Eee PC 1000H Runs Windows 7 Well

Here is a confession: I am getting pretty tired of netbooks running Windows XP. So when we got our Windows 7 Beta disc at PDC earlier this week, I couldn’t wait to get it running on a netbook. This morning we loaded Windows 7 Ultimate (Pre-Beta) on an ASUS Eee PC 1000H. And just as Microsoft said: it works.  The Eee PC running a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and 1GB of RAM handles the new operating system pretty well, just as it ran Vista pretty well when  we loaded Vista Basic on it a few months ago. We still had a problem getting a few of the Eee PC drivers to work with the system, but for the most part we were able to get all of the features to work using the XP drivers provided by ASUS. Unsurprisingly, it takes 58 seconds for the system to boot the OS (see the video below). Of course, it has actually taken a minute for some systems to boot XP as well. However, the Eee PC 1000H boots in only 40 seconds with its default operating system. Once booted, it was pretty neat to see Windows 7 on the 10-inch screen. As we mentioned in our Windows 7 overview, things pretty much look and feel like Windows Vista.

But, one feature on Windows 7 might just be perfect for netbooks: the improved Network Manager. One thing I hate about Vista is having to connect to a wireless network. Things are easier in Windows 7. Selecting the network icon in the System Tray extends a jump list of available networks.  Connecting to our home network was simple. I just clicked the network name and entered the password. Beyond the wireless connection manager, things are pretty smooth in terms of performance. We will be running some benchmarks later, but in my use of the Eee PC 1000H for the entire evening I didn’t have any hang ups while simultaneously chatting on Skype, writing this post in WordPress, editing pictures in GIMP and uploading video files using Filezilla. As for graphics performance, video playback on was smooth. But a downloaded 720p high-definition video played back with a number of pauses. Additionally, when we attempted a video call over Skype we had a problem sending and receiving video at the same time. Doing one or the other was fine, but not both at the same time. One of the chief complaints about Vista is that it’s a “heavy” operating system that eats up too many system resources. However, in his presentation at PDC, Windows and Windows Live SVP Steve Sinofsky said that WIndows 7 consumes less than half of his Lenovo S10 netbook’s 1GB of RAM. It turns out he was right on the money as the performance monitor showed only 485MB of the RAM was in use with no applications — except the standard Eee PC driver set — were running.

The Windows Experience Index score on the system was 2.3 (we got 2.7 on the system when it was running Vista). So how is Windows 7 on an Intel Atom netbook? Two thumbs up for the new wireless manager and the new visual cues that are incorporated throughout the OS. We wouldn’t give up Windows XP just yet considering the video playback, but the OS is still in beta and it is our hope that final version will be even better for Atom-based PCs. [flv:/flvs/EeePCWindows7Boot.flv 480 360]

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  1. Scotty Boy Says:

    Thanks for that, as I was curious as to what the performance would be like – are you intending to carry out tests on the ASUS EEE PC netbook series as well? Would be especially interested to see what performance you get on the older lines, such as the EEE 8G.

    Cheers, Scotty Boy!

  2. XP-Lover Says:

    So Win7 is not faster than XP, so i’ll leave this Win-version again.

  3. Mike Cane Says:

    Joanna’s up to her Unusual Experiments again, I see!

    Any chance of making that first screensnap Click = Big?

  4. Dealguru Says:

    I admit that Vista Aero was nice to look at, but when I brought my Vista system home, about $500 in peripherals didn’t work with it. Economically, it was cheaper to downgrade to XP than to buy new hardware.

    Are there any hardware compatibility tests/statements out on W7, otherwise I’ll just assume that I’ll keep XP on all new boxes until I have $500 discretionary cash lying around.

  5. Steve Says:

    Hopefully they can make this O/S cost less than a third of the netbook price. If so, I’ll be putting this on my Acer Aspire One.

  6. David Gonzales Says:

    Very nice. This, together with the $200 netbook Asus is promising, should be kick-ass!

  7. Offbeatmammal Says:

    I’ve been running it on my Samsung Q1U and I’m really impressed.
    Under Vista I had to kill just about every service and turn off themes to get the machine to be usable. It had been better under WinXP but still needed some tweaking.
    I’ve been running Win7 Pre-Beta as a default install and not done any tweaking and it’s quite usable.
    Watching video, using the web, Windows Live Writer, Digsby and Skype (voice not video calls) and not a hiccup.
    If they can keep this level of performance (or dare we hope improve on it) it’s going to be very sweet.
    IMO Win7 looks as good as OSX and runs on hardware that used to be the domain of (unusable) Linux builds. MS have got it right!

  8. John C Says:

    Hmm…. Using Eee Ubuntu Linux on my Eee901. The system on idle is only using 239 Mb out of 1 GB RAM. Just for comparison.

  9. yojan Says:

    So if I download the torrent of Beta then I won’t get sued right?

  10. Alexandre Salau Says:

    How many Gb of HD where eaten by this W7 install?

    Anyway, it’s refreshing to see MS making a new OS version that does not need 4x more hardware resources than the previous one justo to run the OS.

  11. jhon Says:

    485MB for doing nothing shows the inefficiency of the O.S.

    I have a EEE PC 701 running debian and it only uses 250MB when running firefox and some other applications.

    Besides, I think a really important point is how much disk storage uses the installation. Windows is known to eat lot of disk drive space.

    My Debian installation uses only 1.3GB out of 4GB, so I have enough space to work around.

  12. Torry Says:

    This isn’t Windows 7! It FAKE

  13. Inny Binny Says:

    485 MB for an OS that isn’t even made for netbooks? Brilliant!

    The reason why Linux versions use less is because on netbooks they have their features cut down to a minimum, and are made specifically for netbooks.

    Windows 7 has two things going for it at this stage – it is not made for netbooks at all, and it is a pre-beta release. If MS release a slimmed down version of the OS specifically for netbooks, the RAM usage will no doubt be very competitive with Linux’s RAM usage.

    To the above – why the hell would you expect Windows 7 to be faster than XP on like machines? The fact that Windows 7 runs at the same speed on these things as XP even though it is 7 or so years more technologically advanced and has so many more graphically-intensive interface features is truly astounding.

    Did you complain when Windows XP wasn’t as fast on like machines as 95?

  14. Raggamuffin Says:

    485 MB for an OS that isn’t even made for netbooks? Brilliant!

    [in what universe??.]

    The reason why Linux versions use less is because on netbooks they have their features cut down to a minimum, and are made specifically for netbooks.
    [NO and NO.]

    Windows 7 has two things going for it at this stage – it is not made for netbooks at all, and it is a pre-beta release. If MS release a slimmed down version of the OS specifically for netbooks, the RAM usage will no doubt be very competitive with Linux’s RAM usage.

    [Microsoft slim down their next OS HAHAHAHA.]

    To the above – why the hell would you expect Windows 7 to be faster than XP on like machines? The fact that Windows 7 runs at the same speed on these things as XP even though it is 7 or so years more technologically advanced and has so many more graphically-intensive interface features is truly astounding.

    [As fast as XP are you kidding me ???]

    Did you complain when Windows XP wasn’t as fast on like machines as 95?

    [XP is not fast fullstop.]

  15. Paul Says:

    good on ms for making something a bit better.

  16. Paul Says:

    i saw the video, WOW, that was a fast start up. It usually takes (what feels like) years to boot.

  17. Jack Holt Says:

    Where did you get Windows 7 ?

  18. commenter Says:

    Yeah so Windows eh? I just wanted to make some sarcastic comment that reveals me to be a bit of a prick. Something about performance or disk space… I dunno.

    Thanks, that made me feel better!

  19. George K Says:

    I have a EEEPC model 1000HD with a 120 GB hard drive partitioned 60/60 with a celeron 900MHz processor. I thought this was the latest and greatest and within the day there was the Atom processor 1.6. My questions are will this run the Windows 7 and is it possible to upgrade the processor to the Atom. or does all the chip setts need to be cahnged if possible..

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Microsoft did announce that they are making a Windows 7 edition for Netbooks. I know I will pick one up.

  21. SaT Says:

    that is not the boot screen of Windows 7 PDC….
    that is the Vista RTM/SP1 boot screen.

  22. Sam Bowne Says:

    (Revised — moderator, please post this one and disregard my earlier one).

    I have two ASUS Eee PC 900HA machines, and I loaded Windows 7 Pre-Beta on both of them. The Eee has a 160 GB hard disk with three primary partitions on it, so I shrunk the Win XP Partition, and created an Extended Partition on it, as shown here:

    In both cases, it ran fine for the first 3 days, and then refused to boot up Windows 7. Booting from my Win 7 install USB stick and running repair did not help. But my student Thanh Tran found the solution:

    1. Boot from the Win 7 install device (CD or USB drive)

    2. Select Repair, and open a Command Prompt. At the Command Prompt, enter these commands:


    3. Find your hard disk on the list. I assume it is Disk 0.





    4. That’s it. Reboot and it will work.

    Apparently the Eee has some problem finding the active partition after an installation onto an extended partition.

  23. Says:

    re: sam bowne comment.

    Apparently the Eee has some problem finding the active partition after an installation onto an extended partition.

    it’s not eee’s fault. it’s windows (i believe). when installing, it deactivates other partitions from booting so that that partition is the only active one. a boot manager will fix these types of issues though. not really big problem if you had physical disks but since you’re booting off different partitions it does make it abit more complicated.

  24. Karl Says:

    I installed Windows 7 Beta Build 7000 on my Asus eee PC 1000H a few days ago and it is definitely outperforming Windows XP. It is unbelievable. It even has the aero interface (transparency).

    However I can not get the function shortcuts on the keyboard, nor the Super Hybrid Engine to work. The drivers install however they are continually showing errors, and just will not work. Anyone know how to fix this?

  25. Devmanxz Says:

    Yea, i got the same problem, cant get xp drivers fromo asus to work.

  26. Rich Says:

    I got W7 working on my 1000H dual booted with XP. Anybody know which driver to use from the Asus DVD for the Ralink WLAN card?

  27. rich Says:

    I dor wnloaded the Ralink drivers from Ralink but unless I turn on the WLAN card first in XP I cant get the WLAN on in Win 7.

  28. Rich Says:

    I downloaded the latest WLAN Ralink drivers from Ralink along with their control panel. I loaded the Asus Tray from the Asus DVD along with the Bluetooth, Audio, and Atheros Ethernet drivers. The system didn’t like the touch pad, chipset and VGA drivers. I didn’t try to load the Super Hybrid Engine.

    I can turn the Bluetooth and WLAN on/off from the Asus Tray. I do get error warning messages about some audio hotkeys but everything else seems to work just fine in Win 7.

  29. Dave@UoGuelphp Says:

    SO, choppy video playback isn’t caused by Windows7, it is caused by SHODDY CODECs. Removing the default microsoft codecs was the only way to get ffdshow/coreavc to run in WMP12. Now that I’ve got it working, windows7 IS better than XP!!!

  30. devmanxz Says:

    You gota get the 945 graphics and chipset drivers from intel’s website. The Super Hybrid Engine works fine so far.

  31. chestnut Says:

    OK, so whats so good about Windows 7 on an eeepc? I’m currently running cruncheee 8.10.01rc on my eeepc1000H

    which idles at 147.65mb ram, and with Firefox running (as I type) 197.31mb ram.

    That is efficiency.

  32. Tim Says:

    Why do you have screen shots of windows Vista up there? In case you did not know, the task bar looks totally differnt in Windows 7. You, my friend are showing a windows vista task bar combined with a screenshot of the networking jump list that is in win7. why the deliberate mashup of screen shots?

    Makes me question if you really did install windows 7 or if your just making it up.

  33. Omx Says:

    Hmm… 485 MB?
    640K ought to be enough for anybody.


  34. giuseppe Says:

    How can you say that Windows seven booted fast? I took it more than 55 seconds!!!!!
    Before saying that Windows 7 is competitive to Linux, run Windows 7 on netbooks with ssd HD such the acer aspire one and trying to boot your SUPER Windows 7 in less that 35 seconds like I do (ssd hd).

    Windows is just one company that improves it, Linux the rest of the world…..

    OpenSource and Mac are the Future…

    By the way, on my acer aspire one, my Linux box is using 128 MB of memory ram and not 500!!!!

  35. K. T. Bradford Says:

    Hey Tim, take note that the screenshot on this post is from the pre-beta Windows 7 that did not have the new task bar activated. If you look at our latest post with screenshots from the Samsung NC10, you’ll see the new task bar (which I quite like!). Hope that clears it up for you.

  36. Pete Says:

    Don’t people get tired of listening to this “linux will rule the world” drivvel. Guseppe – you ned to learn the difference between what you’d LIKE and what is REAL. Too much time playing World of Warcraft I’m guessing. Linux doesn’t even have 1% of the market – never has, never will. MACs do better but only just. The VAST, VAST majority of people are quite happy with Windows. What on EARTH is the point of comparing Linux on the EEEs – for heavens’ sake it can’t even run SKYPE VIDEO never mind a decent game – and it can’t run Outlook or any other half decent programs – GIVE UP!

  37. Broken Says:

    “What on EARTH is the point of comparing Linux on the EEEs – for heavens’ sake it can’t even run SKYPE VIDEO” – Pete you are retard, really.

  38. giuseppe Says:

    Pete.. think about this; If Microsoft is such a great company and their OS RULEZ, why is Microsoft copying ideas from Linux? I know that this is true because one of my friend works there and she told me that there is a team that is looking 24H at day into the Linux Kernel looking and copying from it ideas and features.

    By the way, the last year the only OS that has lost market share was Windows. MAC is nearly 11% and Linux went from 1.5 to 3.2% in less than a year.

    Just look around you, and you will see more and more PC running Linux than you think; expecially now thanks to the bad economy.

    Bye Pete and take care :)

  39. DoT Says:

    Pete.. think about this; If Microsoft is such a great company and their OS RULEZ, why is Microsoft copying ideas from Linux?

    – Why shouldnt they???

    Its pretty amazing that people still raves about what os is the best LOL give it a rest, who cares?

  40. Sadodare Says:

    Hilarious posts, Half of them don’t even relate…
    First of all, No one cares if Linux runs better, Not here.
    This is an article on Microsoft Windows 7 BETA. Stop assuming the final OS will be as described.
    Remind yourselves that this is BETA, so the only thing that matters now is Functionality, not speed.

  41. Steven Says:

    I have tried to install win 7 onto my 100h but on the first reboot the screen stays black and the cursor flashes. Anybody any ideas why?

  42. rjquiz Says:

    For the record, the only change required in a standard Linux install to run on a netbook is to load the drivers. Linux is a leaner OS than Windows of any type. Still, it’s good to know my netbook can do Window$ 7 if the insanity strikes me.

  43. Lyareca Says:

    Microsoft does not copy crap from the Linux kernel. They bring the best of the KDE and GNOME environment over, just like Apple has done as well. And, believe it or not, both KDE and GNOME have both brought over ideas from Windows. All three “Take” what the users like and bring it over.

    Linux is nice for some people, but you can not compare Linux and windows. They have very customer bases, and operate differently.

    Anyways, I have an Eee 904HA. The Ethernet drivers for XP work with 7. The hybrid engine cannot find the proper video or audio drivers, so I get error messages. Besides that, works well.

    And since there are linux lovers that look at this, has anyone tried the new beta for Ubuntu?

  44. Andrew Says:

    I have some problems with the audio and webcam drivers it appers that it doesn`t work. Can someone help me?

  45. Benoit Hache Says:

    I’ve been running it on my HP 2133 my windows 7 is v6.1.7057 and i got french language
    cause im a french man and it’s not the taskbar show in picture it is more like this video
    stable run lots of softwares on it and no trouble yet runing it sine 120 days about
    got install:
    Vlc, MailWasher pro, Utorrent, Eset, Internet download manager, Total Commander, Magical Defrag 2,
    CacheBoost, Office 2007, FastStone Capture, Codec, webcam, sound…
    no bug at all
    give a try it’s fine

  46. loonIT Says:

    If you think Windows 7 is cool because of a wireless network choice screen, and are sick of XP on netbooks then you should check out Kubuntu Jaunty. It is a very perfect compliment to the Asus Eee.

  47. Syed Shoaib Says:

    I dont know about many here, but on my Celeron 1.6 GHz , 2GB RAM, 40GB HDD system, i have run Windows XP (for 2 years), have run windows vista ultimate and now am running windows 7. I hesitated converting to vista, just because of many users comments on it.

    But when i converted, i found vista experience much better. It was only booting which took long all else was speedy, same as in XP, but vista seemed to work much more smoothly than xp

    and now for almost 4 months i have been exptensively using windows 7. It works very fine as well. And I am having a celeron single core processor, i wonder why people having multi core processors are having trouble running vista or 7.
    However i am looking to sell this laptop of mine and buy an asus netbook, and i am confused as to install vista ultimate or 7 on it.
    For a good media centre experience in windows 7, one needs better processor. But except the media centre problem and the thikker taskbar problem (for a small screen as on a netbook, it would be unnecessary consumption of space) i dont have any other reason why should i not choose 7 (seeing the useful library pattern in 7, a better taskbar….)
    Any tips, what to install on my new asus 1000 he?

  48. dutchguy Says:

    I have installed the Windows 7 RC on my Asus eee 1000h, looks good but…. it doesn’t seem to work as good as vista, just check the indexscore.. i got a 4.2 for graphics and that was 2.1 in windows 7.

    It just seems they have to make the driver to work with windows 7, none of the drivers gave a better score, even the driver from intel.

    We just have to wait…and by the way you can always use 2 OS next to each other…try the new ubuntu NBR..

  49. josiah Says:

    I installed windows 7 into my eeepc 1000ha, it runs good except the webcam , the speaker volume & other built-in function keys won’t work. Also the 2 finger/multi touch mouse pad quit working. Can somebody provide some help?? Thanks!

  50. i have 7 Says:

    yeah same here the touch pad works 4 me tho

  51. Mandy Says:

    As many have already said, reality is Windows is here to stay and too many people like it. Thing is, most people using Windows are not the kind to shout out loud how bad is the competition and how “retarded” are it’s users as opposed to many Linux users.
    That’s the only explaination on why 99% of OS users preffer to enjoy their choice and keep away from brawling while the other 1% can only post comments on how Linux is so much better than Windows.
    Ok, everybody gets the idea, Linux is the best OS in the world, as you say, now please, take that and spare everybody of useless postings.
    Keep to the subject at hand.
    Thank you.

  52. Harry Says:

    hay mates can any body tell me the way how to install win 7 rc using usb drive instead of dvd or cd rom tell me the whole process please thanx! if any one can

  53. SuiSam Says:

    I cant believe the whole OS wars are happening here……

    If u like linux that much…..fair enough but keep in mind this is an article about Windows 7 not linux. Another thing…..500mb of ram isnt much. Micro$haft has a lot more devices, security and added eye candy added to this than ur usual boring AMIGA STYLE WORKBENCH that I’ve seen running on most linux distributions. On the other hand…if boring interfaces are your thing…stick to linux.

    I say its great that Micro$haft has finally got their shite together and actually thought about how to release Windows 7( i call it windows 7 of 9 :D ) They could have done what they did with previous releases that were a steaming pile of crap until the first service pack was released. Good thinking!

    Now to those who will flame for my comments keep in mind.
    I have used numerous types of OS’s that are out there….and for some reason.. XP has been the one that i return to….purely because it works. I DONT nitpick over a tiny bit of ram loss(boo hoo to u go cry to ur mum after im finished with her) or whatever because it goes….its stable…and its common. If linux or OSX one day reins supreme, then they must finally be doing something right.

    So now im going to start this voyage of installing windows 7 of 9. I hope it runs as well as you guys say it does.

  54. SuiSam Says:

    Ok i have it installed. I must say….not bad at all. Runs well… I had one BSOD but probably because im using vista/xp drivers in 7. Other than that its running really well(remember it is a beta).

    As for those people that want to know how to install using a USB stick…. well u need to do a few things
    I will put the XP preparation of the USB stick here. the VISTA prep is widely documented…. check google for that.

    1) look for the HP usb setup program to format it properly. (needs to be NTFS)
    2) look for a guide to use MBRWIZ to make the partition active(a must)
    It does involve CMD line use…so if u dont know what im talkin about willis
    ask a friend who does. (this is for XP………a bugger it……found the website

    I good in depth guide…. enjoy folks. Oh and Bootsect can be found in ur WINDOWS 7 cd in the BOOT directory…


  55. Håkan Says:

    Running Win 7 on my Eee 1000H now and everything is running just fine, bit sluggish at startup perhaps (waiting 60 seconds for the machine to get me to the login screen is perfectly fine by me, I find the sluggish loading time from login screen to actual, responsive, windows to be more of a PITA really).

    Get the ACPI drivers to work just fine, you have to get the from ASUS web site though. That, plus download+install the Eee InstantKey utility will get you up and running with the function keys on the keyboard and the quickstart keys at the top just fine.

    However, getting the Super Hybrid Engine up and running proved to be more of a problem to me. I try to run the setup, it justs states that “this OS is not supported” as it appears to think I am running Windows NT. :P
    Anyone who got this to work care to share som secrets?


  56. Karthik Says:

    Running Win 7 on my old Lenova N100 , i had win 2008 svr earlier. Not bad at all. No issues with any drivers. It is able to automatically fetch any missing drivers from online search.
    Like those screen drag to left or right so you can compare two windows simultaneously.
    Used a Dual core 1.66 Ghz pro with 2GB Ram, also tried using a 4GB USB stick as Dedcated Readyboost(Honestly no difference).
    Liked the Home Network Interface (Homegroup), and as usual microsoft does come up with changes to a few look and feel.
    One difference between Vista and win 7 is that it does not hang as much as Vista does.
    Still my pick is for Win 2008 svr for laptop, i never shut down my laptop for over a year and zero crash.

    Planning to install Win 7 in my Acer Aspire D150 running Atom 1.66 (N280) ghz processor with 2GB Ram. Hope it works. Win XP is too old a OS to continue using. Vista was a failure no doubt but still a better interface.
    My installation comsumed around 7.8GB of disk space.

  57. Suzumiya Haruhi Says:

    Just installed Win7 Ultimate RTM on my EEE 1000h. It is running really well. Much more stable than XP pro was for sure.

    If you want to make a bootable flash drive, this web site is really easy to follow.

  58. Joachim B. Veiby Says:

    Thanks for the info! I just bought mine, and I am looking forward trying windows 7 on it.

  59. Mike T Says:

    Tried installing Win7 Ultimate RTM on 1000HA on the primary partition twice, but the install appears to hang on reboot at the progress bar screen. I’m seeing lots of posts on 1000H working just fine, so I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong. Seems a bit much to have to futz with diskpart, considering that that partition should already be active.

  60. Glasseffects Says:

    There’s no comparison between Linux (any species) or Windows. Windows is simple since its a tool which does not require a manual to operate. Yes its sometimes pesky but which OS is 100% perfect without bugs and glitches? W7 is a great improvement upon its predecessors (including XP and Vista). As far as the issue of hogging memory resources is concerned, there is much to gain by saving a few gigs on the hard drive. Besides memory really is cheap today. Evolution requires some input both from the manufacturer and from the user, one can even start an argument that 486 was so much cheap, one can easily surf net and view images with it, then why one needs a Pentium (or Atom)?

    There is no end to criticism if one’s not willing to accept that growth is inevitable, be it market, hardware requirements or software development. An operating system is no more a mere file manager, what adds to its appeal are the general aesthetic improvements that compliments to the pleasure of using it.

  61. petek Says:

    Anyone still having web cam issues go into the BIOS and change to “enable” – can’t remember under which tab. Works fine – good luck

  62. Neil Says:

    thanx for ur experiments buddy…..i hav the same ASUS Eee PC with XP. im soo tired of XP man. i wanted to install Win 7. Wid ur experience, ill feel safe to install win 7 on my netbook.

  63. Krasi Says:

    guys thank you so mach for this

  64. Sergio C. Says:

    Hey guys.
    Have anyone already solved the problem with th Function (Fn) keys?
    I have a 1008HA, and it seems to happens with most of the EeePC’s 1000 family, such as 1008, 1005 and 1000.
    I haven’t found drivers or updates for win7 to make the Fn running perfect yet.


  65. Sanjay Kacharia Says:

    Before i am using win xp but now i am using WIN 7 which is quite good and very fast than wni XP OS.
    So friend Thank you.
    If u have driver problem email me i will help u.

  66. George Says:

    I just did a full and fresh installation of xp sp3 OS to my eee pc 1000H netbook; I have thought about installing it with the newest OS from MS, but was afraid that it will encounter unforeseen problems. Now, after reading this article, I can later install the netbook with win7 OS :) Thanks for the posting :D

  67. HackJack Says:

    I have a netbook eeepc 1000HD I installed 7, everything works except the aero How do I enable it?

  68. adegoke tunde Says:

    how can i make wireless to work on my eee pc 1000h with window 7

  69. Jenny Says:

    HackJack, I installed win7 in my eeepc 1000HD too, but I can’t get the video driver and one unknow PCI device driver to work. Can you tell me where to find the right drivers for this 2 devices?

  70. Bigfoot48 Says:

    Noted for historic reference:
    Just upgrade my EeePC from Windows 7 to Windows 10 automatically and without a problem.

    Imagine that!

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