How to Make Windows 8 or 8.1 Look and Feel Like Windows 7

Make WIndows 8.1 or 8 look like Windows 7

If you have a PC with Windows 8 or 8.1 but miss Windows 7, there’s no need to downgrade. Following a few simple steps, you can make Microsoft’s current operating system look and feel almost identical to its predecessor. Here’s how to bring back the Start menu and the attractive aero glass theme how to hide other Windows 8 elements like the Charms menu.

Step 1: Swap the Start screen for a Start menu

Without a doubt, the most unfamiliar (and, for some, most annoying) feature of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 is its tile-based Start screen. Where Windows 7 lets you choose from a list of applications by pulling up the Start menu, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 make you go to a completely separate screen just to launch an application or conduct a search. Windows 8.1 places a Start button in the lower left corner of the screen, but don’t be fooled; it does nothing more than take you back to the same tile-based Start screen when you click it.

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There are a number of third-party Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 Start menu apps including the free Classic Shell, but if you’re willing to pay $4.99, we recommend Start8, because it looks the most like the Windows 7 Start menu and allows you to control many other elements of the UI. 

To set up Start8:

  1. Download and install Start8. You can try the program for 30 days without paying for it.
    Start8 Install
  2. Select Windows 7 Style and Shadow Theme under the Style tab.
    Start8 Style Tab
  3. Select the Desktop tab.
    Start8 Desktiop Tab
  4. Check “Disable all Windows 8 hot corners.” This setting will prevent the Charms and Windows 8 Start shortcut from appearing when you hover the mouse in a corner.
    Start8 Disable Hot Corners
  5. Make sure “Automatically go to the Desktop when I sign in” is checked. This way Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 will take you straight to the desktop when it boots rather than making you go through the Start screen first.
    Go straight to desktop 
  6. Make sure Disable Taskbar Translucency is unchecked.
     Disable Taskbar Translucency
  7. Select the Control tab.
    Start8 Control Tab 
  8. Uncheck “show the Windows 8 menu when I press the right windows key.” With this setting off, you won’t accidentally end up on the Start screen if you hit the right Windows key.
     Prevent right windows key from opening the start menu
  9. Close the Start8 settings window.
  10. View all your programs by clicking All Programs on the Start8 menu. 
     Click All Programs on the Start Menu
  11. Pin your favorite programs to Start8 by right-clicking on them and selecting Pin To Start8.

    Pin to Start Menu

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Step 2: Install the Windows 7 Aero theme

With Windows 8, Microsoft took away the attractive translucent Aero glass effects and style many people love in Windows 7. Instead, the company made the desktop theme flat, solid and a little bit boring. While you can’t get all of the translucent effects back, you can get a very similar look to Windows 7’s default theme.

  1. Download and install UxStyle. This application tweaks your settings so you can install third-party themes you didn’t get from Microsoft.


  2. Download this Windows 7 theme from Deviant Art and open its zip file. Ignore the warning saying that it does not work in Windows 8.1. 

    Aero Theme Zip

  3. Copy the contents of the Themes Files folder from the zip file to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

    Copy all files from the Theme Files folder

  4. Double-click the Aero8Rounded-Default.theme icon. Your theme should now change to Aero 8 rounded, which looks like Windows 7’s default theme, complete with the Windows 7 logo wallpaper.
     Click Aero8Rounded-Default

To switch back and forth between this theme, the Windows 7 Architecture theme and several other Windows 7 and Windows 8 themes, right-click on the desktop and select Personalize.


Select other themesMORE: How to Shut Down Windows 8 or 8.1  in Just One Click

Step 3: Add an Aero glass effect to window title bars

Even with the Aero theme installed, the window title bars and borders are opaque. While you can’t make all parts of the UI have the smoky translucent effect they do in Windows 7, WinaeroGlass can make the title bars see-through. 

  1. Download and unzip WinaeroGlass to your desktop.
  2. Double-click Winaeroglass.exe to turn on its visual effect. At present the app has no UI; it just works.
     Winaeroglass running
  3. Copy WinaeroGlass.exe to the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder if you want it to start every time Windows 8 starts.
    Copy WinaeroGlass.exe to StartUp folder

Step 4: Skip the lock screen

Windows 7 doesn’t waste your time by making you swipe away a lock screen before you get to its login prompt. Fortunately, it’s easy enough to disable Windows 8’s time-wasting lock screen.

  1. Open Regedit by hitting Windows + R and entering regedit at the prompt.
    Open Regedit 
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MARCHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows.
    Navigate to the registry key 
  3. Create a registry key called Personalization if it doesn’t already exist. You can create a key by right-clicking on the Windows key, selecting New then Key and renaming the folder that appears.
    Create Personalization key
  4. Create a new DWORD value and name it NoLockScreen. To create a DWORD, right-click in the white space on the right side of the window and select New then DWORD (32-bit) value. Rename the DWORD.
    Create a DWORD
  5.  Assign NoLockScreen a value of 1 by double-clicking it and entering the number 1 in the dialog box that appears.
    Set NoLockScreen to 1
  6. Close Regedit and reboot. From now on you will be taken straight to the login prompt.

Step 5: Run Windows 8 style apps in Desktop mode

Even if your desktop looks like Windows 7, you have a Start menu and your system boots you directly to the desktop, you may still want to run some Windows 8 apps. Under normal conditions, you’d be forced to run new style apps like Bing News or the People app at full screen in Windows 8’s Modern UI, but with the help of a utility called ModernMix you can run every Windows 8 program in its own draggable, resizable window on the desktop.

  1. Download and install ModernMix. The application costs $4.99 but has a free 30-day trial. You may need to enter your email address to receive a download link.
    Install ModernMix
  2. Select Windowed mode under “When launched from the Windows 8 Start Menu.” With this setting enabled, even if you launch a Windows 8 app from the Start screen, it will open on the desktop.
    Select Windowed Mode 
  3. Select “Never return to the Windows 8 menu when I close applications” under the Advanced tab.
    Never Return to Windows 8 Start Menu
  4. Close the ModernMix settings window.

As long as ModernMix is running, all Windows 8 style apps (also known as Modern apps) will run in windows. You can even pin Windows 8 apps to the taskbar by right-clicking on their taskbar icons and selecting “Pin this program to taskbar.”

Pin Modern Apps to Taskbar

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  1. Trent Says:

    That’s allot of work and having to use regedit? And what about when MS comes down with the major “blue” update this summer? Whats going to happen then? Most likely these addons will break windows. Its a temp fix that will probably cause more issues then they solve.. Better advice is to just wait it out for Intel to release Haswell CPU’s and MS to update to W8 blue. MS will eventually get around to fixing it. If you can’t wait buy a system with W8 Pro and downgrade. Who said W7 is slower? Just put a SSD in what you got now and boot to windows in 10 seconds. That’s what I did, put SSD in 3 of my systems and I’m going to wait it out until Intel/MS wake up! I’ve never liked the MS tiled look on their phones or W8. IOS is limited with just apps.. no file manager and limited customization. For consuming data for fun Android is the only one that got it right. W8 is such a failure.

  2. Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director Says:

    @Trent, we’ve used the leaked build of Windows Blue. There’s still no Start menu or Aero theme. I doubt that Microsoft is bringing those elements back.

  3. Trent Says:

    Ok, so you used the blue update. MS promises many more updates that will occur on a faster schedule then we have seen before.
    So I still feel using regedit to make UI changes will probably break windows now or in the near future. I would make a disc image (not just a system restore) before messing with the UI registry. Last time I messed with the UI was when i tried to make XP look like Vista. That made things unstable and I don’t recommend it. Again, it may work for awhile but at some point it will definitely break things.

  4. Bunky Hynson Says:

    And then you have people like me who are going to buy a hold-over W7 laptop. I refuse to buy W8. I too hate the W3 tiled look, it’s clunky. Besides, I don’t need or want real time updates on my desktop. I think MS will eventually come around and put the start button back. We shall see.

  5. cwhittaker Says:

    Absolutely, hate Windows 8 and it really bothers me that Microsoft would care so little about its customers that its forcing its operating system on folks that have no interest in learning the new non-intuitive changes that make no sense. I was just starting to think Microsoft had figured out it needed to listen to its customers when they released Windows 7 – a very good os that I love but no they went with the Vista folks that screwed things up with that poor excuse for an operating system. Why would they ever consider using the same group of people that produced Vista is beyond me. My clients absolutely hate Win8 and I’ve had to use all the tricks in this article to help them out. Thank you!!!! I sincerely hope Microsoft fixes Win8 but I doubt it and I’m moving all my customers over to Apple – at least their stuff works and is slick too bad its a tad expensive but most of the people i know are so sick of Microsoft that they are willing to splurge.

  6. Steven J Fromm Says:

    Seems like a lot of extra work to fix something that is fundamentally wrong. If someone is in the market for a business computer what should they do. Should they try to get a Windows 7 set up with a core 7 processor with a lot of RAM? What is your thoughts on this?

  7. Nick Kemp Says:

    Or you can just get a totally free program called Pokki. All you do is download and install. Then restart your computer and youll have the windows 7 style layout on windows 8. Its really simple. Im 14 and like it and recommend it. Before you decide to not listen to me because of my age you should first know im a hacker/browser producer so i know quite a bit about of computers. Pokki is a good solution to windows 8. Pokki practically turns windows 8 into windows 7 but on the start menu theres an option to go to the live tiles.

  8. Chris A. Says:

    Looking into the future, I can see a total makeover of W8. I don’t understand why MS would make it so difficult for many of us. I personally like W7 and love change. However, when W8 came out, I felt a little lost. I have been using computers for many years and W8 threw me for a loop. I personally use (went back to) W7 on one system and with another system, I use my MacBook. Once in a while, I get out of the windows environment and have used my Macbook more and more. I do like the Apple world and the Windows world at the same time. So, learning the Apple iOS is a lot easier then W8 in my opinion. Until the updates and improvements are made, I’m personally sticking with W7 and my Apple iOS.

  9. CharlieL Says:

    I have used Microsoft Windows as my main OS for all my computers at home and with my company. Being an IT manager people depend on my personal and/or professional opinions. After my company order 150 new laptops with Win8 preinstalled on them I was absolutely sickened with the OS! After trying for a week to use the Win 8 OS I called to a corporate meeting and believe or not I suggested using Mac’s. The next day I shipped all win 8 computers back and ordered new Mac’s. My company now uses Mac’s only. I am sorry to say Microsoft has lost me and my company as repeat customers.

  10. UX Designer Says:

    Many people are suggesting that MS ‘cares little about their customers’ and that W8 is a ‘non-intuitive design’. While W8 is definitely frustrating to many users, and MS could have done things differently to alleviate these issues, these statements are misguided and inaccurate.

    The truth is that MS put a small fortune into user experience and usability research into W8 specifically because they cared about their customers and to achieve a highly intuitive design. Microsoft is attempting to evolve what many designers feel is an outdated paradigm. Perhaps the biggest failure is that while W8 may be a highly intuitive and usable interface, it is so different from what users have been familiar with for nearly 3 decades that they should have better handled the learnability and transition into this new model.

    As a UX designer and researcher myself (I don’t work for MS), I am overjoyed that someone, anyone, is redesigning the desktop – the old model is rigid and limits possibilities. W8 is innovative and fresh, but ultimately broken by failing to successfully introduce users to the new design through fluid design mechanics that are PART of the interface, not something that have to be learned through a W8 for Dummies book or some external help system.

  11. Jim McKee Says:

    @UX: They may have put a small fortune into it… that does not necessarily guarantee success. W8 is a whopping failure. It looks like a child’s toy. What you call rigid, millions of people call familiar and reliable. Why not give users the option of whichever design they like? Imagine if Ford (today) only sold one car, and told people “take it or leave it”. How long would they be in business?

  12. KELLY Says:

    I think people aren’t realizing why the change occurred. All computers are being changed to a smart phone “touch screen” feel. W8 may suck on PC’s but is brilliant on Tablets & Touch screen computers. I was looking at one recently that uses the touch screen with keyboard and mouse. It was a fluent experience. Yes there are bugs but eventually… with updates and technology, this will Ne the norm. In the meantime, just wait it out and Pokki is awesome.

  13. Matthekc Says:

    I think Microsoft should hire the fine folks who make Classic Shell and be very careful not to break it. I found Windows 8 completely unusable without it, I needed a calculator and IE at the same time I gave up and went and got my physical calculator out of a box where it has been since college. In my opinion without Classic Shell I might as well format and install Linux Mint which hilariously does play DVD’s out of the box.

  14. Rut Says:

    What’s the first rule of designing something for users? Give them what they want. They knew a large number of people would hate Metro yet still they refused to give us the ability to just enable the Start menu. They ripped it out all in the name of innovation. Yes we all know all about moving forward and not backwards, but Charms and Metro clearly don’t make people feel satisfied as a suitable replacement. There are integration issues as well with some major apps not supporting the tile updates like MS Outlook. So integration isn’t 100% which makes it feel less polished. If they truly were smart they would have added Metro to Windows as a new feature and not continued to bury options further down requiring more steps to get there. Look, I’m a programmer too, and this arrogance that “they know better “never works. Now we have a product which is a bigger failure than Vista if that was possible, which goes to show you that they’re falling further out-of-touch with what people want.

  15. ronsws6 Says:

    I smell Windows ME… And how long did that last?

  16. LS Says:

    W8 is a failure. SW engineers need guidance and should listen to public opinion. Forcing changes on users who are familiar with a system to change to a clunky untested poor user interface is how you spell FAILURE. SW engineers always want to make a change. It preserves their jobs. Build problems and they will demand fixes. W8 is a failure. W7 was the best reason to not buy a mac. W8 is the reason I’m returning this computer and buying a mac. I’ve spent valuable time and resources attempting to make W8 a friendly system. It takes more time to complete tasks, it’s unfamiliar, and costs my company real money and customers. W8 is a complete failure. It’s less expensive for my employees to work on a mac than a PC.

  17. Autodev Says:

    Our team of graphics artists(you may substitute any word for graphics) cant wait to play with this version!

  18. greeboid Says:

    I have worked with MS GUI operating systems since Windows 3.1 and NT3.51.
    I am a MCSE2003.
    I am the Network Manager for a company.
    I can find my way around Linux and Macs computers (never having owned a Mac) without too much a problem.
    My brother has just bought a Windows 8 PC and asked me to do some things for him. I couldn’t. W8 is alien and not in a good way.
    This is not an intuitive OS.
    I’m sure people will get used to it but why should we have to? And don’t give me meaningless soundbites like “the old model is rigid and limits possibilities”. What exactly does that mean? How many possibilities do you want with a computer desktop?
    What is bad is that MS have removed our choice.
    They have not given option to easily reproduce the look and feel of their traditional GUI which has basically been the same since Windows 95… and has been emulated by so many others…. Suse, Ubuntu (before their hideous Unity interface), Mint, etc… all of these were easy to use because we were used to Windows.
    I have been put off using a Windows mobile because I’ve had a few, the last being 6.1 on an Xperia X1 and MS just can’t cut it with mobiles. Apple are style and expense over content. That’s why I went Android for my mobile, which co-exists beautifully with my Windows 7 desktops at work and at home.
    Give me the CHOICE to have a tile interface or not, but give me back my start button/Control Panel/All Programs, etc.
    I’m now trying to find some W7 replacement laptops for my work.
    This isn’t easy. It’s as if MS have colluded with every conceivable manufacturer and retail outlet to wipe away any trace of Windows 7.
    So I’m going to get Zoostorm laptops with no OS and put Mint on them. I can easily convince my technophobe users that this is easier to use than Windows 8…. because it actually IS easier to use than Windows 8.
    Microsoft: You have dropped the ball.

  19. Furbian Says:

    Or better and easier still, just don’t install Windows 8.

    Try it out on a alternative partition or USB hard disk if you must, some people do actually like it. After 3 months, I deleted mine.

  20. supercat Says:

    I don’t mind windows 8 but I did install classic shell and I like it a lot better and its easy to install and set up.

  21. Steve C Says:

    I see the Windows 8 fiasco as similar to me on a Mac. I have used Windows ever since it came out. My roommate has a Mac. When I have to use it I’m lost. I went to a Windows Store the other day to get a 1 hr. demo of Windows 8. It made more sense to me than the Mac. I think it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I do, however, agree that Microsoft should have given the user the choice to have the new look or the old look. Then everybody would have been happy.

  22. SonderKommando Says:

    ‘UX Designer’ is an idiot, and no doubt the sort of ‘expert’ who comes up with rubbish like ‘The Ribbon’ and ‘Metro’.

    I’m a ‘UX Designer’ too, it’s just that I have never been paid for it, and only design user interfaces in my head – it’s the easiest thing in the world to get right, so why are so many IDIOTS being paid to get it wrong?

  23. James.PH Says:

    The two halves of the OS may feel rather disjointed, but Windows 8 is fast and does a lot of things better than Windows 7 ! by the way. i’ve done this already. check out and make your calls official

  24. vibhor Says:

    Hey i am going to buy new windows for my laptop
    Please suggest me which window should i go for

  25. Nloke Says:

    I just rooted my Windows 8 AND it works, I edited some of the files to have my picture on. REALLY WORKS FOR REAL!!

  26. Richard Schurman Says:

    As a 30 year user of Microsoft (since MS/PC-DOS 1.1) products and 25 years as a global IT executive, I must again protest the absolute disregard MS has for their user base. They have historically forced OS upgrades without proper usability testing in order to identify software issues and then issued patches (now on a weekly basis). The basic problem is that Bill Gates Sr and Jr helped write the shrink-wrap laws and they wrote them to their sole benefit. They removed any liability for software issues. Why should I have to pay to fix their inconsiderate and dysfunctional Win8?
    I sold all my Microsoft stock yesterday in anticipation of a marketing fiasco with Win8. I also checked with Sony, Best Buy and Costco and they are all re-ordering laptops with Win7 – now why would they do that UNLESS Microsoft had screwed them. Just ask you local Costco or Best Buy and they will affirm that customers are returning laptops that do not have touch-screen functionality because Win8 fails to properly behave – let alone the ‘kook & feel’ issue. Microsoft is criminally deceitful is misrepresenting Win8 as a laptop OS on any computer that does not have touch-screen. Screw You MICROSOFT. And… Apple is no better so all you Apple folks need to comment either. Don’t want to hear it. Apple sucks too. Guess that is why Android et al are gaining traction. Greed over quality. We better get our technology act together in America or we will be left in the dust. Greed does not drive the market – performance drives the market – Win8 fails to perform – don’t buy it on a non-touch device.

  27. John Says:

    I was so excited when Windows 7 arrived. For the first time, a Windows OS that I liked. And I was so horrified when I saw the Win 8 design. I find Win 8 both ugly and unusable on a desktop.

    My desktop isn’t a touchscreen. I have a keyboard and a mouse. If I had a touchscreen tablet, I’m sure W8 would work just fine on it, though I’d still buy an Apple product first.

    Why Microsoft can’t allow multiple interface options is beyond me. Why they never have allowed skins is beyond me. Nearly every Linux window manager is more flexible than Windows. I understand Microsoft’s desire to merge the OSes into a single codebase, but the interface requirements for a desktop are quite different from a tablet.

  28. Johnny Says:

    To everyone annoyed that MS doesn’t care about them: welcome to my world.

    Like others on here, I’ve been using MS products for almost 30 years. During that time I’ve had the vast misfortune of building up procedures and code around MS middleware and programming languages (Office, VB6, SQL Server, etc.).

    What MS has done over and over, at least a dozen times, is BREAK BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY. They break procedures and code ON PURPOSE, so that their customer base is forced to ‘upgrade’. They stop supporting their own codebase, drivers, and tools, because if their user base doesn’t switch to whatever new middleware MS is pushing there’s, a) no income stream and b) perpetual support required for older products.

    Now MS sees the writing on the wall – they’ve missed the boat on mobile. Despite having had mobile devices and phones long before the iPhone, they have zero cachet, 3% market share, and Android and iPhone have just destroyed them. What little market share they’ve managed to gain has come from the implosion of RIM and Nokia.

    Anyway, Metro on Win8 is MS trying to force their user base to become familiar with (and hopefully adopt) MS mobile devices/phones. That is the one and only reason for the interface to exist on desktops.

  29. Jim Says:

    For those looking to buy laptops with W7, I believe you can still get a w7 machine from Lenovo, custom built to your specs at their website, including a “downgrade” to w7.

  30. Lucas73 Says:

    I tried it for the first time the other day and it is absolutely NOT intuitive. It was like getting into a new car and finding you had to use the pedals with your hands and the steering wheel was down on the floor for your feet to use. If your design makes someone whohas been a computer user for 33 years feel like a noob, it is a failure

  31. Greg Says:

    Ask yourself why this thread goes on and on, when everyone is basically agreeing on W8 as being a major, non-intuitive, non-classic windows including piece of FAIL!

    Really have to agree with Johnny on the “break backward compatibility”- statement.

    PC user myself, but ever seen very small kids learn to use an ipad with ease? sure, right!? Okay, now have them figure out a W8 device the same way .. let the cryng begin..

  32. Dr. D Says:

    Funny thing, I only use the start button to shut down or search for installed apps/utilities in Win7.

  33. Peter S Says:

    As a retired IT professional who has used MS ever since PC-DOS, and all GUI offerings since, I am disgusted by the lock-out imposed in W8 – I agree with all those who say we should have been given the choice, so that users who want to go ahead into the technological stratosphere have the option to do so, but the myriad business users who just want to continue running their businesses in the ways they’ve become accustomed to, are free to carry on. There’s an old saying – “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” – MS, what are you doing to us? I had to buy a replacement laptop for one that died and could not find a W7 machine anywhere; as a result I am spending ridiculous amounts of time trying to restore W7 “look and feel” just to carry on doing what I’ve always done.

    Will we see W7-like option in a future Service Pack, or do we have to wait for W9?

  34. Chicky Says:

    When there are over 1,000 hits on Google to make W8 look and act like W7, when there are developers who spend their valuable time producing Classic Shell and Pokki, and when sites like devote resources and bandwidth to articles outlining how to turn W8 into W7, there’s a problem. You don’t have to be a programmer or tech head to figure that one out, and you don’t have to justify your views to scoffers. When intelligent people who could be doing other things are focusing on making a new OS look and act like an old one, there’s a problem. Period.

  35. Descentman Says:

    I thank you all for contributing to this thread. I was thinking about a new desktop and possibly also a new laptop for my business. After reading all of this, I may just build a new system from parts and install XP on the bleeping thing!
    Have disc, will travel. Sheesh!
    Micro$soft has always been kind of a pain, but this new P(OS) is just that, a POS.
    I will see how it plays out and either NOT buy new computers, or buy a Mac and learn how to use that since I’ve never owned or used one. I’ve seen W8 in the stores on touch screen units. For that, and for phones, it may work fine, but desktops are for productivity and time is money. Some of which Micro$soft WON’T be getting from me until this stupidity is fixed.
    I hope downgrades to W7 stay available for a Looooooooong time…….

  36. Shyon Says:

    Look I’m 13 I have used everything from apple to (something that starts with z) and I can usually fix problems within 5 secs on software that I’ve never seen before but W8 is something else my dad got a laptop with it and he asks me to help him and after about 2 mins I said I can’t help u and his face was priceless and when u have sites like these u know there is something wrong.

  37. Batman 321 Says:

    I think people need to just switch to Amiga for the GUI, as well as the customizability.

  38. Vanessa Says:

    I HATE Windows 8 with a great passion!!! Makes me hate my new laptop too.

  39. The Don Says:

    @Nick Kemp – awesome quick fix dude! Pokki will work for now just fine. @Chicky – you are so right! Doesn’t take a genius to see how bad Microsoft is screwing johnny public.

  40. Buster Says:

    on my smartphone I can listen to Pandora, run a program, play a game, read my mail and the music will continue to play except during a call. Not with 8. If I open Pandora in the start screen and switch to another, whatever, program the music stops until I come back to Pandora. It can’t multitask. If I want Pandora to work I have an Icon on my good ole’ desktop screen to open Pandora and it will then play no mater what program I have open. Conclusion, My Android is smarter than Windows 8 (hell, sounds like 7 is smarter than 8 ) I smell ME.

  41. Buster Says:

    I had it with Win 8. Took back my new HP and ordered a Dell with 7 on it. I had enough swapping back and forth tween DT and Start. I couldn’t stand the fact that I could not have multiple screens open too. For me, 8 is a waste of time and money. From what I read, look forward to using 7

  42. rich Says:

    I get it but, why should we be required to in essence, polish a turd, when win 7 did it all. Bill Gates just got greedy and wanted to sell more OS’s, but he didn’t give consumers a chance, just rammed it down our throats, same way as the government: had to buy a new computer and this stupid OS is the most counter-intuitive OS, EVER!!! Windows 98 was better by comparison, than this little pile of ……

  43. JackJimmyJonesJohnson Says:

    Windows 8 is an abomnination as bad as Vista ever was.

    Skype, which has replaced MSN messenger is even worse. Full of advertisements you can’t avoid, no translation bot options and limitations toeven the most basic functions (you can’t change the size and type of font).

    The upcoming X-box 1 is an attemtpt to control the user, collect information and then put them in the MSN jail where where they can control him.

    Microsoft is behind the curve now. They’ve lost their monopoly and the desperation to exercise some control is made obvious by their ridiculous technological flailing. In 10 years none of this will be an issue as Microsoft becomes increasingly marginalized. In the meantime they’re doing everything they can to make using their products a miserable experience.

  44. Robert Schorr Says:

    As a “non-tech” person who just wants to do work etc on my new laptop, Win8 is a nightmare. I read in this thread a couple of different solutions such as loading “classic shell” and “pokki”….Is there a consensus among those of you who know something about tech which is the simplest and best solution?

  45. Neil Says:

    I am getting out my box of OS disks and going to dump this really nice Dell and its unusable W8 and reload W7. I have not used the alt+f4 combo so much since Win 3.1 this is just stupid. Open a picture and poof it is like Scotty beamed you to another planet.
    In the industry I am in Even W7 is a little to fluffy for a lack of a better word.
    But W8….well this just is the biggest waste of time since ME. MS and even Intel have dropped the ball in my sector.
    But maybe some day they will listen to the people who make the world go round and realize that if Apple/or Android had a serial port we will to be leaving their world.

  46. Nick Crook Says:

    Just got my new Asus laptop with W8. I still have my old Asus laptop running W7 next to it. Guess which PC I’m still using for my work and pleasure? Yep, it’s the old W7 one. I am all for change but not just for the sake of it. I want to use my new high performance PC but its’ OS is like wrestling a pig in mud! Deeply disappointed, having splashed loads on my new machine, now I’m learning that it’s not a simple matter to wipe W8 and load up my spare copy of W7.
    If I load Pokki, will it clash with the automatic W8 upgrades that inevitably happen?

  47. Skroof007 Says:

    Gents i understand your frustrations but installing “classic shell” and “pokki” will convert your system to your old good looking Win 7. So why mourn now ?

  48. gsfhj Says:

    Windows 8 is fast and efficient, a shame they had to force all these garbage tablet-oriented GUI changes on desktop users with no options

  49. James Says:

    I remember when windows 2 was updated to windows 3… the uproar was huge then as well.. Get over it!

  50. JR Says:

    I have been using W* on a 27″ touchscreen for a month and I HATE it. While not a geek or computer savvy, I despise this interface. It is worse than MSDOS 4, it is worse than Vista, it is yet another attempt to be like Apple which fails miserably. Fortunately at work my IT guy has my 8 computer network running from a 2008 server on W7, which is almost as good as WXP, the best they ever came up with for business. I had the IT run one of my computers back to XP just because of a few features, like free faxing and document viewer that handle things better than all the crap since XP. W7 is great, better for much than XP, but my home W8 is a mess to work with.

    When something works, do not break it!


  51. Armando Says:

    I like Windows 8. I have been a windows user ever since the DOS era. Please try it before. I like it, it’s easy, easier than ever. I am a software developer. Trust my experience, it’s way easier for low tech users. Everything is at the glance. If you need to go internally just open the hood, per se. Learn something new lazy people!

  52. inder Says:

    Microsoft will go the way Blackberry went. Blackberry was arrogant so as Microsoft on windows 8. I had opportunity to talk to masses and people hate windows 8. one of my known returned dell computer just it had windows8 and got refund of 1000+ dollars.

    Windows xp n 7 were good and easy to operate. hence accepted worldwide.

    i found operating windows8 as pathetic.

    if i get a chance to get operating software like xp or windows 7, will immediately shift . Can Google develope software like windows XP…kindly develope.

    Mr Bill gate wake up or masses will show you GATE towards exit.

  53. Bob Says:

    Save yourself £100, keep windows 7 installed.

    Let Microsoft loose some shares, make them “rethink” their strategy for world dominance.

    If you buy this crap, your helping Microsoft make more crap. Really is simple logic.

  54. Bubba the Plumber Says:

    I tried # 5, NoLockScreen=1, and it did not work at all. Oh, well.

  55. arlene boyle Says:

    I hate windows 8 too. I bought a refurbished ASUS and it came with this shit program. I hate windows 8. I have installed the 3rd party software, and it is somewhat workable. But someone mentioned installing Linux. Wouldn’t that be risky on a new machine built for windows? How can I install it on my laptop? Is it possible? I do not know how to install Linux, is there a very basic ‘for dummies’ set of instructions to take someone through the steps? Seems most Linux sites designed for beginners are still too complicated for me, and they leave out steps so that the instructions do not work. help!

  56. Bill Banks Says:

    Is it really that hard to press the tile that says desktop? OMFG I can’t believe the garbage you idiots are spewing. C’mon man, a bunch whiners here. Set your programs to run in desktop app and not metro. You don’t have to use metro apps! It’s not much different from 7 once you realize this. Install the Start8 thing and you’re done. Or don’t. The Start menu isn’t that hard to figure out. I can’t believe someone would switch to Mac, rather than figure out something that takes two seconds. Just mind blowing the idiocracy around people’s comments about 8.

  57. Childplay Says:

    I’m wearing underwear only when the camera accidentally snap my photo. I just playing around with the touch screen function only. And I do not know how to remove the photo. The photo dances in the middle of the screen every time.
    To make thing worse the new computer does not belong to me.

  58. Jarrod Says:


    You obviously don’t use your laptop for anything more important than trolling for underage girls. Yes, any idiot, as you have so ably demonstrated, can figure out how to use Windows 8, but that doesn’t make it a good, efficient system. Any idiot can figure out how to drive stick. Any idiot, with enough effort, can figure out how to drive stick on a car where the clutch is operated by clenching your butt cheeks and flipping three levers in a certain order using your tongue (and if you install a third-party program and change some settings you only have to flip one lever with your tongue). The fact that any idiot can learn either system doesn’t negate the fact that one system is undeniably more efficient, while the other is needlessly convoluted.

  59. Kaye Phillips Says:

    The windows based platform was as I understand designed for the average user, it was mean’t be easy to use, clearly the designers of Winblows 8 forgot that concept completely when they designed Winblows 8. Yes I am slightly dyslexic but that is a B not a D.

  60. Heh Says:

    For real, I don’t understand the world’s issue with W8. Sure, it’s a bit strange at first, but it’s so fluid. I wanna change settings for an app I have open? I move the mouse over and click the “Settings” button! I need to search? Same thing. The sidebar with the previously opened apps felt familiar because I have an android phone, and I don’t have to have shortcuts cluttering my desktop because it’s all in the tiled start menu! And hell, for all those wanting a start menu button, it’s still there, it’s been there since day one! Just drag your mouse down to where it used to be, damn. Hell, MS did /something/ right if my 60 some year old grandma can pick up Windows 8 in 2 hours when she had never used a computer of any sort (I had to explain how the right mouse button selects things. No experience, at all.)

  61. machistmo Says:

    Because I read nothing of the article after the GIANT SONY AD plastered across my screen and refused to close. I waited around just to post this…. I feel better now.

  62. Dylan Says:

    The f@cking absolute useless evil human beings who created the windows 8 interface should be punished by never being allowed to work anywhere for the rest of their natural lives, and be forced to tend sheep in the fields and be forgotten.

  63. Gary Says:

    use free start menu 8 or 8.1 offers windows 7 look or earlier… will boot to desktop. better than paying for it…

  64. remindmelater Says:

    I liked Windows 7. It cured all the ills of Vista and then some.
    I see why people who have a Tablet would like Windows 8 but there are many of us who don’t like people touching the screens never mind wanting a touchscreen!
    To be honest I see no benefit from Windows 8 at all. If anything it’s confusing for the sake of being confusing on a Notebook.
    I had to buy a Laptop in a hurry when my car was stolen and was forced to by a Windows 8 machine in my location. There were 32 bugs to remove embedded within the Apps already pre-loaded. In the end I trashed every single App. the Laptop allowed me to. I ended up binning the thing and bought a Mac instead.
    Best move I’ve ever made.

  65. Bob57 Says:

    I too like everyone else had an instant hate for this new windows, but in time I took a few chill pills and worked out how to use it. Yes it is different but unless we are prepared to move with the times we might as well be back in the 3.1 days

  66. Lawrence Whatley Says:

    I agree with most other bloggers that Windows 7 was far superior to Windows 8. The Start Menu is sorely missed and I detest the “swipes” and charms, etc. Give me back Windows 7 or give me Apple!!!!

  67. arthur herd Says:

    I am sure schoolkids can do a better job of producing a pc more than windows its a shame that lots of people will m,ove to mac rather than windows but its windows stupid fault byeeeeeeeeee windows

  68. charles best Says:

    bought a new laptop with windows 8
    don’t like it at all find that every thing takes longer than my old windows 7, needed help with a problem told to wait 24hours.went back to my old laptop and was resolved in second. going to change back to windows 7, that will solve my problem, from

  69. Anton Says:

    Are you kidding me? Widows 7 is already built into windows 8. To launch it, all you do is click on, or tap, the small orange icon at the left bottom of the Windows 8 screen, and viola! You’re now working in Windows 7. Nothing to buy and download, nothing to remove, nothing to configure.

    Did the author of this article fail to read the instructions on Windows 8? Did all the posters here also fail to read them? For an ENTIRE YEAR???

  70. roywesthouston Says:

    ;Microsoft windows 8 is a pathetic software. I would break the idiots nose who designed this garbage. They are idiots on steroids. Freaking idiots. I should never have to Google how to turn on my computer. Who the hell was your focus group you GD idiots. Then I do not have an option to change it to Win 7. Screw you idiots.

  71. Mick Says:

    Just install Classic Shell . . .

  72. James Says:

    This sh@t is stupid. All it did was f@ck up my laptop. Don’t do it.

  73. Spencer Says:

    I certainly appreciate the time & effort put forth to write this article. Nicely done & thank you.
    BUT… why not just stick with Win 7 Ultimate?? Less headaches… less third party apps eating away at the available memory… et. al.

  74. Edward Sheldrick Says:

    I’ve really persevered with Win 8 for 2 months and still can’t get used to it. It’s another real disaster – a repeat of ME & Vista, which confirms that MS still don’t listen to their customers’ needs or wants.
    I’m certain there are millions who feel the same and hope they tell many more millions more potential customers NOT TO BUY OR UPGRADE TO WIN 8
    This is intended to be a serious and helpful warning in order to save them heartache, time & money.

  75. Dave Brickner Says:

    One of the big problems with Windows 8 is corporate productivity. If a company buys a new computer with Windows 8 on it and tries to integrate it with a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine or other application they soon find that it may cost $50,000 to upgrade the corporate machinery software. Learned THAT lesson at Chrysler!!!!

  76. JP Says:

    Jon Rome – If it takes you hours to figure out a simple UI, then you have no need to be using a PC in the first place….jp

  77. Chuck1037 Says:

    sad to say, the critics got it right – Win8 may be great for techies and gmae players but has made my life miserable – when you upgrade you expect things to be easier not more complicated. How do I find a comprehensive tutorial so that I can at least survive with my new “toy”?

  78. systemBuilder Says:

    We bought a gaming computer (Lenovo Y580) a year ago and it’s been unusable for anything else … until tonight, when I put it into Windows 7 mode.

    All of our usable computers are 2005 Windows XP thinkpads (since Microsoft sent the cost of Windows 7 skyrocketing to shove Windows 8 down everyone’s … errr up everyone’s …. oh never mind …)

    Anyway, I think my family is going to really enjoy the near-win-7 experience that i’ve been using at work – thank you !!!

  79. Carol Says:

    I hate Window’s 8. It’s so frustrating to use. I am no techy but I’ve used a computer for several years (20) so I’m no dummy either. I would not recommend it to anyone. My next purchace will be a Mac, I used that one at work so I’m familar with them. To bad MS you should’ve just upgraded 7 with a few whistles instead of changing the whole program.

  80. Steve Says:


  81. Fall Says:

    i have buy a new laptop acer, it’s windows 8 and it sucks. I fcking hate it con’z it gives me headache to find files. Is it ok for me to do this for my laptop? co’z i want win 7 and win8 at the same time co’z if i change my os to win 7 i will just pay if i want to go back to win 8. thanks please help me.

  82. Lydia Says:

    Windows XP stops sending updates in April. Do you know how long Windows 7 will continue to have updates? I don’t want a Windows 8.

  83. L B Says:

    I grew to like Vista after a few months of figuring out and correcting the bugs (all but the one that doesn’t allow changes to property access even as the admin, that is). That laptop died in Nov and I replaced it with a new one with Win8. Now here we are at March. I’ve applied many of the fixes discussed here and elsewhere, added one of the start shells, and rid the damn thing of as many non-functioning or redundant options as possible. But I swear I still can’t handle W8, tho like many of you I’ve been computing since the DOS era.

    I have CRIED about the frigging W8 start menu and stupid charms, xbox (altho I finally got rid of that piece of crap), and other metro shit taking over my desktop and obliterating my work if I get too close to the left or right side of the screen. I have partial paralysis, and the necessity of repeatedly trying to get the cursor to the top left to return me to the desktop, and to then go there again to close whatever had taken over, is just too much for me. I can’t get work done. I can no longer participate in the one online game I’ve played for years because it’s a timed-game. Having my screen blocked has ruined any fun I got from playing.

    I thought I had the swipe screen nonsense killed but guess what? At least 2 Win 8.1 updates have returned that crap. I have never been so unhappy with a product, and have never felt that I was a disabled person until now. I hate it.

  84. robertzevs Says:

    nice post. I really need this tutorial.I thought I can adapt on windows 8.I’m having problem on locating the shortcut icon.

  85. ACampanelli Says:

    Since I do not know how to “reach” to the truly idiotic geeks at Microsoft who are causing Microsoft to put out products as abysmal as Windows 8, I hope to use symbols to communicate with them.

    The Microsoft Refrigerator

    New from Microsoft is the Microsoft refrigerator. When it arrives, you’ll notice that the door to the refrigerator has no handle. Nor does it have any signs or notes telling you from which direction the door opens, or how to open it.
    This feature is brought to you by the genius who conceived of “charms” hidden in Windows 8, to ensure that you will curse at least once while trying to figure out how to shut down your laptop or desktop for the first time.
    To cause the refrigerator to first get cold, and before you can store anything inside of it, you must first call Microsoft, register the refrigerator with them, and open a video-account with them, so Microsoft can see everything you place inside your refrigerator at any time.
    This feature is brought to you by the dweeb who thought it was a good idea to require you to register with Microsoft, just to be able to use a computer which has the windows 8 operating system.
    Once your video-registry for your refrigerator is complete, you can open the door, and once you do, an arm will automatically extend out to you with a ham sandwich, and the door will then close.
    It doesn’t matter that you wanted to eat something other than a ham sandwich, because Microsoft has decided that since you’ve eaten a ham sandwich in the past, that’s what you will eat now.
    This feature is brought to you by the imbecile who created the auto-formating features in Microsoft Word which make it virtually impossible for users to simply set-up documents they way they want to, but instead are forced to fight with Word, every time they have the audacity to indent something and thereafter proceed to try to start a new paragraph.
    I could go on, but I hope perhaps, the next time one of the idiots at Microsoft come up with another one of these truly moronic ideas, they may ask themselves, would I want this feature on my refrigerator?

    Andrew J. Campanelli

  86. Asterix Says:

    There is one sure way to wake up MS to reality:


    If enough holders would do this the top brass would soil their pants and would be replaced !

  87. daveg Says:

    You are my hero. THANK YOU SO MUCH for showing me how to fix my previously unusable windows 8 machine.

  88. Sharon M Says:

    I bought my laptop last year and didn’t expect a hot mess like Win 8. It wasn’t until I started reading reviews on Win 8 I felt vindicated.

    I’m not an expert, but I’m not a total no0b, but Win 8 made me feel like one

    I finally shelled out $100.00 for the Win 7 Home Premium OEM software (Newegg).

    This whole mess reminds me of when my company switched from a simple, user friendly data entry system called Labman, to a horrendously hot mess called UVIS (Universal Veterinarian Information System)
    It took months of training, an ungodly amount of driving back and forth between offices ( 3 hours away one way), headaches, mistakes et al, but by the time they realized it wasn’t going to work, they didn’t want to lose face.

  89. Fik of Borg Says:

    MAYBE Windows 8 is better than 7, but most of us will never know because 8 has that big ugly, unintuitive and unwieldy interface in the way (while Microsoft insists it is beautyful, intuitive and customizable).

    I have been preaching for a long time that Microsoft should separate Windows the OS (undeniably the most successful consumer OS ever) from its UI, Linux style. One could then conceive GUI-less Windows servers and user selectable interfaces (think Gnome, KDE et al).

  90. John Doe Says:

    I hate Windows 8, I would rather use Windows 2000, even though it can barely run any new programs. I will always use XP, it has the best interface and runs the fastest, because of its low system needs. I don’t care about end of support, I never download updates anyways, the notifications annoy me. I guess those notifications will just be one less thing to deal with.

  91. Divine Says:

    I can’t stand when a website combined the entire article with the comments in one page. It takes more precision to scroll the page.

    Advice, make the comments appear below the article only AFTER clicking them.

  92. Adam Says:

    The Microsoft rollout of Windows 8 was not well executed. The people have spoken and they are not looking for a Windows operating system which mimics their smart-phone, despite what Steve Ballmer may have envisioned: “I think with the addition of Windows 8, with these incredible new form factors that are tablets and PCs, I think we’re going to see a lot of growth and vitality and explosion in the PC market,” said Ballmer last October at the company’s BUILD developers conference. “I guarantee you, this will be the best opportunity software developers will see as hundreds of millions of new machines go out with the potential of billions and billions of new applications being sold.”

    There was an attempted shift of the GUI to something more modern… but I speculate as to whether it was MS trying not to be left in the dust or greed via their version of an “app store.”

    Many have commented on the Windows 7 vs. Windows 8 “experience”, and indeed, this article is truly about that. Yet I think the “elephant in the room” is Microsoft’s desire to be like the cool kids (they never were, and never will be – no matter how many Rolling Stones songs you purchase) and their greed which blinds them to the point where they give up the core competency.

    Don’t worry – Ballmer paid dearly with respect to his image and legacy, just as he did with Vista.

    For further reading – dare to check out: The Microsoft Case: Antitrust, High Technology, and Consumer Welfare

    As for user interfaces… check out the film Minority Report for 5 minutes … everything we currently have is craptastic. We have been using the same tired Xerox idea which apexed in 1973 and has been reborn ad infinitum ever since.

    Bill Gates… Steve Jobs (for the life of me I cannot understand the zeitgeist behind his idolatry)… Why not give credit to Alan Kay and perhaps Jean Piaget instead?

    Perhaps then we can move forward by understanding the real motivators of our current GUI paradigm long enough to abandon them. We’re not children anymore.

  93. Dan Says:

    I’d love to find a way to make Windows 7 work like Windows 8. I know I can install a them, but I’d really love to remove the Start Menu and add the shortcuts that make it easier to get to things in Windows 8.

  94. SadoMessiah Says:

    It’s really funny how ignorant the people are here-.- Windows 7 is so great, blablabla… What are you? Little children who cannot accept chances? Windows 7 is very unstable and many big Games have Problems running with windows 7. They all “Dont react anymore”. I’ve never had this Problems in Windows 8. Windows 8 runs smoother and is faster. I’ve testet it. 2 Identical PCs with SSDs. Win7: 10 to 15 seconds, Win8: 3 to 5 seconds. So what is faster now. I use Win8 at home an i dont have to go to the start menu ever, because, if you wouldn’t be so ignorant you would know that when you left klick in the left corner you can access all important features of Windows without the start menu… So go learn something about this great OS or go die in a fire…

  95. Ian Says:

    My elderly mother has been happily using Windows 7 for years. When her PC died I got her a Windows 8 laptop. She phoned me with tears of frustration because she cannot do anything on her laptop. Now she wants me to put Windows 7 on it.

    Windows 8 = Vista 2.0 An absolute car crash of an operating system.

  96. Okienoah Says:

    Using Windows 8 is similar to learning French for a life long English speaking fellow. Especially when someone says that, French is a better language than English, because our neighbor speaks French, so we should learn French to be smarter! By the way, for a new user, all operating systems are same, i.e., clumsy! Use to be a user of CPM and Beta tester for DOS and all varieties of Windows, except Windows 8. Had enough.

  97. Oh boy Says:

    What a bunch of crying bitches! You applaud pale and then when anyone else follows because they know you will piss and moan that it don’t like like apples interface, you throw a fit. Relax and customize it like you do an android os or leave it plain like an apple os. Get over it

  98. Mayor Mashal Says:

    Utill we all rock the believe that “there is a distinct difference between rebranding and innovation” then mass rejection of a particular product is inevitable. Tho the fact that consumers interest is paramount in the innovative process of any idea, still yet the chase of the future trend is also considered alongside. The execution of window 8 by Microsoft was an huge step towards balancing both consumers interest and time based/ future trends. Time based/future trend was exceptionally achieved but consumers interest achievement was minimal, but can be raised to the the maximum if only the general consumers will stop comparing window 7 too window 8, and take window 8 as a new innovation.

  99. JPG Says:

    MS shouyld have learned the lesson of “New Coke”. It was allegedly new and improved, but no one wanted it.

  100. KS Says:

    Classic Shell. It’s free, stable, and … free…
    I actually like windows 8.1 (without metro of course), it has a huge driver base, Compatibility Mode really works, I still use some XP programs on 8.1 just fine.

  101. DENNIS Says:

    just bought my first computer with
    win8. the system is designed for a generation who were not properly
    taught to read and use their computers only for social media.for
    those who use their computers for
    actual work win8 is a nightmare.3-4x
    longer to do anything. looking
    into linux if this is the way ms is going. they have to stop listening to these huffington post tech bloggers who keep saying desktops are gone. desks can do more than laps and laps can do more than notes. do they forsee a future of an office of 50 people all doing work on their ipads-i don’t think so/

  102. Good Grief! Says:

    You forgot to mention how to Tweak the settings so that if the Windows Theme changes, the Mouse cursor size would NOT be affected!

    MS Stupidly removed that “check the box” function from Win 8 from Win 7 under Themes!

    There was a work around through the settings but MS also ELIMINATED that procedure in Win 8 as well!

    Any wonder why people HATE MS and Win 8?!

  103. seaton Says:

    Yahoo support @ 18009350357

  104. many Says:

    Get a life people what would happen if everyone stuck to horse and carriage and didn’t drive cars, big deal if it hasent got a start menu. Looks perfectly fine to me

  105. Jerry Says:

    Like your article, hate Windows 8. When getting new laptop, i replace new, uninitialized drive with another and install operating system that i will need. Problem with new laptops pre-loaded with Windows 8 is that there are no drivers for OS versions other than the one pre-loaded. Manufacturers like Toshiba don’t release drivers for operating systems other than Windows 8. USB 3.0 requires drivers that Windows 7 does not have. Recently purchased Toshiba L70 laptop, 3 USB ports (two of them USB 3.0). Drivers will not work with Windows 7.

  106. Deb W Says:

    First, I have to admit, I don’t hold any degrees…not even one pertaining to my sanity after Windows 8. I am an office manager for a small company. I am not a guru but any means, but I can hold my own on a computer.
    I bought a new laptop to speed up my own productivity, only to dread opening the lid and dealing with Windows 8. I really didn’t need another password to remember, this time to access my own property. I have nothing good to say about Windows 8, except that it is colorful. I agree with others who said “If” my computer had a touch screen, it wouldn’t be as bad as without, I don’t think it should be installed on a computer that doesn’t have one. I find myself constantly moving between unwanted screens, and having no idea how I got there. I didn’t want to change, I just wanted newer, faster, better….
    I didn’t need a computer screen that looks like my phone, I can still tell the difference. Actually, I can still boast that I have even kept a land line.
    Soon I suppose, there will be a class action lawsuit against Microsoft— for all those forced to change against their will. Users (aka suckers) will get $10 per computer, and some law firm will get 4.8 billion.
    Technology is one thing, changing just for the sake of change is another. There is still a good point to the adage, “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. I am in Windows 8 purgatory most of the time.
    Actually, I seldom open my new laptop, I hope Microsoft is happy. It’s the biggest white elephant I have ever purchased. What will they do to us next? One can only dream!

  107. Todd Says:

    IMHO: I understand MS has to create a product to deal with the new touch screen tablets, that’s ok. BUT, why didn’t they create a new OS for that instead of adding more code to an OS that, once you scratch the service still looks and feels and works like windows NT 4.

  108. Anonymous Says:

    The Windows 7 theme link is broken.

  109. Lode Says:

    I’ve been utilizing a program called “StartIsBack”. You can try it out for free for 30 days. If you want to keep it you have to pay $2,99.

    My notebook lookst like Windows 7.

    The program lets you make some choices as to looks and a few other handy things, Of course it lets you get rid of Metro. The only thing I had to do separately to stop the Charm bar from still showing up(every time I moved my finger from right edge to left on my touchpad) was disabling Edge Motion under Mouse Settings.

  110. avdulla Says:

    a whont a windows 7

  111. toc233 Says:

    15 months after this article was posted, a major tech chain has 42 laptops that come with win7 home, and 3 that come with win7 pro. Now some of these are refurbs, but still…shows there’s still a sizeable market for win7.

  112. Ryan Says:

    I love how I have to pay $5 or download a third party program because Microsoft is a bunch of fucking idiots who can’t even keep a good UI.

    Windows just lost a 20 year customer over this shit. I’m going to mac.

  113. bob Says:

    (Ryan Says:
    March 18th, 2015 at 10:28 am
    I love how I have to pay $5 or download a third party program because Microsoft is a bunch of fucking idiots who can’t even keep a good UI.
    Windows just lost a 20 year customer over this shit. I’m going to mac.)

    and you my friend, are a complete fkning retard

  114. maria stephens Says:

    windows 8 / 8.1 feels like vista renamed you have to take 3 steps just to get to the desktop and they also did away with the network map.
    I hate it. with microsoft turning out more garbage i am seriously considering going linux

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