iPhone 5s vs. Samsung Galaxy S5: And the Winner Is…


If you’re in the market for a smartphone, chances are you’re choosing between Apple and Samsung. In fact, the two companies own a combined two-thirds of the market. The current flagships for these brands are the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S5. Which one should you choose?

The Galaxy S5 is less gimmicky than its predecessor but still packs unique features such as a built-in fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor. The S5 also has a bigger display than the iPhone 5s, in a water-resistant body. Apple’s device is starting to show its age, but it also sports a fingerprint reader, a first-of-its-kind 64-bit processor and a beefed up camera with larger pixels. 

To help you make the right call, we compared these devices head-to-head in 11 key categories, ranging from design and camera quality to special features, performance and battery life.



The design of the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s is a study in contrast. Samsung’s phone is a fairly large hunk of plastic with a subtle, dotted pattern, and Apple’s device sports a compact aluminum body with polished edges. In terms of aesthetics, this one is no contest. We’d much rather carry the iPhone 5s, which has a more premium look and feel.

The iPhone 5s is also considerably lighter and smaller (4.9 x 2.3 x .3 inches, 4 ounces) than the S5 (5.3 x 2.9 x .25 inches, 5.1 ounces), owing to the latter device’s larger, 5.1-inch display. As such, the S5 is more of a stretch to use with one hand.

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The S5 does have a couple of key advantages. First, its body is water resistant, which provides peace of mind for users. (Unfortunately, the S5 sports a flap on the charging port, which really gets in the way.) Second, only the Galaxy has a removable rear panel, which allows owners to replace the battery or add memory via the microSD card slot.

Winner: iPhone 5s. Apple still reigns supreme when it comes to handset design.



There are two key considerations when comparing the screens of the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5: size and quality. Samsung obviously wins the size round — 5.1 inches to 4 inches — which gives users a real advantage when doing everything from viewing photos and videos to browsing the Web. The iPhone 5s looks and feels puny and dated by comparison. 

When it comes to image quality, both the S5 and iPhone 5s excel in their own ways. Apple’s device delivers more-accurate colors. Using our colorimeter, the iPhone registered a Delta-E score of just 0.05 (lower numbers are better). The Galaxy S5 hit 0.9 on the same test. Both of these scores are great, though. To put them in perspective, the HTC One M8 scored 4.1 on the same test, and the older S4 scored 5.7. So Samsung has definitely improved.

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Where Samsung pulls ahead is color saturation, delivering 158.4 percent of the color gamut, compared to 98.4 percent for the iPhone 5s. We observed this difference when watching “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ trailer. The hero’s red-and-blue costume looked more vibrant, and the sky was a richer blue, even if it was more exaggerated than what the more accurate iPhone captured. We also noticed deeper blacks on the S5’s display.

The Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s offer comparable brightness. The Samsung hit 493 lux on our light meter, compared to 500 lux for Apple’s device.

Winner: Galaxy S5. The iPhone 5s has one of the best smartphone screens around, but the S5’s display is bigger and bolder. 


The iPhone 5s’ bottom-mounted speaker blows away the Galaxy S5’s back speaker in terms of volume and clarity. When we fired up Bastille’s “Bad Blood,” the iPhone produced much fuller sound. The vocals on the S5 sounded more distant. 

When we measured the loudness of both devices, Apple’s device hit 82 decibels compared to just 73 dB for the Samsung.

Winner: iPhone 5s. Apple’s smartphone delivers surprising audio oomph for its size.



Samsung has given its TouchWiz software a fresh coat of paint for the Galaxy S5, and the result is an interface that’s more attractive — yet still stuffed with options. Take the redesigned notification drawer, which houses the Quick Settings menu. We like the new circular buttons, as well as the easy access to the brightness slider, but the Galaxy has a whopping 20 shortcuts. At least you can decide the order of these settings; Apple doesn’t let you do that.

The S5’s camera settings menu has a dizzying grid of 23 options, but Samsung did show restraint in the camera mode menu. There are six choices, and you can download more modes.


Apple’s iOS 7 is more limited but feels more polished and refined. Using the iPhone 5s feels seamless, whether you’re quickly toggling settings in Control Center, using Spotlight search or switching among apps. With the Galaxy S5, jumping from the My Magazine home screen to the regular home screen and the multitasking menu can feel like you’re using different phones. Samsung’s overall settings menu, while more colorful than before, is still more confusing to navigate than the iOS menu.

Winner: iPhone 5s. Apple’s more attractive and more intuitive software trumps the S5’s myriad settings and customization options.



Typing on the iPhone 5s continues to be mostly accurate and fast, but there are just not enough options compared to the Galaxy. The S5’s layout includes a dedicated number row — a huge time-saver — plus haptic feedback, next-word prediction and swipe typing. The larger screen makes the keys larger and easier to target. Plus, the keyboard can learn from what you type in various apps, such as Facebook and Twitter. 

Winner: Galaxy S5. It’s time for Apple to innovate here, or let others do it for the company by allowing third-party keyboards.

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The iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 are both armed to the teeth when it comes to specs. Apple’s flagship packs a 64-bit A7 chip with 1GB of RAM, while Samsung’s sports a 2.5-GHz Snapdragon 801 CPU with 2GB of RAM. So how do these devices perform?


To gauge everyday responsiveness, we first exited the browser to the home screen multiple times with no other apps running. The Galaxy S5 averaged 1.03 seconds to the iPhone 5s’ 0.84 seconds. Side by side, the iPhone was definitely faster.


We saw similar results when unlocking the phones to the camera. The iPhone 5s was ready to fire almost instantly, averaging of 0.87 seconds. The Galaxy S5 took a leisurely 1.4 seconds. 


For a more demanding test, we timed how long it took each device to fire up the N.O.V.A. 3 game. The Galaxy S5 took 15.3 seconds, which is faster than most Android phones. But the iPhone 5s took only four seconds. We also used the Minion Rush game to test app-open times, and the two phones were closer. The Galaxy S5 averaged 15 seconds to the iPhone 5s’ 14.1 seconds.


The S5 fared better in some synthetic tests. On Geekbench 3, which measures multi-core performance, the Samsung notched 2,927 to the iPhone 5s’ 2,556.


The S5 also beat the iPhone on the graphics-focused 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme by a wide margin: 18,204 to 13,795.

Winner: iPhone 5s. Apple’s device is simply swifter in operation, and that’s what counts most. 

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Camera Features


The Galaxy S5 comes with a 16-megapixel camera and some compelling new features. For example, unlike the iPhone 5s’ 8-MP shooter, Samsung’s real-time HDR function lets you preview the results before you shoot. Apple’s HDR mode takes two shots and combines them for the best image.

Face-Off-cam-features-selectivefocusThe S5 also lets you focus on the foreground or the background of your image after you take the shot. Last but not least, a new Shot & More mode lets you take a series of photos and then apply a number of effects and additional modes, such as Eraser (for getting rid of photobombers) and Best Face (for choosing the best mugs in a photo).


The iPhone 5s keeps things very simple for modes and settings. The most notable options are the fun live effects (like Chrome and Instant), Panorama and Slo-Mo video. The S5 offers a ton of settings and lets users download more modes. 

Winner: Galaxy S5. There are plenty of ways to get creative and have fun on the Samsung.

Camera Quality 

Samsung has definitely upped its camera game. With the exception of shots taken in low light without flash, the S5 offered comparable if not better image quality than the iPhone 5s. Here are some sample shots and our comments, incorporating feedback from our photo editor.


We first took a close-up of a yellow flower. Both the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 delivered very good results with impressive depth of field. The color in the iPhone shot is warmer, but otherwise we wouldn’t say one shot looks better.


The Galaxy S5 wins this round because the main subject looks brighter and clearer. However, the sky is bluer in the iPhone 5s photo.


The iPhone’s color is richer and more saturated in this shot. The overall exposure on the iPhone is a little darker, though. There is better detail in the cup lids of the iPhone photo. Both images are soft at full size, but acceptable.


The iPhone 5s exposes a little dark to keep the highlights from going white. The sky is a little grainy vs. the S5. The color on both is acceptable. The iPhone is a little softer overall, but the flowers are not as soft as in the S5.


The iPhone looks to have a slight haze over the image, making it appear duller than the S5. We like the brightness of the iPhone image, but prefer the contrast of the S5 image. The color also looks a little off on the iPhone.


The iPhone 5s wins hands-down here. The S5’s image is grainy and darker.


Apple’s device also produced a cleaner white with the flash and a better-exposed image.


The Galaxy S5 is the clear winner with its 2.1-MP front camera. The iPhone 5s’ 1.2-MP shooter produced a hazier shot with duller colors.

Winner: Draw. The iPhone 5s and S5 offer comparable image quality outdoors. The S5 has a better front camera, and the 5s performs better in low light (especially without flash).

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Special Features


The iPhone 5s’ biggest feature is its Touch ID sensor, which lets you unlock the phone and make iTunes purchases using your finger. However, you can’t do anything else with this feature. The Galaxy S5’s fingerprint reader adds the ability to pay for items via PayPal, but its sensor isn’t as consistently accurate. We encountered more false negatives than on the iPhone 5s.

Apple’s device also packs an M7 motion coprocessor, which is designed for use with such fitness apps as Fitbit. Samsung once again goes further by including a built-in heart rate monitor with its S5 as well as its own S Health app. You can use this app to track your diet and receive coaching while you exercise. (Apple is apparently working on a health app of its own, but that app won’t be released until iOS 8 debuts.)

We’re not surprised that Samsung hasn’t said much about its S Voice assistant lately, because S Voice hasn’t gotten much smarter. When we asked our S5 where the nearest Mexican restaurant was, then asked, “What about steakhouses?” it responded that it didn’t know what we meant. Apple’s Siri, on the other hand, knew we were still talking about restaurants and displayed relevant local results.

 Siri also offers better Twitter integration. For instance, when we asked, “What is Jimmy Fallon saying on Twitter?” we got a list of the comedian’s latest Tweets. S Voice instead performed a Google search.

The S5 boasts a lot of other special features that the iPhone 5s doesn’t have. This includes Multi Window, which allows you to view two open applications side by side, and even drag and drop content from one window into another. There’s also Ultra Power Saving Mode, which lets you last a lot longer on a charge by disabling unnecessary features and turning the screen black-and-white. Add in a built-in TV remote, and it’s easy to see why Apple trails in this category.

Winner: Galaxy S5. The S5 just has a lot more to offer.

Battery Life


The Galaxy S5 packs a bigger battery than the S4 (2,800 mAh vs. 2,600 mAh) — and it shows. On the Laptop Mag Battery test, which involves continuous Web surfing over 4G LTE on 40 percent brightness, the Samsung lasted an impressive 8 hours and 5 minutes. The iPhone 5s lasted only 5 hours and 46 minutes. That’s more than a two-hour difference in runtime. 

Winner: Galaxy S5. Considerably longer battery life makes Samsung the easy pick in this round.

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The Google Play store now has pretty much every major app you can think of, but Apple’s App Store still tends to get the hottest apps and games first. For example, the popular IFTT (If This, Then That) app just launched on Android, nine months after the iOS version debuted. TweetBot, Day One, Dark Sky and LinkedIn CardMunch are just some of the compelling apps still missing from the Google Play store.

Apple also had a lead in game quality and selection. “Hearthstone” and “Infinity Blade III” are two good examples.

The S5 does pack some uniquely compelling apps from Samsung, including Smart Remote for controlling your TV and S Health for tracking your exercise and diet. However, only the S5 suffers from carrier bloatware. For instance, the AT&T version comes with more than a dozen apps from the carrier, most of which are useless.

Winner: iPhone 5s. Developers still favor iOS, and the result is a more robust library of high-quality apps and games.

Overall Winner: Samsung Galaxy S5


According to our scorecard, the iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 tie in this smartphone face-off, each earning 6 points in 11 rounds of battle. But a draw would be boring. We have to declare a winner, and it comes down to which strengths matter most.

The iPhone 5s boasts a better design, louder and clearer audio, and a cleaner and more intuitive interface. More importantly, Apple’s device is faster in everyday use. The iPhone also sports an excellent camera, beating the Galaxy S5 indoors (especially in low light). Last but not least, iPhone 5s buyers will be able to enjoy the latest and greatest apps first.

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. The user experience isn’t as curated as on the iPhone, but you can go hog wild with options, features and customizations. We also appreciate the Galaxy’s water-resistant shell.

The two reasons the S5 wins this very closely fought match are its larger, richer display and longer battery life. Everything simply looks better on the larger, 5.1-inch canvas, and you can’t ignore a two-hour-plus advantage in runtime.

Mark Spoonauer
Mark Spoonauer
Responsible for the editorial vision for Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide, Mark Spoonauer has been Editor in Chief of LAPTOP since 2003 and has covered technology for nearly 15 years. Mark speaks at key tech industry events and makes regular media appearances on CNBC, Fox and CNN. Mark was previously reviews editor at Mobile Computing, and his work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science and Inc.
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  1. rsmurf Says:

    omg a tie ha ha ha ha best line

    “The S5 just has a lot more to offer.”


  2. dts Says:

    A larger display does not make the S5 a winner in my book. I prefer a smaller phone that fits more easily in my hand and pocket. The longer battery life is definitely a plus though. All in all, I still prefer the iPhone 5s, because it wins in the features that matter most to me.

  3. Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief Says:

    Hi Rsmurf, thanks for you comment. The S5 has a lot more to offer comment refers to special features. Even if you don’t use the heart-rate monitor, the combination of water resistance, TV remote capability, and Multi Window gives the S5 the win in that round.

  4. pjs_boston Says:

    With regard to color gamut, it is not true that more is better. The goal with color gamut is to get as close as possible to 100%. If a display has a color gamut less than 100% and colors seem washed out. On the flip side, having a color gamut of greater than 100% means the colors are over saturated and unrealistic. So, saying that the Galaxy S5’s 158% color gamut is better than the iPhone’s 98.5% color gamut is just plain wrong.

  5. marcus Says:

    I love my s5 it has all the little things like multi window it’s water resistant it also has a baby cry detector which is neat when I have my music in blasting it has a longer battery life I think the only think the iPhone has over galaxy is the face time but u can download hangout and u can facetime with android the s5 also has emojis built in

  6. Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief Says:

    Hi pjs_boston. Good point on color gamut. While it’s a matter of preference, I would say that that the S5’s richer, more saturated colors are more pleasing to the eye, especially when watching video. But, yes, the iPhone 5s offers more accurate colors.

  7. Jeremy Says:

    I wouldn’t even put down audio in the first place. I don’t play my music from my phone’s speakers, and I don’t know anyone else who does (unless they have an HTC phone and are using the BoomSound speakers, which I hear are great for audiophiles. I wouldn’t know.) Simply put, that comparison in my view is irrelevant.

    Galaxy S5 gets 6 points to iPhone 5s ‘ 5 points, plus a bonus point for not being iOS, so really 7 to 5. Clear winner.

  8. Joe R Says:

    I have a question about the speaker test. Did you test speaker call quality? I sell cell phones and the number one complaint we get about the 5s is the barely audible speaker.

  9. chris Says:

    You can unlock your galaxy by opening your Camara up on the lock screen…. way faster than apple. who conducted these tests?

  10. Thai Says:

    Well, for a 7 month old phone matching the score of the new phone…isn’t that a FAIL in itself?

    Camera is where truly Samsung has run out of good ideas. ISOCELL is an invention out of necessity to a problem no one else has. ISOCELL is needed because Samsung (idiotically) crams more and more mega-pixels into a small sensor. This creates noise and lowers low-light sensitivity. So, here comes ISOCELL to rescue this idiocy. Even with ISOCELL, S5 camera is still lacking.

    BTW, isn’t the single core score of GEEKBENCH3 more important than multi-core? Most apps, even if multi-threaded, runs 1-2 cores max at any one point.

    At least to my eyes, that selfie sure looks more accurate color wise and details on the iPhone.

    The problem here is that Samsung ran out of ideas. They are just throwing out random features and ideas and hope that they will stick. Perfect example is the fingerprint reader…poor implementation and execution. Last minute throw-in feature. Same with heart rate monitor…they heard that Apple was doing health stuff…so, they try to jump in first. Disorganized mess.

    And now, next month, we will see S5 PRIME…how’s that for screwing with folks?

    And yet it is Apple who is all about marketing?

  11. steve Says:

    Slight correction? I’ve been using LinkedIn for quite some time on my Android device. Is there another LinkedIn app that hasn’t made its way to Google Play?

  12. sanjay asnani Says:

    in my opinion i phone apple 5s is the real w reallyinner . its looks like like a really mobile . it very easy to carry it is not bulky .i phone 5s is best in every aspect .thank you

  13. Ronald Hunter Says:

    I am not impressed by screen size, if it forces me to hold a phone like a tablet, which is the case with the S5, since I have small fingers. As for the larger battery, I have little use for that as my iPhone 5 can go two or three days without charging at my usage level. It all depends on what is important to the individual, and how it fits the needs, and the hand, or the user.

  14. mausanzam Says:

    So aside from the photo color/saturation/brightness/etc. quality does it make a big difference that the Galaxy S5 camera is 16MP vs. the iPhone’s 8MP? I am assuming that with more MP on the S5 I can then zoom in and crop pictures without loosing as much quality as with the iPhone. Or am I missing something?

  15. Andres Gallo Says:

    Also thought worth noting, in the SIRI vs S Voice comparison… How about google Now. Google Now puts them both (Siri, and S Voice) to shame and should be included with the Samsung the way it is with just about every modern android phone. Even Cortana for windows is superior to both.

  16. danny Says:

    If you are going to do a comparison, do it in an open and honest way. You are so apple biased as to make reading your article a waste of effort. It is even more of a joke with your Nokia Lumina camara test. Only a total pooh wipe would claim as a camera the i phone is better than the Nokia. I don’t understand such a bias unless there is a gain in ,recommending i sheep. Go compare dog pooh where the subject matter is more in line with the excrement you write

  17. Jarad Says:

    Mark, I believe that you are an apple fan boy aka isheep. Of course iPhone won, I have never seen you give a competitor product of Apple ever win. Your reviews are basically just Apple advertising so you can make sure you get a ticket to WWDC when it’s time for them to announce their next iFone. I find your reviews to be more entertainment than actual journalism.

  18. John Says:

    Stupid ScoreCard, how can you put a line to…Camara Features (if that matters to anyone, picture quality of course, the features not)…and not put a line to Fingerprint that Apple gives 100-0 to the S5 system.

    Bad review and comparion, sorry, but there are better Androids with better prices to be compared to 5S

  19. Antony Says:

    S5 fingerprint is way safer if you ask me because it is harder to get the fingerprint out using fingerprint paper (or whatever it is called) because you slide not press. Also Ultra Power Saving is Mega-useful in case you need your battery to last long and be able to call, message. etc. S5 is not too big if you ask me. And a waterproof phone is really, really useful in many practical ways. Even though the S5 looks bulky the soft back cover feels great if you ask me and the leather bookletish cover feels great, and looks cool as well. P.S. I own both phones I can tell which feels better to use. And I also love the new updates to Touchwiz U.I. and the fact that you can customize the U.I. if you don’t like it is great.

  20. Antony Says:

    @John NOT. I have used both HTC and Sony and they don’t compare to Samsung or Apple sorry.

  21. Superfish Says:

    Ok, so I like this review with a few exceptions. I will reluctantly admit that the iphone has a much better os than the s5. It just does. It’s pretty well know that touchwiz is slow, and dumb. A lot of people don’t even use it (including myself on my s3). However, unlike the iphone, if the time it takes to get back to the home screen from an app really matters that much to you, you can easily install a new rom, like slimrom for example, and get MUCH better times. My s3 running slim rom and Nova Launcher has a time less than 1s from just about any app. As far as stock launchers go though, I’d definately give it to apple.

    Second thing, is really more of a question than a statement. As far as the fingerprint scanner goes, wouldn’t you want one that gives more false negatives anyway? Doesn’t that mean it’s more secure? I wouldn’t want someone that happens to have a similar fingerprint to mine being able to run up my google wallet bill because the phone designers were too worried about false negatives…I don’t know if that would be a problem or not, since I don’t own either phone, just merely some speculation

  22. Samantha McDonnell Says:

    This was very helpfull critique.In Ireland the Iphone is the most popular and common phone to have,but I must say I love my Samsung galaxy S4 so I think I will get the S5

  23. Catherine Says:

    I hate to say this but you’re comparison appears to be a bit bias. You’re describing words totally give you away. I like both, but really looking for a review that’s going to have a non-biased info. Thanks 

  24. Paul Says:

    clearly a Samsung win.

  25. Rus Says:

    The feature comparisons are lopsided and your wording makes your article obviously biased, but I guess that’s why it was done.

    I’ve been an iPhone owner from day 1 and just made the switch to the Galaxy s5 active. One of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and I don’t regret it one bit.

    There is truly no comparison between the two devices. Every complaint I’ve had with the iPhone was resolved by switching to the s5. I think this article does a disservice to the battery life of the S5. My 5s couldn’t make it through the work day of actual use, but my S5 can make it and still have 4-6 hours left under the same conditions running the same services (well as close as they can be anyway).

    I am by no means a Samsung fanboy nor am I pro android, if anything I’d be an apple fanboy, but I’m willing to recognize a superior product when I see one.

    The S5 is just more modern and refined. It’s simple things like being able to have a dedicated available number pad or the ability to switch the way the keyboard displays by gesture control. Its also more complex things like being able to get into the OS and looks at apps and services, freeing up ram and cached files, etc.

    The screen realestate is a huge seller to me. As an IT guy I find the extra space inviting as I remote desktop into servers and use my other various IT tools.

    The 4 obvious big differences besides screen is battery size/replacing, memory upgrades, the water/ dust resistant IP67 rating, and the OS can be made to work the way you want it to. Yes, I actually do have a second S5 battery for emergency cases, something that couldn’t be done with my 5s. Anyone doubting the water resistant abilities should look them up on youtube.

    Just about Anything you don’t like about the OS of the S5 you can change. The only way to change just about anything on the iPhone is to buy a new one or jailbreak it.

    I was willing to take the risk moving from a more locked down device to a more open, configurable device, but its not for everyone. The thing everyone needs to realize is the “best” phone totally depends on your opinions and preferences. Don’t look to articles like this to tell you what to buy, go out and test it yourself like I did.

  26. Dude Says:

    The winner is the Nokia 1520. Better screen, better camera, better os, better quality.

  27. John Smith Says:

    The choice in phones are largely a preference. And i personally prefer the ability to add a micro sd card, have a backup battery, and break free from the software monopoly that apple wishes it had.

    If you prefer ease of use and looks over the overall functionality then iphone is for you.

    The iphone is designed for those who aren’t really tech geeks while the android is for those who are more adept with technology

  28. Dave Wood Says:

    I have iPhones and have considered changing to the S5 but I did not for an important reason that you do not mention in your comparison. The Apple background iCloud synching with my iPad and iMacs is a feature which is a total game changer.

  29. John O Says:

    I’ve had a Blackberry for years and recently could not get email on it for some reason or other. I decided to go for the Samsung S5 and discovered after I bought it, to my utter frustration, that I did not have “call duration” available to me, although some guy on U-tube seemed able to get it. But nobody at Sprint or anywhere else was able to get this very elementary information. I took it back and got an iPhone 5s and the size and print were almost impossible to read. The texting was also harder. The stress and frustration of all this drove me back to Sprint and even though I don’t have the “call duration” I decided that the Samsung S5 would be better for me. I’m still not done with the process but once I finally get the Samsung back in my hands, I don’t want to deal with this phone decision again for a long time. Needless to say, I’m older and not as adept with these gadgets as the younger crowd but that call duration thing is still key to my business etc.

  30. Shajeed Says:

    Just to tell that IOS 8 is coming so the keyboard will be better than than the S5 and at the same time the iPhone 6 is coming too. Definitely Apple is the winner.

  31. Lilith_Black Says:

    “To gauge everyday responsiveness, we first exited the browser to the home screen multiple times with no other apps running”

    Is the animation speed changed in the developer’s settings? (I find this test to be irrelevant to the overall performance speed of the phone)

  32. Henry Morgan Says:

    I know the Samsung has a big clear screen and has a lot of
    interesting features that most people don’t use.
    The fit and finish looks like a cheep phone not like a $800.00 phone
    I fell the I Phone 5s wins hands down it is simple compact and works as a former Samsung Galaxy fan I replaced them with a pair of I phone 5s and am waiting for the I phone6

  33. Paul Says:

    I still fnd this funny that people are comparing the iphone 5s to the Samsung s5. Really!! I mean look at how feable the iphone looks compared the the S5! I have owned an iphone in the past and yes i would agree that the OS is better but thats it! The S5 provides me with everything i need on a daily basis. Yeah ok some gimmicks but the size of the screen, camera are all important. The iphone has sadly lost its way over the years. Once the king of smartphones, not just a declining brand much like what’s happening to Nokia/ Blackberry. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but all i would say is try the S5 for a week and then go back to an iphone!

  34. Austin Says:

    It seems as though a whole lot of iPhone fans are really butthurt about the fact that companies have excelled past Apple’s products in so many areas. Not just phones, but laptops and tablets as well. There is an extremely obvious decline in the amount of people who are standing by apple and much more people replacing iPhones with Android and Windows-Based devices. I guess everyone should have expected it after Apple tries to sell virtually the same exact product 8 times in a row. Or maybe people are just starting to get smart and realize that spending double the amount or more on a computer just because its shiny silver color and doesn’t get viruses (you won’t get viruses on a PC unless your an 80 year old woman that grew up when a computer wasn’t existent), is just absolutely stupid. Not to mention the fact that if your Apple computer has an issue you are told by a “genius” (a guy or girl wearing hipster glasses who looks like they may be tech savy; they’re not) that they can’t do anything about it and at that point you’re forced to get rid of that 2,000 dollar computer and buy a new one due to the fact that parts cannot be purchased to repair the shiny hunk of crap by yourself. A Windows computer however can be built for half the price, look ten times better, run ten times better, and can be repaired ten times easier than an Apple computer. I know firsthand because I custom build all of my PC’s.

    Now back to the real point of my comment, Samsung’s s5 being better in every way than Apple’s 5s. Apple has held back on releasing any kind of groundbreaking software OR hardware that is actually of any use on most all of their iPhones to maximize their profits and they really messed up by doing it because another company has done it first and Apple is now screwed. If anyone at all can make an attempt to oppose what I just said, by all means go ahead because I guarantee you are wrong. It is a fact that technology possessed by the military, the government, and the corporate world is at least 10 years ahead of consumer technology at all times. Keeping that in mind, why did Apple not install the larger screen that the 5s has, on the iPhone 4? Why did Apple not put their “groundbreaking” 64 bit mobile processor in the 4? Why did Apple not put the nicer 8 MP camera on the iPhone 5s, on the iPhone 4? Why did they not put the 5s fingerprint reader on the iPhone 4? WHY DO THEY STILL NOT MAKE IHPONES WATERPROOF AFTER 8 GENERATIONS? The reason is because they want to upgrade the smallest things on each iPhone every single time they release a new generation, despite the fact that the technology was available to them years and years before any consumers even knew it existed, because they want consumers to think “Oh gee my best friends new iPhone is able to fit a single extra row of applications, I think I need to get rid of this piece of junk iPhone 4 that I just got a week ago and spend excess money to buy that new one.” Apple is absolutely nothing but shiny garbage who’s only interest is to please stockholders and maximize profits. Samsung makes a solid effort to make each and every phone they release groundbreaking, with technology that has never been used on a smart phone. Get smart Apple users.

  35. Bob Says:

    How biased are you then? SAMSUNG thrashes APPLE with this phone!

  36. BlackWing88 Says:

    i highly doubt the apple iphone 5S is faster then the Samsung galaxy S5

    the only reason it loaded stuff faster i bet it because the apple ios/apple iPhone O.S. is simply more efficient and more streamlined and coded a bit better to allow for lower loading times then android just look at at their desktop O.S. because all of the synthetic tests the Samsung galaxy S5 won over the apple iPhone S5 utilize the processing power of the Samsung galaxy S5 with better software/O.S. and it will out preform the apple iPhone 5S ever time

  37. Marilyn Koenitzer Says:

    Where do I find info about lack of easy deletion capability on IPhone? What’s next? It’s easy to delete all email on Samsung, iPhone is one at a time! When will Apple fix this?

  38. Jack Black Says:

    This article is based on what exactly? It sounds like an Apple advertisement devoid of truth. I’ve been a long time Apple customer and have owned a couple dozen Apple MAC, iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad products. I have grown to really hate Apple. I’ll be switching all of my family’s iPhones over to Samsung phones next month. Apple has nothing over Samsung, and Samsung has one thing going for it that Apple never had…… Standards. I can play far more video and audio formats on my sister-in-laws Galaxy Note 3 than on my iPhone 5S. I am so sick of Apple trying to lock me in to their standards. This is the primary reason I am running as fast as I can away from Apple. The Apple store is VERY limited. The ONLY reason we have stayed with the iPhone so long was the fact I had Jailbroken all of them so we could run the apps that we wanted. Other Apple iPhone owners marvel at my phone when they see the cool features on the most basic apps, like phone, contact list, and texting. If I buy a new iPhone I will lose all that with no options for replacing them with anything available in the Apple store. It’s been many years since I bought my first iPhone and I still cannot view a flash video due to Apples childish battle with Adobe. This precludes me from viewing roughly half the videos on the Internet. This is so unprofessional. I also cannot add any memory as the iPhone does not and will not support memory cards, thus severely limiting the amount of music, photos, and videos one can hold on the phone. Although my iPhone has 64GB of memory I struggle a lot with this.

    I’ve been a photographer for decades, often making a living at it. The iPhone 5S camera cannot hold a candle to the Galaxy Note 3’s camera, which excels in every possible way. I was blown away by the sharpness-detail-clarity,and incredible latitude of the Note 3’s camera. When I take a similar photo with each phone and print them on my printer the difference is striking. The low light capability of the Note 3’s camera is simply stunning. I could see myself relying on the Note 3 or upcoming Note 4 for a some of my photography needs in place of my $4k Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, something I would rarely consider with my iPhone 5S.

    I seethe every time I needed to replace a defective home button, power button, or cracked display because Apple does not sell replacement parts to ANYONE, not even to the repair shops. A couple weeks ago I had to replace the Home button on my Son’s iPhone4 and Apple wanted $198 to swap it out and this was the only option they offered. I had to buy a no-name switch and risk installing it, not knowing if it was a reliable part since Apple refuses to offer any insight on what parts to use in their phones. With the latest Samsung phones having absolutely NONE of these problems and now being offered with rugged build quality with the addition of metal frames, waterproof, 500+dpi screens (better than any iPhone), Sapphire glass, and also better cameras (by far), better processors (my iPhone is quite slow at times), I just down see any way you can argue the iPhone has the edge. Tell me what real innovation have we seen from Apple since the iPhone 4? “None” would be the correct answer. I am so looking forward to switching next month. And given the lack of any real leadership at Apple these days I do not foresee this changing any time soon.

  39. Rich Says:

    Both an excellent article and a hugly flawed article. Great depth and evaluation of the features yet failed to mention the two most important differences! A swappable battery and and sd card – to many, the most essential considerstions!

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