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  1. step2 Says:

    first to vote!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PRE PLUS!!!!!!!

  2. ceeaser Says:

    regardless of the outcome im proud to say im a palm pre owner, and happy that alot of people out there who has tried a Web Os device is a witness to the future of OS’s.

    palm pre plus of course

  3. Geiger Says:

    As of yesterday you can use the Pre Plus as a free wireless internet connection for 4 computer at once with no wires FOR FREE!

  4. Jimmy Doolittle Says:

    Does anybody remember the time when Verizon got skewered for having a bad smartphone selection? That couldn’t be more than two years ago, and it couldn’t be more from the truth now. Go Big Red!

  5. Mike Says:

    its gonna be a touch match since the Droid is the most worthy opponent when hardware-software is concerned. But im gonna go with the Pre Plus on this one, everything just works better on webOS without needing much third party help. Too bad Palm did not make more of an effort to get it to consumers hands. webOS games can not be beat (except iPhone but they are running the same ones BTW) Web browser is top notch, multitasking, synergy, sms, email, contacts, etc. everything is so well thought out and elegant unlike the stock Android where it can have comparable features, its gives more of a “bleh..” feel to it when it comes to user experience and design.

    IMHO its like a 9.5 vs a 10, but as small as the margin is, i can only vote for one so webOS gets it.

  6. LStrike Says:

    Let’s go Pre…Web OS all the way.

  7. jo Says:

    – better hardware specs except for keyboard
    – larger app library
    – poorer at one-handed operation
    – Android apps don’t work on all phones, fragmentation of OS
    – multitask switch awkward
    – 3D gaming not as easy to develop for

    Pre Plus
    – lackluster hardware but mildly better keyboard
    – smaller library of apps
    – excellent one-handed operation, multitask app mgmt
    – webOS easier to patch
    – free mifi tethering officially supported by Verizon
    – gameloft very quickly ported 3D games

    I have a Pre but am more interested in Evo with WiMAX. Palm better announce a new phone before Evo comes out or I may switch. If Evo is poor at one-handed operation, I might stick with Palm but they have got to get up to speed with hardware. webOS is top notch otherwise.

  8. Tim Stiffler-Dean Says:

    Wowowow! Awesome final matchup. Palm has an early lead, and I hope that doesn’t change. But I’m sure it’ll be close, and I’m excited for that possibility.

  9. Palm Says:

    WebOS FTW !!!!

  10. Steve Jobs Says:

    Even if the Pre went up against the iPhone i’d still vote for the pre. It simply handles multitasking like nothing i’ve ever seen before.

  11. Connor LaCombe Says:

    Pre Plus all the way! If only Sprint had the Pre Plus… I wouldn’t mind upgrading. :/

  12. rlbrooks Says:

    Hahaha. Palm Pre fans are great sprinters. Always have a huge volume of votes at the start. If these polls were only open for an hour we would have it in the bag. Long way to the 5th though. I hope this holds, but the Droid is a very good platform.

  13. Julian Says:

    HAHA Pre will eat the Droid. Best Phone out there. Love mine! Best mobile OS on Earth!

  14. Matt Says:

    What i find funny is palm is in the shitter. My friend gave me a few articles on how the company isn’t doing well at all and may not survive much longer

  15. b Says:

    Keep in mind that the Pre Plus now works as a mobile hotspot free of charge!

  16. phone_guy Says:

    it’s on like donkey kong. Two great phones. The Pre is the worthy dark hore and deserves to win. Imagne hearing Al Michaels shouting “do you believe in miracles?”

    yes Al, I do. In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

  17. Boss Says:

    This is another round where someone is making their IP to cast votes for the Pre. Between the times of 11:45am EST and 11:47am EST the Pre got 50 votes. This is clearly a case where someone is cheating using a script to changes their IP through a proxy and vote repleatedly, in favor of the Pre.

  18. Kilari Says:


  19. sirkuttin Says:

    don’t forget the palm gives you free wifi tethering! that is a huge plus.

  20. Boss Says:

    6 minutes later an the Pre has gained 150+ more votes…~25 votes per minute

  21. john Says:

    Love the droid..haven’t tried the pre plus yet, but seems pretty sweet..linux is the way to go(both android and webos based off it fyi..)

  22. Detroitwilly Says:

    pre plus deserves this so badly. The phone and all of its options are way better than a DROID.

  23. Skirmisheer Says:

    Flexible apps, features etc. What else can I say?…plus go! go! go! Palm Pre Plus!

  24. Boss Says:

    If the Pre Plus was really the best smart phone, Palm wouldn’t be:

    1) Struggling to sell units
    2) Facing bankruptcy
    3) Not profiting in the last two years+

  25. AlphaWolf Says:

    Both great smartphones. Bottom line – which would you want to carry with you all day to help you “function”? Droid would perform ideally where screen size is of paramount importance. This is not as important on a day in, day out basis, though. WebOS is SO smooth, and this tilts this battle toward Palm Pre Plus. I’d really like to have both, but can’t.

  26. RockNStuff Says:

    Rumours of Palm’s death has been exaggerated.

  27. james Says:

    Let’s go Palm and WebOS fans!

    we already know WebOS is superior to android so let’s get out the vote!

  28. Satchmo Says:

    Preeeee, so much better than that crappy droid. WebOS FTW!

  29. ricardo Says:

    WebOS is the only deserving mobile operating system! GO PRE!

  30. Big Daddy Says:

    the palm pre plus

  31. ricardo Says:

    People severely underestimate Palm and their patents! Did you know they own “smartphone” patent? They do! They’re not going anywhere!!

    GO PRE!

  32. sean Says:

    im done voting, now that the tour is out, and its between two crappy verizon phones, i could care less

  33. Master Chief Says:

    Even though palm might lose this round, its the best system/UI in the world…so suck up android and palm users, let palm beat the droid hands down!!!!!!

  34. Adi Says:

    Looks like Boss believes in ‘conspiracy theory’…he might also believe Iran’s president who said that 911 was a conspirary too!! LOL


  35. Julian Says:


    What are you talking about. The Poll is at precentral that’s a 100000 members + board. The Palm Community might be the biggest one earth. 25 Votes per minute? I think 100 per minute would be realistic. GO Pre you deserve it. Again Love Love Love my PRE!! <just playing Tom Clancy's H.A.W.K.S. while chatting with a friend and viewing that side. Eat that Droid!!

  36. cpor Says:

    Droid has tendering too, and has for a long time now. :) Get with the times. Android allll the way

  37. J Says:

    Hey Boss, rather than thinking someone is stacking the votes I could point you to pre fan sites and palm on facebook both advertising the poll. As people get online this good friday, they see that once again it’s time to vote.

  38. Julian Says:

    again @ Boss:

    WebOS is out since one year. Palm OS sucked in the last years. WebOS isn’t well known. Google pays employes to sell the droid instead of WebOS Phones. Droid Community feel lucky that google has that much money. Palm is not yet death (500 Millionen of cash). Will support them until the end and i believe the end won’t be before mine. And I’m 23 years old;).

  39. jo Says:

    palm pre all the way.. love mine

  40. Darkseider Says:

    Both excellent phones with excellent operating systems. In the end though I tip my hat to the Droid. The ability to fully customize the phone through rooting it and applying custom ROMs and kernels is nothing short of amazing. That and the screen is OMG beautiful. Oh and the Droid can be used as a wireless hotspot too either through rooting and wireless tether OR by using an application directly available from the market on stock Droids.

  41. Julian Says:


    Well if I theather I can see how many people are connected (and yes up to five clients). I can see how much traffic they use in real time. Integreated DHCP, WPA… I’m sorry. Havn’t seen this in perfaction on a Driod ;). And it takes me less then 3 finger touch commands. WebOS is the future. Get it see it and you won’t switch back!

  42. Indigo Says:


    Are you really surprised that Pre’s votes are going up so quickly? Look at all the pro-Pre comments on here! Aside from you I’ve seen one other comment that looks like it’s pro-Droid.

    It is a sad truth that Palm is struggling but that doesn’t mean the Pre isn’t the best phone available. Technical development genius and marketing prowess are unfortunately very different things.

    I’ve got my Pre and I’m happy to have it. I don’t own an Android phone but I’ve used them and I’ve heard many comments from friends that do own them. I have very little to complain about with my Pre. Much less than I hear from my Android toting friends.

  43. bombs Says:

    droid has tethering.. pre plus has tethering to up to 5 COMPUTERSS… get with the time cpor

  44. brook Says:

    i LOOOOOVE my palm pre, and would have it over the crappy droid, iPhone or any other embarrassment/abomination any day!!

    ps. Palm’s “death” has been over exaggerated. Theyre a great stable company.
    pps. This was typed on my pre, while getting text messages and work emails…so take that!

  45. Josh Says:

    1) Struggling to sell units- The reason palm is struggling to sell units is from the TERRIBLE! advertising they have done. People don’t know about WebOS and the things it can do. I had a droid and it was alright, but I don’t think Android is anything special. What does it bring to the table that hasn’t already been done? When the pre plus came out I gave my droid to my wife and got the pre plus. So much better multi-tasking, every update palm releases I can update to, the UI is SO much better then the droids. I do miss my screen from the droid but I’m hoping a new WebOS device comes out later this year. The 3D games work awesome. I feel the Pre makes the droid look like a high-end feature phone, not a smart phone.
    2) Facing bankruptcy- Again TERRIBLE advertising
    3) Not profiting in the last two years+- WebOS has only been out since June 2009. Palm OS had been dead for along time, they needs a new OS. I hope that people will realize how awesome WebOS is before its to late.

  46. Pre+ Playa Says:

    @boss the rapid votes indicates that we were all watching for the vote to start. Grow up and accept the fact that the Pre+ is a great product. And WebOS out-does Droid.

  47. jess Says:

    @boss…want some cheese with that whine…web os is far superior that the Droid Brick!

  48. Pre+ Playa Says:

    Drouid has tethering. That aint the same as being a hotspot for 5 phones. Big difference.

  49. andrew Says:


    Pre has been tethering this whole time too for free, but now it’s actually officially supported by Verizon which makes it appealing for those who don’t cross the legal boundaries, and removing any fear of being caught by those that do..

  50. TMfromMT Says:

    Droid for sure! Love my Droid. For the record, I can use my Droid as a wifi hotspot too! Just got to know a thing or two.

  51. Nobama2 Says:

    Its not just tethering it converts the phone to a wifi router for up to 5 devices:

    Thanks to the clever Palm mobile hotspot app, you can leverage the Pre Plus’ data connection to turn this smart phone into an 802.11b/g wireless router.

    And that functionality is now FREE.

  52. LugNutz650 Says:

    Android & Google have put themselves right up there with the big boys pretty fast, but it’s not their time….yet. When it’s all said and done, the Palm Pre will be the champs this year!!

    It’s all about the OS people!! Sure the Droid packs a lot of muscle, but the OS (albeit decent), doesn’t give you that “this just makes sense”) feel. If you don’t have a Pre, then that whole “makes sense” doesn’t register. A true smartphone must have the perfect balance between muscle power and functionality.

    BUT be on the lookout for something big this summer from Palm. They know the hardware is where they F’d up with the Pre, so they’ve got something cookin.

  53. Michael Says:

    These were the two phones I was considering for my current phone. They are clearly the best in the market. In the end I chose the pre. The usability and wifi hotspot were just too good. The biggest advantage the droid has is the number of apps, but the pre has enough apps that it covers all of my needs. It will be interestign to see who wins.

  54. ethic3 Says:

    Gotta love the WebOS community! You can say that the results of this contest are skewered but the fact that Palm has created such enthusiastic support among their relatively small base of users really speaks volumes for Palm! I couldn’t imagine myself using any other mobile platform! I could care less about sales or stock price or market share…I was the proud owner of an imac g3 running OS 10.1! The WebOS experience is unrivaled! Go PALM Go!

  55. PapaTango Says:

    I have a droid and my son has the Pre. I’ll admit that I do like his phone slightly more!

  56. Chris Says:


    Wow… ”tendering”…is that a new feature to use your heavy, sharply squared device to make your steak more tender? I knew there was a reason for the Droid to be ”brick like”…

  57. lasyuser Says:

    tendering….hmmm what does the Droid tender…sounds pretty tedious

    Palm Pre+ is the only one in Verizon’s line up that can turn into your own my-fi. Especially now with the free mobile hotspot feature, this makes Pre Plus a huge plus. With other phones, tethering means cable. With the Palm, tethering is wireless. And you can wirelessly tether up to 5 devices.

  58. kayahr Says:

    I don’t have a Pre Plus (only a standard Pre) but even this would beat the Droid. I also have a Milestone (aka Droid) here. In my opinion the Droids advantages over the Pre (better (but uglier) hardware, more apps, larger screen resolution) can’t beat the features of the Pre:

    – Best Multitasking UI I’ve ever seen.
    – Perfectly working bluetooth tethering and WLAN hotspot for free. Even on the standard Pre (At least here in Germany on o2)
    – A real Linux under the hood with official root access (Yeah, Android also uses Linux but it’s a very proprietary installation, and no root access).
    – Uses lots of Open Source standards software under the hood. Like ALSA, Pulseaudio, SDL, libpurple, … This makes porting linux apps to webOS very easy.
    – Better and faster Web Browser. The double-tap-zooming in Androids Webbrowser sucks, in webOS it works like a charm.
    – Nicer UI design (This black/white crap of Android can’t even be called “design”…)
    – Gestures are way better than hardware buttons. Especially the Droids touch-sensitive buttons are pain-in-the-ass. I always hit the back button by accident when I slide out the keyboard (and most of the time this exits the current application…). My standard Pre still has this darn Center Button, I’m glad it was removed on the Pre Plus.

  59. jim Says:

    vz giving away mobile hotspot is awesome. It’s like free tether with super speeds with the phone acting as a wireless router. The pre is terrific phone, so much so that I barely turn on my laptop anymore. The battery is 24hrs tops, but I’m on it a huge amount of time (like right now). I looked at the rest, and I bought the best. I am in awe of this phone.

  60. lan Says:

    tethering! droid head. GOOOO PALMMM

  61. shopharim Says:

    Droid does. Pre Plus does it better!

  62. gunner Says:

    As a developer, I find webOS is much easier to develop for than Android. Verizon should take this as a hint: PUSH PALM PRODUCTS! Your customers will be happier!

  63. John Says:

    come on droid owners. WAKE UP

  64. Justin Says:

    Go Pre Plus!

  65. Kellex Says:

    Wow the 50 Pre owners on the planet just commented. :P

  66. Mr Steve Jobs Says:

    Stop talking about Palm’s balance sheet. Does anyone remember that Motorola dominated and then got stomped to the edge of ruin more than once? Remember the MicroTac? It was way ahead and then Nokia blew them awat. Remember the Razr? Major hit and then they stood still and let the everyone else leave them in the dust.

    Palm took their rich heritage as the very best contact and calander management and leaped a generation beyond iPhone or Droid. Palm has shown that they have the stones to outperform the big boyz.

    Before you vote, try the Palm Pre or go to youtube and see the user demonstrations. It is a fantastic phone.

    WebOS FTW!

  67. DROID Says:

    While I don’t necessarily dislike the Pre, you people are insane to think it’s better than The DROID.

    Can you even read this site on your tiny screen? Cause I can!

    But every site has it’s homers, and this is obviously a Palm site. So, enjoy, while The DROID wins every other award from every other more popular site (See: Engadget and Time Magazine)

  68. superduer Says:

    WebOS > Android

    Everything is connected better in WebOS than Android.

  69. Latasha Edwards Says:


  70. Bonnie Says:

    Getting two new phones Tues. and leaning to the Palm Pre Plus!!!

  71. BB Curve is King Says:

    Can’t beleive my Curve lost to ugly Droid….. voted for the Pre

  72. Jake Says:

    I had a Sprint Pre, kept breaking, so I switched to the Droid. After going through 6 Pre replacements, I got fed up. I have only had 1 Droid, no problems, works better than the Pre and does more. Droid FTW

  73. John C. Says:

    @cpor – But, droid doesn’t have mobile hotspot. Pre plus does.

    I’m holding out for the Pre, but this is going to be super close. I know everyone is going to keep bringing up the “Palm’s about to die as a company” thing. Please remember that Palm still has lots of capital and patents – it’ll be a good while before the company has to really “cave”. Also, remember that their financial struggles have forced them to make a GOOD phone. They haven’t made a cheapie hoping it will buy them some time.

  74. xtt Says:

    Curious that the Droid users don’t have anything specific to say how Droid is better than Pre. The Pre users are very specific describing the advantages. Droid users are suckers to marketing. Granted, Google has more clout than Palm, but webOS is actually better.

  75. thecold Says:

    I looked at both in the store. I ended up choosing the Pre Plus. While you can tether your Droid, it’s not actually LEGAL.

    It was a really tough call for me a few weeks ago.

    Today it would be a no brainer though. Palm Pre plus + free legal tethering= WIN.

    I should point out both phones are on VW’s network. :)

  76. xtt Says:

    Pre and Droid have pluses and minuses for the hardware but I can’t think in one single situation where Android OS is better than webOS. They are both open but webOS is actually more Linux than Android and is much easier to port apps to, including Linux apps. Quake/Doom were ported in a day on Pre. It’s also easier to get into the OS and rebuild the OS to factory on Pre. webOS follows many more app development standards than Android as well. Look how many 3D games Gameloft ported to Pre in a very short time. webOS is also fantastic with non-disruptive popup messages.

    Name 3 ways that Android OS is better than webOS. Talking OS, not hardware here.

  77. theeck12 Says:

    Too bad the VZW Reps didn’t take the time to qualify their customers for the right phone that would fit their lifestyle rather than the so called ‘cool’ factor. The Droid does that ……oh, by the way, the Pre Plus does that AND MORE!


  78. Moey Says:

    So I guess you’re allowed to use a bot to vote? All this poll tells us is that someone with a Pre cheated.

  79. winterfresh Says:

    1) you can root droids
    2) droids have wifi tethering for free
    3) droids multitask
    4) why would you need to use one hand? You shouldnt text and drive..
    5) droids hardware is top notch, sturdy
    6) the external speaker on the droid is incredible for a phone
    7) sexy camera
    8) droid can be overclocked to 1.25Ghz+
    9) droids have tons of custom ROMs available, so you can customize nearly everything, if not everything, about the phone

    Im sure the pre is perfect for someone who doesnt want to mess with anything on their phone..


    Unless i am mistaken this contest includes the full functionality of the phone, and taking that into account the droid has way more things you can do with it. Those of you that say the droid doesnt look good are too used to that apple astetics over functionality crap. Think of a brand new 2010 car, it has sharp crisp sexy lines. Rounded things came in and left in the early 2000’s.

    If you have a brain, the internet, and want to get the most out of your phone then the droid is definatly for you.


  80. kclkewhoa Says:

    lol biased website…. we had a recount in FL will we get on here?

  81. LugNutz650 Says:

    @Kellex – You trolling today or do you have the Droid? If the latter….pick up the Pre, learn and use it for a week or two, and then check back in. You’ll see why the 53 (just did a recount) Pre owners are so enthusiastic about this phone.

    The WebOS is so f’n awesome, us Pre owners are even willing to let the hardware shortcomings slide and go through several units to get a good one (I’m on my 4th Pre).

    Droid folks, you’re not gonna feel us on this one (aprehensively using ebonics…haha) unless you have the thing in your hands for a few days. Picking it up at the store and playing around with it isn’t going to do it justice.

  82. Tom Says:

    Droid wins because of open source. WebOS is very smooth and it does handle multitasking incredibly well… But Android is also very smooth.

    But the control Android gives its users is incredible. Besides… Google integration is key. And everything about the Droid is win…

  83. mX Says:

    Not doubting that the Pre will win anyways, i have to announce that the Palm Pre is the best smartphone developed by now no matter what this poll’s result turns out to be. May all Pre owners reach this link and cast their vote…

  84. WebOS_rox0rz Says:

    In a world of don’t, WebOS does more.WebOS does better. Try it before you start hating on it!

  85. jamart Says:

    i’m in too :D

  86. Angel Says:

    lol @ kellex, tell me about it… On all the forums and websites I browse and blog never have I heard about the palm pre being soooo amazing… I’m not smashing the pre completely because its on Verizon, I love Verizon.. But seriously people lets look at the facts and the numbers, palm is pretty much going out of business and Google will most likely buy them #1… #2 We’re talking about the Motorola Droid, one of the only phones to come out and be a true competitor to the sacred iPhone. I’ve been on almost all carriers and all OS for everything Palm, blackberry, the iPhone, and now glad to say i’m on Android, the Motorola Droid to be specific. Honestly speaking the only thing that is as good or better than the droid is the iphone and next comes blackberry in my opinion. So now what are we basing these polls on because there is no way in hell that the palm pre is better than the droid, i’ve had both! and that mifi thethering, i’ve been doing WIFI thethering with the droid for months already.. come on people lets do the right thing and vote for the Droid.

  87. Angel Says:

    plain and simple, if palm pre/web os is better why is Palm going out of business????????????

  88. seriously..who Says:

    Does this really matter? When it comes down to it, it personal preference, and why do people feel the need to defend a cellphone to the death?? its not going to matter 6 mobths to a year when something new and improved comes out

  89. Jared Says:

    Palm Pre is just an amazing phone. But seriously, how can you dare to compete with TRUE multi-tasking, and the ability to become a mobile hotspot. That’s just awesome.

  90. jess Says:

    Droid= zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  91. Nobama2 Says:

    BTW for those not familiar with the Palm devices…the touchstone charger is a great accessory (would like to see this given as an add on during purchase but oh well) and getting OTA updates is another major win. I don’t think I could ever go back to plugging my phone in for updates or charging.

    As for the debate about which is more open…Id be willing to debate that for a bit but don’t want to get technical in a comments section of a site. Just know that anything you can tweak in android you can tweak in WebOS. More importantly…the dev community knows building apps for the WebOS is easier and quicker not to mention you don’t have to worry about a slew of different devices (fragmentation of devices) and knowing your app will only run on one or two of them. Thats an old windows mobile strategy that = FAIL.

  92. Daniel Says:

    palm pre will own droid

  93. saxyjaz Says:

    Pre Plus is amazing. IMO the disappointing sales numbers are a combination of poor advertising & not enough support from the sales people on the floors actually talking people out of the WebOS phones due to their own biased opinions & lack of understanding about the true power of the OS. If Palm had the advertising budget of google things would be different right now. They unfortunately just can’t afford to buy enough ad space like Droid did.

    Pre Plus will take this one & it deserves it completely

  94. Mr Steve Jobs Says:

    @Tom WebOS is Linux just as Droid is. WebOS is a more open platform. Google has let Android get fragmented already so that apps don’t always work on various flavors of Android.

    WebOS integrates well with Google, but also allows you to NOT depend on Google if you choose. That was the primary reason I didn’t get the Moto-Droid, because I needed Outlook integration that didn’t require it to go through Google. No way I could let sensitive company info go through Google to sync, and Android didn’t give me a choice.

    Check out the dev forums for WebOS and then check back to acknowledge that WebOS is more open and flexible any other platform

    WebOS FTW!

  95. mdvision Says:

    This contest is all about smart “phones”. The Pre first and foremost is a very smart “phone” rather than a application gadget. The phone functions and form factor are best in class. The large display brick phones come with a penalty re: carry comfort. The Pre truly is pocketable but retains a beautifrul high res display that although smaller, provides great colour and detail. The tap to zoom works so well that I just don’t feel cramped on the Pre display and the pinch zoom is equally effective when desired.

    The Pre is also impressive and delivers in the “smart” part of the equation. Outside of the beautiful phone and contact integration, plenty of applications ARE available to cover just about anyones needs. App counts after a certain point just become moot. I showed a BB owner the multi source contacts app that seamlessly agregates multiple accounts to the one contact. Then I dragged my finger over the address field and smiled as Google Maps opened and offered directions and a GPS map. The camera is above average and works well. The Pre package is just really well done.

    On the back end of all this, Palm has provided in a short period of time OS updates and optimizations on a near monthly basis. How long do Android updates take? Which flavour of Android are you stuck with? Development software, WebOS root access and an aware knowledgable community have moved this phone forward faster than any prior platform.

    Palm marketing on the other hand has been butchered. The execs and/or PR firm need to be shown the door. The Pre is a fantastic device with solid underpinnings. The user experience in the UI so intuitive and fluid. While not perfect for sure, this device deserves to be voted best in class.

    I just took an OTA update to WebOS 1.4.1. Very nice Palm…..Thanks.

  96. WebOS OverDuzz Says:

    @winterfresh please do your homework

    1) you can root droids *YOU CAN ROOT WebOS
    2) droids have wifi tethering for free *PRE+ is a Wifi Hotspot for 5 devices, FOR FREE
    3) droids multitask *WebOS DOES IT BETTER, MORE USEFUL
    4) why would you need to use one hand? You shouldnt text and drive..

    5) droids hardware is top notch, sturdy *DROID IS WELL BUILT EXCEPT FOR THE KEYBOARD.
    6) the external speaker on the droid is incredible for a phone *PRE+ SPEAKERPHONE IS EQUALLY GOOD
    droid can be overclocked to 1.25Ghz+ *CLOCK SPEED ISN”T AS IMPORTANT AS PERFORMANCE
    9) droids have tons of custom ROMs available, so you can customize nearly everything, if not everything, about the phone *ROMs ARE HARDWARE, DID YOU GET A SOLDERING IRON?

    WebOS has a vibrant dev community, and the stuff they build is as tight and stable. I dare you to spend 2 weeks using a Pre+ and then check back here.

    WebOS FTW in our hearts, and with our votes. I intended to by the Motorola, but the Pre+ stole the show.

  97. Colonel Kernel Says:

    The whole freaking weekend!?! Oh, I am not happy with you I suppose it makes sense, being the championship and all, but sheesh! Now I gotta rearrange all my plans.

  98. smhasl Says:


    1) you can root droids – The pre already comes with the option to go into root out of the box

    2) droids have wifi tethering for free – same with the pre, with the plus it literally becomes a wifi router

    3) droids multitask – WebOS does it far better
    4) why would you need to use one hand? You shouldnt text and drive.. – one handed use has nothing to do with texting and driving. Many people prefer one hand operation.

    5) droids hardware is top notch, sturdy – In terms of build quality, I agree with that one.

    6) the external speaker on the droid is incredible for a phone – Again, I agree too

    7) sexy camera – The results on both camera’s aren’t bad, but the pre’s is really fast, especially when using the space bar

    8 ) droid can be overclocked to 1.25Ghz+ – Overclocking the pre is relatively new, but it’s up to 800 mhz right now, and it makes the OS quite fast and responsive

    9) droids have tons of custom ROMs available, so you can customize nearly everything, if not everything, about the phone – Instead of ROMs, we have patches, allowing for some very good customization

    As a previous Android user (And a person who is surrounded by Droids), I love the OS and agree that its one of the most customizable one’s out there. WebOS is also extremely hackable, and it’s very easy to do. If I ever patch my phone too much and it begins to mess up, I simply use the WebOSDoctor and it restores it to brand new. I never have to worry about bricking the phone.

    It sounded like you thought the pre was an Iphone, which it is clearly not. Just wanted to correct some things there.

  99. olivia Says:

    love my pre. <3 it's able to keep up with my fast paced manner lf thinking & handlind. Patches make me very happy also & themes makes my friends jealous.

  100. GeniusLovesCompany Says:

    Pre Plus all the way. I have a standard Pre, but the patching(hacking) process is second to none on WebOS. Preware is sheer genius…on device, over the air patching. Been a smartphone user for a loooong time and am very happy with this OS. Yes, the hardware needs work, but surely that’s coming, the software more then makes up for it. The device does many things and does them very well.

  101. DB Says:

    Google integration? How about *everything* integration? webOS’ Synergy is a feature that I didn’t appreciate until I used it. My Palm Pre is now my communications hub for FB, Twitter, Google (mail/calendars/chat), Exchange (mail/calendar), Yahoo! (mail/calendars/chat), AIM, and SMS. It has my contact info from each source merged, which is awesome.

    The Pre is also extremely DIY friendly. The webOS homebrew community is amazing, and Palm has been very supportive of people modding their phones (though cautionary about overclocking, as they should be).

    Both are great phones, and there’s a high overlap of features. For me, the Pre is better because it packs everything I want into something that carries nicely in the pocket. I already have laptop to tote for work, having to put a phone in the backpack as well defeats the purpose.

  102. John C. Says:

    @Winterfresh – “you can root droids … Im sure the pre is perfect for someone who doesnt want to mess with anything on their phone..”

    Umm.. wow. I guess you haven’t heard about the webOS homebrew community, preware, or the fact that webOS is open source, linux-based and can most-definitely be rooted. In fact, WebOS is THE most-easily patched, rooted and messed with mobile software around. Plus, with preware any average Joe can do it.

    Seriously, check it out …. – Project ARES will turn just about anyone into a webOS developer.

  103. Little_Engine_That_Does Says:

    Remember that this is about a phone from Motorola and a phone from Palm. Motorola has lost market leadership more than once, and they don’t control the future of Android. This isn’t a google phone, it’s a motorola phone running an OS from Google that has already started to fragment and see multiple user interfaces. It is already fragmenting like WinMo6x did, and that creates problems for developers. Google gives Android away, and sometimes you get what you pay for.

    Motorola hardware is generally pretty good, and Palm hardware is also good. That’s why you still see people carrying 5 year old Treos.

    Both run on Verizon. Both are leadership products. WebOS is farther along and richer in potential. It set a revolutionary standard in usability and power that we haven’t seen since OSX. Anyone that uses WebOS for a few days will start to expect everything else in their life to work the same way, it’s that intuitive and well concieved.

    You will wish that your TV would support gestures from your remote. You will start tapping and swiping at your friend’s iPhone. You will be puzzled when you flick a BlackBerry and nothing happens.

    Learn 5 gestures, use WebOS for 5 days, and you will see why Pre+ owners like it so much. Not perfect, but years ahead of anything else. And it will have Flash befre Android gets it.

    Don’t confusie tethering a single PC to being a WiFi hotspot that can suport 5 devices (including iPad).

    I’ve seen the Droid. I’ve used the Droid. But sir, it isn’t a Pre+.

    Pre+ is the best kept secret in smartphones, and it sin’t so much of a secret any more. Word is starting to leak out. That explains how Pre+ got to the championship round.

  104. Rick Says:

    G4TV Palm Pre Plus Review 5/5 stars

  105. Jeff Says:

    My vote is on the Drrrrooooid, the best smartphone I’ve had, and has that fun factor with the apps market that can’t be found on the pre, plus numbers don’t lie, how can 1.05 million buyers in 74 hours be wrong hehe

  106. Alex Says:

    just wanna mention this, palm’s community is amazing people. We as users, all have a voice in what happens to our devices. And we all communicate back and forth with palm, precentral, webosinternals (the GODS of homebrew) and independent app developers on a regular basis. We asked for whatever OTA custom one-click instal patches to customize our UI and we got them! (much like you get from cooking a rom, but you do it in parts as you choose, and its all done from your phone on the go without reinstallation of the OS) we asked for this app and that app and the devs made them. We asked for more dev tools and palm asked us “what do you need?”
    the Palm community is what makes their devices so awesome, and the experience so lush. Its also why we’re winning the vote already, because every webos user knows that the game is starting today!

  107. Darrius Says:

    pre wins of course i see ppl talkin about hos they can root their droid but I doubt that it’s as easy to do as it is with the pre yea you can teather , but, is it legal? I don’t see anyway the driod is better, might be the hardware, but hardware won’t do no good it the os is crap, don’t even talk about multitasking, the droid dosn’t even get to be in the same convo with the pre let alone the pre plus, please we still waitin to find out 3 things the droid dose that the pre dosnt do better…..

  108. Lucas Says:

    The Palm Pre is the best phone out there.

  109. Darrius Says:

    pre wins of course i see ppl talkin about how they can root their droid but I doubt that it’s as easy to do as it is with the pre yea you can teather , but, is it legal? I don’t see anyway the driod is better, might be the hardware, but hardware won’t do no good it the os is crap, don’t even talk about multitasking, the droid dosn’t even get to be in the same convo with the pre let alone the pre plus when it comes to multitasking, please we still waitin to find out 3 things the droid dose that the pre dosnt do better…..

  110. Chris Says:

    @ Winterfresh

    1. The Pre was rooted in the first week it was out.
    2. The Pre Plus can tether up to 5 devices for free through Verizon.
    3. WebOS can multitask even smoother and I’ve actually compared side by side.
    4. Personal preference but everyone I know that has a droid hates the keyboard and they end up using the virtual keyboard.
    5. I agree with this one.
    6. I agree with this one.
    7. As far as I can tell, it doesn’t look any better than the Pre.
    8. The Droid has the same processor as the Pre so this will come in time (We are already up to 800 MHz).
    9. The Pre has tons of custom apps/patches as well and the homebrew scene is only getting better.

    What I’m getting at by this is you should do your homework before you post something as one-sided as you did.

  111. LuAnn Says:

    couldn’t be happier with my droid. I took months to decide which phone and had considered the storm2, but just couldn’t live without querty keyboard. Palm is smaller and for my use droid is better. Applications are vast and so far I have been happy with most. Come on Droid fans – vote!

  112. Sweat Studio Says:

    As an owner of two businesses, the best smart phone is determined by what is important to the user. I’m a very dynamic user and find the Palm Pre the most suitable phone for the small business owner. We don’t communicate just by email and text anymore. The next generation is about efficient multitasking, common tasking features along with speed.

    The vast majority of my smartphone use is communication, second would be utilizing GOOD apps. The Pre has just about all the features the Droid has but when it comes down to surfing the web, multitasking and the Pre’s compact size compared to the Droid. The Pre is the winner.

    Palm Pre FTW!!!!!!!

  113. KC Says:

    @DROID — The Engadget award you’re referring to was for 2009. The Pre Plus was released in 2010, so it wasn’t in that competition. Even though it has been out for only a few months, the accolades have already begun:

    Here’s an excerpt: “The Palm Pre Plus simply has more built-in functionality than any other phone we’ve seen. In addition to answering the featuresets of iPhone and Android, there isn’t any major features that even Windows Phone 7 Series can claim as beating Palm’s webOS. From an always updating push notification service, to comprehensive (and free) sync services, webOS is on top.”

    Let’s wait and see which phone has more awards when 2010 is finished!

  114. forsaken Says:

    palm pre for me htc dream for my wife,, she wants rid of that damn brick asap.. she wants the pixi…
    she is on her 2nd phone… approximately same amount of time owned by the two of us.. she regrets getting an android phone now.. too many damn variations of the os..

  115. logan Says:

    Actually in order for the Pre Plus to be a mobile hotspot, there is an additional monthly service charge, it isn’t free. And it’s funny because either way, it doesn’t matter who wins, Verizon comes out on top.

  116. Aaron Says:

    i work at best buy all the employees that work there bought the droid, and 3 months later are bored of it. everyone that has a pre still loves there phones. pre plus all the way.

  117. Pre101 Says:

    Why do people keep saying you can ‘root’ your Droid? Did you know you don’t have to root the Pre/Pixi? With the SDK you get root access for free. It’s not locked up. You don’t have to try to get around Google/Motorola to modify the phone. The homebrew/patching/theming scene on webOS is very strong.

    Droid is nice but I made the vote with my wallet (and my browser here on this poll).

  118. Just_Da_Facts Says:

    @ Droid

    You say EVERY other award?

    G4 evaleated both. Pre+ got their first and only 5 out of 5. Droid didn’t evaluated both and named Pre+ the best smartphone of 2101. Droid isn’t
    C/NEt says that that Motorola Droid “rivals” the competition. But they say that Pre+ not only “rivals” the competition but it sets “a new standard”

    I can tell you actually haven’t tried the Pre enough to know it’s merits. I started out with the Motorola Droid but the Pre+ surprised me enough to give it a shot. What a difference. As the songwriter says “it can’t be wrong if it feels so right”

    Palm does. It REALLY REALLY does. Droid doesn’t

  119. Pound Says:

    @DROID, you can see it on your screen cool, Pre can just pinch to zoom!

  120. Jack87 Says:


    Um… The webos platform is to open source and in reality gives far more control to the users then you can imagine. The version of linux running on a webos device is more true linux then google’s proprietary version.

    many linux apps natively work on the pre including the OptWare set of 1700+ Packages

    you can read about it here

  121. Choad Says:

    I’m thinking that all the people with droids are too busy with all their apps to care about voting on this. Pre owners have nothing better to do, lol! (same goes for iPhone)

  122. TR Says:

    I think all of the Pre owners have already voted.
    The Droid is losing mainly because everyone looking at it here thinks it’s butt ugly.
    I love the ATT commercial where people have their iPhones replaced by Droid’s and they’re complaining about the big ugly in their pockets.

  123. Pound Says:


    Overclock to 1.25GHz? do you know that the Pre and Droid have the exact same processor?

    Droid has teather? can you connect 5 devices? lol

    Droid multitasks? better download a task killer or your out of luck… lol

    Can in run 50+ apps and manage all 50 as easy as you open them?

    How about 3D games?

    How about being on the 3 largest networks in th US (soon to be AT&T)?

    how about editing video?

    how about Motorala using their own OS instead of getting google to build one for them?

    do you have 2.1 yet? lol, whats it been months and still nothing?

    DoirdDOES? Pre does it BETTER!

  124. Pound Says:

    sorry about “teather” used a droid and it wouldn’t auto correct to tether :(

  125. iPhone314 Says:

    Tom Says:
    April 2nd, 2010 at 1:36 pm
    WebOS is open source and has excellent Google integration.

    I don’t think you have given the Pre an honest try.

  126. Carlo Says:

    All this nonsense about tethering, but who in their right mind would want to share a 3G connection with 5 computers is beyond me..

  127. tyme after tyme Says:

    @Matt……Hey, chicken little just said the sky was falling!!! I wouldn’t believe him either!!

    Multi-tasking, layered calendars, integrated messaging, universal search, unobtrusive notifications and the list goes on……….Pre Plus

    Makes wierd sound…….Droid


  128. prewinner Says:

    While both the Droid and Pre are good linux-based devices with very close to similar functionality, I gave it to the Pre for the look and feel. The Droid is too square and boxy looking. Being able to use a device with one hand is actually a very important feature under many circumstances; which makes the Pre a practical device.

    Because Android is now available in various versions for various types of Android-compatible handsets, it’s become a cumbersome and complicated mess even consumers now have to deal with. Palm Pre has kept it simple with webOS and that makes it easier for consumers.

    Palm may have fumbled with their first creepy girl commercial but I’d have to say Android’s commercials are getting creepy and less spectacular as well. They’ve got this robotic arm pressing on the icon apps during their repetitive commercials that make me wonder if the Droid is really geared for robots and not humans. IMO they’re commercials might be sending the wrong message in illustrating that their device is not for humans.

    Whatever….Palm Pre Plus is designed, curved, and shaped for human consumers.

  129. iroc371 Says:


    yeah my pre doesn’t have “tendering” but it does tether great.

    if you like the droid thats fine but when your ready to upgrade the Pre will be there for you

  130. Carlo Says:

    Oh…I also wanted to point out that Palm has no appreciation for loyal customers. Being a longtime loyal Palm customer, I jumped at the Tungsten when it was released and spent a small fortune on it believing the promise that a wifi SD card was coming only to release it almost three years later and not include the Tungsten as a compatible device. Go Droid! Support open development and get more from your phone for less ;-)

  131. jagdeep Says:

    PRE PLUS! hands down.

  132. MilesReach Says:

    Has Palm become the fearlessly innovate yet struggling company that Apple once was and can they evovle into what Apple now is? What do you think?

  133. audiophi1e Says:

    @winterfresh. You can definitely root the Pre. I did it the first week I had the phone (back in June 2009). I’m still on my first Pre and still love it.

    The Droid multitasks but definitely not as seamlessly as WebOS does.
    The Droid has free wifi tethering? The Pre Plus has free wifi hotspot.

    What I like about the Pre is its small size. It is about the same size as my RAZR phone. Doubt it? I can take pictures for you to see for yourself. In comparison the Droid is a behemoth that I have no interest to carry in my pocket or holster.

    I will definitely concede certain things: The Droid is fast. The keyboard is larger and because of that it’s easier to use for extended durations.

    And frankly, both phones have crap battery life. My wife’s BB Tour can go 3 days and still have 30% battery life left. I’m lucky if I can go 24hrs with 30% left. My friend’s Droid is the same.

  134. Jack87 Says:


    Wasnt it the ipod that helped apple come back? If I remember right Jon Rubinstein was the big wig behind the ipod and perhaps the development of the iphone. And now the same man is the CEO of palm. If he helped apple come back I have no doubt he will do wonders for palm. And have many hopes that the evil apple will change its ways

  135. Boss Says:

    This contest is a joke, what does webOS that Android can’t?

    What does it have? like 1,000 apps? What a joke…and as far as games…WebOS gets like 10 ported iPhone games and they think that matters. Gameloft is porting 25+ of their iPhone games to Android, on top of the ones they already have.

    Android > WebOS

    WebOS does have the most outspoken fanboys, only because they are in last place in terms of market share.

    Palm is a joke, WebOS is a joke. I can’t wait for Palm to die off, so the fanboys can die with them.

  136. The_Guy_That_Reads_The_Manual Says:


    The Mobile Hotspot is now free. That has been clearly stated through out this thread.

    I guess it depends on the job you have. I share my Mobile hotspot frequently and it has enabled us to work in some amazing environments, like 3 people doing tech support with three different customers while I’m driving at highway speeds. Or when I am at a hotel that blocks VPN traffic so I can’t get my email. Or when I am heading to a meeting with other people and we don’t have time to find a starbucks hotspot and pay $10 each.

    If sharing with up to 5 users wasn’t needed, then why do the carriers sell MiFi devices?

    In addition to how I use it at work, it’s a great way for my iPod Touch and iPad friends to get on the internet from some place other than Starbucks.

    Pre+ shoots and scores! Gooooooooaaaaaaaal.

    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

  137. caligula Says:

    I develop for both and would have to support webOS.

    The greatest challenge with Android is that it is not really a single platform. Android is a core OS that each hardware maker turns into their own unique platform. Android is becoming more fragmented with each new hardware that comes out. The result is that apps for one may not run on another. It’s also more difficult to develop for.

    webOS is such a thoughtful design that considered the entire experience for developers and users. Android was thought out to be a Google service that sucks users into more Google services. webOS integrates with Google AND other services better than Android does.

    As many have noted, Palm’s challenge is the marketing. The hardware is still in 1.0 mode but the OS is far more mature than Android 2.x right out of gate. The next webOS device will supposedly come with a larger screen and potentially dual core CPU. Palm can’t go it alone though and needs someone like RIM to buy them out as RIM desperately needs a modern OS.

    webOS is THE modern smartphone OS.

  138. tand Says:

    Palm Pre is so much better!

  139. KC Says:

    @logan — Haven’t you heard? Verizon is now giving the Mobile Hotspot service to Pre Plus/Pixi Plus owners at no charge. That’s $0.00 a month. In other words, free.

  140. kirk Says:

    @Boss @Boss @Boss @Boss @Boss @Boss @Boss @Boss

    Boss Said:
    “If the Pre Plus was really the best smart phone, Palm wouldn’t be:

    1) Struggling to sell units
    2) Facing bankruptcy
    3) Not profiting in the last two years+ ”

    You probably won’t read this however i would like to explain why this isn’t the issue.

    It is always about advertising. Why do you think so many people have the iphone when it isn’t superior. Example to me would be not having any form of multitasking till revision 3 of their OS and still not really having multitasking. The droid was advertised pretty well albeit to males. Polls were taken that 75% of droid users are male. This shows the validity of how advertising is very effective.

    Palm definitely did not advertise enough. Neither did sprint for that matter. They had pictures of it in their commercials but never talked about it much. Verizon hopped on and did somewhat better but only to small segments of the population to start. They advertised to moms haha. If they did a better job advertising they might be in better financial standing. They have about a year left in cash and hopefully a 4g phone in the works. That may save them. we will see. I believe in palm as being a great company none-the-less.

  141. jim Says:

    I laugh at the people who talk about a big screen on the droid. It’s the size of a bag phone from the 80’s. It looks like it’s 30 years old. A friend of mine had a woman pick on his phone. One told him “wow, how long have you had that phone, does it text”…… Classic

  142. Mike Says:

    Question for everyone..Why do you have the need to defend a cellphone? Some people prefer apple, others blackberys, other palm, others android, etc. Why does it have to become a big personal debate over whose is better? BTW..I have a droid. Im sure the PRE is also a great device. Im sure i’ll give it a look at when I’m wandering around the VZ store. What’s so hard about appreciating technology and where its gotten us, instead of bashing everyone who has a diff device??

  143. tk Says:

    Lots of parallels between what Palm is now and what Apple was 10 years ago.
    The Pre was unfortunately a beta product. Buggy software, horrible build quality. The Pre Plus goes a long way in addressing those problems. Yet th edesign is still too feminine. It will take a more gender neutral design (think Pixi on steroids, with virtual gesture area) to let webOS truly shine, and make Palm a profitable company again. It WILL come. Android phones will become commodity devices. If it wasn’t for the bad hardware, people would be having a hard time leaving Palm.
    My vote definitely goes to the Pre Plus. The smartphone race has only begun. I want to see Palm become the king of smartphones again.
    GO PALM!

  144. Zack Says:

    Palm Pre any day. I’m gettin mine soon. Still have the Palm Treo 755 & used for this post.

  145. Lingo Says:


    Sorry to burst your bubble, mobile hotspot is free.

  146. ceeaser Says:

    wow and who would’ve thought a small company like palm, a underdog, the rocky of the smartphone industry, but the best in the industry would have so many supporters, so many happy users looks like its time for Palm david to knock Google Goliath off its pedastle and put Palm in its rightfull place in this industry at #1.

  147. Colonel Kernel Says:

    @Carlo The whole PalmOS/Wi-Fi saga is so thoroughly convoluted it is impossible to draw any reliable conclusions regarding it. And Palm does not have a perfect track record with its fanbase, but it certainly apreciates them.

  148. chris Says:

    Palm Pre wireless tethering is free, but its through a promotion. If its permanent, more power to you guys, but stay on top of it to be safe drom getting hip with $40-$50 addons

  149. cRACKmONKEY421 Says:

    Pre should have lost to the Nexus One in round one. It’s amazing and suspect that Pre gets so many votes, yet I can’t remember when I last saw someone actually using one. I see people on their iphones, androids (mostly just droid), and blackberrys every day in public. Problem for many other mobile OS developers is that the market is more watered down with so many more current devices being released, and the developers that don’t do that end up with sub-par hardware for some time. Any Palm fan-boy instantly becomes a Pre-tard. But Android fans have several good hardware options to choose from. Constantly making better phones is great, but doing so with overlapping features and release dates creates too much competition between the same mobile OS. The alternative is being stuck with the crappier hardware for a while; which is probably better for marketing (take apple for example), but I don’t want a new phone that is already has outdated hardware.

  150. patrick Says:

    How in the world is pre plus beating the droid. I’m sorry I use to like palm but the Web OS is the biggest piece of crap yet. The only thing I can figure is that everyone that works for Palm that is almost out of a job is sitting around and voting over and over again. DROID RULES

  151. Nobama2 Says:

    “April 2nd, 2010 at 2:47 pm
    Actually in order for the Pre Plus to be a mobile hotspot, there is an additional monthly service charge, it isn’t free. And it’s funny because either way, it doesn’t matter who wins, Verizon comes out on top.”

    The fee has been waived as of this week. It is FREE!!!! Palm Pre+ FTW

  152. Pradeep Says:

    [Logan wrote: Actually in order for the Pre Plus to be a mobile hotspot, there is an additional monthly service charge, it isn’t free.]

    This was true until earlier this week, but now the $40/month mobile hotspot fee is being waived for all new and existing Verizon customers. Simply irresistible!

    Go PRE!

  153. DESX Says:

    No contest….Pre E-Z. Like it has been said already. Whatever the Droid does…Pre does better.

  154. brum Says:

    Palm webOS is the future. The short term financial position of Palm Inc. does not equate to the user experience/value or otherwise. In fact, value is better with a necessity compete in force.

  155. idontwan2know Says:

    The Droid is a great phone and I’ve voted for it in every round it’s competed in…until now.

    I’ve been through half a dozen smartphones, including the iPhone and nothing compares to the pure elegance of the WebOS experience.

    It’s not about hardware, and it’s not about listing specs and capabilities that most of us will rarely or never use. It’s about picking up your phone and loving the way it feels in your hand. It’s about moving around on your device and accomplishing tasks without even having to think about how to accomplish them. It’s about seamlessly switching from Facebook chat, to AIM to text message with the same person without having to open another app, or open a new conversation, or pick a new contact.

    Part of the reason Palm’s sales are struggling is that you simply cannot sum up the WebOS and Pre Plus experience in a bullet list to put on the side of the box, or sell effectively in a 30 second commercial. But use the Pre Plus (or the regular Pre, or the Pixi) for a few days and going back to any other phone OS will feel like a huge step backwards.

  156. VKitty Says:

    Mobile Hotspot for the Palm Pre is not Free..Just check for yourself.

    Or do a search, and find a link you like better

  157. Flip Says:

    Pre for sure…ive had some many defferent phones, im not saying that the droid is bad cause i tried it, is a pretty good phone but WEBOS WOOOW!!!! I love webos how smooth it is n now with the 800mhz patch is a done deal…all palm needs is a better hardware

  158. Ray Says:

    I love my pre an it has my vote

  159. ceeaser Says:

    mobile hotspot is free for sprint as well go to:

    its easy I use it to tether a laptop, and a desktop computer. Also people in the forums for the 800mhz patch you can now reapply at:

    it works very very well i mean blazing fast with no hicups, lags, or delays most programs open up instantly.

    I love to hear all the hate from these Android users so many tears huh, I told you Web os is playing the tortus and android playing the heir, but in this story listen, “the rabbit was fast but fell asleep in the forest…….. and lost because the tortus had endurance” soon more and more millions of people will witness the Web Os from such a small company, then the world will witness a fairy tale that Apple already played out themselves……..UTTER DOMINANCE AND SUCCESS.

  160. ceeaser Says:

    @Vkitty so heres your link and proof of mobile hotspot being free, also my peoples has the verizon version and the mobile hotspot is free.

  161. zefyx Says:

    Go Palm Go!

  162. Stephen Says:

    Palm Pre Plus

  163. fatal Says:

    the pre is far better than the droid. The droid might b a bit snappier but that’s about it..the keyboard is akward and the web brower cnt compete with the pre or iphone..webos is the best os out there for a mobile phone. Now only is palm would make a tablet that would spank the ipad

  164. barking_cat Says:

    I was just looking around a Droid site. It was astonishing to see how many Droid owners there where saying really positive things about WebOS and admiring the sleek look of the Pre.

    Even the Droid owners see the elegance of the Pre+

    Now if Palm would learn how to make commercials that are as effective as their OS, it would be amazing!

    WebOS > Android

    Pre+ > MotoDroid

  165. Nobama2 Says:


    uh WTF? It is free. 100% free.

    From your above link even:

    “Mobile Hotspot is now free for all new and existing customers using webOS on Verizon – though it might take a bit of time for your bill to reflect the change.”

  166. Tom Says:

    Vkitty – learn to read.

    “Official: Verizon slashes Palm Pre Plus to $49.99, Pixi Plus to $29.99. Mobile Hotspot plan now free”

  167. predefined Says:

    I guess this poll definitely proves one thing. There are more loyal, dedicated, and convinced Pre Plus owners than there are Droid owners. Wether Droid or Palm Pre Plus has better hardware, mobile OS, apps, price, functionality, or features between each other, it’s clear that Palm has done something right to achieve this honor. If Palm didn’t, then the Palm Pre Plus would not have gotten as far as it did in this poll. Maybe Verizon may even be convinced to switch their flagship phone to the Palm Pre Plus and stop wasting their time on the Droid.

    Let’s give the 2010 smarphone Champion a round of applause people!! >clappclapppclapp<

  168. Jack87 Says:

    peeps can read about mobile hotspot for verizon on palm’s blog

  169. Steve-O Jobs Says:


    If you actually read the thread you posted, you would see that the mobile Hotspot is free. Even better, why don’t you ask an actual Pre+ owner to log in to their MyVerizon and add it to the plan and see if it shows $0 or something else? Now where could we find an actual Pre+ customer that can look at their plan on line and see what the cost is for the Mobile Hotspot?

    I know, I can do that. Do I need to post a screen shot for you? I’m guessing that actual Verizon Pre+ customers might know a little more about the cost of our current plans than someone who doesn’t have that option available to them???


    WebOS FTW, and the no-cost hotspot is just another reason why Pre+ > MotoDroid.

    In a world of don’t… DON”T speak of things of which you are not qualified.

    Go Pre+ Go!!!

  170. Lingo Says:

    Number of products sold does not equal the better product.

    Ask the people who prefer Apple computers over Windows computers.

    In fact, ask the people who prefer Android phones over the iPhone.

    Stop pointing out sales numbers when the iPhone and Blackberries have already been knocked out.

  171. john Says:

    PRE has hell of alot of fanboys

  172. webOSluvr Says:

    Pre all the way baby!!

    People are saying Palm is dying and think it’s because of Pre. That is completely wrong. Did you guys forget how muc buzz Pre created when announced in Jan 2009? Now try to analyse why it didn’t sell much on VZ. My thinking is that it first got launched with Sprint and they had their best ever launch of a phone. By the time it got to Verizon Droid had already been launched and VZ marketed Droid more than Pre because they thought all the apps on Android OS will be reusable, well now they will have to munch on their hats, hahaha.

  173. JT Says:

    The Linux-based WebOS was the best move Palm has made in the last 3 years, easily. In fact, the Palm Pre Plus is the BEST phone they’ve come up with in the last 4 to 5 years (sadly – I’ve owned every palm device since the 650). But it is too little too late and Palm will go the way of the Dodo because it took PALM way too long to figure out that maintaining their own non-open source mobile OS was too difficult. In fact, Blame Palm for their decision to support Windows (Treo 700wx). I am not sure this poll can do much if anything to change the mistakes Palm made (and stop blaming the carriers who got tired of supporting the crap that Palm was putting out before WebOS). I say vote as many times as you can for your beloved Pre – it may be the last phone Palm makes….

  174. PrePlusFreeMobileHotSpot Says:

    @VKITTY and other’s that don’t believe:

    Rather than give you the login to MyVerizon, here are some other mentions about the Hotspot being FREE. Not a promotion, just a way to attract customers and sell a great phone! Lock them in for two years now before the Pre comes to AT&T, etc…

    It only costs if you go over the 5GB cap. In all my years tethering to my Treo and Centro, I’ve never reached half of that. And I download lots f music, Hulu, etc.

    They just realized that people resisted the big dollars for a cap they would never achieve, and the fact that there are free alternatives like FreeTether that does the same thing and can’t be controlled. This is a very smart move by Verizon. Finally Verison is making a genuine effort to promote Pre+ instead of doing bait-and-switch to push the Droid.

    You invited us to search for a link that we would like better. I like ay of those three better, don’t you?

    Pre+ > Moto-Droid > BlackBery > WinMo

    Pre and WebOS are finally getting the credibility, attention, and momentum that they deserve. The only thing left to do is fire their marketing department and let the user community create their commercials and promotions.

    Here is a good example of what that could produce:

    Imagine, a Pre+ owner created that video on his own, just because he likes his phone…

  175. Albert Says:

    Mobile hotspot WAS not free. It has apparently BECOME free in the last week.

    Also, the “tethering” that the Droid has is unsupported by Verizon therefore a TOS violation. From the smartphone usage plan rules:

    “These features cannot be used to tether your device to laptops, personal computers or other devices for any purpose other than syncing of data; any other use is not permitted using these features. ”

    You can not LEGALLY tether the Droid unless Verizon has very recently changed the rules because you can’t add a tethering plan to the droid that allows it.

  176. george Says:

    So Droid has about 10K apps and Pre is at about 2K. Pre seems to have the advantage of large long play 3D gaming apps but what Droid apps are a must have that are not available on Pre?

  177. WebOS_Re-Tweet Says:

    Fantastic Re-Tweet from WebOS Internals for the Droid tweakers that keep bragging about “rooting” your Droid. I laughed out loud when I read this:

    RT @webosinternals: In WebOS-world we use the term “login” rather than “rooting” cause we access the Linux root acct using Palm tools & docs

    No wonder the average user is more likely to mod a Pre… It’s just so much simpler!

  178. Max Says:

    Pre of course! I just unlocked one myself :) so i love it :) LOL

  179. Randy Says:

    My vote went to the Droid.

    WebOS is a worthy competitor as an operating system. But it needs to be used on a phone that is also worthy. The Palm Pre build quality and materials are sub-par by any industry standards.

    Can someone address the below, one item at a time, please?
    * Poor call quality. We are discussing phones here, right? Seems like it’s kind of important.
    * Weak speakers that can not be efficiently used for verbal GPS directions or speakerphone.
    * Email user-experience is not up to par with other smartphones for even casual use, let alone for business use.
    * Keyboard is ridiculously cramped. Apparently designed for children? Maybe I just have giant fingers?
    * Slider mechanism is wobbly compared to other slider phones.
    * The phone can sometimes be sluggish, for no apparent reason, just opening up a basic application.
    * No viable counterpart to iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry App World. Palm’s is limited … is it even out of Beta yet?

    And stop telling people they don’t have the right to criticize the Palm Pre unless they have owned one. It hasn’t stopped most of you from lashing out at all other makes, including the iPhone. Notice that there are not really many iPhone users that have taken part in this entire competition. The reason … they don’t need to prove their phone is the superior touch-screen smartphone. Almost every single professional review in magazines and on the web has already proven that. And iPhone users vote with their pocket book, which is why it is such a successful phone in the market place and why
    Apple is so successful as a company. No teetering on bankruptcy there.

    And, yes, I have owned a Palm Pre myself. I returned it after two weeks of use. I have even owned a Palm Pixi. There were many things about the Pixi that I actually liked. It’s screen clarity was not sufficient, the screen was much, much too small, and the call quality was very poor … but other than that I actually loved everything else about it. Well, except it’s name perhaps … “Pixi”.

  180. BoMark Powell Says:

    I vote for the motorola Droid it’s changed my life

  181. jamie Says:

    cant understand how this pre is winning. dumbfounded on how it beat the nexus one. a lot of fanboy voting and no honest voting. i’m a droid owner and if i came up against a N1, id say N1 beats me. but CERTAINLY not the Pre

  182. Colonel Kernel Says:

    This is gonna hit 20k votes before midnight, tonight (Friday). If the pace keeps up, this matchup could have 50k by Monday at 9 AM.

  183. J. S. Says:

    “VKitty Says:
    April 2nd, 2010 at 6:10 pm
    Mobile Hotspot for the Palm Pre is not Free..Just check for yourself.

    Or do a search, and find a link you like better”

    I think you meant this as a response to someone that said it was not free, while it USED to be true, when Verizon dropped the price of the two Web-OS phones it offers, they also dropped the cost of the mobile hotspot to free.

  184. Randy Says:

    tk, I just read what you said about the problems with Palm’s sub-par hardware and you stated … “think Pixi on steroids”. Somehow, I miss your post before.

    That is the SMARTEST thing that I’ve read from Palm fans on this entire thread!

    I totally agree with you. The Pixi concept has so much potential. Keep the nice WebOS, it’s great. Beef that baby up and ditch the Pre. Make the Pixi competitive by increasing its screen size to usable proportions. Give it better speakers and call sound quality that are on equal with a BlackBerry Bold 9700 or BlackBerry Tour. Is so, I’d have a whole different perspective on Palm … and maybe would have one in my pocket.

    Thanks for your comment, tk.

  185. VKitty Says:

    :Edit – Mobile Hotspot for the Palm Pre is now Free..Just check for yourself.

    Wow, I ment NOW lol it is NOW free lol

  186. Crxssi Says:

    Wow- two great phones in the final- and both Linux! The Droid is nice- slightly better screen, landscape keyboard, tons of apps. But the Pre/WebOS is just something you have to use before you understand why it has to win. It is beyond pretty- it is functional AND pretty. Nothing multitasks better. WebOS is only 9 months old and has already surpassed any other phone OS. 3D games, tremendous homebrew support, same core speed as the Droid & iPhone, several thousand apps…. If Palm can hang in there long enough for people to really understand WebOS, they are going to be a big force (again) in Smartphones!

  187. Angel Says:

    My rooted droid can handle wifi tethering…droid wins hands down. Better screen and far better selection of apps.

  188. Chi Says:

    Vote for the one that can answer this question: Which phone can be a mobile hotspot for free?

  189. Centrico Says:

    Palm Pre Baby!

  190. David Says:

    wow…pre made it to the finals. I guess Palm does have a chance after all, even if their company doesnt seem to show it with horrible marketing and decision making. Didnt know there were so many pre lovers out there! But I still <3 my BB Tour 9630!!

  191. Ricardoq Says:

    “idontwan2know” above me is right. It seems really difficult to capture the ease of use that WebOS provides in a 30 second spot or on a piece of paper.

    The way notifications (even phone calls) unobtrusively pop-up and either allow you easily dismiss it or click on it and get to the email/text/twit/aim/facebook message are completely unrivaled and one of the coolest features of WebOS and one of the reasons why it makes ZERO sense to go back to another antiquated platform. I’ve seen Android notifications, and whereas their notification system is an effective “8” WebOS is a “20”.

    Often I have pandora/music app running at the same time as Im surfing the net, while the email app is open as i am about to email someone the phone number of a place that I am searching for, and at the same time Im having a conversation with a friend through facebook and a conversation with another friend through text messaging, both in the same app. (faceebook chat is through a patch). I can go from one application to the other, with only ONE swipe of the finger, JUST ONE! What other phone does that???

    Some of my favorite things to do on my pre:
    *Being able to converse with one person through text/AIM/Yahoo/faccebook all in the same thread.
    *automatic picture sync from facebook to my contacts.
    *downloading files from the internet
    *downloading videos with the youtube app (you can download the vids and they get stored in the vids app)
    *free tethering
    *having impromptu photo-shoots with the one-picture-per-second camera. Seriously, my friends are always like WTF? And you always end up with at least one awesome shot.
    *ability to clearly see the screen in direct sunlight
    *preware and its unofficial APPS and hundreds of patches. (any missing functionality can be found through patches. This is what MAKES WebOS a “10” in my book. And im not well versed in hacking or anything, its simple!!)
    *Incredible web browser. Aside from flash, which is to come, there no functionality missing from a desktop browser. None.
    *gestures. Its soo intuitive to use the gesture area. I’ve used other people’s phones and it just feels retarded to use a button to go back. NO! gestures FOR THE FUCKIN WIN!
    *True 3D gaming. Need for Speed and Avatar are awesooooooooome! I need to buy more games haha!

    Those are just some of the standout features. I mean, the phone does everything. Email is great, phone is loud and clear, tons of apps (sorry but other platforms might have a million apps each but I have a shitload of apps and I barely use any of them, I download them mostly out of curiosity and end up not using them, besides netflix and a couple other ones that is.

    Lastly, Ive played with several Android phones. While it is a capable platform, it is just so clunky and full of crap all over the screen, with all these pull down menus, going back and forth to find this or that, etc etc, its just not simple, nor elegant, nor a pleasure to use. Its like going back to PalmOS. Its capable, but after having WebOS, its a definite step backwards.


  192. saiful Says:

    Pre can do rings around droid and any other smart phones in the market currently. Only reason it’s not selling units because its not made by Apple. If it had Apple logo it would sales like hot cakes.

  193. ceeaser Says:

    wow still crushing the droid huh also people who are interested go to and get the 800mhz OC kernal for the pre plus, also if you have a sprint version there is moble hotspot free as well. both in the forum sections and I might say the pre is sick fast browser times show faster then iphone 3gs, DROID, and nexus One! as well as the hotspot for sprint works wounders I have been connecting a laptop, and a desktop prob going to cancel comcast now lol. Anyway as I told the android fan base Web Os is the future you got a head start but that dosent mean the ones in your rear view mirror will always stay behind.


  194. ceeaser Says:

    mighty quiet on here huh…..(cricket cricket) never thought Palm really sold as many units huh well they did 3 million to date from sprint just the pre, and no telling how many pixis, pre plus’s, and pixi plus’s have sold also remember the last quarter ended 03/17 but as I recall verizon just released the plus versions 2 weeks prior soooooooo of course if anyone was using their heads that did not include verizon sales so stop speculating and listening to dumb incompetent anaylist.

  195. Frank Says:

    Man, it’s funny to me to see all of this Palm love and yet Palm is not doing nearly as well as motorola. I really hate that.

    Go Pre! GO ALL THE WAY!

  196. nate Says:

    @everyone saying droid doesn’t have free wifi tether.

    They do!!!!!!

  197. Olidie Says:

    Voted pre Plus. WebOS is just too freaking awesome. Now with free mobile hotspot on tab, Verizon just raise the bar even higher for its webOS offerings.

    Currently playing NFL 2010 while Tom Clancy H.A.W.K is downloading in background to be play later. WebOS rules.

  198. KC Says:

    This is the ad Palm/Sprint/Verizon should be running. They need to fire their marketing department and hire the guy who made this!

  199. Ben Says:

    When it comes to the internet, it seems like it’s ALWAYS personal. :P

    I think one of the biggest factors here is Palm’s status as a company. Many people think Palm is on their way out and don’t expect/want them to survive, especially their competition. I’m a tech geek myself, and I agree with the sentiment that it’s about advancement of technology rather than numbers or stats or which phone is “beter.” There will not be “the perfect mobile device” for several more years.

    That said, I’m an avid Palm supporter, SPT Pre owner (since 6/6/9) and novice hacker. I love the fact that I have Lighty running PHPGallery.

    “Where do you host your photos? Flickr? Photobucket? Twitpic?”

    “In my pocket.”

  200. Boss Says:


    If it was purley advertising then that would be a simple fix. More money, more ads, more sales.

    The iPhone isn’t necessarily inferior. It has over 150,000 apps…the possibilities are virtually endless, especially after jailbreaking. There is room for improvement of course, which we could see by next month. But the average consumer cares about their favorite apps, not cards or multitasking, or the fastest processor. The 3GS is a fine piece of hardware, especially since it was developed in 2008-early 2009. We will also see what Apple has in-store for iPhone OS 4.0…Sales are more than just good advertising, you must deliver a desirable product as well.

  201. RT Says:

    webOS is miles ahead of others.

    – Seamless integration with the cloud
    – Best mobile UI (Would love to put it on my laptop!)
    – Frequent OTA updates (Fastest development among all mobile OSs)
    – Best 3D game experience (I don’t have to stop playing NFS to respond to a text from my friend!)
    – One of the best mobile browsers (Soon to support flash)

    some of the lesser features but what i love about my pre+ are the exchange support for email and calendar. And i plan to cancel my comcast internet and just use my Pre+ with mobile hotspot!

    Go Palm! go webOS!

  202. John Says:

    There is no way a crappy phone like the Pre is beating the Droid. My guess is a bunch of iphone / blackberry fanboys are voting to spite the Droid. They can’t give the Pre away and yet it’s supposedly getting voted as the better phone? Yeah right. Absolutely no feature of that phone is better or on par with the droid. The screen is tiny, the keyboard is cramped, the GPS works about half the time, the OS is laggy as hell (apps launch so slowly they actually utilize a splash screen), the OS is plagued with memory leaks and even overclocked can’t beat the lowest end android phone (oh did I mention it’s pretty?), and the app choices suck. Please,,,, the Pre and Pre Plus are out of their league. Next!

  203. John Says:

    Oh and the whole mobile hotspot thing?Droids have been doing that for months before you Pre owners finally
    got video recording. Sorry, the Pre sucks and palm will die.

  204. Menace187 Says:

    THe palm pre is going to drill a new a-hole on the droid then make it it’s b***h, Palm FTW

  205. Kedar Says:

    People keep reading about Palm dying.

    Palm has the “smartphone” patent.
    It’s not going anywhere, especially with Elevation Partners.

  206. Mark Says:

    I own a Droid, and I love it. It’s my second Android device.
    I’ve used the Palm Pre and I fell in love with it, but…..
    The longer I used it, the more I would get constant freezing and lag issues. With my Droid, I haven’t had these issues. I know everyone has different experiences with different phones, and most of you Pre owners may or may not have encountered these issue, but I did and that’s what killed it for me with the Pre. I need a phone that I can count on being reliable, ready to go when I am, and can keep up with me without me having to wait for it to play catch up. And for that…….(you knew it was coming) DROID DOES!
    I still, as of this moment have about tens days left to trade my Droid back in for a Pre, but that’s not gonna happen. It all comes down to what makes you happy, and for me once again.. Droid Does.
    And by the way, lets quit spending our lives so focused on these damn phones. We all know that when the next best thing hits the market we’ll be dropping these Droid’s & Pre’s like a rock. So why bother. Typed on, and Posted from my Droid. ;)

  207. Brandonlee Says:

    Both of these phones suck btw but I think Droid should be in the finals but Palm!?! REALLY!? They Suck! Blackberry sales more then both these phones put together! I voted for the droid btw. Palm sucks and will continue to suck in my mind. :)

  208. WebOS Wizard Says:

    Palm Pre Plus all the way. The Droid might have a large app catalog but it is full of SHIT. Palm Pre Plus has quality apps and apps that allow you to do something productive. “Not just shake your phone to roll dice or have 20 tip calculators”. The Droid’s app storage is limited to a meager 256MB so you are screwed even if you want more then that. Yes, it comes with a 16GB SD card that can be replaced with a 32GB card, but I can’t remember the last time I filled 16GB and you can’t use that for Apps just media. You can download as many apps on the Palm Pre Plus as you want. You can use the 16GB hard drive for whatever the hell you want with no cap for Applications.

    Yes, the Palm Pre just got video recording but it is far superior to anything on the Droid. The Pre can edit video and with a touch of a button it is uploaded or sent in a email. Our Mobile hotspot is free and connects up to five devices at once. NO NEED TO HACK IT to tether. If you lose your DROID your screwed. With the Palm Pre you can log into your Palm Profile at any computer in the world and wipe your device remotely, for FREE. Then you can walk back into the store an log back into your Palm Profile and all your contacts, email settings and applications that you have paid for are back on your device.
    Remember Droid users: we were syncing with Google before you were. Also anyone that has a Yahoo basic account can use the Palm Pre without paying money to upgrade to Yahoo premium. Not only that, it will sync the customers Yahoo calendar, and contacts. Google as a company is great but the ANDROID devices can SUCK IT.

    The Synergy between Facebook, Google, & Yahoo make this a true Smartphone not a overpriced feature phone like the DROID. Go return your TOY and buy a real Smartphone. DROID can’t compete.

  209. henry Says:

    Droid is like a PDA, while Pre+ is like a real smartphone. Go Pre+.

  210. dong Says:

    We sadly have 9 Pre (at moment) and my vote is for Android. With webOS 1.4.1, the pre cant keep time, cant sync tasks and notes with Outlook, does not have categories for either. You can store birthdays in the contact list but they dont show in calendar. If you add birthdays manually (!), they only show in day and week views, not month, Of course, there is no year view.. synergy goes not pass contact, email, tel numbers to google even ifyou have it as your default service. Google birthdays dont show on the Pre.. No week numbers.. time to reminder alarm show in mins- 2880minutes! You cant set an alarm and power off, the clock stops. You have to leave the phone on if you want to use it to wake up- and dont forget to set it fast. The our Pre gain 5mins a day. no SD card slot, usb charging slow covered by hard plastic cover which broke on 1 phone after 2 days use. Phone screen does not totate when you move the phone, only the web browser works in panorama view.. cant disable show images in email so spammers can easily confirm Pre user accounts. No MSN messaging, bluetooth cant be made invisible, you cant transfer files with bluettoth, also doesnt work well in BMW, volvo.. and peope ownder why palm’s stock is tanking..

  211. dong Says:

    ..battery life is very poor, brand new phones last just a day in business use- the Nokia N97 lasts nearly 3. The keyboard is very crampt, difficult for an adult to use.. luckly you dont need “&” very often! Black plastic case looks good until you touch it.. webOS is slow at opening apps, you need to keep them open but then you get “too many cards open” errors when you have one or more large apps open. Speaker sound is poor, A2D BT connection doesnt work with all headsets.. I was a fan of Palm for 13 years until I recomended we get them in the company.. the operator finally gave them us for free but wont change all of them now. Even at zero euros, its not a good deal. Supporting the mess is expensive. Android Nesus please..

  212. FRANK Says:


  213. Digital Jedi™ Says:

    Sorry Pre fans, but speaking as a former Pre owner, the Droid is far superior in every way. Its a true “geeks” phone running on a true “geeks” platform while Web OS, while sweet to look at, was made for the mainstream consumer who just isn’t buying. Android appeals to both geeks and mainstreamers who are both buying. Coupled with superior apps, a superior OS and far superior hardware makes this contest in the bag for the Droid. Simply put, the Droid is the best Android handset(and in the top 5 of handsets overall) on the market today.

  214. Julian Says:

    C’mon droid Users. Only thing I hear Palm WebOS sucks without any true argument. You neede to see that there is no better OS out there. Of course I bash Droid users because i can’t believe why still to support a phone that makes the same fault that WinMO already did. Far to much fragmentation. Sorry Droid. Too much people already know why you will lose this competition!

  215. VKitty Says:


    What can the Droid do that the Pre can not?

    What makes Android so much better? Updates come on a phone by phone basis so people on different phones have to wait, or never get an upgrade, and not ALL the apps in the app store work on all phones.

    I have tried a droid at the store, you can not do more that a few apps before it gets bogged down. I can not even find any videos showing how many apps are RUNNING simultaneously, not just paused in the background. You need a special app in order to close your programs, email does not always arrive instantly, and it does not handle emails to well as in Push Emails. It crashes, and “Force Restarts” at times, calendar is clunky, Wifi will cut out, making you wait sometime two minutes or so before you can use data again.

    Again, what can the droid do that the pre can not?

  216. Mamshoo Says:

    Palm is struggling because of marketing issues. but the technical part is doing best and as well as the technical support. I am happy to be a WEB OS Technical support representative and I know Palm WEB OS will go all the way!!!

    Go palm pre…!!!

  217. Cardare Says:

    The problem here is that while the Droid may have done something for a while now, the Pre improves on those features.

    The biggest problem with Android in general is feature creep and fragmentation, and in general the OS doesn’t look nice. HTC are the only ones doing Android justice, and I don’t believe how Motorola’s shoddy hardware got ahead of HTC’s excellent, well designed hardware.

    The fragmentation is the most frustrating one. Fragmentation pissed off the J2ME devs, their apps would only work with certain devices because different manufacturers had different implementations. Despite J2ME supposedly being multi-platform, because of the different implementations it was required to port games and apps to different phones, as it simply wasn’t a case of running the same code as often, it wouldn’t run unless you replaced a whole bunch of functions and code depending on how those Sony Ericsson J2ME libraries were changed.

    webOS doesn’t have this problem, and while I’m no fan of the iPhone I must say neither does that. Development on both platforms, whatever the device running the OS, costs far less do do, and is much easier.

    The iPhone is an excellent device, and as many others have said I’m shocked that it went out so early and easily. Blackberry handsets are also excellent, reliable and well built devices though but more geared for enterprise, as they also supply the backend (BlackBerry Internet Services for those who don’t want to run the backend, BlackBerry Enterprise Server [Express] for those that want more control over company devices), something Apple don’t do, so I’m guessing this partially fell in favour of the BlackBerry for it’s flexibility, especially considering the express edition of BES is free. I’m with the Pre Plus on this one, I have a Pre and the feel of the OS just feels right. This is a smartphone done properly, and it’s the same OS on a higher powered device. All my purchased and free apps will work on it and developing for it is incredibly simple.

    The Droid should be marked down simply because it’s a Motorola device. If the device was a HTC Touch or HD, the HTC would be the one running this show because of the better implementation of Android, and less clunky hardware that doesn’t look as though it’s come from the 80’s. Apart from their earlier handsets, HTC is Android done right.

    Because of the fragmentation of the OS, pushing development costs for games and apps up, and the chunky and clunky hardware that looks as though it has come from the mid to late 80s as a kirf of a McDonald’s happy meal toy, I’m going Pre Plus on this one. The Pre Plus still has problems, and hopefully Palm addresses these soon. The also need to fix those horrible adverts. The reason the iPhone was such a success was because their advertising was insanely well done. It got across to people the most important reasons to get an iPhone, showed off a handful of it’s features and ended with the familiar phrase, and showed off what networks it could be found on. Apple’s marketing department got it right. I just hope Palm learn from this now.

    Palm has amazing devices. Simply because one of their devices has gone this far, it should send them a very clear message to sort their act out and promote their devices properly. If the advertising showed off the devices capabilities properly, and in a fun and funky way a little like how they advertised the Pixi in the US but showing more of the OSes capabilities, especially now the PDK is turning the device in to a serious games handheld and EA and Gameloft/Glu are getting stuck in the Pre would be an equal contender to the iPhone. So far no advertising campaign has showed off the PDK, and again, Apple jumped on the opportunity to show that iPhone/iPod Touch was capable the second it was demonstrated it could do this in all of it’s advertising, which is, again, why the iPhone sells like billio.

    Go Pre Plus!

  218. idontwan2know Says:

    I think what people don’t understand is that at the end of the day, the Droid is just another Android phone, and arguably not even the best. In the next 3-4 months there will be another half dozen devices with the same OS and better internals. It’s a nice phone and the flavor of the minute, but ultimately it will get lost in the shuffle of Android phones.

    Who will care about the Droid in a year? Nobody.

  219. Tom Says:

    ““idontwan2know” above me is right. It seems really difficult to capture the ease of use that WebOS provides in a 30 second spot or on a piece of paper.

    The way notifications (even phone calls) unobtrusively pop-up and either allow you easily dismiss it or click on it and get to the email/text/twit/aim/facebook message are completely unrivaled and one of the coolest features of WebOS and one of the reasons why it makes ZERO sense to go back to another antiquated platform. I’ve seen Android notifications, and whereas their notification system is an effective “8″ WebOS is a “20″.

    Often I have pandora/music app running at the same time as Im surfing the net, while the email app is open as i am about to email someone the phone number of a place that I am searching for, and at the same time Im having a conversation with a friend through facebook and a conversation with another friend through text messaging, both in the same app. (faceebook chat is through a patch). I can go from one application to the other, with only ONE swipe of the finger, JUST ONE! What other phone does that???

    Some of my favorite things to do on my pre:
    *Being able to converse with one person through text/AIM/Yahoo/faccebook all in the same thread.
    *automatic picture sync from facebook to my contacts.
    *downloading files from the internet
    *downloading videos with the youtube app (you can download the vids and they get stored in the vids app)
    *free tethering
    *having impromptu photo-shoots with the one-picture-per-second camera. Seriously, my friends are always like WTF? And you always end up with at least one awesome shot.
    *ability to clearly see the screen in direct sunlight
    *preware and its unofficial APPS and hundreds of patches. (any missing functionality can be found through patches. This is what MAKES WebOS a “10″ in my book. And im not well versed in hacking or anything, its simple!!)
    *Incredible web browser. Aside from flash, which is to come, there no functionality missing from a desktop browser. None.
    *gestures. Its soo intuitive to use the gesture area. I’ve used other people’s phones and it just feels retarded to use a button to go back. NO! gestures FOR THE FUCKIN WIN!
    *True 3D gaming. Need for Speed and Avatar are awesooooooooome! I need to buy more games haha!

    Those are just some of the standout features. I mean, the phone does everything. Email is great, phone is loud and clear, tons of apps (sorry but other platforms might have a million apps each but I have a shitload of apps and I barely use any of them, I download them mostly out of curiosity and end up not using them, besides netflix and a couple other ones that is.

    Lastly, Ive played with several Android phones. While it is a capable platform, it is just so clunky and full of crap all over the screen, with all these pull down menus, going back and forth to find this or that, etc etc, its just not simple, nor elegant, nor a pleasure to use. Its like going back to PalmOS. Its capable, but after having WebOS, its a definite step backwards.


    There is an app, or stand alone integration with everything you have said.

    So let me go through this list…

    -Ever hear of SenseUI? does the same thing for Android. It groups all communications from one person. Personally I don’t like this though, because it creates clutter. Having everything in one place, though convenient, can become muddled and thus become less convenient in the long run.

    -Droid synced, in one fell swoop… my google account, my contacts, and my facebook. What this means is that no matter what, I’ll never lose my contacts because they are all backed up on google. And the fact that I have google voice makes that even better. The only thing it DIDN’T do is search Facebook based upon my contacts, which quite frankly would have been annoying. And I see my friend’s pics, and can see their status upon clicking on their picture in my contacts list.

    -Are you really putting this down as a plus for any OS? REALLY?! Downloading files from the internet? Find me a mobile OS that can’t and I will show you a mobile OS that doesn’t exist anymore. Actually… ANY OS ANYWHERE!

    -Besides having multiple apps that can download YouTube Videos, I can download them just from my browser. Hell there are apps that I have used that allowed me to save just the audio. And the 2.1 Gallery gets all videos and sorts it (The new Gallery is amazing)

    -I wonder WHY Vz gave it free tethering? Perhaps it is because they needed to do SOMETHING to boost the sale of Palm devices?? Droid can do it as well, albeit illegally, but again there are many more Droid users than Palm, so they need to limit it to preserve their network so it doesn’t crash.

    -You know… I did that JUST LAST NIGHT, an impromptu photo shoot. Fun fact, photo shoots don’t rely on fast shutter speed but on modifiable settings. And there is no shortage of settings on Droid. Talk to any photographer, and they’ll tell you about things like shutter speeds, lenses, films and lighting that they need to modify to get the right pictures. Maybe the Pre excels at taking more pics faster, but that doesn’t always equate to what one needs.

    -I don’t understand this whole “glare” argument against the droid… I have used my Droid in direct sunlight and have had no problems doing it… Well that is unless I have it totally horizontal, but who would do that?

    -unofficial apps and preware you say? Hm… Droid has those too only we call them non-market applications, and ROMs (no ROM is not “Read Only Memory” for you google happy people that search for words when you don’t know them, they are basically revamped OSes, try googling “custom rom”), and Android tends to have a lot more as well… And we don’t need to download these ROMs either to get a lot of the functionality, a lot of the apps we want end up on the market eventually anyway.

    – Droid STOCK web browser has been compared to everything and people have found it to be as good as all the others. But if you really want to take advantage of Android you need to use a nonstock browser which adds countless functionality. Also Flash won’t come to WebOS first because Adobe THEMSELVES have stated that the device that Flash 10.1 was built with in mind was the Snapdragon processor, which no Palm device has… Funny since most new Android devices do…. Just watch the Nexus One video.

    -Gestures hmm? -looks on phone- I have this app from google called “Google Gesture Search” I wonder what that is? perhaps…. GESTURES? WOW! And one of our browsers, the Dolphin Browser, has integrated gestures as well. Personally I don’t like gestures because it complicates things if you get the gesture wrong.

    -3D gaming… Well that is just laughable. It isn’t that the Palm Pre is more capable of it than the Droid. In fact it is the exact opposite of the facts. No one has really developed 3D games for the Droid… The idea that a device that only has a processor to use for its CPU and GPU being better at gaming than a device that has a dedicated CPU AND GPU (like say THE DROID) is ridiculous. That is like saying a regular laptop, with no video card is better at gaming than a gaming laptop with the same processor, but has an NVIDIA card for its video card. It just doesn’t make sense.

    Also since people have been clamoring about how no Droid user has stood up and said what the Droid can do better…

    How about this for some of the things that my Droid can do that has yet to be seen from Palm…

    – Droid, with My Tracks, gets my GPS location and tracks my speed, distance and track route whenever I run. It also allows me to compare past tracks to view my progress. And because it tracks my route I can modify my route to get better runs. And this is all done with Google Maps integration because it is a Google app.

    – Droid has picture searching apps. Both Goggles, which searches the web for things you might take a picture of, and Plink Art, which searches only for art work.

    – Droid has FULL Verizon support for FiOS. I can use my phone as a remote, and to search listings and set my DVR.

    -My video player on the Droid can handle .srt files

    -One handed operation you say? Hm… I can do that. You ask “What about typing?” I answer “Who needs to type? 2.1 features this little invention called “Voice to text” which allows me to speak into my phone and have it convert what I say to text.” (Its pretty damn accurate too for the most part)

    -Droid has free Turn by Turn navigation

    -Lastly… Free LIVE video streaming from my phone. As in I take video, and people can view it from the web at no charge. The app is called Qik. Here is a list of supported phones I notice that there are only two Palm phones on there, and neither of them is the Palm Pre.

    I should mention that I will bet any amount of money that the “Root” you get when you “log-in” isn’t true root access. This is because Palm doesn’t want lawsuits when a user destroys their phone because they went into the root system folder and changes something they weren’t supposed to. This is the same reason why Google didn’t outright give root access. They allowed people to GET root access, but it voids your warranty, because they want to deter the practice so they don’t get sued. Its a business move to lock away root access, not a functionality move. So it is the same as Palm, even if you don’t think it is. If you didn’t have to do anything special, they are just tricking you into thinking it is full root access to protect their a**, which is a sly move. Guaranteed that you don’t have any access to the bootloader either.

    No matter what this poll says, Droid wins hands down

  220. idontwan2know Says:

    “Oh and the whole mobile hotspot thing?Droids have been doing that for months before you Pre owners finally got video recording.”

    Since Droid users are bragging about their unofficial tethering solutions, Pre has had video recording since November 24th, three weeks after the Droid was released.

  221. VKitty Says:


    What can the Droid do that the Pre can not?

    What makes Android so much better? Updates come on a phone by phone basis so people on different phones have to wait, or never get an upgrade, and not ALL the apps in the app store work on all phones.

    I have tried a droid at the store, you can not do more that a few apps before it gets bogged down. I can not even find any videos showing how many apps are RUNNING simultaneously, not just paused in the background. You need a special app in order to close your programs, email does not always arrive instantly, and it does not handle emails to well as in Push Emails. It crashes, and “Force Restarts” at times, calendar is clunky, Wifi will cut out, making you wait sometime two minutes or so before you can use data again.

    Again, what can the droid do that the pre can not??

  222. ceeaser Says:

    @john lol its funny sooooo bitter ha ha for the record homie we had tethering (because droid does not have hot spot) since august of last year on sprint, and we have video recording and had that since november alllllllllllllllll before the droid was launched……… so take second place as a OS, as a company, and as a fan.

  223. Mike Currens Says:

    “Those of you that say the droid doesnt look good are too used to that apple astetics over functionality crap. Think of a brand new 2010 car, it has sharp crisp sexy lines. Rounded things came in and left in the early 2000’s.”

    Yea, Droid has the asthetics of a Pontiac Aztec.

  224. Melaza Says:

    Day One Pre user … Go Pre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. Miguel Says:

    You only need to borrow a Pre from a friend and use it for a day or two in order to realise what we are talking about. User experience with the Pre is a whole new world, only close to what the iPhone meant back in the time after its initial release. And then… besides the user experience… there is the factual truth: who is giving free tethering out-of-the-box, synergy syncing, the best 3D games in the market together with iPhone 3GS, thousands of applications available already, decent camera with video recording and out-of-the-box editing, etc.

  226. Jesse Says:

    This vote is rigged. I just voted for the Droid & the Palm Pre Plus and saw that both Votes went to Palm Pre Plus. I own both and Feel that the Droid is the winner but this is completely unfair that all votes are just going to the Palm Pre Plus. I have a hard time believing that their are over 16,000 owners of Palm Pre Plus’s, hint why Verizon dropped the price so drastically and Palm reps are coming into all the stores to try and convince us salesman to sell their device’s over the Droid!

  227. WhichOneDoes Says:

    My Droid does, but my brother’s Pre does +
    should’ve gone with the Pre :(

  228. The One Says:

    I have a few questions and a few comments, maybe someone can help me out. There are several respected review sites, IE, BGR, Engadget, many others. Do ANY of them say that the Palm Pre Plus is as good as the Droid? Did the Droid not win Time Magazine’s Device of the Year award? Is the Droid not selingl much more than the Palm Pre Plus? WebOs is very good, but does the Droid not have much more apps, a much larger and sharper touch screen? And last, does the Droid not have far more customers than that of the Palm Pre Plus? If this is the case, how do we account for the validity of this poll? LOL, no offense to Palm Pre Plus, because it is a very good device, but please someone, legitimately reply to my above questions.

  229. Jim Says:

    Ok, Droid owners a challenge for you. Take a ten min. video and upload it to FaceBook. I tied it with my son’s Droid and you can not do it. BUT MY PER CAN.

    Go Palm all the way to the TOP

  230. Borg Says:

    Droid wins on hardware except keyboard
    Pre wins on OS and usability
    Droid has more software
    Pre has higher quality software

    I went for Pre and don’t regret it. It is more useful with day to day interaction. When overclocked at 800mhz, the Pre browser benchmarks show it is faster than Android at 1Ghz. webOS needs better hardware but the OS is far far superior to Android.

  231. ksom Says:

    I am Palm Pre user. It is the best fit for me. iPhone maybe good for some users, but multi-tasking has become a must for me. I was downloading a Video Podcast on my Pre through the 3G network. It takes about 10+ minute. Well, I can still use my phone for other things. I can check email, look at some news, listen to music, etc. When the download is done, a notification pops up and I will go watch the Podcast. iPhone can’t do it.

    Lacking a feature is not a big deal. No tech gadgets can have everything people want. However, I don’t like how Apple deals with it. Rather than admitting there is a lack of feature and try to add it, they try to brainwash people to think they do not need it. Just like the stupid “Expert Desk” in Apple stores. They are not experts, they are tech support guys just like other tech supports from Dell, HP, etc. They try to make customers feel dumb. Oh, I can’t figure out how to use this, it must be my fault because I am not an “expert.”

    Anyway, enough rant about Apple. Palm listens to customers and adds features constantly. They try to improve their product, not try to make people feel they are stupid. They added Video support, 3D gaming, more memory, mobile hotspot.

  232. Brandon Says:

    The Palm Pre has the best interface ever, hands down. I enjoy talking on speakerphone and browsing the web/texting all at the same time, flawless.

  233. thecold Says:

    Some users obviously don’t understand possible doesn’t equal legal. IT is against tos, it’s appearant some users can’t grasp that, or have ignored it. If your using it thats fine, I prefer to follow my contract terms.

    And no, Pre users have had your tethering far longer (even some of the same style…), since the pre was released 9 months ago.

  234. victorythagr8 Says:

    Lmao pre having more 3d games than the droid. You do realize google release a new ndk and a flood gate of real 3d games has just release. Asphalt 5, raging thunder 2, homerun derby, exdues all look great.

    Pre hasn’t got overclocked pass 800mhz yet while droid have 1.3ghz.
    Droid already have wifi hotspot too.
    Also the droid has more apps and has far more 3rd party support.
    Far superior screen,
    Turn by turn gps for free.
    MicroSD support

    The pre has a great OS but all these pre owners never used an droid even used one with 2.1 or even one that rooted witbugless beast or cyanogen roms. Again really they act droid has no 3d games when the droid has more than palm pre

  235. VickTr33 Says:

    Droid’s are the future, couple years from now when they’re the only phones on the market you gonna feel like an idiot for. even trying to argue.

  236. thegayslikepre Says:

    I have a Droid, my partner recently got a Pre Plus. I preferred the usability of the Pre but it was just too sluggish. Then he installed the 800mhz patch and it is like an entirely new phone. Very snappy now and switching apps is so much better on Pre. The non-disruptive messaging is snap snap. I’m switching fo sho.

  237. Andy Says:

    Both are good phones, but I’m cheering on for Palm.

  238. VASH Says:

    Droid might have some good 3d games and a lot more apps then the pre but thats cuz your app store has to have each app about 5 times do to fragmentation. now remember the palm pre was built from the ground up for developers the droid does NOT have more 3d party support then the pre its just that palm is super lame at advertisement. MOST 3d games on the droid now and on the iphone (as well as actual games you play on other platforms) will be ported over to the WEBOS

  239. Mike84 Says:

    I think its funny how many people actually think this pole means something. The outcome of this pole means nothing, it is just some pole on a blog site.

  240. VASH Says:

    “turn by turn for free” ?
    you really need to do some research first.. almost all smart phones have or can have Turn by turn gps for free LMAO!

  241. Noneofyourbusiness Says:

    i don’t care much about a poll, being a Droid owner (I’m biased)

    However I’m sure the palm pre plus is a great phone, However it’s OS isn’t owned by a super giant.

    Android will defragment, dominate & in my opinion be the ultimate competitor to all.

  242. ceeaser Says:

    @thegayslikepre…….your not the only whos is switching, and or will switch. More and more people are realizing the power, and potential of the Web Os. Remember they have a handfull of former Apple employees working with palm, and a microsoft engineer with them now too. They know how to make a OS google does not, and their longeitivty in this industry will fade fast. Watch as Palm drops a new device and it can be compared to the masses of what this industry wants( bigger screens slabs, though I prefer the ladder) then the reason why anybody would pass on a Web Os device will have no choice to pick the best of the best period. I myself like the pre design, and it is far superior then any OS on the market. The future is Web OS and Apple OS and has always been that way.

  243. Nuff Said Says:


    Good question. Probably are more Droids. But there are more BlackBerry and iPhone than Droid. Use your own logic and trade your Droid for one of those.

    Then buy a toyota because there are more of those, so they MUST be better than BMW, Lexus, or Cadilac.

    Yep, market share is the only way to define “best”, so let us know if you get a BlackBerry or iPhone…

    Or, you could think through WHY the market offers choices, and choose what is best for you… I spent weeks playing and researching the MotoDroid. I couldn’t get past the REQUIREMENT that all my corporate (and confidential) contacts had to sync through Google.

    Then I discovered that the Palm Pre gave me options that would keep me from getting fired, so I tried it. 5 minutes of learning 5 gestures, and I bought it. Haven’t looked back. And I wasn’t even concerned about whether there were more Droids out there.

  244. TotalRecall Says:

    Remember that Android is Google’s first operating system and it is less than 1 year old. Palm has been making operating systems for more than 15 years. That explains why WebOS is more stable, with a better UI, has the best SDK. It also explains why there is 1 version of WebOS, and Android has already fragmented to multiple code streams and multiple UI implementations.

    Also, MotoDroid (the actual phone being voted on here…) is on one carrier. So, you are totally locked in to Verizon and Gmail for everything. Palm Pre is on more than one major carrier, and it is coming to more major carriers in the next 2 months.

    Choice is important feature. Remember the “if you want to be you, be you” campaign forthe first Android phone last year? That was poking at the lack of choice and flexibility of the iPhone, and that is correct. But WebOS takes that same concept to a whole new level. Yet with all that flexibility and customization, we all get OTA updates that just work, and sit on top of an open Linux platform.

    And for the person that talked about the obsolescence of rounded edges for the iPhone and Pre by comparing it to cars… I don’t put cars in my pocket, but the “river pepple” size and finish of the Pre is very comfortable in any of my pockets.

    Pre+ FTW

  245. Miles Says:

    Minus the hype and promotions…Palm Pre Plus makes life easier than any other smartphone on the market!

  246. Omar Says:

    The Palm Pre deserves this. It had a horrible marketing campaign, unlike the Droid.

  247. JustinS Says:

    Gave up my PP+ for a Droid and love it. Droid gets my vote.

  248. Mdot Says:

    Pre got this….. Grocery Bag.

  249. Sergio V Says:

    I’ve posted this before, but this G4 TV review says it all:

    Palm Pre ftw!

  250. ceeaser Says:


    this is what I see and I love Android OS and Web OS I myself am a pre owner and just prefer the pre and Web Os because it fits my lifestyle which is what its all about. I think alot of people are taking a look at the pre, most people say this poll wont help out Palm finacial situation, BUT I REALLY REALLY THINK IT WILL. Think about this whole tournament how many thousands and thousands of people voted for all these phones, and go to laptopmag on a regular basis. In the end even if the pre looses(I highly doubt it but its possiable) most people who didnt know about the Pre or never tried one out, will venture in to a store now and give it a try. Next time a commerical is aired they wont just flip through it, they may sit and watch it a bit. This could restore Palm greatly, and give them a second wind to deliver their next generation phone, and have even more fans waiting in line to purchase it, and just to think it started out with a poll about which smartphones on the market is the best. Truly and I ventured over to the android market and didnt see to many harsh things to be said about Palm really im glad too. I hope in the end people really choose a phone that fits them, rather it be a Web Os device, a Android device etc because thats whats it all about. Palm has struggled pretty much its all of its existence, and I hope they emerge from this not just because im a palm user, but because I think a struggling company with the ability, and the drive that Palm has deserve some sort of shine, dosent everyone.

  251. tonylaw Says:

    I want to tell my real experience. When I first got my pre. I was totally disapointed for the cosmetic harware, it is like, and infact is cheap plastic. I want to exhange to android phone. During the period of consideration, palm inc kept updating the OS so quickly and was better and better each time.
    Especially the latest 1.41. I feel the things under the crap plastic case is in fact a diamond. Palm and the hombrew communities keep polishing it. My son has and htc hero, I have also play droid a while. Trust those vote pre, once you have the swift gesture experience, you will demand every smartphone, or even pc, tablet, ipad should have that function.
    once you have the notificaton banner experience, you will imagine whatever real life notifications should come that way.

    and these are the reasons the pre communities fall for. And why theyjump out to vote for.

  252. currentBBuser Says:

    One thing I am noticing is, how many loyal Pre Plus users there are. Another is how the Pre+ owners can articulate why they like the phone. I do not own a Pre+ or a Droid because I use a BB my worked paid for. My brother owns a Droid. He loved it for about 1 month. Then liked it for another month. Now he absolutely hates it…..not bored of it…hates it.

    What does FTW mean?

    Anyways, I will probably go buy a Pre+ because of the information you loyal Palm users were able to articulate. Such as:
    -having multiple applications open at the same time and without having to re-open or relaunch that application
    -Not needing an app killer to make sure my apps are really closed
    -ability to have multiple exchange accounts (important for Consultants like me)
    -Free Mobile wi-fi turning my phone into a my-fi router (important for those who spends a lot of time traveling for business….need to connect my laptop for free)
    -active sync for both EAS and Gmail
    -do not have to re-sync to get live synchronizations
    -can pause my games and return to it when I choose
    -i can decide if I will let my notifications interrupt whatever it is i’m doing
    -my calendars will be all layered together (work, multiple personal…wow)
    -don’t have to remember where my app icons are (super search feature by just typing…it’ll find stuff for me)
    -brings in my linkedin contacts
    -can have 16 email accounts (don’t need them but I do need multiple exchange emails)

    All these comparisons but no one seems to notice the new pricing of the Palm phones. iPhones are nice but they are $200 for 16GB. Pre Plus seems to be just as good as an iPhone (if not easier to user) but is way cheaper ($50)…..what a value. So if two phones can do about the same day (maybe differently) but the one is way more affordable, then the answer is easy Pre Plus.

    Also the droid is $200 and droid eris is 100, but you droid fans can’t articulate why the droid is better without a Pre+ fan debunking what you claim as fact.

    Palm’s financial problems isn’t an issue because phones these days weren’t meant to last more than two years. When I buy my Pre+, I will still have my Pre+. If I bought a droid, it sounds like I would still be stuck with it and wanting to replace it anyways.

    Before I buy a Pre+…can someone explain Palm Synergy?

  253. Pre-lude To Victory Says:

    I think the blog broke…

  254. Pre-lude To Victory Says:

    @ CurrentBBuser

    You have hit the nail on the head. You should work for Palm marketing.

    Synergy is layering address books like you described for calendars and email.

    If you have contacts in Yahoo, Facebook, Exchange, etc – they will all show up as a unified address book. If you have the same person listed in more than one place, Synergy recognizes that and consoodates them into a single contact.

    For example, if you have someone in your LinkedIn network for name and company, again in your phone with number, in facebook with a picture, and Yahoo with their email addres – they will look like a single person with all that contact information associated with that person. Great question!

    FTW = For The Win!

    Pre+ > Droid!

    Stop on over to for one of the most enthusiastic user community that will be happy to help you!

  255. Reign25 Says:


    1) FTW means for the win.

    2) Palm Synergy is how webOS brings everything together for you; the automatically syncing of contacts from many different places at once, same with the calendar, etc.

    3) I’m glad you’re switching to a Pre. I love it. I got it on launch day and I have never been this happy with a phone and I had the iPhone. I hated that thing.

  256. yourmom Says:

    This whole vote is stupid. Who cares?

  257. yourmom Says:

    My dad can beat up your dad!

  258. yourmom Says:

    I’ve used both. both are great and worthy of winning.

  259. Just_Da_Facts Says:

    Is the blog broken from all this traffic?

    Pre can sync email without having a Gmail acount. Droid can’t. Does your company know you sync all your business email through Google? And they haven’t fired you?

    Palm can sync calendar, tasks, and contacts without a Gmail account. Droid can’t. Has your company fired you yet? That info is confidential, Does Google have a non-disclosure in place with you and your company?

    Pre can buy applications from the App Catalog without a Gmail account. Droid can’t.

    Pre is an open pplatform. Google blocks applications they don’t approve of, like UberTwitter.

    Pre supports Google, MSN, and Yahoo right out of the box. Yahoo? Yahoo Messaging? WHat is Yahoo? Droid doesn’t

    Google is sounding a lot like Microsoft and Apple, don’t you think?

    Pre+ rox0rz!

  260. autohustle Says:

    Palm Synergy is just the OS’ ability to take all of you contacts, calendar, etc and merge them into one feed, like you were talking about with the calendar. If you have a contact on facebook and in your gmail contact and the names are the same they will automatically be merged in your contacts list. Problems arise with nicknames and inconsistencies between contact lists but its fairly easily to merge them manually. One thing that bothered me a little bit is the fact that if you add your facebook profile it adds all of your friends to your contact list, regardless of whether or not you have their phone numbers or not. It is a minor complaint to be sure since you can text search any contact in your phone, just a bit of a hassle if you want to browse your contact list.

    I’ve had my pre for 3 months now and I’ve loved it 95% of the time(I had to get one replaced due to hardware issues). The homebrew community is amazing and the amount of customization that it allows you is awesome. I think the reason why pre users are able to look past some of the hardware issues, is because the amazing potential of WebOS is apparent within 15 minutes of picking up the phone.

  261. ceeaser Says:


    Linked Contacts – With the Palm Pre’s Synergy, your contacts from various sources like your Pre, Gmail, Facebook and EAS accounts are grouped into one view. It’s like having an aquarium (Pre phone) with schools of fish (contacts from sources) swimming in it. They coexist in one habitat but you know which ones are what type. One of the cool stuff about it is, if you have similar contact information of the same person saved in these sources, Synergy is able to determine that and link these data into one; and the best part is, changes you make are also updated in your accounts where your contacts come from. Should you decide to remove an account from your contacts, let’s say Gmail, Synergy will only remove your Gmail contacts and the accounts are still intact. Don’t worry your Gmail contacts are still saved unscathed in your Gmail account and can still be added back to your phone if you wish so in the future.

    Layered Calendar – Palm Pre’s Synergy acknowledges the dynamic aspects of your life and helps you organize your calendar seamlessly and better! Your EAS, Gmail, and Pre calendars are layered into one logical calendar view; combining your friends, family, work and other interests. It’s easy to glance at your appointments on a given day because your calendar sources have color codes; and, if the situation calls you to focus on just one calendar, it lets you toggle from one calendar view to another.

    Blended Messaging – Synergy enables you to see all your conversations with the same person in a chat-style view, whether it was initiated in IM and you prefer to answer in text messaging. Right from contacts view, you’ll have quick way of knowing who is online and start a new conversation with just tapping on a button, it’s that easy.

    Enhanced Mailbox – With Synergy, you have the control over your EAS, POP and IMAP accounts. It can hold up to eight accounts and supports EAS security policies too. You can also tag folders as favorites so you can get a total glance of your important account mailbox folders instead of cramming them all in. When a mail comes in, it gives you a notification and it does in a non-obtrusive way by not taking the whole screen. Deleting an email is very simple too; you can delete an email by doing a swipe gesture on preview.

  262. ceeaser Says:


    what are you talking about flash is not coming to Web OS first, and that statment you just made up about flash meant to be on a snapdragon processor is mad false stop talking ish, talk facts if you want to talk. Flash is already implemented on the Web Os, and the plug in is already ETA, flash was enabled on a beta pre because the Pre supports all the componets it needs to run flash, as well as able to scale the cpu at will from dormat to very high. this is what Im talking about people just talking, just to try and bash a company whats wrong with people. If you like your little droid then keep it homie, but dont make false statments, like that whole column you wrote, and dont bash because you feel offended, or inferior that the droid in this poll is well behind. In lamens STAY IN YOUR PLACE.

  263. r_gemini Says:

    @ currentBBuser:

    you should go to and they explain a lot. Just search for what you need.

    FTW means for the win.

    You have made a great choice in webOS and the Pre Plus!

  264. Dylan Says:

    @currentBBuser Palm Synergy allows you to take all of your email accounts, social networking(facebook), and contacts, and take them and combine them in one place and when someone is talking to you via AOL or something and then they send you a text from the same person it will show them coming from the same person in one IM view. It’s kinda hard to explain but it is absoloutely amazing and no other phone can do it as well as the Palm Pre +. I would get one while it’s still on sale now if I were you. It is also buy one get one free if you want 2.

  265. Tripp Says:


    FTW = for the win.
    An internet expression that originates from the popular game show “Hollywood Squares.” Usually, on the final move, contestants would announce their move was “For the win.”

    Synergy is essentially the webOS way of combining all your information. For instance, it combines your yahoo, aim, and facebook Instant message accounts into one list. Or it combines your gmail, linked-in, facebook, and other contacts into a single contact list. Or it combines one contact’s text and instant message conversation into a single “conversation.”

    Palm Pre Plus… ftw!

  266. ricardo Says:

    Synergy is an aggregation of all your contacts/calendar entries/messaging from several different cources.

    for example, your contacts list can compile your contacts from facebook, gmail, yahoo, linkdin, and from the palm profile (ones you add to the phone by hand) and it will merge them as long as the first and last name yit’s pretty cool because say ur messaging a friend through text to their phone number, then you feel like AIMing them, you simply lick a button on the top to change the place to send the message. No having to switch application. Same thing with facebook (through a patch) or GTalk. I think Yahoo as well but I don’t use that.

    there’s other parts of synergy too, like the merged calendars.

  267. Keegan Carter Says:

    for you currentBBuser, Synergy is what you just said, its palms name for being able to pull contacts out of Facebook gmial yahoo ect, and link them all together (no duplicates).

    The palm pre (even sprint) is still in its infancy, when you look at how long it took apple to get their first phone working palm has done an amazing job. the pre does have its quirks but as far as being incredibly simple to use their is no better phone.

    A huge thing that is over looked is Preware, palm left the os so open that there are hundreds of patches available to customize it to your liking, such as 4×4 icons and more launcher pages (I currently have 6 organized with names). I’m also running the pre overclocked to 800mhz with no ill effects for 3 weeks and it launches most apps in under 2 sec and once they are open it takes .1 to switch.

    palm received to much bad rep for such a great phone.

  268. Preoccupied Says:


    Palm Synergy is one of the most unique features about the Pre. It integrates contacts from many sources including Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo. More here:

    I think the coolest part about the pre and it’s something I’ll really miss if I move to another platform.

  269. MyPrelove Says:

    I am so glad to be a Palm Pre owner. I honestly don’t care what others negatively think about it. I use to be a WM HTC (via Cingular now ATT) owner for years before the iphone and the Droid came out. I hated the inconvenience of closing and opening applications on the WM phone. I would always press something I didn’t want and closing them was a pain in the arse .Updating the ROM on their phones was also a hassle compared to Palm,’s fast OTA updates. I thought about getting an iPhone and when I tried it out I didn’t like it for a lot of reasons. The Pre is the best phone I have ever had..for Windows mobile it was too late for me. To me, the Android UI was aesthetically an eye sore. I really hope Palm turns around as a company and continues to make the Pre. I am totally sold on this device and love the linux community that continues to evolve the phone :)

  270. BB User Says:

    The Pre users have done a much better job describing the benefits over Droid. Droid users can only defend a couple hardware points but lose out in every other debate. Sounds like if you go Android, you tie yourself down to Google. Does Google still do anonymous searching of your data?

    As a BB user (friend has Pre), I wish RIM would buy Palm. BB’s keyboard and shortcuts on webOS would be the ultimate. It should also be able to add a BB ‘card’ to webOS as it should just be a java instance under Linux.

  271. taharka Says:


    Short answer:

    Synergy is the concept that lets apps on your webOS device work together. Your data can be presented in a merged view without actually being merged together. For example, you can see all of your appointments and meetings across all of your calendars in a single view but each calendar remains separate with its own data (i.e. the data is not actually mixed together).

    Long answer (well, more of a list of examples):

    You buy a movie ticket in one app and it is added to your calendar.

    You view your calendars and see a layered, “merged” view of all your calendars, including the weather (even thought the data is not actually merged).

    You start chatting with a friend via SMS and continue the conversation in IM and it’s all presented to you in one view (no switching between SMS and IM).

    You have the same friend in Facebook and LinkedIn with additional information on that friend in gmail but you get one single view of that friend (no need to think in terms of Facebook vs LinkedIn…you simply view your friend’s profile and see everything about them).

    You get a call from someone and from within the Phone App you can decide how to respond to that person (call the same number, call any of their other numbers, send an SMS to any of their numbers, etc.).

    You start typing a word and your device searches contacts, apps, etc for anything with that word. Nothing on your device with that word in it, the search can expand to the web (google, wikipedia, twitter, etc.)

  272. Brom Says:

    Synergy is their way of saying that everything syncs together. Your facebook contacts are linked to your normal contacts, you can talk to them over sms,aim,yahoo,facebook chat, whatever, all from the same window. Facebook and LinkedIn will add your contacts, will grab their pictures and add them to the contacts. If you have gmail contacts, all that info will be imported also. Everything is connected, everything is saved on the phone AND in the cloud. As sidekick owners will tell you, the AND part is important.

    Typing “jsmith” into my phone will being up John Smith’s info, and one tap away from email, sms, phone, aim, ANYTHING. That is what synergy is to me. From the same screen you can type anything actually, “Avatar imdb” will bring up the imdb page for avatar(well the google search result for it). It’s just amazing what universal search and synergy does for productivity. Not to mention that whole leaving 20 apps open at a time thing. :D

  273. VKitty Says:


    -having multiple applications open at the same time and without having to re-open or relaunch that application

    Dont forget that these multiple applications will CONTINUE working even when you put them in card view. All the apps run simultaneously with all the other apps that are open.

    So while you are using your GPS with voice, (for OTHER person driving ::smile::) you can surf the web, check email, work on your calender, read a ebook, and may other things.

    Check out these videos…

  274. NoBama Says:

    Another nice review of the palm pre plus:

  275. WebOS_rox0rz Says:

    @BB User

    Yes, Google still does anonymous indexing. That’s why it is insanse for a company to let Droid users synch with their Exchange servers, or even with their Outlook clients. Everything that is synched that is Sunc-ed on a Droid has to go through Google. That is just scary.

    I dare any Android owner that is synching with Exchange to rell tehir IT guy htat it is going through GOogle and see if they don’t shut you right down.

    Being locked to Google like that is downright scary when it’s your private and confidential data is being shared with the company that wants to index the world.

    That right there is reason enough to go with Pre.

  276. Nolan Ryan's Ghost Says:

    WHen I played little league, they had something called a “mercy rule” that stopped the game when the score got out of control. LAPTOIPMAG might want to invoke the mercy rule here. THe Pre+ is just running up the score now. THe Droid people are playing sour grapes with the “who cares” comments and they have stopped voting.

    All of the “editor’s choice” devices have fallen to the underdog Pre+, which has to be embarrassing to the editors that showed it now respect.

    Before this gets any sillier, and keeps us from our Easter egg hunt. Can we call this off?

  277. Kirk Says:


    I agree. I think it is a simple fix that they haven’t really focused on. It reminds me of my favorite company for mp3 players, Rio. The only advertising they ever did was a billboard in a racing video game. However, they made an amazing audio player many times better than the ipod out at the same time. The Rio Karma was better in many ways than most Hard disk based players. Now they are out of business much like palm may end up. I think advertising is a huge part in todays market. Most owners of the palm pre are either palm loyalists or geeks. I was merely pointing out how advertising plays a huge part in the success of anything even if inferior.
    I stand by my point by saying the iphone os is inferior. If a phone doesn’t let me do what i want it isn’t worth it. Of course a jailbreak could fix that but then that isn’t for the “normal” consumer that apple tends to draw in. They are known to limit freedom to increase usability and stability. It is a great strategy that allows them to look like there products have little or no flaws though.

  278. droidandroid Says:

    now that its apparent the droid will lose to the pre plus all the droid users are saying this vote “thing” is stupid but all the way through they were voting like crazy. whats up guys give the pre plus some credit even though its hardware is questionable the OS is flawless and any lag has to do with the HARDWARE! my wife has a pre plus i have a droid and even my overclocked droid (1.3ghz) cant do much up against her overclocked pre (800mhz) I at first did it to make fun of her dying palm phone and after the results I came to the conclusion that webOS is the way to go. I dont like being tied to google. I like the amount of apps but even though I like pizza I dont need a app for it. as a avid droid user i vote for the better phone


  279. Tom Says:


    I’m sorry, did you NOT watch the video I told you to? The snapdragon processor and the Nexus One were some of the primary development platforms for adobe flash 10.1. Adobe themselves have said this. It is part of the Open Screen Project, allowing there the be seamless integration between all devices. The A8 processor is the LOWEST processor you can have for Flash 10.1. Since no Palm Device has a Qualcomm snapdragon processor devices, the first devices to have Flash will have this processor. Which mean android devices will likely be first. Since its the same .apk, it is likely it will be ported quickly to other android devices, with the minimum requirements of course. You can deny it all you want, but I’m theorizing based upon what ADOBE has said, not some blog. Go watch the Nexus One video of Flash 10.1. Also there are videos of android devices running flash 10.1, more so than Palm.

    In the end… I know that Palm Pre + is a great device, but it really isn’t for me. Google integration is of the utmost importance to me. And as much as you wish to deny it, Google will always put more support into its own os than other os’es. So Google Maps on Android will always be a step ahead of all others, Google will always support Google Voice (which I use), Google will always have Earth, and will always have Goggles. If you are as connected through Google as I am, or as many people are, then Android is the only option because it is Google’s OS. That to me is enough reason to place it far above Palm Pre and its global integration, because there will always be 3rd party devs that do that. Multitasking on droid is quite frankly good enough for me. I have not had a problem multitasking, and I personally like the fact that I need a task killer, because it gives me control. That may not make sense to you, but let me put it to you this way… Say that I have a program that I don’t want to see unless it is a notification. I don’t want to have to pass through it to get to something else. I’d rather have some programs run without me knowing it. Some that come to mind are: WaveSecure (so I can track and control my device if it is lost or stolen, I’d rather not see that in the foreground), my back-up program, so it can run automated back-ups on a set schedule (again rather not want to see that), my Cpu overclocking program, voice, and all my communication apps. all those i want open, but not able to see. Multitasking is great, but if you need to pass through certain programs to see what I want, I don’t like that.

    Again this is all preference, but I honestly don’t see how Palm is any better than Android in anyway. The more I look at it, Palm is just a pretty device that has good function. Where as droid took out the fashion and only put function. They are allowing others to put fashion, and believe me there are developers that are doing just that. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone makes something similar to the card thing for Android.

    I am just defending my device where there is obviously a much stronger community of Pre users. However, just because I am defending my device does not mean that I don’t respect the other device. What I don’t respect are people who are blind to the fact that both are capable OSes.

    Ah one last thing…. the Pre does have great software… but there is a sad fact that you have to face… If the hardware can’t match it is not good. There is room for improvement for both, and frankly it will be interesting to see how these two devices grow around their communities. We know that iPhone is done growing in software for the most part, and is now focusing on keeping up with hardware, but because WebOS and Android use Linux, they will never be done 5 years, Android and WebOS could look and act entirely different from how they are now. That is why I love linux.

    In my eyes Droid still wins. But in the end it is really that Linux that wins overall.

    PS: someone questioned free turn by turn navigation, it is simple to explain. Think free Garmin device. The Droid and later versions of Android talk to you to give you directions.

    I’d go into more, but I really am tired of all this. Neither side is going to give and that is alright as long as everyone is happy with their device. The Droid is not for everyone just like Apple isn’t for everyone, Windows isn’t for everyone and WebOS isn’t for everybody, but what is true, is that there is a smartphone for everybody. If you can’t find a smartphone to suit your needs you obviously aren’t looking.

  280. vara411 Says:


    You’re on the right track and really seem to be thinking for yourself on this one rather than be swayed by a marketing flood (which I’ll admit I wish Palm had… but I digress).

    Palm Synergy is basically an integration tool that brings together info from contacts and calendars, and organizes it all into one place. Say you have a co-worker’s contact information in Facebook®, Google™, LinkedIn®, Microsoft® Office Outlook®, and/or Yahoo! … just by logging into these accounts (when you first set up your Pre), the phone automatically brings all these contact accounts together and puts it in ONE contact view. It also recognizes text and IM chats with the same person and combines them in one conversation thread… a feature I absolutely love and use often. The coolest part is that many webOS apps actually can take advantage of this synergy: for example if I make a reservation on Open Table, the appointment can be posted in my calendar. Or I can add the contact information of a coffee house using the YellowPages app, right into my phone. It doesn’t always work 100%, but it definitely beats anything on the market today. I love it.

    I highly recommend the Pre Plus to anyone on Verizon looking for a great smartphone. Even with prices being equal, I’d still choose the Pre Plus over the Droid. Android is a powerful OS but clunky, unrefined, and nowhere near as easy to use as webOS. The current prices for the Pre Plus as well as the free Mobile Hotspot features are just INSANE… it’s literally a steal.

    If you get one, look me up on Twitter. My account name is @vara411. I’m more than happy to help anyone out. (P.S. The webOS community rocks! They’re extremely helpful and as you can see PASSIONATE about this platform!!!)

  281. vara411 Says:

    I forgot to add… the webOS community loves the platform so much they’re making their own commercials to try and get the word out… check ‘em out here!

    P.S. WebOS users! … Deadline is April 16th! Win cool prizes! :)

  282. Colonel Kernel Says:

    Hey, Palm Pre Plus fans, @currentBBuser asked for ONE person to explain Synergy. Not twelve of you! Kidding.

    Synergy is near-effortless. Three examples regarding Facebook.

    When it merges your contacts, no, it’s not perfect and, yes, it sometimes does create duplicates. Merging those contacts, however, is simple. If one of your personal friends uses a false name on Facebook because of work issues, Synergy obviously has nothing to work from. But, open your friend’s contact info, tap the name, select Link more profiles, type a few characters of their name, tap that name and they’re merged.

    Synergy also sets your Facebook friends’ avatars as their contact picture on your phone. And when they update their avatar it also updates on your phone. No, it’s nothing amazing, but it’s just kind of fun. If other phones do that, they got the idea from webOS.

    Lastly, let’s say that, for whatever reason, you don’t want your Facebook friends automatically imported into your phone contacts. — BTW, “cluttering your contacts with people that you’ll never, ever want to call” is not an acceptable reason. No webOS user scrolls through their contacts looking for someone. We all universally use Universal Search to search our entire contact list, not just our aps. — Palm’s excellent Facebook app automatically syncs your Facebook contacts, but you can remove them by removing the Facebook acount in the Contacts app’s preferences.

  283. Aaron Says:

    if you read all the post there more people that don’t have pres that r posting then people that own droids i sell cell phones all day. i push the palm pre for sprint and the pre plus for verizon and soon pre plus at&t and all the customers love it. droid is lame, face it droid users stop using your pride and look at the facts droid goes only so far. pre plus is endless. just give it a try and you will think way did i listen to that dumb verizon rep push this droid phone on me lol just with the pre plus for a week.

  284. Aaron Says:

    plam pre plus all the way can’t wait at&t pre comes out in 3 weeks my palm rep told me.

  285. Aaron Says:

    awwww droid just hit 10,000 you guys have lot of catching up to do sorry to say pre wins.

  286. Colonel Kernel Says:


    I, too have specifically read that the Pre and Pre Plus will be the first devices to get official Adobe Flash 10.1 support. Of course, my recollection is meaningless without sources to back it up, but I don’t have those sources right now. I’ll hunt for them tomorrow afternoon.

    You are absolutely right about Google support beyond Android and we’ve already been lamenting that. There are tons of features in Google Maps that we’re pining for. Some of it may come with Palm’s PDK addition to webOS, but we ain’t holding our breath.

    I also don’t think many Palm, webOS and Pre fans even heard of before March Smart Phone Madness, which is why I think this contest is brilliant. For the span of these matchups, I’m sure their viewership increased appreciably. Not sure what that means for their continued readership, but they will likely draw a few people in. I’m now following them on Twitter, for example. Their advertising, however, HAS to have received a nice bump.

  287. Colonel Kernel Says:

    One last thing about Synergy. Synergy only merges the contact information on your phone. None of it is pushed back to it’s original sources. Facebook information stays on Facebook and Google information stays on Google.

  288. Javier70 Says:


    you are not the only one, I believe even Droid owners noticed the same: Palm Pre Plus does it better.

    If you read all the comments at all the previous Palm Pre Plus matches, everybody (Nexus One, BB Bold, HTC HD2 followers) lost all arguments and ended always insulting and calling the Palm Co. a lost case…

    My own personal opinion is that one needs to learn when to stop answering them back.

    The best comment until now on this blog has been yours. It is incredible how an impartial point of view can mediate an argumentation which was almost lost between Droid-fans’ insults and non-fact arguments (my dad’s a fireman and he’ll soak your dad with his hose). Hopefully you are real and you are not a fan boy making a performance, you really kept Droids quiet for a while.

    You are a smart man who deserves a smart phone. Welcome to the Pre Community.

    Palm Pre Plus / PPP / P3 FTW

  289. Jack87 Says:

    G4 probably one of the biggest tech reviewers around… has give their first 5 stars out of 5 starts to a device… you gussed it.. the palm pre plus…. here check it out… (note bit outdated official mobile hotspot tethering is now free for up to 5gb /month same as what you pay for mifi devices)

    Review ==>

    as for tethering sprint and verizon and every other carrier can tether via mytether app unlimited!!! with usb/BT/Wifi tethering.

  290. idontwan2know Says:


    You don’t have a single clue what the h*ll you’re talking about. The Palm Pre was the FIRST phone to be demo’ed running Flash 10.1 BY ADOBE. Do a youtube search, watch the Palm Pre running Flash and then tell me that it’s not possible for an ARM7 processor to run it.

    PS. The Sprint Pre does turn by turn navigation with voice navigation, for free. The Pre Plus on Verizon doesn’t because Verizon has chosen to charge for that service, not because the phone can’t do it.

  291. James Says:

    okay all one more day to make sure the Pre+ beats the Droid!

    if there are any people out there who haven’t voted, VOTE today:)

  292. TKK Says:

    Droid users are suckers to seductive marketing. Have fun with Google scanning your data.

  293. ceeaser Says:

    people are so ignorant with their opinions via Tom I work with a developer from Adobe, on my buisness on the side, asking last night about adobe flash on the palm pre and guess what he said hmmmmmm that indeed it is going to be the FIRST mobile platform to have flash on it. He also stated that the android community was first thought to just need the 2.1 update adding in certain plugins, but they are having trouble optimizing the flash plugin for android (boo hoo :( ) he also stated that some users in the UK have flash running on their pres (what I didnt know that) heres a video scroll down to march 22 of this year as i said before Tom is ok to have your opinion if droid and android is for you then keep it, just dont make uneducated statements as i told you before.

  294. idontwan2know Says:

    PS. Here’s Adobe’s latest Flash advertisement. The Pre is shown running Flash several times.

    Pretty amazing for a phone that isn’t capable of running Flash cause it doesn’t have a Snapdragon processor, isn’t it?

  295. david Says:

    I have both phones and they are both good phones. I love my Droid screen. But WebOS is definitely a better operating system. Everything is just elegant and just works. Gaming on the Pre is also much better. Android is so fragmented I hope it doesnt become like windows mobile. If i had to choose one phone to keep it would the Pre just for WebOS. But man it needs a bigger screen. Voting for Palm.

  296. TKK Says:

    Methinks the reason BB users are voting for Palm is because if they had to choose between the two, they would choose Pre, not because they spite Droid.

    Android is a fragmented OS. Even though it’s open source, once each hardware maker creates a device, it becomes a separate proprietary platform. Android is an open source framework, Droid is a Motorola proprietary platform. HTC android phones become specific to HTC Sense, etc. Many Gameloft games for Droid aren’t able to run on other Android phones, etc.

    Android will always be around since it is a no cost framework for phone makers. But Android is not a single platform because of that. It’s a framework for many variations of OS’s.

    And it suckers you into Google services exclusively with Google scanning your data. Palm does allow you to use ALL google services, but it’s an option.

    Corporate/Enterprise users likely would not want Google scanning their data, so that is one reason why BB corporate users would choose Pre over Android. And the Pre keyboard is portrait, like BB.

  297. Krt Says:

    PALM PRE + FTW!!!!!!

    When I use my pre, everything feels so natural. The navigation, the multitasking, the feel in my hand. I can even use it one handed and can type very fast on it with little error. The look and feel of webOS and it’s amazing features such as non-intrusive notifications, synergy, and universal search are just the beginning. We may not have as many apps as you, but our apps go much further. When I look at the top apps in many places on android, It makes me laugh. The quality of webOS apps are so awesome, and the 3-D games are just awesome. Android is an OK OS, but it doesn’t even stand the smallest chance against webOS.


    WEBOS AND PALM PRE + FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. Tom Says:

    @ceeaser: I’ll believe that when I see it. Though that demo on their twitter does support your claim, but at the same time I have seen countless demos for many other devices. We’ll see what happens come summer. And I’ve not made any ignorant statements. I’ve used what I have found that was released by Adobe on their site. I’m not a big twitter user so that is the first I have seen of that. I don’t see any evidence of your claims other than your claim that you know an Adobe developer [Kind of hard to prove on the internet, so I remain skeptical, sorry]. If you can find an Adobe press release stating that, I’ll believe it, but hearsay… I’m sorry, it doesn’t work for me… Also… that video of the pre… guess what it is… a developer and even states that the build he is using is not up to date. So it wasn’t even a regular user who posted that video.

    PS: I don’t recall ever bashing anything… well except for calling out the stupidity of that one user for including downloading files as a “pro” for the palm pre… And I think I was well entitled to that. I was just countering the points he made, it was never my intention to make it seem like I was bashing anything [except for that one] If it seemed that way I apologize. I DO like WebOS, I think it is very nice, just not for me.

    @idontwan2know: I tried searching for evidence of your claim about turn-by-turn navigation but could not find anything. If you don’t mind, please link to that, thank you.

    2) Pres are shown about 4-6 times Android is shown about 9-12 times [I approximate… too lazy to actually count]

    3) I said it was designed with the snapdragon being the optimal processor. And anything less than an A8 being barely sufficient if at all… proof:, So naturally the Pre and the Droid, which have the same processor (A8) will be capable of Flash 10.1.

    4) Please learn to be respectful. Seriously… you are the only one who is talking like that… Either learn how to debate or don’t participate. Thank you.

    And since you Pre fans don’t seem to get it other than ceeaser and Colonel Kernel, whom I thank for actually debating and providing actual evidence (and hopefully CK as well because this is very interesting), again it all comes down to preference. I have used both [me and my friend traded phones for a week, he had a pre+ and I a Droid], and I still prefer android for a number of reasons. Ironically he hated the experience on the Droid [he found the lack of the card system and synergy deplorable], and I found that the Pre was missing several things that I use on a regular basis, so in the end neither of us were exactly wowed by the other. I think both platforms will continue to develop and grow so long as they live [WebOS has the short end of the stick with that one, being developed by a dying company]

    Personally, I think the ideal situation would be one where [please don’t tear me apart for this] Google buys out Palm and uses their patents, and their set up basically making the Android OS webOS with all of the apps and developers from both sides working on the single platform, combining the strengths of both. Taking Palm’s WebOS away from poor hardware and allowing it to be used on any device from any company, with the Market place of the Android and Palm working together. Because combining both would be monolithic.

    And I will repeat this again… The UI of the Palm Pre is EXTREAMLY NICE, BUT IT IS NOT FOR ME. I PERSONALLY don’t like it. This debate is going to go nowhere, as previously stated neither side will give. The only thing gotten is that it is more likely that WebOS will get Flash support first [Which I still want better proof of btw, I’m looking at you ceeaser and Colonel Kernel]

    One last thing for @TKK: Anything you post on the internet is open to pretty much everyone. Don’t kid yourself thinking that your privacy is protected in anyway shape or form. We don’t live in a private world, but rather a public one, where a sneeze can be recorded and be posted on the internet minutes later. Yes Google scans data, but really with the field I am going into, anything I have done in the past 20 years of my life will be reviewed regardless, so I don’t even care… So long as my assets remain in tact it is all the same.

  299. heyguydaq Says:

    Hey Tom,

    did you not see any FLASH running on a palm. you should look it up. Its there. It does not really matter who gets it first, it’s about who gets it right.

    I think my phone is both pretty and functional. Ever since I picked up this device, I’m in love with gestures. Every other electronic device I pick up or interact with, feels primitive. I always try to use my webos gestures (especially on my ipod touch). I truly believe this webos platform is the thing of the future.

    DROID. Lucasfilm and star wars should be ashamed to lend out this name for this device. It’s fitting though, a droid is just a droid, not a clone or even a Jedi. I think my palm webos device is more like a Jedi. The force is with us… always.

  300. Tom-Foolery Says:


    There you go again. All that yammering about Snapdragon…

    Does everyone understand that this contest is about the MOTOROLA DROID vs PALM PRE+??? Tom doesn’t
    Do you guys understand that the Motorola Droid isn’t the same as overclocking the Nexxus? Tom doesn’t
    Does everyone realize that both of these phones have the SAME processor (Arm A8)? And that the CPU is running at almost the same clock speed on both as they ship from the factory? Tom doesn’t
    Does everyone know that most of what Tom focuses on is not relevant to MotoDroid? Tom doesn’t.
    And therefore the Pre and MotoDroid has the same CPU to run FLash? ANd talk about performance – the Pre has the same resolution at the iPhone (although smaller size), and the same GPU. MotoDroid doesn’t. And Tom apparently doesn’t know that.

    And the iPhone and Nexxus phones were defeated in very early rounds of this contest. So it’s irrelevant to tell us about snapdragons and the superiority of the Nexus, etc. The other Android-based phones had their day, and were defeated by a wide margin.

    Does everyone get that the Sprint Pre and VZ Pre Plus are the same except for an extra 8GB of RAM and orange key rather than grey? Tom doesn’t.

    Other than memory, the two phones are the same. That’s why the Sprint users opinions are valid for this. Fans of the Nexxus or HTC phones are using different hardware, and a different version of Android the operating system), and different user interface. The Motorola Droid doesn’t run SenseUI. Sure, it’s being hacked to run on the Motorola phone, but Motorola doesn’t want them to do that. The tech support gets complicated for them if you do that. It doesn’t change tech support at all for any WebOS phone, and Palm encourages most mods.

    Tom, do you understand the only other differences are based on the carrier’s packages? Both have turn-by-turn directions. Verizon charges for it, Sprint Doesn’t. Verizon includes their own Hotspot application (exclusive to Verizon, but technically able to run on any Pre – because the OS hasn’t fragmented like Android has. Verizon no longer charges for it, which is nicet. Sprint doesn’t, but they could create their own. MyTether and FreeTether work on the Sprint and Verizon phones to support up to 5 PCs as a hotspot. As far as I know, the Droid does it with a DUN driver and therefore cannot share the connection. Feel free to correct me on that since the only feature left for you to crow about is “Droid can tether too!!!)

    Sprint includes a TV application for content they license. Verizon offers Vcast and charges for it. Both are capable of watching the video from similoar services.

    ARe you catching a pattern here? The hardware is the same for Pre, the OS is the same. The App Catalog is the same. I could actually switch from a Verizon Pre to the SPrint Pre and it would automatically download/install/run all of the apps I already own from the App Catalog. Try going from Moto-Droid to the Android phones that T-Mobile sells. Pretty sure Droid don’t. At least not without a long phone call for help from tech support. Pre does it automaticall, Droid doesn’t.

    So, stick to the topic here. THis is about the MotoDroid with the slide-out keyboard that has the ARM 8A processor.

    Stick to ats, and stick to facts about MotoDroid (only available on Verizon).All you do is confuse those that are trying to follow this thread to learn something, and perhaps even make a decision on which phone to buy. That was actually the point behind these contests., .

    You say you are tired of this. Setting you straight is equally exhausting.

  301. taharka Says:


    I am a Sprint Pre user (actually 4 Pre phones on a family plan) and I can confirm that turn-by-turn nav is included free of charge. It does indeed provide full turn-by-turn (visual and audio), so the device is fully capable. I can’t speak to what is done on the Pre+ since I am not a Verizon customer. What I can tell you is that my family has not used our old Nuvi since June, 2009 as it has been completely replaced by our Pre phones with FREE Sprint Nav. I personally love it because I no longer have to worry about map updates. We’ve recently used it for a trip to the great smokey mountains and it was our sole source for navigation. Worked flawlessly.

    I realize that this is the internet and people can say anything, so you have no reason to believe me, but you can ask any Sprint user you know or check their website.

  302. John Says:

    Hmmmm, so many Pre fans, but yet you’d never guess by the lackluster sales. Dream on Pre nuts, your spouting off here doesn’t make that cheap bar-of-soap looking plastic crap of a phone any better.

    If it was as good as you claimed, it should have been able to stand on its own merit (and that of the Palm brand) rather than have to be forced down people’s throats. I had one and switched to a better phone (Droid) because the Pre turned out to be crap, period. And the amount of returns were staggering. Who can blame a Verizon rep for pushing the Droid instead? It’s simply the better, more feature rich, more reliable phone. Sorry it’s the truth.

    As for Synergy, it’s over hyped just like the talk of Android’s supposed fragmentation. I get all my messages and mail just fine on vanilla Android. No need for synergy, motoblur or sense ui. Most Android devices will have 2.1 and the future ones will come with 2.X so I don’t get the ‘ooh it’s so fragmented’ FUD that’s been spouted here. Winning a poll, while brings on a feeling of accomplishment’ doesn’t make one phone better than the other (even though I’d have liked to have seen the Droid win). The Droid sold well, not only because it was marketed well, but because it garnered a very good reputation as well. The Pre failed mainly because its hardware / form factor sucked, it had a beta OS with missing features and it lived up to its poor reputation.

    Sorry no amount of marketing would have made the Pre a major success. Palm needed to put out a good product first, which the Pre wasn’t. The Pre Plus while slightly better, but fell short in several areas:
    -the OS is still laggy.
    -the major apps like video recording still crash
    -the screen remained tiny. Who can play a game on such a tiny screen?
    -the keyboard completely sucks – tiny and isn’t a side slide so forget about landscape gaming with it
    -GPS is still a hit or miss – telenav can be wildly inaccurate and buggy. And if you get a sat sync you have to thank the Lord.
    -The slider is still iffy although improved.
    -The phone is still that cheap plastic.
    -Still many major apps not available for it.

    And this is supposed to be better than Droid????? Bwahahahaha. No Way.

  303. Steve Wozniak Says:

    By the way, the fact that everything I put on the internet can be seen is VERY different than syncing my 3,000 plus contacts and company-confidential info through Google.

    Do you remember a few years ago AOL accidentally published a bunch of searches done by their customers (back when they had customers)? The mistake was only public for about a day. In that time, an enterprising journalist used that info to figure out who the people were that did the searches, and then call them up to be interviewed about what they thought about the exposure that AOL had caused. Needless to say those people were terrified and REALLY angry. Rightfully so.

    I don’t mind that Google can index what I type in a forum like this, or what I post on Twitter. However, knowing they see and index information that I didn’t want them to see, realizing that 95% of users that sync to Google don’t realize that, and seeing what happened about 10 years ago when AOL screwed up…. And I say that any person or company that syncs that way for contacts, mail, etc that they use for work are out of their minds.

    What if we have government employees doing that? Or Visa? Or CitiBank Sure, they shouldn’t be keeping my SOc Sec number or credit card number in their e-mail, but they could… and I don’t trust Google or anyone else with that info, as the AOL example indicates. Think of all the privacy issues that Google has dealt with around StreetView and other data they publish. It’s fine if you don’t mind, but I certainly do, and my company REALLY cares.

    So, those of you syncing Exchange/Outlook info to Google or Yahoo or any cloud provider, think about the wisdom (or lack of) in doing that. At least with the Pre you have a choice. With AndroidOS you have no choice.

  304. weizen Says: <– palm pre sprint turn by turn navigation, verizon does add a cost to that service. (i'm o2 germany, so no turn by turn navigation for me yet)

    i think the first video of flash on a mobile device was on a pre. and iirc it was said in january that the pre would be the first device to get the beta, actually we should have the beta already, but adobe never keeps there release dates so we'll see.

    i think the droid/milestone is a cool device, but it's way to clunky for my needs. WebOS just flows. i gave it to my mother, absolutly not tech-savy, she still has some problems with her emails and itunes. showed her the gesture moves, and she swiped away, without the battery issues all smartphones and especially the pre have, she would buy one for herself.

    and i think the worst thing for palm would be to be bought up by google. the underlying technique just does not mix, both are linux based at the core, but the rest is completly different.

    And i have no idea why people think that everything on the pre has to be open in a card, you can put your apps as a service and it runs in the background with notifications still working. (see brightness unlinked)

    i love my pre, and would never give it away. no other gadget i posses could impress me this long, most of the time, after two weeks of usage, it's just another gadget, but i still can't put my pre out of my hand, it's just this good.

    sry for bad english

  305. ngrava Says:

    Another weird thing about Flash on the Pre is that I saw a review of the Pre on that gadget porn show (via Youtube of course) that showed the Pre as having Flash support! The guy even held up his Pre+ and showed a web page running some flash. I’ll see if I can find it.

    Yep, here it is. And actually he just says “Flash now supported on the webos.” but then he does say, “It works pretty well on the device.” so take that as you will. Obviously we don’t have flash yet but it seems like some people do. Especially since they showed it running on phones at CES.

  306. Enthusiastic Says:

    @ tom and @john

    People used to say Apple was doomed (including me) because they had 2% of the market and Microsoft had 98%. No one argued the Mac wan’t innovative and powerful (at least after OSX), just that they were too small. Check their stock performance over the last 5 years compared to Microsoft, Cisco, etc. My how things have changed. And no one can argue that the fact that the iPhone changed the world of wireless phones and smartphones forever.

    That said, no one with any credibility would suggest that AndoroidOS won’t be very successful. It already has. Google is in the position Microsoft used to be in, and GoogleOS could have the same impact on the next generation of users as OSX and Linux have had on the current world. Kudos to Google for taking their cash printing machinery and turning their sites toward Yahoo and then Microsoft. Both needed competition. Kudos for bringing out AndroidOS to set Nokia, Blackberry and Windows Mobile on their heads. They needed the competition, and the iPhone just couldn’t do it by itself. AndroidOS isn’t bad, and it will be a major player for many years. Of course, we have to keep reminding you that this is about a particular phone running a particular form of AndroidOS. Yes it has a nice screen. Yes it has lot’s of cool apps (especially the one where you can breath on it, and it simulates fog so you can draw on it like your bathroom mirror – cool but not critical). So far, the Palm App Catalog and Preware Catalog have what i have needed.

    Here is what you and others should land on after this agonizingly long thread…

    1. Pre users are generally as enthusiastic about their Palm phones as iPhone users are. The difference is that Palm users aren’t being sold by the hype of “buying anything Steve Jobs tells them to” and the aura of coolness that continues to surround the iPhone. Pre users are excited because of what the can do today, how they can do it, and the tangible benefits their WebOS phone has on their everyday life. That’s what Apple fans do for Apple. No other phone company has the organized, faithful, enthusiastic, and helpful community that has always developed around Palm. That was true with their PDAs, and it’s true with their phones. Is the Pre right for everyone? Of course not. Have some people returned them and switched to something else (including MotoDroid)? Of course. But when was the last time you saw oage after page of people saying they “love” their phone? They have argued that is technically as good or better than the MotoDroid – but the message to land on is: They love their phone, and it adds something of value to their day. Any vendor would do anything to develop that sort of community enthusiasm.

    2. The proof of that isn’t in the numbers (if it’s so good, why haven’t they sold more…. as if that explains why their are more Toyotas than Porsches or Cadillacs.) No, the thing to land on here is that Pre users have filled this forum with tangible examples of what they like, AND WHY THAT MATTERS TO THEM. They don’t start out with a spec sheet. They start out saying “you will be surprised by how cool it is if you give it an honest try.” When you came back with more specs, they respond with tangible examples of WHY they like their WebOS phones. There isn’t any point in arguing that. They know what they like, and are giving dozens of example of what they consider to be so great and why it is great to them.

    Is it for everyone? No. You say you used one for a week. Good for you. Would you have liked it more if there were more apps that you need/use on your Droid? Maybe. Is the WebOS interface, card metaphor, and form factor the best for everyone? Of course not. Is the “voting” really revolutionary to the point that it will revolutionize the industry the way the iPhone did? Probably not. I’m sure the editors of Laptop Magazine are as surprised by the strength and enthusiasm of the Palm community as you are. So in a small way, this may produce some “street cred” for WebOS if laptop magazine and others read the posts and interpret the numbers. If they do, they may learn from the users that posted here WHY the Palm phones are “loved” and WHY the Palm community is so enthusiastic. That will give them tangible reasons to respect WebOS instead of just reading press releases or evaluating the phones based on how they do their jobs as members of the technology press. Let’s face it, most people aren’t magazine editors for a living, so perhaps they will get a new understanding of how to do future evaluations, or add specific tasks to their testing based on what Pre users described very effectively throughout this thread.

    At the end of the day, and phone or OS maker would pay big money for customers that understand their products so well, and are so enthusiastic about promoting their products. That’s worth a ton of money to Palm. Heck, are their people about making MotoDroid commercials for any other phone that are better than the actual commercials the commercials you see on TV? I haven’t seen any. Peppered throughout this thread are several, and you can go to or directly to Youtube to find more. Is there any other phone that has users so capable of articulating the value proposition that makes their day better? I think we do a better job explaining why Palm phones are great than Palm does.

    So, that’s why I think there is a lot to learn from this event. And that’s why I think the Pre is running away with the vote count. And that’s why the Palm community spent a lot of their easter weekend on this forum to dispel the misinformation and obfuscation that came from people describing “Android” as if that is the same thing as the Motorola Droid in this match-up.

    I think WebOS is going to be very successful. I think Palm has a bright future if they listen to their customers and not the industry pundits and nattering nabobs of negativism that’s are slamming a product that we really like. I think it’s really important to see that we like our phones for tangible reasons that we can articulate. I didn’t see that from any other user base in any other contest. I saw lots of specs, and I saw lots of name calling (especially from the blackberry crowd).

    I think you will agree that the WebOS community is special and worth paying attention to…

  307. Keegan Carter Says:

    For the people claiming the vote is rigged you cant vote more then once. and all the votes arnt going to the pre. Also for the “there arnt even that many pre+s sold” comments did you think that all the regular pre owners are voting for their older brother device.

    there have been over 50,000 pres sold + however many pre+s + pixi users voting for one phone, that is why we are wining by a land slide.

  308. Keegan Carter Says:

    I have a stock pre, in response to John

    -the OS is still laggy.
    ~~~~ No just fine with 1.4.1 and 800mhz, no lag

    -the major apps like video recording still crash
    ~~~~I’v never had a native app crash?

    -the screen remained tiny. Who can play a game on such a tiny screen?
    ~~~~I guess me and the other 20k pre users that have outvoted you?

    -the keyboard completely sucks – tiny and isn’t a side slide so forget about landscape gaming with it
    ~~~~landscape gaming is fine (love my dungeon hunter)

    -GPS is still a hit or miss – telenav can be wildly inaccurate and buggy. And if you get a sat sync you have to thank the Lord.
    ~~~~ummm Iv never had a gps problem and I use it almost weekly? average lock on time well below my tom tom.

    -The slider is still iffy although improved.
    ~~~~ Yup slider sucks get over it

    -The phone is still that cheap plastic.
    ~~~~cheep plastic like… oh like 1/2 the phones out there, did you want titanium?

    -Still many major apps not available for it.
    ~~~~ We have the fastest growing app catalog,

    I’m getting so tired of reading endless complaints about the pre that are 99% untrue.

  309. Dont_Index_Me Says:

    Tried to post this before but it didn’t seem to make it. Apologies if this is a duplicate. Here is the AOL gaff, which i was only 4 years ago.

    You can also see where Google defaulted Buzz to give access to Gmail, and one lady whose mail was automatically accessible to her abusive ex husband…

    Google has refused to disconnect Gmail from Buzz, even after that…

    same with Streetview, etc etc. Google says it’s all stuff you can see in public, and that’s somewhat true for the tiny little bit of the world you would visit in a lifetime, or read in that lifetime.

    if you are Santa Claus, then you could see all the stuff they publish without asking. Normal people would only see a fraction of that. Who needs to see the street view of a NYC tunnel? Terrorists, for sure. Anyone else need to see that? (sound of crickets)

    I’m not about to let them do that with my Exchange content, and then hope the stop if enough people scream.

    Heck, the original version of Chrome had a key logger in it! Try searching for terms like those and read up on it. And then remember that all users have given everything on their phone or exchange server to Google….

    I’m not interested in the

  310. ceeaser Says:

    @john your another one huh a fanboy I guess you sleep with your droid too huh. Sing it lolabys, and feed it grapes and applesauce. Ya’ll are all funny get over it please, all the whinning about how this is so unfair, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(. How come my droid is loosing to the Pre, how come the OS is better. How come my droid is another windows mobile with spb shell as a interface. How come we have dozens of OS, with dozens of skins ontop of it like windows mobile so we can sell a few (cough cough or not nexus one). Though still the droid didnt sell awhole lot of units, and all that advertising did what for the droid……………….nothing. I’m sure you’ll keep releasing the same type of nexus one phone (the incredable, the desire) with a 5ghz processor and 25 megapixel camera on the back and the front a 7 inch screen (yet its still pocketable……smh) but in the end it still will be a let down because surprise its running artachoke ……. i mean android.

  311. ceeaser Says:

    @tom hey I did go over to the link that you provided and I’m asking myself are you reading them at all.

    the first link states only about ANDROID heres what the statment says:

    The same Adobe employee who mentioned on Adobe’s official forums that Flash 10.1 would be blowing right past Windows Mobile 6.5 made another notable comment, too: on Android, they’ll be conveniently overlooking devices that aren’t based on an ARMv7 core like a Snapdragon or OMAP3 — in other words, pretty much every device of consequence except the Nexus One, HTC Desire, Acer Liquid, Motorola Droid / Milestone, and Sony Ericsson X10.

    it says it plain english OVERLOOKING DEVICES THAT AREN’T BASED ON ARMV7 that means they are supporting ARMV7 otherwise no phone to date would be able to run flash because ARMV7 is in all those phones stated above and surprise the palm pre. So are you reading what you post?

    also as stated in pc mag:

    Flash 10.1 will be available for Android, Windows Mobile and Palm WebOS phones sometime in the first half of 2010. Ludwig said.

    and Adrian ludwig is the Flash group manager who my peoples works under. I understand your statments and did not mean any harm when stating ignorant remarks it was a bad choice of words. Just read a bit more into things before you post them thats all.

  312. ceeaser Says:

    @ all once and for all the information about flash 10.1 its coming to WEB Os, and Android so lets move on:

    Adobe’s been teasing us with Flash 10.1 on webOS for what seems like ages now. In fact, the first news about webOS and Flash came from Palm and Adobe more than a year ago. It’s been five months since we first saw Flash demoed on a Palm Pre and in the intervening months we’ve seen it shown off on all manner of Android devices as well. What we haven’t seen is Flash 10.1 on more lowly hardware, such as the Palm Pixi or HTC Hero. Now we might know why.

    An Adobe employee, after revealing that they were not working on getting Flash 10.1 to work on Windows Mobile 6.5 (little surprise) recently declared that Adobe was only working to get Flash for Android working on ARMv7 processors. Processors that fall into that category include the Qualcomm Snapdragon powering devices like the Google Nexus One (and HTC Desire) and the TI OMAP3430 inside the Palm Pre, Pre Plus, and Motorola Droid/Milestone.

    What doesn’t have an ARMv7 could be a problem for some webOS users: the Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus run off the Qualcomm MSM7627 processor, which is an ARMv6 chip. The MSM7627 is a beastly little chip, with two processing cores (600 MHz for processing, 400 MHz for the modem) and a 300 MHz graphics-core with Open GL 2.0 support – all packed into a tiny thumbnail-sized package. Has Adobe come out and said that they’re not working on Flash for the Pixi? Nope, but they haven’t said that they are. Even our man Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, when showing off Flash 10.1 at CES 2010, was careful to say that Flash 10.1 would be coming to “all Pre phones.” Note the lack of Pixi in there.

  313. ceeaser Says:

    also might i state while I work with the OS overclockers as you can see the pixi it self is running stock 600 (we are working to see if we can overclock the pixi stay tuned) But since the droid and the pre has the same Armv7 chip (really the same chip) that we can OC the pre over 1ghz like the droid, but if you run prelimanary test it will show you that anything over 800mhz (which the Overclockers have tested pres and have OC them to 1.2ghz) there is not much of a difference between the speeds at 800mhz and 1.2ghz. Also (and android user who OS should take note since its has the same core chipset) OC the device to the 1.2ghz may cause the chipset to warm up past 50 degrees which can warp the chipset and fry your device so take caution.

  314. Kedar Says:

    Anything bad people said above can be discredited by new hardware from Palm.

    The OS on the Pre is BRILLIANT.
    It’s so easy to use and it flows together. Going to another phone would be frustrating because of a lack of gestures and card view.

    Palm’s been doing better about memory management.
    The OS is so superb.
    I just hope that Palm does a MUCH better job with hardware… cause that’s all that this phone is lacking.

  315. mdvision Says:

    >>Tom Says:

    April 4th, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    >>Lots of rambling omitted


    And I will repeat this again… The UI of the Palm Pre is EXTREAMLY NICE, BUT IT IS NOT FOR ME. I PERSONALLY don’t like it. This debate is going to go nowhere, as previously stated neither side will give. The only thing gotten is that it is more likely that WebOS will get Flash support first [Which I still want better proof of btw, I’m looking at you ceeaser and Colonel Kernel]

    One last thing for @TKK: Anything you post on the internet is open to pretty much everyone. Don’t kid yourself thinking that your privacy is protected in anyway shape or form. We don’t live in a private world, but rather a public one, where a sneeze can be recorded and be posted on the internet minutes later. Yes Google scans data, but really with the field I am going into, anything I have done in the past 20 years of my life will be reviewed regardless, so I don’t even care… So long as my assets remain in tact it is all the same.


    Quite a nice diplomatic post in general. :)

    Even though the you think the webOS (aka Pre) “is extremely nice but not for me”, the overwhelming consensus based on commentary here and experienced smartphone reviewers has shown preference for the Pre. This would place you in the minority which interestly does not equate in unit sales. The reason for this is consumer ignorance and numbing failure of the Pre marketing efforts. This phone is struggling to get noticed and if you are noticing, the community user group is embarassingly schooling Palm on merit marketing. Once consumers get exposed to a webos the lights start coming on.

    Having IP addresses traced for a persons internet alias is as you say an exposure we all live with. Having all you family,friends and business contact info, personal schedule and communications stored by a third party is very different.

    FWIW I’d like my next webos device to be a variation on the Pre form factor and build. I do not want a slab to handle! A metallic shell, internals upgrade, and slight bump in size would be perfect.

  316. John Says:

    I have a Palm Pre on the Sprint network. OS is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! Only issue is build quality. Luckily Sprint and Palm have been very good about warranty replacements. And just as an add on here you CAN use your Sprint Pre as a MOBILE HOTSPOT for up to 5 devices. It is a simple patch and program addition. OVERALL an AMAZING phone!!!

  317. george Says:

    John: I think all Pre users would agree that Droid hardware is better in all ways you describe. webOS is by far superior to Android though, and we’re saying that outweighs the hardware flaws (for most of us). Improving the hardware will be easier to do in the future. It would take fundamental architectural changes to Android to get it up to par with webOS, not easy.

    Pre isn’t selling as well because Palm no longer has clout and they are horrible at marketing. Google has total clout and Verizon does great marketing, but that doesn’t make it a great product. McDonalds also outsells gourmet burgers. Toyota outsells Bentley. etc… Palm only needs to be profitable and keep developers interested, they don’t have to be #1 or even #2 in sales.

  318. Proud Sprint Pre Owner Says:

    Proud launch-day Sprint Pre owner.. PRE ftmfw!!!

  319. Lee Says:

    The creepy palm girl marketing campaign was Palm’s fault. Everyone involved should have been canned even the bystanders. I can’t believe no one internally at Palm didn’t protest against it.

    I wouldn’t say Verizon does great marketing because the whole ‘Mom’ Palm Pre Plus campaign was 100% verizon. But this is not to say Palm marketing doesn’t deserve to get slammed because they haven’t came out with anything either. As a store rep, Palm marketing doesn’t seem to have their dials tuned in for who their target market is either. How do I position between Pre and Pixi when Pre is now 50 and Pixi is now 30? To me the difference is form factor and personal preference.

    Palm should sell against blackberry and attack droid in campaigns. After this is the shiny new robotic object effect, the droid commercial is getting creepy. Now that I get webOS, I keep thinking about space odyssey and the computer calling out ‘hal…’. Maybe a spin-off with a fan-based commercial would be fun…..’hal’.

  320. the eck 12 Says:

    Sorry but the droid hardware is too big and clunky. If droid has decent sized hardware with WebOS then it would be a great phone! Wait, that would be a Pre Plus! :-)
    It’s almost over……..the majority has spoken……..
    On another note, a phone is just a phone.

  321. David Says:

    Seems a lot of you Pre owners are ripping every detail of Tom’s statements,& he’s not uttering the “This poll sucks” excuse like other posters have;as a Droid owner myself I agree w/his opinion. While I’ve never used a Pre before, I’m not gonna dismiss your praise of it’s OS and it’s multitasking abilities. It’s just funny to me how some of you guys claim to be so unbiased while using terms like “Far superior” & “outdated” when talking against the Droid.

  322. Jack87 Says:

    his first tattoo… haha is there any other phone worthy of getting it tattooed on your body… is there one motodroid user who will do this?

    haha.. funny thing is i’m sure cost of tattoo was cost of the phone :)

  323. droidandroid Says:

    wow this is over by a lot of votes no good excuse coming from me a droid user palm pre + wins.
    (my wife is tired of me using her pre plus)

  324. NoBama Says:

    fwiw I have a friend who actually owns the droid and has sporadic issues with exchange support and issues with the poorly designed battery cover falling off (nice moto quality there)… anyway they ended up voting for the pre (from the droid) and are trying to swap into a pre +… esp for the currently free mifi. Palm Pre + FTW.

  325. Scotland Says:

    Wow, good to see Pre ahead. The Droid is a solid Android OS phone (nice processor, nice large screen) but WebOS is amazing, the Pre hardware decent (Pre Plus adds additional memory and storage – it will multitask 50 apps!) and, with the recent price cuts on Verizon (and free mi-fi), the choice is very clear on which is the better value right now (Pre Plus, of course!)

    There’s a reason why there is such a strong Pre/Pixi community – this is an incredible platform for users and developers (and hackers – with Palm being supportive there, as well). Hopefully, Palm can continue to improve their marketing, increase their sales, and launch some new compelling hardware later this year. If they can launch an HTC EVO 4G class device later this year (with a Snapdragon or OMAP 4xxx processor) to go along with WebOS, they’ll have a winner on their hands and will survive and grow. In the meantime, the Palm Pre Plus is a great device in its own right.

    Don’t get me wrong – I think Droid is a solid device but WebOS is the difference, the Pre Plus is a steal right now, and, therefore, Palm Pre Plus gets my vote!

  326. Kedar Says:

    I think the poll ultimately shows the community backing up each device.

    Sprint had the best marketing for the device. They showed many times the card view effect to a greater deal… and just did overall much better.

  327. Josh Says:

    Now now kiddies, the droid DOES infact have wifi tethering and tethering. It just doesnt came standard with the phone :P All the kiddies ripping on the droid dont know anything about it. I cant say much about the pre. All i know is theyre advertising failed, epically.

    Fanmade, bests any of palms ads.

  328. josh Says:

    wow there is a lot of support for the Palm Pre Plus here,, let me tell you a secret to all you Android fanboys out there… the people voting for the Pre plus are also owners of the Sprint Palm Pre and Pixi and pixi plus users out there,, if you add up the sales on both Sprint and Verizon thats alot of supporters,, now thats also not including the pre owners and users loggin on here from other countrys including canada and the uk… why are we voting for the pre plus when we are using the big brother Pre? because we have that much support for the WebOs platform. The ease and quickness once you get the swing of it is awesome.

    heres a good example. i was at an event and was hanging out with a buddy of mine that had the droid,, well we were hanging out with some people while he was checking his facebook he noticed i was posting pics i had only taken a min earlier on facebook, looked over i was also texting 3 different people sennding them pic messages, checking my email on facebook, myspace and looking at the website of the event we were hanging out at checking the schedules of what was going on all while listening to Slacker Internet radio and checking google maps on the location of where we were going next from the itinerary i was reading off of the webpage also i was switching from camera mode to video mode in a blink recordign some funny stuff and editing it right there on the spot,, so at that point i was having 8 differnt apps running at the same time going between them with one swipe up to minimize the card view and simply tap the card with the app i was going to next all while notifications came in on the bottom of the screen and i would keep working on what i was with no disruptions until i tapped the notification on the bottom of my screen when i was ready to get to them,, oh yeah everyonce in awhile i would answer a phone call… now my friend seen me doing all of thies all at the same time looked at his droid and the only thing he said was,,, well my screen is bigger… then followed it up with he was envious of all i was doing and explained he could do all that on his droid too but it would be such a hassle and not nearly as easy as i was doing it within seconds. my friend is an IT that works around computers all day long and said that is the first time he ever seen a pda phone operate like a laptop then asked me when the last time i even booted up my laptop,, i told him only when im uploading mp3 files to my phone,,, his phone did do one thing i really did think was cool in a gimicky kinda way,, everytime he got a text his phone would say “droid” just like in the commercial,, i asked him to send me that sound file so my Palm Pre could say that when i got a text, he asked me why and i said it would be funny cause it would sound like there was a droid in my palm pre belly calling for help to get out cause my pre ate his droid up,, he about fell off his chair laughing and said yes that webos just ate the hell outta my android os..

    im still waiting for that file,, just for fun not tomake fun of android in a mean way,

    oh and for you people i have seen talknig about the flash and adobe,, heres a link to youtube of flash being demonstrated on a Palm Pre,,, if you notice this is not some fan posting ,, this is posted by Adobe tthemselves and he explains why the webos is one of the best platforms to release the flash to first..

    may the phone with the best following win,, thats better then any advertising anyday

  329. Don't Pretend Says:

    May the Pre Plus win!
    Pre is very amazing and underrated. It is made for productivity people.

  330. Jon Says:

    Just an FYI, Palm Pre (not plus) can do tethering too! I use it frequently on my pre and love it! It works just like a wireless router. 1.22mbps download/0.4mbps upload speeds on my computer from my phone. EPIC!!

    For those interested you can download the app here.

  331. Keegan Carter Says:

    Why hasn’t this ended? Its not like the droid is going to catch up and the flame war is just growing….

  332. delrey Says:

    Congrats to the Pre.

    For the posts above, the Droid can multitask as well. It may not be as easy or intuitive as the Pre, but it can.

    As for the Droid getting more love out in the retail world, I’m not sure why. When I bought my Droid, I was very interested in the Pre. However, both Best Buy and Verizon stores pushed the Droid a whole lot more. Plus the live unit at the Verizon store was jacked up. The phone was not responding to anything I was trying to do. So I walked away from it.

    I also believe that these votes for the Pre were not just from WebOS/Palm fans. They’re also from BB, iPhone, and WinMo fans as well. While the Droid could have had a few votes from them as well, the Pre benefited from it more.

    Again, congrats to the Pre.

  333. Tom Says:

    Disclaimer: I expect no one to actually read all of this, because I know even if someone does, they will have really read only about half of it. My train of thought went on its own path so this entire post is very confusing and not at all linear (probably makes it easier for you to tear apart later, so you are welcome for that). I added dashes so that its a bit clearer, but I doubt it will help any. I will not be replying. So if this is as far as you read because you don’t care. I say have a nice day. It was fun while it lasted.


    @ceeasar: It also had an update… That said non A8 phones would be excluded “Update: Indeed, PC Magazine points out that Adobe’s current verbiage is that Flash 10.1 is going to require Cortex A8 “or better.” So much for the “open” in Open Screen Project, eh? ”

    I’m well aware of the devices that will be getting Flash…

    Edit (because at this point I don’t care, but I just realized what happened, so I’m not changing my post in anyway): Mr. Ceeasar, I was NEVER trying to prove that Flash wasn’t coming to the Pre in any way, nor was I trying to prove it was going to come to Android any sooner (at least with that latest link, as you had proven me wrong about the Snapdragon having any effect on its release to Android). You completely misinterpreted my intentions and obviously never learned the art of building an argument. Next time, try reading the context that in which the evidence lies. I was simply stating that any device without an A8 processor would be excluded. It would be silly for me to state that the Pre wouldn’t be getting it, especially since I had stated they they had the same processor. And that link, though geared towards Android, had a statement that was directed at all phones regardless of OS, which is that they would require A8 processor or better. And if you clicked the link for PC mag it also stated how much ram would be necessary as well. At this point I don’t know what you were arguing, nor do I care, but I thought I should clear that up before removing myself from this pointless debate.


    To those who linked to the free turn by turn thing, thanks. Again, I looked at Sprint’s website for Palm Pre, and couldn’t find anything about it, so that helped.


    @Tom-foolery: You obviously did not read my post at all… I know that the Pre and Droid have A8. I mention Snapdragon because it is part of the Open Screen Project, and therefore relevant to the whole Adobe Flash debate, despite being irrelevant to the two phones in question. I know that Vz and Sprint offer different things, but have the same WebOS phone. I searched Sprint and couldn’t find anything. It is probably due to the fact that I’m not a Sprint user and am unfamiliar with their web layout. So I asked for help finding proof. I had no doubt that it was true, but I like having proof.


    I still want an actual link to something stating that Pre will get flash first. I did read through their twitter page, and it looks as though it is closer to completion on the Pre, but unfortunately… that has little to nothing to do with release date if Adobe decides to withhold it. Which considering how they have been teasing us with all these videos would not surprise me in the least.


    @mdvision: (If you get lost at anytime, just read the next paragraph, as it sums everything up very simply (I wouldn’t be surprised if you do, my thoughts were completely nonlinear when writing it, so apologies)) Allow me to educate you a bit on how easy it is to find out who said what on any IP and how much information is collected by third party people as it is just from using the internet. If you have any internet aliases, anything you type under them is logged somewhere. Most are connected to something that will have a small piece of information about the user behind them. That small piece of information allows agencies to separate information from the same IP and even the same computer from different users. If say you have your own computer, then you are screwed if you are the only one using it because they’ll be able to trace information on the same IP to the individual computer. Each computer has its own S/N and therefore can be easily traced. Any e-mail you type, no matter if it is encoded, sent from a different computer, or has no connection to your actual name can easily be traced to you by using the individual coding that email services use, all they need to do is collect the information gathered from the various emails and connect them using a computer program. That is unless you are an expert hacker and have learned ways to circumvent core coding of web based correspondence. There is even a field based upon such practices called “Computer Forensics.” You may think what you want, but please don’t kid yourself by thinking anyone is actually protecting your information on the internet. Once you post something on the internet it is in the hands of a third party, and therefore they can use that information however they please. Most of those “privacy policy” statements are BS because even though they might protect your privacy, you can almost guarantee that some other third party will have access to that information that has nothing to do with that privacy policy and will store your information whenever it will profit them. The only encryption that has yet to be broken, and will probably, and hopefully never be broken is the AES encryption. SO! If you really want to protect your privacy, go encrypt everything in AES 128 or 256 and keep your key out of a data file. If you want to protect your identity from MOST is using TOR, but even that can be traced, though it is infinitely harder due to the randomness.

    Basically what I am trying to say is… if it is posted on the internet it is stored by a third party NO MATTER WHAT. And usually that third party stores it so they can profit from it. I just happen to be choosing Google, but I don’t kid myself thinking Google is the only one that has my information. I know AT LEAST 2-3 other information collecting companies are collecting my data, waiting for a company to contact them for a background check, at which point they will reveal what ever they have on me. And yes there are companies that do that, and yes, it is perfectly legal. Don’t you just love the world we live in?


    PS: I’m done with this. After typing all of that out, and rereading the latest posts at least a dozen times in the process of making this post I have come to the following conclusions:

    1) People don’t read, or read only what they want to read so that they can participate in a pointless debate that may validate them in some way, though anonymously, to the people involved.

    2) People have no lives. I was on Spring Break and had a bit of extra time to do this, and tried to end it before Spring Break ended. However, when I tried to end it, things I never said, (or possibly what I said was misinterpreted) were used to restart this debate for no apparent reason.

    3) You people like to argue when there is nothing to be argued about. (In my last few posts I stated that the actual debate was going no where and we were running in circles on everything except Flash, and once that got resolved, which it did, so it should have ended, but obviously not to those posting here, as you just turned it around and seemingly tried to start it all over again)

    However, what I did get from this is that Adobe is possibly bringing flash to Pre first, but honestly from reading how Adobe has been working, it looks as though they are going to try and release the finished project to all or none. The Pre might get the Beta first though, and that even seems likely.

    Also I have learned that… I really don’t care about flash… A friend made me realize something by asking me one very simple question. “Is flash really worth it for just one site with all the ads it brings?” (I really just wanted flash for one video site, and in the end… I couldn’t say “yes it is worth it” because its not.)

    That being said, good day to you all. Hope you have fun ripping apart this last post (as I am sure you will). And no, I really don’t care about anyone finding proof for anything anymore.


    End Notes: If anyone else posts as “Tom” it will not be me. I am literally not coming back here again. I’m not going to state why because it is quite frankly irrelevant, and all of you will likely think it is because I was “beaten” or because i am “running away” regardless of what I say. So you may think what you want, it has no impact on me. There is nothing to be lost or gained by leaving this pointless debate. I hope that others will agree and “reply” to this by not replying at all, so that this thread can go back to the usual “HELL YEAH! PRE ROCKS” BS and the “THIS POLL IS RIGGED! THE DROID IS THE BEST” BS. [Please feel free to plug in any of the other one line BS remarks in between those quotes for the respective side]

  334. Taharka Says:

    So, any bets on the blog titles that will follow this poll if a miracle of sorts don’t occur in the next few minutes?

    “Giant slain by river stone”

    “In a world of don’t, Droid didn’t”

    “Droid does; Pre does more”


  335. Greg Stevenson Says:

    I think delrey makes some good points. The smartphone market is to the point where there is no one phone that rules them all. It is also clear that the bulk of prePlus/webOS owners are really happy with their purchases and have a strong sense of community, primarily thanks to and the activity of Palm employees in blogs, twitter, etc. Right now the PrePlus on Verizon or Pre on Sprint are probably the best value in phones out there. Yes, it looks like they are dumping phones, but that has several benefits: It increases size of market for developers who write apps and analysts who focus on market share, clears the backlog so Palm can release a next gen device, an gets sales-rep familiar with webOS. At this point the PrePlus is already fast enough, has plenty of app selection and features for 90% of the users out there. It may not be the best choice in all cases, but should be in the mix for consideration. The great thing about webOS, is that even most Palm critics seem to think its the best phoneOS of the mix. Bumping the CPU, adding more memory, adding a few apps etc. is trivial to changing the overall use experience of the OS. This is where the PrePlus, as currently the best embodiment of webOS, shines.

  336. Flame_PRE-vention Says:

    @ Tom

    Please come back for one more post. I need you to explain two things, really I do.

    1. Please explain how posts can be traced to individual PCs when most are NATed behind a router/firewall/etc. Isn’t it the public side of that device what could be “traced” to the IP of MAC address? In the AOL example posted they were dial-up users with the IP address provided by the AOL mega-proxy, yes? I am not telling you, I am asking. Please clarify if you don’t mind. Your explanation w2\as interesting but more details would be helpful.

    2. I get that you are comfortable with public postings being stored and used by 3rd parties. What you didn’t address was how that relates to having Microsoft Exchange information (which is clearly confidential business information) routing through Google to reach an Android phone. I can’t imagine you see that as the same, so please clarify why any company would be ok with their users doing that (anybody -Pre or Android user please chime in here). Based on how Google Buzz exposes people’s Gmail to those that they frequently communicate with, isn’t this a major risk? Are they currently handling MS-Exchange info differently?

    I’m asking about this Exchange issue because I haven’t seen it brought up anywhere but in this thread. It seems to me that this would occur to reviewers and pundits before it occurs to users voting in a phone matchup.

    I’d really like to understand if the concern (actual or potential) is valid, and if it is – why should companies/users be ok with that.

    Not a flame, just two honest questions…

    And congrats to the Pre community. I hope LapTop Magazine will write an editorial on what they learned from these posts. And I hope Palm will read these and use the information in future marketing.

  337. lemar Says:

    I will say, I love my Palm Pre (Sprint). The Palm Pre (Sprint) would have taken out the Droid just as easily. The number of problems I’ve had with my Pre (I’m on my 4th one, one more and I get to switch handsets.) Are all well worth it. The OS is perfect after a few updates, the speed has increased, developers are jumping all over WebOS, and people are switching from iPhone to Pre (like me!) I really enjoy the most the multitasking. Running Pandora, playing Uno on Gameloft Live Multiplayer, and having Facebook up and running all at the same time, with the click of a button I can be voting down a song, playing a Draw 2 card, and liking someone’s status.

    Go Palm Pre!

  338. jess Says:

    “Flash” app is in the catalogue now…just download it…

  339. Steve Wozniak Says:

    @ Jess

    Say whut? I don’t see it.

  340. Darkseider Says:

    Oooh well the lesser won. Come 2011 Palm will be a subsidiary of Google. So in the end Google wins anyway.

  341. James Says:

    Whoa, people got really…enthusiastic about this.

    I’m a Palm fan (been a user since the IIIxe) and love my Pre but the Droid’s good too. I’d be pretty pleased to have WebOS on Droid hardware. Okay, I’d like the keyboard to be tweaked a bit, maybe some beveling to help feel the keys but if you could map the d-pad for 3D gaming, awesome. The first gen Pre’s were…spotty. The overall quality seems to have gone up since the release of the Pre Plus, which makes sense since it is a revised Pre.

    If WebOS hadn’t been released I would probably have switched to Android whenever my centro died. I had replaced by Treo650 with a Centro because the early Android phones were pretty underpowered and/or lacked a keyboard and/or were not on a carrier I wanted to use. The Droid was the first Android OS phone I saw that I actually would have bought.

    I prefer WebOS over android for several reasons. The common stuff like the UI metaphor, notification system, Synergy, is all a factor but Android can evolve to include those over time.

    What really is appealing about WebOS over Android (and thus the Droid) is that Palm *needs* all WebOS phones to be kept as close together as possible to avoid fragmentation. Tell me, VZ Droid users, how long did you wait for the 2.1 update that you knew had been released by Motorola and accepted by other carriers? Palm pushes to keep the WebOS platform as homogenous as possible so we aren’t left in the cold.

    Palm, like Apple, will acquire some fragmentation as older/lower-end hardware is simply incapable of supporting some functions, but to maximize their market space they will keep it to a minimum.

    In contrast Motorola has reason to make their Android phones different from other Android phones (hence Blur) and to differentiate their different grades of products. So they have no incentive to push Verizon to release software updates or to keep all their Android products on the same level.

    Google wants as much Android out there as possible so they can be sure of a mobile search market. Plus there is the certainty of hooking you deeper into the other Google services. The OS is really a loss-leader.

    I appreciate that Android *can* be fragmented. That is a kind of strength as it allows for more efficient development cycles and more price points for hardware.

    But as a user it is less than optimal until there is a sufficient level of market presence to create an inertia around a set of “typical” features. Or in other words, until Google starts intentionally providing backwards compatibility, the leading edge will be cutting down Android users. I give it 2 more years before that starts happening.

  342. Guest Says:

    Are we going to get an updated article about the Palm Pre Plus winning?

  343. Mike Prospero Says:

    Guest: We posted it yesterday:

  344. AKM Says:

    Palm all the way.

  345. Pete Says:

    I’ve done a little number crunching and here are the Extrapolated Standings for March Smart Phone Madness. The following is the overall ranking of all the phones in the bracket, with the percentage vote they would receive in a match against the winner, the Palm Pre Plus.

    A note about the Palm Pixi: the vote results show the Pixi beating the BlackBerry Bold in Round 1, but those running the poll claim that voting did not close when it was supposed to. The Bold was winning at the official close time, they said, so they advanced it over the Pixi. They claim that vote-stuffing after the official close put the Pixi over, but since all I can see is what’s shown now, I have to use those results. Due to the Pixi beating the Bold by more than the Pre Plus did, the Pixi actually ranks AHEAD of the Pre Plus, and is the “true” winner of this contest.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that these results may not be entirely accurate, as several early polls received extremely low vote totals which could skew the results.

    All that being said, here are the standings!

    #1: Palm Pixi – 53.30%
    #2: Palm Pre Plus – 50.00%
    #3: BlackBerry Bold – 49.78%
    #4: HTC HD2 – 49.26%
    #5: Google Nexus One – 44.04%
    #6: Motorola Droid – 34.78%
    #7: BlackBerry Tour – 28.29%
    #8: HTC Hero – 27.65%
    #9: Motorola Devour – 25.78%
    #10: BlackBerry Storm 2 – 15.98%
    #11: iPhone 3GS – 15.45%
    #12: BlackBerry Curve – 14.44%
    #13: Motorola Cliq – 14.03%
    #14: Samsung Moment – 13.25%
    #15: HTC Touch Pro2 – 12.62%
    #16: LG Expo – 8.83%

  346. Marsh Says:

    I was holding out on reupping my phone unit… and just about to jump ship and go to Sprint, for the Pre, and when I went to the ACN site (my reps # is 02050165) lo and behold there it was. Mobile Hot spot has been a life saver more than once, multiple open screens is a complete relief and the synergy contact management is soooo much better than my past life… where all my numbers were not entered after 4 years. This one did 4+ and wove them all together in under 5 minutes! I could not believe it, between Google, FaceBook, LinkedIn. Outlook took another 5 by itself, all on Outook’s side. Bluetooth handling is smooth as China silk… only thing I’d want now – voice recog. Oh, yeah, it reads MS Office files.

  347. Getaphixx Says:


    This voting is a joke.. Looks like Palm is trying to JUICE up it’s company to SELL it off… Too bad CNET or Engadget.. OH WAIT… Engadget DID do a gadget vote.. and Droid won Three of 2009’s TOP GADGETS including “Gadget of the Year!”



  348. Melissa Says:

    I have to be honest, I don’t even know which to choose. I’ve played with both but own neither. I’ve had a VZW upgrade coming to me for well over a year and haven’t been able to find a phone (on any network) that has everything I want. Yes, the Droid has way more apps but 1000s of them seem to be porn apps (my boyfriend has the Droid and I’ve gone through the apps store and everywhere you look there is an app for porn). The Droid does have a trivia app that I think is pretty cool and I can’t seem to find one for the Pre Plus. The Droid’s keyboard is HORRIBLE! I have pretty small hands and each key I touch registers 5 letters. I’m one of those people who need a physical keyboard because I like texting by touch and that can’t be done on the virtual keyboards (thank you IPhone for screwing up the future of phones). I also can’t do it with the Droid because there isn’t really any separation between the keys. I really wanted to love the Droid…I was very excited when I heard about it but, to me, it just doesn’t live up to the hype. I’ve spent tons of time asking people about what I should get and the two tech savvy people I know have recommended the Pre Plus so it’s definitely been on my radar. I do keep holding out though…I’m hoping that some company will make a smartphone with a keyboard similar to the Voyager’s (a keyboard I loved the second I touched), but I doubt it so at some point I’m going to have to settle…and it will probably end up being for one of these two (or I’m going to have to give up a physical keyboard – which I don’t want to do – and get one of the other phones on the market).

  349. Stephen Tong Says:

    Palm Pre wins by far. The only downside to the phone is short battery life. All my other issues I was able to fix with patches from preware.

  350. Droid Eris Says:

    I’ve had my droid since december but had to get a substitute as a result of the software ruined my cellphone when it up to date itself. So for sure having troubles & discovered this wonderful site lol i do have a questio tho…my ram storage is gettin smaller & there nethin i can do to help get sum again?

  351. Colene Schiffner Says:

    Whilst I really like a physical keyboard, after managing the Samsung Captivate for approximately 15 minutes, it’s onerous to move back. Right now I’m debating whether to go to Verizon for the Droid X, move to Dash for the EVO, or stay with AT&T for the Captivate…selections, decisions.

  352. Samuel Kirkendall Says:

    I have had a Motorola Droid and a Palm Pre Plus. In my opinion Pre takes it all the way! I had my Droid for a little under 3 months and the usb charging port came loose and broke. The WebOS system is 10 times better and HP/Palm tech support is ten times better than Motorola!

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