Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2015


The most important question we try to answer at Laptop Mag is the following: “What laptop should I buy?” It’s a question with many facets and tons of possible answers. But, often, a good place to start is to decide which brand deserves your hard-earned dollars. Thus, we examine all the biggest notebook makers each year, taking a hard look at laptop quality, technical support, value and selection, and other criteria.

Best-Worst-Brands-2015-chart-finalSome brands climbed our rankings in 2015, such as HP and Dell, but others crashed. Lenovo fell from second place all the way to sixth, thanks in part to lackluster tech support and the loading of dangerous adware on some consumer laptops.

1st Place: Apple

The undisputed king of laptop brands for six years and counting, Apple retains the No. 1 spot in this year’s survey. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company won 5 out of the 9 categories, including a perfect score for its laptop reviews. Its tech support score is also stellar, and the brand’s keyboards and touchpads, audio quality and preloaded software can’t be beat. Assuming you have the budget, Apple laptops are the way to go.


Full Report

2nd Place: Dell 

Jumping up to second place, Dell’s rise over the last year has been something to behold. The company took first place in the categories of innovation, value and selection, as well as in audio. We were also impressed with Dell’s reviews and technical support, which all point to why the brand rose from fifth place to runner-up.


Full Report | Best Dell Laptops

3rd Place: HP 

HP also rose in the ranks this year, going from fourth to third. We’re big fans of the company’s designs, and the attention it pays to audio quality. For laptop shoppers, HP customers have a huge selection of prices, styles and configurations from which to choose, and once you’ve made a decision, you can trust in the quality of the technical support.


Full Report | Best HP Laptops

How We Score

A brand’s score hinges on many factors, from a company’s ability to solve your problems to design and comfort. But we start by looking at the ratings and reviews of all laptops reviewed between January 31, 2014 to January 31, 2015.

For the Reviews category, points are awarded based on the ratings. For example, if a notebook had a rating of four stars, then it was awarded 4 points. A company received minus 1 point for any review lower than three stars, and was awarded 1 point for each Editors’ Choice award. The total number of points for each brand were then added up and averaged. The company with the highest score received 20 points, while the rest received a percentage of that based on their score relative to the winner.


Our annual Tech Support Showdown forms the basis for that section. The scale starts with 20 points for an A+ score and goes down to 0 for an F. Within a grade (B-, B, B+) the point changes are less drastic than if a brand drops a full grade.

Design is essential in helping consumers choose a laptop. Thus, we look back at each brand’s aesthetics, material choices and durability to come up with those 15 points possible.

We also examined how each brand fared in the individual benchmarks for Keyboard & Touchpads, Display and Audio categories. Those brands that beat the category averages for tests such as key travel, color brightness and accuracy as well as decibel output scored highest. We also examined our general experience with each brand in those categories for the last year.

A good score in the Innovation category points to an eagerness to embrace and successfully implement the newest technologies on the market. A good Value & Selection score is about how easy it is for a consumer to find and buy a brand’s laptops, at a good price. The Software category score hinges on a company’s branded and preloaded programs that come on new laptops. Are they useful, annoying, or — hopefully not — dangerous adware.

Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2015

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  1. emad Says:


  2. John Says:

    Just how much did HP pay you lol? ASUS on the 7th place? Are you kidding me?

  3. John Says:

    Im sorry on the 5th

  4. Pawel Says:

    Are all Laptops were in the same price range?

  5. Rob Says:

    the ratings on Value are misleading…the windows machines all require expensive anti virus software that MACs don’t. if you factor in the cost of anti virus software to the value equation, I think Apple compares much more favorably.

  6. Vance Says:

    To the moron that said windows requires anti-virus and macs don’t, that’s completely false. First of all, windows has been more secure than OS X since windows 7. Second of all, windows comes with free built in fully supported anti-virus since windows 8. I personally use linux because OS X is a mess and I run a home server lab and it’s just easier to deal with linux than messing with licenses and expirations on trial versions. I do, however, love the free Hyper-V server. Currently I’m running qemu/KVM on CentOS 7 just for the learning aspect, but Hyper-V server is rock solid and isn’t neutered in features like free esxi.

  7. Snake Says:

    Apple on top wtf is this shit I think i’m going to kill myself.

  8. ryan Says:

    Why is he factoring reviews into it, and I’m pretty sure a $1500 laptop which is just a windows machine that runs mac didn’t get a perfect 20

  9. Jerry Says:

    Pretty biased and inacturate.

  10. 1ndeks Says:

    Wow.. that’s what I call science fiction.

  11. Wes Says:

    Im curious as to what models were used for this.

  12. Henry Says:

    What happened with this year’s results? Asus and Lenovo falling that dramatically? HP design above Asus. Pish.

  13. Luis Sabz Says:

    What’s happen with Fujitsu? Why aren’t on this comparative?

  14. Rahul Says:

    Apple design and value much better

  15. Phil Says:

    Who came 6th in 2013?!

  16. Bullshit Says:

    WTF!! Apple right on top?! And for value you allocate only 5 points out of 100? This is completely biased! I’d give Apple like a -10 out of 5. Apple only ranks well if you’re an idiot when it comes to reading price tags!!!!

  17. Ryan Says:

    ASUS on the 7th, are u kidding me? do you have enough information for your ratings. i can’t belive your ratings

  18. bob Says:

    i’m unbelive your ratings, bull shit, i thinks MSI pay for your arcticle.

  19. RockY Says:

    Apple 1st place… nice joke guys

  20. Anna Attkisson, Laptop Mag & Tom's Guide Managing Editor Says:

    Sony did. But, because Sony is no longer making laptops, we’ve dropped them from this comparison.

  21. amille Says:

    I do not understand how much you can overrate Apple. With a low level on the security aspect, the system almost forces you to use virtual machine because lot of services are unavailable on OSX. The only advantage is the retina screen. I really believe Asus ultrabook are much better than Apple’s. I don’t see this ranking right and too much on an Apple fan way.

  22. mac Says:

    The overrated Macs on top?! lols

  23. Indi Says:

    have to strongly disagree with the Dell rating. Absolute rubbish product. Owned one for 2.5 yrs, it went back 8 times, 5 software issues, once for components, twice for hard drives. Dell would not provide another laptop or refund the money. Just keep fixing the laptop. It sits in the cupboard now, that’s right it went again. Steer clear of DELL !!!

  24. steve Says:

    Asus placed on 7th ?

    Lenovo cant beat Asus in my opinion.

    I have seen many Asus and Lenovo, Dell, Hp laptop.

    I still choose Asus got great price/performance,
    got long warranty, cool laptop.

  25. James Says:

    HP started at 3rd place, this doesn’t seem right at all. I’m pretty sure this “Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2015″ contest was rigged, from the beginning.

  26. Emandcnueve Says:

    and where’s the VAIO?? Sony should be at number 2,right?

  27. Commonsence Says:

    I wish I could get money for dishonest product reviews.

  28. Travis weir Says:

    Why is Apple in first? This is clearly a mistake. Apple is just copying other computer companies.

  29. Apple Sucks Says:

    Apple is the worst brand out there. They copy other company’s ideas and their overall hardware is absolute trash.

  30. Adam Says:

    Apple 1st REALLY?!? :D :D this is joke, how much did they pay for this :D

  31. Anna Attkisson, Laptop Mag & Tom's Guide Managing Editor Says:

    Sony no longer makes laptops, so they were not included in this year’s evaluations.

  32. Mat Says:

    lol. Asus 7th!?! That’s just ridiculous!

  33. Kevin Boucher Says:

    Are you guys crazy? Asus 7th… i think this Sh**. Seriously, ive bought a G750 last year and for the price, it was the best damn thing i could get. I checked everywhere for the best at the lowest cost and ASUS win. Not Apple, hp, samsung or any other brand. You’re good with computer or you’re sell to apple!

  34. Apple Sucks Says:

    As I said in my last comment, I still can’t believe that Apple is 1st. They build terrible computers and they’re slow as crap! They can’t come up with one original idea! How much did Apple pay you to put them on top? Besides, Samsung came up with the original idea for big screen phones AND WATCHES THAT CONNECT TO YOUR PHONE!!!!! And all Apple did was copy that. Next year You better rate these companies without them paying you to rate them high!

  35. Patrik Says:

    Can’t believe the amount of whining here, especially as most of you probably paid the same as me for this article, nothing that is.

    Of course there is no absolute truth to this and what anyone may think is probably a combination of what needs they have and what personal experience they have with different brands (which might not be relevant to the overall picture).

    For me, I find the listings to fit quite well with my personal experience and that of me overall impression of different brands. I’m a 95% Windows user being a .NET developer, yet, my last 3 laptops have all been Apple MacBook Pros. Mainly because I’ve not been able to find any PC alternatives that is good enough for MY NEEDS. That said, my last purchase was from 2012 and I’m now looking into buying a new one and am happy to notice that PC manufacturers are now much closer and in some regards better than the Apple/Bootcamp alternative. Still though, a forth Apple laptop with Bootcamp is still one of the alternatives I’m considering, despite the fact that OSX is running better on Macs than Windows (mainly due to the fact of poor driver support from Apple).

    Now, before you get all worked up, these are my opinions based on my needs. It might not be the same as yours, which doesn’t make mine or your opinions any less worth. Thank you.

  36. tantan Says:

    This is pure bullshit. How much did Apple pay you to do this crap?

  37. aMoKio Says:

    Another paid charts!

  38. wm Says:

    opinions are like ******** everybody has one

  39. okparanta Says:

    I think the best thing is to raise a
    questionair to end-users.You have to consider so many things b4 calling result. ASUS should have come between 1st,and 3rd.Thanks.

  40. Meta Says:

    Any of you who don’t think Apple makes the best laptops and is tops in customer support, etc., are just anti-Apple idiots. Yes they cost more but they also have fewer problems and last longer. As an IT manager I’ve used LOTS of Windows laptops (including all the brands on this list), as well as Apple, and it’s not even close. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t comment. Just go hate Apple in private—don’t embarrass yourself here. As far as the Windows laptops, I don’t agree with their order here either…but it all depends on which models are being considered. I have a Toshiba that’s only a few years old and it’s complete crap, so I agree with their low ranking of it. ASUS should be much higher. Etc.

  41. Meta Says:

    Thanks for the rational comment Patrik! I too work in a predominantly Windows environment and have to support all of our employees computers. Regardless of what you other morons are saying about this chart being inaccurate and paid for and so on, wake up. Read other websites, read magazines. Talk to actual developers and IT guys and professionals. I guarantee you the Mac Book Pro is the most highly regarded and best-built laptop on the market. Even if you just use it to run Windows, it’s still great. And you kids who say Apple copies other companies…erm, I think you’ve got things completely backwards. Apple as a company has innovated more than all these other companies combined…learn a little history before flapping your gums. Some of you must live in a comic book anti-world where everything is the opposite of reality. Or you’re just generic fanboys and trolls. Either way probably best if you stayed away from electronic devices just to be safe.

  42. imnotafanboy Says:

    ARE YOU FCKING KIDDING ME? APPLE???? This is completely BULLSH*T, who reviewed this article, John Snow? you know nothing hahaha

  43. Anas Says:

    The reviews are correct and done by proffesionals, the info is 95% correct and reliable and can be used as a good guideline if u want to by a new pc.

  44. bhilly bryanne Says:

    “Why is it that all apple user’s don’t know nothing!??

  45. anand Says:

    Can you name few innovations that dell has launched in last year…I’m really not sure if this is not a biased article…Lenovo has lead the industry with many innovations like x1 carbon, yoga, yoga tab etc and you’ve rated them below Samsung and Msi who has shut shop and exited pm biz…amazing it is…

  46. Kingsly Says:

    Asus or msi should be the first!

  47. Jason Says:

    This is complete garbage, must be an Apple employee, keep peddling that garbage!

  48. robert haines Says:

    i have owned at least one of the first four brands listed,2 dells 3hp 1apple and the best i have ever had is my msi s6000. barring a serious problem this will be the last laptop i should ever need. I wish i could afford a new msi with back lit keys and super speed,but i am now disabled and i am glad i found msi before i lost the ability to work. at least i am left with the best. your scores are wrong msi is the best.

  49. annoymonus Says:

    WTH!!! How in the world is acer last this list is so oppisite acer should be 1st-3rd

  50. KaBe Says:

    Haha Dell and Hp on 2nd and 3rd place? Yeah if you want a shitload of crappy software preinstalled what never will be used and trials for days..

    How about Razer? The biggest baddest laptop you didn’t even include..

    Great looks and amazingly small for the bad ass hardware that is inside..

  51. Killer9090 Says:

    Apple on top? Yeah, sure, let’s pay the price of a high-end Windows PC for MacBooks with Intel HD Graphics 4000! Also, ASUS on 7th place? Somebody’s having brain problems? Finally, DELL is HELL.

  52. Arash Says:

    Vaio died (shut down)!!

  53. JC Says:

    I spent a bundle on an HP this year and I hate it–I hate windows 8.1, the power cord is already failing, the computer just isn’t up to snuff. I liked my ASUS which was cheaper much better, but it died after several years of hard use. I even liked my DELL I had before the ASUS better than this computer I have now. Windows 8.1, though, could make the best computer in the world feel like garbage.

  54. Juan Says:

    I had the opportunity to access a few HP laptops and always the same problem: the battery crashes, many issues between drivers and Windows 8 and a bad tech support, HP better than ASUS? I don’t think so. THIS REVIEW IS DISMISSED.

  55. Jack Says:

    Yeah right!
    I am laughing of your suggestions. This is really bad quality ratings! also misleading

  56. dan Says:

    Lenovo deserves to be punished for their adware. However, they were the best at innovation. They have the widest variety of laptops. They also have great keyboards and reliable premium designs. I think placing Lenovo 6th behind Dell, HP, MSI, and Samsung is not fair.

  57. radable Says:

    Calm down. It’s just a table. Think buzzfeed.
    (And if you look at the ratings, it seems to have some vaguely useful info in it)

    And the question is halfway misleading: with any brand you pick – it does matter how much you spend and for what exactly – most brands have models from cheap to business.
    Some people value looks, some performance…

    And the rest is a mix of usage, good luck… and then there’s service/maintenance experience & cost.

    (Writing from 10 year old Acer Travelmate. Cost me over $1000 back then but hey, it still works fine…)

  58. SUDHEER Says:

    What a joke????
    ASUS in7 th place.
    I have been used ASUS from last 1 year.
    Asus is grt price, grt speed.
    My rating to Asus is 2nd or 1st

  59. Jorion Edwards Says:

    Apple on top again? Not very surprising to me. Acer on the bottom? Highly predictable. Dell and HP in 2nd and 3rd……
    Yeah, I sense something wrong there.

  60. Bradford Says:

    I am glad to see Lenovo dropping in the ratings. My 1.5 y.o. Lenovo laptop has given me nothing but trouble. I also waited over 20 minutes for tech support to come to the phone and tell me that to have it repaired I would likely have to pay them a deposit greater than the cost of the laptop itself. Management seems to have driven this company into the ground, destroying their previously stellar brand.

  61. jerome Says:

    Apple best value ??? its the most expensive one with the less options available.
    Support 19 ??? what a joke ! 6 months to solve a critical security issue and the customers are forced to completely update the OS as the security issue will not be solved on the old versions.
    wow guys, really realign your score on the reality, stop following what’s the marketing is saying !
    Funny, there is no productivity, gaming and entertainment scores, which are more critical.

  62. bm Says:

    Thank u for the article. I am currently scouting for a new laptop. My last 2 laptops are Asus bec of their affordability and they have more small models that fit my modest needs. Now i wish to try a new brand.

  63. Howard Says:

    Price range matters a lot. I bought a Dell inspiron for $1200 dollars two years ago that is still kicking major butt. However, my sister bought a dell for half the price a half a year ago and customer service and tech support have been by far the worst I’ve come across. Not sure how apple is number one, especially after the crap that happened with the 2014 mac pro.
    TLDR. This listing is either bull or too vague to rely on

  64. dfgdfg Says:

    seriously apple?
    the handicap of the OS alone should place it last.

  65. that one person Says:

    DELL, second place??? Have you ever used alien ware, its perfection inside and out. how did Apple the worst graphic card and Os X, linux is a much better OS than Os X and its free.

  66. Tariq Says:

    What BS is this? Asus so low and Lenovo too? MSI too? This is total BS!!!

  67. Dave Says:

    By FAR the most important features in a laptop for WORK (who does that right?) are durability and service, and neither of these are even listed. In short, it’s a pretty useless score card. Probably the only way to get this information is to survey corporate IT staff who deal with many machines. even then though, at best you can base it on data from a year or two ago. That’s much better than nothing.

  68. Marcus Brown Says:

    I LOVE LOVE when I read these reviews like this and I see people write “Company X is rated Y?” No Way! I bought a laptop and it was horrible/awesome/the worst piece of garbage ever. These rankings are general opinions and reference many different models for every company so unless you have dealt with tens or hundreds of machines then your special unique snowflake story about your laptop matters little.

  69. anonymous Says:

    Are u kidding Apple is like the worst brand

  70. t.mahesh gouda Says:

    is right information // if it is right thanks for u / but i am interested in reading this artical


    One Sort of affirmation………

  72. rich Says:

    I’n not going to comment on the ranking just my experience with the companies.

    Apple – owned an ipod touch which I love don’t use it much anymore. No issues – about 5 or 6 years old. My wife won an intel Imacs in 2006. It was ok – didn’t see anything major why it was better or worse than my Dell xps desktop. The Imac hard drive crashed after about a month after the warranty – so now its a brick in my attic.

    Dell- I have a newer Alienware laptop thats a few months old. No issues- love it. Too new right now. I also have a 10 year old Dell XPS desktop. Still going fine. Use it mainly for internet, bills and light gaming. No complaints with Dell. Occassional software issues but I just reinstalled it back to factory. The hard Drive did die on me after only a few years so I put in a bigger one.

    Compaq – Before the Dell I had a Compaq desktop that i bought around the late 1990s. Lasted til I got the Dell arouns 2005. No major issues other than software where I needed to reinstall back to factory.

    Toshiba laptop – had a toshiba laptop that I got in grad school. Was ok -not a powerhouse. Battery dies after about 7 years. Was outdated by then so trashed it.

    HP laptop – got a HP laptop about 6 or 7 years ago. The internal battery died after a few years and its hanging out with the Apple imac.

  73. Oldbrit Says:

    Obviously, you didn’t consider failure rate. HP laptops have a 3 year failure rate over 25%. Take if from, they’re awful and all their employees do is off er lip service and sympathy while not actually doing anything to remedy the situation.

  74. Eric Xu Says:

    Why so biased and against Lenovo? I don’t see the issue with their support, I’ve had a great experience with it. You lowered their score from 2nd for 4 years in a row to 6th… Well, we know by Windows 10 is announced, Lenovo will no longer pre install bloatware. That’s something!

  75. amelov Says:

    my pavilion my love…

  76. h kraus Says:

    what has technical support got to do with the performance of a computer

  77. kosmos Says:

    Apple on top? You gotta be kidding me. How much did they pay you to write this review?

  78. Anna Attkisson, Laptop Mag & Tom's Guide Managing Editor Says:

    Machine’s break. Humans sometimes break machines. Sometimes you just bought a lemon. Or perhaps you just don’t know how to use some new feature of a few computer. We feel that the quality and timeliness of a company’s technical support can be very important to consumers, and thus impacts its overall score as a brand.

  79. Jean Says:

    How silly this article is.. You should be ashamed. Apple/Dell/HP, 3 american brands. How surprising it is.. As a professional I can tell you all this is all just rubbish.

  80. Avinash reddy Says:

    I’m using Asus tp-550ld which the best I can get at that and I don’t think that hp deserve the 3rd place and not even dell has a chance to be at 2nd in my opinion lenovo goes to 2nd and asus at 3rd b’coz of the only thing of os recovery key which asus lack otherwise they deserve to be at 1st or 2nd as I didn’t seen Mac book in my hand in India

  81. syam Says:

    i love my dell laptop, my personal experience, i think its more better than hp or lenovo.

  82. sam hill Says:

    you know this is bullshit because apple is above toshiba

  83. Pentester Says:

    I don’t think: Alienware 17 (DELL), Vaio series, Asus, HP and other, was worst than Apple. Yes, Apple have the best tablet i’ve ever saw, but they smartphone and laptop, they aren’t the best. It’s like OnePlus One vs iPhone 6 Plus. My opinion is:
    1 Dell
    2 Sony
    3 HP
    4 Acer
    5 Asus
    6 Apple
    7 Samsung
    8 MSi
    9 Toshiba

  84. Jesse Says:

    Why do so many of the comments contain such severe grammatical errors? Is this website geared towards non-native English speakers? If so, the errors are understandable. If not, 90% of you need to return to 3rd grade.

  85. zector45 Says:

    You guys must be insane to award Lenovo an average Innovation score. Dell’s tech support is garbage, especially on their Alienware side. Toshiba’s keyboard are the worst I’ve seen. Apple is somehow always #1, even though they are worthless in you require a Windows environment (Boot camp and Parallels are not real solutions. Asus is very hit and miss with their quality and support so average is easy there. Many of your scores are seriously flawed and some of the explanations do not match the scores.

  86. Chaya Says:

    Please go to Dell’s FB page and see all the complaints. Sadly, I gotone fora gift today – see the spacebar doesn’t exactly work. Itis going back tomorrow. Good thing itwas purchased at Frysandnot via their onlinestore. Great customer service? You really shouldn’t drink and blog.

  87. andrius Says:

    I have to say HP should go to place 10 as their laptops are very weak spec for enough high price.

  88. andrius Says:

    Jessy are you racist ??????? why here should be only natives?????

  89. laiq khan Says:

    Plz help me … i want to buy a laptop and i am java programmer , which laptop is best for me , HP or Dell ??????

  90. Bob Says:

    So much Apple butt kissing on this site

    This review is rubbish in that it doesn’t define what market segment is being addressed here

    If it’s for school, then I may say Apple wins (I hate Apple with a passion but my kids use Apple at school NOT because they are better but because the school system is biased towards them because instead of being an open computing environment the teachers push what they know (I should say don’t know!) and there fore they only want to support Apple because they know little else really). One of my kids had a surface pro 2 but is switching to an ipad mini because of this, so much for educating the children on IT, they are really only educating them on Apple

    If it’s for home, then it’s not Apple at all, simply too expensive for the average home user/buyer. Dell has good support and will do an in the home service. HP serviced my laptop on site the next day.

    If it’s in the commercial sector then it’s Dell or HP. Have a look at what most of your banking institutions are running, it’s not Apple!

    I agree, Lenova make innovative products but their service is shocking, you have to argue with them just to get your product serviced, that’s the reason I would never touch them

    Where are the other brands? Clevo who actually make a lot of the major laptop brands in case you didn’t realise! What about Medion, who are very big in the UK also and in Australia (I have purchased a couple of their machines, one was rubbish, 2 others were good).

    This site really sucks up to Apple. I thought I found found a site that was unbiased but alas, it’s Apple centric, time to move on for me…

  91. Lahma Says:

    Although almost any “ranking” of the “best” laptop manufacturers is going to stir up controversy (mostly just Apple fanboys crying if Apple isn’t #1), I must say that this article is especially contentious. I could write many paragraphs about why this is true, but I will spare you my input and give just one example. You have given Asus fairly high rankings (Really, you think HP has better design than Asus? Is this even debatable?) in all categories except for support. However, on the “Support” category, you use a 20 point scale and give Asus a 5 which virtually knocks it down to the bottom despite admirable scores everywhere else. Essentially you are saying that everyone who buys a laptop values support more than EVERY OTHER CATEGORY, except for “Reviews” which it is on even footing with. Although I’m sure many people call support on a regular basis because they can’t figure out how to put their Internet Explorer shortcut on their desktop, MANY MANY people have probably never called support in their life, including me. I don’t doubt that Asus has bad support (although I own an Asus ultrabook and can’t confirm this since I’ve never called them), but to many people this doesn’t matter at all, or at the very least it isn’t THE ABSOLUTE MOST IMPORTANT thing they are looking for when they purchase a laptop. If you really wanted to do an accurate ranking system, you would go out and do polls to determine what people value most when deciding on a laptop to purchase and give your categories a max # of points based on that. I can absolutely 100% guarantee you that support would not be at the top, and if you excluded Apple users, it would probably drop in importance by 50-75%.

  92. Me Says:

    No screws just glue … for the win!

  93. WhatFeelsWet Says:

    This website must be really low to put HP on 3rd place above Toshiba and Asus. Giving them 3rd place only makes this website look extremely phony

  94. indian Says:

    U kidding me just got 11 points for design

  95. patrick Says:

    Dude…!!! u really don’t seem to have an idea about branding and which one is better…lol…acer at the end???? its anytime better than HP. HP is know for its heating and hardware problems….lolzzz…
    if its me, I would go for dell and acer…not HP and asus.

  96. Gandu Says:

    What kind of rapist hindu came up with this list? Asus should be at the top. Flawless computers!

  97. Ivan Says:

    My brand new Dell Inspiron 15 is a piece of junk and is going back to the store asap. It is slow as molasses and continually disconnects from wifi for no reason or warning. You can’t log in with your password because it has conveniently changed the keyboard layout when you turn it off.
    It is so slow that most programs report “not responding”. False advertising: It says it comes with facial recognition, but that expires in about a week and then they want money from you!!! It comes pre-infected with McAfee that gobbles most of the processor speed. Fan cycles on and off continuously and annoyingly. Took me about 30 tries before it would install Google Earth, and about the same to install Windows Live Essentials! It boots very very slowly. It is so slow that when I give up trying to find a website, I boot up my old HP laptop and it gets me there first, in spite of the fact that I bought the Dell supposedly to REPLACE the HP. Not a chance. First and last Dell I will ever by – it’s going back to Best Buy tomorrow.

  98. goitom meles Says:

    frsit rank sumsing laptop

  99. jan sloan Says:

    this is one of the best and easiest to read graphs i have ever seen.. congrats to you guys. I have to buy a refurbished Dell. so where cd i go to make sure i am not buying one of the nightmare models of the past? thanks

  100. Harold D Says:

    Apple is the “undisputed king” with their overpriced junk? Useless article.

  101. Common Sense Says:


    No wonder there are so many angry comments here. Anyone with a brain knows this is BS or someone was paid off. Some IT managers are idiots if they think Apple laptops don’t cause problems and last longer. My brothers macbook died in 13 months with a fried main board. And God help you if you want to use a Macbook for more than 3 years. Boot camp expires and so many other programs/websites/web apps won’t even work unless you PAY to upgrade your OS (I’m speaking from experience).
    I agree that Apple has good support but that can easily be afforded when you paid 30% more for the same processor/hardware. Some people really don’t know hardware.
    Most companies produce low and high end laptops and in between because it is good for sales. Sorry to the people that buy the low end junk and have it break down on them but I guess companies are just trying to save money.

    This review is such garbage. Look at the numbers in the Value and Selection column this must be a joke right?

    Dell in 2nd place. LOL okay thats far enough for me.

  102. Marilou Says:

    I’m confused this is the first time I’m going to buy a laptop I’m going to school and I need my laptop for studies in the class but I was also told that I need a computer the house I’m very confused about what I should buy any suggestions thank you

  103. Tugs Says:

    Apple first? Applae is a overpriced garbage.
    “Its tech support score is also stellar, and the brand’s keyboards and touchpads, audio quality and preloaded software can’t be beat”…………..
    Like i use any fucking preloaded software. Talk about keyboard and touchboard more fucking moron.

  104. Glenna Says:

    The author is completely a brainwashed n00b/Steve Jobs fanboy/girl.

  105. Erik Langendoen Says:

    Had 3 Acers’s, all broke down after a few years, beyond repair and beyond warranty. My Dell had a terrible thermal design and had to be modded before it could finally work. My 3 ASUS machines are the only ones that kept on working as expected, one has been working for decades. 2 Toshibas are also still working. Only buy Asus and Toshiba produce quality notebooks.

  106. Harsh Varhan Says:

    are you mad, sony is not making laptops. who is it possible. advertisements come every year based on sony laptop.

  107. Isubo mo ang Titi ko Says:

    WTF!!! No one got a 5/5 in the Audio Criteria, so shitty.

  108. steve Says:

    This is actually BS, like come on, you ranked mousepad and audio as there own category, and who cares about the number of laptops they sell. If you have one 3 great laptops why try and sell 18 shitty versions of the same laptop… MSI and ASUS should have won this completely…

  109. Pandora Schmuck Says:

    Lenovo 6 and Asus 7? Who in the hell is writing this crap? HP has been going downhill for the past 9 months or so. Apple, don’t even get near it. Toshibe, Acer, Samsung? Yeah right. All those brands are being made/built in the same lab and by the same workers in China.You want a reliable laptop? Go with Asus, Lenovo and Dell (depends on what you get).

  110. Pandora Schmuck Says:

    i’m not one to ever call support since I can pretty much fix my laptops/computers. But the only ones I did call support for and because I really had to, was for Dell and HP. Most HP are crap and only a couple of Dell will be good. I’ve had the Lenovo U530 model for 2 years and never call support so far. My next laptop will be an Asus.

  111. PK-JIN Says:

    This article is pure bull**it. Starting to wonder if the author is some sort of Crapple sales rep.

    My ranking (others may disagree and I understand, but still probably 300% more accurate):

    Best > Worst, $1000 range, performance (gaming & media) oriented.

    Asus = Lenovo, Samsung, MSi, Acer Apple, Toshiba, HP, Dell

  112. PK-JIN Says:

    …a continuation of my previous post:

    Although my list was ordered with performance in mind, i took into account each manufacturer’s value-to-price ratio (which Apple clearly lacks in), build quality, the range of aesthetic styles to suit different audiences, etc.

    I have two laptops – a Samsung tabbook and a HP dv6. The HP died just yesterday only after 2 years of normal service due to a shorted integrated PSU connector (the insulation on one of the wires completely melted due to overheating, causing the computer to emit smoke … :S) while the Samsung, although modest in performance, works very well under any environmental circumstance. My previous laptop, an early-model HP dv6, also died due to overheating issues, albeit after 4 years of difficult use.

    From previous experiences with Asus and Lenovo/IBM I have high opinions of both manufacturers. My HP dv6 replacement will be an Asus ROG laptop (less expensive too, for better!)

  113. AppleSucks Says:

    You know a so called top/worst list is a bogus when design is regarded as more important than DURABILITY!!! This list is an embarrassment to humanity. I weep for the new generations who were tricked into thinking that Apple is superior.

  114. John Smith Says:

    Too bad i read this article so late. I bought a brand new Lenovo Thinkpad laption thinking that their builds are as good as the previous generations. Wrong, they have horrible quality control for the last few years and the brand new laptop i got had a defected keyboard from the first day. Repair took almost one month and still had the same problem. And if you start reading their forum, you see all the nightmares from the last few years.

    Their management really have done the wrong decisions for quality control and is costing them more on the long run with customers turning away and costing them more on the repairs.

  115. Joseph Callahan Says:

    I think you are including Dell’s Alienware laptops, but you are excluding Asus’ Republic Of Gamers laptops. ROG has much more value for the price than Alienware.

  116. Karina Says:

    Seriously, an 18 out of 20 on tech support? I think you’ve been inhaling way too much of the air cans. 90% of the time that I call tech support, I get someone in India with good command of the English language, but their accent is so thick that I cannot carry on a decent conversation. They need to find a way to route calls from the USA to technicians in the USA.

  117. a p Says:

    Very good desicions and rankings. I just think, that hp maybe should be in the second place. Apple is best of the best. There is no question. Trolls can eat themself of anger, but true is true. All this lenovo, acer, asus will never never reach the quality of hp or especialy apple.

  118. Rizwan Says:

    ACER is 1st in reliability/Price ratio.
    HP is simple BS.
    Dell is good.

  119. Aum Says:

    The key to a reliable laptop is reciting a mantra for the madarchod bhosdiki randi ki aulad lord Shiva before using it.

    Aum aum aum…
    Hare krishna hare ram….
    Shiva ki g aand maro….
    Hanuman ki b und maro…
    Ram kay moo mein khotay kaa l und dalo…
    Vishnu kay c huttar mein Ganesh ki soondh thoso
    Chutiya bhosdiki suwar ki aulad Sai Baba ki gand mein kutta ka loda

    Kaali ma ki c hute maro…
    Durga Maa ki k us pharo
    Lakshmi Maa ki p hudee mein lund dalohey
    Saraswati Maa ki b hosree Mein kuttay ka lora maro
    Madarchod bhosdiki Guru Nanak ki gand mein suwar ka loda

    Hindustan ki toeee mein jeera haldi thoso
    Banyaa kutaa hai hai
    Bharat murdabad
    Hindu ki gand mein hubshi ka lund

  120. Kayne Says:

    Any rating which has HP placing is clearly flawed. I haven had about 8 top of the line ones through work and they are all problems, from plain broken, jamming, crashing and losing wifi.

  121. Daniel Says:

    This site has the worst and funniest rating system ever. I work in the industry and HP has the worst products ever in comparison to most decent brands out there. So to list it third on your rating makes me wonder how much you people actually know about laptops.

  122. deepa adhikari Says:

    which laptop is appropriate for BCA students

  123. Sifu Scotty Says:

    Sorry ….accidentally tripped over this site….all you techy talkin faggots all sound like a buncha punkbitches…..thanx for the hoot !!

  124. Toshiba Says:

    Thoshiba should be on top.

  125. robert jones Says:

    Why did you not include Sony Vaio in this?

  126. Person Says:

    Asus=China…nuff said
    I know that im being racist but seriously cmon. But i agree with hp and apple. they’re pretty shit my hp broke on me after 3 weeks and apple overprices their crappy slow macs.

  127. Katrine Says:

    I feel sorry for toshiba. I am a Toshiba user. I have this for almost 3 years now and I never had a problem with it. I think it should’ve ranked higher.

  128. XD Says:

    I have to disagree about Dell. I bought the most useless desktop last year–and the customer service was so miserable that I gave up after 6 months of trying to get them to honor the warranty. (I suspect the poor service was there to intentionally stall for time until the warranty expired)

  129. Dave M Says:

    I’m in the market to replace a Sony that works fairly well, but eats batteries like a thirsty desert rat and has such a crappy screen color that it’s useless for photo touching (LCD backlight). I want to be sure that a new one has LED backlighting. That’s hard to determine. Written specs don’t say. Stores tours and questions of often clueless personell may help a bit. Dell & HP haven’t been much on the radar. I’ve read too many tales of poor reliability and worse customer service. Still looking – maybe Toshiba, or Asus of Lenovo. Not in the market for the cheap end of the price range. While the SSD drives are are nice & fast most are too small.

  130. Momen Ali Says:

    I’m an Apple fan, but their Mac’s are just not good at all.
    I think this list is based on selling charts.
    Anyway in my opinion i think Casper and Vaio should be on top, after them HP and Toshiba.

  131. Hilary Kinyua Says:

    I fully agree with the laptop rating. Besides, those complaining that some brands have been erroneously rated highly probably misused their laptops or failed to maintain them. From my experience, Apple is great, followed by HP and Lenovo.

  132. Angara Says:

    Asus is best and HP is worst

  133. KAY SONEKA Says:

    This table of ratings is questionable because hp has the worst customer service of all well known brands, the customer service/ tech support is practically non existent!
    I own an hp ProBook 4530s and an hp Slate7 VoiceTab.

  134. Yotoprules Says:

    What is this?!?!?! Apple at first? Software 5/5? You joking me? Samsung should be at the bottom, lenovo and MSI should be at the top, MSI make gaming laptops so they are very good, HP is about right to be third.haven’t had experience with other brands.

    I have used apple computers before, the software is horrific. Security holes, maximise button doesn’t maximise. Despite their decent specs, the actual thing is awfully slow. Their iphones and iPads are very overrated too. Imagine a laptop by apple!

    I have been using a cheap HP laptop for over a year, and it has low specs, but it can play high end games lowest setting and resolution at about 20fps.

    Decent laptop for the price and time it came out.

  135. Ethan Wolf Says:

    Apple has 5/5 in Software? With the minimalist selection of software available for OSX, I honestly can’t see why…

  136. Toon_G Says:

    Vance good one there…but seriously i need more ideas…can we talk?

  137. Mike Says:

    Are you high?
    Dell is probably the worst computer company on the planet & Asus makes some of the best machines. Crawl back into your cave you idiot, you don’t belong on the internet.

  138. Jason Says:

    why did apple get a 4 on audio, i mean its an amazing home computer but i think the audio is better than a 4

  139. Jason Says:

    for those of you that say apple sucks, well
    1. they did not “copy” off other computers and even if they did, they still work good
    2. there not “overpriced” they cost more because they are a more advanced/better computer system, they have better editing software, better memeory, better graphic systems, they are just better computer systems so stop bitching about it

  140. saina salonika Says:

    I too agree.I think the ratings here are all correct.

  141. Kelly T. Says:

    I agree completely that Apple has the best products, hands down. From the material they make their laptops with, to software that comes with, to sheer stability and processing power, apple can not be beat. I have a very high end lenovo that costed a grand and a macbook pro retina that costed almost three grand and all I can say is that when using the computers and communicating with the companies that Apple far surpasses. I really have a hard time understanding how HP got such high ratings, and Asus got such low rating. So I do believe that they got it right with apple on top but the others are a skew. All said I used to think apple was overpriced garbage, I now have a completely different opinion.

  142. Jack Fiah Says:

    Ah we have an apple fanboy here and all scores are paid OK ? Here’s the real leaderboard : 1st ) asus 2nd)dell 3rd) MSI 4th) HP 5th) Toshiba 6th ) Samsung 8th) apple(so called shitpple worse product high price tag useless machines lack of softwares special virus, etc) 7th) lenovo 8th) acer. Am I right fanboys/girls ?

  143. J Gostling Says:

    one of the worst ratings I have ever seen. How come Dell got the 2nd and HP is on the 3rd? To my horror MSI, Samsung all are ahead of Lenovo and Asus? are you kidding? The review team should stop wasting time reviewing products rather start selling cashew nuts

  144. penix Says:

    You lost all credibility when you put Apple on first place.

  145. Blair Says:

    This is the most bogus review I have ever read. Anyone who puts dell above lenovo is clearly not using either.

  146. IT Man Says:

    listen to all of you. I’ve been fixing computers for 18 years and any PC will run great and last for years if you would take the time to service it. If your PC is full of shit inside and the fan can’t turn how long do you think it will last? I’ve seen laptops so plugged up that I was surprized it was still working. If you’re going to purchase a high end laptop and toss it on your bed or floor it won’t last you very long. Personally I have Dell xps which came with Windows 98 and I’ve kept it serviced and it was upgraded from 98 to vista to win 7, then 8.1 and got my windows7 update yesterday and it’s still working hard. Of coarse I upgraded a few parts as well just to keep up with the times and demands but hey! it’s still kicking hard and don’t get me wrong here. I believe if I had any other well known brands and did exactly what I’ve done with this Dell it would still run as well. I played around and worked on practically every brand and OS and my opinion is that they’re practical if you take care of them. But you can’t compare a 300$ laptop to a 2500$ one. And really what the most frustrating part about my job is when you have these parents who goes and buy 2500$ machines their careless kids and they land up in the dumpster and post stupid comments on this site about something they don’t even know about.

  147. Matt Says:

    This is probably the most inaccurate thing I have yet to see. Mac and HP at the top? Like really…for the prices and for the very poor build quality they should be at the bottom of the list.

  148. Omni Says:

    I absoutely agree with the rankings for Lenovo (I bought a Lenovo machine and had nothing but problems with its wireless adapter). However, I will admit that ASUS’ rating seems a bit surprising to me.

  149. Dave Says:

    I thought my own life was a fucking nightmare, but after reading all this I feel a lot better.

    The only reason I’m here is because I need a new laptop, and my priorities have changed to wanting RELIABILITY above anything else. Too bad this website doesn’t consider reliability important enough to even have it as a category.

    I don’t claim to know a lot about which brand is best, I just have the following warning TO ALL READERS: Never waste your money on Toshiba. I bought a Satellite C850-05C just over two years ago and it’s a piece of shit. It died on me two weeks ago for no apparent reason, I had to format the hard drive to get it working again, and a week and a half later it died all over again. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS SHIT!

    As a programmer, I need a working PC to make a living, and I care about my machine, so abuse and misuse are not factors in this situation. OK, it was not the highest end machine money can buy, but does saving a few bucks mean I deserve to be stuck with GARBAGE?!?


  150. thakor vipul.a Says:


  151. jafarabadi Says:

    Its absoloutly wrong
    I think yout rancking is completly fals.
    Asus’s production is most better than other exept apple .I have a asus lap top but you cant compare it with lenova or dell

  152. mark Says:

    I think that the results were inaccurate and wrong. I think that the publisher of this article favors some companies over others and that they did a very bad and horendous job and should look back and thinks things over.

  153. eri Says:

    Haha..This is funny post. The only reason why Apple on top while other potential competitors in 2014 on the bottom is because these guys care about US products. Are Asian manufacturers really scaring you? This is such shameful review.

  154. NotJohnSnow Says:

    Guys, I think that the list is inverted.

    Also, how much did Apple paid you to invert this list?

  155. Collinspen Says:

    Apple first spot! Great joke guys.

  156. Sansun Says:

    Every brand has more than one product, entry level, mediocre and high end. Basically what you get what you pay for. So a review just by its brand make no sense.

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