5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Upgrade to the iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has been officially announced and pre-sales sold out on Apple’s site in one hour. Guess what? If you have an iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5 isn’t necessarily worth the upgrade. Apple’s new mobile operating system, iOS 6, will be able to run on your device, so you’ll get all of the same great enhancements, from the smarter Siri to Facebook integration. Here are 5 other reasons why it may be better to hold on to your current iPhone–and you money–just a little longer.

1. All the usual upgrades

Apple put a faster processor in the iPhone 5 with its slimmer and lighter design. Well, of course its faster, slimmer and lighter. Every new model since the iPhone’s initial debut has been faster, slimmer and lighter. Despite the new svelte profile, it’s not as if people have been complaining about the bulk or weight of the iPhone 4 (now free) or iPhone 4s (now $99).

2. The camera isn’t much better.

The iPhone 5 will take beautiful pictures…just like the iPhone 4S. Both have an 8-megapixel camera with all the same bells and whistles. The main difference is that the new iPhone 5 has a sapphire crystal lens, which Apple says will help prevent scratches. Apple says the camera is 40 percent faster, but for many folks the 4S is fast enough. 

The biggest improvement is to the software, which will be available to both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S with iOS 6. So you’ll be able to share those Photo Streams with your iPhone 5-toting friends. Want panoramic pictures? That’s part of iOS 6, too. 

3. Letterboxing

Is there anything less attractive than viewing an older iPhone application in a letterboxed view on the iPhone 5’s new 4-inch screen? Apple is requiring app developers to redesign their applications for this new larger screen. Therefore, your favorite iPhone app may operate in letterbox-mode indefinitely, not just wasting the extra space, but looking worse than it would on the previous display.

4. New dock connector

The iPhone 5 has a new connection port called Lightning, and it’s not compatible with any existing hardware. Sure, you can buy a huge adapter for $29 (!), but this adapter won’t help connect all those accessories with built-in iPhone docks. Plus, the adapter is huge, and will no doubt be an eyesore against the new iPhone 5’s beautiful aesthetic.

And if you just bought a new car with a built-in 30-pin iPhone connector, the large white adapter is certain to detract from the intended seamless iPhone integration.

5. No NFC

Now let’s talk about the list of features not on the iPhone. The biggest omission is Near Field Communications (NFC), which would allow wallet-like features with a tap of the phone. NFC seemed like the perfect compliment to the new Passbook application, allowing coupons, airport check-ins, and loyalty cards to register with a quick tap. Instead, the iPhone 5 is stuck with barcodes, and the app will work exactly the same on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

Bottom Line

The iPhone 5 is shiny and new, but it’s important not to get lost in the marketing hype. The bigger screen, 4G LTE speeds, and superslim design will be enough to win over lots of shoppers, but others may want to wait for something even better. After all, the iPhone 5S is only 12 months away.

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  1. SK Says:

    So, you give all the little features and listed them as top five reasons not to upgrade. Did you conveniently forget about 4G LTE. That is the most impiortant feature in this phone which is not there in eartlier version.

  2. Logan Says:

    Well NFC is fricking stupid anyways sooo

  3. eojj Says:

    i do not have to wait 12 months for the iPhone 5S because I will get the Nokia Lumia 920 in 2 months. So much better phone than the iPhone crap.

  4. mike Says:

    Eojj, iPhone crap? Nokia is the most shitty phones on the market.

  5. MCC Says:

    … They did mention 4G LTE.

  6. Jim Says:

    @SK: The author mentions 4G LTE as a major reason why many shoppers would discount the advice to wait and get the phone now anyway. RIF (Reading Is FUNdamental).

  7. Uramore-on Says:

    God you’re a moron, author. The iPhone 4S was NOT lighter nor thinner than the iPhone 4. If you can’t get a simple fact like this right, why should I believe anything else you blather on about?

  8. Jacksjus Says:

    Oh how I just love Apple haters. He writes this article despite the fact that it has sold out everywhere. Look it’s just a phone and people tend to want to keep up with the latest. It’s not a life changing financial decision here. Get a life!

  9. Jacksjus Says:

    @Logan…The average consumer has no idea what NFC is anyway so that was a moot point to begin with. Only tech geeks are cramming for such a thing.

  10. Nikkiteen Says:

    I have a feeling this will be successful, but not as successful as the other ones. I have the 64g 4s, that i got in June, and totally glad I didnt wait for this to come out like my friends told me too. If I had a 3s or 4 then i’d probably go for this one, but there’s just not enough extras/differences to make me salivate.
    I’ve never seen so much “meh” over a new iphone release, which is saying something. I hope it just challenges them to make the 5s(if they go that route) much more appealing by actually throwing in some better differences, or maybe if its a major fail, they might just go to the iPhone 6, because if the 5s doesn’t offer anything “gotta have”, I’m happy with the 4s until then. :)

  11. MicroNix Says:

    Point #4 is why it is stupid to invest in hardware that doesn’t follow standards. The iPhone, its dock and accessories are all dependent on a non-standard connection. If you switch to a different phone, all those accessories are useless. This is great for Apple’s coffers as it assumes people are gullible enough to buy in hook line and sinker and will be forever a customer because everything they foolishly purchased can only be used with Apple products. Many are not smart enough to know what the standards are and because the next new iPhone is “good enough” will stick to buying them. Its a pity really.

  12. Jne Says:

    My upgrade is due next month, so i can’t wait for a 5S. I love my iphone 4, but I am ready to get a new phone that hopefully browses a little faster.

  13. Crazzzi Says:

    Not bothering with iPhone 5 as its just a thinner taller iPhone 4 and a tad faster. And i agree with eojj, lumia 920 is better so will go for that

  14. michael Says:

    i agree of course im a cash man myself and a photographer so i got a camera. but the other 3 are good and as far as the guy talking about 4g big fricken who gives a crap. 3g is more widely available and as long as your not staring at your phone for that new app to finish downloading you wont care that its a liiiiiitle bit slower, plus the plans more expensive. im geting a 4 unlocked and putting it on t-mobile and the only reason i droped my 3 and it has cloud sync.

  15. William Says:

    I love how you pick out something like, “the charger doesn’t look as good as the phone” and that be a major component. How many times in your phone history does someone ask to see your phone and you show them the charger? Not to mention the charger is digital and not pins. Faster and more reliable.

  16. L@xM@x Says:

    Ordered two 32g! Haters gonna Hate, stick w/ the Galaxy IIIs then

  17. giorgos Says:

    That is why samsung call you iSheep. Cos everythig apple says is the best.there is a video on youtube called iphone 5 first look and users couldnt understand if is iphone 4 or 5 and all the users had iphone 4s. Apple users are only for fashion and show.if you want a good smartphone then you will not buy iphone

  18. Wolf Says:

    Snooze. The ONLY reason the connector was changed is so that manufactures and Apple could force people to go out and buy new devices and make even more money. Ha! They knew what they were doing. 5 years in the future, they will change the connector again and cite “need” to upgrade with the times again. Ha ha ha ha. You fan boys get in line and buy the underwhelming iPhone over and over again.

  19. Matt Says:

    I think the error that many tech journalists make is in comparing a phone to the immediately preceding model. I have an iPhone 4 and for me all those things you say that are only minor upgrades to the 4S are actually big upgrades for the 4. So your argument is invalid. It is generally not a brilliant idea or necessary to move from one version of the iphone to the next. The 4S was not a big change for me so I didn’t bother.

    I would say that in this case though… a stronger case could be made for upgrading due to the inclusion of REAL 4G vs the semi 4G in the 4S. So.. you know, your story is kind of silly.

  20. Steve Says:

    If these are the best reasons you can think of, then it sounds like a good upgrade. The camera isn’t much better, because it was already great (I’ve never owned even a dedicated digital camera as good as the iPhone 4S). The screen is bigger, so letterboxing doesn’t make it look worse, it looks the same (and even if it was an issue, it’s less of an issue than the non-Retina apps I use). The new dock connector is great (I own a couple fraying 30-pin cables, and no docks, so there’s no downside). I don’t know what I’d use NFC for (except wearing down the battery faster).

    Besides, Apple isn’t going after the iPhone 4S owners. They never go after the previous-generation owners. If you want the big price break, you need to sign a 2-year contract, anyway.

    The iPhone 5 is a good upgrade from the iPhone 4, and a huge upgrade from the iPhone 3GS. Those are the people Apple is going after.

  21. G the smart guy Says:

    I disagree with the title of this article – it should read:
    Biased Reasons not to order an Iphone 5.

    1. All the usual upgrades – well isn’t the reason you would want an upgrade is to run faster, be slimmer and sleeker? Try using your Iphone 3 and running some of the apps recently developed and you will cringe as the speed is really slow. Apps and games nowadays are being designed with more code, detailed graphics and better features which requires faster processors – don’t go crying if you buy an app on the app store and you have your 3G and it is slower than molasses because the processor is too slow.

    2. Camera upgrade – it is faster and an improved lense that doesn’t scratch – that is a bonus! Thats not a reason to buy the iphone! Of course you aren’t going to notice that much of an upgrade over 4S that was the last release! People upgrading to 5 are upgrading from 4 cameras and below – so your reason here is pretty shallow Mr. 4S user!

    3. Letter boxing – come on , don’t you think all these app developers are going to make a simple code change to “look better” on the 5? Of course they are !! They will want their apps to look good and function well on the iphone 5 … obviously you are not a programmer… This reason is kinda silly… you are speculating that no coders are going to make adjustments for iphone 5 screens….

    4. New Dock connector – I agree here , this makes your old connectors obsolete, but how do you know this doc connector is not better? what if it charges faster and is more indestructible as you can see the pins are no longer exposed. I dont think they changed the adaptor to make money , but to maybe improve the charging method? I will bet all the future ipods and ipads too use this connector. Do you have a nintendo DS or DSI? they changed connectors too and the game hardware didn’t change much…. but people aren’t complaining too much.

    5. NFS – The US is not even ready for NFS, so why would this be a reason not to get the iphone 5? tell me how many cell phones already have NFS available and are using it – exactly! none! this technology is in the future – and when the bugs get worked out and US users are on board, apple will relase an iphone that is NFS capable! This is definitely not a reason to skip the iphone 5!

    Bottom Line:
    4G!!!! This phone has REAL 4G , that right there is a big value for the small investment!

    The upgrade is only $199 – $399 , if you are eligible it is totally worth doing it , then you can sell your old iphone on ebay or trade it in somewhere. You can get decent enough money to make your upgrade cost you less than $100 or even free if you make the right sale!

    maybe i need to write articles to make money ….. just sayin’

  22. G the smart guy Says:

    @michael – you are not very smart are you. Please don’t talk about something you know nothing about, you sounded kinda stupid with your statement.

    Actually, the 4G is a much faster network, but if the 4G is not available where you are at , then it goes to the 3G, if 3G is not available it goes to the edge. Point is , you will now have 4G as an option , you don’t have that with the older phones.

    Plans more expensive? what you are talking about!?

    Then, you proved your lack of knowledge by saying you are going to unlock your iphone 4 and go to T-mobile!! Smart – go to the smallest carrier with the least bandwidth and the least coverage!! hahahahaha!

  23. poorman Says:

    Apple i 5 phone are for richie rich stuck up people.

  24. FesterNscab Says:

    Wow! Android systems and even some no-name systems have had LTE for quite some time. Not to mention, Apple can no longer innovate because it is copying Android large screen displays. HTC started it a long time ago. Panoramic picture taking capability has been available on the Galaxy Nexus. I would guess that widgets and glass-free 3D displays are next. Android phones have had quad core processors for some time now and Apple couldn’t up the ante? Lame! The only thing really new is that digital lightning adapter which is going to be a pain. LOL! May I point you people to a better phone? Nokia Lumia 920. Enuff said!

  25. RonW Says:

    Error in the article – while panorama pictures are part of iOS 6, the functionality will NOT be available on iPhone 4 (like AirPlay mirroring, Apple doesn’t feel the 4 has enough processor speed to support it).

  26. pictureman47 Says:

    Folks, This phone was designed to attract iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3 users. I have an I-4 and know many other I-4 users who didn’t upgrade last year when the I-4S came out. (lack of 4G-LTE was one of the biggest reasons). Now that the I-5 is out, we are all going nuts trying to get our hands on it. The I-5 is a significant upgrade to our over taxed processors on our I-4 phones. The performance, camera, Siri, screen, battery life, 4G-LTE, etc..will all be major improvements for us. This phone will be a big hit and should quickly outsell all iPhones. The editor of this article is obviously bias and really doesn’t understand the volume of users who have the older iPhones and are just dying to upgrade to a nicer phone.

  27. designgineer Says:

    I have been in a hybrid PC/MAC high tech industry for a long time. I have had Android and iOS phones. One thing about phones, is that I don’t care about “specs”, I am only interested in transparent functionality to help me get through the day a little easier. This is where Apple shines – they have integrated the tech with the needs of the user that is interested in productivity over tinkering with settings and modifications (like I have to do with my Android device). To the topic, the iPhone 5 is hardly exciting, not even slightly innovative. I could not care less about it being thinner, since I will put it into a case anyway. As far as accessories – I never purchased any expensive iPhone integrated products knowing that Apple can (and did) change the method. They have done that with all of their professional products as well. Building a world around Apple is dangerous because they can push a button and change everything. I love the products individually, but the super secret control freak part will likely keep going down the Android path. Apple is out of innovation and have become the enemy they warned us about long ago. Typed this on my MacBook PRO ;-)

  28. Needreadingglasses Says:

    I’ ve read a lot of the reviews of the Iphone 5 and one of the glaring omission is the screen size. Yes, the new phone has a longer screen. But not up to what Android phone offerings. For those who are in their 40s or above using a smartphone can be a hassle if you have to fumble with reading glasses to look at it. I purposely bought a larger screen so that I can use the phone without reading glasses. Seems to me that Apple is ignoring everyone 40 and above.

  29. Richard Says:

    Too funny.

    I love how people note advantages few would ever use and call it innovation. And that is great for the PCers and Androidians out there, but Apple folk like to keep things clean and minimalistic. No, we don’t need widgets on a home screen, that is so 90’s.

    I further love how people continually compare Apple to products that mimic Apple. You would not have your Droid if not for Apple so stop trying to take dominance.

    #3, really? How else would you suggest this to be fixed?

    iPhone 5 is 2x faster than the 4s with many improvements where needed.

    Funny how 8mp is not enough for a PHONE anymore! Just like Apple showed the WinTel in the Megahertz wars, and Canon and Nikon also learned with megapixels; it is not just about the megapixels, but the quality of light captured within each megapixel. Higher megapixels allow you to do two things. 1) Crop a picture and maintain a higher megapixel in the newly cropped image, so the more megapixels, the tighter you can crop while maintaining quality. 2) allows you to print a larger size. So, unless you are doing some serious cropping on your phone, or expect to print a phone image out to 13×19, 8MP is by far, a large enough file size. The two other components is the ability to capture more light better, and noise. I don’t think the image sensor was changed, nor the glass (except the sapphire for protection), so this is a software update (noise, stabalization), and a big one from what I read. Hands on will tell the difference.

    Lightning cable. Thank you Apple for continually removing outdated hardware from our lives and innovating new, smaller, lighter hardware. Sure, you give up flexibility with your accessories, but it’s not like the cable updates every 2 years. But again, the PCers always want that outdated hardware for backwards compatibility. Whatever!

    Construction. I will take a glass and aluminum phone over plastic and glass any day. The 5 is constructed so well, that people are amazed. (no I have not held one myself yet). Some comparing all other phones to a Timex and the 5 to a Rolex.

    I would not take this as far as to suggest an 4s user might want to upgrade, but this iPhone 4 guy will upgrade next week.

    But you are probably correct, with all this fuss and no apparently good reason to buy the iPhone 5, it will not sell 2 million phones in it’s first 24 hours of pre-sale. Er, wait….

  30. Richard Says:


    Once again, people are dazzled by 4-core, faster megahertz, and more megapixels. How about it running 2x as fast regardless of what hardware is inside? How about better pictures regardless of the megapixels? The iPhone 5 is much faster and takes amazing pictures, ’nuff said.

    Please Apple, don’t listen and don’t make dumb widgets or 3-D, PLEASE!

    Also Apple, please don’t bother with technology not yet ready for everyday consumption (NFC) just to say you have it.

    Thank you Apple for continually making the build quality far greater than anything else on the market.

    Now, what I would like to see is more storage for less money. Huge leap in Siri technology (just because she is cool), and better GPS.

    Oh, and thank you Apple for innovating the smart phone space in the first place :)

  31. Richard Says:


    I slightly disagree with the innovation aspect as Apple also innovates the production side of the house, which they did again in a huge way with the 5.

    They are also using a custom processor that they designed. I think that counts for innovation, doesn’t it?

    The dock connector, the dock connector, people, please get over it. The floppy drives had to go, and the optical drive will go away also. Big bulky connectors have to go also. I bet you are the same people that want everything as cheap as you can get it, then bitch when it’s made in China!

    Apple can’t wait for the industry to catch up to innovative ideas, they have to innovate every aspect. That is why they, along with Sony, invented Firewire, and why they invented Thunderbolt.

  32. Dan Taylor Says:

    Sorry, all I want is a PHONE… All of the rest is STUPID…

  33. joe Says:

    my droid razr maxx makes ANY iphone look like a toy for 9 year olds. apple should change their slogan to “Apple, for those who can’t think for themselves”.

  34. Noyfb Says:

    You people are seriously living up to the isheep hype. Apple would rather litigate than innovate anymore. They are playing catch up now to every other top tiered phone in the market. And this phone, other than .5 inch bigger screen and lte, is just a 4s with the same options tweaked a lil bit better. Until apple develops better business ethics than suing everyone in site, even a polish bakery with the name A.pl (pl being for Poland’s prefix for polish websites), and not to mention the Chinese slaves that would rather commit suicide than work 12 hour days making your precious iPhones, I’ll never support apple again. Apple should sue themselves for copying the 4s and releasing it as the 5.
    Also the A6 processor was built by Samsung and the retina displays are built by Samsung. If you isheep actually read the facts instead of the propaganda spoon fed into your little apple drone brains you’d think twice before defending apple. Maybe one day you’ll open your eyes and quell your ignorance and wake up to the real world.

  35. stem Says:

    The point here is that most people find a low end iPhone better than any big screened full feature, big screened phone.
    While the new iPhone may not have the great feature of android or windows, it does work flawlessly and has an elegant design. When I picked up my first phone, I was able to figure out because it was intuitive and simple to use. I had many issues with windows mobile phones that pissed me off and decided that I must just deal with it. I sold my iPhone 4 prior to the iPhone 5 announcement and have borrowed a droid 2 to carry me over. I find the droid very clunky and full of silly issues. I find the droid NOT intuitive to use either. To reiterate, the iPhone may not have all the “bells and whistles” of other smartphones out there now, but again it’s intuitiveness and simplistic design makes this a far superior phone.

    Former anti-apple IT professional

  36. Roy Says:

    I believe changing the phone connection is a mistake. Simply disrupting to the consumer and their existing peripherals they have purchased by 3rd parties for their phones. The question is why? Just so they call sell the additional adapter? On another note Verizon is hoping to move lots of “grandfathered” unlimited data customers off into their new wonderful world of limited data and higher 4G LTE phone bills. Not that our bills aren’t f&cking high enough as it is. I say if you really want it wait a while and buy the damn thing used and keep your unlimited data. Treat the unlimted data like guns and the 2nd amendment. “They can have it when they pry it from my cold dead hands”…

  37. Richard Says:


    Better business ethic, really?!

    What about the ethics of those who took intellectual property and used it without paying for it? What about those ethics. Or does everyone forget (willingly) that Apple spends hundreds of millions of dollars in developing new technology. Or is Apple and other companies just suppose to innovate and give freely to the rest of the world? Google does not with their search algos, nor does Microsoft, and so on. Why would you even suggest that Apple do so?

    You are amazingly ignorant!

  38. Richard Says:

    @Roy and others

    Please understand a bit about economics. Apple is not the largest company in the world by value, making tens of billions of dollars a year on cables that they mostly give a way for free (one comes with every iPhone/iPod you buy). Even on the ones they sell it would probably take years to make back the R&D spent on development the cable.

    Why they did it, I do not know aside from size (although they could have went ultra USB). I would imagine it will have to do with some future technology.

    Again, Apple is not making their billions off of a cable they give away fro free.

  39. Richard Says:

    @Dan Taylor

    That is why they still make flip phones

  40. Richard Says:

    For those insisting that megahertz wins, might I suggest this article from Anand?


  41. Roy Says:

    I actually liked the weight of the iphone 4S. It felt like you were holding something solid other than a pile of cheap flimsy designed plastic like my former HTC Incredible.

  42. Richard Says:


    Having not held the 5, I also like the feel of my 4. Reviews seem to be in favor of the new weight, so I’ll have to see.

  43. oshauk Says:

    I love to hear all the folks comparing features. It is not just about the feature … it is how well the feature is integrated. Why are Android phones with “faster” processors and more memory not blowing away the iPhone 5 in the benchmark tests? I can get some of the same features in a KIA then I do with a Mercedes but does not make them the same. As a longtime Apple user, I can attest to Apple’s far superior customer service and support. Just saying.

  44. Rob Says:

    i am so sick of this nfs bs. i mean really barely any businesses accept it at this point. honestly myself would never ever use it. such a worthless feature to too many. i read about the android beloved nfc what i think is funny when there phone freezez up and they do a reset it enables the nfc chip useless. picture that an android freezing lol. then they wanna go on and on about my battery is removable so is an iphones ever heard of a phillips screwdriver? in the case of the 5 a torx? your battery is more readily accessible and for good reason when your phone freezes or your screen turns white what do you have to do? you have to take your battery out so they make it nice and convenient for you. anothing thing android users need to learn is specs arent everything they need more power to compensate for their garage os. its not specs that matter it matters how it all works together. i like the android logo have u fandroids ever asked yourself why they made it a green garbage can with arms and legs? im sure it was so he could walk around and grab all their garbage for them. i watched a vid of a guy talking about the s3 and he did a panoramic photo w it and wow the photo looked like a v. now that was a quality panoramic photo NOT. i wanna know how many times did a s3 user take a panoramic photo and his buddy ask him why are they standing in the flying v off of mighty ducks? what was the s3 users response ?? then you get the fandroids who say oh its only a half inch well i ask you this so if android made a galaxy with a half inch bigger screen i bet you would be soiling yourself with joy over your extra half inch. we will see when your new pos comes out what all of you say and im betting big bucks on some major soiling and bragging over your extra half inch lol. hold a iphone in one hand and a droid in the other and you tell me which one feels better you already know iphone feels way more expensive. i guess that all these people who are eligible for upgrades including myself had a 4 are isheep. when your eligible dont you go to get your new pos im sure you do. no im not a fanboy nor a isheep who made that up had to me a moron. i own a pc i do not own everything apple. apple has consistently achieved better perf with less specs look at their computers for ex. they always have less memory smaller processors why you ask they dont need all of that to perform the same if not better. and you wanna talk about how droids dont look like iphones nor do their tablets. well i say talk all you want because its simple who won the lawsuit. that right there should be enough for you. i guess if a judge and jury find a guy guilty for murder in your eyes hes innocent wake up people. yeah shamesung may try to sue apple for lte but who cares. innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. and the other people say samsung makes all parts for the iphone no they dont 26% of it is all and yes they make the processor apple designed themselves in house. i bet that hurts too making stuff for someone who just sued your pants off lol. well im done i had my fun ill let you guys stew on that for a while ;)

  45. Marc Says:

    This will be the first generation iPhone i wont buy. I recently got an android to hold me over until the 5 came out and i dont think i’m going back. I could do far more on the droid than i could the apple unless i jailbroke it. iPhones are nice for little kids and people that don’t understand computers.
    PC>mac seems to be the difference and i’m gonna stick with the droid. Plus its nice to have a phone not made by 10 year olds on a 12-16 hour shift.

  46. Pat Langford Says:

    Don’t tell me how dumb I am about this because I already know. Here is the question: I have a Motorola Photon and the battery time is not good, can anyone tell me how long the iPhone 4s will stay charged each day?

  47. William Says:

    BORING! is what the new and improved…wait…its the same thing… I’ll just stick with my BlackBerry and watch you all salivate when BlackBerry 10 is unleashed.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    What’s this nonsense about the iPhone 4 being free? A quick google search tells me that these things are still several hundred dollars (the price of an average laptop).

  49. Roy Says:


    Haha enjoyed your rant. I for one am not an Apple isheep either. As I do petrochemical design work and most hours of the day are spent on a PC inside AutoCad, Excel and Intergraph’s SPI (INtools) software. But I finally got pissed enough back in March of 2006 at Window’s shit at home and bought a 20″ iMac. Funny how I have not had to spend one ounce of my time dicking with its OS. I turned it on in March 2006 and its been running flawlessly since then to this day. Not one person on this planet can say that about Windows. And I recently got rid of an HTC Android Incredible that I had been running for two years. Anyone telling you an Android runs flawlessly, doesn’t lock up, maybe even drops calls on Verizons network, if flat out lieing to you! I now have an iPhone 4S and its operation compared to that Android I had isn’t worth comparing. The Apple software/hardware performance is first class. Just like that iMac I have owned since March 2006. And gues what Apple haters, I have not had one second on that Mac spent dealing with spyware, viruses, performance decreasing, or having to reformat and reload a hard drive. Window shit sucks as do many phones out there. We just have to live with in business but I don’t at my home! Hope you Winders/Droid lovers enjoyed my rant!

  50. Laughing @ You Says:

    The joke is on all of you who posted such long boring comments defending Apple’s new, shiny toy. The absolute main reason behind this article is to gain comments [ie: traffic] from you dupes! You fell for it hook, line and iphone-sinker! Congratulations! You just helped this website’s bottom line!

    Now, back to regular programming. Losers!

  51. Sorry Says:

    As an iphone4 user, I tried out the galaxy III this summer. Sorry. I don’t want a phone the size of a small tablet. I. Addition, the galaxy felt cheap and it seemed to be all plastic. I like the feel of the iPhone and that I can text with one hand while holding it comfortably.

  52. Roy Says:

    There are those that lead and innovate. There are those that bottom feed. Before Apple came along very few people cared about owning a smartphone. Before Apple came along true internet surfing on a cell phone didn’t exist. Before apple came along those thousands of neat little application programs (APPS) on smartphones didn’t exist. Being a leader and an innovator isn’t easy! Apple was born out of a residential garage in a capitolist society and look at today. Worth more than the freaking oil companys not to mention the other bottom feeding cell phone mfr’s. You people that whine about leaders and innovation sound more like bottom feeding socialist. If you can’t respect invention and innovation in a country that is still somewhat capitolist then simply GTFO! Your most likely in that group of people walking into the cell phone store expecting to get your phone totally free of charge or for the government to provide it to you for free! Hey I have an idea for all you Samsung and Droid lovers. Lets all wish Apple never existed and failed as a company a long time ago. We could all look down at our cell phones and still see the same old crap of a so called smartphone. Oh and your precious cell phone internet access would still be in the same goofed up state…..FUBARED!

  53. Dustin Says:

    There won’t be a 5s.

  54. handyman fernando Says:

    I have a iphone 3gs 16gb. i can not be lieve getting a new phone, unles my die first. Also my at&t service in the areas i work and live is soobad. If it was’nt for my costumer, I would drop off my service for good. I can make phone calls, chat, check for anything i want on the web, do video conf. without the need of a cell phone. At&t told me several times to get the repiter for $200.00 AND HOOK IT UPM TO MY ROUTER AT HOME SO I CAN HAVE A CELL SERVIC. I think thas hakking myn on service!! HOWEVER THAT does’nt help me to get a cell service signal when i am driving around my area.. soooo shit it . How come no body commente on the sevice of this phones… How come these new the toys takes so much priorities in our lives and we are willing to enored our family and friend. I wonderring who would help me when I am old and cannot wipe my ouwn ASS maybe they would have a andrio APPS. for that….. sorry i counl’t resiste…

  55. Val G Says:

    Your lucky Apple keeps making these phones or you will have nothing to write about. I am switching over from 3GS three years plus. That is good enough reason for me. Hey but thanks for your article.

  56. Richard Says:


    Well according to PC Mag, the ‘kids’ have the fastest computers, er, phones around!


    @ William

    Same as what? Nearly everything is changed.

    @Laughing @ You

    Um, just like you posted so thereby your own comments commenting on the comments, you are a loser?



  57. hjmnyc Says:

    In the scheme of things the iPhone 5 is underwhelming for a “New Generation iPhone” There are plenty of phones out there that are just as good now and some that have more. Looking forward to the Lumia 920 myself. It’s refreshing, different and outstanding. Oh yes, I’m already a Windows Phone user. I’m also a former Android & iPhone user, but made the switch when I realized there are too many things Windows Phone does, well just better. People see me do things on my phone that they can’t do with their iOS or Android device. And the next generation (Windows Phone 8 due in less than 2 months) will be packed with features and upgrades and latest hardware that will compete or even out perform iOS & Android, once again……If you just step away from the hype, open your mind, and give something else an honest and objective chance you will be more than pleasantly surprised.

  58. Fedupfederal Says:

    I just did the software update on my 4s, the only difference is the size and 4g, I can live with 3G. Still very happy with the 4s. I honestly don’t see a huge difference in 3G vs. 4g

    To anonymous: the iPhone 4 is now FREE if your carrier offers it as an upgrade. Just ordered one for the kid, a teenager doesn’t need an iPhone 5.

    I’ll stick with my 4s for a long time

  59. HJeep88 Says:

    Gotta say the big cliche first “Fighting over internet is pointless…at best”. That being said I wont be the one to tell someone their 1st ammendment right to voice their opinion over their distain for a phone is wrong, all power to them. But I do believe in being informed, I know some of the commentors on here have never owned a Iphone and some have never owened a samsung,nokia etc…but in my opinion..again OPINION….having owned 3 iphones the 3,3g,and 4, they are great phones. Yes its deffinatly a bit of a fanboy phone, but it always did everything I ever asked it to do. Im not as tech dependent as some in the business world for sure, all I really used it for was calls, txts, web, and maybe the occasional flashlight app or game. One could deffinatly do worse in the phone category…having said that I did just use my upgrade for the galaxy s3 2 days ago….so far I love it. I just wanted something different, Id done the iphone thing, and to be honest im not really their target demographic….I do have a macbook but I didnt do the whole Ipad, macbook, iphone, icloud sharing stuff that some1 who has all would really take advantage of…and from my understandign of apples business plan…the main goal…other than to sell a ton of phones, was to make a lifestyle….their phones werent really geared to be the best of the best as far as gadgets, screen size, fast preocessors….their main goal was an easy to use phone that was very good at everything, coupled with the ability to share data (pics, Itunes, videos) amongst apple supported products. Yes my S3’s screen is sharper and bigger and its got some cool tech stuff on it that I can sit around a table with my friends and passive aggressivly ask them if their phones have this? or that? instead of basically saying “well look what mine can do” I will also admit being fresh off an iphone 4….The phone is a bit more complicated to navigate…that is what apple dumped all that money into R & D for…user ability. Sorry for the long ranty post….bored at work and wanted to give my 2 cents…btw I just gave up on correct spelling and puncuation pretty early in the post….so…..chill out all inevitable self proclaimed english majors

  60. usamare Says:

    Take a Galaxy S3 and an iPhone 5 and put them through their respective paces at messaging, emailing, internet browsing, watching videos, reading books, playing games, music, taking and sharing pictures/videos, notifications, and just overall utility. I’ve gotten a ton of reliability, utility, and enjoyment from my iPhone 3gs over the years, but I don’t see how anyone can continue down the iPath after trying what the competition now offers. My best guess is, they get a lot money tied up in iTunes, and don’t seriously investigate their options.

  61. Rob Says:

    What everyone has forgotten to mention is the iPhone 5 has the fastest processor of ANY phone on the market. It has benchmarked past the Samsung G3S, the iPhone 4S and all the rest. It is TWICE as fast as the iPhone 4S. That is a HUGE difference, not just ‘slightly taller and weighs less’.

  62. Steve W Says:

    Meh… I’ve grown tired of iPhone’s stale UI. I’m jumping ship and getting the Lumia 920. It’s not 2007 anymore.

  63. Kalytar Says:

    When Android updates there games to something worth playing then I’d go to Android. But for now I’d like to play games that I liked on my 3gs but hated the lag on so I’m getting the best Iphone I can for the job. Gotta love androids facebook app… Not to mention how many times I’ve had to pull the battery in my Android phone…

  64. Don Says:

    I have the iPhone 5 for about 2 full days now. Its is just like the 4s I had before that with iO6, however, it is lighter faster and you can facetime using the mobile network instead of just when you’re on wifi, THAT’S HUGE! I just gave a tour of NYC to my friends from Nicaragua! Whoever says its not worth it to upgrade is just looking for attention. Get the iPhone5 asap, it was worth every penny.

    The only drawback I can forsee is the 5s coming in a year with 200 more improvements, and I’ll have to spend more money.

  65. tntshuffle Says:

    Iphone people! Give an Ear this one!!!!
    Number 1…I had a blackberry a couple years ago and can’t say i was overly impressed with it. I switched to the iphone 4s when it came out and it’s been a fairly good phone so far! The problem is…
    1. Apple makes stuff so that it is only compatible TO APPLE! Like the wire connections to the ipods and iphones!!! Why would they do that instead of giving their devices universal USB and/or Firewire connectors????—Its a marketing ploy to get you to spend more money on THEIR products which is total BS in my opinion! Loose your iphone charging wire and OOOPs, well gotta go spend money on a new one rather than just using the same USB wire you may use for your portable hard drive, or GPS Device etc, etc. But WE… The General Public are dumb enough and dont give a care enought to roust Apples feathers about this kind of money collecting tactics that DO NOT benefit the consumer! It’s not enough that we spend millions on their phones, ipods and iphones!
    2. People are so worried about having their gadgets, having the latest IPHONE as a status thing.. cant live without it mentality that we are not doing ourselves any favors. We truly do screw ourselves these days when it comes to things like this and will continue to pay through the nose and deal with subpar software because its “Cool” to own an iphone. The new ios6 is a disaster! Im sure some of the bugs will addressed, but wholy Crap..did they actually Beta test this?? Its not just the Maps that are hosed up, my whole phone is now slower!! And the search for apps by scrolling through in search mode is horrible now! Lets say you type in a search for an app…now instead of easily scrolling down through a bunch of them, and being able to see their ratings quickly, you can only scroll through each app one-by-one! Its extremely painfull! Why would they do that!!?? Did someone actually think that was a good idea??
    3. Itunes Sucks! It is so hard to sometimes do simple things in itunes with your phone! Ever want to just get rid of a few pictures on your phone? you cant…youve got the camera roll, photo library and what ever other folders in your Albums and trying to just get rid of a couple pictures in these can be a pain in the A#$! You might be able to get rid of them in your camera roll, but they are still in your Photo Library and you have to use itunes to connect to in order to get rid of the pictures you dont want on your phone!!! I dont know about you, but if I see a picture I dont want on my phone.. I should have the power to delete it immediatley without having to connect to itunes!!!
    So while people are going crazy with histeria over the new iphone, not thinking, not really seeing what it is they are getting, and then not really giving a care about how Apple sticks it to the consumer in ways that are truly shiesty…I hope to educate at least a few of the “thinkers” out there with this word of warning about the iphone. Dont get me wrong, I love my Iphone 4s, the new update to ios6 sucks right now, and I dont care for itunes, but the phone itself is a good piece of equipment. If only Apple would spend a little more energy into the sofware side, making it more user friendly and giving you basic options right up front, and also making the phone more “Universal” would be a great help! Dont updgrade just yet! And dont buy the new iphone- just yet. Make Apple work for YOU/US–the consumer in order to give us a product the is dam well worth $200-$500 dollars for crying 0ut loud! Take it easy everyone and hope I made the right impression!

  66. Paul Says:

    Even with this latest iO6 upgrade, I still cant even select a song from my iTunes libray (on my iPhone) and set it as a ring tone – Still have to cut and paste and edit a 30 second portion and then sync with iTunes – WTF! (pain in the ass) – I agree with tntshuffle, iTunes sux and there are basic user functions missing (like not having to rely on iTunes for everything) . Unless the iO6 is freaking amazing, I will also consider the alternatives. Sux that I am an app addict and have invested in so many apps – This is one of the reasons for me to stay with apple, but as mentioned above, the next iPhone had better be a lot more compelling than this latest release or I will count my losses with my apps and move on to a less “dictator” kind of brand!

  67. Huh? Says:

    What the F is an iDont?

  68. J Says:

    Apple is a design company. They aren’t a hook-line-sinker company some people quaff about here. This company contemplates a lot. A lot. I’ll never buy another phone as long as this company appears motivated to make better electronics. Why buy anything when Apple does it in a way that attempts to blend tech and art together. -That new phone looks like a piece of art.

    We’re all bitching a little too much. Those retro Macs in the late 90s are still badass. There’s a cult effect to anything cool. It’s only 5 bones if you want one, that’s 5 months of cutting checks going to AT&T; no big deal. The Chinese workers making these instruments make $14/day. The iPhone should cost $1K.

    Best part about Apple: they make every rich old douche bag stand in line with every grungy young hipster. Everyone pays the same price for the design. They’re a design company. And despite the lastest bitch-complaint about “this feature” or “that feature”, we still come back to these guys because we want simpler, thinner, lighter, cooler. -What recession?

    Thanks, Apple.

  69. gblico Says:

    List the 5 top reasons why people shouldn’t read lame-brained articles like this one!!

  70. Dave Says:

    1. NFC is WAY overrated. 2. Saying the 5S is “only” 12 months away is dumb because a year is by no means “right around the corner” and many of us would prefer LTE iPhones now. 3. This author is clearly a hater going as far as even trying to talk us into believing a bigger screen is actually a BAD thing. 4. For everyone making such a big deal about this dock connector issue.. if Apple switched to mini-USB, iPhone users would STILL have to buy all new docks! Not to mention mini-USB doesn’t support USB 3.0 and is not orientation-independent like the new iPhone connector. Stop hating.

  71. barca Says:

    Samsung galaxy s3 >>>>>>> iPhone 5

  72. Arthuro Says:


  73. elchueco Says:

    Samsung galaxy s3 is much better than the iPhone5

  74. No Says:

    This article is somewhat pointless. Of course iPhone users are going to find a million reasons to upgrade to a iPhone 5, they bought an iPhone in the first place. A better argument would have been ‘Buy a better phone instead of the iPhone 5′. Obviously an Apple fan is going to buy the iPhone 5, even though it isn’t the best smartphone out there. People like the old UI, the iPhone is very popular with older folks and parents. Simple, easy to use. The iPhone 5 is definitely the best iPhone out there right now, and is worth an upgrade if you like iPhones. I think I’m done being condescending now.

  75. Tara Says:

    @TNTSHUFFLE- Thank you, SOOOOOO much! That was very helpful.
    @ EVERYONE with an opinion…… I am computer iliterate, mobile phone iliterate, smart phone iliterate….basically anything past a flip phone…..I’m iliterate!!!! I use my phone for calling, texting, pictures and videos, and I was looking forward to upgrading to 4S in November, specifically for Siri, because, as I said, I’m iliterate with all this modern tech on the phones. I want the one I can “tell” what to do, and not look for the button and then hit the wrong letter and try and figure out how to backspace, etc. Are you feeling me??? Any ideas on which phone would be right for me? Iphone 4S, Iphone 5, Galaxy or something else….. remember, I like to take pics and post them on Facebook, and send videos. I have 3 kids, and my family lives all over the world, so they’d like to see their grand-daughter’s, nieces, etc. as much as possible. I need What do you suggest……

  76. Will Says:

    Honestly I will still get it…… Because I upgrade every year….

  77. crobb Says:

    Too late, I already got one.

  78. sheryl Says:

    While I have been a mac owner (and lover) since the old emac just not interested in an iphone. I have a milestone x which I love and I love getting my apps from android and amazon. If I hd a choice I would actually take an emac over my macbook pro. I don’t think mac products are mades as well as they used to and CS isn’t nearly as good.

  79. Hal Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. By the way, you can do FaceTime over cellular on the iPhone 4S as well. Here is one more reason to stick with the 4s. Stainless steel. The 4 and 4s have a stainless steel band that is much tougher than the aluminum case. Yes, the glass back is vulnerable, all the more reason to be careful with your phone. However, there are products that’s can take care of that problem, even a stainless steel back replacement. I like the 4s so much that I bought a new white 64Gb 4s and gave my wife my 16Gb Black 4s. I also saved $100 off the 64Gb price. Yes, the 5 may be a little faster, but it’s not THAT fast! The camera is not THAT much better and while HD may be nice for the front camera but it’s not THAT great or necessary. Already people are noting damage on the 5 right out of the box. Apple’s response? Aluminum is a softer metal. Well duhh! No thanks, I’ll stay with my 4s and it’s stainless steel.

  80. Hal Says:

    One more thing, Steve Jobs was right. The pre-5 iPhones were designed to fit your hand and it does. It also fits your shirt pocket as it is. The 5? Not so much. It will peek over the top. The 4/4s is going to go down as a classic design right along side of the Polaroid SX-70 which I still have and will not get rid of. Why? Beautiful industrial design.

  81. Mike Bowyer Says:

    Why do you people say Fricken? The word is Frigging! It is an English word by the way, not an American one!

  82. Lance Says:

    @G the smart guy you make the following statement is kind of ironic isn’t it?
    @michael – you are not very smart are you. Please don’t talk about something you know nothing about, you sounded kinda stupid with your statement.

    I agree that upgrading from an older phone to this one you will notice a huge difference, but I would like to compare it to other phones that are out there now.

    1. I agree, with all the usual upgrades are good, if not there wouldn’t be much sense in upgrading.

    2. Sure the camera is an upgrade from earlier versions, but the camera doesn’t run faster than the camera on evo 4g lte. As a matter of fact I really like the dedicated camera shutter button on top of the phone. It make taking pictures a lot easier.

    3. I agree programmers should make their apps run and looks better for the iphone 5, but will they?

    4. It does make your old connectors obsolete, which I think is a shame. Is it good to upgrade? yes, but why does apple insist on making everything propitiatory? I know it isn’t some official standard, but micro usb is found on pretty much everything now. Why does apple still avoid that?

    5. I am not really sure what NFS is, but NFC is in the US at some major locations. Is it widespread? No, but I do believe more companies will adapt to it. To add to that point I am more than sure that my Evo 4g lte has NFC and works quite well actually, I have used it on several occasions.

    I agree with another point made on this board. Why is it that I have to do everything through itunes? On my current phone if I want to remove photos. I can just delete them. If I want to add photos I can plug my phone into my computer and add them like I would on any external hard drive device.

    Which brings me to my main complaint. I work in IT where I have to manage iphones and androids. This is where the major headache comes in. I am pretty sure that anyone that works in IT and has to manage iphones/ ipads in an enterprise environment knows that it can and will be a huge hassle. If anyone has any questions please ask I will answer more later.

    Some people have stated that they have had really good experiences with apple support. I have not. If I have a problem with an android phone I can take it to the local store and they will look at it or replace it if need be. If we have a problem with an iphone I have to take it to the local apple store (45 minutes away) or send it to repair. I actually have sent a couple of them to repair. One of them went fine. The other one they send the exact same phone back stating that they couldn’t find any problems with it.

    We tried to use that phone and one of the screws were stripped and sure enough the exact same problems existed on the phone. The volume cut out once in a while. The phone wouldn’t shut off not matter what you did and because one of the screws was stripped and not in all the way, it wouldn’t charge correctly either.

    Last it may seem simple, but I really enjoy being able to customize my ring tones with ease and customize my UI with ease. Also I know someone stated that they don’t see the need for widgets. I can’t see why you wouldn’t want them. Quick example. Instead of having to turn on the iphone and go into an app to see the weather. I can just create a widget that will show me that as soon as the the phone screen is on.

  83. CaptM Says:

    Too bad all Apple can really do at this point is follow Android.
    Over a year too late on 4G, 4″ and larger screen size, processor speed, voice recognition, etc.
    I may not have what everyone considers the best andriod, but my Bionic rocks and is one of the best purchaces’s that I have made and I’m happy with it.
    Sorry, but I would never want to be an iZombie.

  84. chris Says:

    apple has to start releasing phones faster than 1 a year or they are going to shoot themselves in the foot. i got the 4s and thinking about the samsung galaxy. i love my iphone but also luv those anti iphone commercials

  85. Amy Says:

    I don’t understand why people get so heated over iPhones. I’ve been an iPhone user for five years, and when I first got the phone YES it was phenomenal. It broke a lot of barriers and paved the way for some serious smartphones. But here I am after a couple upgrades toting the iPhone 4S and I just don’t see the need to upgrade to the five. I’m also seriously unimpressed with the actual design of the phone. Bigger? Hardly. Competition in screen sizing is definitely huge, and apple doesn’t seem to care. And with such a cult like following I guess I can see why. Insult the iPhone and its like you’ve told an inappropriate your mother is joke. People get offended. They get pissed. And they get downright nasty. When technology is changing, and so many people depend on their phones email, text, and even television viewing…why should we skimp on the size if tge screen?

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s not going to be an easy thing to leave IOS behind. But that sway isn’t strong enough to make me stay.

  86. ascottyb Says:

    terminal IOS 6ness contracted with apple bite

    The problem is not Ios 6 but with the new apple corporate culture.

    Ios 6 is a total disaster that exposed apples willingness to handcuff users to an irreversible and often terminal download that has destroyed many iphones and ipads with Battery drain{ 3 hour battery life} , bluetooth problems, locations services problems, wifi problems, cellular data overages raising iphone users bills as much as 100 %, and hazard to navigation apple maps. A few minutes spent on Apple Support groups reveals multitudes of astonished loyal apple users being disabused and lied to at every level of Apple Support.

    Every new system has problems but Apple failure to be transparent about these problems and failure allow users to return to a functional operating system is a new low in corporate corruption.

  87. David Says:

    finally someone who isn’t an apple fanboy and just looks at the facts. i used to love apple when they were innovative, like with the ipod touch wheel or the ipod touch. now their features are same if not worse than their competitors’ features. if they just barely make their phones better each year, they’re eventually going to start losing customers; great marketing can only get you so far. I keep reading more and more complaints by apple consumers about how apple doesn’t care about them. apple needs to get their act together and do something right the first time (ios 5 vs 5.1 and now 6).

  88. Danni Says:

    The new iPhone sucks. I want my old one baaaack :'(

  89. Jay Says:


    Don’t even bother trying to talk sense to the iFanboys, we all know the newest model is the biggest iDisaster yet, but the they will always stick up for their overpriced and over-hyped junk because they are addicted to the label.

    P.S Fanboys: don’t bother commenting back because i sure as hell will not be wasting my time with even reading this ever again.

  90. Jason Says:

    Wait, did someone say they don’t want a phone made by Chinese kids? Good luck, it’s like finding a laptop not made in China… these days, laptops, tablets, and desktops are made by under a dozen actual manufacturers, and almost all made by Chinese kids..

  91. BeelyG Says:

    It’s hilarious how people get all worked up over a phone they don’t even own. “My phones better tant your phone”…Uh, ok….you win.It’s a phone not a life decision. I have a 4S and I’m happy with it…my wife has an Android and guess what…she’s happy with it. Make your own choice based on what you feel is relevant as far as having a phone….me if I can call someone and they can call me, the damn phone doesn’t have to make breakfast for me.

  92. BeelyG Says:

    A. If your not a fan of apple products
    B. don’t buy them
    C. End of story, have a nice day.

  93. EGC Says:

    This article is just for people with iPhone 4 and 4S. I don’t see where the author says it’s not a good product; it does say that it’s not worth the upgrade… Too much passion here, it’s just a phone people. This passion would have a better use in causes like hunger, child abuse, and so on…

  94. dirk dirkson Says:

    wow really the worst article ever. talk about someone who can’t upgrade so they decide to slam the new phone. I mean really.

  95. barney Says:

    according to the author’s logic you can write the very same article for every update the iphone has gone through. Is there an article about the 4 to 4s slamming it also? get a life everyone!

  96. Steve Says:

    Letterboxing is not even noticeable if you have the black iPhone. You get black boxes next to a black phone. That is definitely not a reason to avoid the phone.

  97. jellyfish Says:

    You know 70 years ago, there WERE NO phones in existance. Technology is moving at a breakneck speed, and it’s not worth getting angry about the iphone development. Whatever the changes are now, there are bound to be new innovations within the next few years, and all these phones will become outdated as well.

  98. Mahmoud Says:

    I think your just a stuck up apple hater GET A LIFE

  99. iphones 4 old people Says:

    Av u noticed the increase of old people using iPhone? Well iv seen a lot of em and this is why I’m not gonna get another one cuz not only do I want a phone my gran is using but its so easy that these old people know how to use it is embarrassing, sod that I’m getting a phone that’s not associated with gray haired old people

  100. Josh Says:

    I have the iPod touch 5th Generation, black. The iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5 have the same screen dimensions.
    The letterboxing isn’t even noticeable. I have several apps on it and I’ve noticed it, but it doesn’t “make it look worse” if you get the black version, which I personally think looks better than the white.

  101. bluehype Says:

    Nokia lUmia 920…what is IPhone? Never use it and never will…Lumia is so much better than 5…

  102. Alpha Says:

    4G LTE really??? You know you will only get 4G
    In places that have it. Out of the entire
    USA you will be able to pick up 4g LTE
    in the major citys. I’ll stick with 4s untill
    thay actually come up with something
    that’s actually better.

  103. Angel75c Says:

    NFC is neither require nor desired. I send back Credit and Debit cards with NFC in them and request a replacement sans the NFC. I feel the same way about my phone.

    NFC is an automatic security hole. Only a fool would want NFC on their phone. And as such only fools own and use phone with NFC. The GPS is bad enough.

  104. Him2Gud10 Says:

    I am everywhere when people wanna talk bout apple and android. Keep your android that will phase out in 2-3 months and you’ll need new phone for your dairy or candy product update. and i’ll keep my iphone for two years and just update over and over again and then buy one when my contract is up. I keep all my iphones for two years. ‘pwen’

  105. Him2Gud10 Says:

    Now to a real issue, Apple is not far behind on nuttin. Tell one thing your phone can do that apple phones can’t. And I tell you if I would ever need it. Cause most likely I want. Apple prefect stuff, While your android is lacking prefection. Keep thinking apple is behind time, And see who last longer. U had 4g LTE for how long, or 3 years ago, stop lying, verizon didnt have it 3 years ago. If you want to know the truth, every U.S. based phone is behind time. You better check other countries phones, before you think your phone been had somehting, so spectacular!!

  106. doberry920 Says:

    Nokia lUmia 920 is on top of my wish list and will be what I use my next upgrade on simply because of productivity and the level integration it will have with all my other devices.

  107. Jesse Says:

    As a Sales Consultant in the wireless industry for three carriers, as an indirect agent; this is my professional recommendation.
    1. If you are coming from a very old iphone such as the 3g, 3gs, or the 4. I recommend going to a 4s or if you want the larger screen a 5 (which is the first 4G phone they made).
    2. However, if you really are looking to get the best out in the market you might want to go get an android phone.
    Top ones are as follows: SAMSUNG: Note 2, its a quad processor and includes an integrated stylus pen.
    Galaxy S3, features innovative intuitive control and easy photo share and online instant download.
    NOKIA: Lumina’s, 920 (HD display), 900, 820, and 800, all of which are Windows phones. The 808 Purveiw, its got a 41 MP built in camera.
    MOTOROLA: Droid Razr’s, Maxx HD, HD and M.
    HTC: Droid DNA, One X and Rezound (good bass tone quality).
    To keep up with industry standards at least pick a phone that will get you through the next two years:
    1. At least a dual core processor. We are now into quad.
    2. Should be 4G capable. (Note: the 4s is a 4G capable phone when on the AT&T network.
    3. At least 8 MP camera, we are starting to see phones with more now.
    and always, screen size for handling and viewing is a personal preference.
    As is choosing your sales professional, “happy shopping”!

  108. Me Says:

    The iPhone 5 is quite crappy for the price if you think about it

  109. peggy Says:

    For those of you above that DO NOT have iphones, i-phone 4 and 4S had one major difference, 4S is S for SIRI.
    That is the voice recognition software that you can talk to it, and SIRI can respond and look things up and call people with voice commands!

  110. peo Says:

    People love to use stupid things to list iPhone’s cons, like USB port, NFC, small scree, no expandable storage and etc. As far as the list goes, you know apple will never do any of those stupid things, like Flash support and USB port. Why all you stupid reviewer don’t get it. Apple never do things before extensively do research. Yes it does not have any groundbreaking feature, but what mosst people never realize the ultimate power of iPhone is not the iPhone itself, but the iTunes, iCloud and iOS. It’s the serive and software that makes it powerful. Without all those feature, what would the iPhone be? Imagine iPhone without app, movies and songs igital store. It makes it such a boring phone even with cool specs.

  111. Jason Stussy Says:

    I have a question concerning the iPhone, for anyone to answer. I’m not a huge fan of riding on the technological carousel and buying every single new gadget that comes out, but I’ve had the same cell phone for six years now, and figure it’s time for an upgrade. My question is, should I purchase the iPhone 5, or get the iPhone 4S instead?

  112. Bob Says:

    I want a 5, but I’m stuck with a 4S until December 2014 :(

  113. C. Says:

    I need my phone’s os to be more secure than android os and that is ios. I don’t want to worry about mal- and spyware. All the malicious code out there was written for the open source android with thousands of reported infections last year. Due to apples closed ios there was none up to date.

  114. Marco Says:

    I’ve never owned a window phone but I’ve had galaxy s3 verizon android, droid dna and they have cool little features but at the end of the day my iPhone 5 is better. I’m not the geeky type at all either. the apple iPhone 5 on verizon has the best clarity when making phone calls, it has better battery life and finally the new plug chargers my i phone 5 not a lot quicker but enough to notice over my brothers 4s. Talk Reception and battery life on android devices is simply inferior. Reception and battery life are my top priorities and apple has hit the nail on the head with what matters most. At least to me.

  115. Alec Says:

    I’m just laughing at how they mention the iPhone 5S when it’s not even confirmed or talked about!

  116. lillie Says:

    Can someone plzzzz help me , I’m so confused dunno which iphone 2 buy 4s or 5 ??? :|

  117. Pinks Says:

    I advise you NOT to buy the 5. I’ve had it for little over 6 months and the charger part of the phone doesn’t work…
    And many people have complained about this fault and that the sleep button stops working… your best to wait until these problems are fixed( so either wait till the 5s is out or get the 4s)

  118. Johnk95 Says:

    I’m not sure exactly why but this weblog is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this problem or is it a problem on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists. dggeggdbbdka

  119. Johna527 Says:

    Howdy! This article could not be written any better! Looking at this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I’ll send this information to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a good read. Thanks for sharing! bfccacfkddke

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