Android Cup Round Two, Game 3: HTC Evo 4G vs. myTouch 3G Slide

Like Argentina over Mexico, HTC’s Nexus One continues on to the next round, handily beating out the Droid Eris. Starting this week’s games, the HTC Evo 4G faces off against the myTouch 3G Slide.

Here’s what we said about the HTC Evo 4G: When creating the Evo 4G, HTC took the kitchen-sink approach. This phone has a huge 4.3 inch, 800 x 480-pixel resolution display, a 1-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and 512MB of memory. Also included is a 4G radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. On the back is an 8-megapixel camera that takes fantastic pictures and can record 720p video, and on the front is a 1.3-mp camera–ideal for making 2-way video calls–which we tried out using Fring and Qik. Spend another $29 per month and you can use the Evo 4G as a wireless router, too.

The only knocks on this phone (unless you don’t like holding a Pop-Tart to your head) is that Sprint forces you to pay an extra $10 per month for 4G service, whether you use it or not. Also, battery life, especially when using all the phone’s features, isn’t all that great.

Up against it is the MyTouch 3G Slide, the physical keyboard follow-up to the MyTouch 3G. As its name suggests, the QWERTY keyboard slides out from behind the 3.4-inch, (480 x 320-pixel) touchscreen, which is larger physically than the Ally (by 0.2 inches), but a lower resolution (the Ally is 800 x 480 pixels).

The Slide’s keyboard was one of the better we’ve used: keys were nicely arranged and spaced out, packs a dedicated @ sign, dual Shift and Function keys, and alternatives to the standard Android Home, Search, Menu, and Back buttons. In many ways, we found it superior to the Ally’s.

The Slide features HTC’s Sense interface (more home screens, better social networking integration) as well as Friendstream, HTC’s own social-networking aggregator. T-Mobile’s myModes also lets you create custom configurations of apps and appearances for when you’re using the phone for work as opposed to play. Finally, the Slide’s “Genius” button  replaces the standard Android search key, and  launches voice recognition software powered by Dragon Dictation, which was helpful and fun to use, but not perfect.

So, which phone is better?

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  1. how? Says:

    how the hell is the evo losing!?

  2. Derek Says:

    Wait; WHY is the MyTouch winning?!

  3. Brent Pierce Says:

    EVO EVO EVO EVO EVO! If I had my vuvuzela with me, I’d be making some noise.

  4. WAHAHAAA! Says:


  5. Sack Says:

    WOww can’t believe Slide is winning by 18%……thats going to hurt

  6. Mike B Says:

    wait.. the EVO is losing, this is the dumbest thing ive ever seen, first round the dell lost, how is that possible and to the droid what a joke. there is no way that anyone on this site has any idea what theyre doing… i did notice that droid life had a direct link to the vote toward the droid agaisnt the dell… hmmm maybe a little bias voting

  7. EvoMan Says:

    Evo is far superior to the Slide. This is funny.

  8. scott Says:

    I am using the slide at this moment its a great phone despite not being a snapdragon the battery life is amazing I played music nonstop on my phone at work for my full 6 hour shift and at the end of the day my phone was still at 30% from a charged battery which to me is amazing it may not have all the extra features the evo has which might be why the battery is so good but so I voted for the slide purely for the battery life because that’s huge that’s better then a face fronting camera and an extra 3 megapixles

  9. Dream Says:

    its the keyboard most likely…..that keyboard is amazing! it has the same, Android 2.1 on it, HTC Sense (different type), but lacks the “extra cool” features which makes me wonder (such as the front cam and the better quality 8 mp cam)……..personally i think the Evo should be kicking the Slide’s butt! hmmmmm

  10. john Rodriguez Says:

    The Evo sucks. It doesnt fit in your pocket, and its always on the charger. The slide is much better as a phone. Plus free wifi-hotspot will be available soon.

  11. Mike Says:

    Haha, “EvoMan” this poll is not about which android phone is more powerful. It’s about which phone consumers like more. Obviously people like the Mytouch 3G Slide more. Sorry.

    PS. If this was about which phone was more powerful, they would just compare specs and declare a winner. There would be no need for a poll.

  12. James Evo Says:

    The EVO is an amazing phone. The Slide should be losing 7-0 like the Portugal vs North Korea game!

  13. eric Says:

    i agree battery life is the shizzle on slide

  14. E Schmidt Says:

    “I am using the slide…I played music nonstop on my phone at work for my full 6 hour shift ”

    Well, I guess this proves the MyTouch owners don’t have real jobs. No wonder they can vote non-stop in polls, they have all that free time at “work”.

  15. JC Says:

    Who wants a brick of a phone that freezes when going from one screen to another. I dont even have to type on my mytouch slide, i just talk to it and it does everything. Its actually a phone not a little laptop. So, if we are voting on a phone, why wouldnt the phone win???

  16. Xa Says:

    No, its not ridiculous that the slide is bumping out the EVO. Sure, the hardware is better, but the experience with the Slide is much better. Not everyone wants a home theater pop-tart on the side of their head.

    Just goes to show you that not everyone is a mindless hardware zombie. Go Slide!

  17. lilfay Says:

    i voted 4 da slide obviously cuz i hv it n luv it, its superior 2 a lot of android fones, HOWEVER!, lol, comparing the slide 2 the evo is a lil silly like cvomparing the e-class 2 the bmw 750, they r both dynamic german cars, but one is in a higher class 4 size n extra luxury, thus this is all about preference n not which is better cuz if tmobile had the evo it wuda been chosen over the slide as an S-class woulda been chosen ova da E-class

  18. Mikey Says:

    Truth of the matter the MyTouch is a more useable phone. Not to mention the fact that its HSPA+ compatable…which is faster than Sprint’s 4G. The EVO is a great device, the only downfall is that it came out on T-Mobile first as the HD2 running crappy windows mobile. For flashy “Look at what my phone can do, all of a whole half second faster than yours”, EVO wins. For useabilty, and sheer fun of the device, MyTouch Slide wins hands down. Not to mention that T-Mobile’s price plans are the cheapest there are. Enjoy over paying for your crappy service, Sprint customers!

  19. Crystal Says:

    MyTouch slide rules!!

  20. njbianco Says:

    how the hell did the mytouch just go up 50 votes in 5 mins i call a cheat

  21. slider Says:

    Not everyone likes a huge brick of a phone that costs tons of money to buy and have service for. Despite the naysayers T-Mobile has great coverage where I live in orange county, CA. The network upgrades they have made are seriously impressive, and the customer service is amazing; in fact they just won the JD Power & Ass. award for CS again. The slide is small, compact, and has great design going for it; not to mention the low cost of purchase and ownership.

  22. Michael Says:

    I call B.S. I just realized you can vote more than once per Computer. No wonder the Slide is winning. You should fix that… The counts are inaccurate. Some people are just sitting there and voting over and over

  23. civicdrivr Says:

    As a Slide owner, I can safely say WHAT THE F*CK. Seriously, how is the Slide beating the Evo?????

    The Slide is a nice phone and all, but…….Snapdragon. 4.3″ high res screen. It doesnt make sense.

  24. pupa b Says:

    Really…. dude!…. the slide is beating the evo? So many hatters!

  25. RG Says:

    The EVO sux, I’m sure that’s why it won’t win this round.

  26. paul Says:

    Slide lower resolution equals higher gpu frame rates and with alower processor speed longer battery life. Plus one of the best keyboards. Evo is just big and capped at 30fps. Oh and pour battery life.

  27. Cookiekaikai Says:

    The iphone people are trying to vote against the EVO.

  28. jonathan Says:

    Just for a second think. And actually put the slide toe to toe with the EVO. Fedature for feature the slide wins hands down. With tons more customization options, a processor that’s just as fast as a snapdragon, a screen when placed right beside a hd2, looks just as nice if not better, but at a lower resolution and then the camera, OMG. Must I show you my flickr account which this phone comes preenstalld to upload to because of the excellent pics it takes. So what no 1ghz, so what no front facing camera. The iphone 4 has less than 1ghz so does that mean it loses to the EVO too? Give me a break!!!!!

  29. jonathan Says:

    I mean even the iphone 2g beats the brakes off the EVO. Lol

  30. Askade Says:

    I love myTouch Slide. Its cheaper than Evo service wise. Why pay $10 for a service you may not ever use? The front video option only works if someone else had the front video option. The touch takes care of everything I want in a phone. And just on case anyone forgot, TMO introduced the Android phones. The other companies laughed at the idea of Andriod phones and said they wouldn’t carry Andriod. Who is laughing now? Go T-Mobile!

  31. Joe Says:

    Foul. Pure and utter foul. People were bitching that people were hacking and voting multiple times for the Slide in order for it to win. But the EVO went from roughly 1800 votes to over 2030 votes in a couple minutes. Please. If you’re gonna whine and moan about cheating on one side, don’t resort to cheating yourselves. It’s lame. And every time you do it, God kills a kitten.

  32. watbetch Says:

    Don’t let the HATTERS win!

  33. 2FR35H Says:

    Woo Evo 4G is closing in on the Slide. Finish him Evo.

  34. bfhmd68 Says:

    Hey “E Schmidt” this is just a poll, you’re bringing people’s job into it? Apparently you think all Mytouch 3G Slide owners have a worthless jobs? There are a lot of jobs where you can listen to music and still be productive. What you said proved no points at all, you were just being a jerk.

  35. Michael Says:

    I reiterate what I said above. Voting should be once per IP address although I know there are ways around that.

  36. The "AL" Says:

    Why would anyone believe the the Evo is a superior device? you must have no idea of what true superior hardware is… or the Evo is your first phone that actually has the abillity to acces web and yo are just blown away like a kid with his junk car… Mytouch Slide is by far the superior device…. “EVO = LAMO”

  37. M-Banks Says:

    SLIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. evoBoy Says:

    EVO all the way baby!!! No way touch is winning out on Evo…NO WAY!

  39. Kedar Says:

    My battery lasts 10 hours on moderate usage, 16+ on light.

    You guys don’t own an Evo. Don’t make rash assumptions.
    It’s one of the best phones out.

    Unfortunately it lost, but it’s all good. These competitions mean nothing.
    Remember when the Palm Pre Plus won?
    Yeah… I was a Pre owner, and I knew it was BS.

  40. scott Says:

    “E Schmidt” actually I have a real job I am moving nonstop for my whole shift its just at my work we can play music while working because we work in the back at a returant so shut the fuck up

  41. scott Says:


  42. FiberOptics RLD Says:

    We are comparing phone experience not phone specs so of course the Slide will win. As a phone, like many people have already said, its just plain better.

    Lower CPU speed – > Longer Cooler Battery Life.
    Lower Vid Resolution -> Faster GPU performance and Faster framerates.
    Both have HTC Sense

    As a phone the MTouch Slide is just better. If they did a poll on specs, I would give the Droid X the trophy for that.

  43. They Have Everything Here Says:

    Yeah! as a SLIDE master…the slide rocks…just cause you have big screen and a fast processor doesn’t mean you were made for a customer..trying to grow up but but who knows where to start! Sit right here and have another beer in Mexico!!!

  44. sliding_jose Says:

    Haha for sure the slide!. The slide is much of a compact phone then that brick. If you buy the evo its like half an ipad which is huge! Since that phone is so huge! It’s battery life sucks! And don’t let the specs fool you. This slide is so much faster and so much more responsive. Yeah the evo has more to offer. But it can’t even handle itself. Kind of like a baller trying to juke someone but jukes his own self. If your doing something big make sure you can accomplish it! Slide is germany and slide will win. Best phone ever

  45. Connie L Says:

    Slide rocks. This should not be a surprise to anyone for it’s a lot like predicting a jury. You never what can happen. as for you EVO owners; it’s a great phone but don’t think that just because it’s great, that the slide is not. What it might lack in firepower (not much), it more than makes up in software features. Go Slide!

  46. James EVO Says:

    I am sorry for all your Slide owners… you’re stuck in a contract that you can’t get out of and you’re dreaming of how nice it would be to have an EVO in your hand instead. My EVO’s battery lasts all day. I don’t care what phone you have, if you are streaming HD videos from YouTube on it, recording HD videos, or watching live streaming TV, the battery life is going to shorten. But, I guess since you can’t do any of that on your Slide, you wouldn’t know.

  47. James2 Says:

    I had an EVO, returned it. Piece of garbage – poorly built, bad reception, TERRIBLE battery life, SPOTTY 3g.


    No wonder the SLIDE is WINNING!

  48. jonathan Says:

    Well James, maybe if your evo had a genius button with total voice control, mymodes, htc expresso sense interface with a slide out qwerty keyboard, slim build factor, and the ability to handle a friggin update without bricking, Lol. Then maybe you can see that hd video that is severely limited by the 30fps limit put on the EVO and not the droid incredible gives you no reason to talk about the slide. Thank-you!!!!!!

  49. Jun Says:

    if i didnt sse it myself i couldnt beleive it. its like saying a ferrari enzo got beat by a honda civic. and the rational is that the civic is easier to drive in traffic? ooookay. does your mom still cut your steak for you in little pieces? the evo will put the bit** smack on the slide without even breaking a sweat and on 20% battery life. for all you guys giving the slide a leg up because the slide is a less complicated phone and easier to use…then we shoud’ve included the motoralla razor…you can talk and text..woooooo.

  50. Matt Says:

    LOL, Mytouch Slide over an EVO?!?! What a joke this poll and site is hahahaha. Fail.

  51. Evo Specialist Says:

    First of all if the whack ass slide doest have a 1ghz processer or 2 cameras or 4g networking cant record 720p HD videos cant take 8 megapixel pics cant be used as a wireless hotspot cant stream live Tv or have 800×480 res……………………….how the hell is it better than the evo? I have a Evo and i know what it can do so………..Fuck Off Slide lovers. The Evo is 10x better and can do 20x the amount of a slide. The Evo Is BY FAR the superior phone!

  52. Dread Nought Says:

    wow.. bad reception? poor batter life? I get at least 14 hours a day on my Evo with crazy use. People just hear what the bias reviews say and go off of it. And Sprint has the most 3G coverage next to verizon. shall we look at the coverage maps? i mean come on… but then again, most people aren’t the corporate business type of people so they don’t respect the Evo.. They just like toys that they can play music with. yay for music.. woot woot I too had a pre and was surprised that the Pre won. For everyone hating on the Evo, it’s either cause you’re in denial or you’re jealous.

  53. jonathan Says:

    Okay Jun, since we are comparing cars. A Hummer drinks gas like a semi with a mpg of 9, has a V8 with 400hp ranked #6 worst vehicle in feul economy, but hey at least it gives you a better view of the road right? WTF? That doesn’t make it a better vehicle than the best ranked large SUV the 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee which costs half as much and gets twice the feul economy and oh not to mention is smoother and more civilized, kinda like my Mytouch Slide!!! Just becaz your phone is a friggin HOG, it has poor build quality, an update which has just been pulled because it couldn’t handle it, and extra fees out the frame in order for you to take advantage of extra features that if you could use them aren’t all that great any friggin who!!! I mean my phone is a sexy beautiful piece of art that is just as fast if not faster than your phone and already is being beta tested by tmobile instore reps with the froyo update your phone can only oneday dream of tasting, and will then allow our phone to be a wifi hotspot

  54. whodatn Says:

    @Evo Specialist
    You are stupid my friend
    2 Cameras, yeah that is really cool, how many people else are you able to do your video chat with?
    Evo owners only, that is….. yeah.

    4G REALLY, T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is faster then Sprint’s 4G speed, proven fact.
    HSPA+ Works on 3G Phones! So why waste extra to get similar speed.
    1GHZ Processor, yup I wonder how long it will last on your battery power like it is really necessary.
    NEXUS 1 Would rape EVO anyday.
    720p Yup, you must be proud to see 4’3 in in 720p. 1080p is whats hot.
    Wireless Hotspot, is really needed for you, or just to benefit others?
    You don’t even have a slide so y would you judge (I’m currently a sprint, at&t user)
    T-Mobile PROJECT EMERALD Will rape any android phone ALIVE!
    1. 4’3in screen
    2. Dual Core Snapdragon Processor
    3. Benefit of HSPA+
    4. Better Battery Life.
    5. Exclusive Content (movies)
    6. A keyboard
    7. Newest Android Software
    8. HTC Made (HTC Vision)
    9. T-mobile, better price

  55. jonathan Says:

    Check yo self, fo you wreck yo self EVO lovers. Just admit it your phone was just a shadow for the DROID X which is going to actually be able to put up a fight against the mytouch slide.

  56. nexusowner Says:

    @whodatin evo can chat with any phone that has Skype and it can chat with people on the desktop Skype when u say it can only chat with evo to evo ur mistaking that for iPhone and come on y’all we all android user we are one big team. We go against the iPhone nation …yes the evo is the best phone on this board hands down but the slide is for people who don’t care for specs and just want a phone with a key board.. the phone ur refering to whodatin is HTC vision that is coming to T-Mobile as project emerald it will run gingerbread straightt out. The box. But with that said the evo is the best phone on here. If the incredible had a front facing camera it would be the best phone ever made.HANDS DOWN

  57. Dread Nought Says:


    This is the Evo, not the iPhone.. we can video chat with computers using Fring. I skyped with my friend out in Russia. Works perfectly.

  58. Alan Says:

    The EVO is basically the HD2 with an 8 megapixel camera, android instead of windows, and a gimmick kickstand. the phone usabilitypails in comparsion to the mytouch slide. who cares if it has a 1 ghz processer. it freezes and has numerous problems with it. HSPA+ has been proven in various markets most notably pittsburgh to be far more surperior than 4g. Tmobile’s hspa+ network covers alot more people than sprints 4g network as well. the camera is also a gimmick. there is no difference between 5 and 8 megapixels unless your a professional photographer and crop or blow up your pictures. SLide has the awesome genius button, keyboard, is smaller, easier to use, the awesome my modes features, the android market just like in the EVO. Plus EVO is on CDMA technology and not GSM, so you have the flexability of unlocking it and using it on other carriers which is awesome, and as mentioned before the HSPA+ is free, 4g is $10 a month, for a slower speed?? no thank you.

  59. cody Says:

    what a joke. EVO wins hands down.

  60. urheronsavior Says:

    Nexus One all the way

  61. Alan Says:

    i also wanted to add that the HD2, like mentioned before is the same phone. I know a lot fo people with that phone, it can play movies great, but they all wish they had the slide because its great for lifestyles, has facebook, myspaace integration like in the cliq. jsut an awesome phone.

  62. jonathan Says:

    A front facing camera come on, Video chatting isn’t even popular yet. When did it make a phone a good phone??? By the time video chatting takes off we will all be on our next phone anyhow, but for now the Slide wins, so stop hatin.

  63. Evo Specialist Says:

    @ Whodatn FYI My blood sister who i see every day has a my touch 3g slide thats how i know it sucks, i use my mobile hotspot so my whole family can get on their laptops at the same time so it not my fault you cant afford 1 laptop to use the mobile hot spot, i am proud to see 720p on 4.3 screen you cant judge b/c you dont have 1080p on your slide do you? You dont have an evo so you dont know how longs my battery last just b/c i have a 1ghz proccesser means nothing b/c it happenes to last very long and i can chat with any device with skype plus its free dont be mad b/c you cant chat at all. lastly wimax has new faster towers coming very soon so look out……………………….

  64. James EVO Says:

    If you use the Fring app, you can video chat with any Skype user. I do it all the time and so does my wife.

    I keep hearing that HSPA+ is faster than 4G. What is the coverage of HSPA+? 4G has a lot bigger coverage to my knowledge.

  65. JSwish Says:

    All the EVO users are butt-hurt. Just mad because they’re losing. This is a competition between what customers think, not about which phone has the best ‘specs’. Of course the EVO has a lot nicer features than the Slide, but in the end, customers are more happy with the Slide. I personally own the Slide, and have 3 friends who use the EVO. The EVO looks nice, but they all complain about the many issues they have with their EVO, and they all are jealous of my Slide. Who cares if the EVO has a better screen, better camera, and better processor. The Slide is way more user friendly and doesn’t have many problems. Plus when 2.2 Froyo finally comes out, the Slide will be even BETTER than it is now. The Slide also has the best GPU than any other droid phone out right now. So all you EVO users should just stop your whining. Both are nice phones, but let the customers speak for themselves.

  66. Taylor Says:

    I have the slide, and its terrific but the, evo has more feature. The, keyboard on the slide outways them, though. The slide’s size in my opinion is perfect while the evo is like holding a sponge.

  67. Dread Nought Says:

    let the customers speak for themselves, except.. the Evo sold out in 3 days. haha

  68. ARR22 Says:

    Well first of all this poll is junk. Alot of people were multi voting for the slide. So I and some other friends from Android Forums were doing the same. Using Google Chrome Incognito. It lets you reopen the page and deletes all cookies so the webpage wont recognize you. Therefore unlimited voting. The sad thing is that by the time we found out about this poll the slide had about a 800 vote lead. To much ground to cover and no time. But we came close. This is a fact I myself voted at least 200 times. At one point the slide gained 200 votes in 5 minutes. Impossible if it were not for some people multi voting like crazy for the slide. Here is the Android forum link for you doubters.
    So in other words this poll is BS and is a total misrepresentation.

  69. ARR22 Says:

    This Poll is complete garbage, I along with others from the Android forums were multi voting using Google Chrome Incognito. Sad part is by the time we found out about this poll the slide had a 800 vote lead. To much ground to cover to little time. We know for a fact that slide and most likely incredible owner/fans were doing the same. At one point the slide gained 200 votes in the matter of minutes. So in other words this poll is BS and a complete misrepresentation. Here is a link for all you potential doubters.

  70. ARR22 Says:

    This Poll is complete garbage, I along with others from the Android forums were multi voting using Google Chrome Incognito. Sad part is by the time we found out about this poll the slide had a 800 vote lead. To much ground to cover to little time. We know for a fact that slide and most likely incredible owner/fans were doing the same. At one point the slide gained 200 votes in the matter of minutes. So in other words this poll is BS and a complete misrepresentation. Here is a link for all you potential doubters. BS

  71. youguysareidiots Says:

    Lmao…features don’t matter? Do you know how retarded that sounds? Sorry I didn’t know that a phone that performed better in virtually every aspect was considered any less “usable”. Really how hard is it to touch what you want to use? If you find the evo complicated to use then you have more problems than just the phone. The only people who don’t care about features are people who aren’t tech savvy at all or in other words old people LOL,,but have fun typing on your little keyboard while I’m surfing the web at blazing speeds w/ my evo…

  72. Kingzzilla Says:

    This is sickening.

  73. Alan Says:

    how is it sickening. Im a tmobile employee and we all prefer the slide over the hd2, and the hd2 is the EVO minus the camera, but still has the same processor and features. some people hate all touch screen phones.

  74. Aaron Says:

    What do you expect with a bunch of retards voting.

  75. Alex Says:

    So I used the slide for the first time yesterday and idk what you ppl are cheering about. There is absolutely nothing better about it over the evo.
    I’ve become so used to swype on my evo I hate physical keyboards.
    We all know Evo would’ve won this.
    Customer preference? Evos been selling out since release…bet your silde couldn’t do that.

  76. Cindy Says:

    Alex – you do know that the slide has swipe also right? people need to stop complaining, the slide is more user friendly than the evo, get over it.

  77. Joel Says:

    cindy, nexus has swype too. i do, and its better that physical

  78. Jaime Says:

    LOL @ all the butthurt EVO owners

    EVO is a high tech phone for the techies, Slide is a great phone for a masses. No suprise the EVO got out voted.

  79. Joey S. Says:

    Everyone on here saying the slide is better than the EVO, you all are idiots. The EVO is faster, cheaper plans with more features, bigger/nicer screen, better camera, better network, and better everything. And tmobile employees, the HD2 only looks like the EVO, they are nothing alike.

  80. dan mcmanus Says:

    the htc evo is similar too the slide in battery.. people dont turn off the options to get a better battery.. Many times these surveys are fraud.

  81. AndroidReviewer Says:

    I am surprised. I thought this would be the champ, and it lost to the slide? wow

  82. dan Says:

    Slide is perfect period! Has everything and anything u would want on a phone, slide aka mini laptop. Also perfect size and keyboard

  83. Lviv73 Says:

    I gotta say that Slide performs well above its specs,sometimes phone with lesser specs outperforms a more powerfull phone.I owned Behold 2 with 384mb ram and many other phones performed way better with only 256mb and even 128mb.

  84. Lviv73 Says:

    I wouldnt be surprised if this phone won the whole contest.

  85. ed Says:

    MyTouch 3g Slide are such cheaters, 2,400 votes against the Evo, while previous round it only had 300 votes against the LG Ally. It is more apparent in the next round against the Nexus One for semifinals, that it only had 600 votes!!! Whoever purposefully dethroned the Evo by cheating is lame. This site is more lame for allowing the cheater(s) get their way.

  86. Mytouch 3G slide rules Says:

    Yay!!! I knew the slide would win it’s soooo much better!!! it has a better camera/video and has waaay more features and I think it’s gonna win. I mean really compare the specs it’s not that hard of an option the mytouch 3G slide is just a far better phone.
    And all of you losers that are bs’ing the slide you really have to look up everything on the phones and compare so stop talking shix bout the
    phone ok?

  87. Wesley Says:

    Got the slide because I love to take notes being a real estate agent and information junkie. Always had a full version of keyboard, a must for me and this one is great. On top of that Oh so many extra featers including the Genius button
    . On top of that the slower in hertz processor doesn’t even seem like it. Already knew a huge snap dragon drains battery life. So Yes this phone as an android it excellent to me. Fyi the 5meg camera and video are clean and a friend of mine that’s an I phoner noticed that right away. Get what you like this was an exceptional choice for me being that it came free as part of a Tmobile propo on father’s day. Just another reason to love it.

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1024x576 1024x600 1024x768 1200X800 1280 x 720 1280x1024 1280x768 1280x800 1366x678 1366x768 1440x1050 1440x900 1600x768 1600x900 1680x1050 1680x945 1920x1080 1920x1200 800x400 800x480
Weight Range
10.1 - 12.0 pounds 12.1 - 14.0 pounds 14.1 - 16.0 pounds 2 lbs 2 pounds and under 2+ lbs 2.1 - 4.0 pounds 4.1 - 6.0 pounds 6.1 - 8.0 pounds 8.1 - 10.0 pounds Over 16 pounds Under 2 pounds
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