5 Reasons the iPhone 5s Beats the Galaxy S5

Mark Spoonauer
Mark Spoonauer
Responsible for the editorial vision for Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide, Mark Spoonauer has been Editor in Chief of LAPTOP since 2003 and has covered technology for nearly 15 years. Mark speaks at key tech industry events and makes regular media appearances on CNBC, Fox and CNN. Mark was previously reviews editor at Mobile Computing, and his work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science and Inc.
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  1. sicofante Says:

    1. When you say “design”, you must mean “looks”. Two different things, FYI. I’ll take plastic over metal any time: much more resistant, not interfereing with waves.

    2. Says who? Oh, you. OK.

    3. Are you kidding?

    4. Are you reallly kidding? Android has long surpassed iOS in app variation and availability. If an important app is developed for a single OS, that won’t be iOS, but Android.

    5. So being a target of malware equals insecurity? You sure? Are you for real?

    Are you a regular journalist here or just passing by? I mean, if this is how serious this publication is about all its subjects, I’d rather stop visiting it.

  2. sicofante Says:

    i can see you’re Editor in Chief, no less. Deleting bookmark.

  3. Das Donald Says:

    Aw the editor wrote something I don’t agree with and now my feelings are hurt. :)

    Responses to sicofante:

    1. My dad’s S4 doesn’t get better reception than my iPhone.
    2. Customizing Android is kinda neat, I prefer Windows Phone’s tile approach.
    3. iTunes is still the nicest way to buy media. I would still own an iPod Touch if I went with another mobile OS.
    4. I don’t think the editor got that note that Android now has more apps. But you guys don’t have Facebook Paper yet and that’s a huge barrier for me to switch to Android or Windows Phone.
    5. There was the huge security hole Apple recently had to patch that the editor didn’t mention.

  4. Hmmm... Says:

    I’m kinda leaning towards sicofante on this one
    1. Plastic vs glass..people tend to be clumsy in general replacement pieces for the iphone are insanely priced.
    2. Simplicity? Really? How many menus do you need to go through to set up basic functions on iOS?
    3. Itunes? You mean that buggy program that has many functional issues?
    4. Apps yes people pay more for iOS apps…simple reason…they most likely have to if they want them.
    5. Target of malware…insecurity…popularity of an OS has always been the driving factor of malware programmers. Why waste the time on a little OS if you get 10x the amount of reward vs. effort targeting the more popular system?

    Apparently the EiC is an apple fanboi. Enough said…

  5. Ivo Says:

    Wow Mark, “eat it Apple haters” that’s what you tweet.
    It’s no secret that you are a huge Apple fan, and looking at the new Samsung and Sony phones and then looking at your Iphone will make you feel that you need to publish something to justify using Apple. Obviously the article is full with personal preferences and comparison between Apple and Samsung, I will take that as an acknowledgment that you don’t dare to compare Apple to Google anymore.
    I think that argument has long been settled

    Just please do a better job to not appear so hateful about it

  6. Alan Says:

    Oh oh, the Samsung fan boys got their feeling hurt.

  7. Seyed Says:

    This is not a comparison between S5 and 5S as the title originally states. It is a comparison between Android and IOS. Shows absolute bias in using it against Samsung.

  8. Mike Says:

    What a douchey, pretentious article.

    I thought I was going to get some good reasons that the 5S might be better, instead I got some fan boys opinions.

  9. Loren Says:

    I just did the security update the other day for my iPad — best to not call iOS more secure than Android after this giant hole.

    Samsung phones seem a bit busy, and cluttered compared to true Android, so yes, perhaps iOS is cleaner, as it copied Google Android pull down.

    I would prefer the removable battery to having aluminum case, so will give a point in favor of Samsung.

    The screen is larger on the Samsung, which is an easy win there.

    The iPhone6, with a larger screen may be a better deal, though both Sammy and Apples seem a tad overpriced.

    The ecosystem of Apple is great, but the phone apps for Android are fine too — the tablet apps, less so.

    I may stay the course with Android.

  10. AndroidistheOnlyway Says:

    This is quite obviously a bias article! poor editor…..

    The Iphone 5S is not “the device to beat” the androids are selling 3x the amount of headsets and slowly but surely iphones are becoming less common as people realize that android is a better platform.

  11. massysett Says:

    Dead on with the flap covering the micro USB port. Every time I have seen one of these covered up USB ports, the flap eventually wears out and then you’re left with a half broken thing sticking out. It’s inevitable that any rubber or plastic doodad that small will break, especially when you move it once a day or even several times a day as you do with the charging port. Dumb, dumb idea, but it’s what to expect from this great purveyor of plastic and fake chrome.

  12. es5150 Says:

    What an Apple fanboy!

  13. Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief Says:

    Thanks for your comments on this OpEd. As I mentioned in the intro, I think the S5 is going to sell well, but I don’t think its going to cause anyone to switch. However, our online editorial director believes strongly that the S5 trumps the iPhone 5s–and that it will probably beat the iPhone 6 too. Stay tuned for his counterpoint.

  14. i_m_sensible Says:

    When I clicked on this article I really thought I was going to read a substantive comparison of the two handsets and, instead, I found nothing but biased, and, in my opinion, quite trivial contrasts.

    I will grant that the iPhone continues to deliver a superior looking and feeling design – it looks sleeker and feels smoother and more refined but, so what? If you’re goal is to portray a sense of affluence and class take a moment to look around – there are plenty of 12 year olds running around with iPhones that are just as expensive and fancy as yours and many don’t necessarily come from high-income families but, somehow, their families still manage to ensure they get one so they can be just as cool as all the other kids. Oh, and just as cool as all those adults, like yourself, that owns one. It’s become more of a status symbol than anything else.

    As for being more intuitive, maybe it’s just me but I simply DO NOT agree. I’ve worked in IT for over 20 years. Every one of my immediate family members owns an iPhone and I’m the de facto initial level of support for anything they need help with on their iPhones and, honestly, I find the phone settings to be a little cumbersome to navigate at times. I like that pretty much everything is stored under the Settings tile – that makes sense – but, once you’re in there, things can be frustrating to find. Plus, because they’ve tried to make it so simple, navigation is completely hierarchical in nature where you are either having to a level deeper or go back, back, back. I find it quite inane, frankly.

    I know that there are plenty of iPhone users that will take exception to this because they know the settings inside out and are familiar with every nook and cranny but that doesn’t mean they are intuitive, that means they are learned and that’s no different than needing to learn and become familiar with any other handset. Even the idea of pressing the home button twice in quick succession to bring up a scroll of running apps that can be shut down isn’t intuitive. Sure, it’s easy once you’ve learned but had you not been told, read about it of stumbled upon it by accident it wouldn’t have been readily apparent.

    As far as seamless integration between multiple devices is concerned, I will grant that when a single company controls all the platforms they will likely be able to implement seamless integration much more effectively and, from what I know of those iPhone users that really use iCloud and multiple devices it sounds like Apple has it nailed. Even so, I think it’s unfair to say that seamless integration on Android devices isn’t much better than it used to be and continues to improve with each new generation. I would say this is contrary to what might be expected given all the disparate players in the market so, in some ways, it’s almost more impressive and it also leads to greater innovation in the long run in my opinion. Regardless, I think that seamless integration between multiple Android devices is simply not that challenging anymore and there are many options available for implementing this.

    The argument about apps is just silly. There are so many apps available on both OS’s that if you can’t find an app that you’re looking for then the issue is probably isolated and you should consider building one that will make you rich. The idea that more developers flock to developing apps for iOS because it’s simpler and more profitable is an equally poor argument, frankly. If there’s an app that’s popular and makes money then the developer will almost assuredly develop a version for both platforms. Doing anything less would just be a huge business mistake.
    Security vulnerabilities are always a risk regardless of the platform. You can boast charts that show all kinds of numbers about potential and even realized threats but, frankly, at the end of the day the only one you really care about is the one that ends up infecting/attacking YOUR phone and it only takes one! Plus, some are much more invasive and harmful than others so it’s not as simple as counting numbers. Which is worse – hundreds of little malware programs that have a low successful penetration rate and when they are successful are a brief annoyance that are fairly easily dealt with or ONE massive breach that does irreparable damage and takes a lot of time and/or money correct?

  15. Russ Says:

    I’m adding a comment to say how much this article sucked. Next time try to compare hardware to hardware. The feel, software, interface and security isn’t hardware. Crap just plain crap.

  16. My name Says:

    I was expecting a S5 vs 5S comparison article, not a biased iOS vs Android article. Well, at least you got me to click the link so kudos to you there.

  17. converted Says:

    I used to have an iphone. Now I have a droid. I’m not alone. Why? Most people are not as blindered as the author of this article. I bet he has very strong political views too. Equally without merit.

  18. Reality Says:

    Here’s what it boils down to…iOS is what Apple gives you. They tell you what you want, and you have to like it….unless you jailbreak it. Android, is what you want. You can make it as complicated, clunky, and crowded as you want. Or you can have almost nothing on the screen. You can load different programs for launchers, lock screens, or notification screens/toggles. All without rooting. You aren’t locked into a specific program for downloading or managing your music or movies.

    So it boils down to this: do you just want to be given something and have it work because it’s more-or-less locked into being one way….or do you want something that you can customize depending on you, your skillset, your moods, your needs, etc. Android is only as complicated and buggy as you make it.

  19. Phdchef Says:

    For those who think this is a simple Android vs. iOS comparison: It isn’t. First, design encompasses the physical hardware. To that end, 5S’s exterior design is simply more elegant and higher end than S5’s. There is simply no way to go around it. As for the notion that plastic is more “resistant” than metal as posted by users like sicofante, resistant to what? Not interfering with waves? That’s actually funny, because metal conducts radio waves so theoretically it would make the waves more concentrated for cellular signal receptors to gather. It would make more sense if we’re talking hairline scratches, in which case polycarbonate plastic is more resistant than the typical metal.

    Second, S5 does not simply use Android. Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay makes Android far more complicated than otherwise needed. Funnier still is that Samsung almost went out of its way to present a flatter appearance, and this is only after Apple adopted Microsoft’s design philosophy.

    Third, while heart rate monitor is neat and all, this is once again demonstrative of Samsung’s design philosophy of its hardware features: This is a feature without a market. With many options already available for biometric tracking that are far more elegantly integrated into both Android and iOS ecosystems, who would take out a phone to clumsily put a finger just below the camera? Are there apps to actually take advantage of this feature? While it is reasonable to argue that biometric screening through cellphone can eventually make its way to the healthcare sector, there is no such market right now. The feature amounts to little more than “eh, that’s kinda neat.”

    In fact, the only truly superior feature in terms of useful consumer value proposition on the S5 that 5S does not have is water resistance. And to many people with butterfingers over their toilets, that reason alone is worth buying the S5 over 5S.

  20. Hello Says:

    First of all Samsung has already beat iPhone by having more market share. Secondly, there maybe a flap covering the Microusb, but at least Samsung offers a microusb slot for storage unlike iPhone who charges for everything offers basically no benefits and tells there users what they can & can’t have including memory space.

  21. Glenn Meisenheimer Says:

    I don’t know. I personally hated Apple’s iTunes and appstore. They were always forcing me to change my password and at age 64 I can only remember a limited number of those things. The end result is that I had to change my password every time I wanted to buy something. User hostile I’d call that.

    Plus, with my Galaxy S4 I can carry a spare battery with me, pop the back off with no tools wherever I am and replace it. It only takes a few seconds. The fanciest phone in the world means nothing if the battery is dead.

    Oh, and the part about the iPhone being easier to use? Well I’ve had both and considering the cost of an iPhone (and the way Apple writes off the older models) I prefer the S5 on that count too.

    Oh yeah… My old iPhone was pretty fast when I first got it, but as it aged it got slower and slower until the internet was practically unusable. BUT if I took it into the Apple Store to show them, mysteriously, it was fast again. I always suspected them of somehow degrading performance to nudge folks into buying upgrades… Ok, Ok… Maybe that’s just paranoia on my part. But it worked find in the Apple store but ground to a halt by the time I got down the block a bit.

    By the way… When are they going to start using your thumbprint instead of passwords for app store purchases. That would be progress.

  22. omar Says:

    Advise to iphone user, don`t switch to bigger screen more than 4 inch as your iphone 5s becoz when you get used to big screen you will throw away your iphone 5s.

  23. Mike Says:

    1.Everybody puts their phones in cases so why does it matter if its made of solid gold if to provides no additional benefits and you can’t even see it. In addition you can get cases like the note 3 with a 10k mah. You cannot easily replace a Iphone bat or customize the case if you wanted to.

    2. With so many versions of android from different oems can you say that non of them is better for any random person then ios?

    3. I hate hate hate itunes. Believe it or not people in video production are moving to PC. Apple programs can be very aggressive and change settings and cause issues with my nle video editing program. So the stupid program to organize my music killed my program I use to make money. I have eco systems that are pre made. The look pretty but I make mine functional.

    4. I have yet to find a business app I need or want that wasn’t free on android. The app argument is stupid any ways both system have a hundred if not a thousand calculator apps etc. We dont need more we need less. Android has more free then ios. Ios used to have more but were surpassed not to long ago.

    5. Malware is a big issue for android. Google needs to do much more on this front. This is one area the is a big negative for android. I dont know if this is a plus since it seems like apple product with their claims of no virus has made hackers use social engineering and direct device attacks then random apps to attack. Apples marketing make people have a false sense of security and make simple mistakes that make them vulnerable. Please is puts a prize on hacking an apple device. Every hacking convention I have ever heard of apple products are the first to be hacked to see how can do it first then they more to other os’s.

  24. Jorge Says:

    I completely agree with this article=)

  25. Jorge Says:

    ios market share 42 percent, Samsung 26 percent

  26. Jorge Says:

    90 percent of the fortune 500 use apple products. verge.com. Its actually closer by average from smartphones, tablets, and laptops to 95 percent. now the general public uses windows at a shade above 80. its losing ground. Android is a good system. I respect it. I just love the apple Ecosystem, its so effective. My iMac is ridiculously amazing

  27. petergreyhill Says:


    lOVIN IT =>you must have hated typing every single word. very cool idea, as you probably predicted, very emotion response/comments.


  28. Ben Hammon Says:

    So. 1. You prefer the styling and 2-5 are just about operating systems and no mention of comparing two phones. So that’s it? You like the styling and operating system better.
    Nothing to say about the bigger better screen, bigger better camera, stuff like that? No? Not defending your precious Apple very well I’m afraid.

  29. chello Says:

    Yeah the iphone 5s might have a premium metal back, but doesn’t make the phone better in any way. Both have a specific design to them that consumers would prefer one over the other. And to comment about the S5 charging flap cover, just to make the i5s stand out, is the dumbest thing ever, to make a comparison about. I have the i5s myself good phone< good operating system thats it, no functionality to it or multitasking whats so ever, just plain old boring, no customization. Just open the app you have downloaded and use that app for what it's used for, that's it. And one more thing. you mentioned "you would be hard pressed to tell the difference from the galaxy S4 and the S5. Well i can say the same for the i4s and the i5s. A slightly lager display but it still looks the same. Not a good match up from your perspective. You should have come a little stronger with your statistics, and better reasons why the i5s is better. Maybe you can do so with the i6 next time. If apple makes an iphone with multitasking features, 1080p or higher resolution, customizable user interface, real widgets not fake ones, arrange your apps that you have downloaded to go where ever you want to go, not the way your stuck with them to go. Again i have the i5s and all that it's good for is it's Apple's closed wall garden operating system thats it, everything else is in the hands of the app developers, who design the apps for what it can do and than get the approval of apple to pass it through.

  30. AxlLeBeer Says:

    I’ll stick with my BlackBerry Q10 thank you very much.

  31. bijan sarani Says:

    iphone 5s very naice

  32. RRRJrS Says:

    These are all opinions.

  33. Sam Says:

    Better design?? who’s the judge for that? everyone on this planet. One’s best design could be the other’s worst. itune what ? come’on I have not even used one itune in my life…very happy with what I use on android. Intuitive interface? what’s that? I don’t need to transfer my brain to a stupid phone.

  34. Sam Says:

    Aluminum gold? What good it is for? you are stuck with it because you are forced to not remove it and change the battery….never in your life….you will just have to buy the whole new phone once battery is dead…LOL with aluminum gold!!

  35. Kenneth Says:

    This Article is Big Sucked!
    Here is my comparision>
    Androi is a Mustang on the field
    iOs is a horse with blinds that carries people you see in any downtown. Yep, Its popular but,,You know what I meant..with the blinds on its eyes.
    Sad Sad Sad. I like Iphone but I love Samsung!

  36. Oriole In CT Says:

    Mark, I love how the first paragraph states “Sure, the S5 looks like it will be a top seller, even if it copies iPhone 5s’ built-in fingerprint reader” Hope you know that Motorola’s 2011 phone known as the Atrix was the first fingerprint reader phone. And Apple copied it. Shocking I know Mark, but Apple does not walk on water and your article is so blatantly biased.
    I own an Iphone 5 and was just hoping to read an article that truly made some decent comparisons.
    You come across as a tool…

  37. Arno Says:

    Dont forget to mention the battery life, wich the S5 wins

    speed S5 wins

    Hardware S5 wins

    Camera S5 wins

    Resolution S5 wins

    I can go on all day
    instead of mentioning this nonsense you just said.

  38. Porschekiller Says:

    Mark, I send you my deepest respect!
    Not because the article you wrote bears a lot truth but because you really did the homerun. Why or better for who’s benefit?
    If device manufacturers, in the first place Apple and Samsung, read the readers’ comments they can learn a lot! This is priceless.
    IMHO both, Samsung and Apple are somewhat on a dead end. The more they should look at users demand.

  39. Chris Says:

    Wow… you reallllly don’t know anything about phones do you? iPhone 5s is better overall phone experience, but wow those last three? Kind of a stretch.

    LOL this guy is editor-in-chief?

    Onion? Is that you? You almost got me…

  40. Aqeel Khan Says:


    1. samsung gives memory card slot.

    2. fully customizeable can upgrade downgrade the frimware no matter what software u want to use..totally user free hand…its not doing monopoly that once u upgraded then u cant downgrade…even apple fone is like a daughter everytime it need ask for permission from apple servers through itunes (momi can i do that ??) etc.. what i beleive is…U have paid money and bring the fone..so you are the owner, u should have free hand to do whatever u want to do with your fone. APPLE doesnt allow all this.

    3. Lets come to security, Apple make stuck the device on activation in case phone is stolen and makes the device useless for theif and unreachable for real owner to track, moreover SAMSUNG doesnt do that…it allow theif to let it use but secure it silently so real owner can track and easy to reach its fone.

    4. no matter how best quality u use in parts, it depreciates…Apple doesnt even allow you to take out battery in case if device stuck…

    5. see by yourself
    PROCESSOR,RAM,CAMERA and all other other features…nonetheless if you say Apple is best then YOU ARE LYING TO ME.

  41. David Sutton Says:

    Thanks for making no point at all other than your personal feelings of fake gold over plastic. Do you get paid for this and if so I need an application. I was looking for 5 reasons iphone was better as the title said. You couldn’t even give one. You boss should stop drawing names out of hats for jobs.

  42. Alejandro Gonzalez Says:

    Everything has been said. Mark Spoonauer please write another article when you get yourself an S5. Many non tech people have been in love with iPhone products but the reality is that Samsung kicked apple’s ass all over the place with their S4 phone.
    Every single REAL tech guy in the world knows S4 or S5 is a better phone. Yes we know you would like iPhone to still be leading the phone race, but it is not! Sorry. And they will not bring back betamax tapes either.
    The day Steve Jobs died apple died with it. Come to terms with that.
    Apple will never get back on the phone market, they will never innovate like Jobs did.
    Deal with it and get yourself a Samsung!

  43. EverybodyLovesNick Says:

    My favorite iphone 5s feature is the fingerprint password to use the app store. No more typing a password. And it works 99% of the time, unless I have cheeto’s dust on my finger

  44. yo daddy Says:

    It trips me out that people argue about this crap! Does it really matter? No! You like what you like. Do you hate people because they don’t have the same car as you? Are you superior to others that don’t have as nice of a house as you? I Like Android and ios. I must be open minded compared to you nerds that actually think this is worth making stupid comments to people that you would be terrified to argue with on the street.take that crybabies

  45. Carter Says:

    Haha! What did you give, maybe 3 reasons? Seems you selectively forgot to mention everything the Samsung does better. OK.

  46. This guy... Says:

    I normally don’t give two craps about these fanboy wars, but in all seriousness, how much did Apple pay you to write this article?

  47. Martin Says:

    This article is the most stupid thing I have read in 2014. Too bad I can not take my 10 minutes back.

    First, the best phone of 2013 was the HTC ONE. Lets move to the Galaxy S5 vs the funny Iphone 5S…
    meh…this is not even worth my time. But to narrow it down the Galaxy is by far a way superior device.

  48. Roshan Says:

    Iphones do not need a battery change!! It has an awesome battery shelf life!!
    Samsung has released 68 smart phones and Apple 7!
    Beat That!
    Yet the Market Share of Apple is considerably High!
    This is not to Woo Samsung Owners .. just some hard to digest facts for them!
    And whenever there is an article Favouring Apple … Samsung Owners find time out of their busy schedule to comment on it!! Good dedication guys to Woo Apple! Keep it up!!

  49. Hector Says:

    The Galaxy’s phones are too complicate to use and manipulate. Nothing as simple as the Iphone. Everything is spread over the screen. No organization or easy set-up is insight. Now, with the S5 is worst due the changes on menus
    I will like Samsung designers think in two things, better AUDIO and more user friendly.
    I personally don’t care about plastic or metal design case. Anyway I always use a plastic cover, but this G-S5 drive my nuts. Not easy to set a F^$%&%ing sound or a screen. ahhh, I’m not a genius but a very technical oriented person. Despite this I feel lost with this phone.

  50. Paul Says:

    Bluetooth Bluetooth riddle me this batman if I purchase a song or album from google play I can bluetooth and copy the whole album to my friends phone. Iphone and apple will not allow this file share. You don’t own your music! But android owners do! No full HD screens and you own a prenium device. Good luck with your precious iphone.

  51. Ty@GFXDesign Says:

    You get CrapBerry
    You get Crapple
    and then,
    You get Samsung.

  52. Ken Gibson Says:

    The metal iPhone is prone to corrosion and breakage.rusty iPhones are not pretty. Glass is not as strong as samsung glass. 4 out of 5 iPhones break from their first fall.operating system and network configuration software is frustrating. bland and uninteresting display and controls. iPhones are not ergonomic and are very small. iPhone does not have MiMo tech. iPhone is executive, samsung is for the everyday and trendsetter.

  53. DRPen Says:

    That flap is the reason I bought the 5S. I kept my old phone for three years waiting for a water resistant smart phone.

  54. ZerMetKi Says:

    I’ve been using an iPhone 4 since 3 years ago or so, and stayed with iOS5.1 jailbroken. Just today I received an iPhone 5 (ios 7.1.1). The device design looks nice (4 was really nice too), but the interface design sucks (Actually, I want to stick with my old phone).

    About the article, I think it sucks just as much as the iOS 7 interface. Fanboy made stuff. I like the iPhone, but just because I’m lazy enough to get used to Android and to buy a new phone (or anything made from Samsung, whose support sucks just as much as this article).

    For an EiC, one would expect well informed facts over subjective thinking.

  55. mike Says:

    1. bigger, higher resolution screen
    2. better camera
    3. water proof
    4. better battery life
    5. never have to use itunes
    6. more easily copy/share media between devices
    7. microsd
    8. cheaper
    9. 3 capacitive buttons

    1. higher quality build materials
    2. ???

    Yeah easy winner there.

    I don’t really get how people bash the s5 for not physically looking substantially different from the s4. Is it just me or does the original iphone look almost identical to the 5s?

    I have an S5, while its not my #1 choice phone out at the moment I wouldn’t even consider an iphone in the top 10.

    Yes samsungs overlay of android is a bit overbearing the beauty of android is you can just root it and install any custom o/s you want.

  56. LOL Says:

    You suck and your reviews suck even more. “I’d rather have a phone I can’t splash then be forced to eject a flap every time I wanted to charge it.” I wish your phone to end up getting soaked in rain.

  57. Toni Says:

    I own both phones iphone 5s and samsung s5. I loved my samsung s5 and was about to switch news flash with same SIM card used in iphone 5 I have 3G celular coverage watching videos samsung s5 tested with all settings about next to 1 bar absolute useless peace of junk!!! I hate when Android die hard fans try to shout down others for choosing the iphone.
    Sorry to tell you the iphone does what it does very well Android is just getting their but when it matters like bad coverage celular areas iphone and iPad beat android phones any time at this time and day.this is a fact proofen.

  58. Toni Says:

    I own both phones iphone 5s and samsung s5. I loved my samsung s5 and was about to switch news flash with same SIM card used in iphone 5 I have 3G celular coverage watching videos samsung s5 tested with all settings about next to 1 bar absolute useless peace of junk!!! I hate when Android die hard fans try to shout down others for choosing the iphone.
    Sorry to tell you the iphone does what it does very well Android is just getting their but when it matters like bad coverage celular areas iphone and iPad beat android phones any time.

  59. You guys forgot one thing Says:

    You all forgot one measly little detail, the name of the article

    “5 Reasons the iPhone 5s Beats the Galaxy S5″

    Now, I know you all like to jump to conclusions, because I bet you all think the title was “Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s” or something comparing every aspect.

    No, it’s comparing things that the author prefers. He doesn’t prefer the S5 in this case, so he wouldn’t mention things that are better than it, it defeats the purpose of the article, to say things that are better about the iPhone.


  60. foxboxzia Says:

    This is an argument that can’t be proven with endless flame wars in the comments section. If you want to see how effective either company is, you should look at the worldwide market share. It’s extremely inaccurate to look at only America’s statistics. The reason? Americans are dumb. Not dumb as in jumping off a cliff, not dumb as in low IQ. Americans are misinformed. The mainstream media and advertisements seem to be the only information sources Americans will believe. Us Americans are arrogant. Us Americans are ignorant. Us Americans are controlled by the media. (Keep in mind I am a pure American, born in Minnesota, raised and living in Montana.)

    But lets move on. Ask any iPhone user their opinion on Android. Around 90% of them will say something like, “It’s a cheap Chinese copy of Apple!” or “A slow, crappy cheap phone for poor people.” Next, ask that person if they’ve ever used an Android. 90% of the time, they will say no. Now if you really want to torque that person off, show them some of the unique features of the Android OS. Usually, the person will most likely try to keep Apple afloat by listing features that they thought were exclusive to Apple, but have been utilized by Android for a while before. Why do they hopelessly try do defend their flashy, white girl, paperweight of a phone? Because its what the media and commercials tell them, and they don’t even consider at least checking the specs of the latest Galaxy compared to their iPhone.

    The Apple iPhone 6 has a 2 GHz dual core processor with 1 GB of RAM. To the average user, this seems good. Now look at the Samsung Galaxy S5, released around half a year before the iPhone 6. It has a quad core, 2.5 GHz processor with 2 GB of RAM. That’s the equivalent to a mid to high end laptop (Besides the RAM). In a phone! And an even more astounding fact: It’s cheaper! And why don’t us penny-pinching Americans take advantage of this power? Because most of us never even look at anything close to Android! It’s ridiculous. Apple may dominate America’s smartphone market, but worldwide, it only has around 15% of smartphone market share. And who has most of the rest? You guessed it. Android, with an astounding 84.7 percent! Point proven. Case closed. See Ya!

  61. David Says:

    Umm lets rephrase this.
    1. Design is Modern, not better but looks fancy
    2. The Picture shouldn’t be of the quick option screen, because Galaxy’s are way better in that way
    (More Options the better)
    3. This kind of goes with 5, but iCloud got hacked, Nudes were leaked, security was bypassed… Who Buys Music Anymore…
    4. The Important apps that we use as people most commonly are on both devices, so yeah we lack apps like: Find My iPhone, and weird Japanese games. We sadly have to miss out on them.
    5. The likeliness of getting a virus is less then you getting a virus from this website…

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