Mac OS X Lion vs. Windows 7: Which OS is Best?


Mac OS X Lion

The look and feel of an OS usually determines how intuitive it is for users to find and interact with apps. Lion makes that easier than ever with the addition of Launchpad, which displays your system’s app icons. To access Launchpad, perform a three-finger pinch with your thumb on the trackpad or press the dedicated Launchpad button on the latest MacBook Air.

Launchpad basically duplicates the iOS interface on iPhones and iPads. You can easily swipe from one screen to the next, and you can drag app icons onto each other to create folders of similarly themed programs. Apple has seamlessly integrated the Mac App Store with Launchpad; when you make a purchase in the App Store, it automatically installs and appears on the Launchpad.

Lion also preserves the Dock (known as the taskbar in Windows) from previous OS versions. You can drag an icon from the Launchpad into the Dock to make an app more accessible.

Lion makes full-screen application viewing possible for its native programs and select third-party software. Switching between full-screen apps is achieved instantly with a two-finger swipe to the left or right on the touchpad. However, full-screen apps obscure the menu bar until you hover over it.

Windows 7

The interface for Windows 7 isn’t dramatically different from previous Windows versions, but there are welcome tweaks. While the familiar Start button remains, Microsoft gave the taskbar a cosmetic and operational facelift.

The buttons are sharper looking and can be reordered with a simple mouse drag. With Aero Glass functions activated, Aero Peek lets you see thumbnails of the windows open in each app by hovering over a taskbar button. Similarly, with Jump Lists, right-clicking a taskbar button shows that app’s previously opened or currently active windows—documents or web pages—for quick access.

Another clever interface element is the Show Desktop icon on the right end of the taskbar. Hovering over this rectangle presents your desktop at any time.


Between the iOS-like Launchpad, user-friendly Dock, and full-screen apps, Lion has a more modern and approachable look and feel.

Mac OS X Lion vs. Windows 7: Which is Better?

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  1. Jay Says:

    Lion security is better than Windows 7? Lol.. Come on.. you know that Mac can be hacked less than 5 seconds? Charlie Miller (who hacked Mac many times in Pwn2Own competition) has famous remark: “Mac OS X is like living in a farmhouse in the country with no locks, and Windows is living in a house with bars on the windows in the bad part of town.”

    And for parental control, you should check Windows Live Family Safety 2011 (free, Why is not included in Windows 7? MS can include it easily, but the court will sue it for anti-trust.

  2. abcd Says:

    I stopped reading after I read Windows 7 was more susceptible to malwares/threats. The truth is, W7 is attacked more often. But susceptibility is higher for Lion. Lion is much easier to hack.

  3. Dixon Says:

    This feels like flame bait like all other Windows v. Mac debate. Writers keep confusing the concept of security v. safety. Windows is like a big fortified house in the middle of a busy street-more people will try to sneak in. Mac is a nice dead-bolt house in a far away suburb. It may not be secure, but it’s safe.

    Also, need to separate multimedia experience between consumption and creation. On the consumption side, I say Windows is slightly better because Windows Media Center is a much more polished way of dealing with everything, including TV and Blu-Ray. There is no easy way to integrate TV (OTA or cable) into any Apple programs (e.g. iTunes) simply because Apple wants to sell content. On the creation side, definitely Apple wins on intuitive included apps, but not in cloud integration.

    Finally, multifinger gestures on a desktop operating system is just a wrong paradigm–how many people swipe their hands on their meat-space desktop to do something? In addition, even on a touch device, other than pinch to zoom, it is not intuitive and therefore difficult to remember how many fingers to swipe and which direction to swipe to take a specific action.

  4. Kr86 Says:

    I fail to understand why these articles are always biased against Microsoft.

  5. triculious Says:

    lemme get this straight… Mac OS X wins because it’s prettier and handles better useless features for a desktop computer?
    it also wins on more expensive hardware required to use it (unless, of course, you build a hackintosh, but then your “ease of use” goes straight to hell)

  6. i told u Says:

    yeah im def confused with the MAC getting the edge because of gestures most do not use, and a so called slicker interface. Also multimedia, last time I checked its a huge hassel to even find a program to convert files to files like mp4 files that are the default convert file. SMH honestly Windows will also excel as a desktop PC, and as the editor did note on its strengths over MAC, Windows is still too far advanced in comparison.

  7. Pcguy Says:

    Mac os wins huh??
    This can happen only if you cant see the shortcomings of mac os x.
    I thought the article would be good initially and after reading fully it does seem you dint consider looking into awesome alternatives of windows side where you have given points for mac os X.
    Please dont do these kind of articles and make yourself look silly editors of laptopmag

  8. gorgeousninja Says:

    so OSX is better and who was surprised? .. anyone? …. anyone? … ?

    Hey windows is great… no, really it is! No, this isnt 2003. Steve Ballmer told me, and he’s a …. hmmm …. a … a…. genius!

  9. gtfyh Says:

    I’d say that it’s a tie… neither Lion nor W7 are really great.

  10. FanOfNone Says:

    I just don’t get it – Mac’s Expose/Spaces/Mission control = Window’s 7’s Super bar. This really should have just been another Win 7 vs. OSX Snow Leopard showdown. All Lion adds is all that ridiculous 2,3,4 finger swiping, and clunky pseudo-Full Screen app-dependant functionality.

    As far as which OS is best – it’s all a matter of opinion…

  11. PaulJ Says:

    This poor and and obviously bias comparison is so off base that it makes my opion of a bias one. I figure this entire website must be lame if they will allow this comparison to remain.

  12. John Child Says:

    Windows 7 is excellent indeed: The best ever copy of the Mac OS.

  13. Era Says:

    Did Apple pay you for this comparison? Lion is not even close to W7.

  14. MarcXW Says:

    These articles are ridiculous, your choice of OS will depend on your own personal preference. It is even more ridiculous because it is as if the author of this article was trying to start yet another Apple-Microsoft debate.A lot of other factors can come in your choice of an OS,… and anyway, I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t be comparing the two OSes until Microsoft releases Windows 8 and Apple releases their next major OS update, because I feel like the way we interact with computers is going to change a little.

  15. Paul Says:

    I clicked on this from Google’s news aggregator website. I thought it was a parody page. LOL. I am dictating this comment with the voice recognition system built into Windows 7. Oh, that feature didn’t make it into your review? Why am I not surprised.

  16. Bryce Says:

    As a mac user, i reverted back to Snow Leopard almost immediately. Lion is the first time I’ve felt burned by a new release from apple, Launchpad is a joke, and mission control lacks key elements that were present in expose, namely showing minimized windows. Although apple’s apps support fullscreen, many developers have yet to update their applications to work as seamlessly as Apple would have you believe. The new gestures are also pointlessly complicated, while in theory it sounds cool to use all five fingers to emulate “pushing away” open programs, it actually feels rather clunky, and is much less intuitive than a quick swipe up with four fingers. Until Apple or someone else allows me to customize my gestures, and adds minimized windows to mission control, Lion is useless to me.

  17. Atanu Ghose Says:

    Wow. That is a really biased report. It appears that a really non-technical person has written this. I can understand this report if it were titled iOS vs. Win7 for Laptops. As a vast majority of users are desktop users according to your article 94% are Win users of that more than 70% are desktop users – please remember there is a world outside of the US of A and a majority in terms of people do not and cannot afford the exhorbitant prices of Macs. I do not seen the relevance of these touch gestures, which are more confined to laptops and tablets. I use both Macs and PCs and they are both very good, however for the vast majority of people in developing and underdeveloped nations 99% users use PCs with either som version of Windows [98%], and Linux [1.8%]. So get real. I complete agree with Bryce when he says Snow Leopard is far better than Lion [ironically the Snow Leopards live in the extremely harsh environments of the upper reaches of the Himalayan mountain ranges and are extremely skillful and efficient hunters, also extremely rare. The
    lions are are fat overfed and lazy in most parts of Africa and one state in India where they are found. The lionesses are a different story altogether]. Moral of the story is that not everything that Apple does is the greatest and Lion is the Vista of the Apple world.

  18. PAUL Says:

    Lion vs windows 7 hmm…. Lets see which is better A 2 yearold BWM or the features on the latest model of Lexus… um duh. Ok. Really? Not exactly a even head to head. Still funny to see that Windows 7 holds up pretty well.

  19. Zabulous Says:

    It’s always fun to see the Windows guys wine when the obvious is posted on the internet. The UNIX based Macintosh is a better platform- better integration hardware, better integration with multimedia, better integration with future technology. I’ve used both platforms since 1984, and my Macintoshes have always worked better, lasted longer, and I could even sell them for a good percentage of what I paid for them. Windows is ok, and Windows 7 is a huge leap forward, but I’ve got work to do, deadlines to meet and I don’t have time to fight with unstable ill thought out interfaces and crappy hardware. I have to laugh at all the people I know who have Windows laptops. Not one of them has one that works completely – there’s always some hardware component that is bad, and they live in moral fear of the next malware attack. Everyone loves to say how hackable the Macintosh is, and yet I’ve been using OS X since it’s beginning and I’ve never had a malware issue with my machines, not once. It’s not about perceived security vulnerabilities, it’s about people actually using these machines day in and day out and the actual experiences that they have. Sort of like telling me how much better Windows 8 will be for tablets in 2012- how many times have we seen these wonderful proclamations from Microsoft only to see delay after delay and half baked junk. Consumers are finally understanding what makes a computer worth having and they’re heading for iPads because they finally understand what owning an Apple product actually provides – something that works as a tool to enhance your life experience and creativity.

  20. Rick Says:

    The sad thing about all of the comments I have read here is they start out by slamming the author saying that they must have been paid by Apple because apple wins most of the comparisons, BUT not a single one of you have seriously used a Mac for comparison. You are Microsoft fanboys and that is all there is to it.

    Both operating systems have their pros and cons. But from someone who used Windows since 3.0 and made the switch to Mac about 2 years ago, I can tell you that working on a Mac is much easier, offers a lot of great features, and is a lot more stable than Windows. Period. But, you’ll never know because you spend 5 minutes at Best Buy playing with it – or with a machine you support at work – and let that be the source of all of your judgement. I have to admit that it took me a few weeks to get used to the differences, but once I did, now there is no comparison.

    Also, a lot of people were commenting about the virus/malware issue and that Lion is more “susceptible” but Windows has more attacks. You are missing the point. If there are 100,000 attacks out there against a Windows machine and 10 against a Mac, by virtue of the numbers you are more susceptible to get attacked or get a virus with a Windows machine… period. You can’t claim that a machine is more secure simply because it is targeted more often, because it is targeted more often is what makes it less secure!

    You can commence the bashing of my comments, and that is ok, it doesn’t hurt my feelings. Just do your self a favor and quit taking so much ownership in the operating system you use… it’s worse than the Ford vs Chevy debate, and more ridiculous. Use what is best for what you need to do and like, and have an open mind that there might actually be something out there that is better than what you have.

  21. duckwithnukes Says:

    I love how everyone decides that this is a biased article because Lion won.

  22. Geola Says:

    It wasn’t the content of the article that stopped me from reading further – it was the annoying FLASH ads that covered the screen and had no close button.

  23. Manic Mouse Says:

    I love how the magazine is being called biased left, right and centre by people who’ve probably never even touched OSX in their life. In fact I would say it’s being kind to Windows if anything, there is no way that IE is a better browser than Safari and Lion costs a fraction of what Win 7 costs so it’s debatable whether it should have lost the value category (the machines it runs on are more expensive, not the OS which is £20).

    “I fail to understand why these articles are always biased against Microsoft.”

    Or, just maybe, there is no worldwide tech conspiracy and OSX is (in many ways) better than Windows 7? Could that be in any way possible?

    In some ways it lags behind, sure, notably in gaming although that is getting better with Steam support ever increasing.

    Maybe the next version of windows will get virtual desktops and an app store like OSX? No doubt you’ll all be hailing them as revolutionary new features despite the fact Mac users will have had them for years. Like how you all love the new Win 7 task bar a.k.a the Mac OSX dock.

    Windows 7 is a great operating system, don’t get me wrong. But people being completely ignorant irks me. If you have used both operating systems extensively and want to call the magazine biased then fair enough. But I can guarantee you those saying that haven’t used OSX.

  24. Nolander Says:

    I think quite a few features of both operating systems were left out. Win 7 and OSX have many more functions provided via hot keys. I don’t know OS X, but you can move windows between multiple displays using ++ as well as max/minimizing windows and temporarily making all windows disappear. My Computer can be open using +E and anywhere on the computer can be searched using +F. who needs multi touch feature when they can do everything from the keyboard without moving to the mouse/trackpad repeatedly.

  25. Luca Says:

    Although I am partial to Mac OS myself, I agree 100% with those that say that what is better is what works best for each user and articles like this ignore that vital detail.

    Also, there are several other flaws in this article. Erroneous information, bad comparisons and so on

    Starting with Multitasking comments. Alt+Tab is incorrect. Alt is the option key on a Mac and the keyboard shortcut is actually Cmd+Tab. Saying “You can’t close applications in Mission Control” just shows that you don’t understand what Mission Control is for. You totally ignore the “Spaces” feature other than a brush off mention in the opening. You also miss that there is a function key to open Mission Control (just as you implied there was only a key on the Airs for Launchpad)

    The multitouch comparison was an unfair negative on Windows because the efficiency is based on a factor outside of Windows control — the hardware. A fair negative might be that the same gesture can be programmed for too varied a selection of items. For the common user, remembering that two fingers is scroll but three is opening a program, for example, can be confusing. With Lion, it seems like Apple tried to keep the gestures a little more intuitive by making the change in the number of fingers a variation on a theme. Two fingers is swiping between pages in an app, three is swiping between apps, for example

    And frankly I’m shocked that you didn’t rate the change in scroll in Lion a negative. You just brushed it off. Why would it be a negative. Because for years, over a decade actually, folks have been trained to a particular type of scrolling as ‘natural’ and Lion now makes the opposite as ‘normal’. for those that have been playing with iPhones for the last 4 years it is a small change but to someone that hasn’t (like my grandfather) it’s a pain in the ass because things don’t go the way they should.

    While installed with Mac OS, Safari actually isn’t a part of the OS making including a discussion of web browsers a bit unfair. That said, aside from the full screen function, nothing in Safari is actually due to Lion but simply Safari. You brush over the fact that Safari also has hardware acceleration (has for a while), extensions etc (which might provide many IE style features) so you can get to what reads a bit like a paid ad for Internet Explorer.

    iLife is NOT part of Mac OS X and shouldn’t be included in any part of the discussion. Yes if you buy a new computer it is pre loaded but that is part of a separate deal with that purchase. The reason iLIfe ’09 is ‘untouched’ is because it’s not part of the OS. Also, iLIfe ’11 came out way earlier than Lion, thus why it is the one that gets all the new bells and whistles of full screen etc. But nothing else is really a Lion issue in those apps. And then you make a baby comment about Quicktime and Blu-ray, which are issues built into the OS and don’t bother discussing them or the equal for Windows. That’s really what you should be talking about when you want to discussion Multimedia and the OS. Not stuff that is an add on that just happens to be preloaded if you buy a new computer. Save that stuff for another article

    I’m curious, did those guys pay you to name drop their games? And why wasn’t purchasing software given its own header. Lets talk about the App Store v Marketplace shall we. Oh and -1 for the implication that the Mac App Store wasn’t ‘integrated’ into Snow Leopard. That was just the OS that debuted it and is required if you want Lion at all.

    In Security you ignore things like phishing alerts (to let folks know that the address they are going to might not be legit), requiring Admin passwords for all software installs that require root access, the whole “are you sure” alert when opening ANYTHING downloaded from the internet, the addition of the malware blocks in the OS which update in the background as needed etc. And Apple’s constant updating of the OS as needed for patching up security issues, like the update that went out this weekend.

    You totally ignore AutoSave, and Versions talking about Backing up in Lion. Instead you call them “Special Weapons” which just doesn’t make sense given the relationship between these items. You also brush over the fact that yes you can select and deselect what is backed up by Time Machine at least so some degree (something you point out with the Windows 7 talk). And pretty much all discussions of Restoring on either side.

    One sentence about the Mail App. Really? With all the changes you give it one sentence. Again, could have and probably should have been its own header.

    You talk of Shake as this mighty weapon on Windows and miss out that Lion has a really groovy Keyboard Shortcut called Hide Others (done with Option+Command+H) that hides everything but the app you are in at that moment. But they are all still on and active in the dock. Or that this declutter is part of the point of Mission Controls multi desktops so perhaps Shake should have been included in that discussion. Not down in Special Weapons that makes me sound more important than it is. And honestly how does the number of apps available to one OS (that can be put on your Mac if you really want to be that techie) really compare to autosaving or ease of accessing external drives etc. That whole section was cats and dogs with half the stuff either better as its own discussion or put in with other things.

    The article is about the OSes so why is hardware even being brought up. Talk about the value of the OS. Talk about the fact that Lion is $30.00 and can be used on up to 5 computers linked to the same Apple ID. Windows is at least twice that for the most basic version and works on one.

    Talk about ease of buying. Windows I can walk into any office supply or big box and pick up a copy on DVD. Lion I have to have at least one machine with Snow Leopard to get the installer and then go through hoops to put it a flash drive or burn a disk for the other machines if they don’t have Snow Leopard. Or order a USB drive online and wait for it to come in. But on the other hand there’s what 5 different versions of Windows with different uses but only one of Lion that covers everything (ignoring Server at the moment)

  26. jdm Says:

    Interesting readership for which the definition of “biased” is “when Microsoft doesn’t win”.

  27. Jafo Says:

    As Bryce already said, so also I do not feel comfortable with Lion at all. Snow leopard will be on my Macs for quite some time, waiting for Apple to clean up their act and provide a decent update.
    Having that said, my PCs are still running windows XP because Microsoft also failed to provide some decent updates.
    It looks like updates are lately only meant to make things more complex, not to make things better.

    Can I compare different windows versions to different OS X versions? Well I have extensive experience with them all but comparing them is just pointless. In my opinion it would be best to agree to disagree and a market for all different OSses will remain. Everyone can select what they like best and at the end of the day everyone is happy.

    Now forget about these kind of articles and resume your real activities.

  28. John Says:

    I believe that the Dell XPS model in the chart is a 2 Core i7 vs. a 4 core i7 on the Macbook. Just saying.

  29. Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief Says:

    I think it might be useful for those calling LAPTOP biased that we’ve been critical of the OS as well, both in the full review and in my own column about the switching experience.
    However, on balance we thought that Mac OS X delivered the better user experience based on this comparison. I do appreciate the thoughts on what should have been counted as rounds and what should have possibly been left out. When we do our face-off between Windows 8 and Lion we’d like to solicit feedback ahead of time.

  30. Logan9773 Says:

    Apple has Puzzle Moppet. Windows has Battlefield 3. Windows wins hands down.

  31. weezly Says:

    l o l

  32. v Says:

    I really can’t wait to see windows 8 and how it will CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!! (or copy even more extensivly mac os!) With lion released there are a bunch more features to copy.

    What really irks me about this article is that people get upset over the price and by complaining that a macbook air is 1199.99 and that you can get a WAAAAAAY better spec machine for 500$. Yea your specs are better you have your 24 terabytes of ram and your Quantum Physics Processor(made from Anti-Matter) with your ridiculously priced replaceable GeForce whateverthefuckingnumbertheychosetousenow FX ULTRA but the way Windows manages everything and especially opening up many apps (programs?) at the same time it becomes sluggish and unresponsive. Mac seems to be able to run adequatly everything with lesser specs.

    I have a 1 and a half year iMac, if i had a PC, i’d start to consider upgrading or replacing (was a die hard PC fan) but this machine is still going damn strong and runs everything without a hitch.

    And at the end of the day, that’s what a normal user wants. Something that will last a long time, boot up, not give bizarre error messages and be intuitive and have this (false?) sense of security.

  33. Wade Says:

    IMHO comparing W7 and MacOSX on a _laptop_ can only yield one clear winner, and LAPTOP called it.

  34. Mikefunktastic Says:

    I own a Macbook Pro, so unlike a lot of you keyboard warriors, I’ve used both OSes extensively.

    With that out of the way… W7 is hands down the better OS. Here’s why:

    1) Better interface
    -That’s right. Press the red ‘X’ and your program exits, completely. Want to do the same in OSX? Oh, oops, you have to “CMD + Q”.
    -Want to maximize windows to fill the entire screen in Mac OSX? No can do. have to install RightZoom to do it.
    -Pin commonly accessed programs AND related files on the Taskbar. Want to do the same in OSX? You’re SOL.
    2) Better navigation
    -Easily Alt-Tab back and forth between separate Explorer windows. Want to do the same in OSX? Oh, oops, you have to right-click the Finder in the stupid icon bar, move your mouse, and select the window you want to see.
    3) Better security
    -Sure, virus outbreaks happen, but Microsoft is on it like a fat kid seeing cake. Security updates happen almost nightly. Mac OSX updates happen on a monthly basis, at best. Real-life analogy would be comparing one house that is adding a new lock on a nightly basis, versus another house that adds on a monthly basis. You tell me which one is more ‘secure’.
    4) Better multimedia
    -WMP12 or Quicktime? Windows Media Center or… er… what does OSX have again?
    5) Better search
    -Spotlight makes you wait for an indefinite amount of time to “index search results” before you can find the item you want. Windows search just does it right off the bat. And as for including web results in Spotlight search… who the hell doesn’t just open their browser to search up what they actually want from the internet?
    6) Task Manager
    -Check what is bogging down your system. Unlike what Apple fanboys want to believe, Macs get bogged down just as often as W7. Want to know what’s slowing down your Mac? Have fun guessing.

    So with all that and other gripes I haven’t listed, why the heck did I buy a Mac? Because I had money to burn and wanted to see what the fuss was all about. And also for the minute chance that Steve Jobs might run into me and see… W7 running on my Mac.


  35. Ramsu Says:

    Luca is 100% correct. This is incorrectly made article.
    1. Multitouch. Really? It is OK on laptops but considering people with full size keyboards with macros and mices with macros it is useless.
    2. iLife 11 isn’t part of Lion, it is an add-on like PS Elements that comes with some Packard Bell PCs. So it shouldn’t be part of the comparison (at least in that important part of it)
    3. Multimedia experience without Blu Ray. Should be minus. And why so negative on Windows in this one? I don’t find it hard to find the entertainment I want on WMP. “Even in Windows Media Player, which does not use the ribbon interface, the user is met with a hodgepodge of columns and tabs for music, photos, video, and other media, which leaves a new user moaning in confusion”. I was something like 7 when I first used it, never before had I touched a PC nor did I understand anything about them, and I found what I founded using common sense. Music tab is for music etc.
    4. FaceTime=Skype. Just saying…
    5. Value. You didn’t mention anything about upgrades. All W7 desktops can be modified to your liking when you feel it is time for a change. On Macs you can add RAM. If you are lucky. And to say to V any W7 PC with same price tag will be better and faster than your Mac when comparing the hardware.
    6. You went far wrong when declaring a winner. Neither is better. It will ultimately go down on what are your preferences.

  36. Craig Says:

    “It wasn’t the content of the article that stopped me from reading further – it was the annoying FLASH ads that covered the screen and had no close button.”

    That does sound annoying. On a Mac, you just hit the “Reader” button and Safari extracts all the text and leaves behind all the ads and nonsense. Even better, it pulls the text from all connected pages into one long article. So you never have to hit “next page” again.

  37. Kaulana Says:

    Multi-touch has been a godsend. I am so much more productive now than I’ve ever been. I love the fact that i can esentially do keyboard shortcuts right on the trackpad. Not sure why so many of you are against it’s implimentation. Honestly, Windows is great for what it is: a computer I use at work to get spreadsheets and word docs produced and use lotus notes. But when I come home, i want to treat myself to a better, more streamlined experience that Lion provides.

  38. AlfieJr Says:

    these kind of “vs” articles are great to get people arguing. but of course the problem is, there is no possible One True Answer. people should just admit that up front.

    let me sit down with any individual and talk it all through with them, and i can boil it down to the pros and cons of each that would matter most to that particular person. there are dozens of variables and thousands of possible combinations for that equation. then they have to make a decision, try it, and see if they are happy with it, or not.

    i just want everyone to be happy.

  39. Prabhat Says:

    Mac Wins. It is more smooth, easy and reliable.

  40. HelpfulMacUser Says:


    1) Better interface
    -That’s right. Press the red ‘X’ and your program exits, completely. Want to do the same in OSX? Oh, oops, you have to “CMD + Q”.

    Meh, no big deal. It’s sometimes useful to have a program open with no active windows.

    -Want to maximize windows to fill the entire screen in Mac OSX? No can do. have to install RightZoom to do it.

    Agreed. It’s irritating.

    -Pin commonly accessed programs AND related files on the Taskbar. Want to do the same in OSX? You’re SOL.

    You know you can drag apps and documents to the right end of the Dock and they’ll stay there, right?

    2) Better navigation
    -Easily Alt-Tab back and forth between separate Explorer windows. Want to do the same in OSX? Oh, oops, you have to right-click the Finder in the stupid icon bar, move your mouse, and select the window you want to see.

    Try Command-Tilde. Does exactly what you want.

    3) Better security
    -Sure, virus outbreaks happen, but Microsoft is on it like a fat kid seeing cake. Security updates happen almost nightly. Mac OSX updates happen on a monthly basis, at best. Real-life analogy would be comparing one house that is adding a new lock on a nightly basis, versus another house that adds on a monthly basis. You tell me which one is more ‘secure’.

    Um… isn’t this beside the point a bit? Isn’t the point that we’d all prefer to live in the house that gets broken into less? Who wants to spend their life adding locks to a house?

    4) Better multimedia
    -WMP12 or Quicktime? Windows Media Center or… er… what does OSX have again?

    iTunes? QuickTime player? QuickView? How many more choices do you want for viewing media files?

    5) Better search
    -Spotlight makes you wait for an indefinite amount of time to “index search results” before you can find the item you want. Windows search just does it right off the bat. And as for including web results in Spotlight search… who the hell doesn’t just open their browser to search up what they actually want from the internet?

    Meh. Indexing does take a while the first time you set up Spotlight, especially on a full disk, but it’s pretty painless most of the time. It is a bit daft to include web pages in Spotlight searches; just turn it off in System Preferences if you don’t like it.

    6) Task Manager
    -Check what is bogging down your system. Unlike what Apple fanboys want to believe, Macs get bogged down just as often as W7. Want to know what’s slowing down your Mac? Have fun guessing.

    I see you’re charmingly unaware of Activity Monitor, the handy app sitting in /Applications/Utilities which does exactly this. For old-skool fun, you can also fire up a terminal, run “ps -ax” or “top” and then terminate unruly processes with extreme prejudice using “kill -9″.

  41. jordan findlay Says:

    mac os is hands down the better os their is no contest. in about 20 years when windows might catch up to osx their users will be praising the revolutionary features that mac users have had for years. the clean, user friendliness of the software is beutifull. i have used windows all my life and a few months ago when i got the 21 inch iMac it blew my mind. the only reason people ever say windows is better its because they own it, its like ps3 users saying the ps3 is better than the xbox. in every single way osx lion is better,there is not one aspect of windows that makes me want to switch back

  42. Good-ole-Apple Says:

    The best bit about this post is reading the comments. About 20 Win’doze’ fans with their arms up in air denying the facts and calling foul play, while Lion users are just too busy enjoying their OS to flame back.
    I personally feel that the author scraped to find something that Windows 7 won on. Take for instance value, he compared value of hardware, not the aforementioned software that this comparison is about, Lion upgrade – $29 Windows 7 upgrade (the range of its many ridiculous versions) – $79 – (from)$129+. Nuff said.

  43. jon Says:

    Why are these articles biased, was the author paid by apple? Clearly windows 7 is the far better option for almost all users but the ones that value style over substance. I would also like to ask how all these categories are considered equal in importance, parental controls valued the same as native browsers? touchpad gestures for gods sake is considered as important as value!?!? i would rather pay $500 less if it doesnt have gesture control thank you very much. It seems that windows wins all the important categories (value, internet browsers, gaming and multitasking) while mac wins all of the lesser importance categories e.g. parental controls (which is a small sub-menu of the settings, not an entire category), multitouch gestures (category?), search and backing up. Surely choice should also be considered, a couple of macbooks and imacs vs thousands of desktops and laptops running windows. Quite unhappy about the bias in this article.

  44. Dennis Says:

    Lion is the best! Much more stable, look beter linux unix is much safer then windows, lion is very easy, I hate windows 7 get still blue screens, and crach too much!

  45. Overlord Says:

    I am a gamer and I can play any games on my PC. Why does not any Mac user talk about that!!!!

  46. Inwester Says:

    Hmm…can the mac fanboys here tell me

    how to operate the macbook pro with lid closed? for e.g. while watching a movie on a monitor or a tv? Mac – gotta install caffeine

    how to connect an hmdi cable? Mac – well, you have to buy the minifreakingdisplayport adapter first.

    how to play bluray on mac? Mac – what is that

    another main thing everyone ignores is file browsing. finder is no comparison for explorer. windows is just easier than mac and so non-restrictive.

    how about heating issues?

    and my macbook pro crashes all the time and gives the grey-screen of death. mac experts don’t have a solution for this, well, one of course, will be to delete all non mac applications etc..
    for the record my macbook pro has crashed way more than the old crappy dell laptop running windows vista with umpteen applications installed.


    mac looks better and is a brand name people want to flaunt, nothing more than it. if you want a real laptop that works and caters to all your needs, get a $500 windows 7 laptop.

  47. Tim Cook Says:

    Mac definetly wins. It is more intuitive and has many nice and convenient features that Windows isn’t creative enough to provide. The only edge windows has is that there are many more applications for it but that is simply because it has been around longer.

  48. Jason Says:

    I think there’s a lot of ignorance between both sides in this flame war. We can go on and on about the different OS’s and how there are free/similar ways to do everything you want on both platforms. Until windows 7 i would hands down agree OSX ate XP/Vista for breakfast. Besides workforce apps and games there was really no reason to use windows ever again. However in this economy we had our IT budget slashed and instead of shiney new i5 computers they told us to make due. So we upgraded 5 year old dell optiplex computers to 4GBs, and put windows 7 64bit on them. Low and behold those core 2 6400 chips ran win7 about 30% faster than xp. And for the last 2 years I haven’t had to do any reinstalls or wipe any user accounts. It proven to be every bit as stable, fast and secure as our MACs and even our graphic designer replaced his 2yr old imac with a optiplex 780 and alluded that Adobes design premium suite works far better on win7 where the hardware specs were about the same. In any event this is just my personal experience. It bothers me to see people ignorantly bash things on the other side cus they don’t know the way the opposing side does the same thing, and they ALL do the same things.
    The best analogy i can use to defend windows (since lets face it osx doesn’t need defending), is to say that an apple pc is like a console, you never have much trouble with your xboxs and playstations etc, cus they are all made to perform so well with that piece of hardware. Much like how consoles play games very well but the same game on pc with more hardware has so many driver issues and hardware issues becuase of the millions of configurations out in the wild. Windows has to run on EVERYTHING, and until OSX is on 50% of the computers in the world, we can’t have a fair comparison on most of the things debated.

  49. Deerefreak Says:

    Prabhat Says:
    September 21st, 2011 at 11:54 am
    Mac Wins. It is more smooth, easy and reliable.

    HelpfulMacUser Says:
    September 25th, 2011 at 1:42 am

    1) Better interface
    -That’s right. Press the red ‘X’ and your program exits, completely. Want to do the same in OSX? Oh, oops, you have to “CMD + Q”.

    Meh, no big deal. It’s sometimes useful to have a program open with no active windows.

    -Want to maximize windows to fill the entire screen in Mac OSX? No can do. have to install RightZoom to do it.

    Agreed. It’s irritating.

    Deerefreak- in OS X Lion, the full screen capability is a matter of clicking in the top right of your window. Yes, it fills the screen entirely, so you can’t see the dock, but isn’t that the point of having it full screen?

    -Pin commonly accessed programs AND related files on the Taskbar. Want to do the same in OSX? You’re SOL.

    You know you can drag apps and documents to the right end of the Dock and they’ll stay there, right?

    2) Better navigation
    -Easily Alt-Tab back and forth between separate Explorer windows. Want to do the same in OSX? Oh, oops, you have to right-click the Finder in the stupid icon bar, move your mouse, and select the window you want to see.

    Try Command-Tab. Does exactly what you want.

    3) Better security
    -Sure, virus outbreaks happen, but Microsoft is on it like a fat kid seeing cake. Security updates happen almost nightly. Mac OSX updates happen on a monthly basis, at best. Real-life analogy would be comparing one house that is adding a new lock on a nightly basis, versus another house that adds on a monthly basis. You tell me which one is more ‘secure’.

    Um… isn’t this beside the point a bit? Isn’t the point that we’d all prefer to live in the house that gets broken into less? Who wants to spend their life adding locks to a house?

    4) Better multimedia
    -WMP12 or Quicktime? Windows Media Center or… er… what does OSX have again?

    iTunes? QuickTime player? QuickView? How many more choices do you want for viewing media files?

    5) Better search
    -Spotlight makes you wait for an indefinite amount of time to “index search results” before you can find the item you want. Windows search just does it right off the bat. And as for including web results in Spotlight search… who the hell doesn’t just open their browser to search up what they actually want from the internet?

    Meh. Indexing does take a while the first time you set up Spotlight, especially on a full disk, but it’s pretty painless most of the time. It is a bit daft to include web pages in Spotlight searches; just turn it off in System Preferences if you don’t like it.

    6) Task Manager
    -Check what is bogging down your system. Unlike what Apple fanboys want to believe, Macs get bogged down just as often as W7. Want to know what’s slowing down your Mac? Have fun guessing.

    I see you’re charmingly unaware of Activity Monitor, the handy app sitting in /Applications/Utilities which does exactly this. For old-skool fun, you can also fire up a terminal, run “ps -ax” or “top” and then terminate unruly processes with extreme prejudice using “kill -9″.

    Do your research, and don’t judge things that you don’t know for sure about. I used to be an avid Windows user, i loved Windows 7, I have downloaded Windows 8, and it is absolutely trash, unless you are looking to just browse the internet.
    After arguing about Windows being better. I finally made the switch, as I was in a work environment that was strongly Mac, and my Mac is so much easier to use, way more reliable, and I haven’t had any problems with it. I don’t have to worry about running Firewalls other than what is built into OS X. It is seamless. I used to defend Windows strongly, now I know the truth BECAUSE, I have taken the time to learn about OS X.

  50. Nick 12321 Says:

    Better security
    Windows 7 has better security but only 3.5% of the computers are mac so hackers go for PCs

  51. Dillon Says:

    I don’t see why all you windows fanboys are hating on an os you haven’t tried, I’ve only seen a Mac crash once, and thats because it was out of battery! My moms PC crashed at least ten times this week! I have good experience with OS X and w7, and as far as I can see, w7 was a great update, but it’s still not nearly as great as OS X. Another reason OSX works better is because it runs on a machine completely designed for OSX. Apple is clearly a better maker of software+ hardware, and I simply adore it.

  52. Dillon Says:

    So shut up!
    (look at my previous comment (: )

  53. Jase Says:

    The Mac VS Widows or Windows VS Mac discussions are just plain silly. An Operating System is just software. An Operating System is preference based, in the end you get to choose what you want. Mac or Windows. I have used Windows, Mac and Linux and in the end its what kind of user experience you like and not what someone else likes. I like Windows because of its compatibility with many choices of software and hardware and it can be really secure. I haven’t had a virus in many many many years on Windows. Mac OSX has a good graphical user interface and is really good with resources how ever Its not worth me spending $1,500 or so. I can build a computer with the same specs and even most of the same hardware %50 or more, cheaper. The Price of a Mac can be the price of a High End Gaming PC. My preference base is PC because I can build it according to what I want, Low End, Med End, or High End Gamer. I can choose Windows or Linux or I can have both. In the end its all what you want for an operating system according to your needs.

  54. Larus Says:

    I totally agree Jase. All this is childish … people need to realize that what’s best/work for them, isn’t best or work for others. And there’s no need to judge others for what they use. Enjoy what works for you & let others do the same. Peace!

  55. Neo Says:

    Being a pen tester at our company for 18 years, I disagree with the security assessment between each OS.

    The article says “Although Macs are becoming more interesting to hackers, Windows users are still much more susceptible to malware. In addition, frequent security software alerts and Windows OS updates are annoying.”.

    The fact is there’s more malware for Windows than there is for any other OS, that much everyone knows, however that also describes why Mac folks seem to think why they’re safer. It would be like saying a green skinned person is safer in a dangerous neighborhood because malicious people seem to target rainbow colored people because there’s more of them around. It doesn’t mean green skinned folks can’t be harmed or are more resilient to harm.

    So what happens when malicious people target the green skinned people? Well, the antimalware process within OS X (xprotect) could not do anything against the MacDefender trojan. Like most AV/AntiMalware products, they can’t detect something the software doesn’t recognize. Apple updated its signature file with xprotect and it finally was able to take care of it, nothing different from any Windows equivalent. OS X’s antimalware approach does not appear to be anything new or special and is completely dependent on the signature file. What this means is when equal attention is upon OS X as it is with Windows, OS X is no better (if not worse, explained below) off.

    So how secure is OS X compared to Windows? Well both has their share of issues, for Windows there are methods to gain elevated access which bypasses the UAC and DEP completely without any user interaction. Not everything is protected under ASLR as long as it uses DLL’s (shared libraries), but the same goes for OS X as well. Windows may appear to be more vulnerable at first but there’s more anti-exploitation tools readily available for Windows. If a Mac experiences something xprotect can’t deal with, there’s not much anyone can do about it until Apple resolves it, constituting a severe problem.

    For OS X, non-root users can retrieve password hashes stored within Lion without any elevated access.

    Lion’s LDAP implementation allows any password to be used.

  56. Neo Says:

    1 more thing I forgot to add, some may find updates annoying like the writers of this article but I find it very refreshing to see that a company is actively trying to protect you and doing it often… personally, I like seeing those updates. Security software alerts and OS update notifications are welcomed on any of my personal machines however for those who don’t care to see them can simply choose options to allow things to happen quietly.

  57. Jase Says:

    Windows has gotten very secure over the years, Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 are very secure, more secure then Windows XP. I have been running Windows Vista and Windows 7 for years and never had any issues with them. The UAC is a good feature in windows. I have it set where I am just a basic user, anything that needs access to the system to install or to change system settings will ask me for an administrator password. Its very secure. I never had any virus’s or mailware installed onto my system since. Windows is the most popular OS therefore of course its gonna be attacked more often and more people are going to write virus’s / mailware for it. There are even Virus’s and Mailware for the Mac, just not as many of them written. There is no such thing as a perfect %100 secured OS. Mac OSX even has flaws in it itself, every OS does. Mac / Windows / Linux all have updates and the Mac updates are just as annoying. The fact of the matter is that everyone has the right to choose what they want either Windows or Mac. Its what their preference is. If someone wants compatibility with a wide range of software choices and hardware then Windows is best. If someone just wants to serf the net and use the programs that are mac compatible then mac would be acceptable. Windows and Mac OSX are both good platforms.

  58. HalfBlazed Says:

    I would first like to state that I use both OSX Lion and Windows 7. I really find it funny that the word “bias” has come to mean that Windows didn’t win. Perhaps Apple is really doing some great things FOR the industry?

    Fact of the matter is, Microsoft has simply been floating on market share for the last decade and has yet to bring any sort of relevant innovation. I guarantee 95% of the people commenting against Lion have never used it for any significant amount of time. Furthermore, many are saying that Windows is better because OSX does things differently than Windows, thats retarded.
    Next, those of you who are saying that “no-one uses multitouch gestures” really destroyed your creditability. I ONLY use a mouse on my MacBook Pro for Photoshop/Illustrator or other application that requires me to be precise, otherwise I use the trackpad exclusively, I love it, and any other Mac user will tell you the same. I have never used a trackpad on a WinPC that hasn’t made me want to throw it out the window.

    As for the article, if anything, Laptop Magazine gave free points to Windows 7, i.e. Multitasking, value and Web browsing.
    Internet Explorer is one of the worst pieces of software on the planet and I guarantee most Windows users either use Chrome or Mozilla. Safari is amazing. Its not cluttered and you don’t get 8000000000 tool bars all the sudden bogging your computer down, plus their are a bunch of awesome extensions you can DL directly from Apple to get rid of flash, ALL ads etc. By the way, has anyone EVER used one of those IE tool bars? Like ever?

    Multitasking, what multitasking capabilities does Windows 7 have? Alt+Tab? Thats about it as far as I can see. I can have 16 different desktops and I can clearly see their content and where they are with the swipe of my fingers.

    Value, this is truly retarded. Lion cost 29.99 and guess what WinPC guys!?! THERES ONLY ONE VERSION!!! Thats right! No Starter, Proffessional, Ultimate, Enterprise, Basic, Home basic BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    The only real reason to use Windows (the only reason I use it) and thats to play the big headlining games. But that has nothing to do with Apple. Microsoft only allows DX games to be played on their platform; they payed developers back in the day to only write in that inferior code, which is saving their a**. If MS hadn’t done that all games would be written in OpenGL and everyone could play! Yay!

    Finally, I never trust anyone who talks s*** about Macs simply because they have most likely never extensively used one. However, every single Mac user has used Windows and used it a lot. I guarantee if those people were given a Mac for a month to use they would never even consider using Windows again. Problem is, many geeks are only concerned with numbers, they don’t think that Macs have enough hardware to meet their needs. Fact of the matter is OSX will always run twice as fast (smoothly) with half the hardware and Apple knows it. Their not going to waste money fitting their computers with retarded, power consuming hardware that 99% of the users don’t give two s***s about. Take for example the iPad. The iPad doesn’t have near the hardware that some of these bargain bin Android tablets have and yet the iPad OWWWNs that market 5 times over. Furthermore I have never used a device that works so fluently. Mac will always own PCs because they are built from the ground up. The hardware is built to seamlessly and integrated in the OS.

    Thats my piece. Open your f***ing minds and quit being brainwashed into thinking that Windows is the only OS on the market worth using. For god sakes at least use Linux.

  59. Peter Murphy Says:

    I stopped reading after I saw that under price advantage, the comparison chart between the 15″ MacBook Pro and the Dell shows a 2.7GHz i7 vs a 2.2GHz i7 with the Dell winning…. that 2.7GHz i7 is a hyper-threaded dual core processor, the 2.2GHz is a hyper-threaded quad core processor. According to passmark, that’s 3938 points vs 6082 points; is this comparison a joke? And no offense, I see two year old Dell laptops fail all the time; often times bad hardware failures too. I see plenty of 5 year old MacBooks/even Powerbooks, still running strong. Also, how the heck does Windows 7 win in multitasking? I’ve owned PCs and Macs for years; expose has been around since Mac OS 10.3 and I’ve never found anything that can help you change apps and whip around windows faster once you get used to the gestures. And spaces… hello? I know it’s called Mission Control in Lion, but you can assign a keyboard command to take you to each desktop, such as Command+1,2,3, etc., and drag apps with you as the desktop moves. Windows cannot manage, well… it’s own “windows” like this, period. Though in the end, it’s what you feel more comfortable using.

  60. Real World Experience Says:

    Why won’t Apple computers (even with Lion & the latest version of QuickTime) play AVCHD files like .mts or .mt2s files natively? I’m a film student and I work with PCs with 7 and New Apples with Lion. I shoot video using modern Canon video cameras (XA10, HFS100) that record video to removable SD cards. Unfortunately, if I copy the files directly off the SD card to an Apple, it won’t play or recognize the .mts files (a standard AVCHD format used by many camera companies today). I must connect my camera directly to the Apple computer and transfer it. What if I shoot with three or four cameras and need to share all the raw footage? I should be able to copy the files from all the cameras to some portable media like a hard drive instead of having to bring three or four video cameras to a meeting to do the transfer. And what do we do in the future, when there are many users with .mts files, etc. that have already been copied off the cameras or SD cards and therefore the video is no longer available on the camera (for transfer to the Apple)? By the way, Windows 7 computers recognize, show thumbnails and play .mts, .mt2s, etc., (AVCHD files) all natively. Why not Apple? And don’t tell me all I need to do is use some tool to convert the files. I should NOT have to do anything! Apple is supposed to make things easy. Not true! Apple makes it a pain! In my experience Windows 7 is far superior to Lion.

  61. Geocool Says:

    I Don’t agree with Windows Management. Lion Windows Management is by far better with mission control .
    Also windows 8 are going to use something like mission control. ( It’s good why not to copy ) :)

    About Security.
    People Say that Mac security is better. This is true because there aren’t many malware for mac. Also if a malware appears apple finds it right away.
    Although we can’t compare Mac security with windows security 1 to 1 because windows has so much attention from hackers and people that create malware.

  62. Conor Buckley Says:

    I must disagree with the value component of the testing. You cannot compare the hardware for this test as this test is supposed to be about the software. It would be wiser to compare the upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion and Vista to 7.
    I also believe Macs are built much more solid and reliable than most Windows/Linux computers. This is a software debate. Not a hardware debate.

    After being a long-time Windows an Mac user my verdict is this; Windows is for practicality but lacks an intuitive under interface where as Mac has a very innovative user interface and experience but lack the practicality that Windows offers. However, if somebody was buying their first computer I would most definitely recommend Windows as there is plenty of help around for a newbie and it means they won’t need to find alternative software for Mac.

    P.S I share some common ground with others on allowing gestures to be a deciding point. I personally prefer keyboard shortcuts.

    Sincerely, Conor Buckley.

  63. Conor Buckley Says:

    “This feels like flame bait like all other Windows v. Mac debate. Writers keep confusing the concept of security v. safety. Windows is like a big fortified house in the middle of a busy street-more people will try to sneak in. Mac is a nice dead-bolt house in a far away suburb. It may not be secure, but it’s safe.”

    That would have to be the best analogy I have heard so far. Thanks for your input.

  64. Chris Says:

    I have my misgivings against the comparison and agree with what one commentator stated, “why on earth are all the categories weighted equally!?!?!” Furthermore, why and how were the categories even created? Is this the de facto standard that everyone is running to for their MacOS vs Win7 fix?

    I personally am a Windows user, however, I do provide support for Macs and even into Linux. Now having said that, I prefer Windows, it doesn’t mean that MacOS is bad, because it isn’t bad. I just prefer Windows 7. There, done. Both systems have their pros and cons and buyer should base “their” needs and wants to those pros and cons.

    For those who say, “I have 20 Dell’s that failed on me this week,” vs “my Mac has never failed on me.” Wow, talk about anecdotal evidence. Your Grandma’s PC failed 10x this week? Maybe you should have a talk with grandma instead and see what she is doing to her computer.

    Watch how easy this is. I had a Dell laptop that never once failed on me and had no viruses. I currently have a Sony that has never failed me and has had no viruses or malware. I manage 100s of PCs and guess what!? the same! I have run into Macs that have had networking issues, malware and hard drive failures. Drives fail, malware is written, get over yourselves and move on.

  65. Jobel Says:

    3) Better security
    -Sure, virus outbreaks happen, but Microsoft is on it like a fat kid seeing cake. Security updates happen almost nightly. Mac OSX updates happen on a monthly basis, at best. Real-life analogy would be comparing one house that is adding a new lock on a nightly basis, versus another house that adds on a monthly basis. You tell me which one is more ‘secure’.

    Windows by default downloads updates (almost every day it seems) and shuts down the PC automatically. If you’re running a program and don’t notice the update running behind it, it shuts down without warning and quits your program without saving. Of course you can change this behaviour but it’s not completely obvious how without searching for the solution online. ALL PC users I know find this irritating.

    OSX on the other hand brings up a window showing you updates available and does nothing until you click either install or quit. It also tells you if you need to shut down (rarely, not EVERY TIME) and gives you the option to cancel shutdown.

    Also to note OSX installs updates BEFORE shutdown not during, or on startup for that matter.

  66. fitimaj Says:

    come on man how much did Apple paid you guys , Windows Firewall is the best Firewall in the OS World , everybody knows that , even Mac and Linux experts accept that , Windows 7 has way better Interface the Lion .

  67. Justin Says:


    What you’re saying is unfortunately pretty untrue and is really stereotypical of a “Mac convert”. Virus definition updates do not restart your computer; you can download them and go about your business as you wish. Considering that that is an almost daily occurrence as you say, your computer is therefore not restarting almost every day.

  68. Jobel Says:


    What you’re saying is unfortunately pretty untrue and is really stereotypical of a “Mac convert”.

    You clearly have not read my post properly. The setting by DEFAULT on new PC’s is to restart the machine down after running a Windows update. I have plenty of friends with PC’s who have encountered this and I’ve seen it for myself on my parents laptop which, by the way, I spent some time figuring out how to stop it doing this. EVERY SINGLE PC friend of mine says this is irritating. Also who mentioned virus definition updates? I mentioned Windows updates.

  69. Garry Says:

    come on man how much did Apple paid you guys , Windows Firewall is the best Firewall in the OS World , everybody knows that , even Mac and Linux experts accept that , Windows 7 has way better Interface the Lion .

    Care to share your supporting evidence?

  70. Dave Says:

    LOL @ All these Windows Fanboys.

    First: OS X Lion IS MORE SECURE THAN WINDOWS 7. Period. There are hundreds of articles across the internet supporting this claim. And even IF OS X was less secure than Windows (which it’s not), you are STILL MORE LIKELY TO BE HACKED ON A WINDOWS COMPUTER.

    Second: Windows still has Registry. Everyone I know with a W7 computer starts to have problems about 6 months down the road in terms of speed and reliability with W7. People just install crap. The same went for my dad, his computer was just bogged down with shit. Last year, I bought him a Mac, and he has no issues with system slow-downs. It seems that Windows was built for people who have a lot of time on their hands maintaining their computer. Boring. I have better things to do.

    Third: PC manufactures make shoddy hardware, and therefore translates to a bad overall computing experience. The only manufacture that I know of that makes half-decent computers is Asus. By supporting manufactures that make crappy hardware, you are saying to them, “YES, PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAKE GARBAGE, WE LOVE THIS STUFF!”

    I’m not saying Apple hardware isn’t overpriced, but it definitely has a lot more value than most PC’s. Value =/= Specs, by the way. It’s about overall user experience and reliability, which is extremely hit and miss with PC’s.

  71. dniffenegger Says:

    In your assessment, you leave out two windows features that would change your assessment:

    “Security and Parental Controls,” you forget that microsoft also has full encryption. Not sure if it offers sandboxing but it does encrypt, especially within network applications. However, some of that is only in Win7 Pro and Ultimate. That’s one the challenges of comparing OSX and MS Win: only one version of OSX but 4 of Win. There are pros and cons to both strategies so I don’t want to get into that debate.

    Under “Special Weapons,” you give mac credit for AutoSave and Revert. However, both were stolen straight from MS! Windows has had autosave since like Win98 and possibly as early as Office 5.0. Revert was introduced in Vista which mac so proudly ridiculed as worthless and only a knockoff of OSX. So Mac now gets the credit?

  72. blabbers Says:

    I love how everyone is yelling “BIASED!!!!!!!!!” just because Lion won.
    I’ll bet you that if Windows won, it would be just the same.

  73. Slartybartfast Says:

    So a poxy magazine votes Lion the winner and people are up in arms? Is this magazine the computer holy bible?

  74. anothervamp Says:

    I agree with the article. Lion certainly wins. But not for the fun aspect. There are no real games. I’m using both Windows and Mac. I’m using my Mac for general tasks that I do everyday and serious stuff, but if I want to play a game or have fun, Windows is on. And the value part… definitely agreed. It’s a shame Macs are so expensive. The MBP looks like junk compared to the Dell. I think there should be a formula for the perfect OS. As of today, none of them meet it. So, Windows users, stop moaning, and Mac users, stop boasting. Both are good OSes, but for different uses. Period.

  75. Neel Says:

    ok I will try to keep this simple(apple joke if you get it) I use a mac I love mac. I don’t have headache’s anymore because of it I got virus left and right on a windows computer it always ran slow. Steve Job’s was a genius may he rest in peace is a mac expensive yes but have you heard the old saying you get what you pay for and I think the price is worth it did I have to save up for quite some time to get my mac yes but it was worth it. I have had my mac for a year now and it has not slowed down if I had any computer running windows be it asix or alien ware it be slow as hell right now. Another thing about a mac I can take the the last OSX Snow Leopard and put it on the old iMac laptops and it still run would it run kinda of slow yes but try doing that to an old windows computer from about 5 or 10 years ago but use window 7 will not work right I would know I tried. Just to prove my point. Like it, Hate it, Or Love it facts are facts Mac is better hands down and I know millions or thousands of people will sit here and post other wise but weather you like it or not mac’s are better. O little known fact steve jobs was one of bills friends who helped make the original windows when bill stole it from his friends air go Steve jobs knows windows and how to make a better program. Also other little known fact windows if nothing but one of the many Mac clones that was made before jobs got fired from apple the first time but he stopped it when he got rehired so windows just tried to build one what apple let them have but steve had a new toy that he had brought back with him from his job with NEXT computer ever here of UNIX way better than DOS which windows still uses.

  76. Derelikt Says:

    I ditched windows for mac osx lion, namely because of the productivity jump I got, plus, I can run windows software natively in the mac os environment. Yes, the hardware is more expensive, but I build gaming machines for the same price as this mac cost and it was a gaming machine right out of the box, I’m an EX-Mac hater, now a Windows and Mac lover, all the microsoft people out there have no clue where they are coming from because they either won’t use a mac or are too broke to afford one, either way, their loss

  77. MNSiw Says:

    I’m a Windows (95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and now Dev) user for last 15+ years, started using Mac OS for few months, in my honest opinion Mac OS X (Snow Leopard and Lion) is lot better than Windows, it has better interface, stability and accessibility. If you are a Windows user, take sometime to learn Mac, you’ll realize it yourself.

  78. sameer Says:

    os x lion the best

  79. anothervamp Says:

    OK, scratch what I said before. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 on my mac with bootcamp, without antivirus software. I went to avast! website to grab a trial and guess what? I got a virus as soon as I opened IE. A few days later, my cousin got Lion on her Macbook. While it has 2GB RAM and 256MB VRAM, lion still runs super fast. And look at it’s size! Windows 7 Ultimate was about 36GB with Windows XP mode and Lion is about 4GB and does much more. Even the macbook air can run lion at a good rate. Windows is plain s*** in when compared. Mac is just better and now I realized it. Even for games, there’s nothing wrong with OpenGL (it’s actually better than DirectX). It’s just because EA, Activision and whoever else work with PCs. But think about it. EA secretly installs spyware on your computer and Activision has milked CoD. What about Valve? You can’t deny that Portal is a great game. Is it coincidence this runs on mac while Battlefield 3 does not? Mac is higher quality. And looking in depth, as a software-software war, Mac wins. Windows 7 has about 6 different versions. Starter does nothing at all and Ultimate has many things you don’t need. Lion is just one version and does anything you want already. I’m not even mentioning that 7 is just a cleanup version of Vista. it is just that M$ wants money. Apple is always going to better and you PC users can do nothing about it. I have friends who had been using Windows since 98 came out and now they are buying a mac and love it. still a coincidence? And Windows is actually much more expensive than mac. How many times do you need to repair it? My cousin has had her MacBook for 2 years and it is running like a charm. If she had a PC, would it be running like a charm after 2 years? No. just no. Windows is just crap and I wonder why people keep using it. I mean, even Linux (especially the Arch distro) is better. And it’s not like Linux is a bad OS. It is an increasingly amazing power of the freedom of computer use. Windows is falling and Mac rules. Period.

  80. Zain Says:

    Sorry Sir but I am using win since 5-6 months and it works super fast………………………………….!
    I love window Because it save me a lot of time. It’s ease is just remarkable

  81. anothervamp Says:

    I have been using Win 98, Win XP, Win Vista and 7 in a row and then i switched to mac. it’s MUCH better than windows 7 by all means. And basically, there is no comparison. Windows 7 Ultimate costs EU319 here. Mac OS X Lion costs just EU24. And I also qualify for a free upgrade. Do you get that on Windows? Windows 7=Vista cleanup. Something Micro$oft should have offered for free. Mac also beats you in speed. Except if it is Alienware. I admit it’s faster. The $999 MacBook Air is definately faster than a $999 Acer or anything. And you know what: a friend of mine has PowerMac G5, 2-core and it still beats that quad-core Intel Celeron of another Windows laptop (in that case, Dell). And he runs on a dual-monitor. Also, Mac is cheaper in long-time use. How much do you pay for decent antivirus software and how much RAM does it take away from your computer? Also, Adobe’s products are MUCH better for Macs, and also much more efficient. Windows is just TERRIBLE for graphic design. The only GOOD product Micro$oft ever had is Office. M$ also had the stupid to tie system files and program files too closely. Program error in registry=Reinstall Windows. Program Error in Mac=Boot in safe mode and trash the program.

  82. Asdf Says:

    What the people here complain about is irrelevant to most matters. For gamers, business, productivity and functionality windows 7 hands down. Visual development the money goes straight for osx. In my experience I’ve always used windows xp. When I moved to Florida all the schools use is macs they’re sluggish, unproductive and most of all visually unappealing(compared to W7). Time and time again I try to see the use in them but they fail to compare to windows. I’m a senior and in my high school we have the late 2010 early 2011 iMacs and they still don’t compare to my 2009 W7 pc. I’ve checked them and everything with intel i7 they still lag behind even my custom built pc which has an amd phenom ii 4x 920 and 4GB ram no video card just integrated hd 4200. In concept my custom build should be slower but in fact runs twice as fast if not faster. Especially my second OS Ubuntu.

    So all these people who are supportting Mac is the fact that they’ve never had the chance to have a full rich immersive feel of windows 7. Its just like console wars where fanboys have never gotten to experience other consoles because they’re to stubborn and only defend they’re favorite instead of experimenting

  83. Callmebob Says:

    Lol at all the butthurt windows fanboys mad that that os x won
    Os x SHOULD have won interface, browser, and value. Writer just went easy on windows, imo.The only one windows fans could claim it unfairly lost was multimedia. Even if you give windows multimedia it still gets destroyed.
    Not here to debate with windows guys, keep using it if your satisfied.
    I’m actually here to call out the lion haters.
    If you’re moving slower in lion it isnt because lion sucks its cause you need to change some settings and do things the lion way.
    It’s not that hard
    Here’s what I did. If you follow this I guarantee you’ll be moving faster than snow leopard

    Make use of hot corners
    (One for application windows, one for mission control, one for launcher, and one for pushing the windows away)
    Get rid of the gestures so you won’t aciddently use them
    Use control and arrow to change spaces if you aren’t on a trackpack or ours typing.
    Use command tilde for window management
    Get a nice mouse like a Logitech mx performance for macros and other shortcuts
    There’s software out to personalize the os shortcuts and gestures to more of your liking. You can change everything if you want to
    (I don’t need them, but plenty of ppl love them)

    That’s it, if you follow everything I said, I guarantee you’ll enjoy lion more than snow leopard for more tips

  84. Callmebob Says:

    ^^^ typed with my phone @ 2am. excuse me for all the errors

  85. IT Guy Says:

    It is a mistake to get emotionally attached to any company or technology. Believe me, they don’t give a crap about you, they just want your money. Keep your mind open, try new things and take the time to learn. To bash any technology you haven’t tried and learned is only doing yourself an injustice. Further, what’s great today may suck tomorrow.

    I would bet that most the posters here have used Windows and know it well. I would bet that those who criticize Lion haven’t used it and if they have they didn’t do themselves the favor of learning.

    I am a long time Windows user. Windows 7 is a good thing, I am fairly productive on it. After having to reinstall it for the third time on my home PC, I figured it was time to give a Mac a try. I got the latest Air. It is simply wonderful. It is fast, easy to use and things just work. The multi touch pad is awesome by the way, the multi touch gestures are huge productivity boosters. There are a few things that irk me, and I have much yet to learn, but once again, I actually enjoy working now sitting with my paper light blazing fast always responsive super long battery life brilliant display giant trackpad backlit keyboard Air. This thing is a game changer, and before you knock it, do your self a favor, get one and try it for a few weeks. Many chains will let you return it if you’re not happy.

    Finally, this article is good, I tend to agree with what they have to say.

    Next time you find yourself calling somebody a fanboy, ask yourself, ‘why am I defending this company, what have they ever done for me?’. Defend your family, your friends, your loved ones – not some faceless corporation that would sell you down the river in a second to increase their eps by one penny.

  86. PK_Fire Says:

    Its easy to say if you are a PC user to say that nobody uses multitouch gestures, or that they are a dumb feature. I, as an objective user of both Macs and PCs strongly disagree. Sure, it may take all of but ten minutes to get used to exactly what each customizable gesture does, but it quickly becomes natural and fluent. I find that for casual purposes, the gestures make tasks alot easier to do with Lion. Especially on laptops, PC’s are clunky and extremely inefficient with desktop space. You only have 1 desktop with windows, and no way of grouping your different tasks together. On lion, there are several features including Mission Control, expose, the multiple desktop space, and the dashboard to name a few. As far as the security issue, any competent person can avoid being ‘hacked’ as some might describe it, not only because there is not a demand, (but also because you can always pop in Ubuntu and deal with your problems from there.) And finally, Cmd Prompt sucks, badly. Unix based OSs have much more logical terminal command systems with many more commands.

  87. PK_Fire Says:

    Better touch tool and Alfred are beautiful applications that allow I think greatly improve OS X. BTT allows you to customize the touch gestures + allows you to create new ones. (It even has a window snapping feature similar to the one in Windows 7.

  88. machine Says:

    Mac sells hardware and Win sells software.To get an edge Mac does not support just any PC it supports a Mac built PC.Apple along with it’s marketing has created a cult following.Most Mac users don’t eat meat and drink lots of wine and are seduced by Indian culture.They follow Steve Jobs like he is their personal Antichrist Savoir.

  89. po_kyu Says:

    Im own a macbook pro with lion, a lenovo with Windows 7. and windows 7 is far better because it have paint(which I use for 9gaging. photoshop is for p*ssies). though browsing 9gag is definitely better with that gesture and sh*t.

    in terms of hardware, mbp is like a cheese a delicious cheese and lenovo is like a tank which take a great beating from my toddler son, which he enjoys jumping on it(and it works).

    I can play games on mac os x lion via steam(left 4 dead 2) but have greater FPS when running on windows 7(on bootcamp) even though apple provide a very lousy drivers.

    And by the way for Libre Office or Open Office what is the mac equivalent for ALT? because most of its shortcut keys accompanied by this key. eg.. ALT+F+F(Auto Filter).

  90. Stefan Says:

    OSX Tiger is better then all Windows Versions combine, sry Win folks, your OS sucks, and yes even Win 7. I dont care if you agree, nether i care if you are “hating” OSX because NOONE of you are tried it really day by day.

    You just all pissed that someone in the World make a OS thats better then your fu.. gaming OS Windows.

    Oh but Lion haz no games, SO? I DONT CARE!

    Computer are for everything, gaming, work, education. Not for fucking CrysisOMFGWoWOWOW.

    Geeeeeezeee and we Mac Fans called strange, look at all these comments, plain, fucking fanboyism, but hey never change a crashing system, oooohhhh i forgot “my system didnt crash anytime” yeah because you only play games and setup some virtual memory, wiiiiiiiiiiiii your deh hack0rs….

    IF this Article would be honest, “all” points would go to OSX Lion (yeah yeah your lovly gaming…) but thats it, why is browsering no point for Mac? Why? So stupid, or Value? OR MULTITASKING?!?! ahhh screw that Windows User, screw this Article, screw all your fucking geniusesesseses.

    Rage quit!

  91. Wick Says:

    The article left out a huge part of the argument. Due to Apple’s company structure and corporate mission, their emphasis on providing exceptional customer support blows away anything that Microsoft has to offer. Also, the value argument is flawed. The price of a Mac is higher, no doubt, but in most cases, the quality of the product you are buying is better.

    In my experience, Macs tend to outlive their windows counterparts, and require less maintenance as they age. Granted, with the speed that technology improves, this argument doesn’t matter for some, but for a lot of people, keeping a computer for 5+ years works just fine.

    Note: Why would anyone use IE or Safari when Chrome is available. Native browser should not even be a topic here. XD

  92. Jonathon Says:

    The only reason why people are so annoyed that Apple is the clear winner here- is because you people are just jealous!!!!!! Apple completely kills Windows when it comes to Computers, however when it comes to phones the Android system is allot better!

  93. macmini-user Says:

    Just to let you know, I used Lion OSX since in my new mac mini 2012 since last December till Jan this year. Just had to try OSX Lion to see what all the fuss is about. Then I made the switch back to Win 7 by using Dual Boot. Here is my final conclusion: Mac OSX Lion lover MUST DIE! Muahahahahaha. Period.

    Seriously, apple wins in hardware that lasted longer but HEY, u use an OS to run applications and windows simply have far more useful applications than Apple and hence useful. MW3, Battlefield 3, MS Office, software development, …

    For those who say windows are too insecure, DO your own research before you install any software! I don’t get virus as I don’t visit dangerous site, use social networking sites or install whatever I don’t research on by googling… Haaaa

    For someone who stick by Mac OSX simply because they gave up windows (Ok, they were aweful, I admit) long time ago (but now is 2012) AND never use win7? …. conclusion: Mac OSX Lion lover MUST DIE! ahahaha

    There may be a special niche of applications, e.g. graphics designer, software development, … where Lion shines and user of those app stand by it but that’s it…

  94. psamtik Says:

    I’d say it’s down to personal preference, I have both but much prefer windows 7 as it is far less restrictive than OS X outside of it’s default install software and hardware options and Lion is so far seeming no better for me, with my mac pro being little more than an expensive docking bay for my ipod classic these days. Apple really need to start treating users like adults instead of hiding so many options and locking away so much from many users by making the options terminal commands.

    I only recommend Lion to those who already have macs as it’s basicially what windows would call a service pack upgrade as opposed to a reall new revision, and for new users in the mid price range PC market that are looking for somthing for basic use in a pretty box that putts pretty much all your options in a basic user interface for you to use (great for the clueless users). Otherwise i’d say Windows 7 PC all the way especially in the low end and high end markets where the flexibility is far more appealing, plus you hit far less artificial walls and hurdles (more than XP still but far less than Lion).

    Lion is like riding a bike with stabilisers, great if you can’t use a PC, but Windows 7 is like riding a bike on your own, so much more is open to you and the end results are far more appealing.

  95. Jay Estux Says:

    I don’t get the people that say Lion is more susceptible to virus/malware attacks. Lion not only is targeted less but a program cannot run on Lion without your permission, the same is not true for windows. On windows a program might start itself, and then attach itself to other processes without you even knowing it exists. On Mac you have to give the program permission to run and even then the program cannot do any malicious damage without an administrator password. You are thinking of the old Mac OS 9. The new Mac OS X has a Unix based kernel, only the GUI is from the old Mac OS, which is the most secure OS therefore Mac OS is way more secure than windows.

    When I got a Windows PC the first thing I had to do was install an antivirus, and still viruses kept coming in. That is due to Windows being an insecure OS giving too much freedom to processes. Since I have made the switch to Mac I have been using, connected to the Internet 24/7 and without an antivirus. I have had no viruses and my Mac is still working properly.

  96. Jay Estux Says:

    Plus on Windows try searching the whole hard drive for a file. It will take long. Macs journal led file system automatically creates and maintains an index of all the files on your hd. Therefore you can have a live search for a file (on your whole hd) which will instantly give you the results. For that to happen on windows I had to download third party software.

  97. John M Says:

    This whole dispute between Mac and Windows is really pointless. It really depends on what you are doing. I’m going to start by saying, I have a Macbook Pro, and I love it. I can quad boot Windows 7, BackTrack 5, Ubuntu, and Mac OSX. I use and love all my of my Operating Systems. I mostly use Windows for just gaming. BackTrack is for general networking stuff. OSX is used for Programming (Java currently, but I’m about to take a course in C++), web browsing, etc. Although I do tend to have the most problems with things breaking in Windows, both on my school laptop (Lenovo T512 or something) and on my home laptop (MBP late 2011). Windows Explorer constantly crashes, and keep in mind, this is a brand new OS. The only things on it, are games. However, OSX is not free of it’s share of hardships. There are so many faulty programs out there for mac. Crappy ports of applications from Windows to Mac. Just today, I had the Hamachi kernel extension crash OSX. Linux, however, is too complicated to use on a day to day basis. I didn’t have much time to write this, as it was in between classes, so please excuse any spelling or grammar errors. Thank you!

  98. NobodysFanboy Says:

    As a owner of both Win7 and Mac OS X Lion laptops, Android and iOS devices. I can honestly say Apple is my last pick in both categories. Before Win7 I honestly considered Mac to be better, but after using Win7 for almost a year I can honestly say its my go to system and it always gets the job done without fail, and more importantly, without hassle. I think the problem is people tend to judge Windows based on its past track record, which have been more misses than hits to be honest, but Win7 is a huge leap forward and I think Mac could learn a few things from it. Either way, I’ll continue using both with an objective view of both, I’m nobody’s fanboy.

  99. YOIN Says:

    Well since “OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard” is the Windows 7 equivalent and “OS X 10.7 Lion” is one step ahead of Win7. Windows 8 will have a lot of Lion features but they probably will such because of the way they are implemented. Now OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be released before Windows 8. That add even more security and features. By the way Lion got an entire security overhaul that is way better than Windows 7. Go look up Lion Security its definitely more advanced that Windows. ANother thing that bugs me about Windows 7 is that there is a giant screwed up registry that always giving issues. Not to mention the DLL hell I have to deal with all the time. And why does the NTFS file system get fragmented to no end? HPFT+ on OS X is does not get fragmented in the first place

  100. Haran Says:

    Hi all, I am a long time Mac user. Since Mac OS 6! And a type developer. Just to test my products, I am running Windows-7 and Lion on a MacMini. Since, Windows run on a Mac hardware, I am very much surprised about differences between both OSs. What I learned from it: We need to have a complete different mind sets to work on both platforms! Coming back to Lion is like, a child in Wonderland. Never feel tired on Mac. :)

  101. Peter Says:

    Look, ppl it all depends on your opinion and personal needs. since every person’s brain works differently, ppl are going to take preference on how to handle information. at first the comments and debates were amusing but then they got annoying. i just decided to envision an operating system suited to my own needs

  102. Ollie. Says:

    My own opinion is that mac is better.

    When I owned a Dell desktop for about 6 years, it never felt gratifying to me for it’s cheaper cost that long, and also I was never wowed by the user interface. It was just a computer. So is the Mac, but new I use a Macbook Pro and it always has useful features that remind me why I spent that extra few hundred. It has never crashed which surprised me because with my experience with Dell, I just thought it was something all computers do. I can’t really understand the concept of a ‘Microsoft Fanboy’ though. How can someone be a fan of software? You may point your finger at me and call me an ‘Apple Fanboy’ because you may have noticed the one-sidedness of my post, but that’s my opinion talking from experience with both operating systems. (Including using both operating systems for the same purposes, e.g Word, Mail, Internet, Media, Security)
    Also Microsoft users criticise Mac users that Windows PCs are built for real work. Go on then, enlighten me on what real work is? Word processing, excel, powerpoint, app-programming, mailing, file formats, media, internet use. Am I missing something? My Macbook can do all those things that are expected with a more slick UI and a more reliable system.
    Oh and those who use gaming as a valid point to the Windows argument, just stop. Games are designed for children and games consoles. (Check platform sales of popular games today) Hardly ‘real work’ ey?
    But I guess that is my opinion, I’d like to hear others.

  103. Walrus Says:

    Although Mac has more features out of the box, Windows is simply more versatile and capable. Mac is too restricted. As far as hardware, my 17″ HP Pavilion dv7 quad edition with 2.2 Ghz quad core, 8 GB ram, 2GB AMD 7690M and Blu-ray drive is only about $1200, while the 17″ MBP cost over $2500 to try to even get close to that. Mac is a nice OS, but what does it REALLY have over Windows? It’s looks over substance, as previously stated.

  104. Sid Says:

    I am due in a for an upgrade and was deciding between a mac or a windows. I am honestly still rather not decided however i know one thing definitely, if MAC OS X Lion is anything like the interface on a iPhone then its windows all the way cause frankly speaking the interface on the iPhone is the ‘Shittest’ i have ever comes across in my life. Returned mine after three weeks for an android despite a personal loss to me cause it is so un-user friendly. one f**king button for everything, you need iTunes for everything short of scratching your backside. Hell you can’t even activate the phone first time without using the pc. That is so 1900 or something. And no matter what way you look at it it’s totally un-user friendly. If MAC OS X Lion is the same then by all means…windows still reigns supreme.

  105. Calum Says:

    I like windows 7, but nothing beats not having to worry about viruses.

  106. Sir macfag Says:

    I have had a mac my whole life, and still i would prefer VISTA over mac lion. I am always having problems with my mac, especially my school mac. The screen freezes a lot, and i have to shut it down. One of my friends have changed to Window 7 and i am experiencing that his mac works faster with windows 7. You also have to pay a lot to get mackeeper. So i have currently no anti-virus program.

  107. Kleb Says:

    Apple is better at one thing: marketing.

  108. Kleb Says:

    I’ve been a developer for over 15 years. Not that I’m anything special, but I use a computer for at least 8 hours daily and have been doing so for a long time. My current work setup is: MacBook with OSX Lion, ThinkPad with Windows 7, iPad2, HTC Thunderbolt, iPhone 4.

    My professional opinion (for whatever that’s worth) is that Apple’s “slick user interface” is a myth. I find it slow and somewhat counter-intuitive, compared to Win7. Perhaps it was better than Windows 5 years ago, but that’s no longer true.

    The most annoying features of my Windows machine are those that they’ve ripped off from Apple.

    You can’t argue with Apple’s success, but I think that it’s in large part due to their innovation and superior marketing. Being first doesn’t mean you’re the best.

  109. PabloMythCracker Says:

    Its funny to see people self-adressing themselves as “developers”, “technical advisors”, “tech-savy” the really the closer look to reality is that they are just: “PC owners”. Ok seems some people need to defend their PC because they own it?

    This article is a very good, the comparison is detailed and has standards of comparison.

    My opinion is MAC OSX Lion is superior, its more manly than windows 7 and best of all for all you “tech savy” people, Mac runs on unix, that alone makes it superior, for all that don’t know that is why is harder for it to get viruses.

    Yes I own a Mac but Im not a developer or seudo-intellectual PC owner, I have both Windows 7 and Mac OSX Lion on my computer right now. really guys stop defending a cheap needs to become open source and just let developers start from scratch (didn’t you guys watch TRON the movie)?

    Microsoft and Windows 7 is a very popular and overpriced product, also Mac OSX lion beats it in price and comes with every mac once you buy it.

  110. Says:

    I’ve used both OSes; and sure, OS X is very feature rich (quick look; SPOTLIGHT; iLife; Dictionary app; Spaces(Leopard & Snow Leopard); exposé (Leopard & Snow Leopard)) but honestly; OS X wins this?

    XD I think both OSes are good but i got used to OS X @ school for the last 4 years :D

  111. Dave Says:

    Windows 7 is for uneducated people.

  112. Rob Zombie Says:

    I have 5 Win7 x64 devices and 2 Macs in the house, one snow leopard, the other running Lion. Look, I love them all. They all do what they are supposed to do and for simple things, there isn’t that much different. I am a system designer for a large aerospace company and we support both platforms. My 2009 MacBook runs Windows x64 ultimate through boot camp better than it runs OSx.

    Funny, with a wife and two kids, one a 12 year old boy it is amazing that none of their machines have been affected by any sort of malware or virus attacks. Zero in years. I don’t have anything bad to say about either system, but no way is Lion good enough to hold any kind of overall advantage as an OS. Apple is closed, controlling and paranoid. You are going get their experience and like it, where Windows 7 is meant to function on everything, so it’s integration is limited by what platform it is running on. If MS actually made computers to work with their OS, people would have a different view of windows, by people I mean the average Apple fanboy who believes packaging and acrylic make a device perform better. I like my Macs, I especially like the way Windows 7 runs on the MacBook, but I don’t think either OS is good enough to have any kind of overall advantage over the other. If I had to pick one system to own and only that, it would be my MacBook running win 7×64 ultimate. The article did seem biased, but whatever, it isn’t like Apple is ever going to be the big player in the software market that MS is anyways. Let the fan boys have their day where one article leans towards their favorite topic.

  113. Chad Says:

    I have Windows 7 and a Mac with Lion… honestly, the only thing good about Windows is the fact that it’s so widely available there are usually more programs for it… so I use it in bootcamp just to access those applications… such as Magic The Gathering Online… it’s a Windows only app… Now, should i sell my Macs and everything I love about them just for Magic the Gathering? No of course not, there are FAR more applications that I love on Mac vs. Windows. And more importantly I really like how much thought went into OSX, just making it flow, it’s not clunky, it doesn’t constantly stall, it’s just a beautiful experience that Apple put a lot of thought into refining it and making it not just an easy to use experience, but a personal and intimate one, with very impressive touch gestures. Any real tech geek should get a Mac and over time they might appreciate not only the beauty of the machine but the hardware as well, it really frees you to do all the tech geeky things you like with less time taking care of a fragile and sick OS.

    The OS today is evolving… and Windows 8 will try to make the Windows experience much more personal as well, so Windows fans shouldn’t be so quick to judge Apple and say it’s all bad… because it’s coming to Windows soon enough. A computer experience should be an enjoyable experience, and that concept shines in Apple.

  114. StarNavig8r Says:

    I have both systems on separate laptops. Everything on my day-job requires WIN7 + all the overhead and weight of the std office apps. WIN7 is the best MSOS yet, but is tedious, functional and requires constant maintenance. OSX Lion gives me excellent apps with a common, intuitive interface and easily integrates and shares with iPAD & iPhone. Yes I really prefer the MAC OSX-life and the kool-aid tastes great! Work sucks and Play doesn’t.

  115. bw Says:

    lol apple computers are all jokes. Including their ipod and iphone. Looks good on the outside and works like shit from the inside.

  116. richard Says:

    I use Debian Linux, it is better than windows7 on everything, except sometimes hardware support. But who has not found there device is no longer supported by a new MS-Windows OS, so it cuts both ways.

    Not used a mac since OS X version 1, then not for long, so can’t comment about that.

    I am not going to tell you why it is so wonderful, there are not enough pixels it the world to write it all down. Go and take a look, Ubuntu 12 was released a few days ago try that is is similar to Debian but more cutting edge. Both can be run from CD or in VirtualBox. Ether way it will beet Windows7.

  117. John Says:

    Did you know that Microsoft stole whole UI from Apple?
    You need to read some articles. Mac OS is older than Windows. Also better.
    Microsoft did the thing what Google is doing now for Android. Stealing Apple’s things.
    Good luck on copying..
    But I agree that its hardware is very expensive.

  118. Griffen Says:

    You know, I really have to disagree with you on the winner for default web browser. I am a developer, and in case you didn’t know most developers have to create two websites: one for Internet Explorer and one for everything else. That is because Internet Explorer is TERRIBLE! If you check the HTML5 support of Internet Explorer 9, it only gets 138+5 out of 500 (tag support) while Safari 5 gets 370+8 out of 500. I know HTML5 is new, but seriously?! Internet Explorer is an aggravation, and I would use any other browser. In the scores, the + scores are bonus points for tags that are really new.

    Griffen S.
    Zanzo Design

  119. Dave Says:

    Whoever wrote this article really doesn’t know the in and outs of mac’s or pc’s.

  120. Cyril Says:

    mac ar the best but the problem is they ar expensive

  121. Winni Says:

    I use Windows, OS X and Ubuntu Linux machines on a daily basis and make my living in IT. My job requires me to be platform agnostic, because I have to switch between them frequently and quickly.
    My system at home is a 27″ iMac with OS X Lion on it. And I am more and more hating OS X. With every new release since 10.4, the OS X experience became WORSE: Slower, buggier and more and more unreliable. Also, OS X is a failure in corporate network environments. It just shows that Apple produces CONSUMER devices, not business tools. Ubuntu has less problems connecting itself to corporate networks and network resources than OS X, and that’s saying a lot.
    Ubuntu has come a long way on the desktop, but it just rules on servers. We are using it for tasks that would be impossible to do with closed source, proprietary platforms like OS X or Windows. Linux is one of the most versatile platforms available. (Yes, there is also FreeBSD and its siblings, but Linux has better overall hardware support. Other than that, I love Beastie, too.)
    64-Bit Windows 7 is by far the best desktop platform that Microsoft has ever released. It is stable, robust, fast, extremely well supported and it has the largest third party software ecosystem on the planet. And it is more customizable, versatile AND OPEN than OS X. But the simple killer argument for Windows 7 is this: It is THE standard platform for businesses and enterprises around the globe. That always ends the discussion.
    My advice for people who look for an alternative to Windows nowadays is this: Download and install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. The migration effort and the gained level of comfort are the same as if you’d switch to OS X, but the overall costs are significantly lower. Ubuntu also runs better on Apple hardware than Apple’s own operating system – and no, I am NOT kidding. This statement is based upon my own experience with using Ubuntu on my own Macs at home. In comparison, OS X feels like a freshly painted, but completely broken car that only allows you to buy gas at one gas station. OS X does not give you space to breathe anymore. Ubuntu pumps fresh air into your lungs. But to be honest, after a few hours with OS X Lion, even going back to a Windows machine feels like a prison break.
    OS X’s shiny surface fails to hide the ugly fact that the platform’s only purpose is to be a digital prison for its user. Apple’s business model is that of a complete vendor lock-in: All hardware and software and content is supposed to come from one source only.
    I don’t know about you, but that is not my idea of a nice vacation.

  122. UserOfAllOperatingSystems Says:

    I am a professional software engineer, building high-performance AI systems, and I use Windows 7, OS X and Linux (Fedora and CentOS). I am in front of computers probably upwards of 10 to 12 hours a day. I have used OS X for about a year and a half, Windows 7 for about two years, and Linux for about 10 years. I am extremely familiar with all the operating systems, including their internals.

    In my opinion, Windows 7 blows OS X out of the water when it comes to being productive on a machine. Windows 7 is still the best development platform out there. Winni above said that Windows 7 is the de facto standard corporate environment. It’s easy to see why: corporations can actually do work in it.

    At the end of the day, OS X is deficient as a development platform–if for no other reason than the fact that it is never the deployment platform. (And here I am talking about serious server-side development, not the laying out of a few CSS stylesheets and writing some small JavaScript functions.) With OS X, the development workstation is different from the deployment server, which is usually Linux. As long as one is doing rather simple web development which doesn’t really do a lot of IPC or require algorithms to make system calls, one can use OS X. But the moment the OS-level capabilities come into play, everything becomes difficult with OS X. (Even the standard C libraries are different in Linux and OS X.) By abandoning the server market, Apple has essentially conceded that it is only interested in making consumer machines and milking a certain demographic.

    There is nothing equivalent to the Windows development stack (managed and unmanaged) in OS X. It will be a long, long time before OS X catches up in that regard. And honestly, I don’t even think they are interested in trying. It doesn’t seem to be in line with their business goals.

    I find OS X to be a nice machine for doing standard things, like browsing the web, reading e-mail, creating and watching movies, etc. And I find Windows 7 to be every bit as good at these things. The same goes for Linux. (Unfortunately, not many people are aware of this.) Notice that most of these “pop” comparisons usually talk about such tasks and whether one OS handles them better than the other.

    But the moment one tries to get more out of his machine that these “common denominator” tasks, OS X starts to show its limitations. Windows 7 is far more configurable than OS X. And it is (nearly) seamless to develop on Windows 7 and deploy on Windows Server 2008 R2. Until OS X provides a modern development platform like Windows 7 and the .NET CLR, its role will just be that of a consumer operating system–pretty, but not useful as a workhorse.

    As for security: OS X has been the first one to be hacked in each of the last five CanSecWest contests. (Someone else also referred to Charles Miller’s exploits above.)

  123. Rajanand Says:

    Lol… :D

    Who is saying about that windows interface is not good in comparison to win7,Ithink they dont know abt many customization and tweaks of windows interface.even anyone can use the same dock used in LION. With multicolored UI.
    on other hand lion have no choice.(only the black and white screens)LOL… :D :D .



    1.LION HAVE NO GOOD Security Updation system they can be hacked with Small Hackers Like Tiny Umbrellas.

    2.back_up support is possible within the same machine(tracks hw ids and sr no’s) but in case of windows u can use ur backup files in other machine with windows without the same hardware.(m not talking abt the whole system but the files for which u care for.) boot can be hacked only after installing the complete os,BUT in Lions case it can be hacked before installing.(HACKINTOSH is the Biggest Proof)

    4.NO Confusing Lib Files,once u messd up with them the complete re-instalation is needed,Windows People Never Confused and never experienced with such Aliens.

    there are much more to count….but we all know which is better.
    Apple has a marketing policy to hide full and show something and expecting us to act like a kid.but we r not a kid.Let kids Deals with ice-creams.

    HAVE YOU PEOPLE EVER thougt of the name APPLE why the have named it so?

    Don’t Do the same mistake which our supreme Ancestor hav done.(Don’t Eat Apple ;).its nothing but an apple. lol

  124. Bloop Says:

    I guess then from all the comments, Windows and Linux 4 work and Mac for home.
    But honestly, i like win7 more.

  125. Jolly Imran Yusuf Says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Seems like a tough decision. I’m a senior Parallels Technical Support Engineer and have been in both the boats for quite some time. Both the rivals have the same stuff but a different way to represent…the system tools, interface blah blah….

    Usually customers call us when they want to run Windows on the Mac, however if asked “Which one is better?”…Well its obviously they gonna say “Mac,…I hate Windows (rarely some say Windows)”…Its obvious that when a Windows guy calls in…He says Windows and not Mac. Both keep their side tightened..but do we know with what we are hitting each other.

    You can get a new Mac rig however it gonna hit your pocket very hard, the same doesn’t happen to a PC. Regarding the Security, both have glitches (nobody can be perfect) and can be hacked within minutes-At last we end up with a Security Program that has to be installed. The Interface is better on Windows as compared to the Mac with several options to navigate between locations so does the Mac, however it much easier for a New bee who hasn’t seen a computer before.

    Mac has limited 3rd party applications, however the Software market runs mainly on Windows. Comparing the Applications which run on both platforms, the Windows seems to be much better than the Mac (According to the Mac Customers).

    What about the Hardware Upgrade? You can’t do it yourself if you have a Mac. It needs to be taken to an Apple store. But for a Windows machine, you can open the box and change what ever you want. So far it has been only software limitations, but its also the Hardware. The Speed of RAM limited(No Corsair or Transcend), the Graphics Cards (Less in number by Nvidia and ATi not much for Mac, just a few), and adding any device that fits on a motherboard…Well on the other side AppleCare take care of it customers very well however they can’t get the new hardware punched in the rig.
    Gaming the major stuff that Windows PC has occupied. It has outnumbered Playstation and Xbox with its quality gaming with 60+ fps gaming. There is none like this stuff in a Mac OSX that be experienced.
    The Ease of Use with Mobile devices is better with Mac OSX as compared with Lion, however Windows also has mark as it has inbuilt driver for more than 12000+ devices.

    If you want to be out of error messages or head-breaking stuff, Mac would be however if you want to be a Geek to tackle all the errors Windows line is better for you.

    A windows guy knows how to operate a Mac but a Mac guy doesn’t know much about Windows.

    All it depends is on exploring it inner and inner.

  126. Bob Robinson Says:

    Windows is stupid.. OS X is more stable!

  127. russ Says:

    i have to work with lion because im in a mac only shop and ill say this.
    lion is pretty stout, and the gestures (after u reverse them) are very intuitive. i cant say much bad about mac except if your a control freak with your computer experience avoid mac like the plague.
    apple tries to brainwash your metality of the computer experience while windows gives you the tools to make it what you want. this is dangerous in the hands of the typical computer user.

    out of the box, lion is hell of a lot morw intuitive if you reverse gestures. great for the average joe.

    win7 is just as stable, secure, media rich, out of the box. technically it is more secure due to targetting.

    safari is better than ie. why? because microsoft wont support full html5 (css3) until
    the year 2112.

    power goes to windows
    regular joes that just want to run some app stick to lion.

    btw linux is easiest to hack.

    safari is still better than ie. this author sucks already just for giving ie the upper hand when ie has always been behind on the 8-ball with css. css3 w

  128. Brock Says:

    I think that this is bias towards Mac. Windows 7 security is better, so is the multimedia and backup.

  129. Ron Says:

    Thank you for this comparison of several important points. I have a request to those that have used BOTH Mac (Lion) and Windows (not the fanboys either way) because I happen to need to make a decision on either a mac or pc right now. Can you add any comment about Windows 7’s stability? Do you still get the blue screen of death? Does it work reliably and consistently – network connections, bluetooth, connecting printers, etc.? Do you still have to reinstall Windows every 6 months to a year or otherwise it becomes slow? I started using a mac in 2008 after using Windows for 15 years and discovered there actually was a world of difference — “It just works” as a slogan isn’t just PR. Both Windows XP and Vista gave me no end of trouble with all those things mentioned above. But now it is 2012 and the price difference is a valid reason to reconsider Windows. BUT only if I don’t end up spending hours with system crashes and error msgs and getting the network to connect, fussing with drivers, etc. etc.. Any input is welcome.

  130. Captain Obvious Says:

    I see a HUGE hint of sarcasm in this article.

  131. Joe Says:

    I like MACs because they have illuminated keyboards, single action keyboard shortcuts for the most obvious things you need to do quickly, the packing system for apps (with resource forks) is so elegant and self contained makes adding and removing programs a breeze. Spotlight does find things faster.
    Why are people hung up about full screen and the green zoom button? My counter approach is why doesn’t windows have a maximise button that makes the window just big enough for best viewing and so I can still access other stuff around it?
    Imagine having a desk with pieces of paper as large as the desk so you cannot see the other papers underneath it? This is not natural to me? Apple full screen apps? As crappy as an idea as windows maximise button I make only one exception and that is playing videos, something glide that and perhaps photos make sense to be full screen.
    Groan on security – MAC OS9 with less than one percent market share had hundreds of new virus every year. Mac OSX with nearly 10% market share has had nearly nothing in more than ten years? What does this say?
    But sorry even though I am a MAC lover windows 7 and 8 BETA are far more stable the problem is if you have a network.
    The coloured pin wheel of death is a common reality whenever you access network shares only Linux has a proper multi-tasking kernel.

  132. Joe Says:

    A pox on the apple spell checker for changing many of the words in my article so that is reads like partial gibberish :-)

  133. Joe Says:

    I forgot to mention how with windows you cannot do this.
    Because a MAC uses Cmd C to copy etc I can do this
    Be in app one go Cmd C to copy (note my little pinkie finger doesn’t get sore because big strong thumb has the Cmd key from its position).
    OK I Cmd Tab through say 10 apps (the whole time i never released the Thumb from the Cmd key).
    If I see an app I don’t want hit Q (remember the thumb is still resting on the cmd key) to kill those apps along the way when I hit the app I want Cmd V to paste and note if that was a terminal window Cmd V still will paste not like Windows using Ctrl C for all apps but of course in a command window it kills the process so you have to do a Shift Insert thin gee instead.
    I love swapping between apps (note Cmd is in same position as Alt key on windows) and just using C and V or whatever instead of all the dexterity required for my left hand to go from pinkie C and pinkie V and Thumb Tab I hope you get my drift.
    Moving files is better too instead of deciding up front in explorer (Ctrl C or Ctrl X) in a MAC you decide when you paste. Thus you can Cmd C a file and then Cmd V it to three different USB drives and a network drive or whatever and on the last one if you want to change your mind to a move you just Option Cmd V to move rather than copy the last one how cool is that?
    Many windows users playing with MACs for five minutes don’t realise the Option Key can change many menus and other actions with alternatives that are very intuitive alternatives to the original.
    But windows 7 i still more stable :-)

  134. Joe Says:

    Safari is a better browser on Windows than IE in my humble opinion and so is Chrome.
    But then Chrome is based on the webkit engine that Safari uses Hee Hee

    the safari reader feature on iDevices and PC/MAC is very useful too.

  135. Ron Says:

    Joe has some good points.

    Ug, I hate Safari’s tab handling where when you have many multiple tabs (which I often do when researching), it puts the latter opened ones in a drop down list at the far right. In order to access them, you have to click the drop down menu and pick the tab you want and that tab replaces the tab to the furthest right. You have to do this every time you want to access a tab that isn’t showing. You can’t just scroll left-right through the tabs like Firefox, Chrome & Camino. I’m surprised I haven’t heard complaints about this. Anyway, this isn’t a dealbreaker for the OS itself.

    I still want to hear from someone about Windows 7’s stability and workability. Can anyone with both Windows and Mac experience attest that “it just works” now as much as mac or at least close? Or do you still find yourself having to constantly debug things, troubleshoot, reboot, reinstall, etc.?

  136. Robert Says:

    After 18+ years of building and buying PC’s I resisted the Mac. I thought the Mac was just for snobs. Well I wish I had converted earlier. I finally broke down and bought an Ipad. I was so impressed I started thinking about other Mac products. and did some research. The last straw came when I knew I had to replace my sons computer which he uses mostly for gaming. It had a I7 with Windows 64 and a graphics card that could handle most games easily. I gave it to him and took the plunge and bought a high end Imac 27″ with I7 processor. I was so impressed by this I bought an Iphone 4WS. Next to come is Apple TV.

    It all works together well and frankly I’ll never go back. The ICloud is super and I now have all my music collection available across all my Apple machines. I use a lot of Engineering programs and unfortunately I’ll have to run them in VM Fusion.

    I am looking forward to Mountain Lion as I believe the Safari browser has some shortcoming in Lion but it looks like they will be addressed in Mountain Lion.

  137. Wolfy Says:

    Just one thing
    Mac has better security because the conventional viruses don’t work. It is impossible to make a self replicating virus. Only other forms of malware can affect Macs like Trojan horses or spyware. This whole argument is silly anyways. I use windows because I am a gamer, but for non gaming purposes I like to use Mac.

  138. David Says:

    Gaming alone got me to prefer win7 :P

  139. mickonabike Says:

    get a life its only a computer OS system you aint had your arm or leg blown off, oh and get an anti virus.

  140. mickonabike Says:

    what am i doing on here???? what a bunch of twats

  141. Mohamed Says:

    Well i own both macbook pro and a windows PC and both of them are just great, and i just can’t imagine living without anyone of them because each of them has it’s use.

  142. Phil Says:

    I’m completely fed up with microsoft “windblows” and HP laptops and will probably make a switch to a macbook air soon. I thought that windows 7 would be a big improvement, but NOT. Microsoft “exploder” is a joke. It’s slow and subject to frequent crashes. I always get the stupid “internet exploder has stopped working” message, and Microsoft outlook “Lookout” is also a joke. It crashes alot and is slow, and none of the micrsoft office tools are at all user friendly, and just when you think you have all the complexity figured out, they completely change everything around in the next version. The touchpads of most laptops are a joke also, and I think the macbook airs have a much better one. Also, trying to find the setting for anything on a stupid windblows computer is also a joke. And of course the stupid microsoft “help” feature is completely useless. For example, trying to find the settings for the touchpad is difficult at best. I have one HP laptop that has 2 different ways to turn the wireless on and off. The obvious button and the not at all obvious “windows mobility center” which is not at all obvious, and of course doesn’t show up in a help search. And of course, the wireless can randomly decide to turn itself off on its own during sleep and not automatically come back on when coming out of sleep, so you have to go to the windows mobility center to turn it back on. No thanks HP and Microsoft, I’m ready to make the switch to macbooks and OS Lion!

  143. RILEY Says:

    people say mac may not be secure but its safe. i think of course it is because 95% of pc s use windows whether 5% percent of boxes contain mac os x… all over the world not usa only lol

  144. ddd Says:

    just wait the os is about choice and compatibility i know windows has its flaws but sometimes price plays agreater role 95% desktop share means something and about apps windows has a billion of apps just in case you surf the net easilyafter every 3 years you have to change a mac machine ihave 10 year old computer running windows 7 all that stylish stuff doesn’t mean substance os x lion has released 3 years after windows then why its desktop share is still a bare7% you say that mac upgrades are cheap but what about the machine if security is an issue than mac is a big loser because of intel based transition the risk of mac being exploited has increased manifold i have used both the os’s extensively . you can buy a basic windows pc as cheap as 400$ and a high end one at 1400$ with 1 tb space but a mac even the basic one is at 1300$ with a bare 120 gb disc space navigation is uch easier in mac then what about spotlight problems just because microsoft is generous in giving macs the right to install both os apple is not that generous you say vista was a failure for your information it was a huge success than mac os x snow leopard os x lion has also failed in many aspects any thing that looks glossy and cool doesn’t mean it contains substance why the hell steve jobs introduced itunes for windows because he know that pcs are highly successful windows phone 7 has been given many awards and when windows 8 comes Apple will know who’s the boss

  145. Shawn Says:

    Why even mention IE and Safari? You’re comparing software that is completely optional on both machines. It’s a little irrelevant, especially since anyone using IE or Safari probably doesn’t even know what a freaking web browser is.

  146. Tom Says:

    Interesting that the better posts are usually by Mac OS X users. Many (but not all) posts favoring the Windows platform appear to be written by children, or people who used to text with numbered keys in the 90’s.

    It is also interesting that there are very few posts favoring Windows from those who have already used OS X.

    I tried three times over 4 years to find people who switch to Windows from OS X, I really couldn’t find any such people. This is a large clue. (True, there are more Windows people to convert to OS X, but still, is there no one that has given up on OS X completely after using it for years? As there have been for former Windows users.)

    Also, Safari 5.1 has some problems, but Safari 6.0 is incredible and has me converted back from Chrome. They should compare Safari 6 to IE 10 if anything. Both are major improvements, but Safari is likely to win there. (It’s actually better than Chrome again.)

  147. Tom Says:

    It appears you wrote exactly the words in the order that they appeared in your head minus a few. I tried to understand what you were saying (no humor intended!), until I realized you didn’t even write a run-on sentence. I saw you use the period, “.”, once, but I don’t think you meant to. It would also help if you researched your information, the price examples are inaccurate, as well as the storage space you state.

    I was able to figure you are likely pro (for) Windows, therefore, you as well as many other posters made Windows users look not as educated. Sorry! (There are plenty of educated Windows users, they just don’t appear to post here.)

  148. schizo440 Says:

    How the heck did MacOs win…i have both windows 7 and mac osX lion installed in my pc and i have to say i prefer windows for most of my tasks …. Mac is just a showpiece on my PC… u can check email and but for most part it is crap with so less softwares..

  149. hex dA3m0n Says:

    Me and my crew sinply love Windoze 7 “security”.

  150. Josh Says:

    The writer of this article simply doesn’t know anything about computers. He’s just someone who had nothing to do and so he wrote the article. Windows doesn’t have backup? Don’t make me laugh.
    First learn something about computers, and then teach others stuff that they know better than you.

  151. Cedric Says:

    Windows is really not good at all. OS X is much much better.

  152. Simon Says:

    Any system can be hacked it doesn’t matter which is more secure , vulnerabilities are found every day on every OS , unless you can custom build your own like Google :) nobody is 100% secure so its a pointless argument.

    I have used every OS from Linux , WIN7 and OSX and currently enjoying OSX Snow Leopard if you paranoid about web security just run Wire Shark and check the out going packets. Having used windows for a long time I have to say Malware , Rootkits and all the other updates was a frequent problem , I personally don’t like the windows file structure or registry which can be easily exploited in previous versions.

    If your running a network use WIN7 , If your a gaming nerd use WIN7 and if your neither use OSX :)

  153. Aziz Vohra Says:

    Mac only for play
    and windows 7 for
    play, business, work, and etc…….

  154. AuntyMac Says:

    I am 12 years/old kid, and this is why i do not use Mac.

    1) I hate the dock on mac. Looks like older windows version of display.
    2) Mac is used for easy/not heavy work, play games and watch movie. Windows is all over round, where you can do what ever you want. The hardware depends on how you tweak your pc / how you used it.
    3) Mac is build with limited usage of the hardware and controlling how to used the OS. it’s like prison..
    4) Each time you open a new program, the setting/file/exit etc is at the same place, and i always get confused how to maximize the program width to full screen, and return to normal.

    I am going to follow my father step after i sell my mac pro. Windows is the best..

  155. Bryan Says:

    Well I may not be tech wavy or anything, but for the average individual, Macs are easier to use and less of a hassle to keep up. My mom has windows and she has gone through about 3 computers since I’ve gotten my iMac nearly 10 years ago. My iMac still functions perfectly fine. And as for it’s use with photography purposes, it’s amazing! I am a photographer and I am able to do things on a Mac much easier than if I were to function on a PC. Apparently from all the comments, PC is better at technical things. I guess I can agree on that, but that means nothing to the average user like me. I have never purchased any software to keep my computer safe from viruses. Which keeps me from a headache in the end. The large price for a Mac is well worth it in the end. It’s easy to use, looks nice, and don’t have to worry about buying software to keep a virus away. And for photography, the coloration and resolution are amazing!

  156. Sami R Says:

    “Mac only for play
    and windows 7 for
    play, business, work, and etc…….”

    I use windows only for games, Mac for heavy 3D and graphic work

  157. Rudi Says:

    What a load of horse…t! Let me perfectly clear… the reason why some people have problems with Windows is because they fiddled with stuff they should not have. I have personally installed numerous networks, servers and workstations which lasted years before it was eventually upgraded. If you do not fiddle with stuff you know nothing about you won’t have an issue. I cannot see the point of using Macs due to price, compatibility, and functionality… not to mention connectivity to other devices… since its not apple you can’t connect it??? what a load of crap. Besides that the vast majority of users use Windows, so in case you are looking for a new machine trust the leading operating system, you know there will be something you can’t do on your Mac, but there is nothing I can’t do on Windows. I have never in my live seen one day where I needed a Mac over a Windows PC, why change now. Apple will continue to loose market share in the rest of the world… PCs are evolving quicker than Macs can keep up to and android is in my opinion already superior to the IPhone… don’t waste your time with inferior, overpriced equipment like apple products.

  158. Marco Says:

    The problem with this article is that it misses many points of both systems.
    The superior operating system is the one you know how to use.
    For me that would be windows or Linux, and apple devices for my mobile.

    The major strengths of windows is that it supports so much hardware, nearly everything.
    The Mac on the other hand can’t, but you can always give it to a customer support, who will help you and windows you can do that as well, you just need to give it to the right people.

    If you are a power user, you know how to manage a system, use windows, its for anything that is processor intense, like gaming, also good for business because of its compatability.
    Mac treats you like a newb, which is good for those of us who have no idea how to use a computer. Thumbs up for apple, though you should let the ones who know what they are doing work.

    And the blue screen of death. That feared thing of a windows user. Let me tell you something about that blue screen. 99% of the time, it’s not windows that does it, it’s the hardware you bought that is failing you, you bought cheap pieces of equipment and expected no repercussions? What did you think would happen?

    And the registry bit of windows, Mac has it as well, it is just managed differently. And if you are having registry problems, what were you doing in the registry in the first place, does it not say in the windows manual, to not touch the registry unless you are absolutely, 100% sure you know what you are doing. You are just messing up your own machine and you have to blame windows for it, look at the truth it was you.

    End effect, windows is for gaming, good for development, good for normal day to day business.
    If you just want to use it for browsing and music, then most of the time, I would say, use Mac. Video playing its controversial, depending on what you want to play, vlc media player is basically the thing to use.

    Hope you make the choice that us right for you.

    *and to the article writer, RESEARCH the topic you are going to write about, do not just write about the top,but everything around it and don’t give an overall score you cant do that for an Operating system, each is designed for a different type of users.
    Good luck on your next article, author
    And thanks to the other people who bothered reading this.

  159. SM Says:

    I am a medical professional (surgeon) and computer hobbyist. I’ve always loved computers. I do a lot of web surfing, some word processing (I use MS office and Google Docs, tried Libre/Open Office), some multimedia (occasional movie watching and music), and no gaming.

    I use Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Snow Leopard, Ubuntu 10.04 & other linux distros on various computers.

    I have an old Compaq laptop that runs XP (dual monitor), an HP desktop with Vista (dual monitors), HP laptop with Win 7, and an old MacBook Pro w Snow Leopard (dual monitors 30″) and a magic trackpad. I’ve retired an old igloo iMac Power PC G4 w 768 RAM. I also have access to Mac Minis in our University library. I previously owned other desktops that ran Linux distros.

    There are good things and bad things about each OS, and it really depends on what one’s needs are.

    I like Win 7 and Vista a lot (believe it or not). I think Vista is beautiful, and the layout is fine. The Windows taskbar is fine. I don’t really care for the dock in Mac OS. I haven’t suffered any slowdown. I have had a BSOD a couple times on my Win 7 machine. I defrag and use CCleaner regularly, and I don’t load a bunch of junk on my HD. I haven’t had any viruses infect my system, as I have setup an admin account, but generally run as a limited user. MS security essentials is my antivirus for all my Win systems. Native support of browsers isn’t an issue because I like using Opera or FF on either the Win or Mac systems. Although there is a trackpad and a magic trackpad on my Mac, I use a Logitech wireless mouse on my HP desktop. I prefer this over any trackpad, multifinger gestures, etc. To me, nothing beats the precision of a mouse. I have back and forward buttons on my mouse that makes things very efficient. Multitasking on either is fine on my Win Vista/7 systems. MM also works well. I have Windows Media Player and K-lite codecs installed. Between Win and Mac, MM isn’t much of an issue because VLC is a download away on either. Parental controls is a non-issue for me.

    I like Mac OS, but I didn’t find it to be a vastly superior to Win. Mac OS is beautiful, too. With dual monitors, one thing I don’t like is if I open a browser on the 2nd monitor, the taskbar is on the first monitor, and I have to navigate my mouse across my huge screen to the 1st monitor. On my Win dual monitor setup, I can access the menu bar/task bar on the same screen. I’ve had one security breach when I clicked on a MacKeeper ad, and downloaded/installed it. Big mistake, as it shut down my wireless, and I had to reinstall Snow Leopard. Another thing that I don’t like about Mac OS is, as opposed to Win, is that I can open 2 Win explorer windows to drag and drop files between 2 storage media for example. With Mac, I’m not sure if I can do that. I have an iPhone 3G, but an Android tablet, so I’m invested heavily in the Apple system. Macs seem to be the best as far as battery life, and probably aren’t as resource hungry as Windows.

    Initially, I wasn’t impressed with Mac OS X as with my iMac G4, I often had the spinning beachball despite maxing out the RAM. This was from the start even when the computer was new. I have a colleague who has a circa 2007 Black Macbook that has slowed down considerably, so no system is immune to slowdowns.

    Linux is great and fun to use. I use a lightweight distro that is lightning fast, faster than any other OS. It loads into RAM. Linux distros can be a little buggy at times, and I haven’t yet explored dual monitors yet (which I love to use). I like using Compiz, and there are a lot of cool visual effects that you can’t get with Win or Mac.

    Again, it boils down to what works best for the individual.

  160. Evan Says:

    IE9 beats Safari 5.1???
    Worst Joke of rhe Year..!!!!!!!

  161. Khalid Says:


    Come on guys….. You will have to buy a Mac machine for a huge amount of money. Why u people don’t understand. Windows 7 is totally free. All u need is to get the Windows Loader patch and get it for free. Now tell me which one wins?
    Of Course Win7

  162. Tim Says:

    Why has no one mentioned that when you attempt to unarchive a 100mb zip file on a mac it takes over an hour to complete, whereas in Windows 7/8 it takes 30 minutes for me to unRAR a 6gb rar file?
    Performance people, performance.

  163. bob Says:

    THEY ARE BOTH WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Aaron T. Says:

    I like windows

  165. Nuclear_Crystals Says:

    Windows rocks because, of the latest and demanding games are best and compatible with it. Especially, the Fps-shooter games of 2011-2012 like, Battlefield 3, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Medal of Honor: Warfighter. “They’re some of the AWESOME games ,IMO.”

  166. Handsup Says:

    lol macs suck

  167. Gekodax Says:

    The most of the guys above show you why Windows 7 are by far better.
    I just want to add that mac are much more expensive because they are “MAC”.
    Who the hell wants to pay 500-1000 more to have an bitten apple on his destop back ?!?!?!
    Also to upgrade a PC you have to buy only the parts you need
    To upgrade a MAC you have 2 choises
    1) Buy a new MAC (about 2000 more than PC)
    2) Buy only the parts you need which, must be Apple’s (200 more than a PC)

    Now, think twice before buying a new MAC

  168. freekeygensrelease Says:

    I totally agree Jase. All this is childish … people need to realize that what’s best/work for them, isn’t best or work for others. And there’s no need to judge others for what they use. Enjoy what works for you & let others do the same. Peace!!!

  169. varun Says:

    I have never met any guy who has mac and is not satisfied with it. Yea I agree that there is certain kind of shortage. But I can’t prefer windows just because I can play high profile games. The user interface with operating system in Mac OSx is seemless. I myself have shifted to mac from windows about 2 3 months or so and I am amazed why the hell I wasn’t using it much earlier. Actually lots of rumors and high priced system has led the backfall in popularity of Macs.

  170. Mr. X Says:

    Believe it or not:

    Macs r for simple basic users
    Windows OSes r for both Basic & High End Users

    Have both of ‘em but i prefer to use W7 only.
    I hate microsoft for privacy issues.
    And hats off to Mr. Steve Jobs. He was a really a great guy

  171. Gene Says:

    I tend to think it’s not always a fair question to ask because people buy different levels of machines. My family loves macs but they spent about 200.00 on a used old pentium with 512 mgs of ram. Then they complain about how it runs. Then they see a mac that costs about 1500.00 bucks and save for it, buy it, then say WOW “once you try mac you never look back”.

    Did they try an i7 quad with Windows 7? No. Do they care to. No.

    Both machines and when comparisons are made they need to be made on equal systems. When that is done, advantages are slight and the gap is still closing. For example, Sony Vegas is hands down the easiest pro editor to use, but from what I’ve heard Vegas is going to Mac in time. But who the hell cares.

    You’ll pay money either way to get a machine that doesn’t give you headaches. If you pinch and buy a cheap celeron, you’ll pay the price later.

  172. ispaure Says:

    Internet Explorer being better than safari…..

    EXCUSE ME?! IE is the worst crap that exists in this world; I’d use Safari before IE anyday. It’s more intuitive, faster and doesn’t install the Bing bar and other shits.

    Using firefox or chrome most of the time though, except on my mac which I use safari

  173. indigobullet Says:

    hi everyone, I came to the conclusion that windows 7 wins. After using mac for a long period i just wanted to try windows. Then only i realized how a whole lot of mac fanboys are helpless. Though mac uses unix system, its success primerily depends on the hardware. But windows is like the big mom who can take care of all the children.

    Only thing that the truth is, they are all fooled by steve jobs’ explaining talent. Bill gates may not speak much but he is the man. It took me more years to realize this…

  174. Ethan511 Says:

    Ideally, they would have tied. OS X Lion and Windows 7 are both easy to use, have helpful features, and have many like features. This article is biased against Microsoft because many of windows 7’s features (Media Center, Office ect.) didn’t make it into the review. While the author went on and on about all the cool stuff lion has. I have to wonder if Apple paid Laptop magazine for this review.

  175. Hamed Says:

    I never used ios or mac!
    But are you sure IE is better than safari?
    I use chrome and firefox on my win7.
    IE is for stupids.

  176. Josh Says:

    The only reason Windows 7 has so many viruses that can get to it is because 94% (give or take) use a PC. A person who makes viruses will want to have a mass outbreak. So, if on;y 6% (give or take) people use Macs, you don’t make a virus for it. Microsoft’s Windows 7 is my choice because of price, the Operating System is amazing, easy, you can play games, and more. Mac is great for everything else except for gaming. And weird enough, I actually really like Windows Vista.

  177. ghost Says:

    windows 7 is best

  178. GG Says:

    Okay let us be clear here mac OS system they want buyers to think that it is safe, truth be told they are a hackers dream. Windows 7 however can be a nightmare if you don’t have do the right things for security on the computer. How I know this is because I have grown up around computers since age 5 yrs old. So you can kinda of call me a computer tech here, what I know is this it is not the windows 7 or mac it is the users and the security software you use when searching the web. Apple’s computers are way too much money for what they offer to me, now if you ask me about Bose that is another story know that is off topic just showing how views can change depending on the person. no really I feel like the windows 7 gets a bad rap each time these things are written and they always want us to think that Apple is king, well sorry to tell that is total BS. I own a Gateway notebook with Windows 7 and i have owned Apple, Dell HP computers as well I can say without doubt for me anyways Gateway is the best. but hey that is just me..

  179. avatar Says:

    So did anyone figure out which is better yet? Apple Sauce or Broken Windows?

  180. Tim Cook Says:

    Windows 7 is clearly better than Mac OS

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