Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2014


When readers ask us (and they often do), “What laptop should I buy?”, most of them really mean, “Which brand name should I look for?” That’s a tough question to answer, because there are so many factors to consider. How did a company’s systems perform on our benchmark tests? How good is the company’s support? Are the company’s systems well made on both the inside and the outside?

The answers to all of these questions matter, especially as companies experiment more with laptop-tablet hybrids. That’s why every year, we pit the biggest brands on the market against one another in the battle to end all battles, with the ultimate goal of telling you which companies deserve your hard-earned cash.

Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2014

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  1. Steve Little Says:

    Sony design only gets 9 points? This is crazy! Vaio laptops are still uber-sexy! Way overpriced, but sexy. Back then even Steve Jobs wanted to put OSX on Vaio laptops.

  2. Hemanth Kumar Says:

    How does that “software” thing works? Mac get full 5 while Windows notebooks gets 4 or less..

  3. jitu Says:

    suggest me which laptop is cheap and best

  4. Ethos Says:

    your rating sucks !!
    the best is acer .. u just apple fanboys bcos u from usa yeah hp and dell must be on good place ..
    acer best !

  5. Mohsin Nasar Says:

    I need brands laptop.Please you brand laptop my free my give me.Please wait free laptop my come home.
    Are you free laptop my give me?
    I need reply.
    Thank you,

  6. lee Says:

    nice computers can i buy one

  7. lee Says:

    can we make a deal guys

  8. Onkar B Says:

    They just listed alphabetically!!!!

  9. Bruce Says:

    Well I won’t come back to this BS website. As soon as I see 5 out of 5 for MAC OSX, I know what kind of editor wrote this article; some MAC lover with a biased opinion. Probably only knows how to use an iPhone and iPad too.

  10. gary Says:

    Based on the comments I’ve read, you people are all too stupid to be on the internet, nevermind allowed out in the world at large. Learn how to spell and punctuate before you try to offer an opinion.

  11. Jodie Clark Says:

    Im looking for the best laptop for a online business for $500 or underthat is i5 or more can you help me out .

    Thank you

    Jodie Clark

  12. Deepti nanda Says:

    Hi i am looking for a netbook and need requirements are longer battery about6-8 hrs and more if possible and hd video pkayback with good viewing angles.
    Please let me know if u have any suggetion.


  13. Adesanmi Adedotun Says:

    Gosh, Hp my favourite does not fall with in the first top 4… Not really disappointed but a bit.

  14. Peter Says:

    You are one of the worst laptop websites on internet.

  15. suzanne Says:

    yes i’m thinking about buying a toshiba, C75D-A7370 laptop can you tell me if this is a good one are what , I do a lot of photos and work with them ,

  16. janet archer Says:

    I’m a college student and working mother.And also on a budget. I am looking for a good laptop that has Microsoft office 2013 already installed in it,to be able to do my school work on it.I already have 2010 in my home computer and was told that 2013 and 2010 are Quite different programs.What would you suggest for a more than 450.00, 500.00 tops.thank you janet.


    I purchased a dell laptop “Dell vastro” in April 2012 on DOS based. Its plastic body is very inferior quality. I hate it.
    Next I bought a SONY Laptop “SVE15123CNB” in April 2013.Really its look was very good & its body was of superior quality, but was producing a little noise. Its LCD broken in Dec.2013, I got it on Service Center and they denied for warranty and repair on cashment of Rs.9854.After that the laptop was loose & I sold it.
    Now I am requesting You Please suggest me that which Laptop I should buy now.( in Core i3 2.5 Gh. about 6 hour battery life durable,2GB,500GB)
    Please & Please reply.

  18. DRL Says:

    I think extendibility/upgrades options needs to be part of your test

  19. Melmo Says:

    #MoshinNasar Please stop posting to websites until you learn English. Unintelligible gibberish

  20. Melmo Says:

    In my experience the top three ratings are accurate. Personally, I would rate Toshiba higher than last.

  21. Ann Distin Says:

    I cant believe that Asus even gets in. The one I got cost me more than its original price to clean the rubbish out and get it to work and its been clunky and nasty and ugly to use I can not wait to save the money to buy a decent laptop That being the reason I am on this site

  22. JQ Says:

    Wow, this site blows.

  23. Xaved Says:

    This rating is somehow biased I think.

  24. Funny guy Says:

    Not what i expected.

  25. vaibhav Says:

    Hii.. I m thinking to purchase a apple laptop… But i m not having sufficient knowledge abt tht…. Can u tell me pls… Did it support dongle…

  26. JimD Says:

    As someone who works in IT, I can say without a doubt when it comes to longevity and durability dell laptops especially their latitude line are some of the best. HP some of the worst. Apple laptops are nice but overpriced and they are a pain for someone who works in IT. In that regard Dell blows Apple away. Prosupport blows away the stupid genius bar.

  27. JimD Says:

    On another note I can agree that Apple, Lenovo are good. HP laptops are terrible in terms of longevity. Dell should be ranked above HP. I’ve had many HP’s die on me. Also driver / software and hardware support for Dell is much better than HP.

  28. Jake Says:

    I think just looking at the brand doesn’t tell you much except the support and the company related things. Dell makes $400 laptops and then make Alienwares over $6000 (fully loaded). The $ 400 laptop has 400 dollar parts and the $ 6000 has 6000 dollar parts. I would never buy laptop by brand alone.

  29. Jane Says:

    My $900 HP died (motherboard) in only 3 yrs. I do not use it much nor transport it anywhere outside my home. I will never buy another HP pc. I am using my 15 yr. old desktop Vaio to write this. It’s slower than molasses but still works!

  30. ReallyDisappointed Says:

    I don’t like the way an Apple looks, I don’t like their business model either. Basically Apple is for people who are afraid to learn how to really use tech.

    The only Lenovo’s I’ve worked on are only suitable for email word processing.

    Asus tends to be rather heavy.

    HP has always been hit or miss outside of the printer market.

    Dell is not particularly attractive, but their customer support has always rocked.

    I’ve never used Samsung.

    Sony is uber sexy but rather pricey.

    Toshiba cannot be bothered to update their drivers.

    Acer has always had cheap feeling enclosures.

    Go with Alienware or Sony.

  31. Pabitra kumar mohanty Says:

    ASUS is the best laptop in the world

  32. Dumpling Says:

    @Hemanth Kumar

    The “software” probably means preloaded software, the software that comes with the computer. Windows notebooks come with bloatware, while Macbooks just come with only Apple software.

  33. Anon Says:

    These comments have educated me more than this website. Just reading the written review for Apple you can tell it’s biased.

  34. Johnner Says:

    Poorly rated numbers. Apple fanboy go away!!

  35. Peter Says:

    Wow…these results are really biased.

    Apply scoring a full 5 points above everybody else for ‘reviews’, which happens to be the equally most strongly weighted category? Given that this category is essentially meaningless (since reviews cover all of the things listed in the other categories) I have to assume that this category was inclused purely to find a means to swing the results towards the MAC.

    Apple getting 5/5 for software? I can see the argument for Mac in certain applications (such as music editing, etc) but how ignorant is it to completely ignore the fact that the vast majority of users out that rely on software that is not Mac compatible. The usual response to this is “you can install Windows on a Mac”, but the fact that many users have to is a knock against the base software that comes with the devices. Apple (for software) should receive a score of 3 and no more, because it’s such a niche product that appeals to such a comparatively small number of consumers. Then Lenovo receives a 4 for software? We use Lenovo laptops in our company (I work in the IT department) and we constantly come across all types of problems with the factory included software. There is so much bloatware that is utterly unecessary, and all of Lenovo’s included applications are functionally significantly worse than those standard functions included within the Windows OS.

    Same deal with the Keyboards / touchpads. How on earth has Sony received a 5/15 in this category when the next worst result is 9/15, and when Lenovo has equalled Apple for the top spot with 14? I agree that Lenovo have some very nice keyboards, but their touchpads on their most recent models have been absolutely horrendous…to the point of being utterly unusable. The X230 is widely acknowledged across out company for having a horrible touchpad that loves to jump around like it’s having a seizure, while the newer X240 is even worse because the touchpad is horribly unresponsive and the buttons are almost unusable (it’s almost impossible to register a right-click on the X240’s “clickpad”). Therefore Lenovo should be awarded an average mark at best for this – maybe a 10 or 11. Positive marks for the keyboards, negative marks for the touchpad. On the other hand Asus models recently have been quite nice – the xenbooks for example (aside from the very first generation) have had very nice keyboards and touchpads.

    My next question is, how does HP get a 15/20 for support? On par with Lenovo and only one mark below Toshiba and Dell? Really? HP’s support is absolutely horrendous and should receive a below-pass mark. An 6/20 feels about right. Especially given HP’s failure rates have been (by far) the worst on the market for about the last 5 years running (possibly even longer). Lenovo’s support is pretty terrible as well – I’d place them below average given the past experience I have had trying to deal with them for either warranty or out-of-warranty support. I’ve had cases logged that have been pending for literally months while their department argues back and forth bickering of what has/hasn’t been done and coming back with a different story every time. Plus this was their special “corporate” support – I would be utterly horrified to see what their consumer level support must be like. I’d rate them an 7/10, but then I’ll give them a +1 purely because their driver support on their website is very nice – so a 9/20 overall seems about fair.

    Then there is Lenovo receiving an 8 for ‘Display and Audio” along with Dell, while Asus receives a 7. I have used a number of Lenovo laptops and aside from a couple of exceptions (mainly the X1 Carbon) their laptops have displays that would be considered average 5 years ago. Many still use the archaic 768p or 900p resolutions while also using horrible TN panels with terrible colour accuracy and horrible contract ratios (where blacks look light grey and light bleed is everywhere). Their laptop speakers are typically horrible and make the loudspeaker on the average mobile phone seem impressive. On the other hand when it comes to the ‘non Apple’ brands Dell,
    Samsung and Asus have been far and away the leaders of display tech out of the brands listed in this comparison. Both were among the first to introduce QHD laptop displays, but use IPS panels almost exclusively on their high end products, and both have produced laptops with some of the best displays on the entire market (Dell XPS, Asus Xenbook). Asus have also been far above most of their competition in terms of audio, with models like the Xenbook killing other brands’ Ultrabook offerings…while other models such as the G550 come with external subwoofers to complement the sound. Every single brand on this list (including Acer and HP) has consistently slaughtered Lenovo in the Display department, with Toshiba being the only other brand with displays as consistently poor as Lenovo ones.

  36. Peter Says:

    Oh, and I really have to question how a company like HP ‘overall’ ranks above companies like Dell, Toshiba and Sony.

    Acer I understand (as the brand has had a rocky past) and Samsung (as it’s still a pretty new brand to the market) but Toshiba and Asus have had the lowest lowest fault rates on the market for years running, with Sony actually not too far behind. It amazes me that a category as important as ‘reliability’ does not exast in a comparison like this, but a category like “Reviews” does, and has the equal highest weighting? Rediculous.

    Also who decides the importance of these categories?

    Personally to me the most important categories (in order) are:

    1: Reliability (/20)
    Great design means nothing if the thing breaks after 6 months

    2: Support (/20)
    Timely warranty repairs and up to date / reliable drivers is vital

    3: Keyboard & Touchpad (/15)
    The whole idea of a laptop is portability. If you cannot use one without an external mouse/keyboard because the built in input devices are so bad, then it’s an immediate fail.

    4: Display & Audio (/15)
    Not much is worst than trying to read websites on a blurry screen, not being able to see proper colours on a photo, having to spend 5 minutes fiddling with screen angle due on a TN panel, or not being able to watch any movies with dark scenes because poor contrast turns it all in to a sea of blurry gray mess.

    4: Design (/10)
    With the things that impact productivity out of the way, the next most important thing to me is design. Is everything well laid out? Is the device portable enough to easilly slip in a bag? Is it light enough to cary around all day? Does it have all the ports I need? Is it solidly constructed and pleasing to touch/look at? All important factors in making a laptop desirable and practical. Plus I’ve been hunting for years for a relatively slim 13″ laptop that includes a built in optical drive (even slot load is fine) – I’ve yet to see one. If somebody can come up with one that also has a good keyboard/trackpad/display then I’d instantly give it very serious consideration. That’s the importance of design.

    5: Value & Selection (/10)
    No matter what, this category is important. If all else is equal, you’re going to go with the laptop that is better priced. Everybody would rather spend $1,500 than $2,500 if you are still getting everything you need from the cheaper product. Selection is also important. Maybe that $2,500 product is expensive because it has a whole stack of uncecessary stuff I don’t need (like 4G support, touch screen, fingerprint reader, etc). Maybe the next cheapest model from that brand is $1,600 but this model, instead of cutting out that unecessary stuff, instead compromises with a worse display, slower process, less ram, and a slower HDD. That leaves me torn having to decide whether to compromise things I really want, or spend more than I’m comfortable to. A company that offers more model selection (such as Dell) might give you the ability to customise by choosing a base product, and then selecting which components I want to upgrade. This way, I’m only paying for the things I really want. That’s important.

    6: Innovation (/5)
    This is incredibly unimportant for me, and no idea why it was given such a high weighting for the purpose of this comparison. Who it the world CARES if the laptop does something new and exciting that nobody else has done, unless that new and exciting thing is actually useful to you? If it is useful for you, then it comes in to the ‘design’ category. Having a device that is innovative is cute, but it’s hardly essentially or a deal changer for me.

    7: Software (/5)
    Software to me is probably the least important, because most enthusiasts who buy a new laptop are going to remove all of the bloatware anyway. In fact most will probably wipe everything and start again with a clean install. I’d go one step further with today’s laptops – the first thing I’d do is remove Windows 8 and roll back to Windows 7 Professional. But the OS argument is one for another day – point is software is of low importance and is never a deal changer because it can be changed very easilly and without cost…while other aspects (such as hardware) cannot.

  37. David Laufer Says:

    You can’t just take a company who only makes super high end laptops and then put them up against companies that make laptops that cover all price ranges. Of course something you pay over a grand for is going to look better and perform better than a laptop costing an average price. It would be like comparing a Honda civic to a porche without taking price into consideration. If dell or Acer was selling crap laptops at 1k then your argument would be justified, but they’re not and for the money almost any OEM makes a product as good or better than a Mac book.

  38. Devon Levrin Says:

    to be honest, I’ve tried ALL of these… and, to be honest, I think that this could have a different outcome if you went more thorough… for instance. the hp is good, but it breaks more easily. so it should be lower than some. and I had a toshiba that worked GREAT, which makes me want to bring it up. and as for the comment from Ethos, I use an acer right now and it sucks more than you think… I can’t do much on it without the memory already being too high. and I JUST BOUGHT IT BRAND NEW! so I want to bring it down….. in all honesty, I do believe that apple is best… I don’t like the products from them, but still. I can’t lie about good tech :/ and also, I think you should take a second look on samsung… there are a few parts wrong with it :/

  39. Devon Levrin Says:

    Update on the last thing I said-I just remembered a few things about the apple….. more stuff is able to be put into it, buuut….. yeaaah it gets slow with some things that were especially made for it……… okay… I gotta bring it lower…. *shrug* sorry

  40. DASHRATH Says:

    I WANT TO BUY. APPLE. Laptops

  41. yes Says:

    acer rules best laptops ever im still using my one after years of purchase

  42. Richard Brandlon Says:

    I ordered a Lenovo Z710 on May 19, and after five delays (“You are a valuable customer”) I finally cancelled when they set JULY 7 as a tentative delivery date.
    The campany has absolutely rotten customer service and zero dependability.

  43. alex hill Says:

    I laughed when I saw apple got #1. What a joke.

    This calls into question the accuracy of other reviews and ratings.

    Apple laptops have the benefit of a glossy and pretty looking chassis. That’s about it, $2000 facebook machines.

    I’d take a long lasting dell any day, for 1/4 of the price.

    Overall, Windows beats OSX easily, so I don’t see how mac won in software. Windows is versatile.

    And the biggest flaw in your ratings is the actual laptop models. Each brand has multiple models. Apple might seem to be consistently good, but that’s because they are basically all the same. So selection and (why is value included in this?) value shouldn’t be first either.

    If you compared a $3000 MacBook pro to a $500 dell, of course it will win. dollar for dollar value, MacBook loses. Period.

  44. jack Says:

    The Apple assembled machines can run OSX, in addition to other operating systems. Other machines that aren’t allowed to run OSX, even though the CPU architecture is compatible, are therefor by definition less capable than the macbooks in the software department. It’s not taking a stance in the OS wars. That’s not in the scope of this comparisson, I reckon.

  45. acerguy Says:

    i believe that alienware should be first even tho it is quite expensive.

  46. Czar Says:

    Those who swear by alienware have not ever owned one, for one they are heavy, not portable regardless of size (m11x) battery life sucks, on top of having little problems that annoy you(blue screen, broken hinges) i would never buy a dell again, spend 1400 and it wont last past 3 years. If i were to buy a laptop i would buy either a mac, lenovo or asus. I am not a macfanboy, but i have seen their products last more than the competition, I need windows because of solidworks so I would get a lenovo or asus, for regular everyday stuff I would get a mac, if youre buying on a budget get an asus. Overall I think this rating is pretty accurate.

  47. shubham Says:

    what is top brand laptop”

  48. Mugiora boy Says:

    Lenovo 2nd with 15/20 tech support? NO WAY! I bought a new premium laptop y510p and gave me blue screens 10 days after I bought it. Sent it back for repair, they replaced the hard drive, result: blue screens 20 days after the repair. Then I sent it back for repair AGAIN, they have just changed the hard drive AGAIN, result: blue screens the 1st day I got it back! 15/20 tech support? FAIL. And I will add something extra: the 3rd time I have sent it back (now is away for more working days than they promised) because I was angry, I suggested to the girl of the transport company not to buy a Lenovo and she told me that she will not because they get LOADS of Lenovo laptops… If you still want to live the Hell I’m living right now, YES LENOVO IS YOUR COMPANY!

  49. EnZo Says:

    Delusional apple religious retards-APPLE MACBOOKS ARE HORRIBLE if you are measuring cost effectiveness. Macbooks’ hardware is always outdated, and the software is only better for slightly better ease of use. The software only really benefits people who are doing editing or media, but many demonstrably idiotic people buy it for its aesthetic design, not because it’s an actually good, cost-effective product.

    You’re almost certainly some delusional fanboy who is willing to pay for any overpriced piece of shit tosh that Apple will put out on the market. If you want to make a review actually helping people, why don’t you go learn something about electronic integration and components, general hardware, cost-effectiveness etc etc.

  50. Janet Says:

    I have a Sony Vaio. And I have two Toshiba’s. I’ve had my 17″ Sony between 6-7 years. I call it “THE Mean Machine”. She still runs like a top. Then I have a Toshiba that I’ve had for about 4 years. It’s a 15″. And it’s a beauty. Black Satin on outside & back-lit with light blue lights. Then my last one is another Toshiba. It’s also a 15″ & has a Core I-5 processor in it. Has everything on it. I owned a Dell laptop & 2 dell desktops in the past. And an HP desktop. But out of all the laptops I have ever owned the Toshiba Satellite has been the best running laptop I have ever owned. So far I have NEVER had a reason to purchase any other laptop. In my book TOSHIBA is #1. And all my family & friends own Toshiba’s also. And they will tell you the same.

  51. Amr Says:

    Do you really believe mac OS is better than windows? You are a quite quite sad person.

  52. Denny Says:

    From a tech perspective, the Apple is a nightmare when it needs service, and the Lenovo is a breeze.
    Also, tech support is extraordinary with Lenovo and US based. Apple tech support is not 100% US based and their computers are outrageously priced, as you mentioned.
    Interestingly, Apple customers insist that their computers last forever, but seem to forget that when a tech is on site attempting to repair it odds are it won’t be possible because they solder and glue the components to the motherboards making them impossible to have parts changed out and replaced. And as much as they would like for you to believe, every computer will fail eventually, and the cost for repairing them can vary drastically.
    Buyer beware, and do your homework.

  53. UnderKnight Says:

    Lenovo may have great systems and tech support, but have you tried to get anything repaired by them recently? I had to send my system back three times (under warranty) before the repairs were acceptably performed. Pre-Lenovo, i.e., IBM, repairs were faster and more components were replaced than expected, including reloading the image of a failing hard drive onto a new one. Lenovo is but a shell of what IBM was.

  54. Fatty Matty Says:

    Well, this is a worthless rating system? No rating for durability/repair or hardware failures????? Really?

  55. Nitin Says:

    ok then what is the best Laptop on the Earth . I had purchased Compaq610 and used it but it is very slow

  56. Display? Says:

    How does Apple get a 9 on display? It received some heavy criticism for its subpar 1366×768 pixel displays while other companies offered 1920×1080 pixel displays on comparable models.

  57. Jimmy Says:

    Apple sucks so not user friendly piece my samsung galaxy 2 iPad is so much better than this I can’t believe you think this is so good ya good for you robbing it’s not worth it you can’t do half the stuff on Apple that you can do on samsung it just blows me away too many blind people I guess

  58. Shovan Biswas Says:

    I think ‘lenovo’ is the best brand

  59. Robert Lord Says:

    Wher can I find a goo laptop for my business???
    something like…LeNovo, Asus or HP??

    Thanks for your help

  60. diego Says:

    40 points for “reviews” and “tech support”??? you mad bro, i’m searching for durable laptops not for most mainstream ones.

  61. Brian Says:

    I need a laptop that I can study on and watch movies

  62. jm206 Says:

    Value and Selection only has 5% impact on rating?

    This site is a joke.

  63. sbrow Says:

    If you want the Gold standard (being Apple) Don’t forget to bring 3 times the gold.

  64. PhilT Says:

    Thanks for this article guys. I found it one of the most useful currently. Very handy for comparing different brands I’ve got my eye on at the moment. Very thorough rating system. Looks like it’s based on real use rather than just specs that so many review sites tout.

    To the Apple haters. If you don’t like Apple just ignore the rating. I must have a Windows machine and personally I’ve never liked the Apple design so I just move along.

  65. PhilT Says:

    Oh and on Apple being expensive. Take a look at Lenovo Thinkpad X series or Samsung Book 9 plus. Some series money right there.

  66. PhilT Says:

    serious money, is what I meant.

  67. PhilT Says:

    Yeah, not a big fan of Acer either. My girlfriend has one of their laptops and I find the keyboard terrible. She doesn’t mind it though and when you consider the price, you get what you pay for.

    The thing to watch is it’s much cheaper for companies to use as much of the same components as possible in their range so would a top of the range Acer have a better keyboard? In my experience, no.

  68. Niraj singh Says:

    I want to laptop in 30,000 to 36,000 which laptop is best.

  69. Ben ADAMS Says:

    I have noticed all the below comments are quite biased. I personally prefer Apple laptops and have had serious problems with acer. this is only my opinion and people shouldn’t put biased comments in the comments section.

  70. slagathor Says:

    i think that asus should be in first, im using an asus right now, and i totally disagree with the audio review, mine has awesome audio(even though i rarely use the speakers), but i do have to say that the touchpad is absolutely awefull, its like a crappy mac touchpad, often it will get stuck and clicking is terrible

  71. slagathor Says:

    i think that asus should be in second, im using an asus right now, and i totally disagree with the audio review, mine has awesome audio(even though i rarely use the speakers), but i do have to say that the touchpad is absolutely awefull, its like a crappy mac touchpad, often it will get stuck and clicking is terrible

  72. Francisco Sevcik Says:

    Incredible that Lenovo is second, specially with that special mention to tech support. I have not know a less honest and trustable support service in my whole life (that is about 5 laptops from different brands). I can specially remember that after a failure in an Lenovo Ideapad under warranty (two month new), after many months I received back a burned mobo (hidden inside) with less than a month of live ahead, just enough to not be able to use warranty again!!!!

  73. miltk Says:

    wow. i think you missed one VERY IMPORTANT category. performance and reliability. every category mention is cosmetic!!! tech support is for what happens if something goes wrong, and the fact is you should be grading on the INfrequency of something going wrong

  74. Keith Says:

    Acer customer service sucks. Bought extended warranty from them fixed it once and erased/replaced hard drive guess where the extended warranty info was? on the hard drive i told them not to destroy.

  75. notmyname Says:

    Man the whole reason I’m here is to look for a new laptop to replace my macbook air. Wifi on this lags like crazy when connected to AC 5 ghz. I research the problem only to find out that these things have been having the problem for over a year.

    The ipads drop their connection as well. I’ve been to multiple support pages to see 1000 posts about how apple hasn’t fixed it yet. I don’t think they ever will.

    It’s just been frusterating since if your idevice does have a problem, apple will not acknowledge until it’s been fixed. And that’s just maybe.

    The whole reason I got this macbook was because I wanted a fast and light laptop without a touch screen. And to be honest I haven’t kept up in all the pc developments.

    To the dude who said apple is for tech illiterates. Say that to the guys who code on apple. I’m pretty fine on any os. There’s things to like linux, windows, and osx. It’s just a safe bet to go with apple with the reputation they have. Though maybe it’s not well deserved as I am finding out.

  76. notmyname Says:

    Wow so much mac hate. Is it really brain dead idiots who buy mac? Do I really want to risk the money on buying from some asian company who I have no idea if they will honor their warranty or not. I’ve read the horror stories over the years.

    Add on to that, that the mac keeps a good chunk of it’s resell value. I don’t like Windows 8. Don’t trust all of the pc companies anymore. I bought my $1500 dell xps m1530 and had a great experience. Great laptop. Great customer service. Hear bad things about them now. About basically any pc company that has a warranty besides apple.

    It is not such a cut and dry decision. Especially if you don’t want a damn touchscreen laptop.

  77. david bangly Says:

    Hi Guys.
    I have a dualcore cpu laptop by hp brand and I never have any problem or error or hang or …
    but my another laptop is Lenovo ideapad z510 and has corei7 4702qm cpu and dual graphic cards but that has realy few performance… and usual has error,hang,goto restart itself,…

    I never know the Lenovo is a good choise,hp is much better.

  78. Maximiliano Says:

    From my experience Dell is the way to Go. I’ve bought 2 Studio 1458 laptops, customized, delivered and i’ve had them for 5 years now and working as the first day. Tech support is marvelous, when i had a HDD issue under warranty on one of the laptops it was replaced right away, no questions asked. I really don’t care much in the design, i’d rather have a horrible working computer than a gorgeous paperweight. Drivers and software are handy too. I’ve Experienced real joy with the laptop speakers, they are very powerful. Bang for the buck Dell is my choice. Both my brother and sister bought Macs and never had issues, overpriced but sturdy beautiful computers. Acers are quite durable but the connectors are garbage. HP and Compaq are the worst garbage on EARTH. Fail everytime, support is awful and they do not correct their mistakes. I can’t talk about the other brands but i’ve heard that lenovo and toshiba are quite durable.

    I wish people could choose not to have an OS in their laptops, or Free Alternatives Such as Linux or Freedos. Why do i have to pay for Windows pre installed on my notebook? it’s Absurd. I get the whole not all people are IT Scientists and they NEED to have the OS installed, but at least give US (Consumers) the option… The money i spend (forced) on a windows license could be used for hardware enhancement…

    By the way, every computer manufacturer should have the option to customize your notebook depending on what you need. Not all consumers seek the same thing.

    Anyways this is my opinion… I’ve had several clients bringing HP’s to my office furious because their laptops don’t last… GPU’s get really hot and dettach from the Mobo, chips are delicate and batteries are garbage. Even though i benefit from this, it’s a total disrespect from HP to the customers…

    Cheers and may the wisdom be with you!

  79. christian Says:

    legit, i must say good reviews- i have own and used all but one of these laptops. I think Asus should be 2nd tho seeing that their ROG’s are outstanding with lenovo 3rd, they to are super also with good design and strong hardware. (Y)

  80. Alex Says:

    I smell bullshit here. I had two Lenovos and both had keyboard and touchpad problems… and those weren’t the only problems they had. Overheating, wi-fi problems and so on. Stay away from Lenovo, go for ASUS, they are the best.

    PS.: Top notch tech support at Lenovo? Seriously?

  81. Chanakya Reddy Says:

    Apple is the No.1. No doubt about it (not considering the price). But lenovo comes at second place,How much they offered you to put them at 2nd rank? A chinese company…..!.
    These rankings are all crap.

  82. Camilla Says:

    WHY IS ASUS IN 3RD PLACE????? I’ve owned an Asus X550LB since November 2013 and thrice I’ve taken it in for warranty covered repairs– first for a faulty graphics card (1st week, couldn’t run high-powered applications), dead battery (3 months), and just last week for a broken flex cable. If only my 15″ MBPro retina hadnt been stolen. I swear ASUS was the worst decision ever. I wish I had gone with a Vaio/HP/Lenovo.

  83. JohnnyCakes Says:

    ASUS N550JV

  84. Joe Sheeba Says:

    Toshiba has the best laptops ever, because of the value of course. You get more for less. I recommend everyone get a Toshiba and then you can upgrade to a new one every 2-3 years for the same price as buying one Apple every 9 years. Highly recommend being a smart shopper and not a Fannie Follower.

  85. MLR Says:

    The Lenovo G510 is back in it’s box awaiting a drop off at the UPS store. Arrived last Thursday, no MS activation code provided & due to the long weekend, support was closed and after 3 reps, unaware they could generate an email to that dept that for this morning. 2 freezes, & 1 default setting reset, (I don’t count the one after I decided to return it), customizing twice….bye Lenovo. Al though folks were pleasant, but that’s all I can say in their favor. Back to the drawing board in selecting a laptop, tired & disgusted w/all these reviews throughout the web.

  86. Lennart Says:

    Value only max 5 points… value is one of the most important things to me. But no, insane expensive Apple has to win, thats clear to me now.

  87. Kris Says:

    Mac sheeps!

  88. MLowrey Says:

    @Ann Distin Are you kidding? You probably just got a bad deal, a very cheap laptop, a used laptop or had some seriously bad luck. I’ve owned laptops from most of these brands at some point, and I can EASILY say my current one, an Asus RoG G750, is hands-down the BEST one I’ve had. It’s a high-end gaming laptop but still – it’s the same brand – both hardware and software is damn near perfect by design, and the cooling system is the best I’ve ever come across on a laptop. (It’s also an absolute BEAST when it comes to performance but I wouldn’t put that in the picture since that’s entirely because it’s RoG spec). The quality of standard Asus laptops is top-notch. Don’t give up on em just cause you happened to stumble on a bad deal.

  89. Brad Says:

    ASUS are the worst computers. they are cheap for a reason. I’ve been in a year and a half battle with ASUS support and they have yet to fix my computer. bad hardware terrible support. specs and price are attractive but don’t be fooled. you get what you pay for

  90. Jose Says:

    Well the ratingof failures in other websites place Apple in 4th place and HP in first place. Toshiba and Asus the last place. I have a Toshiba for 4 years and never fail, still working,

  91. ali hassan Says:

    lenovo is the best

  92. Kalv-Korv Says:

    Apple design in the top? Well, I can only see one reason for that: Everyone copied them, and everyone failed. I really miss the era of the beautiful laptops, like the Dell XPS M1330/1530, Studio XPS, HP Envy 133, and so on. Mac OS is also a huge con when buying Apple, so it does definitely not belong to the top.

  93. Dave Twigg Says:

    Lol…rated alphabetically!! I have a 2-year old Asus i7 (with 2GB video card) which has already been returned for warranty repair once, and is screwing up again! The display hurts my eyes, USB3 doesn’t work…worst laptop I’ve ever had!!!

  94. steve woody Says:

    if you take this article for face value and believe it is of honest facts, then you need to contact me on some wonderful water front properties I have available and all at at very reasonable price….lol

  95. Munga Says:

    Who paid you to publish this rubbish? Asus have NO tech support, you missed Gigabyte, MSI and AlienWare. The only laptop here without bloatware is Apple. This is the most stupid review I have read all year!

  96. talibanhatesme Says:

    Any scale that has software at 5pts is poorly skewed.FAIL

  97. cozmo lingenbraun Says:

    YOU’RE ALL INSANE!!! The one thing all your reviews have in common is that THE LAPTOP YOU OWN is almost always THE BEST ONE!!! This rating isn’t good or bad, it’s just hype, bait; something to get you to speak up over something meaningless!! People will buy what they are FAMILIAR WITH via recommendations from friends, what they’ve read about, and who’s got the best price! Trying to do otherwise is a futile attempt to be a “smart” buyer. There’s no such thing because even the experts are just making an educated guess about what they think is the best, just like you but with more ego!!! I have an HP Pavilion dv6 that had a flaw in the monitor so I sent it back in a box that they sent me two days later. They told me that from the time I send it to the time they get it to be about 2 days, then to fix it and get it back to me would be about 4 to 7 days. I got it back 5 days after sending it to them – fixed and in perfect working order!! I had only operational problems from then on and they were more than happy to take as much time as needed to fix the problem, and/or talk me through a “how to…” of which I had dozens(I keep a log..) I’m so novice on computers that other novice’s laugh at me behind my back!! That’s fine-I’m learning. Keep moving forward and all will be well. :-)

  98. cozmo lingenbraun Says:

    Oh, yeah – I forgot the one other thing most of you have in common – YOU CAN’T SPELL OR TYPE WORTH A DAMN!!!!! JEEEEZZZ!!!! Have a hard time getting thru the second grade didja’?!

  99. cozmo lingenbraun Says:

    Oh, and I agree that this “rating” list is bogus. The fix is in on this one, folks! Apple has not only slipped in the ratings by the user’s over the last couple of years, but their “uber secure” security has been cracked and the hackers are feeding on it like never before! I know, 300 million Apple owners can’t be wrong, right? Well, the 2.7 BILLION PC owners might have a different opinion! C’YA!

  100. Ryan Says:

    Lenovos are solid workstations. You can drop them and spill water on them and still no flinch.

  101. jirs Says:

    its good

  102. Lena Says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but the toughest laptop brand is LENOVO. I am using mine right now and it has been through heck and back and still works great like the days I bought it. It has holes from being dropped, the screen is falling off and has an electrical cord completely broken, not sure what it’s for because everything still works wonders. Point is, LENOVO is the laptop to own.

  103. Ken Says:

    most unreliable so-called test ever seen. Lenovo means shit, period.

  104. Meghraj Says:

    Samsung is very nice, I’m roughly using(rough use) Samsung RV59 for last 3 years, never faced any problem.
    And ASUS is one of the worst brand on planet in Laptop as well as Desktop component category.

  105. ideas Says:

    So meaning that,
    the Almighty TOSHIBA is out of RANGE!!!!!!!!!
    Sooooo disappointed!!!!!!!! “

  106. RL Says:

    I buy a low budget laptop each year and keep the old ones for the kids. What I’ve had so far is 1 Acer, 1 Packard bell (=Acer), 3 HP, 4 Asus, 3 Toshiba, 1 Samsung. The Acer and the Packard Bell fell apart after abt 2 years (keys and hinges broke, pieces of plastic started to fall off). The other laptops are all still working. So I would not recommend Acer or its subbrands. The others are pretty much the same imo. HP has one disadvantage: it needs brand-specific memory which may cost a bit more.

  107. Buck Dharma Says:

    Interesting rating system and objective choices were made. Interesting that the Windows version for one brand seems to be better than the same on other brands: is this rating given due to the presence or absence of crapware. Anyway you better get your facts right in some areas: HP has been providing chat support in multiple languages for years. And did you try to contact apple for support the day after the warranty expired?

  108. LJH Says:

    My husband bought me an Asus a little over a year ago for my business. At 6mo, I started having problems with it. First it was the mouse out of control, then the back lighting, then it slowly started to freeze and eventually, it ultimately crashed and I had a black screen. We sent it to Asus Company 3 times and even took it to Best Buy the last time before we sent it back for the final time. BBuy took off my personal stuff from the mother board so I could send it back. Each time I sent it back, at my cost, it got worse. Bottom line is — never buy this product. It has the worst customer service support system I have ever dealt with. It cost us lots of money. I ended up buying another computer – at my expense – and Asus sent my other computer back to me unfixed with a blank screen saying they denied my request to fix it at their expense. I should have bought the Apple computer I wanted to buy in the first place.

  109. yall are dumb Says:

    yall are dumb

  110. Sammy Says:

    This is a crazy list, go and read customer reviews about the 2,3,4and 5th placed manufacturers

    where do you people get this bull from, dell would not help you if your computer burst into flames and those lenovo jokers forgot to take the support phone off message mode

    absolute rubbish report

  111. pootis Says:

    LMAO apple is shit.

  112. adeena Says:

    It’s Best.

  113. JLB Says:

    I purchased an ASUS less than two years ago. I liked the sleek aluminum chassis. BUT – right off the bat the thumb pad gave me problems, spastic and hard to control. Shortly thereafter, the adapter died and I’ve had to use an external adapter. Then the power input port broke. Finally, it lost all wireless capability. ASUS – NEVER AGAIN! I’m back searching for another laptop. The more I read, the more confused I get.

  114. Abdul Says:

    after seeing this chart i lost my faith in online reviews and recommendation. some of score factors don’t really matter for me.

  115. Grant Says:

    After reading all these comments I came to a conclusion :
    ASUS laptop sucks, breaks easily after use , DO NOT BUY.
    LENOVO laptop sucks, breaks after 10 days, sent it back , and it breaks 20 days after it gets repaired. DO NOT BUY
    Sony is Pricey
    APPLE is hyped shit. DO NOT BUY
    TOSHIBA bad display, outdated drivers.
    DELL would not help you if your computer burst into flames. OMG DO NOT BUY
    HP worst durability. DO NOT BUY
    Samsung very nice.
    Ok. I choose you, Samsung !
    P.S : No offense, alright ?

  116. Dawatech Says:

    When buying a laptop, the first thing i consider before buying any laptop is Brand ! It matter a lot.

  117. Kate Says:

    I had a terrible time with my lenovo and the tech support I received was terrible, I would never recommend this brand to anyone.

  118. Pigeon Says:

    This is madness! Apple laptops are way overpriced. I have a £700 HP Pavilion dv6 with a mid range intel core i5 and NVidia GeForce GT 630M 1GB and a 700GB HDD and my friend has a standard MacBook. The mac has an intel core i5, intergrated graphics, 500GB HDD, yet hers costs £1,000(ish) both have NEVER

  119. Dhruv Says:

    The Surface is an epic option in my opinion

  120. Colleen Stacey Says:

    I have been using Asus laptops for many years. The laptops I have had have lasted for several years and have only been replaced because bigger/better models come out. I have had my present one for four years. A couple of the keys have fallen off, but I have really thrashed this computer. I wouldn’t buy anything else.

  121. Steve Says:

    I’m here trying to boot my Lenovo in safe mode and can’t even get there. It’s the second time I’ve had serious problems with the laptop and its less than two years old. Had to completely reinstall everything last time. Will likely have to buy a new laptop this time – can’t even do a system restore. (it freezes on the Lenovo screen)

  122. Raz Tamang Says:

    My Acer is still the best.

  123. da fuck Says:

    How the hell is hp n dell better than sony?? This review is crap!!!

  124. David Torp Says:

    Paid over $1,700.00 for an ASUS laptop and has been the biggest piece of c^#P I have ever bought. Got sick of returning it and waiting months for repairs and have had to live with constant flickering screen since new. Going to smash it to pieces very soon.

  125. Steve Says:

    Have a Toshiba laptop and it’s been working very well, 3 yrs old this month (i5,4 gigs ram)

    As for the winners and losers on this chart seem not very realistic, I know I have recently read on my sites that tech service was not the greatest with Lenovo and Asus and here they have pretty good scores….and Hp is not that bad, had my 17inch laptop with beats awesome speakers for yrs….

  126. wow Says:

    Is this a Joke?

  127. AliN Says:

    I dont see MSI?!

  128. karim Says:

    Where msi laptops???

  129. Medo Says:

    gary … you made me laugh :) , first of all , I well till you guys that toshiba and apple are like , Toyota and Honda , gives you good quality with your demand , so just decide what are your needs and purchase one of them .

  130. Pram Says:

    for recent 16 years I only have 2 laptops (all DELL ). first last 10 years, the 2nd has been running 6 years and still works fine until now. never replace the component (just upgrade driver), I never contacted customer support (i am not US), never faced a single problem until today. now I want to buy a new one because I need a better performance. For me, good laptop is a laptop that can last a long time without any problems. (for me 5-6 years is enough, more is better). The problem is, durability can not be measured instantly when the product is released.
    Don’t be fooled with “high spec-low price” machines.

  131. Raushan Says:

    i am an arch. St. So suggest me which types of laptop is the best for me and why ? please

  132. Steve Dupuis Says:

    This is bullsh*t – Have you ever tried to repair an Apple laptop? (or anything else they make)? The products are glued together and in a lot of cases impossible to repair or upgrade. Bunch of Apple payoffs!

  133. Sana Says:

    Hey! Asus is NOT better than Lenovo. In my opinion
    1. Apple
    3. Lenovo/Sony
    4. Dell
    5. Samsung
    6. Toshiba
    Lenovo and Sony both deserve better. Have you even seen the Sony Vaio and Lenovo Flex? Once using them you will realise what a real laptop is like. SERIOUSLY!
    Lenovo and Sony are both so beautiful, just like Steve Little Says

  134. Mari Says:

    sexy laptop? what does that mean?

  135. Komputer Says:

    This is the most subjective scoring I have ever seen.

  136. Gary Says:

    David Laufer Says:
    June 7th, 2014 at 11:25 pm
    You can’t just take a company who only makes super high end laptops and then put them up against companies that make laptops that cover all price ranges. Of course something you pay over a grand for is going to look better and perform better than a laptop costing an average price. It would be like comparing a Honda civic to a porche without taking price into consideration. If dell or Acer was selling crap laptops at 1k then your argument would be justified, but they’re not and for the money almost any OEM makes a product as good or better than a Mac book

  137. Steve Warren Says:

    I gotta ask… are the people grading Lenovo actually using a Lenovo? Either the quality of all laptops has really diminished over the years or this scoring system needs some serious work.

    I have been using a Lenovo at work for the past 6 months and it is by far the worst piece of equipment I have ever used (my colleagues agree). My productivity has reduced by 20% due to daily issues that emerge.

    A case in point – I had to restart my computer yet again to find a network connection AND it took me over 3 minutes to write the first half of this message. In the end I reverted to writing in Word and cutting and pasting it into the comments box because it was taking so long to type into your web browser.

  138. Lovey01 Says:

    I’m not being a hater but some of these questions look like they rig the scoreboard. And yet some questions are out of the scoreboard which would be just fine, like “Price”, and for the rigged ones, “innovation”.

  139. BB Says:

    I bought the extended warrenty for Lenovo for three years but it only covers the hardware. I’ve had nothing but trouble with my 2014 Lenovo ideapad, and sometimes the warrenty people will fix it, other times, for what seems like the exact same issue, they say its software. I think maybe it is mostly software, but at the beginning, they fixed everything, and I thought the bugs were being worked out and din’t realize the warrenty only covered (OK – truth is, I’ve never had any lapbtop before that NEEDED any kind of additional support once out of the box). After a couple months, they started referring me to a month-to-moth support ($30/month extra beyond what I’d already paid) to get anything fixed. Now it sits like a boat anchor, I try it every once in awhile, get frustrated and go back to my old trustworthy vaoi, five years old and five times faster and a million times more useable. Sony was dicontinuing laptops when I needed a new one, lenovos had good reviews, Liked the look but now am regretting this purchase!!

  140. Acer User Says:

    Want a new PC? Going for an Acer? You might wanna read this!
    I always suggest that buyers check the internet for feedback on brands and products. But wait, here, im not going to give you a huge list of refrences or links. Im just gonna cut the drama and will say “ ACERS ARE JUNK” . Now normally, this is enough as a warning but wait. Read the story of why we say this.

    In 2012, I buy a $550 Acer Aspire notebook. Lets make that $650 for me because I spent extra cash on making my Acer computer work like a normal one. Oh wow. Extra expenditures on these things. Now usually when you buy a laptop from a huge brand name such as Acer you are expecting something HUGE. especially when you see their ads and posts, boasting incredible design and features. But they miss out on Warranty, performance and durability because……….????

    A computer with 2.2GHz processing power goes slow and suddenly stops turning on. I get Windows installed 3 TIMES and I don’t even remember the problems now. Then one day im using it after 2 months in hope that it would OVERHEAT LESS. Im not going to tell the story of what happened and how it happened to my Laptop but in short Acers are a disaster!! It’s better to save cash and peace of mind by getting a Samsung or HP. They will do you good.

    Acers seem like the best things in the world in their descriptions. But……..

    If you search for ‘Acer Laptop complaints’ you will get countless results. All people will say the same thing. “do not go for an Acer”
    Why do they say this?? Because…… they have no customer service. Call them a million times and they won’t help. Instead, they’ll tell you some mumbo jumbo about Customer Induced Damage.

    2 friends of mine had the same problems with their Acers. One’s laptop became bits and pieces and the others Acer cellphone gave him a hard time. Other than us 3, there are thousands if not millions of people who aren’t satisfied by Acer.

    If you are going to get an Acer be prepared for consequences. I am not saying don’t get an Acer but if you do, you won’t get proper customer care. So the choice is yours……

    Please have mercy on your customers, people trust you……


    Acer customer.

  141. Cory Says:

    Where the fuck is MSi?

  142. Eliana Holmes Says:

    Which Lenovo laptop do you recommend: I am looking for a 14 or 15 inches screen, excellent display, long battery life, easy and comfortable keyboard and portability. Currently I have a Dell inspirastion 1525, slow and cumbersome to handle. thank you

  143. Hiru Says:

    Where is MSI?
    They can fit to the bottom because of their extreme prices and bad build quality. (expected lifetime I noticed is around +/- 4 years.) Then the backpanel of your screen near the hinges crack.

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