Android Cup Final: Google Nexus One vs. Droid Incredible (Poll Closes Monday, 7/5 at Midnight)

This is it! The final match of the 2010 Android Cup! It’s down to the Google Nexus One and the Droid Incredible. Yesterday’s game saw some furious back and forth action between the Motorola Droid and the Incredible. First, the Droid jumped out to an early 200-point lead, but then by midday, the Incredible had clawed back to take the lead. By 2:30 in the afternoon it had a 700-vote lead, and an hour  later, had ballooned to 1,000 points. By 6 pm, the lead was nearly 1,500 points, and when the polls closed, the Incredible was ahead by about 2,500 points. But how will it fare against the Nexus One?

So, on to the final.

Unlike the previous games in the Android Cup, we’re going to let the poll for the final game run all weekend long, so, in the grand tradition of  American politics, you’ll have even more time to stuff the ballot.

Here are the two phones. As you’ll see from the specs, they’re pretty evenly matched. They both have the Wi-Fis and the G B’s :

Google Nexus One

  • Screen size/resolution: 3.7 inches/ 800 x 480
  • Android OS: 2.2
  • Carrier: T-Mobile
  • Processor: 1-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • Camera: 5MP
  • Talk/Standby Time: 7 hours/12 days
  • Size: 4.7 x 2.4 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces
  • Price: $179

HTC Droid Incredible

  • Screen size/resolution: AMOLED 3.7 inches/800 x 480
  • Android OS: 2.1
  • Carrier: Verizon
  • Processor: 1-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon
  • Camera: 8MP
  • Talk/Standby Time: 5.2 hours/6 days
  • Size: 4.6 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 ounces
  • Price: $179

So, which phone do you think is better? This one’s for all the marbles.

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  1. Cameron Says:

    You know i’m going for The Incredible cuz It’s HTC, It’s like a relative of my HTC Hero!

  2. seamonkey420 Says:

    nexus one has the upper hand, imo, due to the fact that IT IS THE Dev platform that google uses in house. remember how they gave their employees Nexus One phones a while back? yea, this is why we got Froyo first and prob will get gingerbread first too!

    its the bar setter for android. just my .02

  3. lohertz Says:

    N1 IMHO. Why, cause the Incredible has been on back order since APRIL! Might as well get the N1. I got tired of waiting for it. Besides, the N1 comes unlocked and is GSM based. A must if you travel abroad.

    There pretty much identical with a couple of exceptions that honestly to make it any better. (I’ll concede on the dual flash)

    But seriously, You will get updates a lot faster on the N1 than Incredible.

    @Seamonkey – Both phones are manufactured by HTC *facepalm*

  4. Whereistony Says:

    They are both HTC.

    The Droid Incredible is a N1 with better specs, Nexus ets updates faster but Incredble gets them eventually and is still rockin the better specs

  5. Thiskidplays Says:

    Cameron is an idiot. Nexus one is an HTC product too… I can’t believe some of the reasons you people are using to cast your vote! Also, all you Verizon people who have been brainwashed by COMMERCIALS to believe that they have the best network, have obviously never used another carrier. SLOWEST DATA EVER on VZ!!!

    More of my .02, I could not agree more with seamonkey420, Nexus One will continue to dominate handsets without having to buy new equipment making it an excellent choice.

  6. joel Says:

    What!? Nexus one wins all the way!

    Android 2.2 (incredible may never get it)
    Better battery
    Same amoled screens
    Has T-Mobile (huge one)

    All the incredible has is a better camera!!!!!!

  7. Jon Says:

    @Cameron Both devices are made by HTC.
    The Nexus One is known as the Google Nexus One because it was built to be a developers phone for android and runs on pure android 2.2. Nexus One still has htc written on the back.

    The Incredible runs on android 2.1 with htc’s Sence UI running on top off android. This will slow down development and updates for the Incredible. The Nexus will continue to be at the forefront of android updates and development.

    The Nexus Ome is THE android phone.

  8. Mike Says:

    The Nexus one is basically the Beta for the Incredible. There are alot of issues that the Incredible fixes.

    The Incredible has…
    Far better Multitouch sensor (it actually works!)
    In my experience (I had TMO before I bought the Incredible) Verizon is both faster and more available were I live.
    The Incredible will get 2.2 soon enough.
    I’ll concede the battery, but for $20 you can get a bigger one than the N1 has.
    Incredible has Sense (not a plus for everyone, but I like it)
    Customer Support (unlike the Google phone)
    optical track pad (which is a lot better than the hateful trackball)
    Incredible can actually connect to 3g (imagine that. Ok so this has largely been fixed, but not completely)

    No doubt that the Nexus one was a great phone 6 months ago, and still a competitor. But with the issues it has (and had), that the Incredible avoided, I don’t see it winning.

  9. DarkDvr Says:

    Wow, so many mistakes/things not mentioned in this comparison.

    1. Nexus One is also AMOLED, don’t make it sound like only Incredible is.
    2. N1 has 802.11 b/g/n (!) with froyo.
    3. Incredible is Verizon-ONLY. N1 is TMobile/AT&T/Rogers/etc.
    4. N1 is the first that gets the upgrades like 2.2 (which is a MONUMENTAL upgrade). Incredible will get 2.2 and later after months and months, if at all.
    5. People, don’t be ridiculous. Both phones are made by HTC. N1’s original name is HTC Passion.
    6. Many tests has proved that Incredible’s camera doesn’t actually perform better. In fact, first Incredibles’ picture quality was worse than on N1.
    7. N1 already has 720p video recording capability. It’ll soon be incorporated into 2.2 builds (CyanogenMod for example). Incredible may never have it.

    Nexus One is a winner here.

  10. RobbyPlease Says:

    Voted for the Nexus. I have one and in my opinion, one of the best phones on the market, STILL. This is the phone that made me switch from using an iPhone for 3 years and will succeed at keeping me off that bandwagon for many more months, I’m sure.

    as for why I didn’t vote for the Incredible.. easy.. Sense UI is Garbage. Tried it with a custom ROM on my Nexus and I have to say, it’s headache inducing. I’ll be sticking with vanilla FroYo for suuure. And what are all this “better specs” nonsense? The Incredible has an 8MP camera.. woow. Do a search for comparison pictures shot with the Incredible and you tell me if those 3MPs make a difference. (SPOILER: it looks worse) The phones have the exact same specs; processor, RAM, etc. but a worse battery life. That’s not a WIN in my book. sorry.

    In the end though, Android is the winner here and we can all thank Google for developing the only OS on the market that lets you do anything you want with YOUR phone. <3Android

  11. SUCCESSOR Says:

    Once again the Incredible has 8gig of BUILT IN STORAGE! This is a big deal. It can achieve 40gig of maximum storage space while the Nexus One only 32gig.

    The Incredible will get 720p recording and mobile hotspot no need to hack your phone.

    you can demo it before buying it, have it serviced locally, real customer service

    Both have AMOLED screens and both are getting Super LCD screens to supplement shortages caused by samsung.

    HTC Sense UI! I don’t see how anyone can hate it.

  12. RobbyPlease Says:

    oh.. and just to add.. Optical track pad.. This is a preference not a winning factor. In my case, I love the track ball simply because it adds a physical element to the phone and better yet, adds the ability to change the color for different notifications.

    And i actually have the AT&T Version and I live in Vegas. My phone is on 3G service about 95% percent of the time. The only time i’ll drop to EDGE is when i get to a certain spot on the freeway where i’ll lose 3G for about a minute.

    And speaking of 3G. Verizon CANNOT do data and voice call at once. Once you get a voice call, your data connection gets terminated. This is because of the carrier and it’s CDMA limitations. I’ve never had T-MO so don’t bash me if I’m wrong, but I believe their GSM tech allows them to do data and voice at the same time as well.

  13. James Says:

    @ Joel

    You can’t be serious?

    T-Mobile is the worst provider you can get!!

    Their service is sub-par to say the least.

    (Have used it in two states – Verizon blows it out of the water)

  14. Excedio Says:

    For the love of pete…PLEASE change the name back to HTC Incredible!!

  15. SUCCESSOR Says:

    I’ve used T-Mobile in my state, New Mexico. It’s coverage is far less here than AT&T and Verizon but other than the network going down a few times (maybe 5 times in 3 years) and their horrible customer service (better than AT&T’s) I had very few dropped calls (couldnt tell you if it was T-Mobile Could have been Cricket or Sprint) and the 3G here is on par(speed) with Verizon’s.

  16. Jun Says:

    the evo should’ve took this whole competition. only reson it didnt is cause there is more of the other handsets out there since evo came out a lil bit ago so therefore more customer loyalty to the other phones…but any body that thinks that any of these phones can beat the evo has got to be sucking to many fumes ! the only thing that i can say puts evo questionable is sprint, other than that evo is the true champ.

  17. Devin Says:


    This really shouldn’t be the finals..
    Should be the Incredible and the Evo.

    Incredible easily takes this.

    Incredible will get 2.2 (solved)
    Incredible will get 720p(solved)

    All that nonsense about the nexus one having a better camera is BS… All of those pictures that were taken by the incredible used in the review doesn’t look like the pictures my incredible takes… and there was a ton of opposition in the comments of it. Including a camera expert who stated the exact opposite of the findings.

    And lets not forget how much different the capacitive touch is on the incredible vs the nexus one.

    Clear winner here

  18. SUCCESSOR Says:

    Evo failed because it’s not a phone for everyone. And it isn’t the most powerful either.

  19. jroc Says:


    Battery life.

    It should be Nexus 1.

    And u right. Looking at the phones up there, the true champ is the EVO.

  20. The One Says:


    Yeah the Evo should at least have been against the Nexus One or the Incredible for the championship. That is pretty obvious. But for Nexus One Vs Incredible….I definitely choose Incredible, hands down for 5 reasons. First, it has more internal memory, and it’s not even close. Second, it has the fm radio, without having to be rooted, 3rd, it has an 8 megapixel camera, vs. the 5 megapixel on the Nexus, 4th , HTC Sense UI is the most complete, and the prettiest UI available for android, and it’s obviously better than stock, and last, but not least, it’s on the VZW network. And for those that claim it’s not the best, I hope you understand that VZW ALWAYS wins the most awards and votes on surveys and reviews on network quality overall. This has been this way for over 5 years now. The benefit of not have the htc sense ui, which is prettier, and brings more features and options than the Nexus One’s stock android, is that the Nexus One will always get updates sooner.

  21. ohnoitsaspider Says:

    Listen, the Nexus One wins because of these reasons:

    1. Speed: It has stock/vanilla (read=faster and less glitchy) Android and is Google’s flagship phone meaning it will get all the updates first. Sadly, it may be one of the last Vanilla Androids until the Droid 2 and Nexus 2 now that all the phone manufacturers are putting Motoblur, Sense etc. skins on their phones and ruining them. The EVO lags like hell because of that. Thankfully the Nexus One and its cousins the Incredible and Desire don’t have this problem.
    2. Update consistency: will always get updates first
    3. Battery life: listed in the specs
    4. FroYo: Android 2.2 Froyo which is available on the Nexus has full Exchange support, app storage on the SD card rendering the Incredible’s internal storage obsolete, improved multitasking, MUCH faster app running through the new Dalvik VM and the official Flash Player 10.1, not the awful laggy Flash Lite on the Incredible.
    5. Network: the Nexus is unlocked, so it can be used on either AT&T or T-Mobile while the Incredible is locked on Verizon
    6. Network speed: The Nexus One supports (we think) HSPA+ which gives it speeds faster than the EVO’s 4G in certain areas (more than Sprint have 4G at least)
    7. RAM: 576MB vs 512MB

    The Incredible beats the Nexus in these areas:
    1. Camera
    2. Touch sensor: the Nexus is not brilliant for complicated multitouch gestures
    3. Internal memory: 8GB vs 512MB, though it really doesn’t matter because they both have SD card slots up to 32GB and media cannot be stored on the Incredible’s intenternal memory.

  22. ohnoitsaspider Says:

    i forgot to add:

    A point for the Nexus:
    it is a GSM phone so you can talk and use data at the same time
    Also has an AMOLED screen (both have identical displays, AMOLED 3.7″ WVGA high-res PenTile)

    a point for the HTC Incredible

    The Incredible has video output. This is a feature that could possibly be added to the N1 via a software update soon

  23. whodatn Says:

    WTF!, Nexus one is a better fucking phone.
    Nexus One is the REAL ANDROID!

  24. AndroidReviewer Says:

    nexus one wins all the way

    so many reasons

    people say HTC sense is good, but u will hate it later because u will never get updates.

    nexus one has Froyo, thats like 20 reasons right there.

    Better battery life

    Tmobile is less expensive with HSPA+ which is like 4g. (also great coverage)

    there isnt much difference between 5mp and 8mp, honestly. It also takes up more space.

    Trackball is much more solid and reliable than optipad. you can click it also.

    HANDS DOWN, nexus one wins. The only reason i can see the Droid Incredible winning is probably because of advertising and amount on Verizon customers.

  25. Dont Worry Bout it Says:

    WTF Is with all of you? The Droid Incredible is far superior!

    Everyones saying its google’s flagship device BUT THAT DOESNT MEAN ANYTHING!!!!

    The Nexus is a BETA device for the droid. All the PROBLEMS the nexus had were FIXED on the Incredible!!!!!!!

    Yes the Nexus will get updates quicker but the Droid will GET THEM TOO. God can u guys wait for an update really?

    Spec wise the INCREDIBLE is better and yes it WILL GET 720p recording and 2.2 and Gingerbread!!!, They get TESTED!!! Unlike updates for the nexus since they just get thrown out.

    Weather u like it or not VERIZON is the BETTER network even if u cant use data and talk at the same time.

    And Sense doesn’t slow down the device and u WILL GET UPDATES, it makes it more USER FRIENDLY which is a plus, if u are going to have a heart attack over it, then root it like really what is with everyone?

    Now both of them are the same device. They are BOTH MADE BY HTC. Google was going to launch the nexus on verizon but it wouldnt have made sense for them to market a VERY SIMILAR phone.

    The Droid INCREDIBLE is the BETTER phone. The ONLY REASON you would get a Nexus is if u cant live with 5.2 hours of battery life and your a google fanboy. There aren’t any REAL reasons to get a nexus. And the nexus will get replaced sooner than the incredible, IT WONT ALWAYS BE THE google phone.

    And EVERYONE you cant compare the two based on the 3 sentences they give you before you vote!!! There are more difference between them beside better life and camera!!! Like Really!!!

    PS. my final point try to get your hands on a Droid Incredible they sell out within hours of arriving at stores!!!!!!
    HTC is making them as fast as they can with AMOLED shortages the nexus doesnt have this problem, so SOMEONE has to be buying them and thinking its a good phone.

    PPS. This shouldn’t even be the final, the Droid is a improved version of the Nexus. THERE VERY VERY SIMILAR
    This should really be the Incredible VS the EVO.

  26. Spotmark Says:

    Oh yeah, the Nexus One is the greatest. That’s why it’s getting beat down like a red headed step-child. lol. It should just try to stop the bleeding, at this point, and step down. :p

  27. Cameron Says:

    @spotmark, I agree 100%
    @anyone that wanted to point out to me Thai nexus is also HTC, thank-you for Thai info. But as far as for bashing me cuz I didn’t know it… mama whatever, I’m Christian. And still a fan of HTC Incredible. I’m glad you all know so much about phones and that kind of stuff, I learned most of what I know researching Droid when it first came out, and learned a lot from reading comments like these. From what I can tell these phones are so similar that (like the rest of the competition) number of fans is gonna make the difference. Since I have a Hero then obviously I want the phone closes to It to when. Which on of thea phones is closest to the Hero? Nexus or Incredibe? Hmm… let me see… hmm… I wonder…. umm… oh yea, the one that’s blowing the competitiom out of the water.

  28. AndroidReviewer Says:

    Nothing you said is a reason Incredible should win, you were just horribly trying to defend it.
    There isnt one reason why the droid incredible should win.

  29. AndroidReviewer Says:

    ^was talking to “Dont Worry Bout it”

  30. Sabrewings Says:

    @ ohnoitsaspider “Internal memory: 8GB vs 512MB, though it really doesn’t matter because they both have SD card slots up to 32GB and media cannot be stored on the Incredible’s intenternal memory.”

    Wrong. You can use the internal memory for media. Pictures, video, music, etc. All stored in there and are used just fine. That’s why they included it. Leaving your sd card for just apps if you want. Or, expand it to a 32GB card and have 40GB of storage. Can’t have 40GB on the N1.

  31. DarkDvr Says:

    Lol whoever wins… The real trophy belongs to Android!
    In several years nobody will remember that Apple made phones.


  32. Sabrewings Says:


    The incredible’s optical track is a lot better than the N1’s physical track ball. Works very effortlessly, less prone to damage, and you can click it too.

  33. Matt Says:

    I vote for Incredible all the way, personally i love sense. i dont really notice a difference with dual flash, but im pretty happy with the picture quality. Correct me if im wrong, but the nexus has 2 mics for noise cancellation, but the Inc only has one. not a big deal either in my book, but every little feature counts.

  34. Jorge Says:

    These are both great phones, but the winner won’t be the best phone, it will be the phone more people buy. Droids have had the biggest marketing out of all Android phones so they are the most popular ones. I knew from the beginning it would have been the Droid or the Incredible but my personal favorite is the Nexus One.

  35. themetatron Says:

    these phones are equals in most regards. obviously, incredible will win, it has already sold more units than nexus due to marketing, and being on the strongest us network. this battle is like deciding which hot twin you’re gonna hit on at the bar, i’ll go with the nexus, cuz i like quick updates

  36. AndroidReviewer Says:

    There is no reason the nexus one should be losing. The specs are better in every way. $1000 say if it was on verizon and was called “Droid ___” it would be winning by a landslide.

  37. The3rdG Says:

    This should not even be a contest. The Nexus One destroys the incredible in every essential aspect. The only thing going for the incredible is a better camera resolution – and honestly, the difference between 5mp and 8mp on a phone is not even recognizable. The only real reason that th incredible has such a following is because the word “droid” is in the name and it is on Verizon – put these devices side by side on the same carrier, and there’s no question. As if a longer battery life isn’t reason enough, anyone who has seen FroYo (2.2) will tell you without a doubt that it’s a make-or-break. Plus, the fact that it is free of SenseUI virtually eliminates the abnormalities that are nearly commonplace with other devices, ie Droid Incredible.

  38. Dream Says:

    wow……..the Nexus One should be winning for one reason, and one reason only (cuz they are basically the same phones) and that’s Android 2.2 >>>>>>>>> Android 2.1! This is a disgrace!

  39. Joel Says:

    @dream thats a big reason, but not the only one. it wins in every spec

  40. LWL209 Says:

    The only advantage that the Nexus one has is that it has better developer support (such as beta builds of froyo).

    But, all things considered, the Incredible is a superior device. The incredible has:

    1. A better NETWORK

    2. better USER INTERFACE–Anyone who has used Sense will tell you that. Sense offers “Scenes”, sense-specific widgets, keyboard, and FM Radio.

    3. better TRACKPAD–anyone remember how terrible those old blackberry trackballs were? Why would you want that on the latest a greatest Android phone?! The optical version is far better and less prone to damage.

    4. better TOUCH SCREEN performance (on-screen touch sensors are vastly more capable and accurate than those on the Nexus One)

    5. better CAMERA–Both in terms of megapixels and flash capabilities


    7. Better DESIGN–Somewhat a personal choice, but I really like the terraced back of the Incredible, which allows the speaker to play unobstructed when the phone is lying face up.

  41. The Dude Says:

    Its simple people. Sense vs. Non-Sense :-) Yeah there are some hardware differences like camera and memory but at end of the day what really sells it is Sense. Cannot beat that UI in my book

  42. joel Says:

    FroYo > Sense

  43. Gordz Says:

    Anyone that has used 2.2 (froyo) is absolutely scoffing at these results. It absolutely clear that sense is as slow as hell, and doesn’t get updates in a timely manner because of it.

    However, nexus one is NOT googles ‘flagship’. Nor are they making another phone in any distance of the forseeable future. The nexus one was only produced to “Get the ball rolling with android” (tech. manager @ google) and thats exactly what the nexus did. It was never expected to be in everyones pocket, but to raise awareness of the platform. ‘’ who’s not going to take notice of that?

    Also plainly obvious is the winner of this little game they have going here is dictated by the number of fans each phone has, or fans who own that phone. For the nexus to lose by the small margin that it did; for little to no advertising it received in comparison, who do you think the real winner is?

    PS: I love my trackball.

  44. Hierro1931 Says:

    I just ordered my nexus one last night.

    The Nexus is definitely better. And who cares about 8 GB of internal data. For someone like me who likes to switch between firmwares every so often to get better ones 8 GB of internal storage would be a problem because everything will always get erased. I rather have my media & Apps on SD so I they will always be there no matter what firmware I put next.

    Alot of you just look at the superficial stuff instead of the real workings of the phone and why it was made the way it was.

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