BlackBerry Curve 8330 Face-Off: Sprint vs. Verizon Wireless

All morning we’ve heard nothing but muffled growling from two fresh boxes that just landed in our office. The new BlackBerry 8330 Curves from Sprint ($179 with two-year contract and rebates) and Verizon Wireless ($169 with two-year contract and rebates) are finally here and they are eager to do battle. Each 8330 has its own unique features, and both offer EV-DO connectivity and GPS, but only one will emerge as the winner. We’ll be bringing you our full reviews soon, but here are our first hands-on impressions of these eagerly awaited smart phones. Check out how the Curves fare, round by round… Update: The full review of the Sprint Curve has been posted. Design/Interface VZW 8330: The interface of the liquid-silver Curve 8330 is admittedly cleaner. Icons are large and sit atop a fresh white background. The handset also spares you the preinstalled applications, so the desktop is less cluttered. Aside from the basics available on most BlackBerrys, you’ll see VZ Navigator as the only additional icon. If the Verizon version’s theme doesn’t suit you, there is always the option to switch out to preloaded RIM themes. Sprint 8330: Sprint’s titanium-gray Curve has a desktop that looks cluttered at first, but that’s only because it’s chock-full with a host of useful folders to application installation shortcuts that most users will be pleased to see at boot-up. Sprint created folders for each set of apps, including: Entertainment, Instant Messaging, and Communities (more on what’s inside each folder below in the Multimedia shoot-out category). Each icon sits atop Sprint’s sun logo splattered on a black background. If you prefer an old-school RIM theme like BB Dimension Zen, you can switch to it by visiting the Options menu. Winner: Tie While we appreciate Sprint’s preloaded application-download shortcuts for chat applications and more, other users may prefer Verizon Wireless’ cleaner interface. However, those customers may also dislike the fact that they’re stuck with the VZW theme. EV-DO Data VZW 8330: Verizon’s Curve doesn’t come with V CAST’s video or music, but it does support YouTube streaming from Our video started after 23 seconds—13 seconds behind Sprint’s Curve, which had a 1xEV-DO connection in our office. We also loaded some popular Web site home pages: Update: With a 1xEV DO connection on our replacement unit, we loaded the same streaming video in 5 seconds, three seconds faster than the Sprint Curve. 10 seconds Update: 5 seconds 9 seconds Update : 6 seconds 9 seconds Update: remained 9 seconds 14 seconds Update: 11 seconds Average: 10.5 seconds Update: 7.5 seconds Note: Our VZW review unit wasn’t displaying the EV1X sign, but we were in a coverage area with EV-DO connectivity. Verizon is looking into the problem and we will report back. Update: Our replacement unit was able to obtain an EV-DO connection and our updates scores are listed above. Sprint 8330: Sprint was able to load a streaming video from in just 8 seconds—marginally slower than the Verizon Wireless Curve. Sprint’s Curve also supports the Sprint Music Store, and we were able to download Nelly’s Party People in just 19 seconds. The same Web site home pages loaded a bit more quickly: 6 seconds 8 seconds 8 seconds 18 seconds Average: 10 seconds Winner: Sprint 8330 Update: Verizon Wireless Our Verizon Wireless unit with an EVDO connection was able to load websites an average of 2.5 seconds faster, and streamed videos faster, too.

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  1. Crackberry Says:

    “Of course, choosing a Curve 8330 is going to depend most on what carrier you are with, but, if that contract is up, we recommend the Sprint Curve over the Verizon version.”

    Are you smoking something?
    If I

  2. Crackberry Says:


    If I sign a 2 yr contract with Sprint, I don’t have the assurance they’ll be in business that long.

  3. Todd Says:

    What we meant was if you’re a die hard Curve fan, the Sprint one is the one to go with just because of the added bonus features and freedom of GPS. Of course carrier performance comes into play, and we awarded Verizon Wireless the win in our May issue.

  4. Blackberry User Says:

    As I appriciate the comparison of the two devices, a true comparison can only be accomplished in a test environment that is equal for both devices. Both devices must show “EV1X” in capital letters, and both must recieve FULL strength signal bars. That may mean testing the two devices in different locations. If one device is only getting 1X, than that device is only working on the 2G network, and not on 3G EVDO. Thus, the speeds will be different. Cell sites are not all in the same location. If Sprint, in your test, was getting a good EV1X signal, and Verizon was not, than go down the street. You’ll probably find a location where Verizon is getting a strong EV1X signal, and Sprint is not. Again, we need to compare apples to apples!

    Additionally, I thank you for the Theme comparison, but do not find this information useful. If you do not like the Sprint or Verizon Themes, one can always default to the pre-loaded Blackberry themes which are identical. Also, with all the blackberry junkies (like myself) out here, a user can go find the theme that best suits them for under $7 or even free at

  5. Wiser Blackberry User Says:

    Sprint and Verizon use the same towers.

  6. Blackberry tire-kicker Says:

    I’m a loyal Verizon patron and am ready to upgrade to either the 8830 or 8330. I don’t travel overseas and stay pretty much on the west coast. Does that point me to the 8330?

  7. Sir Brian Says:

    What Blackberry User says is dead on the money. If one phone is not showing an EVDO signal, but the other is, the comparison is not even valid to say that one is faster, because obviously the one showing EVDO would be faster at that particular location. The real differences between the 2 Curves are the color, and that Sprint’s includes instant messaging client(although Verizon’s blackberry can easily download free clients), and that Sprint’s includes support for Sprint Music Store and Sprint TV, however, Sprint’s has no MMS support, which wasn’t mentioned in the article at all. The music store is not really a plus to me, as you can easily load your own free music into the blackberry using the software cd that comes with it, however, is nice to have that as an option. And Verizon’s will be able to get Mobile TV directly from the company, so that’s not that much of an advantage. For me, I much prefer Sprint’s color choice, but lack of something as basic and commonly used as mms, is a real downer, and it should have been mentioned in this review.

  8. Todd Haselton Says:

    Sir Brian
    Good points, stay tuned for our review though this was just a first impressions hands-on post. We’ll cover both phones more in depth in their respective reviews. I’m also not sure where you’re getting the information that Verizon Wireless’ Curve will have or support V CastTV, where did you read that?

  9. Sir Brian Says:

    I didn’t say VCast TV. I said Mobile TV, but I meant, Mobi TV.

  10. Ross Says:

    also i have the 8330 for Verizon and my VZ Navigator takes up the whole screen. there was a problem with installing it before the official launch on friday but it has since been cleared up and now is working just fine. there must have been a problem with your install if it isnt taking up the whole screen.

  11. World's Best Todd Says:

    Thanks Ross,
    The software took up the whole screen, but the menu was distorted, hopefully that’s fixed. We still think that Telenav’s software is more powerful in general, however.

  12. bella Says:

    go Sprint!!

  13. Kyle Says:

    First off there is a typing mistake in the article “Each 8830 has it own unique features” Odd. that needs to be changed. Now Sprint’s BlackBerry is better then Verizon’s mostly because Sprint allows 3rd Party Software, rather then VZW has to be a Verizon Software, they even have taken GPS from BlackBerry and there is no BlackBerry Maps just the VZW Navg, which is annyoying when you are traveling and you can’t call a person unless you exit the entire system. But Sprint has a lot of Multimedia Features that Verizon does not, and personaly that is a plus because when you are waiting you want MultiMedia plus you can watch TV Shows and Everything. Coverage is something that is talked about well guess what Coverage is a Varable because just becuase a Coverage Maps Show EVDO Speeds, it says “Speeds up to ” So you can have lower than that speed. Plus well coverage is something that is changed in every location some places get better bars then others. But Sprint is very relable then VZW in kinda my area of Lansing, MI strong singal then Verizon. Sprint is better then Verizon! Not to mention pricing, just because VZW is $10 cheaper then Sprint’s but spend the $10 and get a better company.

  14. ToKyle Says:

    Kyle, the line saying “each 8830 has its own unique features” refers to the 8830s for 1.Verizon and 2. Sprint(from that you ought to have understood that the verizon version of the 8830 will have one set of features while sprint’s version will have a different set). Therefore the statement does not need changing.

  15. Joanna Stern Says:

    I think what Kyle meant is that we had mistakenly written 8830. This post is about the 8330. Thanks Kyle, we have updated the post. Oh why BlackBerry, do you have to have so many model numbers!?

  16. Curve on Even Days, iPhone on Odd Says:

    Wiser Blackberry, that’s only partiall true. The two carriers share towers in some areas, but not in others. It’s irrelevant since they don’t share networks. Even where they share towers, they don’t share the equipment on those towers. Antenna arrays, antennas, cables, all the electronics in the shed, backhaul, etc. are not shared. Two separate systems mounted on the same pole can have varied performance based on height, and optimization adjustments.

  17. vzwty Says:

    Are you kidding? Sprint better than Verizon. Man stop smoking whatever it is your smoking. Why did sprint lose over a million customers? Verizon gained over 3 million? One has the most reliable network? The other fires there customers for complaining too much? Man thanks for the good laugh. I needed that.

  18. Mr Dave Says:

    Only difference is the TV. Everything else is the same.

  19. VZW 8330 Owner Says:

    First of all let me say, I own Verizons 8330. Second, Kyle, do your research. Verizon BlackBerries support 3rd party software just fine; I use 3rd party apps all day every day. And yeah, GPS may be crippled but BlackBerry Maps is already there. And besides….Google Maps works like a charm! And I don’t know where everybody else lives but where I live Sprint customers are always twisting into pretzel shapes trying to find a signal! lol “Can you hear me now? What about now?” Since I’ve been with Verizon I NEVER LOSE MY SIGNAL! In elevators, around computer equipment, or in the boondocks, and I’m still able to make calls, surf the net, and send/receive text and multimedia messages. And the moral of this story is: In my neck of the woods, Sprint sucks!

  20. Bob Says:

    What about mms? From what I remember about my vzw pearl and my sprint pearl that I had from when I worked there, the sprint offering did not have a method for sending pictures through text messages. Both could receive pictures. Verizon’s showed up as a picture and Sprint’s showed up as a web address.

  21. Steve Says:

    “What about MMS”? I second that question! I called Sprint customer care twice and got two different answers. My Pearl did not support MMS. I just ordered my Curve today, so I should have it tomorrow (I’m an indirect dealer for Sprint), but I would love to know if I’ll be able to send picture messages or if I’ll be really upset again.

  22. Brandon Says:

    Whats the deal with the Verizon curve and nationwide calling? Does anyone know the pricing yet cause i’m going to europe for a month and wanted to know if it would be cheaper if i just bought the curve and added the feature for a month or the nationwide calling plan w.e, or would it be cheaper another way?

  23. sweet _Je$us Says:

    I have sprint and i love it!

  24. World's Best Todd Says:

    MMS is not supported by Sprint’s Curve, check out our review on the homepage.

  25. M Says:

    How is the background noise compared to the 8830 which picks up a ton of blackgound noise? Any apples to apples?

  26. Joanna Stern Says:

    M: I had the Verizon 8830 (World Edition) for a year and couldn’t stand the background noise. No one could hear me well when I was walking on the streets or even at slightly-crowded restaurant. I just reviewed Verizon’s Curve 8330 and bought one for myself this weekend. It has changed my life! People can hear me perfectly fine on the streets, even my Mom (who has a serious hearing loss). I have retired my Bluetooth headset…

  27. M Says:


    Thanks, this is what I needed to hear. I love the 8830, but not the noise (or at least my listeners do not)!!!

    Now to try an work over sprint… thats the hard part since I am under contract.

  28. antman Says:

    Guys, i need help…
    I picked up the pearl based on an early upgrade promotion back in Jan and want to upgrade to the Curve,, I cannot stand the 1/2 Qwerty….

    They want to charge me full retail price for the curve, which is $400+, what do you think? I was considering on going to Sprint since the same service as I am getting is $40 less (given the unlimited plans), but have been with Verizon for years and can only say good things about their service and customer service..

    Any ideas? Someone please help….

  29. bostie Says:

    my wife had a similar dilemma with sprint this week. here’s what you should try: call verizon to cancel your service. they will ask you why you are canceling. you say you are unhappy with your current phone and need to upgrade but the cost of a full-price curve is too much. say you can switch to sprint and get a much better deal both on the phone and service plan. sprint offered my wife a significant discount on the phone to stay (as she has been a long time customer). i realize sprint struggles to keep customers but my guess is verizon would also offer some incentive to stay. the trick is not to speak with the general sales or customer support people; speak with the service cancellation crew who seem to have more leeway to make a sale.

  30. VZWRep Says:

    bostie: There is no “service cancellation crew” at VZW. When you call in to cancel, it is CS who you talk to about retentions. Unlike Sprint, we will not throw in the farm to keep you from threatening to cancel because of the Sprint Curve (in this case). If you are under contract, we also know you are either on the standard $175 ETF per line, or the variable ETF. That also needs to be taken into consideration. I’m not saying we’re going to be a hard ass and not try to help you out, like maybe add a courtesy credit if you order a Curve, and the other option we can give you is 1 year pricing on the Curve, even if you are in contract and not eligible for your 20 month upgrade. 1 year pricing is certainly better than full retail pricing, and if there is a rebate you’d get that too even at 1 year prices. I just wanted to throw in my two cents that VZW does not have a “retentions department”, which is another layer of Sprint, and another of their downfalls as too many layers of CS. (I had Sprint for 10 years, I know!)

  31. Jay Says:

    You guys all have some interesting views, but a lot of wrong information. 1. MMS is capable with all BlackBerries. Compose as an email and use the picture mail domain. Ex. Sounds cumbersome, but hey that’s what an unlimited address book is for. Same the MMS(picture mail) domain as another email address. That way, when you want to send a picture, you type that person’s name it comes up with the address automatically. Same steps in MMS as it is to compose an email. For the record, no photos just appear with MMS. The presentation of the notification is just different from carrier to carrier. You still have to take some step to download the full photo or video to see it. None of the carriers will permit the network to automatically download a photo or video to a receipent. Because everyone doesn’t have data. It will always allow the receipent of the media to view or download the media by choice. If you do a search for “MMS domains”, you’ll fine the domains of all the carriers.

  32. brendan Says:

    does this model of the curve for Verizon have any capabilities for going overseas?

  33. VZWRep Says:


    It will work in overseas countries that are on the CDMA network. It does not have a SIM card and the only Blackberry VZW offers that will work on GSM also is the BB 8830 World Edition.

  34. Ryan Rife Says:

    You should have also considered the price of the service. Last I checked Sprint was $10-$20 cheaper per month for the same level of service.

  35. Jake SD Says:


    I am considering either the Curve or Pearl and will be staying with Verizon. But there seems to be conflicting stories all over the net about whether they will allow 3rd party GPS software to be used on the phone. $10 a month is a total ripoff especially when I can buy software for $60-70. Your assistance would help

  36. bb master Says:

    List sprint clowns. Sprint put the nail in the coffin when they purchased Nextel. Cmon. Really?? Who uses a stupid radio anyway? It’s 2008, not 1980. Nextel sucks. IDEN is dead as far as Sprint is concerned.
    The FCC approved the purchase of Nextel as long as Sprint did the following
    Sprint Nextel is giving up its 700 MHz and some 800 MHz channels in exchange for 10 megahertz of spectrum in the 1.9 GHz band. The carrier has until June 26,2008 to move off most of its 800 MHz spectrum and make it available to public-safety agencies. The complicated spectrum shuffle was designed to prevent interference to first-responder radio systems
    What does that mean for you Sprint customers. A crap pile of IDEN customers being loading onto an already bogged down Sprint CDMA network. Result. Even more fast busys, dropped calls, call failed etc.

    Ever been around a nextel phone and your TV or radio starts freaking out 1-2 seconds before the phone rings..That’s called interference morons. Another Hint..That button on the top of your nextel phone is a speaker phone on/off..USE it..I don’t want to hear your stupid conversation!

    Sprint has been lying to it’s customers for years about having the best of both worlds. IDEN and CDMA. That’s like saying you can run Mac on a Windows machine. The 2 networks are as different as MAC and Windows. For those of you clueless Sprint customers w/ur head in the sand. Look at the facts. Sprint has had 6 straight qtrs of massive customer losses. Hmmm. They have the highest churn in the industry. Stock is at an all time low and they can’t even keep customers by giving away the farm.
    Sprint roams off VZW for voice and data in some areas, however they will not have EVDO data when roaming.
    VZW has the best coverage hands down. I have VZW for 10 years. Everyone friend and family member is now w/VZW and has for over 5 years. The wriiting is on the wall. Sprint is all over the map. Wi-Max. Iden..Iden+CDMA..Ever call a CS from Sprint. 1st you are routed to another country and you can’t understand them. 2nd-mention canceling and they will hang up. You have Nextel, Nextel Partners and then all their indirects. Nobody is on the same page.

    Lastly..The the last wireless spectrum auction. VZW bought up 9.6 billion in C block, ATT 6.8. Sprint..?????? that’s right notta..they don’t have any money..They spent their 36 billion nut on Nextel’s 18 mill radio customers..Now that 18 mill base is less then 15 mill.. T-Mobile Deutch Telecom might want to stay clear of buying this lemon..

  37. brittany Says:

    well lets jus say that i work for sprint and in the past i also worked for verizon. Sprint is way better when it comes to the features on the Curve. it provides navigation,Sprint TV, unlimited text messeging, music, and web usage. i mean what else can you ask for??

  38. VZWRep Says:

    Jake SD – sorry I haven’t checked back on here recently. If you still are reading the messages here, yes the GPS is locked down and you can only use VZ Navigator at this time on your Blackberry. Even I find this sort of annoying but not much we can do about it.

    Brittany, yes Sprint is giving away the farm these days, aren’t they?

  39. RocketMan Says:

    VZWRep – since when did givng extras for any service or item seem like a bad deal? Verizon needs to step up to the plate!

  40. VZWRep Says:

    RocketMan …… just look at the past 12 months comparing Sprint and the other two carriers ahead of it. The numbers speak for themselves. Especially look at the Sprint churn numbers even the past 2 quarters, and look how low the stock has gone, its staggering. I would say its Sprint that better step up to the plate and try to be profitable, stop SERO and giving away the farm because its not working and the stock is the proof. Looks like its a good candidate for T-M (GSM) or, more than likely and hopefully another CDMA carrier.

    By the way, I had Sprint with 5 lines beginning in 1998 and the last phone ported out in January, 2008, so I do see what happened first hand and until about 2 years ago loved and defended Sprint vigorously.

  41. Frank Bailey Says:

    wow, you guys are Blackberry GURU’s!! I just got mine from Sprint and I’m still playing with it. I’m coming from a Razor and it’s a big step. Thanks to all your inputs….

  42. Demond Robinson Says:

    I have been with sprint for 8 years and they sent me the wrong phone(Pearl) due to outsourcing and mis understandings and applied my rebate credit. When I sent the phone back they claimed they would reset my loyalty date. Needless to say it never happened. I missed a chance to get the curve on E-bay for only $99.00 due to this. After several hours on the phone also emailing and online chat I finally got my phone and credit for the rebate. They were very confuse and were not empathetic to my situation and the hassle I went through not to mention I DID NOT HAVE WHAT I WANTED and that was the curve. I ended up paying $79.00 for the phone after credits. I LOVE MY CURVE it is a great asset to business as well as very entertnaining everyone who picks it up is just blown away with the features. Sprint has gotten me upset in the past but I appreciated their prices and the original nationwide system is what go t me to go with them in the beginning. I remember when verizon used to charge you .10cents for each call to a landline they have ruined more peoples credit than the law allows.

  43. Rip'dOffCellfoneCustey Says:

    Verizon has the best service but it has the worst calling plans in the business. I have the curve 8330 and I pay close to $200.00 a month for my service because I have the unlimited calling plan+blackberry data plan+unlimited txt/pix msgz….my bill is astronomical but Sprint has the exact same phone but it’s a $100.00 cheaper,for all the features that I just listed. So I’m really considering taking a leap to cut cost,and not have my phone bill cost me the same monies as my friends car note.

  44. Big Mo Says:

    The big advantage with Sprint is price. For example while other carriers are offerring unlimited talk for $99.99 per month, for the same price, Sprint throws in besides unlimited talk, unlimited data and web browsing (including smartphones), text and navigation. For small users such as myself, while other carriers generally charge $69.99 for 450 min talk, plus unlimited blackberry data/web, sprint offers the same for the same price as well as unlimited messaging and navigation. This is Sprint’s answer to their high churn rate. I know one person on the west coast, who has the unlimited Sprint plan, with the Blackberry curve and is quite happy. I’m currently with AT&T, out of contract using a used Blackberry 8700C. Quite happy, except for AT&T’s incredibly slow EDGE service for data while tethering to laptop. Holding out for the Blackberry Bold with 3G, otherwise will have to switch to CDMA carrier. Used to work for a company in which Verizon outsourced some of their customer service. Will attest that customer service is great at VZW, but the company has a 19th century concept of labor relations.

  45. trippy Says:

    I’m a bit ticked at VZW. At the store they said, unlimited internet bandwidth. I asked, even if I tether the blackberry to my laptop? The answer was yes. Then I get home and install the software on my computer, and tether the blackberry. Only to find out then, there’s a 5G limit per month with the tether. So a warning to all that “unlimited internet” that VZW blares is not all true.

  46. Big Fry Says:

    Have the Sprint Curve, have to I’m very happy. Great reception, and for 99 a month you unlimited everything including GPS and Sprint TV. Seems like a deal you can’t go wrong with

  47. mcjelly Says:

    I understand people don’t like only having the option to use VZ navigator, but noticed someone saying that you have to exit the whole system to call someone – that’s not true. you can both send and receive calls without exiting the navigator. I have used the system several times for long trips, and I believe that you just hit the send button, and you have the option to either select from a list of recently called numbers or enter a number. when ending the conversation, you press the end button once, and navigator resumes. to exit, you must press the end button twice. It is frustrating that you can’t access your address book, though, but you can actually manually enter numbers without exiting.

  48. berryaddict80 Says:

    Just buy damn mobitv for ur verizon curve same thing as sprint tv that’s where its from and verizon has service evrrywhere even in farms that I went to sprint hardly have service spot to spot service plus sprint curve more money than verizon curve

  49. Dan Wilson Says:

    VZW flavor does NOT come with a 1GB MicroSD card. This author is not too BB savvy and would appreciate a reveiw by someone who knows mobile devices versus just aesthetics. (eg themese that can be easily changed).

  50. brandi Says:

    i just wanted to thank everyone for there feed back. you all were very helpfull

  51. brandi Says:

    i have just ordered the curve from sprint. price on the phone and plan is what sold me. we work on sanibel island fl. and even when i had verison there are alot of spots without service. some of my family have already switched to sprint and they told me the service was alot better on the island. so i will give sprint a try.

  52. David Says:

    I Had Sprint for a month and they were absolutely HORRIBLE. Bad Customer Service, over priced, everything sucked. I switched to the Verizon Blackberry Curve and with my Military discount, I have unlimited everything with 450 rollover minutes a month, and I never lose signal. GO VERIZON!

  53. curve lover Says:

    Wow David. Verizon doesnt offer roll over minutes. i work for the company. if you have unlimited everything, why would u need roll over minutes. THEY’RE UNLIMITED!!!

  54. Sharon Says:

    David is full of sh-t!, he doesn’t even know what kind of plan he has! if he has one at all..

  55. Alisa Says:

    I am considering between Verizon and Sprint’s Blackberry 8330, and while everyones questions and advice have been helpful, i was was wondering how verizon and sprint work their ringtones. I know when i had AT&T i used to be able to make my music i had on my phone into my ringtones, how do ringtones work on either of these phones?

  56. 8330happysprint Says:

    Alisa, I can’t speak tp VZW but w/ Sprint you can use any retail ringtone maker software(I got mine at Best Buy for 30 bucks) and import any tone through micro sd card ;)

  57. Scitzo Says:

    I have the Verizon 8330. For ringtones, I have made my own and downloaded them in mp3 and wav format. They seem to work great. I like the fact that now when some one sends you a audio file you can save it as a ringtone on your phone. I have been impressed with that access to the internet. I live in the Austin, TX area and my connection is excellent, but I decided to put it to the test. My parents live approximately 75 miles from West of Austin in Verizon extended network. I was able to access the internet, my messenger, all my mms message and email came through. I notice that with both my other Verizon phones that they do not get mms when I am in the extended network nor was I able to access the internet. I would have to say that I am pleased with the over all function ability over the 8830.

  58. Hank Says:

    Sprint Curve = No MMS

    Verizon Curve = Excellent MMS

    For that simple fact alone, one has to ask oneself “why would Sprint sell a BB that has a camera but cannot send MMS?” – Answer: Horrible deceitful company.

    Sprint is a joke.

  59. Martin Says:

    Ive had sprint for years. And to be totally honest, I hate them! Ive had smartphones and regular phones with sprint. For the most part the service was fine where I live. (S.Jersey, just outside of Philadelphia) But I hate all there phones! They are the last to get all the good phones.

    So looking to get another phone, I bought the BB Curve. Hoping this phone would work for me without the hassle of changing to another company. Brought it home, played with it and at first, Loved it. Then I find out you cannot send a picture to another phone. I mean seriously??? To me, this Sucks! For my business I constantly have to send pics to customers. Its just easier to send a quick picture to their phone. So Anyway, Ive had the phone for 2 days and needless to say im taking it back. Love the phone, hate the fact that you cant send pics.

    I have been thinking about going to verizon. They always have the good phones. Im so upset with sprint and their terrible customer service, that im almost willing to pay the $200 per line to cancel. I have 3 lines but it might just be worth the peace of mind. If i do, i’ll most likely get the BB Curve for Verizon.

  60. SMan Says:

    Martin –

    Upgrade your Sprint curve to the latest handheld software ( With added MMS you can take a picture with your Sprint 8330 and send to a phone. I just did it. As far as customer service goes – all telecom customer service sucks so that can be a hard argument, but still frustrating. Give the download a shot and see if that changes your mind.

  61. Ryan Says:

    I have had all of the carriers … I had att blackberry . went to verizon BB and now I with Sprint BB curve again I love the phone… I up graded to the new soft ware and for $99 a month instead of $175. I have found no differents in service , I am eastern Ct. and I have fould that sprint has been the most reliable so far…..

  62. Gary Says:

    I’ve been with verizon since GTE Mobilenet and I’m thinking about switching because verizon is very stingy with the gps and television.Also you can even slingbox there blackberry phones.Give you customers a break especially the one that pay for your smartphone data plans

  63. Lady T Says:

    Sprint has a better version hands down and the plan tops Verizon in all areas. Also for people who say you can’t send MMS on the Blackberry 8330…..uh yes you can. Read the manual it’s really simple and I do it all the time. The option that says send MMS is not there for no reason and it works. Have done it over 100 times since I’ve owned this phone.

  64. Heather Says:

    Ummm I don’t think employees of the phone companies should have an opinion unless they have worked for both sprint and verizon. Who gives a XXX about who’s better sorry to burst your little bubbles but nothing in life is perfect so get over it and move on with life.

  65. Chase Says:

    I’m looking through the manual of my sprint 8330 and it says nothing about MMS!

  66. leaphty Says:

    the new updated 4.5 software just installed MMS on my 8330 curve through Sprint but now I need to find Myspace and Facebook all over again. I’m a truck driver and my team partner has Verizon. He likes Verizon but he’s a jerk, go figger. He lost an argument with them and switched. I do fine with Sprint’s coverage although their Customer Disservice Department needs to look up ‘clue’ in the dictionary someday. The trick is to get in touch with Technical Service, they’ve got the combination to the clue safe.

    Sprint shut off my service twice the same day. my birthday, no less and tried to soak me for $2800 once (yes, $2800) but I can win any a$$hole competition if I put my mind to it and still have three phones and their Broadband card.

    I’m thinkin’ it falls to personal preference more than somebody-or-another telling others what to do. Folks are different strokewise. I use Sprint’s TeleNav and although it’s a bit cumbersome so far and doesn’t measure up to Microsoft’s Streets & Get Lost but it’s in a smaller box. My laptop doesn’t fit in my pocket.

    I believe ALL the cellphone companies are raping their customers except that new unlimited buncha everything package for $50/month deal some company just came out with. If I just wanted a phone, that would definitely be the way to go. They ALL have to resort to contracts to keep from true competition against stuff like that.

    I’m no know-it-all and I hold an extreme dislike for those who profess to be so whether they come out and say it that way or not. Live and let whatever.

    Aut Pax Aut Bellum

  67. x-sprint rep Says:

    Sprint’s Simply Everything 99$ hands down is the best in wireless.

  68. Katherine Says:

    I got a Sprint 8330 Curve in Dec ’08 and left Verizon to do it. I have the Simply Everything 450 plan. The only places I’ve had a noticeable signal problem are in my friend’s 300 year old stone/mortar house, and inside places like Wal-Mart. To me, small sacrifice for the $30 per month savings for the exact same plan (the key difference– text messaging) from Verizon. VZW can laugh at Sprint that they “give away the farm,” but in case they haven’t noticed, there’s a long-term RECESSION on. People want to save $$. I also read an article that because of this, people are downgrading their mobile plans and extras to save $$, regardless of carrier. It’s nice to know that because I got a piece of “the farm” I probably won’t have to.

    Now, the automated system you call to check your mins, pay by phone, etc. just told me I’ve used just over “1 million data.” (No PAM– straight phone.) Hope the unlimited data my plan truly is!

  69. willie Says:

    I’ve been with sprint about 8 years and I just bought the curve 3 months ago. The only thing that bugs me is the fact that the everything plan doesn’t really include everything. The navigation requires a $3/daily or $10/ monthly sign up.Someone in this thread mentioned that the nav was included.Am I wrong? BTW the forum is awesome. Thanks to everyone for the input.

  70. Matt Says:

    Yes the simply everything plan from sprint does include sprint navigation. I have used it several times and no extra fees. The only problem I had with sprint was that they would not add 2 lines to my plan because i made a payment 1 day late. Tried for 2 months but they would not budge. I switched to Verizon as my unicel phones were going to be converted in may anyway. They approved me no restrictions and the new hub home phone service. I wish sprint added the 2 lines because they do have the best price plan around. as for who has the better network no one cell company can make everyone happy they all have there dead spots. find out what works for yuo and got with it.

  71. Jason Says:

    I just switched from Verizon to Sprint today after my normal Blackberry Storm bill jumped from $120 a month to $1,087.17 with no explanation. I called Verizon and was told basically that it was a couple hundred ring tones and I’d gone way over on my minutes… First off, I’ve never downloaded a ring tone, and I’ve never used more than the minutes allotted in my plan. After a little bit of bitching, they gave me an “adjustment” of $104. This after switching to Verizon from Sprint 4 years ago. Where I live (Columbus, OH) both providers offer good coverage, and Sprint is less expensive for their plans. I”m happy with the switch.

  72. Savdini Says:

    Sprint is great. And yes you can send MMS on the 8330. You have to do a software update on your computer and just plug in your BB and update to ver. 4.5.. That will enable MMS.

  73. eric Says:

    look people i drive truck cross country i tryed them all(att not) verizon what a joke!!!!! nextel dont work good on the move in the big citys more than good sprint a ok.lose signal 3 times form canton ny to traveres city mi that all 2 lane roads im on the phone 10,000 plus min a month i got unlimted every thing for 99 dollars a month that includes unlimeted data (unlike verizon).i drive east of the mississippi fl to wi tx to me.verizon will suck u in hell the cant even fix there phone lines up here in upstate ny and yes i know to differnt agents but still please been with sprint for 8years been driven 18 years.i know what com. i will stike with

  74. Chris Says:

    I have been with Sprint for 17 years, and just leaped into the dark world of Blackberry’s recently. I have the Curve 8330, which cost me $149/ with a $100 rebate for an adjusted cost of $49. I have 4 lines, 1500 minutes and pay $158 per month (resulting from my corporate discount of 23%). I have to say that Sprint is a great company, and I certainly can’t complain that they “give the farm away”. You may get dead spots, but you will with any carrier. If you call and inform Sprint, they are more than obliging in issuing a credit.

    Moral of the story: Stick with a carrier for some time and your loyalty will allow you to get, within reason, whatever you’d like.

  75. kat Says:

    I have been with many carriers including GTE and LA Cellular when they were around. By far Verizon has had the best service.Before I even knew the power a BB has they let me try 3 other phones including the Pearl (hated the keyboard). The worry free guarantee allowed me to realy use each phone and I did go over the 30 days at one point but they still gave me the Curve 8330. If that isn’t customer service I don’t know what is!

  76. RoCkSt*r Says:

    lol was a lil bored so I read a lot of the comments. My 2 cents I started off with Primeco which became Verizon stayed with them 4 some years & then switched 2 AT&T. My AT&T years sucked the in the last year or so in 2007 I got my first smartphone a Blackjack I no Blackberry but it introduced me 2 the world the next year n April/May I upgraded 2 the BJ II around that time it seemed like prices got more expensive speed up 2 this year May I decided 2 go Blackberry (best phone I have ever owned) & 2 also switch carriers I was tired of payin between $140 & $160 a month 4 service. Went with MetroPCS I’m fortunate 2 live n Miami so they r set up nicely here. For $66 a month I get unlimited everything plus phone insurance 4 my Blackberry. Within the next 2 years MetroPCS along with Verizon will be rolling out LTE so hmmm I’m on the cusp of even greater service on the horizon & I will b laughin all the way 2 the bank. I luv my Blackberry Curve

  77. RoCkSt*r Says:

    a little correction on my note was answerin a call while typing it should read “My AT&T years sucked & in the last year or so. In 2007″

  78. verizon expert Says:

    I have had verizon forever but my cosin has þhe sprint curve 8330 and I have the verizon curve 8330. Even my cosin likes verizon better and she’s switching to verizon……..u rock verizon! Ceap and awsome! Tv access, radio, internet, mms, unlimited txting and calling, and wayyyyy more!

  79. verizon expert Says:

    Sprint is sooooooo NOT cheap! And there tv access stinks like trash. It stops right in the middle of my show…….verizon comes in clear……the radio comes in everywere…..internet is fast……I ordered somthing online from my phone and verizon offed free shipping but I said no because I want them to have the money to show how much I apprechate verizon…….gimme a V……gimme a E…….gimme a RIZON….wat does that spell verizon! GOOOOO VERIZON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. verizon master Says:

    I was with sprint for a year and I got the blackberry curve 8330. It stinked! I was so upset with my sprint curve I desided to swith to verizon. So I bought the verizon curve and I can honestly say, verizon is awsome! Verizon is way better than sprint and tmobile! Trust me! Verizon has MMS, and now the new blackberry curve has flash player! Plus verizon is cheaper and the fastest 3G network. Everyone I know agrees that verizon is better! U gotta have it!

  81. Torres Says:

    I’ve had both Verizon and Sprint. Verizon did offer great service and awesome phones, but their pricing is through the roof. I switched to Sprint and I don’t really see a difference with signals. There are places that both Verizon and Sprint don’t have the greatest of signals, Walmart happens to be one of those places (go figure).

    I have the Sprint unlimited everything. I love it. I loved Verizon and all but I was paying $155 plus tax a month for the same thing I’m getting with Sprint for $99 unlimited everything. I’d switch back to Verizon if they could match what Sprint is doing, but I don’t see that happening in the near future.

  82. blackstrat Says:

    First off, I’m with Sprint, because Verizon tried to play some games with my bill and they lost.

    My girlfriend has Verizon, and it’s funny more often than not, when we are on the road.. ( truck drivers ) she asks me for my phone, as hers doesn’t have a signal. We both have Blackberry 8330’s.

    I will stick with Sprint, as they have far better customer service than Verizon, although I notice for her it’s getting better. The one time I had an issue with Sprint, is was a matter of a phone call and the issue was resolved… With Verizon, after several phone calls, they still wanted to charge me for the same thing 3 times.

  83. curveowner Says:

    Sprint does indeed have mms now. Sprint clearly is better

  84. Starman Says:

    I just bought a sprint 8330 , off craigslist for $70, it came with everything wasn’t stolen but, the mied -dec isn’t clear , somoene told that if i wait a couple months the phone would clear itself, then i could activate it again, anyone know if this is true?? , plus I guess on a sprint 8330 there is no place for a memory card ,i se where the san disc goes but, so i guess the sprint 8330 doesn’t have a place to put a memory card in to have music or movies right ? I am very new at this as you see

  85. scott Says:

    Ive been with a shitload of these guys and i think i can give a fair comparison. First off i had cellular one WAAAYYY back in the bagphone days lol. Verizon wasnt bad but if you have a bitch with the querky bills(weird calls never made, internet etc.) you pretty much screwed as they will not do anything about it. Nextel was not as bad as some of these numbnuts say, we had it for years in my HVAC business and never had any problems and the direct connect is a nice feature for some applications. I am now with sprint and have been since the merge with nextel. Sprint and verizon coverages seem to be the same but you pay more with verizon monthly, yes the phones up front are cheaper but the monthly charges are higher. The mms BB problem is bologne, the sprint BB will send and receive any pics you want to send. Verizon sends them the exact same way just hides the web adress that its received on so that you think it was sent to your phone directly lol. Trust me, if you want the same service for a lower price go with sprint, if you like to tell everyone who your carrier is go with verizon, seems to be the fad thing along with the goofy iphone etc. I dont even have a BB now went with the samsung moment and like it way better(ps, get the keypad the touchscreen virtual scks for big fingered neandrathals such as myself) Anyway, in ending arguing about wireless carriers is stupid there are much better things to debate such as Mac vs Microsoft etc. Go microsoft, Bill didnt have to lobby the government to keep his apple from rotting lmao.

  86. fone_informant Says:

    To those that choose verizon over Sprint, u guys r pathetic! Sprint is waaaay cheaper than verizon at&t and tmobile by a whole lot! I have sold verizon and sprint carriers through retail stores first verizon and then sprint and I couldnt help it but I kept switching all the verizon customers I had to sprint. Sprint will not charge you extra for text or picture mail or tv or navigation or data once you are on a plan of 69.99 which includes everything! I mean everything! U dnt have to pay extra for a blackberry or for a windows phone is just 69.99 for any phone! The phone line sprint is got has gotten better since I left to work for a intel, btw the 8330 from sprint does support mms for that jerk up top talkin smack! He is the joke. Not only that sprint is on 4g already this summer they will b gettin the htc evo wit 4g which is outstanding. Verizon has a such an expensive network they have you guys pay for it and it is sad that you fools don’t see that. Honestly from experience SPRINT IS 1000000X BETTER THAN VERIZON OR AT&T OR TMOBILE! Tmobile, ha! They are still trying to roll out their 3g towers and at&t can’t get over their iphone which is not cool anymore, its all about android and WebOS. AT&T lol paying $130 for a stupid iphone. Sprint is rolling out 4g using wimax which is cheaper than lte. That means verizon and every company planning on lte will raise their prices even more lol. Look at the bigger picture sprint is cheaper wit any mobile any time which means calling any cell phone in the united states for free w.o using your anytime minutes! Wow! Look at that! Guess what that’s included in the 69.99 plan! What does that say? Sprint’s 69.99 is worth more than verizon’s 69.99 which btw won’t work on lower end phones which ultimately will have you payin extra for text or for data and for everything else. Can we say “IDIOTS!”

  87. TheBiGGfisH Says:

    I have the Sprint version of the Curve 8330, and I feel the BlackBerry it self is a great phone, but the sevice provider is very weak. I once had Sprint PCS as a carrier many years back and all I had was dropped calls, the sad part about it today is I have the same issues with my BlackBerry, even thowe I’m in there coverage area. Once my plan runs out I will chose Verizon as my carrier of choice, and never once did I have a dropped call with there service. Sprint Sucks!!

  88. Max Says:

    Can you activate a Verizon Blackberry Curve using Sprint service?

  89. bryan Says:

    Funny, I don’t think I’ve ever had a dropped call with Sprint…EVER. The only time I’ve never had service with sprint was in the far reaches of the wilderness in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Second, roaming is free on Sprint, so if I’m in the country and there isn’t sprint service (rare), it picks up another carrier…even verizon towers! So why pay double for verizon? Straight up stupid. And the 450 plan is fine because honestly, who calls land lines anymore? Everyone I know uses a cell phone and cell to cell is absolutely free on sprint.

  90. Kimberly Says:

    No doubt, Sprint has great coverage, but the pricing and contract fees of the unlimited plan can really get to you. I thought I did all my research my signed up with Sprint in terms of coverage, but their own network has better priced options and you don’t have the contract hassles. Despite the negative comments, Boost Mobile’s unlimited $50 plan and no contract option is very appealing and even more so because of the Sprint network. I guess the focus must be on the prepaid side with Sprint, but customers really deserve the same option – old and new. I emailed the President of Sprint to let him know just how unfair this pricing plan is how much the $50 Boost price would mean. Feel the same? Take the time to let him know –

  91. Deutschland Says:

    I spent almost two hours on the phone with Verizon AND Blackberry and neither were able to reverese the settings previously put on the blackberry I received “new” from OEM. I am unable to 1) make or receive calls (only texting works) 2) I am unable to set up any personal e-mail accounts and 3) there was not even an icon for the internet and neither company was able to make one appear, therefore, no access to the internet at all. All issues which completely defeat the purpose of having a smart phone. I am returning this product today.

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