Best and Worst Notebook Brands 2013

Best and Worst Brands 2013: Full Scorecard

1st Place: Apple

For four years now, Apple has held onto its first-place finish. The brand took top honors in five of eight categories, including reviews, design, keyboards and touchpads, display and audio, and software. And it grabbed second place in our tech support category. Since every laptop we’ve reviewed from this company has earned high marks, it’s no surprise to us that Apple continues to epitomize the best of the best.

2nd Place: Lenovo

Still hot on Apple’s heels, Lenovo keeps its second-place finish for the third year running. There’s no doubt that the company’s solid second-place finishes in reviews, tech support, design, and keyboard and touchpads had a lot to do with its placement. Taking the top spot for value and selection as well as innovation was also key. We’re particularly impressed with Lenovo’s venerable ThinkPad and head-turning Yoga lines. And with up-and-comers such as the Thinkpad Helix convertible, we’re sure the company has a bright future.

3rd Place: ASUS

Jumping up the ranks from last year’s fifth-place finish, ASUS made big strides in keyboards and touchpads this year while sharing the top spot in innovation with Lenovo. In particular, we were impressed with the first Ultrabook to the discrete graphics party — the Zenbook Prime UX32VD. Plus, the UX31A’s much improved keyboard and high-resolution display definitely helped this brand earn the bronze metal. We expect big things from this company in the coming year.

Best and Worst Notebook Brands 2013

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  1. Dogukan Says:

    This is so incorrect. Dell has the best technical support in the entire world – that is for sure. Giving 5 for tech support to dell? Im sure as hell this site isnt trustable.

  2. dubbs Says:

    Are you kidding? Dell has by far the worst customer support out there, I have had to talk to them (probably all Indians) several times for help and they didn’t do anything each time except put me on hold for an hour at a time.

  3. keys Says:

    @dubbs: I think Dogukan may be referring to Dell’s business line. I appreciate Dell’s consumer support is severely lacking, but their business support is second-to-none. Mind you, HP’s business support is also excellent, despite their consumer support being some of the worst I’ve ever encountered. I haven’t had experience with Apple’s business support so I’d be interested in that.

    In regards to support, I’m surprised Lenovo favoured so highly. Almost every Lenovo laptop I provided had main board failures within a matter of months (predominantly G570 models, I believe), and Lenovo were severely, severely unhelpful. Ever tried to organise an RMA with them? They send you the label in the post, taking a few days, and make you call the courier yourself — it’s a huge faff on. Call any other manufacturer and they’ll just organise it over the phone.

    Except for ASUS, of course. ASUS’ RMA line can wholeheartedly gobble on my proverbial. You’re stuck on hold, finally get through – then you’re issued an RMA request number. Then you go to some bullshit website of theirs, submit an RMA request, putting in that number and a load of other detail. Then they get back to you within 48 hours from there.

    It’s just a tremendously horrible experience with the two aforementioned. I feel that if RMA support were to be considered, it’s a probability that HP, Apple and Toshiba may be a little higher up. This is due to the large amount of authorised repair centres that both Toshiba and HP have. Naturally Apple have the Apple Stores, which is the next best thing.

    Sorry for the essay, just hoping to give my two cents. :)

  4. TJParma Says:

    I have to disagree with these ratings. Apple support is terrible. Have a system failure and try to get assistance at the Apple Store.

  5. myself Says:

    How much is Acer paying you to give them 1st place? I work for a well known retail store and Acer is the most returned. Asus should be on top of all.

  6. Zaki_Kari Says:

    I think this article is biased. When buying a laptop we do not really seek innovative conceptual designs, great keyboards, or even tech support; we simply look for a laptop that is durable, one that won’t break down so easily. Dell and Fujitsu Siemens are the most long-lasting laptops I have ever used. Acer, HP and Lenovo being the worst. Apple, … well, if you ain’t living in America or Europe, it doesn’t really concern you. I never tried Asus, but it does look very robust I have to admit.

  7. Nathan Says:

    Why isn’t more weight given to the actual company? I can read reviews on specific computers to decide on value and design. When ranking brands by far the most critical information is how it is dealing with them. For instance, I will not ever buy a lenovo again because of how badly I was treated by the customer service. I want to find a good brand name, and then from there I can select the best computer. I don’t care about the rest when comparing brands, that’s all computer specific.

  8. Wrench Says:

    Holy F ! Nice work wind bag . Did you actually read the article or all or look at the alphabetized list and see that acer was the first? Oh and what apple second? Holy shite there is a pattern. Oh wow yup! I’m just too freaking brilliant to read any of the article. Bravo you lil wize one. Comments like yours truly are amazing. Keep up the good work! Truly blows my hair back with data in front of you; that a completely uneducated , opinionated comment could be made.

  9. Wrench Says:

    Did any of you read this? I am seriously laughing at all of you.

  10. Sonia C Says:

    Have to agree with comments about Apple. Problems with my iPad, lot of faffing about online for help, then email to tell me the iPad should be sent back – but to wait for instructions to do this. Waited patiently, nothing came, no instructions, no label – and then they sent an email to say case now closed ( presumably because I hadn’t answered their not sent instructions), sent a polite response – and still no reply – two weeks now.
    Was thinking of apple laptop but now trying to convince my daughters not to bother with Apple either. Given their proprietary methods otherwise, think will upgrade my mobile etc when time comes, to another make.
    Sorry for the long response, looking for best laptop and at the moment thinking it may be HP envy for size of screen and storage T2, little more investigation needed because of the price.

  11. Bradley Spec Says:

    Needed to speak to Dell (alienware) for support the other day. Went through to reception by accident they immediately transferred me over to the relevant person. they then asked me to find some details and said they would call me back in half an hour. The man then called me exactly 30 minutes later and dealt with my problems. Was a 10/10 for customer service in my opinion for dell.

  12. Coco Bader Says:

    Love my Mac Book Pro, had it 2 years..
    Only one complain, the keys keep pupping out, frustrating it is.When ever I made appointment, always, on time etc…
    Support is great at Apple, staff is always polite, although I felt a little rush to buy the last item I purchase ( Ipod touch 5th generation),
    the young man seemed in a hurry to make another sale.

    Otherwise, this is the company to buy from, great service and the store is always, spotless

    C. Bader

  13. Benjamin Says:

    to be honest .
    Apple is the best laptop overall that I’ve come across .
    Acer their laptop are fine , but once you have it for over a year it gets laggy,
    that goes for the other laptops too , except the MacBook .
    I had almost all laptop brands and to say Apple is the best .
    My cousin also has her MacBook Air which she bought years ago .
    I personally like MacBooks because they’re easy transportable,
    nice looking , have a great firewall , but , Apple are a little pricey .

  14. Viktor Says:

    This is such a BS! Apple is so old school with everything PC inside. And giving them 5 for Software ??? Seriously? Since when Apple products have better soft then PC? And since when Apple tech support is the best??? such an Apple sponsored article!

    BTW 70% of all new laptops are touchscreen now, don’t see this this tendencies from the “innovative” Apple company.

  15. Marie Says:

    Was this sponsored by Lenovo as it is mentioned as featured sponsor? I highly doubt how professional these rankings are..

  16. Xeem Says:


    Since when do Apple products have better software than PCs?


  17. Asok Asus Says:

    Given that most notebook computers are fundamentally the same, the most important factor for me is how long will one last and how durable is it. This article completely failed to account for this crucial factor, a factor that I would personally assign at least 20%-25% of the points.

    And BTW, HP laptops have some of the crummiest build quality on the planet. Square Trade statistics show this and my own experience in my shop confirms this as I seem more prematurely dead or dying HP laptops than any other brand. And sadly enough, HP biz class laptops are no better than their consumer ones, unlike Dell, who at least makes a decent biz class laptop, namely their Latitudes.

  18. naveensundar Says:

    Po da panni the cheapest the costlyiest the good the bad the durable the is the best no it is waste

  19. willie Says:

    dell by far is the worst product i ever purchased. desktop, notebook, printers, customer support all below average. will never buy any dell product again.

  20. luks Says:

    Toshiba last??? i have a old toshiba with more water and land an abandoned house. And it works even with 9 years of suffering without failure

  21. SaifJedrzejowski Says:

    As far I’m concern with the laptops, the best was DELL because it never have technical problems, the battery isnt bad, the processors are good and even they are so comfortable to use. Acer and lenovo are new brands there would be fails found in it when you use it, The above ranking is perfectly RANDOMLY RANDOM!!!

  22. Iouri Says:

    I always thought Dell is the best. I used my old DELL for ten years. The service was good. They replaced transformer at no cost after waranty. I thought.. and I bought Dell laptop and desktop and both have problems.
    I lost access to Printers in my desktop. A laptop has a problem with power switch.

  23. MR.echo Says:

    honestly no matter what you can never really find out which computer laptop etc will be best because all will have faults in one way or another no computer will ever be perfect no matter how hard u look and try you wont find it because technology is constantly progressing everyday. Personally i wouldnt pay more than 600 for a laptop and i would look for one just that has all the programs i need in it and would a good processor and storage.I wouldnt go ballistic and try to find the best one out there because once u buy that one another will come out and then you basically wasted all your money on this one product its not worth it . Nor is it worth arguing over and bickering about instead of criticizing each other help each other out wouldnt you want someone to do the same for you ….

  24. J.P. Says:

    Viktor Says:
    April 9th, 2013 at 2:46 pm
    This is such a BS! Apple is so old school with everything PC inside. And giving them 5 for Software ??? Seriously? Since when Apple products have better soft then PC? And since when Apple tech support is the best??? such an Apple sponsored article!

    BTW 70% of all new laptops are touchscreen now, don’t see this this tendencies from the “innovative” Apple company.

    What are you talking about? Apple is old school? Have you ever used a Mac? And yes, Apple absolutely deserves a 5 for software. Most PCs come with a bunch of useless crap that consumers NEVER use. The only software that a new Mac comes with is the most powerful operating system ever created and a suite of apps called iLife. If anyone thinks that Window’s Movie Maker is even comparable to iMovie, they have obviously never used the software and probably refuse to, simply because they hate Apple for a pointless reason. Apple tech support continues to be the best in the industry. The fact that I can take my MacBook Pro into any Apple store and receive one-on-one assistance is priceless. That alone beats any phone or chat tech support. And… I don’t have to worry about purchasing a GeekSquad subscription that is mediocre at best as Apple includes its support for FREE! No brand can beat that.

  25. adssad Says:

    Yeah, I highly dispute Apple being the winner. For many of the reasons stated above, not to mention they deserve a whopping 0-1 for innovation this year. Are you kidding? Writer, you even say “apple has done little to raise their innovation needle over the past year” or something along those lines. Not just that, they haven’t updated much of anything body wise for at least the past 2-3 years.

    I’d also like to point out (since you appear to believe this), Apple was not in the least at the forefront of high-pixel density displays. Many, many notebook manufacturers have been offering high-end laptops for the past few years. Apple hasn’t improved upon resolution technology (except possibly in the case of mobile phone screens, I don’t know much about what was on the market pre-iPhone 4), nor have they done anything to make it even slightly more affordable.

    So yeah, tell me again how Apple managed to score an 8/10 for notebook innovation THIS YEAR?

  26. adssad Says:

    *high-end laptops with equivalent resolutions (to “Retina”)

  27. dan Says:

    I have had a Dell Vostro 1500 for 6-7 years. it is a workhorse. Only draw back is the weight, which is not a real concern. If my kids did not drop it and crash the hard drive I would not be on this site looking for a new one. Thought it was time to get another opinion. The comment about the business support is correct. It is excellent but the regular consumer support is third world. Does anyone have a recommendation for a $600-$750 laptop or tablet that is used mainly for email and word processing?

  28. Cj Says:

    Well said Me Echo…

    I just want a long lasting battery life laptop, any suggestions?

  29. Lee Says:


    Spoken like a true Apple hater. I suppose the Retina displays mean jack, eh? “not in the least at the forefront of high-pixel density displays”. Please.

  30. NoDell Says:

    Whoever said that Dell has good customer support…. I spent $4000 on a laptop with them and it only worked for a month. They never fixed it, I spent 6 months trying to get warranty replacement. Never will buy a dell again.

  31. laptopowcy Says:

    Now I Have HP dv 7, I think this laptop is the best, but… cooler work slowly..

  32. Jake Says:

    I would recommend a lenovo thinkpad. They might be a bit over budget but are very sturdy and reliable.

  33. lima Says:

    i think any laptop is good. it all depends on what you are after and what you are using it for. also if you keep updating softwares like anti-virus, anti-spam, etc, i think your laptop will last and if you use it wisely and take good care of it, then maybe it will reach 5years or more. believe me, i’ve used all sorts of laptops and all brands are good. you just need to take that extra time to see if everything inside your laptop is working fine like hardware components, etc. maybe take it to an IT Expert and have them run a Preventative Maintenance on it maybe every 2months so you know that your laptop is working fine. it’s also becoz you know that everytime you do this, you can prevent errors from happening and it saves you time, money and energy. hope that helps.

  34. STM Says:

    Dell has the worst customer service bar none. I paid for their warranty, and when my screen had a minor issue I sent it in. They guarantee on their site that they will return it within 5 business days fixed. 30 days and 20 angry phone calls later I finally had my laptop back. Their customer support would bounce me around from person to person, who were hard to understand given their poor English skills. I learned through the UPS tracking # that my laptop was sitting in Dell’s warehouse, 30 minutes from my house, for 4 days completely fixed before it was returned to me. Furthermore, they literally sent my laptop to an incorrect address. They screwed up and did not read the address on the form correctly. Incredibly frustrating.

    Additionally, my laptop couldn’t hold a charge so I called and asked to which they suggested I buy a new battery. I bought a new battery directly from dell, and guess what: it didn’t work. God, I hate dell.

  35. joey Says:

    For me , Ill go with Toshiba

  36. Chris Smith Says:

    I currently work at a large aerospace machining company. We bought Dell computers and server for a number of years. The Dell computers suck. I mean, they are terribly bad. It’s sad, because Dell used to be so good. I think that in their dominance they forgot about how important it is to make quality products (which Lenovo quickly came in and figured out how to do). We’ve been buying Lenovo laptops and notebooks and they are definitely the best laptop brand out there right now.

    I think that your charts makes sense. Thanks for sharing them!

  37. Mark Says:

    HP’s are just are overpriced heaters. We use HP at work unfortunately and they are useless and slow. I would never buy a Dell, HP or Compaq.

  38. SUBRO DAY Says:

    Top best & worst laptop details

  39. Nikolas Says:

    Well, I’m using about ten years old HP Compaq CQ60 and it’s still functioning… Even though I had to repair hinges, because I broke them (And the material has some lifetime of it’s own too…) and there are issues with cooling, well, the ventilator holes for cooling are pointed down, not a single on side, so that’s just fault of that it’s and old piece… Yes, for today laptops it’s slow like snail, but it’s still working without any hardware damage. Just wanted to say. :D

  40. mike Says:

    retina display… people talk about this like it is the most amazing thing on the planet, and to some extent, pixel density is pretty amazing, only problem with it, is you can only tell a difference 3INCHES FROM THE SCREEN!!!. Being that most people do not set their screens that close to their faces, the retina display is a useless commodity… also, this brings into question, how can the internet really handle retina quality images on all web pages? being a amateur photographer, raw and psd files are quite large, and I’m guessing images that show off what retinal display can do have to be as large or larger. Now we come back to the web, and suddenly your going to apples web page and their are 8 different 25 meg pictures on it? having an apple or a pc based system is not about which one is better, its about what you want on a computer. I’ll stick with my toshiba I7 with 8 gigs of ram, nice hard drive and decent battery life. can run any of the most graphicly intensive games made, and its 800… macs in general? I would have had to pay 2400 for something close? Ive had the computer a year, its been with me on trails, in coffee shops, in class (mac desktop couldnt handle how large my adobe illustration file, or it was lagging, either way I had to use my computer for the work) and it works as well as I could ever want it to… my one and only issue is going from windows 7 to 8, now I have to open each document for word within the program or it thinks I have not yet bought it.

  41. Nicholas Says:

    I have had my HP laptop for four years now and although I have had some issues with the operating system, I still love the computer. When the choice comes between buying a computer brand I stay close to HP, Dell, and Samsung which, is all a personal choice.

  42. Jonathan Says:

    I started reading the reviews and thought they were alright until i saw they put apple as number 1. First of all, most software these days aren’t available on Mac’s at launch so the score shouldnt be a 5/5 though over the past years, it has gotten a lot better. Next, i can honestly say most of y’all probably havent dealt with apple customer support because they treat everyone like a 20 year old starbucks idoit, my old gf had a Mac and it was having issues so i contacted them for them to try and confuse me by making up some technical jargon that most non-computer savvy people wouldnt understand and just accept so I would need to buy a new computer. Of course, this was after waiting almost an hour on hold (but i’ve had this issue with many companies, so i got use to the wait). Personally, i own two computers; a PC for gaming and a laptop for work. Neither are apple products due to the poor software compatibility, poor customer service, overpriced (though it has gotten better), and personal preference with windows. Additionally, software compatibility should have a much larger impact on rating than “design”.

  43. Shelly Says:

    My brother is a creative design person and he loves Apple, when he replaced his old Mac pro with Retina display, I took over his old Mac replacing my HP (I have been PC user all those years), believing Apple is the best. But for the past few months I experienced so much trouble with Apple. My old PC files had problems on the Mac, my old outlook mails could not be completely transferred to Mac, for internet banking some functions could not work with Mac, Skype Mac version is not friendly to use as PC version, the windows screen on Mac has so small display font size at toolbar that is hurting my vision, while typing this review now I find the keyboard is not functioning well (I could not use movement key but only with mouse or touchpad), not enough USB ports, and many many more inconvenience (especially when I need to work with other people’s PC files). In conclusion, the worst decision I have made to replace PC by Mac. Mac may have a cool image, but not really practical for me.

  44. Mary Graham Says:

    After reading your company reviews for the best and worst notebook manufactures, I ordered a Lenovo notebook. Right out of the box the touchpad was defective. While Lenovo support was good, they wanted me to return it to them for repair. Since I bought it from Amazon I was able to return it for a replacement. The replacement touchpad worked, but now after three weeks the computer had a hard drive failure. Again Lenovo confirmed it was defective and wanted me to return it for repair. Since it was still in the 30 window for return, Amazon sent me a UPS label to return it for a refund.

    I will never buy a Lenovo product. I have owned many computers since 1995 and have never owned such a terrible product. Stay away from Lenovo products!

  45. HC Says:

    The worst laptop/ultrabook is ASUS. They are the BAD BOY in the laptop industry. This industry dont care his customers. They buil/project his laptops to fail after 2 years of use. We are idiots….. they need to SELL……..

  46. Tahir Says:

    I could not understand whether Acer is on top in best or worst ranking. This is a biased ranking or may be according to the business point of view.

  47. Sheldon Says:

    Everybody here has a bias towards certain brands or what they feel makes a notebook computer the “best.” I’m in the computer repair business, and for me the most important thing is how well the computer holds up and is it user friendly (decent keyboard, touchpad, etc.) I’m a long time Dell fan, and use to own stock, but the most complaints I hear is about Dell support (not business support) and trying to decipher what the “foreign” person on the other end is trying to tell you. While people from other lands are very smart and make brilliant programmers, how Dell can hire people with accents so heavy a simple conversation takes at least twice as long is beyond me. On the other side of the coin is Lenovo. While nothing is perfect, I’ve seen more Lenovos still running after years and years of heavy use that should have been retired long ago. I also hear from those who have contacted Lenovo support and how refreshing it is to hear an American on the other end of the line. All the other brands fall somewhere in between and more power to you if you get a good one with good support. Sometimes it’s just a roll of the dice, or how many times UPS dropped the thing on the way to your house.

  48. jake Says:

    I think the comparing of brands is useless. The problem with comparing brands is a 400 Acer is being compared to a 1500 Apple. A better comparison would be by models in the same price range. Laptops are made with components made by companies other then the name on the case (Asus and MSI may make some of their components). We have Maxtor, Seagate, Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Realtek, Soundblaster and many other that get put into Toshiba, Dell, Apple, Acer, Asus and Sony laptops. 1500 dollar laptop have better components and tend to be made better the 500 dollar laptops and tend to last longer with normal use.

  49. Diya Says:

    Unbelievable! Toshiba such a low rank?! I have used a Toshiba for 10years and it is just as sturdy and functional as ever! Just kind of outdated…since it is so old…
    Used a Dell XPS for 2 years and had to buy a new battery (which was very hard and expensive to obtain out of USA by the way) plus the mother board burnt 4 times even with replacements -_-
    Lenovo looks like crap and is too heavy. HP hardware is really good but software crashes way too many times. Apple and Sony are way too pricey. Plus I am used to Windows. Acer is alright I guess but again has lots of Software glitches. Have been using a Samsung Galaxy S1 cell phone for 3 years and it stills works awesomely. Have heard good reviews about Samsung laptops of recent too. About to break through my Toshiba addiction and buy a Samsung series 5 now because in its price range it has the best looks and specs. Barely anyone here has commented on a Samsung. Is it that rare and unreliable a buy?

  50. brindhabright Says:

    Friends!!! help me too get good laptop am college student ……guys help. Me…. am in confused state which too buy

  51. keyplayer Says:

    HP has a big problem with their touchpad freezing up at odd times of its own choosing. When this happens you can move the scrollbar up & down, but it’s not functional & it moves crazy in response to trying to move it with the cursor. Nothing else works — no clicking on anything or getting out of where you’re at or into another window. It’s like the whole computer is locked down, except for the crazy scrollbar movements, up & down, accompanied by equally crazy partial highlighting of material in whatever window is open. I complained & got HP to send me another laptop, and it did the same thing. I just returned the first one & they agreed to refund my money if I return the 2nd one. They both are Pavilion dv6-7000 Quads, Intel i7, running Win.7. The touchpad is Synaptics. I tried every possible fix, but nothing worked. HP is making me agree that if I accept the money back that I won’t try to blame them for anything being wrong. This must be a big problem, if I got two in a row with the same bad problem happening right out of the boxes! I’m looking to take the HP return & get a Lenovo, as their touchpad is rated high, along with other attributes, according to this company doing the comparisons. HP has a recall situation on their hands that they’re acting like doesn’t exist. It this is happening to you, remember the squeeky wheel theory, as it worked for me. I also went on record with my complaints well within the time frames allowed for being able to return for a full refund. The first complaint resulted in them talking me into trying another laptop, but, as I said, it turned out to be no better, with the touchpad issue. I had to stick to my guns, with the email dates to prove my compliance according to their response window, in order to get the refund offer.

  52. satya Says:

    Acer must have paid hefty sum for such a favorable judgement. WTF! Its the best motebook! I posess an Acer and everything sucks big time. Looks, performance, servi battery life, everything sucks and perhPs I will never settle for Acer in my life!

  53. Lucy Says:

    Fully support the toshiba rating here, I’ve had my Toshiba for 4 years now and it has cost more to fix that it’s worth.
    I’ve treated this thing like it’s made of gold but from year one it has been crashing out on me and its firewall is very poor, not to mention the battery life may as well be non existent.
    4 years and, in total, it has probably worked like it is supposed to for about 2 of them. I can’t wait to get a new laptop this summer and to say so long to toshiba for good.

  54. rohit wagh Says:

    Lenovo is best.

  55. Wade Russell Says:

    How can you place Apple as No. 1?! The ridiculously exhorbitan price tags on Apple laptops alone, should throw them way down the list!!!

  56. Devin McCuddy Says:

    Horrible, COMPLETELY biased.

  57. JD Says:

    I just wonder about any brand that is made “these days”. The older the computer the better made. I understand many companies now a days make electronics so they only last a few years, and they quit making replacement parts for the ones we now own. This seems to be an epidemic. I would like to hear from those who make these computers. Are they built to specs that last, with parts that last and with the care that use to go into making American products? I want a computer that is made well and made to last. I have owned nothing but Toshiba but I wonder if they are still made as well as they were back when! I really don’t care who manufactures it, just how it’s made.

  58. chill222 Says:

    How about SONY laptops? I don’t see a word about them? Help.

  59. Anthony Says:

    I purchased an HP Pavillion in 2004 and the battery failed within 12 months. HP was very responsive and replaced it within a week without cost. I had no other problems. The next laptop I purchased was a Sony in 2008. I have had no problems with it. My priority is reliability and not the bells and whistles. The problem is in times of rapid product change manufacturers cannot devote the same attention to quality control. It is up to consumers to send a clear message as to what their real priorities are.

  60. preeti Says:

    hello friends…can anyone suggest me which notepad is best for college purpose..pls suggest me its really imp for me…

  61. Nix Says:

    I agree that most laptop brands will have some faults, it’s more about determining the features which are important to you and which potential faults you consider to be dealbreakers. I went with a lenovo thinkpad 7 years ago and it’s still running strong (and is quicker than my Dell work computer – but honestly, that’s probably due to customization and a lot of preloade software used by my employer). Within the first year of using the lenovo, it had 2 issues. I can’t remember the first (maybe some controller issue), but the second was a dead fan which caused the thing to overheat. On both ocassions, I had no issue with Lenovo’s customer support and received the return box within a day or two. The laptop was returned back within just over a week. Since those first two issues, I’ve had no problems with the laptop over the last 6 years. I think there was a cooling issue with this device and I have had to be careful about not blocking the side vent and every year or so, I’ll open it up and clean the dust off the fan (you can audibly tell when it’s getting bogged down with dust). I consider this to be preventative maintenance similar to that you perform on a car or any machine really.

    Overall, I have had a very positive experience with lenovo and seen my laptop outlive many of my friend’s. I also love the keyboard compared to many others that I have tried and enjoy its sturdy feel. Just my experience and opinion. Good luck with your laptop shopping!

  62. k.b Says:

    i have checked other sites for a best laptop brand list and it seems rather inconsistent, as it also seems with the matter of genral opinion. i have also read almost all the comments on this page and i figure the reason for the inconsistency is because preference for certain laptops depends highly on very variable things like what you personally are looking for in a laptop and your unique expirience with a companies customer service. i doubt that any review can truly be anything more than a highly educated opinion and comments are mostly left by the most satisfied or dissatisfied.i’ll tell you what i know currently though:
    i have only had one laptop for myself so far, and that’s a lenovo that i treated fairly well. i’m not picky at all with computers and i had a good experience with it up until the worst of its flaws occurred after around 3 yrs of use. its motherberg crashed quite sudenly on me. however lenovo thinkpads seem to be reliable since it is government’s laptop of choice to give to every public highschool teacher on our island.
    I DO NOT RECOMMEND ACERS AT ALL. my mother and sister both had an acer aspire 5100 that proved to be ridiculously undependable. my mother’s is still functioning from perhaps 4-6 years of use but the mouse pad does not respond in any way, shape, or form, and a key from the keypad is missing. my sister’s is completely out of commission. she bought a newer version in i think 2011 and it is currently missing a key, although the keyboard does not work anymore, and it has annoying startup and stay on problems. both my mother and sister’s laptops also have an ocaissional problem with staying charged. my sister says she doesn,t know anyone with an acer who does notalso have problems,but perhaps they are better this year.
    my brother has a compaq that worked well enough and is still in good physical condition.but it works so slowly now that it cannot be used anymore.
    asus seems like a big name this year, my more computer-knowledgeable siblings rave about them. im not entirely sure what to think about the list this site has posted. i would pay more attention to durability and efficiency in a companies laptop, but i do appreciate the list i must say.

  63. bebo Says:

    jesus christ! r u out of mind?! ur ranking is completely wrong. plz try 2 repair ur website. i think Asus is the best ever!

  64. Kik_e Says:

    Toshibas are Very good laptops comfortables to use, reliables and decent materiales and built, lobead the keyboard feel and noise level, have two of them already. Now i have a vaio with AMD processor, good pc so far the keyboard is less comfortable than toshibas, and is noisier. Also have an acer netbook and i Washington Very satisfied overall. I wish could test an Apple computer, i think they are quite Well designed machines forma an innovative company as someone mention they may not offer the latest thecnology but they offer seems to work flawless if that is what you expect to work with. And I witness how the called innovators steals ideas from them. Dells seem to be good pc in my experience and hp’s innovatives but not reliables!
    Regards to all

  65. scott brown Says:

    Three cheers for ACER Aspire! The best bang for the buck for me has been ACER Aspire!! To be fair and objective, it does have a loose key, but I am careful with my computer, and have no other complaints. Regarding overall performance, I spoke to a tech at KROLL (famed and legendary company that recovered and repaired data storage devices from the NASA Space Shuttle disaster in 1986)! He explained that internet traffic has more to do with a computers slow performance than hardware. Also, he said all high tech data storage systems eventually will begin to collapse over time, and need people to keep them organized and working properly. Thus, regardless, always keep hard copies, and keep your computer hard drive, etc. free from viruses, and other untrusted sneaky and nefarious programs that slow it down too!! Finally, I believe the big reason my ACER is still awesome and works like new after 4 years or so is that I purchased NORTON 360 to protect my investment. I renew my Norton firewall every two years; I have been happy with their periodic updates, and respect both ACER and NORTON for their products and professionalism!

  66. SteveMac77 Says:

    I have owned my MacBook Pro for 1 year and I give it a 9/10. These are beautiful, well crafted modern marvels. It’s not perfect – no computer is – right? Sure, it can get hot and the “spinning beachball of death” can be frustrating and hell yes – they are expensive, but overall, Apple laptops are simply amazing. I coudn’t live with my MacBook Pro. iTunes alone is brilliant.

  67. hasmi Says:

    Best laptop Toshiba because use 7 years but no problem.

  68. Kirsten Says:

    dell has the worst support and customer service and products. my brand new dell laptop was doa they sent a technician up to fix it and it lasted 30 minutes before ir died again and has now taken me 5 weeks to get my refund and cost me over $200 in calls to them. Don’t be fooled you are only getting maylasian based support if you want Australian based you have to pay extra and they do not honour there next day service took 4 days to get a technician.

  69. LEDZ Says:

    They’re actually competing which brand will end up to 10 years and below.So you’ll buy a new one again..And introducing their “blah,blah,blah” innovation to force you upgrade or change your laptop..Otherwise at the end of the day the once customer representative with special skill to enticing customers is nowhere to be well as the company that would barely notice you in any way of their support.And there’s one question to hang up your mind “Are they really computer experts?”

  70. My namE Says:

    Apple having best software? What a joke.

  71. Harsh Choudhary Says:

    I am using a laptop of samsung since 2 years. Its performance was very good & it also has agraphics card

  72. Andrew Says:

    LOL :-))))))))))))))) :

    “…Dogukan Says:
    March 16th, 2013 at 5:31 pm
    This is so incorrect. Dell has the best technical support in the entire world…”


  73. Hyperstrike Says:

    Wait. You…gave points simply because they got more reviews?

    No offense, but “I wuz revewd!” is an absolutely ASININE metric to base a recommendation on.

    Basically, this was you guys just padding to give Apple a win.

    Rah rah. Go slob Steve-O’s dead knob some more.

  74. abhishek dwivedi Says:

    Hey bro…???
    Are you fine …??
    Acer in the top list…..they are saying it correct…acer is the best laptop company everseen in the past 2000 years of world history….i m in luv with it and you….3

  75. abhishek dwivedi Says:

    hey m again here for my earlier post….i m realy sorry guys i said acer is best…actualy frankly speaking acer is the worst company i have ever seen in my life… lappy of acer was short circuited due to excessive watching of porn movies…

  76. bill Says:

    are u kidding me i tried for weeks and hours to get threw to dell and never did threw my computer away and bought a different brand i will never buy a dell

  77. Jr Says:

    Having dealt with Asus only in corporate environments, let me just say that they are absolutely rubbish and should never ever be allowed onto professional networks. Users expect things to just work and then blame the tech trying to fix all the problems introduced by Asus and all the proprietary software required to run all the latest but buggy features.

  78. Jimmy Says:

    @keys I disagree. Lenovo support has improved a lot. The reps were prompt and helpful when it comes to laptop choices. Well, I knew what I was getting into anyways, but still to confirm the specs and make sure the reps know what was going on. The reps were responsive and knowledgable. Well, at least the ones I talked to. Use their online chat system instead of wasting time on the phone. I heard their phone support sucks, but online chat is amazing! It operates 24/7 so you can get help whenever you wanted to. So recently I had to return a laptop not because of component failures but because I saw a better deal. I online chatted to request RMA, and within minutes I was ready to get it shipped out. Beware that their 30 day no question ask return policy is amazing too! My first laptop with them was the G570 from about two or three years ago. It was still going strong after a year or two, but went dead only after I accidentally spilled my juice on the keyboard. So I wouldn’t doubt Lenovo’s quality control here in the U.S. Quite happy with it actually.

  79. Anand Deshmukh Says:

    Ranking is well but I think that Sony Vaio has a great look and the best tech support.It’s touchpad funcioning is much better and has many features.
    I like this brand very much.

  80. diane Says:

    i can’t believe no one mentioned Sony – I had the worst experience in my life with them – I was sent a laptop with a defective hard drive. I asked to return it. They no longer (3 days after purchase) have the same model available – only a comparable for $200 more. Once I talked them down in price, their rep. overcharged my credit card by $1,600 & overdrew my bank account.

  81. laptop Says:

    it is a very good product.

  82. Shade Yazaki Says:

    can anybody help me out?? this might sound a little bit corny but i’m being serious about it okay. i want a laptop that can hold a sh@t-load of games and when ever i play them they don’t end up glitching or lagging. what laptop should i get??

  83. Bob Says:

    @Shade Yazaki
    You should buy an alienware x18 by Dell, because its the best laptop when it comes to gaming.

    You should get a macbook pro simply because apple makes the best laptops for school/work.

  84. Sierra Says:

    I love Toshiba. I’ve had a basic netbook for almost 10 years.

  85. Trent Says:

    So, you review 4 Apple laptops which received 4 or more stars yet 13 Lenovo Laptops received 4 or more stars in reviews and Apple is better? If you are going to review brands, only review brands in like markets. The high end Asus, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Dell, (HP has gone through some horrific QA issues these last few years. Still hesitant to recommend an HP to anyone.) all last. To review a $300 Acer against a $2500 Apple is like putting a Preschooler against a College grad in a math contest. Review same priced options and you will find Apple lower than the top. My high end Acer is going strong after 4 years whereas many of the mac pros (which were double the cost in the first place – yet had same hardware) are in for repair and being sold at bargain dollar prices on craigslist.

    I have to agree with many of the innovation comments – the most innovative thing Apple has done is iPads and those are old. Their lappys do not change. Any Ultrabook in the last 2 to 3 years shows more innovation than a Mac.

  86. Dheeraj Says:

    This is an absurd rating.

    I have two 7 year old Toshiba’s and their battery are still working, their display is more vibrant than my 3 yr old Dell whose battery is dead or my 1 year old Lenovo whose sockets are breaking apart or my brothers 6 months old Asus whose motherboard is dead.
    Unable to believe that Lenovo is second, it’s build quality is absolutely rubbish. I have used 2 laptops and two tablets and all four of them have an issue either in battery, motherboard or USB/other jacks.

  87. Alter Kocker Says:

    I think Trent makes a cogent point: one needs to compare similarly priced laptops rather than compare a $400 laptop to a $1400 one. And I agree with others who have pointed out that each company has its strengths and weaknesses and that people’s experiences will differ.

    As an aside, I wonder if schools are still teaching basic writing skills. I appreciate that everyone will have difficulty expressing themselves in a foreign language. But I am amazed at the lack of rudimentary grammar and spelling exhibited in a majority of these comments, which I assume are posted by native English-speakers.

  88. Marianne Says:

    Reply to Alter Kocker: Touché regarding the writing skills. Totally not existent. I have spent the last 10 minutes reading these critiques and know nothing more than when I started. A total waste of time.

  89. Gee Says:

    I agree with Zaki_Kari’s comments. I could are less about how comfortable the keyboard is or how the laptop is designed. I care about how good the laptop performs, how fast it is and how durable it is. Will the laptop outlast it’s one year warranty? Will it lock up every time I try to play a youtube video or have more than one window open? As far as customer support all of these companies have their issues. So far, I haven’t heard of a company that where people haven’t complained about the customer service so I don’t give a lot of weight to that…

  90. mahad Says:


  91. dellboy Says:

    I’ve had my Dell Inspiron 1525 for more than 5yrs and have never had a problem with it.

    Ok it’s well past it compared to the lappys oc today but it was so easy to upgrade – cpu,memory and wireless card.

    Never ever let me down and even though windows has said my 9cell battery is past its best performance I’m still getting 1hr30mins on High Performance setting.

    When I eventually upgrade I’m going for another Dell.

    And Retina Display on Apple Macbooks? Are you telling me that’s better than a 15.4″ screen with a wuxga display (1920x1080p)????? One thing Apple is good at is marketing and some people are prone to falling for the hype than others.

    Apple in the last 10yrs have gained what was rightfully theirs 30yrs ago. But without Jobs they’ve lost their way and I don’t think they’ll ever be as innovative again. I can see a future where Apple will go back to selling Macs only to cater for the die hard Apple fans like they used to before the ipod came into existence.

  92. Amin Abazarsa Says:

    This is not a rating list
    This is a list that is sorted by name(Alphabet)!!!

  93. Levy Says:

    This site is too biased for my taste.

    With regards to apple, you’re either an apple fanboy or you’re not. Seems a lot of fanboys involved in this testing/rating.

  94. Godwin Says:

    I am a computer science and i need to know just the right laptop and best 4 me

  95. BigMAC Says:

    LMAO at the people saying “Why is Acer first?” That list is in alphabetical order dumbass. you actually have to click on the rankings to see the article. Some peoples stupidity amazes me

  96. Karim Says:

    That is incorrect. Acer and Dell are the best laptop makers in the world, not Apple. Apple should stick to iPods, iPhones and iPads and all that, not computers. Mac’s are slow, unreliable and extremely vulnerable to viruses. Lenovo are ok, but Acer and Dell should be way higher than they are.

  97. KF42 Says:

    I’ve got 4 Dells that the kids grandparents bought them all of 3 months ago. Hard Drive just crapped out in one, and getting video errors in another. Did I mention they’re only 3 months old?

  98. Eduardo Savrin Says:

    I no actually reading the rationale for the individual ratings requires too much attention for the average browser, but if one were to take 30 seconds to do so you would notice that number of reviews was used as one of the ratings criteria.

    Let me explain slowly for the majority of you. For example, Samsung only received “9” reviews. HP received “13”. 13 minus 9 equals 4. (Following so far) Hp scored 2 points higher than Samsung in this comparison. If Samsung had simply been reviewed and equal number of times they would have come out ahead of HP based on the actual comparison of features that consumers are looking for.

    Any product rating site that would use this sort of criteria should be called into question and ignored for obvious reasons. There is clearly a bias toward a certain conclusion. Perhaps the article was written, pirated from other sources prior to doing the actual testing.

    In any event, Apple is clearly the best choice in laptops and anyone who doesn’t have one is either a broke degenerate or retarded. AMIRITE!

  99. Dushan Says:

    I used every notebook but except apple. ASUS gives me relax. but all of others Fks. But ASUS customer care sometime gives bullshit answers.

  100. The tech mantra Says:

    I own 3 laptops and the vostro series has a bad battery life whereas the toshiba laptop is the worst laptop I have ever gives me an electric show when I touch it’s metallic body part

  101. ComputerGeek Says:

    U idiots u all are paid to throw muck on dell. You buy a 400$ and compare it with other high cost laptops and then bark nonsense about dell . HP has the worst over heating problem, Apple is good only for creative stuff and Lenovo has the worst build quality, dell also has battery life problems, but it doesn’t mean that it is the worst , buy an acer laptop and then see the multitude of problems you have never seen before

  102. Dhinakar raja Says:

    anda pluvu puluvathinga!!!!!!

  103. Desh Roop Says:

    I bought Toshiba Satellite L300 way back in mid 2008 for home use. It is still working except that the battery became useless (zero backup time) during Q1 2013 and was on A/C supply continuously after that. After more than 3 years of use the bottom of the screen showed one inch high dark band which appeared a couple of times and lasted for a week on average. Each time the dark band disappeared by itself and has not appeared for more than a year. Last month, I bought a compatible battery with more juice (5200 mAh vs the original 4000 mAh). Now, the battery is providing 140 minutes of backup time.

    For office work I have been using Lenovo ThinkPad T410 since Q1 2011. I have not yet encountered any problems with the laptop except a few months back when it used to heat up a lot. Suspecting blockage of air vents in the laptop I just blew strongly a few times over the air vents and the overheating issue disappeared. Battery backup has reduced to 1.5 hrs instead of 3.5 hrs. One of my colleagues had to replace hard disk after 2 years of use.

    Prior to 2008, I was using a HP laptop for office use. It never gave me trouble. I used it for more than 2 years. Around this time, some of my colleagues were given ASUS laptop. Some of them reported hard disk failure after 2 years.

    I have not used tech support of any vendors so far. You would not if your laptop works fine.

    Overall, I have positive experience with all the laptops I have used so far. I am for build quality over bells and whistles. But with so many expert reviews and customer feedbacks on various laptops pointing to so many directions, I believe I need to go and check the potential purchase myself.

  104. alexander Says:

    guys guys how about hp toshiba and sony??

    i need to buy a lap. so u guys pls suggest

  105. Dan Says:

    SONY is where it deserves to be. My Sony’s battery packed up and within 15 months although I have hardly used it. Finding a replacement battery was so difficult. Never buy a Sony again.

  106. WAKELENG Says:

    “NO DROP ”

  107. IDn Says:

    I just test HP, Dell, fujitsu siemens, Sony, Acer and Lenovo.
    I could say Sony have tons of useless software which just slow you down! but can’t deny the screen was awesome! and its weight of course ;)
    Dell is suffering heat! (hope they solved this by now) but it can handle harsh environment
    and HP … not good but very good due to its price
    fujitsu siemens … don’t wanna remember it anymore … wish they build better one (it was few years ago I used one – they must became better by now)
    Acer is one of the best when it comes to the balance between price and hardware
    and finally: Lenovo
    Which I’m using right now is an old model: ThinkPad T60 (a 2007 model) which is running very well on windows 8 and Ubuntu 13.10
    their innovating (the airbag protection) on this laptop was one of the best thing make it work so far!
    I’m using this poor guy like a pc and make him running 14/7! and used it everywhere! kicked it (not on purpose!), wet it deeply … but still got absolutely no problem with it (except being too old for gaming! :P )

    My friends have new ones like T400 and E560 edge … they are good too!
    at least their ThinkPad series is really good!

  108. noor muhammad Says:

    This brand name has conquered all the other brands in the field of technology. Their smartphones, iPhones and notebooks are some of their iconic products that have set the pace in the technology world. Apple laptops warrant slimness and protection while offering unique features. They can be a little too expensive but Apple laptops are the best and most reputed in the world. The laptops offered by Apple are slim and provide unique feature that put it on the top of the list for best laptop brands.

  109. varun Says:

    These are rating or are arranged in alphabetical order.

  110. George Says:

    How does one become a client for distribution?

  111. Anonymous Says:

    Is this a joke? Acer is the worst laptop brand in the world

  112. Daniel Says:

    Can I just say my neighbours laptop is an asus and it has burnt out so all it’s good for is components.

  113. abdul quddus Says:

    i want to know the best laptop for home

  114. Gean Says:

    Stupid bitches are stupid, hahahaha

    read the fucking article!

    its not about the laptops it self, but
    it’s about what the company had done for the past year <-(see here, there's no 's', so no, not from long ago … which mean 2013 REVIEW)

    while some guys hit on the tech support aspect, this review does not solely depend on that!

    and look at how many reviews they had for each brands…

    use your fucking brains, people …
    ignorant comments is something that makes me want to be a terrorist … to wipe stupid people off the earth

  115. Ken Says:

    nobody trust your test result if you put the shitty Chinese maker at no2 position.
    my so-called Thinkpad broke 5 times in 2 months, and they never accepted my return.
    and their tech supports cannot speak English or anything, and extremely rude.

    I bought a Dell to replace the crap.

  116. Helene Usherwood Says:

    Acer has proved to be the worst laptop in the history of mankind. My fried has one that will not start/work unless plugged in – laptop hello.
    Mine has been back to staples at least 15 times. One time the battery went dead, after being used for 30 days. Another time e-mail didn’t work and the tech said this is a frequent problem with ace and that he could not fix it. I demanded that someone fix it and he reluctantly did, but said I would have to use NWTel for my e-mail. All of these “failings” went on and on and on.

  117. CoolJoe Says:

    For me, Toshiba has the best laptops by far and as for Acer, they make trash!

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