Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Wins 2011 Tablet World Series

The votes have been counted and we have a winner in the 2011 Tablet World Series. Lenovo’s ThinkPad Tablet takes the crown with a commanding 63 percent of the vote to the Sony Tablet S’s 37 percent share.

With strong features like a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass display, support for enterprise-level security software / encryption, and an optional active stylus, the ThinkPad Tablet simply dominated the game this weekend. Users were undoubtedly also attracted by the ThinkPad Tablet’s productivity-centric software, including its note-taking app and file manager. Full-size USB ports and SD card slots also helped the ThinkPad tablet’s case.

Could the ThinkPad Tablet’s win herald a new appreciation for productivity and for pen-based input? We’ll just have to see.   

Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch
The official Geeks Geek, as his weekly column is titled, Avram Piltch has guided the editorial and production of Laptopmag.com since 2007. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP's real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. He holds a master’s degree in English from NYU.
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  1. T. Henderson Says:

    The validity of any poll comes into question when a tablet (fire) that has not been released to the public wins over an existing tablet. Talk about brand loyalty! Anyone want to purchase a bridge in N.Y.?

  2. Scott Wilder Says:

    iPad doesn’t make it past the first round. Clearly your voting process doesn’t reflect the tablet market as a whole.

  3. khiddy Says:

    Oh man, time to throw away my iPad 2, since it doesn’t feature USB, stylus, or SD-card slot! I guess it really IS worthless compared to an “ASUS Eee Pad Slider”, if only I’d ever heard of that device…

  4. Ben Says:


  5. Sam Says:

    PLEASE tell me this is a joke and not someone thinking they’re a serious journalist? Please??

  6. John.R Says:


  7. Cesar Says:

    Sam please not Allways you can win

  8. Pete Says:

    “Could the ThinkPad Tablet’s win herald a new appreciation for productivity and for pen-based input?”
    Umm, no.

  9. Don Says:

    I call foul… Where is the infamous Microsoft Courier? What? This isn’t a contest for worst fictional tablet… Oops… Sorry!

  10. Richard Says:

    As far as a business tablet and the ability to actually play with the thing the Thinkpad is just awesome. I have a ipad and its just not compatible with anything, unfortunantly I didnt know anyone else really had a tablet but I might have to go and get me one of these tablets..

  11. Alex Says:

    You clearly have an anti-Apple audience. iPad 2 losing to ASUS Eee Pad Slider? What is Pad Slider anyway? It’s ridiculous. Having extra slots or connections is not what makes a good table, especially since u can easily buy accessory dongles for iPad 2 to add same connectivity options. What u can’t replace is software and ecosystem and quality of hardware – and given those, how in the world can ASUS possibly win?? Lol this world series is a total joke. And yes, plz do remove yet-unavailable tablets such as Fire. That’s like having a box fight between a current champion and someone who wasn’t even born yet..

  12. Weedy Says:

    The Lenovo Thinkpad is not fictional….It is real! It is in fact a business tablet that offers all that was said it will. I would know because I market the product and have personally witnessed what it can do. i think we need to learn to not be so critical of something unless we have tried it and understand all it has to offer. Way to go Lenovo!!

  13. AlfieJr Says:

    how does it feel to be today’s top laughingstock of the web?

  14. Hiram Says:

    Blackberry Playbook won last year, but was not allowed to defend it’s title?

    I guess the voters don’t actually buy the tablets they vote for.

  15. Mike Bell Says:

    Ah yes, Laptop Mag proves yet again how useless and silly their opinion is. You guys ought to close this site down and save your potential readers some money.

  16. m Says:

    Apparently voted on by people who don’t actually buy tablets.

  17. Guy "CouchGuy" McLimore Says:

    I think you guys should vote to repeal the law of gravity, too. That would have about as much effect on reality as this sham.

  18. Richard Says:

    I’m shocked that HP’s TouchPad wasn’t allowed to compete, either.

    If this “tournament” was representative of tablets purchased, the iPad 2 would have had five or six entries, more like those grandmaster vs. dozens types of chess matches.

  19. MattL Says:

    This is B.S. on so many levels.

  20. James Katt Says:

    This is truly a BIZARRO contest.

    In the REAL WORLD, the iPad is King and Master.

  21. Formul Says:

    thanks for a good laugh! :D


    I call my bowel movements “Pad Sliders.”

  23. Sam Says:

    Laptopmag.com, hacked by TheOnion.com editors perhaps? Still waiting for a serious business tablet (numeric keypad, centronics parallel port, and optical reader/writer are a must for a no-compromise business tablet!).

    Thanks for the laugh though.

  24. RattyUK Says:

    Richard: “I have a ipad and its just not compatible with anything”

    What eet meanz? What, pray tell, is it not compatible with? I can edit all kinds of Office documents on mine and print, or email or present from it. I can move docs too and from it in any number of ways such as Google docs or dropbox. Am a little confused with what you are saying unless you mean “it doesn’t run notepad” or some such… rubbish.

  25. X Says:

    What universe is this?

  26. brandon Says:

    I guess 25 million people CAN be wrong.

    (25 million is the approximate number of iPad 2’s sold so far this year.)

  27. Michael Says:

    “Users were undoubtedly also attracted by the ThinkPad Tablet’s productivity-centric software, including its note-taking app and file manager”… undoubtedly (or at least what the press release said).

    What a joke. FAIL.

  28. JD Says:

    This is one contest Apple are probably pretty happy not to have won. In fact they probably would have been happier not to even be involved.

  29. Garrett Says:

    “I market the product and have personally witnessed what it can do… Way to go Lenovo!!”

    not sure if serious… or just trolling

  30. Yogi Berra Says:

    iPad? Heck, nobody’s buying those, they’re always sold out.

  31. Eugene Says:

    There’s GOT to be a “The Onion” label somewhere around here, I’ve been fooled in the past.

  32. Midnightbrewer Says:

    Who are these mysterious voters and were they given access to each and every one of these tablets in order to properly compare and judge them? @Richard: if the iPad 2 is the most common tablet out there, it becomes the default standard, at which point the problem is that other manufacturers need to be compatible with the iPad, not the other way around. Anyway, what do you mean by “compatibility”? Can’t be images, text, email, video, or audio, since those are all standard formats; what’s left?

  33. Gprovida Says:

    Bizarre!!! Basically they wanted a Netbook. Looking at last years winner, playbook, makes this match as silly as you can get.

  34. Jorge Says:

    This article is such a waste of computational power. I want my 20 mA back!

  35. David Says:

    You people are living in bizarro world. 3/4 of the tablet market is the iPad, because that’s what people actually want to buy.

  36. Brian Ashe Says:

    So, does that mean the staff at laptopmag.com is taking bets that the ThinkPad will outsell the iPad 2 in 2012? I’d like some of that action.

  37. Garion Sieger Says:

    The results of this contest actually makes sense – if you turn it upside down.

  38. DS Says:

    This is an onion piece, right?

  39. Phil McThomas Says:

    This is like debating about sports teams from different generations, but throwing in teams from the future. Who would win, the 1986 Bears or the 2016 Giants?

  40. AidanO Says:

    Hilarious. This is like doing a world series of cars, and not actually driving any of them.

  41. Jesus H. Christ Says:

    This.. this is a joke, right? We’re not actually having anything good to say about an Android based… well.. anything, are we? What bizarro universe did I fall into?

  42. Tom Says:

    Cognitive dissonance! Last year’s winner was the Blackberry Playbook. Look how well it did in the market. But it doesn’t show up in this year’s competition!?!? Could it be that the competition has zero credibility and exactly the same amount of relevance? Is winning the Tablet World Series, in fact, the kiss of death? No matter how hard industry pundits strive to imbue the host of iPad wannabes with relevance, there is no tablet market. There’s only an iPad market. It’s called the “iPod Effect”. Think Zune. Hardware manufacturers will discover this soon enough, as every “iPad Killer” they devise bites the dust. You may not like it but you know it’s true…

  43. Joshua Emmons Says:

    Just to put the validity of this contest in perspective, this year’s champion of the “Tablet World Series” is marketed by a guy named “Weedy”.

  44. Dylan Says:

    This is very possibly the silliest thing I’ve ever seen on the Internet.

  45. Joe Says:

    In reality, this poll predicts the failure of the ThinkPad Tablet. Look at the track record from last year:


    GG, Blackberry Playbook.

  46. Instig8r Says:

    Um, really? Well, I guess negative attention is still attention, Little Boy.

  47. TUAWSteve Says:

    So, people can’t vote for devices that have the majority of the market? What a bogus survey! I mean, we’re talking about 75% PLUS of the market right now, most of the Fortune 500 are currently deploying iPads, and your readers vote for a Lenovo “pad” with a minuscule market share that runs a crap OS? Amazing.

  48. Sam Says:

    LOVE the irony… popup ad at the bottom of this page “LAPTOP Magazine Now On The iPad! $3.99/issue!”. Hmm, wonder why they didn’t release it first on the Asus EIEIO Sliderriffic tablet…

  49. scottdot Says:

    How is it the most popular tablet with the most market share doesn’t even make it past round one? You people are fools.

  50. sleepyd Says:


  51. DP Says:

    @Richard: Besides the hundreds of thousands of apps and games on the App Store; music from any source (so long as it’s MP3, ALAC or AAC) including streaming services such as Pandora and Spotify; eBooks from Amazon, Apple and free sites such as epubbooks.com; video in a large variety of formats, including streaming from Netflix and Hulu Plus; documents in many popular formats including DOC/DOCX, PDF, XLS/XLSX, KEY, PAGES, NUMBERS, PPT/PPTX, TXT/RTV… what exactly is the iPad 2 not compatible with?

    There are many valid reasons not to want an iPad 2, but compatibility is not one of them, unless you can cite something more specific.

  52. jrock Says:

    ridiculous tablet world series is ridiculous

  53. Melchior Says:

    Thanks for showing me all the tablets I was wise to avoid.

  54. Dean Massalsky Says:

    And the winner will be $199 by the end of next year and FARTHER behind in market share than they are now. What a piece of link bait shit writing.

  55. Edward Says:

    Hopefully the Lenovo Thinkpad does better than last years winner the RIM Playbook.

  56. anon Says:

    Must be getting a lot of traffic with this.

  57. Joe Stevens Says:

    Is this some kind of joke? I’ve never even heard of most of these tablets.

  58. Mister Snitch Says:

    Sam Says:
    “PLEASE tell me this is a joke and not someone thinking they’re a serious journalist? Please??”

    WIsh I could, Sam. WIsh I could.

  59. Blanchimont Says:

    This is absolutely hilarious! The iPad eliminated – it’s like a parallel universe.

  60. Steve Says:

    Why does Laptop Magazine have an iPad app?

    How’s the Lenovo app coming along?

  61. Ssa Says:

    Lenovo’s tablet is such an amazing business tablet that something like 80-90% of the fortune 500 companies are either deploying it or testing it in their operations…uh…oops. Sorry, that’s the iPad. Oh well.

  62. steve Says:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    Nice to see the Earth is flat for some people.

  63. Malo Says:

    iPad 2 out in the first round. What a joke…

  64. Carl Hancock Says:

    The Kindle Fire hasn’t even been released yet and the fact of the matter is the iPad 2 dominates the landscape. Didn’t the Playbook win this last year? Seriously Laptop Magazine, you’ve blown all credibility with this joke of a “world series”.

    This time next year the iPad 3 will be dominating the landscape and the Kindle Fire and it’s subsequent iterations will no doubt be the #2 player in the tablet space.

    Apple and Amazon are going to dominate the tablet market. Why? Because it’s not about hardware. It’s about what you do with it. It’s about the applications and media you can access with it. Apple and Amazon both “get it” and anyone who claims otherwise clearly does not.

    The tablet manufacturers that don’t have the music, movies, tv, books, magazines and applications to go along with their hardware are going to fight for Apple and Amazon’s table scraps. Tables aren’t like PC’s. It’s a completely different device and market.

  65. Ben Says:

    Is this some kind of exercise in passive-aggressive resentment? How else to explain that the tablet which dominates the market in both sales and customer satisfaction, despite premium pricing, “loses” against a product that no-one in the real world has ever heard of.

    Your “competition” has either been rigged or gamed.

  66. Jonathan Says:

    A freaking stylus?!? What planet are you on?

  67. Grimmy Says:

    Aaahahahahahahaha!!!! This is the funniest thing I have read all week! Next week, we have best tv in world contest. Winner is being Sany, is same like Sony but cheaper. Has many megapixels! Only missing from one color, but has many inputs like RCA and rabbit ears and coaxes. Is having 28 inches! Sany is best tv in world series of tv thanks you please to click on our ads.

  68. Andre Richards Says:

    Heh… looks like laptopmag.com redirects to The Onion. This article is hilarious!

  69. HDBoy Says:

    The Apple iPad did not win this ‘competition’ and Laptop Magazine is the “pulse of mobile tech.”

    Yeah, right.

  70. Travis Says:

    Where’s the HP TouchPad? Oh, wait…

  71. Joe Blow Says:

    This is about as relevant to the real world as a 10 year-old “schooling Jordan” on his driveway hoop.

    “3, 2, 1… SWISH! The crowd goes wild and Billy Johnson of Fresno Park Middle School has just won the NBA championship!”

    Successful linkbait though since most people seem to be showing up only long enough to drop some awesomely snide and entirely appropriate comments. Has anyone else ever heard of “Laptop Mag?”

  72. Joe Blow Says:

    Apparently it’s the “pulse of mobile tech.”

    Whatever that means.

  73. Woody Says:

    ‘Could the ThinkPad Tablet’s win herald a new appreciation for productivity and for pen-based input? We’ll just have to see’
    No. No, we won’t. Because it doesn’t ‘herald’ anything. You’ve created a fake competition for the sake of page hits and possibly print advertiser revenues, and everyone’s laughing at the ‘result’.

  74. Aaron D Says:

    The consumers have already voted. Ipad 2 wins.

  75. Rowan Says:

    Laptop mag has two choices:
    1) Become relevant, cover current cutting edge tech (which means Apple), and grow your reader base.
    2) Publish drivel like this, alienate the demographic that would pay for quality content, and scrap up money from advertisements.

    I am gobsmacked. How do I have an Android tablet Sync an SFTP folder of PDF’s with all my work files? Goodreader does this. I have huge choices in RDP, VNC etc apps, plus log me in, team viewer and dozens more. I can go to a hotel, plug an Apple TV box into their TV, and mirror the iPad’s screen wirelessly to the TV and remote in to client machines, paired with a Bluetooth keyboard if I want.

    Mobile provisioning for enterprise and remote administration the iPad is end to end suitable for personal and business use. Established software base with hundreds of thousands of software titles, all sandboxed and secure.

    This link bait junk of a story irks me because instead you could have done a detailed comparison and guide, on how to perform these business tasks with all current tablets, and which measure up. But no, instead you pander to your advertisers who are selling garbage clone junk useless and clunky.

    Good luck with staying relevant, if you’d written something real people would come back and read it I’m the years to come.

  76. JulesLt Says:

    Woohoo, a file manager – that’s what I’ve been waiting for. Or was it cloud storage?

  77. Jasper Says:

    Has anyone noticed there are only two people in the comments that actually defended the results? Either everyone here was redirected from Daring Fireball (I was), or nobody who voted actually wants to defend their vote. Or just two people voted on this. Either way, it appears that if you count the comments, the winner seems to be.. The iPad? How in Gods good name can this be?

    I mean, everyone knows even God uses an iPad. And he’s calling Steve for tech support. (Also, Heaven is currently in the process of deploying the iPad, like all the rest of the Fortune 500)

  78. Top Gear Says:

    This world series is a joke. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your credibility can not get any lower.

  79. jane doe Says:

    funny. but if you go to their “Top 10 Tablets To Buy (Or Avoid) Now” article the #1 pad to buy is the iPad 2. the thinkpad didn’t make the list, and last year’s “winner” is on the To Avoid list (#2).

    can’t wait to see next year’s results..

  80. hexx Says:

    WTF!?!?! all my senses hurt! is the author of this article out if his/her mind? there’s just one tablet, it’s called iPad

  81. duttonator Says:

    At this point, Laptop Magazine should *pay* The Onion to take credit for this POS article. Hilarious.

  82. bob Says:


  83. Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director Says:

    Folks, the ThinkPad Tablet won the TWS because users like you came and voted for it. The iPad 2 did not win, because people did not come and vote for it. We don’t pick the winners.

  84. KW Says:

    I have to laugh. If as the laptop staff says this result is based only on reader votes then where were all of the mac fans when the voting was taking place? Did they just assume their hero would win? Sounds a lot like voter apathy in US elections these days. Don’t bother to vote but complain bitterly and suggest fraud when your favorite candidate looses.

  85. Hector Says:

    @Avram Piltch

    OK, that is understandable. There is no way to account votes that didn’t happen.

    But then, how valid is a poll that doesn’t have a representative sample of the population? I propose you this: release the size of the population that did vote. That should help people make their own conclusions as to the validity of the TWS.

    BTW, I bet that number is below 0.05% of actual iPad 2 owners. I’d even say with confidence that your voters don’t have an iPad and furthermore they are pretty much against it, making the TWS a joke.

    You should care about this. With the iPad owning the majority of the market and growing at a fast pace, its owners become the target for pages like this. What good does it make you lose your credibility like this?

    Don’t blame the people who didn’t vote! This is not a presidential election…

  86. Noel Wong Says:

    Hang on folks. 2,417 votes cast in this poll. 25 million iPads sold up until June 2011. That’s a 0.00009668% sample size. It’s obvious why this story didn’t make the front page of the website and it’s on the blog ghetto so give these guys some credit.

    On there other hand, why they didn’t kill just the story with the paucity of readers showing up to vote is beyond me. We can all spin conspiracy theories, but I’ll be nice in a journalistic way and say at least this buried with the local notices.

  87. AidanO Says:

    In terms of ability to deny reality, Laptop Mag is the North Korea of…err, laptop mags.

  88. XXTwnz Says:

    @Avram:Then you need a higher class of voters (readers). Why publish something that makes you appear a fool and panderer to the “hater” set? These results are so far from reality that it simply shows to any sane person what the quality of your readership is.

  89. Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director Says:


    There were about 2,500 votes in the final round. Each round got anywhere between 500 and 2,000 votes. These are done for fun and are not meant to represent market trends. However, what we have found is that the tablets with the biggest sales (Kindle Fire, iPad 2) don’t have the kind of passionate audience that votes in our poll.

    That said, the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet is an awesome device with a unique featureset and we gave it high marks in our review. We do not control how the users vote, however. So, if the users wanted the iPad 2 to win, they would have voted for it.

  90. Bob Says:

    Why was the eee Pad Slider in the field, but not the Transformer? Has ASUS not sold enough of them?

  91. Triangirl Says:

    iPad voters were not present because they were too busy using their tablets, whilst other tablet owners managed to vote whilst they were browsing the net in search of better tablets than their own…

  92. Trianboy Says:

    Microsoft Slate is best!

  93. Danway Says:

    Some of the contenders got more votes than they moved in actual units! Those things must have changed hands a lot in their short lives for all of these people to have tried them.

  94. TPAKyle Says:

    The year’s Tablet World Series Title winner brought to you by the advertising and sponsorship dollars from Lenovo.

    Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director Says: “what we have found is that the tablets with the biggest sales (Kindle Fire, iPad 2) don’t have the kind of passionate audience that votes in our poll…” Translation: nobody really cares about Laptop Magazine or the inferior technology we review. Just our sponsor, Lenovo… and they bought and paid for their “title”.

    What a joke.

  95. mdn Says:

    In related news, after Brooklyn Decker lost to the reanimated corpse of Bea Arthur, Ed Asner was crowned Miss America 2011.

  96. Bob Says:

    I hear the winner last year was the Blackberry Playbook. How good is that selling? You can now buy two and get one free. It’s a joke. This whole survey is a joke. The iPad 2 now commands 75% of the market yet it didn’t even make it past your first round. Obviously you are talking to the wrong people.

  97. slapppy Says:

    NO USB! Thats why iPad failed. Hilarious! hahahaha

  98. Nek Says:

    Enterprise level bullshit!

  99. ChampagneBob Says:

    I guess this proves that not selling any product makes it superior to the one that has sold millions and is not even contested in the marketplace….. how can anyone find any credibility in this poll? Its about as realistic as Obama being re-elected in 2012…. but its good for a good horse laugh anyway…

  100. Jesus Says:

    So…the iPad has built-in Cisco VPN, Exchange, mature Citrix, Drop Box, iCloud, and apps like Good Reader…. and the Kindle beats it? The iPad has more built-in Enterprise features than most Windows PCs. This is hilarious!!

  101. Understandable bias Says:

    Ask laptop experts what the best tablet is and you can expect the one that is closest to a laptop to win.

    Wrong criteria, wrong experts, wrong market ….. Wrong answer.

  102. Ian Says:

    Is it April Ist?

  103. Beavis Says:

    Avram Piltch,

    Uh, are you nervous? Maybe you should stay out of this.

  104. JohninNC Says:


    So this wasn’t an Onion piece? You actually used results from 500 voters (Each round got anywhere between 500 and 2,000 votes). You do realize that some of those entries don’t even have that many users? You included a device not yet available (the tablets with the biggest sales – Kindle Fire)? And now you sound angry that everyone is picking on you? And now you contend that Apple users are not passionate enough (don’t have the kind of passionate audience that votes in our poll)? Wow. Just Wow.

    I’m so glad I do not nor will not ever use this site. I don’t even want to know what other crap you guys publish.

  105. Joe Says:

    Maybe the poll was created in flash… and all of the people that wanted to vote on their iPads couldn’t.

    Seriously, fan boys… calm… down…

  106. Bill Says:

    If Apple painted a brick with a chrome finish and called it the “iBrick” – fan boys would defend it

  107. Bob Blah Says:

    The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! How the iPad lost, let alone lost in the first round is beyond me. The iPad IS the only tablet on the market worth using.

  108. Kieron Heath Says:

    Damn it, I’ve spent the last 10 months WITHOUT USB SLOTS AND SD SLOTS ON MY iPAD.

    How ever did I manage to survive this long….

  109. tonetone Says:

    and the apple fanboys cry foul

  110. Danno Bonano Says:

    @Avram, the ThinkPads are terrible tablets. They require a hard keyboard and function better with a mouse or pointer.

    It’s a laptop minus the keyboard – only with a keyboard – to be functional.

    Then again this is laptop mag and almost all your reader base are non-Apple users resulting in silly results.

    As other’s have pointed out, you need to objectively cover all products – including Apples. The fact is, nothing currently compares to the iPad. You are still living in the 90’s (or your parent’s basement) and think “specs” make the device. That may have been the case when everyone used Windows and it was the only way to differentiate between computers. It is far different in the tablet world.

  111. John Smith Says:

    Looks like Bedford Communications’ business strategy after their bankruptcy last year is to gin up page views for their advertisers by riding the anti-Apple FUD gravy train. So predictable. So lame.

  112. Arawan Says:

    All this poll shows is that Laptop Magazine and their website are not relevant to todays market.

  113. Randy Says:

    What a joke!

  114. Avram Piltch, LAPTOP Online Editorial Director Says:


    We do objectively cover products of all types. We gave the iPad 2 an Editor’s Choice and we gave all the Apple products high ratings. We like the ThinkPad Tablet, but noted its flawed audio.

  115. Alex McKenna Says:

    A slider is an unspeakable object that leaves a slimy trail as it descends to the watery porcelain depths…
    You’re entering the Twilight Zune.

  116. Tony Says:


  117. Jesus Says:

    Joe, Adobe just killed Mobile Flash. How do you like them apples ;)

  118. Death Says:


    Popularity != “The Best”

  119. solver Says:

    The issue is that the iPad is a great tool and the users like it. Since ipad users never tried the thinkpad tablet they dont know that its a wonderful engineering device.
    i am actually writting this comment from a thinkpad tablet and unlike the ipad it lacks nothing.
    when you buy an ipad you are stuck with the device memory capacity,when you have to work from another country where the cloud is not accessible then ports such as the usb nd expansion slots become a life saver. the idea of a tablet is mobility and not to be confined to the cloud.
    alot of the upgrades that android 4 have now areready to fly on the TPT. all what thinkpad tablet users have come to realize is that it gives them the greatness of the ipad and no restriction thus the edge. the few users of the thinkpad tablet voted to support the product while ipad stayed away and have suddenly made this a complaint forum. i have both tablets and prefer the TPT. it has its short comings too and they were objectively identified by the publishers such a the audio. also i dont think this is so much about thensales figure or else apple will will always but apple is a great product generally but just as nokia lost to apple, apple is loosing to android now and if the battle is about the software as someone claimed earlier then apple cant stand android anymore. we all love what apple brings to the table but its restriction mentality is what is now working against it. take for instance, basic apple didnt not support delivery report of standard sms till ios5 after the whole world had made it a standard on devices. no notification light to alert you of a missed call,sms,im while it was basic in other smart phones. apple users fail to see the benefits of extras in other devices and as a result market share is sliding away.
    like i said i have both and have compared them hardware/software’and TPT wins.

  120. Ryan Says:

    Here’s the deal….3 out of 4 tablets sold today are Apple devices. I’m certain that other tablets offer great features and perform wonderfully, but nobody has come close to being as successful as Apple in the tablet market. To have the heavyweight contender not even make the first round only shows that this bracket is little more than humorous. Try looking at actual stats as opposed to the opinion of someone that settled for a Think Pad as opposed to going all out for an iPad. Try to justify it however you can, but you are the punch line if you think that the iPad is second to anything…especially tablets that aren’t even released yet.

  121. siopon Says:

    ThinkPad is simply a SUCKS product, from ibm to independent lenovo, you products are simply SUCKS! nothing new..sorry

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10.1 - 12.0 pounds 12.1 - 14.0 pounds 14.1 - 16.0 pounds 2 lbs 2 pounds and under 2+ lbs 2.1 - 4.0 pounds 4.1 - 6.0 pounds 6.1 - 8.0 pounds 8.1 - 10.0 pounds Over 16 pounds Under 2 pounds
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