Android Cup Semifinal Game 2: HTC Droid Incredible vs. Motorola Droid (Poll Closes at Midnight)

And we have our first finalist in the 2010 Android Cup, but who’s going to face off against the Nexus One in the Android Cup Final? Will it be the HTC Droid Incredible or the Motorola Droid, whose fans came out in droves to get it to this point?

You all know what we like and don’t like about the Incredible and the Droid, but here’s a quick rundown of each of their specs.

HTC Droid Incredible Motorola Droid

3.7 inches/
800 x 480

Screen size/

3.7 inches/
854 x 480
2.1 Android version 2.1
Verizon Carrier Verizon
Virtual Keyboard Physical
Processor 550-MHz ARM
Cortex A8
512MB RAM 256MB
802.11b/g Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
8MP Camera 5MP
5.2 hours/
6 days
Stdby Time
6.4 hours/
11.3 days
4.6 x 2.3 x 0.5 Size (inches) 4.6  x 2.4 x 0.5
4.6 Weight (ounces) 6
$179 Price $99

Update: We heard your pleas, and updated the Droid’s specs to note the fact that it’s running Android 2.1, and that the Incredible has an AMOLED display.

Just so you know, this poll will close at midnight tonight.

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  1. Melo Says:

    Motorola droid is what made android popular it was the high end device that blew all the competitors away.

    It has stock android experiance

    It has a huge developing community which has overclocked it to 1.2 ghz

    It has a higher resolution display

    Its metal not plastic

    It has a keyboard

    Look at the marketshare charts for android when the droid was launched the market share skyrocketed

    if you love android you love the droid

  2. Dave Says:

    Just want to point out a couple inaccuracies in the chart. The Droid runs Android 2.1, not Android 2.0. The Droid has 256MB of RAM, not 512MB. Failing to make the distinction between OLED and LCD is a pretty huge omission considering the OLED screen is one of the most impressive features of the Droid Incredible.

  3. 7h3.4pp12en7ic3 Says:

    That’s totally not fair to list the Droid as a 2.0 device. It may have been released with 2.0, but it’s not like it has been left behind on that platform. 2.1 is officially supported and readily available on the Droid, and if you were to buy one today, it will come with 2.1 (usually). Not to mention, the Droid will get 2.2 long before the Incredible! Try that on for size, and see how the speed compares. Besides, the Droid is the phone that pushed Android into the mainstream!

  4. zepfloyd Says:

    OK major error. The Motorola Droid is Android 2.1 not 2.0, with 2.2 coming in a few weeks.

  5. Choocher Says:

    If the Droid wins, it’ll only be because so many people already have the Droid and so obviously they would vote for their own phone. A boatload of people are still waiting for the Incredible to be shipped to them.

  6. Derek Says:

    The Droid incredible is SO MUCH better, how is the droid winning?!!!

  7. TechDeft Says:

    The Motorola Droid comes stock with 2.1 nowadays(I just bought one last month), and all users have received the OTA update.

    Just FYI, for accuracy.

  8. . Says:

    The specs above are incorrect. The Motorola Droid is running Android version 2.1

  9. tom Says:

    the incredible has a LED display…mention that !!!!!

  10. tluv00 Says:

    Seeing that the mYTouch 3G beat the EVO I take little stock in any results this poll comes up with.

  11. Lgldrgdlr Says:

    Also should note that the incredible wifi radio is 802.11 b/g/n, which is a major advantage over the droid

  12. Adam Says:

    Close Poll..

    Droid Incredible wins!

  13. Joben Says:

    Droid Incredible got this. Nexus One vs Incredible is kind of a silly battle considering they are almost exactly the same thing…

  14. whodatn Says:

    In order to be able to have Gingerbread, you must have a 1ghz processor or better. Droid is with 2.2 for life.

  15. whodatn Says:

    if droid wins, i’m probably out. Its like how they claim slide is better than the EVO!
    WTF! okay, maybe that required 4g plan added might have killed it.

  16. whodatn Says:

    everybody knows the nexus one is still the best android phone. 1 reason.
    Its the original GOOGLE!

  17. justanotherusername Says:

    you guys are dismissing the result of the evo loss as a fluke. i voted against it as the phone is WAYYYYY too big to carry every day. the front facing camera is useless to me as is 4G. it would never be an option for me and the same goes for the droid x.

    i am an incredible user but i can understand if it loses to the droid. that’s a killer little phone too!

  18. SUCCESSOR Says:

    Seems the Incredibles specs have been left out to make this more even. No mention of the AMOLED screen? No mention of N support for Wifi. No Mention of the 8gig built in storage?

  19. Aaron Says:

    I voted for the Droid. Yes, I have a Droid. And yes, I have used an Incredible. They are both great devices, it really is a matter of preference. On one side, you have an excellent stock phone, with an LED screen and 1ghz processor. On the other, you have a great phone with arguably the BEST developers community out there.

    This shouldn’t be a battle of spec sheets, because spec sheets aren’t alway the be all, end all in the tech world. It comes down to a matter of preference. Would you rather have:
    -Sense UI -vs- Vanilla android
    -Really slow -vs- Slow updates (And with the possibility of not getting 3.0…)
    -A plastic phone -vs- Metal phone
    -Just virtual keyboard -vs- Both virtual/Physical keyboard
    -Some customization -vs- A lot of customization
    -Not so good GPU -vs- A great GPU
    -1ghz snapdragon -vs- 550 ARM

    In most of those cases, I prefer the droids options, so that’s why I voted for the droid. By the results of the poll thus far(which will probably be the final), it’s apparent the general android public doesn’t agree with me. Oh well. In the end, Android wins.

  20. SUCCESSOR Says:

    And one more thing. the Droid is about .55″(13.7mm) thick and the Incredible is .47″(11.9mm) If you want to round correctly the Droid would be .6″ and the Incredible .5″.

    Not to nitpick or anything.

  21. Sabrewings Says:

    I agree with Successor. The only thing the Motorola has the Inc doesn’t is a physical keyboard, which the Inc’s keyboard is good enough anyway. No mention of 8 GB of memory built in? Upgradeable to 40GB with a microSD? Wifi N? Optical track? And the best of all, AMOLED? Every Droid owner at work is envious of my Inc’s screen. Even EVO owners.

  22. Whereistony Says:

    Fair Enough
    For me:

    -Sense UI -vs- Vanilla android – Sense
    -Really slow -vs- Slow updates (And with the possibility of not getting 3.0…) – Inc has not shown to be any slower on updates. Tie
    -A plastic phone -vs- Metal phone – material matters to me less then weight size But I would prefe rmetal I suppose
    -Just virtual keyboard -vs- Both virtual/Physical keyboard – Virtual only
    -Some customization -vs- A lot of customization – Fail to see the difference in customization
    -Not so good GPU -vs- A great GPU – The GPU on the incredible is fine but the Droid wins here.
    -1ghz snapdragon -vs- 550 ARM – SnapDragon

    All in All – Droid Incredible.

  23. 7h3.4pp12en7ic3 Says:

    This poll is flawed anyway. There is no mechanism to prevent people from voting over and over and over. This really means nothing. Everyone who even cares about technology know that there really can only be one of two phones that are the ‘best’ Android phone: the Motorola Droid, or the Nexus One. Period. End of story.

  24. zerosouls Says:

    I believe it should be mentioned that a rooted Moto Droid can be overclocked to 1.25GHz and it benchmarks well past the incredible

  25. bofel Says:

    Both are great phones just depends on what ya want

  26. JJ Says:

    FYI, votes are only counted once from any device. If you try to vote again it says “thank you your vote has already been counted.” so its probably not as skewed as you think. also people have had a lot more time to figure out the Droid . I think we gotta wait and see what the Incredible can really do.

  27. James Says:

    Everyone who even cares about technology know that there really can only be one of two phones that are the ‘best’ Android phone: the HTC Incredible or the Nexus One. Period. End of story.

    The cup has turned out the way it should.


    Incredible > Motorola Droid.

  28. keith Says:

    uhhhhh i have a droid and i have 2.2 and i have flash and im running a 1.25 ghz processor and i benchmark and linpack lower than any incredible right now soooooo droid wins

  29. keith Says:

    Not to mention it states the droid having a 550 MHZ processor yet fails to state that it actually has a 1ghz processor and motorola underclocked it to save battery….just saying

  30. jroc Says:

    Yup….just for Android 3.0….Inc wins…..*&^*%&%!!!!!!! LOL!!

  31. mike liptak Says:

    Droid vs Incredible..puhlease! Without a doubt, Incredible all the way!!!

  32. Mike Says:

    And everyone who even cares about technology knows that the Nexus One is basically just the Beta of the incredible.

  33. Droid Says:


  34. SUCCESSOR Says:

    Woot! Nexus is going up against his Big little brother.

  35. Dave Says:

    I can’t believe the Incredible won. First of all, it’s availability is horrendous. Second of all, as an overall chipset; the DROID’s OMAP3430 is simply stronger. Yes, the Inc. wins in a raw clock speed battle. But the DROID has a MUCH better GPU, so any high-end graphically intense app is going to run better on it. The Snapdragon devices have thus far been a disappointment to the developers of high end games, for example. It takes alot of work to get a game to run at an acceptable framerate on the Snapdragon’s Adreno GPU.

    Just goes to show that in the eyes of the buying public, clock speed is still king.

  36. Dave Says:

    This is directed to keith…..

    you are incorrect in stating that the DROID has a 1GHz processor underclocked to 550MHz to save battery. Yes, the OMAP 3430 may be CAPABLE of running >1GHz all day long – but the fact of the matter is simple, TI only rates the 3430 chipset at 600MHz. So it’s technically a 600MHz processor underclocked to 550MHz.

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