magicJack Inventor Plans Linux Support, Improved Customer Service, and More

Last week, we took a second look at the magicJack to see what new features found its way into the device since our initial magicJack review in the fall of 2007. Today we pick the brain of magicJack’s inventor, Dan Borislow, to talk Linux compatibility, number porting, customer service, and much, much more. LAPTOP: How has the public taken to magicJack? Have sales met expectations? Dan Borislow: The sales of the magicJack have proven just how much the public has taken to it. Since launching Version 1.0 in January, sales have grown 25% week over week and totaling over 250,000 so far, and we expect to hit 350,000 by the end of April. Who is magicJack’s core demographic? DB: Anyone who wants to eliminate their monthly phone bill. Pretty big demographic, huh? But seriously, I designed the magicJack to have mass market appeal for the budget-conscious consumer. That’s why you will not see us “tricking out” the magicJack with a ton of bells and whistles that will make it complicated to use. Anyone from your grandmother to your five-year-old nephew can use it to make free phone calls. Also, its portability makes it appealing to mobile professionals, travelers, etc. And once again, because it’s so easy to use, those on the go can be making phone calls within minutes from anywhere in the world where they have a computer and broadband connection. Are there any new features planned for the magicJack? DB: We have made optimizations to the software and hardware to improve OS compatibility, enhanced auto-run functionality, and superior echo-cancellation controls. This did not demand a new version, but is available in the latest magicJacks being sold, and older magicJacks receive an automatic software upgrade when they are plugged in. And we are pushing forward to further expand the network in the United States and Canada, with plans to push into Latin America and Europe. This will further enhance the voice quality of magicJack calls from and to anywhere in the world. We are adding to our inventory of area codes. Remember, customers can select their area codes and aren’t limited to those in their physical location (Currently they have 135 available and plan to add 74 within the next 45 days). In this way, people in locations where area codes are not yet available may still utilize the unlimited calling benefits of magicJack. Improved customer support is something else you can expect to see. I told you earlier how fast our customer base is growing and as it continues to do so, customer support is a top priority and something I am managing very closely. Currently we offer 24/7 tech chat online, supported by over 130 people with an average wait time of seconds. Our customers can rate these agents on a 1 to 5 scale (5 being the best) and those that do not receive the highest grades possible are replaced. At the end of April, we will dismiss the bottom 15% of agents. I am finding that what we are doing is working. Our agents are learning and improving rapidly and this week, approval ratings of the agents doubled what they were the week before. We have six 5s for every 1. We have also recently created an elite group of Super Techs to which concerns can be elevated. I do plan to keep online chat as the primary means for customer support because our customers are already online, and who wants to call and wait on hold for a telephone support agent? Also, for magicJack to work, it needs Internet access. If your Internet is down, nothing else matters from a customer service standpoint. If the issue is with the Internet provider and MJ customers are calling us, it will bog down our customer service efforts. We also run a quick system check called magicFix as a first step to any support inquiry which can catch and fix many issues automatically before the customer even has to chat with anyone. Mac OS X support has been added to magicJack. Could Linux compatibility be coming down the pipe? DB: Yes, and because the of the similarities between the Mac and Linux OSes, we should be able to support Linux fairly soon. Some users on the Unofficial magicJack Forum have asked for the ability to plug the unit directly into a router; is this a possible future addition? DB: The magicJack was not designed to plug into the router. One of the main benefits of the magicJack is its portability. By being able to plug into the USB slot, our customers can take it anywhere in the world and use it with any broadband-enabled computer. If it were designed to work with a router, the magicJack would lose its portability. So no plans to add this functionality. Are you planning on offering number portability? DB: We do plan to offer number portability. It is not available yet but in the coming months, you will be able to port your number for a nominal fee. How much will porting a number cost? DB: $10. Will you implement the ability to record calls? DB: No plans to implement this. Trying to keep this very simple to avoid too much customer service for the good of the whole base.

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  1. Larry R Says:

    I love MJ. I want to PORT my existing number. Frustrated because website and article and everywhere I read when it will be available is …. “In the coming Months”
    I am one of those people that would rather have them say, “Tenative for December 08 at the schedule” and then have them update as changes/issues occure. I find myself going to the website once a week and wasteing my time hoping for the miracle. I want to replace my existing landline but wife will not give up the home phone number. I have an MJ and love it. Just want to PORT my number and stop paying a monthly fee. Please give a timeframe. Not a generic statement. In the coming months implies the next few months but could be 36 months away because they are coming months also.

    Thank You


  2. Ellen Huttel Says:

    I ordered the magicjack today via phone and wanted to cancel my order but cannot get through to anyone to do so.I have spent so much time on this and am feeling very frustrated because of the time I have spent and am not happy with customer service. Can you help me?.

  3. Denise Says:

    I just received my magicjack today and i am excited. However I brought 2 thinking i would give one to my mother and she doesn’t have a computer. So I would like to return one and it is frustrating not to be able to find a phone number for the process of returning one.
    Also i can’t seem to find a list of area codes ie I live in NJ so if there isnt an area code for my area then anyone calling me will pay a long distance call. I am going to install my magicjack this evening and wanted to find out about the area codes and other items before i set it up. any information you feel is useful to get started would be appreciated. thank you denise

  4. Jeffrey L. Wilson Says:

    Hi Denise, you can find a list of area codes here:

    I’ll see if I can find a customer service number for those in need.


  5. Kay Graham Says:

    I’ve got an Eee to use while traveling and want get it a MagicJack. Too perfect.

    But having a heck of a time getting MJ past Bit Defender on my windows computer. Finally did it, thanks to mj tech support but now my computer is acting strange. We shall see. Good thing I’ve got a Mac, too. lol

  6. Dan Borislow Inventor Says:

    Larry:Porting will be available around July 4th on a limited basis.We are not to eager to jump into porting, as some things are beyond our control and in the control of the Bell company who is supposed to cooperate.They often do not and make us look bad.

    Ellen:You will get a email confirm and you may cancel your order then.You also will not get billed for 30 daysd anyway and can cancel anytime within that timeframe.

    Denise:Please read above comment on returning any Jacks you do not want.I think after you try the first one,you will want to keep the second one anyway.We do not offer phone support,as it is very inefficient and we need to know your computer is working and Highspeed.The only way we would know that is if you use our Tech Chat that is manned 24/7.It takes seconds to get started and if you are not happy with your Rep,we have an immediate escalation to a Super Rep.

    Kay:Thank You for buying a magicJack and if anybody needs my help,please email me at

  7. artie shapiro Says:

    I bought the magic jack. I can”t receive calls.I did everything they said I should do to cure the problem with no results. I need a phone # to call for service but can”t seem to get one for help. what should I do?

  8. georgestrumsky Says:

    i only ordered 1 jack and i am being charged for 2 and did not get my 30 day trial

  9. Dennis Justice Says:

    First: Love MJ. Paid for in one month already since I cancelled long distance.

    I am getting higher speed DSL so eventually (hopefully) I can port my number. I live in the 828 area code, but no number yet and the only one listed as “soon” (Hickory) is nowhere close. Need one for Asheville or be able to port for me to be able to cancel local service and stick with DSL.

    Also, I would love to be an affiliate or have MJ sponsor either the youth sports programs I’m involved with or the Xtreme Basketball World, a semi-pro 4-on-4 basketball league I hope to start in my area in 2010. ( )


  10. vincent pierandozzi Says:

    Can any one help me here? I order a magic jack about 5 or6 week ago, I email magic jack 7 time to find out if my order went thru. I did not get one email back saying yes or no. there is know way you can call any one by phone. you would think you people could make it easy to get to talk to some one. what do i have to do to get an email. or talk to some one. help

  11. Agnes Says:

    Hi! I am interested in buying this magicjack but I could not find a telephone number to call for some questions in mind before buying it. A contact address or number is NOWHERE TO FIND. Could you please…………………..

  12. Kelly Trusel Says:

    It’s true that you get what you pay for! I ordered 2 MJ units and received them within 3 days. I’ve installed both, one on a desktop and one on my laptop and they work great! Sure, they may be a bit choppy at times and may not be as clear as a traditional landline, but they are also hundreds of dollars less per year than standard landlines or cell phones!

    I’m amazed how many whiners there are out there! Perhaps the documentation isn’t as complete as it should be, but I’d be willing to bet that the folks who complain the most are the ones who don’t bother to read the instructions anyway.

    My compliments to the MagicJack developers and their staff. This is still a relatively new company and as the customer base grows, I’m sure improvements will follow. I bought my first cell phone in 1984 and the service was spotty and unreliable, but look at it now!

    For all you whiners and complainers out there, find a friend who knows a little bit more about computers than you do and have them give you a hand getting the product to work if you’re having problems. For all the folks who are contemplating purchasing MagicJack — Give it a try! For the $39 initial cost including a year of service, you won’t be disappointed.

    And, for goodness sake — read the instructions, or do a Google search to find help setting up your MagicJack if you need. There are a number of folks who list their phone numbers and are willing to help resolve problems.

    I give the MagicJack FIVE Stars! I will certainly renew my service for the 5-year, $49.95 offer on their web site.

    Kelly Trusel
    Oil City, PA

  13. frank Lovejoy Says:

    I have had my Magic jack for 2 months and no problems so far. I guess I was also lucky to get one with my area code.

  14. Charles B Says:


    I’ve been waiting for Magic Jack to come to Linux before purchasing it but intend to buy several if the firmware is solid and does not compromise security or cause any problems with the computers. My interest is for my business which would have substantial use for about 5 weeks of the year and almost no use the other 47 weeks. Much of the year the lines would see 1 call or less per month. So, overall, the usage would average that of light usage for a residence. Would the concentration of calls during the short period cause any problem with your call volume usage monitor? Also, I cannot afford to compromise the business’s firewall or computer security. Could this be a problem or would it be ok to restrict the device’s access to a specific IP address for communication? Would Magic Jack update any software on the Linux system after installation or otherwise provide any access which a hacker could use to compromise our clients’ records?


  15. Jose Says:

    I purchased a MJ a month ago and spent at least 10 hours with “no tech support” in India who were totally unable to help me. I have super fast download/upload speed and QoS set up specifically for MJ along with ethernet connection to broadband. With all of this no one can hear me. All calls are at about 50-60% of what would be normal. I have tried corded phones, cordless phones and no difference.

    I sent the MJ back for another thinking it was the MJ and have the same issue with this one. Then I found the unofficial MJ forum…..and guess what? there are a slew of MJ customers experiencing the identical problem. What’s with this?

    Wouldn’t it be easier for MJ just to fix the coding to allow up to 100% instead of limiting the volume output. What good is a MJ if no one can hear you. I honestly could hear better with two cans and a string. Come on Dan…..if you really want to keep customers……fix this problem number one because it’s the worst!! I give it one more week and this MJ goes back too. I need a phone not a tin can. BTW/I had subscribed to the 5 year plan but that’s not gonna happen at this rate.


  16. Roger Says:

    I live in Hawaii Area Code 808 as of now service in that area code so I plan on using area code 510 I have relatives there. I spend a lot of time in th Philippines and was wondering if I use 510 number for my MJ can my relatives in that area code call me while I am in the Philippines for free as a local call??

  17. J R Says:

    I agree, too many whinners…I have had NO problems with the MJ. Has worked very well with a
    medium speed DSL svc. The online support is not what folks are used to but they do try and help. Just waiting on porting so I can really start saving $$.
    thanks Dan

  18. Dave Says:

    Dan I ordered one magicjack hocked it up and have had not one thing go wrong. May be Iam not getting my monies worth. Thanks for a great product.

  19. Ray Says:

    I just received my magicJack and was able to get my area in the South Florida area (954) without a problem. I had Skype before and this is much better so far! :) What a great product!!

  20. The Mayor of Roswell Says:


    Mostly negative comments here, so I thought I’d throw a positive one out.

    I’ve have a MJ for 1 week. Works perfect! No problems, an absolute godsend!

    To those that bash the technical support, just be patient. You guys are poineers of technology. To quote a classic, “Rome was not built in a day”. Who has Bellsouth? When I call their tech support I get sent to India, and most times I have to escalate the call to 2nd and 3rd tier support. Remember those days? Support trends are changing, we need to be more proactive online and support each other, hence the millions of support forums out there on the web. The result of this is costs will be kept down and documented peer support will be more readily available.

    Having said that I think Mr. Dan a crew need to deliver on some key success factors.

    1. Number porting should be TOP on your agenda for every strategy meeting. We can wait, but only so long.
    2. Spend some money on your website. Help facilitate peer 2 peer support. Hire some part time MJ freaks to help answer forum questions. [plug] I’m a web programmer! :)

    I manage a development team in India. My plan is to send each of my guys a MJ. How cheap is that?

    Lastly, I’d like to congratulate Dan on his success! Please keep us posted on new developments!

    The Mayor
    maxlegend (a) yahoo/com

  21. The Eggman Says:

    Going into the third month of M.J. use with few problems.

    At one point it stopped working but I twiddled with the hosts file per instructions on the MJ forum and all was well again.

    I’d have to give it about an 80% rating.

    I wouldn’t trust it as my primary voice line (yet), but even if it worked half as well it would be worth twice the price.

    SUPER deal if you have teens in the home and need another line or two for them.


    “If you can’t be free, at least be irritating.”

  22. terry turner Says:

    I have just installed Magicjack and it works great for outward bound calls. When I first plugged in the phone, I called it from another number and it rang. I haven’t been able to get it to ring since. A popup comes up on the screen do I want to accept or reject the call, but if I’m not on the computer at the time, I have to wait to check the Voice Mail. The Live Chat is a joke, no way to reach a real person. HELP!!

    Terry Turner

  23. Sandy Says:

    I have had my MJs for almost a month. No problems at all. Those complainers out there need to stop. Nothing is perfect at first, so just be patient, please and give the company a chance. I have 2 cell phones…neither one works where I live, though there are cell towers for my service provider all around me…very frustrating and expensive.

    Dan, thanks for a fantastic product and I look forward to your updates.


  24. joseph brazeau Says:

    I have a magic-jack…can i order another,with my same address,but with a different phone number??
    pls adv..thanks

  25. Theresa Says:

    The Better Business Bureau gives this company a “F”.
    I was just about to go for the 30 day trial, when I decided to do some checking on this product. After reading so many complaints about returning the product, being charged before the 30 days etc. I thought the company may need more time to work the kinks out. Also as someone indicated on another site, the count for customers on the front page of the MJ site is bogus. If you watch it, it counts by 3’s. all the time. This doesn’t sound like good business to me.
    I’ll be happy to try a MJ once I read more positive reactions.

  26. Nancy Says:

    Subject: Re: a suggestion from an editor at PC Mag

    Importance: High
    Dear Dan,
    A friend at PC Mag gave me a head’s up about MagicJack some time ago. We are a high-tech PR firm in the Bay Area and in Boston. What a great idea, we thought. I had forgotten about it until two weeks ago when I purchased one. I decided I wouldn’t install till the Memorial Day weekend just in case it didn’t take only a few seconds.

    I never expected what happened when I tried to install. First, with a properly inserted MJ in to two different USB ports, nothing happened. I tried a different phone thinking that the phone might be the problem. I even went to Best Buy and bought a new phone. Still nothing. Then I began a two and a half hour chat with someone on your chat service. When I installed, I saw that there was, according to the FastFix, a problem with a C.711 analog codec. I really wasn’t familiar with particular item so I asked the chat person what it was. She said she didn’t know. Her English was poor and she didn’t seem able to answer questions. Finally, after plugging and unplugging and reinstalling, she suggested that I download DivX.

    I tried that. Download it and nothing happened. I could not get the phone to work. By then my patience was a little more than frazzled and I called Chat again. This time a man told me that I didn’t need C.711, I needed, “G.711.” Ok, I said, where do I get that? He said to download DivX. I told him I had already done that and he said that I was doing something wrong.

    Again I asked (and you understand that “chatting” takes an incredible amount of time since no one answers until they’ve stopped helping someone else and I sat one time for three or four minutes before I received any answer) – and he suggested that I download DivX. I said I had just told him that I had already done so.
    This time he said, “Turn his computer off and then he should begin again.” (Little problem with English?)

    After three hours – honest to God – I asked for a supervisor and Amy got online and said that she (after nearly 1/2 an hour of trying) couldn’t fix the problem and she would pass it over to engineers who would contact me within a few hours by email to tell me what to do next. I said didn’t she think that the problem might be with the audio codec file? “No.”

    So …. one day shot.

    No email the next day so I called Microsoft since the msg711.acm which Amy kept referring to was obviously a Microsoft product. Microsoft won’t talk to you unless you pay $75 and frankly, it didn’t seem worth that, so I called Dell. Dell made my computer and are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable but in the course of a two hour attempt to get the audio codec downloaded into my computer, another afternoon was shot. BUT, I could receive a call and make a call IF I DIALED THE AREA CODE FIRST OR MY OFFICE PARTNER SITTING NEXT TO ME DIALED THE AREA CODE FIRST. OTHERWISE, NO GO. JUST A MESSAGE THAT SAYS IF YOU WISH TO MAKE THIS CALL YOU MUST DIAL THE AREA CODE FIRST. I was calling from 415, with a 415 number to a 415 number. My office partner had to call 415 to get me on my 415 number.

    So, I said forget it. I had company and had to leave.

    Yesterday, I opened my computer and could not open Word. Word is my life blood so it has to work. It seems that when the Dell tech was fixing one problem, he turned off my virus checker and all docs in Word are virus checked before opening so they wouldn’t work. Of course it took an hour for the guy from Dell to figure that out, but he did and Word worked.

    Now the problem was that the phone wouldn’t dial without area codes. I “chatted” again with your chat people who assured me that if my new number was an 415 number (the number assigned by MagicJack is 415-632-3750) it would call all 415 numbers and they could call me. NOT SO.

    So rather than spend more time with your CHAT hel today, I am asking you to tell me how to fix this. Maybe you could spend the money to have a real person call me and figure this out. Three days shot and the time to write this on the fourth day is not good business. When I call the editor back at PC Mag to tell him how “thrilled” I am (as he assured me I would be) I would like to be able to say that though there was a problem, eventually it was resolved.

    Please do something to keep this customer.

    Thank you,

  27. joe perez Says:


  28. Jason Says:

    I got my MJ a couple of days ago and it works great. I have used it on several different XP machines with no problems. Most of these trouble reported above could be issues with the computer that people are using. Try another computer and see if you have the same issues.

  29. Tom Says:

    I’ve been using MJ for months now. Yes, I have had some quality problems, but most can be attributed to my internet connection. I’ve used Vonage, and Skype, and MJ is a little below par, but not that bad. Once they add Linux support I will be MUCH happier.

    If you are having problems, insure that your router has the latest firmware. I had to update mine to fix a SIP issue, not with MJ but with the fact that my router was not dropping all SIP connections without a reset, so after a while MJ could not send or recieve calls, and the log in the router stated that all SIP connections were in use.

    Overall, I give MJ a “B” rating. Over time I will probably upgrade to an “A.” The product needs some time, but at $20 a year, can you beat it?

  30. Common Sense Says:

    I ordered majic jack and the install went great. worked without a problem…the reception is not best at times but good enough.

    I seen all comments even from a person claiming to know pc mag in a round about way to threaten mj company to get what she wants. And all others saying F business on better business and complaint after complaint. All I can say. I eat 40.00 buck in one day at resturants. The magic jack is working for alot people. Sorry just does not work for YOU. From what I seen I am impressed and hope this company ignores all complaints. I have seen to many companys fall because spending all there time with complaints and not development and Delivery. If this is held I see this company exceling greatly in upcoming months/years.

    Even if My Magic Jack did not work. I am glad to see this technology working for so many others.

    Unselfish person

  31. Norml Jack Says:

    I have two questions for Dan, although I already know he won’t answer them honestly if at all.

    1.) Dan, how can you claim to have invented a product when the truth is that it is a re-branded product actually manufactured by Tiger Jet of Taiwan?

    2.) Dan, why do I have through an “Unofficial” forum site to get real answers for real questions? I am referring to as the forum site I reference.

  32. Justaman Says:


    Great product!! I will most likely buy the extra 4 yrs before your prices increase..
    When will you get around to adding a 585 area code for ROCHESTER, NY?

    AND WHEN WILL MJ HAVE LINUX SUPPORT ? Or can I tweak a linux program to run MJ just without the interface?.


  33. Rich Says:

    My MJ unit never worked very well. That’s life. I’m glad that it at least works for some of you guys. I returned the unit well before the “Free 30 day trial period” had expired. I returned the unit on 4-4-08 (75 days ago) and I still haven’t gotten my refund. I have had 5 chats with MJ’s outsourced, foreign livechat customer service reps. I’ve been lied to by these reps, gotten conflicting info, told that the refund was in the mail, only to have the refund goal line moved back more than once. Opinions on the value and reliability of the MJ technology clearly varies. And if YOUR MJ unit works, bully for you, but gawd help you if you ever need to get either assistance from tech support or a refund. That’s just not going to happen. NOBODY has had a positive word for MJ’s livechat tech support and/or customer service. Those guys are bad enough to give any potential new MJ customers cause for serious pause.

    And by the way, a local Better Business Bureau office in Florida has given this company an “F” rating based on their non-responsiveness to customer complaints. Buyer beware.

  34. sammy indy Says:

    Works like a charm. I bought three a week ago. I wonder if most people have firewalls / security software that prevent the tool from not installing a software. Anyways i allowed windows to install the software and make registry changes and it worked.
    One major issue though is that terms and conditions say they can advertise to you. I think that is a definite no no. If that ever happens i will migrate to SKYPE or a similar service with better privacy laws..

  35. Laurie Sherrod Says:

    Kudos on a GREAT product! It worked perfectly for me on both a laptop and a desktop – two locations – with a bad internet connection and a terrible internet connection.

    One piece of advice I read was to get a digital telephone since many of the older portable phones interfere with wireless networks. I did that and my calls are much clearer than my landline phone.

    I wonder if many of the problems are caused either by security software or spyware? I can only imagine how hard it must be to fix that kind of problem with chats… Maybe a really detailed instruction guide that could be downloaded as a .pdf would save on the chats? Put a giant disclaimer that you’re not responsible if other things break – but here are the things to try (and give them the same instructions you give your tech support folks).

  36. Jim Says:

    magicjack works great!

  37. robert Says:

    to all:
    i build computers for a living, and have bought 3, and my mother has one also. FOR THE PRICE….ITS AWESOME!!!!!!!! i am a Linux man, so i am running windows on a PENTIUM 1, and a low grade dsl connection, and sounds better than my land line! i have ran into a couple of problems like ‘broken storage error’ but was easily resolved by simply reading. i have never had to have help from tech support. i give this service FIVE STARS, and my business supports magic jack as well. having said all that, i am anticipating my area code becoming available. i really hope MAGIC JACK WORKS WITH LINUX SOON!! that would make it all that much sweeter. call porting would be really cool, but i know my local telco will not go for it, as i tried to start a dsl service, and have already been there with them. my local telco is a rip at $65 a month, no long distance or features, in a town of 1400. got to say one thing…LOVE MY MAGIC JACKS, ROBERT

  38. Stephen Says:

    I’m very anxious to see magicJack in Linux. It’s too much of a hassle trying to get it running in a virtual machine.

  39. Dave Says:

    Lots of good information. I love my MagicJack. It works well. My only problem is the number porting. I still have my land line for that reason. If I can get the number porting working, I have many many people I can bring on board. That is the biggest hangup for me.

  40. Jim Says:

    To Nancy, yes, you do have to dial area code even when making local calls. So what’s the big deal. As far as technical support, I did have a problem where after installing I would make a local call and call wouldn’t connect and immediately returned to dial tone after dialing number. Calls made outside my area code worked just fine. Talked to Live Chat, was immediately answered, given a link to an upgrade program and bingo works perfectly, and, yes, I must dial area code even with local calls. Sometimes people just can’t loose old habits, like dialing three extra numbers to save hundreds of dollars per year. Product exceeded all my expectations.

  41. suman Says:

    roberts or any mj user,

    i am getting a broken storage error and inspite of repeated attempts with customer service live chat and tyring some things myself, unable to resolve it. worked for a few days and hen just nothing. any assistance would help. thanks in advance.

  42. dan Says:

    it would be super to have linux support!!!

  43. jc Says:

    Linux please!


  44. Tom in Arizona Says:

    I saw the advertisement on TV about MJ. I was in a hurry to go somewhere, so I did not check it out until later.
    I have watched the counter for 24 hours, and see that it do NOT increment by 3 all the time. So maybe the counter is real, who knows.
    I am concerned that the charges to my card, did not go through the first time. They said the card did not have the authorized amount to be charged. I received an email about the unavailable charge, tell me they needed a new card to charge.
    I checked the card balance and nothing is on hold, and the amount could have been charged, if they would have done it properly. Thank god for there incompetence.
    After reading all the messages, I want to cancel the order. So it seems that is an impossible task also.
    By the way, I did try the online customer service and waited for almost 8 minutes for someone to answer me. Nothing ever happened, so I did not have a chance to find out if anyone was there or to speak/message anyone.
    I did send an email to Dan, and received a reply back from Marvin, saying that I needed to go to the site and install the magicjack fix. The fix tries to install the MJ, and keeps telling me to put the MJ into any USB. have a real problem in doing this AS IT HAS NOT EVEN BEEN SHIPPED AS YET.
    I think I will talk to the bank in the morning and tell them what is happening, and not to let the order or charge go through.
    Also what is with the “Magic In” and “Magic Out” for a nominal fee. Thought I could make all the call I wanted WITHOUT paying any additional fee.
    From what I read, the Magic In lets you receive the call and Magic Out lets you make the calls. I can not find out what the “nominal” fee is for either.
    What is going on?
    I can hear Dr Phil now, saying “What were you thinking?”

  45. donutt Says:

    they seem to have a credibility problem. many area codes that say “available” really means that you can dial into the area, but there may not be a phone number for you in your area. example, you live in AZ, however there are no “ports” for your local area, meaning that you can get a number assinged, it just will be out of your service call area, which means that if someone wants to call you they will incur long distance fees, and all tech support will say “it is comming soon”, or “our engineers are working on this issue”. truth is they do not have enough servers or personnel to handle the situation. they promise and promise, but do not deliver.
    Dropped calls and othe transmission errors, they claim that the fault is in your end. But research shows that it is infact their equipment that is unable to handle daily traffic. either you can hear them but they connot hear you, or vice versa, or the call ubprptly ends.

  46. AB Says:

    GNU/Linux support please

  47. Jim Says:

    I do not understand those of you who are complaining about the service. I am lucky my MagicJack works great. If it did not just having the phone number with voice mail is worth it. I hope those of you with problems get them resolved. I want this company to make it.

  48. Tom Says:

    Have a MJ and like it, but need it to work with the 308 area code where my brother lives. When I dial his number, it kicks back to a dial tone and I’ve tried it with and without dialing a 1 first..

    Had a couple of other people who had MJ’s try to call the 308 area code from different parts of the country and they to got kicked back into a dial tone and couldn’t get through..

    Not happy about this situation and hope you can correct this soon!

  49. Dave L Says:

    I absolutely love MJ.. It is very very good.. I do though need it to work with Ubuntu Linux. My windows got a trojan so you know what happens after that.. Now I am sticking with Ubuntu for sure. Great program by the way.. But back to MJ it has to be the best thing I have ever seen.. And I am very grateful to Dan Borislow for his kindness and consideration for us who have very little money, Thank You Dan! You are giving us a break from the money hungry phone companies I appreciate this.

    I notice you plan to make it able to handle linus OS.. Any idea as to when this might happen?

    Also I hear people mentioning porting what do they mean by this?

    Too many questions I know.. Sorry..

    Dave :-)

  50. brent Says:

    how do i fix the broken storage error? please help! thanks.

  51. Paul Davis Says:

    I have an offer for you, I will handle some of you customer/tech help support calls online or through my MJ in the evenings inexchange for free unlimited service. I’m also a linux nut and could help there as well, MJ is compatable with linux if you know what you are doing. I’ve dont it.


  52. Stephen Says:

    Paul, can you share some links for those of us interested in learning how to get MagicJack running in Linux?

  53. Richard Sanabria Says:

    I want to returned unopened MagicJack just recv’d. Pls. instruct address, phone # and dept. that will credit my Bank Account that was already charged over USD$ 110.00.

  54. Richard Sanabria Says:

    Will answer be sent to my email address or should I expect response to this computer?

  55. User Larry Says:

    I checked the BBB links above and there is no mention of ANY complaints. What gives?

  56. Dave L Says:

    Yes Paul please share with us how to do this with linux! I recently lost my windows to a virus and I am desperate to get my phone up again. Thanks


  57. Hal Says:

    Since many routers use Linux a Linux port of the software would make it possible to use this device with a router although this will likely require third party router firmware like DD-wrt or OpenWRT. Like many others I am waiting for linux support. Since I intend to use this with a Linux router (so I don’t have to keep my much higher power consumption PC running 27/7 – 5 to 20 watts vs 250 watts which works out to about $0.75/day difference depending on your electric rates) I want to have this run as a daemon (IE. make it so that any GUI front end is separate and optional) so that I don’t need X11 and a window manager or DE installed to run this. Also make the daemon very compact so that it can run on the small memory foot prints of these routers (will not be an issue for me since I am in the process of building my own lower power consumption x86 linux router) that many users will typically use.

    Also most Linux users do not need the kind of hand holding that users of other OSes seem to need. Part of this is because linux users are in general more technically savvy (many work as programmers, DBAs, network support and the like) but also because the linux community has a long standing tradition of being self supporting. As a result a basic non-GUI daemon that is configured by way of text files in /etc along with a documented API (so that we could write our own GUI front ends) would be all that we need at least initially. In fact I suspect that if all that were available is a daemon that there would be open source GUI front ends available in short order.

  58. Jon Day Says:

    There are about 100 guys I know in 4 different admin/programming groups that would love to see MJ on there Linux machines. Sooner is better…. PLEASE!!! [:)

  59. Dave L Says:

    I contacted MJ live help and inquired about when this will transpire she said they are working on it and for me to check back shortly to see what is happening. This I will and I will post here again when I find something relevant. :-)


  60. Stephen Says:

    Thanks for the post, Dave L! Please let us know as soon as you know more.

    Hal- those are great bits you’ve shared. Thanks!!

  61. mike kane Says:

    The concept is great. However Dan’s PR dept is awful. And if he could make some changes to keep customers happy, I could sell 100,000 of these to people in the US who would then send them to relatives overseas.

  62. Jerri L. Says:

    I just ordered a MJ after receiving a call from a friend who is using it. The call quality could not be differentiated from a landline or cel phone call. She had a little trouble getting it to run on her Mac, but she is not very computer savvy. Customer service spent time with her and now it works.

    For those of you who are concerned about the comments re the BBB of SE Florida: I just clicked their link and it says the company is “Acceptable.” (C-) NOT a F as reported above. There are only 2 registered complaints and they could not be categorized.

    I’m tired of paying the phone company $70 a month for service that is completely automated; the two times I have tried to call them about something I was on hold for an hour. Skype is great and I use it to call friends overseas for free, but it’s not practical for day to day calls as most of my friends are spending their time sitting in front of their computers.

    I hope the phone number portability is enabled soon as I’d like to ditch Ma Bell altogether.

  63. MJ Sucks Says:

    There is no customer support at all. and their website doesn’t work at all. they have a login system to make changes. I never saw that working till now. I am so frustrated.

  64. Eddie Says:

    Kay Graham Says:

    May 9th, 2008 at 3:04 am
    I’ve got an Eee to use while traveling and want get it a MagicJack. Too perfect.

    But having a heck of a time getting MJ past Bit Defender on my windows computer. Finally did it, thanks to mj tech support but now my computer is acting strange. We shall see. Good thing I’ve got a Mac, too. lol


  65. Voiper Says:

    magicjack Inventor Plans Linux support, More Area Codes thread

    Please add to this thread request for linux native support

  66. wayne dodd Says:

    there needs to be a way to contac magicjack with a problem

  67. wayne dodd Says:

    please if there is would you let me know?

  68. nb Says:

    Seems like that BBB Fla link that was an “F” rating has mysteriously changed to a “C” and all of the complaint counts for the last 36 months now show zero?! A little manipulation?

  69. Kim Says:

    I just purchased the jack a few days ago. It came within 2 days, however, when I viewed my credit card statement, they had gone ahead and billed me instead of on September 4. I quickly got online to their live chat and Regem cleared it right up. The very next day, the charged was reversed and all was well— just about. The only issue I have now is just getting a local area code for Lincoln City/Newport/Otis, Oregon. They are all local towns within the same area code and local calling area.

    I hope we get some new numbers that are local for the 3 cities mentioned above along the Oregon Coast very soon. In time I hope Magicjack gets a customer service line, but as long as I have Dan’s email ( then I’ll be ok for now.

    I hope I can get local numbers soon! I have many friends and family that want to sign up when the local numbers for this area come through.

    Everything else is great about the new magicjack service.


  70. Another Tom... Says:

    Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux!
    XP is insecure, insecurable, continually breaks with visits to Windows Update, deletes it’s own User Profiles locking one out of their computer and data, has no viable support from M$ (ever talk to -those- fools?), requires a HUGE ongoing investment of time and continual education to maintain, constantly attacked by viruses, malware and hackers… the list goes on and on!
    Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux!

  71. Happy Ed Says:

    Concerning the BBB. The rating has changed and the complaints are gone because the company has addressed those complaints. When the BBB receives complaints they contact the company in order to resolve the problems. If the company make reasonable attempts to fix the problems then the complaints are not posted. IMO the company went from and F to a C because they had to ramp up the customer service to meet the demand. It took some time to address all the complaints but they seem to have done so now.

    I have have just very minor problems with my service and have recommended to many people…

    If I had to make one complaint it would be “Where is my Linux driver?” We really need a Linux driver, this is the exact type of product that Linux users like. So…

    Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, Linux, !!!!

    P.S. One more, Where is my Tallahassee area code (850). It is the capital of Florida and should have been one of the first to be available. I know several of us in the 850 area code have to suffer with a different area code….

  72. Russell Says:

    I would also like to see Linux support. Seems like there are more of us with every passing day. How much longer will we have to wait for magicJack on LINUX?

    Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux Linux!!!

    Come on, Dan!

  73. John H Says:

    The MJ works fine except for their tech support. I’ve had the MJ since May of this year. In the past 2 days I’ve been texting with them each time for over 2 hours. This mornings texting was said to correct an email problem after they handed me down to another higher class tech. I needed changed address and since then I csn’t even get into my account with them. I tested after my session with them to see if I left a voice mail that it would come to my new email address but no such luck it didn’t even announce a voice mail at my old email address. Texting their tech is like being in a revolving door. Going round & around and going no where. I’ve decided to make a complaint about there techs go no where service to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) along with any Consumer Affairs and BBB that could help. I wish I had there corporate office address so I could go down there and talk face to face with the inventor of MJ. The guy might be a great inventor but whom ever he has running his operation couldn’t hand out a shopping cart at Wall Marts without fucking up. God I’m ready to take a plane to there offices if I just know where it’s located. I have a feeling there operation will in the very near future sink the company.

  74. Michael Says:


    First of all, Hats Off to “Dan The Man”, somebody who has the the Resources, Ability and Guts to TRY and move us into a better technological existence. I mean, really,….. Do you see ANY other company (or person) anywhere who is offering anything even close?

    Think about it. There are a LOT of people out there that DO NOT want this company to succeed. It does take revenue away from land line companies. But remember, we are the ones that will come out on top of this one. This is a “Product of the Year”.

    Give MJ a Break. They are NEW (as was MS at one time). We are on the forefront of something fantastic.
    To be a part of this and actually get it for Only $39.95 for the first year with even a possibility of $20 per YEAR after that is absolutely wonderful. I’m SAVING a BUNDLE just like the rest of you. So, Stop your WHINING, Learn how to spell and try to be a part of the solution. Years from now you will be able to say, “I was THERE and I Helped”.

    By the way, can anyone say that they installed and used ANY Micro S Operating Sys without SOME problem? Tell the TRUTH NOW. Be HONEST…. Just where did ALL those FIX updates REALLY come from? YOU KNOW,….
    DON’T YOU?

    Also, let me say that like many of you, I too need it to work with Ubuntu Linux. When they have it available I’m IN. Until then, I’ll just have to make due on my “OLD” WinXP Sys.

    Now, as far as the MagicJack, I saw it on TV…. (Mel, is probably making a small fortune on it just from those commissions.).

    I ORDERED, (it arrived within 3 days), READ the INSTRUCTIONS, (Highly Recommended), Installed it AS INSTRUCTED, (also Highly Recommended), on a really, really “NOT SO NEW” Windows PC, (by the way) and guess what happened?

    Go ahead,… GUESS.

    It WORKS!!!!… And I’m going to get some more just to “GIVE AWAY”, as soon as our NEW website becomes fully functional (Hopefully, in September or early October). Go there and check us out.

    Until then, All I want to say is THANK you DAN, you have only scratched the surface of what’s to come.
    I’m sure you know it.

    Legendary Partners International

  75. BankTech Says:

    I’ve installed my MJ on both XP and Vista with no problems. The thing works great and is awesome for the price.

    Nicely put Michael.

    TO: Dan@MJ – “YOU ROCK!”

  76. JOYCE Says:

    I can make calls out with no porblem. But cannot receive calls. It says either wrong code or it just rings. I have removed all spyware programs . And even removed antivirus protection. And nothing changed. I have been online with tech support 4 hours and 3 different people. Anyone have suggestions what I can do?

  77. nv Says:

    Linux support would be great! If anyone knows how to install under linux without VMware please post. Also, if anyone figures out how to install this on a network so the computer doesn’t have to be “always on” please post as well. Love the product. It works great. No issues what-so-ever.

  78. jake Says:


    im glad the magicjack didn’t work for all of you assholes bitching on here.

  79. lisa Says:

    i have had my magicjack for 4 months now and i LOVE IT!!! i tell all my friends about it you cant go wrong with it…it is very easy to set up took us less then 2 minutes to set it up i dont know why all the whinning somepeople cnt seem t follow simple instructions maybe they dont need to have magicjack mybe they need to continue to spend $500 or $600 a year on ladline but us we were the smarts ones and now we are happy THANK GOD FOR MAGICJACK!!!!!!!! $19.95 A YEAR NO ONE CAN COME CLOSE!!

  80. Gene Ome Says:

    MJack easily installed & Works great on my machines. $20 a year …cannot beat that !……make calls from shops. ……..I see bunch of unhappy ones, So, there are plenty of …BIG phone companies for you $$$.

  81. Ray Clancy Says:

    The outlet tio Linux has been “coming soon”. I say “put up or shut up”! I never saw a more procrastinated outfit before in all my life. The LHC collider is much more complex than Linux and it works like a “ringer”.

    Wake up Don and hear the clamor for Linux.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Arjun Aggarwal Says:


    You are the man of the moment, but please , please , pleassssse

    Get this thing to work on GNU/Linux , LINUX, Linux or any other name by which you want to call it.

    Just get this thing to work with Linux.

    I just cannot keep it going with the shitty virus infested Windows XP anymore.

  83. Greg Sanderson Says:

    THANK YOU DAN!! What a wonderful product…now I can cancel my VOIP home phone service from my cable provider and save about $50 a month. I’m so glad I found your company…before today I kept asking myself: WHY is my phone service $50 for VOIP? I mean, I’m ALREADY paying for high-speed internet access (at around $50 per month), so why the additional $50 for phone over the same cable line?

    Next up, I’m going after my cable television stations. Why do I have to pay $50 a month for those? I mean, they are all full of ads anyway…why am I paying to get them delivered to me? Shouldn’t the cable company be paying me to watch their ads???? So does anyone know a place where I can get CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg for free? (that’s all I really watch on TV anyway…)

    My 2 cents anyway.

  84. ethana2 Says:

    One person repeating something 100 times is worthless, 100 people repeating it once gets the point across. Another Tom, remember that.

    …another person who may consider trying it if and when it gets linux support here

  85. CW Says:

    Please add support for GNU/Linux. Then I can try MagicJack.

  86. beau Says:

    Ive been using MJ for 3 months now; the trial period was great was charged exactly 30 days from purchase as stated. I had a few hangups with the volume for about 3 weeks then one day when I booted my pc MJ autoran and said “lucky you upgrading” this upgrade fixed the volume thing and I can hear great. I use a cordless phone and the caller ID populates on it but it doesnt ring; I havnt tried a regular phone with a splitter to see if it rings on another phone but thats only because I mainly use my MJ for outgoing calls; the first day I had the MJ I couldnt receive incoming calls but after 24hrs no problem. This is an excellent product and has saved me tons of money; I even loaded my MJ with 10.00 in credit and got excellent rates to talk to my brother in Germany. a 2hour phone call and still have almost 8$ left on it. No regrets with my purchase and plan on buying another year when I come up for renewal.

  87. Says:

    I’ve been waiting patiently for Linux support so I can try magicJack… This is a windoze-free household and will remain that way, so, yeah, it’d be great if you’d hurry up and add Linux support!

  88. Dan2 Says:

    I too am growing impatient at MagicJack’s delay on number portability. Don’t get me wrong, the product is GREAT, if not just for long distance calling alone (which is unlimited and free). But I would like to replace my landline with MJ and enjoy the savings, yet I can’t because it’s such a pain in the arse to switch phone #s these days and contact all your credit carts, banks, etc. about it.

    Magic Jack keeps on promising “in the next few months” and “our engineers are working on it.” That goes back to January ’08. Guys, PLEASE PLEASE get a move on and introduce portability already! Roll it out! Your customers are waiting…

  89. Dan2 Says:

    Oh, and one more thing – please roll out call waiting and speaker/headphone functionality for the Mac soon. I was disappointed that a few features such as these don’t work with Macs, and I can’t use my bluetooth with MJ on the Mac. Thanks!

  90. june Says:

    I have connected MagicJack but my all phones now have a VERY LOUD HUM and voice contact is very faint – people state they cannot hear me. Please help.

  91. Carl Revine Says:

    I ordered one of these MagicJacks knowing full well Linux was not supported and even though I use Linux exclusively. Ok, so now tell me, how do I make it work??

  92. ronald schuttig Says:

    I have used yahoo Instant Messanger and have no cost conversations between the U.S to the Philippines. Give me a good reason to purchase a Magicjack. I understand there is a cost for international calling to the Philippines.

  93. AndyS. Says:

    Another vote for LINUX!

  94. Matt K Says:

    Impatiently waiting for Linux support.

  95. Dashbi Says:

    A peice of crap. Worked for a day, now no dialtone. Tried several phones no change. On the line with three different reps. No help, should have not bothered, I think my son knows more.

  96. Ti-Joe Says:

    If you experience a hum on all your phone connected to your home phone wiring, make sure you have disconnected the phone line from the main entrance. That way you are not interfering with the local phone network provider.

  97. Don Says:

    Had a WORKING MJ for a year now. Just signed up for another year. Can you imagine it? Phone service that works for $60 for 2 years and if I renewed for five years it would have been $59.95. Ma Bell would have charged me well over $1,000 for the same time period; my wife calls from East coast to West coast at least three time a week for an hour or two!! Just imagine the charges!!! Shudder!!!! What a god send! Who cares if you can’t use your old number, who cares if you have to dial an area code, just plug in MJ and talk away after the computer chugs for a bit. My MJ just left my portable XP to reside on my desktop XP. The MJ just move!!!! All the contacts moved with the MJ!!! Just a great product; and the price, oh man what can you say expect this is just awesome!!!!!!!!!! When we travel MJ works perfectly whether we are in Europe or in the US. What a great device!!!!!!!

  98. Says:

    Does using MJ allow more pop up ads to appear.I previously had a MJ and it Seemed so.
    Please reply as I reordered a NJ and I am not sure if I will use it again Thanks

  99. Don Aspromonte Says:

    I have had MJ for about 5 months. It works great on my Windows XP laptop and my wife’s Vista laptop. When I run it on my old desktop computer, which I am using as my dedicated MJ computer it works great, but the first call after a few hours may not ring — computer seems to need to wake up. But when I redial the number it goes through just fine. Sometimes I get a bit of echo, but generally the quality is similar to a land line. I use Skype and have the Skype WiFi phone, also. Both Skype phones are better quality than MJ on my systems, but only the MJ allows me to tie into my current wireless phones in the house, so I use MJ most. I needed some help from customer support about 2 months ago and although it took me some time to figure out how to get a real person, the service was excellent. The best thing so far was when I took with with me on vacation to Hilton Head for two weeks. The condo had WiFi so I used my laptop and plugged in my MJ. Then, I unplugged the phone in the condo and plugged it into my MJ — It worked great! I will always take my MJ with me from now on.

  100. Johnny Says:

    Oh please hurry up and make it so for LINUX!!!!!….Thank you

  101. wickedslow Says:

    Where’s the Linux support? I don’t have the resources to run vmware on my eeepc.

  102. Vortex Says:

    I’ve had my MJ since March 2008!

    I used it over the summer to call my parents (who also have a MJ) on their retirement travel Trailor trip to Alaska. Let me tell you, with gas reaching for $5/gal, and Cell Phone roaming charges and long distance charges with ATT, the MJ was a Godsend!

    Those Vonage commercials about the Big Telcos nickle-and-diming you are so very true!

    Thank you Dan (or whoever invented the mj) for the excellent service!

    One thing would be to provide an Open source daemon for Linux (the Linux community can handle the rest). I am moving my computers away from the Microsoft Dominated software world and the MJ and Smilecam ( ) are the only hold backs I’ve run into…

  103. Donna Says:

    WOW! In just a couple of minutes, my husband and I were amazed that we had a new number, a working telephone, and NO MORE PHONE BILLS! It doesn’t get better than this. And Dan: has anybody ever told you you look like Tom Hanks? That’s a good thing! :)

  104. Anonymous Says:

    Please hurry up with number portability so I can cancel my landline. Thanks

  105. Manasie Mark Says:

    It is great to have this handy magicjack where there is no phone with laptop! really cool,
    I just need a phone number of my own pick number, how do I receive phone calls with this one and does this record phone calls, I need more infomation so I may pass this to my friends so they too may get this magicjack.

    thank you

  106. Mr. I'd Like just to fax something Says:

    The service is fine until it cuts off. Can’t use any type of automated system, and worst of all can no longer FAX squat. Do you have any plans on fixing the “Lack of FAX” feature, or at least offer more in the way of custmoer service, since they “speak geek”, I’m just “Joe the End-User”. Linux, fine.. Faxing that’s important for all!

  107. Frustrated Says:

    Well Magicjack will be getting a bad report to our local BBB and our attorney general today due to their lack of resolving their own issues.

    Our number somehow changed today for no known reason, when we went to their slow laggish chat site I was informed we would have to pay 10 bucks to get our number back or be stuck with the number we now have which has an area code for a completely different state. They supposedly have no phone number to call for support so I guess I will let them tell that to the BBB and our attorney general.

    BUYER BEWARE, this product is not developed enough to be on the market, if you like dealing with issues all the time than this is the product for you.

  108. GWGuruMan Says:

    My MagicJack (MJ) review:

    Vote for Linux:
    I vote for a Linux version of MagicJac (MJ) also. Go out and get the Free Open Source Novell SuSE Linux from

    Make MJ on Linux run at Runlevel 3 with no GUI required. Also allow multiple MJ’s to be running on the same Linux computer, like 4 of them at the same time.

    Call Quality:
    The quality of the calls from my testing is great for both sides of the conversation. You just have to have a high speed internet connection with great upload & download speeds. And the computer running the MJ has to be powerful and not have a messed up Windows environment. I have not tested a MAC running teh MJ.

    Using Windows:
    MJ under Windows XP Pro runs as a desktop application on the Task Bar. I wish it could run as a Windows Service with no GUI required. The MJ software will NOT startup until the Windows user logs into the Windows Desktop. This is disappointing. If it were designed as a Windows Service, the MJ would be up and running even though the Windows user has not logged into their desktop.

    Caller ID service:
    The MJ unit itself does not send the callers Name information during the ring cycles, it only sends the Phone Number information. Note: Vonage does send the Name and Number information for Caller ID. When you make an outbound call with MJ, your Phone Number is sent but your Name is sent as the town your MJ area code belongs to and your two letter state code (i.e. “MINNEAPOLIS MN”)

    That’s it for now. For the price, this is an outstanding phone service solution.

  109. Robert Says:

    just got my MJ and just discovered that I can’t port my number. What’s up with that. Luckily I got this with their 30 day money back deal. So back it goes for now. How are they selling these without number portability? Ridiculous.

  110. Jeffrey Allen Says:

    I am waiting for number portability (to hopefully port my cellular phone number) and Linux compatibility.

  111. Pacho Says:

    Why magic jack does not work in korea? I have no router, no firewall, no antivirus running and still does not work. keep getting error 9 and 3 …i do everything the website said but still does not work… any ideas? thanks!!!!

  112. Rod Says:

    I’m also waiting for Linux support, I’ve been hacked running windows so not about to go back.

    If it runs on a Mac, then it shouldn’t be tough to make a Linux patch.

    To bad they don’t got a phone number.. geesh

  113. Insane Wayne Says:

    its 2009! When can we port our landlines over… I wanna cancel comcast. Hurry please!

  114. frank piccione Says:

    Like with any new product on the market I expected a few bugs to be worked out with MagicJack. No big deal and easy to deal with. I had the following problems: 1. My firewall caused dropped calls.. Fixed by adding to exceptions in the firewall program (MJ tech support walked me through it). 2. Windows defender also caused a problem.. Same fix as for the firewall. 3. Had to make a few changes in the internet options too. 4. Had a problem using MJ with 6 telephones throughout my house. Purchased an AC powered USB port… Helped a lot!!!! Then I decided to put a splitter at the MJ and connect one line direct to a base phone with four satellite phone and the other line direct into a wall phone jack activating my other phones which are connected directly into phone jacks… Results: GREAT!!!!!!!! Advice…Just hang in there, contact tech service and all will be OK! I was paying over $400 per year with Vonage vs…$19.95 per year with MJ. Well worth the small inconvenience of working the bugs out! All my calls are clear as a bell now!

  115. frank piccione Says:

    By the I almost forgot… I can send and receive faxes with MJ installed!!! I have a HP 5610. That was a concern I had…. I was worried that I would no longer be able to send and received fasimiles…

  116. Rich Norman Says:

    yet another Linux user wishing to use this product.

  117. Chris Says:

    Does anyone know what happens to incoming calls when your computer is turned off? willl the calls go to voicemail or will the line just ring and ring?
    Thanks, Chris

  118. Baba Kelly Says:

    Anxiously awaiting MJ for Linux (UBUNTU)!!!!!!!!!!

  119. Kenneth Parker Says:

    ( I Was Going To Order One ) But For Some Reason You Don’t Have A Phone Number On Your Webpage To Call An Order It. I Don’t Order OF The Internet. ( I Don’t Give My Info On Line ) Email Me An Give Me A Number To Call. ( Do Not Publish Or Give Out My Email )

  120. MarkR Says:

    I have had my MJ since December 2007 and I have NEVER had a problem. I have moved three different times since then (my job requires lots of movement), but our extended family still gets to talk to us and it does not cost us an arm and a leg! We never changed our number so it is a local call for them – no matter where we move!

    This is a great product and I am not sure why other’s have had so many problems! I have already ordered my next 5 years of service!

  121. MarkR Says:

    Chris, the phone will not ring on your end, but the caller will be sent to your voicemail which you should have already setup. If you set it up correctly, you will also receive an email with an audio wav file of any messages left while your PC was turned off.

  122. Rene Says:

    I have just received my Magicjack. I am looking forward to using it for a second line in the house. I would like to configure it as an appliance and not a computer application. I want to setup on a linux box detected for the MJ. The appliance would boot, and operate just a like a dhcp server or any other dedicated device. The main thing I want to do is to forget it after installation. As the others, I am awaiting the linux delivery. If you need a beta tester, please send me an email. Thanks Dan

  123. Paul Bush Says:

    I will report back…. Gonna test magicjack…. plug it into the Linux box and launch using WINE… Linux rulles

  124. carlos Says:

    my MJ dont work,the pc not recognice the software,please any budy from MJ help……dificult to find contact….thank you.

  125. Jay Smith Says:

    Another Linux user wanting the MJ on my MythTV (always on) box.

  126. Rene Says:

    Installed my MJ. Had to call support with help to download update. After that, all works fine and sounds great!! I am very happy. My offer still stands to help test the linux version. I am a retired software engineer and have way too much time on my hands :)

    Great toy!

  127. vick Says:

    I am also looking for Linux driver. Did any one tried in windows xp as guest in Linux using vmware. If any one know how to do that please post “How To”. I am running windows xp in vmware over Fedora10.

  128. John Nibarger Says:

    My MagicJack arrived in a matter of days. It was a snap setup. Was making and receiving calls in less than 3 minutes. Used on a Sony Vaio laptop with XP. I’m impressed….no problems whatsoever.

  129. Sumner Says:

    I have a techncal problem and can’t dial out or receive calls although I can get a dial tone if I push the “hang up” button 2 times.
    The MJ worked since I bought it months ago but quit several days ago.
    I have rebooted and unplugged for 15 seconds, trying to reset.
    When I try to dial out – with a dial tone as abpve – a small window appears that says “No input audio devices are found”.
    I also have a Packet8 VOIP phone that is – and was – working fine with MJ before the problem came about. It continues to work with no change.

    HELP ! ! !

  130. Linux Fan Says:

    One more person waiting for Linux (Ubuntu) driver for MJ… But it works great right now in Windows XP, its an excellent service, I strongly recommend to give it a try…

  131. doug dickerson Says:

    I’m ready to move to Linux, but…………….waiting for MJ support.

  132. Andrew Collins Says:

    I have only one Windows XP machine–just to use my Magic Jack. Magic Jack is really that awesome.

  133. John Says:

    Add me to the list of users who want to use this product if they had Linux (Ubuntu) support.

  134. Cris Says:

    MagicJack Sucks… It is a VOIP device but they will not give you the info to make it work with a SIP phone.

    And the Linux Plans are BS. They promised it over a year ago. Now they are recanting the Linux statement.

    Screw them… Get Skype….

  135. Zach Winchester Says:

    Dear Dan B.

    Geez, oh the things I LOVE about Magic Jack!!! I could fill a book. Or, a blog. Which, incidentally, I did!!! Dan, come to my myspace, send me an add request, and see what I have to say about your ingenious little wonder!!!

    My ONLY thing right now is — and this is after using Linux for 2 months and very seriously considering a permanent switch — is Where are Linux drivers??? My laptop is my primary machine and therefore hooked up to the router constantly, and since I’ve had Linux running on it, I’ve been wondering.

    Thanks, Dan, for having the courage to show others how to “break free” from the bondage to “Big Bell.”


    Zach Winchester

    (PS – to the naysayers and complainers… it’s a new~ish company, they’re still working the kinks out and taking care of the bugs… give them time, and for crying out loud, make friends with GOOGLE and you can work out all your issues – except physical damages!!!)

  136. fran cline Says:

    I keep getting charged again and againa!! I get e-mails from my bank each time a transaction is made by phone. I have an em on 2/27 for $1.00 and another one for $46.90. Then on 2/28 I get charged $63.90 by MagicJack, then on 4/2 I get charged $46.90. WHEN DOES IT STOP? I have not used the gadget since I was in the hospital for heart surger. It is still in the original package!!! I have an em on 2/28 saying that the original amount of my order is $63.90, with the charges being $46.90 and then $17.00. I can’t get through to customer service. There seems to be no way to contact this company except through a lawyer!! I don’t want this $%^ thing and don’t trust it because of the way I’m being treated. I’m 71 years old and can’t afford another penny. I’m going to report this to the Better Business Bureau also.

  137. Dale E. Humphrey Jr. Says:

    as a former employee, I’m going to give you the inside scoop.
    magicjack will never be developed for linux, we, or should i say now “they” are waiting for the linux community to write the software side of magicjack. the MJ inside motto is “why pay developers when desperate people will do are job for us and we can sit back and collect the money”

    welcome to amerika

  138. fran cline Says:

    I have left several messages but they haven’t been returned. I wonder if they will return messages to the Better Business Bureau????

  139. kay Says:

    i am interested in reselling magicjack in my country. please let me know and email me and I am serious about this. thanks for any info

  140. skeptical Says:

    I have been reading all these comments, both pros and cons but to be truthful, I have seen far more cons than the pros and now I am thinking before I begin to hook up, forget it and send it back ASAP!! Sounds to me like they have lots of work to do before it SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUT ON THE MARKET!!

  141. Cheapskate Says:

    Well…Wadda want for the price? Nothing fancy. It does what it says it does. I have had one for two years and it has paid for itself x 10. You need to have a broadband connection that works. Take it on vacation and call from your laptop. Take it to college and use it as your dorm phone. You can get your voicemail in your email. How cool is that?
    I’ve had no billing problems. Yeah Skype is clearer and you can use a camera.

  142. A Linux User Says:

    Waiting for Linux support too.

  143. Jon Foster Says:

    If they could get Linux drivers rolled out (actually, Ubuntu Linux) I could probably increase their sales by at least 2 to 3 units a week. I have been converting that many people to Ubuntu every week on a regular basis. It would only take a minute to show them how a MagicJack paired up with a Linux distro could save them even more cash….


  144. Shawn Says:

    Also waiting for Linux or FreeBSD support. I think you’ll find that a TON of people run Linux – especially on laptops and servers. Having a linux server running all the time means that you can use the magic jack to replace your home phone. That’s a much bigger market that most people realize.

    The moment I can natively run the magic jack from my linux server, I will be purchasing a couple.

  145. Linux Forever Says:

    I run Linux, I bought my magicjack and have it set up on an old toshiba 310cds laptop that runs at 200mhz with 160meg of ram, I hacked winxp down to a 160 meg install footprint using ntlite, black viper’s site, and bart-pe.

    the magicjack runs fantastic on this laptop and only needs to be rebooted about once a month.
    since i do not run any virus software, and only allow the machine to use dedicated ports in my firewall router, I use ntfsclone to be able to restore windows within 15 minutes if it ever gets a virus or other malware.

    If only the jack could work in Linux, i could then use the old laptop to do something useful without windows, like stream live or free to air satelite TV

    if there are complaints of tech issues about MJ, I stake my geeky rep on the problems being the isp bandwith throttling, isp voip settings, isp cable/infrastructure problems, pc settings, router settings, net nannny settings, port blocking, and user ability to read instructions.

    Go magicjack, go

  146. westmi Says:

    another vote for linux-ubuntu-please?

  147. HostKing Says:

    I have been running a single MJ for about 5 months now, and NO problems other than maybe the occassional echo… BIG DEAL!!! For $20.00 a year with a purchase price of only $40.00 including the first year… Who else offers such a deal?

    I too am waiting for Linux support, If it doesnt come well guess that means I will have to get it working myself. Again… no big deal.

    For everyone that takes the time to come here to complain about how long it takes to get someone to help through their live support. Do me a favor and think about how long it takes you to come here and type these things that could potentially hurt a company that is putting itself on the line to bring us out of our financial funk with the bell companies! They too have pretty poor response times these days.

    Thanks Dan for the MJ, it has saved me plenty of money and is working just fine :)

  148. ROshel Says:

    Need Linux support…badly!!! This is the one issue remaining that is keeping it down…

  149. BB Says:

    Bought the MagicJack and have been very happy with the results except for one thing. People on the other end hear a loud beep from time to time. (Like I’m hitting the keyboard on the handset with my chin). I am not. Talked several people to also buy the magicjack and they too have the same problem. Sure wished there was some tech support to sollve this annoying problem.

  150. HostKing Says:

    BB, what version of windows are you suing for your magic jack? If using WIN Vista, try to download the KLite Codec pack! Alot of the voice issues are due to old or out of date codecs.

  151. Firebreather Says:

    Waiting now for a very long time for Linux, I think the year mark has already come and gone so what
    happened to the statement about its close to the Mac OS and should be out shortly that was make last

    Thanks for a great product….I use it all the time while traveling the world.

  152. Tom Says:

    I’m perplexed by their town choices. Our town has 100k people and isn’t available while the 10 closest towns that are available are all about 50 miles away. They are little farm towns of 5k or 10k people. Why skip the bigger urban areas in favor of rural farm towns?

    Now my family must dial 1+our area code just to call home from their school, work or local cell phones.


  153. Jessica Says:

    MagicJack rocks! I love it.

    Excited to see it is going to be available in Linux. When is the question.

  154. David Says:

    It would be nice to see the software run as a windows service or a Linux daemon (when it comes out) instead of poping up every time a call comes in or goes out. It is very annoying. I have it running on a media center pc that runs 24/7 and it interrupts watching TV.

  155. Ralph Says:

    Linux ready? Yet? Hello? Please?

  156. Kim wilson Says:

    Yea whats up with Linux. What up? Like damn. I wont be subscribing without Linux. No Linux no money I wont maintain a windows system for one freaking application the cost of a windows box just for this sucker is to much. Support Linux or else don’t count you cash before you have it. What happened to # porting as well? Damn annoying Linux users are still out here. Cant have a customer if you cant service them huh. Linux users don’t buy until it works because it does not work in Linux. Vapor ware woning beep beep beep!

  157. Lenora Davila Says:

    I ordered the M.J. on Aug.02,2008. And I also signed up for the extended 5 years and was billed for that on Aug.05,2008 for $59.95. But now they want me to order another 5 years again. My M.J. is turned off
    as of Aug.02,2009. I do remember that the deal was for half the price of $120.00 for 5 years of service.
    Please Help!!!!
    Lenora Davila

  158. matt Says:

    All you have to do is look for the link to speak to a representive on there site and they will help you via chat online. You will get a choice of area codes to use. Also you have to turn off your firewall for the call out feature to work. Oh yeah if you are not cool about using your credit card online than do not select to get the insurance for your magic jack for one dollar because you can’t go back and pick no to finish registration to use your magicjack.

  159. SMB Says:

    Not delivering on your promise to provide a Linux driver just leaves the door wide open for a competitor to knock you out of business. So far you have done many things right, but your two huge mistakes thus far are: not taking Linux seriously, and not providing good customer service.

  160. Durairaj Says:

    add one more waiting count for linux!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. lonnie Says:

    Please include me in the list of those waiting for linux!!

  162. Cinde Says:

    I have had my MJ for almost a year. It installed fine and when it works, its great but it only works 50% of the time. I can be on the phone and it cuts the caller off and I am sitting in front of computer so I know its not my computer going down. Half the time, like right now, its dialing my aunt’s # every min and it will not hang up….and I can’t get outside like because its stuck calling her #…I click on to hang up and even disconected it. I really don’t want to renew this but just got laid off from work so no way I can afford anything else now. Don’t depend on MJ for emergency….I can almost guarantee it will not work when you need it. Again, when it works its great if it would just work all the time.!!!!

  163. James Brown Says:

    I have had magic jack for over a year…live in Nicaragua, 98% of the time my calls are perfect.My son in Atlanta has one, works fine. He had his phone service stopped. I have one I use on my netbook at airports and it works fine. I can talk to my family ine th U.S. everyday…which I do. Only one complaint…I want drivers for Linux.

  164. Glenda Ramsey Says:

    magicJack – WORST experience I’ve had in the last 10 years. Had the magicJack about 1-1/2 months when it blew out. After 6 hrs. with 4 different customer techs, they couldn’t fix it, wouldn’t ok a replacement and I no longer had the use of my CD-ROM. Needless to say I have not been able to recommend this product.

  165. Frank in the Boston area Says:


    Dan Borislow Inventor Says:
    May 9th, 2008 at 5:25 pm
    Larry:Porting will be available around July 4th on a limited basis.We are not to eager to jump into porting, as some things are beyond our control and in the control of the Bell company who is supposed to cooperate.They often do not and make us look bad.



  166. Bill in Maryland Happy MJ User Says:

    I am very happy with my magic Jack. It worked right out of the box no problem. I have used support with help on International calls to Ireland problem resolved quickly. Traveling to Europe I have used MJ on a Acer sub notebook w WiFi making calls from Dublin Airport Hotel Bar/lLobby area calling back to the US telling friends we would be late due to the snow storm (rare for Dublin) FOR FREE. It does not get any better value regarding phone service than MJ.

    Second comment: I have read many web site comments before & after I purchased MJ after reading the comments/post, I truly believe we have several ringers making comments negative of the MJ product. Phone co are scared of their market share being reduced with the boom in MJ usage!

    All I have to say is “F” Verizon (my local phone service) soon as I can port my Verizon phone # to MJ my Verizon account is history. The phone co should be very scared of the MJ product. It works very well & saves me money …. & that makes me very happy.

  167. Peter Wolff Says:

    This is my sixth or seventh MJ. They have all worked well, this time this one has been a problem. The last time it turned out our phone was giving up the ghost. We bought a new phone and no problem. This #6
    would not work on my laptop. I plugged it into our PC got it registered and now it seems to be working after a bit or trial and error. You really need to remember that you are paying pennies not dollars to call around the country. Be patient. I sent one to a business associate in Brazil, and another to my brother-in-law in India. Sure we have problems at times. We also have a greatly reduced bottom line and it works for us. Be patient with yourself and with the MJ folks. These things take time. My phone bill at home went from over $100 a month to zero. I am going to use it at my office from now on as well. Many times it is not the MJ but your computer. I bought a new one to solve the static problem and it worked. Be patient.

  168. Liberty Says:

    Still waiting for linux support. What is taking so long?

  169. Aleksiy Says:

    I need Linux driver for MagicJack. Is anybody can help ?

  170. Terry Says:

    Loved my MagicJack while I had Vista. Only thing I miss since I switched to Ubuntu.

  171. voj1e3 Says:

    I dual boot my computer just for MJ :(
    Still waiting for linux support. What is taking so long?

  172. Hemantrai Desai Says:

    I purchased 2Mj in December2008. Iam pleased with Mj’s Function. But Customer service is VERY POOR. They had charged me on 22nd December $43.86[ Ref #7045500982] & $93.80. { Ref # 7045500950 }Still to day they didnot give me Explaination How they charged me $137.66. For 2MJ. And now they are demanding Reneuwal fee. Live Chat Rep is not having information of their customer.

  173. jack taylor Says:

    magicjack completely sucked. when my phone would ring, it was one long continuous ring. after picking up, a phone would ring in back ground and people couldn’t hear me say hello. many times while talking a sound like a phone button being pushed was heard, but people on the other end didn’t hear it, so i know it was on my line. i’ll stick to cell phones.

  174. michael Says:

    We got magic jack because we had heard good reviews, however after trying to for 2 months we really don’t like it. We are forever having to get them to fix it and we decided to get it because we work from home. This was a bad idea, using Magic Jack while uploading or downloading files greatly effects how this works. Constantly having to change USB ports is beyond the joke, I have 6 usb ports on my pc 2 on my laptop and more on the other pc’s and laptops in the house. Tech support has had us use them all over and over again, this is the only hardware I have ever had to move about this much in my 17 years of using computers. We are talking to tech support every other day for them to fix it. I can say this is a good idea on paper but its not very good in practical use. At least it only cost us 20 bux, we are cancelling ours shortly and getting a normal land line. This should work on a 22mbps connection but it doesn’t.

  175. Yogesh Sharma Says:

    This blog entry is dated April 28th, 2008
    Now we are in 2010
    I think All promises to support were bluff.

  176. Shauna Major Says:

    The following link to Magic Jack LP BBB complaint listing, was interestingly Dan Borislow’s company, YMax Communications.
    Theresa Says:
    June 2nd, 2008 at 9:18 pm
    nb Says: 
August 6th, 2008 at 12:06 am
    Seems like that BBB Fla link that was an “F” rating has mysteriously changed to a “C” and all of the complaint counts for the last 36 months now show zero?! A little manipulation?

    The Magic Jack LP link should actually be:

    Not all of us, as Dan has indicated in a posting answering to the complaints Magic Jack Customer Service is receiving, are “bloggers” out to ruin the reputation of Magic Jack. Some of us are sincerely disappointed in the service.

    A deal isn’t a deal if you have to decide that crappy service is ok, since you didn’t pay too much. The company COULD be great, but they have to get their people trained and able to deal with customers.

    I’ve been on the phone for 1 hour in total today! I am RIGHT NOW sitting on hold – with Houston Texas, from Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, to get the Canadian Area Code their website says is available to me. Their “Tech Chat” said to me, and I quote, “Oh, sorry to inform you that feature is no longer available for some reason.” THEY told me I had to buy a new MagicJack in order to register for a Canadian Phone number (I have a US numbered MagicJack now) – so I did that, and then they won’t register me a Canadian Phone Number.

    I’ve escalated the call, and I’m to call back tomorrow to see if they can provide what they said they would provide to me. I can’t help think that this is a fast cash grab. Will up date how it’s been resolved and file an official complaint with the BBB.

  177. Brian Says:

    two years after this was posted and STILL no Linux support?

  178. D Hawkins Says:

    When we 1st got MJ last year we really loved it, but now we are having all kinds of problems, cuts off, shows needs bebugged, you can not hear, long rings, goes straight to voice mail and does not ring on the other side, we are unplugging it over and over in the course of a day. I am ready to order something else even if was only 20.00 a year. My husband is home all day and if an emergency happened I could not get him and he could not call me. If someone knows a fix for all of this please let us know.

  179. G. Stubbs Says:

    I love my magicJack except for a few things.

    The overly large splash page that takes precious minutes to load. Couldn’t it be made smaller and load in the background? Also I don’t need ti to tell me to tell my friends. I’ll do so IF I think it’s a great product and I have but I hate that it tells me that while I’m waiting for it to load when I have other things I could be doing but the programs is loading….and loading ….and loading……..

    Having the customer service online is great except they can’t do anything. They are obviously from India or some other foreign country in that they apologize, apologize, apologize…but can’t do anything. I don’t want an apology I want a fix.

    Other then that I love it. Some suggestions:

    I’d like clearer directions on which phone you need to have various services. And written directions on how to use the phone functions.

    For those people posting about various problem but who haven’t contact the customer service, go to, go down to the bottom of the page and you’ll see a row of links (Customer Care/Live Agent | FAQ’s/Knowledgebase | Reviews | FREE magicJack Conference Calling ) and click on the Customer Care/Live Agent. Another page will come up and you’ll see: 4 boxes:

    Top Questions Being Asked:

    Click here for live help

    Order / Billing Chat


    Click on the click here for live help and follow the direction.

    I love if there were an email address to contact magicJack.

  180. kenpmason Says:

    MagicJack is crapware!

    magicJack’s software is installed into AppData–a hidden folder–NOT in Program Files. It has no uninstall, nor any Exit function. It autostarts with Windows without telling you. As a result, most users will never be able to get rid of it. And the only way to stop an online order in mid-stream is to kill it’s process (you can’t go back). THEN you find that the order completed without your authorization. Lastly, their EULA is almost as long and complicated as that of Windows.

    When I complained to their online chat tech support about these issues, I was told that no one else had complained of these “features”!

  181. Ron Says:

    One kenpmason
    Do you Even know what your Talking about?

    Magic Jack works GREAT On Windows.

    But Linux was Promised to us so where is it?

  182. ellen brooks Says:

    My magic juack (with which I have been so pleased) has ceased to function. No dial tone . It records the number I’m trying to dial but the phone does not ring. I need help PLEASE

  183. ellen brooks Says:

    I don’t know what else to say. I NEED HELP

  184. Gregorio Says:

    Still waiting for LINUX Support…

  185. Timothy Carnes Says:

    I have seen “it will be ready for Linux’ in first quarter of 2010 since it’s inception. I fine the e effort lacking. Mac is also a Unix Os so the length of time you have stated as “shortly’ does not qualify as an ambitious endeavor. A product for the poor the poor can not afford with out buying 100 dollars or more OSs . So much for the savings. Bottom line is ther is blantant apathy for linux users. What no kick backs like from MS and MAC?

  186. Steve Says:

    Have been using a “jack” since almost it’s birth so thought I would share some commentary. First the unit itself is solid. I have tossed it around and not destroyed it. Secondly the chat support works for most problems assuming you do some sort of maintenance on your computer periodically……but not all and those can take enormous effort to “finally” get through to someone to resolve. Examples of the latter are intermittent call quality, you hearing them, they not hearing you, strange messages when you dial (in other languages), call dropping, it doesn’t ring, takes more than 20 seconds to start ringing and other things (but most are listed). If you experience one of these then try to get to the elevated tech support…….and state……I DO NOT WANT TO GO THRU THE NORMAL repair routine……I HAVE ALREADY been thru it. Why? Because the problem is with the network….meaning they use others and “others” may not have the best of equipment, particularly in rural areas. If you can’t make a contact thru the “chat” service then email everyone you can at MJ…..someone will get back to you. Anytime your problem is intermittent it is more than likely the network (and who you are being routed thru). The product is basically sound, networks are not and more than likely you won’t go thru the issue I went thru.
    It now starts ringing in less than 5 seconds, voice quality is as good as a landline, and have not had a problem (of any sort) in a month.

  187. Zora Pacquette Says:

    Checking out while watching the news! Life is grand. Reading this makes me want to check out my credit card rates.

  188. wakeup Says:

    This is a support forum, if you need help call MJ or goto unofficial support forum for help.

  189. Beloved Ndegwa Says:

    Enough with the bs when will Magicjack work with linux OS’s. I want a date there are two main types of OS’s Microsoft and Linux. I want to know when not “were working on it”. WHEN!!!

  190. rick Says:

    I’ve had MJ for about 2 years now and haven’t been able to use it much. Why you ask? Because I run Linux, not Windoze. I’m not going to run a special box just to run MJ. I bought the platinum pkg because the owner said it would be supported on Linux in the coming months. What I’ve seen is that every time somebody comes up with a hack that allows us to use the service on linux, MJ modifies the service to kill our use–which we paid for. It looks like they want to insure we have to use the tigerjet dongle and not some software sip phone. I would actually prefer to use the dongle and handset myself, but they need to SUPPORT LINUX for me to do this.

    And by the way…the service is MUCH more stable using a different SIP phone. I’ve used Linux sine about 94 and been involved in the dev community off and on since then. IT DOES NOT TAKE YEARS TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN! IT TAKES YEARS WHEN YOU ARE TAKING STEPS TO INSURE IT DOES NOT HAPPEN! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU’RE FOOLING MJ?!?!?

    $100 down the drain!

  191. Raj Says:

    I say screw this. THEY lie and lie and LIE!!! its been a year since i bought my MJ an dno linux support its almost mid 2010 and no support. I hat eto say this. but im byuing a VOIP phone for skype and connect it to my router. MJ you failed me. and failed teh linux community. I HOPE you get sued and go out of business. I hate proprietary companies for this reason .. SELFISH, MONEY HUNGRY brats the only reason they did not release a linux driver for their MJ is BECAUSE they dont see much market for it and they are after the biig bucks. that is why i quit windows. and that is why i quite you. I have 3 devices and 1 is being used by my mom overseas. and ill make sure i get SKYPE running instead of MJ. You just lost my business. and millions of other linux users. congrats MJ.

  192. GrumpyOldGoat Says:


    2 years and still no support for Linux based computers.

    Speak to us some more about “customer support”……

    What a load of crap!

  193. S. Alexa Says:

    I do not have a magic thing yet, but at a glance, it does not appear to be something I would expect to work well. However, I *would* probably give it a try sometime, depending on:

    1) Linux support comes available (no exceptions for this, I’ll NEVER use Windows.)

    2) If it’s true that the terms & conditions allow you to somehow ‘advertise’ to customers, that would have to change.

    3) The ratio of “good” to “bad” reports/comments leans further toward “good”.

    4) The list of usable area codes gets much larger- I mean, it would have to work reliably outside of North America, such as from a boat.

  194. C.Watts Says:

    I have had the *MAJICJACK* for almost a year now, and the only thing that i have found wrong with it is that when your are talking on it and someone wants to got on the Internet the darn thing like to skips like you have a bad studdering problem. On other occasions I have found it to be quite useful, I traveled a lot with my latest job and I use it all over the state when my cell phone wouldn’t get service,so to me personally it was a great investment for time and money,I have almost got my whole family buying one so they can enjoy the savings as I do. i save nearly $580.00 a year switching from my old phone company to *MAJICJACK* so i guess what I’m tiring to say is buy and try it for your selves.and see if you like the savings or not

  195. Randy Says:

    “S. Alexa Says:
    May 7th, 2010 at 8:57 am

    I do not have a magic thing yet, but at a glance, it does not appear to be something I would expect to work well. However, I *would* probably give it a try sometime, depending on:

    1) Linux support comes available..”
    Hey, no sweat. The magicjack website says linux support in the first quarter of 2010. Coure – now that we’re half way through the second quarter without linux support, one just might wonder. (One might also wonder why the hell they don’t at least update their FAQ’s.)

  196. J S Mac Says:

    You know I have had MJ for over 2 years but 5 months ago ditched Microsoft tired of upgrading and discarding working systems then no support. Since MJ was scheduled to work with linux first quarter didn’t sweat it but now would like to know when it will be avail for linux. If you have a mega computer and super band with very little trouble. I had more trouble with MS crashing then with MJ. But since the switch to linux no puter crashing. Thank you open source community.

  197. Jesus Murillo Says:

    this works great, but, I’m on Linux Ubuntu, I’d love to be able on my Linux, PLease, if there is an update to this version , just let me know, if it’s coming? Great!, I’ll wait. (Hope not much time)

  198. Stacie Says:

    Why don’t u make an extra line that is detachable that can plug into a router and that way it can still use the usb cable for travel or the cable for the router. and y r alot of peopl complaining that the five year service that u offer is a scam…that u guys take all the money at once and theyre left with more money drawn out of there bank without notice…alot of people can’t get intouch with anyone for reinburstment and so on….. this is what many are sayin”Big Scam! Don’t buy this product. Big launch before they were ready.

    I’m having all of the same problems. Not only that, they scammed me for an extra 49.95 for 5 years and I discovered they charged me for that immediately, so half the 100 I paid is in their pocket with no indication they will refund that portion.

    So, I bought this to save money and now these crooks have my money and I can’t reach them.

    I’m furious. I’ll be writing this up in my own blog. Yeah, my 40,000 hits a month isn’t much, but I want to my part to expose the baloney. i purchased this product about a month ago,and loved it.Then i purchased 1 for my dad and added the 5 years on just to get it over invoice /bill said $49.95 to be billed on 5/13/2008
    and the next $46.90 to be billed on 6/13/08
    well $96.85 just came out of my account today 5/15/08
    thank christ i had enough in there. TECH SUPPORT BEGINS WITH S and has 5 letters and when waiting a total of 45 min for entire (live chat) and getting nowhere and then getting the call termminted by the operater?well that s word again comes into play Watch out for the all upfront payment like i got my invoice/bill states one thing,there charges did just the opposite.BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gadget maker MagicJack recently lost a defamation lawsuit that it filed against Boing Boing. The judge dismissed its case and ordered it to pay us more than $50,000 in legal costs.

    The Florida-based VOIP company promotes a USB dongle that allows subscribers to make free or inexpensive phone calls over the internet. I posted in April 2008 about its terms of service—which include the right to analyze customers’ calls—and various iffy characteristics of its website.

    We had no idea that it would file a baseless lawsuit to try and shut me up, that CEO Dan Borislow would offer to buy our silence after disparaging his own lawyers, or that MagicJack would ultimately face legal consequences for trying to intimidate critics.

    At several points in the process, we could have taken a check and walked away: as it is, the award doesn’t quite cover our costs. But we don’t like being bullied, and we wanted the chance to tell anyone else threatened by this company what to expect.

    The post was titled “MagicJack’s EULA says it will spy on you and force you into arbitration.” This EULA, or End-User Licensing Agreement, concerns what subscribers must agree to in order to use the service. I wrote that MagicJack’s allows it to target ads at users based on their calls, was not linked to from its homepage or at sign-up, and has its users waive the right to sue in court. I also wrote that that MagicJack’s website contained a visitor counter that incremented automatically; and that the website claimed to be able to detect MagicJacks, reporting that “Your MagicJack is functioning properly” even when none are present.

    In the lawsuit, filed March 2009 in Marin, Ca., MagicJack alleged that these statements were false, misleading, and had irreparably harmed MagicJack’s reputation by exposing it to “hate, ridicule and obloquy.” The lawsuit demanded removal of our post and unspecified damages. It also alleged that I am a professional blogger.

    Published in the gadgets section of our site, the post didn’t criticize the service or the gadget itself, which works very well. Though just 200 words long, it soon came up among search results for the company’s name. It was also reposted on Boing Boing’s homepage by Cory Doctorow, under the title “MagicJack net-phone: swollen pustule of crappy terms of service and spyware.”

    Boing Boing has a long history of covering EULAs and related issues; we’re also no stranger to legal intimidation. Believing that the suit sought to exploit the trivial matter of the website counter to silence our discussion of the more important issues, we fought back. Our lawyers, Rob Rader, Marc Mayer and Jill Rubin of MS&K, determined that it was a SLAPP lawsuit: a strategic lawsuit against public participation. In such a lawsuit, winning is not the main objective. Instead, it is crafted to harry critics, not least with the high cost of fighting a lawsuit, into abandoning their criticism. New York Supreme Court Judge J. Nicholas Colabella wrote that “short of a gun to the head, a greater threat to First Amendment expression can scarcely be imagined.”

    California led the way in fighting such lawsuits, passing an anti-SLAPP statute in 1992. This allows defendants to file a special motion to strike complaints leveled against constutitionally protected speech–and to recover costs. Accordingly, our lawyers filed such a motion, which forced MagicJack to show it would have a ‘reasonable probability’ of prevailing if it went to trial.

    After it failed to do so, a California judge dismissed MagicJack’s suit late last year. She noted that in its complaint, MagicJack essentially admitted the very act it claims to be defamed by.

    “Plaintiff’s own evidence shows that the counter is not counting visitors to the website as a visitor visits the site,” wrote Judge Verna A. Adams. “Instead, the visitor is seeing an estimate. … As to the statements based on the EULA, such statements, read in context, do not imply that the plaintiff is eavesdropping on its customers calls. Instead, the statements clearly constitute the opinion of the author that analyzing phone numbers for purposes of targeted advertising amounts to “spy[ing],” “snoop[ing],” and “systematic privacy invasion.”

    After the dismissal of the lawsuit, MagicJack CEO Dan Borislow apologized and told us that his lawyers, Arnold & Porter, did not fully disclose to him the weaknesses in his case or properly analyze California law. During negotiations, we were surprised when MagicJack agreed to a settlement of our legal costs, then backed out.

    We would not agree to keep the actual legal dispute confidential under any circumstances. However, we offered not to publish details of our legal costs or their settlement if Borislow would donate $25,000 to charity. MagicJack, however, offered to pay our legal bill only if we’d agree to keep the whole dispute confidential; when we refused, Borislow wrote that he would ‘see us in court.’ Nonetheless, we’re happy with the outcome. The irony for MagicJack is that the proceedings are public record, so the silence it sought was effectively worthless.

    MagicJack’s relentless television infomercials are a staple of cable television. The gadget itself, no larger than a 3G modem, earned praise from gadget reviewers and opprobrium from Florida’s attorney general.

    According to Wikipedia, the Better Business Bureau of Southeast Florida has received hundreds of customer service complaints, primarily related to difficulty returning the product under the 30-day guarantee and the longtime lack of an uninstaller. In 2008, its grade with the Better Business Bureau was reported to be “F.” According to the bureau, this rating is assigned to companies under the following circumstances: “We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.”

    MagicJack currently has an A- rating after becoming an ‘Accredited’ BBB partner in 2009. At the time of its failing grade, however, Borislow dismissed the Better Business Bureau’s system as meaningless: “I have Comcast cable in my house; they are rated an F. I use Sprint on some of our phones; they are rated an F. My bank, who I have been with forever, Colonial Bancorp, is rated an F. The list is endless.” The BBB’s ‘TrustLink rating’ gives it only two stars out of five.

    In December 2008, MagicJack filed a $1,000,000 lawsuit (docket) against competitiors Joiphone and PhonePower, who linked to a blog post by a Singapore-based blogger whose own discussion of the product echoed ours: “Magic Jack (sic) will spy on you and force you into arbitration,” Vinay Rasam headlined a post at now-vanished site In that case, MagicJack’s legal rationale was trademark infringement, false advertising and violation of the unfair trade practices act.

    In April 2009, MagicJack reached a settlement with Florida’s Attorney General after claims it charged customers for services during the ‘free’ trial period. The company paid the state’s costs and made no admission that it broke the law. Investigators in the case found that MagicJack’s product had limitations that were not properly disclosed, and that the company did not respond adequately to customer complaints.

    The BBB in Florida lists a corporate number for MagicJack, but while the customer care department has a webchat service, it does not appear to have a public telephone number of its own. Read other interesting legal documents related to the case (including a motion in which MagicJack claims to be ‘not in the public eye’) at our MagicJack legal documents post.

  199. Norman Andrews Says:

    I bought 2 magicjacks 1+ years ago at that time I was on dialup service units would not work I then went to sat.service units still would not work ok put them in drawer to store. now new home, cable highspeed service ok try magicjack again first try older units they will not accept my new internet address tried every way I could think of nope next order new magicjack unit again will not accept my internet address whynot & what can I do to at least get 1 of these 3 units to work any help will be appreciated

  200. nunya Says:

    How to get the linux users to buy MJ ?

    Promise Linux Support,

    Oh, Linux wont work,

    Tell them to use windows.

    Screw Linux users.

    well we sold the units anyway, too bad for the suckers.

  201. Bank of america online signin Says:

    Examine together with your bank first that the right amount has been deposited and whether the deposit is cash or cheque. If it is really a cheque deposit, wait till the cheque has Bank of America On line Signin been paid (ordinarily this may take 7 days) just before you release goods. Examine these expiring domains daily for a opportunity to snatch them up before they are released!

  202. Siggio3 Says:

    QUOTE from above: DB: Yes, and because the of the similarities between the Mac and Linux OSes, we should be able to support Linux fairly soon.

    Yeah, right, what a crock of garbage!
    It’s been two and a half years by now. Stop slurping your friggen cocktails and get that Linux support going. Oh, and by the way, all of you jerkoff Linux haters who like to spend a fortune for software … If MagicJack doesn’t do something soon for Linux support then they’d potentially be losing the business of HUNDREDS of millions (no spelling error) worldwide linux users who may just get into OOMA instead. Ooma has rave reviews, supposedly much higher quality than MagicJack, so it would only be prudent i.e. SMART BUSINESS to make MagicJack as compatible as can be !!! Two and a half years, gimme a break …. SHAME ON MAGICJACK.

  203. james oquinn Says:


  204. Sam Arashfar Says:

    LTK43606039788X, LTK43606068763X
    I have never in my life had such bad customer service, i can not believe how bad and uneducated the customer service at this company is.
    this is my second year of being with magicjack and i have been happy with the service for most part, but all of a sudden on Friday morning after a phone call my Magicjack would not reconnect again, i connected with the live chat from your help site.
    After going back and fort and doing all the things they told me with firewall, anti virus and all the other things still no help and placed on hold over and over and transferred 4 times and every 40 minutes i was told if i would give permission to have someone login to my computer and fix it and i would say yes and they would place me on hold for 15 minutes and than tell me no one is available, i was chatting for over 3hours with nothing fixed and at the end i was placed on hold for over 30 minutes and no one ever got back on line
    Now this morning once again i tried to resolve the issue and i gave the ID# from last night and i told them again that we tried everything last night and i need someone just to login to my computer and fix it and once again they put me on hold and than transferred me and than asked me to check my time and date and once again i told them i need someone to just go in and fix it the livelook, so once gain i was placed on hold for 10 minutes and another person who is the top %10 in Customer service comes on and tells me to wait another 5 minutes so they can read the chat and after that they tell me to check my time and date again, ARE YOU KIDDING ME
    Once again i told them the whole story AGAIN and i told them i need the livelook to go in and fix it and they placed me on hold for 10 minutes to come back and tell me that the livelook agent is busy and cant help and once again i stated to them that i have been wasted almost 4 hours between yesterday and today and they still cant help me so i was placed on hold again and after another 10 minutes this is what they said to me

    “Would you like us to log onto your computer remotely and resolve this issue for you? If yes, I will transfer you to a higher level of support that will take care of this for you.”

    ARE YOU SERIOUS this is the customer service of a company that is trying to go far with this devise this is unbelievable, i can not belive this horrible horrible customer service, i will check to see if this company is part of the BBB and i will write a complaint because this is by far the worst customer service of any company i have ever seen.

  205. Desi Says:

    I have 2 MagicJacks… and they suck!!
    Unfortunatelly my 30 day trial has already expired…. The calls sound very “robotic” and the call quality is horrible… nobody to chat on magicjack website to try to return my product… TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! When I subscribed I paid for the 2 year agreement so I could have the discounted prive of 19.99 (2 years) lets see if they will charge me or not…


    Better spend a little extra with Skype phone or any other VOIP phone than waste your money with Magic jack

    Very unhappy customer!!

  206. Ongytenes Says:

    I am somewhat happy with MagicJack. When it works, it seems to work as good as my cell phone. The problem is, it only runs on a Windoze machine. It has to be rebooted regularly. My other machine running Ubuntu has ran as much as seven months without a single reboot. It was only rebooted then because of a major update. I would like to see MagicJack bring this support to Linux. I have been waiting over two years now for it. (I know, I have renewed the MJ subscription twice now.) If I am on my Linux machine, I can’t see if the Windows machine had crashed and I miss calls because of it. MJ is the only reason I have MS Windows running.I suspect that many of people’s problems is really from problems with the OS like corrupt DLLs and such, and not always the MJ service. I know that I got cut off one time and could not reconnect until I rebooted.) IF SOMEONE ELSE COMES FORTH WITH SOMETHING LIKE MJ FOR LINUX, MJ WILL LOSE ME FOR GOOD. (I know about Skype and use it some. But most people don’t have it and I don’t want to pay by the minute calling land lines.)

    I noticed that many other companies port their drivers and software to Linux almost as soon as they come out with one for Windows. Look a nVidia, Adobe, Google for starters. MJ got the source code, so how long does it take to port it over? If they don’t want to do it, then they need to give the Linux community enough info for them to create an open source version that clients can move their accounts over onto a Linux machine. It will be in YMAX’s favor if they started supporting Linux, because I am sure that it will mean less problems with that system.

    Every Linux user who wants to use MagicJack needs to raise their voices and let YMAX know. All they see is Window users. It is like the time I went to a electrical supply house and they didn’t have half of the conduit fittings I needed. Their reply was “Don’t have much call for that stuff” I went down to the hardware and found the LL LR Tee etc. The hardware man said he heard people’s complaints and fill that niche. I come to realize that the reason the electrical supply didn’t have much call for the stuff is everyone knew the electrical supply didn’t have it and was buying from the hardware store. This can happen to YMAX too.

  207. JRP in SD Says:

    A few points: – This interview in 2008…says you’ll have number portability (keep you present number) in a few months! They told me the same thing in 2009 and 2010…and here it is 2011…and still nothing!
    You can’t reach some numbers….just get a fast busy. I speant WEEKS with their on line tech support (no phone support) and EVERY TIME I was told that they were investigating. Three months later….still investigating. What a CROCK!
    WARNING – Check on your frequently called numbers right after you get the unit during trial period. I can’t call my mother in Wisconsin…I have to use a cell. But Majic Jack is still investigating.

  208. Bob K Says:

    I have a bunch of magic Jacks. When they are working, they are usually pretty decent.
    If you need Help…. Forget it, the tech support people are idiots. I had a major static problem, on a line i was using for a small business. The calls were set to forward to my computer, my computer could be off, the magic jack in my pocket, and still had the problem. Definitely a problem on their server. Before my phone would ring, the Static was overwhelming. This happened with computer OFF, calls going to voice mail or forwarding. They wanted me to do stuff to my computer, router, etd… How Freaking stupid are they??? over 10 hours of tech chat did nothing but piss me off. So I wanted to port to Ooma, MJ charged me 30.00 to move my number to Ooma. At least Ooma has a telephone support. I also have been using a Net Talk Duo. No need for a computer, Can plug directly into a router, of in USB on a computer if you choose. 29.00 a year, WITH a phone support system.
    Problems with MJ
    Numbers you call the most quit working and instant Busy Signal
    One of the Worst Tech Support systems i ever used.
    No Linux Support

    Good for traveling… Buy, Gmail has a phone system that may be easier and better when travling

  209. Bob K Says:

    To Clarify the Above, Calls were set to forward to My Cell, not to my computer…

  210. Sean Samuel Says:

    I had the original MagicJack. It worked I really did not use it alot, because I did not want to add a phone number to my several phone numbers I already have. When it was announced I could port a number I was happy to order MagicJack Plus. What a mistake, you have to REGISTER your MagicJack Plus before you can port your number. No big problem right, wrong, if you current carrier is not on the MAgicJack list a quick chat should help fix the problem, right, WRONG. MagicJack representatives are located in a place where English is not spoken, or understood. You write a simple statement of your problem and you get a canned response.

    copy of chat word for word.(day two)
    Sean Samuel: yes, my majicjack number is 516-515-7639. I have gone to my account and tried to port the number but ITPVOIP.COM 888-487-1110 is not on your list. At this point my next call is to the FCC, and the Better Business Bureau.

    Sean Samuel: And the FTC as well

    Andy: Have you logged into your account and do the porting process in there?

    Sean Samuel: What part of the above did you not understand?

    Sean Samuel: “yes, my majicjack number is 516-515-7639. I have gone to my account and tried to port the number but ITPVOIP.COM 888-487-1110 is not on your list. At this point my next call is to the FCC, and the Better Business Bureau.”

    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.
    end of chat – they dropped me.

    I waited to Monday to call my company at the request of MagicJack to ask my carrier if they had the number under a different name. My carrier told me MagicJack should have no problem posting the number to MagicJack. I also called a secong company I deal with the confirm if I ported my number to MagicJack I could get it back if I was unhappy with MagicJack. I was told that it usually takes 3 to 7 business days to port a number, but with MagicJack could take up to 30 days as MagicJack is very hard to reach.

    I can understand that as I spent FIVE hours friday, going through the circle with EIGHT chat people, the last was the one who told me to call my current company about the porting of my number.

    As of right now I am on hold with MagicJack for 31 minutes and 27 seconds, I just got a message an error has occurred with call forwarding and was disconnected.

    I read above that Dan Borislow thinks it is his competition is having professional bloggers write his company has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I tell you try calling MagicJack at 281-404-1551, I found this number by searching the internet for “MagicJack contact”, I could not find any number on their web site. When calling MagicJack you end up in a 30 minute loop that about every 6 minutes starts to ring like you will get someone, but you don’t it loops back to :

    “thank you for calling MagicJack billing inquires, please note this number is for billing questions only. For technical support go to and click on the chat button to get a live person. Do to high call volume you may experience higher than usual hold times.”

    At some point you will be disconnected and have to start all over. The call was ANSWERED, 23 minutes but of course they can not help with anything, except billing. She was very nice, and said she was in West Palm Beach, I do not think that was truthful. It sounded like a call center, and English was not her first language. My credit card was not charged, and as long as I returned it at my expense I would not be charged.

    I am sure 90% of new MagicJack customers do not experience my problem, make sure your carrier is on their list, if not forget it. MagicJack has the absolute worst tech support I, or my father have ever experienced in 35 years of computing.

  211. Larry Fenwick Says:

    I have a MagicJack Plus and cannot use it after connecting it. It freezes my Mouse. Rebooting does not solve the problem. Using it on another laptop or using another mouse on my laptop does not solve the freezing problem. I tried asking customer service, but they told me it would cost me $57.00 in Canadian Funds to get an answer. So much for savings! I am ready to send it back for a refund unless I can find someone who can fix it for free.

  212. Larry Fenwick Says:

    I bought a MagicJack Plus . After connecting it, my laptop,s mouse froze. I tried rebooting, using a different mouse and using another laptop. I contacted Customer Service. They told me that I would have to pay $57.00 in Canadian Funds which would be refunded if they actually resolved my problem. Some savings! I am going to return the Plus for a refund unless I can find someone to fix the problem.

  213. Margarita Says:

    I had the original MagicJack,it was working just fine until I paid for the five year contract, My magicjack was disconneted before the year was out. I have chatted with customer support 3v times and I am still waiting for my phone to be reconnected I still have my bank statement to prove that the money was withdraw from my account I wish there was a lawyer I can fine to make a classaction lawsuit against them,which I am looking for…Its just not right to take your money and not give you the service you paid for!!!

  214. Sam Says:

    I am using MJ plus about a year. Now it doesn’t work, can’t call or receive call. I have chatted with the customer service, they said my account is under review. This is going on more than a week now. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO REVIEW? Please DO NOT buy Magic Jack. They have the worst customer service.

  215. Jaime Says:

    I just change my phone from Comcast to MagicJack but I can not make any phone call or receive on my cell phone. What is it wrong?

  216. Frank Branker Says:

    I bought a magicjack in 2009 it worked very good for the first year also for the second year, when i tried to renew for the third year i was told my account is under review. I bought the new magicjack it worked very good for the year and when i tried to renew i was again told my account is under review. So i have two magicjack and i can’t get them to work

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