Battle of Champions: HTC Droid Incredible vs. Palm Pre Plus

So far this year we’ve had two smartphone elimination tournaments:  In the Smartphone Madness tournament in March, the Verizon Palm Pre Plus beat the Motorola Droid to claim the title. Yesterday, the HTC Droid Incredible won the 2010 Android Cup as the best phone to run Google’s operating system. So it’s only natural that these two phones face off against each other.

For those of you who don’t remember, the Palm Pre Plus was the follow-up to the Palm Pre. Palm improved the QWERTY keyboard on this slider, making the keys slightly larger and easier to press. The Pre Plus has a 3.1-inch, 480 x 320-pixel display, which seems almost quaint by today’s standards, but is plenty bright and supports multitouch gestures. The phone weighs a light 4.9 ounces, and has a 3-megapixel camera on the back.

The Pre uses a Texas Instruments OMAP 3430 processor, has 512MB of RAM, and 16GB of onboard memory. We really liked the webOS operating system designed by Palm, and hope that HP uses it to the fullest on future touchscreen devices, as they’ve intimated recently. Palm Synergy makes it very easy to sync your calendar, contacts, and e-mail, and even integrates your contacts into a single view for each person and layers your multiple calendars.

A hotspot app turns the Pre Plus into a 802.11b/g wireless router; it used to cost $40 per month, but now it’s free. However, you can’t make calls while using it. The Pre Plus lacks free navigation, but the phone can be had for as little as $49.99 through Verizon.

The HTC Droid Incredible has a large 3.7-inch 800 x 480 AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, an 8-megapixel camera, a 1-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and runs Android 2.1. It has 8GB of onboard storage, plus it can accept 32GB microSDHC cards. Despite its large size (4.6 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches), it weighs 4.6 ounces.

Out of the box, consumers can tether the phone–Verizon says a mobile hotspot feature is in the works–and its soft keyboard is one of the better ones we’ve used.  We also like how the Sense user interface lets you “leap” to any one of seven home screens, and the Friend Stream does a good job aggregating all your social networking info.

Compared to the Pre Plus, the Incredible is a relatively pricey $199, and some may find the terraced design on its back to be polarizing. Also, its optical trackpad, while functional, is slightly recessed, making swiping actions a little awkward. Finally, call quality was inconsistent, something unusual for a phone on Verizon’s network.

So, which phone do you think is better? Vote between now and 12 a.m. ET today (July 7, 2010). We’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

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  1. gonk24 Says:

    Palm Pre gets better and better thanks to the homebrew community. My Sprint version (non plus) is currently running @ a super fast and very stable 1GHZ. Too many cards issue is a thing of the past with compcache being built into testing kernels. Pre has never been better and can be used while holding it in your left hand!

  2. SteveO Jobs Says:

    Well, this should be fun. I prefer webOS simply because it doesn’t require total dependancy on gMail and Google. I also want a physical keyboard.

    I hope this is a close battle, because they are both excellent phones…

  3. SteveO Jobs Says:

    also, the “review” above doesn’t mention that the Pre has built-in wireless charging (the touchstone itself is under $20 everywhere). The Touchstone makes a perfect “car kit” and ensures a truly wireless experience. I have them all over the house and in the cars. I also have it overclocked to 1ghz so there isn’t a difference in responsiveness between the two phones. I think the incredible is too big to fit in my pocket, but it isn’t a deal breaker. To me, the iPhone screen is the right size and I’m sure Palm will be launching larger displays as the product family expands. But the Pre Plus screen is anything but “quaint” as it is bright/sharp/etc to hold it’s own unless you are the type that also buys books in “large print”.

    When I show my Pre Plus to iPhone and Droid users, they are impressed. They may not switch, but the are impressed – and surprised. And the homebrew community for webOS is BY FAR the most talented and prolific I’ve ever seen. There aren’t as many, but they build solid, secure, and amazing stuff. You have to factor that in because webOS was designed to make that possible, rather than just something that is a byproduct of using Linux.

    Let the voting begin, and remember that the Pre Plus upset all the rest in the last round. I’m sure many of you are still wondering how that happened. But if you really try webOS, you will understand why it has such an enthusiastic user base. Really, it’s the best kept secret in the world of smartphones.

  4. The One Says:

    Yeah, Palm Pre Plus is better, yet it is actually free already on both VZW and AT&T? lmao! It has only been out for 3-4 months, and it’s free. That’s just the first part. WebOs is a beautiful os, but hardware…c’mom, let’s be real. The tiny, lower resolution screen, tiny, flimsy keyboard….c’mon! Slower processor to boot. This is not even a realistic challenge. If the Palm Pre Plus even gets close to winning, these contests can’t be taken seriously.

  5. Spin_spinning Says:

    With the Pre and mobile hotspot-app, you *CAN* call/be called.

  6. told you Says:

    yeah this is a great thing for the webos community. Still to this day able to compete with all these dozens of android devices with upgraded specs. though the OS as well all know is still inferior to WebOS as is every OS out there. I am also using a palm pre on sprint funning the F105 kernal clocking at 1.02mhz with 40 applications open at once, including three games with no slow down. There is no OS on the market including android that can do such a feat. As well as gestures, and how clean the OS is comparable only to Apples OS, to me even the pre plus hands down is a better equipped cell phone even to the likes of these oversized bricks Google and HTC continues to launch. Once the Hpalm C40 is launched (most likely announced this month, to be released on sprint) now with HP’s funding, it will eclipse anything Google, microsoft, and Apple will have on the market.

    Hpalm c40 specs:

    HP c40- THis was formerly known as the palm c40 until the company was bought out by HP. This device will be the first of HP’s new mobile line featuring web OS. It will have a large 4.0 + ” high res screen, LCD, 8mp camera, 720p recording, just an overall larger and better device than the pre. The time frame for this was supposed to be Q3 2010 but that could be pushed back to Q4 for sprint.

  7. D Says:

    I gave up my Pre for the Incredible and I’d do it again. I loved the Pre while I had it but I dont think it can stand up to all the Incredible and Android currently have to offer. Hope HP puts some real $$$ behind WebOS because competition can only lead to better products for us all.

  8. Valerie Says:

    That the Pre Plus “can be had for as little as $49.99 through Verizon” is false. It can actually be had for as little as FREE through HP! :)

    Also I’d like to second everything that “SteveO” said. Right on!!

  9. James Says:


    Please add end time? 12 AM again, or 2/3 days?

  10. Vince Says:

    For those posting that the Pre is free…let me interject that the Inc can be had for $99, if you look. That’s what I paid for mine over a month ago. I liked my Palm Centro when I had it, and really considered the Pre, but seeing the Inc in action really sold me on it. I may not be tops for long, but for now…it rules.

  11. Mike Prospero Says:

    No, it can be had for $49.99 through Verizon. That part is true. However, thanks for pointing out that you can get it free through HP.

  12. admin Says:

    It ends at 12 a.m. We have updated the post text to reflect that.

  13. James M Says:

    Just want to point out that you can use Google Maps on the VZ Pre for routing and that there is a free GPS program through the homebrew: Mapping Tool. While it doesn’t include a routing system, it supports off-line maps, which is very handy when heading out into the bush. Or Amish country, like I was over the holiday weekend, when I was confronted by a closed road.

    I still prefer WebOS over Android (<2.2, haven't seen FroYo yet) but I'm not sure I'd agree that the hardware boost of the Incredible doesn't tip the balance. I'm going to ponder this for a while before I vote.

  14. Stan Says:

    Let see a year old phone (the Pre – available on multiple US carriers + world wide) vs the newer Droid (one carrier). Talk about stacking the deck. Interestingly enough the phone the Pre beat in March for its’ title : the Nexus One.

    I’ll keep my Pre!!

  15. brum Says:

    Come on

  16. Stan Says:

    Oops, I ment the Pre beat the Nexus One in round one and the original Droid the take the title in March.

  17. Derek Says:

    I have used both phones and I have to say that I love my droid more. The WebOS is nice and i even had mine hacked, But there is something about the Droid that just makes it better, 720p video recording, Wifi Tether (I can do more than 8 devices). I just love it.

  18. Iroc371 Says:

    @ The One

    “The One Says:
    …If the Palm Pre Plus even gets close to winning, these contests can’t be taken seriously.”

    Let me guess your also a teabagger because if your side doesn’t win, then it doesn’t count and down with the system!

  19. LeftHanded_iPhone_Holder Says:

    glad to see the Pre+ is making up ground. It’s a tremendous phone!

  20. PrePlus Rocks Says:

    Folks, both are good phones. webOS is great in the way that Apple always was known for. Android works, but webOS rocks. Add that to wireless charging, free hotspot, physical keyboard, and the bets home brew community ever… and it shows that the Pre Plus is the best kept secret. Those that try it for a day or two are hooked.

  21. Valerie Says:

    @Mike Prospero ah, you’re right. i’d misinterpreted the “as little as” to intend beyond just the scope of Verizon pricing.

  22. TotalRecall Says:

    @ The One

    The Pre Plus beat several androids and blackberry devices to get to this fight. webOS may have a smaller base of users, but they are passionate and engaged like no other user community. If the Pre Plus can whip a community the size of blackberry, that should tell you it’s possible for the Pre to win, and that this “popularity contest” doesn’t derive credibility from producing the outcome you prefer.

    The Pre amazes people I show it to in the way Apple used to amaze people. If I were a Steve Jobs fan, I’d tell you it’s “magical” and “amazing”. Since I’m not, I’ll just point out that the phone gets the same great reception in either hand… oh snap!

  23. Fionna Kirsten Says:

    I love the palm pre…it’s amazing! u can even use it as a mobile hotspot! the features are great! awesome! it’s an intelligent phone!

  24. andry Says:

    i love webOS.
    apps in webOS is just like web apps, copy paste the apps file to the phone, no need to compile and running instantly in your phone.
    happens only in palm webOS….

  25. Pre-Wired Says:

    Got the Pre Plus on AT&T to replace a Blackberry Curve 8310. Hands down best Smartphone I’ve ever had. Everyone about it works for me but I especially like the Guitar Tuner Pro software I download and use to tune my guitars. The Incredible is great and all, but the HTC Aria wasn’t available at the time I wanted the PRE and AT&T wasn’t going to give me anything that might threaten the iPhone (in their minds). Sticking with the Pre for the foreseeable future.

  26. scotbotmosh Says:

    I loved my pre dearly. Then I bought my evo, it wasn’t until I got the evo that I had realized the glaring holes that Palm had left out of their OS. So many features I missed on my Pre that the evo has. voice dialing, voice recognition in any app (even text messages!) a camera that zooms & auto focuses that also has facial recognition and auto white balancing. Social network syncing w/ in the contact application. A sweeter UI (Sense) w/ animated wallpapers & animated weather. Notifications are not as good as webOS but pretty close.

    I enjoyed my Palm, but they have quite a game of catch up to play. I am hoping they come out with something to make we want to go back…but for now my vote goes to the Droid..and unlike many people voting I have owned and used both.

  27. scott allen Says:

    “A hotspot app turns the Pre Plus into a 802.11b/g wireless route….”

    what is the name of this app? anyone?

  28. skeek Says:

    As Spin_spinning points out, you CAN call out or receive calls with the mobile hotspot on with the PalmPre. How do I know? Do it all the time. I love my PalmPre +. Much more intuitive than my bf’s HTC Droid and it keeps up with it. I think it’s the perfect size and LOVE the screen – it’s beautiful. I need a physical keyboard, so could never use something that was solely touchscreen. Go Palm!

  29. SteveO Jobs Says:

    wow, the webOS users are showing momentum! I hope the Pre Plus can pull it out for the win. It’s so deserving!

  30. Justin Says:

    Come on Pre Plus!

  31. GG Says:

    God these polls are so laughable and can be took advantage of SO easy. Should the poll not at least track a cookie or IP address so that a user can not vote over and over? Would love to see the results normalized.

  32. Wello Says:

    It’s funny cause in Sweden, nobody thinks of call quality. All the calls work and there are no dropped calls whatsoever..

  33. apristel Says:

    Palm = fail.

  34. Jon Says:

    Scott — the app is Palm Mobile Hotspot on Verizon

  35. Colonel Kernel Says:

    This is a contest between the two communities, not the actual devices. Android has more users, so, should handily beat webOS. However, at the time of this posting the Pre Plus is ahead of the Droid Incredible. Shame, shame, Android comunity. Shame, shame.

    That being said, the Incredible doesn’t interest me at all. The form factor means no physical keyboard. Sense UI comes and goes depending on the app you’re using. No one is questioning the Incredible’s superior specs, but we’re talking about the whole phone. On that, at the very least for me, the Pre Plus easily wins.

  36. SUCCESSOR Says:

    This is an amazing battle! The Droid Incredible may be a beast of hardware but Palm taught Android and HTC a few things about design and innovation. The Pre Plus is the Device of the year in my book (2009-2010). Froyo and crazy hardware maybe making up ground but if Palm can keep innovation and usability on their side the underdogs(PALM) could have great things in store for them.

    I voted for the Pre Plus despite my love for the Incredible. The Droid incredible has done nothing new. It’s Just a beefy finetuned N1. +1 for PALM. Teach HTC and Google that they can’t relax.

    Or have HTC make a WebOS device… *neurogasm* !

  37. PrePlus FTW! Says:

    I am sorry to notice that they didn’t post the vote counts for the various Droid Cup contests like they did for March Madness. I’d like to see which match ups were close.

    In this case, I hope that the Pre+ really pulls away. it’s a deserving product that doesn’t get the love it should. WIth HP as the new owner, that should change…

  38. Al Gore's Ghost Says:

    Not since I invented the internet have I seen something as advanced as the Palm Pre+. It’s the best phone ever, and it’s very green.

  39. james Says:

    gg: it does have built in protections. you can’t vote from the same ip address more than once. you can, though, vote from your computer, your phone, etc.

    apristel’s comment = fail

  40. james Says:

    Colonel Kernel: the android community may be bigger but the palm community is much MUCH more passionate about their OS and phones.

  41. I am McLovin Says:

    Not even close…Incredible and HTC take it. Really, a Palm device is even an option? Sorry but Palm lost their shots back in the late 90’s. Web OS is too weak and the only good devices Palm has made lately are the ones that HTC has made for them. Sorry but Incredible wins.

  42. Cameron Says:

    I thought palm pre went out of business… My dad has a palm pre, I have HTC Hero, guess where my vote goes…

  43. Cameron Says:

    Damn, that’s close with a capital ‘K’

  44. Steve Wozniak Says:

    I wish I’d thought of something as innovative as webOS. It’s what the iPhone could have been, and you can hold it in either hand. Brilliant!

    …and I’m glad to see that it is winning this poll. It’s clearly the better OS.

  45. califf22 Says:

    James – you = fail. Just open a new in private / incognito browser and you can vote again, again, again, and again.

    james Says:

    July 7th, 2010 at 5:45 pm
    gg: it does have built in protections. you can’t vote from the same ip address more than once. you can, though, vote from your computer, your phone, etc.

    apristel’s comment = fail

  46. Rajesh Reddy Says:

    Palm Pre Plus is a v. good Phone. It has many new features including its OS.

  47. Colin Says:

    So the pre will win because a couple of delusional Palm fans will come out in droves to vote for their failing phone? Did I get that right?


    I own both a Pre Plus and an Incredible, it’s a no brainer that the Incredible is a better phone, with better software, and better hardware. My Pre has been replaced twice for bad keyboards, power cycling, and the oreo effect. Incredible has never power cycled, never failed me and has an abundance of useful apps.

  48. john Says:

    The Pre Plus is terrible. Even with the homebrew, it still lags, and bugs out completly. Switching to the Incredible was the best thing I did. Seriously. i don’t have to throw one s**tloads of homebrews just to get it to function decently (45+).

  49. joey Says:

    hahaha android fandroids are getting mad…i think its hilarious….i got a pixi and it still poops on my friends “incredible” (ps its really not that incredible, especially considering that there are about 5 newer, more incredible droids)

  50. Homebrewer Heaven Says:

    Well, it’s good to see the webOS community showing their passion and enthusiasm once again. I really like my Pre Plus. Even Dwight Schroot uses a Pre.

  51. Niranjan Says:

    Plam is a user friendly device.

  52. wilsonpossible Says:

    Wow, I’m glad Cameron thinks that “palm pre went out of business”. Maybe he should search the interwebz to find that PALM was bought out by the world’s largest technology company. And, it’s already announced that multiple phones will be rolled out along with webOS tablets.

    Also, I don’t fully agree with “this is a contest between communities”. communities do vote in large numbers, but anyone is able to vote, whether they own these phones or not.

    Pre plus beat what was it, the Droid by a 2-1 margin in march madness, this poll is quite a bit closer, with a the Incredible hardware surpassing that of the Droid.

  53. Satya Says:

    Palm Pre is the best

  54. Joel Says:

    pre sucks, what does incredible not have??? pre lacks everything

  55. Shelby watts Says:

    Palm pre is the best. As per my view when we go through the comparsion.. one can say HTC is the best.. but it’s wrong.. palm pre is the best… PALM the best.

  56. kishore Says:

    Hey Palm Pre is kool dudes….try it for a change ..A change can change your life..Swift the life dudes by PREEEEEe

  57. Slash4u Says:

    Hey! PALM-PRE+ is a good stuff. While handling its shows its comfort. Nothing bad in it!! Master piece.

  58. Mike Says:

    palm is best

  59. aboutpalmpre Says:

    The Pre Plus is a great device with the best mobile OS on the market in webOS. If you want to brag about your hardware specs (for the time being), you get a recent HTC device and live with Android. If you want to really get things done, you get a webOS device and enjoy the still-innovative hardware. Soon enough, HP and Palm will release new devices with more modern specs, and a webOS update that even at only version 1.5 will be more productive and enjoyable to use than Android 2.2.

    The webOS community is a passionate one, and there are some real reasons for it.

  60. Bonekeep Says:

    @ McLovin: You don’t know what you’re talking about. The Pre is an awesome phone and as much I like HTC phones, android has a way to go to match what webOS offers. To call it weak is surely a sign that you haven’t used this phone.

  61. james Says:

    and as the day wears on WebOS continues to pull away

    Rightfully so!

  62. Johnathan Says:

    Hasn’t anyone used a Palm Pre Plus before?

    It’s extremely flimsy and it feels like you are going to break the slide out keyboard.

    Very poor hardware. Weak device.

    They had to do a 2 for 1 in every store (including 3rd parties) for about a year so they could get it off of their shelves.

  63. brum Says:

    @ Cameron – maybe you typed wrong but so you know ‘phones’ don’t go out of business. Companies do. The Pre Plus in on AT&T and Verizon with the original Pre still on Sprint.

    The size of the Android community vs the enthusiasm from the Palm community has got to be saying something.

  64. bp3dots Says:

    @ Colonel Kernel

    The disparity is because the android users are out and about, enjoying their phones, while the palm crew is online looking for homebrew fixes to all the stuff the phone won’t do out of the box.

  65. james Says:

    califf22 thanks for the info although we don’t need that to win anyway
    LOL @ cameron
    joal, i don’t even have the patience to make a list for you

    don’t be sad android fans; be happy you came in second place

  66. Jon Says:

    This is the stupidest poll ever! The incredible destroys whatever this other phone is! Don’t kid yourselves. Stupid.

  67. gonk24 Says:


    Droids were 2 for 1 at the same time

  68. Todd Says:

    Hmmmmmmm I wonder if these are fans or employees voting. Lets be real the company went out of business and had to be sold off to a company who said……..HP did not buy Palm to get into the mobile phone game.

  69. dagumcp Says:


    That has always been the culture at Palm — the employees are fans — which makes for a strong and enthusiastic community of consumers, developers and Palm rep’s.

  70. Eric Says:

    This shit is so rigged. The Incredible pisses all over the Pre Plus. and for those of you who think otherwise why the hell has Sprint ditched it and moved on to the EVO? Another thing if the phone was such a hit why didn’t sell like crazy and pull its company out of the hole that it fell into. Enjoy winning your rigged contest for a POS that is almost out of date and support will stop for it very soon. While the Incredible will still be treking on till at least the end of the year.

  71. Android Fan 2004 Says:

    Wow, i didn’t even know that Palm still existed as a viable option. i figured they were joining MS in the smartphone battle. I’ve never used webOS so i can’t comment about it…. i would say for me Android = #1 (Froyo is greatness) and the features are hands down amazing. i base my comments off comparing the iphone to my moto droid but as long as its not a crapple or crapberry its probably good.

  72. dagumcp Says:

    @Colonel Kernel

    Palm has developed a better community, not built from advertising hype and popularity (= $$), but building strong relationships with consumers and the developer community. We’ve already witnessed much folly from Apple, when usability becomes an afterthought. Think Touchstone….WOW!

  73. Targon Says:

    @Johnathan, you seem to have missed the PLUS part in Palm Pre Plus. The original Sprint version DID have a number of hardware issues, but the Plus versions use updated hardware, double the RAM from 256MB to 512MB, storage at 16GB(15GB available on a fresh device), and the keyboard slider is a LOT more durable.

    Basically, you are going from the perspective of a beta 0.5 version when the discussion is about the 1.0 and 1.1 versions that are currently available from Verizon and AT&T.

  74. james Says:

    jon…awww you just graduated from middle school then found out you had to go to smartphone summer school didn’t you?

  75. james Says:

    well i know i am a fan and all my webOS fans on twotter are fans and owners as well.

    actually the company was bought out. it did not go out of business…the ceo meant that they didn’t want to only be in the mobile phone business as in hp wasn’t going to be a mobile phone company, like say htc. hp has said that there will be new webOS smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and yes, even printers.

    sorry to actually make an intelligent post but it needed to be said after all this mindless robot drivel:)

  76. Barack Obama Says:

    With the Pre Plus, yes we can. With the webOS community, yes we can. In the laptopmag polls, yes we have, and yes we will.

    Time for change. and that change is to give webOS the love and respect it deserves. Droid is fine, webOS is superfine.

    Yes we can!

  77. takai shoichi Says:

    The company did not go completely out of business as they are just a company within a company (HP) they even have most of their employees intact. Also HP higher ups have said that they are not in it JUST for smartphones, but also for tablets, printers, etc. An ecosystem of devices.

    I voted for Pre Plus because of how open the OS is to work with and that the phone is good when you look at the phones that dont have the problems (like every other phone sometimes has). Also its a very good phone with WebOS. How many of the people who have android devices have their android phones somehow “hacked” with the use of rooting or custom ROM which is the exact same as patches for WebOS in comparison.

    I like android I had a friend with one and I liked it (was seriously thinking about getting an EVO if it wasnt for my upgrade a month after it came out…) :P…i just feel that when looking at OS the WebOS wins and in turn Pre plus :P…also i can use a 1GHz processor with the use of kernels for WebOS which lets it very smoothly without the dreaded TMC errors ;).

  78. Tim Stiffler-Dean Says:

    Quote: Todd – “HP did not buy Palm to get into the mobile phone game.”

    You’re incorrect with that statement, actually. HP has specifically said multiple times that they did buy Palm to get into the Mobile Phone game. Watch this video:

  79. Henny Youngman Says:

    FYI, I heard that the CEO of AT&T recently married an iPhone product manager at Apple. Everyone says the service was nice, but the reception was terrible…

    But seriously, let me just point out what a silly contest this is. Nothing beats the Pre Plus, so why would they subject Android do another round of embarrassment after what happened in March Smartphone Madness? Did anyone ever doubt that the Pre community would rise up and smite the mighty google??? Really?

    Pre Plus and webOS FTW!!!

  80. gonk24 Says:


    Yes, lets get real. Palm did NOT go out of business and get sold off. Yes, Palm was struggling, but wasn’t out of business. HP bought them out and is very enthusiastic about Palm, WebOS, and making new smartphones.

  81. Andrew Says:

    LOL. Cheers! Could not have said it better. It is very obvious that HP employees who use iphones, Droids, blackberrys really do prefer thier own new product over the competition when thier company tells them to vote for it.

  82. Troy Says:

    I have the Palm Pre (not plus) and due to being able to EASILY jailbreak and overclock this phone I’M LOVIN’ IT!!!!! I am running a 800GHZ processor by overclocking it and have had no problems. I have been able to add a lot of great patches to my phone by installing Preware. I am not computer savvy person but I do know how to read and gave me all the instructions to install these cool FREE programs. The reason that I do not like Android is because it reminds me A LOT of my old windows mobile phone. I HATED IT! I hated the look of the OS, I hated the functioning, I hated everything about windows mobile. Having used Android it worked just like my old windows mobile phone but it didn’t freeze up. WebOS on the other hand is so user friendly and pleasant to the eyes. It is what Apple use to be like before Apple became the mafia and decided to hold everything by its throat. The iphone is great but you have no freedom on that phone. You do what Apple tells you, when Apple tells you and you have to pay them (via itunes) every step of the way. Sure if your a tech geek you can probably figure out how to jailbreak your iphone and do some cool customizations but I am not of that breed. In closing I have had my Palm Pre for 1 year and I am my only complaint is that I would like a larger screen. The keyboard was a complaint when I first got the phone but after a month of using it I have turned into a speed typing text master. So at this point if I had a larger screen I would be happy. I don’t want these new brick size Android screens that are coming out (i.e. Droid X & EVO) but a 3.5 or 3.8 inch screen would make me happy. I want to be able to comfortably put my phone in my front pocket and still be able to sit down (try that Droid X). I am sure that anyone who tries WebOS for at least one month will love it. You may not love the hardware but you will love the OS………im just sayin’

  83. aboutpalmpre Says:

    Seems like some sour grapes from the Android folks, but that’s okay. It’s understandable given that a community a fraction of the size of theirs managed to trounce them in this survey. For myself, I’ll say: good for Android for beating up on Apple. I’m glad to see it. But webOS remains the better mobile OS, regardless.

  84. jacob Says:

    palm will win, we have better phones ;)

  85. Abyssul Says:

    Both OS’s and phones are excellent at what they do. For those who have not experimented with the competitions device, you have no room to talk. It’s one thing to criticize, but it is another to trash talk. It’s like fighting over which flavor of candy is the best… nobody is right in the end.

    I prefer WebOS and always will. To each his own, right?

  86. Matthew Says:

    I have a Pre Plus and my wife has the Incredible. Overall, WebOs is the best, most intuitive OS I have used. The gestures are simple and make sense, and the notifications are better than on the Incredible. The Incredible has better hardware, the Android Market has thousands of great applications, and the soft keyboard are great. However, I still think the Pre is better. The OS, the ability to use it as a mobile hotspot, the home brew community, and the Touchstone charger are the notable features that tip the balance in favor of the Pre.

  87. Iroc371 Says:

    oh suck it droid fans webos ftw

  88. Garrett92C Says:

    Haha Todd. Before you post a comment, you should at least slightly understand what you’re talking about. Now you just look like an idiot. Way to go!

  89. Colonel Kernel Says:

    PolDaddy seems to have not ended the poll when they were supposed to again, But as of now, the Palm Pre Plus has won again!

  90. George Forman Says:

    Is the poll closed?

  91. Cameron Says:

    Out of business, bought out, what’s the diff? Potàto/potato… All I know is that my 60yr old dad has the original pre, I seen it, it takes alright pics I suppose, but DROID DOES, period, end of story. Even if pre wins I’m still a fan of HTC & Droid. But to be painfully honest, anybody know why HTC Sense weather widget is so whack? Weather widget bugs and about 6hrs battery life for my HTC phone,those are the two things I hate about the Hero, bet the pre fans will eat that up, that being said, my dad always wants to play with my phone all the time. He may be senile, or my phone might be better than his, which is a fair comparison since the original pre is palm pre + older version and the hero is the incredible’s older version.

  92. damnit bobby Says:

    pre, period.

    if android is so great, then why oh why did that blessed htc try to buy palm??? Yeah webOS really is the best OS out there, and once 1.5 hits, the game will change big time

  93. SirPsycho84 Says:

    Wow. I bet if the Incredible was winning then the Android fans would think this poll “matters” more…. but since it’s losing it’s easy to say “this poll doesn’t matter. This poll is stupid” obviously it matters enough that you’re on here voting and adding comments… nuff said!

  94. mezmryz03 Says:

    This is not that strange Incredible fans, the Pre Plus is a nice phone that has been available for over a year, on three carriers, and has been basically given away with extra features for free. As far as I’m concerned though, there is no comparison between the two. The Incredible is better on all fronts except for UI which the Pre has a slight edge. As far as overall UX(User Experience) though the Incredible is an amazing piece of engineering that mixes great hardware, great UI(Sense is amazing), and a perfect form factor all into one. Even after the release of so many new Android devices, the Incredible stands as the Dark Horse champion of an OS on the rise. By the way, some of that UI genius has come our way in the form of Matias Duarte, formerly of webOS fame.

  95. SteveO Jobs Says:

    did someone miss a period? look at the vote count???

  96. blithe Says:

    @Todd… that is amazingly moronic. ’nuff said.

  97. wonka Says:


    Iroc371 Says:

    July 7th, 2010 at 1:01 pm
    @ The One

    “The One Says:
    …If the Palm Pre Plus even gets close to winning, these contests can’t be taken seriously.”

    Let me guess your also a teabagger because if your side doesn’t win, then it doesn’t count and down with the system!

    I was actually thinking the same thing as the one when I first started reading this. In short how can you even be serious when comparing the 2. In my heart the Pre fails everytime. However than I began thinking. … For people like my mom the pre is a superior phone for sure. She loves hers and doesn’t ask me any questions about. Now as far as numbers even with the pre being next to free at VZW and you can upgrade to it even if you don’t have an upgrade availible as long as you don’t already have a smartphone it just doesn’t sell nearly as well as the android based phones.

    Real GPS receiver, free super functional nav, tons of apps,

    To me android is the best however I would see that most people in the 35-65 range would preffer the pre.

  98. zach Says:

    Why did the incredible beat out the EVO 4g, which is easily the king of android phones? Anyways as an EVO owner, I voted for the pre. If I could have the EVO with WebOS it would be my favorite phone ever.

  99. Omg look at the Fanboys Says:

    I wonder how many people from each side just refreshed and kept voting. Nothing but a bunch of fanboys on this site. Pretty sad to see them defend a phone, a piece of plastic, with blind passion.

  100. nathan Says:

    i really wonder where these scores are acquired.. anyone who has used both phones would know that the droid smokes the pre,, so of course the incredible leaves it in the dust.. and thats before you start moding,,,with a few tweeks a motorola droid makes most smartphones look like they have learning disorders

  101. SUCCESSOR Says:

    @Todd Why would HP buy a company that wasnt worth anything? HP bought palm because it is a desirable asset.

    LOL @ whoever says ‘Pre’s had to be discounted to be sold. If I’m not mistaken it set a sales record.

  102. J.M.L. Says:

    Palm Pre, best phone I have ever owned, and the WebOS, greatest phone OS ever made.

  103. CzR Says:

    Both great phones although WebOs tips it in the pre plus’ direction.

  104. Siggi Says:

    Palm Pre 4 the win! WebOS ist such a great Operating System! I wish my Pre+ would have a little bigger screen. That’s the only thing to improve, from my point of view! Greets from Germany!

  105. SUCCESSOR Says:

    @califf22 So WebOS supporters were smart enough to figure that out but not Android supporters? Or was that how the poll close? Droid fanboys stuffing ballots?

    Palm Pre Plus beat the Droid Incredible! Get over it.

  106. Billy Bennett Says:

    Look at all these unhappy android campers. Don’t be too sad that a phone that came out over a year ago beat your brick in a popularity contest. You have no idea how involved Palm fans are and how smooth webOS is compared to android. Android has its pluses and so does webOS. It’s been tested before but you just cant beat the Palm Army.

    Go Palm! Go HP? Go webOS!

  107. yoshiaka13 Says:

    hey todd you may want to read what HP said later that day when they said they did not buy Palm to get into the mobilegame… They saidthey were getting into the smartphones along with other mobile devices. Have fun with your fragmented OS.. What version do you have 1.6, 2.1 or 2.2… Oh wait if you have the incredible you won’t be getting 2.2 anytime soon.

  108. GG Says:

    Nice Palm forums talk of a voting bot…..why.

  109. jroc Says:

    Ppl….I hope yall are not taking these poll serious. I already know of at least one way one person can vote at least 500 times easy and fast.

    Unless this was a poll that you couldn’t vote multiple times on, then I would take any of this serious.

    Its not about a community, when 10-20 ppl can sway the vote by a wide margin if they all using the same voting macro…lol

  110. RockingMyPre_NewSchool Says:

    Hey, where is the front page article lauding the Pre Plus for yet another stunning victory? I know you are even more surprised than you were with the march madness matchup. I also know you are glad for all the extra readers these have created.

    But now it’s time top return the love. There is no way you can ignore the resounding results – twice so far this year. I think you owe it to your readers to go get a Pre Plus to you can use it and see why it keeps winning. And you owe it to your readers to acknowledge this result as more than a fluke. You owe the readers a real story showing real respect for a powerful and advanced mobile platform, even if you think it has a “quaint” display.

    And for the droid boyz, I’ve got some great crow recipes if you need them…

  111. james Says:

    wait, no one actually thinks the result was a shocked do they? go WebOS!

  112. Mike Says:

    Palm pre is hands down best phone on the market. My brother has a droid and is always jealous of my hotspot feature and the touchstone. Gestures and synergy sync is amazing intuative. The size is just right also and for the price you can’t go wrong. Once flash is enabled in the browser this will be even more interesting, demos have shown multiple pages open with flash movies and flash games all running at once…

  113. JeffDenver Says:

    This is a joke right? Sales figures say all that needs to be said.

  114. Peeko Says:

    @JeffDenver Sales figures don’t mean anything if the sales were pushed onto sheep consumers who bought what the sales staff pushed on them do to promotions & commission. I have met so many Android owners that come into my shop upset & disappointed with Android & it’s clumsy CLUELESS interface. The whole time they are asking themselves how did I let myself be sold on this embarrassing mobile OS. Android has no direction & it will continue to be that way now they that mix EVEN more UI talent into the fray ala mattias.

  115. jose rosario Says:

    Ok just to clarify things here, since so many of android fanboys are saying that people can vote more than once…. just look at when u guys voted for a second time it said “thank you for voting, we have counted your vote” …webos its the best operating system out there… can’t wait for the new hardware to come so I can get rid of this boring operating system the HTC evo uses.

  116. Daniel Says:

    I used to have a palm pre plus it sucked it had problems such as unresponsive keyboard, unresponsive touch screen, wobbly built quality, sluggishness and battery life. 2 months later I bought an incredible which is a whole nother story it’s quick, has TONS of awesome features the 3.7 inch amoled 800 by 480 screen blows the pre’s 3.1 inch lcd 480 by 320 screen out of the water the 1ghz snapdragon processor massacres the pre’s pathetic 500mhz ti omap3430 processor, it also has a better speaker, WAY better camera 8mp dual flash vs 3mp single flash, better built quality, way more apps from the android market and turn by turn navigation, there is no comparison!!! Listen I loved the software on the pre but the hardware just plain sucked, p.s in about a week the droid incredible will get an update that will bring 720p video recording and 3g mobile hotspot and by thanksgiving the droid incredible and the evo 4g will get the android 2.2 update which will make them 3x faster and give them flash player 10.1 and usb tethering!

  117. I hate U too Says:

    The reason Palm Pre’s win these useless polls is because and editor Dieter Bohn posts all the polls with a pre involved on the front page of their website and then encourages all it’s readers to flood the poll. The even sometimes sticky them so they stay on top of the site even with new stories so users always see the poll.

    This is a Poll more of fanboys versus other, say android fanboys, then cell phone users. And palm fanboys do this cause it’s all they have to cling to. Oh and my only phone is a palm pre.

    And sorry but most phone users aren’t a bunch of phone nerds reading meaningless polls. They buy a phone and that’s it. they aren’t evangelizing for a stupid phone. All you’re polls will turn out like this. They reflect only how rabid pre fanboys are.

  118. wilsonpossible Says:

    “The reason Palm Pre’s win these useless polls is because and editor Dieter Bohn posts all the polls with a pre involved on the front page of their website”

    LOL so apparently you’ve never heard of…. they also posted it on July 7th.

    Plus, it’s the internet and a democratic poll. Open to anyone that wants to vote..

    Basically, your logic sucks.

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