iPhone 5 Rumors: 11 Things That Did (and Didn’t) Come True

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  1. wanker Says:

    Another pile of ipoon crap…. a serious case of stockholm syndrome is needed to purchase this crap!

  2. TheCat Says:

    …how much is Apple paying you for creating such a hype?

  3. Jay Says:

    Xperia Arc is already superior than Iphone 5

  4. J.C. Says:

    “LTE?” C’mon…it’s already been confirmed that the iPhone5 is not going to have LTE. Total Fail!!!

  5. Peter Says:

    iPhone is the best phone ever. I bought HTC Evo after having iPhone 3G for 3 years. I can honestly say the android is a crap. When the google people decided to copy the iPhone, they should have copied the whole thing. Not just a few features. It is not the hardware that makes the difference. It is the software, stupid. The so called ecosystem which only apple has.

  6. Omega Droid Says:

    I hate to say this, but the beginning of the article is true. Although we release android phones every tuesday, it’ll always be better than the every year annoying iphone 5. I personally don’t think it’s wrong that the writer chose to write about the iphone 5 because no matter what android phones number 1 i love android phones. so much open software, no lag like apple, and nokia phones suck. xperia arc what’s that?

  7. ricky Says:

    iphone is the best phone

  8. dustin Says:

    Android’s #1!!!!!!! and dont forget it!

  9. andrew Says:

    ill admit the iphone has a nice simple use appeal but the hardware and some of the software features suck compared to android but everyone can agree both apple and android are better than windows phone

  10. Reqiored Name Says:

    This is very offtopic, but I love how they told us that the 5.X branch was supposed to be the post-Computer era, and raved about that you could get OTA updates for the without using your computer. To update my 4S i had to boot up my laptop, turn itunes on and reset my 4S to fabric settings. Way to fail on the supposedly first post-PC era update.

    *shrug* I really don’t care much about Apples products anymore, I’m just glad that they continue to push the competition forward.

  11. Moe3754 Says:

    I have had a Motorola Xoom, a Acer Iconia, a Toshiba Thrive and three Samsung Galaxy tabs, A Nexus One, A Htc Inspire 4G, A Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket, A Samsung Galaxy Note, A galaxy Nexus 2 and the Galaxy Nexus with ICS and Three Different Sony Ericsson Android Phones and now a HTC Vivid with ICS and to me all were GARBAGE along with that crap Android Gingerbread and now that Crap ICS but I kept on giving it a chance to get better but it only got worse, my next phone will be a iphone and my tablet is a ipad2. I am done with that Google GARBAGE it is nothing but fragmented GARBAGE!!!!

  12. Shack25 Says:

    I tried the HTC 3D, it was a load of crap. I stitched to the iPhone and it is the best. Google does not work well with outlook. If you use outlook, don’t ever buy a google phone. Go iPhone, plus they have the best free apps.

  13. Tekphreak Says:

    I think it was long overdue, its great to see them finally get on with it. Also going back to the non-glass unibody is a win too. However I’m still not sold on it until we can get just a little bit more customization which is well overdue and much needed, it’s 2012 for crying out loud. Just like Android has simplified its operations with 4.0 (honestly the clean customizable vanilla slate on 2.3 wasn’t so bad, OEM overlays killed it I think), but the boys and girls at Apple need to do something about making iOS a bit more power-user friendly or at least base iOS more off of the platform it has for Macs with the cute little dock and stuff.

  14. Hoosier Pete Says:

    Am I the only one who prefers the size to remain the same? The screen on the current sized iPhone already does everything I need it to do, so I’d prefer my phone to remain as small as possible.

  15. Pedant Says:

    A5X Chip Inside. Ah. If it’s being “put through the ringer” at Apple, they might do well to answer it. If they wanted to test it, they’d do better to put it through a wringer… And, no, in a UK newspaper it is not optional.

  16. Sandy crisp Says:

    Will Siri get better than it is now?

  17. Sandy crisp Says:

    Thank you

  18. PatAz Says:

    Who needs a phone any bigger in size?

  19. Jon Says:

    Iphone smokes any android phone out there software wise. The looks are not as great as some of the other phones out there but I will take an iphone over an android phone any day. Every Android phone I have owned lags, requires resets etc. Android is just shitty software.

  20. John Says:

    Android fanboys have never tried an iPhone. If they had, they would not be spouting this crap all the time about how Android is better. Probably the only thing they can afford is a cheapass droid of some type. I have stepped down and tried a droid to only regret everyday I had that stupid phone. I gave that sad excuse of a phone and OS 6 months and could not do 1/10th of what I could on the iPhone. Why? because the software constantly failed and the Android OS requried frequent reboots. So, stop spouting the crap you do and try an iPhone, then you will know why people love them. Nobody loves an Android, they just tolerate it because thats all they can afford.

  21. The apple Guy Says:

    It seems to me that the People that are pro android have never used an IPhone or are to poor to afford one.

  22. Glenn Says:

    Clearly nothing to get excited about. They need to redesign iOS from scratch I think.. Windows Phone is so much nicer.

  23. DKN Says:

    Its not a fanboy thing, But I used to have a iPhone 3 then a 4 but swapped to the powerhouse Samsung Galaxy S3 and after having it for about a month I honestly don’t think I’ll ever go back to Apple as the S3 does everything and more & as for Android, I quite like the simplicity of it all & have never had any probs with it so far.

  24. Toshia Says:


  25. dronect Says:

    Your either an Apple person or not- there are so many pros and cons to both sides:
    apple = higher prices for everything
    not apple = lower costs for everything
    apple = much less compatible
    not apple = works with everything that isnt apple (in general)
    apple = best for entertainment
    not apple = best for everything else
    apple = device battery not replaceable by user
    not apple = pick up a replacement battery, even a larger capacity battery online and drop it in yourself
    I love tinkering and tweaking, its nice to know if I get into a Jam on an android device its a simple reboot with attached usb.stick and ROM- I can add memory (cant do that on an iphone/ipod/ipad) my toshiba tablet bought with 16gb onboard
    memory, now has 48gb thanks to its SD card slot, my Samsung Galaxy S3 bought with 16gb, now has 32gb- for $14. more- via amazon- has apple ever thought of their users in this way? sure they have, if you need more, just buy new device with more memory- (seeing how your rich enough to afford an apple product anyway) – just my 1.5cents, since obviously I dont use apple products I must not be as intelligent as an apple user- ;)

  26. kevinusa usaforever Says:

    Maps feature “incredible”??? It only took apple 5 years.

  27. the dog Says:

    Looks like my Galaxy nexus. Gee apple learns again to steal off their competition.

  28. Randy Says:

    Peter – are you really going to compare the Evo to the iPhone 5? I assume you mean first generation Evo? Android back then SEEMED a bit laggy because the hardware couldn’t quite handle some of Android’s features (I’m thinking multitasking specifically), but Google didn’t change that, hardware got better, and project Butter has made them as smooth as anything Apple has (maybe better), so the choice panned out to be a good one.

    iPhone 5 still doesn’t really multitask. To say nothing of all my old DRM-era music I bought on iTunes.

    Apple as a company sucks. Their products are good, and for a certain kind of person it works, but I won’t ever tie my media to one, closed ecosystem ever again.

    Have you noticed all the iPad fanboys who love the Nexus 7? There’s a reason for that.

  29. Fred Says:

    If iphone is so bad why does everybody try to be like them?

  30. TOMB543 Says:

    apple stealing off their competition? apple was the first. everyone else followed suit. get your facts straight bud

  31. Steven Says:

    Actually Mr. Alba, if you read reviews online about the larger form factors like Galaxy 3, people are not digging the larger form factor. There are stories abound with people returning their Galaxy 3’s because of hand fatigue setting in a short time after using it.

    If you know the history of Samsung, you know that the reason they made the screen bigger to begin with, was not because people demanded a larger screen. It was because the resolution was so low they had to increase the screen size to make the icons fit better. They were in a bind, if they kept the same size screen, the icons would have been too big or too small and they wouldn’t have been properly spaced between each other. Or they could make the screen size bigger and fit it all in, so that’s what they did.

    I currently own a Galaxy S2 and HTC Amaze and these two phones are plenty big enough for me. Any larger than this would create too much hand fatigue.

    People who are bashing the iPhone haven’t used it. It’s significantly sharper and brighter than the junk they own now. Apple is a mile ahead of the competition just in terms of screen quality even with the release of the Galaxy S3, not to mention iPhone is the go to standard for quality 3rd party development platforms. Only reason I don’t own an iPhone is because I’ll have to settle for EDGE speeds on Tmobile.

    The iPhone 5 will continue to steamroll the competition. There’s nothing else out there that even competes with Iphone 4S, let alone the next iteration. The word is out for Windows Phone 8. There’s nothing being encorporated in their new OS that isn’t already being offered by iOS or ICS. It’s dead on arrival.

  32. Mason Says:

    I don’t why all you apple fans always spew hate. I honestly don’t care what kind of phone someone else has, as long as I’m smart enough to pick the best platform to suit my needs. Apple is great at what they do, great at everything? No. But they make very good, but overpriced tech that never fails to revolutionize the industry and force the competition to make a few changes to their play book. I have owned a few Iphones, a mac, an ipad, a couple Itouches and more Ipods than I could count. I like apple devices, especially the iphone, but I prefer the Android platform. I have an android smartphone and an android tablet, (my nexus 7, which I am currently typing this from. ) I do wish Google had a better app store like Apple, but other than that Android is now better than ios in just about every way, (especially with jellybean and project butter) But Apple fans…I mean ehem…haters gonna hate.

  33. Lasereye Says:

    I love my iPhone 4S – even though its a machine. My iPhone was my first Apple product and so far it has not disappointed in my 1st year of ownership. Before I chose my iphone I looked at all the other devices at the Verizon Wireless store and I kept coming back to the iPhone. The new iPhone comes out tomorrow but I won’t be able to partake until my contract ends 2013. For me choosing a smartphone is like finding the right deodorant – once you find something that works for you – you don’t experiment – especially at the price you pay of front to find out if it works or not. I guess owning a smart phone is like air-conditioning – if you’ve never felt it – you don’t miss it.

  34. Martin Henderson Says:

    Blah. Show me something new instead of desperately trying to slow others down so that you can compete, Apple. The commercials are spot on. The next big thing is always here before your new phone. I paid full retail for a GS3 AFTER the loss to Apple in support of Samsung. It is an amazing phone. I will own a Galaxy Note 2 when I’m due an upgrade in 3 months. Bottom line is, I’m as tired as everyone else of all the lawsuits but at this point I just want to see Apple’s ass handed to them. I know it’s coming.

  35. m3gtm6 Says:

    ?? i hate iphone.. anroid is the best!! btw iphone software sucks because it is d’same interface ..nothing changed.ftw

  36. Sailesh Says:

    I’ve read whatever is written here. for me iPhone is the best.

  37. prezzydagreat Says:

    The iPhone 5 is ugly in my opinion. IPhone 4s looks better. I just bought the HTC one s and there are things I like and don’t about it. I like safari better browser wise. Android does beat apple on customisation, widgets, and some displays. I just like how apple lays out its apps.

  38. John Connor Says:

    Come on guy. Open your mind and accept fact. Do you go to the store and buy something expensive but could get a good things with cheaper price? We always try to find good stuff with a good price. No need to be overhype with apple. Everyone had their own need finding phones. Larger display, slim design, affordable, many apps, good camera, sturdy built, internet browsing, extra storage and many more. Why do we need to stick to 1 type of phone that can’t give all the things we need. Just to show your rich? Come on apple fanboy, if you want to impressed others try coating the iphone with 24K gold. I could buy an iphone 4S yet i went for G.Note. Adding just extra hundred isn’t a problem with me. Just that the iphone doesn’t suit with my desire. Sure u said apple iOS good but the OS running smooth in the phone just because it is simple to begin with. No Life Tile like Windows 8, widget multitasking flash. Steve said the design of the apple was the best with it 3.5″ screen. But now why are they having a bigger screen? No is not big is just tall screen. I know the apple fanboys were ashamed to commit it they are now trying hard to back up not just the iphone but their dignity for years slaving with the iphone. Don’t start with Siri. WTH we need virtual assist for? Are you that desprate to get a GF? We got virtual keyboard just use that. I can accept while driving but come on guys out in the public? You sure? “Siri hows the weather today?” Just go outside an look at the sky.

  39. Melinda Says:

    I am an Android girl and the best comment I read so far, was “I really don’t care much about Apple’s products anymore, I’m just glad that they continue to push the competition forward.” AMEN! I have always had an Android because there is so much more “free” shopping in the Android market which is VERY important to me, not because I am poor as one person commented about Androiders, but because I am savvy. One commented that Android enthusiasts have never had an IPhone. You are right in my case. My husband has the Iphone 4S. I tried it and hated it after about 15 minutes and told him he could have his skinny piece of hyped up crap back. It’s also not totally touch screen which I am spoiled to. I resent the requirement for an itunes account. Oh, and you want my credit card information??? Ain’t nothin’ free in Apple land…

  40. Dionna Says:

    I had the original Droid and I had the iPhone 4 for a year before getting the Galaxy S III last month. I prefer Android. Like I said, I used the iPhone for a year but found it lacking in what I need my phone to be. Customizable. Let me choose what app I want to use (e.g., browser). I had to copy and paste links to use a different browser. Android lets me set defaults for apps I want to use instead of stock. The iPhone 5 is not innovative in the least. They just upgraded what they had. Innovative was the iPhone 4. I see the new iPhone as a middle phone between 4s and whatever the new iPhone will be next year. If it still looks the same, I won’t be giving it a second look. Apple says that by keeping the same width of the phone, you can still use it with one hand. Uh, I have the GSIII and I can use it with one hand and I have small stubby fingers. It all takes time to adjust. I like a big screen. I read a lot on my phone and was irritated at the screen size of the iPhone. Having a nearly 5-inch screen makes reading and viewing web pages, videos, everything so much easier. Especially as I get older, my eyesight isn’t as it used to be. Apple and Android have their pluses and minuses, but I will probably stick with Android for it’s versatility and adaptability.

  41. robert Says:

    Run Geekbench on your Samsung Galaxy 3 phone then on iphone 5 your phone might not be so HOT after all

  42. Rick Says:

    More people switch to Android from iphone. Android will always be the better phone.

  43. Stephp70 Says:

    I have used an i3GS and i4 and I have used two different Android phones. Android phones definitely allow for more customization, which is one of the reasons I switched from my 3gs to an Android. I wanted to decide what apps to keep on my screens not what Apple decided should be there. With the first Android phone I had, I had to reset my phone like once a week because it froze up on me. Apparently some of the apps weren’t safe for my phone. The second Android phone I had for about 2 months and in that time I had to reset my phone 3 times. I can honestly say I have never had to reset either iPhone because they froze up on me or for any reason. Someone made a comment that you need to provide a credit card number on an iPhone because nothing is free, which is WRONG. I never had to put my credit card info in until I decided to buy an app which was the same for my Android phones.
    On another note, I do not understand why everyone is so hateful. If you don’t like Apple or the iPhone than ok, you don’t like them, why criticize people that do? Everyone has their own tastes. Same goes for Iphone users hating on Android users. We are all entitled to our own opinions but I think some carry it too far.

  44. Ava Says:

    I have the new iPhone 5 in my hand, it has passbook. Please fact-check your article. Thanks

  45. Penny Haulman Says:

    An Apple a day…. Waiting for the 5s. I still love my 3Gs better than my PC. Yeah Apple

  46. Dennis Says:

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  47. Shiva Says:

    comparing to apple phones and it’s costs, Samsung galaxy series is the top most,flexible display,AI, sensor, having so many models! particularly, Samsung boom,and galaxy s 3!

  48. outcold Says:

    i love both iphone n android … iphone for all those apps and android for just about anything …. i would be apple fanboy only if they let user deciced what we want to do … 1st of all need itunes for song and video trasnsfer and managenent … cant send or recive videoes from other devices …i mean i cant share anything from iphone with other phones using bluetooth … need net or wifi connection for just about anything … despite these drawback … apple apps and games are best compaired to android …
    but now android also have games found in iphone and they are free … even if they arnt free you can always cracked apk files …
    android have all new features n widgets while apple iphone 4s or 5 all feels too old to be new… feature wise apple lags behind every year …. n iphone 5 feels just too light n cheap like a chinese phone for some reason ….

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