BlackBerry Playbook Wins First-Ever Tablet World Series

The San Francisco Giants may have won their first World Series title, but so did the BlackBerry Playbook! Throughout this competition we’ve seen some giants fall, including the Apple iPad. But through it all, this 7-inch tablet fought hard and stood strong against the Steam Elocity A7, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and then the ExoPC Slate. It swung for the fences and brought all its runners in by bringing home 57 percent of the final vote.

The BlackBerry community showed up in force and we salute you for your diligent voting and support via Twitter and Facebook. Let us know what you think of this tournament and its outcome in the comments section below. And stay tuned to tablets section of our site for the latest news and product reviews.

Anna Attkisson
Anna Attkisson
A lover of lists and deadlines, Anna Attkisson covers apps, social networking, tablets, chromebooks and accessories. She loves each of her devices equally, including the phablet, three tablets, three laptops and desktop. She joined the Laptop Mag staff in 2007, after working at Time Inc. Content Solutions where she created custom publications for companies from American Express to National Parks Foundation.
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  1. jb82 Says:

    Can we have another competition when the playbook is actually released?

  2. JonGl Says:

    Sorry, but when The only viable tablet on the market loses to one of the lamer ones in the first round, and a tablet that ident even on the market yet wins, I really havemy doubts as to the veracity of this whole exercise. Needless to say, after u saw the results if the first couple, I didn’t even play. Waste of time.

  3. poisonedApples Says:

    So you saw fit to come back at the end of the contest anyway? I guess it served its purpose. IPad lost because it’s a toy for tots. The adults want a tablet that can actually do something rather than have a redundant product that never leaves the home. I mean, how much more value can you possibly get from the IPad that you weren’t getting from your IPhone, computer, or television? It’s redundant! People who have brains know the difference and that’s why the Playbook won.

  4. BBer from Sina Weibo Says:

    Congratulations PlayBook. Anna Attkisson, please do not forget to mention there are BBer in China like me who support the series from Sina Weibo. Many thanks for organizing it .

  5. darkkevind Says:

    How ridiculous that a 7″ tablet that doesn’t run a full OS, doesn’t have even the slightest capabilities of it’s competitor and hasn’t even seen the light of day yet, should win over a far superior competitor, just because the minions of businesses are now tied in to BB contracts and therefore thousands of people are forced to use BB’s and accept that that’s the best they can get, vote in their droves off the back of 2 incentive emails sent out by BB stating that BB will give a Playbook away to an individual who votes!

    I would like to say to the organizers of this event that the results have been compromised and do not reflect actual fact.

  6. gregqui Says:

    I don’t think this has value when you take care of comments saying that people received a mail promising a link to win a playbook if they vote!

    Time will say which is really the winner, i just want to tell that in reading specs, the exopc looks very good to me to install ubuntu netbook release as i d’ont really like windows 7.

  7. none Says:

    RE: JonGl

    And which one is viable? If you’re thinking iPad… you are mistaken. Own two of those pieces of s!@%t. Actually this product changed my whole philosophy towards apple, NEVER AGAIN AM I GOING TO BUY ANYTHING FROM APPLE (sorry for the caps lock).

    Any who, I think any of these devices is viable except iPad.

  8. David Pinchot Says:

    What a joke. So a product wins that is not even on the market? Don’t waste my time with this dribble.

  9. Jamie Says:

    For the record – I voted for the Playbook and never received a link in the email about having the chance to win one. I think thats just your butthurt talking

  10. Will Robertson Says:


  11. JP Says:

    How does this even make any sense? Unreleased vaporware against something real and tangible?

  12. Rocker Says:

    Vaporware?…pff….check out the internet..its real..and as if they’d give out free ones for voting…its called spam mail, get an email filter will ya? :)

  13. haters every where Says:

    Apple users are so funny> They think that no other product can be better. If you knew anything you would know that BB users are tied in and forced to use BB, they choose to in order to have better productivity!! I never received an email saying I would get a playbook for voting, I highly doubt RIM would ever send an email out like that if you knew anything about the company. Not to mention the thousands of free devices they would have to send out if that were true and the PR nightmare if they did not make god on such a silly promise. Who cares what other people use? if you prefer a product then use it and why should you care about what someone else prefers to use. Time will tell which product is better, for me its the Playbook!! really dont care what you choose to use. If it gets what I need done that’s all i care about!!

  14. Edgar Says:

    How is this even a valid competition? One (1!) of these are freely available for anyone to see, touch, use, etc….

    If this is the case…why didn’t the 2nd gen iPad make the competition? After all, if vaporware, unreleased tablets, mockups, etc can make the competition, can’t future unannounced products make the list? Especially since it is a given that there will be a second gen iPad…which is more than be said for any of these other competitors….

  15. Bob Says:

    I agree that this contest is generally meaningless. I don’t think either tablet should have won. But The author never claimed that this contest would prove which tablet is the best. The only REAL way to ever find that out would be to conduct a full census, including people from all walks of life. the RIM device most likely won because of the advertising and subsequent buzz on rim forums. It’s functionally the same reason that the Exo PC made it this far. There was no advertising, but there were threads like this: in the Exo PC forum which racked up a lot of votes.

    Windows 7 is clunky as a mobile interface. People have been let down again and again by Windows mobile operating systems and they have been repeatedly satisfied (Business people, anyway) with RIM’s OS’s. While the tablet OS has yet to prove itself, I think most people would vote for an OS which has repeatedly met or exceeded expectations vs. an OS which has let you down every time.

    I’ve had several windows phones, including a HTC touch pro 2. They cannot compare to the Iphone OS or Android.

    a tablet is a mobile platform, not a full computer. If you want a mobile computer get a netbook or laptop.

  16. Peter Says:

    So many cry-babies. The fact of the matter is that even having just seen one demo of the PlayBook, I’m kicking myself for buying an iPad. The iPad is okay but only when using apps. It’s terrible for surfing the web, which is really what I want to be doing with a tablet. I can’t wait for the PlayBook to be released. I will be standing in line on Day 1!!!!!!

  17. Donnie Says:

    I don’t see how it’s a waste of time to compare a product that hasn’t been released yet, or publish an article around it. I, for one, have been looking for some reviews and deciding if I should go ahead and purchase another brand or wait for the Playbook… Now I know. Just because an article doesn’t meet your needs, doesn’t mean others can’t gain from it. Thanks!

  18. Daniel Says:

    They knew we were on to their cheating and so they stopped. Now lets do it over again in 2011. When the true tablets come.

  19. BB Rules Says:

    Lets do this again in 2011…and guess what will win….The Playbook…AGAIN!!!!

  20. Randy Says:

    I voted for the BlackBerry Playbook because it’s more desirable than the others. No one sent me an email saying I’d get a free one if I voted. That’s just some sore losers way of justifying why they lost. And for those of you who say this competition doesn’t matter … why are you bothering to post here? Man up, take the loss, & move on.

  21. Michael S. Says:

    Plain and simple, no matter what, blackberry will come back! They are a smart company, and given they have Dan Dodge which makes Job’s looks like a stuffed snow leopard, or is it stuffed lion or tiger! Regardless and anyways, the truth will come out that the followers of Jobs’s will fall on they’re own sword with him, they will regret following him! He doesn’t care about you, nor will he ever!!! WAKE UP!!!

  22. oasis1489 Says:

    in the end, im still posting this comment from my AMAZING exopc and all these bb fanboys (which i didn’t even realized existed until now) won’t have their slate for months. so who’s the REAL winner??

  23. Michael S. Says:

    The real winners are waiting for the tablet that will blow the socks off your Exo! Looks like you know what your talking about!!! Not!!!

  24. alex Says:

    try to do something productive on a 7 inch screen. Microsoft word anyone? oh wait… only the exopc has microsoft word. microsoft outlook? oh wait same thing… huh i guess you’ll have to do something productive on a 3rd party app. which crapberry never makes. the borders are so big they look like the thickness of the Mexican border. the only reason the ipad was successful was because of the apps. now take an ipad slap better performance and 2 (useless) cameras on it, subtract the apps and what do you get? crap. I.E. “crapberry” btw when the F*&# are you supposed to use the camera on the back? the thing is freaking huge. and another thing, you can upgrade the internals of the exopc. so i can upgrade my exopc to “blow the clothing (and huge a$$ border)” right off your waste of money.

  25. Fdo Says:

    Wait, there’s people out there that still defend the iPad? The problem is that the iPad is so lame and useless, that it got beaten by a product that’s not even for sale yet! Nuff said!

    Ps. There’s should be an “iCry” app where all of you apple lovers can go and cry about the iPad being such a useless piece of gabage. Of course it will not be free.

  26. Ike Says:

    Actually, no comment here defend iPad. They just wonder why the unreleased-yet product was the winner.

    What I have seen here is many BB fanboys try to blame iPad, just because it is Apple’s product, instead of explaining why BB playbook is better than ExoPC, Galaxy Tab, Achos 101, and so on…

  27. Slipdisc Says:

    Although I don’t own or want an iPad, it was such a welcomed surprise that it was taken out so early.

    I think you guys should revisit this again once the products are available to all consumers.

  28. Marc453 Says:

    If the blackberry Playbook can be entered, why not the HP Slate? I think it is better than any one of the tablets mentioned. true it runs Full blown Windows 7, does true multi-tasking, has a true digitizer, and has sold out it’s first shipment. The HP Slate will be a true game changer and will set a new bar for all other tablets. And, unlike the BB Playbook, it is shipping now. (Hint-Your tax dollars at work!)

  29. Mrhello Says:

    I can’t speak for any of the other devices, but the Ipad was a glorious disappointment to me, the ratings here got that right. The web browsing is slow, the device isn’t comfortable to hold, and you can’t use the device until you set it up with a PC with I-tunes on it (very irritating). The apps are okay, but sometimes you buy a $5.00 app that is just about useless, so I wasn’t happy with those either. After a month, I sold mine for a $100 loss, and I’ll try again after the real reviews come in.

  30. hahaha Says:

    I have had the iPhone 4, a G2, and many other smartphones to test and I’ve stuck with blackberry or what now, 3 years? Android needs work. It is not responsive enough and has flaws here and there in the OS which i cannot get over even in 2.2. iOS is tied down and always will be plus you can only do so much with those kiddish applications. Apple is overpriced and not worthy of my money, I’d ratehr put my money in a well bulit phone with a good software like OS 6 for Blackberry. Thats why I would choose a playbook over a ipad or galaxy tab anyday. I am happy with RIM and will be for a long time compared to windows, iOS and Android. And i can see just fine on my two point something inch screen I’m to trying to carry a brick in my pocket :)

  31. Mike Says:

    I can’t wait for the 2011 Tablet World Series, because I’m going to wipe the floor with the Blackberry Playbook. It won’t even be a contest. I can make a mean 3d model and flash animations and write press releases like nobody’s business!

    You know, because apparently actually existing and being for sale apparently aren’t qualifications for either entering or winning the Tablet World Series. Yet the announcement is: the 2011 Blackberry defeated the 2010 iPad, despite a 2011 iPad being inevitable, presumably because the 2011 iPad hasn’t been officially announced yet.

    And the Blackberry Playbook looks like something that’s technically feasible today, so imagine how cool a tablet could be if it didn’t limit itself like that! So I’d like to officially announce the AwesomeTablet, which is by definition more awesome than whatever other tablet is the king of the hill on any given day. For starters: exactly like the Blackberry Playbook, but 4x the screen resolution, 100x the RAM, 16 CPUs, and 48-hour battery life when playing HD video. Done and done! How about dual 10MP cameras on each side, so it can shoot 3d video? Coming sometime in 2012! Maybe! You don’t know! Kind of like RIM in 2011!

    Watch for it in stores, or (more likely) screenshots and press releases on the web!

  32. Louis Says:

    LOL, RIM uses this “contest” as a testimonial on their website.

  33. JamesP Says:

    OMG, this is such a joke! A popularity contest for vaporware (except iPad).
    What’s really a scream is that BlackBerry cites this on their PlayBook website.

  34. AlfieJr Says:

    anybody here feeling REALY STUPID yet?

  35. MM Says:

    @Alfie: An asteroid hit Earth and as a result, all the RIM fans became extinct. Only us mammals have survived.

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