Are You Waiting for a Verizon Wireless iPhone?

Now here is a rumor we want to believe. 9to5Mac is fairly certain that a Verizon iPhone is in the works and will arrive by 2009. The report:

“According to him [the tipster], Apple will be announcing iPhones for Verizon Wireless in 2009, perhaps as early Macworld 2009.  Negotiations between Apple and Verizon are ongoing but they expect to hammer out agreements by the end of the year.”

Very, very interesting considering Cleve Nettles, the author of the 9to5Mac post, further explains that Apple has been posting jobs for EVDO and CDMA  engineers (Verizon Wireless’ networks are based on CDMA/EVDO, not the GSM technology that is supported by the current iPhone). But things get a bit murky on the 2009 timing. I, and many others, have been under the impression that AT&T held a long-term exclusivity deal with Apple for at least five years.  9to5Mac calls that five year exclusive deal a “couple of falsely reported rumors” and believes the deal to only last two years. Nevertheless, like many rumors, we want to beleive this one. Do you? Would you hold out for a Verizon Wireless iPhone if you knew it was coming next year? Have you held out on the iPhone because you were a Verizon customer and just couldn’t part with “America’s Most Releiable” network? Or will you chose to believe the BlackBerry Storm rumor and get your Verizon touch goodness in the rumored RIM device before 2008 is up?

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  1. VZW cutsomer Says:

    Ive been a VZW customer for a very long time and when i heard the release of the original iPhone (not 3G) hit AT&T i was so mad that it went to AT&T and not verizon. But now that the iPhone is expected to be with verizon as early as January 2009… im GETTING HAPPIER AND HAPPIER to know an iPhone could be on verizons Network. So MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! MAKE A SMART CHOICE!

  2. Matt Says:

    I’ve been thinking of switching to AT&T just because of the iPhone. Maybe I’ll wait a little while and see what transpires. Most of my friends and family are on Verizon and this would be great to be able to stay with the network.

  3. larry Says:

    An iPhone for VZW. After they cripple everything on it, disable the WiFi or hard wire it to go thru there servers first so they can charge you for the data. Disable the GPS and then add Verizon Navigator so they can charge you. After everything is done, Maybe you might be able to make a phone call.

  4. Austin Says:

    ive heard from a top source to expect the verizon iphone by march 09

  5. Jamila Says:

    I’m very curious and very weary of waiting for iPhone to come to VZW. I’d like to hope that it would be ava. by my New Every Two, so that I may get it as a free upgrade, but I am weary of all the charges that may accompany them. I can cancel my VZW account and switch to Att&t, with exception of the price for the phone and would be paying less every month than I do through VZW w/ all the additional data & navigation charges.

    I’m pondering whether to swtich or to wait…

  6. Leo Says:

    I have been with VZW for 9 years and I have got to say they are the BEST in Houston. I’ve been with all the others and the signal is ALWAYS 4 or 5 bars even when I was in the Colorado mountains. I never get a dropped call even in elevators, parking garages, 50 floor buildings, etc.

    I bought an iPhone and am trying it out with AT&T because I think it’s a great device; other than the fact the battery life sucks and there’s no insurance plan. If VZW had it, I would DEFINITELY buy it. I’ve had the iPhone on trial for 1 week and believe it or not, the first day I got home I got a dropped call as soon as I drove up to my drive way. I was without service for 10 minutes!

    Wait to Go AT&T !!! In my home, the signal bars go from 0 to 5 and back down. Yet, my VZW phone always has 5 bars. Apparently, the radiance barrier in my home interferes with the GSM network.

    Oh well…. we’ll have to see if VZW offers the iPhone, BUT I hope they don’t disable all the nice features like the free GPS, etc.

  7. Katy Says:

    I was thinking about switching to AT&T but then I would not be able to call and text my verizon friends for free so Im so HAPPY that verizon is getting an iphone!!

  8. Malcolm Padmore Says:

    Looks like your “top” source was dead wrong!

  9. justin Says:

    i hope that verizon gets the iphone because im reluctant to switch due to atts limited service. i agree with malcolm with the austins “top” source being wrong, but according to many many internet rumors, the iphone for verizon may be released at wwdc 2009 which is june 8th to 12th. i would love to have an iphone, and if it comes to verizon by the end of this year, i will be sure i am first in line to get one!!!!!!!

    i can hardly wait.


  10. Andy Says:

    I think it would be great if Verizon got the I-phone. With the Alltel and RCC merger Verizon pretty much dominates.

    I still dont understand why people like Larry above complain so much about “crippling” of a phone. The company is there to make money. If you owned a company would you just give things away? Dont think so.

  11. verizonUSER Says:

    I am waiting for this to take place. i have been with verizon for 6 years and there is nothing that can compair to the service. i am a hunter and i spend weeks up in the hills and mountans and Verizon is the only company that gets service. My company has a contract with at&t and it is outlandish when i cant make a call when i drive under a tunnel. so please Verizon get this phone, i was thinking about the storm but once you play with an i phone or an ipod touch there is no other phone on the market that will do what the iphone can do. and i hope it is gonna come soon.

  12. amber Says:

    please make a iphone for verizon i will get it the second it comes out unless it comes out to late so hurry up please!!!!!! my family and i have been with verizon for idk how long but we are waiting HURRY UP!!!!!!!
    thank you………

    a woman who wants the iphone to come out now!!!!

  13. Sam Says:

    Verizon please make an iphone by august my moms gonna get it for my birthday if its out

  14. bonnie Says:

    I’ve been with verizon for 15 years. But I really want an IPHONE. I would hate to switch and pay all the necessary fees that you have to pay for the initial contract just to get the IPHONE. This was if Verizon had it, I would just pay for the phone. Hopefully, they’ll get one soon.

  15. Shannon Says:

    Ive been wanting the IPHONE for sooooo so so long, but I can’t afford to switch to AT&T since all my friends and family are on verizon. So pllleaseeee bring the IPHONE to verizon, Id definatley buy it right when it came out.

  16. Kathy Says:

    My family & I are waiting for the Iphone to come to Verizon. If that happens then, 3 of them are for me!!! I can’t wait……soooooooooooooo please Verizon make this happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Linda Hess Says:

    Well, its April 25, 2009 and the iPhone is still an ATT exclusive. Hmmmm…….. I’m just saying … Actually I’m hoping Apple stays exclusive with ATT cuz I was delighted to get rid of Verizon for the iPhone … …. thrilled in fact.

  18. Michael Says:

    I was a 9 year verizon customer and I loved and still love verizon. I miss verizon’s service, coverage and everything else. I finally switched to AT&T so everyone in my family could get an iPhone. That is 4 iPhones to 1 family. We have been with AT&T for 8 months now and we cannot stand it. Dropped calls, no service…fewer bars in more places! It is irritating and we want to go back to verizon, but we love our iPhones way too much. If verizon can get iPhones, we will switch the same day…guaranteed!


  19. VZWDADDY Says:

    Verizon Wireless is THE Best and THE Biggest wireless provider in the nation and now has left AT&T vicitms wondering and wandering. Verizon’s foresight that the Apple iPhone would cost them more than it was worth and that it would put a barrier in between them and their customers, caused them to pass on it when initially offered to them by Steve. But I guess its not unusual for AT&T to pass thier customer issues over to customer service, after you’ve waited an hour in line with a ticket. Take a look at AT&T 2008 Q4 report. The iPhone cost them over $450 million. I thought the idea was to reduce costs??? And they are reporting to make up that cost with DATA USAGE. And you say Verizon has outrageous data costs.
    Bring on the iPhone, all it can do is help Verizon solidify its existing dominance of the global wireless market, and help Apple with it’s brand reliability.


  20. jimmy Says:

    first off verizon will take the safari off the they will go after the itunes and app store. after that the will get the gps and put vznavigator on it and put vcast music on it so the can get $1.99 for the music. then they will take the wifi part off. first off verizons network is pushed to the limit and will crash as seen when the blackberry storm launched. and for the phone bill verizon will jack all the coasts up for the minutes texting picture messaging video messaging the data plans. basically verizon will over charge for it.

  21. Morayah Says:

    I always thought it was unfair for att to have the iphone and others dont. Some companies carry the same phone, so why can’t it be the same for the iphone. WE WANT THE IPHONE! But we also want a reliable and a great company for a great phone. Make it fair people. Who agrees with me?

  22. Shea Says:

    I have been on the verizon wireless network for three years now and there is no other network that can be compared to it. Since the day the Iphone came out i wanted it to be available on Verizon rather than a lousy network such as AT&T. About six months ago i bought the LG Dare a wanna be Iphone minus the apps. It is a good phone but the Iphone beats it in every category other than weight. If Verizon would get the Iphone i now at least twenty Verizon customers including myself tha would purchase the Iphone over any other phone no questions asked. VERIZON PLEASE IF YOU HAVE ANY INTELLIGENCE GET THE IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL MAKE A FORTUNE!

  23. Chrissy K Says:

    I will keep waiting… since nothing has been stated from Verizon Wireless or iPhone as of yet, I will assume the iPhone will not be with Verizon Wireless this year… as with all rumors, the I heard both July/August 2009 and July/August 2010.

  24. Holli G. Says:

    i was going to wait for the iphone for verizon. i love verizon, except recently i have not been getting service at my own HOUSE! its awful, im tired of waiting for a phone i can get from a different company with service at my house. sorry verizon, maybe they should worry more on costumer service and networking before expanding to the largest wireless company.

  25. Mountaineer Says:

    I really don’t put any stock in any of the rumors I keep hearing about the Iphone comming to verizon…I will believe it when I see it. I currently have a BB Pearl and want a new phone, but none of the other Verizon phones interest me. I thought about the Storm, but the laggy software and click screen are a huge turn off. I guess I will keep waiting until the Pre or Iphone come to verizon. Hopefully this will happen in my lifetime.

  26. Glendathegood Says:

    DO NOT SELL OUT TO AT&T! It’s a costly mistake for sure. I bought and LOVED one of the 1st iPhones. LOVED IT! LOVED IT! L O V E D I T!!! Words don’t describe how awesome this device is! SADLY )c: AT&T’s services, customer support and pricing were horrible. I really loved my iphone anyway and thought I’d wait for Verizon to get it. I waited and waited… The rumors gave me hope (c: So I put my iphone back in the box and continued to pay $60/month. OUCH! I wonder if Verizon REALLY knows how many gazillions of people are waiting? I bet it would pay for the network modification TWICE! I ended up selling my iPhone on ebay, got a great price but miss it )c: I will NEVER LEAVE VERIZON and hope this rumor is “for real” this time.

  27. josh hathaway Says:

    I would really love for verizon to come out with the iphone as well, i tried att out for a little while nad there servcie sucked, kept loosing it all the time.

  28. amy Says:

    this rumor isn’t true. it is already sept. of the next year and still no iphone. at&t has a contract with apple, and it can’t be changed. so all you verizon people, sorry to burst ur bubble but you can go on waiting, or just mosey on over to at&t were its at!

  29. Andrew Says:

    In response to Amy’s statement, the Apple’s contact with AT&T on the iPhone isn’t up until next year (January, I believe). Which is why there is no iPhone with Verizon just yet at least.

    I used to work for VZW up until July of this year and there has certainly been talk about VZW getting an iPhone next year. But just like all rumors, some people say it’s not going to happen and other’s say that it is. The fact of the matter is, none of us would really be able to honestly say that we know one thing or the other for sure because unless you’re REALLY big up in employment with Verizon you would know nothing about the internal talks of this possibility. I guess anyone that tells you one thing or the other regarding this just wants to sound as of if they’re on the “inside” about all this.

    I’m not going to claim either statement is true, because I surely don’t know VZW’s plans on this subject…. but knowing how VZW works, what they like to offer to their customer’s, how much they want to continue to be the biggest and best provider, and the little that I HAVE heard about this subject while working for VZW I’d like to say that I’m pretty confident that the iPhone will happen with VZW sometime next year.

    Again, I don’t know ANY facts of this whole ordeal, but with the contract ending in early 2010 I think the President of VZW will be pulling the trigger this time around on trying to offer this phone.

  30. John D'Addona Says:

    I’m a big fan of the Iphone. Most of my friends have the Iphone and they like it. I’m not going to switch from Verizon to AT&T to get the Iphone. I’m willing to wait another year for the Iphone to come out for Verizon.

  31. Tyler Says:

    The storm is no comparison to the iphone. Hands down, the iphone is better. I have the storm and will absolutly switch to the iphone when it comes to Verizon.

  32. ashton Says:

    its almost 2010 and its still not here……….

  33. Michelle Says:

    I’ve heard from a couple of people at verizon that the iphone is definately coming to verizon and one the people I heard this from was a verizon customer service rep so I hope that the rumor is true. I’ve also heard that the contract is not up with at & t until next year so I will try to be patient and wait to see if the iphone does in fact come to verizon even if it doesn’t I’m not jumping ship. I’ve just about every other carrier and they were all horrible compared to verizon. I’m with verizon for life!!!

  34. VZW customer Says:

    I want the iphone badly but i dont want it bad enough to switch to at&t because of there service but i rather wait till it come to Verizon. but to me apple will make way more money if they switch it cause people want the iphone but they dont want at&t. but if they bring it to verizon people willl have that phone a lot more

  35. LK Says:

    It’s almost 2010 and the Verizon iPhone is STILL not here! I am thinking about switching to AT&T but my husband is an AT&T user through work and it sucks in central PA. Any suggestions?

  36. chris Says:

    At&T is horrible with service. Ive had the iphone since they first came out. I had the 2g,3g, and now the 3gs and im thinking of switching to verizon. My wife has verizon and always has service where I dont and never drops calls. I drop 1 in 4 calls at least. Im hoping verizon comes out with the iphone very soon Ive been waiting ! Anyone know any details on that ?

  37. Vzw customer Says:

    At t sucks I hate it.. Drop calls everywhere!! Join the facebook group AT&T dislike page and let’s show at t that verizon deserves the iPhone!! And vzw should sue AT&T for false addvertisement. Yalls service sucks. GO VZW

  38. GirlGenius Says:

    VZW is coming out with the iphone JANUARY 27!!!!!

  39. jon Says:

    For real guys. Where are you guys using your iphone. on the East Coast the service i hear is not very bad. I myself am a verizon wireless person. But its been too long without the iphone. It would make life so much easier if verizon had an iphone. If they do not get it soon I am for sure switching to AT&T Regardless.

  40. GadgetGril Says:

    I’ve been a Verizon customer for the longest and refuse to switch simply because of an iphone. Granted I like would like an iphone but I don’t want the crappy service. You know great service, great phone it goes hand in hand. True story in Lake Tahoe in the mnts with my brother (sprint) and our friend (At&T)I kid you not I was the only one in the car who had service 4 bars. We were lost and I was the only one who had service and was able to use my navagtion to get back on the main road. ANYHOO. When the iphone hit AT&T in 2007 I was like really?! Yes we may have lost VZW customers who switch all because of the iphone and are now regretting simply because AT&T spotty connections. They’re stuck with a phone they like but complain about the service. (no brainer) I hope VZW gets the iphone.
    I look for the day when I turn on my T.V when the VZW dude and the VZW crew behind him all holding iphones in hand saying to all it’s awaiting VZW customers ‘ You hear me now?…. GOOD!’

  41. Mary Says:

    I’ve been a Verizon for 4 years. I would love to get Iphone. Because Im deaf. I would never go AT&T. AT&T is suck!

    So I could be apply use lot. So pllleaseeee bring the IPHONE to verizon, Id definatley buy it right when it came out.

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