Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: And the Winner Is…


The rivalry between Apple and Samsung has mushroomed into an all-out war, and the brands’ flagship smartphones are its most deadly weapons. On one side, you have the iPhone 5, a device that’s Zen-like in its simplicity but also very swift and light on its feet. And on the other side, you have the Galaxy S4, which hopes to overwhelm Apple with a bigger screen and a steady barrage of features.

Yes, Samsung’s phone is shinier and newer, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best choice. We pit the iPhone 5 against the latest Galaxy S4 in 11 hard-fought battles to determine which device reigns supreme. 

UPDATE: Check out our iPhone 5S vs. Galaxy S4 Face-off and see how Apple’s latest smartphone compares.


Design 1

Even several months after its debut, the iPhone 5 remains a status symbol. We’re talking a glass-and-aluminum beauty that’s incredibly light (3.9 ounces), yet solid. The polished chamfered edges, precision- cut speakers and even the button feel are all pretty much perfect. Apple’s device is also easy to use with one hand, whereas the Galaxy S4 can be a stretch to reach across the screen with your thumb.


The Galaxy S4 has a more pedestrian plastic aesthetic, but it’s certainly an improvement over the S3. The polycarbonate chassis has a sturdier, denser feel than its predecessor. We like the dot pattern on the back of the black version, which looks more sophisticated than the white model. Remove the back — something you can’t do on the iPhone 5 — and you’ll have access to the replaceable battery and microSD Card slot. 

Design 3

The S4 is fairly light for a 5-inch phone, weighing 4.6 ounces and measuring 0.25 inches thick. That’s thinner than the 0.3-inch iPhone 5. However, the S4 is significantly taller and wider. As a result, we found ourselves having to shift the device in our hand to move from the power button to the home button. 

Winner: iPhone 5. While we appreciate the removable back cover on the Galaxy S4 and how light it is given its large display, the iPhone 5 offers a far more elegant, striking and user-friendly design.


Display 2

Size isn’t everything, but it definitely helps that the Galaxy S4 has an inch on the iPhone 5. The 5-inch Super AMOLED display makes the iPhone’s 4-inch LCD look relatively cramped. For instance, text on was easier to read using the S4 without needing to zoom in, and the phone displayed an additional headline and blurb. In addition, watching movies and video clips felt more immersive on the S4, such as the “Man of Steel” trailer.

The S4 also has a leg up on the iPhone 5 in terms of resolution, offering 1920 x 1080 pixels or 441 pixels per inch. The iPhone 5 offers a fairly sharp picture at 1136 x 640 pixels, but it trails the S4 with 326 ppi.

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When we looked at the same full HD image of “The Man of Steel,” we could make out finer mesh details in Superman’s new uniform on the S4, and his red cape popped more. We also appreciated the greater contrast in his face, which made the Son of Krypton’s cleft chin more pronounced. The iPhone 5’s image was brighter with a cooler color cast.

Where the S4 falls behind the iPhone 5 is brightness. Apple’s handset registered 535 lux on our light meter, compared with 446 lux for the Galaxy S4. When viewed outdoors, the S4’s display was harder to read, especially in direct sunlight. 


Winner: Galaxy S4. While iPhone 5’s screen is easier to read outdoors, the Galaxy S4’s display wins because of its size and resolution advantage, as well as its better contrast.



The back-mounted speaker on the Galaxy S4 doesn’t look like much, but it delivers a pretty good punch. Whether we were playing the Lumineers’ “Ho Hey,” or “Pumped Up Kicks” from Foster the People, we could easily hear the S4 from across a medium-size office. We had to strain a bit more to hear the iPhone 5, though its dual speakers offer a warmer, richer tone. However, it’s easier to muffle the sound on the iPhone 5 when playing games in Landscape Mode because its speakers are on the bottom of the phone.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung’s device offers louder sound and better speaker placement.


If you’ve ever used an iPhone or iPod touch, the iPhone 5’s interface will be instantly familiar and intuitive. The device uses the same icon-driven UI as its predecessors, complete with the ability to easily create folders by dragging and dropping app shortcuts on top of each other. It’s not exciting, but it works.

Swiping down from the top of the screen reveals Notification Center, where you can see the latest weather conditions, upcoming appointments, scrolling stocks, and alerts for apps such as email and Twitter. We also like the dedicated Tap to Tweet and Tap to Post (Facebook) buttons at the top of Notification Center.

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Another highlight of the iPhone’s interface is Spotlight search, made accessible by swiping right while on the first home screen. Here you can search almost anything that might be on your phone: apps, emails, messages, contacts, calendar entries, media, notes and reminders. Google search on the S4 is more limited, letting us find apps, contacts and media, but not individual messages or appointments.


The Galaxy S4’s TouchWiz interface lets you do a lot more in less taps. For instance, when you swipe down from the top, you can toggle everything from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to special features like Air Gesture and Smart Scroll. You can even customize which quick setting buttons appear at the top of the notification panel. We also love the brightness slider control in this panel, a setting that’s buried on the iPhone.

The S4’s customization advantage extends to the lock screen, where you can set your own unlock shortcuts to specific apps. The iPhone 5 limits you to the camera or any app that pushes a notification to the lock screen.

The fact that the S4 has separate home screens and app screens will be confusing to potential iPhone switchers, but we do like the prominent weather widget on the main home screen, and you can add your own. The iPhone 5 lacks widgets.

The S4 really outshines the iPhone when it comes to multitasking. While the iPhone 5 sticks to the same old double-tap-to-see-icons at the bottom of the screen for switching apps, the S4 gives users a live preview when you long-press the home button.

Even better, long-pressing the back button presents a Multi Window Menu, enabling you to run two apps on the S4’s screen at the same time. For instance, you can check your Facebook feed while scanning your inbox or watching a YouTube video. 


Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, the iPhone 5 is easier to use, but the Galaxy S4’s faster access to settings, widget support and superior multitasking make Samsung’s device a lot more versatile.


Long the gold standard of touch-screen keyboards, the iPhone 5’s layout is simple and effective. Despite having a smaller screen than the Galaxy S4, we typed quickly and accurately. We noticed less lag on the iPhone versus Samsung’s layout. 

However, only the S4 offers a dedicated number row, which makes it a lot easier to enter passwords. You can also long-press multiple letters to enter symbols without toggling to a separate menu, from “&” to punctuation.


The S4 pulls ahead even further with the help of SwiftKey, whose technology powers Samsung’s keyboard. The phone offers next word predictions, which speeds up text entry, as well as trace typing, which makes it easier to peck out that message with one hand. Plus, only the S4 offers haptic feedback. Last but not least, voice typing is a lot faster on the Samsung because it works offline. Siri does not.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4. A dedicated number row and smart word prediction gives Samsung the win in this round.


On the feature front, the S4’s camera wipes the floor with the iPhone 5. While Apple’s device keeps things simple with Panorama and HDR, the S4 offers a multitude of options to make picture-taking more fun and convenient.

Samsung’s phone features a Drama Shot Mode for action shots, an Eraser Mode for eradicating photo bombers and a Dual Shot Mode for using the front and back cameras at the same time, great for inserting yourself in a picture postcard. We really like how easy Samsung makes it to switch camera modes, complete with helpful descriptions.


Other camera options unique to the S4 is an Auto Night Mode for low-light shots, Best Face for creating the optimal group shot, Animated photo for animating parts of the picture and slow and fast motion video. 

In terms of photo quality, the iPhone 5 impressed us more, despite the fact that its camera offers less resolution that the Galaxy S4 (8 MP versus 13 MP). In one test shot of a fountain, the S4 blew out details that the iPhone 5 picked up, such as the darker flecks in the stone at the front edge of the fountain, as well as where the water drops landed. The iPhone’s shot also offered better contrast. 


In another shot taken of flowers, the iPhone 5’s image produced more detail in the petals and richer colors. However, the Galaxy S4’s shot was brighter and more evenly lit, especially toward the roots. In another close-up shot of a stone pot, the S4’s image delivered more detail while the iPhone 5 seemed to have more trouble dealing with the sun (off to the left).

Indoors, a shot taken of the “Sesame Street” character Grover and some other objects on a shelf looked sharper on the iPhone, but the S4’s image had more accurate colors. The white background looked a bit yellow on the iPhone 5.

For our final still image comparison, we shot the same painting indoors in low light both with and without the flash (in Auto Mode). The iPhone 5 won both contests, thanks to a brighter low-light image and a crisper shot taken with the flash engaged. 


Last but not least, we shot the same footage of New York City traffic with both phones in 1080p mode. While the S4’s footage looked brighter, the iPhone 5’s clip was less shaky and offered more detail, such as the dents in a passing van.

Winner: Draw. The iPhone 5 generally takes better looking photos, but the Galaxy S4 lets you get more creative with its wide array of features.

Specs and Performance

Samsung comes to this fight armed with Qualcomm’s latest quad-core 1.9-GHz Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM, while the iPhone 5 packs Apple’s 1.3-GHz A6 processor and 1GB of RAM.

To gauge the performance of these two smartphones, we first ran Geekbench 2, which measures processor and memory performance. The iPhone 5 scored 1,660, compared with the Galaxy S4’s 3,177. So Samsung’s flagship is nearly twice as fast on this test. 

On Passmark, which evaluates everything from CPU and disk performance to memory and 2D and 3D graphics, the iPhone 5 scored a higher 3,874 versus 3,414 for the Galaxy S4. To be fair, though, Passmark hasn’t been optimized for the iPhone 5’s larger screen, so it ran in a smaller window. In other words, the test likely wasn’t as taxing as it could have been.

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We then measured graphics performance using the intense GFXBench app for both Android and iOS. On the T-Rex HD Offscreen Fixed timestep test, which measures framerates during an animated scene of a T. rex chasing someone riding a motorbike through the jungle, the S4 notched 15 fps, compared with 6.6 fps for the iPhone 5.


The iPhone 5 fared better on the Web-based Sunspider 1.0 JavaScript test, scoring 873.7 milliseconds. The S4 was well behind at 1364.5 ms. Lower scores are better in this test.


In everyday usage, the iPhone 5 proved to be the snappier performer. For instance, the iPhone 5 was faster when unlocking both phones to the camera app, as well as opening an app like email. We also noticed that the Galaxy S4 was slower to pop up the keyboard when we tapped a text field, such as the address bar in the browser. However, the two devices were neck and neck when exiting an app to the home screen (once we disabled the S Voice shortcut for the Home button).

So what about storage? The Galaxy S4 has an advantage on paper because it offers a microSD Card slot for expansion, which the iPhone 5 lacks. On the other hand, all of the S4’s features take up a fair amount of room out of the box. About 8.49GB of 16GB is available to the user, or 55 percent, while the iPhone 5 gives buyers 77 percent of its available memory. And while you can get up to 80GB with a memory card on the S4, it can’t be used for apps.

Winner: Draw. Within applications, you’ll enjoy the Galaxy S4’s quad-core advantage, but the iPhone 5 exhibits considerably less lag when navigating the device.

Special Features

With iOS 6, the iPhone 5 gained some new capabilities (at least for Apple fans), starting with the addition of Facebook integration. It’s a cinch to share articles, photos and more with your favorite social network. Speaking of sharing, Shared Photo Streams creates a mini social network of sorts for swapping photos with close friends and family, complete with integrated comments.


Siri also gets an IQ boost with the addition of sports scores and stats, as well as movie info. For instance, we asked about movie reviews for “Iron Man 3,” and Siri returned the Rotten Tomatoes score. Through a partnership with OpenTable, Siri will even let you book a table at that restaurant you’ve been dying to try.

Other iOS 6 features aren’t as fulfilling. Apple Maps, for example, doesn’t offer transit directions within the app; instead, it directs you to third-party apps. Passbook is marginally useful, aggregating loyalty cards, boarding passes and other items for easy access, but it lacks mobile payment functionality (at least for now).

The Galaxy S4 runs circles around the iPhone 5 when it comes to features, starting with how you interact with the device. Air Gestures lets you flip through photos or answer the phone just by waving your hand in front of the S4 (though you have to be close to the screen). With Smart Scroll, you can also scroll through a Web article just by tilting the device in your hand or tilting your head. This worked most of the time, but proved finicky at others.


Air View is a pretty nifty feature on the S4, which enables you to preview content (such as an email) by hovering your finger just above the display.

With the WatchOn app, the S4 leverages its built-in IR blaster to control your TV. The app also recommends shows you may want to watch, and even integrates with services like Netflix. 

Still not impressed with the S4’s versatility? It also offers S Translate for translating multiple languages (speech and text) and an S Health app for keeping track of your fitness.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung’s flagship phone has so many features, this round isn’t even close.

Apps and Content

Samsung is getting serious about competing with iTunes by offering its own Samsung Hub. From one place, you can buy music, video, books and games with your Samsung account. As you’d expect, you can rent or buy flicks such as “Guilt Trip” and “Jack Reacher” for $5.99 or $14.99.


Still, the iTunes store offers a much deeper selection of content. For example, the Samsung store was missing the top two New York Times Bestsellers that iTunes stocked during our testing, David Baldacci’s “The Hit” and Nora Roberts’ “Whiskey Beach.” The Hub was also missing Lady Antebellum’s new “Golden” album.


On the app front, the Google Play store stocks more than 700,000 apps (some for tablets, but most for phones), compared with more than 475,000 apps for the iPhone. However, numbers aren’t everything. Because of developer support, the iPhone tends to get some of the most compelling apps first, such Vine, Tempo (a great calendar app), Infinity Blade 2, Dark Sky and Mailbox. All of these are exclusive to iOS, at least for now.

However, some Android apps demonstrate that Google’s platform lets you go further in terms of customizing your device, such as the Chat Heads feature in the new Facebook app, and the multitude of Launcher apps.

Winner: iPhone 5. The combination of iTunes’ huge content head start and the fact that many of the hottest apps hit iOS first make the iPhone 5 the winner of this round.

Battery Life


It’s a good thing the Galaxy S4’s battery is replaceable. Thus far, we’ve tested both the Sprint and AT&T versions of Samsung’s flagship, and its 2,600 mAh battery hasn’t impressed.

On the LAPTOP Battery Test, which involves continuous Web surfing over 4G LTE on 40 percent brightness, the Sprint version of the S4 lasted 5 hours and 49 minutes, which is below the 6:06 smartphone average. On Power Saver Mode, which throttles the CPU and ramps down other settings, the S4 lasted 6:05. We saw slightly worse results from the AT&T version of this phone, with respective runtimes of 5:13 and 5:54. 

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On the same test using the Verizon version of the iPhone 5, we saw 7 hours and 13 minutes of endurance, or more than an hour longer. Granted, the iPhone 5 doesn’t have a removable battery, but there are at least a half dozen battery extender cases available for those looking for more juice.

Winner: iPhone 5. Apple’s device lasts considerably longer on a charge.


Accessories_SamsungS4This round used to be a walk in the park for the iPhone, but now lots of companies are tapping into Samsung’s growing market share. For instance, there are already dozens of cases available for the Galaxy S4. Samsung’s own Flip View Cover is pretty neat because it lets you glance at alerts and other vital info without opening the cover.

Other compelling options include an extra battery charging kit (great for keeping a spare handy), a wireless charging cover and pad, and a waterproof S Band that syncs with the S4’s S Health app to keep tabs on your sleep and fitness. Samsung will also sell a heart rate monitor and scale to go with S Health.

Best Buy, for example, lists 64 accessories for the Galaxy S4, including screen protectors, car chargers, holsters with kickstands, HDMI adapters, armband cases and more. Of course, the S4 works with any Bluetooth speakers or headphones. 


Partly because the iPhone 5 has been available longer and partly because of Apple’s larger ecosystem, there are tons of accessories available for this device. Best Buy lists 323 accessories, about triple the amount for the S4. The iPhone 5’s universe of options includes everything from cases and camera add-on lenses to car mounts and stands.

Winner: Draw. While Apple and its partners offer more options for the iPhone 5, you can already find practically everything you need to trick out your Galaxy S4 from Samsung itself or through third parties. And a lot more stuff is on the way.



The decision between an iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 comes down to a few factors. If you prefer a bigger screen, going with Samsung’s phone is an easy call, as it makes everything from surfing the Web and playing games more enjoyable. Plus, unlike Apple’s device, you can even run two apps on the display at once.

The Galaxy S4 also trumps the iPhone 5 in the features department. Some of its capabilities come off as gimmicky, such as scrolling with your eyes, but others can come in quite handy, such as Air Gestures, S Health and TV remote functionality. We also love all of the fun camera features, even though we prefer the iPhone’s picture quality.

The iPhone 5 has a lot of the same advantages now as when we did our last face-off between the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. Apple’s device offers a better design, a brighter display and snappier performance when navigating the device. There’s less lag here. The iPhone 5 also lasts longer on a charge (though it lacks a removable battery) and has a better selection of content and apps. 


Overall, we give the edge to the Galaxy S4 because it’s a smartphone that just does a lot more out of the box; it feels like a more complete user experience. Now it’s up to Apple to catch up with iOS 7 and its next iPhone. 

Mark Spoonauer
Mark Spoonauer
Responsible for the editorial vision for Laptop Mag and Tom's Guide, Mark Spoonauer has been Editor in Chief of LAPTOP since 2003 and has covered technology for nearly 15 years. Mark speaks at key tech industry events and makes regular media appearances on CNBC, Fox and CNN. Mark was previously reviews editor at Mobile Computing, and his work has appeared in Wired, Popular Science and Inc.
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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Your review is so warped. The iPhone 5 camera is obviously better but you gave it a DRAW because GS4 has got features? What the hell? iPhone wins the performance but you give it a DRAW? Where are you brains man?

  2. Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief Says:

    Hi Jonathan. Thanks for your comment. As I said the iPhone 5 offered better photo quality but some will prefer the S4 there because of its feature set. As for performance, I did notice lag with the S4 when navigating between apps but within applications such as games and video editing it offers robust performance.

  3. Jae Says:

    While I don’t entirely agree with this review, I think you make some valid points, particularly in regards to the hardware. The categories should probably be weighted, with hardware being important.

    For me, the large library of Apps/Music/Movies/Shows in iTunes is probably the most important. Without the apps, the device simply isn’t as appealing, no matter how nice the hardware. Look at Microsoft’s struggles, or even Nintendo’s Wii U. The lack of software will kill an entire eco-system.

  4. Kevin Says:

    I have to agree with the camera comment. I appreciate that you’re including praise of photo processing features, but those really aren’t about the “camera” but the software that processes the photo into something else after the camera takes the photo. If the camera doesn’t take a good picture, as you clearly showed in the low light/no flash example, those features are largely useless. It’s actually really important, in this case, to focus on just the camera since specs alone are not a true indicator of picture quality.

    I also can’t help but notice in the “Top 10 Smartphones” section below this article, it lists the S4 as having an “awesome” camera when clearly it doesn’t.

  5. gadgetboi Says:

    couldn’t agree with you more :D
    I love apple battery life but since there’s no options on replacing like S4, I guess S4 is much better. I tell you fixing battery on Service center is pain intheass experience

  6. billy Says:

    Waz up,the iPhone has more features than the Samsung.And the iPhone has better video and photo quality.
    So i think the iPhone is better than the samsung.

  7. Mick Clifford Says:

    APPLE IS WAY BETTER! There is a reason why more people own iPhones than they do Samsungs! I have had both phones, and my Samsung Galaxy kept freezing, had poor battery life, it was impossible to read texts in direct sunlight, the camera is no where near as good as the iPhones, Samsung Apps aren’t half as good as Apple Apps, Apple is virus free unlike Samsung, iPhone’s have iTunes where you can download music at it’s cheapest, Apple has better spec and has more of a status, Apple has iMessage and FaceTime, my Samsung Galaxy never detected my SIM or SD card so I was constantly taking off the back of my phone and trying to fix it whilst that was never a problem of my iPhone, Apple connects to the Internet faster and it is a much neater phone. I could go on for hours just pin-pointing reasons as to why the iPhone is better than Samsung!
    The only reason people prefer Samsung, is because everyone wants the underdog to win, but unfortunately for them, Samsung lost that race against Apple years ago!
    And personally, I think this review is biased and the author probably owns a Samsung himself!

  8. Sokomoko Says:

    for me iphone 5 are better quality, Samsung galaxy s4 it is good but cheap plastic where is your brain man?

  9. Mick Clifford Says:

    Oh! I almost forgot! All celebrities have iPhones! I am struggling to refrain from using foul language due to how biased this interview! Either the author, one; owns a Samsung (under which case my condolences) or two; you work for Samsung or are getting paid by them! 😡
    It is ridiculous, people have to wait until you approve of their comment (what is this Club Penguin or Moshi Monsters?), I have already submitted a comment a massive comment stating Apple’s pros and Samsung’s cons that I hope the author realises it is true and posts this on his page so others won’t make the same mistake he made by buying a Samsung
    I strongly believe that there are plenty more comments that weren’t approved by the author because they were supporting Apple!
    If this comment and my previous comment are not approved, I will be reporting this page to Google! 😀

  10. Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief Says:

    This web page is 100% biased! There is not comparison as to how Apple is better than Samsung!

  11. Mick Clifford Says:

    Apple rules! Samsung drools!

  12. NANCY BINAY Says:

    I have the s4 and i love it…..i like also the apple but it lacks of some features which s4 has. no offense here. my brother just bought an ip5 and when he saw the features of my s4 he just did a nod and was amazed.

  13. gadgetlover Says:

    I prefer the Samsung galaxy S4 when it comes to functionality however I prefer the design of the Iphone 5 since it is more stylish and it looks sturdy

  14. clever fash Says:

    …….and the winner is……Nokia 3310!!

    Had it for years! not a single problem.
    if you guys haven’t realize it by now, the phone companies are just milking unsuspecting individuals out of their hard earned money. wake up buddies!! else you will soon be comparing iphone 15s to Samsung galaxy S17 of course the recurrent alphabet will remain “S” and the ultimate winners will be mobile phone companies.

  15. Bob Blacksheep Says:

    I have the iphone 5 and feel that it is a good phone and would like to see the next generation CATCH UP with the amazing galaxy s4. Seriously guys have some respect for the s4… well I guess you guys just support the Iphone because you dont want to admit to making the biggest mistake of your lives :O

  16. Dan Says:

    I don’t see how you can say that it’s a draw in the performance column when the benchmarks clearly show that the S4 trounced the ip5.

  17. Mick Clifford Says:

    Nancy, I would say your brother was nodding in amazement as to how stupid you were for buying that crappy phone. I understand you need that extra self esteem boost by posting lies on websites just to make yourself feel better. I am not going to be too harsh on you, because I realise you are probably going true a difficult time right now with your “phone-related-issues” so here are my condolences!
    Bob Blacksheep, as for you, don’t pretend you are not a Samsung owner and are only trying to support Samsung! No sane iPhone owner would ever say it needs “catching up”! There is a reason why iPhone 5 was sold out on it’s release date and people were camping outside to get one! But everyone knows there are plenty of Samsungs available!

    And remember guys, ye can’t eat your problems! Don’t worry if you made a bad choice buying the Samsung, we all make slip-ups in our life (some of course aren’t as big as this one) but you got to move on! Save up and treat yourself to the iPhone! Don’t feel just because you own a Samung that your life is over and you are going to have to spend all day posting lies bout how great they are! (Ye are probably texting off ye’re laptops or computers due to Samsung’s poor Internet connection)
    I have been in your situation purchasing a Samsung, it sucks, doesn’t it! But on the bright side it can only get better from here! And if you can’t afford an iPhone or a new phone in general, I believe you could send out smoke signals to frends, regardless of how little you have ,as they did in the olden days! (It’s better than using a Samsung anyway)

  18. Ollaitan Says:

    In fact,durability is my concern in choice of smart phone and iPhone has never let me down.
    Apple is the pioneer and father of all smart phones so is the best choice among so many.Apple came to the limelight by introduction of what other producers believe impossible!
    Though,many companies like Samsung and others are producing phones before Apple,but never know how or plan to come out with user friendly smart phone like iPhone!Where are they before their father and best producer ofsmart phone!

  19. androidistheking Says:

    u know u can play nes,snes,psx,gba games on android………….plus android games……lol……….admit it …..iphone 5 sucks to its core…….its good that iphone users feel their phone more than they use it….

  20. mick clifford sux Says:

    Mick you are a typical apple fan boy all you do is whine about reality your phone is a out dated turd

  21. morgan mcinnes Says:

    The s4 obliterates the iPhone in every way, the screen won’t break as the iPhone will in one drop and the design for the iPhone doesn’t matter everyone has to put it in a otter box to try to keep it from breaking the s4 doesn’t require a case because its design is far better, the performance of the s4 beats the iPhone, the screen quality and overall experience beats the iPhone the software beats the iPhone you actually can customize it and it has so many features the iPhone doesn’t do anything cool and is old and simply outdated the s4 is a way better phone simple as that.

  22. Edward Scissors Says:

    To Mick Clifford, all I can say is wow, you really need help. It seems your personal identity and value is tied to the success of the iPhone. Seems you just cannot handle the possibility of another phone being better.

    I really do have both the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4. I personally have always felt the Samsung high end devices to be superior since the release of the s2. Later in the year when Apple would ship their device, they would catch up again. But Samsung had been first in those product years with the better device. We will have to wait to see if Apple can catch up to the s4 this year again with their next device.

    This competition is good for all of us. Samsung and Apple are always trying to make the next best device.

    No reason to relate your own identity to the success of a particular device.

    One currently significant difference between Apple and Samsung is the willingness to also create very cheap devices in addition to the high end devices. That hurts Samsung longterm because people like you think all of the Samsung devices are cheap and perform poorly. I can assure you, the Samsung device that are the same cost as Apple are very excellent devices. Some think Apple may start to create cheap devices so that they can build market share. I think that would be bad for Apple, the same way it hurts Samsung perception of their high end devices.

  23. ant25556 Says:

    Mick Clifford.
    Wow. You are completely biased yourself.
    You claim that you had a galaxy once. I’m guessing it was not the s3 or s4, and these are the modern phones made by samsung to compare iPhones to.
    “camera is no where near as good as the iPhones” – On the galaxy s3 and s4 the camera is very good, and would say at least on par with the iphone. it is true that “Samsung apps” are poor, but you are forgetting the android apps that come on any android phone such as Gmail, Chrome, Youtube etc. which are all a better than their IOS counterparts.
    “but unfortunately for them, Samsung lost that race against Apple years ago!” – you are wrong – the Samsung Galaxy s4 is about to hit 10M devices, while the iPhone 5 has had disappointing sails (even though they were higher than the s4.)
    The S4 also has new features such as being able to scroll through your photos by waving your hand which trumps the iPhones “celebrity status”

    To be honest they are about equally good, the iPhone being easy to use and reliable and the GS4 being modern and the exciting.

  24. Mick Clifford Says:

    Listen here! Lets not pretend there is one android user here, posting comments under different usernames! I really appreciate, user “Mick Clifford Sux”, I especially liked when you referred to me as a turd! It can be clearly seen that you were unable to insult apple so you therefore insulted me (or made an attempt to insult me, actually) Just because my academy levels are much higher than yours and you feel threatened,it doesn’t give you the right to called me a turd, I suggest you see serious therapeutic sessions due to your what-can-only-be-described-as SERIOUS ISSUES!
    I am going to refrain from insulting your use of punctuation or capital letters and rather direct my insults at Samsung in general!
    I purchased the Samsung S4 three weeks ago and within four days I returned and swapped in for a MUCH better iPhone 5! Why you may ask? Because Samsung is sh*t! Simple as!
    They aspire to be like Apple! That is why they copied Apple! Now that’s a fact!
    So if anyone else would like to take me on in an argument, go ahead! But, might I remind you two other users tried, and they still haven’t made a reply…
    Lets see if that will amount to three? Will Mick Clifford Sux reply? Doubtful!

  25. Mick Clifford Says:

    Morgan, darling, might I direct you to my first comment! Read it, and that will make you think twice about posting absolute rubbish on websites such as these! The reason Samsung has more customising settings is simply because, APPLE IS ALREADY PERFECTION but unfortunately the Samsung S4 is not and they therefore need there users to add the finishing touches with customising settings (regardless of how crappy they are)
    The most ironic comment you made, Morgan, was when you said the design of Samsung was better than Apples! LOL! 😀 Did you see both phones together on the above picture! The iPhone is a much neater design and did you see how the edges of the apps have curved edges, Samsung doesn’t have that! No, that is yet another feature they lack in! 😆
    My conclusion (as well as anyone else’s with a single brain cell): Apple is way better!

  26. Dr. Lily Lopez Says:

    You go Mick! Every comment is LOL funny but also contains relevant facts! You are 100% right! Apple rules and Samsung drools! Haha
    P.S I have owned both phones, my Samsung broke on day 8! My iPhone is working perfectly for the past few months, and still has that everlasting battery life, which the S4 does not have

    Dr. L. Lopez

  27. Dave Says:

    I came down here to support Samsung! But seeing Mick’s comments, I have changed my mind and did some research into both phones! The iPhone is far superior! I can’t wait to get my hands on my very own!

  28. What's the difference? Says:

    Personally, I don’t see the difference! A phone is a phone! All you need one is to call and text people! I wish to go back to the good ol’ days where people weren’t so hooked on technology

  29. Winner is APPLE Says:

    Mick is right, smoke signals are better than using a Samsung! Samsungs are second class phones! Unlike the iPhone which is WAAAAAAAAAY BETTER!
    Btw mick! Im laffing at your comment when you sent your condolences to nancy for buying an iPhone! Classic! HAHAHA
    or when you recommend they seek help! Classic! HAHA

  30. ant25556 Says:


  31. Winner is APPLE Says:

    Soz I meant 2 say you sent your condolences to nancy for buying a Samsung not an iPhone
    Samsungs suck! Apple rules! Yow!

  32. May Belle Says:

    I ❤ Apple! It is awesome! You can do so much more on the iPhone than you can do on Samsung! Samsung is just some cheap plastic Korean junk! A-men!

  33. Billy Says:

    I work with my iphone and ipad instead of playing with them. If you want a changable battery do as alot of others do and get an extended battery case. The best of both worlds. I like the way my iphone, ipad and exchange server all work as one. Great combination. And if you like the Galaxy S4 better then that is ok. I just happen to like the iphone and it is the right size for me. So what if there is a contract, If I didn’t like the iphone I would just buy whatever I wanted for whatever price they asked.

  34. Billy Jones Says:

    When the iphone 6 comes out I will buy that also.

  35. Mick is sick (in the head) Says:

    WOW, talk about BIAS. Don’t bring down others that are willing to try different and better technology that has never been seen before. The comparison between the S3 already stated it was the next best thing and better than the iP5. You are clearly an Apple FAN BOY. Wait around for another year or so while Apple comes out with the iP6 or a few months when the i5S comes out (still will be dwarfed by the S4). Clearly you like to spend $650 on phones that have minimal improvements from the previous version, as you cannot go through 2 years of owning a reduced price phone without blowing money on something else. This review was fairly accurate, they gave Apple a break in the camera department, even though I think 13mp camera is better than 8. Duh, 13>8. That’s why they created CAMERAS, phones can be replaced by something better. Are phones designed specifically to take pictures?! Why don’t you start a poll about Nikon vs Canon, you tool. The only reason Apple sells out is that we are ALL notorious for owning the greatest mp3 players of all time, the iPods. From then, the iPhones came out and everyone knew they would be great. So get off your imaginary high horse and stop sounding like such a TROLL. These devices have been out for years and Apple ONLY makes ONE phone, so there isn’t much of a choice between what phone to get from them as opposed to Android with Motorola, HTC, LG, Samsung, etc. Ripping on that woman in the previous post about how her brother was blown away because he bought a user friendly, extremely easy to use phone that has been beaten in ALL specs makes you look like an utter idiot.

    Morgan, YES. iPhone users get the OTTER BOX before they even get their phone. Everyone I know that has an iPhone has an Otter Box. It should be a requirement on the phone box to buy one of these. I’ve seen people go through 2-3 iPhones in less than a year as the first time you drop it on anything, it breaks. An absolutely terrible, dual sided glass design. I’ve dropped numerous Android phones in the past (some in anger) and at worst, got a few nicks or scratches.

  36. Lj Says:

    iPhone 5 is better than this and the rest of the garbage out there. No comparison, Apple is always a step ahead.

  37. Syed Says:

    It is very difficult to say who is the real winner each has its own advantages and disadvantages, Samsung s4 offers great new features but has disappointed when it comes to design phone looks much similar to S3, iPhone 5 is certainly one of the best phone apple has ever made but lack of gesture controls and many feature which S4 offers but apple design and interface is far better than what Samsung has to offer. Over all I feel Samsung is a good phone but not the best.

  38. Rich I Says:

    I have owned apple products for years, I have the iPhone 4 and recently purchased the iPhone 5 BUT I returned it because I figure I would give the SG4 a try, I heard of reviews that the the bat

  39. Kevin Gee Says:

    The amount of people sucking Apples penis on the comments is AMAZING. Especially that Mick character, who makes it seem like hes the sacred guardian of apple. Anything that doesn’t have the apple logo is a piece of trash according to him. Anyway everyone has there own preference on what they like but people who take it as if there own life is at risk can go kill themselves for defending a cooperation that’s milking money from you. From what ive seen iPhones are more for girls who are always on instagram or older people who like a simple straight foward phone thats iphone. galaxy owners phone are people who desire customization,have patience to learn the phone,just want a bigger phone and alot of other stuff. In the end its all about preference on what you like.

  40. Samba Says:

    @ clever fash has the most important comment. its bcos of these other idiots out there that products have taken total control of our lives. morons @ Billy Jones….. @ Mick Clifford …….dude….wow…you are stupid. play with the toys, don’t let the toy makers play with you…………dumbasses……

  41. iPhone Fan Says:

    Lumia is better except apps. End of story.

  42. Mick Clifford Says:

    Apple 4ever bioch! Regardless of what ye Samsung lovers say, Apple is by far better than spiny other brand out there! You don’t see Apple users leaving comments under the name “mick Clifford sux” or “mick Clifford is sick (in the head)
    Why? Because they aren’t pessimistic people, just because you purchased a crappy lil’ phone, don’t mean you have to hate on someone that did not make such an unfortunate choice of phone.
    And user “mick Clifford is sick (in the head) you must lead a ver said life, as you had the time to read all comments. I bet you posted that comment from a computer due to Samsung’s poor Internet connection.
    Did ye notice the about of people that were comment on how great I was and Apple? Hmmm Well did you?
    Like a recommend to previous Samsung owners, you need to see serious physcaratry sessions (and fast) due to how ignorant, obnoxious, (to name a few) all steming from the fact you purchased an overly priced, poor quality, and I quote from a separate user, “a plastic piece of Korean junk”

    If any other users agree with my point of you, please leave a comment below saying “apple rules, Samsung drools”
    Thanks! 😃

  43. SamsungSucksNuts Says:

    @Kevin Gee It’s funny how you think everyone is sucking Apple’s penis, but whose are you sucking? Samsungs? Go choke on a nut. I have heard multiple “Android” based phones. They f#$%ing suck big fat black penis. First of all your fucking App store sucks ass, so don’t even bother trying to find a game to play with your friends unless its a popular one that is outdated because there was a delay in porting the app into the “Google Play” store. Plus do not even get me started on all the crappy amateur app’s that are available on the your “Android.” From an Evo to a Galaxy there all the same. Sure you have a crap load of features, that most people will not use, and sure you can use battery draining “live wallpapers,” and widgets, but the inconsistency of the way their software is makes it very confusing for everyone else. The day Samsung reigns and everyone is seen one with, will be the day I commend them, but after trying both devices, the iPhone wins. My old 4S will crap all over your Galaxy just because of my App’s & you don’t even want to go there with customization. I can easily jailbreak my iPhone in under 10 minutes, and start “customizing” my phone to my likings such as playing emulators like that other Fagsung Fan boy stated above, and adding theme’s and what not to my phone. I can go on and on about the advantages that even my 5 has over your “Air Gestured” fat piece of shit Galaxy S4. Oh and your widgets and all that other crap makes your phone look really messy. Clean that shit up. & fuck the editor, don’t you feel bad that your opinion is coming in the way of your professionalism. Dumb ass.

  44. Sarah Wellingtons Says:

    Apple rules! Samsung drools

  45. Samba sucks head Says:

    Apple rules! Samsung drools

  46. Kevin Geeky Says:

    Apple rules! Samsung drools

  47. Kevin Geeky Says:

    If you mess with fire (Mick Clifford) you get the burn! AMEN!


  48. Samba sucks head Says:


  49. Jack Austin Says:

    Many of the comments are reduced to name calling and obscenities. Very unprofessional. Would be nice to see these types of insulting comments moderated (deleted).

  50. Name (required) Says:

    Apple rules! Samsung drools

  51. Samsung sucks **** Says:

    Apple rules! Samsung drools!

  52. Jon Cryer Says:

    IPhone 5 is waaay better than the Samsung S4! Just one look at the Samsung design sent me running to the bathroom to get sick! (Haha! I know what your thinking, I sound a lot like Mick C! Haha)

    Which reminds me,

  53. Selena gogo Says:

    Apple rules! And Samsung drool! F.A.C.T! Comprendo?

  54. Dayna Biggs Says:

    Apple rules! Samsung drool!

  55. Liam Ashe Says:

    Apple rule samsung drool

  56. Liam Ashe Says:

    Apple r d rulers whilst samsung r d droolers! WORD
    Alho its tru dat apple rox, y is every1 saying d above phrase??????

  57. Ben dover Says:


  58. Amber Nagle Says:

    Love u Mick! U speak d truth! APPLE DOES RULE AND SAMSUNG DOES DROOL

    might i point out that user “mick clifford is sick (in the head) is just inspiring to be the mick clifford of samsung! NOT GOING TO HAPPEN MY FRIEND! Mick cant b replaced

  59. Amber Nagle Says:


  60. Buster Mulligan Says:

    Look @ how many people on d comment page prefer apple than samsung! HAHA

    Atleast allvthose people who prefer apple actually have a brain cell between their years

    Oh, almost 4got…………Apple rule and samsung drool

  61. Warpa Says:

    I understand the iphone users hate here, i had a 3 and a 4 and loved them, i still use the 4 for games and itunes using wifi. The iphone is easier to operate and has a far better build quality. If apple match the screen size of the S4 then i will go back to one, but once i get to figure out how the S4 works and all its features i may end up being an android fan. Im an old git of 45 so it takes me a few weeks to work my way around a new phone.

    The S4 has a lot of what i class as pointless apps, all this deezer stuff, no idea what it does along with the rest of them, and i have no need for them. When a text comes in im disappointed that when i swipe the screen it wont take me direct to the text. These are all things i will get used to after owning iphones for so long, but i wont be going back any time soon unless they do a matching screen size.

  62. Kevin Gee Says:

    @whoeversaidmyname .everything you just said is your opinion. And jailbreaking your phone voids your warranty. So lets say something really bad happened to your phone and you cant restart it…no new phone for you unless you pay for it full price.also that explains why alot of people are leaving ios for other devices. Im not sucking no nut unlike you sir ,I to have my opinions but unlike you, I dont find it my duty to guard a cooperation that will make more money in my lifetime with my life

  63. Mick Clifford Sucks Again Says:

    Mick, chill out. If you actually went into a store like besy buy and compare the two, you will see what technology and advancements teh S4 actually has over the iphone. They have further advanced technology in their phones. It is a fact. I love the iphone, but I was amazed at the additional features in the S4 and anxious for iphone to catch up to them. It is facts and truth. Open your mind to what is real, you cant change the facts of whats really in the phone…in the beginning of smartphones iphone ruled, now theyre getting surpassed and its time to play catch up. You need to calm down seriously, its funny actually…

  64. Darrell Says:

    These types of articles always seem to be very popular , but also very divisive. For some reason it always devolves to name calling and insults, sigh. Which is the best overall, will always be a matter of opinion but I really liked the comment below : we all win when as long as there are two major players in the game, constantly trying to “one-up” each other. We at least can look forward to Apple and Samsung continuing to try to come up with the latest and greatest for many more generations of smart phones. While the fans rant and rave, argue and hurl insults these two industry giants will continue trying to make devices that are both better than their last one and better than the competition, win-win!

  65. Mick Clfford Says:

    Did anyone else notice that there is nearly 15 “Apple Rules,Samsung Drools Comments”? Hmmm
    I find it remarkable that many of you are using my name in vain, I am just trying to ensure customers don’t make a life-changing mistake an buy a Samsung.
    I found it quite funny, that people as well as defending me, they also lashed out at other users that went against such a high-priority figure, like myself.
    Thank you Buster Mulligan, Amber Nogle, Jon Cryer, Ben Dover, Liam Ashe, Dayna Biggs, Selena GoGo, Name (required), Samsung sucks ****, Samba sucks head, Kevin Geeky, Sarah Wellingtons, Samsungsucksnuts, iPhone Fan, Lj, Billy Jones, May Belle, The Winner is APPLE, Dave, Dr. Lily Lopez, Kevin, Jae, Ollaitan, Sokomoko, Billy and Jonathan for being loyal to Apple! 😀
    (4 d h@Rs)
    Rather than harrassing, Apple users, would you mind post on this page what you think Apple lacks in and Samsung dosen’t? Not so easy now, is it? Hmmm
    Don’t post crap about customizing settings, Apple dosen’t need customizing settings as it is already perfection and if you are one of those spastics that still think you need to have more customizing settings, jailbreak your phone in under 8’minutes!
    I haven’t read any other comments from Samsung users saying why their phone is better other than the customizing setting problem (which along with the guidance of me, Mick Cifford, you were able to see that comment was a load of ***) but I have seen plenty of iPhone users pin-pointing negative things about Samsungs!
    Why are they doing this, you may ask? BECAUSE THEY CAN!

    Keep up with those “Apple rules, Samsung drools” comments! ❤

  66. Finger me! Says:

    Apple Rules, Samung Drools! 2 True! LOL

  67. shaun milburn Says:

    I have both an Iphone 4s and a Samsung Galaxy S4, the iphone is a work phone and the GS4 a personal one. Up until a week last sunday I was using two 4s’s but decided to change my personal one to have “the best of both worlds”. Boy was I wrong!! and should never have given my other 4s to the wife.. I cannot for the life of me get on with the GS4, the keyboard?? how can you possible award the keyboard test to samsung, it sucks! takes me 3 attempts to type a simple text, and as for email, the most most annoying email app ever! keep resending emails that I have either read or deleted over and over again..
    Granted the screen is awesome and much bigger but I’m afraid that doesnt make the funtionality bearable for me. I swapped a 3GS for an S2 two years ago and had exactly the same gripe so changed back to IOS. How can Samsung claimnn to have an Iphone killer if they havent ironed out these simple little issues? For me, Apple just works and does what I want, doesnt need the flashy annimations on the front screen and the abundance of behind the scene apps flogging my battery and data all day long. And that is why I have arranged today to change to Iphone5. Once you get IOS I dont think you can ever change… And I’ve had both so speak from experience.
    This comparison test is seriously biased towards Samsung in my opinion, for what thats worth…
    Just saying! :-)
    And this

  68. George O Says:

    Nice review, however the comments remind about a statement in a book written by Orwell: 4 legs good, 2 legs bad!

  69. YourFriend Says:

    You can’t argue Consumer Reports – they are unbiased:

  70. chris Says:

    Wow how many apple fanboy fags are in this thread…too want go on gsmarena and actually do some reading on specs because your all morons.The s3 beats the iphone5, so dont even compare your restricted and overpriced piece of crap or the sake of having that apple on the back.The reason you use iphones is because your mind numbily stupid to work android phones,your all sheep and I wish you luck with a phone thats two years behind every other phone sold more devices and have broke more records than apple ever will…its called reading and reasearch Good day:)

  71. Natedog Says:

    Lmao at all the apple fanboys. Apple rules, samsung drools reminds of recess in elementary school. Using this comment section as a sample, clealy the iphone is marketed to teenagers and old farts that don’t understand technology. Just look at the sales, clearly the S4 can’t be that bad. I am just excited that android is finally taking over apple.

  72. Mick Clifford Says:

    Listen here, Natedog, I am afraid that unfortunately for you, Samsung will never take over Apple. I thought, I made that quite clear in my previous comments, so therfore, you only have yourself to blame for getting your hopes up. The “Apple Rules, Samsung Drools” comment, although, it may have reminded you of recess in elemantary school, it was set up to show Apple’s fanbase, which can be clearly seen here, to be much greater than Samsungs, to no shock of mine or anyone else’s with a single brain cell.
    Coming back to your time in Elemantry, I suggest you see serious physcaratry sessions, which I think stemmed from your time in Elemantary.
    And which I found quite hilarious , you told all users of this page to look at the Samsung S4’s sales to date, however, it can clearly be seen that Apple have over twice as much iPhone 5’s sold as Samsung do of their S4, thus, showing that you are commenting without doing your research (this is a basic skill thought in elemantary school which obviously along with many other areas of the compulsary cirriculam, wasn’t completed)

    I have gathered quite a fanbase here during my time on this page, but all good things must come to an end, my friends, and I am officaly resigning from my spot as “The Apple Guardian” This is unfortunately my last and final message to you all!
    I would be more than honoured, if anyone sees they can take my place as “The Apple Guardian”, but due to the fact you would have awful big boots to fill, and all of you must feel threatened by my authority, my perfect use of vocubulary and punticuation or my brutal streak etc., I would aspect no one would sign up to this job.
    This job takes guts, courage and detirmination, if you feel you are high in all three compartments (and of course are an Apple fan) do try your very best to continue on as a replacement of me.
    Tomorrow and maybe the next day, (and I stress maybe) will be my last day on this page before, I take up a more prestigious job, so if no one seems up to the task by then….I will feel betrayed by Apple and all it’s users.
    Yours faithfully,

  73. Mike Crosley Says:

    How can you say iPhone has better Design, when you also state that if you want a bigger screen, S4 wins. So…basically, its subjective.

    And Design is not size and weight. That’s dimension and heft. Design is things like “Why does S4 still have the power button where your hands always land and not on the top?” Design is also “iPhone has harder edges versus the rounded edges of the S4. This is neither dimension nor heft. Its Design! Yet you ignored Design in your comparison of designs.

    Simply stated, the layout of the hardware…that’s Design.

  74. Mick Clifford Says:

    Still no one? Hmmm

  75. Aaron Says:

    I cant wait to get my new s4!!! Apple is a great name but they are so redundant! I mean come on! Apple cant put out better software than google! When is apple earth going to be available? Logically if a company sells more phones, tv’s, household appliances, etc… then you can afford to spend more on research and development. This is why Samsung will always be ahead of Apple. Especially considering that Google, one of the largest software developers in the world, is developing Andriod. Its a win win.

  76. Kerusty Says:

    You is all mad. Smart phones are a disease. What is wrong wiv you people? Get a life!


  77. domnoc Says:

    Blackberry Z10 is the better than anything Apple ever had and Samsung. There just toys for kids. BB10 is for pros.

  78. Ind Says:

    I have both phone. I love iphone 5 for playing games. But nothing more. I use my gs4 for almost every work i do. Because it have a larger screen. And can use usb on the go support. It have more option on sharing file and things. For me both are great in their way. Love apple and love samsung. Bye the way for battery life my iphone last for almost one day for gaming. But my gs4 last almost 3 day. For daily use but without gaming. For my opinion. If you people like better gaming experience chose iphone 5. If you people need a device for daily usage like working editing. And sharing. Choose android device (not only samsung). Ah for keyboard i like keyboard on my gs4 because it provide number at the top of keyboard layout. And have function almost like blackberry z10.Word sugestion. For camera it was true iphone have sharper image. But i love to take picture using my gs4 because its ability to easyly share with bluetooth to other gadget. And edit my image easyly out of box without third party app.
    Finaly both was great phone in their ways.

  79. Brett Husebye Says:

    I want to know when the hell the Samsung. S4 Sband is coming to America. I ordered it the end of April and I am still waiting on it. @$!&#%!

  80. jjwgern Says:

    I have owned the s3 since last November and I am very happy with it. I also have the iphone 4s. Out of the box the S3 works much better for what I use it for. I can read all my company email with attachements. Plus I stream rhapsody and Pandora and like the fact I can use an equalizer with the S3 I cant use an equalizer with the 4s. Bluetooth streaming on the 4s is not nearly as glitch free as the S3. and so mick knows the iphone 4s is a company phone. I use the S3 for business because it actually works. I also know apple people who would not get into the iphone 5 because of the smaller connector. I personally like the specs of the new S4, but I will get the S5 when it comes.

  81. Passer by Says:

    This whole argument, Apple v Samsung, is pointless. Everything and anything we perceive is relative to our own bias, at a very basic level.

    Put simply you could say that as far as Apple v Samsung goes;

    Samsung = innovation
    Apple = re-iteration

    Enough said.

  82. Anon Says:

    i own an iphone 5 and i have dropped it like 3 times (once facedown on a hard tile floor) and not even a SCRATCH. My dad own the samsung s3 and it is laggy as hell. Idk how the s4 is with performance though but if it’s anything like the s3, i don’t want it. My Dad and I got our phones around the same time and i have WAY MORE apps than him, and my phone runs perfectly, without a BIT of lag. I believe that people who get iphones see the value they get for their money and they feel satisfied with what they have.
    Initially I felt a bit jealous of my dad, but then I had such a great time with my iphone, that it faded away.
    I LOVE my phone. :). Wouldn’t change it (well maybe for the iphone 6 :P)
    I’m not an ‘apple fanboy’, I’m very flexible. I’m actually typing this on my samsung laptop now and this is my opinion.

  83. Mick Clifford Says:

    I have just had a go with my uncle’s boyfriend’s S4 and I will admit, it is quite good. He is going to let me borrow it for a few days so I will come back and let everyone know how I get on with it.

  84. Tittles Says:

    I love the completely biased comments here.

    “iPhone camera is better than the S4 hurr durr”
    Why don’t you use facts instead of just being stubborn? Last time I checked, 13MP is a hell of a lot better than 8MP. Performance wise, last time I checked again, 1.9GHz Quad Core is over double as fast as 1.3GHz Dual Core. And how is the iPhone screen better with 326ppi, over the 441ppi on the S4.. Get some facts straight people. I’ve owned the iPhone 5 and an S3, and even the S3 was still better in some cases. Silly Apple Fanboys trying to argue in a case they can’t win by just saying the word “better” repeatedly without backing up facts.

  85. Saif Says:

    Apple days are gone and these ppl are badly pissed off on samsung.. feel the anger in them.. lolzz. Samsung has already taken over..

  86. Dale Says:

    Personally you all can keep your I phones and Samsungs I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Blackberry. Blackberry is a real working man’s phone. These other phones are just toys.

  87. John Says:

    Being both an Apple and Android user. I own a MacBook Pro (late 2011), HTC MT4GS, I-Phone 4, Apple TV. I’ve owned a S3,Iphone3gs

    One thing I can say is with IOS and MAC OSX I’ve had less errors. While I loved my S3 and MT4GS I had to resort to using Custom ROMS to avoid the “Force Close” issues.

    Apple makes Quality products, that usually work well and are practical until they have : huge hardware failure or Damaged from negligence.

    Android phones usually have more features, cutting edge hardware. However, they tend to have a Cheaper build, more software errors and annoyances.

    I can see how people love Apple and I can see how people like Android phones. I like them both. It really depends on what you want. In the end both are a great choice.

    I myself am leaning to the I-phone 5. I like how it feels in my hand. The s4 like my s3 feels like it’s a pocket protector/ mini tablet instead of a smartphone. Though the huge features of the S4 might make me change my mind and not to mention the Screen Quality of the S4 is amazing.

    Still debating :(.

  88. Seriously? Says:

    I’m pretty sure over half the comments are the same person promoting themselves…lol…kids these days.

  89. johann Says:

    mick clifford how did you go with the s4 ??

  90. How i see it Says:

    In other words the S4 is for the tech savvy and the IPhone is for the person who wants a simplistic phone that a 5 yr old can use.

  91. Rod Says:

    Has Mick Clifford been consuming his hormone pills again? Hahaha wow man or girl you need to calm down. You don’t need to justify Apple’s existence they will be around for quite sometime yet.

  92. Fred Kiv Says:

    I have owned and used iPhone, S3, Galax tab 10.1 and now S4, my personal experience tells me to conclude that S3 is 110% better than the iPhone 5. especially when it comes to utility. I do not think that iPhone and other Apple products are meant for the African Markets

  93. Clayton Says:

    I’ve grown up using apple products .. The thing that is upsetting is that apple keeps punishing their long time users by switching stupid things like the cord configuration so you have to buy more of their products and you can’t use perfectly good products you already have without buying more stuff. How come nobody has mentioned that they just spent $120 on a speaker system last year for their iPhone and now their iPhone 5 doesn’t even fit on it.. And the fact that a 7 year old Mac computer is considered vintage and obsolete and you can’t even update iTunes on it.. Which makes it so you cant update your phone (if it’s older than ios5).. Apple does this stuff to make more money on their loyal users on purpose. Im considering switching phones based on these practices however, I’m now a zombie addicted to iTunes and can’t quite pull myself away..

  94. Barnowl Says:

    Does anyone else notice that Apple fans have become exactly like Christian Fundamentalist Creationists? They blindly follow this that hasn’t made an innovative phone since 2007, every review shows the obvious evidence that Android phones like the amazing Galaxy S4 kicks the out of the iPhone, and yet they refuse to look at any evidence that shows just how boring, tired, and unremarkable the iPhone has become. I’m sorry, but when your grandma buys an iPhone, they just lose any cool factor they ever had. They just aren’t interesting or exciting anymore. Apple is essentially just coming out with the same phone over and over again, while companies like Samsung are innovating and making truly new and exciting products, and are kicking Apple’s butt in every category. IPhones are seriously no longer a symbol of anything except a blind, sheep-like following of a phone that has nothing interesting or exciting about it at all, yet they’re still charging these suckers tons of money for the stupid Apple logo on the back. I just feel sorry for these poor children who still think Apple is cool in any way. The S4 is faster, has a better screen, better sound, better user interface, and tons of features that iPhone users wouldn’t even understand. Apple has Siri the mentally handicapped secretary. I just feel sorry that they’re being tricked into thinking they got a cool new phone when all they got was ripped off with a phone that hasn’t been cool since 2007. Poor suckers.

  95. Aaron Silverman Says:

    Let’s start with this. These are two great phones. They are the top 2 selling phones for a reason. Samsung has brought a modern feel to it’s new phone and even it’s predecessor, the Galaxy s3. The iPhone is a phone for people who want a more user friendly interface, and just a more straightforward phone to use. At the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. If you like gimmicky features and if you have the time to explore a phone’s features to the root plus if you like a bigger screen, the Galaxy s4 is for you. If you want a user friendly experience with no lag and a reliable phone in terms of everyday use and battery life, then the iPhone 5 is for you. I have both phones, plus the Google Nexus Phone and the iPhone 4s. I use my iPhone for work and it’s a good phone for business because like I said, it’s easy to use, it has long battery life and it gets the job done. However, I use the Galaxy s4 plus my Nexus phone for personal use and exploration. I can customize these phones to the root, but it’s most likely not the phone you would use for work. I also do have quite a few games for my iPhone because, (I will be a little biased here so don’t rant me or anything), but the iPhone has MANY more games to select from the Samsung Hub or Google Play Store. However, to make this even, the Galaxy s4 has much more customization. Like I said earlier, it all comes down to personal preference because both phones work exceptionally well, however, I give the slight edge to the iPhone IN MY OPINION.

  96. sophia Says:

    I’m using my s4 right now. and I absolutely love it. Though it feels a little cheap, I’ll be receiving my otterbox case in a few days, it’s a great phone. I have nothing against the iphone (it’s its fans that bother me) I love the apps the s4 come with, the size, weight, screen, and keyboard(I adore swipe). like stated above my only complaint is the plastic. Not bad. Though iPhone has better apps, the cute little emojis, and a better feel too it, I really prefer the s4

  97. sophia Says:

    Oh, and I cannot stand that apple won’t switch to micro usb like everybody else>:(

  98. Don Says:

    This review has major issues…..

    I sell both devices, and have had in-depth training from both companies. I own both devices as well.

    The Galaxy is still and Android, and all that extra horse power is lost when the phone ACTS like an android and lags going from app to app. To add SALT to the wound…you still get CRAPTASTIC batt life from the device. WP8 iOS even Blackberry 10 all feel more powerful then the galaxy S4.

    At worst…every app builder pretty much AIMS their application at the Specs of the Current iPhone… SO meh….find me an app that runs like crap on iOS that screams on the Galaxy s4. If you wanted to talk Tegra 4 apps…then yea…you have a point….but not Galaxy s4

    There is no way on this planet that you can say the galaxy s4 has equal accessories to the iPhone…. period….

    As far as audio…..that is about dumb as well…. The iphone has a 3 watt headset jack, if this was VS HTC one then…yea Android would have an argument….but the Galaxy s4 has a 1.5 watt headset.

    Most people will listen to music on a headset, the iPhone 5 kills the Galaxy at this.

    What you should have put in was Productivity, Galaxy S4 is a much better at being a laptop with out carrying around a laptop. Android Productivity Applications rock. The High Res screen is GREAT for remote desk toping. I loving being able to pool 3 dropbox accounts a skydrive and google drive in one file manager.

    I also love the access to codex- I don’t have to have different versions of media to get great results on my laptop and my phone. Plus I can move it all behind the scenes with Wi-Fi

  99. Aj Says:

    So obvious that Mick Clifford is just posting ‘Apple rules samsung drools’ under various aliases just look at the time stamp. I’ve upgraded to the S4 from the S2 and it is fantastic. I can do what I like on Android unlike apple where I need apples permission.

  100. DEman19901 Says:

    Apple fanboys say that Apple is better without posting any facts to why it is better.

  101. LL Says:

    Samsung rocks. like Barnowl said, apple is just making clones of the same thing and its getting annoying. Samsung on the other hand is actually being INNOVATIVE. everyone who is hating on Samsungs and practically worshipping iphone, get over it. apple is just no longer that impressive anymore

  102. Joseph Says:


  103. Sorry an Android User Says:

    Its a question of priorities. I like to use android as I can use cool email applications like k-9 with its push email features which can be used as efficiently as a blackberry. I also hate having a sealed battery which is a consumable and needs to be replaced quite often not to mention that I carry a few batteries with me all the time on business trips.
    iphone is really for those who want their IT simple and straightforward unlike android. Which is a better phone on the little details, who gives a damn…
    I am yet to find an open source free app on itunes when there are plenty on android. Go ahead buy an iphone but know you will support apple for the rest of your iphone days..

  104. dan matthews Says:

    All I can say is use the gs4 for a week, youll soon find that there is no comparison , the gs4 is far more advanced, have them both. But on the other hand if you have a really not experienced something better than what difference does it really make.

  105. Alix Says:

    Lol, the “apple rules, samsung drools” comments are clear indications of what kind of people Apple users are. Unless of course, they’re just trolls, then again, considering that most apple fan boys probably still live in 2007 and are still holding on to the delusion that an outdated os and a non-evolving design with an overpriced tag to make it seem “premium” are drool-worthy, then they are trolls. Wakey, wakey, its already 2013. There’s a reason why many people are migrating to Android phones and it’s not because they’re cheaper, because the good ones aren’t, just witness the price tag of the s4 and other high-end phones like it. Its because many people are starting to realize what “smartphones” can actually do. And if you’re just mindless sheep who echo that the s4 features are “gimmicky”, please dont be bitter just because apple didnt think of them. After all, the isheep collective brands non-ios features as “gimmicks” but ios features will be “innovations” ;)

  106. Mick Clifford Says:

    I am back! And guess what? I am not happy! Why? Becasue a user posted a comment under my name. That it is illegal, and if anyone decides to post more comments under my name, I will personally contact this page owner and discuss legal issues
    Understand Samsung Fan Boys? Don’t mess with me!

  107. Mark Says:

    Actually owned iphones since its first came out and always had the latest every time its release. I’m an engineer in the consumer electronics field and liked iphones that i stuck with it for so long. Its stable and easy to use which is why most people have it. I was looking for a little bit larger screen and my research took me to check out the S4 that i ended up buying. I had the s4 for over a month now . I can say hands down the iphone doesn’t even compare over-all . Ease of use you can switch to easy mode for people that wants decisions made for them. for apps, all the apps i have are in android market plus more itunes didn’t have. for hardware build quality, I agree that iphone is better build, however that quickly becomes a moot point as soon as you slip them in a case which everybody does anyway. Processor and everything else, the iphone is just a way inferior machine. If you’ve only used iphones, i couldn’t blame you for thinking its the greatest and for some that experienced both and actually use a smartphone heavily. I doubt that this review is even needed. The S4 is just in another level compared to the iphone. Again basing this on my personal experience and i respect apple iphone owners. I still own 2 of them but definitely selling them soon.

  108. Akshay Says:

    No offence but what status symbol are you talking about that iPhone supposedly represents? I see every Tom, Dick and Harry having an iPhone these days. Especially in big cities, from the Top executive to the night crew everyone own’s an iPhone. So where is the f*****g status symbol ? Please stop making up your own stuff. When you want to call an article/review unbiased, really keep it that way.

  109. MC Says:

    I have been with apple since the first iPhone; had all the iPod Touch generations and also iPad 2 and iPad 3, and let me say that I’ve recently switched to the S4, and up to now it had perform as good and sometimes better than all the apple devices I have. Yes, in some places apple still wins, but we have to move forward and seek what’s better and right now its the S4. Maybe once the new iPhone comes out I might switch, who knows. I’ve had no performance failures or crashes or any significant software dilemmas. Now I do have to agree that battery life is below apples benchmark but you get to adapt. The S4 is a really great phone, I have many friends and relatives that are switching from the iPhone to the S4.

  110. andrew Says:

    And the winner is xiaomi Mi2s

  111. Dick Clifford Says:

    I love apple e-peen up my rear sd (small dong) slot

  112. Deno Says:

    I wouldn’t take a single comment here as good advice, you’re lunatics!! I own an iPhone but wanna try an S4, who gives a rats? Anyone?? Lmfao, get a life, instead of living on your phones :D

  113. Marven Says:

    I guess everybody has its own preferences.i personally love my iPhone 5! I tried The S2 and never liked it!
    It’s so funny how android phones have always more processing power and more memory but somehow they always lag!
    Especially when typing!
    And how bout the apps? Android is full of crapware!
    I honestly got so used to the IOS AppStore and its amazing quality apps that I simply can’t leave apple!
    And how bout audio quality? iPhone has the best audio quality!
    I’ve tried HTC AND SAMSUNG!
    None of the brands come even close to the iPhone audio quality(maybe the HTC ONE)

  114. JohnZimmerman Says:

    Know what I’d do if I was the CEO of apple or samsung?

    Make a phone that is standardized and user-servicable, so you can replace its CPU, RAM, camera, screen, battery, etc. with the ones you want. Like a desktop PC. That would kick ass.

  115. Tom Says:

    It is no different than Ford vs. Chevrolet. Everyone has their favorite. The world would be pretty damn boring if everyone had or liked the same phone. I’m tired of the whole my phone is better because of this or that. To each his own. I am able to upgrade on June 24th and I will get the S4, I just like it better, plain and simple. I’m just not an Apple person.

  116. Maturity is rampant Says:

    Who cares who buys what? I’m an ex-apple user whom was won over by the features of the S3 and I plan on buying the S4, because I love my phone. However, how does what phone I own matter to you people? :\

    Let people buy whatever they want, and stop acting like a 5th grader about it.


  117. maraach Says:

    I still cant believe the apple fanboi’s out there coming to every review to try and their products.

    I own both the Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5. I also owned the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G. I also own an iPad and a Nexus… wow… perhaps its possible that you can pick a device based on its merits rather than unfounded brand loyalty. Hell I also own a Mac and a PC…. And once again think they both have their merits. What can i say, i’m lucky, i work in a large software development shop and get to play with a ton of devices.

    This article is actually pretty spot on the money as anyone who actually OWNS, and USES both phones could tell you. I love everyone on here who has an opinion because they once held their aunty’s cousins Samsung.. And to the user who complained about the bad quality of the Samsung.. Im on my 3rd iPhone in 6 months due to manufacturing faults… lemons are lemons.. from either brand. And one of my favourite comments.. “the author probably owns a Samsung”. Of course he probably does, he thinks its the better phone, would it make sense for him to buy the one he thought was not as good? To quote from above “where is your brain man?”.

    For anyone who is reading this article to try and make an informed purchasing decision and not just here to fly some kind of fanboi flag i have to say its not a bad effort. In my experience to date:

    iPhone Pro’s : Battery life on standby is amazing (6 months after release.. i was lucky to get a day when i got it), the app store and apps there is no comparison, apple has it hands down. Also when it comes to polish and smoothness of menu’s, apps, etc. iPhone cant be beat. iPhone camera low light is better. Look and feel… every single edge of my phone is scuffed and looks like crap… I have never dropped it. This is just from being in my pocket and on tables. I’m not buying the whole premium thing on this phone, its quality is questionable. One more thing the earphones controls kill the samsung which has a lot to learn.

    Samsung: You buy this phone for 2 reasons. 1 the screen (which is incredible.. iPhone is well behind here) and because Android Jelly bean onwards is a vastly superior OS to iOS. Seriously, what are we in, 2008? Apple’s UI is so out of date that its becoming embarrassing.

    The are both great phones, you wont regret purchasing either of them. TBH I actually really quite like the feel of the Samsung despite all the bagging it gets. The lock screen does suck though. Don’t delude yourself though, you are buying the Samsung for the screen. If Apple releases a new 5″ proper 16:9 form factor iPhone with an updated OS which supports basic things like widgets.. i’d probably own it and replace my Samsung….. even if they continue to push stupid proprietary connectors…. As it stands i carry both with me on a daily basis. 9 times out of 10 when i need to do something I reach for the Samsung. The other time i’m playing Robot Unicorn Attack 2 (read apps are so much better on the iPhone.._

  118. PACoug Says:

    Both of these flagship phones are awesome devices and neither one “sucks.”

    They are just made for different markets. If you drive a Korean “sports car” with loud graphics, a coffee-can muffler and a wing that obscures rearward vision, you are a guaranteed Samsung owner. If you aspire instead to something from Ferrari or Aston or Bentley, the iPhone is for you.

    Typical in the comparison is the discussion over the cameras in these devices. If you are easily impressed by bells and whistles and flashing lights, the “features” of the S4 will get your attention. If you have come to the conclusion that all the “features” in the world are useless if the images they produce are nothing but junk, then the iPhone’s emphasis on quality results instead of the illusion of quality through “features” will make your decision easy.

    The Samsung commercials like to make fun of the moms and dads buying iPhones. Guess what: Dad buys the Ferrari too, while junior has to make do with hopping up his piece of junk rice burner.

    If you are easily impressed by a light show, you probably don’t have a business to run. Those of us who do have seen a thousand light shows and long since stopped being impressed by them. Our question is, which one of these devices will give me the best results in time management, contact management, life integration, fun features, and basic performance and longevity? If you are still living in your parents’ basement, the answer might well be Samsung.

    But when you get out into the real world where others aren’t going to see your camera’s “features” but may base a buying decision on the quality of an image you provide, your priorities might just begin to change.

    I can go to Walmart and get a shelf stereo with flashing led lights everywhere, tons of built-in “EQ” modes and settings, for under a hundred bucks. If I go to a reputable hi fi shop and buy a $4k Musical Fidelity integrated amp, the only feature it has to change the sound is a volume knob. By the Samsung fanboys’ method of thinking, the Coby shelf stereo blows away the MuFi on features.

    But if you actually sat down and listened to them you’d realize “features” at the expense of core quality only ensures that your gadget will sell really well to morons. “Wow, Samsung has 13 megapixels!” Canon has already dialed back the megapixels of its point-and-shoots because once you hit the point of saturation, every extra pixel in your sensor degrades quality, especially in difficult light. 8 MP is pushing it with the iPhone 5. 13 is just a guarantee of bad images as long as you own your phone. But hey, you got megapixels.

    Draw, my butt. People pay thousands for Leica point and shoot cams with no “features” at all but all the necessary engineering to get the shot. The moment I saw “13 MP” I knew Samsung was going for marketing over real performance. Apple’s philosophy has always been to pour their development time and money into getting the basic performance of the gadget right. Lesser manufacturers’ method of outshining their products’ Apple counterparts has been to hang as much makeup and gingerbread on the surface of the gadget in hope you won’t notice the fundamental shortcuts they’ve taken, like choosing megapixels over image quality, then hanging all sorts of “features” on the camera, as if they mattered a hill of beans next to the actual results the camera produces.

    So if you need a pig with a pile of lipstick, you may also be driving a Far Eastern jalopy with a bunch of gingerbread hung on it in hopes you’ll forget its basic design deficiencies. You may also have one of those overpixellated point and shoot nightmares covered with buttons and a big sticker on it bragging about how many megapixels it’s got–while me and my old S95 with its 10 MP sensor run rings around you in what really counts–the images themselves.

    Tech for tech’s sake can be fun for its own reasons. Apple is famous for holding off on cutting edge tech until its developers have refined it to the point where it just works right for the end user, no tweaking required. So you’ll always see stuff from Apple’s competitors with more useless bleeding-edge tech in it. By the time any of those features show up in the iPhone they have been refined, thought through and developed to the point they are ready for prime time. Of course, this leads to the charge that Apple is a stodgy follower, not a leader. Truth is they try not to hang any techno-gingerbread on their devices for marketing’s sake. They put their considerable money into the underlying structure and performance of their devices, which is why an iPhone’s usable service life is so much longer than that of its competitors.

    Go ahead, kid. Drive your rice-burning junk mobile with the spoilers, the loud paint and the coffee can muffler. Just spare us the boasts that your car is better than my Ferrari. It’s embarrassing. I’m not going to say those cars suck, just like a Samsumg Galaxy doesn’t suck. Just that you have better options if you are tired of the light show and want to step up to better real world performance.

  119. mermaids Says:

    iPhone 5 has one speaker and a microphone at the bottom not 2 speakers

  120. furqan ali Says:

    The iphone has a standerd and glaxy looks like a cell phone for the childs as they can play games and etc…and iphone has stander much then gkaxy

  121. Rob Says:

    Wow, seriously, did nobody tell you guys not to feed the trolls?

  122. ILikeNiggas Says:

    S4 only won becuz iPhone 6 was not released yet. Currently, iPhone 5 is getting more sales than the new Galaxy S4… Shame on u all that think Galaxy is good! Apple rules, Samsung drools! LOL

  123. john Says:

    these comments are so sided , im not strictly apple or strictly samsung Im just curious about if you have one of them if your experiences have been good. iv had an iphone 4 and 4s and its not as reliable as everyone says. my iphone 4 just gave out on me one day after about a year of use and wouldnt turn back on and now my 4s is worthless (both phones have been in cases and taken care of) lock button broke, it mutes itself while im talking, the battery is screwed up and wont last more than a half hour and when it dies sometimes takes up to 2 hours to turn back on, and i dropped it not even 2 feet the other day and the back shattered. so for about a moth iv been relying on being able to plug my phone in somewhere so i can even use it. which would be an easy fix with s4 replaceable battery and while it may not last as long you can carry around a second one with you! also you dont have to pay an extra 100 dollars for more memory like with the iPhone. there is also no apple store around me so i have to send it out in the mail if it needs fixed. apple has been an inconvenience but i do like the apps and love the camera. so after that im rather tired of the iphone and unless the new ios is really great and has some good new features i will be getting the galaxy s4.

  124. Telveer Says:

    Overall, this is a very good comparision. However, there are some invaluable options in the S4 such as NFC, Wireless Charging, IR Port (not to mention a rich set of sensors including Magnetometer, Proximity, Ambient light, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Barometer, Thermostat, Humidistat, Infrared!), which make it a very compelling choice. Also, with the Galaxy S3/S4 (and many other Android phones like Nexus 4), you never have to connect a cable to your phone, ever (I had to connect the phone once – to ROOT it).

  125. Biggie Says:

    There is NOTHING dumber than arguing about whose phone is better. Get out of the house, people!

  126. CpuKnight Says:

    Of course the S4 would win it was released like half a year after the iPhone 5? And to those geniuses who ‘tried’ Android phones and is unhappy because it froze and stuff, you probably have no idea how to use it or you’re one of those cheapskates who buy 300 dollar Android phones with crappy specs. No duh you are gonna get terribad performance. And yeah S4 has more features. No doubt. Not to mention iOS hasn’t changed much since iOS 4. Thats like 3 versions already!

  127. chris Says:

    I have the S4, and my brother has an iphone 5. I do not understand battery comparison. When overseas, the iphone is always running out of battery. And my brother is using my phone by the afternoon. He loves the S4 over his phone, and will be replacing it as soon as he can.

  128. Reader Says:

    Wow, why is there so much debate over this? I mean what do apple users have against Samsung users? And what do Samsung users have against apple users? They are both great companies and make outstanding products.
    I am watching, well reading your reviews and debates about which brand is the BEST! When they both produce good quality phones. I know some people may disagree with me because what would a 13 year old girl know, because apple is the best or Samsung is the best. Like I mean wasting your time comparing “Phones”. Saying how much better quality photos Samsung can take or saying that no, apple has the better quality in picture taking and so forth. I mean what is it with the quality, the higher resolution, the more megapixels,the non-removable backs, or the fact it’s made with plastic? Because it is meant to be a phone and it is also called a phone, not a camera and there may be different versions or reasons why companies use certain materials to build their products. My dad had told me that back then, a phone or a cell phone is used to contact people as in ring or text. It is nice to have all these features like: being able to take pictures, listen to music, download and play games, download apps, accessing internet on your phone, reading your email and so much more. I don’t own either phones but I have used both brands and they have both satisfied me. Samsung and Apple are two completely different companies and they both produce different and outstanding products. So Samsung users should not be expecting similar features of Samsung in Apple’s products. So you shouldn’t go expecting widgets, a removable back or an easier way to reach settings. And Apple users shouldn’t go expecting similar features in Apple to be in Samsung. So don’t go expecting Siri, iTunes, or a sim tray or something. Just be happy with what you have in features and everything because this is actually the battle betwee these two companies. Upgrading their products with new features, longer battery life etc.. They are just trying to attract people to their very attracting products, though also battling each other at the same time. Just by saying Apple sucks or Samsung sucks isn’t going to make these ever loving favourite brand owners, decide to heed upon your word and change their favourite team. They may and they may not stay loyal to Apple or to Samsung, but everything is a matter of opinion. Like how if I show my dad something and ask if he likes it and if he says ” hmmm, well it’s really a matter of opinion” he probably doesn’t like it but just doesn’t want to hurt my feelings by being honest. It’s a matter of opinion of which phone a person would prefer, an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 or any other competing products.

    PS. Some of you might disagree with what I’m saying but that’s fine, remember ‘matter of opinion’


  129. Jonathain Says:

    Aww does iPhone 5 need the big red dog to defend it. All Mick aside I love Apple for what they’ve done to phones period. A great idea whether stolen or not. From a happy Galaxy S4 owner.

  130. Ren G Says:

    I had the iphone and just switched to the Samsung S4. i liked it for a couple of days, but now I’m going to switch to the iphone 5. I feel the iphone is so much easier than the s4. And plus I feel like the s4 sucks up all my data even though I close out my apps after I use them.

  131. Steve Says:

    This is hysterical reading all the Apple fan boys complaining how Apple is so much better lol . The whining is very loud lol . People there is zero comparison between the 2 devices . The S4 blows away the iPhone without even a challenge. I’ve owned the iPhone 5 and dumped it in favor of the s4 . Simply no comparison. You can all whine all you want about build quality. My$3500 tv is also made out of plastic and it’s far from cheap as it’s my s4 . Get over it fan boys and step up to a real phone for a change. I promise you won’t regret it one bit.

  132. Jesus Christ Says:

    I use Samsung GS4 though!

  133. granmoms Iphone Says:

    Look at all the apple fanboys upset. I had every last iphone since the first (except for the 5). The galaxy s4 camera is the best camera i have seen in a long time. If you think the iphone can come anywhere close, message me and i will show you a first hand comparison. Iphone is for the old hard to explain to folks, galaxy is the future, sorry apple fanboys, i used to be like you, then i got smart.

  134. Bobby Says:

    Ive owned every Iphone up to now. Then I bought the S4. I must say that the S4 over powers the Iphone hands down. Although battery plus other standard issues are important, I’m more on customizing my phone to my liking. Apple has tied users hands with your standard look of things. At least with Android, even without rooting your phone, there is a staggering amount of custom mods in Google play you can get to change the look and feel of your phone. Routing only gives you more options. Apple gives you backgrounds. You’d have to jailbreak your phone to customize it with risk of bricking it for good or you have to wait for the Devs to come up with a solution which can take a while. With Android, is a no brainer to customize wallpaper, lockscreen, homescreen, etc with or without root. And rooting is a cinch too! Adding custom roms is easier as well. I love the fact of having the power to change with ease rather than be tied down to the standard. So cudos to android developers. Far more advanced than Apple. I’m happy, are you?

  135. niky Says:

    Samsung is a hundred thousand times better than the iphone!

  136. Rik from the UK Says:

    Well, thanx a lot to everyone who has published a comment or two into this debate. Have never used an Apple or Samsung you have left me in no doubt whatsoever that I still indecisive and don’t know which to choose !! I’ve read almost every entry, I’ll never get this time back !! Toodle pip !!

  137. Elisabeth Says:

    I love i phone 5. Go apple… 😁

  138. Jennifer Says:

    I love how everyone states that they had one device before, and then switched over to the competitor’s device and claims that it’s now “so superior; beats the other phone hands down.”

    Everyone shut up already about the comparisons. It’s a win-win. The iPhone and the Galaxy are both fantastic phones. Get over yourselves.

  139. Mick Clifford Says:

    Okay. I’m back. Sorry I was gone for so long…it took a while for that Apple dick to come in my mouth.

  140. steve Says:

    I love the kid whose argument that Apple is better: Oh! I almost forgot! All celebrities have iPhones!

  141. Ryan Says:

    First of all, half of the posts on this thread are by Mick using other names and its quite obvious with his overuse of ! exclamation points at the end of each sentence.(!) He is a troll and even worse some Apple Fanboi troll that has a sickening bias towards the company.

    The hardware in the Samsung S4 is superior to the iPhone 5. Yes, the iPhone 5 does have a nice design to it, but who gives a damn if celebrities use it? How does that have to do with anything? Please stay with the iPhone 5 if you are going to be close minded about obvious facts. If you can’t see that and accept it than you belong with the rest of the Apple sheep that need to be told what to buy next. I have used both iOS and multiple Android OS phones and think they have strengths and weaknesses. In this review it is quite obvious the hardware is better and it has some nice software to offer as well in the S4. This review isn’t to say the iPhone 5 is a piece of garbage Mick. I hope this attention is making you feel better if that’s what you needed. I’ll use an S4 over an iPhone 5 though.

  142. Prashanth Says:

    nw I m struck with a rival on my head … to buy I5 or to wait to get iphone 5s… I want to hear from
    you guys … ??? reply me fast (I request)

  143. th3 gam3 Says:

    I’d say a company’s stock trading price is a good indicator of how well the company is performing. Since October of 2012 Apple’s stock has plummeted down approx 38%-40%. They are falling very short of earnings forecasts among other issues. Which tells me there are problems on the horizon for this company. Samsung is actually gaining in the market. There are too many fanboys in this room who don’t make very good arguments as to whether “crAPPLE” or samsung produce better phones. In the end, it comes down to personal preference. I recommend the HTC ONE. check it out…BTW: it’s just a phone. get over it.

  144. Steve Jobless Says:

    LOL @ all the isheeps. I have all the generations of the S series and I have never consider getting an iphone why? I do not want to be as disgusting as the isheeps in this thread. =D

  145. Vman Says:

    From reading a few comments I make two conclusions:

    An excellent product that is deemed as the industry flagship needs no “fanboys” defending it – so obviously something hasn’t gone right with iphone 5 as so many people are ripping their throats out while defending it.

    As with everything in life- Mercedes has always been better than Ford. So even if Ford releases the most amazing and reliable performance vehicle while Mercedes stumbles with a piece of crap car people will still be saying Mercedes is better. Point being: days of Iphone are over with- they fell asleep in their “innovation deparment” and other devices are ahead of the game.

    Certainly there will be a ton of people calling me stupid and all, but that still proves my point #1 (see above). I am a 4s user that can’t justify upgrading to iphone 5 as the feature set gets mediocre upgrade from 4s. Waiting for iphone 6 and if they don’t “wow” me I am giving up the iPhone.

  146. the dude Says:

    I personally owned both an iphone 4s and an s3 and this feud is really interesting to me. it’s almost a fight like left wing and right wing politics. but what it really boils down to is personal preference on features and the device you end up with, (due to financial, peer pressure, situation, gift received, or whatever reason you ended up with it) is most likely the one you support, I have a feeling that everyone is biased on this subject.

    I feel that user ability has the majority to do with opinions on this matter. there are a ton of hidden features and apps that can really make both devices quite cool. but finding them out takes more time than many are willing to devote. I find myself missing some apps that I used to have on one device, but also finding that the current one has apps that wouldn’t even work on the previous one.

    more importantly is this: what kind of features do you have?
    less important is this: which device will suit those features?

  147. Mike LaRue Says:

    What about the critical factor of Build Quality? Go into any AT&T, Verizon, or other 3rd party phone store that sells both units and ask the staff one question, “Which do you replace due to malfunction?” In every store I’ve visited across the western USA the average failure rate is 10 Samsung’s for every iPhone. That is why when I replaced my 3.5 year old BB, I went with iPhone.

  148. Sid Says:

    Hello Mick Clifford

    I normally dont leave comments but your comments made me write this one. I am someone who likes reading about science and technology (Not just smartphone). I wont digress into anything else but stick only to smartphones. I have used different smartphones over last 3 years. My first true smartphone was a Samsung galaxy s1, which I just loved (its apple counterpart was the 3gs at that time). I had a choice to select from either one but i selected the samsung because of its beautiful screen (trust me the galaxy s1 screens is 100 times better than the 3gs, I actually did a side by side comparison). I will agree that the S1 suffered from a slight lag when I used multiple apps at once which the 3gs handled better at that point of time. Now move forward 2 years and I currently posses a galaxy s3, its competitor is the iphone5. I will give the iphone 5 victory only in the external looks point of view. I am someone who likes to make my phone look unique which my s3 (any android phone) handles beautifully, the screen is definitely better than the iphone5 (yes, i did a side comparison multiple times) . Everything overall is better than the iphone5 without any comparison. Now with the galaxy s4 there is no comparison and I dont want to humiliate the iphone 5 anymore.

    I also want to add that the iphone 5 is an extremely nice device, its not as good as the s3 or s4 though.

  149. Rafiullah Dawar Says:

    Key Features: Full HD Super AMOLED 5-inch screen; 1.9GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Processor; 2GB RAM; Air View and Gesture; Smart Pause and Scroll; Infra Red remote; Temperature and humidity sensors; 13 megapixel camera.

    Buy Samsung’s Galaxy S4 if you:
    -Want the latest and greatest in Android
    -Love customizing your interface or want something really pared down with Easy Mode
    -Strongly value camera performance
    -Thrill at fun extra camera features
    -Require a removable battery
    -Use a tremendous amount of storage space
    -Want to control your TV with your phone
    -Can live without a metal body

    Skip the Galaxy S4 if you:
    -Prize a premium, sophisticated hardware design
    -Yearn for a fresh looking Android interface
    -Prefer to skip most whistles and bells
    -Seek a bargain smartphone

    There is no getting away from the fact that this phone has more hype surrounding it than any Android device that has preceded it. Fortunately, Samsung has backed up much of this anticipation with action, offering a well-rounded, extremely powerful device that, although lacking something on the aesthetical front, is sure to impress the masses.

    Given the Samsung Galaxy S4’s near identical looks to the S3 and the somewhat run of the mill hardware updates, some will argue that the handset is more of a Samsung Galaxy S3S in the vein of Apple’s incremental updates than a true S3 successor. In truth and practice, however, the handset is a whole new beast and one which far outstrips what has been, until now at least, the world’s most successful Android smartphone.

  150. john Says:

    I understand and agree with people being obsessed with iPhone, I had one for six years. I still love the iPhone but there are apps I use every day with my Galaxy that iPhone didn’t offer. I first purchased my Galaxy because it was over 100.00 cheaper with an upgrade than iPhone. It took me a long time to get used to the Android market. As for the music, I can download any song for free, I don’t have to pay iTunes or Amazon. When I download a game on my phone, I get to play that game in it’s entirety, with Apple I could only play a few levels and then it required my purchasing the game to continue. I downloaded an anti-virus for my Galaxy for free and have never had any problems. I can also update my Galaxy without having to go to iTunes or any other site. The picture taken with the S4 is very blurry and that is the fault of the photographer. It amazes me at how rude people are to others for simply stating an opinion. If you love your iPhone, great, but realize that not everyone will agree, but don’t fault them for their choice. Both phones are amazing and won’t disappoint their owner.

  151. flipper Says:

    Apple is the new Nokia. Same look and feel year after year, don’t have to learn a new phone……… my dad has one. Lol. Make the switch like I have…. be young again!

  152. iphone user@@ Says:

    samsung have no originality they just plagiarize some features of iphone and by copying these features they make it better so that apple inc. will have no chance to beat them

    so …

    the one who should be winning is iphone because without the iphone there would never be samsung smartphones created …,,

    thnxx …

  153. iphone user@@ Says:

    its okay for the iphone to lose at least they didn’t cheat at all
    at least they’re honest and have strong originality

    iphone is the winner in ORIGINALItY!!

    no offense for samsung
    they have to make their own features
    not just copying the features of the iphone

  154. blahblah.,, Says:

    jonathan is right its so obvious that the camera in iphone 5 is nicer than the sgs4 ,,,
    why DRAW??

    maybe the one who made this has a sgs4
    its so unfair !!!

    the one who made this is a dick!!

  155. Fahad Says:

    i am nor apple nor samsung fanboy. now lemme tell you something. i used both device and this is my conclusion.

    if you want a simple device with great support in both apps and device itself, and do not want to interact with some one then iphone is obvious the best choice.

    if you want freedom, and if you are a geek and want to interact with everyone then s4 is your device.

    lemme tell you something that you apple fan boy never admit.

    suppose i am in a party. my friend using a very good music in his mobile(suppose that is nokia n8). wow nice music. do you want to have it? lemme send it to you by bluetooth.

    here, if i use apple, i would say sorry, my device does not support file transfer through other device(specially non apple device). if i use s4, i would say, sure!!!

    suppose i go to my friend house to visit. he has a great movie collection. do you want it? i say yes obvious. ok lemme send you by using data cable. do you have itunes? no.

    iphone users would say ok than i cant have it, s4 users would say no problem.

    here are 3 greatest reason why s4 wins over iphone 5.

    freedom. you can send files over bluetooth, wifi, nfc.

    independent. you do not need itunes or kies or any other software to file transfer. you can even play any video you want. flv, mp4, mkv, rmvb, anything you want. no need to convert.

    pc like user experience. this is what we want from todays smart phone. where ihpone cant deliver it. how? you can browse net when you can watch a video, or you can browse gps map when you can reading your e mail. thats what we do with our pc. you used to have most recent apps in your desktop. you can do this in s4 but you cant with iphone 5. you can download a music video from any website suppose mediafire, or rapidshare and watch in right on your s4, cant do in iphone 5.

    these are only my opinion. i only pointed out what i do normally and there s4 wins against iphone 5 with a big plus. once upon a time steve jobs said that 3.5 inch is enough for mobile display. no need to make bigger. but now iphone has 4 inch. i would not get shock if i saw iphone 5s or iphone 6 4.5 inch. do you know who pushed apple to do that? ans is simple. its samsung. i know samsung clone iphone, and so many features bla bla bla. but what is important to me is what i get after the end of the day. i mean the normal people. how that benefited from it? we got appls rival samsung. and people are getting good mobile phone from both of them. so who is the winner? its us. normal people. lets not argue with each other. lets just say, everybody is winner. apple has pros and cons. so do s4. none of them are perfect life companion. so lets get over it.

  156. steve Says:

    I just upgraded to a S4 from an S2 and actually the S2 was still an awesome phone completely flawless never had one problem with it. I compared my new S4 to my brothers IP5 and I can’t believe people actually think the IP5 is better? lol
    screen size is so tiny on the I phone. You must have tiny little fingers and a need a magnifying glass to see anything on the screen. What a joke, the camera on the Samsung is way better in my opinion, look at some examples on other reviews, clearly the S4 is way more brilliant looking. Funny how these trendy I-phone fan boys stand by their outdated little junk phones. I say get a life and a new S4 and you will be happy!

  157. Vincent Says:

    I personally think that the iPhone 5 is a great phone but everyone says that the galaxys4 on the other hand is so much better but really I think there the same just the cameras are a little different !

  158. SAZBxD Says:

    Hey guys, which is better s4 or iphone 5
    I’m planning to buy one of these!
    I like them both! But i need a phone smoother and better in gaming and communication and doesn’t break easily.

  159. SAZBxD Says:

    By the way and and easy handling.

  160. Donna Says:

    What, are you people two year olds.? Gheesh get a life and let people have their opinions without name calling and childish sayings. Some like Samsung some like apple. Who cares and how does it hurt you? Sounds like the politicals demos and repub fighting so are the apples the dems and the samsungs the repub? Just wondering. Truly get a life try to be ice and supportive of people’s choices. It is a free world after all.

  161. Metal.King Says:

    It’s just simply as… Apple and others… while the rest of the brands are still catching up with Apple (where in fact they couldnt).

    From the design itself, its perfect for a alum-ceramic-glass i-phone5 than for a plastic s4. What’s in a big screen s4 when u cant type using 1 hand the way to do with iphone5? Which is convenient to carry on? does s4 fit in a tight jean’s pocket the way iphone5 do?

    I have just bought my iphone5 yesterday and i dont even dreamed of trading it even for a samsung S100 that is yet to come 96 year from now.

  162. Terry Says:

    Ok Morgan, samndung screen won’t break? They will all break if you drop them. I see co-workers with samdungs and they’ve cracked the screens when they’ve dropped them. Bottom line is this find what works for you. I’ve tried droid and iphone. iPhone wins hands down. That’s my personal choice. You may not like apple’s politics then get a Samsung or droid. Then get a life.

  163. Croissant Says:

    HA!! Mick Clifford is such a loser!!!! He doesn’t know anything about either of the phones!!! He is just saying that the iPhone is better, when clearly the gs4 takes it by a long shot!! iPhone 5= 1.3 ghz dual core, while the gs4= 1.9 ghz quad core! Iphone 5= 8mp camera, while gs4 13mp camera! You see the difference Mick Clifford??!! You can’t assume the iPhone 5 is better!! When really the gs4 takes the win!! The gs4 also has a better screen!! Full hd 441 ppi, while the iPhone 5 only packs 326 ppi!!! The gs4 also comes in a model with a octa core processor!! That’s 6 more cores than the iPhone 5!! So you tell me Mick Clifford, is 8 better than 2??! Think about that!! The galaxy s4 is also selling faster than the iPhone 5!! So u let me know, bring it on!!!!

  164. Ojero Moses Says:

    S4 the winner

  165. ihatetheonewhomadethis Says:

    its really unfair !!!!

    why their is a draw??!!

    iphone 5 will win if this dumb person who made this will give the points to the iphone because of the camera(even the iphone will not take the whole place, you can use the panorama)
    and on the specs and performance iphone should also win that, remember that less score means high rating,,, its so obvious that the gap of the two phone is so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    the one who made this should be brought to jail!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  166. ifyou'relooking... Says:

    ifyou’re looking for the strongest phone
    choose the iphone 5
    iphone 5 is the strongest phone unlike the samsung gs4
    it can easily be broken on just one fall ……


  167. cheater Says:

    samsung is a cheater !!!!
    samsung is a cheater !!!!
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    samsung is a cheater !!!!
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    samsung is a cheater !!!!
    samsung is a cheater !!!!
    samsung is a cheater !!!!

    iphoneuser is right, samsung is plagiarism !!!!!!!!!!!!

  168. Apple Owner Says:

    Go APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!GO APPLE!!!!!!!!!GO APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO APPLE!!!!!!!!

  169. Apple Owner Says:

    If you want real facts go to youtube and search for “wich is better Apple or Samsung” There you will find real proof of why Apple is better and you cant deny because they show it right in your face so go ahead samsung fanboys go and change your mind.
    Apple Rules Samsung Drools.


    Hello, I come before you from the future. I am from the year 2189. Ive come back to the past to witness how apple failed.

  171. Mick Clifford Says:

    I stand corrected! My bad!
    I borrowed a friend’s Galaxy S4 and I quite like it!
    Its actually superior in every way to that piece of shite Apple puts out.
    My humblest apologies for being such a twit when I clearly didn’t know what I was talking about.
    It turns out that Samsung rules, and Apple drools, after all.

  172. Ern Wyatt Says:

    Seems to me, and to many of us, that the Apple sheep just can’t handle it! Sorry guys; give it up. Go play with your iTunes….

  173. Randy Says:

    Both are great phones, so let’s stop all the “Apple is THE best out there” or “Samsung kills the competition.” Each has its strengths and weaknesses. I own the S3, and I would never get an iPhone, because IMO iPhones are always behind the curve. Most of the features they ballyhoo about are ones that have been on the market for ages. The GPS didn’t have NATIVE turn by turn until pretty recently. The iPhones didn’t have a flash on the camera until the 4, I think. Huh? No multi-tasking. (Real multi tasking).

    And, what I find really funny is how all the Apple fanboys keep saying how their phones are “perfect” and all that, but every iPhone user I know wants to jailbreak the phone because it can’t do (insert whatever jailbroken iPhones can do).

    But, my S3 battery sucksssssssssssssssssssssss !!! I have 4 charges – 1 @ work, 1 in the car, and 2 at home – 1 upstairs and 1 USB in my laptap downstairs. Yeah ……….. It’s bad. lol

  174. htxfan Says:

    I own both the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5. This is 100% biased towards Samsung.

  175. Croissant Says:

    Yay mick Clifford is on samsungs team now! Suck it apple!!

  176. Alicia Says:

    Why hate? Love instead! ^^
    Some like iPhone… Some like Galaxy! Deal with it… Don’t fight! Arguing on internet is retarded…
    Peace and love

    Puss och Kram till alla svenskar osså! Tur att vi inte är kinkiga utan köper det vi själva vill och inte blir påhoppade! ^^

  177. itu Says:

    I am really confused now!.. I was sooo excited to get my iphone this friday, but now ii don’t know anymore! Please help!

  178. thunder Says:

    I think its sad all of you apple people who keep buying a inferior product. I use to have an iphone but once you switch to gallaxy you feel sorry for all the fools who still buy the iphones. Quit following apple blindly. I will always buy the best phone regardless of brand.

  179. Jared James Says:

    I own an iPad2 and an iPhone 5, I have never owned a Samsung phone before, the reasons as to why couldn’t be more clear!!!

  180. Raymond Bello Says:

    Apple’s iPhone is WAY better than Samsung galaxy s3. come on this is very bias. if “samsung is really better” then why where they getting sued 4 piracy. A larger population pf the world own iPhone’s to Galaxies, why? Because they are are better. well i guess that sums it up for you all.

  181. Really? Says:

    HTC One is better than these two.

  182. Brett Says:

    To Mick Clifford. Please do a spelling and grammar check while you are ranting about people being stupid. Beyond that, you continually make a statement about people that have a single brain cell. I believe you fit that description. As an Apple fan I am completely embarrassed by how fast and ignorantly other Apple fans bash others. What happened to being humble? The saying goes that “haters are gonna hate.” Like what you have, and let everyone else be a jackass. I completely understand where the guy saying that he is reminded of Elementary school by all of this is coming from. Just wow. Maybe these will help you. This is how they grade you in Elementary school by the way…

    “Apple Rules, Samsung Drools” comment, although, it may have reminded you of recess in elemantary school”

    “, and all of you must feel threatened by my authority, my perfect use of vocubulary and punticuation or my brutal streak etc., I would aspect no one would sign up to this job.
    This job takes guts, courage and detirmination, if”

    vocabulary not vocubulary
    punctuation not punticuation
    expect not aspect
    determination not detirmination
    This one might be the biggest… Elementary not Elemantry

    It is just ridiculous to see someone talk about how good they are while I can’t go an entire sentence without thinking I’m reading another language. Everyone take a nap, you’re cranky.

    P.S. Blackberry is the clear winner

  183. Nash123 Says:

    The best phone I recommended is a payphone..:)

  184. Nash123 Says:

    Basically.. Iphone 5 is user friendly while All android phone is complicated.. Senior citizen using iphone is easy for them to use than android..

  185. Sheli Says:

    Apple is such a freaking COPYCAT. Most of the features in the new Apple iOS7 is the freaking SAME as Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung has used their brains sooo well this time and came up with such great innovative features and there Apple is to copy it -_- Best part is Apple flaunts it like its the first thing tat has come in the market -_- Samsung is THE BEST AND WILL LEAD! Apple owes Samsung BIG TIME! I agree Samsung had copied apple…but they accepted it and even paid apple people off but these people come up with the same things Samsung has already put in the market and make pple feel its sumthing different…but the fact wot change that APPLE HAS COPIED SAMSUNG! B) Also Im glad Apple ipad 2 and iphone 4 had been banned from sale just to show that they REALLY ARE COPY CATS :)
    SAMSUNG RULES :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D GOOOOO SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D I LOVE YOU <3 :*

  186. Sheli Says:

    Apple is just a Status symbol and nothing else. Apple is good…aint the best B-) till Steve Jobs was there Apple was good enough…now apple just copies :)

  187. Jake Says:

    Every one say that the Samsung galaxy is a better phone than the IPhone 5 but it really is not because the IPhone looks better And it is much easier to use. Also the galaxy is so big it doesn’t fit in your pocket and its more like a tablet than a phone. It is a stretch for ur thumb to reach the top of the screenLast but not least the iPhone is more responsive when u touch it. The obvious winner is the iPhone 5.

  188. Tania Harding Says:

    Mick Clifford your just a brain washed sheep like the rest of them who think iPhone is so great. Just because something is the biggest seller, doesn’t mean it’s the best. McDonalds is the most popular restaurant in the world; doesnt exactly prove that people have brains. Anyone that is a tech geek will clearly choose the Samsung over the iPhone. Apple products are good for people who dont want to think too much because you can’t modify anything. All downloads and transfers have to be done on Apple software and products, it’s Apple’s way or the highway. They screw you over with every little nickel and dime. All phones are moving to a universal charging port, but yet Apple continues to screw its customers by having a different port. Not only do they have a different port, now you cant even use the charger you had for your iPhone4 on the 5. What does that say about how Apple views its customers… Chumps… Brainwashed Sheeps. Enjoy your iPhone5 & your Big Mac!

  189. Steve Says:

    What amazes me is all the name calling and bad mouthing from both sides. The internet has created a bunch of droids with foul mouths and bad attitudes. Maybe if we had to publish our pictures, phone numbers and real names, some of this crap would stop. Its so easy to act like an arse when you’re sitting anonymously behind a screen somewhere. For those of you that this statement applies to, GROW UP!

  190. Bradley W. Says:

    Ive had my S4 for about two weeks and I love it. For me personally the screen size matters I almost got the note ll but features matter quite alot to me as well. YouTube videos on my phone are stunning and the photos I take are in true quality and brightnes. I can edit my phits without a third party app, the effects put my own touch to every photo I take. The iPhone is a great piece of work but its all about whats important to you, and the iphone isn’t for me. :-)

  191. Miguel Says:

    The winner is Samsung, for producing the many of the main components of the iPhone plus producing their own. Get this straight apple users, samsung raised the price of Apple’s processor and Apple accepted because they have no choice due to the fact that no other manufacturer can mass produce those components at the high quality and volume as Samsung. Yes just think that there is no iPhone with out Samsung, not at the price point out volume at least. Do while iPhone users are focused on asking the mirror on the wall who is the prettiest of them all android users get to control other devices via infrared… The iPhone is for people who want something simple not for those who want cutting edge technology. Boom!

  192. daniel Says:

    I had an iphone and I recently changed to s4.
    Its just better in every way possible. I loved itunes and playing games on it, but with screen this big, its simply better and more enjoyable. To those that think s4 doesnt fit in pocket… what kind of pants do you people wear lmao…
    it fits nicely. galaxy s4 pure awsome. galaxy note 2 however ( which recently came out also not long after g4 came out i belive) is even bigger than s4 and has double battery power. its also amazing phone. just by glance tho, girls would love having one of galaxy note carrying inside the pulse. haha anyways…
    I feel like apple days are long gone and its pretty much over.
    Samasung kills apples in every category in the spec. look at the consumer report. you cant argue with consumer report. its the best selling phone right now. not apple iphone.
    i like i phones but im not a fan, i just like the better phone. better is better.
    those residing in u.s, doesnt quite understand the fact that apple iphone is only hugely favored in the country. rest of the world, europ to asia… samsung already been / is dominating for quite a long time.
    Personally, right now* its foolish to decide over iphone and galaxy. galaxy is simply awsome.
    iphone 5 cant compete with galaxy s4 right now, maybe when 6 comes out all this nonsense is more meaningful.

  193. Yankee Texan Says:

    Having been an Android owner for years (hacking, rooting, ROMs, etc.) and having finally decided to give Apple a try, I am pleasantly suprised with Apple.

    I’m not going to explore a long diatribe of spec comparisons, nor am I going to vent my spleen like a Fan-Boy in Momma’s basement.

    Bottom line: Android works, if you are the type that needs to explore and control the details of your equipment and can tolerate the consistant restart requirement, tweaking, etc.

    Apple, on the other hand, just works…that’s it…it works. And it it does so smoothly and seamlessly without the constant nag of having to restart all of the time. It’s designed well and does it’s job as advertised. (personally, I think this is due in large part, of users NOT having the ability to deep-dive into the OS like Android.)

    Say what you will, Apple is reliable and just works…painlessly.

  194. Apple pie Says:

    Sometimes I just pick up my iphone and gently caress it. I feel the aluminum brush against my skin. Then I push the home button and I get goose bumps every time. The crisp, colorful screen makes me smile. Then I slide the unlock and the heavens open up in the palm of my hand. I swipe through all my apps even though I’ve seen them thousands of times. Then I gently put it down and 10 minutes later I do it again. I can’t help but pick it up again.

    My younger brother got an S3 and I was anxious to play with it. He handed it to me and I looked at the screen and said “meh” and put it down and never had the urge to pick it up again.

    Winner: iPhone



  195. Alex Says:

    Really it just comes down to what kind of screen you prefer. The Iphone loosk a lot nicer but the S4 screen is just too big to pass up. I have an Iphone 5. Love it. Easy to use and fun. A lot of exclusive apps to.

  196. j walters Says:

    I had the Iphone 4s which I heard was not much different from the Iphone 5 and I am, gonna tell you I HATED IT!!!!!! I have to get used to using the S4 but I LOVE it compared to IPhone!!! I have a friend who is Apple fanatic and she sd that if she had the choice she would get the S4 so there you have it!!!!

  197. Asterio Says:

    Why are people keep comparing those 2 crappy phones.
    Just because Samsung is better than Iphone – which is a crap phone, doesn’t mean its the best.
    There are other brands out there producing way better phones.
    I had to buy both Iphone and Samsung, and use them each for a month just to prove how bad they are.
    In the end, I had to stuck with Samsung just because HTC is out of stock.
    Man, this Samsung Buggy phone freak me out bad. You can’t even make a phone call when you need to.
    Sometimes Samsung, it’s just ass backwards
    You can also use up all your battery while you charging it.
    seriously, whoever says Samsung or Iphone is good, go buy the 2 phones and use them, then buy other brands, then talk!
    phones like HTC never had any problem mentioned above, yet its cheaper than any of those.
    HTC ever made an enhancement on the android system which improved both the performance and the visual.
    The list goes on, good phones are out there, you just have to use your brain to find it.

  198. Ste deciding Says:

    iphone doesn’t have a torrent app!!!! So how can it be better than the S4???

  199. Eddy Nash Says:

    I love how these reviews always miss the best points. This review is like comparing Arnold to Einstein. There should be at least a point made on the difference between Samsung and apple support. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with both where apple replaced my phone with a brand new one and Samsung sent it to repair for 4 weeks only to get a phone that still had the same problem and then stopped turning on just a day after the warranty expired where they refused to repair it a second time. Not only I was with out a phone for 4 weeks I also had to pay 70$ assessment fees.

    an other point the marksmanship of the iphone is so much of higher quality then the iphone. I can go on forever but all I want to say is this review is inaccurate and unfair. the winner S4 that’s just bull crap. This is a paid advertisement.

  200. John Says:

    The people commenting on this survey are idiots. You love iphone? well good for you and good riddance. I had a iphone for over a year and recently got a s3. love it! iphone is boring and everyone has one. go on be a drone and follow everyone else
    good bye

  201. J. S. Says:

    I feel very sorry for all you Apple suckers like Mick C. I mean, we know you’ve made the terrible and boring decision of spending money on an iCraPhone, really… I’ve had a Samsung (sorry for the bad word Mick!) Galaxy SII for a year and I dropped it millions of times, I even got into the sea with it… And guess what? It is still more functional than your boring “”””smart””””phone. And yes, there are Apple fanboys that have names insulting other users (I am referring to “Samba Sucks head” for instance) and Selena Gogo, do you even know anytging about spanish? Also, I think many people here that say that “everyone” has an iPhone has never traveled outside of the U.S…. Lst year I went to the U.S. and I noticed a climate of iPhone/Pad sickness, so basically, eveyone THERE has an iPhone, but in most countries, the bestsellers are the Samsung phones, so don’t talk crap. Also, in the Android world there are tons of other options. iPhone is just iPhone, the same ol’ outdated piece of shit as it never evolves. Also, I wanted to point out, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but Apple also “reinvents” too much… AirDrop really maked me laugh… Bluetooth sharing exists since 2001!, but as Apple has never used Bluetooth for sharing, all Apple fanboys and girls are easily-impressed with that new “reinvention” of BT share called “AirDrop”. Also, RetonaDisplay… sorry fans to take the magic away but it is a normal IPS screen, simple as that, Apple only sold you that name… You fans have to admit when a phone is better than yours, so do so please… as even the 2-years-old Galaxy S2 has more features and the same processor speed as the latest of Apple’s attempt of a SmartPhone. To round up, that turdy phone that you are holding needs to be unofficially jailbrokem to customise it to your needs! Haha FAIL. You can’t even put a song from your library as a ringtone… EPIC FAIL! And if you don’t like Samsung’s designs there are phones like Oppo Find 5, HTC One, Xperia Z, LG Optimus G & Nexus 4etc. that are better or equal to iPhone in materials used, design and build quality (which is not the same) and are still better than iPhone in every other aspect… Think of it. iPhone=ShamePhone, as simple as that.

  202. Funny Says:

    Mick Clifford keep flexing your e-peen there buddy. People like you will always be around. Normal people just have to learn to ignore your kind.

  203. Sadaf Says:

    mick clifford dude samsung doesnt suck. apple may be better because it is more recognised to be better but that doesnt necessarily mean that samsung sucks. due srsly ur a no brainer

  204. Apple fan boy mick Says:

    Hey guys I would just like to apologize for my comments. I realize now that the S4 is better. I recently went on the record and said I purchased it and exchanged with was false I just said to feel like a cool guy. In reality I am an apple fan boy and every night I cry myself to sleep know that my long time lover of 20 years Steve jobs passed away. And the death of my lover has turned me to monster I would like to apologize to everyone I offended I know I am scum to the earth and just an e-thug trolling for attention, who just really needs a hug.

  205. Apple fan boy mick Says:

    Also all those account talking about how much they love apple that was just me making up names I’m sorry for being a loser like apple

  206. Pete Says:

    Mea Culpa – Don’t have either one of these phones but am thinking about it. Currently have a nice LG I’m happy with.

    As for the comparo, I’ll agree that it sounded biased. I read too many comments that sounded like “yeah, Apple is better there but we’re picking the S4 for some slightly off-topic reason”.

    Heard a news blurb on KNX that said the average smart phone user spent 1 hour on the device but the average iphone user 26 minutes longer than everyone else. That really says a lot to me about ease of use and the pleasure of the experience. That said, I’m sticking with the LG though my wife does have an iphone 4s she’s gaa gaa over.

  207. nonamer Says:

    Wtf is up with u iphone lovers! Its a fu@#ing phone. I have a samsung and guess what? Its just a fuc@ing phone. Mick get a life dude seriously. “Iphone rules samsung drools” ur all a bunch little girls.

  208. J. S. Says:

    Mick… we all know you need to go get a life ASAP and you made up names to post “Apple rules samsung drools”.

  209. Gotcha' Says:

    The other day a “friend” of mine droped his over-priced iPhone 5 in the bathroom and it got dings and dents everywhere… it was its first drop. When I see an iPhone i think it is a phone that brakes as soon as it falls… all the metal and glass body helps by seriously and inevitably breaking and denting. My father also dropped his iPhone 4 on the street cordon WITH A FLEXIBLE PLASTIC CASE ON and the glass broke… My mother dropped her iPad and it also got dented. I mean, those things are VERY fragile, but I am not saying the Galaxy S3 isn’t… Phones and tablets are like cars, they are every time more fragile and cheaply made.

  210. Gotcha' Says:

    The other day a “friend” of mine droped his over-priced iPhone 5 in the bathroom and it got dings and dents everywhere… it was its first drop. When I see an iPhone i think it is a phone that breaks as soon as it falls… all the metal and glass body helps by seriously and inevitably breaking and denting. My father also dropped his iPhone 4 on the street cordon WITH A FLEXIBLE PLASTIC CASE ON and the glass broke… My mother dropped her iPad and it also got dented. I mean, those things are VERY fragile, but I am not saying the Galaxy S3 isn’t… Phones and tablets are like cars, they are every time more fragile and cheaply made.

  211. Max Says:

    Android owns global market share
    Iphone has copied windows phone design and android designs for last 2 years.
    Iphones made a perfect size screen…cough cough.. now they are looking to offer larger screens.
    Iphone was not the first company to come out with a smart phone, they have very good marketing
    Apple was and is in the end a PC company that went nowhere until they went into the phone market, so they did fail in the pc market.
    Apple lost most of their lawsuits against samsung for infringement. Samsung is starting to win them now…
    There is a reason their inflated marketvalue is dropping like a rock,
    They released an os refresh oooooo.. their next big innovation is a matte finish…oh please.. apple was up, now its time to go down..

  212. mike M Says:

    galaxy s4

    *13mp camera, higher resolution
    *2gb ram(meaning faster and smoother processor)
    *its more like a computer
    *dont need to jailbreak to download paid apps meaning you dont need to sacrifice performance for apps
    *download torrents
    *bigger screen
    *louder speakers
    *widgets allowing for quicker use and better customizable use
    *removable back, have batteries in case phone dies or if you want to add more storage
    *Google talk
    *Swype keyboard
    *complex interface
    *swipe from lock screen when you get a message to go to message isntantly
    *add shortcuts on lock screen
    *plastic casing


    *8mp camera(richer in color)
    *simple interface
    *longer battery
    *better app store
    *better for smaller hands
    *emoji’s are better
    *more pixels for screen
    *more natural colors(picture)
    *metallic casing
    *sleek and cool


    *about the same gaming performance
    * useable for documents and work

    i think Samsung wins but that’s because i love to use my phone to its fullest extent and i can do alot more things with my galaxy than on an iPhone. im 19 and know how to use my piece of tech so to me i would go with the galaxy s4. my galaxy is basically my computer :P

  213. Jay Says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, while I found this article informative and unbiased (which is hard to find these days in the smartphone wars), one thing that I think is missing from this analysis are the pros and cons of the open platform vs. the closed platform. There are inherent benefits to both and things that Apple will be able to do that Android cannot ever replicate (given its structure), and vise versa. I am an Android user (and always have been), but lately have become more and more intrigued by the benefits of the closed platform of Apple – I think the benefits of that ecosystem are beginning to outweigh both the drawbacks but also the benefits of the open architecture of Android which is going to start bumping into compatibility constraints as they try to roll out more advanced functionality. Inevitably I believe Android will have to go to a closed ecosystem to compete.

  214. Don Jenner Says:

    After reading this comparative review, I think I am not ready to give up my Pre 2. Smaller (fits in the ticket pocket of my suit jackets; when holstered on the hip, small enough to be ignored; no important bulk in pants pockets. WAY cheaper (~$100 plus some time doing updates and app downloads). Easy to work with one hand — except when typing. Has a real keyboard (Whoooooeeee!).

  215. Marissa Says:

    PA Coug – what an arrogant response. Comparing S4 users to unemployed adults living in their parent’s basements? Or someone driving a “ricer”?
    Plenty of professionals have made the switch from iPhone to Samsung for its features. I know I have. Two weeks ago I debated the purchase of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S4. I’ve used iPhones for years now and I swore I wasn’t going back to Android. In the store I overheard 3 of the Best Buy techs talk about how they couldn’t wait to ditch their iPhones for the S4 – and remember now, they sell these phones, they play with them daily to learn them – so if they’re saying that, what could that mean for your precious “Ferrari’? You want to know what Apple upgraded from the 4s to 5? Pretty much nothing. You paid more money for the SAME phone. And people do this repeatedly with Apple. Look at the Apple wannabes and fanbois above. YOU HAVE PAID MORE MONEY FOR PRETTY MUCH THE SAME PHONE.

  216. Riku Says:

    ok first thing… OMG.. after reading all these comments mostly.. lol this Mick guy… I get it you are absolutely iGuard of Apple family.

    Well I have been using my iphon 3gs for the past 3 years.. I love this phone.. I’m kinda too much used to it now… but here comes the biggest problem of it all.. the battery is almost dead.. i have to charge twice daily.. if i played few games then its a third time which requires charging..

    I never thought of going to another OS but now that I read and viewed sooo many reviews & comments.. I think Samsung has done a great job…

    It confused me even greater coz being an apple user and deciding as to which phone to buy..

    So i did a very simple search on google.. first i typed samsung galaxy s4 problems.. to find out what people really complain about.. i will not hide but it was about battery drained, phone got hot due to gameplay or use of certain apps… then I thought why not google apple iphone problems.. and boy! i read articles in same quantity.. some people even got 4 iphones 5 replaced in the very first week.. Both products have their own problems… When I see apple fans lashing on samsung fans.. I think to myself – “as if iphone is perfect’ lol this is hilarious.. coz there can never be one perfect product.. even with ip5s.. i don’t think on feature list it could beat samsungs s5!

    what you people forget is that both these products are electrical.. a problem you may have does not mean that the other person will also have…

    On the other hand, if you discuss about innovation… when the first iphone came out.. it was THE NEXT BIG THING.. coz it changed the mobile industry.. but then… it was 1 company.. not wanting to share… upgrading and upgrading…. but thats it.. they didn’t put on anything new like samsung did…

    I haven’t even had a samsung s4 in my hand but this S health sounds an awesome app.. it actually is good for humanity for your health.. while apple just speaks for its design , design & design!! what F**kin design.. you just made the same thing lighter and longer.. since we apple owners pay a premium price over samsung.. why is there not an option to remove the battery… so as for design you need to think not as company but for your customers.. if iphone had an option to change the battery i bet apple’s record sales won’t happen… but somehow it works for SAMSUNG!!

    If you still want to fight or argue or speak badly to each other.. why does the latest iOS7 look like a Windows phone of 2011?!!!!! Just read this article-

    So in my opinion.. I had a great experience with iphone… but now it is time for a change.. and remember people.. change is good!!


  217. sidarth Says:

    waste review. iphone is an old phone with no features to match today’s phones. forget about S4, iphone cant compete with HTC one also. how long we will keep dragging these old iphones!!

  218. Emily Says:

    Hey guys I just got a new s4 some days back. It’s apps are getting crashed so frequently and it has a hanging problem. I did reset it twice but the problem still exist :-( earlier I had iphone4 it never gave me such hard time. :-(

  219. Anna Attkisson, LAPTOP Managing Editor Says:

    You may have a bum unit. I would recommend taking it back to the point of purchase, explain the problem and ask for a replacement unit.

  220. Andrew Says:

    I used the iphone 5 and s4 and they are both great phones but I have to say that the s4 is a better phone overall and I don’t know why dome people are saying that the 5 has more features when it really doesn’t. iPhone 5 prissies are defending iOS because they don’t want to admit that they have an iQ too low to use android which has three times as many features as the iPhone 5. Right now I have the s4 and it is so much better. But I have respect for born of them.

  221. Disco dad Says:

    It’s the camera, silly. I was that sheep who watched the commercial that thought the iPhone would be better than my Nikon camera. Now I am more wealthy than before because I am doing more commercial work that independent art stores are buying up.

  222. Bilal Says:

    The apple is the smoothest phone in the world
    And GS4 is the mobile what i call is the joker who entertain

  223. Emily Says:

    Gave my S4 to my bf :D and took his iphone4s :D
    pretty much relaxed… he gonna buy me a sony experia z10 or iphone 5…. bye bye SAMSUNG :D

  224. lonnie93041 Says:

    I’d rather push my Mustang than drive a Camaro! Ooooops, wrong forum….

  225. ChiGuy2013 Says:

    The article fails to take into account whether someone has other products in the Apple ecosystem or not, nor the benefits of the ecosystem. If one has a Mac and/or and iPad, the iPhone 5 is clearly a better option because of the ease of sharing music (iMatch) and photos. Also, the article does not discuss which phone has better security. That advantage clearly lies with Apple. Finally, the article does not discuss the variety of different android software and the problems with future upgrades or buy an android void from a difference telephone carrier. These are important considerations. One can’t simply consider a phone without being cognizant of ease of use and integration with one’s existing computer, tablet, etc.

  226. riku Says:

    I bought a samsung galaxy s4.. days and i still dont know how to properly use the features lol.. but i love watchon… when i can control all the tv’s in my home… one think i dont like is its earphones.. the quality isnt good… rest the phone is good.. easy to use.. and boy it is damn fast!!!

  227. jamie Says:

    same apple crap fanboys ipsheep, iphone 5 2011 technology less features over all poor product…apple iphone 5 can’t even be compared to samsung galaxy s3 what to talk of S4.

  228. jamie Says:

    same apple crap fanboys isheep, iphone 5 2011 technology less features over all poor product…apple iphone 5 can’t even be compared to samsung galaxy s3 what to talk of S4.

  229. gvs Says:

    hey everyone… you need to realize people like mick who love to brag on their little peice of fruit and their apple stickers in their back windows are also people who get angry when the entire human race does not bow down to their academic accomplishments. we are all supossed to worship their college report cards and tell them ow smart they are. what a joke. mick you,,, to me are so stupid and closed minded. what you could use is some common sense. something most over educated people dont have. by the way i put this entire message in small little letters with poor spelling, punctuation and no capitolization just to anger you … your fruity product started dying when its hero passed (rest his soul) apple is on its way out folks.

  230. Octy Says:

    Hello everyone! I have spent some hours to read most of your comments. The issue here is not if Apple is better than Samsung. Apple makes 5 devices while Samsung makes a whole range of home appliances, equipment as well as most of the components such as memories, etc. Here iPhone 5 is good mostly because of the Apple ecosystem and its beautiful design. It has all the necessary technical attributes to give the user the best experience possible without hassle. Anyone can use an iphone regardless of their technical skills. On the other hand, Samsung has caught up with Apple with the Galaxy S4. The pros of the S4 is the improved Android OS, the many features, larger screen with higher pixel density and the overall power. Another advantage is the Google ecosystem which is very vast and embedded in the android OS. The removable cover with replaceable battery and expandable memory are cool. If you go on a hiking trip on the mountains, a second battery is very useful. In the city maybe less so. Apple charges a lot for their products, mostly for the brand, regardless of the other competitors. Samsung is moving in the right direction and the competition is healthy for the customers in the end. So there is no need to fight over this. Everyone has a preference and that must be respected. I would like to remind Apple users that most of the iPhone components are made by Samsung or other Asian companies. Another thing about Apple is that Tim Cook must make crucial decisions for the future of Apple. He has to move from the Steve Jobs model (that worked great for him) just because he is different from Steve. He hasn’t got his charisma. So Apple should move towards what the consumer wants and expects from their devices because it just keeps dissapointing. Each new iPhone that comes out has less power and features than expected. The business model is great but it should become more flexible.
    I had and iPhone 4 32gb and still own an iPad 3, iPod 4 and apple tv 3. However the S4 is faster than the iPad 3 in games. Maybe the iPad 4 is better nonetheless. If things don’t change, I will be moving away from Apple. Maybe I will get an iPod 5 to replace the iPod 4 and sell the iPad 3. I have played around with the iPhone 5 and while I like the design, I couldn’t but not be dissapointed at its features. It is a beautiful device, metal, glass, light, but it packs less customisation and performance under the hood for a much higher price than the S4. in Europe the iPhone 5 64gb sells for 979 Euro from Vodafone, no contract, while the S4 is 634 Euro for the 16gb version. The 64gb card sets you back 80 Euro. So the price difference is too much to bear. The 300+ Euro is for the brand….disappointing.
    The next iPhone 5s will have basically the same design as the iPhone 5 so why are people complaining that the S4 looks like the S3??? For sure I will wait for the iPhone 6 as I waited for the 4. Some things have to change, to improve.
    Also here are some features that the S4 supports and the iPhone 5 doesn’t: video calls (over 3g network) to any device, IR remote (useful for many devices in your home), NFC, Air gesture, Multi Window, overall better multitasking. And one reminder: apple is not the father of mobile phones: nokia was. Nokia is in deep trouble now but it was the best mobile phone company for years.

  231. yazoo4367 Says:

    oh that statement about iPhone 5 battery last longer?well maybe benchmark , what about after 400 charge ,if you charge once a day that battery will last about one year and 35 days and which apple engineers has pretty much calculated that , that is also the same reason why they gave every iPhone battery a one year warranty=365 days or if you pay apple care=$$$$$
    because lithium ion start to fail after 400 charge they will hold about 80 percent charge and the more you charge
    the worst it gets!!! and that is when you see people with the huge battery pack that makes a slim iPhone look like a huge brick ,well galaxy s4 does not have that problem the battery is swap friendly, iPhone 5 battery replacement unless you are tech you might risking damage to the phone or if you like to throw money away i guess that’s fine
    bare in mind lot of people are stuck with a 2 year contract what do you do then? and as for people who said iPhone is far Superior im having hard time believing that when they cant even meet the basic fundamental of the phone hardware=battery failure? or i should say they are aware but screw the people anyway they don’t know
    they are stupid enough they will comeback to buy the next iPhone anyway?

  232. DrFaisal nazik Says:

    I think apple is the best if we compare in regular according to design and quality
    Samsung products are coppied by others they could nt creat a different thing before
    However, it is not false that apple designer are better than samsung
    In my point of view design, camera, screen quality matters so in these iphone 5 wins
    That s why i love it ….. All time

  233. JonB Says:

    Ok, So I have a IPhone 5, my GF has a GS4. My iphone 5 is a perk from work. I got the 64GB model so I can use it as an IPOD in my truck. I also have to support all cell devices issued by the company (end users pick what they want).

    Most want iphone, a couple want droids…blackberrys are now dead here

    I started out picking a droid. I had the HTC inspire 4g when it first came out…the battery life was awful and i had to root it and turn it into a HTC ONE just to get some key functions to work(VPN into my work for AD changes)…thus the reason I personally switched to the iphone. I have had it a few months now.

    below is my review and what I think is the winner. I am too lazy to look up actual specs so I am basing my opinions off of what seems to work better from my own experience.

    Battery life: Iphone 5 is the clear winner.

    My GFs phone always needs teh charger…ALWAYS. I text tons more than her and my iphone is far superior in terms of battery life.

    Ease of use: Iphone 5

    That is one of the core features Apple touts, it is very easy to use, very easy to navigate, etc…

    Texting/FB messaging: GS4 clear cut winner

    My iphone doesn’t support swype, which I used to use all the time, even without it on the GS4, the keyboard is much bigger and its much easier for me to text with. My iphone 5 takes tons of effort as they always seem to hit the backspace, space, or some other stupid key making my texts illegible and auto correct never seems to fix anything when i hit backspace, line down, or spacebar for some reason

    Camera: Iphone 5

    I know the GS4 is supposed to have a better camera spec wise, but we always use mine to take pictures now…because it seems to take better quality pictures. Most of our pics are taken in doors, or in a club somewhere and many times the flash isn’t needed at all, but in most cases, the iphone 5 simply takes better pics. they are more clear and just look better.

    overall look of phone: GS4

    c’mon, when I saw my gfs phone when it first came in the mail, I was definitively wow’d. The GS4 clearly looks better, the screen is huge, its sleek, its cool. my iphone looks like any other iphone, only thinner

    Web Surfing/Facebook/Youtube: Draw

    she has tmobile, i have at&t – I always seem to get 4G and even when I am not 4g, my facebook and web surfing is faster on my phone than my GFs…I suspect it is a carrier issue so I will rate it a draw here

    Features: GS4

    C’mon now, the GS4 has way too many cool ass features, its not even close, Iphone got its ass handed to them here…even apple fan boys should realize this

    Speed of phone after owning for months: Iphone

    Apple just does it better, I always seem to be deleting apps off my GFs phone, and pulling the battery to make it faster, I never seem to have that problem with my iphone

    Overall phone recommendation: GS4

    All droids have to be mucked with after installing tons of apps, being tech savvy should be a requirement to own any droid and this applies to the GS4 as well, the bottom line is that the GS4 out of the box is faster, has a huge ass screen, has much higher resolution, has tons more features….cool features too, and just looks better. I love my iphone and think anyone that isn’t that tech savvy should get an iphone, but those who want to push your phone to the limits, and have all the newest and best gadgets…go with the GS4…its got teh potential to beat the iphone in nearly every category…but only if you are good enough to program it that way. What can you “program” with an iphone…not a damn thing…itunes basically controls your device

  234. KC Says:

    It’s so ridiculous to put these two phones head to head. First, their specs are different. iPhone 5 is about a year old dual core phone. While S4 a quad-core phone recently released.

  235. JR Says:

    To all you Apple lovers out there. How many of you have actually owned the GS4? Or have had a side by side comparison of the two for longer than a few minutes? My wife has an I5 and I have a GS4. The conclusion…she is getting a GS4 and we are going to sell the I5. This is after a few weeks of her playing with my phone and her phone comparing the two. As a consumer…the Samsung is the top of the line and a quality product.

  236. Prateek Says:

    Apple Rules $$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Samsung drools(shits)

    Way 2 go Mick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  237. WA Says:

    The Samsung Galaxy s3 cracks VERY easily.My friend dropped it and it shattered, rendering it useless

  238. xplsv Says:

    The review fail to include two major deal breakers:

    1. The iPhone cannot accept a memory card and Apple effectively price gouges the consumer, charging ten times or more the amount for a storage card that is non-removable/non-upgradeable.

    2. The iPhone also does not accept a battery replacement by the consumer. While I appreciate the longer battery capacity of the iPhone over the Galaxy S4 when both units are new, when they reach one year of service, a $30 battery replacement will trump the year old non-replaceable internal battery that has diminished with age. Apple, essentially, tries to use the internal non-removable battery option as a forcing factor to get the consumer to upgrade when the battery life lessens. This also affects the ability for carrying a second battery for those days when usage is up and charging opportunities are down.

  239. asdf Says:

    I bought an iphone because it is reliable, well organized and isn’t the size of a book in your pocket.
    All the “features” that the S4 has over the iphone are just native apps. You can download those. Swype is cool and you can’t get that on iphone, but it is also not very well thought out – like most things with android.

  240. Andres Galaga Says:

    The Galaxy is the superior device, no contest. End of story.

  241. Fabri62 Says:

    My personal phone is an iPhone, while my company has provided me a Samsunf Galaxy SII, which due to continue problems (switching off itself continuously, poor battery life) was replaced after 2 months by a Samsung Galaxy S3! Another piece of garbage! Samsung Kies is crap! Sorry I am not paid by Apple, but there is no way you can compare these products! The Galaxy are rubbish!

  242. Jimmy Says:

    Wow, you fed the trolls so hard. Why do you jailbreak a phone? To make it like Android. Enough said, the trolls are just upset that their phone isn’t as good. Also, why do Android devices have OVER 50 PERCENT FREE APPS, and the apps are the hottest apps? Also, if iPhone stole, explain how Android had the notification center, NFC (Crapples passbook), panorama, ACTUAL MULTITASKING, a more exciting UI, and so much more. That’s why Apple is copying everything! They just aren’t what they used to be.

  243. mswift Says:

    Well, this didn’t help me decide which phone to get. I don’t want to drink the Kool-aid. Maybe I will get the HTC One

  244. samsung Says:

    I have play around with my iphone 5 for many days now, don’t really like it that much,

    my brothers got LG and Samsung s4

    I feel sad for myself for not getting s4, gotta return it back to att and get s4 get charge $35 fee awww!!!!

    so many people saying that the iphone 5 was the best smartphone and is the shitttsss but oh well, I try it and didn’t like it why I don’t like it cuz I was products more like windows, androids,

    iTunes to transfers files fkkkk that,

    apple hides your music files then u have to go n unhide it to transfer it fkkkkk that shiittttt why????

    apple got tastes, Microsoft don’t? why cuz more people use windows more is true

  245. samsung Says:

    apple is just like Nintendo milking Mario = $$$$$$$$$$$$$

    nothing new in Mario games, ofc common senses Mario rescue peach from bowswer

    apple = >>> same old UI since 2007 til 2013 nothing new to add, more apps that’s it?

    its so hard to type right with iphone 5 keyboard, I always wanted an iphone 5 but now I try it and don’t like it, gotta return it back to ATT tomorrow morming, its 8:45pm atm

    Samsung = advancing listen to consumers, customizable, easy to transfers, free like windows

  246. Morgan S Camp Says:

    I have used an iphone 4s for2 years and decided to try an S4. Boy did I screw up. The voice regocnition on the S4 SUCKS. The S4 does not even recognize the surname when you try voice calling using First Name, Last Name. It get confused if you have multilpe entries in your contacts with the sane first name. Never happend on the iphond. And the phone reception compared to a 4s also SUCKS. We are in a rural area and have marginal coverage. The 4s would always find a signal. With the S4 that is not the case. I wish now that I had returned the S4 in time to swap it for an iphone 5. My very expensive MISTAKE!!!

  247. Sam Sung Crappy Says:

    Mark, nice article and probably a pretty fair and mostly unbiased article. A few things to consider. The construction of the Apple device is already proving to be superior. I have friends who are repair techs at both ATT and Sprint. Both relay that they have seen all kinds of issues with the Samsung case, with few issues comparably with the I-5. Removable back is more susceptible to latent moisture transfer, hence Sammy has added a moisture detector strip inside. A sweaty phone can render the warranty invalid. Apps on the IPhone are a huge difference. Speed tests also have shown much better results for the I-5. Most of your other comments are pretty accurate and Samsung does make a viable phone when compared to other Android devices.

    What your article fails to note though is the Apple ecosystem which you touch on briefly in comparing the I-5 to the iPad. But do justice next time and add in the operability, cloud systems, of the Apple systems compared to Samsung. Hands down the Apple devices integrate better and provide a richer user interface. So, when you look at what most people buy a phone for, ease of use, durability, picture taking quality, speed of use, the Apple is actually the best choice. If you want gimmicks then go the way of the Android.

    As my phone guys tell me, “in the long run you will thank me for selling you an Apple”. Junk never lasts the true test of time.

  248. Biased Review Says:

    Are you kidding me? The iPhone 4 easily outlasts the S4. The i5 just dominantes the S4 completely.

    -Had experience with BOTH

  249. nOt BiaseD Says:

    all these comments are from a bunch of apple fans.. i like the iphone 5 its cool I wanted it when it came out, my girlfriend had it but the bottom line is iphones always end up behind on technology.. some of you talk about durability and you fail to realize you drop both of these phones no matter if its aluminum or what it WILL get scratched up and if they land on the screen both of the screens will break specially the iphone one because it sticks out from the body of the phone.. and about 75% of the people that have cell phones put cases on it. some of you think apple is the only one that has tthe cloud and all that other stuff… well you are very wrong.. you are just stuck on apple and their products.. yeah they’re good when it comes to computers desktops and laptops they definitely are better I have a macbook w retina display and yes its the most amazing computer ive ever used but picking between phones i had to go with the galaxy… it was a tough choice but couldnt help but to want the s4 the size of the screen the interface the way you can customize and most important THE BATTERY LIFE… my gf iphone 5 is on the verge of dying with just 5 hours of use everyday which is pitiful.. in this review the galaxy should have beat the iphone way worse my battery lasts all day and i couldnt be happier its like an iphone with a way longer lasting battery a way cooler interface, faster and the screen size makes looking at the iphone screen annoying… and can you say NO FLASH for web browsing on the iphone. I said f*** the iphone it cost more and its inferior!! it was a no brainer!!

  250. I love apple Says:

    D bottom line is to use an iPhone all u need to be educated,I sold ma iPhone 3 to someone before that he was using samsung grand and u knw wat after few days he came to me said how to check call details, I knw nowadays every is keen to buy android phone jus coz of big screen nd loud music it doesn’t make any sense..after reading all above comments I’m sure my iPhone is smarter than these people

  251. Lionel Says:

    Apple = Porsche

    Same design for centuries

    Samsung = Ferrari

    New design

  252. iLesbian Says:

    Bitter Battle for Best Phone

    I have an iPhone 5. My sister has an S4. I am the biggest tech whore I know and I love playing with different phones. I was on Android for 2 years went back to iPhone and love it. My sister has had her Samsung Galaxsy S4 for 2 weeks and has broken her screen twice. The first time she didn’t have a case. 2 days ago the phone had a case on it. Each time she dropped it from seated chair height. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve dropped the iP5 with and without case without it breaking. I hate cases. I used them because I blog about them. For me the iP5 is the best, Pictures are outstanding, my coworkers ask me to take pictures with my phone over their Androids because my camera takes boss pictures with or without flash. I like being able to use my phone one handed and it just feels good in my hand. I’m a pretty tactile person so that matters to me. While I do get called the Apple Bitch I’m not opposed to recommending the S4 to people. Personally I don’t like how the picture colors are oversaturated and they make my tanned girlfriend look like an oompa loompa! It’s not the easiest to find settings and change them either (keyboard, and the airswipe hand thingy) on the S4. Viewing the screen in broad daylight is better on the iPhone. My girlfriend is always using her other hand to give her S3 shade in the sun (Samsung).

    Both are good phones. I have my preferences but will recommend either based on the need of my family or friend asking for phone advise. I would not give Samsung an automatic win on the screen or make it a draw just because it’s bigger. Regardless of what you call the type of screen (1080p or Retina) which one is more clear, better viewing for the eyes in all conditions?

    But all and all money talks. While Samsung is releasing shipped numbers (not actually sold) Apple is releasing numbers of millions upon millions sold. So, the people have spoken. iPhones get sold out and there are waits even months after the initial releases and people are still buying them.

    Everywhere I go (restaurants, coffee houses, shopping etc.), I count the number of people with Droids and the number with iPhones. iPhones always win out, regardless of the iteration. People like both. But what the people love? We can tell by the numbers they buy!

  253. Luis Says:

    @ Mike Clifford: Get a job…. and help. Soon!

  254. Aj Says:

    Dude! Typing is a breeze in iPhone..!
    What the hell are you doing.? iPhone’s prediction is the best..
    And as you can type with one hand also..

  255. Dan Says:

    iPhone is iPhone. Mortals.

  256. Ryan Says:

    The debate between samsung and apple is exactly like the debate between intel and amd.

    in both cases each product has its different pros and cons.

    And in both cases each company needs the other so that both can keep on innovating. I highly doubt anyone would want to be stuck with an original iphone or galaxy s.

    both phones are good phones,one thing we do not need is fanboying/fangirling on either side.

  257. Star Mjobo X s4user Says:

    let us b smart ,th mere fact tht S4 z larger doesnt mean t delivers . . .b smart dnt make th expensive mistake ..Sumsung never last 2years without prblm . .i hav been using LG optimus it 4 2years nd s4 six months already iv sold it ,ts common nd slowly operating

    When i switch on s4 i wud go to shop nd return stil opening . . .ts a joke pity t costs fortune . . .i never use Apple products bt i knw Sumsung z nonsens even ,th s4 z bububhanxa nje obufana nezinye ii sumsung products .

  258. Steph Says:

    While this was an informative review/comparison of the two phones, the big winner for me is the iPhone 5. I find the Samsung phone to be clumsy to hold and feels like I am talking on a tablet rather than a phone. I also like the built-in camera features the iPhone offers. You made a good point about the goodies that come with the Samsung but hands down, the iPhone camera is way better and only keeps getting better. Just my opinion – we all have one, right?

  259. Michael Says:

    This was a good review. If you are not a blind fan of one over the other, you can see the author pointed out valid reasons behind his decisions. I have owned both phones and I find that either will work fine depending on your needs in a phone, your hand size and how much you emphasis you place on your social acceptance being tied to an inanimate object.

    Bottom line is that neither phone will disappoint. If you are offended by your phone not “winning” you have bigger issues to worry about.

  260. IphoneIsTheBest Says:

    Dealing with Features on the iPhone all you have to do is Jail-break it and its just as much things you can do on the iPhone then the so amazing (sarcasm) s4.

  261. IphoneIsTheBest Says:

    1 more thing, Everybody Know not to text and drive but some hard-headed people do, and since you have to stretch your finger all across your big winner screen that takes more focus off our hard-headed drivers than it do with the iPhone. HAHA :))

  262. Dave Autrey Says:

    This review has some glaring omissions that I think should be at least referenced at the beginning. That is why would one consider an iPhone or Android over just features and go from there. Namely the “ecosystem” of the device and security. I do know the Android platform is more virus prone and I wouldn’t begin to know how an Android device would communicate with other devices. I thru away my PC in 03 after the famous blue screen cost me a trade and a lot of money not to mention it was a constant problem with Windows. Best move I ever made. I have never experienced a failure of a mac and I have owned over a dozen. Same experience with my iPhone. Never a problem and all my devices/computers update together. One big happy family. Is this possible with an Android platform? Might be nice if that information was in the article. Therefore this article in MHO is incomplete without a disclaimer as such.

  263. kk Says:

    Was always a fan of I phone but give jack his jacket Samsung stepped up and probably the next go around apple will get it

  264. Rafiullah Dawar Says:

    Samsung the world’s most successful Android smartphone.

  265. Ron Says:

    Excellent evaluation between the iPhone 5 and GS4. Do you have any pre-assessment on how the iOS7 will impact the iPhone 5 and the next generation iPhone?

  266. Max Says:

    Galaxy s4 is the best!!! :) Well, everything is better than Iphone 5!!
    My boyfriend got his 5th Iphone 5 since january only due by hardware problem and my dad changed his 3 time.
    My galaxy note 2 is awesome (I got it since it came out) and my bro just got his s4 and I’m jalous :P I might get one ;)

  267. Meredith Says:

    Most of you sound like a bunch of crazed lunatics. It’s an article comparing two phones. Phones, for f***s sake. If the society we live in today encourages violent reactions to preferences for phones; I sincerely fear for the future. Those of you chanting, do you realize you sound like cult followers? Do you posses the ability to think rational thoughts of your own? Pathetic. Both phones have advantages and disadvantages of their own; which one you buy depends on your own personal preference. Grow up, people.

  268. Spoontee Says:

    Your review was excellent. The only complaint I have is you need to weight your scoring system. For example, battery life should be worth more than “special features.” Apps and content should be worth more than accessories. Clearly with more apps, longer battery life and a superior and more refined design, iphone should be at least scored as a draw to the Samsung. Although, for tinkerers and coders, or someone who doesnt mind the larger size, they might prefer the Samsung and deal with lower battery life.

  269. meg Says:

    Galaxy s4 has (on of the best) or maybe the best mobile hardware… Benchmark ranking is usually over 20000! The disadvantages in my opinion are 1) overheating of 4 core CPU and 2) the phone has a laggy <>.

  270. Collegestudent Says:

    And the winner is… A laptop. ANY of today’s laptops. More powerful than any phone ever created. I have a regular old flip phone which does the job.

  271. jay sacks Says:

    My teenagers love their iPhones…my adult children have androids. Just an old guy on the note 2.

  272. Jeff Says:

    Came up from the Samsung Transform to the iPhone 5. Me and my sister got one. Could’ve got the Samsung G4 but didn’t want to because of the iEcosystem with people I know plus owning a MBP & iPad Mini (and Mac Mini soon).

    The integration is amazing and iTunes? What’s wrong with it? I use it as a media manager as if it was an app so that is not a negative reason unless you like going through file directories to find info. That got annoying to me.

    My mom on the other hand got the SG4 from the EVO Shift and she likes it a lot. I even told her she has the best phone on the market (while my sister tries to argue otherwise.. . ). The screen size is really appealing and the phone does move fast like stated.

    However I’m not that big on open-source phones. The whole “Apple aproves” talk is rubbish. I could careless as apps get to this app store first for a reason. Especially since I use it to operate my audio programs.

    To me, if you like features and new stuff and NEED an SD memory | Replaceable battery. . .Get the SG4. If you want simplicity, turn on it works and use it with other Apple consumers and gadgets get the IP5. Point blank. I don’t plan on getting another iPhone till the 7 comes out cause yes. . .they do need to play catch-up. But when does that stop a good phone from being a good phone. If that was the case why do we still have flip phones? -___-.

  273. Jeff Says:

    By the way, these comments on how great the IP5 is better than the SG4 is ridiculous.

    I’m an Apple fanboy because I like their products, not how their products is better than others. Please don’t lump all people who appreciate Apple products together with others that drool over them. Some aren’t that naieve.

  274. Jaret Says:

    iPhone5 is a death phone when it got killed 2 users when recharging in China recently

  275. Dave Says:

    Well to be honest I think the iPhone5 is the worst iPhone that has came out yet. I like my iPhone 4s way better. iPhone is a status everybody has to have one just because. My wife has the Samsung S 3 and I have to say Pictures come out way better on her phone than my iPhone5 and 4s. Apple is a little behind the Android Market when it comes to new apps. Also you can do more with Android than you can with an iPhone it has been proven over and over again. It dont matter how many $$$ you pay someone to say its better. It just aint lol.

  276. drskb Says:

    We are comparing apples to oranges here. Both are excellent smartphones and each has something which other doesn’t have. For me Samsung and Android was fantastic device as far as customization of interface and features was concerned. After I got bored with it, I tried playing with Custom ROMs. Ultimately got bored with it as most ROMs had some or other trouble with apps, wallpapers etc. Now I am with iPhone 5 and I like this better as too much customization is not possible (not needed in my opinion), OS is very smooth, intuitive to use, all apps are in tight control of Apple hence are of consistent quality, I have realized that viruses are less of a concern with iOS, and device hardware beautiful, can be managed with one hand and has an excellent build. In summary I would say if you are a geek, want to customize your phone to death, go for Samsung Android, but for me, its iPhone 5 I like better

  277. Steve Says:

    I have used both iphone 5 and the galaxy s4, and I adore them both. Both are great devices that are feature packed and offers their owners many opportunities to use their phones in different ways. However, I do find living with the iphone 5 easier as the user experience is faster and easier to pick up. With the galaxy s4, there is occasional micro lagging while using the interface, and I find the software keyboard very strange as I often type something wrong, something that rarely happens on the iphone. Also, I understand that android is supposed to be more open, but the thing is not everybody out there are tech nerds that want this openness to fiddle on their phones. I do enjoy using the galaxy s4 and looking at its huge screen, but for everyday life I find iphone 5, as mentioned, easier to live with.

  278. Octy Says:

    Hi guys,

    Here I am writing again after using some more my new Galaxy S4. I have the 16gb version + Micro SDXC 64gb card. I also got the S-Flip Screen which is great. It lets you see the most important info about your phone, such as those on classic mobile phone displays at a glance. I also got a second battery with an external charger which is way too cool. I can charge the empty battery separately so when I go on a trip I can swap them. Actually I swap the batteries daily if I use the phone intensively.
    Ok, so here are a few comments about the iPhone vs. Galaxy S4:
    – Apple has a great ecosystem which earns them a lot of money.
    – Google has a great ecosystem with loads of applications, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Earth, Samsung Smart TV while Apple has Apple TV.
    – In Europe the prices of these phones are blown way out of proportion: everything is converted from USD to Euro at a 1:1 ratio at least.
    – at Vodafone the prices without contract are the following: for the iPhone 5 16gb – 739 Eur: 32Gb – 859 Eur; 64Gb: 979 Eur. Samsung Galaxy S4 16gb – 634 Eur + 64gb SDXC card – 76 Eur. You do the math. How is the iPhone 5 64Gb at 979 Eur going to compete with the S4 at 710 Eur? This is outrageous. Price is a big factor when buying. So basically you get charged more for an old iPhone than for a new Galaxy.
    – iPhone is easier for most people but not as customisable.
    – S4 has Full HD screen easier for web browsing, viewing video.
    – The camera has better resolution 13mp and lots of features. I am impressed.
    The things that piss me off about iphone 5 are: too expensive for what it offers, same old boring iOS , apps you have to buy, not able to customise the ringtone, you must use iTunes, unable to find songs, small screen (the fact that you can use just one hand to use it is just a stupid excuse for not delivering a bigger screen when everyone wants it – Apple cannot get enough screens from the market).
    -Apple has a better ecosystem…better for what? Making Apple rich of course; Apple is the best at making money from their store; they are just selling the iphones to expand their store business. Galaxy is better tech wise but is Samsung is not yet as good at making money as Apple but they have started to make great smartphones. They are just giving you a choice. And even if you do not like Samsung, you have to thank it for the next improvements in the iPhone. Without competition, Apple would not make them as fast.
    So the choice is yours.

  279. rudy Says:

    After doing my home work over the last few months and READING, yes READING what the actual pros have to say if you say an apple is the better of the 2 phones then you must go back to school and take up reading AGAIN since I base my opinion on facts not whats the coolest or what’s the one that’s been out the longest , I base it on what going on RIGHT NOW and that’s the Galaxy 4 is the Best overall phone on the Market by far and within a few more year or less you will see that this having an I-phone thing isn’t whats cool anymore and having the best phone is and that my geekers is the galaxy 4,just look whats it’s accomplished in the markets in the past few years, apple has never did that against good completion, Apple had Blackberry to fight against and that wasn’t much of an opponent don’t you agree/ Now fighting against an equal opponent that levels the stakes it’s much harder, so much as to where Apple has been losing slowly but surely on all fronts! Yes back I n the day I-Phone was the cell to have but so was a check book, now we have plastic and now we have Galaxy we can use instead of Plastic lol , goodbye!

  280. Cloudface Says:

    Y’all need to like…put your phones down and go outside for bit and chill. Seriously.

  281. Zack Says:

    ….the S4 clearly has more power than the iPhone 5 (by the way its an octacore) and the charts show graphics performance as well. The S4 clearly outshines the iPhone 5 there.

  282. T23 Says:

    I make music so in regards to apps, nothing compares to all the synth and recording apps for the Iphone. I can be anywhere and start or pickup where i left off making music or tweaking synths, then go home, and pick up where i left off on my Ipad. These sorts of apps do not yet exist for the Android.

    I also like the size of the iphone and the bright display. It easily fits in my pocket and well, its simply an elegant little machine.

  283. Ashwin Says:

    I think iPhone5 is far better than Samsung Galexy s4

  284. Chris Says:

    Okay. Let’s face it. Samsung phones convince you to buy one cause of the way they look. But if you look into the software in them, it sucks. Android has always been one of those deals where there are not as many good apps as on the app store. Things are hard to get through on Android software. Camera quality on a samsung sucks. I don’t care if you can edit them, photoshop them, or do anything like that. And the reason samsung put the editing software on their phones was because the camera quality sucks and they knew the person would have to edit the picture after they took it. Honestly, Samsung has way too big phones. How the heck am I suppose to fit that in my pocket. There is no reasonable way. It’s kinda like an iPad Mini. Samsung also made the active plastic junk so it’s waterproof, prank proof, and crap proof too. IT’S MADE OF PLASTIC. AND IT LOOKS UGLY. So for looks, iPhone 5 wins, AND NOT BECAUSE I AM AN APPLE FANBOY OR TRYING TO BE ONE. It’s just because of the specs that are in an iphone that are a lot better than a Samsung, such as retina display and all that.

  285. Chris Says:

    And by the way, I agree with Jonathan. You’re a Samsung FANBOY and that’s not cool. How did you let the samsung win the camera cause of its features. This post sucks. And I can’t believe you’re that stupid to actually write that the Samsung Camera is better WHEN I CLEARLY SAW A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO PICTURES. IPHONE WAS BLURRY AND SAMSUNG WAS NOT. You’re brain has got to be the size of a pea.

  286. kk Says:

    Question for the apple user be serious I read all of your comments about lagging on s4 or s3 either one so if I’m to understand what ur say Iphone 4 or 5 does not lagg too ???? Bs then u probably have it and never used it. I have seen my friend own freeze on a incoming call and my brother own lagg by playing game 5hit do happen

  287. Octy Says:

    This is my third reply here.
    Some are Apple fans, some are Samsung fans. Personally I was an Apple fan until Steve Jobs passed away. Now Apple is turning bad. Their biggest argument is that they have more apps and a better ecosystem to keep you trapped. I have had an iPhone 4 for 2 years and I still have an iPad 3 and an iPod touch 4, oh, also an Apple TV. Still, the S4 blew me away with its performance. Come on, iPhone 5 is just a small improvement over the 4 and 4s. It works ok with its ecosystem because that’s what it was made for. The fact that it has a lower resolution, the retina display at 326 ppi compared to the 441 ppi of the S4 makes it good enough to run apps designed for it. Try increasing the resolution and then do a benchmark. The S4 sports 60 fps at 1080p resolution. Android still has a long way before being perfect, but it is on the right path, while Apple is moving like a snail and is pissing me off. I will not buy the “new iphone” coming out in September, because it will still trail behind the S4. Apple is just copying other technologies and making improvements on them. Very rarely do they create something totally new. On Apple I have limitations: iPhone cannot videocall witout internet; the iPad cannot send SMS even on the 3g/4g version, cannot change battery, cannot expand memory. Then the drop test argument is crap. Get a case to protect your phone no matter the brand if you drop it. Then, try to fit an S4 in your pocket and you won’t feel it. 5 inches is as far as I go in display size for a phone. Anything larger than that is a tablet, not a phone. the S4 camera is good, more pixels than the iPhone one. the retina display is old! Try in comparison the screen of the HTC One: full HD 1080p at 460 ppi!!!!! that screen is so dense you cannot see the pixels like in the retina. try it for yourself. Then if you want a good camera phone try the Nokia Lumia 1020 at 41 mp when it comes out!!! So if you blindly like a brand or another, it does not mean that their phone is better. We all have a choice. If Apple made a better iPhone than the S4, I would have bought that. the 5 dissapointed me big time!!! iOS is getting old. They should completely revamp it, not just minor graphics improvements. They do that to keep app compatibility. Now the S4 does not lag at all, not even in fast paced games at 1080p! Also, many apps crash on iOS, after old Steve is no more. Some do as well on the S4, but it happens so rarely I can’t remember. The ball is in Apple’s court. Let’s see what it comes up with in September. ;) Maybe I will get an iWatch …

  288. Ron Says:

    The new 1.6ghz octacore processor will sure beat the shit out of Iphone5 I reckon

  289. Anthony Says:

    In design you don’t mention, at all, that the s4’s screen is almost completely smudge and scratch proof. That feels like an important factor in a design comparison.

    The S4’s SD Card can be used for apps (now)

    The dark picture with the S4 should have been taken with automatic night mode on, as the iphone does have its own night mode, that is most likely automatically enabled for that picture. (switching to certain camera modes will disable auto night mode, setting the phone to auto picture mode will not automatically re-enable auto night mode.)

    Also, the s4 has a much greater WiFi range than the iphone 5, (based on my, and my neighbors WiFi range at my house)

    The “lag” when switching between apps is caused by Samsung’s transition animations, which can be sped up for a smoother, faster experience.

  290. paullubbock Says:

    The HTC One is better than both.

  291. Dylan Says:

    My cell upgrade is quickly arriving, and was looking into possibly getting something that was not apple. Of all my super-techy devices, I always looked towards apple for the solution (besides that nook colour that was given to me as a birthday gift). I love the simplicity of the ios platform. I even have been playing around with an ios 7 beta a bit too.
    THAT is what makes the debate a bit more interesting. The gs4 has a widget tool in its notification bar, and ios 7 has one aswell. After toying with ios 7 some, I feel that one has more options in customizing his/her iphone. So in that area of customizing the phones I’d love to call a tie, but the gs4 still has more options available for the user.
    Now, with all these features on these top-of-the-line smartphones, the must be some drawbacks. For the iPhone, it comes down to speed. For the galaxy s4, it is embedded in the android platform. I found recently that android powered smartphones are somewhat susceptible to viruses (crazy, right?!). Have no fear, protection/replacement I do believe is included in plans with these phones. And for these drawbacks, the better to get would be the iphone. It may be a bit slower, but it is essentially impossible to get a virus on one (just look at anything else apple makes! Their newest osx only has one virus, and apple give directions on how to get rid of it).
    Now, I’d like to move onto the builds of these phones. The iPhone definitely has the better build quality. That does not mean that it is more durable. My 4s was almost impossible to crack, but that is not necessarily the case (sorry for the pun, there. You’ll get it later…). The back is, where I feel, shock should be absorbed. The iPhone has glass and aluminum. Seems good, right? The gs4 has plastic, so not as good as the iPhone? I know people who have dropped their phones on their first days with them and had the nastiest cracks and dents in the body. The gs4 would likely absorb the shock some better. The back may not hold as nicely as the iPhone, but… Plastic seems to be satisfactory, and glass all around is not so… Therefore, i would recommend a case to any iphone user, and to those who find that the body of the gs4 needs some more support. The victor, here, is the galaxy s4.
    I am a die-hard apple fan. This time around, apple just got beat. Not bad. It’s not like the gs4 kicked the iPhone 5’s ass. But what it truly comes down to is which OS the user prefers. I’ve never played around with an android long enough to say I like it more than apple ios (my parents both had droid 3s. They were absolute crap. They were not-so-smart-smartphones. Therefore, I will not count them). If you read this before deciding which phone to get, find a friend with each of them and play with their phones for a bit, figure them both out, then buy. Don’t just go to the store and say, “yo! Gimme that new iphone!” Or visa-versa for the galaxy s4.

    That’s what I gotta say about that! What do you guys think?

    (Note: I tried to be as unbiased both ways as possible.)

  292. Danny Says:

    This is a NO-BRAINER. Of course, i5 vs. GS4? – GS4!

  293. Fire7T7Spenser Says:

    Galaxy S4 apparently makes both the customer and the machine smarter whereas iphone 5 just seems to drain the sense and intelligence out of its users as we can see from particular apple fans haha

  294. Michael Kaplan Says:

    There R 2 areas that recently impressed me that the iPhone is #1.
    My Daughter/Son-in-Law recently were in barcelona Spain–and their photoStream impressed me when I took a photo of the locals on the beach @ sunset AND expanded the photo many time I was blown way by the detail of people way down the beach suddenly detailed so well I could see their faces as clearly as those in the foreground. But the intuitive iPhone, like all Apple products, doesn’t need a manual YOU just pick it up and GO. Another VIP you left out Is the device/support both on line AND the Genius Bar @ an apple store. I couldn’t care less bout a changeable batter–allowing a user to open the bag is asking for a disaster to happen. PLUS will you have a new Battery when you need it?
    Apple is the only company that designs for HOW a user may use it’s products. The SD card is the perfect proof that it’s added because they want to not because they should. Even the old PALM111 could run apps from a an SD.
    I looked at the samsung but bought the Apple. who is the winner there?

  295. Curious Says:

    You guys sound like you’re still in middle school. Grow up. It’s a review of phones, people. Apple rules, Samsung drools? The hell?

  296. Political Poop Says:

    It all boils down to personal preference. I’m not into games and video. My preference is for more of a functional tool… communication, email, online account access, etc. I tried Android several years ago, but didn’t like it. iOS is so much easier. Like I said, it’s what works for me.

  297. @Let'sGoGalaxy Says:

    Listen the fact that Apple has not been able to get a new device shows some sings that it is desperate. Plus they are looking for ways to make profits by demanding Samsung for copy rights. PLEASE! Apple admit that someone came and improve your underdeveloped ideas. I was born to be a Samsung fan and will DIE a Samsung Fan!!!

  298. ms Says:

    Samsung Rocks , , iphon SUCKS :-P

  299. Mick Clifford Says:

    I jut wanted to apologise to all the iPhone users out there by making you all look stupid by proxy. I really didn’t have any argument here, that’s why all my comments boil down to, “Apple Rules, Samsung Drools”. I know that when I say stuff like that, I just look stupid, but then, I was really stupid for supporting Apple in the first place. To all the Samsung owners, what can I say? I’m jealous, and that’s about it. Maybe next time I’ll get smarter and get a real phone.

  300. John Says:

    Should i get IPhone 5 Or Samsung samsung has good stuff i know but iphone is more classic


    Basically.. i think that s4 is good. Because it has many more better camera shit and all. But if you see in apple, the iOS 7 is just way too amazing. you dont even have to download an additional app for effects on the camera. i have the developer version of iOS 7 and it is just so awesome. But coming back to samsung, it is waterproof, dustfree, better camera quality and blah.
    so i conclude by saying that both samsung and apple are great. AGREE?
    because, both have amazingly amazing feature. SO.. i love both.. :D

  302. jimmyjames Says:

    It’s a no-brainer that the Samsung S4 SLAYS the iPhone 5 for power users and people with any kind of tech IQ. iPhone is great for beginners and people who don’t dive too deep or just want the basic functions. A decent phone for what it’s worth, but falling behind. With the amount of cash Apple has, I foresee a game-changer coming soon, but if it doesn’t hit the spot, it could be lights out eventually. Perhaps their next product may be something we don’t even expect at all.. Non-phone related. Who knows. The one good leadership Steve Jobs seemed to fail at is leaving a legacy that could work without him… Or maybe there is something up Apple’s sleeve that we are totally unaware of? He did kind of strike me as a very self-centered ego maniac though.. Despite his genius, that may have been his fatal flaw. On the other hand, Samsung has devised a scientific innovation method that just might outrun the indispensable leader setup.. Apple still knows how to make money.. Can the money save them though? I guess we’ll know what’s up at the end of the year… But for now, Samsung is the king of the road.

  303. no name Says:

    Even my iphone 4s was better than my moms galaxy s 4! And now I’m stuck with another galaxy since my iphone was stolen, sometimes it won’t chargw but instead die as its on the charger. It lags so much and freezes so much it drives me insane! It eats up all my celluar data, and the camera is simply shit. I took pictures of horses jumping and cantering and bucking and rearing with no problems with my iphone 4s and I try taking a picture of a horse walking with a galaxys4 and it was extremely blurry. So I say that iphone s in general beat any samsung camera.

  304. BobH Says:

    Me – I’m sitting on the fence till November to see what pops-up that floats my boat. Presently use a 4S which I’ve grown attached to due to size and quality.

  305. Shan Says:

    whatever the phone. wait for 1 year and then buy so you get them for free with contract.. all electronic products will become junk in couple of years.

  306. Matimus from ALASKA,USA Says:


  307. Thinking Says:

    The stark contrast in intelligence levels between the Apple posters and Samsung posters says a lot to the kind of people who will prefer each phone.

    For intelligent people Android’s less restrictive features and marketplace are a blessing, allowing for much higher levels of customization and choice; however, if you aren’t very good with technology and prefer something simple you will definitely prefer an iPhone. It’s great being able to use my phone as a free Wi-Fi hotspot using PdaNet+, using PVSTAR+ to be able to play YouTube videos with my screen off, and being able to download any Emulator or Rom. I can play any Nintendo DS game very smoothly on my phone.

    It’s also nice on Android having features like drop down menus and multi-tasking that take Apple a couple years to copy.

    Apple is an extremely douchey corporation. Suing over rounded corners and button placement, multiple labor violations that they are seemingly taking no effort to correct. That even got me to switch over to Windows computers. And I gotta say, my experience is much more enjoyable there as well.

  308. rayner Says:

    im apple user.. but now.. everything I switched to samsung, I cant lie myself because samsung is the best. Probably safe to say goodbye to apple. sorry

  309. ROON DEMAHOM Says:

    I still prefer APPLE 5 rather than SAMSUNG GALAXY 4. All the component inside APPLE 5 mostly are made from USA.

  310. john doe Says:

    you give keyboard to S4 when you said it is hard to navigate with one hand.. umm?? Just wondering how much you got paid to give the S4 the nod? that’s the only question here.. and also you put the IP5 against S3 and S4.. it’s like comparing a mercedes to a Ford.. It will never catch up in appeal department… If you gave these 2 phones out for free, guess what most people would choose?

  311. Chelsea Says:

    Okay. So I first have to say how entertaining it was for me to read all of these comments. I sincerely hope the people who wrote “apple rules, iphone drools” weren’t adults, because if they were, they were extremely ignorant and childish.
    Now, on to the real reason this article was created : commentary on a very well-thought-out review between the iPhone 5 and the samsung galaxy 4s. As a customer who has owned both products, I will give my opinion on both. First, the iPhone. The iPhone 5 has an amazing camera, a great selection of fun and cheap apps, amazing speakers (Though, I warn against blasting music from them because you might blow a speaker, but that’s with any device that plays audio), and a very simplistic, non-complicated design and format, making it easy for nearly everyone to quickly figure out and put to great use. Iphones are universal, world-renowned, and easy to use, making them not only a great phone, but a very useful device that fulfills alot of needs and wants.
    Now, for the Samsung Galaxy 4s. This phone really impressed me. Google play store has alot of apps, mp3 downloaders, games, books, movies, and much much more, and the apps are unique. The camera is HIGHLY exquisite, given all of the amazing features, the high-definition quality of the photos, and the face tracking feature, which centers the face to ensure a great portrait. The general design itself is amazing, but at first, it took me a while to figure things out on the phone. I love the fact this is phone is so customizable because I can make my phones’ display look like what I want it to look like, rather than having some standardized design. In messaging, of course, you have to get used to tying on the larger screen, but after you get used to it, it’s great. That’s with any phone though. Also, I have trouble reading smaller text, and I just adore the fact that I can zoom in on the whole conversation, and it makes the text as big as I need it to see, whereas, as far as I know, the iPhone 5 lacks this capability. The screen resolution on this phone is outstanding, by far, in comparison to the iphone; The color is more crisp and the clarity is enhanced.
    So, in conclusion, I personally liked the Samsung Galaxy 4s better than I liked the iPhone 5, but that’s not to say that Apple doesn’t make amazing products. I don’t think there could ever be a clear winner with any type of phone, as the uses and needs and wants of the people who are looking to buy a new phone will go off of what they’ve heard, what they need, what they want, and their past experiences with the phone or phone type. While I may only be of 17 years old and my needs and wants in a phone are completely different to someone who does alot of work from their phone, that’s not to say that my opinion should be taken any less seriously.
    Thank you everyone for reading my review, and I hope that everyone finds the phone that they like the best. And you never know; One day, a whole new company could come and sweep both companies off of their feet, because after all, in just a few months, it’s going to be 2014. Stay open-minded my friends.

  312. Strider Says:

    Apps and Content – They are nearly tied in app count, and the newest apps now favor Android over iOS, mainly due to iTunes and iOS being so heavy on the DRM. Where as Android is far more open. So the Galaxy should win this round.

    Battery Life – Not sure where you got those numbers, but they are wrong. The Galaxy wins here as well.

    Apple says the iPhone 5s should be good for 10 hours of talk and 250 hours on standby. The Galaxy S4, and hefty 2600 mAh replaceable battery boasts an average talk time of about 17 hours and a standby time of about 300 hours.

    The biggest pro is the fact it can be replaced if the charge time starts to slip, not possible on the iPhone.

    So the Galaxy wins here as well. =]

  313. Rauch Says:

    yo zombies, apple is NOT selling you quality… they are selling you marketing in a nice case and a simple as fuck operating system… all of you ifreaks that use your phone only for facebook twitter and instagram can keep your crappy fkin iphone… what quality on an iphone? i owned an iphone 5 for a month and took it back to the shop because it was fucking boring… i’m waiting for the note 3 in a week, at least that one will keep me entartained at the same amount of cash spent on it (not to mention the better specs, nicer screen, longer battery life … i got 4 hours of persistent usage with minimum brightness and no bg apps on the iphone while with the s4 i got 6 hours on auto brightness and almost 7 on manual brightness with power saving mode… so fuck that hipstery shit in a nice box called iphone… i want to actually USE my phone, not just put it on the table and be afraid to unlock it to not lose another 1% battery…

  314. Steve Says:

    Both phones have their pros and cons and the best option depends on what you plan on using it for. If you work on a computer and need a smartphone for contacts, email, GPS, music, occasional surfing, etc., buy an iPhone. If on the other hand you do not have a computer and need an all in one computing device, the S4 hands down beats the iPhone. Personally, I spend too much time on a computer and prefer a phone/iPod/GPS/camera that easily fits in my pocket. So for me, the iPhone is the gadget of choice!

  315. young Says:

    Thanks for the essay, it really helped me gather out my idea’s for my compare and contrast essay.

  316. Karen S Says:

    I am changing from a flip phone to an SMART phone. I have been looking at comparisons from the iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4. I NEED this phone to be a ‘hotspot’ for my laptop when I’m on the road (a Windows 7 laptop). This fact with the other features shown here, makes my decision easier.

  317. Candy crush saga Game App for android Says:

    However, the new i – OS works on older models several years
    old. 99 which is currently the lowest price offered on the
    much sought after phone. With this greater resolution, there is likewise talk of using Sharp’s IGZO technology for much
    better quality and power efficiency.

  318. Brochey Says:

    This is an unbiased review? not so much. In almost every category where you depict the iPhone as a winner there is a “But”. Also this is outdated as the new OS offers way more functionality than the old one. As far as the movies and screen, the galaxy is off aspect so the videos rarely ever fit the screen ( A complaint my wife has had since buying it)

  319. James Westcage Says:

    Samsung is better???
    you got to be kidding me right?
    Samsung is nothing else but a piece of shit!

  320. micky clifford Says:

    I’m just wondering if I should get samsung or iphone. Ps I am a different micky clifford.x

  321. Terry Gaudron Says:

    The S4 was a fantastic phone if you dont count the ridiculously easy to break screen. 2 screens in a month and I turfed the S4 for a cheap Android no name phone .
    Samsung really lost the plot with the choice of screen.
    Where I work there are 6 S4s, 2 iphones and 2 no names. 1 S4 doesnt have a cracked screen.

  322. Mick Clifford Says:

    I am glad to be back. I miss the fuss. I miss all the loyal apple fans. I am truly Mick and I am back. I felt a need to. Samsung were getting even more pathetic.please reply as I need to build up my army of Apple fans and defeat the puny samsung slugs. If you are on Apple’s side. Let me know. Because I am here to fight for Apple’s rights!

  323. Tshepo Matlheketlha Says:

    This comparison was very very very helpful to me. The amount of detail you compared was a lot and honest.

    I do however disagree with some of the draws, like the performance and picture taking. You gave them all your preferences but a winner is a winner.

  324. Johne330 Says:

    It is really a nice and helpful piece of info. Im glad that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing. ggedcdbgcdkc


    “There is a reason why iPhone 5 was sold out on it’s release date and people were camping outside to get one! But everyone knows there are plenty of Samsungs available!”


    sooo nice to know atleast someone uses their head! I totally agree. You NEVER see people camp out to get a samsung. When the Iphone 6 came out, people camped out hardcore for it, they left their job early to go pick it up from home because they were notified that it came in. Tell me guys, when have you ever seen a Samsung ad in a magazine? or a samsung giveway? 9/10 giveaways are for apple. 9/10 magazine ads are for apple. The Samsung commercials, what do they do? They try to downgrade apple. What do apple commercials do, keep their head in the game and state only the facts. Like the new camera on the ip6 that moves to ensure a perfect picture each time. ( Makes sure the camera isnt shaky when you take a picture )

    Heres a non-biased review

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