6 Reasons the iPhone 6 Has Already Lost

Avram Piltch
Avram Piltch
The official Geeks Geek, as his weekly column is titled, Avram Piltch has guided the editorial and production of Laptopmag.com since 2007. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP's real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. He holds a master’s degree in English from NYU.
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  1. Gene Says:

    All valid concerns. I’d add that hands free use of a phone is becoming much easier with Android as well (think moto x) than anything the iphone 5 has. Voice recognition works better on Android, and voice typing is easier (because of it doesn’t wait until the end to bring up words) and is available in more languages and for offline use as well. Even though the iphone 5s has a lower mp camera one thing Apple has been known to do is calibrate their cameras very well. I have an lg g2 and the camera is amazing, I do often see that the color temperature is not correct within the photo compared to real life. Plus Android manufacturers don’t take the time to calibrate displays or allow consumers to calibrate them. The nexus 4 was worlds better after rooting and calibrating the color of the screen. One thing pretty much everyone can agree on is the iphone’s display is too damn small.

  2. Richard Says:

    Wow, this is horrible journalism. It seems that this “writer” is just trying to get an article out to make statements that will get people to read their article; not to put out relative information. I am a Nokia (Windows Phone) user and while I see the advantage in having more camera features, in no way would I be worried about the quality of the iPhone camera – they have always ranked near the top of image quality (hint: MP arent everything). And as far as not having “photobomb” removal and “best face”? I have had that on my last 2 phones and neither have I EVER used more than to test them out. Same thing with NFC – never used it except to test it out. Battery life on the iPhone is fine; better than a large majority of Android devices and some Windows Phone devices. Keyboard? Really? That is a reason it would fail? Ugh…

    The iPhone will do fine, just as will Android, and hopefully Windows Phone in 2014. But to say that something has ‘lost’ before it is even released is spouting off garbage just to get attention (which I was duped). Until the device is actually released for an actual comparison, I recommend that Mr. Piltch take the time to learn that just because a device says it can do more, or has bigger numbers (battery, camera, etc), doesn’t make it a better device.

  3. Nguyen Says:

    You’re wrong. You’re missing the boat.
    Megapixels don’t mean anything. you should know that already, higher megapixels can lead to more noise if other part of the camera or software isn’t improved. Features you mentioned in your articles are useless gadgets. Software from various iOS developers have taken care of most of it.

    Removable battery- get over it. Not going to happen if we want thinner and thinner phones and let’s face poor battery life-that’s an android issue. I have both phones.

    NFC is dead and has been dead. There isn’t any significant sales from it, you need vendors to buy new machines, that’s silly.

    No one cares about ICQ or antique chats, this is mass market, service the customers that pay. Profits matter.

    You’re outdated and silly. its about sales and tons of crap features won’t sell. Not everyone is a techie geek. Customization-who cares, most people just want their phones to work and get updated. Let me know how long your typically android is supported by the vendor. 1 year.

  4. MyIdea Says:

    7 reasons why Apple’s iPhone 6 has likely already won:

    1. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone (1st gen.)
    2. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 3G
    3. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 3GS
    4. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 4
    5. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 4s
    6. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 5
    7. World’s best-selling smartphone: iPhone 5s

  5. John Says:

    8MP is enough. As it is I usually down sample images for sharing or posting. Larger pixels capture more light producing a better quality image which is far more important.

  6. rsmurf Says:

    HA HA HA HA HA HA You must have found this article in a samsung dumpster. Sounds like their latest attempt at an advertisement. Ha HA HA HA HA

  7. Timber.wolf Says:

    6 reasons? Where are the others? Only the camera? iPhone is a masterpiece and EVERYBODY tries to copy APPLE, but they don’t reach… First, android phones try to have a huge spec (it doesn’t make they better, the problem here is not about quantity it’s quality (APPLE)) to try to run the HEAVY operating system a little bit faster, with apps made on a resource massive platform, that is JAVA. Phones like Galaxy S4, with a hardware much more “powerful”, loses from iPhone 5s and is very close to iPhone 5. How come? Terrible operating system: ANDROID!

  8. scmoop Says:

    Wow. All this blah blah blah about cameras, and yet you didn’t say which one actually takes the best picture. Easy enough to test. Why not make yourself useful, Avram?

  9. Anthony Says:

    What? Is this guy for reals? Do your research iPhone 5s camera ranks at the top. Mp does not mean crap. iPhone 6 will be the most bought cell phone possibly ever. iPhone will always be on top. Always. Hopefully this isn’t your full time job;)

  10. Bob Says:

    This isn’t a very great article. The iPhone 6 is not going to fail. People need to stop trying to predict the “fall of Apple”. People have been trying to predict the fall of Apple and the fail of Apple products every year since the early days. The iPhone 6 will sell more than any other smart phone, just as the iPhone has done every year since it was launched. The ratio of iPhone sales vs. other phone sales is too dramatic for the iPhone 6 to be a fail in sales numbers. We don’t even know what features the iPhone 6 will have. Say it has better battery life than any phone out there. Say it has NFC (as if anyone would care). Megapixels do not mean anything and Apple improving low-lighting is the better way to go. If you compare other smart phones with the iPhone in low light, the iPhone outperforms by miles. Whoever wrote this article is obviously a consumer who has been mislead with the megapixel lies.

  11. Johnny Says:

    It’s pretty sad that most of your arguments are for things that are widely expected to be improved in the iPhone 6 (Ex: Battery life, Camera). Also, have you seen the pictures that the iPhone 5S spits out? They are some of the best shots i’ve seen from a smart phone. This article is filled with poor arguments and the premiss that it is based upon is pretty unfair as well (judging the iPhone 6 by the things it’s going to be improved with).

  12. Christian L. Says:

    This person lives in a bubble of delusion. The article should be titled, “I cried because Apple didn’t do what I want.”

    I’m going to bookmark this page and send it to everyone I know when the iPhone 6 comes out and destroys everything.

  13. Anthony Says:


  14. McDruid Says:

    2004 called to say that Megapixels haven’t mattered in nearly a decade.
    Yeah, I’ve done the test: Panasonic Lumix set to 5 MP against a Canon Powershot at 16, both printed at 12×18. I have yet to have anyone pick the Canon as the better pic.

    And keyboards? Any compliant Bluetooth keyboard works with your iDevice. Better get yourself some better reasons.

  15. David Says:

    Ridiculous! Everybody knows the iPhone 6 will sell an absolute ton. Let’s see once the year is over and sales figures get released, you already know how they’ll read, no amount of shoddy journalism will change it either.

  16. Freddy Says:

    LoL dude you wasted some serious time on that …. Article. I think you should educate yourself and read before you write another article. You should actually get fired for this. And dude most android now have none removable batteries, megapixels are not all you need for a great picture, huge amount of megapixels are great when you use OPTICAL zoom which mobile phone don’t have yet ( well unless you ad a lense ) anyway not here to educate you, but the article smells. And no I’m not a iphone or apple fanboy I have a nexus 5 ( crap camera by the way ) a galaxy s4 and a iphone 5s. As of NFC it will say this Steve job said flash had no future in the mobile world and HTML5 was the way to go mmmm NFC never used it don’t see the need for it and I’m sure many peoe have the feature and never used it or rarely used it. Oh well have a lovely day and I’ll come back around October …..

  17. Siddhartha Saha Says:

    Gone mad!!! s4 is a flop so will be s5. Nd others don’t even come closer in numbers to the iPhone.

  18. James Says:

    As all of the other comments are saying, this is an extremely poor article with a lot of one sided hate.

    The megapixel race is pathetic if you’re a believer. Have a look at 95% of the DSLR market, any you will notice not many of them venture out of 14-18 megapixels, and these are pro cameras where the images are made to be shown on large screens.

    Having an extremely high pixel count in most cases of a phone user is just as bad too. You’ll experience graininess and horrific low light noise issues. I actually believe what Apple is doing is the best route: improving the camera’s current technology, not just sticking a new sensor in there to gloat big figures on their spec list.

    Like everyone else has said, NFC is dead.. and the keyboard? Well take a look at how Android and Samsung’s OS look extremely similar to the original iOS keyboard.. did you just shoot yourself in the foot? I think so.

  19. Matt Says:

    This is simply a false representation of what makes a camera take good pictures. The quality of the image is not mostly related to the number of pixels, but to the quality of the sensor. While you won’t hear that at BestBuy, you will learn that from actual photographers. Many independent tests favor sensor quality over pixels virtually every time. This doesn’t mean the iPhone will be better, or worse, but that we’ll have to wait and see the images before we make under-educated speculation.

  20. sourav Says:

    Sensor is just one part of the story. Atleast get the facts straight. Image depends a lot in quality of lens, aperture width, shutter speed and repeatability, color reproduction & image stabilization. Although I own android, I have found iPhone camera to be much superior than the number crunching *droids
    I own Nexus 4 which is reasonably good

  21. smartypants Says:

    Nguyen is right on nailed.

    YOU’RE FIRED, AVRAM PILTCH!!! I can’t believe you hold a master degree… what a joke. ( ha, ha, ha… )

    Nguyen should replaced you for a better writer. Good work, Nguyen!!!

  22. Freidrich Says:

    This is the worst website ever. whoever is the writer is completely ignorant person. all that has been done, is pick out small details and enlarge them. non of these points are valid and i will not come to this website again. **** you

  23. Michael Says:

    I see some feedback here by people that completely fail to grasp reality and the points made in this article. Apple fan boys seem to always use the “those are just gadgets” and “nobody cares about those features” argument to defend the fact that Apple has fallen behind the times. Do they make a quality product? Yes, for sure. But, as clearly mentioned in the article, Apple still treats their user base as though Apple knows best for the users. I DO use NFC, and I DO use a different keyboard, and I DO use SWYPE, I DO have customized screens. In fact, I know plenty of people that also use these things. They DO matter to plenty of people and if they didn’t, everyone would just buy an iPhone.

    And as far as battery life “let’s face poor battery life-that’s an android issue”, again, more fan boy drivel. Not only is it an Android device that beats every other phone in battery life, but iPhones have a worse battery life than the average smartphone (as pointed out in the article). Worse than the average pretty clearly states that there is no Android issue here, just deal with it.
    Sharing? Another huge issue correctly pointed out in the article. My wife uses an iPhone and I get to tease her every time she has to send a picture to me so I can share it for her because Apple has such limited sharing.

    This list could go on forever, but I want to make one last point. Ever get a call on your Android phone and go ahead and block that person from calling you anymore? It’s simple with a variety of free apps. On Apple, what do you do if someone has your number and you want to block them? Nothing. Apple does not have such an app, because Apple refuses to let developers create one, it is against their rules in what is/is not allowed. This “we know what you want better than you do” (sounds like the government, doesn’t it?) mindset is catching up to them.

    Apple is #3 now, from a market they once owned. Why? Because people will only blindly follow along for so long, and then many of them will realize that they DO want the myriad of features that are available by changing to Android or Windows that Apple simply does not offer and based on their history, probably never will.

    You want a smartphone with basic features, no customization, and a tiny screen get an iPhone; it will work great for you.

    You want a larger screen, more diverse software, better battery life, and the ability to actually configure your phone to the way YOU want to use it, get an Android.

  24. Darwin Says:

    What an idiotic article.

  25. Albin Says:

    Lack of a replaceable battery and microSD have always been a deal-breaker for me. Surprising, since I don’t follow Apple, that it’s keyboard doesn’t have long press or a shortcut to numbers / characters and no apparent equivalent to Android “launchers” to reconfigure the interface (it’s fine to provide a simple and attractive common experience at first boot, but dictatorial to limit the phone to it forever.)

  26. Andrew Von Pelt Says:

    HAHAHA this article was great for a laugh…. what a moron. we know NOTHING about what the iphone6 is going to have yet so you can’t compare it to anything, and most of these points as to why it would fail (camera, battery, customization) are all arguments that have been written every year the past few years and never seem to matter to anyone

  27. Michael Jauernik Says:

    So we are talking about a product that we know nothing about because no specs have been officially released?
    We are talking about a product that has been very successful in the last few years despite it’s limitations?
    We are talking about journalism?
    Serios Tech-Blogging?

    So you know a few things about the upcoming iPhone that no other human being knows?


    …but i think you just have a great imagination or where does your information come from?

    I am pretty sure not from Apple.

    Oh, and BTW, your profile mentions your “technical knowledge” but reading your article i don’t see very much of it.

  28. Avram Piltch Says:

    As a Hardcore Android fan, This is just got to be one of the most stupid articles i ever read. One can never take a guy serious who uses Google+.

  29. MILE Says:

    This has got to be the dumbest piece of clickbaiting shit I’ve read in a long time…!

  30. supergalactic Says:


    “On Apple, what do you do if someone has your number and you want to block them?”

    You touch the “info” icon next to the number, and select “Block this caller”. It’s not rocket science and no app is necessary.

  31. Dan Says:

    Articles like these make me wonder how many drugs the chief editor of Laptopmag.com was on when he/she gave the green light on this filth of an article.

    Warrantless assumptions, speculation on the details of a product that have been kept liptight, and just blatant Android fanboy-ism.

    Take your English degree and put it to better use: roll it up and stick it up your ass.

  32. Richy Says:

    Me like shiny objects.. me like iphone. Me no care about quality, processing power, compatability, price or advanced features. Me use daddys credit card and buy new iphone because my friends have one and its shiny and pretty :D

  33. Kris Says:

    I’m an Android & Blackberry user, but this article is ridiculous. iPhone 6 hasn’t been announced yet. If you make this article based on leaks and speculations, then it’s safe to say that this is garbage.

  34. Michael Samsara Says:

    Apple doesn’t really care at all whether it truly pleases anyone; that is the fundamental key to understanding Apple and its constricting, restricting philosophy.

    They are not a technology company. They are a marketing company devoted to devising products that enable them to lure you, me and everyone into their system that is/was and always will be designed to lock you up and throw away the key – forever enslaved to feeding their cash cows.

    This is in keeping with the delightful character of their now departed leader Steve Jobs. Arguably, a genius – but a level 4 leader only though – see Jim Collins’ book Good to great.

    Level 4 leaders can be geniuses; can create phenomenally successful companies, but given that they have little in the way of real caring or connection with others; and really don’t like it when the light of approbation gets diverted from their own countenance and ceases to illuminate their visages – they don’t tend to cultivate proteges whom might divert any of the light they wish to bask within.

    When you get a chance, look at some pictures of Steve Jobs and ask yourself this question. Does this look like a nice man; are those the eyes of someone you would expect to be kind, understanding and compassionate if you screwed up and made a mistake. If you say yes, then I suggest you go back to University and re-take – “How to judge peoples’ characters 101″ because you must have failed it.

    So, it is not surprising that he left behind an insular, it’s us against the world and all things great and small we already thought about – don’t ya know? – and therefore have a right to patent it – mentality.

  35. Saifallah Says:

    Please make sure to erase this article once iPhone 6 is released, no fanboy-ism intended but millions and millions are gonna buy it regardless of the “predicted shortcomings”
    iPhone 5S sold really well and so did the iPhone 5, as well as the iPhone 4S…and so on.

  36. tim Says:

    I have a Galaxy s4 and know this article is bull. I personally think the iphone5 has a better camera then my phone. The iphone also has a way better headphone jack for sound which is a huge deal. I personally like both phones for certain things. The iphone has proven it self time and time again as well as the galaxy series.

  37. luca Says:

    Well WP8 is even more closed and not customizable… so? most WP and Android flagship phones don’t come with removable battery and SD slot… so? everybody will say to you that it’s the sensor and optics that matters, not MP count, and actual iphone is one of the best out there…
    And…. the iphone6 doesn’t even exists.. how can you say that it will fail?????

  38. Steve Says:

    Well, there’s 20min of my life I just wasted and won’t get back. just a ridiculous article about something you know nothing about. Let me know when you write an article titled “Why I disliked operating the Ford flying car the year before it was produced”.

  39. Mike Says:

    Your article just got knocked the f%#k out at TUAW!

  40. Fred Says:

    Michael says: “Ever get a call on your Android phone and go ahead and block that person from calling you anymore? It’s simple with a variety of free apps. On Apple, what do you do if someone has your number and you want to block them? Nothing. Apple does not have such an app, because Apple refuses to let developers create one, it is against their rules in what is/is not allowed.”

    Reality says: Select Settings/Phone/Blocked/Add New… No need for a third party app. It’s part of iOS. Next time, do a little research before making statements that completely discredit you.

    As far Piltch’s article, he is grasping at straws that don’t exist yet. Avram, you are like the Rush Limbaugh of technology. Horrible article.

  41. Cory Says:

    We all took this “journalist’s” page view troll bait.

  42. Chris Says:

    So Avram, Your smartphone requires bigger screens, longer battery life, more camera features, more megapixels. Why don’t you do a real technical comparison against a real product like Samsung’s cameras that have phone features as you are leaning that way. Maybe then you’ll be happy but only if it’s a non-exisiting future product not yet released. What a piece of bull crap writing. Geek’s Geek ? I’d check that master’s degree for photocopy marks man… looks like you wasted your time at school. Worst review ever!

  43. Or Says:

    I think that the author is retarded.
    Or maybe he should not be an author.

  44. iOS Says:

    Fre @ You are right what you said. He didn’t known because his using Android OS. Istalling Block Caller, just a waste of RAM on the phone or in SD Card. Too bad for you Michael because you have no idea what you’ve mentioned.

  45. That one Girl Says:

    I don’t understand…
    How can you compare other phones to a Phone that’s not out yet?
    Everyone knows that the iPhone 6 will likely improve on these things you stated, and the 5s is not losing any battles in this department currently either.
    And your camera statement is Invalid as well, my friend has a LG flex, and it has one of the best cameras out now right?
    Well guess what, his phone takes so good pictures that he cant send them to other people or computers without converting them first… which diminishes the quality A LOT.
    so whats the point of a camera, if that’s what you have to do through?

  46. Piltch is a DUMMY Says:

    “The official Geeks Geek, as his weekly column is titled, Avram Piltch has guided the editorial and production of Laptopmag.com since 2007. With his technical knowledge and passion for testing, Avram programmed several of LAPTOP’s real-world benchmarks, including the LAPTOP Battery Test. He holds a master’s degree in English from NYU.”

    Technical knowledge and passion for testing: hmmmmm… testing phantom iphone 6’s?

    Curious that the top 3 Most popular articles on this page are iphone related…

    TUAW destroyed you on all fronts.

    In the future, try not to be so thick, idiot!

  47. Don Juan Says:

    Gene bleated: “One thing pretty much everyone can agree on is the iphone’s display is too damn small.”

    By “everyone”, you mean everyone except the millions of people who continue to buy iPhones every year?

  48. Jeo Says:

    Just checking as I really don’t know, but how is the weather on Neptune?

    You make no real valid arguments and even if you did, I’d point out the obvious to you that the iPhone 6 is, last I checked, not out yet.

    Megapixels are meaningless to anyone other the Android marketing department. Battery issues are both nonstarters and your numbers are incorrect. Until retailers switch to NFC, having it in a phone is pointless unless you live on Neptune.

    As for sharing, gosh my life is being drained because I can’t share a picture with Pinterest. What will I do?

    Though perhaps you can predict the future. If you can, I would suggest picking next weeks MegaMillions lottery numbers and consider retiring … to Neptune.

  49. Pastafarian Says:

    Wow, that’s a terrible article. I hate all this stupid Apple versus Samsung dick wagging but jeez, this is pathetic.
    The damn thing doesn’t even exist yet!
    What a great mag! /sarcasm off

  50. tyler roberts Says:

    You say the author of this article is dellusional? yeah, dellusional along with all of your Apple Fanboy comments that also have no meat on their bones. Android has been slowly innovating and reaching above Apple since Steve jobs passed away. In this past year alone Android has claimed more than half of the market shares over Apple while they slowly fall. Open your eyes while you still can; Apple is still in the running but they are no longer on the top. Google reigns over the throne now.

  51. REAL Mike Says:

    Poor tyler roberts must be crying in his corner cause Apple, with ALL their lost market share is still making more money than his beloved idol!

    “It’s not fair! It’s just NOT fair!”

  52. REAL Mike Says:

    By the way, it really DOES make sense (in the world of pseudo-journalism) to at least get noticed by decrying the most successful (and copied) tech company in the last decade…even if history and the people here on earth prove you to be a moron!

    It’s what I call the Rihanna/Miley Cyrus formula!

  53. Arcendus Says:

    So the reason the iPhone 6 has already lost is because of what you think it’s going to be based on what the iPhone 5 was, figuring Apple isn’t going to upgrade anything. Thanks for the waste of time, Avram.

  54. nigratruo Says:

    Hmm, I can imagine that the poor battery life has to do with the small battery and that Samsung ist using OLED Displays on their Galaxy Series, which enables them to have huge screens, retina surpassing resolutions, while still providing longer battery run times.

  55. Uzair Khan Says:

    Nice samsung advertisment. This is totally bullshit
    1- Camera on iphone is very good. I think 8mp is enough for a phone, mp is not everything
    2- there is nfc on iphone 6
    3-Battery life on samsung is good? This is the worst lie i’ve ever read. I prefer lumia and iphones just because android has very very low battery life, and i’ve used samsung, had to turn off wifi after use everytime to save battery.
    Windows phone and Iphone will always be my choice.

  56. Bill Says:

    Reason 7 – the phone will bend. Because Apple is focused on design over substance they will not realize their flimsy metal will cause the phones to bend inside tight pockets. Fortunately fanBoys will blame hipsters and tell them to get looser pants.

    P.S. Customization is huge. As a developer I cannot make a file section for my app in iOS, have documents be opened up in different programs (like Adobe Reader) and then saved to the folder of my choice inside of my app…due to the “island of its own” philo, I am severely limited in the features I can build in my app that are designed to make people money and keep a roof over their heads…f** k taking pictures, put food on the table!! Apple is a terrible business tool. And, before you go saying Apple isn’t trying to be a business tool, we are all spending more and more time needing to use our phones for more and more things…so yes, it DOES need more flexibility.

    no innate shared file system! They have been losing ever since then. Asking for a “My Computer” on the phone is NOT too much to ask, and a major drawback to the platform.

  57. Denis Says:

    It’s funny, I bought the iPhone 6 a week ago to replace my iPad 3 for application testing at my job and my Nexus 5 for general usage.
    But a couple of hours I waste on this thing turned me to return it back.

    1) Handling is really horrible. It seems like designing big phones need an experience, and my plastic (which is a good thing, I always feel ruberized plastic is a better material for real phone usage than an oversleek aluminium, thus handling an iPhone just didn’t feel reliable)
    2) It was painful to setup. I am using two stage authorization with my google where I keep all my contacts and I needed to RTFM at the stage where any android is completely problem free. That was not quite user friendly. It was on the opposite side.
    3) iOS apps just don’t look OK on larger 4.7 inch screen. The icons and buttons are too big and busy. Android apps (Instagram, etc) looks better.
    4) The screen. The phone itself is about the same size as Nexus 5, but the screen is noticeably smaller. It is quite a difference for internet browsing. A big minus for me.
    5) It looks so-so. There are many android better looking devices, such as HTC One, Xperia Z, Galaxy One, etc.

    IMO, the iPhone6 just doesn’t even nearly worth its price.

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