ASUS: Best and Worst Laptop Brands of 2014


Earning the bronze medal for a second year in a row, ASUS impressed us with its innovative designs; this is a company willing to take risks. The brand also outperformed most of the competition in the tech support category. We saw mixed results in the keyboard and touchpad category, as well as in software, but overall ASUS is a brand you should consider when shopping for a new laptop or hybrid.

Reviews (14/20)

With three notebooks earning 4 stars and four notebooks receiving 3.5 stars, ASUS has released a good number of above-average systems over the past year. In fact, the company’s showing was good enough to elevate its score by 3 points from last year. We especially liked the Zenbook UX301‘s Gorilla Glass lid and UHD display. However, the short endurance of the U38N and its 2.5-star rating kept ASUS from performing better.

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Tech Support (18/20)

From a usefully redesigned website to an increased social media presence, ASUS offered an excellent improvement over last year’s tech-support showing. The company stumbled on phone support, however. Representatives had difficulty with our questions, and our three test calls took a very long average of 27 minutes and 39 seconds.

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Design (13/15)

asus design sf

While some companies are happy resting on their design laurels, ASUS has flipped its lid — literally. The company transformed the lid of the Taichi 21 into a second touch screen, for an innovative, dual-screen hybrid design. The Zenbook UX301 ditched the classic agate aluminum chassis for a lovely and durable midnight blue Gorilla Glass lid. For the less adventurous, ASUS released a trio of handsome mainstream notebooks (N550jv, VivoBook S500CA and Q200). There’s also the budget X550CA, which emulates the stunning good looks of the original Zenbook, despite having an all-plastic chassis.

Keyboards & Touchpads (11/15) 


With few exceptions, ASUS laptop keyboards offer strong tactile feedback, reasonable key layouts and plenty of travel. However, a couple of the laptops we tested exhibited noticeable flex, including two different versions of the ASUS X550CA-DB31. The company’s touchpads are usually accurate and smooth, but a couple of systems, such as the ASUS UX51Vz, had issues consistently recognizing gestures.

Display & Audio (7/10)

ASUS’s high-end models, such as the Taichi 21, Zenbook UX51Vz and Zenbook UX301, offer beautiful, high-res definition and sharp color, but others fall flat. For example, the XX50CA’s 1366 x 768-pixel display delivered passable, mildly grainy images. The Q200’s 1366 x 768, 11.6-inch display was also on the dim side. Still with an average light meter reading of 241 lux, ASUS’ panels overall were in line with the 242-lux laptop category average for display brightness.

The Taichi 21 and Q200 stood out from the rest of ASUS’ 2013 lineup in terms of audio quality. But sound came through tinny and low with other machines, such as the U38N and Transformer Book TX300, costing the brand one point in this category versus 2013. Still, on average, ASUS’s notebooks pumped out 86 decibels of sound, which is louder than your typical notebook (85 dB).

Innovation (10/10)

For the second consecutive year, ASUS earned top marks for taking risks on devices such as the dual-screen Taichi 21. The company pushed the bounds of pixel density with the ZenBook UX51Vz-XB31 and that machine’s Retina-like, 2880 x 1620-pixel resolution. We particularly liked the outside-the-box thinking in the Transformer Book TX300 detachable hybrid, which puts its Core i7 processor and 128GB SSD right behind its 13.3-inch, 1080p display. The Transformer Book Duet (arriving spring 2014), uniquely gives users access to Windows 8 and Android in one device.

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Value & Selection (3/5)

Quality over quantity is the story for ASUS. The company may have pushed through fewer notebooks in the past 12 months than last year, but among its new products are quality options, such as the excellent $999 N550JV multimedia laptop or the premium $1,973 Zenbook UX301 Ultrabook. The company did unveil a G750 gaming notebook, but ASUS is missing a good business line. While you can get the brand’s notebooks at a variety of retailers, such as Walmart, Newegg, Amazon and Best Buy, the company doesn’t sell its laptops via its website, which means you won’t be able to configure them. Some Windows 7 options exist, but not a wide range.

Software (3/5)


In terms of software, ASUS’ recent notebooks run the gamut from completely clean (Zenbook UX301) to brimming with unnecessary extras (N550JV). You’ll find about 20 proprietary apps on the latter laptop, including Splendid Technology for display adjustment. ASUS WebStorage helpfully provides 5.5GB of free storage (up from last year’s 2GB), and ASUS Instant Connect can tether between Android phones and ASUS laptops.

Best and Worst Laptop Brands 2014

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  1. rasool Says:

    lap top

  2. Dr Mansoor Says:

    By performance ASUS is Good.
    Durability very poor.
    I had changed the key pad 4 times in two years of ASUS net book.
    My ASUS VIVO Book S550Cs mother board broken down immediatly after 1 year warranty…now companhy wants 34,000 Rs to replace the same.
    So if you want a durable laptop/net book better not to opt ASUS

  3. Peter Says:

    I am looking for a large screen laptop with a keyboard that feels like a desk top keyboard. My son has and recommends an Asus 750. I don’t play games on my computer so I don’t know if it is worth the money.

  4. Sean Kirby Says:

    ASUS customer service is awful !! I have never had such a bad experience….even the majority of the posts on their official web site are negative. It is sad my net book is indestructible….My VIVO laptop has been exceptionally unreliable and has been back to service 3 times. the keyboard was showing wear after 6 months. The commonly used keys were lower than the others. Quality has really gone down hill.

  5. Greg Thompson Says:

    I bought an ASUS Q550L laptop and straight out of the box, the touch pad was very erratic. The machine didn’t have any calibration and the quick start recommended calling support before returning the laptop to the store.

    I called and explained the problem, they connected remotely and searched the machine settings and services. They I had 480 issues that they would be glad to fix but I didn’t purchase their software protection and the fix would be $109.99 for 7 days of service, or I could buy a year of support for $199.00.

    For a problem with a new machine? Support is their term for additional sales and income.

  6. Chad Says:

    Asus Transformer – The unit has had to be returned 2X due to inability to recharge under the warrantee period. This time I was informed they replaced the motherboard without making any contact with me. Thus, the computer is void of all content. The direct me to the instruction for backing up the unit….I directed them to the fact that the unit was dead, as discussed in length and could not be backed up. I went up the Asus corp ladder, and there is nothing they are willing to do other than apologize. Bad costumer service for a bad product.

  7. Goldman Says:

    l had submitted my laptop for repairs 11th Sept One month had passed, all calls the service center went unanwsered . Not ONCE is my calls being answered. I’m getting anxious now because the same is happening to my emails to them; NONE of my emails to them got any respond. lt’s as if the service center does not exist.!!!
    Am I suppose to wait quietly at home for your non existing call or reply to come? Such service is unacceptable especially when all my college going kids and myself had been firm supporters of Asus laptops for many years .
    A check in the internet review tons and tons of complaints heaped on Asus after sales services. I now have no choice but to post here as that all can know . Emptor Caveat.
    Please reply dont turn your loyal customers into haters..

  8. Banz Says:

    I bought an ASUS G74Sx 2 years ago. It was one of their top tier laptops at the time. After 2 years of usage my computer is almost dead, it lags all the time, I get 1/2sec freezes avery 5sec (litterally).
    I’m not buying anything else from ASUS before a while, it is NOT worth the money.

  9. Alan Says:

    Similar experience to Chad. Bought a new unit in July for $499. 2 months later the unit is not charging, they want $400 to replace the motherboard on the Laptop as they say the repair is not covered under the warranty.
    What a SCAM.
    Is this company based in Nigeria?

  10. chuck Says:

    i got asus x552e about 1 week ago
    and if it performs like it has so far,
    its great, and fast, i could almost like windows 8 using this laptop

  11. Amanda Martin Says:

    I have the netbook and it has to be the worst thing that I have ever bought. It does not hold it’s charge, does not enable some common programmes to work and the screen resolution is terrible. It is difficult to negotiate the windows software, not an Asus issue directly, but this all adds to it being poor. I am going out tomorrow to buy a new machine, 4 months after buying this one. Not good.

  12. Mr, Lawrence Lorriman Says:

    I have the Asus X551M Notebook and it is running windows 8. What a load of rubbish this is and I cannot really understand why windows/microsoft have created this STUPID idea.

  13. Raymond Clatterbuck Says:

    READ THIS BEFORE YOU BY AN ASUS PRODUCT. The product is not up to par with today’s standards, the technical support shows no urgency, and the customer service is oblivious…

    I received an Asus tablet for Christmas and used it for about 7 months until it began having problems.

    The first problem was that the tablet’s screensaver would not slide up properly so that I could sign in. After a weeks of it getting worse I called in.

    I had the product shipped to product support. It took me 4 phone calls to actually get it sent. You, ASUS, ASUS tried to tell me I had to pay for the 30 dollar shipping for your faulty product. So after talking with a few representatives and going through a few frustrating phone calls, I got one individual who seemed like he genuinely cared and wanted to help me. (I wish I remembered his name) He gave me a one time free product shipment RMA. I sent it, and checked back after a week or so because I was informed it would only take a week to fix. After calling I was told that the product hadn’t even been worked on yet and that they would start tonight and it should only take another 4-5 business days to fix.

    Another week or two goes by and I haven’t heard anything. I call ASUS support and am told you guys now need to find parts for the tablet. They said they would send me an email to verify and for me to verify that they can either replace the parts or the tablet. I never got the email. I called about the email, they said I should get it within 48 hours, and 48 hours I still had gotten no email. That’s when I’m pretty sure I escalated the case for the first time.

    I wait a few days and call again, where I am prompted to explain my situation for probably the 5th time. I do, and am told to wait until the following week, and I should get my product back.

    I call the next week and the product is still not finished. By this point it had been about a month that ASUS had my product. I explain my situation again because apparently the 6 other time I called no one had been taking notes or even caring for that matter? THis representative is nice and understanding and assures me that I will get escalated for a SECOND time and I should get my product back soon. I had not gotten any updates about my product, without me having to call and check on it. Nobody told me there was a website that I could check the status, and no one sent me update emails. I was in the dark about my brand new tablet for close to a month.

    Finally the tablet comes back in the mail and it takes them 3 times to finally catch one of my roommates home. Instead of taking it to the closest FEDEX center and notifying me they just kept missing me.

    Finally I get the product back and the tablet is missing the keyboard…. Again, I call the support and they tell me it was sent separately? In this fast paced world, and being at school I NEED this product and I need for it to work correctly. I need to have the same experience every time I power it up. And I didn’t. Not only that but I do not have the time to sit and wait a month for something to get fixed, nor do I have the time to sit on the phone for 20 minutes and be put through a series of holds everytime I call because the representative doesn’t know anything about me or my situation. I also bought it so that I could use Excel easily and anywhere in my business school. Without the keyboard my tablet was virtually useless until it finally came in.

    There’s more…

    I notice that now when the product came back it had a new problem. The excel that I had in my original STOCK tablet was able to run financial analysis and an add in called Developer. The new one was not able to do these things and caused me to fail an assignment because I was not able to learn how to do it…
    Additionally, the tablet was now turning off when it was supposed to go to sleep. So now whenever I left the tablet alone for a few minutes or closed it into the keyboard it was turning off, losing all the work I had been working on. Not only that but it took me hitting the power button 5 times to turn on the tablet.

    So, I call again. This time the representative is terrible. I could tell by the tone of his voice and his lack of friendliness that he did not care about my situation. But again, I was prompted to explain my situation. After hearing my situation he shows no urgency or empathy. He ends the conversation by saying, reset your computer and call back. I leave a customer response survey almost every time I called, which is probably nearing 10. I always give the customer service reps the score that they deserve, normally pretty satisfied with their efforts. I gave this customer rep a terrible review. I did not have the time to send the tablet in again so I figured I would hold onto it until I had the time and patience to deal with this again.

    To my surprise I get a call from Jamaica one or two days later. It’s a customer service representative by the name of Sally, I think. She wanted to know where my dissatisfied responses to my service had came from… So again I explain my situation. Sally is very understanding and respectful of the situation and sends me an RMA number to get the device repaired for good, an RMA straight to Texas. She told me I should expect this to take about 5 days because she is putting it on over night shipping and is escalating my case for a THIRD time.

    I waste no time in getting it to Fedex that night because it was the only free time I had. Later that evening I get a call from Sally. She’s upset because she gave me the wrong RMA number… HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN? How does somebody on an even higher level assure me that the problem will be fixed shortly and then messes up worse than all the representatives. I keep my patience because she is already clearly upset. She assures me that as soon as it gets to that facility she will notify corporate to send it over night to Texas. I am okay with this.

    I call a week later to check up on the process because once again I’m in the dark. I am on the phone with this rep. for 20 minutes because he cannot locate my product! Finally he locates it and tells me the product had just reached Texas that day, a week after the date it was supposed to arrive. He “Escalates” my case again.. By this point I’m pretty convinced that escalation doesn’t mean anything more than a word that the representatives use to to make it seem like they care, because it does not make the process any faster.

    Now, I am going home for Thanksgiving break and probably won’t even be in town when the product arrives, if it ever gets fixed… The rep tells me I am expected to call support and tell them where I want it sent now, otherwise I assume it will go through the same process of it getting sent back to where it came, leaving me without the tablet for even longer.

    I am a student, a business man, and someone who has had 7 years of customer service experience. I absolutely enjoy when I get spot on customer service and almost always tell that person how well they did because credit should go where credit is due.

    Saying that, after close to 10 calls and waiting for the product my mother spent her hard earned money on for close to 2 months, this is negligent and absolutely unacceptable. I am a reasonable person, but as a huge Microsoft company ASUS must do better. There should be no reason why I had to go through this. The product is crap, the technical support shows no sense of urgency, and the customer service is less than helpful. At this point I want to return this tablet and get my mothers money back so that I can spend it on something that actually works. I own all microsoft products but the situation I have had to go through has caused me to research Apple products because I know that they are professional in their services, and their products are consistent and reliable.

    I am fed up and tired of dealing with this. I want to either get a full refund, or to just get my product sent to me, fully repaired so I do not have to through this grueling and unorganized process ever again.

  14. beth Says:

    I purchased an ASUS notebook PC 7/27/14 and within 3 weeks it wasn’t working. I have since brought it in 3 times for repair and it still is defective – zooms in and out constantly, usb ports do not work, at times cannot attach or find and open documents etc! and when I try to send a complaint email online, after filling out all the required info and pressing ‘submit’ it comes up ‘connection failed’ and does not allow my email to go through!

  15. ginger clark Says:

    this is very good information, i feel. thank you!

  16. Vaga Says:

    I bought a asus vivo not even a month ago,after it took 9 hours to update windows I tried talking to tech.
    It was the worst tech support ever with any company Once I realized the tech just left I tried to figure out how to fix it myself,and in the morning I will return it..

  17. Ettercap Says:

    This has to be said… I feel it is my obligation seeing so many people writing about how delicate their laptops are and how bad the durability is. I have laptops and desktops of many brands. I have 40 or more desktops and laptops combined. To list the brands I am in ownership of… Acer, Asus, Lenovo, HP, Apple, Dell(including Alienware), Gateway, Sony and Toshiba computers.

    How many of them have failed due to durability? Only 2 of them have ever been irreparably damaged due to usage. I have computers that are 10+ years old that still function like when they were brand new it isn’t durability that kills computers its people. I have a computers of almost every year from 1993-2014 it’s true there are some laptops and computers that are known to have problems but I read reviews religiously I don’t just take one sites reviews I look at many different sites before buying a computer.

    Dropping your laptop, slamming your laptops screen shut, running your laptop on top of bed sheets or on a carpet where it can not get any airflow, slamming keys because you didn’t get it to respond the very first time you tried and just general abuse I’ve seen it all from people who claim that the computer was not durable enough… no that is not the case I say the same to the smartphone people who break the screen, I have never once done that and when it happens it is never the fault of the phone being too weak I watch people like this and cringe each and everytime they do it sometimes I even tell them to warn them but these people usually cant be reasoned with.

  18. Rene Says:

    Bought a zenbook and vivobook last year. Both died within 6 months and were repaired by asus. This takes about three weeks. Zenbook had motherboard replaced and still works fine. The vivobook had harddisk replacement and is still having problems and will go in repair again. Worst quality brand I ever owned, asus servive is well but a notebook should just works, like the vaio’s I owned before. Switched over to apple now.

  19. willis Says:

    i dont see why everyones complaining about the asus… i mean the only reason its so bad for you is because you dont take care of it…as soon as i got it i downloaded avg and got rid of all the problems on the performance. it runs superfast and have never had ANY problems at all. i have the asus note

  20. Mona Says:

    Good information to have while I am searching for a new laptop. I will not buy Asus. Thanks

  21. Amélie Says:

    Hi! I am seaching for a new Notebook for my mom.She also had a ASUS, and same as for you, the Motherboard broke down after 11month.
    Now i should buy a new one – which one yould you recommend?

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